WLG 120

Course Description:
French II is designed to build upon and expand the communicative language competency that you have developed during your first year of French.  Our goals are to extend your ability to comprehend, express and negotiate ideas and opinions, and to continue to assist you in developing a strategic ability to approach authentic material and new situational contexts.  We will target all language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing within a cultural context.  Opportunities will be provided for developing your proficiency in French within an immersion environment, which means French will be the language of communication for both instructor and students.  The Level II topical context is expanded from the Level I focus on the student’s immediate world, to the world of the target cultures.  Language learning, like skill in music or sports, takes practice.  If you regularly review material covered in class, participate actively in class activities, experiment and create with language, then your language proficiency will continue to develop.