Clash Day 4: Pep Rally!

2020 Clash. Students left campus the following day, marking the end of on-site learning for the school year. | Source: ISP

Starting early in the morning on Clash Day 4, a sea of students were seen proudly flaunting their hall spirit as they walked into school with their hall t-shirts! Each t-shirt signified an important connection to the hall’s theme and color, as well as a symbolic representation of the efforts and synergy that Clash week has brought to each hall.

By midday, the energy levels had grown exponentially, with members of each hall gathering to get their faces, arms, and even legs painted to prepare for pep rally later in the evening! Students were seen sporting orange, purple, green, gray, red, blue, and pink to support their respective halls.

But the main event of the day didn’t start until 6:30pm. Unfortunately, due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, there were multiple restrictions in place before the event could be hosted with both senior game and obstacle course being cancelled merely an hour before pep rally. However, CAB and students from all the halls took the situation extremely well and were able to make the most of their time together before the extended Coronacation.

And so, even after the ups and downs before pep rally, the halls compensated for the lack of the senior game and obstacle course with their mind-blowing performances for drill. Each hall showed off the results of their countless hours of rigorous practices over the last few weeks to not only wow the audience with their energy, but to also integrate the theme in completely unexpected ways.
After each hall performed, CAB and Studco also performed their own drill, followed by a CD / MA drill and an RC drill!

Ultimately, 04 placed first in their drill, which not only incorporated their hall’s theme of Error404, but also their hall’s unity despite the rather ironic technical difficulties.

At the end of the night, the final totals for clash were announced. They are as follows:

1st: 1504 – 5900 points
2nd: 1506 – 5250 points
3rd: 1505 – 5225 points
4th: 1502 – 5100 points
5th: 1501 – 4825 points
6th: 1503 – 4725 points
7th: 1507 – 4675 points

A warm congrats to 04 for a well-deserved win, and an amazing job to all of the other halls for making COTH 2020 an extremely special week and definitely one for the books! Special thank you to CAB and Amy Woods for planning such a fun week for all the halls and for truly making COTH possible!

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Krisha is a senior from Schaumburg who lives in 1506A. She is very excited to serve as the Lifestyle Section Editor during the 2020-2021 school year. Besides The Acronym, she enjoys entrepreneurship, medicine, dancing, and simply spending time with her friends and family!

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