2022 Senior Wills Pt. 1

2022 Senior Wills! Cover illustrated by Alexander Zhang

Welcome to the 2022 Senior Wills! 1,001 days after the Class of 2022 moved into IMSA, it is time for another installment to this time-honored tradition. The Acronym is proud the present the wills of 112 individuals to all of the underclassmen of IMSA! This amounted to a total of 102,000+ words, just under the length of Divergent in case if you were wondering. That said, we hope you appreciate these messages left behind by the Class of 2022 as they journey on into the great beyond (of college). So grab your tissue box, your friend within arm’s reach, and your reading glasses as we look into what is in store. All of the wills from Abhi Pasupula to Karrick McGinty are in this doc, and all of the wills from Kavin Suhirtharen to Zoe Barajaz are attached here.

Abhi Pasupula
Abi Ernat
Adam Daki
Advait Patel
Aiden Brinkmann
AJ Williams
Alan Nguyen
Alice Li
Amanda Chen
Andrew Zhang
Andy Tang
Angel Hernandez
Annabelle Lu
Apurva Reddy
Avdhan Kandikattu
Balaji Balachandran
Belly Kubwimana
Bhargav Sampathkumaran
Brogan Long
Cam Magana
Catelyn Rounds
Cayleigh O’Hare
Cesar Osornio
Christin Ann Sanchez
Christo Ekimov
Cor Sirais
Dean Oquendo
Dev Singh
Edwin Alcantara
Emilia Daniels
Emily Wei
Erin Yoo
Esther Im
Ethan Brazelton
Eunice Kim
Feyikemi Ogunleye
Gabriella Velazquez
Gavin Hartlaub
Gerardo Paramo
Gloria Wang
Haley Rodriguez
Hannah Johnson
Hector Ibarra
Isabel Chen
Jacob Malone
Jai Raval
Jakob Bachhausen
Jamie Im
Jasmine Liu
Jillian Heinzmann
Jonah Fisher
Joanna Menendie
Joyce Li
Julie Lima
Karen Olvera
Karrick McGinty


Abhi Pasupula

To Pranit Guntupalli, I will you another person to simp over League for. I also will you another pair of seniors to sleep in your room all the time for the weekly (more like daily) sleepovers. Also I will you two people to substitute me and [REDACTED SENIOR] in our fun experiences. 

To Aadi Desai, I will you another upperclassmen to be your bestest friend ever. Also stop making Pranit do your ISA work.

To Akshat Gupta, I will you another person you can simp over colleges for. Dw I believe in you getting into a somewhat decent school. Jk if we don’t make state, you’re not getting into college. Also I will you two people to substitute me and [REDACTED SENIOR] in our fun experiences. 

To Faisal Patel, I will you more people to barge into your room all the time. 

To Madhav Hota and Bikrant Bhattacharya, Bikky idk if I spelled your last name right and I’m too lazy to check, but I will both of you more people to spread your guys’ knowledge. Both of you are geniuses, and I have no doubt you guys are gonna go crazy in the future. Thanks for the DiffEq and LinAlg carry guys :D.

To Dean Ekimov, I will an underclassmen that does everything for you. Also don’t int on volleyball again so you don’t get depressed.

To Steven Espinoza, I will you another upperclassmen that takes your creamer when they need to pull an all-nighter. Anyway thanks for all the late night coffee supplies even though they kinda made me immune to caffeine.

To Michael Capriotti, I will you another senior that greets you in the same way I do everytime I do. I will never forget the extremely slowed down “What’s up Abhi.”

To Akshat Gupta, Charles Ludwig, Atharva Gawde, Aditya Prashanth, Rithik Thekiniath, and Aidan Kim, I will all of you the tennis team. As I write this, the season just started and we just smoked the St. Viator’s pack today, but I hope we smoke many more schools’ packs this season. All of you better carry this team next year and the year after that cause this lineup stacked rn. Also keep me updated on how the season goes the next two years.


Abi Ernat

To ARF Board (specifically Brookelynn. she’s been with us the longest), I will you an amazing next year full of fun events and endless amounts of animal love. I hope you guys keep ARF going in future years of IMSA and make sure you always have lots of funny moments. Make sure to post your events with snapchat dog filter selfies and to have fun movie nights and vegan food events. Lots of love, past ARF president 🐥🐮.

To the current C-wing underclassmen (mostly juniors and our two sophomores), I will you the home that is 01 C-wing. We technically became the best wing on campus this year after winning wing wars and Clash so I hope you guys keep that legacy going. I know the seniors were intimidating, loud, sarcastic, and probably annoying, but I have loved the wing and community we created this year. You guys have been amazing and I hope that you continue to have lots of fun in C-wing in the future. Make sure to blow up your wing chats, share your food, have monthly movie nights, and abuse the wing Netflix and Hulu. I also will the juniors to be amazing upperclassmen. I know you guys will be. I hope you love and cherish C-wing as much as I did. Lots of love and I will miss you guys so much. 

To the future and current members of the attendance office, I will you my ability to always make Staci laugh and build amazing puzzles. I will you amazing naps in the massage chair, broken or not. I will you an environment that I hope brings you as much joy and laughter as it brought me. Make sure to keep Staci on her toes but don’t invade her personal space. Fill the walls with your memories and never forget about your amazing seniors. Have fun and don’t take it for granted. Try and bring in a couch and mini fridge next year. 

To Breena, I will you an amazing Clash season and specifically amazing hall decs. I am so proud of how well you did this season, I have no doubt you will be amazing on your own. I will you to be an amazing C-wing senior, I know you will make everyone feel welcome and keep the vibes immaculate. I will you the ability to have a special napkin to heat up Ellio and I’m sorry he has to be separated from Elliot and Eli. I will you to have someone who does your hair or you have someone new to do their hair every night. I will you a new puzzle partner and I will you someone who makes you drink all your water. Don’t stress to much about college apps or where you’re going, I know you will do amazing things. I am so sad to leave you but I will come back and visit you. Keep ARF alive and don’t over commit. Make sure you have a super nice second semester senior schedule like me and take some time to relax. I love you so so so much. 

To Nachi, I will you the ability to have an amazing hall council. You were an amazing RSL and I know you will continue doing just that. Try not to overcommit but make sure you’re having fun and staying relaxed. I will you to hopefully find a new longboard buddy. I will you the ability to one day maybe learn a backflip (go to a professional and don’t injure them). I know you will do amazing in CAB and keep the Clash energy in 01 extremely positive and fun. I hope you have an amazing senior year. 

To Nataliya and Lily, I will you to have amazing sports seasons and people on your teams that made you laugh as much as me. To Nataliya, I hope you enjoy both softball and track but make sure you don’t overcommit. I will you my amazing time management skills, haha. I hope you have underclassmen the next two years that are as great as you were. To Lily, I hope you have an amazing softball season. I will you another catcher that helps you make coach mad and makes you equally confused. I know you will be an amazing upperclassman and I hope you make your last year count. Love you guys.


Adam Daki

To Aaliyah Ali, I will you a senior year filled with many more terribly stupid memories and laughs. When we first met I was honestly caught off guard by your energy and excitement, to the point where I may have been intimidated. However, the more I got to know you through our (quite peculiar) LEAD class, I started to realize how much you could light up everyone around you. Someone like you who can always make those around you laugh and smile is something so rare and I feel so lucky to have had someone like you to bring a smile to my face even during some of my toughest times first semester. Really, thank you for all the very fun and random interactions that we always seem to have^^. Never stop being yourself, it genuinely means so much to everyone that has the pleasure of meeting you and I know you’ll go on to do such amazing things.

To Dean Barrow, I will you a new pair of socks so that you can enter the soccer season next year without a horrendous odor. But seriously, ever since playing with you on the field I have come to know you as someone who is so passionate with whatever you set your mind towards. Whenever moments got tough on the pitch you were always someone we could all count on to keep things positive and lighthearted. Even though talent show hadn’t gone in the way we had expected, seeing how much excitement you had during every practice genuinely made Clash this year one of my best memories at IMSA. You always seem to be so happy and lighthearted with everyone you surround yourself with, never lose that excitement man I know it’ll take you far. 

To Sam Go, I will you the ability to play all of Chopin’s Nocturnes with just as much beauty as everything else put yourself toward. When I first met you in LEAD I would have never imagined you to be the person I’ve come to know you to be. I’m so glad that we ended up living in the same wing together as our random conversations always seemed to lighten up my days even through my toughest times. You are truly an amazing person in every sense of the word and a real inspiration. Throughout my time at IMSA I’ve met very few people as motivated and down to earth as you. With every conversation we have, I appreciate so much how I seem to always walk away having learned something new. Your genuine curiosity and care for not only the people around you but the world around you is a mentality that I know will lead you to do such great things.

To Raymond Schumcher, I will you two more incredibly successful seasons of IMSA Soccer. Coming back to IMSA after a year of quarantine, the season we shared this year on the team had come to be one of my best experiences in highschool. I’m not sure if you realized it then but those early days where we would practice together on the pitch had allowed me to take my mind from the stresses at IMSA and spend it on a sport that I loved. Even though this school will introduce you to especially difficult times, if spent with the right people it can become a place where you can create some of your best memories. Remember to always give yourself time to spend with the things that bring you joy. For me it was having the pleasure to spend the soccer season playing with you. You are someone that knows how to bring so much joy to other people and I know you’ll accomplish so much, great things are waiting for you. 

To Pranit Guntupalli, I will you the IMSA chem department, I know you’ll do amazing things with it^^. But seriously, when I first started to get to know you in AdChem I thought you were quite the goof, but the more time we spent having those philosophical discussions and less time on the labs during class, the more I started to see a side of you that was deeply intuitive and caring. IMSA is a tough place, and I’m glad to see that you’re almost done with it. When senior year comes around, it’ll feel like a blur and before you know it you’ll be writing your senior wills of your own, just remember to make the most of the little moments. The way you always seem to laugh and smile shows how much of a positive presence you are and I really appreciate having had the pleasure of getting to know you. Never loose that spark Pranit, I know that energy will carry you on to do amazing things in this world.


Advait Patel

To Jayant Kumar, I will you a dedicated FTC team to laugh with, argue with, cry with, and celebrate with. Despite all of the times Philip and I picked on you (lol sorry for the trauma), it’s been great having you as a captain and I’m genuinely excited to see how far you’ll take the team next year. It’s your team: take everything you’ve learned from the last two seasons, and from me and Philip, and run it the way you see fit. At the end of your last season, I hope you can look back and feel satisfied with the skills you’ve gained, the memories you’ve made, and the impact you’ve had.

To Sridevi Krothapalli, I will you the strength you’ll need to get through senior year. Senior year is going to be rough, and some days you’re going to feel like giving up. Rely on the people closest to you and seek help when you need it, but do remember, sometimes the only way out is through. When times get tough, I often think of this quote by the one and only Uncle Iroh: “Sometimes life is like this dark tunnel. You can’t always see the light at the end of the tunnel, but if you just keep moving, you will come to a better place.” Things tend to work out, sometimes in ways that you don’t anticipate. That being said, enjoy your senior year, Sri. You only get one.

To Clay Miner, I will you an underclassman that will jam out to The Weeknd, AJR, and Glass Animals with you. You have a bright personality and your smile can light up a room. I aspire to one day have a soul that’s filled with half as much positive energy as yours. I hope your senior year is filled with music and laughter, and don’t ever forget: you’re a [CENSORED] starboy.

To Gautham Anne, I will you an enjoyable senior year, one that’s hopefully not *too* stressful. You’re one of the most wholesome people I’ve ever met. You have a kind soul, and I know you’re going to go far in life. I wish you the best with Epoch and FTC.

To Bikrant Bhattacharyya, I will you yet another 04 hall decs win. There’s so many things I admire about you: your creativity, your drive, your humility, your willingness to help me with math (lol). I’ve enjoyed every interaction that I’ve had with you, whether it was LinAlg, talking about Clash, or having deep conversations at 2am. You deserve every success that’s going to come your way. 

To Madhav Hota, I will you a sophomore that will make you laugh by telling jokes as deadpan as you can. You’re hilarious and I loved having you in the wing this year. Keep in touch brother.

To Michael Capriotti, I will you two more extremely [REDACTED ;P] years as an 04 hot boy. I’m really happy to see you excited about drill and dance, and I hope you find as much satisfaction in it as I have.

To James Anterola, Jason Qin, and Zander Tamez, I will you an underclassman that’ll go sledding with you. Thanks for the memories, guys.

To Rashmi Alawani, I will you a 2048 dub and an easy, stress-less senior year. Or at least an underclassman that can carry you through all of your hard classes. You’re a hard worker, and you’re going to go far in life. At around this time next year, I hope you look back on your IMSA journey and are proud of how far you’ve come. Maybe don’t play as much 2048 during FTC practice, though ;). Oh and also: [CENSORED] !!!

To Renaldo Venegas, I will you an RSL team that loves giving back to 04 as much as you do. Even though I quit, I enjoyed having you on the RSL team this year, and I could clearly see that you care a lot about the hall. I’m also grateful for our random interactions in the hallway, and of course, the MVC help :). I hope you have an amazing senior year.

To next year’s FTC team (Jayant, Gautham, Rashmi, Ebba, Vidyoot, Adi, and Vikram), I will you FTC TITANS 17576. I’ve said this many times, and I’ll say it again: I could not have asked for a better team this season. When I see you guys working in the lab, I feel a sense of pride: I feel like I’m legacy. I encourage you to keep working hard, and at the end of your senior year, I hope you can look back on your FTC journey with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, regardless of the trophies you win. And of course, feel free to reach out: I’ll never be too busy to hear about what you guys are up to.

To Charles Ludwig, I will you some queso dip. You’re a fun guy to be around and your vibes are immaculate. I love hanging out and talking to you in your room or in the wing commons. Also your dip is just really good. Keep it up chief.

To next year’s 04 A wing, I will you 04 A wing. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to call home, or for better people to share it with. The friends and the memories you make here will last you a lifetime. It’s ok to go mess around in the wing commons or in downquad when you need a break. Be there for each other, and be proud to call this wing home.

To next year’s Planet Hunters SIR group (Theo, Edgar, Matias, Pietro, and Diego, and I may have forgotten someone), I will you… LOL. 

To Jackie Zhang, I will you cool lab partners/tablemates in your classes next year. It was great talking to you about random stuff in AdChem first sem. You give off positive energy and good vibes, and I wish you the best for your senior year.

To Ebba Kaulas, I will you two years in a position that’s given me much pain, but much more satisfaction. You’re a hard worker, and you’re more than qualified to be a captain. You’re in the driver’s seat now: make your vision for the team a reality. I look forward to seeing the team flourish under your leadership, and feel free to pick on Jayant a little ;).

To Aru Ulanbek, I will you a sophomore that’s as drippy as you are. Thank you for bringing a smile to my face every time I have the pleasure of talking to you. Your energy is contagious, and I wish you the best for the rest of your IMSA career.

To Anala Thakkar, I will you a break. You’re one of the hardest workers I know and I’ve enjoyed talking to you this year. Junior year is probably going to be really stressful, but I know you’ll get through it. When things get tough and you need a break, give me a call: I’d love to hear about what you’re up to. 

To the rest of IMSA, I will you some love, a hug, a heartfelt thank-you, and the following quote from Uncle Iroh: “Destiny is a funny thing: you never know how things are going to work out.” As IMSA students, we often obsess over things we have little or no control over. Trust the process. Things have a way of working out, even though sometimes it takes a bit longer than we’d like.


Aiden Brinkmann

To Ryan Mojzis, I will you wing trickshots and the hot pink tool to help you achieve them. You have brought amazing energy into C-wing and I hope that you carry that into years to come. 

To Conor Craddock, I will you the grossest, sloppiest Chicken Bucket and dozens more delicious sammies. 

To Jophie Paras, I will you fewer COVID violations. Conversations with you were always so much fun and I hope in the coming years you can avoid getting caught by the RCs. 

To Simon Hoffman and Matt Svatora. I will you better sleep schedules. I will never forget the look on Simon’s face as he bit into a slice of pizza after sleeping a collective three hours in the three days before.

To Miles Massey, I will you more service hours. Hopefully you can find a sustainable method that still doesn’t require much time or effort. 

To all of C-wing, I will you amazing wings in the years to come. No other wing has ever been able to match C-wing’s energy and I hope that lives on with every one of you even if you all aren’t in the same place again next year. Playing games with all of you was a memory I’ll cherish, and I hope you guys can keep that energy going into the next years. C-wing truly is just different. 


AJ Williams

To the Basketball Team (Deondre, Lucas, Bryce, Divya, Muna, Charles, Zuyu, Marco, and I guess Nick too), I will you the resilience to not only deal with Snead for another one-two seasons, but to take all the advice and lessons that I’ve taught you and learned alongside you, and use it to mold yourselves into the dominant leaders that I know you all can be. I will you a strong class of ‘25 to give you a great foundation to dominate the conference for years to come. I also will favor in your games in the tournament, and the ability to use the struggles that you will face in the game of basketball to elevate your love for the game alongside your skillset. I had an amazing season. I really wouldn’t trade it for anything. I’ll always be available to hear your game stories and eventually I’ll come down there to show you guys up whenever I get the chance to visit IMSA again, you know where to find me. Bryce and Deondre, I know you are both capable of great things, you have to step up as the leaders next year. All eyes and pressure is now on you, take the headband and continue to pass it down as a symbol of the program, and finally, please let me know how your seasons go in the future.

To my Daughters (Amaya, Aaliyah, Kosi, Sar’aiyah, Jeserin), I will you all a hat of your choice from my collection (if you haven’t collected one already from me). I also will you sophomores who are just as invested in your success as they are in your life. Y’all are crazy nosy in my business, but it’s okay because I always enjoy sharing my stories with you all. Most importantly of all, I will you all executive function over the attendance office, as official OG’s.

To Michael Capriotti, I will you the power to overshadow your brother’s legacy as the goat. Peter is indisputably the best thing to ever happen to IMSA, but I know you can pull it off. I know we haven’t ever spoke, and you probably have no clue who I am, and that will probably never change.

To 1505 C-wing (David, Faizaan, Arjun, Aditya, Buddy, Keyan, Eddie, Herschel, Saul, Max, Ramzi, Daunovan, Valentin, Kevin), I will you all the ability to be good seniors. To be honest with you guys, your heads are a little unscrewed for the majority of the time (you all know who I’m referring to in particular), but I do think you all have the overwhelming capability to influence the ones around you, which I hope you guys use in a good way for now on. I also will you all luck that you do not get shafted next year with housing, and that you can establish a strong wing culture upon what we did this year.

To Cayleigh, I will the pain and despair associated with first semester senior year, as well as good luck on your college journey, but above all– this massive ratio for the double reclass.

To anyone who I didn’t mention who may be looking for their name here: Thank you for being a part of my journey at IMSA. Seniors included, I appreciate all of you for any memories that you have given me the blessing of sharing with you all while I was here. Although I didn’t particularly like it at this place, you all are the people who made this place bearable and even enjoyable. Ever since sophomore year I was obsessed with leaving some sort of a legacy behind when I graduate. So please, whether good or bad, I hope that for one reason or another, you all do not forget about me. Feel free to hit me up to talk whenever you want, my door will always be open to my IMSA family <3. 


Alan Nguyen

To 1507, I will you good times, more exciting Clashes, and a clean hall. Even if you still get 07th place in Clash, I hope you have fun and show that 07 is more than just a hall people get shafted to. Make sure 07 is still the cleanest hall at IMSA, especially during these times. 

To 07 D-wing, I will you good luck in whatever you do. Try not to make Kevin too mad. Oh, and keep tabs on Logan; we don’t want him to embarrass himself and/or the rest of you guys too much. 

To all underclassmen, I will you the best experience possible at IMSA. Take advantage of any opportunity you find here, and don’t be afraid to take a few leaps of faith, metaphorically speaking. I hope you all meet great people and make many happy memories. Live in the moment and try not to procrastinate too much. Also, good luck with college apps!


Alice Li

To Rashmi Alawani, I will you Crumbl Cookies, a water bottle (stop drinking mine >:| ), and luck with all of your discord kittens <3. You’re quite spontaneous and always in a silly goofy mood so I wish you a productive and calm senior year :D.

To Gabby, Keerthi, Halimat, I will you guys an incredible senior year filled with dance. Dance culture has changed so much since my sophomore year, and though there will always be participants, there won’t always be leaders. I know we don’t talk much but I genuinely believe that you guys will be the leader that guide, encourage, and create memorable dances for your peers when you guys are seniors, and I wish you guys the absolute best. You are all so gifted and I hope you continue to practice and share that gift with IMSA next year.

To Victoria and Ayati, I will to you two the best volleyball season. You two will be bringing a lot to the varsity team and I know that you two will step up and lead the team to a great season. Whatever happens, I wish you guys the best of luck and I hope you all have a ton of fun with your senior year season!

To 02 B-wing underclassmen, I will you guys unlimited wing dinners and an incredible wing in whichever halls you plan on living in next year. It was so amazing to live with you all; the contrast this year compared to sophomore year is something that I am so grateful for. You all are so engaged, lively, funny, and chill, and I hope that next year treats you all well.

To Taylor, I will you the biggest megaphone! You have such an amazing personality and you have such a strong voice – use it! Whether it’s CAB, hyping up the hall for Clash, choreoing drill hehe, or simply leading a wing, your energy is contagious and I really hope you take on a leadership position where you can share it.

To Noor, I will you lots of boba and Crumbl Cookies!

To Herschel, I will you an incredible volleyball season and the best setting hands! Your natural athleticism is amazing and I know that this season has been crazy, so take the time and really work on whichever position makes you feel the most comfortable and scrappy. 

To Alan, I will you a ripped left arm and the zoomiest right side hits. You have worked so hard to get to where you are right now, so do the most with your senior season!

To UNICEF, I will you guys another amazing club year. This year was new for everybody, and I know that I could have done so many things better, but you all were amazing to work with. I know you all will do amazing things and I wish you all the best.


Amanda Chen

To Vanessa and Laya (SWE President and VP), I will you both a successful senior year and fruitful events under SWE. It’s been a hectic year but thank you for your contributions, and I wish you the best in continuing the club’s vision and having fun.

To Addie, Bhavyaa, Shria, and Ela (06A upquad), I will you all a happy senior year and achieving what you set your mind to. I’m glad I could get to know you guys, have good talks, and have late nights together!

To Jackie Zhang, I will you a smooth senior year and good memories!! It’s been so nice seeing you grow since sophomore year and I know you’ll do well in the future. Let’s remember to hang out often during break :).

To Aru Ulanbek, I will you a not too stressful junior year and hall decs head for Clash (jk you don’t have to)! I’m glad to see you thriving since the first time we talked during move-in week. Thanks for trying to help scrub off the spray paint on the sidewalk with us😭. 

To Irene Liu, I will you a productive and successful year on StudCo. Thanks for your work with the Lexington Committee, and I hope you make the most out of senior year and get to relax a lot! (tummy).

To Zuyu Liu, I will you a lot of opportunities to play badminton and succeed in whatever projects you work on through StudCo! Thanks for putting up with my unavailabilities all the time, it’s good to know that badminton at IMSA will not die and 07 is in good hands :). Maybe one day you will be able to aim a smash properly until next time we have a proper match to determine who’s better.

To Becca Pae and Taylor Baugh (swim captains), I will you a long swim season with many personal bests and a great synchro routine! You guys have been very hardworking during the first semester and your work ethics will bring you to great places, such as with leading the team and helping them improve through both practices and meets. The team will be in good hands.


Andrew Zhang

To Daniel Shafiabady, I will you one sponge. Scotch Brite non-scratch, 4.5 in x 2.7 in x 0.6 in (114 mm x 68 mm x 15 mm).

To Jerrick Li, I will you a massive door, maple, handcrafted. 

To Conor Craddock and Miles Massey, I will you five trees so that you can make the Hammock Village you wanted.

To Jared Dong, I will you some tires, Goodyear because I will you a good year at IMSA.

To Alan Hernandez, I will you the ability to (a) never have to accidentally touch shoes with someone, (b) step on someone’s heels, or (c) step on your shoelaces.

To Joey Paras, I will you two hundred Zeiss lens wipes.

To Tate Schneider, I will you one tesseract.


Andy Tang

To Dhruv Patel, I will you an iota of peace and quiet of not getting tormented by Oliver. Well… who am I kidding when I say he’s going to stop? Anyways, enjoy the thought of the concept of peace and quiet and not “L + bozo + ratio.” Ever since you got paired with me as a little sib, every interaction has been a gift—I feel a little bad for not talking to you more, and sincerely hope you have been a better big sib than I have. I hope you cherish the memories of complaining about bad debate judges and learning baseball from our EIC overlord as much as I have as you continue forward with your relentless passion and perseverance. I’d love to hear about all the cool things you do in the future: keep in touch!

To Kevin Zhang, I will you half of IMSAlympians and three bags of chips (gosh, why did I EVER make that bet?) For the past year, I’ve had the incredible privilege to work with you on all of IMSAlympian’s events and get to know you better as a person. While your physics knowledge is without peer—as your F=ma answers clearly show—it’s your character I admire the most: kindness and insight shining through a slightly awkward facade. I’d love to hear from you in the near future about all the amazing things you’ve done!

To Himani Kamineni, I will you someone who’s actually competent to teach you computational biology (as well as the other half of IMSAlympians, since you’ve probably already learned the computational bio). Since the day I met you, you’ve always been incredibly assertive and driven, traits that I’m sure will serve you well long into the future. Make sure to take care of our club: your bold ideas and vision will only lead to success. Good luck, and feel free to check in with me for anything from advice to celebration of success!

To Vignesh Tiruvannamalai, I will you another upperclassman to sit intermittently with you at dinner, as well as an underclassman you can mentor. Since our first dinners, I’ve always admired your incredible patience, quiet perceptiveness, and ability to see the intrinsic worth of every human. With your skillset, I’m sure you’ll excel at all you do—from cross-country to schoolwork. Make sure to stay true to yourself amidst all the stressors of IMSA. I’m excited to learn about the impact you’ll make on the world!

To Amogh Shetty and Albert Han, I will you the future of SciOly (and I guess IMSA) chemistry. It’s been a pleasure solving mass-charge balances on the whiteboard and scaring Bikrant (#chemistry-still-the-better-science). Honestly, I really wish I had spent more time with you all and all of your scientific shenanigans. Both of you have an exceptional work ethic and I’m incredibly excited to see where you go in the future. Make sure to keep me informed of the adventures you have on the way!

To Anala Thakkar, I will you my gargantuan Astronomy binder, as well as a little sib as bubbly and engaged as you were for me. I’ve deeply appreciated every minute we’ve spent together in SciOly Astronomy, Titan Crew, and other excursions, and I honestly feel bad that I haven’t been there for you more throughout your first year at IMSA. As you go into junior year, I know you have big dreams, so make sure to act on them! You have a drive and passion that I very rarely see, even at a place like IMSA. And no matter what you do, know that your big sib is proud of you. Enjoy (as much as you can) your junior year! P.S: if you ever need any potentially bad advice, I’ll always be here for you.

To Grace Murray, I will you peace and success. Admittedly, I owe you an apology about the utter chaos that JHMC was this year: two competitions meant we were doing everything everywhere all at once. As you approach the stress of junior year, remember that IMSA, as much as it’s college prep, is also an end in itself. Find that thing you really care about and do it well (even if it isn’t JHMC). Best of luck on your high school journey!

To Atharva Gawde, I will you a wunderlich excursion into Germany. As someone who’s shared the debate and German experience with you, I’m honestly surprised (and a little disappointed in myself) that I haven’t talked to you more. Your quiet tenacity has always impressed me and I could never be more grateful for the things you did so that our hall decs this year could pull through (not wonderfully, of course, but we did make it). As you go into senior year, make sure to take a breather sometimes and take care of yourself. Let me know how the rest of your time at IMSA goes!

To Irene Liu, I will you the future of the Public Forum debate team. As my other captain, I’ve always appreciated the way you’re willing to call me out on my inefficiencies and push the debate team to be the best it can be. Along the way, I’ve also been glad to see how you grow as a person, even with your idiosyncrasies (smh astrology human, I did ask Dr. Dong for his birthday during APS but I’m not telling you). Next year, make sure to be there for debate—pleaaase make sure that you actually make the practices and find other time for your StudCo meetings—and keep improving our team! If you need any advice or want to update me on the team, I’ll always be here.

To Miles Massey, I will you more contentions. I want you to know that you’re actually the most talented second speaker I’ve seen — ever — during my time at IMSA. So make use of that potential: put time into debate, write cases with less than eight impacts per contention, and mentor underclassmen. As a person, I’ve also always admired your good humor and fun: make sure to keep at it, especially as a senior to a bunch of juniors who seem to be perpetually worried about cases. Keep in touch: I want to see how you grow!

To Aashima Singh Sisodia, I will you a bid to nationals (next year, perhaps). Thank you for being an engaged debate sophomore even when a senior like me didn’t know how best to support you all this year. Thank you for posing questions on concepts like collapsing that even I didn’t know the answer to. As you go into junior year, I’m sure you’ll have success, so make sure to remember that the process is as important as the end result. Enjoy your year, have fun, chase your passions. If you ever need advice, just shoot me a text!

To Sumedha Surubhotla, I will you a better debate captain than myself. Like all on the debate team, you’ve shown incredible potential and commitment, even volunteering everything from driving time to judges when we fell short for tournaments. Further, I’ve been impressed by your quiet tenacity and sharp analysis of topics. Under the guidance of next year’s (hopefully less confused) captains, I know you’ll keep improving and find the excellence that you richly deserve. Make sure to let me know what amazing things you’re doing!

To Vikram Rao, I will you confidence in your debate results. You have a dominant style of cross-examination and a passionate rebuttal that will truly shine as you refine your skills as a debater and further organize your thoughts. I’m already excited by the improvement you’ve shown so far and hope to see you grow even more in the future. While unfortunately, I will not be available to write your cases or work on FTC code in college, do let me know if you need advice, and keep in touch!

To Vidyoot Senthilvenkatesh, I will you the 05 hall decs and debate legacy. On debate, you’ve been consistently committed, and even though you might not see it your cases have been improving steadily from the start of the year. On hall decs, your help was invaluable in getting things done during crunch time, especially since we basically had one day to put everything together after our debate NatQuals were over. Now you know the code, the organization, and the preparation involved. Do what I couldn’t—learn from my mistakes—show IMSA what 05 could be, this time without being ID’d for buying paint. Stay with debate and keep improving. And when you do find success, make sure to text or call me. I’ll be here cheering every step of the way.

To Aditya Prashanth, Nathaniel Huang, and Aruuke Ulanbek, I will you an amazing junior year. From bus rides to tournaments to chaotic practices, I’m glad you stuck with me even in light of my shortcomings. I want you all to know that you’ve shown amazing debate potential during the times that I’ve had you, and I hope that you continue in the event. Even if you don’t, though, I know your vivaciousness and insight will guide you well in your junior years. Make sure to keep in touch—I want to hear about all the cool things you get into!

To Samuel Go and Jason Qin, I will you the quizbowl memories that we should have made together. Sadly, I only have so many hours in a day, and being debate captain has precluded me from participating in quizbowl in more than a nominal fashion. At the same time, I’ve been with you all for long enough to realize the mind-boggling passion and practice you put into your fields of expertise. I’m grateful for the bus phone calls and quick chats we’ve had and look forward to seeing you trounce Uni Lab (and all the other QB teams) next year—keep me updated on your progress! And please, stop sending me videos of book destruction :(

To Arjun Cherukuri, I will you my LaTeX skills and the next generation of JHMC organizing. Despite the chaos that JHMC ended up being this year, I’ve been impressed by your initiative and drive to make JHMC successful, not to mention your amazing personality and character as a wingmate. As you build contest organizing skills, I know that you—together with Rohan, Yina, Shiqi, and the rest of the incoming team—will make JHMC the best it’s ever been. So make sure to keep me updated on all the crazy stuff you all are doing, and if you need any advice, I’ll always be here!

To Rohan Jain, I will you the unfinished dream of JHMC. Thank you for bringing together all the JHMC loose ends that needed to be tied up, for staying up late nights discussing analysis or CompuSci or KaTeX (please get around to that lol), and for being a shoulder to lean on and a patient listener for all the bad advice that I give. As JHMC chair next year, make sure to learn from the mistakes that I’ve made, to find your own vision of where JHMC should be from the one I had before. Figure out outreach and human resource management. Expand to the thousand students we wish we had. Learn math from Fogel and astrophysics from SSP. Build more deep, trusting relationships with your classmates. I’m excited to see you grow as a person and leader next year—keep in touch—and if you are ever in more need of questionably good advice or a listening ear, I’ll always be available.

To Yina Wang, I will you the insight to understand the limits of MAO. I feel like a lot of board next year will be dreamers like me, but often underappreciated are the people who have the experience to turn the dream into reality. I’ve always appreciated that you’re a clear-eyed, solution-oriented type of person: someone who’s willing to put the visions of others to the test and make things happen in the best way possible. So make sure to stay engaged with JHMC and learn from the failures that I’ve made in the past. Beyond MAO, though, I’m incredibly grateful to have met you and seen first-hand your kindness, joy, and spontaneity. Thank you for being that put-together friend I can always rely on, and I look forward to hearing about all the successes you see in the future. And if you need bad advice and/or want to inform me about the happenings of IMSA, I’m just a text or call away.

To Shiqi Cheng, I will you love, fulfillment, and the position of de facto (and now de jure) MAO president. Your ambition and drive honestly far outclasses my own, and the content of your character has helped make me a vastly better person as well. I don’t know what I got into with you, but I know it was worth it. How could I know a single chemistry joke could blossom into these memories I’d keep for a lifetime? How could I know the emotions your knives smiles and laughter and stresses and fears could induce in me? From sunrises to breakfasts to sunsets and night walks, every last moment I spend with you has been a blessing. You’ve brought so much joy and light to one of my most stressful years at IMSA, and I can only hope that my developing emotional skills are sufficient to return the favor as you head into senior year. When you’re a senior, I hope you’ll dream bigger than I did. I hope you’ll overcommit less and spend more time doing what you love. I hope you’ll find joy and wisdom and serenity in the volumes that you deserve. No matter where you end up, make sure to stay in touch and know that I’ll always be here for you.


Angel Hernandez

To 05A upquad, I will Josh, Avy, Colin, and Michael all a great time at IMSA. You guys are my favorite sophs and I’ll remember all the times we’ve interacted, from me going to your rooms to running around with a balloon in the commons. Josh, thanks for paying for my Domino’s order on my birthday. Avy, I like your music taste. Colin, you’ve got cool hobbies. Michael, you’re pretty funny. All of you were pretty chill and great members of A wing. Good luck in junior year and the rest of your lives, and thanks for making A wing great this year.

To Jayant, I will you a great senior year and a good haircut. I’m glad I got to hang around with you in A wing this year after having only known each other in group chats last year.

To Nihar, I will you a great senior year, good luck getting into a good college and a great career. I’m glad you were a part of A wing and that we could hang around. I know for a fact you’ll do good next year and that you’ll be fine for college.

To Dhruv, I will you a great senior year and for you to stop losing your keys. Thanks for being A wing’s RSL and good luck next year.

To Jesse Park, I will you a great senior year, great health, and a great rest of your life. You’re a real inspiration, you’re funny, and I’m glad we spent time in the wing after 10 check and heated our food at the same time.

To Dean Barrow, I will you a great senior year, great health, and a great rest of your life. I’ll never forget the night we met coming back from the Woodman’s trip, when we both gained a close friend. Good luck, take care, and let me know if you ever need anything.


Annabelle Lu

To Jackie Zhang, I will you a prized possession of mine: Kaylee Zhou’s Faces of IMSA poster. Yes, I really do have it, and I will be giving it to you before the end of the year. But besides that, I will you an amazing senior year, filled with fun adventures, dance practices, and happiness. You are someone who can make anyone smile, and I hope you know that, and because of that, I also will you endless laughter and joy. I love hearing your laugh so much and seeing your smile, and I hope you find an underclassman that makes you laugh as much as you did for me and that you love as much as I love you. I will always be here if you need me. Take care of yourself (and Kaylee’s face)!

To Nandana Varma, I will you sunshine and the most beautiful days. I considered willing something like strength or a hardworking spirit, but you already have both of those things. If you can pass ModPhys second semester junior year, I have complete faith in your work ethic. You are such an incredible person with a bubbly personality and radiant smile and I can’t wait to see you grow even more once you’re a senior. I have absolutely no doubt that you will be an amazing senior to your underclassmen and that the impression you’ll make on them will never be forgotten. Never lose touch with who you are.

To Alex Orantia & Bhavya Vegesna, I will you memorable and successful senior years. I’m so glad that we got to know each other during G-Friend practices, and I wish we’d gotten closer sooner. You two are so much fun to be around, and I will you two underclassmen just like you guys. 

To Rohan Jain, I will you a better sleep schedule. Junior year is always rough, but as a senior, I hope you can get a bit more rest. I also will you all the luck in the world because I have no idea how you can handle taking so many math classes at once, but if I had to guess anyone that could do it, it would be you. I hope all of my advice to you these past two years has paid off and that you can pass it on to your own little underclassman like you were to me. If you ever need anything, just let me know and I’ll be there :))

To Jerrick Li, I will you the ability to slow down and appreciate yourself. We didn’t get to know each other as well as I’d hoped, but I know that you are a good person and deserve the world. Things can get pretty stressful at times, especially at IMSA and especially during junior year, but I trust that you’ll make it through. But just in case, I also will you more confidence in yourself and your abilities. I will you the motivation to get through junior year and achieve anything you set your mind to. (And who knows, Jackie might will you Kaylee’s face when it’s her turn to pass it on).

To Buddy Hicks-Gomez, my adopted lil sib, I will you an underclassmen just like you were to me. Remember when I tutored you in physics and chem even though I don’t understand physics and chem? I will you a baby soph that will ask you to tutor them in subjects that you don’t know either.

To the 2022–2023 Amnesty International Board (Jackie Zhang, Zuyu Liu, Chiamaka Okoli, and Natalia Morales), I will you a successful year for Amnesty. Jackie, I really appreciated all of your hard work this year, and I look forward to seeing you lead Amnesty board and watching the club grow in popularity. Zuyu, Chia, and Natalia, I’m excited to see where you take Amnesty for next year and all of the new events you guys come up with! Best of luck to all of you, and feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions!!


Apurva Reddy

To Anala Thakkar, I will you a peridot crystal to bring warm companionship via aligning your chakras. From wholly unproductive yet memorable rocks and minerals practices to surprise gift runs to 06 and sweet donuts and cinnamon pull aparts… you showed love and appreciation when I desperately needed it. But, the quiet moments of support mattered just as much: sitting with me through my prolonged clouds of misery because I didn’t want to be alone or picking up every phone call and listening to my despair. In return, I hope I gave you something invaluable too — maybe one day the shrugs will turn into words. Thank you for letting me challenge your boundaries with uncomfortable yet insightful conversations. IMSA is hard, hell, life is hard, but this place is so, so special. Please don’t leave here with more regrets than I did. You are one-of-a-kind Anala; I believe in you and your ability to find your place in this community just like you have before.

To Bikrant Bhattacharyya, I will you the straightest stick of balsa. From mathcounts practices in the 95th street library where we got loopy from doing math for too many hours to 4 years later at IMSA… it warms my heart seeing how much you’ve grown. Bikrant, you are not only the most brilliant person I’ve met, but also astonishingly humble, respectful, compassionate, and mature. From spontaneous rule-breaking treks to the robotics room to laughing in utter pain at bridge, our memories together hold a special place in my heart. You have more passion for this world than the whole SciOly team combined, make us proud and take this team to nationals— well… maybe figure out Trajectory first ; ) 

To Albert Han and Steven Espinoza, I will you the coolest pair of Grainger-made nunchucks to endlessly annoy Bikrant with. Your guys’ commitment to SciOly rivals the captains themselves. Being around your infectious optimism (we did it! we did it!) and passion (you [redacted] IDIOT bikrant!) never fails to make my day. Keep Bikrant in check and don’t let him get too serious. Y’all know how to have fun and I give so much respect for that.

To Yina Wang and Shiqi Cheng, I will you exclusive invitations to the girls-only, math team whiz & soccer bawse association. Updated membership count: 3.

To Yina Wang, I will you an underclassmen to have long, thought-provoking, and introspective conversations with deep into the night. I also will you sunglasses with a tint that repels Shiqi’s glares.

To Shiqi Cheng, I will you fun riddles to bonk around in your head every time you stroll past a wingmate’s door. Comparing baseball tangents vs. Champaign airplane routes and our versions of extravagant-roleplaying-messenger-convos-sprinkled-with-murder, it’s a bummer that a double date never happened while it could have; as I’m sure it would have been a blast. 

To Saamiyah Khan, I will you all the book/show/movie obsessions you could ever wish for without the looming academic/physiological consequences to follow. You are the single-most entertaining person to listen to, and I would not trade our wing convos for anything else.

To Nikita Rudrapati, I will you donuts in the Math Study Area. From bonding at the Ice Cream Social to becoming impact co’s, I’m so grateful I became friends with you this year. Your sweet words of encouragement yet honest conversations about IMSA made every interaction so valuable. It’s clear your words come from a place of compassion and reflection, and I’m confident that the rest of the IMSA community will recognize that too in some time.

To Umi Arora, I will you the ability to outrun RCs. I’ll miss the delight of opening a completely activity-based module and the conversations about the craziness of IMSA that would ensue. Thank you for being such a fun and flexible co.

To my core LEAD class (Aidan, Alejandra, Annabelle, Braden, Claire, Dhaatri, Faelyn, Jay, Katherine, Marion, Pranet, Srihari, Sriya, Will), I will you a dolphin and shark, baby daddy, and love triangle. From Big Yoshi to leisure painting to heated ethical debates, I had a blast with you all and couldn’t ask for a better class <3

To Jesse Park, I will you electrostatics lab results with <247% error, and a dad who will come to appreciate the sick new dance moves over the MVC grade. In-person junior year is hard — it’s a feat no IMSA student has completed in 3 years. But still, you’ve succeeded in notoriously hard classes, done iconic culture shows and clash dances that will be replayed for years to come, and swept through the lull of standardized testing. The discipline and motivation that takes is far more immense than you give yourself credit for and — I promise, will blast you past the sky years after IMSA.

To 06C UpQuad (Meera, Kavya, Cara, Nethra), I will you sophomores whose screams late into the night keep you amused. Keep living it up; those precious memories you’ve made together will keep you going for the next two years. 

To Surya Bhamidi, I will you the awe from analyzing the sickest ASTER satellite imagery. Remote sensing was a niche event that combined both our passions in physics and the earth sciences. I hope you enjoyed thinking scientifically and critically about how we view our world just as much as I did. 

To Bhavyaa Chauhan, I will you an underclassmen to pass down precious IMSA lore to and spill tea with. Looking back, those Zoom calls feel like a fever dream. Regardless, I hope those glimpses into how wild this school is on silly little peer tutor calls sophomore year prepared you for what came junior year.


Avdhan Kandikattu

To Renaldo, I will you the 40 Arnold Palmers back that I stole from you. You’re one of the chillest people I’ve ever met, and I’m glad you’re always down to talk. Those nights where you try to teach me BC/DiffEq or we play smash till 3AM were always very fun, and I hope we keep it going through the end of the year. 

To Christian, I will you some actual smash skills. Did you know that Up + B lets you recover to stage?? But for real, thank you for being a chill fella, and creating all those phrases that I just inevitably steal. Hopefully one day we finish that falcon ditto (I will win). 

To Jeff, I will you the 04 movie cat aka Alvaro Hucker aka Peter aka Chris Pratt (idk what its name is right now). You are the only person I respond to on snap, which I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing. I’m glad we got to know each other and hang out. Keep being dripped out and watching Beastars (?). 

To Dhruv, I will you an actual eight hours of sleep and the well deserved 1,000 service hours. That month of grinding the Diwali video was lowkey torturous, but I’m very glad I had you sticking by my side throughout the whole thing. Those moments of us accidently messaging each other at the same time about something a specific person said or did were always very funny. You are one of the craziest grinders I’ve ever met, and I hope you can push ISP video and the 15 other clubs you’re in even further next year. 

To Dom, I will you many more hours of listening to Circles on loop. Please stop referring to organic compounds as “Goof Sauce” when you’re asking Pierrehumbert questions. On the real, I’m glad we could vibe to music in your room, or just talk about random things. I’m sorry that I introduced Marco to the last 15 seconds of “Fight the Feeling” by Mac Miller, but I hope you keep doing cool stuff in the future, and I know you’re gonna make next year’s 04 movie goated. Please keep Fredy in check next year. 

To Justina, I will you some ultimate frisbee wins. For how tense the games got, I’m glad you manage to always stay positive. While I may be a retired frisbee player right now, I’m glad you stuck with it, and I hope you keep playing.

To Michael Yudovich, I will you a real Dream sweatshirt. Thank you for letting me “borrow” your kitkats, and I hope you continue to keep stanning Dream! :)))

To Jason and Sam, I will you…I’m not sure, but you guys are so talented at everything that honestly I should be taking stuff away from you guys. Please keep staying wholesome, and keep being cracked at life. 

To all of D-Wing, I will you some more mischievous memories. I’m so glad we got a crazy wing this year, and even if you guys don’t stay in D-wing, I hope you bring the same energy to wherever you go.

To Pranit, I will you some more late night conversations in Kevin’s bed or Gerry’s beanbag. I wish I started talking to you much earlier, because you’re genuinely very chill, and I still don’t know how you solved the baseball game so quickly, but keep being chill, I know you’ll do cool things. 

To Rohan J, I will you some good blood boss. I’m glad we met during the pandemic, and it’s cool to see all the ways you’ve grown since that point. Congrats on all the Ws you’ve achieved this year, and I know you’ll keep getting them for the years to come. 

To Daniel Ma, I will you the very reasonably priced 70 dollar BROCKHAMPTON shorts. I’m glad I somehow met someone who has the exact same music taste as me except you spend every waking (and sleeping) hour listening to music. Thank you for all the BC quiz help, and I hope you continue thriving. Maybe one day we’ll meet again at Lolla idk.

To Jared Dong, I will you…idk what to will you because you are such an enigma to society, but keep staying 6’4”. I hope you can one day legally enter 04D and hang out with us.

To Val, Kenith, Shria, Elaina, Revanth, and the future FBLA board, I will you to continue to carry FBLA to great lengths. To this year’s board, Balaji and I were so lucky to have such an insane board, and we were genuinely always impressed with your guys’ constant hard work. After watching you guys handle all the random obstacles we were thrown at this year, I know you guys will succeed in whatever you guys do.

To Saketh and Dorrie, the future ISP dictators, I will you a creative next year. I hope you guys continue to use drones in your projects, and please give Dhruv a break. Saketh, please never stop grinding, and Dorrie, I hope you continue to direct more video projects for ISP because the Clash video was so cracked. Even if Kevin’s gone next year, I know you guys are still gonna make a fire year for ISP. 


Balaji Balachandran

To Vikram Karra, I will you better jokes. The plus tax jokes have never landed but you still continue to use it because it’s that sense of humor you have. So Sticky Vikky, I hope you keep your horrible sense of humor and your quirky stories through your senior year. Anyways Vik, if you ever need anything, I’ll be just a text away.

To Shaan Doshi, I will you any help I can to fuel that weirdly inspiring quest for knowledge you’ve got going. You’re one of those people that finds a random bit of information and just follows it to see where it leads. You know so much about computer science, and it’s awesome to hear about it and learn new things from you. Keep growing man and keep staying dopey and humble too, you’ve got great things in store for you.

To Luis Hernandez Aguirre, I will you cute projects to flex those muscles in your brain. You’ve always got the absolute perfect thing cooking inside of you, and you are by far one of the hardest working people I know that always makes it happen. You’ve been one of the best members of this wing this year, and it’s been awesome watching you grow this year.

To Vikram Karra, Shaan Doshi, and Luis Hernandez, I will you guys the quad. You guys were most of the reason why D-wing was awesome this year, and I can say without a doubt you guys made it my favorite wing. Get some sleep, keep each other going, and I know you guys will make a great wing. Love y’all.

To Dhruv Patel, I will you an actual math education. Once I leave, you won’t have to worry about being tased from your side or mine and Robert’s Soo Drew’s. Maybe without us it’ll be possible to learn in a Davis class, but with how much sleep you get, it might just be a better nap time anyways. You’re going to go on to do great things Dhruv, just make sure you keep being dopey too. 

To Raphael Talusan, I will you to keep being strange. You are strange in the best way possible. Messing with you when you’d fall asleep on the wing couch or staring you down in the hallways were easily highlights of my day. So keep being weird, and I will you a bit more strangeness because I think you’d do good with it. Also—get better at Rocket League scrub.

To Pranit Guntupalli, I will you to continue persevering. You’re dope pranpoop. Running with you in cross country as the last two of the pack was impeccable, and there’s no one I’d rather get to know as we slowly trekked to the end of practice. You’d keep pushing me to run even when I wouldn’t, so I will you the ability to keep pushing through even when I’m gone and even if you don’t have a running buddy there. Love you, Pranit, and I hope you know I notice and admire your grind.

To Angel Lopez and Hagen Arriaga, I will you to keep being you. You guys are lowkey but easily one of the best parts of the wing this year. Catching you guys in the wing commons with Raph just messing around on Fortnite or just chipping away at WeBWorKs while listening to something always brought something special to the mood of D Wing. You guys are already comfortable with yourself in a surprisingly mature way, keep hold of that.

To Pietro Stabile, I will you a home and more sleep. Hopefully next year you’ll be able to have a cozy room where you don’t need to bounce around like a hobbit. P.S. Sorry for kicking you out sometimes D:

To Sree Atyam, I will you the down quad… in two years. You’ll get it one day, but for now, it’s got to go to the juniors (it’s just the circle of life). Sometimes you say the absolute most wrong thing you can and it gets taken out of context, but that’s just you so keep it up. Don’t take IMSA too seriously, and I hope you stay in the wing next year. 

To Pranit Guntupalli, Vikram Karra, and Michelle Sun, I will you rice krispies. I know you guys probably forgot about this, but I said I would write you guys a will because you helped me steal rice krispies from Lexington. So, to my trusty rice krispy heist squad, I will you guys rice krispies that you guys won’t eat and will instead give to me. It was dope playing BS with y’all too, even though Michelle needs to work on her game…


Belly Kubwimana

To Nashra Younus, I will you a good camera so that you can take pictures of all your goofy moments. I remember when you willingly jumped into the edge of a staircase and hurt yourself. To this day I’m tryna understand what you thought was supposed to happen. Anyway, you are undoubtedly one of my favorite sophomores Nashra and I’m so lucky to have gotten close to you during Excel. I know I said I won’t ever visit after graduation but IF I do you’d be a big reason for that, so we’d better hang.

To the SCC Duo (Einsey and Danica), I will you guys cool underclassmen. Einsey Socrates, you are a character! I feel like you are one of those people who can make friends with just about anybody and I noticed this on day one. I don’t even remember when we started talking either but you are a really cool person and stay being so positive! Danicaaa, I would call you the other name but Acronym would probably censor it. Anyways Danican, you are so funny and it’s in the most unintentional way. As I’m typing this I realize how you almost remind me of myself in a way. I previously only knew you as the soph that looks like Jasmine, but you are really a cool person and I wish I had seen this way earlier in the year cuz we could’ve done so much cool stuff. Anyway as you both grow at IMSA, you’ll go through a bunch of struggles, but I’m hoping that by the end of it, you guys remain the great embracive people you are.

To the 05 boys (Keyan, Angel, Hagen), I will you guys my IMSA secrets. When these come out I’ll answer ANY questions y’all got abt my IMSA life. You three boys have been stuck with me from the get-go. Starting Excel to now, I consider all y’all close to my heart. Hagen, you are adorable, don’t be afraid to speak up tho cuz I always love hearing what you gotta say. Angel, it always seems like you are plotting but you are a really funny guy man; I never got to meet your 10 sisters so I’m hoping I can come by in the summer and meet them. Keyan bro, you gotta learn how to filter yourself because you say the most outta pocket stuff on the daily. But I also hope that you’ve found your place in IMSA and are able to enjoy it bro. Love you guys.

To the Murphy twins (Sar’aiyah and Aaliyah), I will you guys the BEST IMSA experience going forward, I know this is very generic but I’m being for real. Unfortunately, during the school year we didn’t get as much time together as during Excel, and I feel like I’ve rarely seen you guys outside to do stuff with. So I wish that from here on you guys will be able to spend more time outside and enjoy your IMSA experience WITH OTHERS. Imma miss y’all fr, if you guys ever need anything you got my number.

To Dammy, I will you a loyal boyfriend that worships you like the bad *** you are. Dammy bro I pray that by the time I graduate you’re done talking to these 21 yr olds that’s wildd. Y you are dope and deserve a King that’ll treat you right. I’m so happy I met you and I will definitely try and keep in touch after I graduate, yup you gon hear more of me.

To Muna Onwuameze, I will you a good jumper cuz that shot broke asl boi. How you average an airball free throw per game. From basketball season to the end of the year you have been like my little brother, Muna. The hotel TikToks and the 1v1s where I busted yo. All these memories I cherish fr and we better link up in Springfield sometime cuz I’m tryna hoop with you and Titus. Tell Kennedy I would’ve wrote to her but there’s a people limit.

To Shreeya Avadhanula, I will you the ability to get over a dude. Nah but fr you need to learn that these dudes ain’t worth jack and move on. I think it’s funny that you first texted me so you could get close to *cough* *cough* but then we ended up being close. With me gone next year you better figure out how to make friends with your underclassmen, and be able to STAY liking people. 

To Shreya Chakraborty, I will you the most satisfying senior year. Chalky bro we’ve been through soo much from my junior year to this year and all the memories we’ve accumulated I’ve cherished. It really is a bummer that we distanced during this year, but it was a decision I made so I have to stand by it. I do have so many life updates I want to talk to you about but I couldn’t write that here for everyone to see. I also will that maybe you will find someone to make you as happy as you’ve made me in the past. You got my number so literally text/call if you ever need anything

To Elle Brittin, I will you the title of THIEF the way you stole my Ace vest. I would’ve said a bar of soap and water cuz that monkey needs to be CLEANED UP but Shiraz said it first. Fr tho that monkey got literal doodoo stains on its top lips. But Elle I also will you an underclassmen that makes you laugh the way you make me. Though I don’t say it I won’t lie, I think you are cool af, but you seeing these after I graduate so you won’t rub it in my face.

To Kevin Johnson, I will you a physical appointment for next year cuz it makes no sense to me why you didn’t play baseball this year. Kevin, I thank you this year for all the hair knowledge you’ve bestowed on me. Also how you gon take my only jacket and then NEVER wear it, boi if you don’t gimme it back. I also want to will you better Uggs, ones that look like mine cuz yours gotta go lmao.

To Jaquille Family Tree (Venus, Halimat, Solange, Yareli), I will you guys a friend for Jaquille. I got an abominable snowman puppet that is lonely and I thought he could be a friend for Jaquille O’Neal. Not because I don’t want him. His name is Jack. I’ll give it to you guys when these wills come out.

To Jerrick Li, I will you a D1 athlete physique. Jerrick I hope to find a woman to compliment me the way you do bro. I wanna say the way you did those kicks in 03 talent show was dope, and since then it’s been fun talking to you. Have fun with IMSA man.

To my lil basketball brothers (Muna, Raphael, Jaden, Dapo, Bryce, Deondre, Divya, Marco), I will you guys a regional win next season. It better happen bruh. I’m sorry I didn’t play as aggressive as I should have been and was unable to help finish off that last game. But throughout that whole basketball season with all the grueling practices and fun bus rides to and from games, I can confidently say the team is in good hands.

To my Hall commons girls (Raven, Amaya, Jes, Kosi, Destiny Grant, Destiny Ha), I will you my mom’s rice with fish and greens. Y’all have definitely played a part in enhancing my experience living at 1503. It’s most definitely never boring hanging out with you guys. I hope y’all stay talking and I appreciate all the good memories we’ve made.

To Kosi Okeke, I will you the greatest grades in your classes junior year. Kosi, for the hard work you are putting in, you deserve sooo much, and I know you’ll go far. It makes me happy that you ask me for help with stuff because whenever you make an accomplishment, it feels so nice to know I contributed in some way. Keep being yourself the Nigerian you are, and hopefully you find an underclassmen you can bond with the way we bonded.

To my TikTok buddies (Marcelle and Addie), I will you guys the ability to go viral off of TikTok. Y’all still can’t compare to the duo of me and Pranav, but it’s admirable that you guys try so hard. Addie, you are hilarious, I remember first meeting you in the summer HouseParty calls, those were so dumb. But you were “galaxy wall girl”. Marcelle Mbende! Compared to me you are awful at everything you do bruh – iMessage, Ping Pong, bball, soccer, etc. the list goes on dang. The point is, I am very thankful to have met you because everyday I look at you, my self esteem is boosted, nah but fr I have enjoyed every moment of our encounters and hope you get better at stuff cuz you lowkey suck.

To Kevin Huang, I will you a successful time in math at IMSA. I say this because it’s funny that our only encounters have been through Math classes at IMSA, but I’ve been able to easily get along with you even when we were doing classes through a computer screen. I wish I had talked to you more outside of class because I feel like we would’ve undoubtedly clicked. 

To Chinara, I will you a new phone case, you wanna be me. Chinara, you are an inspirational person and I know that you got a bright future ahead of you. Whatever path IMSA takes you, I just know I can 100% support it. I also will you a fun time at IMSA. Remember there’s always time to take a breather and enjoy the “Here and Now”.

To Aishat, I will you a great first of the month EVERY month. Aishat you are a rasta bro. And if you still don’t know what that is just google it. But anyway, I don’t just call you a Rasta because of your hair. Since I was little I have always looked up to the Rasta because my dad played Jamaican music every time. Ratsas to me were cool, fun, enjoyable people and that’s exactly how I’d describe you Aishat. 

To Chiamaka, I will you a selfie stick. Cuz if it was me with them perfect teeth I’d be taking pictures every chance I get. Chiamaka you are just a genuinely funny person. I got the most random videos of you for some reason and when I come across them I laugh my butt off. I hope that at IMSA you are able to keep making others laugh and even yourself cuz with them teeth you better keep smiling.


Bhargav Sampathkumaran

To Ireland Morgan and Garrett Snedden, I will you the legacy of the trombone, the most powerful brass instrument to be in any ensemble. The slide can be used not just for glissandos, but also to split any string instrument in two (not encouraging you to do that, by the way. Definitely not…).  I am proud of you guys and am confident that the Wind Ensemble will have a good trombone section at least for next year, if not forever. 

To Zuyu Liu, I will you an amazing two more years at IMSA, because you deserve it. You are one of the most energetic people I know, and though your energy can be mildly annoying at times when it is directed in the wrong directions, at other times it has served as fuel for those around you, including myself. You’ve been that one friend who takes me on wild rides and forces me to go outside of my comfort zone, and I appreciate you for that. Please stop turning into a red tomato when others tease you though… it only encourages them to do it more. 

To Ramon Vazquez, I will you all the food we have stolen tog- jkjk, I will you the ability to be a great RSL, regardless of where you will be living next year. Whether it be in B Wing, D Wing or straight up a different hall, I am confident that you can be the cornerstone that your future hall and wing community will need. And if people tease you about stealing food or you being “stupid”… know that you’re a good person, and know that you’re one of the smartest people I have met when it comes to chess and common sense (the latter of which I am an absolute zero at). 

To Jesus Fileto and Steve D (sorry, I don’t think I want to try spelling your last name), I will you both a carry from someone else next year (not that you guys will need it, but in case you do…), as a token of thanks for being MVC carries for me this second semester. There have been quite a few homeworks this semester that I simply would not have been able to get through without having you guys around. 

To Anala, I will you the knowledge that I… well, I know your name now. I still feel guilty about not knowing your name through an entire semester of you sitting next to me in ModPhys. That was the fullest possible display of my social ineptitude. But aside from that, I also will you a successful pursuit of knowledge in the wonderful field of physics. 

To Logan Nelson, I will you a pardon for all your threats to “overthrow” me, because in the end I know you did not mean it. How do I know? Because you never acted, and even if you were planning on acting, your brother made the move before you could. 

To the future Jazz Ensemble Board (Michael Yudovich, Zuyu Liu, Ireland Morgan, Marcus Kubon, Jack Morby, and Josh Solone), I will you a club which would not have existed without all of your dedication. The Jazz Ensemble was in the doldrums as an inactive club midway through this academic year, and only with the dedication of all its members was it revived. It was a joy to work with all of you in this student-run endeavor, and I know that the ensemble will be taken to new heights next year under your collective leadership. 

To all underclassmen, I will you prayers for good health, good well-being, and all of your future success. 

Finally, to Shiqi Cheng, I will you many opportunities to come that you can take advantage of, because I know you will take advantage of them, and I believe you have a particularly great future ahead of you. Know that I will be cheering for you the whole way :) 


Brogan Long

To Alexian and Luke, I will you my vintage IMSA sweater (yes an actual physical thing) and hope that it will provide you all with good luck.

To Venus, Dhruv, Jai, and Nooriyah, I will you all the strength to know your worth as a student leader and trailblazers in the realm of DEI. You all have taught me so much and for that I am eternally grateful.

To Sarah Wheeler, Sajal Shukla, and Irene Park, I will you all the confidence to continue to be fierce advocates for inclusive and comprehensive sex-ed in the IMSA community and beyond.

To Sasha, I will you many more random hugs by the U-Bench.

To Dash, I will you the charisma needed to be your most loud and unapologetic self.

To Freddie Rodriguez, I will you many more late night talks and Netflix parties.


Cam Magana

To current underclassmen in ISP, and future underclassmen who will join, I will you another great year of doing cool stuff! You have all done amazing this past year. Special shout out to the boothies, you guys are incredible and I’ve really appreciated everything you’ve done. Eve, Joseph, Malcom and Shawn, you guys are great! I hope you’ll continue to work hard and be awesome, I feel like the booth is in good hands :) I really do appreciate all you underclassmen ISP members. Cam.


Catelyn Rounds

To Sriya and Diya, I will you the chance to grow. I know it all seems so urgent to get that next assignment done, but take care of yourselves. Not only do you have beautiful brains, but beautiful souls as well, and you need to nourish them too. I will you amazingly sweet underclassmen who will share their food with you, and I will you a smoother experience here than I have had. I am so honored to have been your friend and I can’t wait to see what you do.

To Daunovan, Jadesola, Venus, and the rest of the people working to make our curriculum more diverse and equitable, I will you the loudest voice with which to ensure representation for IMSA. Thank you for challenging how I look at education. We made so much progress this year and I know you will carry on the mission and push our teachers and administrators to recognize and rectify the imbalance. I will you a smooth course proposal and hopefully many more as well. Remember, all you can do is your best. Take care of yourselves.

To Karla and Dominika, I will you the most iconic three-year roommate pair in IMSA history. Keep making each other laugh and watching out for each other. Good friends are hard to find, but a good roommate and friend, that is once in a lifetime. You are so joyful and I know you will continue to brighten up the world around you. I will you two more years of excitement and opportunities and I hope someday you will be leaders for your hall because you have so much to give.

To Sajal, Sarah, and Irene, I will you the most amazing, unique high school experience ever, which you may already have. I feel so proud to have worked on the Zine with you all, and I have no doubt you will spread that amazing resource to the world. I wish we could have done more together, but I know you love this and you have so much potential. Go give the students of Illinois what we have been lucky enough to receive.

To Riley Bozarth, I will you the coolest job ever. I know being here seems impossible sometimes, but if you can throw a shot put, you can do this. I cannot thank you enough for getting me food, talking to me for hours on end when I needed to procrastinate, and of course, letting me use your laundry card every single time. You are so generous and sweet, and you and Muffin are gonna conquer the world. 

To my composting crew, I will you the best experience making our community greener. I will you the passion and perseverance to fight for sustainability, no matter how hard. You are all inspiring people with something so important to give the school and the world and I can’t wait to watch you. I will you a joyful experience at IMSA and all the luck in the world. You can do it.

To my wonderful 02 C-wing, I will you another amazing group of people next year, with as much passion, unique interests, and joy as we have had this year. I love you all so much, and while it has not always been easy to get together or hold official events, every day at check I am glad to be surrounded by all you amazing humans. I will miss you more than anything because I have begun to feel at home in C-wing. It has been an honor to be your RSL. You are going to do such great things, but most importantly, I will you the chance to find what makes you happy and the courage to pursue it.


Cayleigh O’Hare

To Lily Song, I will you watermelon. Not only is it the best fruit, but also a symbol of our friendship. Watermelon is what we first bonded over on all those bus rides to HMS where we would talk about (maybe obsess over) the same topic and never get bored of it. I never thought I would be writing you a senior will when I’m not even a senior and I don’t even go to IMSA anymore :).  For whatever reason, I still felt the need because even though I don’t see you often, you are a friend that I think of often and care about a lot. I willed you watermelon, but that also means I willed you a friendship that you can count on to last many years, even if you don’t see that person every day. I know how hard IMSA can be trust me. But in a senior will I received two years ago, I was told to cherish the people I met at IMSA more than anything, because you never know when the next global pandemic might be :). And now I am imparting that advice on you. Enjoy your last year at IMSA. You are one of the hardest workers I know and deserve to have a great SSS. I can’t wait to see your successes. I hope when you eat a piece of watermelon, you might think of me. P.S. I will visit soon and I WILL see you. <3 Cayleigh


Cesar Osornio

To Dhruv, I will you a fob (don’t lose it this time). I know we clown on you all the time but man I just can’t imagine living in A-wing without you (even if you get locked out literally all the time). You are funny as heck and I hope you continue your antics throughout your senior year.

To Vanessa, I will you a fun and successful senior year. I met you only second semester but I had a lot of fun in chemistry with you, Tommy, and Will, especially when we would totally have the labs done on time before class ends. I hope you continue being successful in your senior year and beyond!

To Pietro, I will you a ringtone (so you can finally check your messages smh). I had a lot of fun working with you as an RSL and talking with you this year. You did a cracked job stepping up to be the HDC and I’m sure that whatever you’re a part of next year, you’ll continue being cracked.

To Max, I will you another drill dub. Clash just wouldn’t be what it was without you. You were the backbone of this hall during Clash and you made sure drill was one of the best 05 has ever had. There is no doubt in my mind you’ll go three-for-three and win drill one more time for us!

To Faizaan and Raphael, I will you both some insane dance moves. You guys stepped up as sophomores to choreo for 05, and it really paid off. I know that wherever you guys go next year, people are gonna face some serious competition.

To Luis, I will you a cracked senior year and a wonderful RSL experience. You have done so much for both your wing and hall this year that I wonder just what other amazing things you might be doing next year. I’m sure that wherever you go, you will make that hall people’s home.

To Annika Johnson, I will you more amazing music skills. You are one of the most talented people I have ever met. Period. Guitar? Drums? Bass? You can literally do it all! I’m absolutely confident SMAC is in good hands and you’ll keep that music culture alive wherever you go!

To Nathaniel Huang, I will you an entire pool. I had a lot of fun swimming and talking with you this year and especially seeing you improve throughout the season. I’m sure that whether or not you decide to continue being part of the team, you will be cracked at whatever you set your sights on. 

To Jayant, I will you a BC quiz (or a lack of one). BC III may have been kind of bum, but at least we got through it together. You are extremely chill and I’m glad I was able to get to know you this year. Just remember to show up more than ~five minutes early to class next time lol.

To Ethan Dawes, I will you another interesting math table. It was fun having you at my BC table all three semesters. I’m sure you enjoyed Jack and I’s very insightful and important discussions relating to the math topic at hand of course. I hope you have a successful senior year and enjoy your post-Calc math classes.

To Jesse, I will you an Industry Baby trumpet cover. You are an incredibly chill dude and I really enjoyed doing drill and talent show with you. I’m sure you will pop off at whatever you do in the future.

To A wing, I will you all another year and another wing full of people who make living at IMSA just that much better. Dara, you’re an insanely good singer and I’m sure you’ll continue to share your voice across campus. Jay, you are really chill and I encourage you to do 05 clash drill next year. Matthew, I enjoyed living with you and I encourage you to involve yourself more around campus throughout your time at IMSA. Josh, you earned that pizza, and I’m sure you’ll continue the grind wherever you go. Colin and Avi, I hope you guys continue playing sweet riffs on guitar. Nihar, you are funny as heck and are a chill dude. Kevin, our time in DongPhys was interesting, and our night trying to figure out what his code meant was enjoyable. Michael, Atharva, and Ryan, I wasn’t able to really get to know you guys well this year, but I’m sure that you guys are gonna do great for the rest of your IMSA careers.

To the future HCC and HDC of 05, I will you the best hall on campus. This was the most fun year of my IMSA career and I’m sure it will be for you guys. I know that you guys will continue to make our hall proud! (And you have no reason not to win Clash next year!) HOO HAH 05!


Christin Ann Sanchez

To Vikram Karra, I will you metaphorical bubble shoes to support you during the long journey of senior year. I remember sprinting down the hallways of Prairie View because little 7th grade you always stoked the fire of competition. You claimed you could beat me to the end of the lockers, and you were right. Though you may not run cross country or track anymore, senior year always felt like this unending race to me, running and panting and trying to keep up. I believe you’ll fare better than I did though because 1) you’re a lot more together than I am and 2) you’re simply very Vikram, and that’s what I admire about you. You do things because you truly want to do them and are able to prioritize what you enjoy. I’m sure summer will be a busy time for you, but always know that me and Buji are looking out for you and will help you in any way that you need. If you’re regularly pulling all-nighters though, I will personally come back to hit you on the back of the head. I’ve watched you run the race of IMSA, and you’ve made good time so far. The coming months will be a pain, but I know you won’t let the stress pop your shoes :)).  

To James Pan, Kenith Taukalo, and Himani Kamineni, I will you guys a fulfilling math class experience your senior year. When Fogel appeared on my class schedule for BOTH BC3 and MVC, I really thought I was in for a miserable time. I was not completely wrong, but I’ve come to appreciate my time in his classes, not because I really understood what’s going on but because of the moments I’ve gotten getting to know you guys. James & Kenith: because of you guys, I will never completely hate BC3. I look back and remember mornings of Kenith yelling “JAMES”, singing Dancing Queen, and many moments of laughter amidst the pain. Himani: it’s crazy how hard you work and just how driven you are. I am so eternally grateful for your help on the homework and of course being a part of the chant (you’re better than Kenith anyways dw). Senior year is truly a busy time, but you are all smart and capable people. I will miss having good luck chants before dreadful math tests, but I leave you with this desmos graph: https://www.desmos.com/calculator/mhnm66dl2o

To future 03D Down Quad (Alexandra Orantia, Elaina Xiao, Jackie Zhang, and Irene Liu), I will you our can of raid for exterminating ants and roaches! As you inherit the benefits of down quad, you also take on some mighty responsibilities, such as ants, but also being the seniors of the wing. The college apps process will be quite a headache, but I urge you to take some time amongst the bustle of first semester to cultivate a strong wing culture and help guide your underclassmen through IMSA. You truly are some of the most talented juniors I know, so I have the utmost faith in wherever life takes you. Also, whoever gets the small room, I wish you luck with the toilet. It’s a humbling experience facing up against a toilet and losing, so if college apps don’t humble you, the bathroom certainly will! 

To Destiny Grant, I will you fresh air now that I won’t be farting up the place. It seems you always walk past when I am in the midst of passing gas or being incredibly stupid, whether that be in the wing or titan crew. Nonetheless, you’re one of the funniest juniors I know, and I think IMSA needs more chill, funny people like you. Enjoy senior year & keep spreading your impeccable vibes 

To the IMSA Cross Country Team (especially Grace Daum, Michelle Sun, Marguerite Dimarco, Shreya Chakraborty, Irene Liu, and Liz Carlson), I will you lots of water and sleep. IMSA is not a place conducive for runners (or athletes in general and now that I think about it, it’s just bad for general health). It’s hard to make progress when you’re not getting any sleep, and it’s hard to do well in classes when you’re falling asleep because of all the miles you’re running. But the fatigue felt worth it because of you all. Wearing Michelle’s bows in my hair made me feel a part of a team, which is not something I experienced sophomore year. This season was my favorite season yet because of you all. I hope you guys cheer each other on and can make the runs feel a little shorter. Run some PR’s next fall and take care of yourselves <33.

To Pranit Guntupalli, I will you some head empty, no thoughts time. Pranit, I feel like you are very keen on understanding emotions, and I often see you thinking so much. I too am a person that spent much of IMSA thinking a lot about this place, the people, and how my own desires fit with the latter. I believe that reflection is healthy and useful for growth, but I also think it is quite a bit to handle at times. I hope you take time to be head empty, no thoughts and have some good times despite all the stress. 

To Anisha Kolambe, I will you an underclassman that will bring some positivity into your days. You are a very talented flute player (with a much better tuning ear than me) and whether you decide to continue with band or not, I wish you the best in whatever you pursue. I appreciated your positive attitude during XC when I was very much very dead, and I hope for nothing but the best for you :DD.

To Club Terra Board (Danica Sun, Aishat Balogun, Ryan Li, Ella Lind, Brookelynn Gotschall, and Pranit Guntupalli), I will you a more organized shared drive than the one from this year. I was a bit of a mess as president, but watching you guys approach every task with high levels of competency impressed me so much. As a soph rep, I could never. I’m very proud of everything you accomplished this year from smaller scale events to Sustainability Week. I hope you all will take care of Club Terra (and yourselves) and help make IMSA a greener place. 

To Michelle Sun, Nikita Rudrapati, and Nandana Varma, I will you all so much sunshine. You all remind me of the literal embodiment of sunshine. Though IMSA has no windows, you all brightened up my days whenever I interacted with you. So when IMSA gets gloomy and depressing, I hope you’ll be able to find sunshine somewhere because that’s what you guys always provided for me. 

To Luis Hernandez Aguirre, I will you sleep. You’ve been working so hard in robotics and Casa, and the impending stress of college apps I’m sure is only adding to the pain. Working hard is necessary to get you where you want to go, but in order to get there, you must take some time to take care of yourself. It’s easy to spread yourself thin at IMSA when you’re giving all you got into everything you’re in. Take a few stress mods and a few naps to get you through. If you need anyone to look over an essay or give you some words of encouragement, don’t ever hesitate to text me. 

To Aaliyah, I will you ten dollars to get you some donuts at Stan’s. Whenever you get frustrated during SIR or annoyed at the patriarchy, I want to buy you a donut to help brighten up your day. I remember you got me a chocolate donut (an extra small one cuz of the sugar) at Krispy Kreme and I kept the wrapper because that was one of the sweetest things anyone has ever done for me. You have a way of talking and bringing up different perspectives as well as arguing for what’s right, and I just admire you so much for it. IMSA is a tough place, so please, whenever you need a little pick-me-up, have a donut. It’s on me <3 

To Raphael Talusan, I will you a sense of adventure. I see you, and I just think to myself “Raph is just doing Raph.” I think IMSA has many adventures awaiting you, and I hope you take the chance to explore all it has to offer. You’re a smart kid, Raph, so make sure you use that brain of yours to study, and although they can be a pain in the butt, take a hard class or two to challenge yourself. And really try to learn the stuff. I think you have enough natural intelligence to get by, but working hard can really take you places. I hope you’ll think of some cool Filipino events for ASIA and find an SIR that you can actually learn something from. I want you to use IMSA to explore because it takes time to find out what you really enjoy, but it also takes some work as well. 

To Alexandra Orantia, I will you the spirit of Jollibee. Leklek, I cannot put into words how much I appreciate and admire you. You are so mature and so responsible, it’s crazy that you’re a shmen. I will miss your attempts at teaching me Tagalog and my feeble attempts at putting together sentences. Though I often miss ResLife because I am asleep somewhere in the main building, you have been a superb RSL for our wing. You’re going to do an excellent job at leading in your extracurriculars, and I have so much faith in your ability to ensure that everyone who meets you will feel welcomed. You have such a good aura about you, and I’m honored to have been your wingmate this year. When times get tough with school and dances, remember that I am willing you the spirit of Jollibee. This means I am willing you a positive attitude and a plentiful supply of nourishment. Whenever you’re feeling burnt out, take a moment to get some rest and eat a snack. Mahal kita, leklek. 

To 03D Wing, I will you all the puzzles in the world. I appreciate each and every one of you for making my senior year splendid. Every after 10 check conversation to run-ins in the hallways means the world to me. Thank you for trying to wake me up from my post 10 check naps and herding me to the room at midnight. Thanks to you all, you really made 03 a home to me. Jackie: get some more sleep at night. Matty: you are capable and smart and you deserve to be here as much as anyone else; don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. Maggie: keep running hard but don’t push yourself too hard. If you’re injured, give yourself a break (and this applies to areas outside XC & track too). Desi: IMSA is a tough fight but you’re even stronger.  Elaina & Irene: I admire your grind and hardwork. I wish you both the best with college apps. And to everyone else in D Wing, thank you for being like a family. 

To Jai, I will you some extra fearless leader spirit. Though you are already quite fearless, having a little extra doesn’t hurt. You are so so smart and qualified Jai, and I really hope that senior year treats you well. Good luck with whatever hard classes you’ll probably end up taking (cuz you’re so big brain) and try to keep Dhruv in line too. You got this Jai!!!

To any underclassmen I didn’t write a will too but probably should have, I will you better time management skills than I have. I procrastinated wills because I kept forgetting they existed and am now too sleepy to write anymore. There are some wills that I meant to write, but it’s really just sleep time, so to all the underclassmen I love dearly, I believe in you and you got this, and try to be a little more responsible than I am. Good luck next year! 


Christo Ekimov

To Jared Dong, I will you enlightenment upon your nightly walks. Change does happen in solitude and I’ve seen it happen to you just this year. You are incredibly talented; make sure to apply yourself so it doesn’t go to waste. Also, thanks for sharing Uzumaki with me. I still think it’s amazingly crazy/off-putting, but it was memorable. 

To Charles Ludwig, I will you my tennis skills. You are such a genuine person with an incredibly large heart. Please never lose that. Thanks for your Taco Bell purchases and for already being the best on the tennis team. I hope you find success in your future endeavors. Really. 

To Michael Capriotti, I will you Tony Soprano’s charisma. Since the very start, I’ve enjoyed talking with you and it’s clear you are a respectable, proper person. I have relished every conversation I’ve had with you and know you are made of great stuff. Keep going, you will make it. 

To Faisal Patel, I will you some use of what you texted me for. Where do I start?! I met you online, in my sophomore year. We’ve had our fair share of interaction online, which (much to my delight) only improved in-person. You’ve got something unique about you…a certain je ne sais quoi. I don’t know what it is, but I love it! You’re a fantastic person, Faisal. I hope you can honor yourself and make me and those around you proud. 

To Anthony Kholoshenko, I will you my BJJ/Boxing skills. You have so much TALENT, Anthony! You’re an incredibly hospitable person and you know many things now that took me a while to learn. Don’t stop, ever. Your success is certain, so go and get what you deserve! 

To 1504CUQ (Rohan Jain, Daniel Park, Revanth Poondru, Daniel Ma), I will you all my blessings. I love you all, we will see each other again. 

To Dean Ekimov, I will you wisdom. You are the real deal. Enjoy your senior year, but don’t lose it in pleasure or procrastination. It’s up to you to carry on the Ekimov legacy, wear our name with pride! 

To JaeJun Park, I will you neverending drive. JJ, you are going to make it—congratulations! Now go out there and do it! I am so happy to have met you this year and am proud of your growth. You surprise me every day with your humor and (paradoxically) maturity. I hope you remember me as fondly as I remember you. 

To Amrut Pennaka, I will you some common sense. You’re an incredible person Amrut—someone who is able to stand in the kitchen when the heat rises. I appreciate you for tolerating all the shenanigans we’ve had this year and know that you’ll continue on our legacy the following year. Only next time, be sure to enjoy it more than I did. 

To Steven Espinoza, I will you leadership. You are a model sophomore and person. I always see you smiling and somehow always seem to do so myself following our interactions. Thanks for the memories. You will be the person to continue what the seniors left off. This final quarter will be a period of intense teaching, but it will be worthwhile. 

To Bryce Sharp, I will you a chiropractor license. You’re a stand-up guy, Bryce—literally. I know you’re a good kid, so make sure to enjoy the times now while you still have them. Enjoy the basketball and volleyball season and make sure to show everyone how Oswego rolls. 

To Ramzi Daki, I will you a new tennis racket. You’ve carved out a personality unique to you in your short time at this academy. I’m eager to see where it goes; keep at it. I still remember our conversations in the lecture hall and treasure our brief talks together. I hope we get the chance to make more. P.S. When’s our rematch going to be? ;) 

To Nihar Cheruku, I will you vision. You’ve got lots to offer. Start showing the world, OG. 

To Jayant Kumar, I will you a good FTC team. I hear there’s a captain role free on the other side…you know who to call. 

To the future students of TALENT, I will you all large paychecks. Pay attention and you will get rich quickly!!

To the future leaders of TALENT, I will you all passion. I loved my time as president and have learned more from my colleagues than many do in a lifetime. Put love and heart into TALENT and it will reciprocate far more than you can imagine. 

To the future residents of 1504, I will you pride. I have lived in 1504 all three years at IMSA. I have loved each of those years. I hope you all may too. 

To the future residents of 1504B, I will you care of this wing. Your relationships with your wing mates will be beautiful, be sure to cultivate them.

To the future students of IMSA, I will you all foresight. Your time at IMSA is finite, don’t waste it. I wish I knew that earlier. Take care of this place. You’ll be surprised by how much you’ll miss it when you leave. 

To everyone else, I will you all access to philosophy. It will change your life. Please, read Meditations by Marcus Aurelius. 


Cor Sirais

To JT, Janelle, Nitya, and Anisha, I will you the FRC Business Team… It was a blessing having you guys on the team, and I hope y’all have more luck with finances than I did ;).

To Nachi, Nandana, and Rashmi, I will you a baby CAB as good as you guys were. I promise, the most stressful parts of CAB will be great stories in hindsight <333.

To Jai, I will you all that big robotics schmoney and wish you the best, big engineer man. Also, you’d better take care of C wing or else. Finally, I give you all of my math knowledge. May what little of it remains serve you well.

To Sasha, I will you the sleep schedule I never had. Love you King, you’re going to make senior year your baby mama <3. Along that vein, I also will you my 6th born child, name TBD.

To Dash, I will you hot showers for the rest of your IMSA career. In all honesty, I don’t even need to will you anything, cause you’ll do great with or without it. However, just in the name of good faith, I shall pass on the blessing my shower hath given me, because you definitely deserve it.

To Fiona, I will you eternal wealth in the form of solid gold flying contraptions.

To Maddie C, I will you a dash of live laugh love #periodtslay.

To Breena, I will you a big slice of chocolate cake xoxoxoxoxoxoxo. This shall also be your consolation prize for keeping C wing sane ;D.


Dean Oquendo 

To baby CAB, I will you the ability to sway clash to 1501. I love all of you, this past year has been so fun and I couldn’t have asked for a better board. I know CAB is safe in your hands and make sure to stay out of those group chats… Nachi I’m looking at you.

To Cwing, I will you the right to the shelf above the microwave. You guys are incredible, thank you for staying and please keep staying.

To the swimming underclassmen, I will you future years on the team. Stay with it, I know practice sucks sometimes, but it’ll be worth it. 

To ISP, I will you a new advisor. Times may be uncertain but hold your ISP family safe — those are some of the best people you will meet.

To Robotics business team, I will you a season without other people’s big egos! This was a wild year but I’m thankful to have had you guys.


Dev Singh

To Shria Halkoda and Braeden Cullen, I will you both a technical team with the power to bring our final vision of Epoch into a reality. Both of you will have numerous technical and managerial challenges ahead of you but with enough tenacity and persistence (and a fair bit of Googling), I believe in your ability to carry forward a club that will hopefully be impactful for years to come.

To Theo Schreiber, Caroline Kowal, Jai, Cole Plepel, and the other juniors/sophomores of the Titan Robotics team, I will you success in the upcoming competition seasons. Our team has done very well the last two seasons, and with a little bit of tweaking and support, hopefully the team will finally be able to go to World’s :). Remember to utilize the wonderful mentors we have, and we alumni are only a message away.

To Braeden Cullen, I will you a Titan Software team filled with competent people. There’s more to be done than programming: managing a team to collect and analyze valuable data, as well as finding new fields to apply our software in. These will be an important challenge for you in the upcoming year.

To Mridhul Payyan Valappil, I will you the ability to go to class.


Edwin Alcantara

To Julius Wardlow, Diego Montes, Aidan Fraas, Zander Davidson, Raymond Schumacher, Nihar Cheruku, Dean Barrow, Marko Ilic, Braeden Cullen, Buddy Hicks-Gomez, Faizaan Shaikh, Jay Gonzalez, Jesse Park, Luis Hernandez Aguirre, Srihari Gurugubelli, and Will Healy (IMSA soccer team), I will you a regional championship next season. This season was a special one, and I’m glad to have gotten the chance to play with all of you. We dominated teams this season and had arguably one of the best soccer teams in IMSA history this year. Keep up the hard work and win more games next season — all of us seniors are counting on y’all to win that regional title. One last thing: NOBODY is taking the SAT/ACT in August because you guys need to win that tournament next year. Break our losing streak, please.

To Ethan Remedios, I will you more Clash Royale wins. I know you wanted to go back to our hometown high school, but I’m sure that IMSA will be just as good as long as you take advantage of your time here. I was in a similar position as you during my sophomore year in which I wanted to go back to BHS, but looking back, I’m glad that I decided to stay here since I feel more prepared for what’s to come. I’ve enjoyed hanging out with you in Staci’s office and after 10-check! You’re definitely one of my favorite sophs. If you ever need anything just call me, and when I come back home from college we can hang out sometime. 

To Raghav Sinha, I will you more winning. I have a good feeling about you being a great upperclassman for the next two years. Whenever you are messing around in the wing commons after 10-check you bring everyone’s mood up by making us all laugh. There have been many times when Jakob and I would randomly bring up your “signature dance” and any jokes you would make while we are there. Don’t change that aspect of your personality because it makes our day every time. RAGHAV WINNING?!?!?!?!?

To Einsey Socrates, I will you a successful tennis season. I remember the first time I actually got to meet you when you would sit in on the Indoor-Outdoor classes. Definitely one of the best badminton players here. I stood no chance. Also, I’m not a very good tennis player as you saw that day that you were trying to teach me outside, but I’m sure you will do well these next two years based on what I saw. Keep beating people in Indoor-Outdoor; I don’t think you’ll have much competition though. 

To Bhavyaa Chauhan, I will you all the “prime numbers.” You’re a really fun person to be around and I’m glad we got to talk more this semester. Definitely won’t forget that Lego phase you went through in IN2. Also, I appreciate you for doing henna on me during Diwali, it made me realize that you weren’t talentless… I’m just kidding! But actually though, have fun next year and enjoy it while you can because times goes by fast after college apps. Hopefully you can still have your midday naps next year too.

To Addie Kobayashi, I will you more sleep. I can assure you that your current sleeping habits will have you feeling dead senior year, please fix it. However, I’m sure you’ll get through it, you work hard when things need to get done and know when to prioritize your time. Kinda wish I could do that. I’m pretty sure I’ve just distracted you more than helped you focus this school year, but hopefully it was a good break? But, I’m thankful for BioChem since that was probably the main reason I got the chance to meet you, which definitely made it one of my favorite classes. Time has flown by since then. It doesn’t even feel that long ago when we were messing around in the lab, FaceTiming late at night, and just hanging out in the lecture hall. I’m lucky to have you by my side this semester and I couldn’t have asked for a better ending to my senior year. Anyways, that’s enough, now give Alyla the teddy bear and roses for me, thank you :) (and if you’re reading this past midnight, GO TO SLEEP!).

To Pierre Joyner, Charles Conner, and Alex Guo, I will you a cleaner wing next year. I’m glad I got to hang out with you guys in the wing commons where you all spend time hanging out with each other. Not all wings have the same dynamic that we do in A-wing and that’s something I’m glad you guys kept up. Don’t lose that bond y’all have, you’ll realize that it’s a special one.

To Becca Pae, I will you an easier time in math next year. I enjoyed having you in my BC fast and MVC class since we would just look at each other when we were struggling in the class. After not understanding a single thing that we talked about in class (solids of revolutions) we would just laugh about how confused we were. There were so many times that I would walk out of class feeling like I knew less than when I walked in, and I’m glad to have had someone who could somewhat relate.

To Jackie Zhang, I will you a massive L. You were one of the main reasons I would go out to the hall commons after 10-check. I just found it funny going out there with Jakob to mess with you until 12; it was definitely something I looked forward to every night. But you genuinely are a very chill person to be around and talk to; I’m glad to have you in 03 and I wish you luck in your senior year. 

To Melinda Yuan, I will you more time in Staci’s office. I still remember that time when I looked back and the first thing you said to me was “look, Addie’s boyfriend.” And now my nickname is “Eddy”? You definitely have some questionable nicknames. Anyways, I’m glad to have met you while at Staci’s office — you’re a really fun person to be around even though you say some questionable things every now and then. Try not to bother Staci too much. 


Emilia Daniels

To Dash Leigh, I will you well-spaced sheet music. I have really enjoyed getting to know you this year through math and music stuff. You have a genuine passion for both those things, and I hope those are never taken away from you. Please remember that it’s ok to put yourself before others sometimes, and the rejections you may experience are not permanent. IMSA can be a draining place, but you can always find ways to do what you’re passionate about even if it’s not obvious. Anyways, good luck with the rest of your years at IMSA and beyond <33.

To Sasha Lemons, I will you good senior year memories in 01 :). Meeting you this year has been wonderful and you have a very cool style B). Always remember your worth and that you deserve to be happy. IMSA can feel super overwhelming, but you have worked really hard to make it this far and can go on to do amazing things. Good luck next year! You got this <33.

To Jai, I will you a five-gallon container of ice cream. I don’t really remember what Fogel was trying to say about flow and stuff, but ice cream is good for the soul. Getting to know you this year has been great, and you have made MVC just a little more bearable (it’s just a little funny watching you fall asleep). You do so much stuff and are one of the most hardworking people I know. Please just remember to sleep every once in a while, because that’s just as important as school and PME. Good luck in senior year (and college season), I know you will do great things <33.

To all the Mod21 underclassmen (Maggie, Faelyn, Elaina, Shreya, Sriya, Anya, Jojo, Keerthi, Adi, Nat, Dara), I will you a performance with more than two weeks of prep time (my bad). Even though for so many of the events we had a less-than-optimal amount of rehearsals (shoutout to learning half the ICHSA choreo in one day), all of you guys worked super hard to make it all come together and create some unmatchable moments. You guys have allowed my last year of Mod to be amazing, and pay off all the work me and the rest of the board did. I will never forget the crowd cheering at Diwali, running four sectionals in a row, our very ambitious ICHSA set (and immensely cleaning it in the last few hours before we competed), hopping over puddles and almost slipping on all the ice going from hall to hall for the Valentine’s serenades, everyone clapping along during Harambee, and whatever else happens before this is published. I’m so proud of all of you and can’t wait to see what you guys can do next year!

To Nat Gao, I will you the SDAC speaker. Ish. I actually have no idea where the physical speaker is, and Rafa is leaving next year so I guess we’ll never know. It’s more of a symbolic thing anyway lol. (If you do find the speaker don’t drop it).

To Aleks Dudas, I will you more opportunities to choreo dances. I know you just started to try that out this year, and you’ve been doing great from what I’ve seen so far! It has been super fun to be involved in all the things we’ve participated in together and wish you success in all those activities :) Have fun at IMSA, I know you’ll be great!

To all the tennis team underclassmen (Addie, Aleks, Anya, Cara, Ebba, Einsey, Elle, Justina, Marcelle), I will you a (as much as possible) less uncomfortable season with Coach. You guys are all great players and hard workers and deserve tennis courts closer than a bus drive away lol. Lemme know if they fix those while you guys are here (I doubt they will :’)). Thanks for making my senior season swag and good luck next year!!

To the dance team underclassmen (Karina, Keira, Aleks, Ani, Laura, Manya, Melinda), I will you even faster cotton eye joe mixes. All of you guys are amazing dancers and my last year on the team was super fun because of you all. Good luck next year and send some vids when you compete!

To Jesse Park, I will you the trumpet (best) wind ensemble section. Listening to your commentary during band was a lot more interesting than whatever McCarthy was saying, even if you could never hear what I said in response. Maybe you’ll make 1st chair honors band or orchestra at all-state next year, that’d be pretty cool. Not to be too “emotional” but I genuinely think you can succeed if you choose to continue to do music. Anyways, have fun playing all the solos next year :).

To any other underclassmen that I didn’t mention here, all of you guys have probably brightened my day at some point or made some interesting conversation. So here are my general sentiments: I know IMSA is grueling and rough at times, but there are so many amazing people to meet, fun things to do, and life lessons to learn (in varying degrees of seriousness). Remember to sleep (it’s just as important as school and other responsibilities)! Good luck in your remaining time at IMSA and the rest of your lives <33.


Emily Wei

To my Space Club underclassmen (Clay Miner, Sarah Wheeler, Christian Cline, Evelyn Cunneen, Brandon Rogers, Ishan Buyyanapragada), I will you all a fruitful year full of space events and learning. Clay, I know you will rise up to your role amazingly. Your passion for space is beautiful, and I hope you can share even a fraction of it with the rest of IMSA. Sarah, your talent and hard work will pay off. Christian, your knowledge and achieving attitude will get you far in life. Working with you two and watching you grow since you were sophomores has been extremely fulfilling, although I am regretful we couldn’t have met in person. This past year with Clay and the sophomores has proven what Space Club is really about, and it has been a preview of what Space Club will be like now that we are back in person. Go get that dark sky camping event! This Space Club team has shown the most promise to me, and I know you guys will finally make this event that we’ve been working towards for the past few years a reality. To the sophomores, you guys are amazing. I can’t believe we chose such capable sophomores to join Space Club, and I know you guys have the ability to far surpass us in the coming years. 

To Alex Orantia, I will you the best senior year ever! You are probably the sweetest and most hardworking person I know, and you can definitely do anything you put your mind to. From meeting in G-Friend to surviving Modern Theater, I’ve seen how responsible you are, so I know just how far you will go. You are an amazing dancer!! I loved working with you in G-Friend and Lunar Modern, and even more impressive than your skill was your ability to work with anyone. Everyone you meet loves you and you are a source of happiness for so many people! I hope you find someone who can appreciate you as much as you deserve it.

To Aru Ulanbek, I will you a sophomore gremlin who will annoy you as much as you did me, and is also far taller than you so your height ego can get stomped on. More seriously, I’m glad we were able to meet this year. Your proficiency in humor is almost as bountiful as your ego, and I begrudgingly admit that I enjoyed our encounters throughout the year. Make sure to keep dancing, dressing well, and being funny, so you can become almost as cool as I was this year ;p.

To Dheeran Wiggins, I will you more than one outfit so you can break out of the cartoon character mold (jk). At the time of writing this your bag of clothes is still sitting on my floor, so I will you that back at some point before graduation. Don’t get ahead of yourself and take this as a compliment, but I think that throughout my senior year, getting to know you has been one of the most interesting things. Since our meeting in Dong ModPhys, you are one of the underclassmen that I have the misfortune of talking to the most (also jk). For real though, I’m so glad I got to know you this year. Our short chats whenever we crossed paths were always a good time, and our hour-long conversations whenever we both had 8th off were full of fun memories (and secrets). I hope you find an underclassman who will out-cologne and outdress you, and good luck on that negative RPS <3.

To Emma Lau, I will you a Genshin master whose account you can actually log into. Please contact me for the code at any time (please). I hope you get Hu Tao eventually and win all your 50/50s. I also hope you get a little sib who is as funny and quirky as you are, and who will say hi to you in the halls every time you cross paths (which is a lot). I know we didn’t get to spend that much time together this year, but seeing you in the hall commons randomly was always an interesting time, as well as our many encounters elsewhere. You have an amazing personality and sense of humor, feel free to text me about anything since junior year will probably kick your butt. I gotchu :).

To Jackie Zhang, I will you a lively senior year filled with fun and L bozos. You are so full of joy and your laughs are contagious, and I love spending time with you because of how happy it makes me after. Keep dancing! You already have so much more experience compared to me last year, so I know you can do great things, and keep your Seventeen addiction going ;). 

To Jeff Duan, I will you a wonderful birthday and a bunch of random stuff I have lying around (along with your birthday gifts). At the time of writing this, your birthday is (technically) tomorrow! Our time together has been bittersweet. I can say without a doubt that you are one of my closest friends at IMSA, yet you’ve had the misfortune of having your sophomore year virtually. Sometimes I still wonder what would have happened if we had met last year, but meeting you this year has still been wholly fulfilling. Although most of our interactions are meaningless and full of petty jokes, your existence in my life has held so much meaning, and you are one of the few people at IMSA that I hope to continue interacting with in the coming years, as well as one of the few that I regret leaving behind. I would list our inside jokes, but we have far too many, and I would make fun of you more, but I already do that too much. For now, relish in me actually being sentimental for once, because this is a rarity that you will probably never be able to witness again. Come visit me in NY, and I’ll make sure to hang out with you if I ever find myself back in Naperville (I’m just 6 minutes away :)) Finally, have a spectacular senior year, and please call me if you ever need anything.

To Jerrick Li, I will you Java Minecraft and a sophomore who will fix your horrible haircuts (rip Isabel).

To Jul Hwangbo, I will you a bunch of fruit cups redeemable anytime before graduation.

To Rohan Jain, I will you a genius underclassman who stares at you in the halls every time you walk past. The past year has been full of hilariously short chats ever since ModPhys with Dong and the Fermilab trip. I’m so glad we got closer throughout the year, and I hope you can find a happy place next year during your SSS. Please get the key next time though.

To Ryan Li, I will you a nice mullet and a nice sophomore who will chat with you about K-pop and Naperville. I just now remember our first encounter being me finding your MSI notebook, so please continue the tradition and find a sophomore’s MSI notebook (with the crushed roach).


Erin Yoo

To Sajal Shukla, I will you a happy senior year, a close group of friends, and fun times so you don’t have to count down the weeks till graduation. Also, less tiring I-days, more comfort food, and unlimited relaxing weekends with family. :) I hope you don’t have to stress too much over school. Make sure to reach out whenever!

To Keerthi Panchagnula & Divya Choudhary, I will you two a fun quad and tons more laughter senior year. I also will you both a pair of kind and fun underclassmen neighbors to live next to you. I would remind you two to be there for each other and not take stuff too seriously, especially during first-semester senior year when it’ll get pretty rough, but you guys don’t need the reminder :).

To Lily Song, I will you hardworking and dependable underclassmen to support ASIA and your club project ideas. I also will you as stress-free of a college application/decision season as possible because you don’t deserve or need the extra stress. Finally, maybe most importantly, I will you the chance to unexpectedly meet a cool, down-to-earth junior in (at least) one of your classes next year. :) Enjoy senior year.

To Michelle Sun and Nikita Rudrapati, I will you two the nicest underclassmen you’ll ever ever meet. I will you kind people who will always wave hi to you and a smooth senior year where you can have fun and be happy while working hard. Let me know anytime if either of you need anything, and you got this! Help each other out through first-semester senior year :).

To Venus Obazuaye, Melanie Cuenca, Irene Park, Val Castellanos, Jadesola Suleiman, Keira Feliciano, Destiny Grant, Yareli Marinez & all 22-23 SCRJ heads, I will you a productive, exciting year for our branch and never-ending creative ideas for the committees. I also will every single one of you dependable and ambitious underclassmen to help you run SCRJ and make your life easier. :) I’m not worried about you all or SCRJ because you have all become such strong leaders and people, but please stay in touch and keep me updated with news!

To Bhavya Vegesna & Cara Jacob, I will you both productive, fun board meetings and a smooth and fun year for SCAN overall. Also, I will you dedicated underclassmen and unlimited funding (haha) for food and of course merch. I’m very excited to see what you guys accomplish next year :).

To Megan Sia, Shanan Riley, Sajal Shukla, & Ashley Hernandez, I will you all hardworking, kind underclassmen to help you run GEA & PEY. I also will you all a smooth Tales prep season with as few admin obstacles as possible. Stand up for GEA when you have to, and if any adult intimidates you (yk what I mean) call me in and I’ll talk to them through the phone. That might sound like a joke haha but I’m also 100% serious. And have fun :) !!

To Marcelle Mbende, I will you a laid-back but dependable French tablemate/classmate. Also a chill French teacher and class :) Keep on working hard, you’ll do great.

To Zuyu Liu, Renaldo Venegas, & Ethan Dawes, I will you more band solos and saxophone fame. Good luck :) in band!

To Ella Lind, I will you a hardworking and dedicated underclassman to help lead your clubs as you leave IMSA next year. I know you’ll do a great job next year, but don’t be too hard on yourself. Make time to have fun and relax every once in a while :)

To the LE1 sophomores knocked out on the floor by the kaleidoscope during 8th mod a couple weeks ago when you were supposed to be reading your books, I will each of you a nicer sleep schedule in the next two years. Hope you guys aren’t as tired or overworked next year.


Esther Im

To Franklin Rangel, I will you a blue jolly rancher. I know you won’t eat it, so hopefully you keep it & cherish the memories of teaching our first in-person class together. Frankly, I’ve seen you grow so much as a leader since being your CORE facilitator, and I know you will only continue to touch hearts senior year. Go have more wacky, wow, woah, and woo-hoo Wednesdays. Easter will be there in spirit. 

To Megan Sia, I will you some new EXPO markers because our classroom sure as heck needs some more. From tallying up photos of indigo-ish objects to giving lectures about the different types of MVPs, the EXPO markers in that room have gone through a lot this semester. As much as we dried out markers, I’ve seen you grow so much more. Megan, you have such a kind-hearted soul, and you bring so much light into a room. Never stop being your amazing self.

To Jai, I will you a PME 19-20 sweatshirt– if only I had one, hmm… Late nights (early mornings?) in the wing doing homework or watching To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before is so much better with you. I wouldn’t want to almost bounce off the couch or mix Mountain Dew and Arizona with anyone else. Jai, you’re so so cool, and you’re gonna do amazing things (you already are!). Paint my nails when I come visit!  

To Sarah Wheeler, I will you a bag of Hot Cheetos under the condition that you don’t try to eat the whole bag at once ;). Sarah Sarah Sarah, what an amazing, interesting, lovely person you are. You bring so much joy, so many funny (and crazy!) stories, and so so much love to C-wing, and I am so grateful I got to know you through helping you with your LEAD interview and BC1 quizzes. I can confidently say that you, my love, are going to go places.

To Elle Brittin, I will you another bottle of Martinelli’s Sparkling Apple Cider. That trip was one of my first impressions of you, and I wish I got to know you sooner. You are quite literally the definition of cool. Can I steal your closet? Elle, you deserve all the happiness in the world, and you are the most sunshine-y person I know. I hope your senior year is nothing but smiles. Never stop winking at people and making “that’s what she said” jokes. 

To Breena Bulthuis, I will you another comb and tiny rubber bands so you can continue braiding hair and making people smile. I will miss seeing you every morning in C-Wing, and I know you will absolutely kill hall decs next year. All the love <3. 

To Freddie Rodriguez, I will you a new window (lmao) and someone to paint your nails black. I don’t know if you remember this, but one day I was crying on the curb (as one does), and you came up to me and asked — very bluntly — “Why are you sad?” It made me laugh so much I forgot why I was sad. You’ve seen me cry multiple times in the RC office after that, and thanks to you, I always ask myself, “Why am I sad?” which has gotten me through some really bad days. I will miss you knocking on the RC office door and conversing across the sidewalk through our windows. I hope your senior year is full of things that make you truly content!

To Nachi Rajinikanth, I will you someone else to make your posters when I leave. Making that poster was one of my favorite memories from second semester, and I wish you the best for senior year. Stop studying for Adchem and play mario kart with me more! Keep doing backflips and surprising people.

To Dash Leigh, I will you an underclassman who never fails to say “hi, Dash!” in the hallways. No matter the kind of day I was having, I could always count on you to be a source of just pure sunshine in the hallways, under Senior U, or in the hall commons. Never stop making people smile, Dash.

To Luis Hernandez, I will you the oh-so glorious title of ISP Head of Graphic Design and a buddy to sit next to you on a random Target trip (do you remember that?). Technically, ISP positions aren’t out when I’m writing this, but Saketh said it was okay (blame him). Regardless, I know you will be the Graphics Head ISP needs. You are crazy talented, and you’re gonna go places. I am going to miss the classic exchange of “Luis, why are you here?” “IDK, Esther, why are YOU here?” As much as I joke, thank you for being such a genuine + down-to-earth junior and always making me laugh. Keep doing what you’re doing, bro.

To Saketh Dontaraju, I will you peace with a side of milk tea, someone to pay for your Starbucks, Jimmy Johns, and better fits. To be honest, I don’t even know how to start this (I’m already crying), and I’ve rewritten this will like 1000 times even though I’ve been thinking about what I want to say for months. I wish I could be there to bring you milk tea when you’re sad, embark on last-minute + tea-spilling walking trips where you ask me to pay for your VENTI drink, go on a wild goose chase to find your DoorDash driver with your Jimmy Johns, and roast your fits for y’know what. However, I will you peace above all else. *dramatic pause.* After walking you back and forth between ISP & LEAD during Early Move-in, I knew this year was going to have a whole lot in store for you (spoiler alert: I was right). You are already well aware of this, but senior year will be even crazier. In between ITMC photoshoots, ISA meetings, Quiz Bowl tournaments, LEAD modules, FBLA editing sessions in Team Projects (lol), and whatever else you have going on, I hope you are able to find some peace. Take time to do the things that make Saketh Saketh. Be selfish and prioritize yourself some more senior year. Saketh, I care so so so so so so so so much about you, and I know so many other people do as well. Lean on other people, don’t take on a million things yourself. There is truly no one like you, and all I want is for you to be your best self. Though I may not fly home every weekend like you want me to, I promise to visit. Send me pics of Sandy, FaceTime me when you’re bored (and project it onto the wall), message me at 3am to have deep talks about “creativity,” and don’t forget about me idiot *boxing glove emoji*. 

To Pranit Guntupalli, I will you another duck to skip Titan Crew with. Though it may not seem like it when you look at your Titan Crew attendance, you are the most hardworking person I’ve ever met. You put so much care into everything you do, and that’s so admirable. You never failed to come to my rescue when TEDx needed saving, and I am eternally grateful for that. Keep smiling and laughing, Esthie Bestie will be listening to Wallows with you in spirit. 

To Yina Wang and Clarissa Gonzalez, I will you little sibs that you will continue to talk to over the years. I’m sorry for not reaching out more, but I hope our brief moments from the beginning of the school year provided some insight into the welcoming community here. Yina, I hope your senior year treats you well! You are so cool, and I cannot wait to see what you accomplish this year and beyond. Clarissa, I hope junior year is even more fun than your sophomore year! You are so sweet, and I know IMSA has a lot of amazing things in store for you. Both of you, savor every moment you have at this little place– it’ll fly by, I promise. 

To Megan Sia & Elaina Xiao, I will you SocEnt! I’m sure you both know that I am so protective and attached to the SocEnt curriculum (I act as if it’s my first-born child or something), but I wouldn’t trust anyone else with it. You two have so many amazing ideas, and I cannot wait to see where you take the program (please keep the boats though). It will be a lot of work, but have fun– dress up in business casual more times than necessary, come up with the wackiest bonding activities, play hot seat, and maybe introduce the baseball game during SLD week.

To the future of SocEnt (Megan Sia, Umi Arora, Elaina Xiao, Bhavyaa Chauhan), I will you a year of strength, design thinking, resilience, creativity, flexibility, and fun! It has been the biggest honor & privilege being your co-chair this year. I’ve seen each and every one of you grow, and I am so proud of you all. Thank you for being the bubbliest, most optimistic, and most hardworking group of juniors we could’ve ever asked for. Continue showing everyone that SocEnt is the coolest elective—like guys, we did that!—and using your passion in innovative ways. Also, continue showing up to all the other electives with your fits ;). 

To all the rising seniors on LEAD, I will you a group of junior facilitators just as amazing as you guys (even though that’s impossible because y’all are the best). I am speaking from the bottom of my heart when I say that getting close to you all was my absolute favorite part of LEAD this year. Y’all are the most genuine, talented, passionate, [insert every positive adjective possible here], people on this campus, and I will die on that hill. Have fun at every lock-in + retreat– be way too competitive during dodgeball, hide scavenger hunt clues in impossible places, and stay until 1 AM. Stay for the lock-in part, especially at Winter Retreat– you never know when you’ll get to witness the first IMSA snowfall (fr that experience was surreal). Keep being the leaders you are <33.

To Pranit Guntupalli and Nandana Varma, I will you TEDxYouth@IMSA. Oh, and a license you get more than 3 days before the event. I still can’t believe that TEDx is over, and I want to first thank you both for playing such an integral role in making this year’s event successful. I know you two will absolutely kill it as the new organizers. Pranit, thank you for everything you’ve done this year– your work ethic is unmatched. Nandana, continue being the team glue you are– I love you, you’re the sweetest soul. TEDx has my entire heart, and I cannot wait to see how much more amazing and inspiring it is next year. Send me the YouTube links after next year’s event, and break some more styrofoam Xs for me :).  

To Active Minds (Shreeya Avadhanula, Sajal Shukla, Izzy Rehg, Melinda Yuan, and Breena Bulthuis), I will you over 2,000 cups of coffee — one for every compliment you probably will have to sort through next year. I am so proud of all of you and I have faith that you will continue advocating for mental health on our — I guess technically it’s just yours now — campus. 

To Saketh Dontaraju & Melinda Yuan, I will you Bagel Party 12! 12 is my favorite number, so you better make it good (I know you will). Technically, I’m writing this before Bagel Party 11 has happened, so I hope we’re still on track. I’m very excited to continue this tradition with you, and I hope you have fun with it for years to come. Continue pestering people for donations & make people smile next year :). 

To the future inhabitants of 01C, I will you a clean sink, full ice trays, and another Wing Wars win. Continue showing 01 that we’re the best wing <3. Also, help 01 win Clash again ;).


Ethan Brazelton

To Jackson Halstead, I will you a wonderful, and fulfilling senior year, and 07D downquad. I know that you will do excellent as an RSL next year, and you will go on to do great things. Hopefully you can also get the downquad. It was awesome to get to know you this past year from trying out your teas, to RSL work, and more. I know you’ll do great things.

To Kenith Taukolo and Ella Barnett, I will you a wonderful year of MUN. This year has had a lot of bumps along the way, and we weren’t quite able to do everything we’d set out to do, but I know that IMSAMUN is in good hands with you guys and the rest of board. Hopefully next year, MUN is a co-curricular at IMSA once again, and may that alleviate some of the weight off your shoulders. 

To 07D, I will you the spirit of 07D, whatever that may be to you. Maybe that’s playing Smash in the commons, hopping on a Minecraft server, or Lucas growling at everyone’s doors. Either way, you all will define 07D as what it is, and hopefully get Kevin back as well. To Logan, release your desire to play League, for your sake. To Rithik, may you one day finally consistently match even or beat Ola in Smash. To Ola, may you continue to see that Rithik doesn’t do that. To Jacob and Lucas, may you continue on with whatever game awaits you next after playing Stardew Valley. This year was awesome with all of you, from playing Smash in the commons to our awesome Wing Movie which definitely won 1st place in my heart. I will you victory in future wing wars, and may you all also have enough service hours to do Clash next year as well. And make sure to keep Kevin on his toes. Can’t let him relax too much just because we seniors will be gone. And finally, I will you the best wing on campus.

To IMSAMUN, I will you guys many more wonderful conferences. We were in for a tough ride when we lost our advisor right before conferences started up, but you all pulled through spectacularly. Every week, you all were there and put your all into Model UN while board worked on the logistics of it all. It was a tough year, and I wish we could have given you more opportunities to attend conferences, but you all stuck with it to the very end so thank you, and I know that IMSAMUN will be in good hands with you all and our new board. 

To 1507, I will you wonderful traditions, new and old. This has been a year of change for IMSA in many ways as we transitioned back to in-person, and 07 became an all-sex hall. However, it’s obvious that despite all the changes, you all put your hearts and souls into making 07 a great place. I’ve been honored to be 07’s HCC this year, and I thank all of you. And allow me to will you 07th place! Some people always thought that chant was defeatist as if 07 was meant to lose, and that was that. But to me, that chant was the most important one. It was one that showed that we were proud of the work we did and the bonds we made as a hall. We worked together to make something awesome, so despite what the scores or judges might say, we were proud, because there was so much more than a simple ranking. There was a culture and bonds there that never gave up and we were willing to show everyone that we were ready for whatever was thrown at us, and I hope that you all will carry that spirit into your futures at IMSA and beyond.


Eunice Kim

To Lily Song & Michelle Li, I will you the responsibility of offering another BFFs sushi double date during next year’s Senior Auction. 

To Lily Song, I will you a less stressful senior year and the incredible happy feeling when you finally realize all your work has paid off. I know this year was tough and that it threw you a lot of things that were hard to balance, but you got through it. I will you a person that you can lean on. Don’t try to balance everything yourself—make sure to rely on others when you need it. You’re one of the most hardworking and capable people I’ve ever met, and I believe you will achieve anything that you set your mind to. You’re too humble; I will you the confidence to be proud of all your talents. I wish we became closer because you seem like an extremely cool person. But that’s okay because I’ll always be there to talk. And, I didn’t get to give you much advice during the sushi trip and I don’t even know if I’m qualified to, honestly, but if you need help with anything, text me whenever. 

To Danica Sun, I will you an underclassman that will say “hi” to you in the hallways as nicely as you always did to me. You’re one of the nicest, friendliest people I’ve met this year, and I regret not being able to get closer. You’re so talented and hardworking—I know you’re going to do big things. You better snap me even when I leave :).

To Bhavyaa Chauhan, I will you the funnest wing ever. Although you may have not started the year off as a wing guide, you’ve been the best wing guide we could’ve asked for with your spontaneous crafts and cute decorations. I’ll miss your excitement when you think of a new bulletin board idea and your smile when someone compliments it. I will you an underclassman who will come into your room to chat whenever and will be as cool as you. 

To Ela Gadi, I will you an underclassman that you can complain to about band every day. Thanks for making my miserable 4th mod a little bit better. I will you the power to not forget your clarinet every day. 

To Blessita Charly, I will you a really cool Titan Crew buddy. Sorry I wasn’t one for you—I was always too lazy to come, but now I regret never coming because I wish I got closer to you. Even though we didn’t get to talk much this year, my messenger is always open if you ever need anything :).

To Revanth Poondru & Anthony Kholoshenko, I will you TALENT. Revanth, I will you the ability to order pizza in under an hour and all the thin-crust cheese pizzas you want. Anthony, I will you an underclassman who is as good at facilitating as you. You guys are so smart and capable—I feel confident that you guys will take TALENT to new heights and I will you a team that will help you do that. 

To Vikram Karra, I will you the most TALENTed, fun, and responsible TALENT Curriculum team you could ask for. Thanks for always being so reliable and willing to help. I couldn’t have run TALENT without you always helping create the slideshows and volunteering to facilitate. I’m confident that you’ll lead the Curriculum team to successfully teach so many more students and I know that all your underclassmen will look up to you as a role model. You’re so hardworking—just make sure you don’t overcommit and overwork yourself. Also, your “hi”s are always the nicest—I will you an underclassman that will say “hi” to you in the hallways as nicely as you always did to me. 

To Umi Arora, I will you the most creative and hardworking TALENT Events team you could ask for. You played a big role in hosting events that helped so many people have fun this year. Working with you was always fun, and you are one of the friendliest underclassmen I’ve met this year. I will you all of the funding and help you need to host even cooler events next year. 

To Jesse Park, I will you the most capable and fun TALENT Competitions team you could ask for. I know the Competitions team maybe wasn’t the best this year, but I trust you to lead your underclassmen to make it much better next year. I wish I had the time to get to know you better this year, but I guess the scooter experience will have to do :).

To the new TALENT Board Members (Revanth Poondru, Anthony Kholoshenko, Vikram Karra, Jesse Park, Umi Arora, Faizaan Shaikh, Nitya Jakka, Rohan Jain, Shreya Chakraborty, Srihari Gurugubelli, Tatyana Pronitcheva, Valeria Castellanos, Bhavyaa Chauhan, Danica Sun, Pranav Pabbisetty), I will you the responsibility of maintaining TALENT’s legacy as the best IMSA club merch. All of you guys are going to be great board members and I feel confident knowing that you guys will make TALENT better than ever. 

To TALENT THINK (Aashima Sisodia, Anthony Kholoshenko, Avyay Durrigala, Balaji Balachandran, Brandon Rogers, Danica Sun, Daniel Shafiabady, Dhaatri Maviti, Diya Kamath, Einsey Socrates, Ethan Remedios, Evan Kuzukas, Faizaan Shaikh, Jerrick Li, Justina Kostiv, Madison McTaggart, Manya Davis, Marcus Kubon, Meera Mutharasan, Melinda Yuan, Nate Landig, Nitya Jakka, Raghav Sinha, Ryan Li, Shaan Doshi, Shawn Crimmins, Shreya Chakraborty, Sree Atyam, Srihari Gurugubelli, Tatyana Pronitcheva), I will you a senior or junior year filled with memories. I’m glad I got to meet all of you and I will you the best of luck in all your business endeavors and pitch competitions! 

To Chinara Caldwell, I will you an underclassman as good as basketball as you. 

To the Girl’s Varsity Basketball team (Ava Gonzalez, Alyssa Abendroth, Amaya Phipps, Nataliya Stewarts, Chinara Caldwell, Destiny Grant), I will you an amazing basketball season! Thanks for making my last season the most memorable and I’m so happy I got to meet everyone. I will you a season full of non-vegan pizza, warm buses, Chipotle trips, fun locker conversations, and crazy underclassmen :).

To Bhavyaa Chauhan, Addie Kobayashi, Ela Gadi, Shria Halkoda, I will you an up-quad as fun as you guys were. Thanks for all the laughs, memories, and one of my favorite Clash pictures. Bhavyaa and Addie, stop sleeping so late >:( I know I’m a hypocrite for saying this, but coffee isn’t good for you. But, honestly, if you’re on the senior year grind and coffee’s going to help you, I will you the most effective and tastiest coffees. Shria, my fellow Gurnee representative, I will you an underclassman who will offer you the occasional mozzarella stick or pizza roll—I know they made my days so much better. You all made my senior year a little (a lot) more fun, and make sure you reach out once in a while :)). 

To 06A (Addie Kobayashi, Aditi Kumar, Aishat Balogun, Ava Gonzalez,  Bhavyaa Chauhan, Divya Choudhary, Ela Gadi, Emily Karbowniczek, Manya Davis, Nooriyah Doriwala, Sabriya Attia, Sara Kashyap, Shivani Chirumamilla, Shria Halkoda, Sukanya Ghosh, Yoanna Georgieva), I will you the most memorable junior or senior year and an amazingly fun wing, whether you stay in 06A or not. I’m so glad I got to meet all of you and that my last year was spent living with you guys. Feel free to reach out whenever, whether you need advice or you just want to talk :).

To Kenith Taukolo, I will you the best senior year. Thanks for all the Warren memories and I wish you the best with all your goals—I know you’ll do big things. Ew, I’ve never been so nice to you—feels weird. Also, stop being so mean to me—don’t forget I’m technically your upperclassman >:).

To Lily Song, Gautham Anne, Anisha Kolambe, & Sam Go, I will you Hadron and the best team of writers you could ask for. I couldn’t have done it without you guys! Hadron has made so many new changes this year and I’m excited to see what more ideas you guys have for its future!


Feyikemi Ogunleye

To the future Harambee Directors and BSU Board, I will you all a successful year of events. Make an effort to support each other the entire year and bond with each other. As for the directors, please care about this show deeply as I did and put on a great show.

To Aishat, I will you many more comedic moments. You are naturally funny and I see so much of myself in you. Continue being a bright light little sib, I wish you all the best in your future endeavors and I’m so proud of you! Love you!! #naijanodeycarrylast.

To Keyan aka Keke, I will you the patience to deal with everyone and a bomb junior year. You are like a little bro to me and this past year has been so much fun. Keep sticking up for yourself and keep doing your best in everything! 

To Kevin aka Kenai, I will you less drama in your life. I want you to know that it’s perfectly okay to walk away from stuff for your sake. You are so funny and I will miss doing everything with you and hanging out with you! I admire your hard work and how you stand up for others and yourself. I wish you all the best in your senior year and future endeavors!

To Raven, I will you success in your personal journey with advocacy. You have such a strong will that is very noticeable. You have so much potential and are headed in the right direction. Keep doing what you are doing!

To Amaya, I know that I may have not been the best big sib, but I hope that you’ve cherished the moments we’ve spent together because I have. Keep being your funny self and don’t let others get to you! I’m so proud of you!

To Dammy aka my twin, I will you another twin at IMSA. I hope you find another twin that will embrace you and love you as much as I did. You are outstandingly nice and caring and that is what everyone loves about you. Please keep this up Dam-Dam <3!

To my closest C-wing underclassmen (Sar’Aiyah, Aaliyah, Einsey, Melinda), I will you more fun nights after 10-check with your underclassmen and each other (if you’re staying together). It was so nice to talk to you guys and make TikToks, and I hope that you find underclassmen or upperclassmen that will embrace you as me and my friends did! Also, Sar’aiyah and Aaliyah stop being ankle-biters haha! Einsey and Melinda, please get some sleep, you always look tired lol! I’m going to miss you guys, I love you!!!!!

To my juniors (Addie, Kennedy, Marcelle, and Maame), I will you success during your senior year. I know Junior year has been tough and people have been testing you left, right, and center but you guys made it!! You are all so nice and caring, I’m going to miss you waving and saying hi to me in the hallways. I am so proud of you and I’m glad I’ve gotten to know you! If you need anything, I’m here! 

To Chinara and David, I will you more fun and less stressful leadership experiences. You guys were the most amazing assistant directors for Harambee and I don’t know how I could have ever done the show without you. Chinara, I admire your willingness to serve others and you are very compassionate. David, I admire your comedic bits and how you’re naturally funny. Keep up the amazing work, I believe that you will do great things!

To Jes and Nashra, I will you underclassmen just like you. You guys are so caring and every time I see you, I’m always given a hug. Everyday, I cherish those hugs and will truly miss them. Good luck next year!

To Andre, Angel, Hagen, Muna, Keyan, I will you all unity. Your bond seems so close; please don’t ever lose that. I admire you guys individually and as a group. Andre, don’t ever stop dancing and being a warm, friendly person we can all talk to. Angel, don’t ever stop applying chapstick constantly and giving good hugs. If I had a dime for every time you do it, I’d be rich lol. Hagen, don’t ever stop being nice and ignoring senior Kosi when she speaks to you, and also blink twice if you need help from her. Muna, don’t ever stop being your funny and friendly self. To Keyan, don’t ever stop being bold and caring. You know I got you, I’m here for you!

To Destiny G, I will you peace. I don’t know why but people love testing you and bringing you drama. But you never let that bother you and I admire that! Wishing you all the best!

To Chiamaka and Kosi, I will you all the strength to continue to embrace your culture. I’ve loved seeing you guys bringing everyone jollof, doing the fashion show, and shouting igbokwenu at the most random moments. I’m proud of your growth and the close bond you guys have. Also, stop ordering all the time, save money :)! CHO CHO CHO IGBOKWENU!

To Bhavyaa, I will you a less chaotic math class next year. I’m glad we got closer because of McCutcheon’s class. You are very smart and funny and have the means to flourish in life. Keep up the good work, so proud of you!

To all of my 2021 EXCEL kids, I will you guys happiness and fulfillment in your IMSA journey. I am so proud of you and you should be proud of yourselves too. Live your life, make memories with your friends, have fun, and remember that school isn’t the end-all be-all! I lost one year due to the pandemic but you guys will have all three so please make the most of it!

To all of my IN2 hangout underclassmen buddies (Jakhai, Desi, Giada, Deondre, Brooke, Jay, Noah, and all of the other people that know who they are but haven’t been mentioned), I will you the ability to actually do work for once in IN2. I’m just kidding… or am I? Anyways, I have had some of the funniest conversations with you guys there and I’m so glad to have met you guys. I’m truly going to miss you all. Have fun and don’t make Sue upset!


Gabriella Velazquez

To Srihari Gurugubelli (dude, I had to look you up on Facebook because I didn’t know your last name, but it’s a very cool last name), I will you all  the gullibleness in the world :). Jk, what I really will to you is happiness. You are one of my favorite sophomores. I’ve only known you for a little bit (and I didn’t like you at first because you thought I was Abbi) but in that short amount of time, I’ve seen that you are one of the most sweet and caring people I’ve ever met, and I want you to keep that. I also want you to keep your gullibleness because it’s fun to mess with you <3.

To Ashley Hernandez, I will you the ability to keep being the literal coolest and most effortless person I know. You are another one of my favorite sophomores (I think there are only two of you), because you are just so cool. You’re funny, imaginative, and so easy to talk to. I love seeing you every night at check, asking you random questions, and just overall our really random and funny interactions. Stay cool Ashley *insert sunglasses emoji here*.

To Dorrie Peters, I will you a wonderful presidency, no matter what happens. You are so truly capable and admirable, it’s insane. I am so impressed by your work ethic and drive, and how you quite literally threw yourself into video editing and cinematography. I love it, and I know you will do great things next year no matter what happens.

To Saketh Dontaraju, I also will you a wonderful presidency. You and Dorrie work well together, and I’ve loved seeing you grow over this past year. I know we’ve had some tough conversations, but each time I give you advice or correct you, you immediately fix it and put the right thing into action for the future, which is truly very impressive. I am really proud of how you’ve grown as a board member this year, and I’m happy to be leaving ISP in your and Dorrie’s hands.

To Ryleigh Jolliff, I will you a wonderful senior year as (hopefully) the C-wing liaison. You’re technically an alternate this year, but we all know you do more than I do. You have such an amazing drive and passion for making this wing a wonderful and welcoming space. I admire every aspect of you, your outlook in life, open mindedness, cooking abilities/knowledge, and much, much more. I hope you have a wonderful senior year and keep C-wing an amazing and magical place!

To Janelle, I will you a wonderful senior year. We are a lot alike I’ve been told (by Kevin). We had very similar experiences our first year at IMSA (well your first in-person year), but I’d like to say that you adapted much better than I did. You are also such an amazing and creative person, and I am incredibly jealous of your ability to place your models and give them poses. I only wish to be as talented as you are with that, and I CAN’T WAIT to see what you do in the future.


Gavin Hartlaub

To Ella Voyles, I will you many more amazing Walgreens walking trips, a great volleyball, and hopefully track season. I also will you my daily little sayings (marvelous Monday, terrific Tuesday, etc). I’m going to miss our little walking trips to Walgreens and our volleyball open gym teams. I know you’ll do well next year, and I hope you get everything you want out of your senior year.

To Ryleigh Joliff, I will you Terry (my succulent) and a spectacular senior year. I’m going to miss our little walks and hearing about literally every time you have a new conversation with Eysturlid. I know you’ll do super well senior year now that CSI is finally out of the way, and I hope you keep making your mostly horrible but sometimes funny TikToks :).

To Zander Davidson, I will you a happy senior year, a good soccer season, and to be just a little less sus lol. I know you’ll love your senior year, especially with AB Calc lol. I’ll miss your sense of humor and our conversations of shared misery during track practice on 200 Tuesdays. 

To Peyton Gutting, I will you a successful volleyball season as well as a fun senior year. I’ll miss your sense of humor and your laugh. I know you’ll do well senior year, just keep being Peyton lol.

To Ayati Lala, I will you a good volleyball season and a chill senior year where you’re not always working. You’re the first underclassmen I met, and the rest is history. I’ll miss our volleyball open gyms and our talks. I know all your hard work will pay off with college, just try not to stress so much. Everything will work out in the end :).

To Breena Bulthuis, I will you parental rights to Canda the Squishmallow, and a wonderful senior year. I’ll miss our little talks and seeing pics of your ducks, always stay positive, and I know you’ll have a great senior year!

To Aidan Fraas, I will you a happy senior year and a good soccer season. I hope you do track again next year, and I think you’ll really enjoy your senior year. P.S. I’ll do my best to get you into a Springfield party. 

To Diego Montes, I will you many more good runs, a good soccer season, and a happy senior year. Keep being a pro at math and a running champ, stay positive, and I know you’ll have a great senior year.

To Miles Massey, I will you an amazing volleyball, basketball, and basketball season next year and a happy senior year. I hope you stay positive, and I’ll miss our volleyball open gyms.

To Raymond Schumacher, I will you a happy junior and senior year as well as a good soccer season. I know you’ll do well in the future, just try to be more positive.

To Ethan Remedios, I will you my spot as the most iconic person in A-wing. I love your little jokes, and I’ll miss seeing you in Staci’s office next year. I know you’ll do well in the future, and hopefully all your investments do well.

To Melinda Yuan, I will you my spot as Staci’s favorite student. If you’re still here next year, I know you’ll do just fine, and I’ll miss your sense of humor and your strong personality. 

To Bhavyaa C and Connor, I’m willing y’all a lovely senior year and good grades for math. I’m gonna miss having y’all in my math class :(.

To Michelle Sun, I will you a great senior year and hopefully an amazing volleyball season. I’ll miss you carrying me in our volleyball open gyms, and you should definitely play next year. I hope everything works out for you senior year!  

To Victoria Nalepka, I will you a great next couple years and some amazing volleyball seasons. You’re one of the first sophomores I met, and I’ll miss our sandpit games of volleyball.

To Srihari, I will you a happy junior and senior year and to always stay so positive.

To Shreeya Avadhanula, I will you my amazing Uno skills and an amazing senior year.

To everyone I didn’t mention, I will y’all a great next couple years, and to enjoy your high school years before they’re gone.


Gerardo Paramo

To Jason and Sam, I will you many years of good posture, wealth, success, and many funny jokes. You guys are some of the most mature men that I have ever met at this institution, and I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that you will genuinely be some of the future leaders of this planet. I want to thank you all for the immense amount of work you guys put into your work and relationships here. Also, I really appreciate you guys for putting up with me and the rest of D-wings shenanigans. To specifically Sam, I wish you the best in devouring all those newspapers. I hope they treat you well. To specifically Jason, I wish you the best in your future as a Squishmallow father. 

To Mauricio and Bryce, I will you more time out of your room. You guys are genuinely some of the funniest and most relaxed guys in D-wing and I absolutely love hearing what you have to say. Once in a blue moon, you guys come out and make great conversation or just say something insanely funny, but I wish I could’ve talked to you all more. So this goes out to the future members of your community and I wish you guys spend more time interacting with them. Also, Bryce you have a way with words. I hope that one day you can help another fella out like you did with Liam and his relationship endeavors.  

To Fredy An, I will you a better way to make friends. At the beginning of this year I remember you complaining to your friends and family about my Ghetto music and that will forever stick with me because I’ve never had a fit of laughter that long. Although I looked at you in quite an odd light, now I see you for who you truly are: You are the CEO of the company Acronym will not let me name, the embodiment of D-wing, and one heck of a friend. I am amazed by the growth I have seen in you in just this year. You went from being an off the wall, introverted, awkward kid to a slightly more mature, extroverted, awkward kid. I believe that you are what IMSA is truly about, exploring, growing, and learning. I hope that your hunger never ends, and I will you the knowledge that the world is yours for the taking. I hope you enjoy the many trinkets I have bestowed upon you and the many memories I have imprinted into your mind. May you stay happy, healthy, and most of all, stay MONKEY. Keep in touch, Fredy. 

To Dominik Kozbiel, I will you a better taste in music. Although I do think your taste in music is quite impeccable, I hope that you branch out a little bit more. Maybe listen to this guy named Lil Nas X. Anyways, I enjoy your passion for music and I hope that as you spend your next years here, you get to expand that passion. Along with that, keep working hard and experience all this place has to give you.

To Braden Bulla, I will you one working toilet. I don’t know how you did it, but y’all created the first ever brown waterfall I’ve ever seen. Along with that, you gave maintenance a pretty good go at it, and I applaud you for it. I hope that all my Hello’s and Hi’s were taken sincerely, and I wish you the best in your endeavors at IMSA. Also, take good care of Nautilus. 

To Edward Zavala, I will you protective equipment free of Latex and other skin irritants. That’s basically it. I don’t know you super well, but you’re a sorta chill dude.

To Rohan Patkar, I will you a good volleyball season and prosperity. You are taking a good stride in your brother’s footsteps, but you are also leaving your own legacy behind you. Don’t beat yourself up too much because you are doing great things out here, I applaud you for it. I hope you take care of yourself, and I thank you for participating in my shenanigans.

To Albert Han, I will you better pacing and my styrofoam boat. I don’t really know how we met and started talking, but I’m glad we did. You are genuinely one of the cutest and brightest little balls of fun I’ve ever met. Something about your semi-innocent stature but your very mature humor is great. I’ve enjoyed all the workouts together and all the days we played Terraria together. You’ve shown me there is genuine hope for this world and I appreciate every moment, every nod, and every wave you’ve given to me. So in return, I give you the boat I poured my heart into and labored over. Knock yourself silly with it. Also, keep working on your fitness man. You are a really athletic guy and I know if you stick to it, you’ll be better than you ever thought you could be.

To Alan and James, I will you an infinite pass to skip 7-check. I know Alan needed it more, but it seems fitting for both of you. Thank you for always having the spare ingredients and tools I needed to cook. You guys are a really great duo and I love all the memories we have shared. Alan, thank you for helping with cooking club, I’m glad to have someone who enjoys cooking as much as I do on campus. James, thank you for just looking so swole. I hope that one day you have tree trunks the size of mine. Stay groovy friends.

 To Christian and Jeff, I will you my spackle, sandpaper block, and spreading tool, along with my custom hung hatsune miku poster. What happened was a terrible occurrence, but it was hilarious nonetheless. I want to thank you for all the late night shenanigans and the crazy stories we’ve shared. From the countless times I crashed Jeff’s bed, to the few times I woke Christian up (sorry), it’s been an amazing year with you all. I hope that next year you guys can make some more memories. Also, y’all aren’t young forever, so go out there and enjoy life. Take some risks gentlemen.

To Matias and Renaldo, I will you one cup of dole diced peaches. I am so sorry for what happened, I did not mean for that big of a mess to occur, but it was amazing to watch, I’m not going to lie. You are some really mature lads and I see you guys going very far. For Matias, good luck in your ventures here and your ventures at home, I know you’ll find a good way to balance it. For Renaldo, you’ve been an amazing RSL. Keep it up and show the kids next year what 04 and IMSA is all about. Peace and hair grease fellas. 

To 04D and 04 as a whole, I will you a new RC. For some of you, it has been a quick one-year trip, for others it’s been a whole three-part trilogy. We’ve come a long way and there’s still plenty of ground to cover. I hope that all the students returning to 04 and all the students who are new to 04 enjoy this hall as much as I did. It has been an amazing ride and I know y’all will continue to keep up all the festivities, jokes, and traditions going. Also, as I said, I will you all a new RC. Please take it easy on them, their jobs are already hard enough will all you hooligans running around. Als, also, also, keep MONKEY MONDAY going please, I’ll teach you about it shortly.

To Justina Kostiv and Anya Richie, I will you both my knowledge in Ultimate Frisbee. I think this is where we first met, and I’m extremely grateful to have met both of you. Justina, you are a wonderful young woman, and you have a very big heart. Thank you for all the care you have given me and our other mutuals. You have shown me there is still kindness in this world. You are one funny son of a gun and I hope you stay that way. Stay positive and stay true to yourself, and I know you’ll succeed here. Anya, thank you for taking a joke. You are one of the toughest around, and I’m glad we can exchange blows. Thank you for taking on the 2v4 with me and winning, that was an amazing night. I hope that in the future you look at that night and realize that no matter if the odds are stacked against you, you will pull through. You two are some of the greatest people here at IMSA and I wish you all the best of luck in these coming years. Please take care of yourselves and enjoy what the sport has given all of us. Also, get better, y’all both need some work. 

To All of future CAB and CAB Director, I will you an amazing year and an amazing advisor. I know that it will be a fight to adjust, and you feel that you may need to fit into a certain shoe in order to live up to expectations. You don’t need to. Go with the flow and do your best out there. You were chosen for a reason, and you are meant to shine. I hope you all have just as much fun as I did in my two years working with CAB. Take care of Brittney and help each other. CAB is a tight-knit group of people and you guys can overcome anything, so make the most of your time working for the student body. I know that you all will do an amazing job with Homecoming and Clash, and everything in between will be just perfect. But also, start working on those big events early. I also hope that you feel comfortable reaching out to me for help, and please feel free to. I will be there every step of the way if you need it. To CAB director specifically, you will earn the CAB banner!

To all my wonderful CABabies, I will you a giant gold star. You have come out of a pandemic and created an amazing year not only for me, but yourselves and all your friends and the faculty and staff. I hope that you all work just as hard as you did this year to deliver some amazing events. I’ve appreciated every bit of effort and time you’ve put in. As my final year here and final year on CAB, I could not have asked for a better group of kids to pass on the traditions and hand the torch over to. I love y’all, and I wish you the best, but I know you’ll do great. Also, invite me back for Clash!

To Nachi, I will you my Yondis poster and a manual on how to eat hot pot. I am literally going to give you one of the greatest posters on earth. There are too many memories to share here and too many that I cannot share here for fear of Oliver making me edit this, so I will keep it plain and simple. I’ve seen many sides of you and have watched you grow from a wee little Junior into an amazing almost-senior. You have become a better person,and I’m glad to see the maturity and growth you’ve achieved. I’m happy to call you one of my better, if not best friends (#Besties). You’ve put a lot into being on CAB and you are one of the hardest fighters, similar to Yondis. Despite everything stacked against Yondis, it pulled through pretty well and made a name for itself. I hope that you continue the energy you have shown me in your next year here. You have been a pleasure to work with, and I’ve enjoyed all the memories we’ve made both in and out of CAB. Stay curious and work hard. I wish you luck in all your endeavors, and I’ll definitely be back to make more memories.

To everyone unnamed here, I will you this link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/13JL6qvbk6TVcAJSsPulwqyjoIizwslpnaV1_D7h7-DU/edit?usp=sharing. Please take a moment and look through this document, as I’ve likely left you a note here. Love you all <3.


Gloria Wang

To Dhruv Patel, I will you the LD debate team and a normal sleep schedule. You’re becoming so much like Eva (and a little bit of me?) that I’m honestly concerned. Like, please sleep and eat food (fries only do not count) and stop dying over Compusci. It’s amazing to see how much you’ve grown from the tiny soph I thought was 5’3, but remember that your #1 priority should always be yourself. Don’t sell your soul to the grim reaper for 10 clubs you did in high school. Good luck senior year⁠—I really hope you SSS. And my messenger is always open if you need me.

To Nandana Varma, I will you the other half of LD and a fun, stress-free senior year to make up for all the junior-year pain. You are the warmest, cutest, kind-hearted-est person I know, and I hope you take care of yourself better next year. I will you more walks with nice weather and pretty sunsets without puddles to jump over. Peer pressure Dhruv into watching F1, so you can continue the tradition next year at State. Thank you for all the hugs and smiles and tea-spilling sessions⁠—I literally love you so much <333. If you ever want to complain about stupid boys or argue about how not hot Pierre Gasly is (at least we can agree on Toto Wolff), I am always here.

To my LD team (Dhruv, Nandana, Aarya, Elaina, Alyssa, David, Rithik, Sukanya), I will you all the courage to think outside the box and debate unconventional arguments. You will enjoy debate a lot more if you focus on learning and having fun, I promise. I know losing is frustrating, but please don’t become a “value morality, vc minimizing structural oppression” person just to win. I also hope you all discover the importance of frameworks and logical argumentation⁠—philosophy is also not as scary as you may think. But thank you all for the fun season praying for byes and reading random Wikipedia articles. Good luck!

To Kenith, Ella, and the new MUN board, I will you all a successful co-curricular charter and a year spent attending fun overnight conferences instead of stressing about transportation logistics. The transition from COVID was not easy, but I trust that MUN will grow while you develop your leadership skills debating assassination plans (unless you’re boring like Kenith and would rather do GAs). And just as my predecessor said to me, don’t get us unchartered :).

To my FTC children, I will you all hardworking sophs and enough funds to buy cool jackets and send extras to me :). But in all seriousness, hard work and dedication will be rewarded with knowledge and skills⁠—even if you get bonked by some judges. So keep up the good work and have fun! And hopefully you will also find enough value in the activity to work on it eight hours a day (pro-tip: if you get emotionally attached, you won’t ever feel too lazy lols). It was truly a pleasure working with you all!

To my LEAD classes, I will you all a fun junior year. I know all of you will do just fine. Thanks for showing up to class⁠—though I hope you got at least something out of a whole year of LEAD. Good luck!

To my 03D underclassmen, I will you all sophs just as kind and caring as you all are. Thank you for making D-wing such a lovely place to live⁠. I’ll miss the cute cards for Valentine’s day, puzzle runs, dinner dates, speedy speed checks, and Christmas Secret Santas. I know IMSA is hard sometimes, but I really hope you all enjoy the rest of your time here. Love you all <3.

To Vikram Karra, I would will you another Verstappen championship, but it looks like Charles will be leading, so I’ll will you his confidence and immunity to stress instead. Hope your senior year is full of quality sleep and fun trips with friends, even though you have so many clubs to lead. Thanks for being an F1 nerd who I can scream over text about a W with or lol over safety hazard Mazepin/bad luck charm Latifi. Stay in touch!

To Alex Orantia, I will you a senior year free of SMART goals and full of sunshine. You are such a gorgeous and cute and kind person, and I am so lucky to be your senior. Thank you for the cute letters, hugs, wiggle-wiggles, and being the best movement & relaxation buddy and RSL I could ask for. Hope you find an underclassmen to spill all the senior tea to next year and more heads to pat. Love you <33.

To Irene Park, I will you negative stress and more culture show dancing. You seem so tired every time I see you TT I really hope you’re sleeping bro. I didn’t get the chance to talk to you as much this year, but thanks for responding to my aggressive hallway waves haha. Also, you popped off in G-Friend like wowow. But have fun next year! (and stay in touch!!).

To Amanda Barajas, I will you a little sib as cute and kind as you. I could go on forever about how good you are at art⁠—I still have the drawing you gave me at the beginning of the year pinned to my wall haha. I wish you all the best, and if you ever need anything, my Insta is always open.

To Rohan Jain, I will you the fun and peaceful senior year you probably deserve. I didn’t get to talk to you all that much, but it was nice laughing about the people we used to know. I still think it’s crazy we overlapped so much but never met each other until IMSA. I think you’re a smart, hard-working kid with a big heart, and I hope you have enough confidence in yourself to ignore all the people who say otherwise. Good luck next year and if you ever have any questions feel free to reach out!


Haley Rodriguez

To Emma Rodriguez, I will you everything good in the world! I hope you have the most amazing junior and senior year!! I also will you a new person to provide you with snacks whenever you get hungry. I am so lucky and grateful to have been able to spend the past year with you at school. I love you more than you know! You are one of the smartest people I know when you put your mind to something. As much as I give you a hard time, I am so unbelievably lucky to have you as my sister. I hope you can find your perfect place at IMSA and come out of your shell a little more. IMSA is a lot of fun as long as you spend your time with the right people. I know it’s very stressful and daunting to choose what you’re supposed to do for the rest of your life now, but remember that you can always change your mind later! For now, just choose something you’re passionate about. I’ll miss you more than words can describe. I hope you achieve everything you want out of life, and know that I am and forever will be your biggest cheerleader every step of the way! I am so unbelievably proud of everything you’ve accomplished so far, and I know you still have so much in you! I love you always and forever!! <33333.

To Ethan Remedios, I will you the best junior year filled with more sleep. I am so happy I met you through Emma and got to know you better in the attendance office. Every time you were around me, I remember always laughing to the point of crying at your jokes. They have made my senior year so much better and for that, I want to say thank you! I loved all the times you went to the attendance office on “bathroom breaks” to play Uno with us. Let me know when you’re free next year, and I’ll pick you up to get Chipotle! You have such a bright future ahead of you, and I hope you know that I will always be there to support you! 

To Shreeya Avadhanula, I will you an underclassman that is just as amazing to you as you were to me. I was always so excited to see you in the hallways to give you a hug. You were one of the only people keeping me sane and for that, I will be forever grateful! I will miss going into your room almost every night to talk about anything and everything (and spill the tea!!). Do not hesitate to call or Facetime even after I leave. Please always remember your self-worth, because you are truly one of the best people I have ever met, and I am so lucky to have been able to call you a friend. I am so proud of you!! Also remember that while getting into a college you want to get into is important, it’s not the MOST important thing! The most important thing is your mental health, so please remember that no matter where you end up, whether it be at your dream school, at one of your safeties, or somewhere in between, you will end up exactly where you’re supposed to and no matter what, you will be ok and do amazing things!! Have the most amazing senior year and know that even years from now, my door will always be open for you! I love you best friend!! <333.

To Melinda Yuan, I will you a sanctuary at IMSA. Even though I know staying at IMSA isn’t your first choice, I hope you can find your perfect little corner of IMSA where you can get all your work done and take a break from people when you want to. These last two years of high school are going to pass by so quickly and after you’re all done, you’re going to be left wondering where all the time went. I see so much of myself in you, and I hope you know that you can achieve anything you put your mind to. Please keep Staci company with Ethan for the next couple years if you can!! 

To Olivia Ramos and Nour Husseini, I will you all the laughs in the world. Your friendship is so amazing. and I hope you two always remain as close as you are now. Olivia, you are one of the sweetest and most wholehearted people I have ever met. Thank you for everything this year! I wish you all the luck with the college admission process and let me know if you ever need anything! I loved going to your room and talking until we could barely keep our eyes open anymore. Once the next school year starts, let me know when you’re free and I’ll pick you up for a Starbucks date!! I love you and I wish you all the best!! Nour, you are such an amazing friend and you never hesitate to stick up for your friends. That is one of the best qualities someone can have. I am so grateful to have gotten to know you. Although we didn’t hang out much this year, I still wanted to say thank you for all the moments we spent together. I love you both and know that I’m always just a phone call away!

To Srihari Gurugubelli, I will you all the happiness you can get. You are genuinely one of the nicest people I’ve ever met and I hope you always stay that way. From playing ping pong with our phones instead of paddles to threatening to take you out of my senior wills to guessing what I am going to wear on a daily basis, you always made me smile. I hope you have the most amazing junior and senior year Srihari! Stay as wholesome as you are now and don’t be a stranger!!

To Sar’aiyah Murphy and Aaliyah Murphy, I will you amazing underclassmen that bring you as much joy as you two have brought me. You both mean so much to me and I hope you never forget that. I will miss your hugs so much!! I am so grateful to have met both of you this year. I love and miss you both already! <3.

To Caroline Kowal, I will you happiness and good friends to make some of the best senior year memories. Since day one, you were always so kind and caring. Please always keep making the same jokes you make now. I love you!

To Blessita Charly, I will you the ability to laugh through every hardship you encounter. You are a ray of sunshine and radiate joy and you deserve everything in the world (especially since you have to put up with Emma all the time)! Please never change! Thank you for always allowing me to barge into your room whenever I felt like it. I will miss making fun of you and having you make fun of me right back. Thank you for being like a second sister to me! I am so excited to see what you do in the future! Have an amazing junior and senior year at IMSA!!

To Renaldo Venegas, I will you a restful summer and a low-stress senior year. Thank you for all the good memories starting back in first grade at Japanese school to this year. You are an amazing friend and I know you are going to do great things no matter what you do! I am so lucky to have been able to grow up with you and I hope you know that I will always be here for you if you need anything!!

To Eddie Ning, I will you all the fun you can have your senior year. I’m not going to lie, senior year can be very stressful, but I am positive that you will make it through it with flying colors! PSYCH club and ASIA both hold a bunch of responsibilities, so please make sure you put yourself first and have fun! This is your last year at IMSA so make sure you make the most of it and take care of Shreeya by talking her out of all the bad decisions she is going to make. If you ever need backup, remember that I’m always just a call away. You guys have such an amazing friendship and I hope you two never let anything get in the way of that. Good luck and let me know if you ever need anything!

To Andre Mendez and Laura Cervantes, I will you both laughs and success in your next two years of IMSA. I am so glad I met both of you. You both have amazing personalities and always managed to make me laugh. I would say have fun being managers for track next year, but we all know how that went this year :0. Just kidding, just kidding! :). Do amazing things with the rest of your time at IMSA and have fun!!

To Victoria Nalepka, Faizaan Shaikh, Danica Sun, Einsey Socrates, Sufiya Hussaini, Donovan Morrow, and Chinara Caldwell, I will you underclassmen that always seems to be in the right place at the right time, exactly when you need a wave and smile to make you feel better. Even though we didn’t talk all the time, I am so glad I met you! Don’t hesitate to let me know if you need anything in the future!!


Hannah Johnson

To Noor Azhar, I will you a lovely senior year. I have truly loved living across the hall from you and taking MedChem with you this year. You’re such a kind, generous person, and I wish you a wonderful rest of your IMSA career and beyond.

To Taylor Baugh, I will you absolutely nothing. Because you don’t need anything; you’re practically perfect in every possible way. I am so glad that we got to know each other better this year. I feel like we have a lot in common, except you’re wayyy cooler than me – you’re like the version of myself I wish I was. Thanks for being such an amazing friend, and keep on doing you!

To Nooriyah Doriwala, I will you a love for Ohio – okay, maybe that’s too much to ask; a mere tolerance for Ohio will suffice – because you deserve nothing short of the entire world. You radiate sunshine wherever you go, even on the coldest and cloudiest of days. You are one of the most positive and caring people I’ve ever met, and I feel so lucky to call you my friend. Be sure to keep me in the loop of all the amazing things I know you’ll do in life.

To Sam Go, I will you the oboe section. Enjoy the symphony and play English horn like I wish I could have this year. You are such a wonderful player, and it was an honor to play with you this year. I know you’re going to do great things, and I wish you all the best.

To Himani Kamineni, I will you the ability to just keep swimming. Senior year may present some challenges, and, as of now, you bear the entire responsibility of representing the female double reeds ;). But I know you’re one tough cookie, and you will handle any challenge thrown your way with the utmost grace. Just keep swimming and always be you, because you’re pretty darn awesome.

To Aarya Khapre, I will you a wonderful senior year. You are such a sweet, caring, and kind person, and it was such a pleasure to be in your wing these last two years. Enjoy the rest of your IMSA experience, and I wish you the best of luck wherever life may take you. 

To Jadesola Suleiman, I will you never-ending girlboss energy. You are such an amazing person, and I’m so glad that we got to know each other this year! I know you’re going to rock your senior year and wherever life may take you after that. I wish you all the best in your endeavors. Keep calm and girlboss on.

To Michelle Sun, I will you a college with a giant chocolate fountain and marshmallows raining from the ceiling. I am so glad that we got to know each other this year. You’re so goofy, fun and kind, and you always bring a smile to my face. Thanks for being the best brunch buddy and French fiend a girl could ever ask for. I will really really miss you – be sure to keep in touch!

To Sanjana Nekkanti, I will you a fun and memorable senior year. You are so sweet and caring, and it was always a joy to be in your presence. Have a fun senior year, and I wish you all the best wherever life may take you afterwards!

To Aashima Sisdoia, I will you a synchro partner next year that’s at least half as awesome as you ;). You are so sweet and fun, and you deserve nothing but the best for your synchro partner, swim team, your IMSA career, and beyond. Go win that coffee cake again next year!


Hector Ibarra

To Sophia, Sasha, Miles, Christian, Laura, and all other meme lords on the rise, I will to you my meme page. Meme responsibly and make others laugh and have a better day :).

To Gar, I will to you ISoMP. You’re a talented composer, and from one creator to another, keep that passion goin man.

To Bikrant, I will to you a chiropractor gift certificate cause your back must be hurting so much from carrying me and everyone else through class. You’re probably one of the most academically cracked students here, and to that, I hope you continue to help others and may end up in a Physics article.

To Dean, I will to you ISoMP as well as success in the classroom. It was a great time being in all those classes with you and doing work while joking around, and I hope you can make a similar connection with other underclassmen when you’re a senior.

To Jeff, Renaldo, and Stsiapan, I will to you a chill senior year. You’ve worked so hard in MVC and CalcBased, man, you deserve some time to chill.

To my future Film Society board, I wish to you high movie turnouts and a possible successful film festival. This club has been through a lot, carry it on to greater heights.

To everyone else I couldn’t name, I thank you for making this last part of IMSA a really good year. Y’all bringing good vibes and doing good things for us, after the heck scape that was online learning, it’s amazing what yall do for us. I’m excited that yall will be able to carry on at IMSA and hopefully make it better than it has been. If you feel that I have forgotten you, I am very sorry if I did, I am doing this on little sleep and with MVC homework and simultaneously with MVC, so please dm me and I will will you a good will (how many times will I say will?). I’ll also make you a personal meme :).

Best, Hector Ibarra, IMSA student, meme lord, friend <3.


Isabel Chen

To Jackie Zhang, I will you some warmer clothes and maybe a winter coat… I worry that you’ll get hypothermia someday walking around in shorts and a T-shirt in 30 degree weather. But on top of that, I also will you an amazing senior year filled with the best possible memories for you to look back on!! And I will you to be admin of ISMA Lost and Found, have fun lol. I’m so glad I got to know you, from when we first messaged last year about Seventeen, to discovering that we came from the same old high school, to screaming about danmei on Twitter. I remember calling us friend soulmates and I think we’ve been exactly that to the fullest regard. Keep being your bright cheerful self and pursue all your endeavors so that you won’t have any regrets! You’ll be such a good upperclassman to the juniors and incoming baby sophs. Don’t be too sad after I graduate hehe >:). Let’s hang out over the summer <3.

To Jerrick Li, I will you better haircutting skills so there never has to be another victim of slanted, too-short bangs ever again. Or at the very least, a baby soph who can curb stomp you and teach you their superior hair cutting ways. Besides all that, I know how things feel iffy right now, and probably most words of consolation won’t help until you’ve experienced it yourself, but I promise that everything will work out in the end. You can do it. In the future, you can become the wise upperclassman who advises his underclassmen and assures them about their own futures. Believe in yourself, or at least know that I believe in you. If you ever visit SH or if I ever visit IMSA, I’ll treat you to boba :>. 

To Jeff Duan, I will you drippy fits that maybe possibly even surpass Wei’s… it’s been fun getting to know you more this past year, from texting about JJK to Chinatown and all sorts of random stuff. I hope you have a great senior year, maybe meet some baby sophs who will gift you hedgehogs and penguins and match pastel outfits with you :DD.

To Taylor Baugh, I will you a fun-filled senior year. You’re such a passionate worker and genuine person overall that there have been so many times when I couldn’t help but smile during our interactions. Also the best RSL (bar Ola) our wing could ask for! Make the most of the rest of your time at IMSA!

To Saketh Dontaraju, I will you the ability to not be a walking L anymore. I know it takes great skill and dedication to reach my level of being a W, but I believe that you, the original boy genius, are capable of doing it someday. In all seriousness, I always see how hardworking you are (especially for Quizbowl), and I think you’ll do great in the future no matter what. Stay cool :D.

To Pranit Guntupalli, I will you a year’s supply of pomegranates. Not from me. But they’ll find their way to you somehow. Meanwhile, I hope you become an ERS pro. Have a good junior senior year! :P.

To Gabi Pride, I will you an eventful school year in the fall! It was so nice to meet you at the beginning of the year and hang out with you at sibling events :D. Now that you’ve learned the ropes on-campus at IMSA, maybe you could even become a big sib for an incoming soph! 

To Diya Kamath, I will you the ability to write mind-blowingly, from the image of the ideal essay in your head, pouring through your fingers straight onto the Google document. You’ve worked so hard during the past year and I believe in you! Good luck! 

To Noor Azhar, Rashmi Alawani, Madison McTaggart, Alex Orantia, and Saamiyah Khan, (Saudade Literary Magazine staff members), I will you all smooth sailing next year as Saudade’s second generation team. I know it’s hard being a new club, especially an artistic one here at IMSA, but I believe in you guys for the passion and inspiration you’ve shown me while we worked together. I’m looking forward to what you produce next year! Let’s stay in touch!

To Jackie Zhang, Zuyu Liu, Natalia Morales, and Chiamaka Okoli (Amnesty International board), I will you all an active, successful year starting in the fall! I have faith that Amnesty will be in good hands, and I wish you luck in your activism event-holding endeavors!

To Julia Tran, Taylor Baugh, Divya Brahmbhatt, Noor Azhar, Venus Obazuaye, Halimat Sanusi, Aishat Balogun, and Pietro Stabile (Humans of IMSA Team), I will you all a very human (?) year! Humans of IMSA exists to show the vulnerable and genuine sides of the IMSA community and this something we’ll always strive for regardless of the medium of our content. Stay human!


Jacob Malone

To Rohan Jain, I will you a half dozen fresh-made biscuits. Thank you for all of the math help and the times that I just wanted to vent. You’ve been a great friend to me. I know that occasionally it gets overloading here, and sometimes things aren’t optimal. Know that I’ll always be here if you need me, and I’m always willing to listen. Thank you for being one of the most kind, understanding, and genuinely funny guys I’ve known. You will go on to do fantastic things that I could never even imagine, and I’m so happy that I got to know you this year. Thank you for introducing me to that wonderful microwave rice, it’s definitely coming with me to college. 

To Daniel Ma, I will you a single can of spam and one record from my collection. You have been one of my favorite people to talk to about music, college, and food with, and I’ll always be grateful for that. Please keep me updated on what you’re listening to, I keep an eye on whatever you’re playing on Spotify and occasionally listen to those as well. I’m glad I introduced you to biscuits and gravy. 

To Daniel Park, I will you a can of 25% less sodium spam. Sorry for never getting that can back to you. Thanks for making my senior year interesting, especially at 2am, it wouldn’t have been the same without you. 

To Revanth Poondru, I will you chocolate chip cookies and a pack of Jollygood, flavor of your choosing. Between stealing Nate’s Jollygood or whatever food I had, you always were watching out for free food. The times you’d knock on my door or just stay behind after check to talk were some of the better times, especially when Nate was home. Thanks for always being willing to try whatever weird food I had around, it helped me a lot when I was working on baking bread more. 

To 04C upquad and JJ, I will you all biscuits and gravy (or just biscuits), and one batch of Oreo balls per person, flavor of your choosing. All of you have always been there on weekends Nate was gone, or just when y’all would raid my room for food and drinks. I’ve had some of the best times with y’all, and I couldn’t imagine a better upquad to have spent my senior year with. I’ll miss you all very much. 

To Malcolm Wilson-Ahlstrom, I will you all the chocolate covered espresso beans you can imagine. Thank you for being one of the best SEAMS kids I could have asked for, I was very happy to see you here, and was ecstatic you were in my wing. Enjoy the next few years.

To Luke Mauk, I will you a pack of Hongyuan Guava Candy. I’m glad I got to know you through Brogan and his friends. Sorry for throwing your slime into Yare, hopefully the Guava candy makes up for it, so stop stealing mine. 

To JJ Park, I will you any German help you want, plus a biscuit. Please keep the German work up, I think you’ll do well, it just takes time. Please attempt to have a normal sleep schedule next year, otherwise junior year will drive you nuts. I’m glad to have known you by extension, and hopefully next year you and up-quad will be in the same wing. 

To Ryan Mojzis and Joey Paras, I will you a group of seniors (or sophomores your senior year) to eat with. I’m glad you two would sit down at the table with Natalie, Aiden, and I, we had some good conversations. 

To Jackie Zhang, I will you a hairdryer. I just happened to get to know you, but I’m glad I did. It was very funny when we saw you at Vai’s, even though Natalie and Aiden thought I was crazy. Please dry your hair before showing up to RSL programming tho next time :o. I pity the man who has to face your hair swipe.

To Renaldo Venegas, I will you a can of spam. Thanks for talking with me about just about anything and for sticking with me when everyone else dipped from 04’s leadership. Keep wearing the crocs, even though I can’t understand how you wear them. You’re an incredibly nice guy, and I’m glad I knew you, even if it was just for a semester. Whatever position you have in 04, I know you will do well, and I believe in you. Thank you 

To Derick Meents, I will you fresh-made black pepper focaccia. Thanks for trying whatever I baked. 

To Edgar Carlos, I will you a bag of sugar. You took like all of my sugar, but I respect it. 

To Diego Montes, I will you a successful senior year. I never really knew you that well, but I was happy that we happened to be at the same table in Calc. The moments where we could talk about homework or whatever were nice, and provided a good laugh. Hopefully you find an underclassman that you can talk to like that. 

To Jared Dong, I will you an extra day just to listen to The Smiths. Thank you for talking with me about music and life. I know you aren’t always sure of yourself, but I know you’ll do well in life. IMSA is just a very rocky speedbump in life, but you’ll look back in a year and be grateful for the time here. It’s a weird environment where you can be very close with a lot of people you never would’ve anywhere else, and it’s weird, but still wonderful. Please take it easier on yourself, and remember that you have limits like everyone else. You’re a wonderful person, and I hope you enjoy your senior year.


Jai Raval

To Nat Gao, I will you SDAC and the ability to take every opportunity you have to dance. I know you are going to do amazing things with the board. I have already seen you shamelessly hype up and plan our events and I am so proud of you. I do expect to be invited back for an alum workshop though. I hope you continue to choreo all the time, less sexually tho. I hope you get to be Clash drill head, but I hope you choreo for 01 again regardless. I hope you learn to write in a non-fanfic style. But most importantly, I hope you never let other people ruin your happiness. You have so much energy and joy and love to give and I hope IMSA and people in the world never ruin that for you. Have an amazing senior year and I’ll always be just a text away if you ever need me. 

To Jai (except not me), I will you the experience of being at IMSA without constantly being called by my name. I will you the relief of fear that we will wear the same crewneck to class. I will you your own underclassmen to endlessly bother like I did to you. I love hanging out with you so much, almost as much as I love making fun of you. I hope you have a fun Spanish class next year without me, but I will miss being in that class so much. Also, please learn to take breaks and sleep. I know junior year is hard but don’t overcommit or burn yourself out. And stop being so afraid of everything; grow out of your shell and pick an underclassmen to bother. I know you can, and hope you will, go on to do amazing things. Thanks for letting me take your name, even though I technically had it first. And please, text me when I leave, or at least respond when I text you. Love, Jai (except me this time). 

To all my A-wing underclassmen (Annika Johnson, Avery Hedican, Becca Pae, Eliana Nungaray, Elle Brittin, Emerald Lendi, Fiona Sirais, Gabriella Kanallakan, Grace Murray, Gwen Olney, Katie Jenks, Laura Cervantes, Liz Carlson, Myra Mensah, Natalia Morales, Jacie Nox, Sasha Lemons, Tia Rice and Victoria Nalepka), I will you the first community A-wing has had in a long time. This is the first time in years, just ask the RCs, that A-wing has been so close and strong. I know it’s because of you guys. We are definitely the strongest wing in 01 rn. I love seeing you guys sit in the commons and talk or make food together in the kitchen. Even though we didn’t win wing wars, I still felt so proud, because I have never had so much fun with my wing. I hope you guys will all stay in A-wing next year or for the next two years. Elle, thank you for stepping up to be an RSL, you have so much energy and are so amazing for the wing. Also you make really good cookies. Thank you guys for never making the wing a mess or stealing food from the fridge (trust me it used to happen). I would never want to spend my last wing in any other wing. Even if you don’t stay in 01, I hope you guys stay friends. I wish I could will you hot water, but you never know in 01. I love you all so much and I will miss you guys. You can always text me if you need me. 

To Ani (Yoanna) Georgieva, I will you IMSA’s dance team. I will you the love for your team, the ability to teach choreo, to yell if needed, to force workouts, and most importantly, to hopefully bring a trophy home. I will you a good season as Dance Team Captain and a great Jr Captain. You are such an amazing dancer and choreographer. I wish I could have chosen you earlier so that you could have experienced being a Jr Captain, but you’ll do great anyway. Trust in your abilities, both to dance and to lead. I wouldn’t have chosen you if I didn’t think you could do an amazing job. Dance at IMSA doesn’t have to be super stressful, have a fun season and roll with the punches. Play ships and sailors in honor of me and Rafa, and hang out with your team outside of practice. Bring speakers on the bus to comps. ALWAYS check bags before you leave for comps. And no matter what happens, be proud of what you did. I will always answer my phone if you need me for anything, and please invite me to a comp in the future. I love you, you got this. 

To my dance team underclassmen (Aleksandra Duda, Karina Byers, Keira Feliciano, Laura Rodrigues, Manya Davis, Melinda Yuan, and Ani Georgieva), I will you a fun and incredible season next year. I also will you louder voices and big facial expressions. I never imagined I would be captain, and I was so scared to be, but I feel so lucky to have been your captain. You guys were so amazing and had such good energy. We finally brought a dance trophy back to IMSA too! Thanks for doing full speed Cotton Eye Joe with me and never complaining during our workouts or when I yelled. The dance for senior night was so amazing and the thought of that being our last performance together was so sad. I appreciate all of your dedication to the team and I hope you try out again next year. I know Ani is going to be an amazing captain and I hope you guys show her all the same love and respect I felt. I love you guys, and I’ll miss you guys so much. 

To my Clash heads and choreos (Braeden Cullen, Breena Bulthuis, Gabriella Kanallakan,  Liam Indigo, Mira,  Nat Gao, Nomar Martin, Victoria Nalepka, Christian Cline, and Sarah Wheeler), I will you an amazing clash next year. I hope you develop a win streak for 01, but remember it’s more important to bond as a hall and just be happy when it’s over. I want you guys to know that even though we won this year, the goal was always just to have fun. Laugh while you make decs, play ships and sailors at drill, add puns to your talent show. Have fun and don’t stress too much.

To next year’s SDAC board (Aleksandra Duda, Nat Gao and any new members), I will you great choreo and no COVID restrictions. I know it was harder to plan events because of space capacities and no alum being allowed. You guys put on an amazing world of SDAC and you had amazing culture show choreo. I hope you can put on workshops and invite alums (me, I am an alum). Have fun and dance your heart out (across campus). I loved working with you guys and I will miss you. 

To my hall council (Nachiket Raj, Elle Brittin, Nomar Martin and anyone new), I will you lots of donations, good luck, and amazing participation. I know you guys are going to plan some amazing events next year and I am sorry I won’t be there to attend. You guys have brought amazing ideas and memories to hall council and I am so glad to have you guys. I will always be here if you have any questions about anything, or if you just want to talk. I hope you get to plan a ton of events without COVID restrictions and you get so much money from parents. Don’t forget to take breaks and delegate work. You guys are the heart of 01, don’t forget it, and please be good role models for the underclassmen. Good luck and I love you all and I will miss you. Please invite me to events when I am home <3.

To my 01 underclassmen, I will you an amazing next year. I have loved you guys as a hall so much. You guys are an amazing community and I have seen so much hall spirit and participation. Thank you for making my last year so amazing. Don’t let a bunch of random people move to 01 just because we won Clash. I will miss you guys so much. 

To Dash Leigh, I will more sleep and less math. Jk I know you love math (nerd). I hope you get all the board positions you are applying for. I will really miss Spanish and making fun of Jai (not me tho) with you. I am so proud of how well you do in all your classes, and how you always offer to help others. I hope IMSA doesn’t destroy your drive like it does to a lot of students. You are going to go so far in life. You are so passionate, smart, funny, and personable. I wish we got more than a year together but I will never forget you. Even when I’m gone, I’ll still respond to your texts so never hesitate to reach out. Not that you’ll need class help, but just to talk. Make fun of Jai for me when I’m gone. I love you so much. 

To Sasha Lemons, I will mental stability and support. I know IMSA hasn’t been easy for you, it’s not for a lot of people. I wish I could be there next year to keep supporting you. I am so proud of how far you have come. I want you to know that no matter how bad things get, you can always come to me for help. My phone will still work in college I promise. Even when you started going down a bad path, you came to me, and I am so proud of you for that because that is so hard for a lot of people. Especially to resist temptations after. You are going to be okay. I believe in you. I always will. And don’t forget, your grades don’t define you, and neither do your mental illnesses. You can do anything Sasha, don’t sell yourself short, and don’t be afraid to ask for help. I love you and I’ll miss you. 

To Nachiket Raj, I will you more confidence and better jokes. I loved seeing how much you grew this year. I know speaking on stage is hard, but you’ve gotten so much better, and just the fact that you keep going back up means you can do it. Plus, next year you’ll be a cool senior, so everyone will laugh even if the jokes suck (just like with Liam). I hope you stay on Hall Council. I really value you there with your organization and ideas. You still look so nervous around me, but I want you to know I like you so there’s nothing to be scared of. You are incredibly smart, don’t let AdChem make you believe differently. No matter what happens, every time you have to talk for CAB or RSL, just remember that I believe in you. You are gonna do so amazing and you know what you’re doing. Just be loud and be confident. And don’t forget to stand up for yourself. I’ll miss you. 

To Breena Bulthuis, I will you some new amazing friends because all the seniors are leaving. I hope you find an underclassmen to love the way we love to hang out with you. I wish we had gotten closer, and if cross winging was allowed all year I am sure we would have been together a ton more lol. I think you are so cool and funny and incredibly pretty. I hope you have an amazing senior year. I love you and I’ll miss you so much. 

To Brookelynn Gotschall, I will you stunts for 01 Clash next year. Please keep everyone from falling on their heads, but make sure we look awesome. I loved having class with you and getting to know you. Don’t let your friends make fun of you for talking about cheer because it is so much cooler than anything they will ever do. Keep stunting and throwing baskets whenever you can.

To Annika Johnson and Gwen Olney, I will you the spirit and love you brought to A-wing. I really hope you guys stay there for the next two years. I think just you two constantly sitting in the commons and doing homework made the community so inviting and I know I don’t talk to you guys much, but everytime I see you guys sitting there, I smile. I will you the strongest friendship at IMSA. I hope you guys never drift because I love seeing you guys together. You two are everything I want A-wing to be. You guys would also make good RSLs or leaders in anything. I will never forget the gummy bears you guys got me because it was such a small gesture but it meant so much to me. You guys are going to go on to do amazing things and I’ll miss you guys so much. 

To Katie Jenks, I will you a better memory. Please remember people’s names. Especially if you LIVE IN THEIR WING. Tbh tho I love talking to you and bothering you. I hope you have a great next year and good underclassmen. Please come out as gay. Straight women don’t like women. I love you and I’ll miss you.

To Liz Carlson, I will you a good opponent in games. I know we don’t talk a lot, but I love talking to you in gym, even though you are scary. Sorry for walking into your room that one time. You are so athletic and funny and I am sure you are gonna go super far in life. Have fun next year and please don’t scare the underclassmen. I’ll miss you. 

To Saketh Dontaraju, I will you good mental health and the hope that next year doesn’t kill you. Good luck with ISP, thanks for always taking good pics of me. I hope you find new people to give you Indian food. You are such a nerd, but you do a good job at hiding it lol. Don’t overcommit and turn into Esther. You are super funny and cool, and I am glad you aren’t scared of me anymore because I loved getting to know you. I will miss you.  

To Venus Obazuaye, I will you a future of breaking stereotypes and gender boundaries. I am so inspired by you. You have amazing outfits. You are so good at talking in public, and sound so eloquent. You look androgenous. You are intelligent. I wish we were closer, but even just at the level I know you, I am so in awe of you. I know you are going to go on and do incredible things and I wish I could stay to see it. Also please keep bothering Jai for me. 


Jakob Bachhausen

To Saketh, Alex O, Bhavya V, and Nandana… I will you all amazing hall spirit! Seeing you all run 03’s Clash this year in one way or another was incredible, from editing together a (truly) cinematic masterpiece about a Kraken, to bringing everyone together during drill practices, to being our connection with CAB. I saw IMSA’s overall clash spirit drop between my sophomore year and now, but I have no doubts you four will help rekindle the fire. I also will you all more fantastic nights after 10-check in the hall commons. After a long day, the commons seems to be the place perfect for winding down, having incredible laughs, and working less than we all had intended… keep it this way!

To Irene L… I will you more nights filled with sleep. Seriously, it’s impressive to see someone like you always on top of your CompuSci and StudCo workload, while also being in bed before 11pm. I’m a large advocate for sleep, but even the 9 hours I received each night sophomore year turned into 6 or even less as I traversed through my senior year. I’m happy to say I’m getting more than 7 hours per night now, and you were one of my inspirations. The coming year will be tough for you, especially with college applications and even harder classes, but hold onto your sleep no matter what. I’m realizing how precious sleep really is, so don’t take those sleep-filled nights for granted!

To Jesse, Patrick, and Vikram… I will you three all of B-Friend. Yup, all of it. From the song choice, to the dolphin dives, to the fake earrings and colorful outfits. I wish I could have gotten to know the three of you better during our practices, especially when I saw the energy you all gave during Lunar. The Kpop idol ideal was truly embodied, and I couldn’t be more proud. Don’t, however, feel pressured to make the dance similar to how I carried it out or how it was carried out in previous years. Add your own spice, but only if you’d like to continue the legacy!

To Raghav… I will you the YBB group and the confidence that comes with it. It’s been great getting to know you, and I have to admit that you are a character. Your dancing and comments about my roommate winning never fail to put a smile on my face. I really did appreciate the talks we’ve had in my room or in the wing commons, and I don’t think you hear that enough. You also never failed to instill confidence in myself with the YBB, and so I wish you will do the same with yourself.

To Brandon, Jaden, and Alexian… I will you all sophomores that you can call your friends. Seriously, getting to know you three this past summer in EXCEL was a highlight of mine, and despite going through the rigorous curriculum day after day, you three still came into the school year with peaked energy. I’m sure all of you would make great tutors… you’ve all seen what IMSA has to offer, and I know you three are capable of helping the incoming sophomores transition. So Brandon, keep on cooking amazing meals in your future wing commons. Jaden, keep on greeting those you see in the hallways, and Alexian, keep on dabbing everyone up. You three truly made an upperclassman feel welcomed.

To Jeremy… I will you an underclassmen that will check in with you, just like you did with me. It was comforting whenever you reached out to me, in spite of my grotesque response times. I faced a lot of hardships this year and having someone that always offered time to talk at dinner was incredibly thoughtful. Also, be sure to take care of yourself, man, and get some sleep! The IMSA grind is only going to get worse, and I want nothing more than to see you push through it with your head held high. So in the midst of your hard work in light shows and band, be sure to have some time for yourself.

To Addie… I will you my wonderful roommate, Edwin. Yes, I understand that he will be six hours away from you doing his whole Case Western deal, but make sure he keeps himself in check. He’s a great guy and since you’ve been by his side, I’ve seen him smile a little bit more every day!

To Jackie, the biggest L-bozo… I will you more Kpop comebacks, iMessage game wins, and jokes about other peoples’ moms than you could ever ask for. In all seriousness, thank you for always being out in the hall commons to study, even if the 10-12pm grind ended with only 30 minutes of work being done. Not just that, but thank you also for holding the multitude of L’s I have given you! It’s nice to have that weight put onto someone else… In all seriousness again though, talking and laughing with you has been a light in some of the darker times a senior goes through. Please continue being that light for someone else next year … and let me know how it goes when you finally meet Jeonghan!

To the current StudCo underclassmen, Yina, Irene, Zuyu, and Maggie… I will you a year of StudCo with less legacy. Carry out StudCo’s vision how you would like to, not how it’s been carried out before! Of course use past years as reference, but never be afraid to change StudCo’s internals to your liking. 

It’s been a pleasure to work with you four this past year. Seeing both of you, Zuyu and Maggie, rise from the nervousness in your S@L interviews and become critical contributors in our weekly discussions was more than impressive. I look up to the growth I’ve seen in you both. Irene, the same goes for you. Believe it or not, but you’re the reason Lexington has seen changes this year. You helped run the Lexington Committee, you met with Katie to advocate for changes… you’ve done it all. And Yina, continue asking questions. Whenever a new proposal or idea is brought forth, you’re always the first to question its feasibility and offer a solution the other cabinet members, myself included, would’ve never considered. I wish I had gotten to know you on a more personal level since your grindset, vision, and calmness throughout discourse is truly admirable. I’d also like to will one more important thing to you four… and that’s self-love. As President, this is what I struggled with the most. You will often find the most conflicting person on StudCo is not another member, but rather yourself. You’ll question whether you’ve done what the Student Body would like; you’ll question your validity at being elected; you’ll constantly conflict with either doing more homework, or catching up on the work you’ve missed for the cabinet. So when I say that you should step back and appreciate the work you’re putting forth… I mean it. Student Council isn’t meant to be a walk in the park, but it extends your capabilities farther than, I’d argue, any other endeavor at IMSA. So go forth with love in your own efforts. Trust me, it will make a difference.

And finally, to all the underclassmen of IMSA… I will you difference. You all will be lucky enough to experience an IMSA without COVID restrictions, something I only hold in memories from two years ago. An IMSA where you can walk into half of the wings and dorms on campus at your own pleasure; an IMSA where 12 people can sit at one table in Lexington without risk of a violation; an IMSA where dinner dates involve 30+ people in one wing watching a movie; an IMSA where you actually know what everyone else looks like!

Juniors and Sophomores, I’m more than excited for you all to finally experience it. The workload will get worse, of course, but the memories you’ll make will only get better. So don’t overlook spending time with each other before you all go your separate ways in life. Dance together, go on walks together, play volleyball together, laugh together, cry together, struggle together… just do it all. Your time here will be over much sooner than you think.

With love, Jakob Bachhausen


Jamie Im

To the IMSA E-Sports Team, I will you better internet connections, so that nobody gets disconnected during a match ever again. Thank you for an amazing senior year. I’m glad I was able to help start and expand E-Sports at IMSA.

To Logan Nelson, I will give you my desktop, so you can play Destiny 2 at IMSA. Thank you for being an amazing sophomore and for witnessing my growth as a senior.

To 01B Wing, I will give you taller showerheads. Thank you, Alexian, Christian, Cole, Ethan, Franklin, Jeremy, Liam, Luke, Marion, Nathan, Nat, Noah, Nomar, Patrick, and finally Luis, my wonderful RC for an amazing first semester. I genuinely believe that I was amongst the best wing at IMSA. 

To my 01B-boys from 2019-20 (Andrew, Brennan, Chas, Daniel, Ethan, Jaelynn, Kayson, Quincy, Zach, Levi, Luca, and Sam), I will a shoutout.

To 07D Wing, I will you many nights of studying and even more nights of gaming. I am truly grateful for an easy transition to a new wing after five semesters in 01, you guys are amazing people that I’m sure will end up doing great things. Thank you, Jacob, Logan (again), Lucas, Ola, and my silly roommate Jackson. And lastly, credit must be given where credit is due. 

To Kevin Zhang, I will you my Minecraft account for having the patience to put up with my confused and tired complaining while tutoring me.  

To George Bayliss, I will you 50% of my future profits, for being there to tutor me when I was most troubled in math. 


Jasmine Liu

To Dammy Tabiti, I will you even more happiness so you can continue to share it with the people around you. Even on my worst days whenever I pass by you in the hallways you somehow manage to make me laugh. Your positivity is infectious and I can’t thank you enough for always being my biggest hype man and being willing to fight anyone that upsets me. I loved working with you in Orgo and I wish you a better experience in your future science classes. However, I will never forget the Dammy synthesis and I’ll use it whenever I need it in college. I’ll keep supporting you even when I leave so don’t be afraid to reach out whenever you need anything!

To Ela Gadi, I will you a clean room. Please, please, please start cleaning your room more frequently so it doesn’t become a biohazard. I promise it will make you feel so much better especially when you’re stressed out. But besides that, it’s been great getting closer to you this semester. I love when you randomly pop over to B-wing in your fluffy pink pajamas and plop down on our carpet to “annoy” us. To be honest, I did the exact same thing as you with my upperclassmen when I was a sophomore and I loved it. I hope throughout senior year you pursue your passions even if you think they are not “innovative” because I think they are the definition of innovation. Let me know when you launch your sock business and I’ll be your first customer. You hold so many incredible surprises and your intelligence never fails to amaze me. I look forward to seeing you reach your full potential and continue being the crazy fun fashion girl I love. Have a good senior year and don’t forget to send me your potential purchases so I can approve them first <3!

To Addie Kobayashi, I will you fewer energy drinks. I got close to you later this year and I wish we could’ve hung out earlier but I’ve enjoyed every moment. If Rebecca and I had another sister I think she would be like you. I really don’t have any logical reasoning but I just get the vibe lol. Your side-eye is something I’ll always love so never stop even if your mom tells you it’s bad. Next time I go to Mitsuwa I’ll remember to get your seaweed snacks. But besides all that, I’ve enjoyed all our time getting to know each other and please come have more sleepovers. I can’t wait to see you achieve the success you deserve and Sam and I will come visit you whenever we can!

To Rebecca Liu, I to be honest I don’t have much to will you because I’ve already explained a lot of this to you, but I hope you access more of the available opportunities at IMSA. This year you have already accomplished so much and I know there is even more you will do. Enjoy the time and freedom you have on campus and make sure to take care of Riceball when you go back home. You can visit me in college anytime and make sure to share with me your life. Love you <3! 

To Pranit Guntupalli, I will you hope that you can make IMSA your home. I know your time here has been full of ups and downs but I want you to enjoy the time you have here. You’ll find no other place like IMSA where people are as open and interested in helping each other out. Continue to reach out and make meaningful connections even when you think you’ve run out of people to meet. In the IMSA bubble you will make some of the best memories and friendships in your life and I don’t want you to waste it. You lost your sophomore year on campus from COVID-19 so I want you to fully embrace senior year and find something enjoyable each and every day. Sometimes it’s easy to get dragged down by the stress and need to succeed but that really isn’t everything here. It’s the people and friendships that make these three years worth all the late nights and stressful days. I have already seen you excel and pursue your passion so I hope you find people around you to enjoy the journey along with you. I know you have a great future ahead of you and I can’t wait to see the contributions you make to the people and world around you. 

To Lily Song and Eddie Ning, I will you both ASIA and Lunar. It is my baby and I don’t know anyone else better suited for the responsibility and role than you guys. I’ve seen you both pitch ideas and watch them come to life. The work and effort you have put into this organization has been incredible and I can’t thank you enough for all your contributions. I love seeing the passion you both have for sharing our beautiful culture and I trust that you will carry the responsibility with success. I wish you both the best not just in ASIA but also in your personal/academic life. Feel free to reach out anytime with questions or advice and I’ll always be here to help out!

To ASIA board (Jerrick Li, Jeff Duan, Lily Song, Eddie Ning, Raphael Talusan, Zuyu Liu) I will you all a successful year as a board. Times will get stressful especially around Lunar but I have full confidence you can take it all on. I hope your experience on board is rewarding and fulfilling. I am always one text away if you ever need help or have any questions. Good luck next year!

To 06-B Wing, I will you all a great wing almost as good as ours. Now to be honest I have no idea which hall/wing you will be in next year but I loved our wing so much this year. The loud banging from upstairs, the random after check conversations in the wing, Giada acting like an RSL, and so much more. Even if you don’t return back to the same hall or wing, I hope you can all find a place in your wing next year. Lastly, don’t forget to get sleep and please please take care of yourself even if you’re dying from stress lol.


Jillian Heinzmann

To the girls basketball team, I will you good memories and a fighting spirit. You may not win every game but I will you the strength and the energy to fight hard. And whether you win or lose I will you the ability to make good memories and have fun while you play! I had such a great senior year and I am soooo happy that I got to play with you all and help lead the team. I know most of you will only be juniors next year but I believe in you all and hope that you have an amazing season. Love y’all.

To Ava Gonzalez, my basketball prodigy, I will you a new prodigy. After I graduate you will get to pick an underclassmen who is your prodigy. I will that you find someone who reminds you of yourself as a player and challenges you in practice. I pass this on to you from Kayla who passed it on to me her senior year. 

To all of my EXCEL kids, I will you my pride and mothering instinct. You all will never know how incredibly proud I am of you for making it this far. I will that for those of you who go on to be EXCEL tutors that you find sophomores who look up to you for advice, wisdom, and mental sanity. I also will you all my voice in the back of your head telling you to sleep when it is 2 am, telling you to do your homework because it probably won’t kill you, and telling you to support each other because you will face hard times. I will that my voice in the back of your head helps to keep you out of trouble during your time at IMSA and that maybe, just maybe, you manage to listen to that voice every once in a while. I really don’t think that I can express how much you all mean to me and how much you have impacted my life. I have learned a lot from you all and I hope that in some way I helped to make IMSA seem a little more welcoming in your very first weeks. It has been amazing to watch you all grow and mature and I send you with the knowledge that you will all do great things in life no matter what challenges you face

To AJ, my little sib, I will you a little sib who has been as amazing as you have been for me. It meant so much to me that you chose me to be your big sib because it meant that I was doing something right. I have loved going to events together and just vibing. I can’t wait to hear about all the great things you will do in life. I also will you my ability to stay organized because it is one of the first things I remember helping you with in EXCEL. I will that you keep this skill for the rest of your life because it is useful

To Jeremy Stark, I will you sleep, sanity, and a light workload. I will you sleep because you and I both know that you desperately need it, I will you sanity for the days, weeks, or months when you don’t sleep, and I will you a light workload so that you can take a step back and enjoy IMSA. I will you the most relaxing SSS possible because after this year and what I assume your junior year will look like, you absolutely deserve it. I will you a sophomore that you can look after and guide and I hope that they leave you on read occasionally so you know what it feels like, jk jk. On a real note though I have really loved hanging out with you and getting to know you better throughout the year. I will miss our Starbucks trips and getting meals together because it’s the only time you are ever free. I really hope that in the next two years you remember to take care of yourself and manage your workload. And please remember that just because I am graduating does not mean I am gone, you can always text or call if you need anything or just want to spill some tea. 

To Nooriyah, I will you a new math study buddy. I don’t think I had ever imagined that one of the first people I would turn to math help for would be a junior, but I am so glad I did. I had a great time in math class with you and I hope that next year you find somebody new that will respond to your questions in a timely manner, do homework with you, and study for finals with you. Because everybody needs a math study buddy, thanks for being mine. 

To all my friends in 07C, I will you good friends and good housing placement. I have really loved getting to know all of you during check and beyond, and it has been super fun to watch all of your friendships grow. I hope that you keep those friendships throughout your time at IMSA and make new ones. And I will you good luck in your housing placements next year so that hopefully you get to live near some pretty cool people and in a chill community like we had. I loved when I would get a knock on the for advice, or food, or help with homework. Thanks for being great neighbors!

To the girls volleyball team, I will you a winning season and many good memories. I had a great time this year getting to work and play with you and I hope that next season goes just as well for you all. To Peyton and Victoria, y’all are absolute beasts and I will you all the kills and blocks that you can get. Have fun playing Kansas, I love y’all.

To the softball team, I will you good luck next season. As I am writing this our season has really only started but so far I have had a lot of fun playing with you all and getting to know everybody better. For next year I will you playable fields and good weather as well as good memories and lots of hits. 


Jonah Fisher

To the future Spectrum board, I will you the hope that you all maintain the momentum we have built for years. When I first came here, Spectrum was just one more culture club with barely a presence. Our first meeting was in the math study area, featuring a Kahoot and a grand total of roughly five events the entire year. This year, I got to talk to so many people at the club fair who were interested in our work, and the first Safe Space of this year was one of the most attended events I’ve seen on campus outside of assemblies or cultural shows. It was crazy to welcome you all here and to show you that there is so much more to do. Whoever we choose, I hope you all understand that Spectrum has incredible power here. We have the incredible luck to be one of the most intersectional groups on campus, and I encourage each of you to take action to keep this community safe. You all know why I say that, and I hope you all can be a resource for those who are desperate to find a place to belong here on campus, no matter who they are.

To Laasya Nagumalli, I will you one final gift. But first, let me rant a little :). I couldn’t be prouder of how far you have come. Before either of us came here, we had already been through so much, and IMSA never really holds back. I never expected to find a sophomore so different from me that I couldn’t stop seeing myself in. I was in many of the same situations you have been in this last year – freaking over my grades falling half a percent, scrambling to figure out where I belonged here, and always being scared something may happen to me. When I told you my stories, in the moment, I said I knew you would be safe here. You even asked me again recently how I knew, despite everything that happened and continued to happen to me. While I still can’t give you a solid answer, I know I was right those months ago. From our random conversations on snap way past your bedtime (that always descend into the bitmoji rabbit hole), I know that you can and will be successful here. I can see that, much like myself, you care about the people around you and the people after you. I know that you have amazing ideas about how to improve this place and I wish I had begun the process to get you the systems you need to implement that change much earlier in my IMSA career. In my short time left, I’ve been working on a project just for you. So, whenever these senior wills are posted, message me. I have a hope here that any person, no matter who they are or how IMSA may have failed them, can find a path to create the change they want to see here. That will be my last gift to you: a guide to those paths, the ups and downs I faced, my own failures and successes. I don’t want to go on much longer, but I hope you know that you have an incredible ability to inspire other people around you, and I hope you continue to use that ability to make a difference.

To Maddy Wylie, I will you the other half of my work, but let me explain first. I don’t think you meant to end up here with me when you complimented my hair during Welcome Week. Queer people, am I right? Either way, watching you figure out how to navigate IMSA and overcome the many awful things this institution can and has thrown at you has been a rollercoaster to say the least. I never expected to care so much about any of my sophs safety, let alone literally sprinting across campus to make sure you were okay. Since that night, I’ve thought a lot about what else I could’ve done to protect you and other people from the person we are both thinking of, and I am genuinely sorry that I did not do more for you all. It was one thing for me to go through something, but you and others gave me the courage to report and speak out about what happened to me. Now, I’ve received so many stories from so many different alumni and students about how they have felt at this school. I wish I could share all of those with you, I hope you know that there are so many people who have gone through similar situations. That may sound bad, as IMSA failed us, and that is true. But, when you looked at me at the U bench and said “Well, now we have to keep this change going”… homie, I almost sobbed. When you stood up to Dr. Glazer with me and you took that step to advocate for yourself and the other queer people on campus, I couldn’t have been more proud. So, alongside Laasya’s will, I leave you the second half of my work this year. The choice is always yours, and you’ve seen me after hours of meetings with administrators, students, and just draining emotional conversations. You know how hard this work can be. But, I think you already know how needed it is, and I’m not sure I could stop you if I tried. I put you on the Advisory Committee for a reason. Of course, you have experiences well worth sharing, but I think you also have something more, a lot like Laasya. I think the two of you, if you take this up, have the best shot of any IMSA students I’ve ever met to create real and tangible change for the people you care about and the people you will never even have the chance to meet. I leave you the Student Advisory Committee and the chance of a better life for IMSA students long after me. Even in the event that we can’t get this committee going this year, and you know I will fight tooth and nail for it, I leave the idea and my hopes for the change you all can make to you, to share with whoever you believe will make a difference. Use it wisely, as the momentum of my letter and the power my name holds against this administration will last only so long. You have full permission to remind them of who I was here and my story when they forget, but I hope you don’t always have to think about me as the advocate I am in my last quarter here. Unlike me, I need you to take time to make sure you are alright before jumping into these projects. Hopefully, you will be able to do more than I ever dreamed possible here.

To Ben Starkey, I will you a small gift! I don’t know if you are expecting a will from me or not, but I hope this can surprise you a bit either way. I don’t want to make this a call to action like the other sophomores I’m writing to, but I think you just need to know how much you matter. I know that you have had a rough time, which is no small understatement, but ever since we have met, you have been one of the few people I’ve noticed capable of lighting up a room or group of your friends. I have so many great memories of talking about our various hyperfixations and special interests, the legendary “I’m speaking” picture of me glaring at Laasya being one of the funniest. I know we never got to have a LOTR binge or become really close, but I just want you to know that you matter to the people around you and to myself. I’m happy to know that when I leave next year, you will have a fantastic group of friends to support you, a concerningly packed quad, and hopefully a chance for you to really find your place and identity. I’m forever thankful that you decided to trust me almost from day one, and that while we never really consistently hung out, that you remained as “one of my sophs” in my head. Not sorry to the EXCEL tutors, but I yoinked all the traumatized ones and I hope you realize you are more than just what has happened to you. You have an amazing opportunity here to really figure out who you want to be, for yourself foremost, but also for your friends and (hopefully) the sophs you end up becoming protective of. If nothing else, I want you to know that you will always have me in your corner, and I cannot wait to see how far you will come. I will you one of my three flippable octopi, both to remember me and so you can know that it is ok to have ups and downs. None of us make it through life perfectly ok, and sometimes it’s ok to find just a single molecule of serotonin in flipping an octopus inside and laughing at the now angry face looking up at you. Come find me and I’ll show you the selection.

To Maven Horsch, I will you an explanation. I think this might be the hardest will for me to write. I have a lot of jumbled thoughts about who I see you becoming and what you have already been through that it really just feels right for your will to be random nonsense. That is a joke, of course, but I have really struggled to figure out how to help you the most in the last year. Much like Ben, you trusted me from day one, even being willing to go on that one walk around IMSA campus so early in the year. I don’t know what I did to earn that trust, but I’m glad that you found somebody here to confide in. Even when we didn’t talk as much, I want you to know that I was still checking to make sure you were alright. What can I say, I’m a Discord lurker at heart. I’m also sorry that I couldn’t find a way to do more for you. I know this year was rough for you at times, and we, sadly, had many of the same struggles at IMSA. Even now, I don’t know what is best to support you, or really where you will end up. My hope is that, like we talked about just a few weeks ago, that you will find a way to live with yourself and to cope even when someone else isn’t there. I know I talked to you about me being worried about leaving you all behind here, but I trust that you will be able to navigate this place without me. My will to you is the same trust you gave me in the beginning of this year. I don’t know where I will be at the time of writing this, but I hope we can both trust each other to find ways to be alright wherever we are. Good luck, and I know you will make it.

To Solange Simpson, I will you a few stories. Heyyyy bestie. You knew you’d be in here :). I can’t think of enough amazing things to say about you. Ever since we first started talking, I’ve had nothing but the wildest, funniest, and honestly some of the best moments at IMSA with you. From carrying you all the way to the Russian room (sorry for the surprise JP), to having really hard conversations in Lexington or 1503, we’ve been through so much together. I’m constantly amazed by your ability to make everyone around you feel so much happier, even when those tough conversations need to be had. I’ll never forget the night in 1503 where, in the middle of an access walk, I stopped to talk to you about what was happening for just ten minutes. In that time, you handled the complexities of navigating a relationship and your emotions so incredibly well, and you continue to make me so proud. You are always there for your friends, show up in probably the best fits on campus, and refuse to stop hyping people up even when they suck at taking compliments. You’ve helped me realize that I really do have reasons to be confident in myself, in personality and looks but also in so much more, and I know so many other people have gotten that same boost from you. When prom season is over, I will you my antique silver star earrings. I was never one for dangly earrings, and I much prefer the necklace in the set, but no matter what you are wearing or who you become, I know you will always shine. I hope you continue to bring your light with you into your senior year and beyond, and I’m so happy that the next sophomore class has someone like you to look up (or more like down) to. 

To Jay Gonzalez, I will you something as chaotic as yourself. You really did surprise me. We only met halfway through this year, but it really has been a rollercoaster ever since. When I moved and found out you were in my wing now too, I was so happy, you have no clue. I know I may not be your go-to senior for a lot of things, but hanging out with you and all our other friends were some of the best times I’ve had at IMSA. From randomly heading to my room to watch Chicago Med with us, to trying to do whatever crazy calisthenics off of my pullup bar, you really are one of my favorite sophomores here. You may not have been one of the sophs that I just instantly clicked with, but you are really such a kind and genuine person. I couldn’t have been happier to get to know you in 1505, and I hope you continue to bring that same energy and chaos back to IMSA when next year rolls around. I will you my Stitch figurine on my desk, which was given to me by someone my sophomore year who was equally as chaotic as you. I think it fits, and I hope you can remember how much stupid stuff us and the rest of our friends did together when you get it or find it randomly cleaning out your room between years, much like I did.

To the IMSA Percussionists, I will only two sentences. good luck. That’s the entire will, y’all know why.

To the IMSA Community, I will all of mine, and others, work to improve this place.  I’ve dedicated this last quarter of my time here to making this place safer for everyone after me. If you read any of my other wills, you know that that has been both incredibly draining and rewarding at the same time. My letter I released contained two of the worst experiences I’ve had at IMSA, but there really is so much more to this place. I chose to stay here, despite everything that happened to me, and that should speak volumes for itself. To everyone – past, present, and future students, IMSA RCs, staff, and teachers – I leave the work I have begun this last quarter. While I may have left specific projects to my sophomores, all of whom I trust above all else to continue to make this place safer, this institution requires everyone to put in the effort. Remain engaged in the work being done, advocate for those who cannot speak for themselves, and create a space worth learning at. The decision for IMSA students should not be between safety and opportunity. The decisions should be about how best we can use the incredible chance that we have here. When I went through LEAD my sophomore year, I decided to write an article for my final project. I’d like to share just a few lines with you all: “So what can we do? We can try to change things. If you made it this far, you were at least semi-interested in what I was telling you, and that is probably the most important step. You have much of the information you need to act on this problem in whatever way you see fit. We are supposed to be the future leaders and thinkers of the world, so I want you all to think.” I wrote that all the way back in the beginning of the pandemic, and I hope you can see that, even though I wrote this article about nuclear waste of all things, this same principle still applies here at IMSA. We have the power to enact change here, and it is so important as a community that we advocate for this much needed action. 


Joanna Menendie

To Ella V, I will you… people randomly giving you chick-fil-a mac n cheese…. Ella what can i even say except that I’m so out-of-this-world glad that I met you this year. It’s crazy that we weren’t friends until second semester. I had the time of my life eating incredible mango sorbet with you and sharing a husband. Nights at ten check will be a core memory for me until I get gray and old and die. I will you countless omegle nights (hopefully ones with no mouse traps), every grandpa sweater goodwill has to offer, volleyball kills every time you step foot on the court, people randomly giving you chick-fil-a mac n cheese, you to NEVER have to deal with a fake apology again, and for you to be the best doctor the world has ever seen (step on those insert plural of swear here)!!!! You are bound for such great things in life and you have absolutely amazing energy. You deserve nothing less than happiness and the best life has to offer. We need to ft at LEAST once a month next year so you can fill me in on ur life. Have the best summer. Swim a ton!!! Hags hags! With love and dollar tree candy, Joanna.

To Vidhi, I will you… lots and lots and cute jewelry…. Vidhi honestly writing this makes me want to cry. I’m so happy that you came to sit at my table in french and I always look forward to talking with you. You are truly one of the funniest and strongest people I’ve ever met! You are so wise, dedicated, organized, and thoughtful. You shine so insanely bright and I hope that you never forget that. I will you straight As in french till the end of time, and lots and lots and cute jewelry. I will you a listening ear always wherever you go and so much reward candy (since we only won a couple times this year in french). I will you winning at least one art competition because you’re too good to not to. You better keep in contact with me when I’m gone, girl (even tho ive already been gone so much of this year), or else! You never failed to make me smile during class and I appreciate you tons. Have the absolute BEST senior year. Au revoir, Joanna.

To Aru, I will you…a snack everywhere you go…. IM GONNA MISS YOU. honestly, you retaught me so much about life. Ngl i was being a negative nancy about everything for a little while but you’re so positive that I just couldn’t be that way around you for long. You are so capable and so kind and so knowledgeable. I know that you will kill it at imsa during your last two years and do so with absolute flair. I will you dozens of math competition wins, NO ANTS, a snack everywhere you go, an endless supply of the coolest walmart shirts the world has ever seen, so many deep dive youtube videos that you don’t know what to do with them, and to be in the most fun dances in every culture show. I will you a ton of more random phrases that make ella and I laugh. You are going to be everything that you want to be so do less stressing and more reggaetonning. I expect to hear about your life! With multi-vitamins and ten check sorbet, Joanna.

To Nooriyah, I will you… the best senior year and college experience… Nooriyah, you are one of the most genuine people I have ever met. You just radiate sincerity and in moments when my thoughts were blown up, you helped me stay grounded. I don’t think you knew you were even doing that though. Everyone who knows you is lucky to have you in their lives! I will you such a good sat score that the college board comes to you begging you to tell them how you did it. I will you the best senior year and college experience, and I will you infinite happy days. Joanna.

To Kevin, I will you…the best baking recipes the world has to offer… Kevin being you friend this year has been one of the highlights of my senior year. You NEVER fail to make me laugh and I’m always so happy when I see you in the halls or IN2. I love that for the first couple months of knowing each other we both didn’t know what was going on. I will you the best baking recipes the world has to offer and many many many more fun, random nights at imsa making movie-like memories. I will you countless more gossip-sessions with your mom and to NEVER have to wait super long for a bus AGAIN. With incredible beignets, Joanna.

To Michelle S, I will you….ten more stuffed animal pencil cases… Michelle, you are the sun. You are seriously a light that just brightens up people’s day. You are so kind and your smile is so contagious even through a mask! I will you straight As in every imsa math class you take, ten more stuffed animal pencil cases, and for your days to always end with a smile! Joanna.

To Nour, I will you….a non-crunchy apple…

Nour i actually JUST met you which is insane because at the first dinner we had together it was like we’d been friends for months. I loved eating GOOD trader joes food with you and having very philosophical conversations about vine and fruit. I will you to one day have an apple that you enjoy, a rug that isn’t black so you can feel safe laying on it without lil ants (the dwing bug problem is a 0/10), fre-sha-vacado, someone to microwave ur dinner like a wifey while you sit lavishly, and an amazing senior year! With $4 frozen butter chicken and croissants that could’ve been dropped, Joanna.

To Sasha, I will you…a lifetime supply of dried fruit…Sasha writing this is honestly a tragedy. You have been such an amazing friend to me this year and I’m so happy that we had stress management together (even though we were both still SO stressed). You are such a caring person and you deserve amazing things from this world. I will you a lifetime supply of dried mango (incredible, honestly it’s everything, 10/10, the moment), your brother making you enough drawings/paintings for you to fill up your walls, overcoming the demon that is math and making it your insert swear here, and living your absolute BEST life your senior year. I crossed the trenches of campus to make it over to 01 to hang with you and Inga and I would DO IT AGAIN! I know that you are going to be so happy in life and that you’ll go off into the world and say that it sucks but still take it over. With managed stress, Joanna.

To Lisa, I will you….more sleep!!!…. Lisa!!!! You are truly the most responsible sophomore that I’ve ever met. Everyone in our wing was and is SO impressed with you and your organization! You are so fun to talk to and be around. I will you many more nights of long restful sleep and to change it up maybe a couple of naps thrown in there. Joanna.

To Nikita, I will you…an amazing rest of your imsa career…Nikita you are the sweetest person this world has ever seen and you will have so much in this life! You have the most beautiful energy and you always lift the mood of every person and room. I will you an amazing rest of your imsa career and to be surrounded by energy as amazing as yours. Joanna.

To Jadesola & Daunovan, I will you…a great next year!…You guys crack me up and I loved working with you on projects. That night painting I truly needed those laughs. And the night packaging the goodie bags was equally as hilarious. You guys are going to be successful. 

To Maven, I will you…a fun next year…Maven it was so fun talking to you during ten check and hitting everything in your room while I laughed. I will you to never use a pet name on a boy EVER again, so many snacks, and countless discord days (still have no idea how discord works). With an omegle state of mind, Joanna

To David, I will you…hilarious moments…. David ur funny. Genuinely. Speech team tournaments and bsu events and meetings were so fun with you. I will you hilarious moments till the end of your days. Joanna.

To Chinara & Raven, I will you…great memories…Chinara and Raven, you both are so capable and I see so much success in your futures. You are both leaders and the people who are working under you are lucky to have you guys inspiring them. I will you a great rest of your imsa career and the memories of 2021-2022 bsu. You guys are going to kill it in whatever field you go into!

To Unicef Underclassmen, I will you…countless event ideas…I LOVED y’all this year. Ur energy was unmatched and hanging out with you guys at every event was such a good time. Come great times and slightly harder times, you guys were all so great to work with! I will you countless event ideas, a smooth-sailing year next year, and more group memories! Next year, y’all will flourish! With fundraisers on my mind, Joanna.


Joyce Li

To the Studco underclassmen (Yina, Irene, Maggie, and Zuyu), I will you a year of opportunity, enthusiasm, and growth. As unprecedented as our school year was this year, I hope you’ve found Studco a place to advocate for the IMSA you guys grew to love. Although I don’t know the results of the elections as I’m writing this, I have no doubt that, on Studco or not, you guys can leave an enduring impact for your classmates and future generations to come. Your hard work this year didn’t go unnoticed, and I couldn’t imagine a better group of underclassmen to work with. Take your visions, hopes, and most importantly, the voices of the students you represent and make IMSA a better place than you found it. I have so much faith in you guys.

To the boy’s and girl’s volleyball underclassmen, I will you an exciting volleyball season filled with many victories. You guys made my last year of IMSA volleyball so memorable and have reminded me why I love volleyball. Stay talented, close, and passionate because IMSA volleyball is special (and the highest-winning sports team shall I say haha). Go win IMSA their first regional playoff game and make all of the seniors proud :).

To the 1502 B-wing underclassmen, I will you a warm, close-knit wing. Even if some of you don’t stay in B-wing, I hope you take the memories and friends into the next school year. I couldn’t have asked for a better wing to end my senior year off with, and I’ll truly miss all the late nights in the wing commons talking with Damariz, eating food, and laughing. Have a great year next year and thanks for making 02B so fun this year :).

To George Bayliss, I will you a crafty senior year. I hope you find a balance between academics, extracurriculars, sports, and most importantly, yourself so you have the memorable senior year that you deserve (just don’t get in trouble please). I admire your maturity and the friendship we had this year, and I hope you continue to be your bubbly self even if senior year starts getting to you. Have a great next year :).

To Alan Hernandez, I will you a happy senior year. For lack of a better word, I hope your senior year is as fulfilling and content as you want it to be because you deserve it. You light up every room you walk into and I’ll miss our talks in engineering to playing volleyball together (I’ll always watch your games :)) and I hope you make IMSA a memorable experience for you and your underclassmen to come. I know you can do it!

To Angel Lopez, I will you a year filled with lots of griddys. Fr though, I’m really glad that I met you and your bubbly self this year, and you’ll be a great upperclassman next year. You’re lively and a great person to be around, and I can’t wait to see what you do!

To Rohan Jain, I will you a stress-free and joyful senior year. You’re smart, talented, and well-spoken, and I’m proud of everything you’ve done and will continue to do in your last year at IMSA. Relax and do what makes you happy so you can have the senior year you deserve. Thank you for all the conversations and memories we’ve had. Your hard work will take you far :).

To Victoria Nalepka, I will you a junior year that treats you well. You were the first underclassman that I got close with, and I’ll always cherish the volleyball games, walking trips, and hangouts that we spent together. I know you’ll be a vital part of IMSA volleyball for these next two years, and I can’t wait to see what legacy you leave for IMSA volleyball. You’ve grown so much since I’ve met you and you never fail to put a smile on someone’s face. You’ll do great at IMSA, I know it, so don’t let physics get to you too much! I hope you find friends, and maybe even a partner that is everything you deserve :).

To Kevin Zhang, I will you a fulfilling senior year. I know you’ll continue to be the math and CS god that you are, but be sure to also spend time with friends and everything IMSA has to offer. You’re super fun to be around and I can’t wait to see what you do in the future!

To my future club leaders (Julia, Janelle, Ayati, and George) I’m glad that SASE and French Club are falling into your hands. You guys are hardworking, determined, and intelligent and I have no doubt you’ll do great things with the clubs. Don’t let college apps and senior year get to you too much and always remember to have fun with these clubs :).


Julie Lima

To Caroline Kowal, I will you the ability of not falling over every five seconds. Actually, that’s not possible, so instead I will you someone to record your falls (and of course help you up too) so that you guys can laugh about it later. For real tho, I’m so glad I met you because you made this year so much better. I couldn’t have asked for anyone else to be my partner in crime when tormenting the robotics boys. I wish we had met earlier in the year so that we could’ve spent more time together, but I’ll forever be grateful for the memories we did get to make. I’m so proud of how much you’ve grown since I first met you. I’ll miss you (and your amazing hugs) so much. I love you <33.

To Ella Voyles, I will you the ability to pick a good guy lol. But in all seriousness, I hope you find a group of friends who love you for who you really are, and a guy who doesn’t leave you doubting where you stand in your relationship. You deserve so much better than that. You’re an amazing person and I’ll never forget our late night tea spilling sessions. Thank you for being my mini-me. Please keep me updated after I leave – I will be waiting for texts from you when I’m in college!! Have so much fun next year, I’ll miss you so much! I love you!

To Ilan Lunken, I will you the Titan Robotics Mechanical subteam’s traditional allen key. This key was passed on to me from last year’s captain, Asaiah, who received it from the previous year’s Mechanical Specialist, Jojo. Now I’m passing it on to you, and it will be your job to pass it on to someone just as deserving. Continue to do great things :)). Wow, I think those were the most serious 30 seconds we’ve ever had together. I’m so glad to have met someone whose personality matches mine so perfectly. I don’t think we’ll ever be able to get anything done or be quiet together. I couldn’t have asked for a better underclassman to trust fall five feet down or wrestle in hotel rooms or roll on the ground laughing with. I’ll miss you bestie.

To Luis Hernandez-Aguirre, I will you your bed back — Thank you for letting me, Caroline, and Nomar mega-spoon for the night. But I also will you love for yourself. You’re one of the nicest, most genuine people I know and you always made me feel welcome and included. You could always tell when someone was feeling down even when nobody else could, and every time, you went out of your way to make them feel better (it may help that you give the best hugs). You have so much love to give, and you deserve most of it. I wish you could see yourself the way your friends see you. I’ll miss you a ton <33.

To Ayati Lala, I will you someone else you can slap. And who will slap you back because it’s only fair. Volleyball season was so much fun and I’m glad I got to know you. Thank you for all of the endless laughs on the bus rides to games and during practice when we should’ve been paying attention. Have so much fun next year, I’ll miss you!

To Theo Schreiber, I will you a mechanical fastener with a threaded hole that you attach to the end of a bolt to provide a clamping force. I forgot what they’re called, but you’ll know what I’m talking about. You just get a single one though. Anyway, I’m glad I met you and I can for sure say that the weekend working in the garage was one I’ll never forget. Legend has it that there are still wet M&Ms hiding in the deepest, darkest corners. Oh, and that you still owe 600 pushups.

To Jack Morby, I will you an infinite supply of word puzzles so that you never stop busting them. You’re a smart cookie, Jackary Morbiferous. Your 172% in BC3 could’ve been a bit better, but I guess I’ll let it slide. You suck at making play-doh models, but you make up for it with your ability to get the halloween clock reaction juuuust right. Compusci at 2am sucks, but thank you for going through it with me. Have a great senior year!

To Nomar Martin, I will you all of my catchphrases and signature handshakes. You were always my biggest supporter, spreading the awko taco love to others. I also will you my amazing ability of coming up with the best nicknames ever (you’re gonna need it for next year when I’m not at robotics). Don’t forget to always give people crabs (for legal purposes, it’s the name of a handshake). Have fun next year!

To Shreya Chakraborty, I will you the ability to relax. You put so much on your plate at once because you dream so big and work so hard to reach those dreams. But it’s so important for you to take time for yourself. You are incredibly smart, funny, and hardworking, and rest is just as important for success as work is. I can’t wait to see what your future holds.

To the volleyball girls, I will you the love of the game. I will you a team full of girls that care for and help each other beyond the court. I hope you are able to have fun and form special bonds that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

To next year’s Relay for Life Board, I will you a smooth year. That’s it. To continuing members, I appreciate all of the work you put in this year, even when COVID guidelines and miscommunication between members and admin made it incredibly difficult to succeed. I hope you use what you learned to make our organization even better for next year. Y’all are doing amazing work.


Karen Olvera 

To all my sophomores, I will you a fun, wonderful, bright, cheerful, and unique group of sophomores just as good as you were to me. My IMSA experience would have never been the same without any of you. You gave me hope in the hardest times and smiles on my most difficult days. I’m so proud of each and every one of you, for who you have grown into and become. I wouldn’t be the same person I am today without you. Remember that I’m still here for all of you, even after graduation. Never be afraid to reach out, and above all, never stop being yourselves. I love all of you so much! 

To my juniors, I will you the best possible senior year you could imagine. If you need help with college apps, don’t be afraid to call me :)). It’s been so much fun bonding with you, thank you for always being there for me. You guys are going to be amazing seniors. Never stop believing in yourselves, because you know I have always believed in all of you so much. You’ll be everything you ever wanted to be. I love you guys too. 

To Sophia, I will you endless nights playing video games and a successful future meme career. I will never forget all those times we would do homework together in the RC office. You didn’t know it, but you made my days brighter and made me smile so much. Your witty comments and your humor will always keep me smiling. Your tea parties are god tier and I will always keep you and Tuxedo Sam in my heart. 

To Laasya, I will you a bunny farm, to keep Penny company. I will remember you by the great hugs you give. I know you’ll do amazing things next year and I hope you continue to fill 02 with bunny wholesomeness. 

To Sriya, I will you indestructible vocal cords, the title of abuela, and all the ice cream you could ever want. Your advice, your contagious laughter, your singing, and your kindness will always be what I remember most about you. I’m proud of who you have become. Thank you for everything, the advice, the awesome Indian food, and the late nights spent in the RC office. Thank you for laughing at my dumb jokes too. Don’t burn any cookies in 02 next year ;).

To Diya, I will you Jungkook, just kidding, I will you all the ice you could possibly eat. I love your bad chemistry jokes, your endless list of crazy quotes (that Sriya has written down) and your quirky outlook on life. Please don’t study too hard, enjoy your IMSA experience to the fullest. I will show up on your doorstep any time you need me. You’re amazing and don’t ever let anyone tell you different. 

To Ellen, I will you endless ukulele jam sessions, you bring everyone happiness when you play. I love your positivity and kindness. I can’t wait to see you grow into a more confident person. I have all the belief in the world that you will do so well in everything you try to do. Don’t be afraid to speak up. The world is meant to hear your voice. 

To Anahi, I will you all the fruta en vaso you could possibly want. Although I didn’t get to know you as well, I think you’re really funny. You’re fun to be around and you seem like an all around great person. Thank you for allowing me to get to know you. 

To Natasha, I will you success with your Genshin Impact career. You sing so well, and I hope you never stop. Don’t be modest, girl! You are very talented. You’re hilarious and sweet. 

To Vanali, I will you the entire world, because it is what you deserve. You are one of the people I look the most forward to seeing because you have one of the sunniest personalities I have ever met. No one has ever made me cry such happy tears and I hope that your next two years at IMSA are everything you wished for. Keep being you and never ever stop smiling. 

To Karla, I will you all the naps in the world. You are one of the funniest people I’ve met, and your fast paced approach to life is wonderful to observe. I’ll never forget that time you ran into the RC office ranting about the dumpster and the animal that almost attacked you. Your enthusiasm and zest for life is unmatched and it fills the room. I wish you all the best for next year. You’re sweet and wonderful and always make my day. 

To Rylie, I will you Walgreens apple juice, kombucha, and patience for Muffin. You’re hilarious, and I’ve enjoyed getting to know you. You piss me off in the best way possible and I love it. Our walks and late nights up will be held dear to me, even though you bullied me along the way. Thanks for all the random wing commons conversations. I loved every single moment we spent together. 

To Kaitlyn, I will you more boxes of Holo Taco. Your nail skills are on point and you’re crazy good at making those wands on your wall. One of my favorite memories is watching Spiderman with you and Rylie and your hilarious side commentary. Thank you for all of those wonderful memories in the RC office and the sparkling water. I hope you know you can continue to reach to me if you ever need anything. You’re a sweet soul and you deserve the best senior year possible. I’m glad that I could be your comfort senior. You were my comfort junior. 

To Aarya, will you endless patience for a certain someone, speedy essay skills, and all the luck in the world with college apps. Thank you for all the yummy Indian food, snacks, movie nights, and mind-blowing conversations about the randomest history bits. You’re one of the most wonderful, caring, and supportive people I have met here. Thanks for all the pick me ups. I hope you achieve all your life goals and dreams. You’re one of the most hard working people I know and definitely deserve it. 

To Kate, I will you endless Lexington doughnuts, lots of fuzzy socks, and movie nights. Your hugs made me feel better on hard days, and I’m truly grateful that you allowed me to get to know you. 

To the Future Alma Latina Board, I will you memorable club meetings and the best Casa de Alma. I will you Aguas frescas events and fun salsa nights. 


Karrick McGinty

To the smash eSports team (Christian Delgado, Renaldo Venegas, Jeff Duan, Zander Tamez, and Rafael Rotger), I will you all to never have to play online ever again.  I will you to do great next year and take home another IHSEA trophy!  Christian, I better not hear that you are playing some random other character next year and if you do, I will single handedly drive back to IMSA and take your controller out of your hand.  Also why can you do that snoring thing so well.  It makes me laugh every time.  Renaldo, please play more wolf so nobody has to fight your campy villager ever again.  I also will you a new straw to make up for stealing yours to try to drink a frosty out of thinking it was a smoothie.  Jeff, please actually go to IHSEA next year.  It was really fun and I think you would have really enjoyed it this year and I think you can do super well next year.  Zander, pikachu >>> pichu.  Also, don’t make Coach Kernats lose her mind next year with your shenanigans.  We need her to stay as long as possible.  Rafael, I hope you can finally find someone you can practice with.  Overall thank you guys so much for the effort you have put into eSports and I can’t wait to hear how it goes after I leave IMSA.  Esports this year was some of my favorite memories of senior year and I am so happy I got to experience it with you all.  Make Coach Kernats proud and make sure to thank her for all of the amazing stuff she has done for us.  Don’t tell her to shut up xD.

To Justina Kostiv, I will you to never ever be marked absent from Titan Crew ever again.  I also hope that in the future you will learn to draw your triangles in the right direction.  Just make sure to continue to listen to Mr Kearney’s wacky stories and take them to heart.  I have learned alot from him and I hope you did too.

To Jai, I will you the fastest reaction times humanity has to offer so you can continue to be the first person to reply to my posts.

To the current juniors of 01D (Braeden Cullen, Christian Cantu, Nachiket Raj, Will Healy, Freddie Redriguez, and Julius Wardlow), I will you all to not have mask mandates and other annoying COVID restrictions in the wing next year.  Please behave next year.  I don’t want the only thing I hear about IMSA after I leave is that specifically 1501 D wing has burned down to the ground.  On a lighter note you guys were like a second family to me along with the rest of the wing.  From walking me down for dance team senior night and giving me toasts on my birthday, I feel like you guys were always there for me and I thank you for that.  You guys can be very stupid sometimes but you can also be some of the nicest people ever and I wouldn’t trade you guys for anyone else to be my wingmates.

To the dance team, (Aleksandra Duda, Laura Rodriguez, Manya Davis, Melinda Yuan, Ani Georgieva, Karina Byers, and Keira Feliciano) I will you all to have a great year of dance next year and hopefully you all won’t have to dance with masks on which makes it so hard to breathe.  Also you won’t have to do dances without facials during practice and then get docked points for personality :(.  

To Steve Dziamentsyeu, I will you an infinite supply of sanitized for your safety stickers that you will use to your heart’s desire.  I also will you to never ever die to physics bugs in slope3 ever again.  Sitting next to you during my off-mods was always nice.  Next year I am gonna check my backpack and so no stickers on it and I know I’m gonna miss you then.  Make sure to send me some digital photos of those stickers sometimes just so I don’t miss out on that xD.  Just remember that differential equations is cringe but linear algebra is a banger class.  With those two statements of fact I know you will be able to succeed next year.  I hope you have as great of a senior year as I did and best of luck during your college process.

To Gabby Kanallakan, I will you a new pet baby pygmy hippo.  They are very adorable.  I also will you a bunch of chlorine because apparently you think that’s a cool element.  I also hope that in the future you will finally learn that physics >>> chemistry.  In all seriousness, you are one of the most interesting and fun people I have ever met.  I regret that I had to meet you so late into my time at IMSA.  Thank you for making the end of my time at IMSA just a little bit better.  Best of luck getting into your dream school with all the money and scholarships you would ever want but I don’t think you need that much luck.  

To Jacie (Pixifwa) Cox, I will you infinite kills in Valorant and to never be harassed in solo-queue lobbies ever again.  Best of luck with Valorant eSports next year and I hope you all get some crazy new sophomores next year for the team!  I also will you and Gabby to have the greatest wedding ever for whenever that happens.  Thank you for all that you have helped me with.  It really means a lot.  Also I’m trusting that you will make sure valorant succeeds next year.  It is entirely in your hands because I said so.  Best of luck making varsity next year for Valorant and I totally think that you can do it, especially if you are so much better than Quinn as you say.  

To Alyssa Ryan and Jadesola Suleiman, I will you to create the best and greatest stories possible.  Hopefully you two get into amazing colleges so you two will not turn in Jeremys during graduation.  You two made creative writing workshop so much better.  Your stories were also so interesting to read too.  

To Patrick Tenedor, I will you endless dance numbers to perform in the future.  Dancing with you at WOSDAC was so fun.  I just want to say that you are SO kind and nice.  I have never seen you in a bad mood and you are always so nice to others.  I feel like you always genuinely care so much about everyone around you.  I hope you know that you make everyone around you so much happier.  Please never change.

To the 1501 D wing sophs, Ramon Vazquez, Edgar Carlos, Simon Hoffman, Matthew Svatora, the rest of the people at the armor suit couches, Lily Powell, and anyone else I am forgetting about this late at night, I will you all better wills.  In typical IMSA student fashion I procrastinated on this and it is due in less than 10 minutes.  I wish I could write things to you all.  Learn from my mistakes and start your wills sooner than I did.  Best of luck to you all and I will still remember each and every one of you in the future.

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Oliver Ni
Oliver Ni is a member of the Class of 2022 and previously served as co-Editor-in-Chief and Opinions Section Editor. He lived in 05C for all three of his years and is proud to have witnessed the most destructive period in the wing's history. Outside of The Acronym, he was involved in speech and debate, student council, ACLU, and math team. He is now pursuing undergraduate studies at Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service.

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