Nail Art 101: Snow Flurry

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Enjoy all the niceness of snow without the cold!

For this tutorial, you will need:

  • (base and top coat, nail polish remover, cotton swab)
  • an index card or impermeable surface
  • white; pearly or sheer; and glittery nail polish
  • a makeup sponge
  • dotting tool of choice. Here, I use a mechanical pencil for a smaller dots, but a bobby pin or pin will produce a larger dot.


Let’s begin!

  1. Gather your materials and apply petroleum-based product around nail in order to make clean up easier.
  2. Prime your nails with base coat.
  3. Apply one or two coats of the sheer polish – the nail line will still be visible, but the next step will cover it.
  4. Cut the makeup sponge so that it has a blunt end.
  5. Pour out a few drops of white polish on the index card and, using the technique for gradients, sponge on the polish so that tip is white.
  6. Once the gradient is dry, pour out some more polish onto the card.
  7. Grab your mechanical pencil and create dots by dipping the tip into the polish and then pressing the tip down on the nail. Make sure not to touch the tip of the lead to the nail, but rather the tip of the polish gathered on the end. This will create neater dots. Every few dots, re dip the tip. If polish dries on the end, break off the lead and start over to keep the same size dots.
  8. Work in vertical rows and create dots evenly spaced on the nail.
  9. Once the dots have dried, apply the fine glitter polish.
  10. Clean up any messy edges with a cotton swab dipped in acetone and then seal with topcoat.

Hand model credit: Lauren Burke

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