Active Projects


Halls to Teachers was a program that assigned teachers to each hall in the hopes that teachers would be invited to residential programs and be able to experience the non-academic facets of student life at IMSA. The initial idea for the program was created after consulting with a teacher focus group consisting of Dr. White, Dr. Krouse, Dr. Rettberg, Dr. Kiely, and Ms. Spence. After being assigned to their respective halls, teachers took part in events such as “Facul-tea”, a tea party for faculty members, or gave talks about their life experiences.

Big Sibling Program

The Big Sibling Program was created by Student Council to match incoming sophomores with upperclassmen “big siblings” to help them transition and acclimate to the IMSA environment. The program starts as soon as the incoming sophomores move in and last till the end of 1st Quarter with periodic events in between. To help with the program, Student Council convened the Summer Sibling Committee (SSC), a group of upperclassmen with representatives from a number of organizations and interests on campus to help run and improve the sibling program. The SSC is tasked with managing the incoming sophomore class’ Facebook page, running an Ask.Fm account to answer sophomores questions, and helping plan new program features.

Past Projects

Discipline Policy Review Committee

Student Council members were able to make formal changes to the Student Handbook during the discipline policy review committee that meets every two years. Members were able to simplify policies as well as revise prescription drug policies.

RC 1 on 1

Student Council decided to reform the RC 1 on 1’s done with sophomores to increase the trust between the students and the adults at IMSA in response to the Challenge Success survey results which found that 67% of IMSA students have a trusted adult at IMSA. The main change to the program was that 1 on 1’s would now be done with every single IMSA student as opposed to only sophomores, as had been done in the past. This allowed juniors and seniors who had switched wings from year to year to get to know their RC in a more personalized manner.