Outfits for the Holidays

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As the holidays are quickly approaching, we IMSA students have a lot on our minds: finals, finishing college applications, finally getting away from your roommate…the list goes on. Even though this is undoubtedly a stressful time for all of us, you should still enjoy yourself over break. So, here’s a list of some outfits you can wear over winter break to celebrate the holidays!

Knit Sweaters: 

Polo Ralph Lauren - Men's Cable-Knit Sweater

Source: Macy’s

Knit sweaters are very easy to pair with other items of clothing you may already have. They look especially nice with neutral colored collared shirts (like white, black, maybe beige). 

Wool Coats: 

Tie Waist Wool Coat

Source: Nap Loungewear

Wool coats aren’t necessarily the warmest (and they rarely have deep pockets), but they go well with nearly anything you wear, as long as you’re not wearing sweats. Aim for brown wool coats and you can’t go wrong. I found that they look better on taller people, but you can still make it a look at five feet tall.

Tweed skirts: 

Preppy Reputation Ivory Plaid Tweed Faux-Wrap Mini Skirt

Source: Lulus

Tweed skirts can be worn with turtleneck shirts, sweaters, hoodies, even sleeveless shirts. You can wear stockings or leggings underneath, especially in the cold, but if you have a long jacket (like the wool coat I suggested), then it won’t be a problem!

Wool skirt and shirt: 

Brown Wool Maxi Skirt Women High Waist Flared Skirt Warm 1-brown

Source: Etsy

Long wool skirts are also trending! Like the wool coat, it’s much easier to look good when you aren’t vertically challenged. However, long skirts with ankle boots and oversized sweaters make up a very cute outfit for the holiday season.

Puffer jacket and beanie:

Puffer Jacket - Light beige - Ladies | H&M US

Source: H&M

It’s sometimes hard to keep up with jacket and coat trends because of how frequently they change. This year, short and matte puffer jackets are in. White puffer jackets are the easiest to pair, whether you’re wearing jeans, slacks, or even sweatpants. 

Turtlenecks and slacks: 

Man wearing men's black cashmere turtleneck sweater

Source: Quince

Basic turtlenecks (I own one in white and black) are essential for a warm and fashionable 2022 winter. You can wear one as it is, or put a crew neck, knit sweater, or hoodie over it. Turtlenecks are always needed during the winter, so make sure to invest in one you can wear for a long time!

Argyle sweaters: 

Source: Emmiol

Argyle sweaters are a fall vibe, but can still be worn into winter. Wearing a collared shirt underneath is the only correct way to wear argyle sweaters. Light blues or any other pastel tones are great.

Oversized crewnecks:

SAFRISIOR Women Oversized Fleece New York Letter Print Graphic Sweatshirt Long Sleeve Crewneck Pullover Jacket (Small, Apricot) at Amazon Women's Clothing store

Source: Amazon


One important thing to remember about oversized crewnecks: the bigger, the better. If you couldn’t tell already, they can be paired easily with early anything. It’s hard to mess this up. For the holidays, consider getting a dark green or red crewneck.

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