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Apple recently released the highly-anticipated iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Pro, which boast better cameras, longer-lasting battery life, and new colors and finishes. With a hefty price tag of $699 and $999 respectively, without a trade-in, these iPhones will take a gaping bite out of any student’s budget. Is this model worth the price? Here are some considerations: 


  • The camera is an improvement from the last phone
  • iPhone 11 offers a significant battery upgrade
  • The new design features a different finish on the back of the phone: Matte


  • iPhone 11 remains somewhat similar to the iPhone XS visually
  • It offers few upgrades beyond those to the camera

One of the most notable improvements is the iPhone 11 Pro battery. During testing, the iPhone 11 Pro consistently lasted more than a day, and when the iOS 13 battery-saving mode is applied, the battery life is extended significantly. Compared to the iPhone XS, the iPhone 11 Pro can last 4 hours longer, a 17% increase in battery capacity. Furthermore, the actual charging device is revamped. In the box, an 18W charger and lightning to USB-C cable are included. This is a huge improvement from the 5W charger which took quite a while to charge the previous iPhones.

In terms of the design itself, the iPhone 11 Pro doesn’t have any impressive upgrades, with the exception of a frosted matte finish on the back. This provides an aesthetically pleasing alternative to the reflective glass typically placed on the iPhones. Additionally, there is a new color available for the new iPhone: Midnight Green. 

Finally, the camera: the most significant physical upgrade. The trifecta of camera lenses on the back offers wide, 2x zoomed and ultra-wide perspectives, the latter being the first of its kind for the iPhone. If you’re into photography at night, the iPhone 11 Pro is for you because it essentially allows you to to turn on the lights at night, an option not previously available. 

Verdict: I vote in favor of the newest addition to Apple’s phone collection. It boasts a triple-lens camera that captures the best photos and videos from a number of different perspectives, as well as a new night mode that enhances photos taken in the absence of a light source. Additionally, the iPhone 11’s extra battery life is a welcome relief for iPhone users frustrated by their old device’s staying power. However, for those looking for a slightly less pricey option, it’s worth nothing that the iPhone XR has now dropped in price to $599 without a trade in, and the iPhone 8 to $449. 

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