The Course Evaluation Guide is finally here! Thank you to everyone who filled out the survey. If you have any questions, please contact Vinay Tummarakota, Junior-at-Large, at or Ray Shang, Sophomore-at-Large at


Each year, Student Council has released a Course Evaluation Guide to help students decide what courses to choose for the following year. The CEG is a compilation of ratings, thoughts, and advice submitted by your very own peers who have already taken the course. The evaluations are split into the categories of engagement, challenge, hours of homework/week, and hours of studying/test. Additionally, the teachers who taught the course in the previous year are listed as well as potential contacts and general comments or advice about the course. More specific bar graphs are provided to show the distribution of results for the various criteria evaluated. Keep in mind that Course Evaluation Guide is meant to evaluate elective courses, so Foreign Language and other mandatory courses are not listed here. Also, some courses did not receive enough submissions to be considered for an evaluation. These courses are listed in the Miscellaneous Section. We hope you enjoy the guide and use it as a resource to aid in course selection for next year!

If you are interested in viewing last year’s guide, you can find it here

Course Evaluation Guide

There guide is split into different links, and there is one link for each class. Click on the link labeled with the class that you want to learn more about. Before you do that, it is encouraged to read the introduction to get a better understanding of what the numbers in this guide mean.


General Version


Sample Sizes


Wind Ensemble

Music Theory


Number Theory

Multi-Variable Calculus

Object Oriented Programming

Web Technologies

Computer Seminar: Cyber Security and Android App Programming


Advanced Chemistry I/II


Physics: Sound and Light

Calculus Based Physics (Mechanics & EM)

Planetary Science

Modern Physics



Evolution, Biodiversity, and Ecology

Molecular and Cellular Biology

Microbes and Disease

Physiology and Disease

Organic Chemistry I/II


Creative Writing Workshop

Modern World Fiction


Gender Studies

African American Studies (English Focus)

Graphic Novels: Image and Text


Ancient World Religions and Philosophy

Conflict in World History

Art, Worldview, and Society in History

Political Theory

Modern Genocide and Mass Violence


Outdoor and Indoor Games

Movement and Relaxation


Not-Evaluated Courses