Easy DIY Dorm Room Decor Ideas

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Moving to IMSA and beginning a new life away from home is a thrilling experience. It’s also when you get to make your living space yours. Your new dorm room is a blank canvas that calls for posters, photos, string lights, and decorations that will define your high school years. But, there is one thing that comes in the way of you and your space: strict guidelines regarding room decor. While there are many rules against sticking anything to the walls or causing permanent damage, there are still many options for spicing up your room. 

We may already be a quarter into the new school year, but if you’re getting tired of those bare walls staring at you, take a look at these dorm room decorating ideas to help inspire your creative process!



If you want to go a little bit beyond hanging plain Christmas lights around the room; you can poke holes in ping pong balls to fit the lights inside, and string it wherever you’d like!









Place 3 hooks inside of a box, painted the color of your choice. Sort out 3 sets of blank tags to decorate: one set of 12 for each month; one set of 4 for the first number of the date; and one set of 10 for each second number of the date! Just hang the tags on the hooks and you have your own customized calendar!






Don’t have the best memory? Create your own trendy message board that’ll go perfectly with your new dorm room. All you’ll need is a picture frame, some spray paint (if you want to change the color of the frame), piece of decorative construction paper, and a dry-erase marker! Start by painting the frame whichever color you’d like, then place the construction paper in the frame, finally securing the paper in with the glass. You can then write all your messages right on the glass with a dry-erase marker.







With only a few materials, you can make and customize your own pin-board to match your dorm! All you’ll need to make this trendy dorm decoration is cardboard, scissors, glue, fabric, and string. Simply cut the fabric to the shape of the cardboard, glue it down, and hang it on the wall with some string.

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