Student Council: RC VIDEOS!

By: Anthony Marquez, Assistant Editor-In-Chief and Sports Section Editor

In previous years, Student Council’s Residential Life Committee created a physical RC Wall, which was a large poster featuring all of the residential counselors. This year, however, StudCo has created an electronic series of videos for each of the RCs and Area Coordinators. The primary motivation for these videos was to introduce the large number of new RCs while also introducing returning RCs. So, Residential Life Committee interviewed all 28 of the RCs and the two ACs. During these interviews, the Committee Co-Chairs asked for the RCs and ACs to discuss: where they work, their favorite aspects of IMSA, and a few things that they enjoy doing in their free-time. While the pastimes varied greatly, the similarities in response to their favorite aspects of IMSA were plentiful.

So, what are you waiting for? Sit back, take a break from your mountain of work, and learn a bit about your RCs and ACs!


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