The Universal Pipeline System

Student Council is pleased to announce the Universal Pipeline System (UPS) to streamline the process of fundraisers and drives. While fundraising is a great way to support admirable causes and external organizations, too many fundraisers can be a burden to IMSA community’s limited financial resources, and Student Life hopes to focus fundraising to benefit IMSA students more so than outside groups. Additionally, fundraising projects at IMSA tend to be short-term, not lasting more than two or three years before dissolving when a key member graduates.

Fundraising is permitted for Student Council to financially support chartered clubs, class clubs for offsetting prom costs, chartered clubs with expressed approval by the the Coordinator of Campus Activities, and other philanthropic causes with expressed approval by the Coordinator of Campus Activities. The Universal Pipeline System provides a centralized method to approve fundraisers for clubs or other external organizations. Furthermore, Student Council recognizes that individuals outside of clubs are occasionally interested in holding drives for various items such as shoes, clothes, and toys to donate to external organizations. If you are interested in holding a club fundraiser, non-club fundraiser, or drive, please scroll down to the respective section for details and information.

Chartered Club Fundraising Pipeline

Chartered Student Council clubs are allowed one fundraiser per year to use towards items, events, or anything else that Student Council may not normally be able to fund. If you are interested in fundraising for a club, please first ensure that you’ve discussed it with your adviser. Then, complete the following application. A Student Council member will be in contact with you shortly to arrange further details.

Full application can be found here.

Non-Club Fundraising Pipeline

For students that wish to fundraise for a philanthropist cause, Student Council introduces the non-club fundraising pipeline in order to allow a limited number of these fundraisers to take place at IMSA. At the end of first and second semester, Student Council will open up the Non-Club Fundraising Pipeline for applications to hold fundraisers for the following semester. For instance, if you’re interested in holding a fundraiser in F16 semester, you must submit an application during the S16 round. Based off of a set criteria , Student Council and Andrea Stuiber, will select 2-3 fundraisers to be held in the following semester. Before you submit your application, please make sure you’ve found an adviser willing to sponsor your event.

Full application can be found here.

Drive Pipeline

Because drives do not drain financial resources, Student Council is pleased to open up the Drive Pipeline for students interested in holding one of these drives. Applications can be submitted at any time throughout the year, and a Student Council member will be in contact with you shortly to arrange further details.

Full application can be found here.

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