Lunar New Year Celebrated with Read-In in IRC

DragonConnie James-Jenkin, IMSA IRC Development Collection and Reference Librarian, wrote the following recap of the Lunar New Year Read-In, which was held yesterday, February 2, 2016, in the IRC:

Lunar New Year Celebrated with Read-In at Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

The Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy celebrated Lunar New Year by the Library (IRC) hosting a Lunar New Year Read-In on Tuesday, February 2, 2016. IRC staff collaborated with various student groups, including PME (Peer Multicultural Educators) and ASIA (Asian Students in America), in conjunction with Adrienne Coleman, Multicultural Education Specialist, and the History and English Departments.

To prepare for the Read-In, IRC staff pulled a variety of works by Asian authors, including poetry, non-fiction, and fiction works. These items were made available ahead of time for students to select for their readings.

At the Read-In, an introduction to the history and influence of Asian literature was given by Dr. Kitty Lam, History Faculty. Students and staff then had a chance to read selections of meaningful works from their favorite Asian authors.

DancingStudent groups also performed a variety of Asian-themed dances. Refreshments were served.