Active Projects

Sodexo Committee

Gathering students to collaborate with StudCo to give Sodexo feedback on providing nutritious, diverse, and delicious meal options.

Midday Sodexo Takeout

Student Council is working with Sodexo to create a takeout system similar to Grab-n-Go for students that only have a midday break to get lunch.

Past Projects

Sodexo Commons

Opening the Sodexo Dining Area so that students can hang out and study there even outside of mealtimes.

Midday Lunch Aid

Ensure that students are eating lunch in Sodexo during breaks when they will not impede students who only have midday to eat lunch.

Outreach Campaigns

Sodexo has always turned to Student Council for help in encouraging students to take care of the dining area and to address issues such as dirty plates and utensils being left behind at tables, cross-contamination of beverage machines, and excessive waste by students and staff. To push these messages, Student Council has hung table signs, held meetings in the residence halls, and, collaborated with Club Terra for an Earth Week demonstration.

Reusable Meal Ware

Student Council tried to have a takeout system for students with exceptionally short lunch breaks using reusable containers. Containers had to be returned. The current system for staff is that staff are charged an obligation fee when they fail to return a container, but because obligations can be cleared at the end of the year without returning the container, Sodexo went long periods of time with low supplies of containers. Student Life compensated by purchasing more containers, but those were absorbed by staff usage as well. 


This StudCo project allows students to take their breakfast from a select variety of food and eat outside of the dining area in their morning classes.