Course Descriptions:

WLG 140
French IV students continue to build on the skills from the first three levels of their study of French by developing and refining the five major skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing, and cultural competency.  They read authentic texts that include advanced  grammatical structures (i.e. passive voice, subjunctive and conditional moods, indirect discourse), and topics that are technical, scientific, philosophical, and literary.  As the year progresses, students’ written and oral French is expected to reflect advanced grammatical structures and an ever-expanding, sophisticated, precise, and eloquent vocabulary.  Students become more adept at comprehending the speech of native speakers, speaking at a normal rate of speed, in most situations.

WLG 150
Expectations for performance and progress are higher for French V students.  Students at level V of French continue to build on the five skills.  Due to their experience with and exposure to the language and francophone cultures, they are expected to self-assess and demonstrate greater mastery of the grammar and vocabulary in their written and oral communication.  As the year progresses, students will be expected to demonstrate increasingly effective communication through the creative use of vocabulary in context, and grammatical and syntactical accuracy.  For example, their written French will demonstrate increased fluency, a more concise expression when necessary, and a greater control of the mechanics of the written and spoken language.  Spoken French will reflect more accurate pronunciation, increasing fluency, and authentic French intonation.