B.2.2 Accessing IMSA File Servers – Macintosh

Requires IMSA Student be on campus and connected to an Ethernet connection in their Res Hall Room or connected to the airimsa wireless network.

Accessing the Student (//students.imsa.edu) or Video (//video.imsa.edu) servers

  • With Finder in focus, click “Go” in the menu bar at the top of the screen

  • The click “Connect to Server”
    • Alternate: Press Apple Key + “K”


  •  Enter the following depending on the server you wish to access
    • smb://student.imsa.edu (Student Server)
    • smb://video.imsa.edu (Video Server)

  • Press the “+” to add the server to your favorites, this will make it easier to access them in the future
  • In the dialog box that comes up:
    • Select “Registered User”
    • Name: Type in IMSA Account User Name (excluding @imsa.edu)
    • Password: Type in IMSA Account Password
    • Check mark (optional): Remember this password in keychain
    • Click Connect

  • In the next dialog box, select which folders you wish to access. Your home folder/directory has the same name as your IMSA account user name (excluding @imsa.edu)
  • Click OK to mount the folder(s)/directories