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A new photography exhibit celebrating the diversity of our school is on display in the IRC until December 31st. This exhibit was created In recognition of National Diversity Month, and curated by jean bigger, Technical Services Supervisor in the IRC.

Everyone who participated in this exhibit was asked to share their name, age and how they self identified. This information will be included in the exhibit along with the photographs. Chris Reader from IMS took all the photos during a three day studio session in IMSA’s Media Services.

The collaboration that made this exhibit possible includes Chris Reader, Photographer; Amy De La Torre: Student Liaison; Clay Sewell and Robert Schiltz: Exhibit Design and Installation; Purva DeVol, Ph. D., and Adrienne Coleman: Multicultural Education; the Information Resource Center and IMSA Media Services. Special thanks to all of the IMSA students and staff who’s photos we celebrate in this exhibit.




Blast Off!


In the hectic rush of these early school days, an oasis of calm awaits all who venture into the IRC to lose themselves in some stunning photographs of the world around us.

A new student photography exhibit will be on display in the IRC starting September 1st and running until October 15th, 2013. The theme of the exhibit is “Blast Off” and refers to the start of the new school year.

All the photographs on display were taken by students in Clay Sewell’s second semester photography class and represent samples from several of their assignments in the class. Approximately half of the student’s work is digital and half are photos developed in the class dark room from black and white film.

The winner of the IMSA Art Fund Award last year, senior Lael Costa, has a photo of graffiti in Chicago in this exhibit.  The purpose of the IMSA Art Fund Award is to celebrate and display outstanding student artistic creativity through a cash purchase award. Each year a student is selected based on their original artwork. For more information on the IMSA Art Fund Award, visit

“Pursuit” by Carrie Sha

What is that weird sculpture in the middle of the IRC?

“It’s simply a reminder of where we are now and where we want to go. “Pursuit” is about that spirit that drives us forward- from our studies (lower figure) to the future (upper figure). But this piece cannot be complete without you. It’s your dreams that belong on those steps- so please feel free to write down your aspirations on the post-it notes and visit this sculpture on exhibit in the IRC.”

Dream On,
Carrie Sha

On exhibit: 10/1 – 11/15

Some of the aspirations:

  • “Make my parents happy”
  • “Become a veterinarian”
  • “I want some confidence. I don’t want to be on the fence”
  • “Master BrighLink”
  • “Master photographer”
  • “Inspire”
  • “Study cello in Israel”
  • “Get A’s in both MAD & MCB next semester”
  • “Find my voice”
  • “To be absolutely amazing at one thing”

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