Meet Our New CAC, Ms. Mirta Martinez-Olmos!

College is right around the corner. Quite literally. 

Amidst the stress and panic, students find relief and support in their CACs, or College Admission Counselors. The CAC team, led by Mr. Manuel Donelson, is a source of encouragement and information for all students, seniors especially. After the leaving of Dr. Wendy Bigler, the CAC team has added a new member, Ms. Mirta Martinez-Olmos! Ms. Olmos has extensive experience and qualifications in supporting students, specifically through the college process, and her bright, warm smile is an amazing, assuring presence in the CAC office.

The biggest goal for Ms. Olmos? Staying involved in every aspect of a student’s academic journey. Although she stressed the importance of the college process, she also wants to connect with students and help with anything that might arise. Students are more than their grades and inevitable May decisions, but “the goals they’ve achieved, the challenges they’ve faced, and/or the impact they’ve made in their communities.”

To achieve her goal of supporting students, Ms. Olmos is proudly advertising an open-door policy. Any time that she’s in her office, students can freely walk in and out of her room to ask any questions. She’s also scheduled multiple Senior Meetings and 1-on-1 conversations with seniors on their application and portfolio. Ms. Olmos encourages students to reserve time with her — it could get quite busy at times, especially during weeks leading up to a major submission deadline — but feel free to come in during free mods for discussions. She’ll always make time for you because, as she said, “My life has always been of service and support, so I am so excited to be part of the journey.” 

We’re excited to have Ms. Olmos on board, and she is excited to be in her role, too. Commenting on the IMSA atmosphere and environment, she said, “I felt welcome from day one and knew this was where I was meant to be.” As a CAC, she’ll help students reach the potential (and colleges) that they were meant to be.

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