Updating Saved Credentials – Windows

How to Update Saved Credentials

After changing your password on a Windows machine, you will need to clear and reset the cached passwords in the Windows Vault to access the student and print servers. SCS members can reset these passwords with a script, or you can follow the instructions below:

Step 1

Open the control panel. The control panel can be found by clicking the Windows button on Windows 7 machines or using the search bar for Windows 8 or 10.

Step 2

Search for ‘Credential Manager’ within the Control Panel.

Step 3

Windows 7 will display the ‘Windows Vault’. Windows 8 and 10 will have options for both ‘Web Credentials’ and ‘Windows Credentials’. Select ‘Windows Credentials’.

Step 4

For each imsa-related credential (students.imsa.edu, print.imsa.edu, video.imsa.edu, students, etc.) click the arrow pointing downwards. That will show the option to remove the credential. REMOVE, do not edit, each imsa-related credential. The computer will ask you to confirm your choice; click ‘Yes’ on the pop-up window.

Step 5

Re-add credentials for students.imsa.edu, print.imsa.edu, and video.imsa.edu by clicking on ‘Add a Windows credential’ and filling out the required information.

Step 6

To check that everything was entered correctly, enter ‘\\students.imsa.edu’, ‘\\print.imsa.edu’, and ‘\\video.imsa.edu’ into the Windows Run application to verify that you can access each server.

Step 7

To print on the IMSA print server, you will also need to update your password for PaperCut. Use the search bar to find and open the PaperCut application. Select the option to remember your login information, and enter your credentials.