Election 2012: supporting an informed decision

In early October, the Information Resource Center created a display of library resources related to election topics that included: the Electoral College, electronic voting, the voting age, and the histories of past presidents. Students were encouraged to read, discuss, and debate current issues with their classmates and then vote in a student mock election that was held in the library on Friday, November 2nd.

The results are in, and the winners are …
184 Barack Obama / Joe Biden – Democratic
34 Mitt Romney / Paul Ryan – Republican
21 Jill Stein / Cheri Honkala – Green Party
12 Gary Johnson / Jim Gray – Libertarian
1 Ron Paul Write-in
1 Harry Potter / Ronald Weasley Write-in

Thank you to all who participated. We had an overwhelming 253 students vote in this year’s election! In 2008, 88 students participated.