B.2.1 Accessing IMSA File Servers – Linux

Requires IMSA Student be on campus and connected to an Ethernet connection in their Res Hall Room or connected to the airimsa wireless network.

Accessing the Student (//students.imsa.edu) or Video (//video.imsa.edu) servers

  • Go to the File menu from the desktop. You can access this by just hovering over the top bar. If you’re having troubles finding this menu, press Ctrl+Alt+D and then hover over the top bar.

  • Select “Connect to Server…”

  • Use the following settings
    • Type: Windows Share
    • Server:
      • //students.imsa.edu (Student Server)
      • //video.imsa.edu (Video Server)
    • Leave Share and Folder empty
    • Username: Your IMSA User Name (excluding @imsa.edu)
    • Password: Your IMSA account password
  • Click Connect


  • Find the folder/directory you wish to access and click on it
  • You will be prompted again for your IMSA user name and password
  • Click connect to mount folder/directory

Creating a Bookmark to your most used IMSA server folders/directories

Creating a bookmark on a folder/directory you use frequently is recommended, as it will save you time access in the future.

  • Find the folder that you accessed previously, usually in the lower right hand corner of your home screen
  • Right click and select “Add Bookmark”
    • A bookmark should show up in the Bookmarks section near the top of the left side bar