2024 Underclassmen Wills Pt. 2

Underclassmen Wills 2024 | Source: Dhruv Patel
Welcome to the 2024 Underclassmen Wills!
After editing 103 pages and 62,126 words, The Acronym is beyond excited to finally give you all this year’s Underclassmen Wills!
All of the wills from Jake Belonio to Zhuoer Cai are on this page, and all of the wills from Aahana Das to Ibrahim Bah can be found here.

Jake Belonio
Jasper Hlavac
Jongwoo Kim
Joshua Mu
Julia Sun
Karthik Prasad
Kateryna Honchar
Katherine Jiang
Kavin Venkat
Kavya Uppal
Kaylee Hwang
Ketzaly Nunez Luna
Lucy Philip
Manu Mamillapalli
Maryam Zaidi
Max Chen
Michelle Fanjoy
Molly Federici
Nandini Budithi
Navya Dixit
Nidhi Sagaram
Nikhil Kodali
Nolan Hansen
Reagan Kelley
Ria Bakshi
Riya Gumidyala
Rusha Parikh
Sadkrith Malladi
Sarah Kumar
Serge Tyan
Shashi Salavath
Shatakshi Chatterjee
Shreshta Ghanta
Shrikar Dulam
Shriya Koduri
Sreehaas Chinnala
Stella Ristic
Tianqing Lei
Tony Han
Tyler Rush
Valentina Duque
Vincent You
Vivian Ludwig
Will Guo
Xander Krolow
Yash Yardi
Yicole Ng
Zhuoer Cai

Jake Belonio

To Arjun, I will you all the gains and height you could ask for. Even though you have no right taking up all the height that should’ve gone to me, I’m gonna miss you next year. From the times we see each other in the gym to the time we shared together on the volleyball court it’s clear to me you’re one of the dopest, most chill people at this school. I know you’re gonna do great in the future. Don’t forget our handshake.

To staruu.u, I will you underclassmen who don’t call you staruu.u. When I met you I thought you were very tall. This is because in unofficial Lunar modern I was standing next to people whose heights averaged to about 5’ 9”. Now, I’m the average height of modern members and ur the one who sticks out like a tree amongst blades of grass lol lmao couldn’t be me. Erm anyways frfr I’m really glad I got to spend this last year with you like ur genuinely one of the funniest people and oh em gee you made some of these modern practices way more bearable. It’s sad I’m not gonna be able to see u next year bru but I know you’re gonna kill it. Come back and visit pls im already planning bfriend and combined. Also I should probably give u ur skirt back. I’ll miss u barsbek.

To Don, I will you all the fine nyc men and free boba you could ask for. Oh I also will you a culture show where you aren’t gone for parent show or almost get kicked from the whole thing You’re actually one of the finest mfs on this campus and oml I wish that could be me (outfits and face card always eat). Anyways, the time we shared together dancing was some of the most fun I’ve ever had and omfg i’ll be so sad we won’t get to gossip ab modern next year. Thanks for almost getting me fired. Love ya.

To Jaden, I will you spiderman powers and your Gwen Stacy. Ever since sophomore year you have always been one of the most down to earth and funniest people to be around. Everywhere I am with you I can’t help from busting out into laughter, whether its cause you sending me some DEVIOUS insta reels in the middle of a silent class, or we trying on wolf ears in the RC office together, you just bring the vibes wherever it is you go. Imma be sad not to have you around in 04 next year, but I know wherever you are is gon be blessed to have you. You know I love you, take care of yourself. Hollon what you know about the chomp chomp story tho.

To THE Joseph (Joey) Paras, I will you a stress free college life (oh and probably some height too ik we’re in a pretty similar situation) I’ll actually miss you sm awh man. Since last year I knew that you were one of the realist people on this campus and ugh it’s so much fun just being around you. You bring the energy wherever you go and I’ll be so sad that my fellow pinoy boy is leaving me :( Anyways I’m sure you’ll do great in Michigan and idk hopefully I can join you over there when the time comes hehehe. Mahal Kita <33

To Manya, I will you an unstressful lights experience when I come to you for every dance I choreo next year. Where do I even start. Actually nvm I do know where to start erm hehe sorry for not making idk like the first half of jalsa practices ik that wasn’t the easiest on u oops! But in all seriousness you truly are a role model for me. I know you say that I manage to balance everything (even though I definitely do not at times), but a lot of that is attributed to you. No matter what it is you do I can tell you’ve put forth all the effort you could, and it really is inspiring. It sucks that you won’t be here next year to choreo and dance, but I’ll be sure to carry on the legacy that you’ve left for dance culture here at IMSA. Oh and I promise to be more precise with all my movements rather than just straight energy :)

To Rohan, I will you a libero as good as me (even though that’s not happening). Uh merp, um me thinks ur pretty cute, me thinks um, go on a date? Oi oi oi. Hurh, I am minecraft villager, hurh, give me emerald. Heh, rizzler *dice rolls* See anybody could be good to you, but you need a sigma to blow your mind! Alr that’s pretty much all I remember but anyways I genuinely hope you have a fun time in the future. Playing volleyball with you these past two years was dope asf and it’ll suck not having our ace next year. Keep smashin balls broski. Oh if u see a guy named Andy Stone on the volleyball team next year ask him if he remembers me, the kid he slapped when he was in fifth grade on bus 12.

To Ryan, I will you back your will to me bc there’s no way I’m doing bfriend without you. In all seriousness lmao I couldn’t have been more thankful to do bfriend and to just get to know you this year. It was definitely a highlight of my junior year to choreograph with you and i’ll truly be so sad that you won’t be here next year to do it all over again. But rest assured, I will continue the legacy of bfriend and make sure that previous years will never compare (censored sign, skirts, the whole shabang). Party it up at stanford for me <3

To Aadi Gyatsai, I will you even more gyat and all the spanish answers you could ever need. Spending these last two years with you was honestly a privilege and imma be so sad when I come into check next year and my vision isnt just harassed by your gyat. You’re one of the chillest people out there and I know you’re gonna do great things in the future. Make sure to visit and watch when 04 wins clash next year.

To Deondre’, I will you more underclassman who will steal ur crutches when you break your leg. I was lowk mad hurt when u aint write me a will but its calm bc I’m chill like that and yk Im not afraid to show my appreciation for my fellow brotha. Anyways tho I’m gonna miss not having you around next year since you’re without a doubt one of the funniest mfs on this campus. Make sure to come visit and take me on a date around brookfield zoo again.

To Jerrick, I will you some dumps that are legal and stay in the court. Its been fun having you around these last two years. You’re definitely one of the most down to earth people I know and it sucks that we can’t run it back next year. Thinking about it I realized that we really did have so much in common and maybe thats why i’ll miss you so much next year. Wherever it is you go I know you’ll tear it up. Hopefully we can go to the gym one more time together and idk maybe I’ll see you at a Taekwondo competition sometime once I get my ass back on the mats LMAO. Love you brodie.

To Tate, I will you all the Nick Wilde and Han photocards. It’s been so fun to get to know you the past two years and I’m so glad that we could spend it together. Playing volleyball with you has just been a joy and I’m gonna be so sad when I don’t hear you next year bringing the energy. You’re actually so funny and I’m also gonna miss you in bfriend because omfg some of these dances couldnt have been as good as they were without your ass shaking. Live it up.

To senior up quad (Aidan, Matthew, Rohan, and Aiden) I will yall a sound proof room so that nobody can hear u guys playing val. No seriously LMAO its so funny hearing yall scream at 2am. You guys are some of the dopest people here at the school and It’ll suck not having you guys across the hall or in drill next year. Im thankful for all the food u guys have donated and I promise i’ll pay you guys back eventually. Wherever it is you guys go I know you’ll all kill it. Make sure to stay in touch with each other. Also tf going on in the bathroom yall be needing my plunger hella LMFAO.

To all the seniors on the volleyball team (Rohan, Jerrick, Arjun, Tate, Jack, and Mike), I will you guys a libero who doesn’t scream like a child whenever he messes up. You guys made this year’s volleyball such a fun time and the team really won’t be the same with you guys gone. I’m proud to have shared the court with you guys, whether we’re in a game or running laps, and I hope that all of you continue touching balls whenever you can. Love yall.

To all the seniors on the LEAD Team, thank you all for making LEAD such a fun and enjoyable experience. Ever since SLD in the summer I knew that this group of people is one I’d wanna stay around, and a lot of that is attributed to you guys. You guys made everything possible and I thank all the effort you guys have put in to make the LEAD program what it is today. You’re all gonna go on to do great things and I’ll miss each and every one of u guys.

Jasper Hlavac

To Manasa, I will you many hugs from future team mascots. I know you will watch over them and make sure you try your best at all future competitions and events to make them proud like you did with Blahaj.

To Annabelle, I will you many more funny bird posters to fill your dorm. I love my poster, and I love matching with my favorite ornithology nerd on campus, so I hope you buy many more to carry on the legacy of funny bird posters.

To Wyatt, I will you more energy. You need it considering your old age and the amount of work you do to carry teams to victory over and over again. I will miss my favorite person on Sci Oly that I like to annoy.

To Laasya, I will you all of the bunny everything in the world. You deserve it. Your bright energy and overwhelming friendliness resembles that of a bunny, so I hope you find happiness in bunnies until the end of time.

To Emerald, I will you a new cuddle/pillow fight buddy. Thank you so much for always accepting my hugs and my clinginess and my intense desire to throw pillows at you when you say I have no kneecaps. I’ll miss being able to come to you when I just need a hug or someone to annoy, so I hope you find another person who can do that in my stead.

To AJ, I will you all of the shark and Nightmare Before Christmas knick knacks in the world. You deserve it for always being someone I could talk to and relate to. For being a rock in my life and helping me figure out IMSA and how to be a person here. Just for being there for me.

To Gabi, I will you a boatload of pancake mix (and better cooking materials). I could always trust you to be there and help me with anything, be it chem homework or lending me a hair tie or making me special pancakes so I can have something to eat. You were always there to help me and make me feel welcome at IMSA. (Also thank you for letting me cuddle you stuffies when I was sad).

To Mars, I will you the happiness of love. You have made my time at IMSA 10x better just by being you. You were always there for me, and even when you couldn’t be I know you would be there later to talk or just let me sit with you. You never judged and always called me out if I was doubting myself or feeling like a burden. I could always come to you, and you would always be there, and I love you for that /p.

To Ben, I don’t even know what I could will you that would account for everything you have done for me. I met you at orientation and I immediately knew you were a person I wanted to hang out with. Then I ghosted you for 3 months because I forgot. But right before excel, I thought I could reach out and get tips. That’s when I finally got to know you. All throughout the year, you have always been a constant. You always called me out if I was wrong, and was always there to help me if I felt like I was dying under IMSA pressure. You are an amazing person, and you deserve so much more than I can will you. I don’t know what I’ll do without you, but I can’t hold you back from doing amazing things. Thank you for being here.

Jongwoo Kim

To David Dickson, I will you a new keyboard. I still remember the first day at SIR together when your keyboard went missing so I hope this one will serve as its replacement if you haven’t already gotten another one. Going to SIR together has been one of the highlights of my year. The lunchtime strolls, the Baskin Robbins coupon, and talking about the journal club beef have all made my experience in the lab so much more enjoyable and less terrifying. Looking ahead to next year, I’m honestly petrified about how lonely I’ll be in the lab. Whenever something wasn’t right or I was scared to present something, you always were there to support me and give me so much advice. I know you willed me the best SIR project ever, but I’m not even sure if I’ll even enjoy working without your presence in the lab. The memories I made with you in the quad, in the lab, and in the hall commons will be ones I will cherish forever. I also wanted to say thank you so much for everything you’ve helped me with this year. From helping me get this SIR, to giving me college advice, and for showing me the best places in the city, I couldn’t have asked for a better upperclassman to guide me. I want you to know that you leave behind such a daunting example to follow of what an upperclassman should be like. David, you’re literally one of the smartest people I know and I know that you’ll find success at whatever you put your mind to.

To Ryan Li, I will you the motivation to get off your phone :). I know I’ve said this a ton of times to you, but I’ll say it again. “I’ll really miss you when you’re gone.” I know it’s a little counterintuitive to this will, but I hope we stay in touch through Snap and Messenger and let me know everything about college! That being said, I have serious beef with your will. I’m not that big of a weeb and I definitely should not be the biggest weeb you know. So while I certainly appreciate the funds, I appreciate being on your list a whole lot more. Ryan, you are literally one of the most amazing upperclassmen I know and over the past couple of years, I’m so glad I was able to bond with you so much. Sleeping over, watching movies until 3 am, and talking about our lives during SLD weekends are just some of the amazing memories that come to mind. Thank you so much for shaping me into the person I am today. You’ve inspired me to learn how to dance (I still can’t dance that well though), helped me to be more confident in myself, and introduced me to a variety of video games. I wish you the absolute best at Stanford and I hope it solves all of your problems with IMSA. You’re not super shy but you’re a super guy!

To Aldo Magaña, I will you unlimited time to play in your Minecraft world. Aldo, you mean the world to me and I hope you know that the amount of time I’ve willed you doesn’t even come close to the amount of time I wish I could have spent with you over the past two years. I feel like we really got close only over the past semester and I’m really saddened by that. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to replace a great study buddy like you or even hold the same level of conversations I’ve had about all sorts of topics from relationships to research to college, and so much more. I’ll try my best to get my way into UIC as well so we can catch up on all of that time that we weren’t able to capitalize on over the past two years. Thank you so much for being a great friend, therapist, florist, audience member, and tea master. Any role you’ve served has only made my life ten — no, a hundred, no a thousand, no an infinite amount of times better than what it was before. I’m not sure how I’ll function next year without your stabilizing presence but I’ll try my very best. I’ll definitely take you up on your offer for lunch within the city and I wish you the best of luck at college! While there might have been 81 days left a while ago, the number has gone down to 25 (might even be a little lower depending on when you read this). Let’s use that time to the best of our ability!

To Joseph Poseidon Paras, I will you a record player filled with all the vinyls of your favorite artists from Flipturn, Taylor Swift, Hozier, Olivia Rodrigo, and who knows how many more. Thank you for being the life of hall commons and for being the person who consistently chooses to spend their time out with us the most. Getting to know you better over the past year has been so fun and I’m glad I’ve evolved from “volleyball NPC” to some random K-pop idol’s name. Joey, you contribute so much to the places I hold dear to my heart. The RC office, the peer tutor room, IN2 during LEAD prep, and the hall commons are just some of the countless places that would die out without you. I hope beyond IMSA, you have a great time in college and make a whole bunch of new friends too. I hope you go to college stress-free because you have nothing to prove to anyone about anything. In my eyes, you aren’t just some senior at IMSA, but a superstar more famous than all of your favorite artists combined.

To George Lu, I will you a meeting with Gege to vent your frustrations and question them all about JJK. George, it was super fun getting to know you a lot better, and talking about JJK or any other anime/manga was so entertaining. I still remember having you as my target for Key Game in my sophomore year and being driven insane by the challenge. Thank you for being an awesome person to hang out with and for always being there in the hall commons! George, I truly wish I could have gotten to know you more at an earlier date and I hope you have an amazing time in college!

Dear Aashima Sisodia, I will you more sleep and more sleep. You are seriously one of the funniest, smartest, and hardest-working people I know, held back only by the number of hours in the day. I hope that starting from now you don’t have to ask for caffeine in the hall group chat anymore and you get lots of sleep. Also, thank you for your jokes and the absolute passion you have for this hall. I don’t know if there is anyone who has the passion for 1503 as much as you do. Thank you for being such an impressive and supportive senior and for always giving me a reason to laugh. I hope you have a great time in college and please, do fix your sleeping habits.

To Rohan Patkar, I will you a new pair of legs. You’ve dealt with shin splints, knee pain, rolled ankles (the power of friendship does not exist irl), and all sorts of various injuries yet you continue to soar above everyone else on the court. Your passion and love for volleyball is unmatched amongst anyone on the team and I hope a new pair of legs will help with all the injuries you keep getting. I also wanted to say thank you for being a mentor to all of us on the team. For every set you gave, the countless hours you’ve led open and west gyms, and sacrificing so much of your time to prioritize our growth over yours, thank you so much. I want you to know after all these years, you leave behind a brand new generation of volleyball players, who have seen your back as an inspiration for all of us to spend that extra minute passing, serving, hitting, lifting, jumping, doing plyometrics, doing anything to catch up to you. Lastly, as I write this I’m reminded of Goshiki when he says “This toss isn’t going up for me… It’s so frustrating… But… Because I want to see his spikes… that’s also frustrating.” Watching you spike every time (on sets from perfect passes that honestly should have gone to middle) is an art and I’m so happy to have played with you and known you as a person for the past 2 years. I’m not sure if I’ll ever see you again (Peoria visit???), but no matter what you do, I know you’ll have the same passion and sheer joy as when you fly high on the volleyball court.

Dear Tate Schneider, I will you all the parties you could ever attend filled with all sorts of activities. Getting to know you beyond the welcoming, well-mannered C-wing RSL I met during Welcome Week of Soph year has been one of the craziest journeys in my life. I still remember all the things you told me about IMSA during that SLD weekend when I literally could not keep my jaw closed. Getting to know you better through volleyball, Med Chem, the RSL team, Fortnite sessions, and all those late-night talks have helped me to get closer to you. I hope that all of the late-night energy you have translates well to partying. Finally, I wanted to say thank you for being a fun person to be with. You bring so much energy to whatever you do or say, whether it be K-pop idols, school, or your weird food tastes. Sometimes I just need a person to have fun with, and you’re one of the first people I would turn to. I hope that college is a lot more fun for you compared to IMSA (ik literally all of your takes at this point) and that you just have fun! I promise you that I will hold true to the down-quad traditions and I wish you the best at whatever you do!

To Zuyu Liu, I will you the best dance moves in the world. Zuyu, I hope that you are happy with wherever you go next year and you use these dance moves to find yourself a girlfriend. But to be serious, the way that you’ve juggled around so many different commitments over the years has been like wizardry. I also wanted to say thank you for the wonderful will from you. I can not write nearly as well as that so I’m sorry that this will is nowhere near as good as that. I’m so impressed with how much you’ve managed to accomplish and I think that you shouldn’t let what school you go to over the next couple of years impact you too much. Life is so long and being friends with you for the past couple of years gives me trust that you will do great things no matter where you go. Additionally, I want to thank you for your guidance with everything from debate to dance. I hope you have an amazing time in college and use those dance skills to post more reels on your Insta!

To Clarissa Gonzalez, I will you a science buddy who will do their work on time. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to help you the most with Biochem and I hope that this person can help you whenever you have a question. Aside from Biochem, thank you for being an awesome senior and for always being so energetic. I’m so sorry for taking so many of your cookies and I genuinely appreciate your energy and how lively you made the hall this year. I’m not quite sure what I’ll do next year without the cookie fixes but I’m sure I’ll survive. Thank you so much and I hope you have an amazing college experience!

To Jerrick Li, I will you all of the perfect passes in the world. I hope that you never have to complain again about anyone’s shanked passes or my bad tosses during hitting lines. Thank you for all of the sets you’ve given me and for always trusting me to be there to swing at the ball. Your mentality and toughness are still so crazy to me. Playing in games while fasting and managing Lunar are some crazy achievements so I know that no matter what you do, you have the mentality and drive to succeed at anything you do. I hope you have an amazing time at college!

To 03C Up Quad, I will you more residential programs. As an RSL this year, I feel like some of the activities this year were not the best but thank you so much for always showing up for them. I also will to Nate Landig a robot that will never break down. I hope that his robot will resolve any problems and late nights you had due to FRC. I still remember my first couple of math classes where I was so scared of math but sharing a class with you was such a fun experience for me. I still remember the late-night problem set grinds and I wanted to thank you for being so supportive and being so passionate about the wing. To Michael Doerries, I will you a long healthy volleyball experience. While you only joined the team this year, I have enjoyed playing volleyball with you so much this year. I wish that you continue to play past IMSA so you keep this same passion. Thank you for also being so supportive and being a funny guy. I still remember when we invaded your room for RSL Dress Up and you did so much to help Daniel and me for the event. Thank you for being so supportive of me and let’s win all of the remaining volleyball games! To Brandon Rogers, I will you the biggest kitchen you could ask for. Brandon, you are probably one of the best cooks I know (Wing Wars cooking competitions and taco night are a testament to it) and I hope this kitchen will serve you well. Thank you for introducing me to debate and for being supportive of me in the wing. Finally, to Daniel Shafiabady Jr., I will you all the movie posters in the world. Connecting with you further over RSL, STEMbassadors, and much more has been such a blast. Thank you for always being so positive and kind to everyone and being the absolute best RSL partner. I hope you have an amazing time in college and decorate your new dorm room with the posters! Thank you to this entire quad for being there for the past two years. All of you guys have been so instrumental in shaping C-Wing.

To Arjun Cherukuri, I will you unlimited gas money to drive to your girlfriend’s house. To be honest, I don’t even know how you got a girlfriend when looking at the way you act at volleyball… But in all seriousness, thank you for being one of the biggest supporters of me on the team. You always hype up my skills beyond what I can do and I wanted to thank you for that. Talking with you about anything is so easy and thank you for being so supportive (while stealing my BioChem answers…). I don’t know how our blocking will be without you next year, but we’ll certainly miss your presence. Thank you for the past 2 years and I hope you have a great time at Northwestern and use that gas money to good use.

To all 03 Upperclassmen, I will you all a wonderful college experience and time after IMSA. Thank you everyone for creating the best community on campus and a place where I could find peace and fun. Clash of the Halls, Wing Wars, listening to albums in hall commons, and more have been some of the highlights of my time living in 1503 in large part due to you all. Thank you so much for all of the memories!

Joshua Mu

To Avyay Duggirala, I will you a louder amp for your electric guitar. I remember I really started to get to know you well during BC3 last semester, when you always made sure to collect your senior tax on my homework. Jokes aside, you are one of most talented humanities majors I have ever met, and being cracked at the electric guitar is just such a cool skill. You’ve carried me so much on my journey here at IMSA with your academic and social advice, and I have no idea how I can thank you. Best of luck studying economics and getting filthy rich.

To Kohl Vonder Haar, I will you a more accurate shooting pass in handball. It’s just been a blast studying chemistry with you, as you were the first person I met at IMSA who shared the same passion for the subject as I did. I was so glad when I found that you qualified for USNCO nationals with me, as your jokes helped break the tension during those stressful 6 hours, turning into something quite enjoyable. Let’s keep in touch as you continue studying chemistry in college!

To Charles Conner, I will you a lifetime supply of Honeycrisp apples. I can probably count the times on one hand when I didn’t see you clutching a half-eaten apple during class, which I found pretty funny for some reason. However, whenever you performed for Ten check, you immediately switched into a stoic serious mode, keeping a rock solid beat on the drum. You are a super talented drummer, and between our mutually braindead moments, It’s been super fun talking to you this year!

To Josh Solone, I will you a lower rice purity score. I find it funny that, at the beginning of the year, we basically had nothing in common besides our first name, but that was enough for us to get to know each other. I remember during BC2, there were three different Josh’s all in one mod, which made attendance super interesting. I really enjoyed these two years, both in the classroom and during cross country.

To the quiz bowl captains (Stephen Walsh and Nathaniel Huang), I will you guys a buzzer set where every clicker actually works. Until I came to IMSA, I really had no idea how insanely cracked and competitive quiz bowl can become. With last year’s seniors, you guys really showed us underclassmen how to absolutely destroy in matches. Thank you guys so much for hard carrying the team this year.

To Albert Han, I will you the cure for the brain rot Hunter Mat and I so cruelly inflicted upon you. I remember when we first met back at Dunlap in middle school before covid, when we were both in our early years of long-distance running. In the time since, you have improved so much, far surpassing me in all kinds of events. But what’s so amazing about you is that, despite putting in so much effort in running, you’re just insanely cracked at all things academic. If there was a guide on being a model student athlete, every example would just be Albert Han, a separate article on from his sophomore year to senior year. From my arrival at IMSA, you’ve been my role model for navigating life here, from your insane work ethic (though it might have been lost when you started talking about Blood and Bones modpack) to your sheer determination. There were times earlier this year when I just felt like the burnout was about to crush me, but your advice on dealing with stress helped me persevere while (somewhat) maintaining my mental health. If there’s one thing I would want you to remember as you head off to college, it would be to keep believing in your ability. Whenever you put your mind to something, you always excel and surpass everyone’s expectations. I hope you continue pushing yourself to greater heights with this superpower. Also, one more thing: make sure to skibidi, edge, rizz.

To Tate Schneider, I will you a cubane synthesis with a 100% yield. You were the first senior at IMSA who I really got to know well, as I had so many classes with you sophomore year. It was a blast working with you in labs in orgo that year. You are probably one of the most hardworking students I know at this school as you were constantly challenging yourself to delve deeper into all kinds of subjects and cultures. After seeing your SIR, I can only conclude that you’re insanely cracked at organic chemistry now. It’s been an exciting two years, and I hope to hear all about your time in college!

To all the PRISMS intersession seniors (Ashley Hernandez, Eliana Nungaray, Gwen Olney, Josh Solone, Kosi Okeke), I will you all continued success in your research. That travel intersession was genuinely some of the most fun I’ve had, especially since it ended turning into Dr. Glazer’s family road trip. No matter what work you all end up doing, I hope you all retain that passion for studying at the cutting edge of science.

To Bikrant Bhattacharyya, I will you a presentable hairstyle. Sometimes I wonder if research is another form of brain rot like the skibidi reels Albert, Hunter, and I relished. I think it’s incredible that you have such a strong passion for physics, especially physics research which I believe is just dark magic. You’re by far the most talented student for both math and science I know (though idk how you feel about biology). I’ve always looked up to you and your sheer dedication to research, though we do disagree on whether Mr. Meyer was the most goated teacher at IMSA. In a couple of years, I’m pretty sure I’m going to start seeing your name in the news as you will be making waves in the physics community.

To the IMSAlympians seniors (Annabelle Zhang, Aashima Sisodia, George Lu), I will you all a peaceful life ahead. If I needed to pick out three academic weapons of mass destruction from your class, it would be you three hands down. The sheer amount of grind emanating from you guys was both intimidating and inspirational, and your achievements aptly reflect that. I hope that you all take some time to relax and pat yourselves on the back (unless you’re already SSSing, in which case, enjoy the rest of your senior year!).

To Anirudh Chari, I will you a less braindead sense of humor. Until the M3 challenge, I had no idea that the studious and cracked-at-CS Anirudh Chari had a more braindead sense of humor than I did. Although it was exhausting, those 14 hours were made so much more fun by your antics (notably, Bikrant’s banned word list). I wish you luck in future studies and endeavors!

To the ILMEA All State seniors (Rithik Thekiniath, Aditya Prahshanth, Maggie DiMarco, Jojo Germo), I will you all a continuing passion for music. You are some of the most talented singers I have ever met, and sometimes I feel privileged to be able to listen to you guys at my own school. In one way, shape or form, I hope you all keep music in your lives!

To the Westlake seniors (Aadi Desai, Justina Kostiv, Anisha Kolambe), I will you all another trip to China (I recommend Guangzhou). It still blows my mind that we traveled to the other side of the world and lived in a foreign university. Honestly, you guys were the life of the whole camp, always reaching out to other students and staff. Best of luck to you all on your future studies and endeavors, wherever they take you.

Julia Sun

To Danica Sun, I will you a 100% plant-based non-gmo gluten free organic pesticide-free vegan Raising Cane’s Box Combo. Then we can eat it together! (just kidding- i would never break my vegetarian diet haha ). I also will you a better sleep schedule so you can stop jumpscaring me when I go into the kitchen to get water and see you sleeping at the dinner table . Seriously, though, I don’t know what I would have done without you here at IMSA (you are my blue tie group leader sigma fr), whether helping me prepare for interviews or your nighttime walk advice sessions when I’m way too stressed over something you know isn’t important. Who am I going to go to steal clothes from and surprise with my epic presence at Lexington now that you’re leaving?? I will miss you a lot when you leave for Stanford (I would like to remind you that I was your day one!!) and I hope you have a lot of fun living out your #aesthetic #itgirl #ecofriendly #vegan # life in #california. Make sure to come back to visit Benji, your son!! (you still remember him right?) You better pick up my calls at Stanford…

To Sar’aiyah Murphy, I will you a 100% not broken mirror. I remember the first time I talked to you, when you called my favorite rocking chair a breastfeeding chair… and then called it very cute and very rocky . I will miss our late night talks in the wing commons and the chaos that always ensues when you and Aaliyah are together (like when you made me help you steal her stuffed animals lol). IMSA and 02 will not be the same without you, and I will miss comparing slippers ☹️. You are going to do great things wherever you go, and I better see you at graduation!

To Aaliyah Murphy, I will you to continue being such an epic and amazing person! I hope you have the bestest best college experience ever and I will miss talking to you after 10 check. You are such a sweet person and being your across-the-hall neighbor has been so fun. I know you will go on to do amazing things and I will miss you a lot !

To Diya Kamath, I will you an orchestra with more than two violas. Also a back massager for your back (does it hurt carrying the section?) I am so happy to have met you this year, and I will miss seeing you in orchestra and strolling strings- you have made it so so fun! I hope that you have the best time at UIUC and go be that neuroscience queen I know you are

To Einsey Socrates, Nashra Younus, and Sufiya Hussaini, I will you guys epic California reunions with my (less cool) sister! You guys are a pretty super duper epic iconic quad and I will miss facetiming you guys on Danica’s phone and saying hi when I visit Danica. Thanks Einsey for the cheese crackers, they were super duper delish . I loved seeing you guys around campus this year and thanks for supporting me when I make fun of Danica (tell danica to look at my reels lol ). You guys are all so amazing and cool and will go on to change the world, and I hope you all have the most sigma college experience!

Lastly, to Charles Ludwig, I will you better crocs. Please throw away your current ones️. They make me want to cry. Otherwise, I hope you have an amazing college experience and keep being cool !

Karthik Prasad

To Albert Han, I will you an even bigger brain than you already have, although I’m not sure if that’s even possible. You are an insanely dedicated worker, grinding through manifolds and QFT as a senior with an insane course load, and I aspire to be as driven and talented as you are. You’re gonna be absolutely insane in the next couple years, as long as you don’t fall to skibidi toilet brainrot (don’t end up like the other Han at IMSA).

To Annabelle Zhang, I will you a copy of the 20th edition of Campbell’s Biology, but with a whole new chapter detailing Annabelle Zhang’s contributions to the field. You’re such a big (and certainly pwecious and adowable) nerd and you’re gonna do great, especially if you pursue biophysics :DD

To Dara Ajayi, I will you a set of Dr. Trimm’s finest lecture notes (if abliet incomplete). You’re actually insanely smart, and I expect you to take Honors Analysis at Chicago :DD Slide MVC answers pls

To Ellen Guan, I will you a copy of Red Morin and Purcell and Morin (don’t actually take these from me pls I’m broke and need my textbooks). You’re insanely talented, funny, and kind and you’re gonna excel in everything…as long as you don’t sell out to cs (jk). You’re my favorite senior Hadron Editor and quantum entangelement expert, and I can’t wait to see your name show up in Nature and on princeton.edu/faculty/distinguished!

To Laasya Nagumalli, I will you your very own shbunny shbunny bunny, so you can have your favorite thing in the whole wide world, a pwecious and adowable bundle of joy (totally not dinner one day). In all seriousness, you’re insanely talented and have a work ethic that far exceeds mine, not to mention just being awesome. You’re gonna go super far and succeed in whatever you do, spreading positivity and bunny love the whole way, and it’s gonna be super fun to watch you succeed. My only question for you is: De Rham Cohomolgoy, or De Rabbit (stew)?

To Pruschothum Sureshkumar, I will you even more math in the future (for lots of fun, of course). It’s been great having Proofs and MVC with you, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Slide some answers my way please :DD

Kateryna Honchar

To Rohan, I will you more volleyball games. Thank you for making my first year playing volleyball so memorable. I’m so glad that I got to meet you during the girls volleyball season. I wanted to let you know that I appreciate every time you would cheer when I got a good block in practice or in a game. It was one of the reasons which made me love volleyball as much as I do now. I hope that you continue playing in the future. I can see that you care about volleyball and that is not something that every player has. You influenced my view of volleyball a lot and showed me that I should care about it as much as I care about basketball. Stay motivated.

To Victoria, I will you a fun college experience. Thank you for helping me out during the volleyball season whether it was cheering for me or teaching me how to pass. I feel very lucky to say that you and I got to play together throughout the volleyball season.

To Dash, I will you someone who will introduce you to different foods (not octopus). Thank you for always being you, I enjoy talking to you every time I get a chance.

To Tate, I will you to eat as much Portillo’s as you want. Thank you for always bringing up the energy at games and practices. Hopefully, I was a good peppering partner whenever you needed one :)

To Maggie, I will you more songs to sing because your voice is amazing! Thank you for listening to the interesting stories I told you throughout this school year. I enjoyed your Facebook comments — they always made me laugh and I’m happy that you accepted my follow request on Instagram. It makes me feel cool.

To Zuyu, I will you a perm. I appreciate you taking the time to work on the Acronym article and making a fun student-staff game.

Katherine Jiang

To Nathaniel Huang, I will you traumatic flashbacks every time someone says “oh my god” at college. Thank you for being such an incredible LEAD facilitator and changed my view on the course and even inspiring me to apply for LEAD. You are actually the zestiest grandpa I’ve ever met and I cannot be happier I met you and get to scream “OH MY GOD” every time I see you at the most random times and places. Have the bestest time at college, and be prepared when I find you on UIUC campus…

To Annabelle Zhang, I will you many more blahajs. You were the best bio captain anybody could ever ask for and you are my MIT queen. Thank you for letting me barge into you and Manasa’s room to steal things or kidnap blahaj and you’ll have to chase me around to get him back. Go do good things for the world, I may hate biology, but I think that you’re a cool bio nerd.

To Manasa Balasubramanian, I will you unlimited data. Barging into your room when Annabelle was at practice and then you thinking I was Annabelle was so funny. You’re quite the cool dude and I wish you the best of luck at college. I also hope the unlimited data I will you will allow you to navigate college easier… we kept getting lost at UIUC during state.

To Stephen Walsh, I will you the best time at purple blahaj college. You are so cool and thank you for letting me poke your face without retaliating, please tell Vignesh to stop chasing me out of 04 or tackle me for blahaj.

To Ellen Guan, I will you a great grandchild. Thank you for letting me be your child and my child as your grandchild. I promise that I will continue the legacy and adopt more children and hopefully Nathan will adopt his own children someday too from science olympiad.

To Anisha Kolambe, I will you a good sleep schedule (suggested by Wyatt). You are sosososo amazing and I wish you the best at Harvard. You are honestly one of the most hardworking people I know and goddess at breaking those codes. I’ll miss you so much!

To Josh Lee, I will you the ability to show up to something on time at least once in your life (as per the scioly captains). I didn’t get to know you pretty well, other than the fact you suck at cropping posters, are really good at crocheting cute things, and don’t know what a star is. Maybe one day I’ll stop snapping eye pics and send something interesting. Have fun at college, as I know that you’ve been looking forward to that.

To Wyatt Matthews, I will you more Cornelius costumes and plushes. Thank you for being the best earth and space science captain ever. Doing 5 events with you every week has been a crazy ride and thank you for carrying me through Astro and Fossils at both regionals and state. I promise that next year I won’t disappoint and I will wear Cornelius like a champ at every meet and griddy and rizz people up – hopefully they’ll want to take pictures with me. I will continue the legacy of placing 4th or higher in fossils and rocks (I’ll have to grind the ID bot again) at state. Please don’t send me agnatha pictures…

To Vignesh Tiruvannamalai, I will you a college roommate who is as chaotic as Stephen (Stephanie Wales made me say this). You are a pretty cool dude and I’m glad I met you through spanish although I did leave a terrible first impression on you… It was funny having you chase me out of 04 every night at around 11:58 and in the future you won’t be there to attack me. :] Have fun at college!

To Laasya Nagumalli, I will you more bunnies at college. Somehow even after I call you “mommy’s roommate” or call Ellen “mommy” in front of you I’m still alive. I don’t know you well, but I heard that you’re a super cool and hard working person. I look up to you. I hope you enjoy the instagram reels on bunnies I send you once every full moon. I hope you accept that Ellen has already adopted me sometime soon.

Kavin Venkat

To my volleyball seniors (Jerrick, Rohan, Arjun, Tate, Jack, Mike), I will you many more chances to play volleyball. You guys have really made this season extra special for me and have given me many tips to improve upon my skills. I hope that one day we can meet up in the future and get to play volleyball with each other one more time. I hope you guys continue to play even in the future. Make sure for those who haven’t, you try out beach volleyball.

To Emi, Dash, and Joey, I will you the chance to take another underclassman under your wing like you did with me. I remember the first time I played volleyball with you guys towards the end of last year and it was an absolute blast. It was the first time I laughed with friends, and the first time I felt sad about leaving school. You guys definitely made both my sophomore year and junior year very fun and interesting. Thanks once again for everything.

To Ashwin Nair, I will you many more hoodies and pajama days. I swear every time I’ve seen you walking in school you’re always in a hoodie and pj’s. I can’t talk cause I also wear the same thing . But I promise to continue the hoodie and pj fit and mentor an underclassman to follow the same tradition. Think of me as the Ashwin Nair 2.0 .

To Zuyu Liu, I will you many more Basketball games. I remember the first time I met you I lowkey thought you were kind of intimidating. But then I got to know you through Aditya and Chad (and infinitely many Basketball games with the rest of the friend group), and saw that you truly are an amazing human being. Thank you for tolerating how bad I suck at basketball and I hope you get to play with people better than us in the future.

To Josh Lee and Ashwin Nair, I will you many more spikeball matches. Thanks for introducing me to spikeball. You guys are definitely cracked at spikeball, and I hope to be better than you guys one day. Once you guys head to college, you guys better be the top dogs at spikeball.

To Jerrick Li, I will you an underclassman to be a role model for. Ever since I met you by the wall and played volleyball out by Yare, I’ve considered you someone to look up to both on and off the court. Let it be in the LEAD classroom where you helped me develop my social and leadership skills, or on the volleyball court where you’ve helped me become a better setter, all you’ve done is help me since I arrived and I truly appreciate it. I think Serge is probably going to be all around setter for next year, and I know I definitely won’t be as good a setter as you are. But I’ll make sure to give it my all and try to become a setter for the team next year.

To every senior I’ve had the pleasure of meeting (regardless of whether or not you’re in this will), I will you a long, healthy, and successful life. I know that every one of you has worked tirelessly to try and achieve certain goals and standards that you may have set for yourself. It’s good to have such high goals, it helps you improve and become a better person. But all I’m saying is don’t forget to slow down, take a break, and enjoy life with the people you care about. Time is your worst enemy. Before you know it, you’ll be done with college and going your own way. Enjoy the journey, not the destination

Kavya Uppal

To Manasa Balasubramanian and Maddie McTaggart, I will you more psychology/human behavior classes with a lot more Inside Out characters (heyy Inside Out 2 is coming out with even more Feelings!!!) I thank you guys for taking me under your wing during BOB and for always being such positive, kind, generous, and fun people to spend the class with. Furthermore, I’m so glad to have known you both before the class- Manasa, you were always so positive and encouraging in speech and Maddie, you are so beautiful, with such amazing style and I am glad to have been your neighbor last year. I hope you guys have an amazing and successful college experience that matches how wonderful you both are! ILY and I am going to miss you both sososo much!

To Ava Gonzalez, I will you straight drives, 30 foot putts, millions of eagles, and never to land in a sand bunker ever again. You’ve been so kind and amazing to me since sophomore year welcome week and I’ll always remember all the interesting golf memories we’ve shared together :)) You are such an amazing person and I’m gonna miss you so much next year as our golf mom! Best of luck in college and in all your future golf games <33

To Dara Ajayi, I will you the ability to write pi, the correct way. Dara, I would say that it’s a surprise that you’re going to UChicago and everything- but I know you’ve been destined for success and greatness ever since you got that 100 in BC1 WHILE DOUBLING UP WITH MI4 (I will never stop to be proud of u). You are so insanely smart and I can’t thank you enough for all the math help and laughs you have given me. I really never thought that a random choir field trip would give me some amazing friends, and I’m so grateful for all the memories we have spent together, from choir to my incredibly unproductive 03 BC2 study sessions with Riyan, Kale, and Adi. I’m going to miss you so much, and I wish you all the best as a physics and spanish god at UChicago!!

To David Dickson, I will you an impromptu speech about Stanford. I’m literally still hung up on the fact you didn’t talk about going to Stanford at regional finals (YOUR PROMPT LITERALLY FIT SO WELL U COULD HAVE FLEXED ON EVERYONE THERE SMH) but you still gave that amazing speech about b-friend. I’ve been awed by your speeching skills for the past two years and if you continue speeching in college (show those Trees what an amazing speech captain you are) I hope that you never get another six- or whatever the equivalent of that is in college speech.

To Ellen Nguyen, I will you a super-duper-cool ukulele solo. Thank you for always being so positive during speech and for all the help you gave me. I can always rely on you for a laugh and I couldn’t have asked for a better speech captain. I hope you continue with your prose, DDA, and ukulele endeavors in college and that you have a speech career that is filled with ones and Mexican food, and that you never see a “tough round…6” again. No matter how successful you get, don’t forget us back at nerd school speech and 02 talent shows! Always remember: In IMSA Speech we Trust :D

To Jeremy Jordan…erm Johanna Germo, I will you a singing whale. You are such a kind, talented, and selfless person! Your positive energy has been such a beautiful part of the wing and I couldn’t have asked for a better RSL.I wish you the greatest of luck with your future endeavors and hope that you will continue to inspire young musicians throughout your life!

To my GEA seniors, Laasya, Ashley, Brooke, and Melinda, I will you an unlimited supply of matcha and cakepops. You have all been such kind, supportive, and amazing people to work with these past few months and I wish you guys the best of luck in college <33

Kaylee Hwang

To Victoria, I will you unlimited puffs and yogurt, and cheezits and grapes. I know how much you love your food combos! Vic, where do I even start? I am so glad to have you as my quadmate; I really would not have expected you to be one of my best friends. From our super secret talks to our grind sessions and snack times, you are truly one of the most amazing people ever. I don’t think you fully understand how kind, caring, effortlessly funny, and inspiring you are. I can’t thank you enough for listening to me, understanding me, and comforting me when I’m sad. I look up to you so much, and I’m so proud of you for all your accomplishments (especially getting into your dream college!) You have done so many cool and impressive things, and I have no doubt that you will continue to do the same in the future. Please don’t forget about me, and I still expect us to have Sunday night recap sessions!

To Maggie, I will you my Niki obsession. You always brag how you’re Niki’s age and me and kaella aren’t. Thank you for always being there to talk about school, ENHYPEN, and other crazy topics. You are so kind and smart, and you always give the best advice. I am so glad to have you as my quadmate and one of my best friends. I enjoyed every moment with you in the quad and in Mandarin. You light up every room you walk into, and your smile makes me happy too. You are so talented, especially when it comes to singing. I know you will succeed in whatever you do. Keep in touch, I will miss you so much!

To Ryan Li, I will you unlimited Stanny merch (although it seems you may already have it). Over the past year, you have become one of my best friends, and I can’t thank you enough for all the support you gave me. I seriously couldn’t have accomplished this much without you. Seeing you succeed and get into your top colleges made me so happy and proud, and I would not want to celebrate our successes with anyone else. You are so cool and inspiring, I am so excited to see what you achieve in the future! I promise to visit you so much, and I will miss having you in 03.

To Aishat, I will you foot baths and good talks! Although I did not know you before we went to Italy, I am so glad we were able to get to know each other. You have such a bright and fun presence, there was not a boring moment with you. You gave me, Josie, and Anna such good advice and juicy drama (don’t forget about your promise!). I will seriously miss running into you in the halls, and you reminding me your Italy bracelet is still intact… I hope you keep having fun wherever you go, you will do so great!

To Venti Michael, I will you a physics table as amazing as last semester! It was so fun doing superlatives and laughing about physics together. Thanks for listening to my random rants when I run into you in the halls. I wish you nothing but the best in the future!

To George (in British accent), I will you unlimited arancini! Italy with you was so fun, and I’m so glad you were a part of the AFAB Korean squad. Thanks for carrying our clothes while we took photos! You really made our Italy experience complete. Keep on mini-dabbing your way through life. I know you will be so successful, you already got the Fogel super genius title!

To Joey, I will you functioning enzymes! It was so fun hearing all about your SIR adventures and sharing my free drinks with you every Wednesday. You are so smart and awesome, sometimes I would just nod when you went all scientific on me… I know you will have such a great time at MSU (Go green!)

Ketzaly Nunez Luna

To 1501 B Wing, I will you guys amazing college experiences, you all deserve it!! Malcom, I’m so happy we got to become friends this last year. You’re funny and talented (even if you sing at the most random moments) being around you always means a fun time. Alexian, you’re so awesome and I hope you never change. I always enjoy our late night philosophical talks along with just messing around in the hall commons. I think it’s so cool to meet someone with such similar cultural experiences and you showed me that a student like us could really thrive here, for real means a lot. Nuke, thanks for always being your loud, crazy self, I’ll try to do my best to follow in your legacy. Whenever I see you I know I’m gonna laugh and I’ll always remember you whenever I’m messing around in the hall commons doing anything other than what I’m actually supposed to be doing. Rawrr. P.S please work on your Spanish in college (make me proud the next time we go to Mexico). And last, but certainly not least, Dash. you’re honestly one of the coolest people I’ve ever met in my life and someone I aspire to be like. You’re so funny and smart and talking to you is so easy, I’m so happy I can call you my friend. Not just that but you’re crazy talented too like what. I love how we can just goof around or have a genuine conversation that is so so interesting. I know you’re gonna do amazing things one day and I can’t wait to hear all about it. P.S I know how bland Oswego is but I’m sure we’ll manage to find a cool spot someday;)

To Donovan, I will you the downtown city aesthetic you deserve. I remember when I first found out you were living in 01 this year and I couldn’t believe a baddie like yourself was going to grace our hall with your style. Once we became friends, I couldn’t believe we weren’t friends before seeing how cool, funny and amazing you are. From movie nights to breakfast for dinner, and just general yap sessions thank you for improving my 01 experience so much. Can’t wait to hear about your amazing college life next year (I know you’re going to own that school). P.S thank you for being the best Roblox partner a girl could ask for.

To Ellen Nguyen, I will you an amazing college experience with infinite Roblox money (I forgot the name for them lol). I am so so so thankful for LEAD to have allowed me to meet you because you are such a funny and genuine person and you really got me through that first semester LEAD class. You always surprised me and made me laugh and were always one of my biggest supporters. You’re so so amazing and I can’t wait to hear about your college experience as a chem god. You got this (you literally survived IMSA senior year, and SIR, and our crazy first semester lead class with your sanity, you can survive anything). Go take over the world.

To Jaz, I will you an amazing memory so you can always remember how much we laughed this year. Jaz, you’re one of the coolest, most stylish, funniest people I’ve met at this school. I always laugh when we talk and I always know I’m gonna have a good time when I see you. You’re also so mature and smart, I hope to be like you my senior year. I can’t wait to hear about your cool college experience cause I know it’s gonna be story worthy! (Thurmond’s apostles forever).

To Joey, I will you the fulfillment of all your bio chem dreams while also always being the king that you are. Joey, you said you wouldn’t survive Orgo without us, but the truth is we wouldn’t have survived without YOU. Class is so much more enjoyable with you in it and I’m so happy to be your friend inside and out of the classroom. You’re so funny and so so smart. It actually baffles me sometimes. You’re so hard-working that I hope to be at least half the academic weapon you are. I hope you have an amazing college experience (and dance your butt off to your heart’s content) I can’t see where life takes you!!

To Nicky, I will you to be the queen that you are forever . Ever since we first became friends in Mexico, I knew you were one of the coolest seniors I ever talked to. You acted like a wise old sage guiding us juniors through our last couple high school years, and I’m eternally grateful for that. I wouldn’t survive English without you. I would probably have failed without you reminding me we had homework the next day so thank you! You’re so funny and genuine, so thank you for being you.

To Kosi and Chiamaka, I will you two PEACE in college. You guys work so hard and go through so much. I’m honestly baffled how you guys do it all. You guys were the best presidents we could’ve asked for and thank you for being the only sane ones and putting up with us. Can’t wait to see all the amazing stuff you guys accomplishing college!! P.S thank you Kosi for being the best LEAD CO, it was so fun to teach alongside you.

To Michael, I will you more Coke Zero. I’m so glad Mexico taught me you weren’t just an NPC. I hope you stay cool for the rest of your college career. So happy we became friends this year, hanging out with you always makes me lose brain cells in the best way. You better keep in touch so we can all plan that taco trip. This IS going to happen (one day).

Lucy Philip

To Maitreyi Pandey, I will you all the love and success in the world. You are the only reason I didn’t drop and I owe a lot of my sanity and achievements to you. You always have the best idea and are always a great person to talk to. No matter how your day has been you stay the most kind and caring person I have ever met. From hall senator, to lead facilitator, to IYNA president, to CCE co-president you are incredibly successful and a true inspiration. I have never met someone who has accomplished as much as you but stays incredibly humble. Its extremely inspiring. Thank you for always being there for me and I look forward to seeing you as you go to UIC.

To Jaz Johnson, I will you an immense amount of peace and love in your life. I have loved getting to know you in A wing this year. You have always been such a kind and genuine person. You are one of the most patient but strong people I know and I aspire to be as great a leader as you. Whoever gets to cross paths with you in their life is incredibly lucky because you are so sweet and kind.

To Aleks Duda, I will you a lot of 80s music to dance to and a brand new hot plate. You have such a sweet and bubbly personality and I have loved being in A wing this year. You are so kind and good luck! Thank you for letting me use your hot plate !!

To Byrd, I will you even more cool haircuts and colors. You are so kind and real. I love every new haircut you come into a wing with and how nice you are. I am glad we met on move-in day.

To Aldo Magaña, I will you an encyclopedia and a better computer. You are so funny and I have loved being on CCE with you this year. I am not gonna lie, I need to look up some of the words you say. Stay real and I can’t wait to see what incredible things you accomplish next year. Please get a computer that can actually charge. I wish you an efficacious (i had to look that up) future and all the best!

To Ryan Li and Danica, I will you a lot of trees and more future aesthetic insta posts. You guys are so funny and have made my time on club terra so fun! I wish you guys the best, Stanford is not ready for yall!

To Einsey, Cara, Ebba, Myra, and Justina, I will you a lot of aces and senior flowers that aren’t dry (my b). Though I was out for a lot of the season the time I did spend on tennis was amazing. You guys were always so welcoming and supportive and I wish you all the best in tennis and college!

To Faizaan Shaikh, I will you rest. Thank you for all your help with SOCC this year. I would have been a mess without your help and guidance. I haven’t known you long but from what I have seen you are an incredibly hard worker and amazing to work with. Take a break from the constant grind and I wish you the best!

Manu Mamillapalli

To Nitya, I will you all the pickles in the world. From living in D-wing to texting you every time anything slightly interesting happens to me to playing card games in the IRC (and getting kicked out), I’m so glad we got close. I look forward to seeing daily vlogs from you and cooking on facetime with you. You’re absolutely one of my favorite people here, and I’m 100% your biggest fan. Even though you’ll be in another state and I won’t be able to have weekly visits I promise I’ll annoy you until you respond to me. Please don’t forget about me when you’re off living it up in Pittsburgh!

To Srihari, I will you the best college experience possible. You’ve been there for me from the very beginning. From the middle school scholastic bowl bus rides to being at IMSA together, you’ve grown a lot. Your genuine curiosity always inspires me and I know it will take you places.Thank you for always listening to me talk about my problems! Also, despite what you may think, I’m an excellent driver!

To Ryan, I will you a gaussian surface and many roman empires. I’m so thankful that we got close in Paris and I love our e+m table. You’re truly one of my biggest inspirations and I can’t wait to see everything you do. I hope that one day you find your dream parisian man and never have to think about a gaussian surface again!

To Danica, I will you endless travel and I ❤️ Paris baby tees. Thank you so much for braving the Paris cold with me and inspiring me to become vegetarian (i’m still going strong!). You’ll always be my balaclava buddy even as you’re soaking up the sun in cali!

To Einsey, I will you a burberry scarf, chocolate chaud, and nose makeup that never wipes off. I loved hanging out with you in Paris. You’re so silly and our museum date was a highlight of the trip. Continue being the life of the party!

To Faizaan, I will you the privilege of never taking the downstate bus again! Even though we don’t talk that much I appreciate your waves in the hallways and our occasional downstate bus conversations.

To Maggie, I will you a stress-free freshman year. You’re one of the most driven and hardworking individuals I know. I think it’s really random how we have so many classes together, but through it I’ve seen you put your 100% into everything you do. Please take a break soon, you deserve it!

To Adi, I will you all the almond coco loco in the world and the ability to actually play cards. Even though you’re probably the worst cards partner I’ve ever had, I’ve enjoyed all the random times we have conversations. Thanks for helping me get through orgo and please get better at cards!!

To David, I will you a successful triple d tutoring. You’re one of the funniest people I know. You work so hard but manage to stay very humble about it. I’m so glad I’ve gotten to know you through all the classes we have together this semester.

To Dash, I will you the ability to always predict what your math teacher is going to say. I can’t believe that you didn’t know my name last year and now I have to see you everyday. Sitting next to you in math is something I look forward to everyday!

To my MVC table (Dash, Maggie, David, and Laya), I will give you all an endless amount of “cute” functions. Thanks for making the class bearable and always making me laugh. If it wasn’t for you guys I don’t think I would be able to make it through that class!

To Aldo, I will you all the tea you could wish for. You are so talented and I loved getting to know you in Paris and through orgo. Please remember me when you’re famous !

Maryam Zaidi

To Luke Mauk I will you to keep your fun and crazy personality. You are so fun, and you always have such amazing energy. When I first came to IMSA, you were one of the first upperclassmen to make me feel welcome. Throughout the year, you have been an amazing mentor and friend whenever I need advice. You are always so much fun to be around and never fail to make us sophomores laugh about something. I can only imagine what an amazing doctor you will be one day. I know you will be amazing at WASHU! Just be prepared for my constant calls and texts asking for advice, lol:)

To Myra Mensah I will you to keep your sweet and bubbly energy. You are one of the kindest people ever, and you always make me smile. I love talking to you and asking you for advice about everything. You are so much fun to talk to, and I love how you always have something nice to say about everyone. I will miss you in C-wing so much, and I know you will go on to do amazing things!

To MSA Board Seniors (Sufiya, Faizaan, Nashra) I will you a fun and stress free college experience. You guys have made MSA so much fun this year with all the events you have hosted, and shown me how much fun MSA is. You have worked super hard to make MSA amazing this year, from Farzy to our banquet, and we’ve made such amazing memories as a board this year. Thank you so much for making sophomore year so much fun for me!

To Jaz Johnson I will you to keep your kind and friendly personality. Since we met, you’ve always been so fun and supportive. You are always there to give advice, and so much fun to hang out and talk to. You’ve acted as such an amazing big sib (even though you’re not technically mine), and always make me smile when you wave to me. Since we started LEAD 2nd semester, you have made it so much fun, by coming into our class, cheering on our presentation, and giving us some type of snack:) Thanks for being such a good big sib!!

Max Chen

To Ellen Guan, I will you college classes less difficult than Compusci. At the beginning of the year when I was going to my classes for the first time, I still remember thinking, “Who’s Ellen, and why is she in like every single one of my classes?” Thinking about it now, I think we share 6 of my 7 classes this year which is kinda crazy. Thanks for always trying to help me with Compusci work and for making Shrikar and I’s small MVC table way more fun to be at. It’s been a pleasure sharing almost all my classes this year with you, and I have no doubt you’ll do great things at Princeton!

To Kohl Vonder Haar, I will you even more rizz than you have now (if that’s even possible). We didn’t get to talk much this year, but thanks for being such a fun and inviting junior in my sophomore year. I was super nervous about coming to IMSA, and your energy in D-wing really helped me feel more at home and I can’t thank you enough for that. Keep bringing your amazing energy and big-brain chemistry knowledge to JHU, I’m sure you’ll do amazing things!

To Arjun Cherukuri, I will you less German classes in college (because I know you aren’t paying any attention in them right now lol). But jokes aside, Arjun you’ve definitely heard this already, but your energy is actually so infectious. You’re so chill to be around (in a good way), and I’m honestly convinced that you’re the only reason why I wasn’t absolutely terrified of MAO board in sophomore year. Thanks for being such a good JHMC Chair this year, and I can guarantee that Michael and I will work our butts off to make sure that JHMC can keep growing and succeeding next year. I couldn’t be more confident that you’ll succeed at whatever you try to do in the future, so go live it up at Northwestern!

To Vidyoot Senthil, I will you some much deserved rest. You’re honestly so cracked and such a cool guy to be around. Seeing your work ethic this year, especially with JHMC has been so impressive, and I’m kinda jealous how you’re able to work so hard while still finding time to have fun and vibe. I basically already said this in Arjun’s will, but Michael and I are gonna grind hard to make sure JHMC runs smoothly and grows next year, so don’t worry. Go crush it at Gtech, I have no doubt that you’ll thrive!

To Aashima Sisodia, I will you more sleep. You’re one of the hardest workers I know, and you’re honestly my role model for how I want to run MAO board next year. Your leadership and dedication has been incredible and I couldn’t think of a better person to lead MAO board. I only hope that next year, I can replicate even a fraction of what you were able to do. I can’t wait to see what kinds of amazing things you’ll accomplish in college, so rest assured that I’ll be doing everything in my power to keep the biggest frat on campus alive and well next year!

To Madison McTaggart and David Dickson, I will you less little Staff Writers to take care of. You guys have been such good EICs this year, and stepping into next year, you’ll no doubt be the image I look at for what a competent EIC pairing looks like. Have fun in college, and know that Will and I will be working away to make sure that The Acronym reaches even greater heights next year!

To Sahil Veeravalli, I will you a better debate partner. We didn’t really talk much this year, but I still remember our short stint as PF debate partners last year. I honestly think we had potential, but I guess we’ll never get to find out lol. Keep being chill and live it up at Rice!

To Aditya Prashanth, I will you another underclassmen to tease. You’re such a funny guy, and I have no doubt that my enjoyment of first semester German this year can entirely be attributed to you and Arjun’s goofy antics in class. Thanks for being such a fun senior to be around, and I have no doubt that you’ll succeed at UIUC!

To Ashwin Nair, I will you some well-deserved rest after you get Senior Edition out. I’ve only really gotten to know you better these past couple of weeks, but it’s honestly been an absolute pleasure. You’re such a hard worker and fun person to be around, and I honestly can’t express how thankful I am for you sticking with Will and I to make sure that we understand the ropes of Acronym. I’ll make sure not to let you down next year, so go out and do amazing things at WashU!

Michelle Fanjoy

To David and Maddie, I will you the best college experiences. Thank you so much for your time and willingness to help others and be the best EICs. You are genuinely amazing people and I’m sure you will be no less than extraordinary at everything you do. I will you a great college experience with great friends. The Acronym will not be the same without you two!

Molly Federici

To my beloved 03 Seniors, I will you all somewhere to be loud and stay up late in college. You guys have made my Sophomore year unbeatable. (all y’all’s individual wills will call you guys funny but it’s just so true) If I had to do this year all over again, I would just spend more time with all of you. Your energy, open-mindedness, humor, and godly genius noggins, have made 03’s community the best and it’s no wonder all the sophomore goons are rushing to be counted among the members of the grungle. You guys are legit all so cracked and even though I’m super cool and nonchalant and all that, I admire you guys so much and I can’t even imagine what this school will be like without you guys filling 03 flop commons with laughter. Moral of the story, remember the venom and I love u guys. Anyway, good luck to all you geniuses, and please please please come back and visit. I’ll miss you all so much.

To Aldo Magaña, I will you the time to listen to so much classical music. Aldo, I would say I wish you free college but you’re so stinking smart that you’ve already got it. You’re so funny and easy to talk to, and I’m so grateful to have met you this year. From our random RC office chats to that one trip to a dying bookstore, I’ve enjoyed every moment of getting to know you. Even though we totally got robbed, our hall decs were so good thanks to your creativity. I know you’ll do great things and I’ll miss you as such a goated DPC.

To 03 C wing down quad (David Dickson, Marcus Kubon, George Lu, Tate Schneider) (*** quad (iykyk)), I will you for Nicki and Megan to stop beefing so you can un-vandalize the flag. You guys are such a hilarious group of people and I’m so glad you all ended up in 03 C wing. David, you are so cracked and have been the best impromptu speaking speech king. You’re so funny and that’s why the 03 talent show ate. I hope you can feel like Usher every day for the rest of your life. Marcus, even though I refuse to believe you have a better… gluteus maximus than me… your energy and hype are so contagious and I can’t wait to see what great things you do. George Lu, (glu@imsa.edu for clarification), You’re such a literal genius and I was gagged when you started doing all the crazy tricks and solving those think-tank math problems like they were times tables for Clash. Your passion for your community is so heart-warming and you are such a fun person. Tate, I wanted to include you in this will but best believe you have more coming. I remember the first time we talked to you and the rest of this god quad was during RC in a fishbowl and that’s when I realized that you guys don’t just bring the party. you ARE the party. I’ll miss you all so much, just keep being funny (please the world needs it)

To Joey Paras, I will you more funny sound effect apps (bc ik how our favorite has left its mark on 03…). I would will you free college as well, but alas, your big ol brain has already achieved that. You are the actual goat and I remember talking to you in the RC office for the first time and thinking “This guy is funny”. Not a very creative thought I know, but a very true one. Your energy during Clash was unmatched and you are such a central part of not only 03’s but IMSA as a whole’s community. (especially the 03 RC office) All hail to the ISP king. You will be missed. (please come visit (like actually)) Love you 4eva.

To Aashima Sisoda, Ryan Li, Dara Ajayi, Aru Ulanbek, and Luke Mauk, I will you all the best college/after high-school experience ever. I know we weren’t super close this year but you guys have all made your mark on me and I wish I could’ve spent more time with all of you. You guys are all so cracked and will do great things. I can’t wait to see y’all succeed when you’re finally outta this joint.

To the 05 wall, I will you gains, dancing, tomfoolery, and shenanigans. Wait heyyyyy, I bet you guys sort of know who I’m talking about at this point. So I figured after all our giggling at you in the hallways and lowkey being scared of you, at the very least, a will was in order. Speaking of giggling at you, sorry about that, we meant no harm. You guys are all genuinely so cracked and all the fun we had laughing about your Instagrams (whether they be reels or posts) was completely good-natured. Go crazy in college, have a blast, stay vigilante, and I know this doesn’t make us religious but we were never praying on your downfall.

To Victoria Nalepka, I will you someone to share all your secrets with at college. (but please keep in touch with me anyway ;p ) I remember when you introduced yourself as an RSL and helped me and Brooke get settled. Instantly, I felt so much more comfortable and excited to be at IMSA. You have a way of making everyone around you feel so valued and like the most important person in the world. Your smile, laughter, and sense of humor are so uniquely you and are more contagious than that one time everyone got Covid. Every time I got to hear “Molly, I have so many secrets to tell you” this year, I knew we were going to have such a fun conversation. You have a soul of light and a heart of literal gold. it’s impossible to feel upset around you because you’re just so funny and kind. Talking and bonding with you this year, whether at programming, your senior night (Go Vicky!!), Clash game show, or just hanging out in your room and laughing, I wouldn’t trade my time with you for the world. I look up to you so much and I know you will do such great things because I have seen you succeed so much this year and BU will be so lucky to have you. Maybe red and white are just your colors? #polishqueen??? I’ll miss you so much Victoria, you’re one of the most special and amazing people I have ever met so please keep in touch (who else am I going to tell all the drama to?)

To Maggie Dimarco, I will you kombucha, Jellycats, Roblox, dry ramen noodles, a perfect connections streak, brainrot, and sleep. I would will you the US presidency or a million dollars or whatever, but you are so intelligent, talented, and hard-working that I’m certain you could just get those anyway. It’s been such an honor getting to know you. Over this school year, hanging out with you has been such a staple of my sophomore experience and I’ll miss you every single second of next year (and the rest of IMSA tbh). Although we won’t be reading this will in LE1 anytime soon, I hope I can properly utilize Ethos, Pathos, and Logos to try to summarize how grateful I am to know you. Being your fan this year was so fun but being your friend was even better and I couldn’t be prouder to call u my twin :). Hanging out in the wing, laughing, watching movies, and late-night debrief sessions have made Sophomore year so much more bearable. I remember intersession with you when, (due to my inability to pay attention to any class at all) I followed you around and said “Maggie, what do I do now” at least a million times, yet (miraculously) you never threw any biohazards at me… which makes you way more patient than I am (even though you didn’t show up for like the whole first week of intersession, hello???). Anyway, I genuinely could make this will MILES long but you’re probably the busiest person I know so I’ll try to keep it as brief as possible. I love you so much and I don’t know what I’m going to do next year without my twin… ig I’ll just get called by my name instead of yours. Please keep in touch so I can mog you in various NYT games. Love ya, hail to the chief.

Last but not least to Tate Schneider, I will you the college baddie trio of your dreams and for you to make a private snap story. Tate Schneider, Where can I even start? You are so fun, funny, and just real. You have been such an integral part of my IMSA experience and I regret taking any Chipotle trip you weren’t on. 03 and the holy trinity will sorely miss our fearless leader <3 I know you’re going off the grid after IMSA (respect), but I will be accumulating all my stalking skills to keep up with your life because I don’t know what I’ll do without you for the next 2 years. Thank you for being a legend at Fortnite festival. Thank you for being an amazing HCL and making everyone in 03 feel like they belonged. But mostly, thank you for always keeping it real and being such a good friend to me this year. (also ty for choreographing Dead to Me in drill bc that onnika burgered ;P ) It’s going to be so bittersweet to see you graduate because, on one hand, I get to see one of the most dedicated, reliable, funny, and intelligent people I know go on to do great things. But on the other hand, I’ll miss you so much and Brooke will have to raise the baby alone. I bet it’ll be bittersweet for you too because I know you won’t miss some of the dirty work from CNA class… I have a million things I could say but in summary, I’m so grateful for you and your friendship this year. I can’t wait to see all the amazing things you achieve in the future. Please keep in touch, you know where to find me, and Stay on water-tok. Love you. <3

Nandini Budithi

To Shivani Chirumamilla, I will you the scissors you may or may not have left in our room before soph year. It would be an understatement to say you’ve left your mark on us. You have been my icon and inspiration from day one, from your work ethic to your humor and style, you seriously are incredible. Watching you go from an overworked junior to a laid-back, fun senior gives me hope for the future. There’s no doubt, however, that you’ve worked hard and that you’ll continue to achieve great things in the future. May you continue to be the intelligent and ever gorgeous Shivani I know and love. Please visit because I’m gonna miss you!

To Ani Georgieva, I will you all of the (future) riches you’ll ever need to fund your best rich girl life. You were one of the first juniors I’ve ever met when I was a soph and I’ll never forget how sweet and helpful you were (and still are!) You’ve been iconic ever since I first met you, with your cute fits and gorgeous personality. It’s good to see you have fun senior year, and I hope you’ll keep that sense of relaxation as you pursue great things in the future. You better visit!

To Drama Board Seniors (Byrd, Winston, and Daniel) + all of the Drama Club Seniors, I will you all some better pranks. I kinda flopped this year, but there’s no doubt that your future upperclassmen are currently shivering in their boots. Byrd, you’ll always be the face of Drama club to me, even if you never come back next year. Your commitment and dedication to IMSA Drama club and theater in general is admirable and no show has ever been complete without you. It scares me to think about next year, especially without you guys on board. Winston, I find that you have a good balance of being extremely goofy but also incredibly serious. It serves you well when being on boards like LMAO and Drama. Nonetheless, I appreciate your inviting personality and your willingness to take charge. It really helped to not flop as much as I would’ve this year. Daniel, you’re a really chill guy, and a reliable person. It was nice to see you step up as tech director and take charge, especially during ATTWN. And to the rest of the seniors in Drama Club, it’s been wonderful serving as your marketing director this past year and I hope you’ll take the heart and spirit of Drama Club with you wherever you go. Keep on trucking!

To PSYCH Seniors (Maggie and Laasya), I will you inquisitive brains. You both have worked so hard over the past two years and even with our crazy schedules, we still made it work. But remember, WWYD?

To Sabriya Attia, I will you some fruity chocolate ice cream. It was nice getting to know you these past two years, and getting to sing with you and Solitaire Club was really fun. That chance may be gone now, but I’ll always remember you and your sick electric guitar.

To George Lu, I will you a metronome. Although I haven’t known you for long, you’ve been such a fun person to be around, with Step practices and Golab’s yap sessions (pchem). You actually ate Step up, you’ve got incredible rhythm. It would’ve been wonderful to have gotten to know you sooner, but alas.

Navya Dixit

To Ani Georgieva, I will you the European adventure of your dreams. Being my RSL and literally my first friend coming here at IMSA, you truly made my experience what it is. I still stand by every word I said to you when me and the other sophomores were constantly praising you until you cried in that first week here. But I think some of my most favorite memories with you occurred this year! Violating your face with hideous eyeshadow during Jalsa season and watching your Soulja Boy impression are just a few of them! You are genuinely such a caring person and have the best humor. I firmly believe that I absorbed 87% of my personality and lingo from you and I promise to pass it down to the IMSA generations to come. Seeing you around the halls and in the school just makes my day (no matter how many side eyes you give me)! Thank you so much for feeding me and ripping the hairs from my scalp whenever I ask for you to do my hair. Please please please come and visit us during the school year and please give me money when you become rich.

To Shivani Chirumamilla, I will you an infinite amount of snacks. Not that you’re gonna run out, just so I don’t feel bad always coming and stealing yours. I have to admit, coming into IMSA, you were the scariest person I met. That was until you knocked on our door that first day of school asking how it went for us, and my perception on IMSA culture was forever changed. I genuinely feel like you are the funniest person alive and basically the older indian sister I never had growing up. I’m gonna miss the deep convos we had and just chatting away in the middle of the wing commons. I also cherish all the floor food we had like the kimchi you gave me to eat and the pizza I fed you during soph year. You are literally the person I want to become and I look up to you so freaking much. I wish you best of luck no matter how many times you abuse me and nandini during 10 check (eheheh). I aspire to someday have enough confidence in myself as you do! Please leave me food.

To Eve Cunneen, I will you the most beautiful Colorado scenery view from your dorm room window. I am so so proud of you for getting into your dream school!! I still remember the first time I talked to you when I was heading to my first TAS meeting in early sophomore year. And here we are now, passing the role of president to each other! And I have to say that I have pretty big shoes to fill! I absolutely loved getting carried away during our 1-on-1s and just yapping for hours. Thank you for being such a great inspiration and an even better friend!

To Ryan Li , I will you straight A’s on all of your future physics courses. But all those nights grinding Calc and Calc Based truly paid off!! I’m going to miss your fun personality and your sense of humor! I’m also going to miss yapping with you in the middle of class and interrupting Mrs. Schmidt’s lectures! Thank you so much for being such a wonderful friend and always talking and giving me a hug when I needed it! I wish you best of luck in the future and please come back to visit us!!

To Laasya Nagumalli, I will you bunnies. Like a ball pit of them. But instead of balls there are bunnies. A bunny ball pit. A bunny pit? Well whatever it is, I also will you hundreds of more innocent students you can torment in the future asking for their opinion on bunnies. Thank you for scaring the living crap out of me whenever you make eye contact with me in the hallways and chasing me around the school. I think now I am truly motivated to work out more. Wishing you all the best!!!!! BUNNIES FOR LIFE!!

To my Speech Captains (David and Ellen), I will you the continuation of public speaking. Thank you so much for making this speech season amazing! You truly gave us underclassmen such a wonderful experience and are truly such an inspiration to all of us!! (Ellen I also will you a jawline cuz idk what you are flexing whenever I walk by)

To Brandon Rodgers, I will you an enormous astronomical discovery. You genuinely have been such a help to me and the rest of the underclassmen on TAS and have informed us with so many opportunities! I am continuously impressed by the knowledge you carry about literally anything astronomy related and I hope that love never dies! Stay slay-TAS-tic!

To Laya Gopalakrishnan, I will you the continuation of your Chegg account in hopes that you will always have that free membership. You are literally one of the smartest people I know and I am so utterly thankful that I was able to get so close to you this year! Sitting at your table in Calc Based has probably been one of the highlights of my junior year and I am forever grateful to you for helping me out whenever I got stuck on the Quests! Thank you for always laughing at my jokes and I am excited to see how you enjoy the new Romcom with Florence Pugh and Andrew Garfield hehe

To Manya Davis, I will you a nap. Need I explain further? No but seriously take one. But regardless, coming into IMSA it was so refreshing to see a face I recognized from STEM and I am so grateful that I was able to get closer to you in these past two years. I genuinely thought you were so cool as a wee lil third grader and even now as a junior, that opinion hasn’t wavered one bit. I’m gonna miss yapping with you in Sound and Light even when Mrs Perry would make us do our work! Wishing you the best of luck at UChicago!! Imma hold you to that free tour you offered!

Nidhi Sagaram

To Jojo, Adi, and Dara, I will you an amazing ICCA experience in college! I also promise you an amazing success from Mod21 during the 2025 ICHSAs! I’m so glad Adi convinced me to audition because this was the best experience of my Sophomore year. All three of you were so welcoming and I can’t wait to see where your guidance and teachings will take us next year!

To Manya and Aru, I will you the ability to dance forever. My first CLASH was so much fun and it was all because of my fav drill choreos. Even though I’m a terrible dancer, both of you made me feel like it was fun because I was with my friends. I wish I got more time with both of you and will miss you so much next year.

To Donovan, I will you a one way ticket to being on Broadway. You’re an amazing dancer, singer, choreographer, and have the best sense of style. I loved bonding over Eternal Sunshine with you and I can’t wait to see where you go with all the talent you have!

To Danica and Ryan, I will you an amazing Stanford experience. You both are my idols and I want to be you one day. Ryan, you were the best lead facilitator and Danica, please fix global warming.

To all my other seniors, the best of luck on your future endeavors!

Nikhil Kodali

To Arjun Cherukuri, the biggest dawg I will you purity. Honestly since meeting you at open gym, we have hit it off with an interesting relationship to say the least, but I really do like talking to you and hanging out. You are so hardworking and yet so fun-loving at the same time and it’s worked well for you as a person. Make sure to stay in touch and keep being big. P.s. Lock in and don’t lower that score.

To Ashwin Nair, I will you a better sweater than the glenbard north one. Honestly, you fit right in at 05, and talking to you and others has really spread my view of IMSA. You have been one of the most hardworking people that I have known since literally 4th grade, and you have always continued to do better and better. Even if you are SSSing with WashU in the bag (no ap chem studying??) keep that personality because it makes you you and that’s the best thing. Also, continue having fun, watching you hang out with literally everyone and being so chill showed me how much we have grown from little elementary kids. Have fun and don’t be a stranger in college!

To Avi Duggirala, I will you a million dollars. Yeah that’s the example they gave, but it works so well for the absolute goat who got into Uchicago for economics. I watched you work so hard in 03a wing for this, and I watched you stay up late and write speeches at almost every debate tournament, so I know you deserve this. But I have also seen you have fun. Playing spikeball with you, Pierre, Charles, and Pedro was one of my best memories from the end of the year last year, and hearing everyone being scared of your cricket bowling skills only affirms that you are the goat of some strange sports. You are so good at so many things and you just keep getting cooler, so keep being you and the world might just spin around you. Also you have to let me try guitar hero. I’ve played beat saber so I definitely got it, trust.

To Charles Conner, I will you a smooth ride in college (oil up?). Honestly I have had so much fun messing around with you. From you and Pierre threatening me with sticks last year to watching you stay up playing Super Mega Baseball, Overwatch, Battle Front, and of course Fortnite, you have made me have so much fun with random shenanigans. You are actually so goated at ultimate frisbee and baseball and yet you are so humble about everything. In all honesty, when you want to be you are so intelligent and hard working and it really shows in areas like debate. You need to seriously hop on at least once before you leave, but it has been a baja blast knowing you.

To Kohl Vonder Haar, I will you a roommate who can match you and your interests. Seriously, your choice in music, choice of games, and your personality in general make you so unique and yet so cool. Going from you telling me to oil up even in the halls to chilling in your room watching you and Charles playing super mega baseball, I’ve gotten to know you over the course of the year, and it’s a decision I will never regret. You are so incredibly good at what you do that it makes it hard to believe that the Chem nerd and the goofy person I have come to know are the same. I really hope you stay in touch and allow Jack and I to get room decs somewhat on the level as even one of yours.

To George Lu aka Glu aka Gleorge, I will you a jjk character that survives Sukuna. Jk, in all honesty, I will you the best life in college. Seeing you work so hard from my sophomore year in BC3, you deserve any fun you get. Getting to know you has been one of my favorite things whether it be me running over to your room to get BC answers or us being complete weebs and of course our crazy hall commons activities post-10. Please keep watching random anime and telling me about their mangas, and I will def find that Miku (She’s mine now).

To Joseph Paras, I will you friends who will match your energy. You are one of the coolest people I know. Even when your vocabulary becomes so random it scares Profe Z., you always lighten up the room you’re in and make everyone happy. I loved getting to know you through you playing volleyball, and I’ll be sure to carry your legacy in LEAD. I think my favorite times with you were when we studied for the DiffEq final with Alex. Seeing you work so hard and yet have fun doing it was such an inspiration, and I honestly couldn’t have made it through without you and Alex. Keep being the goat I know!

To Rohan “the ace” Patkar, I will you a <5 foot bounce in game. Honestly the only question I have had on my mind after getting to know you this year is how are you not one of the most popular people ever. You are so cool and yet you stay humble and have fun with everyone. I remember being scared of you in West Gym because of how good you were, but you are such a down-to-earth guy that it makes it hard to not want to know you better. I really hope you get a cool volleyball team to be with in UIUC because getting to know you was one of the best decisions I have made. Jump high, bounce higher!

To Tate Schneider, I will you a crazy jump top that you hit 95% of the time. I find my progression of knowing you very funny. The first time I met you was watching you stand in the middle of a circle of sophs passing a volleyball around as the entire crowd ran through the letters. Then I realized that you lived with me, and I slowly got to know you better. Then you popped in my Spanish class, and now you and I are playing volleyball together (get hype for outside Tate!!!). You are the absolute goat of Spanish and watching you cheer on the bench is the best experience. Please keep being who you are because you are so cool. We will definitely carry your legacy as 03C down quad.

To Zuyu Liu, I will you some rizz (What’s ur score now? 1-5?). Honestly you are one of the coolest people I know. I remember meeting you when you made an announcement to all sophomores in the auditorium about the big sib spreadsheet, and I remember talking to you wondering who mine was, but anyway, since then I have gotten to know you through debate and literally everything because you are so good at pretty much everything you do. Keep being such a cool person but honestly, I think our relationship speaks louder than any will could.

To everybody else that I can’t think of because I am writing this an hour before its due, I just want to thank you. I have always been pretty shy growing up, but it is because of the IMSA community that I could grow into who I am, so thanks to everyone I know in the class of 24.


Aldo Magaña – Omg aldo! My UIC GPPA KING !! I love you so much and you are legit amazing. Doing SEAMS with you was so fun and it definitely brought us closer. I can share almost anything with you and you’re so amazing to talk to I wish you the very best at college and I hope that we really get to stay in touch. <3

Dashiell Leigh – OMG DASH YOU’RE GOING TO WASH U!!! I’m actually so proud of you, you do amazing things and you never cease to amaze me with how smart you are. I hope you get the chance to do the best late night shenanigans with Luke at college. I also hope you live it up a little, you deserve to have some fun. Please go into the world and do amazing things.

Nikola Freund – Nikki! Omg you’re so amazing, and even though I didn’t get to know you really well I enjoyed our couple of deep conversations. I think you are really cool and one of the best people on campus. You are one of the smartest people I know and I hope you never forget that. Live it up at college Nikki !!

Malcolm W-A – hi Malcolm, I didn’t get to know you as much as I wanted to, but you’re an amazing person and I wish you the very best at stony brook!

Luke Mauk – LUKE !! You are literally amazing and I will you an infinite amount of coffee and ramen. I think college will be amazing for you and I know you will do amazing things. You are the legit most energetic person I know and I really hope you never lost that energy, ever. I know college may be a lil hard but still have fun, like srsly. You are going to be An amazing OBGYN.

Nour Husseini – NOURR!!! My favorite senior! You are actually such a vibe and any college will be lucky to have you ! We weren’t as close as we could be, but you are an amazing person to be around and I will you amazing friends as good as the ones you have in college.

Karla Sánchez – OMG MY TARGET BUDDY! I don’t really know you that well, but I really wish I did. It was fun having our lil silly interactions. Have fun in college Karla.

Donovan Morrow – OMG DONOVAN!!! I LITERALLY LOVE YOU! You are the life of the party and I love hanging out with you after 10 check. I loved doing clash with you and you make me laugh so much. I wish you have the greatest opportunities in college and you finally get to be a model !

Natalia Morales – NATALIA !! I’m not as close to you as some other seniors but I just wrote this to say that I really appreciate you. Helping me write my essays and just talking sometimes. You are so real and our conversations make me really appreciate being able to call you a friend.

Sophia Ait Boucherbil – omg Sophia, we haven’t talked in a bit, but doing SEAMS and PROMISE with you was sooo fun. I loved skipping and just talking with you. You actually make me laugh so much and you are one of the most caring people I know and you are so fucking sweet! I wish that you have the time of your life in college.

Michael Zykowski – Michael !! I didn’t really get to know you until Mexico but Mexico was actually such a vibe with you and your big mix. You are actually amazing and I hope you the best at college.

Komal Chivikula – KOMAL! Didn’t get to know you as much as I would like to, but Mexico was such a vibe and I hope you know that.

Nataliya Stewart – Nataliya ! You are amazing and your energy lights up a room. We aren’t too close but you make my day when we talk. You have the funniest stories and when I talk to you, you help me put things into perspective. Thank you for that.

Dash, Nikki, Emi, Luke, Nour – you guys are really close friends and I hope you all stay in touch. These are the type of friends you keep for your lifetime. Even though you are all off at college, I wish you guys have the ability to FaceTime and talk whenever you want. Good luck at college yall !

Nolan Hansen

To my fellow London Luggers, (Byrd, Ava, Daniel, Maddie, Michael, Winston, Sar’aiyah, Victoria, and of course, the garbage compactor that is William Mason Hellrung,) I will you each a rock from Stonehenge (Will gets the biggest one since he couldn’t see it but Winston gets the second biggest). Going to London was SO MUCH FUN and I got to know all of you so much better. From Westminster Abbey to the Boro Bistro bathroom, there was never a dull moment to be had in London. I enjoyed my time so much in London with all of you and I couldn’t have asked to go with a better group. I’ll forever cherish the time we spent there among the land of the tea and crumpets. Love you guys ❤️

To my former Mod21 upperclassmen, (Jojo, Adi, Brandon, Dara, Malcom, David, Maggie, Natasha(r.i.p.), Sindhu, and Sriya,) I will you the indomitable spirit of Nathaniel Gao. We did so well last year, and I know that you all COOKED this year, and you all have GOT to carry on that spirit to wherever life takes you. Mod was both one of the most fun and most stressful things I’ve ever had the pleasure of being a part of, and you all made it that much more fun. I hope you all continue to sing, because you’re all SO amazing and wherever you end up absolutely deserves the talent that you’ll bring. Love you guys ❤️

To the 07 seniors, I will you the TV that got pushed off of the B-wing balcony last year. 07 is definitely… a hall! We’ve had our ups, and we’ve had our downs, but GOD is this a fun hall to live in. I’ve met lifelong friends here, and without the guidance and influence from a lot of you guys, I think this hall might’ve actually fallen apart a long time ago. It’s been so cool to get to know you and I hope that whatever residence hall you end up in next is just as… interesting as 07 was. Love you guys ❤️

To the Drama Club (and by extension, LMAO) seniors, (Byrd, Daniel, Winston, Iain, Katherine, Laasya, Ben, Blaise, Laura, Mars, Dara, Garrett, and Will (sorry if i forgot anyone)), I will you the auditorium stage. A lot of you have heard my oh so awful sob story about me coming to IMSA, so I won’t bore you with it again, but I WILL say that when I came here, I was terrified to do drama at a new school after being so comfortable with my old one, and I’m so happy to say that you all welcomed me with open arms. You are all some of the kindest and friendliest people I’ve ever met, and I’m so happy that I’ve gotten to know all of you. We’ve gotten to spend countless hours together and they’ve been some of the best weeks of my life. You all have made my IMSA experience so incredible, and for that, I cannot thank you all enough. Love you guys ❤️

To the Wind Ensemble seniors, I will you another silly little quip. We’ve endured two years of the band program together, and through better and worse, I’d say we’ve made the best of it. It’s been a lot of fun being able to have class with all of you, being able to joke around and play (usually) incredible music all in the same class. I’ll miss all of you incredible musicians, but wherever you go absolutely deserves the talent you all possess. Love you guys ❤️

To Shawn Crimmins, I will you a job as an auditorium technician. Shawn, you’ve always been the guy that’s just kinda there. But, in the last few months, that changed, and you got so much closer with everyone in the group. It’s been so amazing to see you grow closer with everyone and it really sucks that you can’t be here to see the end of the year. We all love you so much though, and we hope you know that. We love you and miss you so much Shawn ❤️❤️

To Byrd Gilissen, I will you the entirety of Drama Club. Am I allowed to do that? Doesn’t matter because I’m doing it anyway. You’ve always been a role model to me during my time here, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. You’re such an amazing actor, president, director, techie, and overall human being and I don’t think I could entrust Drama Club with anyone but you. You’re such an incredible person and I look up to you so much. The few times we’ve had deep talks have been really important to me, and I always take what you say to heart. I can’t imagine Drama Club without Byrd as president, and I’m absolutely going to miss you next year. Love ya Byrd ❤️

To Winston Mattson, I will you backstage. I cannot imagine having Drama Club without Winston, much less having IMSA without Winston. You’re just such a shining force at this school, and you manage to brighten up my day no matter what. You make tech weeks more bearable, you make Ad Chem an absolute blast, and you’re able to improve anyone’s day with just a smile. Something about you has that special charm that brings instant joy into anyone’s life, and it’s going to be sad not seeing it around any more. We’re all going to miss you so much next year Winston. Love you ❤️

To Garrett Snedden, I was GOING to will you sardines, but I guess I’ll just have to will you Noises Off! HA! You thought you could outplay me, not so fast Gar. In all seriousness Garrett, you’ve been one of my oldest friends at this school, and I’m so glad I’ve known you for as long as I have. You’re such a cool guy and it’s been incredible to get to know you. You’re such a talented and passionate musician and actor, and you show it time and time again in the performances we’ve been able to share. I’ve made some of my best memories ever with you, and being able to share the stage has been an absolute pleasure. You’re so kind, friendly, funny, and overall just an incredible guy, and I wish you all the best wherever life takes you. And don’t worry, I’ll make sure to invite you to the shows next year, I will never forget. Love you Garrett ❤️

To Myra Mensah, I will you… college in general. Myra, you’ve been such an incredible friend and mentor to me. You and I both know that I wouldn’t be here right now if it weren’t for you, and for that, I cannot thank you enough. I know we haven’t always been the closest, but I know that you’ve always been there for me if I need it. I couldn’t have asked for a better big sib, and I’m so glad I got to be friends with you. Band is going to be so lonely without you next year!! I love you so much and I’m going to miss you so much!!! Love you Myra ❤️❤️❤️

And, of course, to William Hellrung, I will you… huh. I came to a blank thinking about this one. I wanted to will you something vague, like happiness or success, but I also wanted to will you something like “the entirety of D-wing” or “Alan Palmerin himself”. So I’ve decided that I’m going to will you (hehe get it) our equivalent of all of these things: D15. Will, you have been my best friend ever. Like actually ever. You have changed my life in so many ways that you could never even imagine. I never knew what a best friend could even be until I met you, and I’m so glad I did. We work together like peas in a pod. We had scarily similar childhoods, we have scarily similar life experiences, moral compasses, life views, and literally anything else you can think of. I feel so connected to you in so many ways, and I’m honored to call you my best friend. I’m so glad I’ve been able to walk this earth with you, and I don’t think I can really put it into words just how much you mean to me. So, I’ll put it into words: degectile progunction. I love you so much Will. I’m going to miss you so much. We all are. I love you❤️❤️

Reagan Kelley

Chiamaka Okoli, I will you a Bolingbrook boy and a real good and cheap wig vendor. I’m glad that I’m one of your favorite sophs because you’re one of my favorite seniors. There’s never a dull moment with you. You’re always making me cry from laughter and I’ll never forget that. I try to not think about the beginning of the year but even when we were walking into 04 with Jesrein and I was talking about that thing…there was never any bad blood and I thank you for that. Regardless of my feelings about IMSA, you are one of the reasons I am glad that I came here. (I don’t know how you thugged it out but you lasted all three years and I applaud you). From making beats while you walk me to class to taking trips to UIC, every moment has made me happy that I met you. No matter what you do in these next few years, know that I am so proud and happy for you and I’m only a text away and I’ll always have so much love for you. Good luck Chia.

Jesrein, I will you a stable relationship. Our friendship has been my longest at IMSA. You have always been like a big sister to me. I’ve known you since 6th grade and have had so much appreciation since. Thank you for always being there when I need to vent, or even when I need a laugh. From little 8th grade me asking you a million and one questions about imsa to sophomore me venting in your excel room, you’ve always been willing to listen and I want you to know I can be the same. You were there for me during my hardest time. You were and continue to be there for me when I act delusional and you’ve never looked at me any different. I will never forget when we pulled Farzy and his friend (still wild to me) or when you talking to me about random situations in excel. No matter where we end up in life I hope we always keep the connection we have. I love you with all my heart and wish you luck at uic.

Deondre, I will you three new friends like the holy trinity (near impossible). I’m pretty bad at this stuff but dude…This year with you has been a lot. I found out so much about you that blows my mind. You’re definitely…different… You’re lowkey a terrible person. However, I do appreciate you being there for me (even though you made jokes about it when you found out). I like that I can vent and yap to you about random irrelevant things and I’m glad that I could do the same for you. You fought your own battles with a crazy poker face. You went through so much this year alone. You’re also very reckless and so is your mouth. You think of so many absurd things to do. I can’t even imagine what it was like before the holy 3 got here. I’m glad we could be of service to you and make you think your actions through.

Giada, I will you a fattie and a million dollars. Even though I recently started talking to you, I can see that you are such a funny and caring person. You help me make fun of deondre and you make sure to talk to me when I feel like no one is listening. I wish that I had met you so much sooner and saw what this could’ve turned into.

Kosi, I will you a super cheap wig vendor. Even though we don’t have that much time together I still want you to know just how much I appreciate you. You honestly helped me so much with my decisions for the cute rest of high school and I can’t express how happy I am with my decision. You went out of your way to help me fully think everything through (going out of your way to text different people, give me your own stories, answer questions I have, etc.).

Maggie you’re literally one of the funniest seniors I know. You are one of the most caring (thanks for letting me borrow so many of your clothes… I still have your zara shirt btw), honest, hardworking, dedicated,beautiful person I know annnddd you’re a genius. Andddd you’re so random. After two whole semesters of living with you, I can never tell when you’re going to burst out into a song (kind of funny though). Thank you for helping me with my problem sets or listening to me talk about all the people I don’t like at IMSA. I love every ounce of you. From you fat forehead to you sleeping on the couch at 3 am. I love listening to all of your little tangents after 10 check (they’re my favorite part of the day). Good luck at northwestern and I’ll always remember and cherish the moments we’ve spent together.

Tate Schneider, I will you another holy trinity substitute. I literally met you in like 8th grade (so crazy). You were my promise tutor and you were part of the reason I wanted to come here. You were so funny and did all of the activities with me and sarah. I remember thinking “oh he’s funny..If people at IMSA are like this maybe I want to go there” unfortunately I was wrong…But anyways I pray you never see a place like this ever again. Have fun at the Meg concert and I pray you get more side quests like the one you were telling the holy trinity about on the couch.

Munachiso Chumdum Onwuameze, I will you the money to get my food. Keep that same energy…you still owe me food. If you don’t, I pray that your entire bloodline suffers. But thank you for being one of the first people I like here.

Ria Bakshi

To all the FRC seniors, I will you better sleep schedules. I honestly don’t know how you guys made it through the season, but thank you for being such a hard working and dedicated board. To the pit-crew seniors, specifically Noah, Nate, Nishna, and Laura, thank you for being so welcoming in the lab and teaching me all that you have about robotics. To the rest of the comp seniors, thank you for the comp memories and for spilling the wild IMSA tea. I’m sure you’ll all go super far and don’t work too hard in college.

To Rohun, I will you a fun and breezy college experience without mom and dad always hounding you down. You’re a good brother and thanks for making me come.

Riya Gumidyala

To Sufiya, I will you a person that makes you laugh uncontrollably…actually nvm, no one makes you laugh like I do hehe! In all seriousness, Sufi, I will you everything and more because you seriously deserve the world. I am beyond blessed to have met such a kind and caring person like you. Your passion for MSA has inspired me to become a better leader and to not take the easy way out when I am passionate about something. I am so grateful that you have pushed me to always make uncomfortable decisions when it’s the right thing to do, and I can’t wait to tell you about ISA and GIS next year!! My days are never complete without me doing my daily visits to up-quad and sitting on your rug while I slowly recount everything I want to tell you about my day. Even when I am having a bad day, I always have a smile on my face when I leave your room. I know that I can go to you for everything, and I am so happy that we got so close this year.I can’t explain in words how much I will miss you next year, so make sure to keep in touch and I will too. And for the very first and LAST time, thank you for ALWAYS making me laugh :) Love you, Sufi!!

To Nashra, I will you a math buddy that feeds you bustalicious chicken and rice! Nash, I am so so happy we got closer this year and I am going to miss sitting on your rug and telling you and Sufiya about my day (after taking 5 hours to remember what I had to say). Your smile and laugh is contagious and you always put a smile on my face (even when you say that sufi is funnier than me :(. I am also going to miss staying up late with you to grind out math (even though I never have any idea what I am doing and end up wasting time tip-toeing around while Sufiya’s sleeping.) You always make me laugh whenever you tell me stories, and I love hearing you laugh at my jokes even when they’re not funny lol. I hope you have THE BEST college experience- make sure you ft me often ilyy!!

To Einsey, I will a Purdue basketball boy (hopefully you guys win march madness next year!). You were the first upperclassmen that I became such good friends with and I am forever grateful that I got to experience your silly goofy personality every day in the wing. You are always so positive and smiley and I love spending time with you, especially when we make tik toks and watch NHIE. Hopefully by the time you are reading this, we will have made a tiktok that went viral lol. I am so happy we got even closer this year and had BC together- live laugh love quiz tmr gonna cry :( Anyways I am so so proud of you and I hope you have an AMAZING time in college! Love you, Eins!!

To Danica, I will you a semester of restful nights without compusci (you’re almost there!). I have seen you, time and time again, tirelessly grind out work and pull all-nighters and I hope that you finally take time for yourself and hop off of the grind. I admire your grindset and am so happy for the fact that it paid off! Live it up at Stanford and keep in touch!

To Adi, I will you the ability to join PennMasala even at UIUC. I can’t believe I have known you for two whole years- I will miss our conversations at acapella competitions and during Mod21 practices (and watching you attempt to rizz up people at OCAP.) I am incredibly grateful for our friendship over the past two years because you are such a genuine and hardworking person. You are so dedicated- I am happy that the grindset paid off for you and hope that you are finally able to relax (after the AP Micro test lol.) Hopefully you learned some Telugu from me because Telugu people on top! If not, please make at least one Telugu friend next year so that you can learn the best language in India. Make sure to stay in touch and come visit whenever you can next year!!

To Blessita, I will you napkins to clean up the spilled juice on my carpet (it’s still a little pink so hopefully I don’t get fined lol!). I am so happy we got closer this year and had creative writing together. I remember watching Crash Landing On You all of intersession and it was so fun to just talk and laugh (and munch on DQ). Your frequent down quad visits always put a smile on my face and I am going to miss you next year! Make sure you come visit us next year and live it up at UIUC!!

To Emma, I will you an upperclassman that will smile and wave at you in the hallways. I am so happy we became better friends this year! You are such a sweet and smiley person, and I will miss waving at you next year. I hope you have an amazing next year and that you keep in touch!!

To Arjun, I will you a TAGC representative at Northwestern. I have witnessed your amazing work ethic for the past year and a half and am so happy that you got to have a restful SSS. Don’t forget to hop back on the grind in college and med school, but I know that you will. I am grateful that we became closer friends this year and that you went to TAGC events on the days that I was there. Hopefully you have an amazing college experience, and remember to slide to yellowbox next Diwali!

To Rithik and Adi again, I will you both a new “choir goat.” Choir is always a fun class and I enjoy laughing with you both whether it be during class or before concerts. It may be wraps for me next year, but I’m happy we became better friends this year and am glad that neither of you dropped choir. I hope you both have an amazing year at UIUC next year!

To Aldo, I will you a stress free chemistry class (where you have time to study and don’t have to cram the night before.) Waving to you in the hallways always puts a smile on my face, and I hope you find an upperclassmen that you can do the same to. Our orgo study sessions always make me laugh, and I will miss your funny commentary and overhearing your conversations with Dr. Thurmond!

To Jerrick, I will you the ability to show up to LEAD on time. Just kidding, but in all seriousness, I enjoyed being LEAD cos with you this year! Even as a facilitator, I learned a lot about leadership myself, and I can thank you for that. Thank you for pushing me to make difficult decisions when it came to ISA, and for encouraging me to follow through with them when I was hesitant. I appreciate your confidence in me being a good leader, and I hope I make you proud next year! Take care and remember that ISA > ASIA!

To Faizaan, I will you the opportunity to run back your newest faizaan.shakes dance at Sangeet Night. I have seen you put in consistent effort in all of your clubs, whether it be TALENT, CAB, or MSA and I admire your ability to balance everything (and still dance for Jalsa and Sangeet Night!) I also admire your ability to put a smile on your face and wave no matter how much you had on your plate. Best of luck next year and stay in touch!

To Diya, I will you an amazing and stress-free college experience! I know we did not talk very much this year, but thank you for being a good big-sib and introducing me to IMSA when I first came! Although we did not spend much time together, I have witnessed you putting your best effort into everything you do, so be confident that it will pay off. Good luck in college!!

Rusha Parikh

To Vidyoot Senthilvenkatesh, I will you free time. From the beginning of the year to now I’ve seen you work hard for what you want and honestly I’m in awe. The text conversations to funny snaps really added a fun and interesting twist on my sophomore year and I’m so glad I was able to spend it with you. Your (seemingly bad) advice actually helped me a lot and I hope to pass it on to my future little sib. You’ve inspired me to be as hardworking as you (if not more) and to give as much time as you did to me to others. I will you more time so you can fulfill your crazy and adventurous dreams or to just sleep in. Continue to have the passion and desire you have and you can make it anywhere. You’re gonna do amazing at Georgia Tech and I hope we stay in touch.

Sadkrith Malladi

To Ishan Shankar Buyyanapragada, I will you a telugumatrimony.com profile. I remember when my parents introduced us because they hoped your “ideal child” vibes would rub off on me. Since then, we’ve never looked back. Thanks for being a good Big Sib, Carnatic guru, and W HDC. Live it up in college.

To Sahil Veeravalli, I will you an Einthusan account and more crewnecks. Knowing the Tollywood buff you are, watch pirated movies to your heart’s content. Thanks for being a competent RSL, a trusty upperclassman, and a cracked Telugu speaking partner. Have a good time with your Hyderabadi roommate next year.

To Vidyoot Senthilvenkatesh, I will you a dumbbell. You’re probably one of the most disciplined people I know, and you force me to be regular with the gym as well. You’ve also given me some good and honest advice over the past few years, so thanks for that. Keep being cracked.

To Faizaan Shaikh, I will you a worksheet I finally did by myself. Throughout two years and three math classes, I’ve leeched all my worksheets off of you. Be it dancing, table tennis, or anything else, you’re cracked at everything you do, and that’s lowkey so inspiring. Enjoy WashU and the results of your hard work. And if I ever get Instagram again, you better believe faizaan.shakes is the first thing I’m following.

To Srihari Gurugubelli, I will you another protege like me. In this day and age, it’s hard to find someone who helps out the Lexington workers and cooks rice for a fellow starving board member after Sangeet Night. I genuinely think you have the potential to get hundreds of other people out of the mud. Keep being a good person. And remember: anni mana manchike.

To Sree Atyam, I will you a bulk. Even though you’re only five days older than me, you still give me better advice than my parents sometimes. We might just be the best opening batsmen pair in IMSA cricket history, not to mention our bowling. Also we gotta run another walking trip before the school year ends. Please get on the bulk in college.

Sarah Kumar

To Ryan Li, I will you a life. Honestly, after seeing the amount of damage your Xiao makes, I was a little concerned about how much time you spent playing that game. But in all seriousness, thank you so much for being the best big sib anyone could ever ask for! It’s kind of crazy how close we got in the span of a couple of days but I’m incredibly glad we did. Spending time with you on BD days is something I always look forward to, and I’m gonna miss it a lot when the semester ends. Ryan, I am so proud of you and how far you’ve come, and I can’t wait to see what you do in the future. Please always keep me updated on everything and stay in touch!

To Kuya Joey, or Joey Paras, I will you the best experiences in college! I am so happy that we got close this year and I can’t wait to see you thrive in the future. You are literally such a fun person to talk to, so please keep in touch! Also I promise you that gfriend is gonna look so fire next year, so please come back to see it!

To David Dickson, I will you freedom from ever having to listen to West Coast. Mod21 was seriously so fun with you, and I’m so happy I was able to get to know you through that! Thank you so much for all the memories we made together through Mod21, and they will always be something I cherish. You are so funny and fun to talk to, and I’m seriously gonna miss singing and dancing with you. Please join an acapella group in college, and please stay in touch as well!

To Tate Schneider, I will you another THAT THAT performance. Learning THAT THAT from you will always be a core memory for me, and honestly you get the credit for basically jump starting my dancing career at IMSA. Meeting you in EXCEL was the best, and I am so happy that I was able to get to know you through that and more. You are so funny, smart, and talented and I can’t wait to see what you do in the future!

To Kosi Okeke, I will you a break, because all the grinding that you’ve done since junior year is literally insane. I’m so thankful I got to be in D-wing with you last year, even though it was insanely gross. Seeing you grow from junior year until now makes me so proud of you. Thank you for being the realest person I know, and please always keep it real. Also you’re really fake for not writing me a will, so be grateful that I’m writing you one right now. Love you!

To Ashley Hernandez, I will you my Instagram account password, so that you can change my profile picture whenever. The fact that y’all changed my Instagram profile picture was insane, but still honestly funny. I’m so happy that I got to know you last year and I don’t know what I would’ve done without you! I always love talking to you and all the memories we made together in D-wing will always be cherished. Seeing you grow so much from junior year to now was amazing, and I am so proud of you for everything you’ve accomplished until now. I love you and please stay in touch!

To Chiamaka Okoli, I will you freedom from D-wing or anything like D-wing. I still can’t believe you and everyone else got stuck in D-wing, but I’m still glad that we were able to see each other regardless of our hectic schedules. I will always cherish the memories we have made together, inside and outside D-wing, and I can’t wait to make more with the time we have left. Thank you for being so goofy and fun to talk to, and I’m gonna miss you so much when you leave. Please always feel free to reach out to me and I can’t wait to see what you do in the future. Love you lots Charlie! Also, y’all are insanely foul for changing my profile picture.

To Giada Avina, I will you a soundcheck for Enhypen’s next concert. I’ll make sure to take you to soundcheck next time to see Jay up close, because he’s literally unreal bro. Thank you so much for always being the funny, loving, and chaotic person you are. I don’t even know what I would do without you, and I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed my time at IMSA if I didn’t. Being in D-wing with you gave me some of the most memorable experiences ever, and despite it being really nasty at times, I honestly miss living there so much. I’m so glad that we got to talk more and I am so proud of you. You and the other D-wing seniors are like the older sisters I never had, so thank you so much for being that. I love you so much, and I can’t wait to see you thrive in college. Make sure to visit me and always stay in touch!

To Aru Ulanbek, I will you another cringe K-pop enjoyer to bother you. Even though I am irreplaceable and you will never be able to get rid of me, I need someone else to take my place when you leave. I am so glad that I was able to meet another tall baddie like you, even though you like to slander me about my posture and call me names. I don’t know what I’m gonna do without you when you leave, so I might just sneak into your suitcase and fly to Boston with you…we’ll see. I love you so much and please stay in touch…

To Nour Husseini, I would will you someone to give you bf hugs, but unfortunately no one can replace me, so I will you an infinite amount of funyuns to steal. I loved being in D-wing with you last year, and I loved being in movement and relaxation with you this year! Thank you so much for being so understanding, funny, and overall such an amazing person. I love you so much and please keep in touch with me!

To Donovan Morrow, I will you more opportunities to be a choreographer. I literally don’t know how you do it, but you genuinely are a mastermind when it comes to dancing. Your talents in singing and dancing never fail to amaze me, so please spare some for the rest of us bruh. You are such a fun person to hang out with and I’m so glad we got closer this year. Thank you for being so strong and resilient when practices got tough, and I can’t wait to see what you do in the future! Please make sure to stay in touch king!

To Chinara Caldwell, I will you all the biochem answers you could ever have. I’m so glad I was able to get to know you these past 2 years, and I can’t wait to see what you do in college. You’re seriously so fun to talk to whenever I come to C-wing, and I’m gonna miss all the long talks that we have after check. Please make sure to stay in touch!

To Mod21 board (Jojo, Adi, and Dara), I will you ICCA wins in college. Thanks for being so encouraging when times got tough and always making sure everyone was having a good time (even if it meant a 12 hour practice)! I will always cherish the many memories we’ve made as a club, and I can’t wait to win ICHSA next year just for y’all.

To any seniors I missed, I will you all the best things to come your way and to live your lives to the fullest in college! You guys have come so far and I am so proud of all that you’ve done. Make sure to be proud of yourself as well!

Serge Tyan

To Arjun. I will you more pounds on your bench press. You’re already bench pressing more than I squat. Any more and you’ll bench press the Earth. I had so much fun this volleyball season and it’s all thanks to you and others. Though I won’t see you as my teammate anymore, I’m definitely hoping to see you in the crowd yelling “let’s go big dawg!”. You’re one of the most positive people I know. Our very own gentle giant. Hope college goes great for you.

To Tate. I will you the best Spanish accent. Actually no, yours is already perfect. I remember trying to talk to you throughout the year before volleyball season and you just looked at me weird. That was kinda funny. I’m glad that you quit the LEAD stuff and made time to play volleyball with us because I got to talk to you normally and we really bonded. I hope you feel that way as well. Honestly I don’t know what college you’re going to, but I’m sure that wherever you end up you will be fine because everyone loves you everywhere. Thank you for bringing your vibe to our team. The best hype man, the best server, the best spanish accent, the p game champion. All of those are you.

Finally, to Rohan. I will you a healthy knee, a healthy shoulder, a healthy back, a healthy wrist, a healthy pinky, a healthy elbow, to finally find the perfect pair of shoes, more sick socks and the best college life. It’s kind of crazy that I only know you for 8 months or so, because it feels like I’ve known you my whole life. Ur the most cracked volleyballer I’ve ever met (and I met Jakub Ochal), but an even more cracked friend. I couldn’t have asked for a better one to have my soph year. The only bad things about you are your ability to help people with their MSI papers, your roblox nickname, your dives (getting better) and the fact that you are graduating so soon. Thank you for being around during my first year at IMSA, for practicing setting with me until 9:55 everyday (ONE MORE I ONLY GOT THREE JUMPS LEFT IN ME), for tagging poops around the campus, for spamming hippos in gcs, and for putting up with my jokes. NOT thank you for helping with that MSI paper. Most importantly, thank you for being my friend. Literally don’t know what I’m gonna do without you next year but I guess that’s how u felt last year as well. MOST most importantly, I hope that u have fun at UIUC. MOST MOST most importantly, I hope that you will miss us all when you’re over there, because we will definitely miss you over here.

Shashi Salavath

To Joshua Lee, I will you my unreleased Kanye collection, a fantastic Putnam score, and a place to stay while you seek mathematical employment. From the countless hours spent engaging in poetical debate (analyzing k-dot’s discography) and talking about life and what the future holds for us, I consider myself lucky to have met someone that has helped me wholly appreciate the present. Once in a while, certain things align and some of the best people come into and stay in your life. You became one of those people for me, and I hope you know that I’ll always be there to help you through when things get rough, just as you did for me. As you go on and continue to realize your full potential with the boba gc, remember to keep us in the loop. And practically being a human Desmos, I’m sure eventually you’ll discovery a great theory taught in schools (name it Bing theory pls).

To Vidyoot, I will you a better Linux distro, the patience to achieve your dreams, and the ability to interact with other genders. I still remember my first day here as a soph and our talk after check going well into the night–the first of countless more. From the onset, your drive, determination, and clarity on what you wanted out of things inspired me to find those characteristics in my journey. You were one of those people that I clicked with instantly, and honestly it felt like we’d known each other forever (even though Dunlap is on a random farm somewhere). Over the years, you’ve helped me grow as a person and we’ve definitely figured out some of the whys that we ask ourselves about together over the years. I wouldn’t let those moments go for anything, and I hope we make more even as you go off to the land of 21 Savage (i.e Atlanta).

To Sahil, I will you a score of 50 laps on the Fitness-gram pacer test, competent biriyani, and a stethoscope. You were one of the first people I ever met here moving in. You helped lay out my room, set up our lights, and warn us about the horrible stuff that would happen if I missed check; and I would start IMSA that same way again in a heartbeat. I know that you’ll go on to do great things, so take this time to reflect on all the memories and moments that were special along the way. Finally, in the next two decades I would like to visit you for a free doctor’s appointment.

To Ashwin, I will you a fluffier robe, herbal medicine, and fashion that isn’t from Shein or Temu. Along with Sahil, you helped me move in that fateful first day my soph year and ever since then you’ve always been there for me. There’s no getting around just how talented you are, so make sure you don’t undersell yourself. Also, as much as you want to leave the “IMSA bubble”, take these last few weeks of your time to reflect on just how decisions needed to happen for you to be where you currently are. Remember that a lot of people are counting on watching you succeed–myself included so that I can get a second opinion if Sahil gives me garbage healthcare.

To Ishan, I will you cruelty-free shampoo, Black AF1s, and a 5G broadband connection for your soon to be long distance relationship. From the Bloomington trenches hooping to IMSA (still hooping), I hope you continue to stay true to yourself going forward. Very great brain too btw–use it to do great things.

To Faizaan, I will you a 24 hour moisturizer (as you are rather ashy) and the continued endurance to lead. Alhamdulillah! Having you as my big sib set the tone for IMSA and set the precedent for what I hope to achieve here. From MSA to CAB to TALENT, I continue to be perplexed by how you managed to do it all and still somehow have time sheikh on the side. You are the real-life Goofy from Mickey Mouse both physically and emotionally, and from soccer to those nights chilling with you and the C-wing hex, I’ll miss all the times we had. You have big dreams, big aspirations, and the ability to take it all–I expect to hear all about it.

To Vikram, I will you a skibidi chick that understands your Duke Dennis ways and Airpods to help enhance your calls with those special someones. You’re one of the most sincere, hardworking, and genuine people I’ve met and your humor and drive light up any room. I have no doubt you’ll continue to achieve greatness, and make sure to stay in touch (though your Android inhibits you).

To the b-wing hex, I will all of you an unbreakable bond. It’s been a huge inspiration seeing you all stick together through what can be an often goofy environment, and it certainly makes me look forward to my own senior year. I hope all you guys stay in touch, so hmu from time to time and don’t forget to swing by.

Shatakshi Chatterjee

To Kate DeGreve, I will you a pickle from Panera. I am sososososoos super glad that you were the first junior I got to know last year, and you’ll always be my favorite <3. I’ll always appreciate you for being so sweet and welcoming to me when I was a lil soph, not even because you had a reason to but genuinely because you’re such an amazing person. You are one of the most encouraging and sincere people I have ever met, and I always appreciate your kind and supportive words so so so so much even when I text you about the most random and ridiculous things. I think most importantly, you’ve shown me that it’s okay to have fun sometimes and not be hyper-focused on school, and having that mindset has really made such an incredible and positive difference on my IMSA experience so thank you forever for that. Okay now for the non-serious half. KATEEE WHO AM I GONNA GIVE MY PICKLES TO WHEN YOU’RE GONE?! I will for sure miss the late night screeches and questionable noises coming from Raven’s room whenever you come to visit D wing. Hopefully my friends and I can fill that role next year. I am going to miss you so so much but just know you’re always welcome back on campus because I’d love to see you and maybe offer you a pickle !! Hope you have the most wonderful time at college and meet some amazing new people as amazing as you are.

Shreshta Ghanta

To Sukanya Ghosh and Sabriya Attia, I will you an amazing college experience filled with memories. I’m so glad I met you both in debate and got to know u both. You are both such talented musicians, debaters, and the sweetest people ever. I’m going to miss listening to your guy’s contentions and speeches at practice. But I know you both will do amazing things in college. thanks for proving that I (and Tanvi) are the best matchmakers ever!

To Avi Duggiarala, I will you an amazing next four years! Thanks for being a W debate captain and always pushing everyone to be the best possible debaters. This debate team would not be the same without you and you will be missed. PS: thanks for tracking coach Leo on LinkedIn!

To Danica Sun & Ryan Li, I will you a leaf-tastic four years at Stanford! Thank you for being W-club terra co-prezzies and creating such a W-board. I hope you find more people just as passionate as you at Stanford. I know you guys will do great things and you guys never fail to amaze me!

To Einsey Socrates, I will you a college experience where you find someone who can ball (since ur Aristotle). I know I only met you recently but it’s been so fun getting to know you. I will miss warming up with you when our partners aren’t there and giving you advice at the 11-point break. You’re always so goofy and funny and I hope you have fun at Purdue!

To Aishat Balogun, I will you club terra senior rep! You’re so funny and I will miss seeing you at club meetings! I love your personality and know you will do amazing things! ”

Shrikar Dulam

To Ellen Guan, I will you a pristine, never-ending expanse of ocean to jump into, along with an Eren Jaeger body pillow as a companion to tag along :D I have told you this so many times, but you’re everything to me. From failing optics laser shoot, debugging compusci for hours in hall commons, cramming for mvc, flaming my cww pieces (or anything I write, cuz you’re a D1 hater), eating at some sort of ramen place anywhere we go, or just walking around aimlessly, we have done so much together, and I loved all of it. I’ll never ever forget my time with you, from the special big moments to the small ordinary bits we shared. I also will you an unlimited supply of YouTube physics videos, as you better be consuming all the physics content you can! Don’t let being a CS sellout stop you from pursuing your dreams of reaching the stars. I wanna see “LN Entropy – A groundbreaking quantum entanglement measure” and “Ellen solved the Kryptos Cipher” when I’m reading the news, so you better get to work! (Just kidding! You better not work all day or else :( Please take your time, relax a lil, heck maybe think about touching grass first!? Possibly even getting a life too!?!?!?!) As we part ways for now, I hope you live it up as a ferocious tiger and have a great time at Princeton! It might be really tough, but I know you’ll make it. You are definitely one of the most passionate and hardworking people I have ever met, so just believe in yourself and you will be more than fine. Otherwise, just hit me up and I’ll try my best :P Better yet (cue in the iconic Daddy’s Home music), just draw Gojo hollow purpling all your problems away. If that doesn’t help, well at least I got to admire your beautiful artwork (and Gojo) one more time.

To the volleyball seniors (Rohan, Arjun, Jerrick, Mike, Jack, Tate), I will y’all some Haikyuu merch! Rohan, you’re the ace of our team (who’s top 1 in the state!!!), and you have been a big inspiration for me. Hopefully next year I can get good enough to be somewhat like you! Arjun, you’re the biggest guy I know, and there’s nobody who can get through your blocks. I hope you keep playing and shutting everyone down in sight. Jerrick, you’re literally Kageyama. Your sets and dumps are so beautiful, and I’m always amazed by what you do on the court. When you’re off the court, you’re still amazing and you would always help me out with whatever I was doing, whether it was the proper form in the gym or getting the perfect hit. Mike, you’re a pivotal part of our team, and your sets are what let me succeed and conquer all of our opponents! It was fun playing with you, and hopefully, you try playing in college and setting other people up for success! Jack, you are beyond amazing, constantly carrying us as the libero. Keep up the dolphin diving in the future! Tate, your serves are just a work of art, never failing to ace (95% of the time at least). Have fun and maybe you will get a chance to become a pro hitter too!

To Bikrant, I will you some qubits, though I’m sure you will get some of your own. You have inspired me so much by your persistent drive to do anything. Whether it’s pulling all-nighters grinding for Clash decs last year (and almost getting electrocuted…) or studying symplectic geometry or some crazy advanced topic, I’m always just in awe and completely impressed by you. Thank you very much for always answering my random questions; I really appreciate it, and I hope that I’ll eventually learn at least some fraction of physics as you do. Have fun at CalTech, and I can’t wait to see what groundbreaking research you end up doing next!!!

To Albert, I will you some diamonds to craft a pickaxe and keep mining away! You are one of the chillest guys I know, and it would always be fun to talk to you, whether at Lexington or the random times you would play Terraria. You are also so cracked at math (pls give me AIME qual) and the true SIR goat. I’ll try to get the #1 Victory Royale for you, and we should hop on one day.

To D Wing Quads (Dom, Fredy, Michael, Steven, Charles, Taegeon), I will y’all the One Piece! All of you have made my sophomore year such an amazing experience, and I couldn’t have wished for a better set of wingmates. It was always fun vibing in the quads, whether it was watching Fight Club or looking for the rat in the walls. Dom, thank you for your music recs (I’m still in my vocaloid phase) and for telling me about Berserk (peak manga). You are a very cool person and I hope you have plenty of fun wherever you’re going. Fredy, from grinding Clash Royale despite Trimm being right in front of you (BC Fast was too good) to doing very questionable bets, you always were interesting to be around. I’ll miss all the fun stuff you do. Michael, you are the best Drill Choreo ever, and I’m so glad I got to dance alongside the greatest dancer at IMSA! I’ll try to continue your dancing legacy for next year and claim a victory for 04!! Steven, you were always fun to be with, whether you sat in on random SciOly practices or you were busy popping off in Ultimate Frisbee. I’ll miss the energy you always brought with you. Charles and Taegeon, y’all had the best dorm layout (how you managed to build an entire couch under the bed is still beyond me), and it would always be nice to just relax with y’all. Keep up the gaming!

To Aadi and Madhav, I will y’all some nice dosas to feast on and a good Bears season. Aadi, the ML table was so funny, and it was nice hanging out with you. Before you leave, you should tell me the secrets behind attaining those glorious massive “planets”. Live it up at UIUC, and I’ll fulfill your ISA legacy by donating to all the Dosa Nights. Madhav, you’re such a funny and chill guy, and I wish we got to talk more. It was nice working with you for SciOly, and I wish you the best in your future endeavors!

To Stephen, I will you a steed (the biggest Blahaj in the world) and sword (the longest pool noodle ever made) that will let you conquer the world in a way that Napoleon could only dream of. Merci Beaucoup for carrying me in French, idk if I would have made it otherwise. You are such a smart and cool person, and I’m always intrigued by the interesting Wikipedia facts you manage to dig up. You always shock me with how cracked you are (Fermi and Forestry cannot handle your greatness). While I’m nowhere near as good as you, I’ll try my best at Science Bowl for you (not normal QB because I’ll never reach anywhere near your godly history ability). Have fun at Northwestern, and hopefully, we meet up next year at the SciOly Invitational!

To Annabelle, I will you some psychrophiles, because they are so cool! (I’m so funny right :D) I’m so inspired by how much you managed to do, from Science Olympiad, Science Bowl, IMSALympians, and who knows what else. I’ll try my best to take SciOly to Nats (hopefully you made me captain because I’m the best choice, but if not, idrc I’ll still grind SciOly as much as I can). Have fun being a Beaver!!!

To Ryan Li, I will that you always win your 50/50s in Genshin. While fate drove us apart in the beginning, we still managed to meet up in random classes, and it was amazing to hang out with you. Whether it was messing around with vectors in MI4 to calculating poker hand odds in Intro to Proofs, no matter the challenge, we got through it. And if you can make it out of Proofs, you will have no problems in anything else for the rest of your life, right :D. In the very extremely unlikely event that worst comes to worst, feel free to talk to me and share the horrific MVC/LinAlg/Analysis problems from your future proof-based classes, and we can take a stab at it together. I would say that you should also stop your League and Genshin addictions, but you also got into Stanford and Princeton sooo ig you’re just better (is that the hidden secret behind college admissions!?!). Have fun doing NLP and being a tree (idc that’s a cardinal or wtv and you should have been a tiger smh)!

To Laasya, I will you a bunny kingdom. Hopefully, that suffices for the house you want me to buy for you, if not too bad! It’s kinda funny how you popped into my life outta nowhere (have to thank Ellen for that), but I’m really glad we met. When you aren’t trying to pluck my eyelashes or ask me the most unhinged questions, you are very fun to be around with your exuberant personality brightening up the place anywhere you go. We should knock out more of those friendship milestones in the future, ideally starting with asking some new Would You Rather questions that are slightly less disturbing (I just know you’re going to pull out questions so bad that they will permanently be imprinted onto my mind). I hope you have a great time at Harvard studying some dope math and constantly adoring bunnies!!!

To Jojo, I will you a stage for everyone to listen to you sing to your heart’s content. You are genuinely one of the nicest people I have ever met, and I hope that you get whatever you want because you deserve it all and more! Music theory was really fun with you, and while it did get tough at some points, we managed to pull through and comprehend it (I think? Idk what a Mixolydian is tho). I wish you the best of luck for your future aspirations!!!

To Anisha, I will you some boba, because boba is good! I also can’t think of anything else because it’s like 2 AM when I’m writing this and my brain shut down. My b. It was nice meeting you and having small chats with you here and there whenever Ellen disappears. I’ll also try to help out with Robot Tour next year if I have the time (trust in the SciOly comeback). Have fun at Harvard!!!

To the random 05 ppl I know (Zuyu, Josh, Vidyoot, Sahil), I will y’all some extra rizz. Zuyu, it’s really fun talking to you, and if you keep balling, I’m sure you will have a solid career in the NBA (trust). Hopefully, my extra rizz will help you out in the future! Josh, you’re the real French and Riddle goat fr. Thanks for being my fellow classmate suffering through double Fogel and McCutcheon DiffEq, and may your rapping career blow up soon (bro gapped Drake). Vidyoot, you are my Brawl Stars king! I hope you get only legendary Starr drops when you play. Sahil, you were a W Optics partner, and while we never figured out what that goofy picture was or how we got like 2 mirrors, we tried our best! Good luck with whatever you’re doing next.

Shriya Koduri

To Komal Chivukula, I will you all the Monopoly money in the world (since I’m kind of broke and can’t afford to give you real money). I am so grateful for your silly responses to the reels I sent you and I am even more grateful for having the opportunity to watch you succeed this semester. Even though I like to tease you, I know you’ve worked really hard this year, and I’m so proud of you for not giving up whenever things get hard. Good luck in college, I know you’ll do great!!

To Jojo Germo, I will you all the K-pop light sticks that exist. I still remember meeting you at the picnic and thinking you looked so familiar (I knew I wasn’t going crazy lol). Thank you so much for being so friendly during welcome week, I’m so glad I was placed in 02 and will genuinely miss your waves and smiles whenever we cross paths. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors, and hope you continue singing and being the musical goddess that you are!!

To AJ Morales and Malcolm Wilson-Ahlstrom, I will you the ability to forever SSS. Thank you guys for being great table mates for French first semester. I know that you guys worked hard this year, and I hope you guys can finally relax during summer break!

To the seniors on the girls’ basketball team, I will you the ability to play basketball whenever you’d like. Thank you, guys, for being patient and helping me adjust to the drills/games, I will forever be grateful for that. Good luck in college!!

Finally, to all the other seniors who have helped me this year, I will you the ability to be happy and successful in college. You guys got this!!


To 02 seniors, I will you all the fairy dust and space and sunsets you could ever have. I’m thankful I got to experience my first 2 years of IMSA with you all. From clash drill to programming to having just 2 lovely rcs for the whole hall you all have guided me, helped me, supported me, and overall gave me the accepting environment I needed coming in sophomore year. In my mind you all are still my juniors and it’s welcome week. I wish you all immense prosperity and sweetness, you all deserve it. Truly 02 is full of the sweetest people I’ve met. Thank you all.

To Ellen Nguyen, I will you all the Downstate Among Us games you could dream of, and of course, a Miku poster. Thank you for everything, you’ve dealt with me since move in and I’m grateful. Stay real!

To Shawn Crimmins I will you excamera, so many cool movies, and some awesome health and prosperity. Keep living it up with your man bun and all.

To William Hellrung I will you (HAHA get it?) immense prosperity, happiness, and as much pocket food as you can wrap. Thank you for the time we’ve spent this year, I value how much you care. Thank you for always being there no matter what, I’m proud of you and excited to see where you go in life ! I expect to know all about your epic S&T adventures. You keep enjoying Facebook memes and tights under your shorts, it’s odd, and that’s just fine by me. If ever you find yourself in southern Illinois in need of a friend, you know where to find me, search around in a square until eventually you find a lot of cows, which doesn’t help finding me at all, there’s a lot of those around, so look for white hair, that probably won’t help either there’s a lot of old people. Just text me instead !!

To Deondre O’Bannon, I will you a Tyler the creator vinyl record, cause I have 2 HA get with the program !!!!! And also a piece of whatever food I order next. Thank you for the accepting space you’ve helped provide me in the 04 rc office, your hall is smelly, but the vibes in kylie’s office are great. Singing songs and hyper-analyzing rap discourse has been a highlight of my jr. Year. It really means a lot.

To Garrett snedden I will you so many sardines and a tin from the anniversary of our WHO ARE YOU!??! It feels weird spelling your name all the way out, in my mind you are the gar/gar sned/just gar. Thank you for all the interesting moments in drama club, it won’t be the same without you, it’s odd how many roles we’ve shared, but stick to being blithe spirit-style friends!

Sreehaas Chinnala

To all the seniors that I have made friends with over the past two years, I will you an amazing time in college and more hyperactive children to annoy you throughout your time (i.e. me). I also will you a habit of hard work and no procrastination, unlike me as it is 11:59 and I have not been given an extension, so this is all my wills are going to be because I am kinda dumb. I will you all a wonderful time in college and a ton of future success even after IMSA. Congratulations on graduating!

Stella Ristic

To Victoria Nalepka, I will you the knowledge from Joseph Pilates. Have an amazing next 4 at your dream school. I couldn’t be more happy for your success.

To Chiamaka Okoli, I will you the strength to pretend you are sleeping on the SIR bus. Tell Kayla and Clarissa hi for me next time you see them, please.

To Rohan Patkar, I will you a lifetime of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and milk from Lexington. Also Minecraft socks for volleyball. Have the best time at UIUC. I know you will.

To Emma Rodriguez, I will you everything you want in life and more. You are the sweetest ever.

To Nataliya Stewart, I will you an Uncle Dave to make everything better. I also will you infinite red bulls to shotgun in Iowa parking lots.

To Alyssa Abendroth, I will you many more cows. Thank you kindly for sharing the love of your cows with Emerson and me.

To Ebba Kaulas, I will you a trip to Spain on your own schedule. Also, please SSS. I don’t know how you keep track of everything.

To Blessita Charly, I will you orange peach mango juice. Please make me a paneer sandwich before you graduate.

To Justina Kostiv, I will you more incredible adventures in Europe.

To Annika Johnson, I will you as many knight hats as your heart desires ___ knight.

To Tate Schneider, I will you a bench buddy, always a good game when we’re together.

To Lucas Brower, I will you the strength to not growl when you feel aggravated.

To Einsey Socrates, I will you the desire to stay awake through just one more Hawker class.

Tianqing Lei

To Manya Davis, I will you more chances to showcase your amazing dancing and choreography skills. Seriously, I am forever grateful to have been able to dance with you for all the moderns and clash this year. Thank you for being the best choreo ever, not only inspiring me and pushing me to be a better dancer but also creating the best dance community I could have ever asked for. Jalsa modern was genuinely the best experience I ever had in a dance group and the first time I really felt like I belonged at IMSA. I love dancing with you, and I remember the first time I really got to know you was in the 06 B wing commons, teaching you the Jalsa girls dance because you didn’t know any of it, yet you still pulled it off the incredible dancer you are. I will never forget your sweet notes (I still have them on my desk), the long hours of practice and dinner breaks, and jumpscaring you! Above all you are just so sweet and genuine, and I always enjoy talking to you. I will miss you so much next year, please come visit during any culture shows, even though it will not be the same without you.

To Aru Ulanbek (staruu.u), I will you infinite bites and sips of food, since you are always stealing mine during practice and in the wing. I also will you more sleep because I swear you are always awake until 2 am in the wing commons. Thank you for being an amazing choreo for Lunar and Clash, I had so much fun in everything that you have choreographed and I’m sad that I won’t be able to dance with you anymore. I will miss you and especially annoy you, you are actually one of the funniest people ever. Come visit next year when you’re free, and never ever change your insta username. It’s too iconic.

To Ashley Hernandez and Giada Avina, my neighbors! My favorite senior roomie pair, I will you guys a living environment (idk if you’ll live in wings or whatnot) as amazing as D Wing was because of you guys. Thanks for adopting me as your sophs this year and I’m so glad I got to know you two. I love hearing your screams randomly in the middle of the night (sometimes) and I apologize if I and Amada did that too (not nearly as much as you guys do though). I know you both will do great things in the future and I can’t wait to hear about them. To Ashley, I will you more boba less boba, and chipotle. I am so glad I got closer to you after clash and I am sad to see you leave. Our post-10 check debriefs and gossiping will be missed. To Giada, I will you more dances. Casa and Asante were so fun with you! And you are such a baddie especially when you dance. I will miss you so much even though you annoy me too much with your teasing about um! yk. Oh, and thanks for reminding me to write these wills by the way!

To Donovan Morrow, I will you endless dances. You are such an incredible dancer and choreographer and I am so glad to have been able to dance with you. You are always serving looks whether it is on stage or every day. I hope you have a lot of fun next year, I will miss you!

Tony Han

To Stephen Walsh, I will you infinite buzzes and powers in your years to come at Northwestern. I know you may not have appreciated how I have acted in the past year in the quiz bowl team. But through all of the stuff I say, and all my antics, I genuinely admire your intelligence and your memory that takes you through your development in quiz bowl. I know we may not have had the best season this year, getting beaten by Wheaton at IHSA regionals but I appreciate how you stayed committed to quiz bowl this entire season. Unfortunately, we couldn’t roll out IMSAnity in time to bring a brighter light to your otherwise underwhelming last season, but I hope you can more than makeup for it when you go to college.

To Nathaniel “ZestieBestieBatZuko” “Grandpa” Huang, I will you an infinite ability to tolerate annoying people who are younger than you, especially if the results of your zestiness come to fruition when you grow up. I appreciate your ability to continually care about my well-being, even when I was being annoying. I know some of us sophomores (especially me) haven’t been the most well-behaved throughout our time in the quiz bowl team, but I’m glad you were able to tolerate our antics. I am also aware that you might not like being called “Zesty Grandpa” all the time, although admittedly both of those descriptors are pretty accurate.

To Srihari Gugurubelli and Jerrick Li, I will you both a pair of noise-canceling headphones that will prevent you from having to hear anything you don’t want to hear in the future. I decided to group you guys together because I’ve had similar experiences with both of you. I know both of you care about my maturity and growth as a person, and I know I haven’t exactly improved much on that front. I also know that because of your room’s position being right next to the wing commons, you probably interacted with me the most as you came out of your room. That is why I willed you the headphones because I can understand not wanting to hear me all the time.

To Albert Han (senior version), I will you the ability to make infinite chicken butt jokes to your college friends at all times. Albert, no offense but you are one of the few seniors with a sense of humor as immature as mine. Even though you may not be like us sophomores with our constant stream of “skibidi toilet” references and “fanum tax” jokes, I doubt the stuff you say is much more “sophisticated” and “cultured”. However, I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I think that your unique personality was a funny beacon in the sea of seriousness at IMSA. May you be surpassed by the IMSA class of 33 Albert Han.

To Michael Zyskowski, I will you another person you can jump into in your college dorm when you get there. I know you and Nathaniel probably had to hear my strange noises all the time, being in the room adjacent to ours, and I’m really sorry about that. Even though I know you took great entertainment in jump-scaring me all the time in the wing commons, I do appreciate how you appreciated my unorthodox personality.

To Faizaan “Fazzy” Shaikh, I will you the ability to always be a good leader, no matter what obstacles in the form of people you have to go through. Clash didn’t go as smoothly as you must have wanted it to, but I don’t think anyone would blame it on you or CAB in general. I know you probably tried your hardest but sometimes there’s always going to be people who are hard to deal with, but I still think we had a lot of great highlights this year. Thanks for appreciating it when I screeched “I love you Faizaan Shaikh my king” into the microphone during Game Show by the way. Also, I guess I technically inherited your #2 kit number in the soccer team but obviously, I didn’t live up to that reputation.

To Rithik Telekinesis, I will you, or myself rather, the ability to pronounce your name correctly. Even now, I seriously don’t understand the difference between how I pronounce “Rithik” and how you pronounce it. Like, the th sound is supposed to make a “f” sound. That is what I learned in 2nd grade. But according to you, it’s not pronounced Ri-tick either. Also sorry for losing that one USB drive. However, looking past that I think you were a great senior in our wing.

To Joshua Lee, I will you the ability to forgive others and give them a second chance, as well as infinite Clash victories in the IMSA afterlife. Joshua, I know we had very little interaction outside of Clash, but while we did I know you must not have liked it. But I do appreciate your ability to forgive me and to unban me from the 1505 Riddle group chat when the time was right.

Tyler Rush

To Aaliyah Murphy, I will you happiness, prosperity, and the ability to keep track of your keys without me. You have been the greatest roommate I could ever ask for. From our late-night laughs to my random dance sessions, you randomly exiting the bathroom and grabbing (you know what) when I’m laying in my bed, I will miss it all dearly. But most importantly, this school year has been a rollercoaster, and I’d like to say I’ve been your rock as much as you’ve been mine. You have truly made my Sophomore year one to remember. You not only play the roommate role in my life, but you play the big sister role better than anyone else could. I hope that Mina (yes, Mina) :) buys you unlimited Wingstop and Crumbl, and I hope you get every Jordan release there is this year. I love you. -Tylernormus

To, Munachiso Onwuameze, I will you unlimited chicken. You better treat my Li Fei right and buy her all the Wingstop and Crumbl in the world. I’m gonna miss our ish talk sessions. You were my favorite water receiver this basketball season. Succeed at UIC, and keep bricking those threes. Ok, I’m done. Stay warm. Love, TyTy.

To Nataliya Stewart, (Tali) MY TWINNNNNNNNN, my brotha just anotha meeeeeee!! I will you unlimited (MM) of our favorite compact besties. I also will you the ability to leave the women alone! I’m gonna miss our in-person girl talks, and our car adventures. Don’t forget about me at UIC, can’t wait to get our girl talk going there. Best believe I’ll be on that train to see you. I Luuvvvvvvvvvv you twinski (in your voice). Be great. Stay out of trouble. I Love Love Loveee you, Ty.

To Jaden Willis, MY CO-MCCC!!!! I will you the most Spiderman merch you could ever have, and I hope your late-night city-saving sessions are fruitful. I love our Arrowverse talks, flash-binging, and our sunset-watching sessions. Even though you’ll be close by, I’ll miss you. Ok, I’ll stop being sad. Be great at ISU, GO REDBIRDS! Love ya, Ty.

To Angel Lopez, My big sibbbbbbb! I will you the best experience in Texas ever. You were the first person at IMSA to make me feel at home, and you made my EXCEL experience turn for the better. You’re my favorite 05er and I’m so so so proud of you. You truly made the beginning of my Sophomore year amazing and continued to make me feel safe, at home, and lowkey guided me through my first year at IMSA fr. I’m gonna miss your amazing High-5s. You’re the best big sib a soph could ever ask for! Love you, Angelica!

To Sar’aiyah Murphy, My crazy double. Best for last. I wish you all the success, happiness, and all the 钱 in the world. Moving into the quad was by far the best thing that happened to me this school year. I will DEARLY miss our dinner trade-offs and our chicken nugget feasts. I am going to miss our nights our screaming, laughing, and me cuddling you and you repeatedly telling me to “get off” even though I know you love it. I will also miss screaming “Sa’raiyahSaurus!” through our quad door when I feel like it :). You introduced me to so many things and new perspectives. You made a big impact on my life that you probably will never understand the significance of. Especially small things like using tote bags when we shop. Wherever you decide to commit, know that I’m always here for you, and with you. I love you so much. 我非常喜欢二室友 Sar’aiyah. 他是我很姐姐永远。

Valentina Duque

To Aru, I will you someone at BU that makes adjusting to a new place and new peers just as easy as you did for me. You were one of the first real friends I made at IMSA, and you helped me realize that I would truly fit in here. Knowing there were people like you here finalized me deciding to apply again after being rejected the first time, and I’m so glad we kept in touch after SEAMS. I was so nervous about living away from home, and I thought it was going to be all super serious math geniuses who don’t know a single thing about freddy fazbear, minecraft, or be willing to watch stupid movies like killer sofa. Thank you so much for proving me wrong. I owe my IMSA experience to you. Have so much fun at college!!

To 02A Wing Seniors, I will you all a housing environment with vibes just as lovely as you all brought to 02A. You all made our wing great to live in, whether it was Laasya’s bunny obsession or the amazing music Jojo practiced, you all brought so much positivity. Thank you all for being amazing wingmates and I hope you all continue to spread your positivity to wherever you decide to go next.

Vincent You

To Zuyu Liu, I will you some college friends. Seriously, you need to find someone to get your mind off rizzing. Besides your endless obsession with playing matchmaker, though, I’ve loved getting to know that crazy positivity you’ve got. You never fail to see the good in the people around you, and honestly, I’m terrified I won’t live up to those expectations. Even still, never let that outlook bring you down. Never let the man you think you could be holding you back from loving the one you are. Never let the potential you see in your friends prevent you from cherishing who they are. Never let the world you see possible keep you from relishing life in the world you have.

To Vidyoot Senthilvenkatesh, I will you infinite startup ideas. Never let anything dampen the flame inside of you. You are one of the hardest-working people I know, and the moment you discover your one thing, you’re going to change the world.

To Joshua Lee, I will you a new spine. My favorite memory this year also happens to be winning Clash, no less thanks to 05’s Riddle GOAT. You’re such a genuine person, and anyone would be lucky to get to know you. So, don’t let yourself get pushed around in college. Don’t let yourself get washed up on some island of friends. I might be a stickler about your posture, but more than that, I will you the confidence to always stand up straight and never be afraid of who you are. Never take crap from anybody, and fight like heck. Make sure no one puts down the truly amazing person you are. Make sure everyone knows who Joshua Lee is.

To Rithik Thekiniath (I had to look your last name up in the student directory), I will you a maxed-out Brawl Stars account. Number Theory was such a blast with you, whether it was grinding ranked in class or crying over notes in Josh’s room. The one constant was just how hard you made me laugh, and I cannot thank you enough for that joy. Aiden, you’re cool too I guess.

To Sahil Veeravalli, I will you the most Drake song leaks. I truly admire just how much self-control you have (I still can’t believe you listened to it 7 times), though I guess not when it comes to food :P

To Vikram Rao, I will you a new vocabulary. I remember all the nights of you fanum taxing my physics quest answers. I know that wherever you go, you’ll have the most skibidi rizz in Ohio. Never say jit again.

To Ishan Shankar, I will you an apology. Sorry, I couldn’t stop swearing. Call me up next year and I might try it again.

To Ashwin Nair, I will you an even more crippling gaming addiction. Never let anything get in the way of what you love to do.

To all the FRC seniors, I will you all a life. Please spend some more time with your families, they deserve it.

Vivian Ludwig

To Charles Ludwig, I will you a glorious bulk you’ve been claiming to gain since you were 13. I know you’ll slay in college.

To Sar’aiyah Murphy, I will you a college bestie to gossip with till 2 am and to help steal Aaliyah’s food. You made my sophomore year so much better by being my friend. The closer we got throughout the year, the more IMSA felt like my home. I hope that you have a very lovely college experience and that you achieve all of the things you hope to!

To Aailyah Murphy, I will you unlimited fun college nights to party and make tons of friends! I’m gonna miss your hugs so much next year. You’re such a sweet person and it’s been so much fun being your friend ! I love you sooo much, please have the best time ever at college!

To Victoria Nalepka, I will you the coolest volleyball friends ever that you can crush with your super duper crazy fireball spikes! You made volleyball so much more enjoyable by being my friend. I loved our away game bus convos so much and I’m going to miss them next year. I hope you have such a good college experience and I love you so much!

To Justina Kostiv, I will you unlimited money so you can buy some yummy delicious food at college to make up for three years of Lexington! You’re genuinely one of the coolest people I’ve ever met and I aspire to be just like you! I loved talking crap about my brother with you. I hope you achieve all of your goals and have the best college experience ever❤️!

Will Guo

To JaeJun Park, I will you time to golf. I know you had to overcome a lot, especially with your condition, but hopefully you’ll be able to golf as you go to college to remedy this. Your idol Elon Musk was able to succeed, so go out and achieve!

To Ashwin Nair, I will you purity. Although not entirely (as we are all not perfect), as a friend you are definitely the most pure person I’ve met. You keep it 100, and I know you’ll continue being a stand up guy in WashU.

To Lucas Brower, Rithik Thekiniath, and Anirudh Chari, I will you all a petite underclassmen friend. Playfully joking and handling Andrew with me became a fun pastime, and I hope you’re able to continue this brotherly behavior in college with another underclassmen. Maoping for life.

To David Dickson and Madison McTaggart, I will you guys rest. Senior edition was tough, and you guys worked so hard to keep The Acronym great. I hope me and Max are able to carry on your legacy, have fun in college!

To Pranet Swain, I will you peace. You’re definitely the smartest and most sane in the quad, and without those goofballs I hope you’re able to lock in and make a lot of money.

Xander Krolow

To Deondre O’bannon, I want to thank you so much for adopting me and leading me through this new environment. There would be a lot of things that wouldn’t have happened to me without you. Thanks for all the skills you have given me and all the good times we had as well. I wish you luck in your future with whatever you do.

To Jaden Willis, I want to thank you for being someone to teach me about this place as well as being someone I can just have fun with. You’re an amazing person and you will get far with whatever you do. Good luck.

To Alonso Roman, Thanks for always being there whenever something was happening. You are an amazing guy with a great future ahead of you and you will succeed wherever you go.

To Muna Onwuameze, Thanks for being someone I can look towards as someone who helps others try and get better. You made me better at some things here. You are going to go a long way with the connections you have made all throughout your life. Thank you, Muna.

To the basketball team, I want to thank you so much for making me an overall better player and a better person, I had a lot of memories at all of the games as well as the holiday tournament, thanks for playing. Everyone who played on the team has enough dedication to the game to make it far in whatever you want to do, thank you so much for everything you have done.

Yash Yardi

To Sree Atyam, I will you a camera which can take photos on par with your distinguished standards. On a real note, Spain was so fun with you and I’m glad we got close over the years.

To Ashwin Nair, I will you an easier res-life position in college because even though our wing was fire. You deserve it lol.

To Maddie McTaggart and David Dickson, I will you both fabulous new leadership positions in the clubs or activities where your interests lie in the future. You guys deserve it and I’m glad we got to work together this year!

Yicole Ng

To Jojo Germo, I will you the opportunity to see every whale on the planet. Thank you for being the best big sib!! We have opposite schedules, unfortunately, but I look up to you a lot. You’re super passionate about what you love, so I hope you never lose that :)) <3

To Ms. StudCo President (Marguerite DiMarco), I will you infinite passes to every opera and a lot of SLEEP. You were a big reason why I enjoyed StudCo: your perseverance and the way you always stood up for me when times were tough are all things I love about you. I hope college treats you well, and please relax!!

To Raven McKelvin & Keyan Dunmore, I will you both an amazing college experience. Thank you for making L&D Matter a fun organization to be part of! I’m honored to follow your guys’ footsteps :)

To Sindhu Chalasani, I will you a relaxing time in college. I think it’s funny we’ve attended the same schools for a while (coincidentally, one of my dream schools is where you’re going LOL), but I’ve always thought you were super cool. Being in D-wing was fun with you, and I hope you will do great things :)

To my second semester Calc AB table (Winston Mattson, Sriya Mudumba, Katherine Mayer, Ellen Ngyuen, & Anahi Moreno), I will you all a wonderful post-IMSA life! Thank you for making AB a lot more fun :)) I appreciate you all!

To Ryan Li, I will you tickets to any Kpop concert you choose (no expiration). I know I am bad at talking to you, but honestly, you made my transition to IMSA so much easier. I hope Stanford is amazing <3!!

To the one ‘24 LEAD facilitator I had (Jaz Johnson), I will you a genie that can make your wishes come true. Never change yourself for anyone! You inspired me a lot during my time in LEAD, and I hope you have a wonderful time post-IMSA.

To the seniors at my Orgo table (Aleks Duda, Yanel Gonzalez, Joey Paras, and Eliel Valdez), I will you all an A in every university class! You all have been amazing to work with, and I will miss you guys a lot :(( Orgo was super fun with you all!!

To my favorite flutists (Anisha Kolambe, Amanda Barajas, and Gwen Olney), I will you all perfect pitch. I’m sorry I left this year, but you guys were what made Wind Ensemble fun for me! You’re all super cool people, and remember me when you guys are famous!!!

To my V-trad choreo (Ellen Ngyuen), I will you a lot of Kirbys. I don’t think I’ve ever said this to you before but know that I think you’re super duper cool. You have an irresistible charm and you always light up my mood. Have a good time post-IMSA!!!

To Maitreyi Pandey, I will you SLEEP. I always respected your ability to balance school and extracurricular activities (which paid off!!!), and I don’t think I’ve thanked you for being a positive influence on me during my time on StudCo. You always were kind to me and I hope college treats you well :)

To my ’24 06 D-wing folks last year (Ashley Hernandez, Giada Avina, Chiamaka Okoli, Kosi Okeke, Ale Aguilar Ortiz, Aru Ulanbek, & Lisa Zhong), I will you all a lot of love post-IMSA. I miss you guys so much, and you all made my time in D-wing super fun!! The late-night talks and tea sessions were always welcome, and I know you all are going to do some cool stuff.

Zhuoer Cai

To Joshua Lee, I will you a new hat.

To Albert Han, I will you awesome calves.

To Dani Cano, I will you overwatch.

To Kohl Harr Harr Harr, I will you more family-friendly jokes.

To Charles Conner, I will you Ninja’s fornite skills.

To Dash Leigh, I will you more of whatever you like.

To Steven Espinoza, I will you more running.

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Max Chen
Max Chen is a junior at IMSA who lives in 01 D-wing. He is from Champaign and is very excited to serve as a Staff Writer for The Acronym. Outside of writing, he likes to play guitar, tennis, and videogames.

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