Art in the Library


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The library regularly hosts art exhibits and displays. Several pieces of art are on indefinite loan to the IRC.

These high resolution photographs were taken by Chris Reader.

This sculpture is based on Dragonflies by George Hart, who generously permitted us to use his idea.

Produced by the Polyhedra and Geometric Sculpture classes of Spring 2009 and Spring 2011, with the additional support of Jim Gerry and Chris Wallis. Materials provided by a grant from Intel.


“Arbitrary Enigma : a Menger Sponge” was created by Jessica Mo ’13 and Josh Fornek ’13

This origami sculpture is made from 3456 business cards — six for each cube, plus one for each square of surface area.

“Arbitrary Enigma took us about four weeks to make, but most of that time was spent going around to IMSA faculty to see who was able/willing to donate cards. Each donor has a card somewhere on the outside.

I originally came up with the idea while I was looking up modular origami models that I could do, when I came across a level II Menger Sponge made out of Sonobe units. I thought it looked really cool, but I didn’t want to make it out of Sonobe units, because it would take thousands of sheets of paper. I found out that people were making Menger sponges out of business cards, and thought that sounded pretty good.

I started by asking Dr. Condie if he had business cards to spare while accompanying Josh for an unrelated request. After that, we went around to just about all of the teachers to see if they had business cards and spent some time actually putting it together in the 01 commons. I did the assembly for the sponge and Josh made most of the units.”

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