Institute for Environmental Journalism

Come join us this summer at the Institute for Environmental Journalism. The Pulitzer Prize-winning news organization InsideClimate News is running two summer journalism programs that introduce newbies to the process of environmental journalism and give more experienced reporters a unique approach to covering climate change.

Spend two weeks in NYC or Bar Harbor, Maine, where you’ll learn from award-winning journalists and instructors, immerse yourself in climate science, go off-site on reporting trips, hear from guest speakers, and most importantly work each afternoon reporting and producing an original piece of publishable journalism they will complete by the end of the Institute.

Through the institute, high school students and recent graduates from all backgrounds will learn to become credible voices for their communities through non-partisan journalism focused on the environment. Dip your toes into a fresh beat that will grow in importance around the world. No matter what journalistic content area you are covering now or what you want to cover as a professional, this hands-on primer in climate change reporting will up your game.

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Shubhi Verma
Shubha "Shubhi" Verma is from a small village called Forsyth, Illinois, but at IMSA she lives in 02b downquad with her favorite people. She's thrilled to be serving as Co Editor-in-Chief this year for the Acronym, and she looks forward to spending even more time procrastinating homework by working on this. Outside of this Wordpress, she's a part of BELLAs, LEAD, Science Olympiad, Senior Class Club, and SIR, so you'll be able to find her trudging underneath her 50lb backpack a lot. Ask her about the Acronym if you want her to launch into a 2 hour speech about why you should join and why it's the absolute best organization on campus.

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