2.0 – When Should I Contact SCS?

Because of the specifics of our training and warranty issues, please do not expect SCS to be able to fix EVERY computer problem you may encounter! Please use the following guide to determine who to go to for help.

What SCS Can Do:

SCS is trained to assist with registration and IMSA-specific network and printer troubleshooting. Please come to us if you are having problems with IMSA-specific software, and we will be able to escalate problems that require higher administrative access.

  • Registration: Come see SCS to configure your network and printer access at the beginning of the school year!
  • New computer: If you get a new computer partway through the school year, come see SCS for setup!
  • Wired and wireless (airimsa) network connection issues: SCS is trained to set up computers with airimsa access and to troubleshoot both wireless and wired connections.
  • Printing issues: SCS is trained to set up printer software and troubleshoot printer issues.
  • Password change: After a password change, SCS can help your update credentials so you can continue to access airimsa, printing, and IMSA servers. If you would like to update your credentials yourself, you can follow the instructions on this page: Update Credential Instructions

What ITS Can Do:

In addition to the list of tasks SCS can help you with, ITS can assist with the following:

  • IMSA account problems: Login into various IMSA computers and servers servers with your IMSA account.
  • Accessing IMSA servers or IMSA supported web sites: Fix access rights to files and directories/folders on IMSA servers.
  • Loaner computers: ITS will provide a loaner computer for a limited time if your personal computer has to be sent out for repair.

What SCS and ITS Cannot Do:

  • Hardware issues: Attempting to troubleshoot hardware issues may void your warranty, so SCS and ITS do not fix hardware issues. You can visit ITS to verify that your issue is hardware-related and not OS corruption, but you will have to contact your manufacturer for troubleshooting.