LAB Society’s Dippin’ Dots Event

On November 3, IMSA’s Laboratory Advancement Body (LAB) Society took advantage of the warm temperatures by hosting a homemade Dippin’ Dots event. The event took place by the 05 Slabs,…

Fall Playlist

As the end of autumn nears, enjoying a catchy fall playlist is a perfect way to relax and close out the season. Music is an effective tool for studying, napping,…

The Changes to Lexington

While some favor the cookies and others like the salad bar, IMSA students can agree that there will always be ways to improve Lexington as it caters to students’ needs….

Room Decor

Fall Dorm Decorations

After more than a month of living on campus, we have probably found some decorations for our rooms, ranging from fairy lights to potted plants. Now that fall has officially…