Easter Activities That Will Turn Back Time: IMSA Edition

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When we say “Easter,” we usually think of fluffy bunny costumes, those (weird) colorful plastic eggs, and endless sweet treats like chocolate and marshmallows. As we grow older, though, we tend to celebrate these activities less because we’re “too busy” or “not interested in them anymore,” and these warm moments, like snatching the last plastic egg, simply fade into our memories. But just because people eventually grow out of their childhood doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy holidays like Easter anymore—it just means the way that they used to celebrate it should adapt along with their new lifestyles. This article covers how to celebrate Easter as the average overly-committed, sleep-deprived, headstrong IMSA student, just for example, and hopefully, it’ll be able to turn back time for a few moments.

Secret Santa, but the Easter Version

Secret Santa is an activity that involves at least three people where each participant draws another participant’s name randomly and in secret, and they need to buy a gift for that person. Another step is for each person to write down a wishlist next to their name so their gifter knows what to buy, but this step is optional. Then, on a set date (usually a few weeks after the names are drawn), everyone will reveal who they chose and exchange gifts. It can also be a great game for clue hunting for guessing who has drawn which participant. 

As the name suggests, Secret Santa is traditionally a Christmas activity done between friends, sports teammates, classmates, and family members. But it can also easily be turned into a gifting activity for Easter between wing-mates/hall-mates or between friends or family in general. If desired, the gifts could be narrowed down to have a certain theme, so in this case, it would have to be related to Easter or spring.

Spring-Themed Scavenger Hunt (On Campus)

Scavenger hunts were always an integral part of Easter, whether it was the competition to see who snatched the most eggs or just the adrenaline rush when time starts. If you’re thinking of a group activity to do in late March or early April, hosting a scavenger hunt would be a perfect idea! This could be done by clubs or wings/halls to encourage engagement on campus, as well as give out some extra sweets.

Spring Fashion Show

Ever heard of a spring fashion show on campus? Although there are many ways this activity could be done, some ideas include: grabbing a few wing-mates and performing a small fashion show for each other, hosting a hall-wide one, or hosting a campus-wide one for a certain club or initiative. Outfit themes could include anything related to spring or signature Easter representations, like bunnies or colored eggs. Alternatively, you could put on silly bunny costumes with friends and buy some silly string to top it all off.

Easter Walking Trip

With (hopefully) warmer weather approaching, walking trips may seem like a good idea to celebrate Easter, too. Going off of the last activity, you could also bring your fashion show along the walk as well by wearing spring-themed clothes and Easter-inspired outfits, including bunny ears and baskets. 

Eat Out With Family (No, seriously)

While this sounds like a simple and uninteresting activity for Easter, it can be a great bonding experience, no matter what holiday it is. Especially as IMSA students, it can be easy to forget about the importance of family or friends from home. If you’re bummed out with nothing to do this Easter, call a few family members up and spend some time eating out with them near campus. Similarly, talking to that one friend who you drifted apart with since middle school doesn’t seem like such a bad idea either. 


Easter, just like any other holiday, is a great excuse to take a break from academic and extracurricular responsibilities and spend time with friends and family instead. There are so many ways to make the most out of this Easter, and spring in general, and this article hopefully gave you a good starting point. Happy hunting!

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