Bienvenue Étudiants!

Oct 08, 2015 No Comments by

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve probably been noticing new people walking around campus! No, they are not new sophomores, but rather French Exchange students from our sister high school Lycée Polyvalent Charlie Chaplin in Lyon, France. These 10 students aged 16-17 will be staying in IMSA students’ dorms for the week and […]

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ISSUE: Islamophobia and Prejudice

Sep 25, 2015 No Comments by

Recent events have led to the Acronym staff investigating the issue of Islamophobia and prejudice in America. With articles from Heena Srivastava, Harith Alappat, Parth Dhyani, Abhay Gupta, Jason Chen, Xinyu Guan, Teddy Khan, and the entire Opinions section, this issue centers on relevant issues in the national sphere. All articles included in this issue […]

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Islamophobia in Irving, Texas

Sep 24, 2015 No Comments by

The city of Irving, Texas has been under the spotlight ever since the arrest of Ahmed Mohamed, the 14 year old Muslim high school student who built a clock. The clock was thought to be a bomb and police were called to the scene and placed Ahmed under arrest. His story has circulated around the […]

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The Media’s Response to Ahmed Mohamed

Sep 24, 2015 No Comments

On Monday, September 14 2015, Irving, Texas police arrested 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed at school for possessing what his teachers believed to be a bomb. In fact, Ahmed was simply showing them a clock he had personally engineered. Rather than receiving accolades, Ahmed was handcuffed and then led out of the school after being investigated by […]

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Form Your Own Opinions

Sep 24, 2015 No Comments

The recent events involving Ahmed Mohamed and a supposed bomb threat have raised some pretty significant questions regarding Islamophobia in America. Everyone’s heard the media-encouraged story about the 14 year old Islamic kid from Irving, Texas who brought his made-from-scratch clock to school, and who (after some potentially racial biasing) was arrested and suspended on […]

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Racial Profiling at IMSA

Sep 24, 2015 No Comments

This article was a collaborative effort between the Opinions section team and various other IMSA students. In light of Ahmed’s recent situation, I have recently thought a great deal about racial profiling and its place at IMSA. While I, personally, see a lot less prejudice here than I did at my old schools, I think […]

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