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Nail Art 101: Snow Flurry

Enjoy all the niceness of snow without the cold! For this tutorial, you will need: (base and top coat, nail polish remover, cotton swab) an index card or impermeable surface…

How to Gain Weight over Thanksgiving

After nights of sleep deprivation and stressful due dates, the upcoming five day break is a change we are all looking forward to. On Tuesday, concerned parents will be greeting…

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How To Stay On Task

By: Maria Kuznetsov, DIY/Guides Staff Writer Whether it’s a paper or just time management in general, staying on task can be difficult. Here, I recommend a few downloads. Click on…


A Guide to Time Management

By: Maria Kuznetsov, DiY/Guides Staff Writer A set of general tips to kick off the new semester! Find out why your mind wanders. If you are hungry, eat a snack….