The IMSA Week in Pictures

Light blue calendars against a blank background labeled with the days of the week. Photo from Pixabay.

The Monday Mood™ and other days as low-quality images of my sister, dog, other dog, or some combination of the three:


An image of Ben. He is curled up on a chair and looking into the camera. He seems to be uninterested. He is waiting for me to take the camera off of him so he may go back to sleep.

The IMSA Parallel –  You are Ben. The Camera is homework. You are waiting for it to do itself so that you may go back to sleep.



Emma is visibly upset. She is listening to music probably. She is not facing the camera.

The IMSA Parallel – You are Emma. That’s it.



Ben is listening but he is also asleep. Trying to stay awake.

The IMSA Parallel – We are all Ben. The week is too long. We’ve made it through Monday. But now there is a Tuesday. Will it ever end? Please stop talking so that we can make it to Wednesday.


Baxter is enjoying nature. He is engaged and curious.

The IMSA Parallel – You, IMSA student, are Baxter. Engaged and curious. Studying. Advancing the Human Condition. Look at you go.



Baxter is tired from all his exploring. He is wearing a bow to distract you. 

The IMSA Parallel – You are sleepy from a busy I-day. You put on a scarf to try to look engaged and to also distract from your exhaustion. It may or may not work.



Emma is running toward something off camera. We do not know what. Alternatively, it may be Ben. She is happy.

The IMSA Parallel – Ben is Friday, and you are Emma.



Ben is wearing sunglasses indoors because he is a cool dog.

The IMSA Parallel – You’ve done it. You’ve made it through the week. Wear those sunglasses. You deserve it.

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Julia Simmons
Julia is a senior who likes her dogs, pretending to be productive, and, occasionally, her quad.

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