Sushi Party

Unit Outcomes

TIME:  2 weeks

By the end of this unit, you will be able to:

  • make a variety of types of sushi: makizushi, temakizushi nigirizushi, oshizushi, chirashizushi.
  • make a shopping list for ingredients needed for making sushi.
  • read or write Japanese recipes for the above.

By the end of this unit, you will have learned:

  • about sushi and its preparation.
  • how to make various types of sushi—by actually doing it.
  • vocabulary appropriate for the unit—especially fish and seafood names.
  • identify the new recipe’s required ingredients, amounts, and actions, as well as how to perform them.
  • kanji appropriate to this topic.
  • explain how to make the selected new recipe—either orally or in writing.
  • new or improved cooking skills—practical, real–world, ones.