Troubleshooting Printer Issues

Troubleshooting Printer Issues

SCS is trained to setup printer drivers and connect laptops to the IMSA print server and PaperCut application at the beginning of the year. SCS can troubleshoot most printer issues, but feel free to use this guide to determine fixes you can do yourself!

If you cannot print and…

  • It’s the beginning of the school year: Contact SCS! Airimsa and antivirus are our first priorities during registration. If you did not get connected to printing right away, please contact an SCS member as soon as possible to get your printers set up!
  • You recently changed your password: Contact SCS, or follow the directions on these pages to update your credentials: [Windows] [Mac]
  • Otherwise:
    • Make sure you are on airimsa – if you cannot connect to the network, consult the following guide to troubleshoot: [Windows] [Mac]
    • Make sure you can connect to the print server – open the Run app and connect to ‘\\’ without the single quotes (Windows) or click ‘Go’ -> ‘Connect to Server’ and connect to ‘smb://’ without the single quotes (Mac). If a window with multiple printers appears, you can connect. If not, you may need to update your credentials.
    • Make sure you are logged in to PaperCut.

If your connection is slow/glitchy or your app crashes when attempting to print:

  • Make sure you are on airimsa
  • Make sure you are logged in to PaperCut: search for the PaperCut Client app, if the icon appears in the lower right of your screen (Windows) and/or your balance appears, you are connected. If a login window appears, log in with your IMSA credentials. If an ‘Unable to connect to server’ error appears, you are not connected to airimsa.
  • Contact an SCS member to reinstall your printer drivers: sometimes incorrectly installed printer drivers can cause apps to crash while attempting to print. SCS can reinstall your printer drivers, which may fix the issue.

If you cannot log in to PaperCut:

  • Make sure you are on airimsa
  • Double check you have entered your credentials correctly (your imsa username WITHOUT ‘’, your current password)
  • Confirm that your current password is up-to-date: attempt to log in to Gmail or another IMSA account.
  • Update your IMSA password if it is outdated: How to change your password
  • If you are still having issues, the problem is likely with your account itself. Contact an SCS member to confirm or go to the ITS helpdesk.

If your ID does not scan: