Exchange Interview: Phase I

Unit Objectives

TIME:  2 weeks

The overall goal of this unit is for students to develop skills for the up–coming mock exchange program interview. Students will in turn be the prospective exchange student or the person who is interviewing prospective exchange students. Ultimately, all students will have to make some decisions about which student or students they wish to recommend for the exchange program, and to explain or justify their choices in a letter to the mock exchange program admissions committee.

By the end of this unit, you will be able to:

  • ask and answer questions about past experiences, as in “have you ever done X?”.
  • ask and answer follow-up questions that come from talking about past experiences.
  • ask and answer such questions in the context of an interview for an exchange program to Japan, that is to find out if applicants have the kind of experiences that would benefit them were they to be part of an international exchange program, or that demonstrate an interest in or openness to other cultures.

By the end of this unit, you will have learned:

  • another example of the nominalization of verb sentences, specifically nominalizing of sentences in past tense.
  • how to find out more about someone by asking about their experiences and how they effect their lives today.
  • more about following up questions with more questions, to keep the flow of conversation going.