2022 Underclassmen Wills Pt.1

Underclassmen Wills || Source: Dhruv Patel

Welcome to the 2022 Underclassmen Wills! 

After editing 141 pages and 81,286 words, The Acronym and Junior Class Club (JCC) are beyond excited to finally give you all this year’s Underclassmen Wills!

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Aashima Singh Sisodia
Abigail Botello
Albert Han
Alexandra Orantia
Alyssa Abendroth
Amanda Barajas
Anala Thakkar
Anisha Kolambe
Anthony Kholoshenko
Ashley Hernandez
Ava Gonzalez
Ayati Lala
Becca Pae
Bhavya Vegesna
Bhavyaa Chauhan
Breena Bulthuis
Caroline Kowal
Chinara Caldwell
Damilola Tabiti
Danica Sun
Daniel Ma
Daniel Park
David Dickson
Dean Barrow
Destiny Grant
Destiny Harris
Dheeran Wiggins
Dhruv Patel
Eddie Ning
Einsey Socrates
Elaina Xiao
Ella Voyles
Emma Rodriguez
Garrett Snedden
Giada Avina
Halimat Sanusi
Himani Kamineni
Iain Gore
Irene Liu
Jackie Zhang
Jadesola Suleiman
Jaejun (JJ) Park
Jai Sutaria
JaKhai Hudson
Jared Dong
Jason Qin
Jazmyne Germo
Jeff Duan
Jerrick Li
Karina Byers
Kate DeGreve
Kelly Cruz
Kennedy Bray
Kevin Johnson
Kosi Okeke
Laasya Nagumalli
Laura Cervantes
Laya Gopalkrishnan
Lily Song
Luis Hernandez Aguirre
Maame Afua Poku
Maggie DiMarco
Marcelle Mbende


Aashima Singh Sisodia

To Andy Tang, I will you more prosperity in college and (hopefully) more prosperity in debate, if you do choose to continue it at Stanford. I’ve always looked up to you as the model senior, and I will miss you when I’ll have to do research all by myself next year. I’ll *try* not to pull all-nighters before tournaments next year, and I’ll definitely hold all of the debate team accountable (otherwise, I will complain to you so you can scold them). Rest not, your superior formatting skills and ability to make pretty card docs and cases will not go with you to college. Please do reach out, even if it leads us to talk about debate and anything until the ungodly hours of the night.

To Lethzy Gutierrez, I will you another peer that responds faster to your questions about calculus. I apologize for forgetting to respond or procrastinating on my worksheets, leading you to get my response really late and overdue. I want you to know that I silently thought that you were always really level and I definitely enjoyed being wingmates with you!

To Hannah Johnson, I will you another synchro partner and person that helps you feel comfortable like you did for me. You were the reason I was able to step out of my comfort zone and stay in synchro and swim. I will definitely miss saying hi to you in the hallways and having a senior like you be so friendly to me. That coffee cake will always be IMSA’s!

To Logan Nelson, I will you also another anime to get through the stupid decision of MAPPA to make three whole parts for a season that could’ve been concluded in one. Through this AoT drought, please do give me newer anime recs that you find interesting and make one cry less.

To Dean Oquendo and Rujuta Durwas, I will you another feisty and annoying underclassman baby on behalf of you-know-who and me. You guys were amazing seniors on the swim team and helped all the sophomores on the swim team find a place here when we didn’t have one. Both of you are really cool and funny, and please stay in contact with all of us :)


Abigail Botello

To Olamiji Fabamigbe, I will you someone as kind and supportive as you! I am so lucky that you have taken us sophomores in and have always been there to help us. You were an amazing EXCEL tutor and an even more amazing friend. I hope you continue to sing and spread your light everywhere. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you!

To Lethzy Gutierrez, Axel Hernandez, and Karen Olvera, I will you good company, great memories, and even better homemade food. Thank you all for being amazing club leaders and upperclassmen. You all made Alma Latina such a great experience this past year. Congratulations and best wishes on everything you three will do!

To Sanaa Davis, Belly Kubwimana, and Feyikemi Ogunleye, I will you amazing, kind-hearted, and welcoming upperclassmen like you were to so many of us underclassmen. You were great EXCEL tutors and I am so grateful for all your words of advice. I am so glad for this past year and wish you all the best of luck in college!

To Nathaniel Graf, I will you a futsal tournament! We unfortunately had to cancel the one planned this year, but I hope you’ll get to plan one again in the future. I’m so glad I met you through Alma Latina and wish you the best in your future endeavors!


Albert Han

To Sameer Komoravolu, I will you ping pong skills. I will always remember the hours of ping pong we played and how fun it was. Even though I lost most of the time, I had some good wins and I will definitely hold those over your head. I always enjoyed your jokes and pranks. Some of them were a bit mean, but I know mine were too. You always had a childish energy to you that I thought was cool. You had the energy of a sophomore but the experience of a senior. I thank you for all the help and advice that you gave me throughout the school year. I’ll finally admit that you are better than me at ping pong and slightly taller.

To Apurva Reddy, I will you an adventure. I remember talking to you right after the SciOly tryouts came out and you told me how I was on the team, even though I didn’t do so well on tryouts. That meant a lot to me, and SciOly has been one of the most fun experiences I’ve had at IMSA. I always thought back to that and it has made me work so much harder. I’ll never forget climbing into Grainger and the robotics lab to get balsa wood and meter sticks just so we could record builds. I’ll always remember recording builds for hours on the day of a tournament. It was stressful but we had a lot of fun.

To Matt Tores, I will you a great college cross country team. You were always supportive and an inspiration. I always looked up to you and I hope that one day I can be as fast as you. It was always amazing to watch you run and cheer you on. I know I was a bit crazy at times, but you still were there for me if I did bad after a race. You always helped pace with everyone else, even though you could go faster. That helped me alot and pushed me to do better. I’ll always remember you whenever I go on a run.

To Gerry Paramo, I will you a senior in college that was as helpful as you were to me. From the first day I walked into 1504, you were there to show me the ropes and help me when I was confused. You were an amazing teacher when it came to working out, and I learned so much from you. I think you’re the only reason I passed Moving and Learning. You were always there to help me, whether it was for an essay or info on clash. You always had the coolest stories of past seniors, and I will definitely tell the incommon sophs about you. I hope that one day we can finish that Terraria world we started.

To Liam McCarthy, I will you victory in all your future competitive sports endeavors. You are the most enthusiastic senior I know. You always had a positive attitude, even when things weren’t going your way. You made everything so much more fun with your jokes. Playing all those games in Outdoor Indoor was a lot of fun. Me, you, and Jared always won (totally) against Faisal and Miles. Every time I see you with your loud, funny expression makes me want to be like that too. Whenever I need to give a presentation or something, I always try to be like you. Next time we play Faisal and Miles, we got this in the bag.

To Andy Tang, I will you an empty schedule. You were a huge inspiration to me. During SciOly practices, whenever you came, I just felt like everything made so much more sense. You are amazing at explaining things. I was pretty bad at chemistry and never understood things online, but I always was able to understand things when you taught them. You inspired me to get better at chemistry, and I can only dream to be as good as you at it. Good luck on all your future endeavors, I know you’ll do amazing.

To Eric Shackleford, I will you a college upperclassman as helpful as you were. You were the first Senior I really got to know at IMSA, and you really showed me the ropes. You told me about all the amazing things IMSA has to offer and got me really excited about what I could do here. Whenever I was confused about something, you were always able to clear things up. Thank you for all the advice you gave me that first month of school.

To Robert Szocinski, I will you a cooler breathing technique. I will always remember the home cross country meet, where you kept pushing me to keep up with you. You gave me so much motivation. Whenever I feel like stopping in a race, I will think about you, telling me to keep going. You had the best jokes, despite how serious you can look. You made every run so much more fun. I’ll always remember your slow slows, your fast fasts, and your cool breathing technique.


Alexandra Orantia

To the seniors in down quad in 1503 D wing (Hilda, Gloria, Ate Christin, and Vivian), I will you endless waffles. You guys really made our wing feel like home. From the random noises, and waffle parties, I’m gonna miss and cherish them all. Hilda, thank you for all of the food trips, wiggle hugs, and rant sessions. Gloria, thank you for your big brain knowledge and sense of humor. Ate, thank you for being a real homie and sister. Vivian, thank you for your contagious laugh and adorableness. I’ve seen you guys work so hard to get where you are now, and I’m in awe of all your accomplishments. Your quad made such an impression on me, and I only hope that I can be as swaggy as a senior next year. I love you all so much. I wish for your happiness and fulfillment in college, and when things get rough, make sure to take a breath and eat a waffle or two :))

To the senior dancers in Lunar Modern and G-Friend (Rishi, Niyati, Wei, Eden, Annabelle, Natali, and Rujuta), I will you personal spotlights. Dancing with you all encouraged me to keep dancing on campus and enjoy every practice, every recording, and our final performances. The dedication you guys had to make the experience so enjoyable and so worth it is truly admirable. Some quick personal shoutouts… Rishi, stay eating your oatmeal! You’re so talented, and I applaud you so much for being able to dance so much on top of your busy schedule. Niyati, keep smiling, you beautiful human! I love your kind presence and comforting hugs. Wei, long live the drippy outfits! You were an amazing choreo for G-Friend and I’m glad that we’re surviving Modern Theater together. Eden, you were one of the first seniors I talked to on campus, and I’m happy to have gotten to know you better! Jakob, don’t mess up your ankle again! As Studco Prezzy, make sure you make time for yourself and SSS properly. Annabelle and Natali, you will forever be two of the hottest G-Friend members! I love giving you guys hugs and our constant waves in the hallways. Rujuta, you’re always so caring and motherly! The genuine concern and love you give to everyone is admirable. I’m grateful to have gotten to know most of you through dancing, and by having your own spotlights, I hope you’ll recognize that you’re all shining stars!

To Makayla Zheng and Kevin Fan, I will you freedom from pivot tables. Thank you for being two spectacular mentors, leaders, co-chairs, and friends on LEAD. Makayla, you’re a literal goddess; I don’t know how you juggle everything with so much grace. Kevin, you’re alright ig. Jkjk, you’re my favorite frog. You were an awesome and chill co-facilitator, and I’m also grateful for the advice and words of wisdom you’ve given me. Overall, Nikita and I have SUCH big shoes to fill. I only wish the incoming class could witness how truly amazing you both are.

To Natalie Hulseberg, I will you a megaphone. You have such an inspiring voice and are so capable of making a positive change in the world. The efforts you’ve made for everyone to feel included are amazing and so recognized. You were the reason why I applied to be a LEAD facilitator, and I’m forever grateful. Have fun in college!! I’m so excited to hear about how much you’ll grow and the girlboss you’ll become!! I LOVE YOU

To Saanvi Chelikani, my WebTech queen, I will you a comfy and warm jacket that feels like a hug. I think our first interaction was when we shared playlists for LEAD and I’m so glad that happened. I was intimidated going into WebTech as one of the few juniors, but seeing your face and continuously sitting next to you was so welcoming. Thank you for the endless support and hugs, and I can’t wait to hear about your college experience with the jacket I willed you (because I know how cold you get hehe) <33

To Sabrina Zhang, I will you an infinite amount of hedgehog plushies and sunshine. You have such a vibrant personality and a presence that lights up every room you walk into. If you don’t know it already, I’m sending you a gajillion air-hugs right now. Hehe love you brina <33

To Sri Voora, I will you a pen that doesn’t run out of ink. One of my favorite memories with you is when you drew a little crab and chubby baby on my hand and arm. I love that day and the fact that we got closer! Please attack me with more hugs and beautiful ink drawings before you leave, my cherub. I love you!!!

To Thavaisya Ananth, I will you a personal runway. You are a queen, an icon, an absolute BADDIE! My first conversation with you was online during sophomore year through Res Life on Zoom. Literally, that one interaction broke down so many of my antisocial walls so I was so excited to find your name on the housing doc for 03. Thavaisya. You girlboss. I love you. Have fun in Georgia (land of the peaches), I’m sending so many hugs your way.

To Isabel Chen, I will you the fanciest pen ever. I relieved a lot of stress and had a lot of fun during that one convo right after a Saudade meeting, and I’m so glad that it made us closer. You’re such an easy person to talk to and you’re absolutely stunning. Please continue to be dazzling in college and keep in touch :)))

To Kian De Guzman, I will you an infinite spending card to all your favorite restaurants and an endless supply of Trivia Crack lives. You’re usually scrolling through food reels on Insta or playing Trivia Crack, so I thought what I willed you was appropriate lol. But anyways… you’re constantly reassuring me and making me laugh, and I can’t say how much you’ve made second semester better for me. Thank you for taking my mind off things and for being present whenever my stress became overwhelming, which it did like every other week heh. You’re clumsy, lowkey blind, and a SHMEN, but you’re also a lot of fun to be around. Thank you for going on trips with me to Starbucks and Chipotle, anime sessions, random rants, and for being my dance partner at Lunar and Casa. Once again, you’re a klutz, but dancing with you definitely made those cultural shows memorable. Okok, imma shut up now. Have fun in college! Oh em gee, CS at UIUC!! Drink some good boba, try more Starbucks drinks, and make sure to keep in touch :))


Alyssa Abendroth

To Rujuta Durwas, I will you an amazing college experience and the bathroom poster. Even though I’m mad at you for leaving me, I am so grateful to have you as my senior and my wing mate <3. Thank you for all of the long, fun nights, help with homework, yummy food, good laughs, bathroom signatures, etc. You’re the best senior I could have ever asked for. I’m gonna miss you Ruju :((

To Nadia Ludwig, Reshypoo Mukherjee, Jillian Heinzmann, Erin Overstreet, Mya Griesbaum, Eunice Kim, and Sanaa Davis, I will you really awesome baller skills. Even though we didn’t win much, y’all were me an amazing team and I wish y’all the best!


Amanda Barajas

To the seniors of Heliotrope board (Temi Ijisesan, Isabella Chen and Hannah Johnson), I will you endless creativity for years to come.  I continue to be inspired by your dedication and commitment to all things Heliotrope – whether it’s helping set up open studio sessions or facilitating events with countless different clubs.  You guys are truly amazing, and I can’t wait to see all the great things you accomplish in life.  

To Temi Ijisesan, I will you the 02 clash mural.  I remember the long nights spent huddled over the massive canvas, Spotify music playing in the background as we grew slightly delirious from the heat.  I’ll miss the random philosophical conversations we would have, painting away on the bridge.  That’s something I’ve always admired — your ability to strike up a conversation, no matter how small.  Time and time again, between board meetings and open studio sessions you’d come and challenge my perspectives, whether it was talking about gouache or simply asking about my day.  You always managed to put art in the conversation, and taught me that my voice mattered in the group setting.  Looking back, those are some of the moments that I will never forget.  One day it is my hope to embody the person that you exemplified: a creative and considerate leader that can strive to push Heliotrope forward. 

To Gloria Wang, I will you good vibes and more immaculate fits.  Although we haven’t had the chance to talk much this year, I always appreciated the little moments when we would wave to each other whenever we crossed paths.  You’ve always been so supportive of me and my art, and I’m glad that I was able to share a piece of that with you.  I couldn’t have asked for a better big sib (and Lead facilitator)!


Anala Thakkar

To Apurva Reddy, I will you one box of cinnamon pull aparts. But to get the record straight, I hate you. I hate you for being such a good friend and for all the memories we made together. I hate you for all the 1 AM texts, for all the times we worked on SciOly together, and for everything in between. I hate you for all of it, because now it’s going to be gone and goddamn, I am going to miss you so much when you go. Words can’t put just how wrong it’s going to be to come back onto campus without you there next fall, and I wish I met you sooner. But to you, I will you one box of cinnamon pull aparts from Papa John’s for you to sit down in your college’s dining hall and share with that someone who will listen to all your long talks and answer all your questions with equally introspective ones. I wish you all the best in college and in life, and I can’t wait to see what new stories you’ll have to tell when we talk later.

To Andy Tang, my big sib that feels like my actual sib and not a person StudCo assigned, my astronomy partner, and my constant reminder to stop being late to Titan Crew, I will you some trefoil cookies (yes, the Girl Scout ones). I was going to give you motor oil since you’re a robot, but since you keep denying it I’ll give you some cookies instead. Robots probably like cookies, right? Anyways, I’m still waiting on that crazy MSI project idea of yours, but in the meantime just try to enjoy college as much as you can. I’ll miss you a ton (esp since I’ll have to take your place as resident astro god), so remember to reach out every now and then.

To Mr. Eric Shackelford, I will you a shake. Thanks for all the advice and the good times in DigiPho. Have fun in college, and make sure to treat yourself to a shake every now and then. 😉

To Advait Patel, I will you infinite bagels. I’ll miss the chats we had over grab and go over classes and music and everything in between. Keep working hard and I wish you all the best. ❤️


Anisha Kolambe

To 02A Down Quad (Em, Kaz, Lucie, Reny), I will you the best support group and college experience! All four of you were key in creating 02 A’s friendly and comfortable environment that made our wing really feel like home! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ All of you were role models and superheroes in your own way, and you are sure to succeed no matter where you end up in life! We’ll miss you dearly (┬┬﹏┬┬) but wish you the best in your future endeavors! ✪ ω ✪

To Gabi Georgieva, I will you the best tea that you’ll ever drink (and ofc the best college experience)! You were so inspirational as an RSL and really helped all of 1502 settle into campus despite undergoing a virtual year. 02 A programs and Clash were awesome thanks to you! Despite the fact that you’re leaving us far from home (Spain?!), you’ll always be close in our hearts ❤️. Have a great life journey ahead!

To Eileen Vortia, I will you the confidence and love that lasts a lifetime! Although we didn’t interact much, I really admired your outfits and art! Your passion and hard work will always shine through! I hope that you enjoy your college experience! q(≧▽≦q)

To Nadia Horak, I will you the best support group ever. I’ve honestly admired you so much, from your involvement in Yearbook to your scarily amazing sleep schedule. You’ve been such a great support to the sophomores this year. I hope that college treats you well! (✿◡‿◡)

To Andrea Torres, I will you the best life-changing moments and resilience through every hardship that you face! Thank you for literally saving my life twice, being my running buddy in XC, and always showing support and kindness. Your voice is amazing as well! May college treat you well, and I hope that you achieve all your dreams in life! ( •̀ ω •́ )✧

To Cor Sirais, I sincerely will you all the $$$! Thank you so much for being such a welcoming, motivational, and inspirational FRC business head! You made FRC such an enjoyable experience and gave me the opportunity to branch out of my comfort zone through Chairman’s and judging. Your shoes will be hard to fill, but I’ll promise to make the FRC experience even better for the future team! I’ll miss the time that we spent together in Iowa before the competition! Have a great journey ahead of you! o((>ω< ))o

To Christin Ann Sanchez, I will you the best runs and music ever! You were always so inspirational on the XC team and in playing flute! Your passion for the environment was also super noteworthy! You’ll do great no matter what you do or where you go! I’ll miss you! ヾ(•ω•`)o

To Reese Ramos, I will you the cutest hedgehog ever. Thank you for making SciOly so fun as we cracked aristocrats, patristocrats, baconian, morbit, pollux, and all the ciphers you could ever want together. As always, your hair was always one of the most satisfying to pat. Even if you do get a haircut, it will always carry the hedgehog spirit. :) Don’t forget me!!! You’ll do great in college and later on in life! (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

To Joyce, Alice, Eden, and Wei, I will you the undying passion and energy to make every day the best one yet. I’ve always admired your fits and talent/devotion to dance! 02 Clash would not have been the same without all of you. I hope you have the best college experience! (/≧▽≦)/

To all the seniors in FRC, I will you all the team spirit and cheer that you’ll ever need, both during the times that you feel self-doubt and during the times that you are living your best life. You’ve all worked so hard during this season and I hope that you’ll continue your FIRST connection as alumni. You’ll do great in college and whatever path life finds you on! \^o^/

To all the seniors in Hadron, I will you the best writing throughout your college experience. All of the articles you’ve written and edited were sooooooo interesting and I deeply appreciate all the time and effort you’ve dedicated to this year’s Hadron journals. Keep immersing yourself in topics that interest you, and you’ll never feel unfulfilled in life! o(* ̄︶ ̄*)o

To all the seniors in SciOly, I will you productive study sessions and a passion that lasts a lifetime. I’m proud, excited, and inspired by all the hard work and progress that you’ve devoted to this year’s season and the achievements you’ve made. Your passion will make you stand out no matter where you end up, so remind yourself of your journey and push on to the future!

To all the seniors in cross country, I will you the most scenic run in the journey of life. Unlike every other XC event, life isn’t a race to the finish. I hope you’ll pace yourself so that you can always do your best and take a break/rest to enjoy the best of life’s moments. You are resilient and passionate, so you’ll be fine no matter where you end up! (*°▽°*)

To everyone, I will you a head pat  (◉_◉)ヾ(≧▽≦*)  because it goes a long way in life ❤️. You will do great no matter where you end up, because you’ve already survived the IMSA journey. Let go of the stress and focus on yourself, for that’s all that matters :)


Anthony Kholoshenko

To Shikhar Gupta, I will you a bright, successful future. Since second grade we’ve been at it, bro. That’s a long time. You’re a really great friend and I only hope for the best for you, however it all turns out. Go far, my friend!

To Christo Ekimov, I will you a strong, prosperous career and, maybe, a title fight ;). Sharing a wing with you has been such an incredible experience. Here’s to countless, insightful conversations, watch parties, and all sorts of fun. Go on to do great things!

To Eunice Kim, I will you a TALENTed future. Cheesy, of course, but deserving. Thank you for welcoming me into TALENT with open arms and teaching me the ropes. You pushed me to become the facilitator I am today, and I greatly thank you for that. I’ll make sure to keep Revanth in check :). 

To Philip Yi, I will you the proper form for your BSS. Tsk, tsk, tsk … A few too many fun experiences. It’s been an honor sitting across from you in MVC. Don’t be too goofy in college. 

To Edward Zhang, I will you the ability to take simple integrals and never be confused again. Thank you for all of the experiences in B wing and MVC. Keep gatekeeping your work, girlboss. 

To Michael Hunding, I will you many physics discoveries. Thank you for a great experience in B wing, always being there whenever I needed any Mechanics and E&M help. Don’t be too cool for the right hand rule!

To Storm Stern, I will you never ending growth. You’ve been a great mentor in B wing and I sincerely appreciate that. I’ll never forget the experiences we shared. Go big, brotha!

To Marco Bravo, I will you a chill future. You’re one of the most relaxed guys I’ve met at this place and I really appreciate you for that. Don’t forget all the Ultimate and Spanish fun! 

To Apurva Reddy and Shreya Mahesh, I will you both successful futures, wherever they lead you to. Thank you for a great SciOly season! Your help and organization skills helped so much in learning to be a captain. Nationals next year??

To all other seniors I’ve shared even a short conversation with, I will you all the best. Each of you has left some impact on me and I owe a lot to all of you. Chase your dreams, do your thing, and flourish! You’ll all be fine!


Ashley Hernandez

To Gabriella Velazquez, I will you the chance to go to brunch with Harry Styles and tons of squishmallows. As someone who collects and is obsessed with plushies, every time I leave the wing and pass by your door I see your very cute plushies and they remind me of mine. I remember your Harry Styles’ mask and seeing it made me want one so bad, so I got one. Uh, I lost the mask… BUT I got a poster so it makes up for it. (I think) Anyways, thank you for being so funny by always scaring me when I go up the stairs, by making jokes during check, and by being you! I also will you cool hair — it’s always so nicely done, and it’s so soft. Writing this is making me cry but I will miss you, thanks for everything, my wing neighbor! 

To Nadia Ludwig, I will you nothing. I’m joking, I will you funny and fun days. You deserve happiness and everything good in the world! I also will you the opportunity to finally be a goody-two-shoes. Thank you for always giving me advice and helping me with issues I have. I enjoy and will miss our late-night talks in the Wing Commons or after 10 check. You were the first person in my wing I talked to and from that same day I knew you would be the nicest person in the world. I will you more creative ideas, leadership skills, and humor. I will miss you tons, and thank you for being like an older sister to me <3. 

To Rujuta Durwas, I will you a new pair of chompers (Filas) and some height. Thank you for always helping me with reviewing my essays and applications, couldn’t ask for a better upperclassman. To be honest, I was scared of you when I first met you but you became someone I could go to for help very quickly, and I sincerely thank you for that. I hope college treats you the best, and I will deeply miss you and going over to D wing. Your laugh will always be engraved in my head and never stop being you. I’LL MISS YOU!!

To Samantha Gong, I will you more makeup. You can NEVER have too much makeup, but with that comes money, so I also will you money for makeup. Thank you so much for being so nice to me and giving me advice when I go over to D wing. I really appreciate everything you do for me, others, GEA, and the hall. May your hair forever remain cool, and I will definitely miss the crunchiness in it. 

To Shreya Mahesh, I will you a fun time in college. You are so bright and always so fun to talk to. I hope college is something you always enjoy and look forward to! Thank you for all the memories.

To Apurva Reddy, I will you more math classes. I remember the first few weeks of school I would see you writing what appeared to be very difficult math problems in the study room. You have motivated me to push through IMSA’s math courses, and I thank you for that. I am so grateful to have you in my wing, let alone my floor. I enjoy 10 check talks with you and everyone else in the wing. I hope college treats you right! 

To Sage Owens, I will you more sleep and quieter study rooms. You have advocated so much for me, especially with *** — anyways thank you for being my favorite B wing upperclassmen you have helped me with A LOT. From giving me a mattress to just overall helping me deal with struggles, thank you. I also will you the luck of never living with squirrels, manifesting only the best roommates for you! I hope college is amazing for you and you continue to share your great leadership skills! 

To my favorite upperclassmen in IN2 (Sanaa Davis, Feiykemi Ogunleye, Kosi Onwuameze , Olamiji Fabamigbe) I will you all great memories, better school food, and happiness. You all bring so much laughter and joy to in2. I’m so glad I was able to spend my whole midday with you guys, thank you for always being so genuine and helping me with anything I need. You’re all basically forced to come back and visit… 

To GEA Board: Liz Soyemi, Erin Yoo, Shehzad Bajowala, Yihan Deng, and Samantha Gong, I will you all better Harry Styles backgrounds. I also will you good luck! I know you are all going to do amazing stuff in college and thank you so much for being great to me. With GEA being my first IMSA club, I couldn’t ask for better people to work with. I will miss you all! 


Ava Gonzalez

To Jillian Heinzmann, I will you a smile for whenever you are down. Thank you so much for introducing and guiding me through IMSA athletics for my first few months here. You’ve helped me become who I am here, and you helped me find my place. I hope you have a great time in college, and don’t forget about us back at IMSA :))

To 06A Downquad (Erin Yoo, Saanvi Chelikani, Eunice Kim, and Makayla Zheng), I will you my thanks. You all have been here for everyone in 06A wing, and I appreciate all of the effort you guys have put in to help us enjoy our time at IMSA. Have a great time pursuing your future endeavors, and don’t forget to keep in touch :))

To Thavaisya Anath, I will you someone to look up to like the way you were there for me. You’ve been an inspiration to me all year, and constantly been there to support me. You have worked so hard as long as I have known you, and I know you will continue to do so. Again, thank you so much for being there as someone to talk to, I have appreciated all of it. And trust me, you’ve left Key Club in good hands. Stay key-ute! 

To Temi and Pranav, I will you a good laugh when you need it. I will miss you guys — you truly made Enact the best, whether it was playing a game of Mafia that was most definitely rigged by Pranav, or karaoke with Temi on the last day of class. I wish you both a great time in college and beyond :))

To Nadia Ludwig, I will you happiness. You have always been there to cheer me up, and you made the basketball season a blast. You’re an amazingly supportive person, and I hope you have a good time at college :))).

To Gabi Georgieva, I will an adventurous and enjoyable college experience. You deserve it. I am so happy I met you through Ani, and I hope school in Spain will be everything you dream of and more! 

To Resh Mukherjee, I will you a great future. Thank you so much for making me feel included within the basketball team, 06, and IMSA in general. You helped me  stay on my feet in basketball, and supported me through the rough times. I appreciate that, and I hope you have a fantastic time in college. I believe in you, go on to do great things :)

To Kevin Fan, I will you thanks. Thanks for welcoming me into the IMSA community through my first club, Key Club. I’ve learned so much from you and Thavaisya, and I hope to carry it on for a long time. Congratulations, and good luck on your next steps beyond IMSA. :))

To Sanaa Davis, I will you success and happiness in future endeavors. Basketball was super fun with you, and you always hyped me up when no one else would, and I respect that :) I hope your future is full of adventure and fun, and don’t forget about us back at IMSA.

To Erin Overstreet, I will you another cool tattoo. Our little conversations during basketball were ones I cherished, and venting to you was super fun. Thank you for being there for me, and I hope college is the best (and that you get another cool tattoo).

To Jessica Lyseng, I will you joyful friendships. You were the first upperclassmen to come and socialize with me here at IMSA, and that is something I will never forget. I hope you are able to have a fun and enjoyable college experience :)).

To Mya Griesbaum, I will you happy days. You are always positive and energetic, and you helped make my basketball season extremely fun and enjoyable. I know you will go on to do great things, good luck and don’t forget to stay in touch :)).

To the Class of 2022, I will you good luck on your future endeavors. College is one step, but there is a lot more to come. Enjoy your time in college, it won’t last forever. And, remember to thank those around you and appreciate them, they will be there for you for the rest of your life. You are all so talented and amazing, and I hope we can hear from you all in the future. Good luck, we will miss you <3.


Ayati Lala

To Julie Lima and Morgan Johnson, I will you tons of love. I had the greatest time in volleyball and all the advice you guys have given. From always waving in the hallways, and inviting me over in Lexington, I am so thankful to have met you both. Thank you Julie for always helping me with math, and Morgan for your wonderful study guides. I’m going to miss you both so much!!

To Alice Li, I will you a great volleyball career. I’ve known you since volleyball at Dunlap and you never fail to inspire me. I’m so glad we got to play together, and I will miss your beautiful sets. Not only being great on the court, but you were also the best UNICEF president I could ask for. I’m so glad I met you and thank you for being such a great upperclassmen.

To Joyce Li, I will you the best on your French journey. JKK, but still you made French Club very special. Thank you for being a great leader in French Club and on the volleyball court. I’m so glad we got to play varsity together because watching you hit outside was incredible. You are such an amazing player and it’s inspiring to watch you play. I hope I can play as well as you do. I’m going to miss you!!!

To the boys volleyball team, I will you a great season. Thank you for letting me play with you guys during practice and random times when you set up in the gym. I have made so many great memories and improved so much practicing with you all! You all are so talented, and I am so glad I got to manage this season. 


Becca Pae

To Rujuta Durwas (dwarfus), I will you an upperclassman that will give you as much love and guidance that you gave me last year. I miss all those Houseparty and FaceTime calls we had throughout the day and night last year. Honestly, I have no clue how or when I met you (I guess  you’re just not that relevant – jkjk much love <3), but I’m so thankful it happened. Even though we didn’t spend as much time together this year, I’ll forever appreciate the memories and laughs we did have. Thank you for letting me make fun of you (it brought me a lot of joy and happiness last year). In all seriousness, even though we didn’t talk as much, I’ll miss every single one of your “hi”s that made me feel seen and I’ll forever miss your presence at the loft tables. I aspire to one day find the joy and happiness you radiate at IMSA and to be that person that you were for me as an incoming sophomore. I promise I’ll be/look happier, show off my dance skills in a culture show, and who knows … maybe even find more friends next year!! I know for a fact you’re going to thrive wherever you are with your contagious smile and loving personality. Yeah, this is probably the nicest I’ve ever been to you, but I truly do mean it when I say you’ve shaped my IMSA experience for the better in so so many ways :)) Thank you so much dwarfus, and I truly will you an amazing next four years. 

To Eden Puchitkanont (my ex-next-door neighbor), I will you a PR when you randomly go to an open swim. Maybe one day you’ll beat your sister or your 10 year old self. (jk, ily please don’t hate me. <3 Just remember you’re a crap ton faster than me, though I’m not really sure that’s an accomplishment) After all those years of playing in the backyard playground together and whatever else we did as kids, I’m so thankful that we randomly ended up connecting at IMSA. I’ll remember all the happy and tearful moments we had swimming at meets together this year. Thank you for all the advice you’ve given me, and I’ll miss the little tea session updates you gave me during each practice. I already know you’re gonna do amazing things in the future and I wish you the best of luck in college! Looking forward to randomly crossing paths like ten years down the line again :)).

To Isabel Chen, Rujuta Durwas, Naveena Mutharasan (swim captains), I will you all a tight, loving, and supportive community that you three created for the rest of us. Despite a year being fully online and a new coach, you three truly created such a special environment that wouldn’t have otherwise been possible. Thank you for making the best synchro routine and passing that tradition down. The memories will always come rushing back when I hear “Stay”. You all left such big shoes to fill and I promise Taylor and I will do our best to take on that role and make you guys proud :’) I promise to do my best to recreate the loudest team at meets and win the first place synchronous title again. I will you all a family in college, like the swim family you created for us :))

To Edwin Alcantara

I will you back a better year of math in college. I can officially now unfortunately say that not taking AP Calculus was the smarter move. I hope your experience with math in college is better than the one we had in BC and way better than the struggle right now in MVC (lmk if you ever do figure out the solids of revolutions thing). I will you someone in college that you can just look and laugh with when things in math get so confusing that all you can do is laugh, like when it sounds like Mr. Brummet’s teaching in another language or whenever math was brought up in Titan Crew. I wish you all the best in college with math, and I’m sure you’ll do amazing things!


Bhavya Vegesna

To Rujuta Durwas, my dear mother, I will you … I actually don’t know what to will you because you have everything you need. I remember the first time I met you. That weird Houseparty call at 1AM which ended with us singing karaoke till 4AM. I don’t know where I’ll be without that call. I feel like everything started with that call. You becoming my mother and us becoming as close as we are right now. Every moment with you has been the best and please keep spreading your beautiful energy in college as well. Anyone who knows you is literally the luckiest person ever. I know that there are definitely going to be hard days in college, but with your personality and your determination, I know that you’ll come out of it better than ever. I hope you take time to prioritize yourself while you’re out there helping solve everyone’s life problems (quite literally as a doctor). I know you’re only an hour away, but I’m going to miss running to you on campus to give you the biggest hugs and talk to you about all my problems. I’m going to miss our math table and struggling in math with you. I’m going to miss your “hi daughter” in the hallways. I want you to know that you’ve come a long way since I met you, and I’m so proud to call you my mother. I love you so much and I know that no matter where you go, you’ll always be there for me, and I want you to know that I’ll always be there for you too. No matter where you are, I will always support you Ruju!! Love you mother <33

To Rishi Boddu, I will you a dance partner, a Telugu bestie, and an upperclassman you can bother anytime like I did to you. Meeting you has probably been one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I remember you texting me the summer before sophomore year and it’s funny how we didn’t really talk till second semester last year. But either way, you’ve always been there for me through thick and thin, and I love you so much for everything you do for me. Dancing with you this year, going on walks with you, and just spending time with you has been the best, and I’m going to miss you so much while you’re at Berkeley. Thank you for being my Big Sibling both at school and in real life. It’s weird to think that you’re going to be 31 hours away from me soon, but I want you to know that I will drop everything and drive over in a heartbeat (once I get my license) if you ever call me. I am so proud of you and all your accomplishments, and I just know that you’re going to do so many great things, my favorite CS queen!! I love you so much and party it up at Berkeley. I’m going to miss you so much!

To Kaylee Zhou, I will you someone who’s shorter than you, although that will probably never happen. Jkjk!! I will you a college upperclassman who enjoys your hugs as much as I do and will randomly give you life updates. Meeting you this year has been one of the best things, and I don’t know how I would have gotten through this year without your random hugs and kisses. I love finding you in the hallways and doing things from giving you hugs to randomly giving you nicknames to taking photos with you. I’m so proud of everything you’ve done and I know you’re going to do great things at UIUC! Even though no one’s going to believe you’re a college student, I hope you party it up at UIUC. Make sure you visit me!! I love you so much Kaykay <33.

To Srinitya Voora, I will you my Telugu playlist and the best college experience ever. My little Telugu queen! I love you so much, and I’m so glad we got close this year. It’s weird to think that we were in the same Titan Crew last year but never talked. I blame you for that, by the way — you were too scary for me. But, my little ray of sunshine and smiles, I love you so much, and thank you for being there for me all the time and for making me laugh all the time. I love our 5 minute long hugs and random moments in the hallway. I hope you finally relax and not stress yourself out at college and have fun going to parties there. Make sure you come visit me though, because I am going to miss giving you random life updates. I love you so much Sri and don’t forget about your (second?) favorite junior!

To Thavaisya Ananth, I will you an upperclassman who will understand your weird Telugu and appreciate all your animal noises the same way I did. But most of all, I will you an upperclassman that will always be there for you no matter what, the same way you were there for me. From seeing you at all those random badminton places to living with you and being this close with you is something that I never could have imagined in a million years. I can’t believe I was intimidated by you at first. Living with you and talking to you (both in choppy Telugu and random animal noises) has been the best. I’m going to miss your aggressive “HIs” that are full of love and your random kisses and cuddles so much! Please keep randomly knocking on my door till you graduate! Even though you’re leaving me for Georgia, I can’t wait to see everything you do! I love you so much thavi <33.

To Gabe Delgado, I will you an upperclassman who is as funny as you are and an oddly good dancer. I remember standing there during Diwali Modern and for some reason we were always near each other for all the dances (I blame Rishi for this). Although we never talked during Diwali Modern (mostly because you scared me), I loved getting to know you throughout the year. Dancing with you during Lunar to having you teach me dances has been so fun! Thank you for making me laugh all the time and for dealing with me almost everyday. Have fun at UIUC and make sure you party

To Niyati Kapadia, I will you the best college experience ever in China, and a ticket to every Mamamoo concert. Dancing with you throughout the year has been the best, and I’m so glad that I got to know you this year! Your dedication and passion always inspire me to work harder. I hope you have fun all the way in China, and I can’t wait to see all the amazing things you’ll do!

To Erin, I will you an upperclassman who is as caring and hardworking. Meeting you through SCAN has been the best. I don’t know how you do everything you do, but I am always inspired by your passion and dedication! Thank you for being leading me through my junior year on SCAN and even next year with all your tips lol. But either way, I hope you have fun at college and I know you’re going to do great things.

To Jakob Bachhausen, I will you an upperclassman who’s as understanding and funny as you are. Getting to know you this year has been the best and choreoing with you has been so fun!! I remember meeting you the night before convocation where you were pacing and trying to memorize your speech, and I remember how Alex and I posed you that night for potential convocation pictures. From there to after 10 check “studying” has been the best no matter how loud or hot the hall commons were. Thank you for always make me laugh with your stupid jokes, accents, and all the stories from your sophomore year. I know you’re going to do so many great things at UIUC, but I hope you finally take a break and have fun and party a lot more at college!

To Jack Pinto and Natalie Hulseburg, I will you the most considerate and best upperclassmen ever. I remember the first time I met you guys during move-in. Spending the 2 days in the hall commons where we blasted music and just made decorations is probably my favorite memory. I’m so glad that I was able to meet you both this year and thank you for being the best RSL heads. I can’t wait to see what you guys do at college!

To Annabelle Lu, I will you an upperclassman who will randomly say “HI” to you in the hallways and the best college experience ever! I love saying “HI” to you in the hallways and seeing you wave back with a smile makes me so happy. I’m so glad I got to meet you through Lunar practices and I can’t wait to see everything you do!

To Kian De Guzman, I will you a day where you don’t trip and an upperclassman who is as funny and chill as you are. I can’t believe I only got to know you in the past 2 months, but being your “logistical director” has been so fun. Thank you for always making me laugh and for checking up on me randomly through Alex’s phone. I hope you have fun at UIUC, and I know you’re going to do great things!

To Oliver Ni, I will you the best upperclassman there is! Getting to know you this year has been the best, but I wish we could have met sooner. Thank you for always being there to talk to and for always knowing how to make me laugh. I hope you have the best college experience, and I know you’re going to do great things. Have fun in D.C., and make sure you visit because I don’t know how to handle Dhruv and Saketh without you!


Bhavyaa Chauhan

To Apurva, I will you many more late nights of laughter and joy. Those Zoom calls truly did feel like a fever dream, but I’m glad I had those memories with you guys. You made my boring virtual learning days fun. In each Zoom call, I got to see a little glimpse into everyone’s separate lives as the panels exposed the tiniest bit of each person’s world. As a sophomore, I felt really lost in the online IMSA experience, and having you help guide me through that was really comforting. Have fun at Columbia, city girl, and don’t forget to keep in touch.

To Samantha Gong, I will you your own Gong Cosmetics line and endless cookies n creme ice cream(with oreo chunks and yellow cake). It’s funny how our first interaction was through a zoom interview, and now I crash into your room to record lip sync videos on Photobooth. Through long school days, clash practices, and nights with too much caffeine, you’ve always been so much fun to hang out with. Your laughs are contagious and your aura is unmatched. I remember, earlier in the year, whenever I would see you I’d yell “Samantha Gong!”. I mean, I don’t think I used “Sam” until after the clash.Though we’ve only gotten closer this semester, I see you as a sister. If you were a star, you’d be brighter than the sun. If you were a plant, you’d be prettier than a rose. If you were the sky, you’d be more beautiful than the sunset. And if you were a book, you’d have pages and pages- girl, i would probably end up Sparknoting it. My point is, never hold yourself back, because to me, you are nothing less than extraordinary. I wish you best of luck at Georgia Tech. For your sake, I hope you find a cute date too ;). Even though we only knew each other for a year, the memories will truly be unforgettable. I hope you miss me, because I know I’ll miss you endlessly.

To Jasmine Liu, I will you endless soursop and lots of yummy food. I never understood how a person could be as kind and calm as you are. Being around you feels like someone just took the all the stress of junior year and made it disappear. Thank you for letting me eat your Pocky and Mac and Cheese and thank you for always being so welcoming. Good luck at UMich and send lots of pics!!

To Niyati Kapadia, I will you lots of Dua Lipa concerts and K-pop merch. You have an impeccable energy and superior dance moves. I’m so glad that I met you this year. Hanging out with you has always been a good time and I’m grateful for all the memories we made together. Now that you’re leaving me and going to Duke Kunshan University! Though you’re on the other side of the world, I hope to be at least half the senior that you were next year. You so goofy ily, and I’m gonna miss u <3.

To Amanda Chen, I will you lots of Genshin and belly pats. Thanks for always being there through the highs and lows and being someone I can depend on. Hopefully, you come back to Naperville and we can eat out! Have fun at Cornell and don’t forget to send pics!!

To Feyikemi, I will you an exciting math class. Sitting next to you this semester was so much fun. I’m so glad we got closer! I’ll miss u!!

To Gavin, I will you lots of pens to scribble with and less damp hands. Sitting with you in math both first and second semester was so much fun. There’s never a dull moment with you around.

To Abbi Gonzalez, I will you lots of cool fidget toys and pop tarts. I can’t believe that we’ve had both 7th and 8th Mod together this past semester. Being in Spanish and math class with you is always so much fun and you manage to make my day brighter. I’m so lucky to have met you and been your friend. I’m going to miss you.

To Shiraz Baxamusa, I will you an even bigger inflatable taco.

To Makayla Z, I will you lots of cute bulletin boards and hall decs in college. I’m so glad that we met during early move-in. You were one of the nicest seniors I met, and I felt so welcomed. Making wing decorations with you and seeing your smile in the hallways will be things I’ll really miss. Thank you so much for letting me be an alternate wing guide, and I’m gonna miss you so much!

To Eunice Kim, I will you an upperclassman that was as smart and cool as you are. You’ve always been someone that I’ve looked up to (even though you’re younger than me hehehehe). Even through a zoom screen, I was always in awe of your calm composure and charismatic demeanor. You never fail to amaze me and I know you have an exhilarating future ahead of you. You’ve been one of my biggest inspirations this year and I’m grateful for all the memories we have made. There’s no other senior I would want to hall-hop, drink egregious amounts of coffee, and climb through windows with. I love your loud contagious laugh and I’m gonna miss hearing it a lot next year. Keep in touch, and make sur to call me when you’re super rich and famous.

To A wing Down Quad (Makayla, Eunice, Saanvi,Erin), I will you peaceful nights of sleep. Sorry for always being loud upstairs and downstairs (really everywhere) in the wing. But also, sometimes I’ll walk past your quad at 2AM and I’ll hear roars of laughter. Never stop being the goofy, fun, and cool-kids that you guys are. I can’t believe you guys are already off to college, and I’ll miss you all!

To Esther Im, I will you a giant baseball. Thank you so much for making socent so much fun, and I’ll miss you so much!


Breena Bulthuis

To Abi Ernat, I will to you my presence forever. You bring me so much happiness and are my favorite person to spend all my time with. I have loved all our tea times and all the walks to wherever. Thank you for always spending time with me and bringing so much joy into my life. Thank you for helping me improve my braiding skills and letting me give you all my hair advice. Our paper towel, and little note for Eli, Eliot, and Elio will live forever on the microwave in the 01 C wing. You are the love of my life ,and I do not know how to get through IMSA without you (I can’t – don’t leave). I don’t know how you will get through college without me so I send my love to you — it will forever be with you, and you will be so successful in college. I know you will find more happiness and you’ll have the best time of your life. Come back to visit and don’t forget me :’). Iowa is so lucky to have you <3

To Liz Alcala, I will to you all the creativity in the world. I promise I will (consider to) use the “if you turn into a fish what would you do right now” question for Exodus apps next year so you will never have to. You can use all your creativity to make a brand new question that no one has ever heard of — you will take Northwestern by storm. You can also use all of this creativity to make even more funny Scrabble boards and get other people in trouble with them — sorry Nachi. Thank you for accepting me to all the clubs you’re in — I promise to not ruin them. You are so kind and I hope you find the money to buy a warmie stuffed animal so you can experience all the joy I do. I love you :).


Caroline Kowal

To Julie, I can just say I will you everything and be finished, but I want you to know what that means. You are the most bad bleep person I know, so I will you friends and all strangers to know just how cool you are. You are so so smart, so I want you to know that by just living, you contribute so much to the world. Your laugh is beautifully contagious, so I will you something to always make you smile. I will you everything the whole world has to offer and more. You will do great things, and I can’t wait to see them all. 

To Grayson (Gray Gray), you are a really great guy. I will for you to continue treating others with such kindness and respect. I know you will always find something to laugh at, so I will you someone by your side to always laugh with you. I have always looked up to you (yes even in middle school, I may have thought you were cool, but don’t hold it against me lol). You are capable of so many things, and I want you to know how you really are amazing. I will you every opportunity to explore your passions and continue to create and inspire. You’ll be an amazing engineer.

To Dev, I wish we would have met so much sooner, and as selfish as it is, I wish you would be a super senior, but you’re way too smart for that? Your heart is so big, and I will you so many people to care for and love as I know you will find. You are brilliant and so talented, but I wish you would open up to more people because they will appreciate everything about you (even your questionable jokes lol). I will you to stay out of trouble; we both know you can rule the world given better eyesight. Please come back and visit. IMSA will not be as fun without you.

To Advait, to the absolute most genuine, kind, and appreciative person I know, I will plentiful friends, opportunities, and happiness. I know you will show the world how amazing you are. I will you a piece of heart and mind as you bring the world so much light.

To Abbi Gonzalez: You are so caring, sweet, smart, funny, and capable. Please know your worth. I know you have not had it easy in life, but you are so strong and still became such a wonderful person. I know wherever you end up going to college you will become successful and do wonderful things. I will you a happy life and for you to realize the love people have for you. I am not the closest to you, but I can still tell that you deserve more than the world. :)

To Class of 2022, I will each and everyone of you great success but also great happiness.  As a junior, you all have made me feel so welcomed. I could not ask for better mentors, comedians, and friends. IMSA will not be the same without you. You all will do great. PS I ran out of time to write to everyone I wanted to, and I will try my best to contact you!


Chinara Caldwell

To Sanaa Davis, I will you a keychain because you always lose your keys, and I have to fob you in all the time. You are one of my favorite seniors. You never fail to make me laugh. Your comments about people will always be something. Also, please stop trying to take people’s shoes. Thanks for all the food you gave me whenever I needed food, and also for staying with me when I had chest pains and needed to stay in the RC office until 1 AM. Also, thanks for  helping edit my papers. The memories I made this year with you, will always be with me forever. I already know your college experience is going to be the best.  Please come back, and say Hi.

To Olamiji Fabamige, I will you to keep on laughing and have the best college years. I love that we got closer this year, Mother Roach. I don’t think this year would have been as fun as it was if I didn’t hang out with you — from our late-night talk about people in your room to always having fun and making jokes. Trying to figure out outfits for wing wars and dressing for 90’s day will always be one of the best memories I have at IMSA. I hope at college you continue to be yourself and keep laughing so people across campus can hear. I hope you come back for Harambee. I will miss you next year, please don’t lose contact.

To Oluwafeyikemi Ogunleye, I will you relaxation and fun. You are one of the best mentors I could ask for. I loved working on Harambee with you. It made my first experience on BSU so much better. I also love our talks in IN2. You always had something funny to say which made the day better. I hope you enjoy college and come back next year to see what we can do for Harambee. 

To my C-Wing Senior (Temi Akinmolayan, Oluwafeyikemi Ogunleye, Kosisochi Onwuameze,

Elizabeth Soyemi), I will you unforgettable memories in college. I know your experience will be one of a kind and I hope to hear about it one day. 02 would not have been as fun if you were not there. I hope college is enjoyable and please come back next year to say “Hi.” 

To my basketball upperclassmen, I will you prosperity. Our time together during basketball is something I could never take back. Joking around on the bench as well as having fun on the court made my basketball experience one of a kind. 

To Belly and Colin, I will you better dance moves and more jokes in your life. You have consistently made me laugh this year. Also Belly, I had that phone case for a quick minute while you got yours three months after mine. I love track with you guys. 200 Tuesday’s was no joke and we suffered together. I hope college is something fun.

To Samantha Gong, I will you people that give you good advice and guide you to greater things. You always have great advice and I love you so much for that. You inspired me to work harder this year and I will always be grateful for that <3. Have fun in college.  

To my B-wing Senior, I will you the best college experience. You made my IMSA experience so much better. Our endless wing parties and fun programs always made me smile. Live it up in college.

To Haley Rodriguez, I will you a happy life. I loved that we got closer at the end of the semester. You made track so much better. I hope you enjoy college. 


Damilola Tabiti

To Belly, I will you a loving relationship. I hope that when you arrive at college, you will find your person here. Some things didn’t go so well at IMSA. You have been a fantastic support system to me regarding my relationships, and I hope you will take all the advice I have given you and will use it in the future. Enjoy college!

To Shiraz, I will you continuous happiness. You were one of the seniors I got to know later in the year, and you had a significant and wonderful impact on my life here at IMSA. You are a very happy person that always smiles and cracks jokes with me! I hope you will keep this light in college and in your relationship (treat her well). Have a great college life!

To Temi A, I honestly don’t know what to will you. This second semester you have helped me out countless times, and I honestly don’t know what I would do without you, especially in Organic Chemistry and French! You have been a big part of why I keep trying my best, especially in classes I just want to give up in. You stay patient with me, even when I annoy you (during Organic Chemistry labs). Even when I gave up on writing my BSU application, you helped me review and look over it. You will always look out for me with your continuous motivation to keep my grades up and succeed. I love you so much, and will miss you dearly!

To Sanaa, I will you a successful college life. You are one of the most helpful and smartest people I know. You  help me in every subject, and I want to be a “multi-subject intellect” like you.. If I need help in Organic Chemistry, you were able to help me; if I needed help in Speculative Fiction , you were able to help, and also math! This year you have had me in check, especially in STEP — you had me in shambles for two hours; SHAMBLES. Anywho, I hope you have a successful college life, and I hope everything is making sense!

To Ola, I will you everything good in life — you are one of the brightest souls here at IMSA. Seeing you happy makes me happy — you deserve the world! I pray you get everything you want for yourself — you were the first person I met from IMSA in real life . You were my mentor when first coming to IMSA, and you helped me navigate my way through school online and in-person. I want to thank you for that; you also introduced me to your wonderful friends that will always be in my heart forever — you guys are the biggest reason I got more involved on campus. Thank you so much Ola. I will you to have a great college life! 


To my twin Feyikemi, I will you another look-alike — not a twin, though I will be the only twin, sorry to break it to you. Coming to campus, and being called by you was honestly so funny and fun to me because you were the kindest and the most amazing person to be around, so being you was great honestly.  You were like a big sister to me here. I hope you have a successful career in your life and continue to be the great dancer you are. Marlian forever 

To Liz Soyemi my queen, I will you someone that will also give the same encouragement you gave me this year. That year I had my ups and downs, you were always there to encourage me especially when it came to my academic success. You are one of the most successful and smartest people I’ve ever met you’re going to BROWN! I’m soo proud of you. I hope you have a great college life full of love and happiness. I love you Liz Soyemi!

To Colin, I will you honestly good knees and patience. You are the funniest guy I know here. You always bring a great attitude with you. You have never been a bitter person to anyone, you were always very easy to vibe with, but I will you patience to deal with people who will upset you or try to ruin your mood. Honestly be careful with your knees, they’re pretty fragile ngl, but have a great college life and party it up my guy! 

To Kosi, I will you continuous laughter, Kosi you’re the one person who is always laughing and when I say always laughing, I mean it. I hope you keep that insane amount of joy with yourself in college. We had such great times on this campus and will miss you and your laugh. Stay yourself, Kosi! 

To Edwin, I will you my height, since the first day I talked to you, you asked if we could  switch heights, so your wish is coming true! Thank you so much for helping me in Organic Chemistry throughout Organic Chemistry One and Two you would help me even at 3 AM, and I want you to know I’m extremely grateful! Have a great and successful life, Edwin! 

To Pranav, I will you me. You were honestly one of the seniors I thought I wouldn’t get to bond with as much, but I was wrong — from our first encounter to me chasing you down like last week. We have built an amazing bond. You are a light to my life and an outgoing person. You always make me laugh even when I bother you tremendously you have never gotten annoyed, I appreciate you greatly. I hope you will continue to have that bright personality in the future. I will miss you greatly! 

To Jasmine Liu, I will you the same love that you showed me during my time here. You are the kindest and sweetest person I know, even though you barely knew me, you still showed me such kindness — you were my lab partner when my group left me. You helped me every step of the way in Organic Chemistry One, and you made sure I knew I was going to pass. Don Jazzy you will always have a place in my heart, and I hope you have a great college life, beautiful.

To Sam Gong, I will you pepper spray for college. Don’t forget all the advice I gave you for ATL. Sam you are my makeup connoisseur, and we have gone makeup shopping together. Thank you for putting me on. I wanna thank you for being a wonderful senior to me. You bought me snacks after Organic Chemistry class. You will always be that friendly and bright face for me. I wish you success in all your endeavors at Georgia Tech!

To Isabel Chen, I will you a creative life. I haven’t known you for long but you have been extremely kind to me in the yearbook and have helped me shop at Woodman’s. Thank you for being kind and also being happy! Enjoy College!


Danica Sun

To Eunice, I will you good food & fun at college. You have super yummy looking things on your Snapchat story almost every day, and you’re also almost always working (not a bad thing though), so I hope you continue with the food & have some fun away from IMSA!! You were one of the first seniors I met on move-in day, and although you were scary during my TALENT interview, I’m proud to say that now the only time you’re slightly scary is when you’re dressed business formal. Sound and Light z, TALENT, and talking to you every day has been so fun, and I promise your SIR is in good hands. You’re honestly so hard working and someone I admire —  I wish we hung out more before you have to leave now :( PS please sleep more don’t think no one noticed you sleeping all the time in Sound & Light 😅😅

To Niyati and Jasmine, I will you a good sleep schedule and cool dorm in college. Thank you both for being some of the first seniors I met on campus, even if I first met you through Jasmine & I looking alike. Your dorm is probably the best decorated dorm I’ve seen, and you’re both some of the coolest seniors on campus. I wish we could’ve hung out more, besides that one time I was in your dorm late at night Also, by the way, please sleep earlier. I also will you both roommates that complement you as well as you complement each other — enjoy college!!

To Sam (Samantha), I will you an upperclassman that will give you their notes and just be someone you can always talk and wave to in hallways. Even though we only started getting close after Clash, in the short time I’ve known you, I’ve realized just how fun and caring of a person you are. I lowkey regret not letting you dye my hair for Clash, so I guess you’ll just have to come back next year and dye it for me 😁😁. Thank you for all the advice and help you’ve given me I’ll see you at breakfast (let’s hope they have bagels 🤞🤞), and I’ll try to be as good as an upperclassman to my underclassmen!!

To Belly, I will you someone as funny as you are who will make you smile!! But for real, you can always make me laugh whether because of your nickname for me, saying things like “Danic*m you’re so awkward”, random facetimes, or just a funny comment. I’m glad I got to know you during semester 2 and wish we could’ve hung out more, but keep on being the positive chill person everyone needs! And tell Shiraz to keep eating his dry dehydrated ramen because I agree, it is yummy.

To Sid, I will you some victims in college for you to take pics of their piggies, and an upperclassman to give you advice on anything. We really haven’t talked much besides the JCC dance and a few times in the hallways. But, each convo we’ve had has shown how hard working and fun of a person you are, and I hope we can talk some more before you graduate. Also, we both need to work on our dancing, so make sure to get some practice in college!!

To Christin & Resh, I will you upperclassmen who will guide you through clubs and welcome you into your school like you did for me. Thank you both for making Club Terra so fun and for setting an example of how club leaders should act!! Ella and I promise to make you guys proud :) And Christin, I will you an upperclassman that is always smiling and has energy to match yours. Every time I see you you’re bouncing on your feet, and your energy is honestly contagious so thank you for the extra energy boost on days where I’m just so tired from IMSA. 

To Rujuta, Rishi, Kaylee, Haley, and Nadia, I will you people in college that you can always talk to and count on for a smile and wave in the hallways. I met you guys either during welcome week or through mutual friends, and I’m so glad I did. Every day walking from class to class I would run into you guys, sometimes chat a bit, but always smile and wave. And, at events, in the attendance office, or just after school, we could always have a fun convo and have something to talk about. Small things like that always made my day so much better, so thank you for just being super cool seniors!!

Rujuta, you’re always genuinely smiling so thank you for that positivity that also makes me smile. Rishi, dances and clubs with you have been so fun and ty for all the advice you’ve given me. Kaylee, ty for putting up with Jerrick so we don’t need to deal with him all the time, and also ty for having the brightest smile(your eyes literally sparkle). Haley, good job staying sane with Emma as your sister, I’m so glad we met through her and hope we can talk more before you go. And Nadia, ty for giving me my first tour of IMSA after move in and walking through my schedule with me, it was v helpful. Also ty for the advice you’ve given me. I wish I got to know you all more during this year, but for now pls keep smiling and waving, and maybe even have a convo once in a while. Also Ola, it was fun talking to you that one time outside of 05 I hope we can talk again!! Oh and also Oliver, we’ve never really talked but thank you for waving to me in hallways despite that, it’d be cool though to talk at least once before you graduate.

To Morgan, Liz, Sage, Disha, Jasmine, and Niyati, I will you upperclassmen that will be your big sisters in college just like you are for the other B-wingers and I!! Thank you all for making B-wing the supportive fun place it was. And, as you always remind us baby sophs, thank you for not bullying us and making us do your housekeeping!! You were all so welcoming and are like the big sisters I never had. If I needed school help, IMSA advice, food, or even just an encouraging smile, I knew I could always count on my B-wing seniors. A special shout out to Sage for being the best RSL ever and setting my standards high for all the 06 RSL’s next year :)

To all senior 06 clash heads and seniors in general, I will you passionate upperclassmen because you all did so good and set a high bar for next year’s clash heads. Because of you guys clash was so much fun(special shout-out to movie heads). And don’t worry, we will win for you guys next year fs!! 06 <3

And…thank you to every single upperclassmen I have talked to this year. You’ve all made some impact on my life here at IMSA, and I know you’ll all do great in college and beyond. To the co’22, never forget the positive influence you can have on others and have fun!! I wish I could’ve talked to more of you, but your class is so inspiring and ik you’ll all do great things :)


Daniel Ma

To Edward Zhang, I will you a group of caring, humorous, and rambunctious group of friends in college. I also will you the greatest thanks I could ever give to anyone. From the day I met you during my freshman year, asking for advice and stressing over IMSA decisions, to that day we first played Valorant together during the beginning of quarantine, I could not thank you enough for the countless memories, unforgettable discussions, and questionable experiences. From being my flame-fueled Singularity FTC captain to sticking with me during my quandaries, you’ve never failed to inspire (and intrigue me). I hope you nothing but success in college and beyond, and make sure to come visit–you’re still allowed in the house, just no more fish and rice down the [REDACTED]. Or maybe that was just an illusion, you’ve convinced me otherwise. Also, one day you’ll come to your senses and realize Paranoid is the best song on 808s and Hearbreak. Anyways, you’ve been the realest senior and I’ll appreciate that forever. Just know that.

To Philip Yi, I will you the ability to keep yourself under check in college, along with a group of friends that will support your never-ending antics and unique humour. I’m glad I also met you while I was first applying to IMSA; your advice was one of the major stakeholders in my eventual decision to attend. I’m equally glad you became one of my favorite seniors throughout the online year last year and this year. Although FTC season was a period of fierce, tense competition, I’m glad we were able to end the season jubilantly and have you join the team unofficially! Perhaps we’ll make a Singularity x TITANS cap soon, who knows. If anything though, I’ve truly appreciated your genuineness and advice–the bad takes need to go, for real, bro. Also, who pronounces “sphere” s-phere?? Anyways, I’ll really miss you next year, magflake; flourish at Duke and make sure to report back with the good [REDACTED] news whenever it may occur. 

To Jacob Malone, I will you an $800 Blonde vinyl and the ability to get more than 1 star in clan war. I’m more than grateful to have been able to live in the same wing as you this year, even though I didn’t know you too well at first. I still remember that day you brought out your gigantic vinyl collection–I may as well have fallen over and died right there. I’ve cherished every one of our talks, whether it be about music, food, or why JJ feels the need to scream at 1am. You’re always there to keep the quad in check, and I’ll remember those pancake nights we had during winter forever. You’ll do great things in college–make sure to keep cooking and listening to music, maybe not too much of Everywhere at the End of Time, though. 

To Avdhan Kandikattu, I will you an official release of PUPPY and some Euro-Trip merch. You were one of the first seniors I met on that fated Valorant day and I’m extremely glad you stuck with me through the online year, along with this year. I have enjoyed our talks and BC struggles this year, too. I hope you are successful in college grinding to that Dr. Avdhan status, but at the same time, I hope you take solace in editing amazing videos and listening to your favorite music. To the number 1 BROCKHAMPTON fan, I will miss you. 

To Marco Bravo, I will you some Kinjaz merch and more Snapchat posts (if you know what I mean). I enjoyed sharing memories with you during our online year, and I’m glad to have participated in Clash drill under your choreo. Keep listening to BUSY/SIRENS in college; it’s such an amazing song. 

To Christo Ekimov, I will you equanimity and fortune for the future. It’s been a truly rocky road, but I’ve been endlessly inspired by your grit and determination in making sure everything goes well in the end. I hope you find an awesome roommate in college–perhaps one that does not watch videos and play music on full blast at 3am (who?). I know you’ll go on to do tremendous things–if you ever need anything, feel free to reach out. I’ll miss you man; some day we’ll meet again and share a loaf of Koledna Pitka.

To Jack Pinto, I will you a love for physics. Well, maybe not. I enjoyed enduring the pain of E&M this semester with you, and am quite glad it is over. I’m also glad we both agree that Kanye is vastly better than Taylor Swift–perhaps one day I’ll see you at Lolla when he performs there again.

To Robert Zhu, I will you a permanent Singularity Hat. While we didn’t really talk during the online year, I’m glad we were able to meet through FTC meets and training for Clash this year. I wish you success in college!!

To Dami Adesina, I will you another Saba record. It’s really dope that our first interaction was when you heard me playing Saba (rather loudly) above. I’m extremely happy we were both in C wing this year. 


Daniel Park

To Edward Zhang, I will you tremendous success in this next chapter of your life. Your grind is admirable, and it is great to see that one of my favorite upperclassmen has found so much success. The past two years have gone by so fast. It seems like just yesterday that you gaslighted me into accepting my invitation to come to IMSA. Even though I, like everyone else, have some qualms about this school, I still can’t thank you enough for what you did in the days before the first day of my sophomore year– it’s crazy to think what my life would be like right now without this school. I’ll never forget the first year, where we were all online, cracking jokes with each other, playing Valorant, or having deep conversations late at night on Discord. The second year, surprisingly, has been even better. I’ll never forget the FTC experience– I couldn’t have asked for a better captain. I know you’ll succeed in whatever you choose to do next, but I truly wish that whatever you choose makes you happy and it fulfills all of your aspirations. I hope to see you even after your impending departure from IMSA.

To Philip Yi, I will you a ticket back to sanity. It seems lately that, after your DUKE ACCEPTANCE!!!, you seem to have completely lost it. All jokes, of course. I couldn’t be more proud, and I couldn’t be more thankful. Like Edward, you are the second of the two upperclassmen who convinced me to come to IMSA. I can’t thank you enough for that. From my first time meeting you in Naperville to watching you do pushups in the Discord VC to watching you send college admissions results from the toilet, my short but important time knowing you has created great memories which I’ll never forget. Oh, and how could I forget? Few things will top when Singularity and TITANS officially met at FTC regionals and both made it to states (although one team gapped, LOL). I know that you will go on to be a great success and that you will “get mad shorties at Duke” (your words, not mine). You are the best magnesium flake that I could’ve asked for, and I hope that I will see you again.

To Jacob Malone, I will you the life you yearn for on your finsta. You’ve been an unexpected but welcome friend this year, and I could not have asked for a better upperclassmen living across from me. Thanks for all the good food, the pancake nights, the cider, and so much more. Sorry for creating so much havoc some nights though. I promise that all chaos was warranted. Hopefully, your experience as a boilermaker is even better. I hope your room is at an appropriate temperature and that things in general are better at Purdue than they are at IMSA. I hope that you get everything you wish for in terms of career, life, etc. Best of luck, but I know you will succeed. I will be cashing in on those Oreo balls.

To Marco Bravo, I will you a good college experience. I realize this may seem generic, but I think that is what you need most. I know you wanted your IMSA experience to feel like a lite version of college, but we all know it can’t measure up to that. COVID, stringent rules, and more made IMSA not ideal. However, I hope that your time in college will be very different– I hope that you live life to the fullest, doing everything you love, from dancing to ultimate frisbee to pseudo-intellectual machine learning in finance research. Hopefully you won’t have to field as many troll questions as you did during SIR. I hope you find your people, and I hope that your time at college become some of the best years of your life. I know you will become a great success in whatever you wish to do, but some good luck never hurt anyone. 

To Christo Ekimov, I will you a position as an executive at the Fortune 500 company of your choosing. It’s been great getting to know you this year, especially during the crazy roller coaster of a time that was your college app season. I’ve seen how motivated you are, how much grit you have, and how much effort and care you put into the things you care about. I’ve seen how TALENTed you are in so many things, and I know that one day you will become a success in the business world. I hope to see your name in a Forbes or Time list. I hope that you keep at the grind, which I know will bring you great success in your future career.


David Dickson

Thank you for always being so kind and supportive. I remember the first time we met in the sand courts playing volleyball and then later during girls volleyball and thinking, “wow she is really good”. Even while being as talented and awesome as you are you continue to stay supportive even when sometimes we don’t deserve it. We bonded over volleyball and you have made by experience all the more worthwhile. I really appreciate everything that you’ve done and just know that your good actions will come back around. I will you a reusable cup where you can store all the different concoctions that you make, and I know that you will make a great teacher!

To Joyce Li,

Joyce, I will you some real yeezys and gucci. But seriously, even before we got close whenever I would see you in the hallway you would always say hi, and on some days those hi’s were really helpful. You would always have a smile on your face even though it is physically impossible to always be happy at IMSA, and you’ve helped made me feel very welcome at IMSA. Thank you for spending so much time peppering me and teaching me how to improve my volleyball skills.  You are such a kind soul and I hope all of your endeavors go well! PS: Let me know if you ever want that 20 dollars.

To Olamiji,

Ola, you always found a way to make me laugh. Your laugh is so infectious and you always gave off good vibes. I remember the long conversation we had about just keeping your chill and not lettings things bother you. You don’t know how much I needed that, thank you for always being there and being such a kind soul. I enjoyed our times playing volleyball near the trucks, going to open gyms, fearing for our lives when Blake spiked the ball, all the moments we shared in BSU, and our wonderful experience as step choreographers. I know you are going to do well in everything you do!

To Feyikemi,

You were absolutely the best Harambee director we could have ever asked for. The hard work and dedication you put into the show, the excellence you displayed when things weren’t going the best, and the laughs we shared throughout the course of the show, thank you. I will you fun times and a future and environment that is just as good as you.

To Oliver Ni, I will you a change. You are one of the most influential people at IMSA and that is a testament to just how kind, supportive, and great you are. Our first encounter was on the 05 couches, while you and Dhruv were giving your best pitches for the speech and debate team. As a speech newbie, you never made me feel less than me even though some of my speeches were rough, to say the least, you were always supportive and you just overall have really great energy. One thing I want you to remember for the future is that you don’t have to do everything for everyone. I would often think about how much of a helpful person you are but would stumble when I thought about who supported you as much as you supported others. I hope in Georgetown you find a community that treats you with as much respect as you treat others and that you find a community that you can rely on. I also will you the best baseball stadium experience of your entire life in the next few years ;D

To Tyler Smith, Tyler thank you for always keeping our wing in check and being the best volleyball setter we could ask for. You have always been so kind and helpful which everyone in the wing greatly appreciates :). I will you an environment and community that is just as good as you are!

To Rishi Boddu, Rishi you have just been a generally nice person and I greatly appreciate that. I remember our conversation debating whether the seniors or sophomores would win drill (oh how I was wrong). It was always nice when you gave advice on random stuff about IMSA and dancing. Have fun at Berkeley!

To Jesus and AJ, the rippest roomates on campus. You provided an energy to our wing that was absolutely needed. Even with COVID, yall helped make the sophomore and juniors IMSA experience the best it could have been. Thank you

To Zach and Daniel. You two are some really awesome and chill people. Zach, I enjoyed our conversations right after 10 check about any random thing and Daniel I admire your dedication to the gym. I know you two are gonna do great anywhere you go!

To Kosi Onwuameze. KOSIIII…. You have such a positive and funny energy that is infectious to everyone around you. Step, BSU, and seeing you randomly in the hallway, were all encounters that never had a dull moment and helped me adjust to the IMSA environment. I will you friends that reciprocate and boost your energy in college.

To Morgan Johnson and Gavin Hartlaub

I will you happiness wherever you all go. You are both very kind people and have made my IMSA experience better :)

To Sanaa Davis

Sanaa, you are such a fun kind person. Working on the Harambee script and leading step with you was one of the most chaotic but best experiences I’ve had at IMSA. I hope you continue being such a kind person (even if some people can’t appreciate it) and never stop stepping!!!

To Liz Soyemi

Thank you Liz for all the help and guidance you have given me! Those medium length conversations as we anxiously waited for the lexington doors to open. You always seemed so confident and in control of what you could control. I really admired your hard work and dedication to the things that you do and I know you will do even more great things at Brown!!!


Dhruv Patel

To Oliver Ni, I will you some of my impeccable humor. Oliver, I’m writing your will last, because I genuinely have no clue what to write. I met your 5’6 stature early last year, and then, I talked to you very sparsely for The Acronym or NSML throughout the year. And then come this year, I don’t remember a day where I haven’t talked to you. Thank you for being there for me — as a classmate, as a club leader, and most importantly, as a friend. Thank you for keeping up with my antics and showing me what it takes to be a good upperclassman. Your grind is unparalleled — the community you’ve built in C-wing and 05 to the hours (perhaps even days) you spent working for Clash of the Halls just speaks to your grit and genuine care for the people around you. I’m going to really miss having someone to bully next year — please remember to come visit IMSA, because we haven’t played enough cricket together and you still haven’t taught me how to dance. I love you, dawg.

To Pranav Patel, I will you absolutely nothing (except some of my humor — you’re in dire need of that): you don’t need anything from me. Panu, I have no clue where to start, but to say you’re an incredibly nice and intelligent person. I’m not sure how you do it, but you carry yourself very well in every circumstance (even in our conversations about the mutually beloved ***). SIR, this year with you, was absolutely impeccable — thanks for doing the GWAS (and our agreement is now at a 100%, by the way). I love you, big dawg, and I’m going to miss having you in the seat next to me. Go kill it at Claremont, and I hope you get taller and funnier.  Don’t forget about the better Patel (i.e., me). Also, to ignite your future career in music, I’d like to share this with the world: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ocNpsTM64Os-rnZIaX6jd-jx4kY48EBy/view?usp=sharing

To Neil Dighe, I will you some replacement lighting and hardwood floors — I’m sure you’re in need of those. Dighe, how are you so good at life? You’re good at photography, good at leading, good at operating a gimbal, good at putting on a base plate, and good at everything else — your multi-faceted intellect befuddles me on the daily. Beta, you’re a genuinely nice and funny person, and I’m happy I began to talk more to you this semester. Go kill it in Cincinnati, and I can’t wait for you to lead the ISP there!

To Gloria Wang, I will you another morality-value and MSO-criterion constructive. Gloria, I have no clue how you do it, but you’re so talented and smart — the fact that one can know every crevice of philosophy and simultaneously, be an absolute baller at Computational Science is befuddling. I promise I won’t let debate fall down, and I’ll continue to spread an anti-morality-as-value agenda.  Gloria, thank you for sitting with me and teaching me The Spectacle at State — instead of napping, sleeping, eating, or watching F1 (which again, what is the point of racing cars?), you analyzed every angle of the theory and crafted beautiful rebuttals. And even though I never got to apply your arguments, I’m eternally grateful for that. Thank you for coercing me to join LD sophomore year, but more than that, showing me what it takes to be a good debater, captain, and CompuSci beast. We’re going to miss you, Gloria, but don’t worry — we’re gonna call you back to judge State! 

To Balaji Balachandran, I will you two Little Caesars’ ExtraMostBestest Pizza — I’m still in utter disbelief that you coerced 20+ people into liking that comment. I remember first talking to you very early last year, and then I never spoke to you again until this semester — and I’m very happy I did that. Balaji, you’re one of the smartest, funniest people I’ve ever met on this campus — your intellect with weBWork is impeccable, your natural rapping ability is mesmerizing, and your rib-damaging and body-tickling tendencies are, at best, interesting. Balaji, you’re such a genuine guy — kill it at UIUC.

To Grayson Pacourek, I will you a trip to Wendys. Our late nights in the wing discussing socio-politically relevant topics (particularly the new RC Phillip) and worldwide conflicts were quite constructive — fortunately, though, all of our notes located on that file in your computer, which I’m sure can get us a Pulitzer Prize. Grayson, you’re actually so talented and smart — your grind for robotics is unparalleled and your natural prowess with whatever you do is tantalizing. And Grayson, you’re also funny. I’m not sure — you and funny make for a great paradox. I’m so excited to beat your lynxes for Hunger Games, and go kill it at UIUC.

To Avdhan Kandikattu, I will you an understanding of the Laplace Transform. Avdhan, your behavior during Differential Equations (or should I say Tetris Class?) is incredibly deplorable — you have got to pay attention. Avdhan, you’re one of the hardest-working and most talented people I’ve ever met in my life. Your love for videography (and learning how shutter speed and ISO work in Bill’s office) is actually inspirational. From the traumatizing days of Diwali Script to the grind for Harambee/Lunar, working with you for ISP has been absolutely phenomenal. I’m sure that you leaving is going to single-handedly bring ISP down — but to prevent that, you should teach me how to fly the drone (oh wait, never mind 💀). Dr. Avdhan, you’re going to kill it at UIC, and if you ever need an Assistant Director for one of the Oscar-winning movies you’re going to make, let me know!

To Kavin Suhi, I will you some of my hand-crafted, award-winning recordings of Better Days. MVC, with you, was an absolute blast, and I can’t imagine another person I’d want to share the experience of staring off, not knowing what was happening, with. Kavin, your drip is meteorically rising and your photography game (you need to get into videography too, dawg) is also on the come up. Go crazy at Northwestern! 

To Robert Zhu, I will you a hair tie — your drip was unparalleled that day. Robert, from OOP to CompuSci to DiffEq, your intellect, kindness, and funniness(?), has been incredibly opaque. You’ve also got to start sleeping earlier, Robbie — while I’m writing this (in DiffEq, of course), I’m pretty sure you’re sleeping through class. Pop off at UIUC, and teach me the Laplace Transform, please.

To Reese Ramos, I will you a never-ending supply of food — I’m pretty sure you and Seth single-handedly prevented all of A-wing from starving. Reese, you’re an incredibly smart person. The two-hour DiffEq grind in the Study Room was something I’ll never forget — you sitting there for two hours explaining concepts to me, though you had your own work, speaks to not only your intellect, but your willingness to share it. You’re also so cracked at CompuSci — gradient-descent algorithms and forests for decision trees? You’re simply goated. Reese, thank you for always being there — pop off at UIUC and I’m looking forward to having Dr. Dong use the Reese-Ramos-Algorithm in CompuSci in ten years.

To Angel Hernandez & Cesar Osornio, I will you some upperclassmen, who are just as kind, supportive, and engaging as you two. Cesar, thank you for being such a tremendous HCC — every event you’ve organized has been phenomenal and all of 05 appreciates your work. Angel, thank you for giving me food, your hat, and your jokes — I wish I could’ve talked to you more this year. Also, thanks for fobbing me into A-wing (at least a 100 times) — I promise I won’t lose my fob again. Both of you are going to do great things — keep on being funny!


Dean Barrow

To 04 A wing seniors, I will to you “hee hee hee haw” and some new weights.

To Liam Nelson, I will to you a gluten free muffin (with ice cream and rice krispies treat)


Destiny Grant

To Sanaa, I will you a bunch of fancy pet supplies. It’s been great working with you and I just know it’s gonna be so weird having to run Defund next year without someone who calls me out on not speaking up. You always seem to have everything so put together even though you got partially forced to read at least ten board applications and essays in the span of a week. Thanks for so much, you’ve really just made this year (specifically second semester) so eventful. From unnecessarily long phone calls, to creating a false reality, it’s been so nice to have an old(er) friend that helps make IMSA a tad bit interesting. I hope you know that being friends with you has somehow helped me grow as a person. I’m like halfway sure that if it weren’t for you standing over my shoulder (both figuratively and literally), I wouldn’t have applied or just done so much stuff this semester. Regardless of my constant “disrespect”, I kind of think of you as an older sister, so just in case you didn’t know, your random messages were always heartfelt. I wish you all the best with college and your many, many future pets. 

To Colin, I will you new shoes. For some reason you always were trying to steal mine, but whatever. (i guess) Somehow, I still managed to tolerate you throughout all the disrespect I get, but just know you’re definitely one of my favorite seniors. Just chilling in in2 on Wednesdays has been so fun. The amount of random information that has been learned along with you just being foul and ending phone calls. 

To Temi A., Feyikemi, Ola and Kosi, I will y’all peace and joy. Hanging out in in2 has been so fun, the amount of stuff I’ve learned especially. I’m glad that I met y’all, you’re all so… interesting. Kosi, I’ve learned to never play paranoia while sitting anywhere near you. Also, please know that shoes should definitely be worn while outside. Temi, just know that Justin Bieber is a menace to society… like respectfully though. You’ve been such a cool person to hang around, even though your favorite color is white (ew.) But yeah, also please make sure to get a new computer because whatever is going on now is beyond ghetto. Feyikemi, you’ve just been so chill to be around. I’ll unfortunately never forget the step-offs during merengue practice. (i feel like i would’ve won if I didn’t mess up) Ola, your presence has always been nice to be around. I remember toward the beginning of the year when we sat by 02 slabs and just talked for a couple hours about random stuff and Mia walked past after hearing something a little sketchy. Step practices with you and Sanaa were extremely scary, but hey, you all got the job done. I definitely plan on working on my so-called “stiffness”, but no promises. 

To the 03d seniors (Gloria, Vivian, Hilda, and Christin)I will y’all a great time in college. You all make the wing so lively, from randomly making waffles to just talking while working on puzzles. Gloria and Vivian, thanks for being so chill and just existing in peace lol. Hilda, once again thanks for the photo training. Without you helping me out, I definitely wouldn’t have enjoyed this year as much as I have. Christin, thanks for all the funny stories. Titan crew with you has been so funny especially since we went from Dean to Symoniak together. 

Belly, I will you someone to braid your hair in college. I mean either that or you learn yourself lol. Thanks for just being a chill senior. Even though you rarely come to the commons after check, you’re definitely still a key part of 03. I definitely wouldn’t have ended up sticking with Reggaeton if it wasn’t for me seeing you randomly doing the dance while walking out the door. Thanks for your random compliments and just being so nice.

To Erin Yoo and Matt Torres, I will you both a great time in college and success in your future careers. Working with you both for the last two years has been so much fun. Even though this year was much more laid back, I hope you both know that your work was greatly appreciated. The amount of data we collected and information we learned would’ve never been done without either of you. Erin, thanks for founding such a great club that focuses on so many issues regarding racism and fighting racial injustice. As we continue next year, we’ll make sure to do a great job. Matt, you put so much effort into Defund, and at points I felt that you did more than me, but nevertheless, you are greatly appreciated for all of your hard work. Both of your contributions have helped carry our little subcommittee, so once again, thank you for your hard work and dedication.


Destiny Harris

To Sanaa Davis, I will you a great pathway into being an OB-GYN. I remember the first day I met you was Excel 2021 move in day, and you and Ola helped me move in. I asked to unbunk the beds and you literally said…”nah that’s too much work…it’s not worth it” lol. I also remember that time we had that talk about some personal issues I was going through and you came into my room (unexpectedly I might add…) and continued on forcing me to eat breakfast every single day for the two weeks that were left. I’ll always be the #1 fan of Sanaa Davis the EXCEL tutor, the queen of “make it make sense”, the best volleyball player, and 1 of the 2 best step choreographers, and the best big sib I know. You’re amazing and don’t ever stop being your sassy, good and bad attitude filled, great hugger, and highkey the funniest most sarcastic person I’ve ever met. Love you lots, <3

To Olamiji Fabamigbe, I will you just a great future in general. Since EXCEL, my views abotu you have changed. At first, I thought you were a little less than nice. Truthfully, I still believe that, but I’ve learned to truly love that about you. Your personality is 100% hilarious and you’re just all around amazing. Your laugh will always make me laugh, not to mention now that I think about it…we have very similar laughs. Everytime I think of you I’ll think of many different memories. You pushing the snack cart down the halls during study hours in excel, you fake laughing but then real laughing in the Harambee skit(LOL!!!), you teaching us step in Harambee, etc. The memories will never end, you are awesome and I wish you well. 

To Kosi Onwuameze, I will you a s/o that appreciates your dance moves! I will never forget how you displayed them during Run It in Harambee, or those many times Kevin made a video of you whining. The hips don’t lie! Your energy fills up a quiet room and makes it come alive. And your smile is so full of joy, that it makes us all smile. We may differentiate you and soph Kosi by using “sophomore kosi” and “senior kosi” but we know that you will always be one of a kind. I remember back in excel, I had no idea who you were but Kosi (Okeke) wouldn’t stop talking about how she was going to be “Kosi’s little sib” and I was always like “who’s Kosi??!!”. I can definitely say that I was not disappointed to find out who it was, and what an amazing person she is. You could always cheer me up when I got down, even by just being around you. Have an amazing future, and take strides towards greatness!!

To Top Row(Colin Ballentine), I will you endless money to buy you all the one gallon Arizona jugs in the world. I technically can’t call you top row anymore, because it’s no longer true :( . BUT, I never cease to remember who would be responsible if I ever saw an empty gallon Arizona jug in the trash, it of course belonged to you. You were always so amazing to your underclassman daughters, and you were so sweet towards them. Keep on being the caring guy that somehow inspired the whole in2 squad to always ask “what’s colin’s drink again?” whenever they ordered starbucks. Good Luck Arizona!

To Belly Kubwimana, I will you a hair braider by your side at all times. All the times that Jes braided your hair, whether in the hall commons or at 02 slabs, it was always so funny and fun with lots of laughs. I will always remember how you helped me learn a whole CSI unit in literally an hour and a half with Kosi after 10 check. You’re one of the best basketball players, beignet servers, DANCERS(!!!), and excel tutors ever. You were always so chill during excel and you also always beat me at volleyball, but overall you were always cool bro. Good luck, seriously!

To Christin Ann Sanchez, I will you all the plant mother materials you ever need to be the best plant mom you can be. I will miss you so much. I’ll miss your hugs, your waffles, and you sleeping in the wing commons with alarms going off at 11pm and 12am. I will always remember your kindness. Especially from back when I was a new sophomore, straight out of excel, and had no idea how to live in a wing full of people and how to manage things like SI Chemistry and scary new rules. You did exactly what I needed at the moment. As I was making ramen, you told me that if I needed somewhere to eat or just hang out or to talk, I could come to your room and chill because you knew it was also kinda scary with a stranger for a roommate. I did end up coming in there, and you made me feel much better when you hugged me and told me everything would be ok and you were there for me if I needed you. I know I told you that if you graduate and leave me, I’ll kill your plants, but it was out of love I promise ; ) . I’ll miss you so much and I hope you go on to do amazing things, you’re so talented. 

To Feyikemi Ogunleye, I will you an upperclassman in college that will help you get ready for the future years in college. In excel, you were also someone who knocked on my door around like 12:00 am and acted like everything was normal. (I got used to it). You talked to me about some personal issues as well, and it actually did help. I don’t think I’ve ever said this to you, but thank you so much for being my senior guide telling me where to do internships and where not to do them, giving me advice, and also just being there being funny. Your facial expressions are so hilarious and you’re just an overall nice person. Good Luck!!

To Jillian Heinzmann, I will you a friend group in college who needs an underclassman friend mom by their side. I remember in excel, hearing you say something about how a student in excel was crying, and you had never felt the motherly instinct to comfort so strong. I just want to tell you that you telling me to actually go sit down on some of the super hot days during the mandatory activities when I was on the verge of passing out, was really sweet. I have always seen you as the motherly figure over all of us, because you’d help no matter what. I’ll miss you during 10 check in excel, lying on the carpet, eat mango mochi from target, and acting like you weren’t the only one in the room not right side up. You’re so intelligent and cool, I wish you good luck. 

To Shiraz Baxamusa, I will you better luck with injuries. Shiraz, man, thank you so much for always entertaining me when I’m bored outside and am just talking to you and Belly through a screen. Thank you for always and never failing to say hi back to me, and also for sometimes saying it first. Just thank you for being that one senior who was never rude and was always nice to me even when you weren’t having a good day. Hope that shoulder heals up(if it didn’t already)! 

To Temi Akinmolayan, I will you a large group of people who share your interests. Temi, you are one of the nicest people that I’ve met at IMSA. You played a huge role in guiding me throughout the school year. Thank you so much, you’re awesome. 

To Hilda Montalvo, I will you all the great hugs and fun cuddles with the amazing friends you’ll make. I will really really miss you. I will especially miss saying the dragged out and tired “hiiiiii hildaaaaaa” everytime I come into the wing commons knowing that I’m about to stay up for forever and a half and even having waving contests with your boyfriend through your phone. You always tell me good luck and that I got this. Now it’s time for me to tell you, good luck Hilda, and you will achieve greatness and success in the future. If anyone’s got this, it’d be you. You’ll do great and good luck on the next journey that you’ll go on. 

To all of the 03 d-wing seniors, I will you all good luck with your studies and the rest of your lives, wherever that leads you after here. I truly love you all and will miss every single one of you. I reacted kinda sadly when I found out which one of you were seniors. Gloria: You are THE BEST Lead facilitator I could ever ask for, and I will always cherish your stickers you gave me, especially the egg! I will miss all of our wing-bonding activities, whether it’s karaoke with Mia, try-on fashion shows for one of us to get ready for a date, prom dress showings, wing dinners, dinner dates, or just chilling with each other. All of you will do great, and YOU’RE ALL AMAZING! 


Dheeran Wiggins

To Wei, I will you access to as many pairs of (relativistic) buckle pants as you desire (especially if it means I get my clothes back sooner smh). Whether it was pouring out some questionable secrets to you at the Fermilab art gallery, walking around aimlessly during 8th mod, or talking to you at slabs so many nights ago, you somehow became the upperclassman I felt I could truly trust with anything. I will say, your boat story was still extremely boring, but otherwise our conversations were some of the most interesting moments of my Junior year. You better think of my scarves and cologne every Saint Patrick’s day (and other days too, I suppose, my ego couldn’t handle it otherwise), and I will make sure to send hedgehogs your *wei* if I come across any. Before you leave, I will get you your boba as promised, and we will take an actual picture together (but perhaps not with your camera…). Let me know if you ever need a scarf sent your way (you know you always get access to the collection). “My bad” <3

To Oliver Ni, I will you the rest and calm that you deserve more than anyone I know. My EIC and hall senator, you really are one of the most hardworking and passionate individuals I have had the pleasure of knowing this past year. Ergo, I owe you an exorbitant amount of thank you’s for the secondhand work ethic I picked up from you. Thanks to you, Acronym has become a major part of my life, and reopened my interests in writing in general. You also deserve an award for reading my physics articles, and dealing with my questionable attendance (I swear it will improve). Good luck Oliver (and may you one day see Muon g-2 in real life).

To Sabrina Zhang, I will you all the vinyls in the world (though I hope you’d spare me a few). You were an amazing Big Sib, and getting to know you while we were remote definitely helped keep me sane during some rocky times. Also thank you for your playlist that you sent me forever ago, I still steal songs now and then. Let me know if you need anything, and best of luck :)


Eddie Ning

To Ariela, I will you a successful future and hopefully a friend group that won’t make you cry LOL. You have worked so so so hard this year and I am so happy to see that it has all paid off for you. I fully believe that you will go on to do great things whether it is at the White House being a complete boss in every aspect or at Cornell being one of the smartest researchers I know. I’m gonna miss gossiping with you in BC and more importantly, talking to you on the SIR bus when nobody else would. Please remember to have some fun and please make the best of your college life cause I know you will thrive wherever you go. Also, if you ever go to Korea, please take me with <333

To Niyati, I will you a wonderful time at Duke and all of my Chinese knowledge. I am praying that I get to visit you at the Duke campus because it is so beautiful there and I love the food omg. Fr tho, you have worked so hard to get to where you are and I am so excited to see what you will do in the future. I am going to miss practicing for modern dances, making fun of Shreeya and her horrible habits, and most importantly all the help you have given me (especially with BC III ilysm). I promise you are going to LOVE China (hopefully) and find someone hot bc for some reason, I never could LOL. Please take a long break and make sure to come back and visit so we can go see IVE or ITZY live.

To Jasmine and Kevin Fan, I will you some long deserved rest and relaxation after this stressful year with ASIA. I know that with all of the rough patches with the Lunar show, the restrictions on food, and trouble with PME, you have worked your asses off to produce an amazing show and I am so so grateful for everything you have done. Lily and I will for SURE invite you back to see next year’s Lunar and we promise it will live up to this year (bc it will be in the auditorium lol but also bc of what we learned from you too). Rest up after this long year and remember to visit us when the next show comes!

To Haley, I will you a crazy fun college experience that will hopefully be better than what you experience here at IMSA lol. Even though I only met you this year (thanks Shreeya), you have been one of the only seniors that I can actually be myself with and you have helped me so much to understand how to survive IMSA. Idk how you put up with Shreeya and her crazy self (especially her fanning over kpop men #taekook) but when the three of us talk, I always find myself laughing so hard. Please keep in touch with me and I promise I will keep Shreeya out of trouble (and away from Dheeran). 

To Rujuta, I will you a connection to PSYCH Club and all of its future endeavors in the coming years. If possible, let’s go to lunch sometime so Yina and I can catch you up on all that has been happening. We can even invite Devraj!! Thank you for being there for us and I wish you the best of luck.


Einsey Socrates

To Rujuta Durwas, I will you an amazing future. I love you so much, words cannot explain. Have fun in college :)

To Sid Tiwari, I will you an amazing future. Have fun in college (learn to dance).

To Kosi, Liz, Temi, and Feyikemi, I will you an amazing future. I am so glad I met you guys. You guys deserve the world.

To Belly, I will you an amazing future. You are fun to hang around with. I am so glad I met you. Hope the best for the future. 

To Oliver Ni, I will you the best going forward. You have an amazing personality and you are a great person to talk to. Wish you all the best!


Elaina Xiao

To 03D Down Quad (Vivian, Christin, Hilda, and Gloria), I will you the most amazing experiences ever (if that is possible). I am so thankful for you guys and how you made my first year on campus. From making waffles in the wing to giving advice about classes, you guys were the best upperclassmen to our wing. There aren’t any other people I’d rather see working on puzzles or complaining about math class. Thank you for all of your kindness and I can’t wait to see you guys killing it at college <333

To Kavin Suhirtharen, I will you unlimited tape and scissors to build a better cardboard boat than the KEP. Thank you for the best time during SocEnt! I am very grateful for the song recs, hotline bling lyric videos, and last minute prep sessions. Have a blast in college and come back to IMSA with your carrot juice and cereal!!

To Esther and Liam, I will you all the SocEnt knowledge in the world. Thank you for making SocEnt the best elective ;) this year was honestly so fun and most of it was because of you guys! Keep up the business casual and boat racing!


Ella Voyles

To Julie Lima, I will you lots of laughs. Please never stop laughing because you have THE MOST contagious laugh I have ever heard. You spread joy wherever you go and light up every room you walk into. You were the best big sib I could have ever asked for and I love being your mini-me. Thank you for helping me navigate IMSA. I will forever cherish volleyball games and late nights in your room. You better come visit me next year because I truly do not know what I am going to do without you next year. I LOVE YOU <333

To Joanna Menendie, I will you lots of parties and great nights in college. Who cares about school when you can have the time of your life. I am so incredibly happy I met you this year and I think it is completely ridiculous that we only started spending all of our late nights in the hall with Aru SECOND SEMESTER. I hope you fall in love with lots of sexy dancer boys and maybe even share them with me. I also hope you never see another ant ever again. If you do, please squish them for me and do a little dance move while ur at it. I will be facetiming you lots next year to tell you about all my boy problems even though we’re both a little crazy. I’m gonna need to buy some multivites before you leave :(( I am very excited to come party with you next year but I am going to miss you so much until them <333

To Gavin Hartlaub, I will you endless ice cream and candy. I know you are going to have the best time in college and make SO MANY friends. You were one of the first seniors I talked to and I loved how welcoming you were. I am going to miss volleyball open gyms and uno nights. I promise to continue your little sayings:)) 

To Morgan Johnson, I will you the best time in college. I know you will live your best sorority life. You are such a fun person to be around and I’ll miss you!!

To Rujuta Durwas, I will you lots of fun next year! You are such a friendly and outgoing person!! I loved spilling all the tea with you at ten check this year<3


Emma Rodriguez

To Haley Rodriguez, I will you my dirty white shoes. 


Garrett Snedden

To Naveena Mutharasan, I will you amazing experiences in college, leads in every play (and hopefully a musical or two while you’re at it!). You’re seriously one of the nicest, friendliest people I’ve ever met. I remember standing outside the AC Pit with you and Emily for the first Earnest rehearsal. From day one, you were super friendly and talkative, and since then, your kindness has always stuck with me. I couldn’t ask for a better drama buddy, and it is been such a pleasure to get to know you over the past months. You have such a fun, vibrant personality, and I hope you never lose that. Thanks for laughing at “My child, my child” literally every single time. It never got old. I’ll miss you! I wish you all the best in college and beyond!

To Liam Nelson, I will you an advance release of Silksong. Just kidding, I don’t think even this hypothetical will is powerful enough for that. Instead, I will you my dedication to ISoMP. Thank you for some awesome times, even if our ISoMP plans never really got anywhere. I don’t know if you remember this, but you were one of the first people I talked to, at that ice cream social at the beginning of the year. Thanks for being awesome. I wish you all the best in your future!

To Em Johnson, *checks watch* OH NO EM WE GOTTA GO! I will you amazing years at college and beyond, and roles in every show that you play perfectly. Thank you for being an epic drama president, for an awesome year in IMSA drama, and for a Lady Bracknell performance that ranks up there with the best of them. You’re such a fun, vibrant person who makes everyone feel welcome, and I’m so grateful that I got to share the stage with you this year. I’ll miss you!! I wish you all the best in college and all your future endeavors!

To Jacob Malone, I will you the weirdest, most obscure indie records money can buy. Thank you for being a great neighbor, for making the wing smell super nice with your cooking, and having cool taste in music. Sorry about all those times I came out after ten check and asked you guys to quiet down, and thanks for being accepting of my stable sleep schedule :) . May your baked goods always be perfectly done and never go stale. Best of luck for the future!

To Aidan Maddox, I will you some awesome years in college and beyond. You seem like a pretty cool guy, and I’m a bit sad that I didn’t really get to know you better. Maybe one day we’ll run into each other again. I wish you all the best in the future!

To Yihan Deng, I will you epic, groundbreaking musical pieces. Thank you for a great drama season, and for a fantastic improvised song about Lexington at SMAC :) . May your amps always be turned to 11 and your music awesome enough to win over any crowd, anywhere. Best of luck in college and beyond!


Giada Avina

To my 06 B wing seniors, I will you the best college experiences. Although that might be difficult to achieve considering I won’t be right by your side 😕. You guys were the best upperclassmen I could ask for because the amount of times I would come to you for help is insane. I love the talks in the wing commons, the advice, the gossip, the memories of your time at IMSA. All of it. You guys made an impact having been the only class this year who had been on campus before. Thank you for teaching us about life at IMSA and don’t forget about all of us. Have fun at college and don’t miss me too much😁. B wing best wing💕!!

To Sam Gong, I will you healthy hair. Even though we have the same textured hair, I think yours is worse and will always be worse.Thank you for giving me advice about boys, drama, and just life tips. I loved going on that walking trip and telling you things that not many people know and thanks for informing me about that one thing. I loved seeing you dance in Reggaeton, even if you didn’t know what you were doing. You are a very lively person, and I hope your passion for makeup never goes away. When you get as big as Fenty, make sure to send me free makeup. I volunteer as one of your testing subjects. But, in all seriousness, don’t ever be scared to do the things you want because you think you won’t succeed. Even though I’m younger than you, I think you know that I will always be there for you. So, don’t forget about me when you go off to Georgia Tech. 

To Rujuta, I will you the title of Best Word Hunt Player. The amount of times you’ve beaten me at that game is insane. I still don’t understand how you get such high scores every single time, but don’t worry. One day, the roles will reverse, and I will beat you every single time we play. But, seriously, it was amazing getting to know you these last couple of months. Thank you for the endless amount of investigative work you’ve done. I will never have another spy like you that’s willing to tell me everything even if it makes me upset. You’ve helped me with APs and taught me the wepa portion of Cumbia because recordings were the next day. You truly are amazing, and I wish you the best at Loyola. Come visit my house because you’ll be remotely close. 

To Niyati and Jasmine, I will you both better sleep schedules. Even though you guys barely have homework, you still manage to stay up till 2 am. Thanks for always letting Chiamaka and me into your room and telling us the drama that we all feel the same about. Even though we barely started talking a few weeks ago, I’ve always admired your work ethic. Both of you are the heads of culture clubs and those culture shows were amazing. Even though you both probably had critiques because you’ve seen the full potential of both shows because it had no restrictions in your sophomore year. Niyati, don’t lose your passion for gaming and dancing. Jasmine, please never put the snail mucus on your face ever again. You both are amazing people and please please please tell me and Chiamaka more about your drama. Have fun at Duke and UMich :).

To my EnAct facilitators, Temi and Pranav, I will you a better music taste. Whenever we had work periods in class, you guys would put on the worst music (mostly Pranav, I liked Temi’s music). Thanks for making EnAct fun and enjoyable because you guys saw how much I complained about class. Anyways, I still remember that dumb chem shirt that Pranav wore, and I’m here to tell you that you need to destroy the shirt. It’s just not funny. And Temi, please always continue your Justin Bieber obsession. It was fun in your class, thanks for everything. 

To Sage, I will you pickles. I don’t know why pickles are the one thing you’re so in love with but whatever. Thanks for always being there for me and being a great RSL. You balanced your social life, academic life, and your extracurricular duties so well and to this day I don’t know how. You put up a good front, but I do notice when you are stressed or are upset about something, and in the moment, I always think it’s best to give you your space, but sometimes, I think you need to take a break from what you’re doing and relax. Thanks for all the fun programming and the advice you gave me. Thanks for convincing me to stay here at IMSA and convincing me to be an RSL because I don’t wanna leave now, and I really want that spot. It’s gonna be really weird without you here next year but things change and they do for the better. I hope to see you do whatever your heart desires in college. Don’t stress yourself out too much in college and if you do, turn to pickles and running, or call me. I’m always here for you :).

To Kosi, I will you the rest of my chile de arbol. That was so funny when I got you to give them to everyone you knew. I hope you feed them to everyone you meet at UCLA. Thanks for helping me with boy problems and always helping me. Please please please never forget me at UCLA, I might cry. You are amazing and your laugh is contagious. Have fun at UCLA :).

To Ola, I will you a full schedule in college. There is no way that you have 6 mods every day. It’s just not possible. I loved meeting you this year and spending time at IN2 together. Please, get better at Word Hunt, it’s sad beating you every time. Don’t forget about all your kids at IN2 when you go off to college :).

Halimat Sanusi

To Thavaisya Ananth, I will you sugar since you seem to always be dying </3. In all honesty, getting to know you has been one of the highlights of my entire junior year, and I wish we had gotten closer sooner. I love every single deep conversation you have with me and the faux quad late into the night to the point where Isiah had to shoo us away. Despite this amazingly intellectual side of you, you still know how to liven the mood at any given time. You are one of the most hardworking individuals I’ve ever met and I know deep down inside your cold, sad, BITTER heart, you do actually love me, and I love you too 💕

PS: I’ll let you know when I make it around to all the seniors 🙏🏿 Also, STOP trying to be me 😹.

To Adriana Rodriguez, I will you better forehead pics since I did you so dirty the first time 😭. My dearest favorite senior (don’t let Thavaisya see this), I’M SO PROUD OF YOUUUU. You’re such a kind and sweet person </3 I wish I had opened up to you sooner 😭. Being around you always puts me in a good mood, so I hope you continue spreading your positive energy wherever you go. Anyone would be lucky to be in your presence 💞. 

To Belly Kubwimana, I will you the ability to not be scared of my father (I promise he’s not gonna get you, he was just in a bad mood that day). My African brethren ✊🏿, I’m glad to see you moving onto bigger and better things. Sadly, I won’t be able to be your photographer anymore. I hope someone at Bradley can fill that gap (though I sincerely doubt it since my skills are unmatched!) From the stories Mariam’s told me about you, I just know your ambition and drive will lead you to do great things in the future. Keep doing you, and make sure to visit!!

To Pranav Patel, I will you a better sense of fashion. That sweatpants, blazer, bucket hat combo STILL haunts me. And PLEASE retire the Crocs… To be completely honest, it’s been super cool getting to know you, and even though most of our interactions involve me bullying you (which how do you let yourself get bullied by an underclassman…) I do appreciate you, I guess… You always know how to make me and the other faux quad members laugh and bring smiles to our faces even if it is at your demise! I hope you see nothing but success in your future, I’ll be rooting for you from the sidelines 😤.

To Shiraz Baxamusa, I will you a better taste in anime. I’ll admit Samurai Champloo was pretty good, but every other rec was… Anyways, my Muslim brethren, congrats on making it out of IMSA and moving on with your life! 🤩 It’s not easy to make it through this school so you should be proud that you did. I genuinely enjoy your antics and how easily you make me and the faux quad laugh. Also, thank you for hyping up my dancing ego by telling me how good my CLASH dance was, I really needed it 😭. I hope you find someone to eat Iftar with since it’ll never be me, especially because I’m an “ugly eater” 😒.


Himani Kamineni

To 1503 D Wing Seniors, I will you all the warmest hugs and love the rest of us D wing underclassmen can give you because you guys have seriously been the best senior quad ever! You guys are the reason that our wing has been so close this entire year, and I am sorely going to miss all those random late night convos. The advice you gave to all us underclassmen has proven helpful time and time again and all of the time you spent helping various wing-members with their homework and random IMSA problems will not be forgotten. Thank you guys so much for always being there for us when we needed you! I know you guys will succeed in whatever you do in life, and I hope you guys remember to have a lot of fun!

To Christin Ann Sanchez, I will you a break from doing MVC homework. I know it’s been tough having Fogel for four semesters, but you have finally made it to the end and you’ll never have to do another MVC homework ever again! From seeing you randomly napping in the wing commons to grinding for MVC tests and APs, you are probably one of the most hard-working people I know. I hope you take some less stressful math courses, and, like you always say to me, get some rest. I know you’re gonna be awesome wherever you go!

To Vivian Cho, I will you to take a nice long break with no work and get your clarinet fixed. After talking to you that one time you were really tired, I realized that a tired Vivian knows no boundaries. So, please take some time to rest because I quite frankly never want to see you talking like that again. Also, please get your clarinet fixed because it’s not good to play on an instrument that has keys taped on. I’m saying this for your own good you know, though I really doubt McCarthy will ever find out anyways. Also, it was nice to getting to know you on IMSAlympians board even though our club didn’t do that much lol. I lowkey thought our board culture was the best part of our club, soooo I think we succeeded in forming a community, even though it was just a 4-person one.

To Hilda Montalvo, I will you a bendable back. I promise I will give you my back if I ever figure out how to do back surgery. Even without having a flexible back, you are still an amazing dancer and really helped me out a lot during Clash drill. It was a lot of fun getting to know you during Clash, and I’m truly going to miss all of your sarcastic comments (ok maybe not all of them, but I will miss some). Thank you for thinking about me for that one concert hall puzzle you guys bought and made in the wing commons. I really appreciate how it turned out and honestly don’t think I could’ve ever finished it myself.

To Gloria Wang, I will you a thousand-and-one thanks for that one time you helped Christin and me with MVC because we honestly could not have done it without you. You are so smart , so nice, and honestly one of the most fashionable people I know. Thank you so so so much for always being willing to help me out with MVC and for all of the other random advice you have given me this past year.

To Hannah Johnson, I will you someone as crazy as me who will always make you laugh. I know that some of the things I said during swim season and sectionals have been very questionable and sometimes I do some really questionable things, but I just want you to know that every crazy person needs a sane person to keep them stable and you were that person for me. Every time you say, “are you okay, Himani?” I always say no in my head, but honestly you asking me if I’m okay generally makes me feel a lot better. Thank you for setting a great example for me with your calm, collected nature and honestly I’m gonna miss you a lot next year when I’m gonna be the only girl double-reed player. I hope you have a great time in college though!

To Andy Tang, I will you to stop being overcommitted. I know you told me that you have more of a work-life balance than I do, but I’m not sure if you were telling the truth when you said that. But seriously speaking, thank you so much for everything you have done for me and IMSAlympians this year. I know that we all kind of gave up on our club after a while, but you still set a great example for how I should run my study sessions. You are also just insanely smart, and I seriously appreciate all the help you have given me over this past year and all the belief you have in me. I promise I am going to push IMSAlympians forward next year, so you’re leaving the club in good hands with me and Kevin and the rest of the board. Take a break from studying all the time and drawing random chemistry memes in your chem notebook because there’s so much more to life than studying all the time. Also, don’t downplay your abilities ever because you are a very smart and talented person, and I just know you’re gonna do great things in the future.

To Madeline Fields Halva, I will you a great time in Ohio. Thank you for dealing with me during swim season and adchem last semester, and honestly for being so practical cuz I know I’m not. I seriously don’t think I will understand your milk-drinking habits, but I’m honestly never gonna understand why you’re going to Ohio, sooo I guess I’ll just have to settle for never understanding. I hope that you find people in Ohio that are less crazy than I am and less forgetful too. Your practicality will serve you well in college and in life in general, and I think you’re going to do amazing things in whatever you end up doing.


Iain Gore

To Jillian Heinzmann, one of the most vivid memories I have to this day is me you and Gabi all sitting in the lunchroom after everyone had left to go outside, and I was sitting eating my fries and suddenly I start coughing super bad, and you looked at me and asked if I was ok. I told you I would be fine but I kept coughing and you looked right at me and said “you can not be choking because I am the only responsible person in this room and I cannot be a responsible adult so don’t you dare choke.” I genuinely think that is my best memory from excel, and look at you now a “responsible” adult. So now you have to save the next person you see choking on a fry. I hope every part of your new adult life is amazing and I’ll make sure to keep you up to date on how excel goes this summer. 


Irene Liu

To Andy Tang, I will you more underclassmen to role model for when you’re in college! You were probably one of the first IMSA people I really talked to. Honestly, you’ve shown me so many things and opened up doors for me without even knowing it. Whenever I tell people the reasons I like IMSA, I’m pretty much listing the things you’ve taught, shown, or brought me into to do. You are literally the epitome of a role model, enjoy college and do some great things (and come back to save our debate team!!)

To Oliver Ni, I will you many speech members! I apologize for dropping speech team BUT I would still like to thank you so so so much for helping me become a better speaker. You’re one of the funniest people I know and I’m sure you will go on to be some really cool dude who saves the world!

To Amanda Chen, I will you endless asian snacks. ngl the first instance / impression / meeting I had of you was your endless supply of asian snacks. anywaysss you are by far one of my favorite StudCo people i luv uu <33. 

To 03D Wing (Christin Sanchez, Vivian Cho, Gloria Wang, Hilda Montalvo), I will you guys a great hall next year! You guys are literally the best wing seniors ever and because of that, 03D wing is superior to all wings. Literally all 4 of you are so sweet, talented, and supportive. Thank you guys soo much !!

To Rujuta Durwas, I will you bagels with lots of cream cheese! I finally decided to try my first bagel because you ate them with so much passion at SIR. You’re literally a bucket of sunshine and math and SIR would not have been the same without you. 

To Jakob Bachhausen, I will you a faster response time. I still remember the first week where we found out our big sibs and you had a decent response time. Very unfortunate that that response time has increased with time and work. But in all seriousness, thank you for being a great big sib and helping with compusci! I know you’ll spread your optimism to the places you go, but please remember to visit us!

To Nadia Ludwig, I will you a bunch of sparkles!! From the first time I met you in online programming to now, you have constantly reminded me of a ray of sunshine or a pretty fairy. You’re so kind and selfless and made me feel so welcome when I first came to IMSA. 

To Siddharth Tiwari (Sid), I will you the ability to understand FRC robotics programming. You really completed my FRC experience and made it slightly less bearable. Thanks for telling me so much about IMSA while we were supposed to be doing the robot / code thing. If you have better luck programming robots in college, please please please teach me!


Jackie Zhang

To cool twitter peepo (Isabel Chen, Amanda Chen, & Natali Chung), I will you guys Korean fried chicken on me this summer, success in Genshin by always getting the five-star you want in the banner you’re rolling in, and VIP status at Sushi Naper. Natali, I met you on the unofficial IMSA Discord server for applicants my freshman year, and I remember connecting with you through MDZS and becoming Twitter mutuals. Amanda, I met you through the 06 Res Life Zooms we had my sophomore year, and I remember you started talking to me because of my Jeonghan profile picture. Isabel, I met you through Facebook and Messenger. I remember when you first messaged me because of my Jeonghan profile picture. However, I also remember that we got closer because we found out we both liked danmei and have stan Twitters. Through that, becoming friends on Twitter and making our group chat there, was the formation of our group and our interest in Seventeen, danmei, Tears of Themis, and Genshin (not me though). Having you guys as some of my only upperclassmen friends throughout the entirety of Zoom school and being able to connect with you guys through interests that I didn’t know anyone else had was a great emotional support for me, even if you guys didn’t know it. As I write this, reflecting on us doing HOCO, Lunar, B&N trips for MXTX, Amnesty International, and just so many other things together throughout this entire year has me so grateful for all the memories I made with you guys these past two years, even if the first one wasn’t that eventful. All of the stuff that we did this year made up for that lost time, and honestly just being able to be with you guys during school and spend time with each other this year has me going into the end of this year with no regrets. I have never met a group that I had connected so much with, especially with my interests as I have never had friends in-person that I could talk about them with, and I will miss you guys so much when I go into my senior year at IMSA. We have to hang out this summer!! Make sure to keep in touch with me!! I wish you all well and immense success in your respective colleges (Cornell, Brown, & NYU Shanghai!!) You all are so extremely smart and talented, and I love you guys forever.

To half of nom nom (Annabelle Lu, Kaylee Zhou, & Rishi Boddu), I will you guys Joy Yee on me this summer and VIP status at Sushi Naper as well (this is just for you Rishi). Annabelle, I remember my first impression of you on Zoom school in Spanish 4 last year, and I thought that you were the prettiest and hottest (albeit a little bit intimidating) person ever. Kaylee, I remember meeting you last summer during our Joy Yee meet up, and I am so happy that I became closer to you afterward during this year. Rishi, I remember first interacting with you during my sophomore year and your junior year Downtown Naperville meetup, and I found out you were a very bubbly person when I first thought you were intimidating online. There are not enough words to express my appreciation for you guys. Annabelle, I am so so so happy to have gotten much closer to you this year; you are such a caring upperclassmen, you are like an older sister to me, you lift my spirits every time I hang out with you, and I just love you so much. I’m glad to have been the underclassman that made you smile and laugh <3 You are the hottest and sexiest woman to ever exist, by the way. Kaylee, I am also so so so happy that I got closer to you this year. Your energy is always so high, 

To 03D Down Quad (Gloria Wang, Vivian Cho, Christin Sanchez, & Hilda Montalvo), I will you guys waffles and whipped cream in college. Thank you guys for always being there for us underclassmen in 1503 D-wing when we needed advice and help, making waffles and distributing them to us, and just (illegally) eating and working in the wing commons together after 10 check. I’m so glad that I got to know you guys a little more, especially during the Chicago trip. Vivian, special shoutout to you and the really funny physics jokes we made about Isiah while we were walking on the way back. Every single one of you is so smart and capable, but please make sure to have fun while continuing to work hard in college!

To Wei Wei & Eden Puchikanot, I will you guys the ability to continue dancing K-pop dances very well all the way through into your old age. To this day, I’m still honestly baffled at how you guys know basically every single K-pop dance. You guys are extremely talented dancers and learn dances so quickly. I could never do that, as it takes me a while to learn and practice a single dance. I’m so glad to have gotten to know you guys better this year, especially with dancing in Lunar G-Friend & Modern together, discussing/singing K-pop songs, and experiencing the rest of the year together. Wei, I hope you find your OTL (LOL) in college: someone who meets your high standards and can live up to your energy. Eden, I hope you make it big through your K-pop dancing and find success in your career in CS. Make sure you don’t pull too many all-nighters, though. I love you guys, and you are and will be incredible these following years ;)

To Thavaisya Ananth, I will you infinite “your mom” jokes, the hottest crop/tank tops to wear, and to make Shiraz wear those tops as well. I still remember the advice you gave me in the beginning this year, and I really appreciate the fact that even though we didn’t really talk before, you were there to support me. The your mom jokes you make just hit different with your energy! You’ve been such a great person to be around, and I couldn’t ask for a better senior to live in 03 with. I wish you all the best <3

To Margaret Wei, I will you all the coolest fashion you want and the continued cool & aloof energy you give off to flex on people in college. You are a literal model, you have an incredible sense of style, your septum piercing is so fitting on you, and to top it all off, I have to say that the camel toe shoes were lowkey fire. I’m so happy to have gotten to know you better in Spanish, and I love the dry-humor jokes you make every time something happens. Talking with you and learning that you are more silly than serious has been such an endearing thing for me. Make sure you take my will and use it to channel your energy to flex on people in the future. I love you so much!

To Minseo Emily Jung, I will you an upperclassman who takes care of you while also teasing you at the same time. I’m so happy to have gotten closer to you this year, and your chill but also fun personality has been something I really enjoy being around. I am thankful for you taking care of me and talking with me through this short year, and I have to admit, I will be missing your and Adam’s teasing of me in Lexington next year. You are an amazing person, and I love you <3

To Advait Patel, I will you infinite victories in Clash Royale. It was an honor to be your junior carry for first semester Ad Chem, and the talks and advice you have given me were things that I have been carrying with me and following. I wish you well in your freshman year of college!

To Mya Griesbaum, I will you the funky and coolest art creations you can make. Your makeup style is so cool, and when I see you in Dig Lit, I swear I see you holding these very unique art sculptures every time. You’re an incredible person, and I know you will be successful and influential in the future. I love you!

To Kevin Qu & Gabe Delgado, I will you guys (more) piercings and Annabelle & Rishi becoming my girlfriends. I’m glad to have gotten to know you guys through Lunar and B-Friend, and keep doing the goofy things you guys always do in your respective future places. In all seriousness, take these L’s and cherish them in college :D

To Oliver Ni, I will you numerous L’s and bringing the B-Friend legacy to Georgetown. I remember in the very beginning of this year, I was hall-hopping with you and some other people, and the talks we had were very chill. I’m glad to have gotten to know you better and say hi in the halls, especially after trolling B-Friend! I know you’re going to do great as always and make sure to flex on your future classmates with the Boombayah sliding-on-the-floor move!

To Niyati Kapadia, I will you 1,000 followers on Twitter and happiness for your ultimate girl groups. I love seeing your Tweets when I can, and every time they open my eyes to more girl group content, which I usually never look at but do enjoy. You are an incredible dancer too; I remember watching you dance in Diwali and thinking about how crazy it is that you have that much control over your body. I aspire to dance like you! I hope you enjoy your time in China at Duke Kunshan, and make sure to eat a lot of good Chinese food there. 我爱你!!

To Natalie Hulseberg & Aiden Brinkmann, I will you guys one-try Wordles and that you guys find even more crazy things to do together (but please be careful and don’t hurt yourselves). You guys were the seniors I first met this year from the very beginning where we would play card games together every night. The stories, games, word games, advice, walking trips, and chill talks we would do on a semi-regular basis have been a great support for me throughout this entire year. The craziest part was seeing you guys and Jacob at Vai’s without even expecting it. Even though we don’t hangout every day, the fact that we are there for each other—and we know it, so we can talk to each other about whatever we want/need—is something that I’ve come to greatly appreciate in these final weeks. I will miss you guys so much; make sure to keep in touch <3

To Kosi Onwuameze, I will you an upperclassman who will always be there for you and be your ride or die wingwoman. Even though we came to know each other very late in the year, I genuinely loved and appreciated the energy you had while interacting with me and scheming for Prom. You have such high energy, you are so dedicated, and you are the hottest woman ever. I hope you find someone who can match you and your energy, and I love you so much.

To Jacob Malone, I will you with a sufficient supply of ingredients when you need them every time you are baking. Thank you so much for letting me eat the biscuits and banana bread you made every time I saw you in the commons. You have to mail your baked goods to me in college!! I think that the craziest thing ever was seeing you, Natalie, and Aiden at Vai’s while I was at my friend’s birthday party. I was not expecting that at all. I also really appreciate the stories you told while we went on that walking trip with Natalie, albeit a bit questionable. I hope you find yourself in your ideal and successful place in the future!

To Edwin Alcantara, Siddharth Tiwari, & Jesus Mascote, I will an L for you, an L for you, an L for you, another L for you, and just all these L’s for you. In all seriousness though, I appreciate the talks each one of us have had throughout this year and the lighthearted atmosphere we have when we are around each other. Being able to banter with and troll you guys while receiving the same energy back was really fun—I have to admit. Now, please take these L’s and cherish them in your heart when you’re in college.

To Kian de Christian Guzman, I will you the most massive L of this world. I am also not willing you Alex :)


Jadesola Suleiman

To Hannah Johnson, I would will you something but you are so amazing that I don’t even know what to will you! I know you’ll do amazing at whatever endeavors you decide to pursue and I’m so glad I sat at your table in bio chem! Oh wait I will you very nice smelling compounds : )

To Madeline, I will you all the delicious tea and milk in the world. You are awesome and every time I get to hang out with you, I find my day getting a little better. Even though you’re going to school in Ohio I hope you have so much fun!

To Joanna, I will you all the positive vibes in the world. Whenever I get to hang out with you or talk to you, my day just brightens and I hope you get to brighten many more days in college!

To Kian, I will you a sense of responsibility. It’s been so amazing to watch you grow as a person. You are so smart and don’t give yourself enough credit, even though you’re really irresponsible. I hope college is less stressful than IMSA and that this time around, you actually do your work on time.

To Karrick, I will you better poetry skills. You’ve taught me that there is such a thing as awful poetry, and you should be very proud of that. You’ve made this semester in creative writing all the more fun and I’m positive you’ll do amazing in college!

To all SCRJ Seniors, I don’t even know what my IMSA experience would look like without SCRJ. Thank you so much for cultivating a place of knowledge, growth, and advocacy. I can’t wait to help bring SCRJ to even great heights!

To all B-wing seniors, I will you all an endless amount of patience, knowledge, and sleep. I know you will all need it for all the adventures life has in store for you. Thank you so much for making my first in person year at IMSA so amazing, amazing, I can’t imagine my junior year without you guys!


Jaejun (JJ) Park

To Edward Zhang, I will you golf course hot dogs topped with mustard. Just like how you dread that last bite of sausage, I will dread your absence here at IMSA. Throughout this year, as my captain, I have learned so much from you and have so much respect for you. I am so happy to have met you not only as a leader but also as a friend. All of my best experiences at IMSA were with you, and I will never forget how fun it was. I hope that as you transition into college, you can meet a college upperclassman that can give you the same experiences that I had. In college, I want you to never lose your genuineness, decency, and humor. Always know that I am a text away, and I thank you for such a great sophomore year.


Jai Sutaria

To Jai Raval, I will you endless hours of playing solitaire and a college experience where you can choose whatever name you want and pronounce it however you like. I will you to be able to carry the confidence you have throughout college and not let anyone else stop you from doing what you want to do. I will you more sleep and more Red Bulls, but also patience with yourself because sometimes things don’t need to be perfect. I’m literally going to miss you so much and Spanish without you will certainly be less fun, but I will you the happiness and the stress-free days in the sun you deserve so very much. From talking to you in BC last year to all the time we’ve spent together this year, I’ve loved every moment and I promise to text you when you leave. Love, Jai <3

To Emilia Daniels, I will you more sleep and more compusci but not the weird simulation physics kind. You are also one of the most hardworking, talented, and smart people I know, but please make sure to take some time for yourself every once in a while. I’m so very glad I got closer with you this year and spending time with you in the hall commons after check was always fun. I don’t know how I would have survived in MVC this year without you and I promise to not do my math homework next year an hour before it’s due. You are going to do so many great things in college and beyond and I can’t wait to see everything you accomplish. I wish you good luck (even though you don’t need it) and please take care of yourself <3

To Cor Sirais, I will you a water bottle that you will never lose and all the sunlight in California. I hope that you get to live your best life in college and never forget your cor(e) values. I’m so happy I got closer to you this year and thank you for always listening whenever I bothered you about robotics. I will you no more MVC worksheets and an environment and people that make you feel as happy and comfortable as you make everyone else feel. I’m going to miss shaving your head, but I will you lots of haircuts without hair splinters. I’m going to miss your hugs and you so, so much. Go have fun, you deserve it <3

To Mo Narciso, I will you lots of exciting times in college including finding someone who matches your vibe and someone who makes you laugh. I also will you someone who will paint your nails. I’m glad I got to know you better this year and I hope you have fun next year <3

To Mya Griesbaum, I will you all the success and recognition you deserve. You are going to do so, so many incredible things in your life and I’m so glad I got to be a part of it this year. I will you friends who will support you in your endeavors and people who will be as kind as you are. Thank you for always helping me out, making me feel more comfortable, and doing my makeup. I hope you never lose the passion you have and I wish you the best times in college <3

To Esther Im, I will you less overcommitment, nail-painting sessions, and the sharpest of eyeliner. But seriously, you are such a lovely person and I’ve loved getting to know you better this year whether it was hearing all of your stories or hanging out in your room. I will you only good relationships and I hope college is really fulfilling for you. You are so dedicated and passionate and I hope you get a college experience that gives as much to you and you give to it. I’ll miss you <3

To Sabrina Zhang, I will you so much laughter that it makes your stomach hurt. I’m so proud of you for everything you’ve accomplished this past year (including the prom dress!!) and I know you are going to accomplish even more in college. Thank you for having so much positive energy and putting up with all the tutoring mishaps. Good luck and I hope there’s plenty of mario music for you to still listen to <3

To Grayson Pacourek, I will you the best mouse to CAD with that’s ever existed. Thank you for actually answering all my questions and helping me learn, it really meant a lot to me. I will you a year without spending hours on end in the robotics lab because you should get some well-deserved rest and recuperation. Good luck in college and the robotics lab is always open to you if you want to visit <3

To Ethan Schmidling, I will you a new pot. I also will you an upperclassmen just as wonderful as you are and a dorm room just as cozy as yours is now. I love hearing your commentary and thank you for always being there when anyone needed it. Have fun in California and bother Cor for me <3

To Christin Ann Sanchez, I will you more sleep, less physics, and the most fearless leader energy anyone could possibly have. You have the best vibes and my day always gets a little better after talking to you, so I will you a college experience that doesn’t drain you and never takes away from your vibes. You made physics so much better and thank you for all the work you did for L&D. I’m going to miss you very much and I will do my best to keep Dhruv in line <3

To Abi Ernat, I will you a lifetime of puzzles and clean dorms. I don’t know what C-wing would have done without you cleaning it all the time, but I guess we’ll find out next year. Thank you for taking care of C-wing and puzzling with you was always a fun time. I will you lots of joy and a wonderful college experience because you so deeply deserve both. Take care <3

To Jessica Lyseng, I will you more horchata jelly beans (because we all know those are the best kind). I also will you more paper to make seed bombs and less bruises from soccer. In the past year, I’ve seen you endure a lot of things, but you still manage to be so kind and do so much. The things I’ve seen you do at IMSA are amazing and I can’t wait to see what you do in college. Thank you for being a lovely upperclassmen and I hope you get exactly what you want from your college experience <3

To Yihan Deng, I will you an audience that listens when you talk. You have so many thoughtful things to say that I would have never thought of and the way you express yourself is so impressive. It was always a pleasure hearing you speak, especially at the last Read-In (much appreciated). I’m so glad I can say I was a part of your life and come back and visit when you’re famous and all that. I can’t wait to see what you accomplish in college and I wish you good luck <3

To Karen Olvera, I will you someone in your life that is kind and willing to go out of their way for someone like you are. Thank you for talking to me when I was a lost sophomore, it meant a lot to me. Good luck in college <3

To Willow Dennison, I will you a new drama department that you can care about as deeply as you did for IMSA’s. Thank you for always speaking your mind and standing up for people and I’ve loved seeing you evolve throughout the year (especially the outfits). Your passion and dedication definitely hasn’t gone unnoticed and it’s going to take you great places in life. Enjoy yourself in college <3

To Neil Dighe, I will you hair that looks however you want it to. I think you’ll have to figure out how to cut it by yourself now, but I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun in college. Take care <3

To Tyler Smith, I will you a quarter of my CAD skills (because I still need some left). I also will you more places you can go without hitting your head on things. I enjoyed all of our conversations and you were just a really chill guy who I’m glad I got to know at least a little bit better. Thank you for showing interest in my life and please send me Canada pictures. I wish you the best of luck tall volleyball man <3

To Disha Dureja and Brogan Long, I will you some well-deserved rest. I know this year was hard, but thank you for trying your best to work it all out. I know you both will go on to do great things and I hope you never lose your spark to make the world a better place. Good luck <3

To all the 01 Seniors, I will you a living space just as cool as you made 01 this year. Thank you for carrying us during Clash and giving 01 the wonderful vibes it has. There was never a dull moment and you all really made 01 home. I’ll try to carry on the hall spirit you gave 01, but no promises for a Clash win. Good luck in college (although you probably don’t need it) and come visit <3

To all the other seniors who have made a positive impact on me (big or small), I will you a life filled with exciting adventures where you get exactly what you want and continue to grow. I will you a sense of direction after IMSA and thank you for making this place a little less dead. I wish you all the best lives someone could possibly have and I can’t wait to see what you all do <3


JaKhai Hudson

To Kosi, I will you the strength to keep being you. You are a genuinely hilarious person with lots of energy, and I hope that the people wherever you decide to go get to experience that. You and your energy have the ability to brighten up entire days, and sometimes that’s just what a person needs. I wish you the best in your future endeavors, my friend.

To Olamiji, I will you the desire to impose your motherly instinct upon people wherever you go. It was annoying and untimely at times lmao, but I do truly believe it was necessary. You yelling at us during EXCEL to do our work was one of those “bro you suck” moments in the moment, but in hindsight may have been kinda slightly helpful I guess…lmao, that’s the closest thing to a compliment you’re getting from me. When EXCEL came to an end and our fall semester started, our walk and talks were peaceful and provided for some good bonding times. In case you don’t get told this enough, thank you for being Ola, Ola. 

To Feyikemi and Sanaa, I will you the intelligence and ability required to tutor/aid others wherever you may go. You guys came in clutch a few times, and it has not gone unnoticed. I greatly appreciate you guys for that and also for creating a fun IN2 atmosphere. I hope you conquer all mountains you attempt to climb.

To Colin, I will you my request to keep being you. Bro you’re hilarious, the stuff you say is just… wow. You don’t care, you have no filter, and it’s awesome. I hope you continue to not let societal norms and expectations influence your speech, because the world needs to hear what you have to say. Please keep being unapologetically you. Grace the world with your sharp tongue, my friend.

To AJ, I will you the strength to keep your natural leadership abilities. Admittedly, I didn’t know you very well, but from the limited interactions we did have, I took note of your tendency to take charge. You often called the shots during warm ups on the track, and little things like that really do reflect your personality. There will always be people who are better on the technical side of things, but not everyone is a leader. Your ability to command will serve you well on your journey of life. You don’t have to be the best at a particular subject in order to take charge. You can still be a better leader than the most intelligent person in the world, which comes in clutch because there’s always a bigger fish. I don’t say all this to lecture you, but rather to reinforce the importance of what it is you possess. Continue to take charge.

To Belly, I will you the willpower to actually do track warm ups correctly. Ain’t no way you should be done before the whole team bruh that’s not normal. In all seriousness however (even though I was serious about my previous point, but I digress), thank you for all the laughs and memories shared together. You were a great big sib, and I can only hope that I get the honor to be to other people what you were to me as well as so many others. But bro… Seriously… Do those damn track workouts frfr.


Jared Dong

To Liam McCarthy, I will you something I do not have: the ability to speak to women. I never thought that I would meet someone just as, if not more insufferable than I am. Those moments that we shared playing Clash Royale in the bathroom never fail to leave me with a smile. You have been such a guiding force in my life and like you I strive to be like the fictional characters we cherish. Liam, you are one of the most interesting people I have ever met. Next time you walk into a Pacsun, I want you to leave without regrets and instead with a number and another Kramer poster. Thank you for all the countless laughs, frisbee games, and helping me get through my own girl problems. Stay in touch whether that be in the form of a call or a picture of the average Ohio resident.

PS I have to return some videotapes.

To Aidan, Jack, Belly, and Shiraz, I will you guys the absolute greatest time in college. 03C wing simply would not be 03C wing without you guys. I always enjoyed randomly barging in on whatever shenanigans you guys were up to. Whether that be Shiraz’s crazy experiments to his hair or Aidan downing multiple La Croix one after another. You guys showed me that there is more to IMSA and life than school. Keep in touch if you guys aren’t too busy with your college antics.

To Sri Voora, I will you a fob since you always seem to lose yours. Even though you constantly gaslight me into believing things that are not true, you have also offered me wise advice. You have such a contagious and warm laugh that lights up the room even though at times food debris accompanies those laughs (vroom vroom). I’m glad that you broke a marshmallow stick which led to you getting stabbed promptly and us forming our friendship. I wish you the best in college. That fob will really come in handy for getting to places. Keep in touch.

To Rohit Kartha, I will you Brooks Sonethongkham. Seeing you deal with Brooks every second of this year has shown me how resilient of a person you are. You were a great captain and friend. College will be a whole new experience for you and with that comes choices. Try new things both in chess and outside. Thanks for letting me be your plus one at prom.

To Jacob Malone, I will you prosciutto. Unlike the Italian ham which is dry, you have such a vibrant personality. I always enjoyed talking to you about music and seeing how big of a music fanatic you are. I’m glad to always pass you in the hallways and be greeted with a wave. Although you do like making fun of me for listening to The Smiths, I’m glad that we are still united through our common hatred for Car Seat Headrest. Stay in touch man, and know I’ll always be ready to talk whether that be about music or anything. PS Track 16 of Veteran. PPS I hate prosciutto.

To Cristo Ekimov, I will you someone that will go on deep philosophical walks with you. You were probably expecting me to give you twenty dollars for the math homework you “helped” me with. After every interaction with you, I always leave with something. That something does range from deep questions to a broken hand from your tough grip. Have a great time in college and don’t forget to hit me up every now and then. 

To Michael Hunding, I will you Kian De Guzman. You are one of the smartest people I know and I know you will do big things in college. Michael, I will try my hardest to fulfill your will. It was always a joy getting to talk to you about 90’s sci fi anime masterpieces and Quiz Bowl. Message me anytime you need a friend or just wanna mess around. 

To Marco Bravo, I will you a frisbee. You were what Peter Leahy willed me last year and I am so grateful for that. I was so glad to have finally met you in person and played countless ultimate frisbee games with you. With these games came laughs, sweat, and even a concussion. Marco, you have blessed me with so much knowledge and I thank you for that. I hope you can find a group of people in college and beyond to play many ultimate games to satisfy your outgoing personality. If not, just give me a call and I’ll be down no matter the weather or time ;)

To Avdhan Kandikattu, I will you a good roommate for college and the rest of your life. I’m so glad to have met you this year and for all the things you have taught me. Beginning with the fact that your name is Avdhan and not Gregory. Your skills of persuading (gaslighting) masses amazes and scares me. In another universe, your roommate at UIC could be Jeffery Epstein or someone just as bad. Thanks for everything, Gregory.

To all the seniors that I have bequeathed a will to, I am sorry. After being given multiple extensions, I have still managed to procrastinate something that is important to me. I never knew how rewarding it would be to open myself up to you guys. Although it does make me a bit sad that I didn’t do so sooner. Realistically speaking, we will probably never speak again after this year but I hope to change that. I want to hear about your struggles in college but also your triumphs. If you ever need anything, you know where to find me.

To all the seniors I could not write to, I will you my best wishes. Please know you’re not forgotten, and keep on keepin’ on. Liam, I know you’re reading this and thinking, “what the hell, this dude just copied the ending to my will.” In response to that, I say, “There is an idea of a Liam McCarthy. Some kind of abstraction. But there is no real Liam. Only an entity. Something illusory. And though you can hide your cold gaze, and I can shake your hand and feel flesh gripping mine, and maybe you can even sense our lifestyles are probably comparable, you are simply not there.”


Jason Qin

To Michael Hunding, I will you continued success with ur big brain math skills in college!! I know ur gonna do great things—prob proving the Riemann hypothesis or something (t1 Riemann player). I will you to continue destroying Quiz Bowl in college, but if not, ur spirit will continue watch over the Quiz Bowl team :))

To Inga Pavilionis, I will you super amazing things in college! Ty for being such an amazing ALLIES director and for always being open and super fun to talk to. I will you continued positive vibes and popping off in the future!

To Emily Nakiganda, I will you an amazing future and ofc continued Quiz Bowl! You are super fun and nice to talk to randomly and I’m sure you will do amazing world changing things! Also ty for teaching me sm about random history facts (Henry Clay) from you O_O

To Isabel Chen, I will you a cello… and ofc a super amazing time in Shanghai! I’m so glad to be ur stand partner for the later half of the year (sob concussions) and ur a very good cello person :O You are an extremely kind person and so easy to talk to! OH I forgot—I will you earlier wake up times so you’ll never be late to orchestra?!?

To Andy Tang, I will you to do amazing things in the future with ur super big brain! Ty for giving me all of the cool and random facts (that have actually been useful: Stockholm Massacre!! and def cow planets) Ur super fun to talk to and nerd out with! I can’t wait to see all of the unproven science theorems that you will solve :)

To Shiraz Baxamusa, I will you to continue being baller and having cool hair! I’m glad to have been ur LEAD Co and gotten to know you through fisiks pain! I greatly appreciate all of ur fire music recs: fanboy Chum Chum, all that russian music, and ofc el pollito pio… 

To Emily Jung, I will you success with violin and life stuff! Ik ur gonna go do amazing things—you are super hard working and big brain :O I’m glad to have a senior from Southern IL at IMSA that I can talk to :)

To Reese Ramos, I will you to prove Fermat’s Last Theorem and to be t1 ping pong god :) Anyway ty for being such a cool senior that I can talk to and always fueling my procrastination with ur op ping pong skills. ur insanely big brain and ik you’ll do amazing things!

To Avdhan Kandikattu, I will you a printer. That’s it. Oh yaaaa I also will you continued photography and editing skills—the movie was actually so amazing I still can’t get over it. Also, we will never talk abt the ykw thing that happened outside my window O_O

To Marco Bravo: I also will you a printer… to print ur sheet music! Continue doing music in the future and being a super chill senior to talk to! Ty for also making drill a super fun experience :)

To Kevin Fan, I will you frog emojis and a loud voice :O I’m glad I was in ur IMPACT class last year—honestly one of the main reasons I applied to be a facilitator. Ty for being chill 50 percent of the time? 

To Rohit Katakam, I will you success in college and life! Hopefully you can apply all the leadership skills that you learned these years! Also please do not do anything illegal on open waters… But anyway I’m glad to have you as my Co for part of CORE—ty for always being super chill to talk to!

To Christin Sanchez, I will you so many more years of learning computer science (R programming big brain cs knowledge definitely). I know you will do amazing things at Vanderbilt(-dif)! You’re always super hyper and fun to talk to and I’m glad we could struggle towards learning R together!

To Natalie Hulseberg, I will you cello stuff and no more concussions :(( You’re extremely talented and also super fun to talk to! Thank you for being a great Co for CORE—I was ngl very scared and concerned but you made the experience fun for me :)

To Sean Jasin, I will you big brain engineering skills! To use in paper airplane folding ofc. No other use istg if you actually contribute or smth to the world—jkjk Anywayyy thank you for being a cool and chill senior and making me think you had green hair for all of last year. I will never forget 3x3x3 tic tac toe or getting destroyed in Zoom games by you!


Jazmyne Germo

To Christin Sanchez and Rushil Sambangi, I will you some very swag vibes. Thank you so much for making my first in-person experience with IMSA’s band a memorable one. I always enjoyed sectionals as you guys made it very fun. And pep band, while tiring, was always interesting with flutes. I remember watching Christin crocheting what seemed to be a scarf like there was no tomorrow. Christin, I hope that scarf is finished eventually cuz I’d love to see the final product sometime lol. I hope that you both keep going with your musical abilities wherever you go, and don’t worry the flute section here won’t let you down <33

To Mo Narciso, Kian De Guzman, and Marco Bravo, I will you a big kapamilya wherever you go like the one that you gave me in ftrad. My first time dancing in a group (and in general), and it was wonderful, minus the minor mishap with me stepping on the pole and falling lol. Getting to dance something from my own culture with others really helped me to connect with everyone. Lunar was just an experience I wish to repeat over and over again. Thank you so much for all the hard work you all put in. So many practices together, but it was all worth it in the end. Maraming, maraming salamat (pls tell me I said this right I’m trying ;-;) <3

To all the 02 seniors, I will you a wonderful campus life. I hope that the people that you live with are just as cool as all of you. Thank you for making Clash so memorable, gotta love sunset/sussy boulevard. Also shoutout to B wing (aka best wing !!!) seniors: Hannah, Isabel, Joyce, Ola, Rachel, Sanaa, and Wei <3 Moments at 10 check and res life were both hilarious and somewhat wholesome. I promise on behalf of the B wing underclassmen (whichever hall or wing they end up in) that we’ll make sure to clean out the drain aaaaa. Love y’all <33


Jeff Duan

To Liam, Gerry, and Adam, I will you all many more questionable antics in your college years. The heists and chaotic energy you brought into our wing was what made D-wing special to me, and you all helped us become one big family (whoa). I hope you all can continue attaching questionable, unidentified objects to areas around the dorm or throwing blueberry muffins into the wall. Maybe even finally accomplish your dreams of stealing an entire door from the wing (Ethan is leaving soon so I’m sure he won’t be too upset).

To Karrick, I will you a PR rank and a cooler character to play that isn’t Chrom. In seriousness, I will you persistence in the things that you are so compassionate about. Your enthusiasm when you talk about sciency things that I only half understand, or when you play games and dance, is inspiring and has helped motivate me to be more optimistic.

To Advait, I will you fortitude and unwavering tenacity. Talking to you is always calming, and I feel like I can always be comfortable. I hope you can chase your dreams in UIUC and I will you as much strength as you need to make them come true.

To Eden, I will you the removal of all of your hair and several cans of coffee so that you can stop stealing mine. On a real note, the energy you have is infectious and also I guess you’re maybe not bad at dancing. I will never be willing to compliment you but also you’re really cool and I will you safety so that your hair does not all fall off from bleach one of these days.

To Marco, I will you the grindset (so true). I have big respect for the way you dedicate so much of yourself to things until you make them work out. Your fortitude is insane and I’m grateful for the way you helped shape our wing’s chemistry. The way you carried Clash and put us through the ringer with all the practices until we realized it was worth it is something I am confident I will remember for decades to come. You have given me and the rest of our friends a lot of helpful advice, and I hope you know that we appreciate it. I will you more hype opportunities for choreoing, playing frisbee, and just messing around in general.

To Isabel, my little sister, I will you a bit more age (get on my level), a lot of lucky gacha RNG, and as many adventures as you can get over in Shanghai. I can definitely imagine you waddling around the Chinese bus stations and going around eating street food. Maybe even bring Pi along with you (I promise he does not look like a rat) but just know that I’m proud of you, that you’re definitely my senior, and you’re not actually that much like a penguin!

To Avdhan, the legendary director and 7-year-old club penguin scammer-aficionado himself, I know you’re willing me the cat so I will you the radio! (Sorry, I wanted to will you the headphones but it has everyone’s signatures on it so I guess it’s the property of 04 now.) Filming the movie with you was definitely tiring, but seeing you bring your vision to fruition was something special to me and really was admirable! Along with that, somehow it is always fun to talk to you, not just for advice but also about the most random things imaginable. I will you all the strange little things that define our friendship, including modded gamecube controller notches, a computer that won’t die every time you open Premiere, even more overcoats, a mid-part so you don’t have to shuffle your hair all the time, actual food so you’re not always taking Christian’s (only I can do that), and Doja Cat coming out of retirement (but don’t hold your breath on this one).

To Wei, you’re a clown sometimes (all the time), but I’m glad that you are, because otherwise you never would have dropped your ID and I never would’ve gotten to know you. You’re my closest friend, and I will you everything that can make your day as bright as you make mine, which includes (but isn’t limited to): a never ending passion for everything you talk so enthusiastically about, tickets for the concerts you somehow always miss, cool webtoons and tv shows to turn your brain off to (usually it is more off than on), fashion to experiment with, a lifetime supply of cheese dogs, a better British accent (it’s atrocious), many safe travels and friends over in NYU (including someone to talk to about some of your more questionable interests), the determination always trudge along when things get difficult, and a limitless amount of impulsive (but not too dumb) decisions and fun excursions. Lastly, I will you a subscription to a nursing home in the next few years, because it seems like you’re growing up a bit too fast, and I don’t want to shuffle over all the way to New York to come see you


Jerrick Li

To Kaylee Zhou (小孩儿#1), I will you the best college experience a 4’11 (more like 4’5 tbh) 小孩儿 like you could have, one that’s full of joy, laughter, and partying. Having you as my big sib was the luckiest and best thing that could have happened to me this year. Though I haven’t told you this explicitly, I want you to fully understand that you have been my biggest role model here at IMSA, and the one person I have always looked up to. You have unconsciously shaped who I am by being who you are; a compassionate, supportive, and funny big sib, role model, and most importantly, friend. I certainly owe a part of my IMSA success to you, and I will continue to grow and mature into someone you can be even more proud of. Next year is definitely gonna be rough without you around though :((. Thank you for putting up with me this year, and letting me hit you up at random times (those 1 am fts haha) to complain or rant about whatever. I promise I won’t let you down in clubs, work etc.,, and I will find the best little sib that’ll make even your big sib proud. Know that imma miss you so much, so be ready for your phone getting blown up by my multitudinous text message rants. Have the best time at college (business woman whattt), and come back to visit when you can :)) (I will buy you so much boba). 

To Niyati Kapadia, I will you comfort, stability, and the energy to continue the great things you are capable of. We definitely have been through a lot this year, but I am so glad to have gotten to know you, and get beaten up by you (ouch). Bonding with you over Taekwondo, and choreoing our fight scene was the greatest thing ever, and if you ever want a turn getting beat up, hmu lol. Thank you for those late night walks and being the calm I needed to ground myself. You are so smart, impressive, and inspiring, and I know you will do amazing things at Duke Kunshan :)). Know that no matter where you go or end up, I will always believe in you and your natural ability to positively impact those around you in ways you won’t even fully comprehend. You will make a difference. If you ever find yourself stressed or tired or burnt out, know that it is okay to take a break and enjoy the things you love. Just for you, I’mma continue watching even more bollywood (yikes still gatta finish badhaai do). Don’t forget your life dream: to marry a rich middle eastern prince *wow*. And PLEASE don’t ever stop dancing. Like ever. Stay in touch, and maybe, just maybe, I’ll let you come back for Lunar :). Oh and also, follow your heart 柯迪亚。 

To Isabel Chen (小孩儿#2), I will you all the boba and tasty munchies you could ever want. Honestly, thank you for being you. Not only are you *wise*, but also sometimes funny (I can’t believe I actually just admitted that). You have been the listening ear whenever I needed, and the one person who could soothe my nerves when I was stressed about the future, college, etc. Your advice and consolations will forever resonate with me. If it wasn’t for you, my middays would be so boring fr. Just for you, imma wear the thing next year for Lunar. Ong nyush ain’t gonna even know what hit it (whether it be bc ur too small lol or perhaps your jus amazing like that). If you ever need anything, such as a haircut hehe, you know who to hit up!

To 1503 C-wing downquad (Shiraz Baxamusa, Belly Kubwimana, Jack Pinto, and Aidan Brinkmann), I will you the best dormates/hallmates at college. You guys have made C wing the best wing I could possibly live in, so thank you. You guys are the best seniors, role models, and wingmates I could have ever asked for. Thank you for making my 1st year at IMSA so fun :))) Have fun in college and don’t be a stranger if you ever feel like coming back to visit. 

To Andrew & Alexander Zhang, I will you both happiness in wherever you end up and whatever field or career choice you choose. Love each other :))

To Rujuta Durwas (dear), I will you many more wholesome memories and dears that will last a lifetime. Dear, you have always made me feel better whenever I see you, so never lose the amazing personality you have.

To Kevin Fan, I will you shorts (ideally Gymshark, 5 inch inseams, you certainly need some). Being too hot isn’t always that good, I promise you you won’t get cold wink wink. On a serious note, thank you for guiding me both on ASIA and as a person. I won’t let you down, so you better come back to watch Lunar next year :))

To Jasmine Liu, Kevin Fan, and Kevin Qu, I will you all the chance to be able to connect with our culture wherever you go. It’s been amazing working with you all on ASIA, and know we’ll continue and honor your legacies by making ASIA the best it can be. You don’t even know how excited I am to be on the other side of the group process…hehe… Definitely come back to watch Lunar next year bc yall know its gonna be banging. 

To Rohit Katakam, I will you A’s in all your chem classes. Ong, I even remember what FON stands for (Fl, O, and N, in regards to h-bonding). Best chem tutor alive. 

To Reese Ramos, I will you a continued interest in table tennis and any math help you’ll need (though I doubt you’ll need it).

To Gabe Delgado, I will you all the Gymshark merch in the world. Their clothes smack. 

To Rishi(ka) Boddu, I will you my dance moves, since we all know who’s the better dancer tbh. P.S. DON’T EVER STOP DANCING 

To Annabelle Lu, I will you someone as funny as me to make fun of Kaylee with, though I doubt you’ll find one. I’m very glad to have gotten to know you this year and don’t forget to send me funny selfies of the little one. 

To Natali Chung, I will you a bigger hanfu. hehe lets match someday :)

To Jackie Zhang, I will you birks that come with built-in socks, cuz no one wants to see those dogs of yours. Thank you for making Clash so fun!!

To Makayla Zheng, I will you princess fits that are as swaggy as mine. GOODLUCK AT COLLEGEEE

To Liz Alcala, I will YOU a pet lizard. This way, it’ll be lizard and lizard. Woah, 2 lizards. Have fun at Northwestern, lizard :)))


Kaitlyn Drew

To Willow Dennison, I will you so much Mmonster Eenergy. Remember, more pressure and lighter on the trigger. I wish you so many future happy productions at Cornell COLLEGE. Your ’re energy and encouragement in theater productions kept our spirits up even when times got rough.

To Karen Olvera, I will you every happiness. I can’t even say anything else other thanelse than that. You always bring me so much joy, and those around you are always so happy. As my comfort senior, you brought so much advice and, of course, comfort for me throughout the year. Keep on dancing and singing.

Kaitlyn Drew

To Jai Raval, I will you epic dance moves (even though you already have them). I want to say that you are a great role model, your smile is contagious, and you were an amazing dance leader. Good luck, and I am so proud of you :).

To all my RSL Seniors, you all have been great. You all adjust so well, and are great at running and leading 02 activities. I am proud of every single one of you!

To Gabi Georgieva, I will you future leadership. You have shown great leadership as an RSL, and you are so creativeyou so creative in activity ideas. Y, and you are such a great role model, thank you! :)

To Em Johnson, I will you infinite peace of mind. You deserve the world, and you deserve peace. Your happiness is inspiring, and you are such an inclusive person <3. Y you are such a great leader in theater and residential. Thanks for being such an awesome person.

To Willow Dennison, I will you knowledge, and success, and working tools lol. You are one of the people I look up to the most. You are inspiring, and I will you to pursue your passion, and to keep learning. You are awesome :).

To Karen Olvera, I will you a life of happiness. You are such an inspiration. You are so caring, and open, and so welcoming. Your presence in the RC office is comforting. Thanks for being you. Go get ‘em, Aabuela <3

To Madeline Fields Halva, I will you a ton (2,000 lbs) of rainbow hair dye. You are so expressive and bright and soooo amazing. You are so encouraging to everyone, and serve as are a reminder to be who you are. Thanks for being an amazing influence :).

To Disha Dureja, I will you a hundred more Jersey/Wisconsin accents. You were one of the first seniors I met. You were an amazing LEAD lead facilitator , and are so fun to be around! Your energy is inspirational, and you are such a joy to have improved with in class! You got this <3.

To Hannah Johnson, I will you a thousand smiles! Your smile is contagious, and dancing in casa with you was so much fun, and you are so funny. I am proud of you! Thanks for being so friendly and caring <3.

To All 1502 (especially A-wing) Seniors, I will you to find your passions, hopes, and dreams. The community yYou have built is one of comfort and welcoming. You really were great role models to juniors and sophomores as we navigated IMSA in person for the first time. Whether we were close or not, I will you all success, and I am proud of you all.

To Dance team seniors Jai, Krysta, Abi, Emilia, and Karrick, I will you all a continuation of your passion for dance. You all are so unique and amazing and so good at dance. Karrick with the pop and lock, Abi with the epic swag, Jai with awesome leadership + facials’ skills, Emilia’s gracefulness, and last but certainly not least, Krysta my Bbig S Ssib with iconic sass <3. I hope you all continue to keep dance as a part of yourself, and I am so happy to have met all of you!

To the Senior Culture Show Directors/ISP members, I will you more successful participation in culture celebrations (not just at IMSA). I want to shout all of you out. You all made IMSA come together after so much time. The culture shows were amazing this year. G, give yourselves a pat on the back!!! Epic culture shows and films <3.

To anyone I may have missed (I am sorry if I missed you), and to all IMSA seniors, I will you persistence and health. I cannot say enough about how amazing all of you are! You have gone through IMSA , and all the hard work is bound to pay off. G, good luck, and I am proud of every single one of you!

Kate DeGreve

To Natalie Husleberg, I will you a productive and meaningful career in politics. I wish we were able to go ice skating this year but having you as my Big Sib was a great way to start my IMSA experience. I wish you the best experience in college and hope that we can see each other again soon :).

To Manaal Shamsi, I will you a boring and peaceful freshman year at college. You already saw what I had as your first Underclassmen Will, but I decided that probably wouldn’t get published (that’s my true will for you). I can’t wait to go to basketball games at Purdue with you and visit with your cats. You truly saved me this year, and I am so grateful for every minute I have spent with you, even if half of them were spent trying to convince you to go places with me. Thank you for every breakfast and dinner at Lexington , and for every meal , you and your mom brought me to try. Thank you for every night spent watching Barbie or Disney and for that one week where I gave up on school to finish our puzzle. Thank you for the D wing hall common naps and for walking to class with me every day. Thank you for every piece of advice you’ve given me and for every rant you’ve had to listen to. This isn’t going to be the thirteen paragraphs you wanted, but I think you’ll be okay!! I love you so so so much and I can’t wait for Iceland <3

Kelly Cruz

To Liz Alcala, I will you all the chemistry knowledge in the world (yes, all of it!) I hope you have a great time in college and maybe blow stuff up or something. Thank you for the guidance you gave me in my sophomore year as my Big Sib, as well as the support you’ve given me through my junior year. I know you’ll do amazing things in college, and I do not doubt in my mind you’ll bulldoze through college by firing those that are unworthy and reigning as the Supreme Leader. I will put my best efforts into continuing you and Oliver’s work with Dhruv on The Acronym. I won’t let you down!

To Oliver Ni, I will you earrings. I hope you go through and get your ears pierced, it definitely suits you! Besides that, I also will you a wonderful time studying the humanities. I hope you continue pursuing and enjoying baseball and journalism. Thank you for your guidance and support throughout my time in The Acronym. And, especially thank you for carrying the Mental Health Edition interviews we did together. I was (and am!) honestly so starstruck by how someone can come up with such thought-provoking questions on the spot. I’ll try to embody you, the Interview God, as I move forward with Dhruv to continue you and Liz’s work in The Acronym. Once again, thank you for all your guidance and help.

To Lethzy Gutierrez, I will you a GREAT FUTURE! I hope you have great years in college, meeting great people, getting great grades, and having great experiences. Having a great life is more than well-deserved for all your hard work. Throughout my time working with you in SACNAS, you have demonstrated to me the characteristics that a leader should hold. You are an extraordinary leader, and I know that you will do great things going forward. Thank you for working with me in SACNAS and being a great role model. I’ll continue leading SACNAS and hope to be half as great of a president as you were!

To Liz Soyemi, I will you a successful medical career. It astounds me that a human can hold the amount of talent to such an extent that you do. Working in Med4Minorites with you has been an incredible experience. Throughout my junior year, I knew you were someone I could reach out to with any question (seriously, I didn’t know I’d texted you “hey liz” 29 times!), and you’d gladly provide me with an answer. Thank you for all your hard work and effort in making Med4Minorities a successful club—it has contributed to making my junior year wonderful. Moving forward, I will continue the hard work you and the seniors have put in. Once again, thank you for your great energy and hard work!

Kennedy Bray

To Olamiji Fabamigbe, I will you an amazing and bright future atand UIC and beyond! I remember when we first met because of volleyball and even though you called me the wrong name, you still offered to play with me to get better and extended your kindness to me. From then on, you’ve shown me a lot of kindness in so many ways. When I want chinese food you’re always willing to split it with me and share your VERY SPICY food (I will develop a spice tolerance just for you lol). I love our Bible studies and how we both encourage each other to love God and put Him in our daily lives. It’s also fun just to talk to you in IN2 and just discuss life and things. I’m going to miss going on trips with you and trying on clothes in Target’s dressing rooms. I’ll miss you so much and just the way you encourage me to do well here at IMSA. Please come back and visit me so we can order more food and update each other on everything!!

To Sanaa Davis, I will you many days of laughter and smiles! I am so happy that we met this year and became closer towards the beginning of this semester. I know that volleyball connected us, but I’m happy that we made our own friendship and continue to have it. You always make me smile and it’s very fun to talk to you about everything because you’re so funny. I also will you a many anime binges as well. Because of you, I’ve also started watching the recs you give me, so thank you for that. Thank you for always being so hard on us at Step practice (at MANY rehearsals) and teaching me to have rhythm in my body. I promise you that I will attend many more BHSC meetings next year just for you! I hope you have so much fun in college and visit me!!

To Kosisochi Onwuameze, I will you crazy times in college just like at IMSA. Kosi, you’re the one of the funniest people I know who’s laugh always makes me laugh. You’re such a comedian and I hope you never lose that spirit. I’ll never forget all the funny faces you make and all your amazing dance moves. I hope that I can dance as good as you one day and throw it back like you too! Have a great time at UCLA and I’ll miss you!

To Liz Alcala, I will you endless amounts of good outfits and bomb photos in the future! Thanks for always being my outfit twin and taking such cute photos with me! Your vibes are infectious and you never fail to make me smile! Thanks for always talking to me in the wing commons and just asking how I’m doing and inviting me to watch movies with you. I will miss your presence so much in B wing! I know you’re going to do amazing things at Northwestern and continue to be the amazing, smart, and beautiful person that you are!

To Disha Dureja, I will you a great college experience at NC State (Go Pack)! Disha, your personality is unforgettable and I’ll miss coming down into the wing and seeing you watch a TV show and say something funny! Thank you for forcing me and the wing to do facemasks and massages (though the masks looked a little questionable). Thank you for always being so open with the wing and being there for me to talk to you! Enjoy North Carolina but don’t forget about your juniors!!

To Morgan Johnson, I will you thousands of white monster cans at Auburn. Thank you for being so sweet and open with me about IMSA and life in general. I love that we both love white monsters (obviously the best flavor) and that you are always there to talk to. I’m going to miss your talks in the wings especially with Caroline, Disha, and Sage because of how insightful and “informative” they are (lol). I’ll miss your amazing smile and laughter in the wing because it always made me smile too!

To Shreya Mahesh, I will you an amazing future in medicine and an amazing time at Northwestern. Shreya, thank you so much for all your wisdom with Medical Society and helping guide me to help the club thrive. I remember the zoom calls last summer for Medical Society, and how you were always so nice to just talk to about life and so informative about IMSA. I thank you for being one of the people to just walk with me around campus and tell me what I needed to know so that I wouldn’t be lost. I will definitely miss you with Medical Society and thank you for being the best co-pres ever!

To Kevin Fan & Thavaisya Anath, I will you guys a thousand keys in your futures. You guys made key club so fun to be apart of this year. Kevin, I’ll never forget your funny comments in meetings or how you were the “most intimidating”. Thavaisya, your humor is also top tier and I’ll miss your caring personality in the club. Whenever I needed to do something, you were always so understanding , and I thank you for your kindness. Without you guys, Key Club wouldn’t have been the same (literally, I don’t know who else would’ve made me rap for an interview), but I’ll miss you both!!

To Temi Akinmolayan, I will you a winning volleyball team. Practices with you were so fun and you made everything so funny. Your dance moves are so smooth and I’ll miss step with you too! Thank you for all your laughs and fun times!

To Feyikemi Ogunleye, I will you an amazing future at UIUC. You were so thoughtful and kind to me this year and I appreciate that so much! I’m so happy that we got closer this year and I’m going to miss our times in IN2 so much! I hope that you enjoy your time in college and keep being the most hype and funny person that you are!

To Liz Soyemi, I will you great times in Rhode Island. I’m so happy that you got into Brown and I still remember when we talked about you applying last year. There was no doubt in my mind that you would get in. You are one of the most dedicated and hardworking people I know and deserve everything!

To Sage Owen, I will you a lifetime of quiet wingmates and roommates. I know that B wing was kind of hectic this year, (lots of screams and laughs throughout the night), but I thank you for always being there to help B wing come together. I’ll miss your announcements about the kitchen and house cleaning and thank you for helping me when the trash was full!

Kevin Johnson

To Temi (TemTem), I will you a lifetime supply of chocolate chip cookie dough pop tarts and a therapist to help get rid of your obsession with Justin Bieber among other obsessions. I’m so glad I met you this year. You’re 100% one of the nicest people I’ve ever met and you deserve those pop tarts and I guess the world too. You’ve been quite a friend to me and I appreciate that so much. Your smile is contagious, and like a magnet, you attract friends wherever you go. Please don’t forget me, and I promise you won’t if you answer your phone!

To Feyikemi (Feykemken), I will you Kenai and all of the confidence and assertiveness that comes with him, to put up will all the flops that may try you in your future and to help you become the baddest alive. You are such a fantastic person and you were an excellent friend to me this year. You are honestly the perfect friend, and you’re so fun to be around. I’m glad that we met each other, it showed me that you are really funny, and you’re not an opp! Because WE DON’T MESS WITH THE OPPS!!! OMG FEYIKEMI! I’m gonna miss you so much, all the times that we make jokes about Temi or Kosi, whether it be to their face or behind their backs. Don’t change Feyikemi and stay in touch!

To Kosi, I will you the courage to always be yourself. Your personality shines brighter than diamonds, and I hope that you never hide that shine, as it makes you who you are. I’m so glad I met you this year. You are the reason why I have a lot of the friends I have now, and I thank you for introducing me to your friends and allowing me to be a part of the group. Now, with that being said, you are SO WEIRD, but being normal is boring! From having class with you in MedChem, to playing paranoia in the back of IN2, being your friend has been quite interesting. As you go on to do bigger and better things, don’t forget us!!

To Belly, I will you a wardrobe that people can’t steal from, a phone that never breaks, some new Champions. BOB! STOMACH! Know that I am never giving you back your jacket and I’m going to raid your wardrobe, specifically your Uggs. From your hilarious reactions to your consistent generosity, Belly, you are a gem. I’ve truly never met someone quite as nice as you and you deserve love from the moon and back. I’m going to miss you and your Uggs tenfold.

To Liz (Lizzie McGuire), I will you a free schedule, a new jacket, a ringer louder than a tornado alarm, and a friend that’ll always be there for you when life and school is stressing you out. WAKE UP! You have no idea how proud I am of you. I truly admire and look up to you from your work ethic to your ability to juggle so many things at once. Liz you are the personification of hard work, and all of your hard work paid off. I honestly can’t remember how we met, but you truly hold a spot in my heart. You are so nice and funny, and you deserve the world and more. It honestly makes no sense how you can’t answer your phone for the life of you. I would say keep in touch, but you don’t even answer your phone on campus, so I don’t know.

To Sanaa (Santana), I will you a tracker, so you will never lose your possessions, and the perfect anti-itch oil. Thank you for being so welcoming and friendly to me, when it was hThank you for your (sometimes brutal) honesty. I’m not gonna lie, it was a rollercoaster ride being your friend, but rollercoaster rides are fun! Thank you for the unsolicited advice that didn’t always make sense to me! It means so much to me that you cared enough to give it. Also, thank you for teaching me half of the trigonometry unit in MI-3. Sanaa, you are an extremely honest, and an extremely opinionated person and as those are amazing personality traits, I hope you learn how to chill out sometimes when expressing your opinion about a person. Thank you for being a senior that I could always talk to.

To Olamiji (Olaf), I will you an unlimited number of fingers to break when you’re bored (that aren’t mine) and an on-demand pillow whenever you want to sleep outside of your room.You are quite the person! You’re very strong-willed and I admire that. OLA! That jollof that you bring is always out of this world and I thank you for always being generous with me. Thank you for getting Step together and teaching me what it means to put on a show! I loved all the good vibes that brung with your contagious laugh. Maybe next year we will auction off “A Laugh With Ola” at the senior auction. Oh, and please don’t leave your phone!

To Joanna (Jojo), I will you a stress free life. Hey, what’s up!! Joanna, you are extremely nice. Whether you’re asking me how my day is going, or hustling me about Grab n’ Go, you’re an amazing friend. I can always count on you to listen to my problems as I make jokes about them. I’m gonna miss you and your consistent humor so much! You’re so fun to be around. I hope you take your personality and you let everyone see it.

To Colin, I will you a filter and unlimited Starbucks card, so you can experiment with every drink they offer. Colly, you once told me not to call you that, but I don’t care. You are honestly a necessary friend to have at this school. You are the embodiment of “hakuna matata.” I mean from the way you had a blanket on deck for a nap in IN2, you really just don’t care, that’s one of the things I admire most about you. You leave blankets like puzzle pieces all around campus and it amazes me how you continue to keep up with them. Colin, your personality is out of this world and you deserve an award for being an outstanding friend. You never failed to make me laugh, and our trips to Orchard will always hold a special place in my heart. I wish you the best of luck at Morehouse, where you’ll find more friends to talk about. All I ask is that you are not fake and that you never turn into an opp.

To Sam, I will you the strength to keep going, and energy to give any challenge your all. Sam I’m so glad I met you this year, and I’m so glad we got closer this semester. You one of the funniest people I know, and doing Reggaeton with you was a highlight of my year. From your loud laughing from be acting like I was going to tickle you, to your complete lack of effort during tryouts, you made Reggaeton worth it. Sam you exude “I’m trying” energy, and that’s one of the funniest things about you. I hope that you never extinguish the spark that makes you who you are and that you share it with everyone who sees it.

To Pranav, I will you a therapist to get rid of your delusion and super speed to outrun some people who will chase you to the end of the world. Pranav I’m so glad I met you, I was actually surprised to find out that you were worth getting to know (thank Belly). Your delusions honestly need to stop (lol), whether it be telling me what to write about you in my will or completely overhyping yourself. Pranav, you’re hilarious and admire how friendly you are. I’ll never forget you saying “I swear to God, Kevin.” You 10,000% of my favorite seniors and I only wish that we met sooner. Oh, and if I text you don’t ignore my messages like last time. :)

To all the seniors in the back of IN2 (Kosi, Temi, Colin, Feyikemi, Sanaa, Ola, and more), I will you contagious charismatics and laughs that will echo in the back of IN2 forever. I really thank you guys for allowing me into your circle and accepting me as a friend. Y’all truly made the IMSA experience for me, I hope that you guys create that experience for yourselves wherever you go.

To my favorite roommate pair (Belly and Shiraz), I will you an unbreakable bond, and Shiraz a devil fruit speaker, that becomes an actual devil fruit. Thank you for letting me and Desi talk through your window at night, and having a whole conversation. I see you two as the perfect roommate pair. The bond that you two have is out of this world and I’m envious of it. I hope as you both go on to make careers for yourself that you can always find your way back to each other. Umm, and please send me money.

Kosi Okeke

To Belly Kubwimana, I will you an eventful life and a girl that will take you seriously, you dirty Burundian. You have a very welcoming and genuine personality and are always positive (besides the fact you call me a dirty Nigerian), and I firmly believe this will play out later in your life. I loved how our bond grew over the years, especially in the second semester and in 1503! We always played Afrobeats around each other, and other students, and you always came in clutch with the math and Python help!

To Sanaa Davis, I will you laughter and a stressless life. You are an amazing person to hang out with. I love how our bond strengthened the second semester especially with your help with applications and essays (lol). You are a great person to get advice from and your commentary on certain things are one of a kind and something no one else will think of which makes you very funny. You also inspired me to put a lot more effort into my education and I can confidently say you did the same for other sophomores as well. You will very much strive in your career and any other aspirations you have in this life <3!

To Olamiji Fabamigba & Elizabeth Soyemi, I will you a prosperous journey throughout college and the rest of your life. You both remind me of African mothers and that’s what really pushed me to do my best at IMSA. You guys work hard so much and are always on your feet and it really inspired me to push myself to do more, especially in my education. I love your deligiency and the effort you guys put in for the activities you perform. I also thought you guys were twins when I saw you both lol…but I’m gonna miss you guys soooooo much and I hope we stay in touch <3.

To Temilope Akinmolayan & Feyikemi Ogunleye, I will you strength and happiness for eternity. You both have precious smiles that light up the room and I hope you keep on smiling in this life. Y’all are hard workers and deserve every good thing coming your way in this life. You both really helped with the transition period at IMSA and always cracked me up in IN2. I’ll miss y’all so much and please live it up at college <3!!

To Kosisochi Onwuameze, I will you an easy adjustment and amazing life in California because you deserve it. Not going to lie, there’s a lot to say about you and I don’t know where to begin. You were an amazing big sibling to all of us and I love the experience you gave us for our first year at IMSA. I love the energy you give when you’re around others and it will definitely benefit you in the future. I pray God leads you every step on the way <3.

To Shiraz Baxamusa, I’ve known you for a quick minute now, and it was a great pleasure meeting you. I will you the tastiest Jollof ever and endless friendships that bring benefit to your life!

To Alexander Williams, I will you endless life lessons and a fruitful experience in college! You were a very inspiring team captain, and it displayed on the court during games. You have an amusing personality and were always the best to be around, especially on bus rides to the games and back. I love your motivation towards basketball, working out, and track. Also, you suck at 8ball <3 and run me my hat!

Laasya Nagumalli

To Spectrum Executive Board (Jonah, Monica, and Brogan), I will you to never forget that I am grateful for nagumALL of you. You were my first step in understanding how to impact people at IMSA. Coming onto board as a sophomore that was terrified of the seniors looming over me to now carrying on your legacy in Spectrum all feels like it happened in the span of about six days. I promise that the sense of fulfillment I get flooded with every time that you indicate that you are proud of the work that the underclassmen on board do will manifest into action, and ensure that all of Spectrum’s work will, throughout the years of work we do, and the future underclassmen that we leave behind, culminate into the future we all long for for IMSA.

To Sanaa Davis, I will you all of the comfort that you once granted me.

I think we were both mutually pretty confused about each other for a long time. But I saw a different side of you that day that we were helping Vanali with math in the hall commons, and as you comforted her, you unintentionally reached me. In that moment, I saw for the first time how much you cared about your sophomores, and you made it impossible for me to ever feel lonely or uncomfortable in our wing. From your helping me with webworks at midnight in the R.C. office to giving Penny a pat on her head even though you were baffled at that stuffed bunny, you made me feel loved, like I was cared for and supported. You deserve all of the comfort that you extend to the people around you, and you deserve to know that your presence itself has created joy in people’s lives.

To Karen Olvera, I will you a lifelong supply of hot cheetos.

Mi abuela, you are no sophomore. I know that now. But I could still square up with you, don’t you ever forget /j. You are the most supportive person I’ve ever met, Karen. I don’t say this lightly when I say I love you so much, and that you are never getting away from my constant updates about my life and pestering about how college is going. I’ve never felt so seen by someone. Your foresight in how you make sure I can reach into a container of Oreos first, or make sure that things don’t get overwhelming, and protect me from all of the things you had to experience your sophomore year. Protect me from everything. You love your sophomores in such a thorough and thoughtful way, and I thank you for that. For making me slow down, for making me calm down, for making me stop and think about how much I do for other people and ensuring I do that much for myself, too. Crying onto you in the R.C. office at one a.m., you relearning how unit circles work for me, and eternally valuable relationship advice (credit to Damariz as well) will never be forgotten, Karen. Expect lots of college visits, mi abuela. I love you so much.

To Jonah Fisher, I will you the ability to beat me in an arm wrestle. 

I’ve been racking my brain for weeks trying to think of how to say this to you, but I don’t think any concrete answer will ever come to me. When I first met you, you terrified me to my core. Spectrum vice president, I needed you to think highly of me. I didn’t know what to make of you for weeks, as you were a hard person to read initially, but you had no trouble reading me (or anyone for that matter). One Spectrum meeting in the T.V. pit, you moved to sit next to me and saw me question the action, and you looked at me and said that you “enjoyed me as a person.” From that moment, I decided that you were never getting out of this friendship. My intimidation by you faded. Though our conversations, as you so eloquently stated, descend into bitmoji rabbit (bunny) holes, our conversations about race and IMSA and grades and school and people and bunnies (though those might’ve been a tad unwilling) would lead to your guidance in my endeavors in continuing your work. Since spring break, all I could see when I would look at you was just intense pride. I’m longing for the day you’ll finally be able to set all of the weight down that you’ve been working yourself into the ground to lift. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to understand why you chose me of all people to trust, but I will never not be grateful for it. And given the immense strength it took for you to do everything that you have done, I find it ironic you still can’t beat me in an arm wrestle (that I have never cheated during. Never.) I will you the ability to beat me in an arm wrestle. I will you to find another purple-haired person at F&M like the one you met during your visit. I will you to never be able to go two days without playing Snake Squad with me. I will you more of those weekly time-destroying naps that make you think it’s the next day. I will you to be happy, ya dum dum such noob and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I am so proud of you. I will be expecting weekly updates on your college endeavors with you and your surfer dude-looking bitmoji that’s too good at reading people. I’m gonna miss your baby turtle laugh.


Laura Cervantes

To WILLiam H., I will you a great cumbia partner (not as good as me ☹) and no more injuries ☹. It was great getting to know you and talking to you. I’m not gonna lie, you seemed kinda scary when I first met you but you aren’t! I hope for more funny stories and wish you the best at college, mijo.

To Hector Ibarra, I will you a Facebook meme page where you can continue to post your wonderful and inspiring memes. I’m glad I was able to meet you and Will through cross country and being able to learn from your amazing meme skills I wish to one day be able to take on. I wish you best of luck at college and hope you have fun! IMSA memes GOAT for real.

To Haley Rodriguez, I will you no more concussions ☹ and the best of luck at college. I’m sorry for quitting on you bro ☹. Thank you for your sweet words and spending time with me during track. 

To Jai Raval, I will you more hair dye and a ton of more students who you can encourage and make feel welcome the way you did with me and the rest of 1501. While we didn’t talk much, I appreciate your honesty and love the energy you always brought to A-wing, making everyone feel like sisters. I wish you the best. P.S idk if you have done this color before but you should try green 😊

To Liam Nelson, I will you more button up and Coke shirts! It took me some time to be able tell you apart from Logan and I will admit I still confuse you guys a bit ☹ but through your CNC skills I could easily tell you apart! With your knowledge you further motivated me to put my best effort into robotics. You are a very capable guy who I know will do very good in college and beyond. I wish you the best and lots of fun!

To Saana, Ola, Kosi, Feyikemi, and Temi, I will you a successful college life. You guys were like big sisters to the sophs in IN2 and I wish nothing but the best to you guys. Always filled with energy and life 😊. To Kosi, I will you a person who meets your energy. I truly hope you’re able to experience the energy you give us, you’re so funny and lovable. 

To Rujuta, I will you a p**ping buddy (sad it’s not me ☹) I wish you the very very best, you are always so kind and spread so much love everywhere you go. ILY ILY

To Advait, I will you a hairstylist to give you braids 😊. You inspired me so much you have no idea. I wish I was as cool as you, but seriously you did inspire me so much to push FRC to its potential. Thank you for sharing small but encouraging talks, appreciate them a ton 😊. Have fun and live your best life!


Lily Song

To Makayla Zheng, I will you an amazing time at WashU and lots of love!! You are one of the best upperclassmen and the best SCC publicity director ever! I loved talking to you during our BFFs sushi date and you gave me great advice💪 I wish I had more time to get to know you better but I am so glad we met :))

To Eunice Kim, I WILL YOU EVERYTHING YOU DESIRE IN LIFE!! You are the best upperclassman ever! I will forever cherish your infinite wisdom and the advice that you have bestowed upon me during our BFFs sushi date, our time on TALENT together, and whenever we talked🙏🏻You are such a fun person to be around and you are also one of the most hardworking people ever. You might not have known it but you truly inspired me so much this year to keep on grinding and working hard. Like sometimes I’m working on club work and I just think “what would Eunice do” and then I immediately keep on working LOL. My quadmates have heard a lot of great things about your work ethic especially when I was on TALENT (they can attest to this). You truly carried TALENT from the ground up and I am so happy for that (and inspired to do the same for other aspects of my life). You are also the nicest person ever and you’re always smiling when I see you. You also make me feel a lot less stressed when I’m very stressed which I’m so grateful for. Finally, you’re also a D1 basketball star which just tops off everything else that is amazing about you. Smart and athletic, you truly are the whole package. I LOVE YOU and I’m so so so happy we met this year, I hope we stay in touch because I want to know about your amazing accomplishments (and also because I’m gonna need more of your advice during senior year).😭 I also will you boba, sushi, your favorite foods, good times at Northwestern, the math game you like, no tiles in the shower so you can step around freely, and zero stress.

To Jasmine Liu, I will you an amazing time at UMich and a stress free Freshman year! You have been an amazing upperclassman and I’m truly grateful for all of your support and help, through life, the SAL process, and ASIA. Your passion for Lunar was truly inspiring this year, and I promise to keep up the same passion that you had (with Eddie). 

To Kevin Fan, I will you lots of success at WashU! Although our friendship was brief, your position on ASIA truly helped me feel more welcome and enjoy the club a lot more. Thank you for being a great upperclassman! 

To Erin Yoo, I will you a stress free year at Princeton with lots of sleep, yummy food, no Outdoor Indoor class to waste your time, lots of friends, fun times, and more! I’m so glad we met this year because your amazing work ethic has inspired me so much. Your commitment to SCRJ and the SCRJ x ASIA collaboration is so inspiring!! I can tell you’re dedicated to both Asian culture and activism, which is amazing. I love your extremely detailed and organized meeting notes with several links to various documents and perfect formatting (I am so jealous I could never make such elaborate meeting notes for every single meeting). I am in awe of your amazing character, which truly shows through your hard work. You are also such a great friend and SO NICE! I have never met anyone as nice as you, I have never heard you say anything negative. You are so sweet and I love talking to you during Outdoor Indoor, to the point where I actually look forward to the class. Not to mention you’re also a boss at all the sports we play. You have been such a great role model to me, I’m so so happy we met!!! 

To Amanda Chen, Eden, Rujuta, and Dean, I will you guys lots of love and success! You guys were the best senior swimmers ever, I love you so much! You guys made practice literally so fun and you all gave the best advice about senior year. I actually learned so much about IMSA from you guys, from just talking at the wall and during our hotseat (which was sooo fun). I’m so grateful you guys didn’t think I was annoying for asking so many questions hahaha. I loved talking to every one of you at the walls during 5 second breaks between swims and breaks between sets. You guys made practice much more enjoyable, because at some days I was lowkey not wanting to go to practice. I loved how supportive you guys all were during practice and at meets, and it made me love the swim community even more. Swim will just be so different without you guys, I know it (I’m sad). 

To Rishi and Margaret, I will you guys a stress free school year, lots of happiness, and food! Thank you guys for being an amazing marketing team on Hadron. Even though we didn’t know each other for very long, I enjoyed talking to you guys and I think y’all are so cool! 

To Cayleigh O’Hare, I will you happiness, success, a stress free final year at Central, and of course, watermelon!! We have known each other for so long, ever since elementary school. Sometimes it’s crazy to think that our journey started all from Battle of the Books. I’m lowkey going to get emotional writing this because Battle meant so much to us back then, and I’m so glad we were able to bond over it, because it bloomed into something even more special, which is our friendship. From battle champs to besties, you have always been there for me. From talking about fruits (lol) on the HMS bus to you telling me about your crazy IMSA stories, there has never been a dull moment between us :))) Perhaps one of the most important things that has come out of our friendship is IMSA. Although we missed each other by a year at IMSA, you introduced me to this school and ultimately were the catalyst that made me want to apply in the first place. So, that’s definitely a big deal!! I’m so happy that you were able to tell me all about IMSA before I came, like the traditions and fun things you did, because it lowkey prepared me so much and I’m just so grateful I know about pre-COVID IMSA tradition (things have changed :( ). It’s truly a special thing you’ve given to me. See you soon because you need to catch me up on the central tea!!! <3


Luis Hernandez Aguirre

To Neil Dighe, I will you an ISP-free world. I’ve seen you put everything you have into that organization. You’re the main reason I’m a part of it. Had you not been in our wing, I don’t think I would’ve met all the people and had all the experiences I had with ISP. I also will you an upperclassman equally as great as you were. Whenever I had trouble, it was safe to say that your logical reasoning and openness helped me get through some of my most unstable state of mind. Which may or may not include an adrenaline-induced night followed by a shotgunned redbull. 

To Kavin Suhirtharen, I will you a great workout gym. I’ve seen your amazing progress in the last couple of months. You’re also a great instructor and upperclassmen. From all the times you’ve been in my room helping Shaan workout, I never one saw or heard a single ping of doubt in you. Your amazing confidence and ability to remain calm in stressful situations will suit you well at Northwestern and other future endeavors.

To Balaji Balachandran, I will you a good nurse and a comfy bed. You are by far one of the hardest working people I know. Your abilities are only limited to what you think you can achieve. To do that though you need sleep. You’ve gotten sick twice because of it. There’s not a single doubt in my mind that you will do great things. 

To Christin Ann Sanchez, I will you plenty of sleep in college. You made it to Vanderbilt. Your merits and hard work brought you there. But there’s much more to do. You’ll need plenty of sleep to become the successful person I know you will be. Not only that, you’ll need it so you can keep on bringing light to everyone’s life. You’re one of those types of people that people never forget. I can’t remember ever feeling sad around you. Your positive energy and amazing spirit are forever omnipresent. We never really hangout, but anytime I ran into you, I couldn’t help but to leave without a smile on my face. 

To Oliver Ni, I will you cough medicine. It was an honor to have you as a 05 clash head this year. Your unwavering confidence and incredible leadership led the 05 effort. I can’t think of anyone that I would have rather screamed my heart out with during pep rally. It was too bad you had a speech/debate thing the next day. 

To Esther Im, I will you a random companion on Target-trips (I do in fact still remember that). I also will you a great instructor. You’re incredibly capable and passionate about graphic design. I have no doubt that you will go on to create amazing art. This year I was fortunate enough to not only meet you, but to be able to work under you. I’ve always wanted to use Adobe to create things, but I never had a what or a why, so I was never able to create my own art. Under your leadership, I was able to start a path that would do exactly just that. I’m going to miss our classic exchanges. I always looked forward to walking by the senior u-bench just to yell at you. I’m going to have to find a new underclassmen to yell at now. 

To Julie Lima, I will you an endless supply of ketchup and beds big enough for mega-spoons. I’d happily give up the bed again and sleep on the floor for you and Caroline. That night was one of the most memorable ones during FRC.  I always looked forward to working on things with you. Not only were you one of the most capable people on the team, you were also the most fun to be around. I can’t remember a single dull moment with you. Your comedy and laughter never failed to light the room. I hope that never changes in the brand new world that is college. 

To Grayson Pacourek, I will you a break from FRC. You single handley carried the FRC Robotics team. Without your expertise, leadership and guidance, everything we did would never have been possible. I aspire to provide leadership next year as you did this year. That being said, I will you an amazing college experience that will bring your already amazing abilities to new unforeseen heights. 

To Balaji and Christin, I will you plenty of gas money to see each other in college. You two were, by far, the best couple on campus. Individually you are both amazing people and together, you guys were amazing. You two were a model couple for everyone. Anytime I ran into you two, I never felt like I was third wheeling (although I might’ve). I remember seeing you guys together, always grinding away at things. I can’t help but to hope that I am able to follow in your footsteps, not only for my sake, but to be a role model for my underclassmen, as you two were for me. 

To the 05D down quad (Neil, Akwasi, Kavin and Balaji), I will you strong wifi and endless rainbow 6  dubs. You four were hands down the main reason this year was so tolerable. I can’t imagine having better seniors for my first year on campus. I hope you continue creating incredible memories into the future. Any moment with you four seniors was a memorable one, whether it was asking advice or hearing you guys flame each other it was always fun being with you guys. I hope that despite being at colleges far away from each other, you guys never lose touch with each other. 

To any other senior I have not mentioned but really should have, (I’m running outta time, I really shouldn’t have procrastinated this), I will you an IMSA-free life. You guys went through hell and back in your three-year tenure at IMSA, enjoy the fact that you are free from the chains of IMSA. Not too much though, you still have to remember us (mostly me, though). 


Maame Afua Poku

To Liz Soyemi, I will you a new Ghanaian friend. I’m so glad that we are friends and I am so proud of all that you have done. Continue to be the amazing person that you are and continue to shine at Brown. I’m going to miss you so much!  p.s, Ghanaian jollof will always be superior than Nigerian jollof <33

To Belly, I will you success and prosperity. You have been an amazing friend this past year and I am so grateful for that. Thank you for carrying me in biochem this past semester. Lowkey, if it was not for us having biochem and doing African together, we would not be this close. Go on and do amazing things at Bradley. Imma miss you so much dawg :( Come visit me next year <3

To Ola, Sanaa, Feyikemi, Temi, and Kosi, I will you the brightest and successful future. If it was not for you guys, I honestly would not know how I would have made it through IMSA these last two years. Your energy always makes me so happy. Ola, if it wasn’t for you planning all the TTW meetings, I would not have been able to meet all these amazing people. Feykemi, Harambee this past year has been amazing all because of you! Sanaa, I know we haven’t been close like that but I love talking to you because you are so helpful. Kosiiiii, imma miss giving you a high five in the hallway. Temi, I’m going to miss your bubbly personality. I’m going to miss all of you guys. I love you all <333

To Colin, I will you the best college experience. We literally just started talking like a few weeks ago but I’m glad that we did. I love your sense of humor and I wish that I started talking to you sooner. I hope you have an amazing time at Morehouse <3


Maggie DiMarco

To Sage Owen: I will you 50% of the rights when the Sean Connery x Grinch movie is finally made… in all seriousness, I will you all of the best in college. From the first day of cross-country, you made me feel like part of a community, and I will forever treasure the myriad runs we had together last fall. You are truly one of the most down-to-earth, likable people I’ve ever known, and I always look forward to conversations with you. Go into the next years with great balls of fire, and don’t change anything about your tenacious self because it’s going to take you places. Now go steal Christmas!!

To Christin Ann Sanchez: I will you endless supplies of waffle mix and hyper-effective ab-labs. You were one of the very first people I met at IMSA, and from day one of cross-country and living across from you, you instantly made me feel supported and accepted. Since then, I’ve treasured the innumerable runs, waffle and matcha sessions, ab labs, homework help, and short naps in the wing commons we’ve shared. And just like our runs were often paced a littttttle too fast, the year has gone by way too quickly. I am insanely proud of you and cannot wait to see you shock everyone at Vandy with all your swag!!

To Shikhar Gupta: I will you both an ego downsize and a change in height of epic proportions… just kidding. I will that you never lose your love (lust?) for research and that you’re able to hone in more on the things you’re passionate about. Working with you this year has been a blast, and I’m grateful for the wisdom, albeit difficult to find sometimes, you were able to impart. Keep singing, simping, smiling, and slaving away at your work, and I know you’ll be just fine at Penn and beyond. Also, get ready to be frequently checking your messenger for questions from me and Vikram :).

To Emilia Daniels: I will you a spacious studio apartment where you can draw, paint, arrange music, program, and do everything you’re so talented at. You’ve made my experience in Mod this year so great, and I aspire to have your patience, fearless leader grindset (ICHSA ringing any bells??), and top-tier arrangement skills. You deserve the world and also more stickers for your laptop, and I have no doubt in my mind that you’ll get both things.

To Andrea Torres: I will you a wonderful upperclassman that will both guide and support you your first year of college, because that’s truly what you were to me this year. From cross to Mod21, you’ve always been kind, waving to me in the hallway and making me feel welcome here at IMSA. The world needs more people like you who show such unbridled warmth, and I hope first that you never lose that and that you receive the same in return. Thank you for everything and may the next years be the best yet!

To Nathan Brodsky: I will you all the sports headbands in the world, because genuinely I have no idea how yours have held up so well through alllll those runs. Thank you for being a great running partner in cross and track; I always enjoyed the random conversations we had during practice and the innumerable post-run dinners. Never lose your bluntness, and remember in the worst times that you once lost a stud earring at the bottom of the swimming pool and still managed to find it… nothing is impossible and this coming year is just your starting line!

To Shiraz Baxamusa: I will you an actually working PTAC in your college dorm (far different than our predicament at IMSA) because I don’t know how you’d survive the Texas heat otherwise. Thank you for your humor in LEAD, all those nights in the hall commons, and during Clash; life here can get tough but those moments spent laughing make it just a bit easier. Finally, I promise that Miles and I won’t let you down for talent show, although I’m not sure how we’re going to top Wet New York.

03D down quad: I will that your friendship will never end!! You are all incredibly smart, beautiful, and incredibly inspirational, and I want to thank you for being both the rock of 03D this year and the older sisters I never had. Your tight-knit bond is a special kind that I hope to experience sometime in my life, and I’m grateful to have lived across the hall from you! Also, I will you all the mint chocolate chip ice cream in the world; our late-night ice cream and study/tea sessions are something I’ll always cherish. Christin, thank you for calming my early IMSA nerves; I hope your roommate is good at waking you up from mid-study naps. Vivian, your quiet kindness and confidence is so likable, and Cornell doesn’t know what they’re in for next year. Hilda, you’ve always made Maddy and me feel like we have a home in D-wing, and your laugh is absolutely infectious. Gloria, I can confidently say that you are one of the all-around most impressive people I’ve ever met (fashion-wise too!!); yet, you have such kindness and a hilarious sense of humor to boot. I am extremely proud of all of you, and I look forward with excitement to seeing what your futures bring.

To Thavaisya Ananth: I will you a large, cold ice pack for all the stings you’re going to be getting next year at the home of the YELLOWJACKETS!! I am insanely proud of you and excited to see all the incredible, women-in-STEM things you’re going to do. Thank you for the late-night life advice; I hope that someday I’ll be able to be that support figure for someone else. Finally, your masterful painting skills will be forever missed in 03, my lovely fellow fishie :D.

To Rujuta and Serena, our fearless, lovely PSYCH club leaders, I will that you stay PSYCHed about everything you do and life in general;!! You both brought so much joy to this year, and I hope you’ll always be able to keep that.

To Will McClain: I will you “full power” (whatever that was supposed to mean in the cross group chat) and an unbreaking arm. Thank you for a wonderful prom and an ever-open ear; I’ll always remember our conversations from this year! Additionally, I hope these next few years are a time of discernment where you can rediscover and hone in on the things you really love… and maybe drop another sub-5 mile in the process?!? Anyways, enjoy your time in sweet home Alabama, get out of your comfort zone, and I just know you’ll be fine.

To Sabrina Zhang: I will you a really talented tattoo artist that can knock whatever you want to get next out of the park. It’s been a joy working with you on StudCo this year, and your charismatic, confident, friendly-yet-assertive personality is truly one of a kind. I look up to you (and your effortlessly flawless style) on the daily, and yeah, this will is basically devolving into a Brina fangirl post but oh well. Keep working as hard as you do, and you’ll go anywhere you want. And squish moms unite!! :)

To Jakob Bachhausen: I will you a relaxing summer devoid of C++ and filled with all the protein the world has to offer, because as impressive as your grind has been this year, I think you deserve that reset before college. Thank you for inspiring (and intimidating!!) me this year; I promise new cabinet is going to make you proud! And finally, please do your future college friends a favor and choose between ya-kob, jacob, and ya-kohb… it’s going to save you all some critical brainpower. Keep dancing through life!!

To Joyce Li: I will you a small, family-owned boba shop right across the street from your dorm from which you can order to your heart/stomach’s?? content. Thank you for all the work you did as the “mom” of StudCo this year; you’ve left me some pretty big shoes to fill, but I promise I won’t let you down. Your patience and composition despite crazy stress is something I strive to have, and your swagger on the dance floor is equally impressive but probably not something I can reasonably achieve :). UIUC couldn’t be luckier to have you, and I look forward to saying “I knew her!!” in the future!

To Nadia Ludwig: I will you sunshine — and lots of it. I’m not sure what the weather in Champaign is like, but I know that wherever you are, a welcoming, bright atmosphere follows. Thank you for the talks we had; although tragically limited, I’m grateful for what we had and the opportunity to work with you on StudCo this past year. You’re an inspiration and what I hope to become; thank you for that. I also owe you greatly for finding my id and laundry card at prom… thank you!!

To Jack Pinto: I will that the spirit of Wet New York never leaves your soul. Thank you for all the kindness and advice you’ve offered me this year; it means more to me than you’ll ever know. Additionally, thank you for all the hard work you put in to make Clash such an unforgettable experience that I’ll never forget! I think it’s safe to say that you made 1503 “truly the best place to be”.

To Oliver Ni: My fellow speechie…I will you a life full of 1s (or 6s if we’re talking debate). This year, I found myself constantly inspired by your work ethic, your mystical ability to balance 1,000,000,000 things (plus a social life), and your overall warmth and approachable personality. It’s truly been a pleasure working with you on StudCo, and I wish we could have gotten more time to get to know each other personally. Anyways, I have no doubt that if you are able to maintain that delicate balance, take time for yourself, and approach everything in life with your quiet swagger, I’ll see you in the news sometime very soon (future extemp kids beware these sources!!)


Marcelle Mbende

To Rujuta and Sam, I will you guys success and a stress-free life in college. Rujuta: It was so much fun being in drill with you and I was so glad to have you as a choreo head. You were so understanding of me missing practices often and you were so patient with the rest of us when we weren’t listening or when we were behind. Hopefully you continue dancing in college because it’s so fun to be in one with you. Sam: It was great being in classes with you this year, especially Orgo and Med Chem. You’ve helped me out so much and it’s nice to be studying with you almost every week for either a quiz, test, or a problem set. You’re so fun to be around and it’s been nice being friends with you. 

To the best RSL ever, Sage, I will you a future leadership position!! Sage you are such an amazing rsl. Although at times you’re scary, you hold the wing together and the vibes wouldn’t be the same without you. You’re always keeping us in check while allowing us to have our fun. I know that we could go to you about anything and you’ll be ready to help us. I’m so glad to have had you as an rsl for 2 years and I can’t wait to see what you’ll do in the future. 

To Morgan, I will you Varsity Volleyball! Even though I wasn’t on the volleyball team with you, it was fun playing against you on the courts outside and in the SOCC tournament, even though you guys beat us badly…. You’re so sweet and I love talking to you in the wing. You’re always quick to give us advice and have fun with us whenever we need it. I hope you took my palm reading seriously and know that you’re starting a new chapter in your life and it’s going to be amazing!!!

To the dancing queen, Niyati, I will you dance team captain at Duke!! Niyati, you are such an amazing dancer and choreographer and you’re always slaying it in the gym for every culture show that you do. I’m honestly in awe when I see you dance, you’re just that good. I always appreciate the food you bring to the room and the few nights we spent staying up late talking have been great. 

To Jasmine, I will you more Taco Bell! I know how much you love Taco Bell and given the opportunity I would steal more food for you <3. Jasmine, you’re so smart and you were so also so helpful in Orgo always willing to give us answers and help us study. It’s so nice being the wing with you and I really appreciated the college advice you gave me. 

To Liz Alcala, I will you less homework. I always see you in the wing working on your homework and studying hard. You deserve a break and less stress!! You’re always so nice to talk to in the wing and you’re so funny. It was so much fun being in all of the culture shows and drill with you. I wouldn’t ask for another ftrad partner <3. Thank you for putting up with all of my confusion during the sticks cause I was lost half of the time. 

To my favorite Marvel partner, Dish, I will you to meet Oscar Isaac!! Disha, it’s fun studying Medicinal Chemistry with you even though you go to sleep at like 11 because you’re always tired. Sorry for traumatizing you by making you watch that one movie in the wing commons. Although you got payback by cornering me with Morning and putting a face mask on my face. It was very scary :/. You’re such a sweet soul and I love talking to you about guys, especially because we have such similar taste. It’s been so much fun talking to you about all of the Marvel movies and hopefully you meet Oscar Isaac one day because if he did he would totally love your personality just like I do. 

To the worst Game Pigeon player ever, Belly,, I will you better success in Game Pigeon. Out of the many times we’ve played you lost the majority of them and you can’t go into college being bad at pool. Thank you so much for all of the help you’ve given me in math because without it my grade would probably be way worse than it already is. You’re always so willing to help, especially so last minute. It’s so fun to do so many TikTok dances with you and hopefully you go viral one day and when you do don’t forget to mention me! You’re always so fun to be around and your vibes are unmatched. You’re such a nice person and it’s so much fun to be in IN2 with you playing games with Kevin in the booth even though you could use some practice :/. I miss Casa practices with you and being in the front together for certain parts. You’re such a good dancer and hopefully you continue it someday. 

To Erin Yoo, I will you future president of a Women Empowerment club. It was so much fun being in Tales with you this last year, and you were always so patient with me when I missed half of the practices and left early. I really appreciate it. I miss being in French class with you and doing all of the group projects with you. You’re so sweet and so good at French class. I hope you pursue French in college because you’re so good at it, and you come in the clutch to save our projects from the many errors we may have. 

To one of my best friends, Kosi, I will you an amazing time at UCLA. Kosi, you have the best vibes ever and you’re so much fun to be around. You always have amazing energy and you make everything that we do together that much better. It’s been so great getting close to you and you have been so helpful. I wouldn’t have passed that Orgo final without you and I appreciated all of the help you’ve given me. Every single talk that we’ve had has been so helpful and it’s been so nice being able to listen to all of the advice you’ve given. Likewise I love that you are always there to listen to me when I’m having problems. You make me feel so good knowing that I can come to you and that you will understand. Everything that we’ve done together has been so much fun and whoever you go to date in college is gonna love you because I know I do. I know you’re going to have a fun time at UCLA and I can’t wait to see you party it up. 

To Liz Soyemi, I will you an amazing future doctor career  #WOMENINSTEM. Liz, you are so smart and I’m so proud of you for getting into Brown PLME. You honestly deserve it. You have worked so hard and all of the continuations you have made to IMSA will leave an impact. You were such a good choreo in African for Harambee and helped make that dance so much fun. 

TO THE BEST HARAMBEE DIRECTOR EVER, Feyikemi, I will you an amazing Freshman Year in college. You made Harambee the best culture show this year (in my opinion), and it was so satisfying to see how the show turned out. All of your hard work and dedication paid off and you made the show so amazing. I love your vibes so much when you’re dancing to African music. You always pop off and it’s so fun to see you enjoying yourself and having a great time doing your thing and soloing to the chorus of a song. I hope you find your people in college and continue to have these great vibes. 

To Temi, I will you UMKC merch and Justin Bieber! If you ever were to meet Justin Bieber, he would be so lucky because you are such a sweet person and being in IN2 with you all the time is so much fun. You’re always there to help and you’re so much fun to be around. Even though we didn’t win the volleyball tournament our STAKK’M team was so good. It was fun constantly hanging out with you then and I wish we would’ve met sooner so we could’ve talked more. You’re gonna do great things in life especially as a doctor and all of the families you’re gonna treat are gonna love you. 

To Sanaa, I will you peace and a stress free life in college. This year you have done so much for the black community by helping choreograph the best Harambee dance (Step) and by doing so much to make sure that the BHSC retreat was successful. You’re running around trying to find the best time that works for everyone and we’re making sure to accommodate everyone’s needs. You’re a natural-born leader and are always looking out for everyone. You were a great leader in our volleyball team, and even though we didn’t win, I still enjoyed it. I know it must’ve been stressful when people weren’t listening to you being frustrated and I’m glad that you didn’t let it get you and kept on being great. 

To Ola, I will you a great community of friends. You are such an amazing person to be around. You made TTW so much fun both years and I’m so glad that you came up with it because it was so much fun. It really did help me closer to the fellow black girls at imsa and I’m so glad that you thought about it. Even though you were pretty scary in STEP you helped make that dance so much fun and so great. And at the time I never wanted to go to those two hour practices—sometimes 2 and a half—and those weekend practices, but now I miss them so much. The vibes, the dances, you, and just everything about STEP in general, I just miss. It was honestly my favorite dance I’ve done all year, and I always catch myself stepping at random times. You are so great at connecting people with each other and I love that you are able to get close to so many people and make their imsa experience amazing. I hope you find your group of people at college because I know how much fun you’ve had this year and I hope you feel that way again in college.

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