Teachers’ Dissertations

Co-authored by Grace Yue. Aside from IMSA’s residential aspect, another quality that distinguishes it from other high schools is the number of PhD-holders among its…

Remembering the Chinwallas

Research Assistant in the SIR Department, Vandana Chinwalla, passed away peacefully on Monday, May 21st, 2018. Dr. Chinwalla had been fighting cancer for nearly three…

What Do Teachers Think About Clash?

A special thank you to Chandana Tetali, Sra. Barcelona, Dr. Dong, and Dr. Kotlarczyk! As fourth quarter finally dawns, many IMSA students find themselves trying…

No Picture

The New and the Gone

With the passing of the last school year and the departure of the class of 2013, IMSA also saw the departure of many faculty members….