5 DIY Winter Decor Ideas to Light Up Your Room

DIY mini-Christmas trees made from pine cones are super cute and simple to make. Source: Lauren J. Photography.

It’s hard to feel the holiday spirit when you’re surrounded by the plain, white walls of your dorm room in the unflattering fluorescent light. But stop moping about grades, GPA, finals – who cares about that when it’s snowing outside & it’s ugly Christmas sweater season? Play some holiday music on your roommate’s speakers (check out this article for suggestions!), fold up your sleeves, and get started with these wintry crafts that are guaranteed to make you and your room a bit more holiday-ready! (And if you are really struggling with gifts last-minute, maybe you can just wrap up one of these as a present to spread the holiday spirit!) Each one is ranked by amount of effort (because nothing is hard, some just require more effort than others :D ), and full tutorials can be found in the captions. Some of them even have more than one craft idea, so keep an eye out for those little bonuses!

1. Snow Lights

Ping-pong lights are strung around a mirror. Source: Authentically Marie/YouTube.

Effort: 1/5 snowflakes.

First, we have to tackle the lighting to set the right mood. Invest in some ping-pong balls, poke a couple holes with an X-acto knife, and ta-da! Cozy lighting that you can string across your room that makes you want to just wrap yourself with blankets and warm up with hot cocoa. Note that you can use white string lights or even color ones to resemble little ornaments (be creative!). Tutorial here

2. Paper Snowflakes

Paper snowflakes hang on a wall. Source: Melissa Summers/Alpha Mom.

Effort: 2/5 snowflakes. 

Now, add some snowflakes next to your cute lights! Bring back those elementary school scissors skills by cutting different shapes into folded paper. There are a couple more complicated cuts you can make for intricate-looking snowflakes, but you can cut the paper however you want. Make them as unique as you, whether you place them on your window or hang them up on your walls. Tutorial here.

**Bonus: If cutting paper is too hard, try your hand at making some window decs with a hot glue gun or add in some popsicle sticks. If you’re looking for something harder, try creating 3D paper snowflakes!

3. Handmade Winter Art

A stylish pink Christmas tree decorates the front of a holiday card. Source: Coco29.

Effort: 3/5 snowflakes.

As soon as I saw this on Pinterest, I knew I couldn’t resist including it in this list; I’m sure you won’t be able to either, so why not just make one for yourself? Use it as a wall decoration or put it in a photo frame for your desk. Add your favorite holiday song lyric in beautiful calligraphy at the bottom to make it your own! Tutorial here.

4. Mason Jar Snow Globes

Four mason jars converted into beautiful snow globes. Source: Alice/Homebody in Motion.

Effort: 4/5 snowflakes.

Snow globes are the best things ever and so are mason jars. Put them together, and you have a very chic snow globe you would not find anywhere else. Tutorial here.

**Bonus: Don’t you just love crafts with mason jars? Here’s another idea — make a winter-themed lantern

5. A Mini Christmas Tree

A mini-Christmas tree made from a magazine. Source: Innova Crafts/YouTube.

Effort: 5/5 snowflakes.

December without Christmas? Even if you don’t celebrate the holiday, this craft is too cute to pass. AND you will be recycling those ads and magazines that have been lying around your house for too long. Isn’t a win-win? Tutorial here.

**Bonus: You can make a mini-Christmas tree however you want; you’re not just limited to the magazine idea above! Use pine cones instead.

Now you’re all set! Light up your room with these amazing DIY winter decor ideas.

Can you beat this winter wonderland? Source: Natasha Meyer/Her Campus.


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