Things to Avoid

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Downloading viruses

  • Make sure your anti-virus software is in place.  An SCS member should have installed the latest Symantec software on your computer when they were connecting the internet.
  • Avoid clicking everything, especially pop up ads that may seem appealing.
  • Avoid filling out surveys for gift cards or other free items as they are simply ways to steal your personal information, especially surveys that ask for credit card or other sensitive information.
  • Stay away from websites with false advertising such as
  • Only install software from verified sites. For example, download MS Office from here
  • Not from here:

  • In general, if it looks too good to be true, stay away!

Not backing up

Backup backup backup. Always. Back up your computer to a flash drive or external hard drive every two weeks or at least once a month. Or, even better, set up Google Backup and Sync with your IMSA GSuite account to automatically backup selected folders whenever your computer is connected to the internet. Hard drive failure happens unexpectedly so always be prepared.

Bad passwords

When creating passwords, don’t choose one that anyone could easily guess and don’t choose one you can’t remember. It’s important to keep your data secure. If you want to write down your password just in case you forget, write it in a journal or keeps it someplace only you have access to. If you’re having difficulty creating a password, try using an acronym of a song lyric or a line from a television show and adding capital letters, numbers, and punctuation.