Geography IV —Kyoto

Unit Objectives

TIME:  3 weeks

Each student will create an itinerary for a single day spent in Kyoto city. They will do this in consultation with their Virtual Exchange partners, who live and study in the Kyoto area. They will include detailed information about such things as:

  • what if any theme there is for their itinerary
  • sleeping accomodations
  • eating plans
  • transportation plans
  • plans for activities throughout the day—including rationale for them
  • costs associated with each part of the itinerary

By the end of this unit, you will be able to:

  • navigate and get around in Kyoto.
  • use language necessary for finding your way around Kyoto.
  • make your own plans for spending time in Kyoto.

By the end of this unit, you will have learned:

  • the basic layout of Kyoto City—in general, as well as by Ward.
  • basic things about the historical and cultural importance of Kyoto.
  • famous or significant places in Kyoto—locations, names, etc.
  • what sorts of things there are to do in Kyoto, even things that young Japanese people enjoy.
  • how to get around in Kyoto—subway, bus and taxi.
  • something about finding sleeping accomodations.
  • kanji appropriate for the unit.