Lots of new movies in the IRC!

001Recently purchased DVDs are now available for check out in the IRC, and they are all displayed near the Reference Desk.

002There are Oscar nominated movies and documentaries, blockbusters and small art films. Documentaries that appeared on PBS, such as “Detroitopia” and “Shackleton” are among the many selections of these new DVDs.

If you like animation, we’ve got the new animated films, including the stone age family film, “The Croods.”


The new season of several television series is available for check out, too. Catch up on the latest from “Downton Abbey” and “Sherlock.”

005 Enjoy a totally new experience with the break out t.v. hit, “Orphan Black.” We’ve got season one of this acclaimed show! If you’re not into sci-fi, try the 1950’s English mystery, “The Bletchley Circle,” which features a group of women who deciphered spy codes in Britain in WWII.

006Stop by the IRC and checkout a DVD today!