Letter II — Recommendation

Unit Objectives

Time:  1 week

The Project:
After having interviewed some of their classmates—who have assumed the role of applicant to our imaginary exchange program, students will write a letter recommending one student over the others that they interviewed. This letter is submitted to the Selection Committee that is charged with selecting the best applicants from the pool.

By the end of this unit students will be able to:

  • write a letter of recommendation, re-using some of the basic letter–writing protocols learned earlier.

By the end of this unit students will have learned:

  • to write in a persuasive way, rallying evidence and opinion to urge or persuade others to see things their way.
  • go from information gathering, to information synthesis, making comparisons, and coming to conclusions.
  • use the evidence and data to explain why a particular decision or course of action is recommended.
  • how to better explain their thinking and reasoning in more detail or with a greater degree of sophistication than they have in the past.