New IRC Technical Services Staff-Sabeen Saeed!

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There are several incentives for you to go to the IRC. Two popular reasons are to study, or to check out a book. However, in the past three weeks, have you noticed a new staff member checking out your books, and keeping things tidy? Her name is Sabeen Saeed, and she has just started working at IMSA! I was given the opportunity to interview Ms. Saeed so the IMSA community can get to know her better.

What did you major in, and why did you choose to major in that subject?
“I actually have several majors, but first I majored in microbiology. I did that because someone told me that…if you study microbiology you’re gonna see a different world that nobody else sees, and I thought that was really interesting. I also majored in library information technology from college of DuPage, and I did that because I think just being around books and working in the library are very important. You are around knowledge and different resources, and it makes you a better person.”
Where are you from originally? If not from Illinois, how are you liking Illinois so far?
“I am originally from Pakistan. But now, I do live in Illinois, and I’ve been living here for the last 20 years. I love Illinois because we get all four seasons, I mean you get winter, fall, spring, and summer. You get to experience all kinds of seasons, so that’s what I love about Illinois.”
Why did you decide to work at IMSA?
“Well, because, first of all, it’s very important to me that I work in a place that is diverse and I think IMSA is very diverse, and they actually encourage diversity and equity. And also because this is the number one college prep school in Illinois, or one of the top prep schools…I think this would be a good fit for me because I would be around a lot of genius people.”
How are you liking IMSA so far?
“I like the environment here. Everyone is really nice, [including] my coworkers. Everyone works together as a team, and I like helping the students when I can. It’s very rewarding.”
Do you have any hobbies? And if so, what is one of them?
“I do have a lot of hobbies, but my favorite one would be going on walks. As soon as the weather gets better, I just go out and I walk by myself. And I just like listening to the birds chirping, and the different sounds of nature. So, that’s why I like walking as a hobby.”
What is your favorite food and why?
“My favorite food is lasagna. Why? Because it’s very filling, and you get a lot of different layers, and I think it’s very tasty.”
Thank you so much to Ms. Sabeen Saeed for this interview!

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