Book Release Party is a Success

EricSmithPosteremailWhat began as a dissertation, evolved into a book after ten years of work. Eric Smith, Ph.D. has written his first book and the IRC held a book party to celebrate the occasion on Friday, November 1, 2013.

Students, staff and department colleagues attended the event, along with Smith’s special guests, Bruce Thomas, an educator from Hyde Park, and Ph.D. advisor, Richard Fried, Ph. D., professor emeritus at University of Illinois, Chicago.

Smith’s book, “American Relief Aid and the Spanish Civil War,” focuses on the Spanish Civil War.

“The background for my research is Spain’s Civil War from 1936-1939, which brought out the worst elements in Europe. It is a topic with about as much argument among historians as there were arguments among the various parties of the time. Writing a book on the topic is a test of academic discipline because it takes restraint to not attack all of the various arguments and interpretations about the events,” said Smith.

During the hour long book party, there were opening remarks from Dan Gleason,  an introduction from Lee Eysturlid , and a certificate from IMSA principal Branson Lawrence recognizing Smith’s achievement.   During his presentation, Eric Smith delved into the Spanish Civil War, touched on the Catholic Church’s and America’s part in the war, explained some of his research process and answered questions.

“American Relief Aid and the Spanish Civil War” is available for checkout from the IRC.