2022 Senior Wills Pt. 2

2022 Senior Wills! Cover illustrated by Alexander Zhang

Welcome to the 2022 Senior Wills! 1,001 days after the Class of 2022 moved into IMSA, it is time for another installment to this time-honored tradition. The Acronym is proud the present the wills of 112 individuals to all of the underclassmen of IMSA! This amounted to a total of 102,000+ words, just under the length of Divergent in case if you were wondering. That said, we hope you appreciate these messages left behind by the Class of 2022 as they journey on into the great beyond (of college). So grab your tissue box, your friend within arm’s reach, and your reading glasses as we look into what is in store. All of the wills from Kavin Suhirtharen to Zoe Barajaz are in this doc, and all of the wills from Abhi Pasupula to Karrick McGinty are attached here.

Kavin Suhirtharen
Kaylee Zhou
Kevin Fan
Kian De Guzman
Kosisochi Onwuameze
Lethzy Gutierrez
Liam Archer
Liam Nelson
Liam McCarthy
Liz Alcala
Liz Soyemi
Madeline Fields Halva
Makayla Zheng
Manaal Shamsi
Marco Bravo
Matt Torres
Michael Hunding
Minseo Emily Jung
Mo Narciso
Morgan Johnson
Nadia Horak
Nadia Ludwig
Natali Chung
Natalie Hulseberg
Neil Dighe
Niyati Kapadia
Olamiji Fabamigbe
Oliver Ni
Philip Yi
Pranav Patel
Resh Mukherjee
Rishik Ummareddy
Robert Szocinski
Robert Zhu
Rohit Katakam
Rujuta Durwas
Saanvi Chelikani
Sabrina Zhang
Sage Owen
Samantha Gong
Sameer Komoravolu
Samuel Lee
Sanaa Davis
Shehzad Bajowala
Shikhar Gupta
Shiraz Baxamusa
Shreya Mahesh
Srinitya Voora
Temi Akinmolayan
Temi Ijisesan
Thavaisya Ananth
Tyler Smith
Vivian Cho
Will McClain
Willow Dennison
Zoe Barajaz


Kavin Suhirtharen

To 05 D-wing, I will you all a box of Kodiak Cakes pancake mix. Thank you guys for all the memories, including throwing Dum-Dums everywhere and playing pranks on Shaan. Find someone next year to be the designated food-giver of the wing, but I’ll send a box of protein bars every once in a while. Keep in touch.

To Vikram Karra, I will you a fourth time, because the third time was not the charm. From first meeting you as a Talent member to learning you lived in my wing, I always knew you’d be a close friend. The late-night conversations were peak, especially that time we all watched Baahubali. I’ll miss our 7-8 off ping pong battles, but maybe they’ll continue in a year. Keep grinding as hard as you are, and I’ll see you on a highway soon. I also will you a new football, because I think the one you gave us is long gone :(.

To Shaan Doshi, I will you a barber, a new pair of glasses, and my lifting belt. The first two you desperately need to stop looking like a Walmart droid from Star Wars, but the third is because I wanna see you get big (I can see the gains already). From planting small pranks in your room to wrestling you at random moments, I always found myself smiling whenever you were around. Thank you for the laughs you’ve given all of us – you never let anything get to you, and I respect that a lot. 

To Louie Hernandez, I will you a bag of honey-roasted peanuts, because I accidentally stole some of yours thinking it was Shaan’s. The balance you have in your life is crazy admirable, and I can’t wait to see it pay off in the future. The late-night conversations, breaking into your room, and interesting nap times always gave me a laugh. Stay on edge, I promise I’ll stop by your McD at any random time. 

To Vikram, Shaan, and Louie, I also will you guys the 05D downquad. Bums.

 To Shreya Chakraborty, I will you a copy of Learn to Drive (2019 Edition), because we all know you need it. You were one of the first underclassmen I met before IMSA, and your positive vibes always shine everywhere. I give you a hard time a lot, but your grindset is insane. I can’t wait to see what you’ll accomplish in the future, but for that to happen, you gotta learn how to use a brake pedal.

To Pranit Guntupalli, I will you my swim goggles, as I hope you’ll swim again next year. From swim meets to SIR lunches to LEAD adventures, I loved spending every moment with you. We messed around so much, and I’ll miss you when I leave. Come to Huntley sometime, I’m banking on it!

To Saketh Dontaraju, you will me a full tank of gas. Mr. loves park who lives in the middle of nowhere and made me his Uber for the day. But fr, you’re a necessary crazy in everyone’s lives. Thanks for always taking the necessary photos of everyone, but watch out, shotsbysuhi is on the move.

To Sree Atyam, I will you a better barber – and a high-quality Gillette razor. Fr, but it’s okay we’ve all gone through it. You always manage to keep a positive attitude towards everything, and I gotta hand you that. Keep smiling, and try not to say questionable things all the time, especially regarding moisture. 

To Dhruv Patel, I will you some sleep and a comb. Panu, shikky, and I give you a hard time a lot but you’re the hardest working person I’ve met. I think you’ve got drip potential, but we gotta fix the monstrosity that lies on your head first. Until then, keep grinding like you always have and keep singing “Better Days” during math tests.

To Nandana Varma, I will you a Sriracha bottle and a pillow. I don’t know how you do it, but you always manage to bring a smile to everyone’s face. From teaching LEAD with you to random SIR bus conversations, I never had a moment of boredom with you (although I will never eat gulab jamuns in your house again). Keep being awesome and tell papa Varma I said hi.

To Aaliyah Ali, I will you my Anime list, specifically episode 10 of Violet Evergarden (watch it pls I promise it’s worth it). I’ll never forget the random conversations about gum or characters from the Vampire Diaries, which I still think is a terrible show. 

To Elaina Xiao, I will you a cardboard boat – one that’s even better than the KEP. It was awesome being your co-facilitator, and I hope that your next year is as fun as this year was. Keep playing the best SocEnt playlist!

To Pietro Stabile, I will you a home. Hopefully you’ll find one to stay in next year, but your tranquility will be missed. Be more productive with your time and watch more TV in the night. 

To Shreeya Avadhanula, I will you my airhorn, because you need to blast it every time before you do something dumb. All the memories, from first reading your IMSA memories to hearing about Morettis, you never failed to give me a surprise. Have fun, but please make wiser decisions in the future I beg. 

To Sridevi Krothapillai, I will you a prom date. I lost the bet, so I owe you a drive and food too. You were the first underclassmen I met before IMSA (Limelight), and it’s so cool seeing how far you’ve come. Go chase the Ohio dream!

To Raf Talusan, I will you some Texas Toast. I called you Ryan way too many times at the beginning of the school year, but I swear they were accidental. Keep playing basketball and Fortnite in the hall commons, no matter how many times you lose.


Kaylee Zhou

To Jerrick Li, I will you a little sib that is amazing as you are. I’ve had a lot of fun getting to know you over the year, whether it’s from you Facetiming me at 1am, making fun of how short I am, taking laps around campus, and randomly trying to get me to play volleyball. However, I do hope that your sleep schedule improves, you get better at cutting hair, and get better humor than relying on spraying your Gatorade bottle. On a real note, I hope you have a successful junior and senior year whether it’s through your academic classes, executing your creative ideas for your extracurriculars, and continuing to grow and mature as a person. Remember to believe in yourself and be confident about your ideas/abilities because you are more than capable of what you put your mind to. I will definitely make sure to visit you and what will be the amazing Lunar show that you’ll put on next year. Never hesitate to continue randomly calling me about life updates or for advice because I will always have a response ready.  

To Jackie Zhang, I will you a stress-free/successful senior year, more sleep, and new underclassmen to make fun of in order to replace the seniors that both bully you, and who you bully. You were one of my first junior friends, and I remember meeting your funny and bubbly personality for the first time in Joyyee the summer before IMSA move-in in 2021. It has been great working with you for projects, which has allowed me to see your creativity throughout our Gangnam Style and Horror story projects. I hope you carry on your positivity, bubbliness, and hardworking spirit throughout your life, because they will help get you far, which I have no doubt you will do. Make sure to keep up your amazing work ethic, continue to do what you love, and choreo/dance in culture shows and Clash. Have fun your senior year and remember to cherish the memories you make with your friends. I hope we can keep in touch and I will always be one text/call away <3.

To Alex Orantia and Bhavya Vegesna, I will you both new underclassmen that are just as bubbly and sweet as you both are, and who call you the best nicknames. I love it when I randomly run into you guys, and we submerge into one of our hugs where I am completely buried. It has been fun watching you both work hard together, studying in random places around the school, and have fun dancing in different culture shows. I hope you both have a fun and successful senior year, and remember to relax. I hope we can keep in touch, and don’t forget to have fun, make memories, and enjoy yourselves! <3.

To Jul Hwangbo, I will you your own capybara and a bathtub. This is pretty self-explanatory. I hope you find someone that can match your chaotic energy and can balance your bubbly personality. I’ve appreciated getting closer to you this past year, and thank you for your great photography skills during my senior pictures. Speaking of pictures, I hope you get to execute all the creative photoshoot ideas you have mentioned to me. You have a lot of creativity, and I can see that helping you go far. However, I hope you never forget about your friend/the original piece of furniture. Have a successful junior and senior year, and I hope we can keep in touch, even if it’s through Instagram capybara memes. 

To Nandana Varma, I will you sleep. You have been a ray of sunshine and I will never forget your vibrant and bubbly personality. It is always fun to hug you in the loft, at TEDxYouth@IMSA and Acronym meetings, and whenever I run into you throughout campus. I still have pictures of you asleep on the ground on the loft floor and on the floor in front of the kaleidoscope. I watch you work and talk to others around campus, and I admire your ability to balance fun and work. I hope we are able to keep in touch and make sure to get more sleep and take care of yourself senior year!!

To Danica Sun, I will you a successful IMSA and GirlCon career. I remember meeting you through Jerrick during the 2021 Welcome Week, and since then I’ve noticed you passionately work on projects on and off campus. Your passion and work ethic is admirable, especially since I’ve heard good things about your work for GirlCon. I wish you a very successful and fun junior and senior year of high school, and make sure to relax, sleep, and make more memories!

To Buddy Hicks-Gomez, I will you a sophomore that never fails to remind you that you are also short. On a different note, I hope you continue participating in culture shows and make more memories on campus. Also, the next time you wear a beanie, I hope you are reminded of me making fun of you. 


Kevin Fan

To Pranit Guntupalli, I will you a zipped fly. Don’t leave it open again for convo next year! With all the walks and the laughs and the cuddles, you’ve become one of my closest friends, and I’m so glad to have met you last fall. Although the barking and the banshee screeching might be a bit questionable at times, I’m going to miss you a lot next year. You might not believe it, but you’re truly one of the most genuine, personable, and driven people I’ve met, and you’ve earned every good thing coming your way. You’ll find your people and your path soon enough, and even if I’m not there with you, @fanthespam will forever be a Pranit Guntupalli fan page. Be sure to visit me sometime—St. Louis and Champaign are only 2.5 hours apart. 

To Nandana Varma, I will you payback for all those smacks on the head in the loft. My head still hurts from the last one. Hopefully that payback comes with a TKO because you definitely need sleep! A lot of it. And if you don’t get any, I hope you’ll at least have someone to text you “how was ur day” at 3:57am so you won’t be alone during those late night (early morning?) study grinds. Above all, I hope you find someone that texts and talks as enthusiastically as you. Your cheeriness is a shining light for everyone around, and you deserve an underclassman that can reflect that back at you. 

To Alex Orantia, I will you a frog. Or maybe a panda. Both? Hopefully no one confuses you for the wrong one again though. From BC to LEAD to Lunar to that beautiful 0.5 lens picture in the loft, I’ve made many fun memories with you, so thanks for being such an amazing IMPACT co-facilitator and underclassman. Your energy never fails to brighten my day, and I hope you have someone that does the same for you next year. Please branch out to more boba flavors than t*ro, and don’t forget to randomly break out into the BST choreo in the middle of class!

To Saketh Dontaraju, I will you a haircut. God knows you need it. 

To Aaliyah Ali, I will you an oscillating fan. There’s no one else I’d rather have been paired with for the playlist sharing during early move-in, and I promise to listen to more Lorde if you play Warm on repeat. I’ve been (un)fortunate enough to get to know you beyond your.. one-dimensional music taste this year, and although I hate to admit it, my life will be much less exciting without you screaming across the loft at me on the daily. 

To Maya Holland, I will you a CORE class even more… rambunctious than ours. You were the best CORE co-facilitator that I could’ve gotten, especially with all the craziness first semester, and I hope you find a co just as fun to work with as you next year. Stay philosophical, stay real, and I hope your future paths will forever be blocked by geese.

To Saamiyah Khan, I will you many more “sick” days. Plain fields might be boring, but they’re definitely better than hell. Choose your sanity! Also, I will you a future filled with many perfectly symmetrical Wordles. May your grids always be full of green (but also always have more black than mine).

To Akshat Gupta, I will you better driving skills in GTA. Seriously, you suck. Don’t drive into any more lakes and be sure to steal some more buses for me. 

To Jerrick Li, I will you a pair of pants. Ideally fleece-lined. You certainly need some. Although certain *gardening tools* may not get cold, please put the short shorts to rest next winter and stop yourself from getting frostbite. You’ve come a long way this year, and I’m glad to have gotten to know you. Stay cool (not literally though), and let me know when you finally get that buzzcut! I know you’ll rock it.

To Aadi Desai, I will you a boatload of poha. Just make sure to mail some to St. Louis for me next year. I also will you your own irritating sophomore that screams your name every time they see you. As much as you annoy me sometimes, I’ll begrudgingly admit that you always bring a smile to my face. As you enter your upperclassmen years, I hope you have someone to bother you like a little brother too.

To Bikrant Bhattacharyya, I will you many more physics textbooks. I’ve never met anyone that reads them for fun until you, and hopefully you’ll write one of your own someday (title idea: Bik’s Physiks). Until then, keep on covering the study room whiteboard with equations, and be sure to remember your favorite senior when you win a Nobel!

To Alex Orantia and Nikita Rudrapati, I will you IMPACT. You two have been amazing team members since the start, and I’m confident that our elective is in good hands. I wish you the best of luck with your vision for next year, and don’t forget to make an impact!

To Saamiyah Khan and Kennedy Bray, I will you Key Club. I hope you have as much fun with all the bad puns and freestyle rapping as Thavaisya and I did this year. Stay key-ute and don’t forget: we may not make keys, but we do help you open doors!

To Pranit Guntupalli and Nandana Varma, I will you TEDx. Your initiative and passion this year have been truly admirable, and I have no doubt that you’ll both be able to take our event to the next level. Here’s to many more broken Xs (and makeshift Ys), and I hope you’ll enjoy your much-needed SSS after it’s all over. 

To Lily Song, Eddie Ning, and Jerrick Li, I will you Lunar. I’ve loved getting to know and work with you all on ASIA, and there’s no one else I’d trust more with Lunar next year. Things might be hard to balance at times, there might be unexpected drama, you might lose your voices screaming at people across the gym, but in the end, it will all be worth it. Have fun, and don’t forget to invite me to the show!


Kian De Guzman

To Alex (Jane) Orantia, I will you a Brown Sugar Oatmilk Shaken Iced Espresso from Starbucks. I can’t believe that I only really talked to you this semester, and I wish we met sooner than that. I’ll miss the random LOL s, the wöws, and the anime songs you always sing (weeb). I hope your senior year won’t be as stressful as I know it will be, and I hope you don’t go broke buying Starbucks, Chipotle, and sushi every day. I already know you’re going to do great things in the future, but I’ll give you a few words of advice – don’t trip over everything, you loopy shmen.

To Steven Espinoza, I will you my Mirror cube that you always fiddle with because you were bored. From our 9:30 pm runs, the rushed preparation for Lunar, to Googling animated graphic novels of Japanese origin, it’s crazy how almost a year has gone by since we’ve lived in 04B. I will always remember you as the most reliable and energetic person I know, and I hope you never change.

To Jack Osmund, I will you a deck of cards for you to either play Euchre or to throw against the wall. I hope you teach your underclassmen some card games so you won’t get bored after 10 check, and I hope they don’t mistake you as a sophomore (not even kidding lol). I’ll always miss when you bug me to do something, because honestly, it’s always fun to be around you.

To George Bayliss, I will you a mouse trap. Use it well! Never change, George.

To Dean Ekimov, I will you an insane senior year volleyball season. It’s crazy how we first met through playing Among Us with Mr. Meyer. Fun times, huh? Anyways, it’s been nice living with you in the same wing and seeing all your antics with Abhi, it really makes the wing livelier. Lastly, remember to keep on smiling.

To Amrut Pennaka and James Pan, I will you a great senior year. You two are the chillest juniors I know, which balances out with the chaos caused by the other people in our wing. Amrut, keep that hair long and luscious, and James, keep grinding to get to Diamond in League.

To Zander and Theo, my long lost PROMISE program friends, I will you a senior year that treats you well. Zander, continue with your amazing parkour skills and your chair grip in ping pong. Theo, continue pursuing your passion in Robotics and get some sleep. It’s a shame that I’ll be leaving you guys for the second time, but I know deep down that I’ll see you guys around in the future.

To Jason Qin, I will you the ability to be even more cracked in Fine Arts. Michael always tells me about how insane you are in Quiz bowl, which isn’t a surprise because of how cool you are B).

To Dhruv Patel, I will you Spanish speaking skills. The number of times I catch you lacking in Spanish is too many to count at this point, and the jokes you always make cease to make me laugh. It’s been fun helping a shmen out for ISP and being partners for Sound and Light, and I will always remember your squeaky, sophomore year voice.

To the Ping Pong Club (Faizaan, Ellen, Vikram, Sahil, Albert, Aidan), I will you the motivation to improve and to revive ping pong at IMSA to the point where it wouldn’t be called a club – it would finally be recognized as a team.

To Justina Kostiv, I will you tape so you can start fixing the tinikling sticks you broke during FTrad practice. Jokes aside, I hope you do FTrad next year so you can infect others with your lively energy.

To Raphael Talusan, I will you the strongest immune system so that you won’t get sick for next year’s Lunar show. It was fun being partners for maglalatik, and I hope you become a great upperclassman to the future Filipino sophs.

To Sridevi Krothapalli, I will you the confidence to do well in your senior year. Remember to visit me at UIUC and I’ll be sure to buy you any boba drink you want.

To Jackie Zhang, I will you an L.


Kosisochi Onwuameze

To my Lil sibs (Kosi, Jes, and Chiamaka), I will you a greater bond! I hope you guys continue to be a close friend group and you all continue to put your education first. You all are very hardworking and I hope you all keep that pushing all the way up through college. Make sure to have each other’s backs and have fun but don’t party too hard. I am looking at you (Kosi). Anyway, I love you all and I hope you all stay happy and blessed baes mwah!

To my favorite twins in the C-wing (Aaliyah and Sar’aiyah), I will you positive energy! You both deserve the best. You guys are both so sweet and I love our long talks that I had in your room. Thanks so much for feeding me. I love you both!! 

To my partner in crime (Marcelle), I will you better cleats! The soccer shoes need to be thrown away already lol. Anyway, you are such an amazing person I love playing soccer with you, eating peanuts, and spilling the tea. You are such a hardworking girl and any goal you have for yourself you always try to achieve. I hope you continue to have that mindset and you do not let anyone distract you from having that mindset. I will miss you so much you better come and visit me. I love youuuu!!!

To my favorite rat (Muna), I will you a haircut! The hair needs to go bro I am so sorry lol, but in seriousness continue to work hard for all your goals. My dear brother, you are a very smart boy. Sometimes you do not apply yourself to your work and that won’t allow you to grow to your full potential. Take risks, and do not allow people to stop you from being yourself. I will dearly miss not being in the same school as you and I know you miss me already (hehehehe). And of course, I have to say this Muna (you know me), imma need you to take care of that stank stank breath love you.

To my 弟弟 (Hagen), I will you lotion! Hagen I cannot keep defending you got to stack up on that lotion, but anyways you are such a great person. I like how we got closer over this year and you are such a cool person. Keep being your funny unproblematic self, and I will most definitely miss you a lot. I am glad that you have found yourself in this school and good friends make sure that you guys stick together. Keep working hard in your classes and keep up the good work 弟弟。

To my favorite sophomore roommate pair (Einsey and Melinda), I will you a better sleeping schedule. You guys are always up and having a good time, I will miss hanging out in the wing commons with you all and having those late night talks about anything and everything. I will miss both of you dearly and I hope you both stay close friends. 

To the future roommate pair (Raymond and Jay), I will you peace! You guys are the cutest duo and I hope your friendship continues throughout. 

To my old lil sibs (Rian and Elle), I will you a good senior year! My bad for not being a good big sib I should have stayed in contact with you all more, but I hope your senior year goes by well! I believe both of you can do great things for your future, and I am very happy for both of you for finding your people. You guys were the best lil sibs I can ask for and I wish you both the best of luck!

To the best Tiktok dancer (Andre), I will you my griddy skills! I know you are jealous that I do the griddy better than you (stay mad), but overall I wish you the best of luck at IMSA. Keep your head up high and keep grinding, you have good things coming in your future.    

To my shortie (Addie), I will you whining skills! I know my hips don’t lie bae. Anyway you are such a funny person and your personality is so bubbly you just know how to light up the crowd. Make sure to really know who your true friends are and stay true to yourself. I love you shortie!!

To the best dancers (Dammy and Maame), I will you my dance skills! You guys are literally the best afro dancers and anytime I am with you both you guys make things so fun. Thank you for being the funniest juniors alive and making my day, and I wish you both the best of luck senior year!

To Angel, I will you my comedian skills. I know I am funny of course, but I hope you continue to take on leadership roles. I see so much potential in you just keep thriving in school and doing what you are supposed to do, anyways I wish you the best of luck for your future. 

To Charlie (Derick), I will you taste! There is no way you don’t like spice in your food. It is actually embarrassing. Anyways you are always making me laugh, and you are a really cool person to be with. I will miss your amazing soccer skills and talking with you when I am on the bench for soccer. By the way I hope our wires don’t get crossed again lol. It’s love to my favorite loser.

To my homeslice (Kennedy), I will you my dabbing skills. Kennedy keep working hard girl through all your hard work I do see all of the accomplishments that you have made you make me so proud. I hope you always remember where you came from and keep being you love youuuu!! 

To my favorite sophs that made IN2 fun (Giada, Raeven, Keyan, Nashra, Ashley, Aishat, Desi, Jakhai, Destiny, Ale, Yanel, and Chinara),  I will you cleanliness. You all need to keep IN2 clean before all of yall get kicked out lol. Anyways I hope all of you keep the trajectory of IN2 staying close with your people, you guys are about to be upperclassmen make sure to put your work first before anything else. I see potential in all of you to be very successful, I love and will miss all of you! 

To Kenai (Kevin), I will you serenity. You are such a creative person, you have so many wonderful talents, and I really hope that next year everybody else can see those many talents that you have. Whenever you have a goal for yourself, keep pushing even if no one believes in you, and keep it cool, calm, and collected, that is sometimes the best way you can have a better insight on a problem. My fav Kev Kev I will miss you so much keep it pushing as a senior bae goodluck. 


Lethzy Gutierrez

To Abigail, Alan, Angel, Marcus, Reyna, Vanessa & the rest of Alma Board, I will you the best of Alma. You are all so hardworking and I see how much you all put into Alma. I know you will all do a great job of sharing our culture. Continue making entertaining events & GAs as well as make the Hispanic Heritage Month celebration a tradition! 

To Kelly Cruz, I will you the best of SACNAS and also a great senior year. Don’t be afraid to speak out on what you believe and continue raising awareness for POC in STEM. You’re such a determined person and I know you’ll do great things your senior year! 

To Alejandra Aguilar, although we didn’t get to talk as much this year, I will you the best of IMSA and beyond. I know you’ll do great things in the future. Don’t let anyone or anything stop you from achieving your goals in life. You’re such a talented and hardworking person. It was nice working with you in BHSC this year. Continue creating a community where POC at IMSA feel welcomed. Have a great junior year and feel free to reach out if you need help with anything <33. 


Liam Archer

To Jazz Ensemble, I will you an excited board who will accomplish amazing things. I thank you all for being so supportive and passionate about jazz. I wish you good luck in all of your future endeavors.

To 07D wing, I will you some crazy fun times. This wing has been full of memories I will never forget. Keep the same energy no matter what you do or where you go.

To Varsity Baseball, I will you some Big League Chew. Take time to bond and create unforgettable experiences. I can’t wait to see how good y’all will be next year.


Liam Nelson

To Sahil Veeravalli, I will you all my knowledge of the CNC machine and the new position of Manufacturing Head (but don’t tell Grayson I said that). I was lucky enough to start this year with some preexisting knowledge, and I hope to leave you in a much better state than we started in this year.

To Ilan Lunken, I will you focus. You are genuinely one of the most competent Mechanical members, and your 3D prints make it clear that you’re way smarter than you seem. I know we’ve had issues, but with focus, you would be a terrifying force to contend with. I can’t wait to see what you achieve.

To Luis Hernandez, Laura Cervantes, and Theo Schreiber—my predicted subteam head triumvirate—I will you sophomores that listen and continuous support from our captain and mentors. You are all devoted to the team, and you deserve to work with people just as devoted. Under your direction, the team can easily make it to worlds.

To Logan Nelson, I will you the ability to do your homework, and with that, two more great years at IMSA.

To Jackson Halstead and his future quadmates, I will you 1507D downquad and the quad induction ceremony I never got.

To Zuyu Liu, I will you the glorious position of 1507 Hall Senator. May you hold it with honor.

To Aashima Sisodia, I will you the ability to find a good anime to get you through another year of AoT content droughts.

To the entirety of 1507, I will you the Bhargav poster. Though he and the poster’s creators may fade from our memories to the ether, hopefully it can remind you what our hall is about. We may never do well in Clash, but don’t let that cost us our spirit. Have fun, do what you can, and be proud of what you do. Follow those instructions, and it won’t matter what the rankings say: we’ll be the best hall. 07th place forever!


Liam McCarthy

To Fredy An, I will you my salmon colored gymshark cutoff shirt. Get shredded and then you can treat the sophomores like us jacked seniors have treated you, with the utmost respect. Beyond the 04 tradition of being buff, I have appreciated everything you have done for this wing, especially your part in all of our hilarious antics. Your enthusiasm towards balloons and video essays, as well as anything else you become really interested in, is unmatched, and your work ethic proves your spot in the upper escelant of the work hard, play hard IMSA mentality. I’m sure you will be a great upperclassman, and please let me know what you and your goons get into next year. 

To Dominik Kozbiel, I will you a Dunlop Standard Guitar pick. Everytime you complimented me on my elite choice of pick, I just want you to know that I stole every one of those from you, but nevertheless, Dominik, you have maybe the most spectacular music taste of anyone I have ever met. I’m writing this after the whole “Viper” incident so my point stands. Even though you are a soph, you are as cynical as a senior and find hypocrisy in everything just as well. Little will top our late night conversations suddenly interrupted by On Sight or the worst band in the world, Radiohead. It seems like you have a lot figured out, and for this reason I don’t have much advice to give, only to say that I hope you continue being one of the figureheads of 04D, and that you realize Radiohead sucks, listen to Weezer. 

To Jared Dong, I will you an apartment on the 14th floor of the American Gardens Building. Even though ultimate frisbee originally brought us together, it was our love for made up characters that really showed we are one in the same. It seems like you have a lot of aspirations in life, the least of which is a girl with bangs, but I feel a 6’4 (plus or minus an inch) man such as yourself can take these on willingly and achieve in the highest regard. We share many struggles in life, Jared, but quite unlike myself you have the courage to face these head on and I ask that you keep this courage and use it well, because at some point I’m sure you’ll have a pacsun situation. Please keep me updated on your progress in that department and I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. 

To Jul Hwangbo, I will you to go talk to people in real life. Get off Discord. But in all seriousness, I have always appreciated your utter enthusiasm towards any of our shenanigans and how you’re prepared to spring into action for whatever we came up with. In your future IMSA career I have two things to ask of you: first, clean the damn airfryer, and second, never sell yourself short. You’ve come a long way from that kid who thought he was gonna fail MI2 so I hope you keep on this path. Wherever your future brings you I’m sure you’ll do great, and please continue making those car egirl drift edits. 

To Jeff Duan, Christian Delgado, Renaldo Venegas, and Matias Habib, I will you a downstairs room. You are all so damn LOUD, do you all have cement shoes? But because of your clamor, it allowed the seniors to come up and interact with you all. Some of my favorite 04D experiences have been invading your rooms at ungodly hours of the night just to see what you all were up to. I hope you continue the sentiment of D-wing and lead your underclassmen in an appropriate direction when we’re gone, but most importantly, I want you all to have fun as a quad, trust me, it’s the best. 

To Nachiket Raj, Vikram Karra, Nandana Varma, and Rashmi Alawani, I will you my terrible jokes. The Investigator jokes have had quite the journey, and my hope is that as the new CAB takes over, a new comedian will arise and our Board will come to a chucklesome equilibrium. No matter what, I hope you all keep the same energy and enthusiasm that I saw all through this year and keep spreading fun around campus. 

To Albert Han, I will you Imperial Skirmishe. While this game may have been made up entirely for the purposes of gym class, I still think it’s a viable game, even if its just played through clash royale. Indoor Outdoor was a blast and I hope you keep your unbridled enthusiasm throughout your IMSA career. 

To Bryce Sharp, I will you my stuffed monkey. From the cat in 04 movie, I know about your appreciation of stuffed animals, and I hope this stuffed monkey suits you well. Your constant pursuit to one up me has led me to push myself to work as hard as I can to get on your level, and for this I can’t thank you enough. From our painful leg days to your wonderous back cracking skills, you helped this Mick to have one hell of a senior year. I’ll have to visit you next time I’m down in Morris, but until then, that’s one. 

To Jul, Sam, Jason, Bryce, Maurico, Fredy, Dominik, Michael, Braden, Edward, Rohan, Albert, Jeff, Christian, Matias, and Renaldo, I will you the Kayne West poster outside down quad, please keep it in our wing. We’ve had a great time this year and I can’t thank you all enough for making my senior year my best one yet. Please continue to make our wing a fun place to live and don’t be too hard on Ethan. 

To Michael Yudovich, I will you a box of Double Stuffed Oreos. While this was only one of our common interests, I believe me stealing your Oreos helped to bring us closer as roommates. Even though I will not be there to guide you during your senior year, I wish you the best in all of your future endeavors. And even though you will never find a roommate as great as me, I’m sure you’ll end up where you’re supposed to be. 

To Faisal Patel, I will you to get good at basketball, you’re trash. 

To Pranit Guntupalli, I will you a better French group. Being surrounded by seniors who could not care less in a class which matters very heavily would stress a lot of people out, but you put forth your best effort and overcame, proving that you really wanted that A. Between that class, my few indoor outdoor appearances, and the late nights where Avdhan could not figure out the baseball game, you fit in perfectly with our group of degenerate seniors, and I want you to treat your underclassmen like we treated you, with respect. I hope your hard work in French class paid off, and good luck in whatever French based endeavors you may encounter. 

To everyone I could not write to, I will you my best wishes. Please know you’re not forgotten, and keep on keepin on.  


Liz Alcala

To Breena Bulthuis, I will you a million and one Warmies. Don’t expect me to buy them for you though, that’s too much. I’ve been so lucky to have gotten to know you this year. I love bonding over Exodus, hanging in the attendance office, and knowing exactly who to expect when I hear “Elizabeth!!” in the hallway. I’m quite glad you’ve found both a path and a place for the future that you’re so passionate about. I know you’ll have a wonderful senior year, even if I’m not there. I will be sure to send you photos of my new Warmie at college (when I buy one). Don’t miss me too much, Breenabeth. Love you miss girl :).

To Nandana Varma, I will you your own underclassman best friend. Because you’re mine. I’m so happy I was able to meet such a lovely, bubbly, kind-hearted person. I love seeing you at Acronym meetings or just around the school. You’re so sweet and loving and I can tell that translates into the friendships you have. Hopefully, you have a great senior year filled with memorable moments. Remember to not overwhelm yourself. Don’t take life too seriously and enjoy the little things. Be sure to come visit me at college! Because I know you already read this, I’m gonna add something new to surprise you. Nandana, I am genuinely so lucky to have you in my life. I’m so glad we met and I’m gonna miss you so much next year. Whenever you’re feeling down, literally send me a text or call me, I will always be there for you as you have for me. Love you >33.

To Pranit Guntupalli, I will you Sedona by Houndmouth. Unfortunately, I do not have the copyright to the song, but you can have it figuratively. Listening to the song brought me so much calm and I hope it does the same for you. Send me songs you like anytime, I’ll always listen to them.

To Ramzi Daki, I will you another wonderful year of SIR. I honestly don’t know how I would’ve gotten through this year without being your partner. It’s been (sorta) fun. I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished, even if our calculated energies are explosive. Whether you chose to do a SIR next year or not, I hope you enjoy it either way. Hopefully, you have a relaxing and enjoyable senior year. If you miss AdChem, I’ll send you photos of my college chemistry so don’t worry!

To Cayleigh O’Hare, I will you fun. You deserve it more than anyone I know. A chance to be perfectly care-free and happy. I can’t thank you enough for the experiences we’ve shared together. Maybe I should thank Annie for introducing us as roommates. Neither of us knew if we’d get along, but we were so lucky. Sophomore year, or the 75% we got of it, was a hard year, but having you by my side made it so much easier. Just talking about what’s on our minds, making TikToks, or getting Popeyes with my dad are just a few of my favorite memories. Junior year, completely online, we would go on Wednesday walks and Naperville cookie dough trips. I still remember visiting your house to do online work while you were getting yelled at to fold the blanket. This year was a bit different. While we’re not roommates or even in the same grade, I’m glad that we’ve been able to keep our connection strong. Talking with you always brightens my day. Throughout the years I’ve known you I’ve seen you grow from being shy and quiet to confident and incredible. I know you will do incredible things in your life, no matter the obstacles you’ll face. I wish you the best of luck for your senior year. I’m really excited for you to come visit me next year (if you’re allowed to), and I can’t wait to be each other’s bridesmaids :)).

To Saketh Dontaraju, I will you a replacement girlfriend, cause I stole her. 

To Sridevi Krothapalli, I will you a wonderful IMSA experience. Thank you for being so kind and sweet to me this year. I hope your senior year is filled with laughs and unforgettable memories. 

To Jerrick Li, I will you a pet lizard. Then you can call someone else Lizard next year when I’m gone. I’m so glad that I was able to meet you this year, you’re a (sorta?) cool soph. I always appreciate having a partner to bully Kaylee with. You gotta help me bully her long-distance at college too :)).

To 06 B-wingers (Chia, Danica, Eve, Gabi,  Giada, Irene, Jimena, Kennedy, Laya, Marcelle, Michelle, Miracle, Nikita, Nikola, Sophia, & Sufiya), I will you a community. I truly hope that you’ve found some sort of family in 06 this year, whether that be with your roommate, wingmate, or someone else. All of you will make fantastic juniors/seniors next year, just remember to not bully the sophomores too much :)).

To Sufiya Hussaini, I will you legendary guitar skills. I sadly wasn’t able to teach you this year, but I know you’d shred. I loved getting to know (and making fun of) you this year. I know you’ve had a stressful year, but I have full confidence that you’ll do great things at IMSA and after. You’re one of the most hardworking and nicest people I’ve met. I love your silly sense of humor and laugh. You might wanna grow a few inches though! Remember to have fun, laugh, and don’t stress about college too much. 

To Giada Avina, I will you a will. I’m only writing this because you are annoying and asked me several times if I’d write you a will. So here I am. I’m glad we were in the same wing this year. It’s been nice having someone to laugh with after 10 or yell at in the hallways. I do get concerned when you drink milk straight from the container. That’s weird. Anyways, I wish you all the best luck in your future RSL endeavors. Don’t be too much of a menace next year ;).

To Marcelle Mbende, I will you another FTrad dance. Being in a group with you for FTrad was super fun and I’m glad it allowed me to get to know you better. Running around during tech week rehearsals was very stressful, but looking back I had so much fun. I love love LOVE your energy, and being around you is so calming. I hope you absolutely slay FTrad next year. 

To Chiamaka Okoli, I will you a million more laughs. You’re one of the most funny and chaotic people I’ve ever met. The energy you bring to B-wing is unmatched, even if you scare off all of your roommates. I hope you enjoy the next two years you have at IMSA. I can’t say that it’ll get any easier, school-wise, but I’m sure you’ll do great. 

To Kennedy Bray, I will you the coolest matching photos ever. Oh wait, we already have those! I’ve loved getting to know you this year. I love your sense of humor, you’re so funny. I’m very excited to see what the rest of your IMSA career holds. Make sure to have fun and enjoy yourself. I’ll miss you sm next year.

To Nikita Rudrapati, I will you your own sweet underclassman. You are genuinely one of the sweetest and kind-hearted people I know. Even if it’s just our 30-second convos in the wing commons, I really love talking with you. Hopefully, you find someone next year to have those little talks with. I hope you have so much fun your senior year and remember, I’m always a text away.

To Michelle Sun, I will you even more wholesomeness. It’s been awesome having you on Acronym and in my wing this year. I can’t express how awesome you are. I see such great potential in you, and I know you’ll do great things. I hope you continue your passion and devotion to the Acronym, it’s been great to have you this year. Good luck with your senior year and remember to have fun! 

To the future EICs (Kelly & Dhruv), I will you the Acronym. I am so so so glad that we had two such amazing applicants to hire this year. I’ve been impressed by the passion and dedication the two of you continuously show. Dhruv, try not to mess up too much this year. Don’t forget that we post article send-outs to IVC, not the debate group page! Kelly, keep him in line. All jokes aside, I’m really excited to see how far you two take the Acronym. This next year of your lives will make you busier than you’ve probably ever been before. The weeks leading up to the editions are super stressful but very rewarding. The most important piece of advice I can give you is to manage your time and your resources. Don’t sit down and do everything at once, because you will get burnt out. Make sure you split up your responsibilities and do them in several sittings. Also, make sure to work with each other. Each of you is a different person with your own unique strengths and weaknesses. We chose you two specifically because we thought you would be a great pair. Learn about each other, talk to each other, listen to each other, and you’ll do great things. As always, please message Oliver and me if you need guidance, advice, or just wanna tell us IMSA tea. Best of luck you guys :)).

To Kelly Cruz, I will you the ability to fire Dhruv from the Acronym whenever you may please. You may also unfire him when you see fit. 

To future Exodus Co-Presidents (Breena & Umi), I will you Exodus. I know none of the past years have been normal, but I’m proud of the hard work you guys have put in. I’m confident that you guys will make the best decisions for the club and if any more obstacles come your way, you’ll get over them. Remember to stay focused and committed, and always let me know if you need anything. 

To the Active Minds board (Shreeya, Sajal, Breena, Melinda, & Izzy), I will you Active Minds. I’m so happy with our board this year and I know you guys will do great things. I saw Active Minds go from a club with just the Presidents overseeing everything to a true collaboration. I hope you guys put on amazing events (maybe another with compliment cards!) and continue to be awesome.


Liz Soyemi

To Jes Ayeyi, Kosi Okeke, Sar’aiyah and Aaliyah Murphy, I will you the best IMSA basketball manager experience you can possibly have. I have a lot of love for you all and the team. The bus rides and service hours are all a part of the fun times, so just enjoy the experience while it lasts or before you get too busy. It was fun being with all of you when I was actually there ahah, but I hope you all stay there together and welcome your underclassmen managers with open arms – you can also make them record now because you’ll be the upperclassmen haha. 

To Chinara Caldwell, I will you the strength to keep pushing these next two years. You’re always on the go and I know that can all feel overwhelming, but keep working hard because trust me it will all pay off in the end.

To Nashra Younus, I will you someone who will give you the same beautiful hugs you have given me and other people. I am really going to miss you, but I know you will do great things here at IMSA. Don’t be afraid to branch out and try different things because it is through that way that you can find your passions.

To Einsey Socrates, I will you underclassmen that are as kind-hearted and caring as you. You are seriously one of the nicest people here and you always show everyone that warmth and kindness also. I loved living in C-wing with you this year and know that I’m always here for you if you need anything!

To Muna Onwuameze, I will you someone who will dap you up in the hallways and bring you positive energy! You will never not be funny, Muna haha!

To the 06 juniors, Kennedy Bray, Marcelle Mbende, Addie Kobayashi, and Bhavyaa Chauhan, I will you all the best of luck throughout your senior year! You are all such amazing juniors and human beings, and I’m going to miss seeing you guys!

To Maame Poku, I will you someone who can remind you that Nigerian jollof is superior to Ghanaian jollof <3. I’ll miss you, Maame!

To Saketh Dontaraju (Mr. 300), I will you the ability to count correctly (hence the nickname lol). I also will you someone who will always respond to your “what’s up” with “the sky.” But seriously, thank you for all the good laughs and good times. I know that senior will may get overwhelming especially with all your ecs and other stuff, but just remember to push through at least for this last year. It all flies by faster than you think. 

To Nandana Varma, I will you someone who will give you the same hugs and smiles that you have given me this past year. Your genuine kindness has meant so much to me, and I appreciate that I have gotten to know you so much this year. 

To Dammy Tabiti, one of my absolute favorite people, I will you someone that will make you feel as loved and special as you make everyone else feel. Your energy is absolutely infectious and you seriously brighten up the day for everyone with your insane humor. I hope we keep in contact for real because you are one of the best people I know. I hope to see you soon!

To Dapo Adeyemi, I will you a sense of direction AHAH! You always get lost in the school and it’s not even that big!!! But for real, I hope you truly find your place in this world and find what makes you happy and pursue it. You are truly a good person at heart and you deserve that. Remember to keep getting involved! See you at Thanksgiving! 

To Kevin Johnson, I will you peace of mind. You are a determined person with strong ambitions who is beyond capable of achieving them, so remember that when times get tough next year and beyond. When you feel like quitting or not trying, remember why you started in the first place. Don’t let rude people or teachers or whoever distract you from achieving the level of excellence you will grasp. Believe in yourself that you can achieve greatness and don’t let anyone stop you.

To the M4M board (Kelly, Venus, Chiamaka, Vanessa), I will you all the strength to keep M4M going and I will you the momentum to keep it here on campus for years to come. The work done through this program is so fundamentally vital to a level that we will all fully never understand, but as I write this today, I feel confident that you and all the new members will do a phenomenal job in keeping M4M going. I am very grateful to have worked with you all this school year, and I hope to see you all again someday. When times get rough, remember that you have each other and Rodrigo (big shout out to him). I can’t wait to see what you all accomplish!

To the current underclassmen of GEA, I will you all happiness and fulfillment in whatever you will do! It was a pleasure and an honor to work alongside you all this year, and the work we’ve done wouldn’t have been possible without you all! 

To the future underclassmen of GEA, I will you perseverance. Remember to never be afraid to stand up for what you believe in and use your voice to enact change on this campus. Remember why you wanted to be a part of GEA in the first place and how you will use this opportunity to make the change you would like to see. You all have so much potential to do great things on this campus and beyond. Best of luck to you!

To the future Co-Presidents of GEA, Shanan and Sajal, I will you the ability to work together to lead. You both are such great people and I am confident that you will lead GEA beautifully next year. Do not forget that you have each other and the rest of your board to lean on. Things will get overwhelming but remember what the both of you can contribute individually and the ways you can support each other. When one falls short, the other should be there to lift them up and vice versa. Do not be afraid to stand up for yourselves, each other, and the rest of the board. There will come times when you both will be tested, but push through because in the end, it will all be worth it! Good luck to you both <3.

To Shreya Chakraborty, I will you much more chances to show everyone the superstar you are, just like you did during Tedx! I am very very glad that I got closer to you this year and I know you will be a powerhouse next year! I really will miss you <3.


Madeline Fields Halva

To Taylor Baugh and Aarya Khapre, I will you my gender crisis. It’s only been gently used and in this economy is just as good as new. Have a wonderful senior year and thanks for moving to 02. I love you both, and you make adorable roommates <3.

To Jadesola Suleiman I will you amazing surprise birthdays, endless waffles, pre-blown balloons, a snowbank, and more. We’ve had a wonderful year together and I wish you a wonderful senior year. I vow to mispronounce *all* of your colleges and always offer you milk that I know you won’t want. I’ll miss you and never forget you <3.

To Nooriyah Doriwala, I will you endless spontaneity, wonderful walks, deep conversations, less stress and more fun. A wonderful swim season, where nothing holds you back. A great homemade Halloween costume. Endless black construction paper. Plenty of tea and goodies. Sleds and snowy hills. Walking trips to letdown parks. The best sales of any girl scout ever. An amazing senior year. A unforgettably good trip to Ohio that forever redeems Ohio in your eyes. 

To Sriya Mudumba, I will you unlimited BTS everything, coffee, concerts, merch, songs, everything. I will time for work, sleep, and k-dramas. I will boba and laughter in the RC office. I will a balanced junior year and a reminder to eat, no matter what assignments you have due. I vow to come visit and take you to the new boba place on Orchard. I will you a voice that never dies and endless singing joy. 

To Diya Kamath, I will you sleep, balance, and food that’s not ice. You deserve it and you need it. Don’t overload yourself junior year or senior year. I’ll be checking in on you. 

To Ellen Nguyen, I will you excellent bus drivers and peaceful six hour bus rides. Boxes of trefoils, semi raw pasta (ew), and more. Enjoy junior year and remember I’m always here for you. Your mom told me on move in day that she was glad you were in my wing because she knew you’d be in good hands. That doesn’t end when I graduate. You’re stuck with me for life.

To Alyssa Ryan, I will you the ability to remember what you’re allergic to *before* you eat it. I love you, my child, but you need to take care of yourself in order to be a little chaos demon. While I won’t be able to live under your bed next year, I’ll still come visit and you know you can never escape your parents. 

To 02, I will you a CAB member. We really need one. I will you the amazing community we’ve had. The ability to be studious and loud. To live and love among people who are so different from ourselves. To carry each other in our darkest times. Even as RCs come and go, never lose that. 

To the 02 RSLs, I will you clear communication and time frames. I hope there’s at least 10 of you. I hope you value each other and your contributions. I hope you know that even when it all feels worthless and like no one cares that it’ll be ok. Remember what’s important and make sure the rest of the hall does too. 

To Kaitlyn Drew, I will you a capable therapist, and no more migraines. A wonderful quad, and the ability to sleep without the sun or garbage truck interrupting. Enjoy senior year and take care of the soon to be juniors (gasp).

To Laasya Nagumalli, I will you everything pink. You deserve it my wife. Have a wonderful junior year, and enjoy it. I’ll come and visit and you can always call me. Have fun with Penny and all your bunnies. 

To the girls’ swim team, I will you a wonderful swim season, with a functioning pool, great camaraderie, early bus rides, dropped time, won races, endless celebration. But more importantly, I will you the ability to hold each other when it all goes wrong. You have great team captains, and you’ll be amazing. 

To Robyn Norton, I will you more sleep, higher pay, and more capable coworkers. You’ve been my fake mom for almost three years now and you’ll never get out of it. You’re stuck with me for life and I want to know all the drama up until the minute you leave this place. You’re my favorite drug dealer (for legal reasons I will clarify that you give me my prescribed medication, following IMSA policy) and I’ll always love you. 

To Sophia Ait Boucherbil, I will, BANG, you ice cream and boba and wonderful sophs to bang, in appropriate ways. Keep Mr. MooMoo close as you play your video games and one day you’ll look up and there I am and BANG, you’re dead :).

To Vanali Desai, I will you a wonderful roommate, a supportive wing, and reassurance that you are where you need to be. You deserve to be here and you deserve all the assistance you need. Keep talking about space, listening to podcasts, and being you. 

To IMSA, I will you a Russian teacher. Please, for the love of everything, find one and keep them.


Makayla Zheng

To Nikita Rudrapati (the sweetest person I’ve ever met), I will you all the sweetness in the world. Thank you for always bringing such wonderful energy all the time. I love the positive vibes you radiate and I’m so glad to know that the future of IMPACT is in yours and Alex’s hands because I know you’ll both do really great things!!

To Saketh Dontaraju, I will you an underclassmen that has the same chill energy that you always have. You were for sure my (least) favorite person in impact. But anyway I’ll miss your “Makayla”s in the hallways. Have fun senior year, SSS hard!

To Jerrick Li, I will you a pretty little princess who has swaggy groutfits. So glad to have gotten a year of bumping into you in the halls and seeing ur princess fits. Have fun jnr year GOOD LUCKKK!!

To Bhavyaa Chauhan, Ela Gadi, Addie Kobayashi, Shria Halkoda (my favorite crazy up-quad), I will you all more sleep but also many more crazy nights spent laughing. Yk some nights it’s actually a whole construction site up there but I’m rly gonna miss it. Ty for all your hi’s and great energy in the wing. Best of luck senior year!!!

To IMPACT (Alex O, Nikita R, Saamiyah K, Jason Q, Saketh D, Sarah W), I will you the best year of LEAD next year. You have all been such a hardworking and wonderful team (minus Kevin :) jk ) and I’m very thankful for all that you’ve done! Have fun and take IMPACT to great places! 

To Jackie Zhang (the best sib), I will you many more amazing choreographies. You are so talented! Never stop dancing. I’d say I’d miss you but I’ll probs see you at the next work gathering lmao. 

To Jesse Park (the other best sib, not better than Jackie tho sorry:)), I will you a successful senior year. Work hard and then chill during SSS. I hope IMSA has been treating you good so far. In my head you’re still eight playing soccer with Aaron. LMAO best of luck with the rest of IMSA and come to the restaurant with ur fam more often. 

To Alex Orantia, I will you the best year of IMPACT ever. I’m so excited for what you and Nikita have in store for LEAD. You both work so hard and will be the best leaders out there! 

To 06A, I will you a wing that is as positive and full of good vibes like you all are. Thank you for making 06A such a great place to be at!

To Buddy Gomez, I will you better Spade skills. Although I trash on you and (mostly) Pranav, I’m glad to have had you in Titan Crew. Made a mandatory thing somewhat less boring. Good luck with the rest of IMSA!!

To Cara Jacobs, Irene Park, Nitya Jakka, Rebecca Liu + future GLI board, I will you a successful year for GLI. Thank you all for your hard work this year. I’m proud of all we have accomplished and the events we were able to push out. I’m so excited for what you have planned. I know you’ll all do great things!

To Lily Song (the junior I wish I met earlier), I will you sm success in everything you do (although I know you’ll do great things without this will). You’re for real so chill and easy to talk to. So happy I got to know you better!!

To Sachleen Tuteja (the best orgo table mate). I will you Orgo 2 jkjk that’s evil. Thanks for all the help through Chem. I’m so glad we got to suffer through it together :).

To Aru Ulanbek and Lisa Zhong (the most talented artists ever), I will you 06’s mural next year. Y’all are such chill sophs and I hope the rest of IMSA treats you well. 

To Michelle Li, I will you a lifetime supply of sushi. I really wish I got to know you earlier but I’m still so glad to have had our sushi date :). Good luck with senior year and have lots of fun!!


Manaal Shamsi

To Kate, I will you all the happiness, energy, and good health the world has to offer. I will you great friends and underclassmen who brighten your day and make you feel better the same way you always make me. I will you the ability to cook amazing and well-seasoned meals since we both know how unflavored your cooking is. I will you a bunch of good and happy memories during your time in and out of IMSA because you deserve it. I know you have a very bright future ahead of you and I can’t wait to see how much more amazing you will become. The rest of my wills for you are written on paper for the drama of it all so ask me for them and maybe I will give them to you.

To my little Sophia, I will you a never-ending surplus of gyros (the ones you like from Chicago) and stuffies (especially ones like Tuxedo Sam). You are such a bubbly and amazing person and I will never forget about you. I will you a lot more gaming time and the big brain to do well in school despite that. I will you an underclassman who will bake, watch movies, pray and fast with you, and make you feel happy.

To Peyton, I will you all the physical strength to deal with Kate. I also will you all the piercings and tattoos you want to have lol. I also will you a bunch of that magical coffee to get you through your worst days both academically and with boy drama. I will you all the “connections” in the world that make life both easier and more interesting for you. I do wish we spent more time together but the time I did spend with you was great and I know you will do great things in the future and I look forward to hearing about it so keep me posted. 

To Rylie, I will you a strong senior year filled with endless good memories and happy times with Muffin. I will you a bunch of henna talent and skill to help you make all the designs you want so you never have to rely on someone else to do it. I will Muffin, the chubbiest bunny I have ever seen, an exercise plan because of how fat she is. But I also will her a bunch of treats for when she is doing her little zoomies and jiggling around everywhere.

To Aarya , I will you an underclassman who will barge into your room and sing your favorite Bollywood songs with you and talk their feelings out with you in Hindi or Marathi. I will you the motivation to continue on in this place and make the most of it even when it gets rough. I will you even more maturity to stand your ground and be the middle person and see both sides instead of blindly choosing sides. I will you bohut saari khushiyan aur mera saara pyaar. 

To Sindhu, I will you an underclassmen who will watch a bunch of random movies and make the most delicious and chocolate-y lava cakes and more with you. Time went by too fast and I wish we had more memories to build but I honestly will never forget you and Sophia running at midnight to give me my birthday presents and then making those lava cakes with no help from our roommates whatsoever. Lastly and most definitely least, I will you the mental stamina to study last minute and ace your AP tests.

To MSA Board (Saamiyah, Faisal, Sufiya, Faizaan), I will you amazing years with your future presidencies and the Iman to help you make the most of those years and make you even stronger Muslims than you were before. I will you exciting and entertaining Iftars filled with good food and laughter so you don’t miss home too much. I will you all the Taqwah to pray during the day regardless of how tired you feel and I will you loads of success and happiness filled with barakat. 


Marco Bravo

To everyone in 04D in the future, I will you all the insane pranks, hijinx, and crazy fun that we had this year. I hope you can carry on the good times and good vibes that we had this year and that you can make the sophomores who live here next year love it too. Although, I hope you don’t have to pay $800 again in the future. 

To Jared Dong, I will you my monkey onesie. We spoke a lot over Discord when you were just a sophomore and the late night talks we had with everyone recently were some of the funniest times I’ve had. You’re a hilarious troll but you’re also a really good guy don’t let anyone try to convince you otherwise. Just keep being your goofy self.

To Fredy An, I will you my Asia Jacket, it’s probably my favorite piece of clothing I got from IMSA and you’re probably one of my favorite if not my favorite sophomore on campus. All the times you’ve made me laugh by saying the most outrageous, out of pocket, but funniest stuff. I hope you continue to troll people and mess with people as you have done. Hopefully this jacket makes up for the fact that she never came.

To Dominik Kozbiel, I will you my lookalike statue of you, he’s an iconic religious figure and he’s just like you! But really man thanks for all the memories and keep listening to good music, playing league, and enjoying life. 

To the future Ultimate Frisbee Club, I will you a signed frisbee from the seniors. Please have lots of games, good practice, and maybe go to some tournaments and compete next year. But seriously, I loved every second I played ultimate frisbee on campus and I hope that you guys enjoy it the same. To the juniors of the club, sign it and pass it on when you graduate next year. 

To Jeff Duan, I will you a successful Clash season next year. Thank you for being the main character in practically everything this year. You’ve always been a really chill guy that I’ve always loved to spend time talking and hanging out with. Keep being you. 

To Renaldo Venegas, I will you my Pichu stuffed animal. We spent a lot of time playing Smash and chilling and it was a lot of fun. I’ll never forget those moments of you camping me out and me hitting you with raw F-Smashs. Have a successful Esports season next year and keep being awesome. 

To Christian Delgado, I will you better posture. Like actually it’s atrocious please fix it before you are physically unable to anymore. On a more serious note, you were an awesome junior to have and I hope you have a senior year free of drama and full of fun times and good vibes. 

To Charles Conner, I will you the ability to break your defenders and not get stuffed on your throws like you did when I was guarding you. Seriously though, your handles are actually insane and I loved playing.

To Jack Osmund, I will you the ability to land the craziest stunts next year. I appreciated you in all the Ultimate Frisbee games and for all of 04 Drill. Enjoy your junior year!

To Albert Han, I will you all the energy and legos in the world. You’re a burst of sunshine and you always make me smile with how infectious your energy is.

To Daniel Park, I will you a bountiful fiscal future and a life full of fruitful and fulfilling work. But also, I will you the self restraint to prevent yourself from getting too out of pocket. Hopefully, Ma, Rohan and Poondru can help with that. 

To Michael Capriotti, Jack Osmund, Jeff Duan, Christian Delgado, Amrut Pennaka, and James Anterola, I will you the future  

To Revanth Poondru, I will you success on Talent and FBLA. As one of the less crazy members of your quad, please help keep them grounded so they don’t do something too crazy that they regret in the future. Good luck and have a good senior year!

To Daniel Ma, I will you a happy college app season. I know you’re very stressed and basically all you think about is college but you deserve success and I am sure it’ll come to you in whatever way it will. Also, thank you for introducing me to so many good songs and thank you for making our drill mix amazing this year.

To Vikram, Patrick and Jesse, I will you an amazing experience in B-Friend next year. 

To the future Filipino Traditional Choreos, I will you an extremely fun and awesome time choreoing and teaching FTrad next year. Please keep the spirit alive, don’t take it too seriously and enjoy life.

To Mauricio Ortiz, I will you the ability to do the hand bird whistle right.

To Bryce Sharp, I will you an underclassmen who can outlift you and one who can ask you the same funniest and most random hypotheticals that you would ask me. 

To everyone whom I didn’t mention, I will you happiness and the ability to live in the moment and enjoy for what it really is. There’ll always be ups and downs but I pray that for all of you it’ll turn out great. 

And finally to Rohan Jain, I will you all the success in the world. I hope everyone comes to know you in the way I have. You’re the first underclassmen at IMSA I ever talked to and you’ll always be my favorite. You won’t be able to escape all the drama and trouble you’ll undoubtedly get yourself into but I hope they help you grow overall. You have amazing vibes, and you’re a really funny and sweet guy. Thank you for all the funny late night talks, and being someone I could just be honest and open with. I hope we keep in touch and you really enjoy your senior year. Oh and P.S. you can have the small monkey stuffed animal from my room and the framed wise words of wisdom hanging in my bathroom too— I know you’ll love it.


Matt Torres

To all the kids at IMSA, I will you a love of research that won’t be damaged by the IMSA workload.


Michael Hunding

To the Quizbowl team, I will you the knowledge to have a baller season next year and beat Barrington again. I know if you keep up the hard work and grind literature 5-7 you’re guaranteed T20 at HSNCT and PACE. I also will you food at every tournament with our leftover masonic money. 

To Saketh, Jason, Sam, and Steven (and Jared if he ever comes back), I will you guys an insane A team next year. This year has probably been the most fun I’ve had playing Quizbowl and it’s definitely thanks to how hard all of you work. It’s hard to study sometimes when you get busy but I know you guys will stay one of the best teams in Illinois if you stay consistent. Hopefully, Jared fills the literature hole cause that would make it much easier but you guys could do it either way. 

To Jack Osmund, I will you sophomores that will play euchre with you. Or oh hell because it’s more fun. Also, no one cares that you can do a backflip. 

To Steven Espinoza, I will you a sophomore as chill as you are. Sometimes I think about if I had stayed in 05 this year, but sophomores like you make me glad I decided to come to 04. I hope you have good fortune with Science Olympiad and get up to some foolish activities when COVID rules go away. 

To the underclassmen of the baseball team (Christian, Zander, Kohl, Avyay, Brandon, Charlie, Deondre), I will you guys the spirit to continue having fun even during some of the unfortunate losses we go through. I only got one season at IMSA but I am glad that it was with you guys, and I know if you continue to work hard you can get a winning season. Hopefully, you get some good sophomores to help you out too. Good luck. 

To Sridevi, I will you two new sisters to replace Eric and I and eat dinner with you at Lexington. You should enjoy the rest of your time at IMSA because whatever is going to happen is just going to happen. I’m sure you will find something besides Curry out there eventually. Also Eric doesn’t hate you. 

To Raymond and Jay, I will you guys the crates. I’m glad that we got to know each other through those nights at the crates or the gon. You guys are some of the most chill sophomores I know and I hope you continue our foolish activities with your future sophomores. 

To Amrut Pennaka, I will you a fun, laxative-free senior year. 

To Jared Dong, I will you somebody to walk around with you at night so you don’t have to listen to Radiohead. You are definitely a better literature player than I ever was, so you should definitely rejoin Quizbowl, but even if you don’t, have fun during your senior year.


Minseo Emily Jung

To Shreya Chakroborty, I will you infinite amounts of banana milk, all the gossip, and a restful senior year. Ever since I saw you in my wing, I wanted to get to know you better and I’m so glad that I did. I hope you wanted to get to know me too, not because I offered you banana milk hehe. Anyways, I absolutely loved all our late nights just talking about random things, watching you do crazy taekwondo moves, and bonding over banana milk. Your positive energy always makes everyone around you cheerful. With your amazing talents, I know you are going to be successful wherever you go and don’t ever doubt that. Just like how you boosted my confidence this year, I will boost your confidence whenever we meet. Senior year might be challenging but I know you are going to do amazing. You better not forget me next year and whenever I visit I will come back with more banana milk for you. 

To Saamiyah Khan, I will you banana milk and a cool junior who you can talk with anytime. When I saw you on the housing doc that we are going to be living in the same wing, I was so excited to see you in person. It is always so easy to talk with you about so many things (from your passion for books, insta post, or teas) and I love your sense of humor, thoughts, and fashion :)). Also, I hope you can meet an underclassman who will be able to bond with you as you guys drink banana milk. Have a great senior year and I hope next year will be a year full of joy. 

To Yina Wang, I will you boxes of ramen and any other food that is healthier than ramen. Whenever I see you in the wing commons, I always see you slurping ramen. I hope you try different kinds of ramen rather than just shin ramen (although shin ramen is really good). You are such a hard worker, talented, and amazing person. I hope you enjoy senior year and don’t work too hard and have fun. 

To Dean Barrow and Sam Go, I will you an underclassmen who have as talented musicianship as you. It was really fun playing with you for Lunar and having random conversations in the hallways. You guys are both really talented and keep playing in senior year!

To Jackie Zhang, I will you an underclassman who has the most adorable laughs. Jackie, even if you are maybe a mile away from me, I think I will be able to tell where you are by listening to your laughs. Your laughs are so contagious and adorable and it makes me cheerful as well. Hope you continue to laugh just as much or even more next year. 

To Ela G, I will you easy classes for senior year. Modern Theater was an interesting journey for a lot of people. I think we were definitely few people who talked every second of the class :)). Maybe next year, you will be able to enjoy the classes without talking so much in class and worrying about our essays even at 2am. Have a joyful senior year :).

To Jason, Elaina, James, I will you another year full of enjoyable bus rides. I know the bus rides can be exhausting and tiring for six hours, but sometimes those can be good memories. Have a good senior year and represent downstate :).


Mo Narciso

To Spectrum Board (Laasya, Iain, Dash, and Nat) I will you the power of Spectrum. It’s been a delight being with you guys this year, your hard work and dedication blew me away. May you guys continue to welcome the next wave of LGBTQ+ sophomores with open arms.

To Eve, I will you the patience needed for the ISP Facilities position. May you keep your cool as people fill out your forms incorrectly and reorganize your GCal events and spreadsheets without telling you. Though, I do have high hopes for you. A person as organized, serious, responsible, and flexible as you is perfect for the job.

To Sasha, I will you an underclassman you can take in as a brother as I did to you. May this kid have just as much humor, audacity, swag, and love as you gave me. But even though I’ll be gone, we’ll always be twins separated at birth.

To Dash, I will you an audience to sing to all day, every day. Don’t be shy. Sing. Go ahead. I also will you a non-sophomore fob that will let you into your wing after 11. Go crazy :).

To Nat, I will you a loaded laundry card and more clothes. May you never have to wear shorts in cold weather again. Please do your laundry.

To Jai, I will you a good SSS so you don’t need to sit in the hall commons doing homework every night. I hope you have a stress free senior year with lots of tea and nail polish sessions.

To Breena, I will you all the puzzles, microwavable stuffed animals, and throwable knives in the world. I hope you choose to stay in C-wing and continue being the sweet, responsible, swaggy person you are. Take care of the next wave of underclassmen please :).

To Nomar, I will you a new person to carry on your shoulders during drill and potentially drop.

To 01 C-wing (AJ, Faelyn, Jai, Vanessa, Sarah, Emma, Breena, Sofia, Brookelyn, Shanan) I will everyone a better outlet system and appliance organization that never short circuits. I don’t even know if that’s how that works but man was it annoying. May your microwave ramen and toaster oven meals never get interrupted.

To AJ and Faelyn, I will you some C-wing sophomores that will hopefully stay until the end of the year. Though I know they’d never beat you guys :).

To Brookelyn and Emma, I will you the big bathroom in downquad. I don’t even know if you guys want a quad, let alone the downstairs one, but as my favorite roommate pair, you guys deserve it. Even if someone else gets the quad, this will trumps their security so you’re allowed to use the bathroom anyway. Also, is it true you guys put noodles in my kettle?

To Saketh and Dorrie, I will you guys good luck. Keep ISP alive and well. I am very proud of all the work you guys have done so far. Keep it up!

To Freddie, I will you good drugs. The best. (Acronym editors please keep this in. I’m not talking about anything illegal). 

To Nachi, I will you the ability to do raw backflips. No helmet, no soft surface, no helpers, nothing. Pure swag.

To Annika, I will you another person in the hall that has a name that sounds like yours. Their name can be something like Bonica, Hanukkah, Konica, idk.


Morgan Johnson

To the 06 B-Wing underclassmen, I will you a fun and successful rest of your IMSA careers. I hope you all stay in B-wing and create a fun and inclusive environment for next year’s sophomores. You are all going to do big things, but remember to prioritize your happiness first. If you ever need anything do not hesitate to reach out!

To Giada Avina and Chiamaka, I will to you two the ability to use your inside voices. (Mostly kidding.) I hope you guys stay in B-wing next year and possibly take leadership positions to use your crazy personalities to create an inclusive environment for your underclassmen. I appreciate the way you guys have made the wing more lively and brought people out of their shells, despite your annoying tendencies. Best of luck to you guys, and feel free to reach out if you need anything.

To Sufiya Hussaini, I will to you less stress! You’re so sweet, smart, and beautiful. You will be successful and end up right where you need to be for college. Pursue your passions (business!!) and remember to decompress, it’ll all end up okay. I hope you have a great junior and senior year. Have fun with your friends because time flies! If you ever need anything, please reach out. 

To Kennedy Bray and Marcelle Mbende, I will to you guys a better room set up, and an endless supply of white Monster for Kennedy. Despite consistently making loud noises above Sage’s and my room, I’m really glad you two were in B-wing this year. You are both so smart and beautiful and are going to be so successful. I hope you get good sophs next year and have the best senior year!

To Irene Park and Cara Jacob, I will to you two GLI. You guys are going to make great Presidents next year. Stay passionate about GLI’s goals and pick passionate people to pass it down to. I hope you guys have a great rest of your IMSA career, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anything.

To Nikita Rudrapati, I will to you a fun and successful senior year. You are so sweet and intelligent. You will do great things. Best of luck for next year. 

To Sarah Wheeler, I will to you the Canton-area legacy at IMSA. There are not a ton of kids from our area that come to IMSA, and you’ve represented our area better than I ever could have. You’ve been so successful in your clubs, activities, and academics. I’m so glad that Disha is passing down LEAD to you, you’ll do great! Best of luck in the college application and decision process, and always put your happiness first. Reach out if you ever need anything!

To Ryleigh Jolliff, I will to you my affinity for DIL*S. I really enjoyed getting to know you better during second semester, you’re truly hilarious. Have a fun senior year!

To Ella Voyles, I will to you a fun volleyball season! I hope you take either Julie’s or my spot in the back row and make a positive environment for underclassmen on the team. 

To Ryleigh Jolliff, Ella Voyles, Ayati Lala, and Peyton Gutting, I hope you guys all have great senior years. Best of luck in college too. Ayati, I hope math is easier next year than it was this semester lol. Ella, Ayati, and Peyton have a great senior volleyball season. After seeing their skills at the tournament, maybe Ryleigh and Eysturlid can join too! You guys are going to be so successful! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you guys ever need anything.

To Keyan Dunmore, I will you walking trips to Walgreens. Thank you so much for giving Gav and me your moms discount. Our pockets greatly appreciate it, and I hope you can have fun going there next year!


Nadia Horak

To Lily Powell and Destiny Grant, I will you Gallimaufry. Take good care of Symoniak. 

To Lily and Nataliya, I will you happiness, joy, and Vision. 

To Brookelynn, I will you great biology classes and an amazing senior year that prepares you for California. 

To Brookelynn, Emma, and Sasha, I will you a friend whose name begins with “T” so everyone can know you are the BEST. 

To Shivani and Emi, I will you sophomores that you can annoy during study hours. 

To Justina, I will you a boyfriend. Not that I have one to give, as we all well know. I also will you a Peggy of your own to squeeze when you have issues. 

To 02A underclassmen, I will you an amazing time at IMSA and another wing family that loves you as much as we do. 

To JP Vrooman, I will you a working backpack. I mean, I already gave you one, but it’s nice to put into words. 

To Breena Bulthuis, I will you all the Dino merch your heart desires. 

To every underclassmen at IMSA, I will you a virtual hug from me to you to be cashed in anytime. IMSA is a family and I never want any one of you to not feel like you’re a part of it <3.


Nadia Ludwig

To Yina Wang (Hello, Dearest :)), I will you all the happiness in the world and friends who will always challenge your beliefs, helping you to grow as a person while still providing a safe, secure, and warm place to reside. You are truly a wonderful individual and I’m so graced to have been able to say you were a piece of my life this year. I know you will achieve amazing and impactful things and I will be there along the way to provide support wherever you need it. I’m always a text away, Kisses xxx. 

To Shiqi Cheng, I will you to have an insatiable desire to learn and people in every stage of your life who want to undertake crazy endeavors with you. You are such a lovely and interesting individual to talk with and I will miss our wing interactions. I’m excited to see the impact you’ll have on the IMSA community as a senior and I’m wishing you the best as always. 

To Ryleigh Jolliff, I will you a never-ending supply of cooking materials and a hotplate that never breaks.  I hope you guide the next generation of downstate children and teach them the ways of IMSA while giving them Skis on the bad days. You are such a loving and caring person and always brighten my day every time I see you. I hope you find your path in this world and charge forward with all your might, touching people’s lives everywhere you go. Good luck, my darling!

To Ashley Hernandez, I will you all the love in the world. You are and forever will be the sweetest thing. I’ll miss all of the little conversations and smiles we shared, and I know you’ll be a great RSL next year, bringing good vibes wherever you go. Keep in touch!

To Charles Ludwig, I will you a good work-life balance and many people to appear in your life to offer you support and challenge the way you think. IMSA is a hard place to survive but you are doing so well! I’m so proud of you and the person you are becoming. I hope that one day you will learn to sit back and relax a bit more and enjoy the people around you because you’ll never again find a community quite like this one. Take some time and try to get to know as many people as you can, there are always interesting and new things to talk with them about. I have loved having you on campus with me this year and I’ll miss not seeing you in the hallways when I’m off at college. Remember, a happy life is always the top priority, and life is lived in the in-betweens. I’m always a call away. (p.s. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xvFZjo5PgG0)

To Saamiyah Khan, I will you an endless stream of sunshine, and people to always dance with you in the rain. You are such a bright light and leave people smiling no matter where you go. I hope you get the best underclassmen next year and always find a solid group of friends who will always surround you with love and care no matter where you go. Kisses!

To Aru Ulanbek, I will you a pinch of funky and never-ending art supplies. Keep being a swagalicious underclassman and impact many people’s lives. I’ve always loved your presence, so keep growing, learning, and changing, but never forget who you are. 

To Sasha Lemons, Sash, I will you a happier and more stable life. You’re a champ for dealing with the storm while also fielding schoolwork and social stress. You deserve the longest nap and an abundance of love. I hope the future holds much peace for you so you can live contently and with sweetness surrounding you always.

To Aubrey & Michelle Hall, I will you success in your GWC endeavors. Michelle, I loved working with you this year as a Co-Pres, and I know you will take all that we were able to learn and apply it to next year to achieve great things. Aubrey, I’m sorry for calling you Audrey that one time and I also know that you and Michelle will be a power duo. I’m excited to see that female computing is in your hands, and always know if you need anything to reach out. Good luck!

To Aldo Magana, I will you an even larger, better tuba, and someone else to laugh with in Russian. I am so glad I sat next to you on the first day of Russian 3. I will always appreciate the conversations we had and terrible messenger wars. I hope you retain your passions, always finding new ways to impact the world with your work and ability. Живи и радуйся жизни, я буду скучать по тебе.

To Kaylee Zhou, I will you a great upperclassman experience and a fruitful junior and senior year. I know it’s hard being a sophomore but you were a real trooper this year! I loved all the conversations we were able to have about your Nav classes or Wednesday night LEAD. Thank you for being my favorite sophomore. I really do believe people like you are in short supply. Don’t stress too much next year and good luck on your SAT! I’ll come by and visit just to see you next year :)). Toodles !

To Jack Morby, I will you an ever-growing big brain and more pull god energy. I hope to see you stay on track with CS and physics. They’re really tough, but your brain is wired particularly well, so I’m excited to see what you achieve in those fields if you decide to stick with them (or even if you don’t). I really enjoyed our convos in Compsci and BC3 this year, and I wish we had become friends sooner. I know you’ll be a great upperclassman and help many others find their way. Remember to stay cool. 

To Umi Arora, I will you the future of TALENT events team. I had so much fun hanging and planning events with you this year, and I know you’ll do great things in the future. 

To 06C upquad (Nethra Shanbhag, Cara Jacob, Kavya Reddy, Meera Mutharasan), I will you the future of 06C. You all are very lovely individuals and I hope you keep growing together. 

To 06C underclassmen (Manasa Balasubramanian, Annabelle Zhang, Ryleigh Jolliff, Madilyn Bulfer, Shiqi Cheng, Yina Wang, Elizabeth Nyamwange, Rian Carter, Saamiyah Kahn, Sajal Shukla, Ashley Hernandez, Alicia Lopez, Mia Benitez, Maya Sanchez, Nethra Shanbhag, Cara Jacob, Kavya Reddy, Meera Mutharasan, and Shreya Chakraborty), I will you the tradition of keeping 06C the gaslighting, gatekeeping, and girlbossing wing it is. I was so thrilled to get to know each and every one of you and I hope that you will continue to live and grow in a positive way.  

To the next 06 Hall Senator, I will you resolve. Never be afraid to stand your ground when others might disagree with you, though know when to compromise to get the job done. Never let Student Council intimidate you or keep you from doing what you want. Under all the fluff is a real change you can make. Additionally, look further into the structure of both StudCo and administration, and find the loopholes and things that need to be fixed on a deeper level. When I found them it was a little bit late to change, but I believe you will be able to accomplish amazing things. Lastly, never forget you work to serve the people, and feel free to reach out and talk about literally anything. I’ll be here to offer support, guidance, and advice any time anywhere. 

To all my basketball underclassmen (Ava Gonzalez, Alyssa Abendroth, Chinara Caldwell), I will you the IMSA basketball team (lol idk if I have the right to do that but I’m still gonna). You guys will carry the team into a new age with hopefully a ton of W’s. I hope you can find a family from this team, people you can always count on in times of need. Good luck and don’t give Jarod too hard of a time. 

To Joshua Lee and Steve Dziamentsyeu, I will you the key game. Don’t be too much of menaces next year, and keep trying to unionize and overthrow things. It’s very entertaining. And Josh, stop spending so much on bribes. Best wishes. 


Natali Chung

To Jackie Zhang, I will you a lot of laughter and love and sleep (SLEEP) (I BETTER NOT SEE YOU ON THE TL AT 4 AM) and literally everything ever⁠—since we met on the IMSA Discord and talked about danmeis, you’ve been and will always be my favorite underclassman! I will be stalking you next year in every culture show, and I hope to see you shine on that stage. Take care of yourself, and don’t let yourself get bullied, show off that grr power!!! 

To Pranit Guntupalli, I will you ultimate happiness and an ERS win. Although it was only a few months, I really enjoyed slapping cards on the loft tables with you every midday. I’ll always be thankful for you helping me through tough times⁠—stay strong and kind, you’ll do awesome.

To Nandana Varma, I wish you the best senior year evereverever! You’re probably the only underclassman who reached out to me last year, and I’m really happy we were able to talk this year!! And I love you for being a shining ball of happiness every day. I also adore your hugs, keep handing them out to everyone else around you because those hugs are literally laced with dopamine or something. But make sure to take care of yourself!

To Julia Tran, I will you a successful year after overthrowing me as ISP Secretary. You are the sweetest with the best fashion sense ever. I loved doing photo shoots with you, and I can’t wait to see what studio work you’ll come up with in the future! I wish you success in everything you do, and if you get V-Trad to exist, I’ll be really, really excited to see it and might just fly back to IMSA for you.

To Alexandra Orantia, I will you a doppelganger underclassman. When someone said our mannerisms were the same, it was literally the truth. I will miss our forehead-banging-and-eye-staring moments so much. From graphic design is my passion to Saudade to culture shows, I hope to see you thrive and live it big! Wishing you a successful senior year full of fun and rest!

To Jai, Aaliyah Ali, and Dhruv Patel, I will you the longevity of L&D Matter. I trust that you’ll keep it running for the next year and years to come. Thank you guys for reinforcing a message that matters to me a lot. I hope to see you guys impact a lot of other people in the future.

To Sophia Ait Boucherbil, I will you an early 50/50 win for the next dude you want on Genshin. Just kidding, hope it takes 180 pulls. I will you an underclassman that you can bully all you want and relate to  with gacha games, especially one that lives right across from you. I’ll miss our late-night conversations about our terrible, terrible fandoms. Don’t game too much next year, I believe in you (Btw, I might still hit you up for your steam so I can play omori smiles) !!!!!!!

To Jerrick Li, I will you ultimate power. I hope to see you in a fight where you don’t get your neck snapped. Don’t worry too much about the future, sleep a lot in the attendance office, and enjoy your next two years of IMSA with all that you have!

To Jeff Duan, I will you an acting career and the ability to like kids. good luck with underclassmen next year lol.

To Jul Hwangbo, I will you a bathtub for the unnamed project of mystery. Have you gotten it yet?? But I hope to see a lot more studio photography from you. As someone to make fun of for doing acrobatics while taking photos, thank you for being a person even crazier, weirder, stupider, violent-er than me.

To Buddy Hicks-Gomez, I will you a stolen tote bag. I will myself a plastic clothes hanger to hit you with. Try hard not to get in a physical altercation next year :).

To anyone that I might’ve missed, I will you an infinity of sorrys and thank yous from me and anything that will give you a little more happiness. Even if we have talked once, or twice, or a lot, you have made me who I am and I will be eternally grateful for that. Pleeeeease keep in touch, even if it doesn’t seem like we’re close, I’ll pretend we are. I really am excited to see where all of you will end up in the years to come. Passing the baton to you all. Nat out.


Natalie Hulseberg

To Sarah Wheeler, who I’ve seen grow and blossom into an amazing social justice activist, I will you the ACLU Chapter. I cannot think of anyone more capable or deserving of leading the club we have poured hours of love into. You are going to do amazing things, both with the ACLU and outside of it. I love you so much, and I am so excited to see where life takes you.

To Aaliyah Ali and Franklin Rangel, I will you the responsibility of EnAct. I know that might sound a little negative, but I promise that it was one of the most important responsibilities I have ever had the pleasure of taking on. You both have amazing visions and will push EnAct’s next curriculum to be the best yet. Trust your instincts and listen to the team⁠—it will take you miles.

To Bhavya Vegesna and Alex Orantia, I will you the 1503 RSL team. You are both pillars of the hall’s community and bring life into every room you enter. Maybe next year we’ll win Clash <3.

To Solange Simpson, Yareli Marinez, Venus Obazuaye, and Halimat Sanusi, I will you all the luck for getting a quad next year. Seeing the four of you interact in the wing has been the highlight of most of my senior year. Your friendship is extremely special. 

To Michelle Li, I will you an amazing class and co-facilitator for LEAD next year because you deserve the world. You have been so much fun to prep with, and your energy is unmatched. Your laugh is infectious and I will be forever in awe of your endless legal and political knowledge.

To Aaliyah Ali, Franklin Rangel, Maya Holland, Lily Powell, Michelle Li, and Nandana Varma, I will you all the best for the EnAct team. Despite a rocky first semester, I have loved every minute I’ve gotten to spend with you all. I have no doubts that you will go on to change the world in each of your own unique ways. Keep cracking jokes and asking questions. I love all of you.

To Vikram Karra and Sarah Wheeler, I will you luck as the new co-coordinators of LEAD. I remember, Vikram, how you seemed so sure of yourself during EnAct as a sophomore. You are eloquent, smart, and an amazing leader. You will guide the team with the grace and humor of a true co-coordinator. Sarah, I have seen you grow so much through both LEAD and the ACLU. You are so kind and thoughtful, always willing to be there for the people around you. You will thrive as a leader next year and will walk away having made a large and meaningful impact on the program.

To Sarah Wheeler, Sajal Shukla, and Irene Park, I will you the ability to continue making change in the world around you. You have been unforgettable and immeasurably valuable work members through the process of writing, developing, and publishing the ACLU KYSHA zine. You have pushed and taught me so much⁠—keep spreading that to everyone you work with.

To Joey Paras and Ryan Mojzis, I will you the junior year we never got to experience. You two are some of my favorite people in 1503, and I will miss you dearly. Your bond and friendship is unlike anything I’ve seen before⁠—hold tightly to it. Keep being weird and funny and passionate. Also, remember to take sophomores under your wing next year, they’ll surprise you and make each day even better than the last.


Neil Dighe

To Dashiell Leigh, DASH, I will you success on the completion of your future essays and the chance to find an underclassman of your own to greet in boisterous cheer. The nights of shared boredom turned into humor within 01’s RC Office and around its foosball table have been some of my best times of the past year. You’ve been one of the few people I’ve ever met that I can easily riff off and make jokes with. 

To Angel Lopez & Hagen Arriaga, I will you a better belt, Angel, to keep your pants from falling down at every check. Hagen, I give you the ability to imagine holding my hand, whenever and wherever you feel the need. I’m still finding lollipops, by the way. Your unpredictable responses and constant laughter/quiet chuckle under your breath have always made times in the wing interesting, to say the least. The conversations I’ve had with you two have been fun and insightful, even if the topic of discussion is Akwasi’s “back meat.” 

To Raphael Talusan, I will you air-frying experiments that only improve, and that your taste for pizza crusts begins to develop. Every Fortnite dance and sucker found has reminded of just how great our wing’s sophs are. Your UIUC speaker has always had the best Kendrick songs playing, and your Valorant games are always entertaining to watch from behind your shoulder.

To Justina Kostiv, I need to will you a napkin (so that you can wipe the butter off your hands). *Throws you a Frisbee* Looks like you dropped the disk again. Honestly, it’s kinda predictable at this point. I hope that you’re always able to maintain a good ultimate game throughout the next two years. Your trash talk has always been top tier. It’s always been fun talking while throwing a disk, and I’ll miss it a lot. 

To Jack Osmund, I will you a fun (and hopefully stress-free) next two years. I’ve always been impressed by your athletic talent and drive to start up a game of ultimate. It’s been fun getting to know you more and getting the chance to trash talk you every step of the way. 

To Alexian Heynez and Luke Mauk, I will you guys good roommates and rooms not shared with Brogan. Hearing about your shenanigans with Brogan and Shezad has always brought a smile to my face. You guys were fun to hang out with and watch over in Excel, and it only got better throughout the year. I’ll miss the brief convos around the U bench and in 01 that we always had. Broccoli Top: stay drippy. 

To Sreevardhan Atyam, I will you a good haircut and better way of cleaning rice out of the sink. You’ve been a great soph, and it’s always been fun to turn what you say against you. Watching Legally Blonde with you was top tier. I hope you do well in your future years at IMSA.

To George Lu and Matthew Zhang,I will you both good times for your future years at IMSA.  You guys are cool, and the whole Quad wishes that we had gotten to know you more. I hope that we got to know you more in April and May and that we played at least one Rainbow 2v2 together. George, I hope your descriptions of homework never stop being hilarious.

To Pranit Guntupalli,  I will you a pair of wireless earbuds cause you wear your wires so much they’ll fall apart if you’re not careful. Slime, I’m gonna miss you. You’ve been one of my favorite juniors, and I’d honestly say your top five out of your entire class. You’ve always been on top of your stuff, and hanging out with you in the loft has always been the best part of my day. You even got me to listen to some new music. 

To ISP Executive Board, JT, Saketh, Janelle, Dorrie, and Eve, I will you a perpetually clean ITMC, Dropbox, and Google Drive (although it will be up to you guys to keep that way). I hope you guys are able to continue to keep ISP running at peak performance. There may be many issues facing you all in the future, but I know that you all have the skills to continue onwards. You have already had to face the worst of the worst with your upper management, but you’ve handled everything perfectly. Eve, I hope you’re able to pass on the booth legacy and run a successful culture show in the auditorium (I’m jealous). 

To Shaan, Lui Hernandez Aguirre, and Vikram Karra, I will you guys the down quad and also the hubcap I have in my room. 

To Vikram Karra, I will you the chance to have your movie preferences challenged, even if I won’t be here to do it. I wish that you had spent more nights in the Quad, because I always had the best conversations with you and the Quad. You’ve always been eager to learn more about IMSA and our experiences, and create your own at the same time. I hope you get to make the changes to IMSA that you’ve talked about. 

To Shaan Doshi and Lui Hernandez Aguirre, I will you guys a room with an auto lock. I know you guys have wanted one. You guys have been a great pair to hang out with. Be it the long nights in my room, or the constant ins-and-outs of the quad, I’ve enjoyed every second of it. I don’t think I need to will either of you a good senior year cause I know you’ll have a great one regardless. 

To Dhruv Patel, I will you the chance to get some beauty sleep (you definitely need it). You’ve always been dependable and on top of your stuff, so I hope you finally get the chance to take it easy next year. You’ve been a good worker and friend.  

To Jai, I will you good luck with your senior year and all it entails. I’ve always enjoyed the small conversations we’ve had beneath the U-bench. Always having someone who laughs at my stupid jokes has been great. 

To 1505 D-Wing (Raphael Talusan, Wyatt Mathews, Pietro Stabile, Wyatt Bryant, Shaan Doshi, Luis Hernandez Aguirre, Mathew Zhang, George Lu, Alexander Vale, Ben Simmons, Stsiapan Dziamentsyeu, Vikram Karra, Hagen Arriaga, Angel Lopez, Sreevardhan Atyam, and Ishan Buyyanapragada), I will you guys good times in the future and hopefully a better propic head for next year’s Clash. You guys have been the best wing I could ever imagine. Whether it’s having small conversations about homework, books, and video games or throwing lollipops at Shaan, I’ve enjoyed every moment of it. I wish I had gotten the chance to know you all more, but regardless, you all have been the best. 


Niyati Kapadia

To Shreeya, I will you a five-minute crafts hack. Starting from our year online, our math conversations would always become the strangest things. Your use of emojis through text was so defining of you and your character, always bringing a smile to my face. This year, I am so glad I got to finally meet you. Your commitment to Diwali and dance made me feel I wasn’t in this alone, and you would always be there when I was running around like crazy. Digu digu digu naga will always be the song that reminds me of you. The late night texts during break and randomly eating Taco Bell in the atrium while we both are crushed under the weight of IMSA, our parents, and the world, will be unforgettable to me. You are truly one of the funniest and hardworking people I know, and I hope this (hopefully) quick five-minute craft hack can make your busy life a little easier as you continue to your senior year. 

To Eddie Ning, I will you a great time on ASIA and for the rest of IMSA. I am always in awe of your passion and dedication to everything you do. Working with you on ASIA, seeing you do chemistry on the whiteboard in science study, practicing audition pieces for modern⁠—you always do your best and the results show. Thank you for being a great friend to talk to, and I really hope we can continue to talk for many years to come, especially since I think you are the coolest person ever. Just make sure to relax and take time for yourself and whatever you want to do in the moment, don’t be worried about the future when your effort is more than enough to make good outcomes. 

To Emi, I will you a spot in your room solely dedicated to snackies. I still remember first seeing you at Clash practice and thinking that your eyes were so pretty, then you luring me and a bunch of other seniors and juniors into your room with Polish snackies and talking about the most random things late at night. Your dedication and motivation is so inspiring (when I want to sleep before 11, I tell myself to be more like Emi!), and I hope you can strive to continue to keep it throughout IMSA and the rest of your life. Don’t stop being you and please, please, PLEASE let’s stay in touch and hang out later.

To Ani, I will you a fun and successful dance career at IMSA. Your dancing and dedication to dance is amazing, and being able to participate in Clash with you and get to know you so much more throughout the prep was so much fun. I’ll always be on the lookout for you when culture shows and clash videos come out. You are a natural leader even if you don’t realize it, and I know that IMSA will only bring out the best in you. You might even surprise yourself in the end. Have a great time at IMSA, and I would love to keep in touch, so you better text me :)))).

To Bhavyaa, I will you a new wig. Maybe I’ll get it for you, maybe you’ll have to get it yourself. I’m not sure yet, but you will get a new wig. I love you so much⁠—you have such a satisfying voice, but you also are just such a nice and selfless person. You are so wise and calm and a great person to be around. Thank you for being there for me, doing my mehndi, and listening to everything that I had to say about life. I love you :).

To Ela, I will you discount codes and your own standup comedy show. Do you know how funny you are? Probably not. But I’m telling you, you’re a natural comedian, even if you don’t try. Despite the challenges you may face in the future, stay cool, stay quirky, and keep that passion you have for the things you love. 

To Addie, I will you the coziest bed in the world. So you can finally sleep a lot and not be tempted to pull those all-nighters. You are the coolest person in 06, and I love spending time with you. I will always remember the struggles we went through while trying to figure out the upside down BoA walk for Clash and how many times I almost fell flat on my face. But doing all of this means you have to rest! Sleep! Please! And if you don’t, ft me and we can stay up together and eat breakfast. I’ll miss you so much, Addie, so be sure to visit me wherever I end up.

To the ISA sophs, I will you a new direction for ISA. ISA has always been pretty much the same throughout the years, but I know that you will be that guiding light to a brand new ISA. An even cooler one than right now. It’ll be hard, no doubt, but with your passion and work ethic, I really see the potential in you all to make it happen. If and when I visit IMSA again, I hope to see you all flourish as leaders at IMSA and be the coolest, most cultural, and innovative board members yet.

To the ISA juniors, I will you an in-person, super original, but *new* Diwali. Sometimes, IMSA torture is required for you to feel the IMSA happiness. I really hope you have gone through that torture so you can finally enjoy the process of being a part of this culture club. Be sure to talk to each other even more than you do now. Rely on each other and be the person others can rely on. I wish you all the best for next year, and if you ever need anything, I’ll be there.

To Saketh, I will you the chillest SSS and some quality rest over summer break. I truly have nothing but good things to say about you, and to you. Ever since we first met in person, while working on the horrendous Diwali planning, to everything else ISA related and outside of school, you have been the most supportive, nicest, and hardworking person. Without you, my senior year would not have gone in this direction. I know that I am willing you something that everyone should have, but you are just a different breed⁠—can never, and will never catch a break. Don’t worry. I’ll always be there for you. Just hit me up anytime, and we can go watch a Telugu movie together. You are amazing and my favorite curly haired IMSA brother.

To Jerrick, I will you the chance to be the good guy in a fight…and a new vocabulary. I will continue to pray that your usage of ‘ong’ and ‘oh naw’ exponentially decreases over the next few months. We’ve been through a lot this year, and I felt happy and relieved when you would always step up to help people and be a true leader at IMSA. You are the future of IMSA and embody so many positive characteristics you will never tend to see in yourself. I know your mom also told you to not be the bad guy in fights, but tell her that in real life you are the most caring person. Just be sure to care for yourself sometimes too. I’ll be here to help you whenever you need it and maybe, just maybe, I’ll visit to watch Lunar next year. 

To Aaliyah, I will you the sanity to continue your SIR. Your SIR is an interesting one, and having it together was a great every-Wednesday experience. Doing NYT crosswords, talking about politics, fluffernutter, the random topics you know so much about⁠—I was so grateful to be with you for it. I know life is hard but you are one of the most hardworking and passionate people I know, and you can succeed anywhere you want in life. You may not know it, but your passion has inspired me to become like you, the “Hermoine” of things I actually enjoy learning and talking about. I love you so much and let’s keep going out for lunch in the city once in a while. And visit me and Oliver in Bolingbrook to go to Ikea.

To Nandana, I will you a good senior year. Honestly, I want to will you a not overcommitted year or a chill year, but I know that would never even cross your mind so I won’t even bother. But I will will you a good senior year, so you can define it as you go. I always see you so involved at IMSA and so busy with everything you do, crazy hard classes, so many extracurriculars, hanging out with friends. Although from the outside it may seem very, very, very stressful, your positive attitude about everything is contagious and you can always turn a bad situation into a positive one. That is your charm, and I hope that it will never go away. It’s like the Nandana brand. However you define good, I want that to be your senior year. Just be sure to keep time for yourself and you will be all set. I love you so much, Ms. Varma <3333.

To Umi, I will you a very productive year of learning even more Mandarin. Chinese first semester was so much fun, and I loved talking to you about the smallest and weirdest things we could think of (and our sneaky hacks). You are destined for greatness, by being so hardworking, caring, funny, and overall so amazing. Be confident in everything you do, and I’ll always be there to support you. 

To Alex, I will you an underclassman whose eyes will always widen when they see you and will always ask how you are doing. Alex, you are the most caring and loving person, and I love being able to spend time dancing or even just talking to you. I hope you have someone who will return the love you always give to others. Also, don’t get too stressed about the future, it isn’t as scary as you may think so be sure to enjoy and live life in the moment.

To Bhavya, I will you a million comfys. Your signature look is basically a comfy that everyone ends up using for their own warmth. I’ll email the company that makes comfys and tell them about how you are the IMSA trendsetter so they can help you out with reaching a million comfys that you can wear every day. 

To B-wing inhabitants, Giada, Gabi, Jimena, Sufiya, Sophia, Irene, Nikita, Michelle, Eve, Laya, Kennedy, Marcelle, Nikola, Danica, and Chiamaka, I will you bright new sophomores that will keep the same B-wing energy we had this year. I was actually shocked at how close everyone got so quickly, but that just made my experience, and hopefully yours too, 100x better. I know everyone was loud sometimes and just a tiny bit crazy, but that’s what made us so unique and hopefully will make this year memorable for us. Don’t be afraid to reach out to me, the hex, or each other anytime you need.

To Pranit, I will you a comprehensive look back at your years at IMSA. Maybe it’ll be like a dream, you rewatching yourself from afar, or through memories and pictures and videos and old posts, anything. I guarantee you will be surprised at how much you learned, how smart you were, how much fun you had, how certain things affected you differently, everything. Thank you for being such a great friend and like a little brother to me at IMSA. I have seen you grow even just this past year and can’t wait to see where you end up. 

To everyone I forgot to mention, I will you a positive experience for the rest of your days at IMSA and in college. Be sure to have fun as you go along this journey, and do the things you really want to do. I believe in you all!


Olamiji Fabamigbe

To Chiamaka, Kevkev, Kennedy, Chinara, Ale, Yanel, Nashra, Hägen, Angel, Jay Gonzalez, Abi Botello, Noah Walker, Jayden Willis, Deondre, Aishat, Raven, Jakhai, Jes, Buddy, Laura, Andre, Ashley Hernandez, Rian, Giada, Destiny G, Destiny H, Donovan Morrow, Blessita, Danica Sun, Einsey, Miracle, & Kosi aka my IN2 hangout buddies, I will y’all a nice & easy year. I am so proud of all of you. Please keep IN2 clean and less chaotic. Stay out of trouble and treat each other with love & respect. Do not give up, if you need help please reach out, and make good use of IMSA’s resources. Stay involved and always work hard! 

To Marcelle, Addie K, Chinara, and David Dickson, I will you all Step choreographers, y’all did well during Step this year, and you guys have crazy & fun ideas! I am so excited to see what you guys are gonna come up with! If you need help or advice please let me know! Enjoy your junior & senior year to the fullest!!!!

To my incredible B-wingers: Taylor, Nitya, Izzy, Jazymne, Lily, Sumedha, Laasya, Aubrey, Ale, Yanel, Chinara, Nashra, Jadesola,  Noor, Ebba, Aarya, I will you good years! It was an honor being your wing liaison, I enjoyed working with Taylor, and she worked very hard as an RSL. I will miss our fun Res Life Activities, wing dinners, and bonding nights with Damariz! This is the best wing that I’ve ever had throughout my stay at IMSA. 02 B-WING BEST WING!!!!!!!!!! 

To BHSC E-BOARD Yanel, Ale, Angel, & Valentin, I will y’all a great retreat. Hopefully, you all can go somewhere fun outside of IMSA! Carry on BHSC for Sanaa, Lethzy, and me. Keep the Brotherhood Sister Circle unbreakable!!! 

To Ale, Chinara, Yanel, Hagen, Angel, and Nashra, I will y’all a stronger bond. Y’all know that y’all are my FSI. Please stay close, always help and support each other. You guys are great friends. Keep that healthy friendship going, stay cute, and innocent. Make use of that Soy Sauce group chat to keep me updated!!!

To Dammy & Janelle Thomas, I will you beautiful young ladies a great year and fleek eyebrows 4life! Do NOT give up, keep persevering, you’re almost there. Keep supporting each other, and do not let anyone ruin your relationship! You guys are some of my favorite juniors and I’ll miss you so much! If you need any help or advice please reach out to me via iMessage :)).

To Sar’iayah & Aaliyah, I will you two a great life full of peace and love! You two should stay inseparable, always supporting each other! No matter what do not give up. I am so proud of you, you have grown so much, and I believe that you have learned a lot socially and academically. Enjoy your summer and good luck :)).

To Maame & Ireland, I will you both a chill year. I love your vibe and energy. Y’all have worked so hard, and you should be proud of yourselves. Please reach out to me if you need help or have any questions. Enjoy your summer to the fullest!!!

To Ale & Yanel, I will you two a great IMSA experience together. Thanks for always buying me food and filling me up. It was so pleasant seeing you both come out of your shells in the middle of first semester and applying for leadership positions in second semester. Merengué was so fun with y’all being the choreographers!! Ale, don’t make the crop tops shorter. Yanel, you’ll always be special🤣. Keep being great roommates to each other. Don’t stress too much, and always remember to treat yourselves. Take a break when needed. I’m only one call away! Always support each other. I love you both, and I’ll miss your hugs. Definitely keep me updated on what’s going ❤️.

To Nikita, I will you an amazing senior year! I am so proud of everything that you have accomplished so far and the other achievements that you will fulfill! Please keep me updated on everything going on! Don’t stress too hard, and enjoy your senior year!!! :)).

To Nitya, I will you good luck! I am so proud of you! You worked so hard your sophomore year. Keep it up for the remaining years! I know you’ll do great things. Keep me updated, and if you need any help, let me know! :)).

To Bhavya, I will you a chill year full of fun, peace, and amazing grades. I love your vibe and energy. Step was so nice with you. I hope you do it again next year! You have worked so hard, and you should be proud of yourselves. Do not stress your senior year. Please reach out to me if you need help or have any questions. Enjoy your summer to the fullest!!!

To Max, I will you to be a modern choreographer for Harmabee! You’re a great dancer, and I can see that you are very passionate about it. I’m glad that you’re doing what you love and enjoy. I enjoy our meaningful conversation, and I know that you’ll do big things in life. Do not let anyone discourage or cause you unnecessary stress. If you have any questions or advice, please do not hesitate to reach out. Good luck, enjoy your summer and last year at IMSA!!!

To Kevkev, I will you a drama and stress free senior year. Have more friends and less enemies. Doing African & STEP for Harambee and Reggaeton & Merengue for Casa De Alma with you was so funny and entertaining. You always make me laugh, thanks for always keeping it real, and also be less petty lol. That beignet you baked was soooo good, I’ll definitely miss it!!  Keep me updated on any tea you got! I am so proud of all your accomplishments. Have a wonderful year!!!

To Miuna, I will you better FTs and a better haircut. I have seen you how much you’ve grown at IMSA. You’re so goofy and always have great and positive energy. Stop looking crusty, keep working hard, and you will accomplish great things. Continue to be the gentlemen that you are. Enjoy your basketball season. I am proud of you. Enjoy your summer and remaining years at IMSA!!!

To Hägen, I will you an amazing year, long lasting eyebrows, & haarñs. You are so intelligent. Keep working hard, and you will accomplish great things. I love how cool, calm, and collected you are. Get involved in more activities on campus, and apply to clubs! I’ll oddly miss your awkward stares and raised eyebrows 🤣🤣. If you need help or advice please let me know. Enjoy your summer and your remaining time at IMSA!!

To Nashra, I will you higher spice tolerance. When we did the 2x spicy noodles challenge, your life was high key flashing, I’ll miss that moment. I love your charisma and big tight hugs! We got close during excel and even closer during the school year. Thanks for feeding me, I’ll miss the good Indian food that your mom cooks😭. Never give up, keep working hard, study frequently, and meet with your teachers if you’re stuck on anything because they know best! Never say yam is potato 😠. You’re so intelligent and amazing, please continue to be that way. I am so proud of you and always will be. Keep me updated on what’s going on! Love ya❤️! :)).

To Chinara, I will you intensive repair lotions and Vaseline, and a stress free year, full of ease and fantastic grades.You’ll forever be the supreme roach. You are a very hard working young lady, and I know that you’ll do big things in life. Do not get discouraged, you are very smart and have great things ahead of you. I’ll miss our good laughs & fun activities we try together. Keep me updated on your track meets ‘cause you know that I’ll always cheer you on!!! I am so proud of you and always will be. If you ever need anything, please do not hesitate to reach out! Love ya, supreme roach!❤️ :)).

To Ernesto Lopez, aka my PA/Secretary, I will you long-lasting chapstick, melatonin, a good underclassman to chill with, a good secretary for you, and years full of leadership positions & fantastic grades. You were a good breakfast, brunch, lunch, & dinner buddy. Thanks for helping me study for BC III & Organic Chemistry with Axel. You are very reliable, intelligent, trustworthy, & caring. I’ll miss your goofiness and crustiness..and also trying different new foods together. You did so well your sophomore year, and I know that you’ll continue to do well your junior and senior year! Give Mathias a big hug for me. If you need any help, obviously feel free to message me. I’ll respond back in 3-5 business days😭. Very much so. All love. LOL.

To Kennedy, I will you long knee pad, strong knees, and a successful year! Have fun your senior year, and don’t stress. We became close during the girl’s volleyball season, and I know you’ll never forget that I called you Rian when we first met LOL. I wish you good luck. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me. I enjoyed hanging out with you on weekdays & weekends, ordering Chinese food, going on fun trips, and trying new foods. I am so proud of you for getting the President position for Medical Society & Key Club, just keep doing what you do best!!! Please take care of my babies and make sure they stay out of trouble. Remember to always put God first in everything, and you can do all things through Christ which strengthens you. I’ll miss you, we can definitely hang out, and I’ll try to visit IMSA to see you❤️.


Oliver Ni

To Dhruv Patel, I will you a chair at Acronym meetings and the humor necessary to actually be funny. Your rambunctiousness and deplorability exceed all known quantities in the universe, and I cannot imagine what merciless force put me in your presence. In all seriousness, though, you are legitimately one of the most hardworking and talented people I know. You never hesitate to tackle any of the challenges that are hurdled your way, perhaps to a fault. From staying up till four in the morning to finishing ISP editing work to building Disability Celebration Week with such passion, you have the ability to change the world around you for the better. Watching you grow and mature in this process has been a priceless experience. My biggest regret, though, is me feeding into your harshest critic — yourself. In your pursuit of a greater good, you often sacrifice your own well-being and time to match your ambitions. Remember to take care of your health, for only then can you turn your attention to the world around you. Some of our happiest memories spring out of spontaneity, when we are able to detach ourselves from our responsibilities. I urge you to do the same and find a junior/soph who could give you that same breathing room. Thank you for letting me be part of your IMSA experience, it’s truly been an honor and I look forward to seeing your name on some headlines. Let me know at any point if you need any advice or support, especially if you plan on dancing well.

To Kelly Cruz, I will you the future of the Acronym and special privileges to bully your staff writers. Honestly, your ability to meticulously plan out logistics and execute major projects is beyond impressive, and I could not have asked for a better news section editor or future EIC to carry on the Acronym legacy. If there is anyone that I am confident in placing a bet on bringing dramatic change for the better to the Acronym, it would be you. I wish I had gotten to know you better on a personal level outside of just the Acronym, but even then it seems that you have all of your priorities straight and that you’ll rock senior year. Sorry if I scared you with my antics, I promise you’ll embrace the power of clownery and use it to the best of your abilities eventually. Never hesitate to reach out about Acronym-related matters or anything else on your mind, and please keep both Liz and me updated about IMSA tea and Dhruv-related slander.

To Aaliyah Ali, I will you unlimited New York Times crosswords to pass time while your sick Tableau graphs whirr into shape. Oh, and of course, for your caps lock key to unstick itself. Who knew that my SIR experience would be filled with less-than-concealed threats, head smacks, and gaslighting attempts? Apparently you, as that seemed to be your agenda for the entire year. Between the hostile glares, though, I’ve found some of my best conversations this year scattered in our SIR sessions. It’s been such a joy to pick apart the most miscellaneous collection of topics, from Sichuan peppercorns to Twelver Shi’ism during the Safavid dynasty, and learn more about the world around us. Beyond that, though, I found someone who I could confide with during my darkest moments. Thank you for all the advice you’ve given me throughout this year and for being a listening ear no matter what the circumstances are. Thank you for having such an infectious personality and the ability to make everyone feel comfortable. And, of course, thank you for being such a wonderful friend. I know times have been tough, and yet I remain confident in your ability to conquer whatever comes your way and emerge as an even more mature and thoughtful person in the end. Please keep sending me whatever new tidbits of information you come across and let me know if you ever need anything. Oh, and don’t forget how to make those Excel graphs and yell at me across the country if you feel lost.

To Nandana Varma, I will you the best hugs, the worst jokes, and Zendrick Zamar’s hit album Zo Zimp Za Zutterfly. We only really started getting to know each other this year (apparently our first few texts were all about Acronym? weird.), but boy has it been a crazy few months. Whether it was through our SIR lunch trips, debate clowning sessions, or Acronym meetings where you dunk on me, Dhruv, and Liz, you never cease to bring fun wherever you go. From blasting Helikopter in the middle of your LEAD meetings to ranting about Clash-related stuff (you know), I’m so glad to have partaken in your series of shenanigans. At the same time, you are honestly such a great listener especially when it comes to more emotionally heavy topics. Knowing that I could trust you and converse with you about difficult matters has been so helpful for me personally. The late night calls that we’ve had, although few, are always so enriching and satisfying. I know how much it means to you to spend quality time having deep-dive conversations with your friends, so never shy away from making that phone call or sending that silly text. Thanks, shlime.

To all of 05 C-Wing (Ramzi, Saul, Keyan, Faizaan, Herschel, Max, Buddy, Valentin, Eddie, Kevin, Aditya, Arjun, Daunovan), I will you utter chaos wherever you go. You all are a whirlwind of destruction, leaving no corner of the wing untouched and no member of the wing unscarred. Your Snapchat memes are vile, your screams shrill and blood-curdling, and your antics often bizarre and slightly unsettling. That said, you have brought so much energy and life into the wing, and I cannot begin to say just how grateful I am to have y’all this year. Even when I’m feeling down, I could always count on all of you to be agents of hilarity and mayhem. I understand that I have been hard on y’all at times, and I apologize for those moments. Please make sure to look after each other and have everyone’s back. I’ll be sure to visit someday, and y’all better have not changed into anything less unpredictable and exciting. Oh, and I shall leave behind my water boiler as a token of my appreciation to you all. Make good shin ramen with it.

To Maximus Osorio Simonenko, I will you an even larger boombox and an even larger stage for your even grander dance moves. The first time I heard of you was just the fact that you had an amazing name, then I realized that you could really work the dance floor. Your passion, dedication, and determination shine through both in your personal work with your dance studio as well as school-related events. And how could I not mention all the hours you poured in 05 drill? It was unlike anything I’d ever seen: sick choreo, energetic music, jaw-dropping stunts, and, of course, some moves that were simply too powerful for CAB to allow. Your patient style of teaching and clear explanations also helped everyone feel comfortable and have fun while partaking in this tradition. Alas, the show must go on, and I want you to run it back and put together an even better drill. I hope you had fun in the process and let me know if you ever need any advice or help brutha. Oh, and if you ever need me to yell at anyone to come to practice or just your fellow wingmate cronies, lmk.

To Renaldo Venegas, I will you all the access walks and Walgreens runs that you could possibly ask for. It’s funny thinking about how the first time we talked was really this last semester, as a combination of being in the same differential equation class and me dancing in B-Friend led to us getting to know each other. Truly, the most IMSA-esque method of introductions. Even in these few short months together, however, I’ve gotten to know you so much better and have some great conversations about everything. Different nail polish colors, our hometowns, dresses, air conditioners, toothpaste-flavored ice cream, you name it. From stressing out about integrating factors to impromptu walking trips to witnessing unspeakable atrocities at night, this semester has been filled with hilarious moments with you. You are a compassionate, kind individual, and I hope you carry that same positive energy into the great beyond. Don’t ever hesitate to reach out if you want to talk or hang out, I’ll be there for you. Also, I bequeath to you the throne of the 05 dumpsters.

To Shiqi Cheng, I will you the finest katana collection east of the Mississippi at your disposal. I hope, during your time at IMSA, my slightly deranged descriptions of the school from speech tourneys have lived up to your expectations. After getting to know you as my lil sib, I watched as you kicked into overdrive with all the different challenges you chose to take on. Advanced mathematics, speech team, dealing with Dr. Tang’s lectures on Champaign flight traffic, etc. — you truly gave yourself the full experience. Your drive and passion behind all of your commitments have allowed you to surmount the tallest peaks, so please take a moment to appreciate all that you’ve done. Remember to take a break every now and then and to balance your well-being with your ambitions. Stress and anxiety are legitimate emotions, so make sure to give yourself enough breathing room in whatever you do. I wish we talked more often outside of my slightly unsettling yodeling over Andy’s poor phone at 12 am, but knowing you, I am confident in your future success. 如果你需要任何建议,冷笑话,或要我把唐奕林管住,你可以随时在脸书或微信上给我写信。加油,我对你充满了信心。

To Yina Wang, I will you the title “Chief” until the end of time as well as a slightly more competent poster carrier (for you know who). I got to know you just with talking about everything from unfortunate AMC sets to **** and *****’s budding romance, and every conversation I’ve had with you has been so enjoyable. You are such a hard-working and motivated person with a myriad of talents to show for. Whether it be SUStainability week or just generally looking out for your friends, you have the best interests of everyone around you in mind. As your responsibilities continue to add up, there is an old Chinese saying that I would like you to remember. “悬梁刺股” essentially refers to working so hard that you ignore your basic necessities. While the 成语 takes on a more positive term in the Motherland, I hope you continue working hard to better yourself and those around you while putting your well-being at the forefront. You have some huge responsibilities ahead of you to lead the school to a better place, but I am confident that you will be able to handle all the challenges that come your way. Let me know if you ever need me to keep **** and ***** in check, but otherwise please take care of yourself, and I look forward to hearing your great accomplishments.

To Ramzi Daki, I will you better GamePigeon skills and stronger knees. You are single handedly one of the rowdiest underclassmen that I know, and your antics in the wing know no limits. Izmar Iqad’s missing poster, bed disassembly processes, and sparring matches are just some of the highlights (or headaches, depending on the day) I’ve had to deal with in our wing. And somehow, you’re always at the center of it all, you rascal. But that can be a good thing too — you bring so much fun to 05C. I know at times I and other people have been hard on you, and that those aren’t always justified. Just know that I still see you as a good kid with the right intentions. Moving forward, always remember the importance of perspective and sensitivity. When it comes to dealing with difficult or unideal scenarios, those two qualities will help you avoid storms and find calmer seas as soon as possible. Sometimes things can spiral out of control, and just know that I’m always willing to hear out any troubles that you may have. Keep working on becoming a better person and never stop having fun, you dorkhead.

To Luis Hernandez Aguirre, I will you the greatest huddle speech of all time during your senior year. I first began talking to you more often when I started to sit in on RSL meetings, and I gained an appreciation for just how much you cared for the people of our hall. From grinding for Clash for hours on end to organizing multiple events for your wing and the rest of 05, it is clear that you lead by example amongst your peers. Your constant upbeat energy and confidence are so infectious and uplifting, and I couldn’t count just how many times I’ve thrived off of your enthusiasm when helping out our hall. Your heart is truly a great asset, so use it to the fullest. At the same time, remember to have fun and don’t let the stress get to you too much in the process of making 05 the best hall on campus. I am excited to see how you will continue serving as a role model for us all. 

To Atharva Gawde, I will you ein gutes Zeit im Deutschland und viele defekten Strahlungsschutzchilde. Ich habe dich im Debatentrainieren getroffen, und diese Zeit hat viel Spass gemacht. Im diese Jahr, ich habe mit deine Freundesgruppe oft herumgespielt. Ich habe aus Modern-Physik bei dir besucht. Du bist ein sehr intelligenter und freundlicher Person, und ich habe so viel Respekt vor dir (ok that’s all the German I got, sorry man). Seriously, though, you’ve been such a hard carry in ModPhys this year and just a very chill person to talk to overall. I’ve enjoyed our conversations together and can tell that you are passionate about growing both as a learner and as a person. Keep following your dreams and chasing your goals, and I am sure that you will end up in fantastic places.

To Rohan Jain, I will you 很好的 Mandarin skills, less riddle frustrations/shenanigans, and my newly minted Soundcloud rapper name yung_boneheadmef. I think you were maybe the first underclassman that I talked to at IMSA, as we sent each other stupid snaps and horrendous Sage assist charts. As time went by, we shifted our focuses to His Majesty Wilbert Chu and 东方红, venerating those who came before us. You clearly are one of the brightest people at IMSA and have such a breadth of knowledge especially as it pertains to math (aime pain). You recognize where you need to improve, and consequently put in double the effort than almost anyone else. That mindset, in itself, is remarkable. At times, though, times can go awry and everything seems to whirr itself into a confusing state. Dealing with emotions and people, sometimes, can be exhausting and frustrating as a process. Remember to keep talking to people who you can trust when you feel the most down. And, of course, evaluate those around you. Who will make you a better person? Who is someone you find value in? Those two questions will help you best reflect upon your situations. I will always be here to listen, and I know you’ll emerge as an even better person in the future.

To Noor Azhar and David Dickson, I will you all of my slightly garbage baseball anecdotes so that you can reciprocate it on some other poor speechies. I came into this year not really knowing what to expect from impromptu, but you have made it so much easier for me to ease into my role and teach you the dark arts of speech. Your constant goofing around and sidetracked conversations made practices all the more enjoyable, and your commitment and hard work have paid off in great dividends. Both of you have truly grown to be far more confident and eloquent speakers, and I am so proud of you for where you are today. Be sure to keep making obscure anime and K-pop references and I will always be fangirling over your speeches. If you have any questions, exciting news, or silly anecdotes to share, please reach out!

To Shreya Chakraborty, Shanan Riley, and Conor Craddock, I will you the ability to manufacture sources at your will. Extemp has truly been one of the greatest highlights of my time here at IMSA, and I am so glad to have shared this experience with you all. It’s no easy feat to take on a speech event that hurdles topics like Paraguayan antivaxxer enclaves (thanks Dr. Dong) towards you as we all collectively cling on hoping for dear mercy. All of you have shown so much growth over these past few years when it comes to your speaking skills, and I would love to see you continue the tradition of fanatical extemp evangelism into the future. I am sorry that I wasn’t able to work as closely with you this year, but remember to always ask questions if you have any! Also, please bug Dr. Dong and make him listen to you give trashy attention getting devices on absurd topics.

To Faizaan Shaikh, I will you the ability to un-stick-ify yourself and bring those smooth moves to the next level. I remember first looking through IMSA-related Facebook posts and seeing you pick fights with all the upperclassmen, which is both a foolish yet commendable effort. As I’ve talked to you more in our wing this year, I see just how motivated and passionate you are to reach your personal aspirations while lifting those around you up. You are genuinely a good person and have a natural talent for leading your fellow peers, so make sure to use those strengths to your advantage and never stay complacent. I also loved being able to dance with you for both drill and Casa, knowing that you would put the grind in while still being the same old goof that you always are. I hope this balance is something you will be able to maintain as junior and senior years roll by. Things can be tough especially when personal life gets in the way of work, so please remember to take a minute every now and then and reflect upon everything that has happened. I am convinced that you will fill the shoes (geddit? cuz this will is about you filling out physically too?) of those who came before you and be a leader for the next generation of IMSA kids.

To Pietro Stabile, I will you a less insane EIC and even more unsettling job interviews. It must have been your roasts on Dhruv’s horrendous papers that first caught my attention, and then your silky, long, luscious, wavy hair being seemingly suspended in the heavens during your first Acronym meeting. I apologize for incessantly picking on you whether it be in Acronym, RSL meetings, or just random office hours where you pound your fists in frustration about the horrors of transportation. Beyond just your frequent meme status, I appreciate your willingness to be vulnerable and talk about yourself while also giving me the room and space to express my own thoughts. You are especially hard on yourself, and you use it to translate it into motivation to work harder. At the same time, please don’t feel frustrated when you feel as though things should’ve turned out better. You are already such an amazing person, so remember to take some time out to appreciate who you have become, and remember that the future will work out in some way or another. Take care and please keep in touch.

To Maggie DiMarco, I will you an IMSA career filled with creating change and realizing this school’s, and your own, fullest potential. I remember how, in the beginning of the year, you came in guns blazing, ready to kick the door down off of Student Council and speech and give it all you got. While the speech half is on hold for now, I remember just how impressionable it was for me to see you dedicate yourself to issues such as sustainability and transparency. After having had the chance to work with you on StudCo, I could confidently say that you are honestly such an admirable person in that you are legitimately excited to better the world around you. At times, it can be hard to keep that energy level up, so please make sure to prioritize your own well-being too and never hesitate to reach out for help.  I wished we had talked more just on a personal basis throughout the year, but I just know that your authenticity and drive will allow you to do great things. I’m excited to see what you have in store for IMSA and just how you can shape the community for the better.

To Vikram Karra, I will you increased bullying privileges against Balaji and Christin as well as a competent ping pong opponent. I wish we got to talk more often these past two years, as I could tell you’re an incredibly cool person. But, of course, one memory sticks out in particular. I could never forget the time when you were seemingly the only person in this world who noticed that I was struggling. It was late August, and you saw me from the hall as I sat outside on one of those weird traffic stumps having a rough time. You made sure that I was okay and reassured me that everything was going to be fine in the end. I could not express just how much I appreciated that gesture. In many ways, that simple moment shows who you are as a person: someone who is both observant and caring. While I certainly cannot promise a less hectic Clash movie experience (I’m so sorry) or smoother dance moves, what I can promise is that you are appreciated and that you will continue to flourish as an individual. Thank you, and always reach out if you need anything.

To everyone, I will you treasured memories and glimmers of hope when things turn dark. Surviving IMSA is not easy, and whenever you feel upset, hopeless, or miserable, I hope you find that happier times will illuminate your way to the other side. I have given everything I got to this place, this school, this community of ours. In this journey, I’ve found the most elating highs and depressing lows. Throughout it all, I’ve learned how important perspective is. Some things that may seem temporarily important fade away in the grand scheme of things; others, such as your physical and mental health, stay with you forever. Prioritize yourself, your close friends, and the campus around you. I will always be here for all of you, so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like to talk, get advice, or need a listening ear. Take care of IMSA and pass down the torch.


Philip Yi

To Daniel Ma, Rohan Jain, Revanth Poondru, Daniel Park, I will you DN. Take care of yourself and don’t lose yourself in college apps. That would be goofy.

To Daniel Ma and Daniel Park, I will you a will to continue going to IMSA. Touch grass, bruh, it’s good, trust me, bro.

To Rohan Jain, I will you some protein powder that works. You need to work out more, bro. You look like Crane from Kung Fu Panda, bruh.

To Poondru, I will you some pull game. Bruh, you gotta pull.

To Aadi, I will you a future soph who you can steal food from. You had good food, no cap.

To Bikrant, I will you a homie who can tutor you in something. I appreciate the LinAlg tutoring. It was goated.  

To Jerrick, I will you lions. I know it was a bit goofy, but I hope you enjoyed it. If you need any help choreographing next year, just hmu, and just know that it only takes 1 day to choreo :).

To Sri, I will you a happy senior year. You deserve it :D.

To Pranit, I will you my Dr. Stone poster. It’s been a good year with you, and while you are going through it, make sure you remember the good parts about IMSA. Also manage your League addiction. 

To FTC Sophs and Juniors, I will you Jayant. Treat that dude well. If you all ever need help, just message me and I am more than happy to help.

To Jayant, I will you my team, so take care of my team. I know I practically bullied you to do work, but now it’s your turn. Get to worlds and accomplish what I couldn’t.


Pranav Patel

To Dhruv, I will you a new SIR partner just as awesome as me along with a year of the most fulfilling research and learning. I don’t even know what to say. SIR this year with you has been phenomenal, baku. You’re quite the dope person to be around. You have this natural ability to click with the people you’re with, regardless of how long you’ve known them. I have a few theories: it’s either the way you look or the way you act, but one of them is really funny. I’m really happy we ended up as SIR partners, because I don’t know who else I could spend six-eight hours in a room with and still not get bored. Maybe it was the glances we gave each other when Dr. Lubbe said something COMPLETELY out of pocket, or the volley of insults we would throw at each other, but this year couldn’t have better. I love you, bakuda, and I’m gonna miss you a lot, keep doing you, bro. Also, I haven’t forgotten about the GWAS agreement, we’re at 5% right now. Also also, I think it’s time we share this with the world (begin at 6:48): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Okul6CziCjA.

To Nikita, I will you an awesome senior season. Bro… you’re literally one of the most amazing people I know. I don’t know how you do it, but your energy is unparalleled. Even in the toughest and most stressful circumstances, you always uplift the people around you. You’ve been like the glue on board this year, and without you, ISA wouldn’t have been the club that it is. Keep up your unwavering determination and dedication, I know you’ll succeed in your senior year.

To Aaliyah and Franklin, I will you another semester with the most amazing team of facilitators. I was passed on EnAct my junior year, and (not to be dramatic) it highkey became my everything. Either way, I’m happy I get to pass it on to you two. Before I fully pass the torch though, I’ll give you a piece of wisdom. As co-chairs, you might feel like you absolutely have to know what to do all of the time. You might feel like you’re gonna fail your team if you don’t come up with ideas or LEAD them. That’s not true at all, and this year’s team showed me that being a co-chair is so far from that. I haven’t really cracked what it means to be a co-chair, but I have learned one thing: trust your team to have your back, because they won’t let you down. I love EnAct with all of my heart, and  I believe wholeheartedly you two will always do what’s in the best interest of EnAct. Remember that this elective is your team’s just as much as it is yours, and commit to trusting them with your curriculum. You WILL do a good job, wherever you decide to take it. Y’all got this <3.

To Aaliyah, you’re 100 percent a gremlin, and I will you nothing… Just kidding (kinda). Aaliyah, you are one of the funniest people I know on campus, and it’s insane to me the amount of passion you have when you talk about things that matter to you. Granted, you have NO FILTER at all, ever, but that’s what also makes you one of the most genuine people I know. I know when you tell me something, you mean it, because YOU clearly DON’T CARE AT ALL HOW I FEEL. Everyone needs someone like you in their life, someone who just tells you how it is. I hope you never change, your bubbly but blunt energy kept me going. 

To Shreya, I will you another math partner as goated as me 100//. I’m quite happy I had the chance to meet you at IMSA. You’re very driven to say the least, and I know you’re going to do great during college app season. Thank you for the math carries and the post-check study-sessions. Even more, thanks for just being there to talk to sometimes, it came in quite clutch :).

To Nandana, I will you another person just like you, just so you can experience your own energy :)). Although I don’t like you, I will admit you are a cool person to be around. You’re fun to talk to, and your cheery energy lights up any room you’re in frfr. You brought a certain energy to EnAct meetings that made it fun to be in even the most long and drawn-out meetings. Even outside of EnAct, talking to you in general never failed to make my day better. You’re just a positive and pure person, and I’m happy you were a part of my IMSA experience. 

To Venus, Yareli, Aaliyaah, and Aldo, I will you an amazing senior (and junior) year of pursuing DEI at IMSA. Y’all are some of the most passionate people I’ve met, and even when we don’t see eye-to-eye I appreciate that y’all listen to what I have to say. Overall, I’m happy I got to give feedback on different things throughout the semester, because it showed me that you all will go above and beyond to ensure you optimize any project you pursue. Y’all have the best balance of strong-will and open-mindedness I’ve seen, and I know y’all are going to do great with your activism next year. 

To Halimat, I will you better photography skills. Now I will admit, the baseball photos were somewhat drippy (just somewhat), but they could definitely use some work. I appreciate you, bro, whether it’s the fact you say hi to me in the hallway or the same TikTok you pester me with everyday. It was also really fun being in drill with you, and feelings was such a goated choreo. I’m telling you, keep doing what you’re doing and no one is going to be able to TOUCH 03 next clash szn. P.S: you better teach the new 03 residents next year to dougie, we need to be the hall with the most people who can dougie.

To Dammy, I will you…honestly I don’t even know, I don’t know anything I would will to you, because you’re literally amazing just as you are. I remember my first interaction with you. One of my friends was crying and I had no idea what to do, but you swooped in and put a smile on their face in a matter of seconds. If I remember correctly you used the words “pretty girls don’t cry.” Your ability to make someone feel better and more confident in themselves is absolutely remarkable, and it’s an ability I wish I had myself. There were so many days where I felt horrible, and then one interaction with you changed the day’s whole trajectory. You’re an amazing, one-in-a-million type of person, and I just want you to know that.  

To Lily, I will you another physics partner who will carry you just like I did. No, but in all seriousness, you’ve left me speechless with the amount of drive and hard-work I’ve seen from you this year across multiple realms. The time we facilitated together during CoreXEnact I realized how just how passionate you are for the things you teach. Just as a person, every interaction I have with you always ends in my day getting better. Your sarcasm (at least I hope sarcasm) never fails to put a smile on my face. As always: “goodbye, working with you sucked, and I hope your day is horrible” :)).

To Deondre, I will you another season as the most versatile baseball player I know. My short king, I appreciate you, lil’ man. You’re quite the funny person, and a lot of days you put a smile on my face. Some days my throws just weren’t going where they were supposed to, or I wasn’t making contact at all, but you kept me up and reminded me to brush it off. I will admit, your argument logic is extremely stupid at times, but it’s still funny. That funny kept me up after taking Ls. Keep it up, man <3.

To 1503 A wing, congratulations on being the most GOATED wing on campus. For real, though, it was fun being here while it lasted, and I wouldn’t choose another wing. Say what you want, but our wing commons were ALWAYS bussin’. There was always some type of energy in wing commons, and it was really uplifting after a long and exhausting day. Every single one of y’all is gonna do great in your junior and senior years, just keep your head up and don’t be a schlub. 

To EnAct (Aaliyah, Franklin, Maya, Michelle, Dorrie, Vikram, Nandana, Lily), I will you absolutely nothing. Honestly, I could never will you anything you all don’t have in each other. Never have I met such a dedicated and amazing group of people, and I feel quite lucky to work with a group of people like you all. I’ll be honest, I rarely had my stuff together (which I know will come as no surprise to you all). Most weeks I was completely lost as to what I should do next week, and to an extent I felt like I was failing the team if I didn’t come up with something. Plus, it didn’t help that I was really unorganized lmaooo. Nonetheless, all of you stayed committed to the elective and took it seriously. In one 45-minute meeting, y’all would come up with the most amazing and flushed out ideas, ideas I never would’ve come up with. I mean how many modules did we come up with less than one week before the next LEAD class? Probably a lot. I appreciate that you all stuck with me, and more importantly each other; especially in a semester filled with roadbumps. I mean I scheduled meetings at midday for four hours later, and still, all of you showed up, and because of that dedication I had the best semester of LEAD in my years at IMSA. I can’t fully put it into words how grateful I am for every single one of you, and I really wish I could. Nonetheless, remember that this is your elective just as much as your co-chairs’, and make sure your voice is heard during meetings. A very short gremlin (now your co-chair) once told me: “EnAct functions the way it does because it’s made of passionate people: facilitators and students…” Remember that before every module, and don’t be scared to try new things. I’m gonna be honest with y’all, my heart is highkey throbbing while I write this, sooo I’m gonna wrap it up. I love y’all more than I can express with words. Thank you for my best semester at IMSA <33.

To FRANKLINNN, I will you another year of being the GOAT. But for real man, I know you’re gonna do great as co-chair next year. You’re a charismatic person, man, with a clear dedication to activism. I’m happy to have gotten the chance to work with you this year. You’re gonna do great as co-chair man, good luck, and have a great senior szn.

To Vikkstar (Vikram), I will you good luck with CORE and your senior year. Not gonna lie, making fun of your name has been a highlight of my year. I mean it’s just so easy to manipulate it lmaooo. Either way, you’re rational and level-headed thinking has made my interactions with you absolutely remarkable. You’re a really cool person to be around, and I know you’re gonna do great as co-coord.

To Zu (Zuyu), I will you the bucket hat you always asked me for 100//. Bro, I don’t know what I would do without you at my math table. This whole semester with you has been great, man. I don’t even know what to say…you’re literally just a cool dude, and you’re fun to be around. On top of that, I’ve seen the things you say in EnAct and you always have valid and thought-out opinions on almost everything we do, something that only improves the class dynamic. You’re gonna be really successful at IMSA man, you’ll succeed in anything you put your mind to. 

To Amogh, I will you a great year as Med Society Co-President. I’ve seen your work ethic, and I know that you work really hard for the things you’re dedicated to. I mean you went above and beyond as a HOSA lieutenant, and I know you’ll do the same as Co-President. Sure, things didn’t work out the way we wanted this year, but it was an opportunity to learn, and I’m sure you won’t make the same mistakes next year as I did this year. You’re gonna do great, man, just keep up your hard work.

To Saketh, I will you a mirror because clearly you don’t know who you’re messing with when you call me ugly. No, but fr, man, it’s been fun getting the chance to work with you on ISA this year, and more or less you remind me of me during my junior year. As of right now, Pres apps are still pending, and I don’t know how Presidency will end up. If you don’t get President, don’t give up grinding for ISA because it’s still your club and your responsibility. If you do get President, grind for ISA two times as hard. Niyati showed what it takes to be president, and I know you have that in you. You got this, wherever next year takes you. 


Resh Mukherjee

To Nooriyah Doriwala, I will you one independent thought that is not mine. For real though, I give you all the wonderful chaos that comes with senior year. I will you all of the excitement of getting your college decisions, the happiness that comes with seeing your hard work pay off, and the laughter that will fill your wing late at night. Yeah, senior year is going to be really hard. Things are going to suck, but I will you all the support and determination you need to get through it. You are gonna have an awesome senior year, good luck! 

To Sar’aiyah & Aaliyah Murphy, I will you guys all the happiest, goofiest, stupidest times you could possibly have at IMSA. I will you the ability to be uniquely yourselves and successful in whatever you attempt. IMSA is hard and complicated and sometimes a little sad. But you guys have everything you need to get through it in the best way possible. I know that you guys are going to do great things here, and I hope you know I’m here to support you in whatever you do. 

To all my soccer team underclassmen, I will you the ability to redefine IMSA soccer. Though my time as a player at IMSA was limited, I know that the potential of this team and the players on it is limitless. Whether in school or on the field, I know all of you will do great things, and I look forward to watching it happen. You guys are talented, and I know you will have an IMSA soccer experience that you’ll remember forever. 

To all my Club Terra underclassmen, I will you the ability to choose an appropriate shade of green as your favorite. Hint, lime green is not the answer. Seriously, though, I am really proud of all the work you guys have put in, and I know that Club Terra will continue to grow under your leadership. Transitioning to in person learning this year was difficult, but you all made the best out of every situation. I know you will be great leaders not just in this club but for everything you do. Good luck, if you ever need anything, I’m just a messenger away. 

To my volleyball underclassmen, I will each of you the ability to laugh off any mistake and repeat any victory. You guys are crazy incredible players, and I know for a fact that your next season(s) will be so much fun. I can’t wait to come back and visit. IMSA life can be crazy, I know, but you guys are going to do so well, and I know for an absolute fact each of you will make the most of the crazy IMSA experience. It’s hard and complicated and sometimes it’s overwhelming; I will you the strength and pure will power needed to get through it. You guys got this!


Rishik Ummareddy

To Pranit Guntupalli, Akshat Gupta, Aadi Desai, Faisal Patel, Taegeon Eom, Bikrant Bhattacharyya, Michael Capriotti, Clay Miner, Ilan Lunken, Dean Barrow, Charles Ludwig, Madhav Hota, Gavin O’Malley, and Pruschothum Sureshkumar, I will you your A-wing next year, wherever that may be. Future juniors, enjoy being the middle child next year. You won’t have us but you will have a new class to get to know. Don’t be too mean; help them out once in a while. Future seniors, enjoy yourselves. Do what you want. Get to know the little baby sophies :) (Have extra fun with the future juniors for me though).

To Pranit Guntupalli, I will you my leftovers. Whether it be food or happiness, my leftovers are always yours even though I took your leftover food more than you took mine. Thank you for inviting me to your room almost every day and continuing to do so for as many people as you can, although I have a feeling they will come to your room regardless. Thank you for trusting me enough to talk to me in the most straightforward way possible and share the unique way you think of everyday life and interactions. Please don’t stop yourself either. Continue to make people smile with all the unfiltered, out-of-pocket things you say. I also will you a poster (I think Rohit would want you to have it) that embodies your tastes pretty well, Pranny ;).

To Akshat Gupta, I will you the most beautiful sleeps a man can have. I applaud your ability to go to sleep so early, and when you do, I hope you get the most wonderful sleep. When you do stay up though, stay up around people who let you be you. I mean the midnight delirious Akshu who just wants to “go to bed.” I trust your ability to find the right people, and so far, you have not disappointed. Don’t be afraid to step out of your circle either, though. I don’t know if you are too lazy or if something else is stopping you, but you are a fun guy to be around. I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks this. I also will you the infinite Fortnite grind to accumulate the most massive pull game. Hit me up if you need a duos partner (in either matter). I’ll still probably be playing wherever I go, Akshu ;).

To Aadi Desai, I will you eternal listening to Juice WRLD without repercussion. I’ll say it once: Juice WRLD 999. I’ll be honest, Juice WRLD hits if you aren’t going through it too much. Thank you for giving me your mother’s amazing home-cooked food and please keep donating your mother’s tasty Mexican food to feed your hungry seniors. I think I have come to realize that sharing a meal is the best way to bond with someone, and I admire how much you go out of your way to do so. Of course you know this, being one of the most mature-minded sophomores I know. Yes, I’m being serious. Your dedication to everything you are a part of is admirable, something that even I don’t yet understand. Don’t let it get to your head though. Overthinking is a thing that exists but you know that. You’ll be fine, Addie ;).

To Taegeon Eom, I will you my admiration and continued commitment to video games. I have yet to see an individual with so much love for video games, and someone who sees art in video games rather than just another form of entertainment. Just like in the games you play, I admire your ability to see the good in everything and everyone around you. Your kindness is unmatched. Your generosity is unconditional. Your hospitality is unwavering. Never let this part of you go. Thank you for all the times you filled my belly with fulfilling dinners of ramen bowls and daily Aadi banter. Make his existence a little more restless for me, Taytay ;).

To Faisal Patel, I will you the confidence to approach the world on your own. I’ve seen you work through problems on your own, whether it be with school or other matters. To me, that is impressive, I applaud it, and want you to be able to continue doing it. At the end of the day, though, no matter the merit you have or the skills you have developed, not every problem can be approached and solved with just you. Approach the world on your own and I hope you succeed as you have so far. But reach out too, and to more than just one person. Reach out to the people reaching out to you. It’s okay to rely on and trust them. Even though it might not seem like it, they aren’t praying on your downfall, I promise. Thank you for being my verbal punching bag and taking it easy, Fazzy ;).

To Bikrant Bhattacharyya, I will you infinite time to be able to fully use your infinite IQ. I wish I could do the first part, but I really do mean the second part. I’m not just talking about book smarts here. You are just as intelligent when it comes to social situations and are very well the most mature person in A-wing that I know of, as well as a very capable leader. That doesn’t mean you don’t know how to have fun. Although rare, I’ve seen you mess around after 10-check, Bikky. Either way, I know you don’t like bragging or tooting your own horn and that speaks to your maturity and humility, but I don’t want you to undermine your abilities either. You are amazing right now, Bikky, and I believe you will continue to be amazing and do amazing things in the future. Of course, that all starts with how amazing you think you are, which I know you do think without a doubt. I just wanted to remind you of that because I find it quite remarkable seeing how much time you put into your activities. The study room is evidence of that. Thank you for making me think about myself with that one long conversation we had and please eat food on time. And I mean at least two proper meals. If only we had more time in the day, right Bikky? ;).

To Clay Miner, I will you a way to effectively destress. School is not always ideal but just as it provides stress, it also provides means to deal with it through friends and mutual trauma, all of which you know too well. I can’t take away all your stress, Clay, but thank you for talking to me when you were stressed. Thank you for being there for me as well. Regardless of how I am feeling, I know I will come back to 10-check to have you there to ask about my day. I hope that just as you have made me understand that sometimes talking about it is just what I needed, you can talk about it too, to whomever you want, and hopefully feel a little bit better about what is itching your brain. I also thoroughly enjoyed all the times you would geek out over new things you bought. Please don’t let that change and keep sharing the things you enjoy with the people you enjoy. Oh, and how could I forget all the little treats you gave me? I realize how much I love ending a stressful day with a piece of chocolate melting in my mouth because of you, Mr. Miner ;).

To Ilan Lunken, Michael Caprotti, Dean Barrow, Charles Ludwig, Madhav Hota, Gavin O’Malley, and Pruschothum Sureshkumar, I will you a good time at IMSA. Whether you have a year left or two years left, make the most of it. I am not going to say IMSA is a special place, but you can make it special. Choosing whom you interact with and how you interact with them makes it so. Choosing is the easy part and sometimes the part that isn’t really in your control. With whom doesn’t really matter, it’s how you interact with them that matters. Try something new and be yourself. Put regrets aside because you will regret not doing something more than something that is initially negative but turns out to be a bittersweet memory when you are older. Ilaaan, thank you for saying “hi” and “good morning” regardless of my mood. Mikey, I wish you luck in your endeavors. Thank you for letting me into A-wing that one time. Made me happy. Remember, minor setbacks, major comebacks. Deeean, your balance of study, sports, and social life is stunning. I think you will get where you want to. Thanks for making small talk with me whenever you can. Tall man Chuckles, best of luck in your sporting endeavors. I’ll be on the lookout for you in the professional scene. Continue the Aadi banter for me and thank you for all the free wing food. Madhaaav, thank you for asking how I am every once in a while. Thank you for caring so much for your friends and standing up for what is right. I’ll miss your rare, silent but deadly jokes. I look forward to seeing where you will be in the near future. Gavin and Pru, although I don’t know you both well, I want to thank you for dealing with all the A-wing shenanigans. Stay studious and we will all be there for you in support anytime!


Robert Szocinski

To Jack Morby, I will you one half of the Deathstick. One other rising senior was given the other half. 

To Jesse Park, I will you the other half of the Deathstick. One other senior was given the other half.


Robert Zhu

To Aadi Desai, Akshat Gupta, Bikrant Bhattacharyya, Charles Ludwig, Clay Miner, Dean Barrow, Faisal Patel, Gavin O’Malley, Ilan Lunken, Madhav Hota, Michael Capriotti, Pranit Guntupalli, and Taegon Eom, my fellow A-wingers, I will you all good underclassmen. I couldn’t have asked for a better wing to spend my last year at IMSA with. 

To James Anterola, Jeff Duan, Ela Gadi, Pranit Guntupalli, Alex Guo, Jackson Halstead, Sufiya Hussaini, Piere Joyner, Rebecca Liu, Marcelle Mbende, Sar’aiyah M, and Maame Poku, I will you Ninjas. It’s been fun doing the culture shows with all of you. Traditionally, ninjas are never seen on stage, but I kinda like the cheering and overall Ninjas vibe this year. Next year, how Ninjas goes will be up to you all, so keep making it awesome. 

To Jayant Kumar, Ebba Kaulas, Aditya Prashanth, Gautham Anne, Rashmi Alawani, Vidyoot Senthilvenkatesh, and Vikram Rao, I will you a working robot that never has mechanical failures and code that never breaks. JK, such things do not exist. I guess I’ll will you the second best thing then: new recruits who are as crazy, fun, and smart as you guys are. All in all, robotics was an awesome experience with you guys, so thank you all for the best robotics season I’ve had. Good luck next year and make it to Worlds! 

To Bikrant Battacharya, I will you an underclassman who will carry you as hard as you carried me. You might not need it, but I hope someone will be there to spend the late nights with you like you did for me, whether it be struggling through homework together or discussing philosophical topics. 

To Dhruv Patel, I will you an underclassman who will bully you about Bash and clown you for your clown behavior. Someone’s gonna have to step up to the task when Balaji and I are gone. Also, get more sleep bro. 

To Pranit Guntupalli, I will you all the yummy food in the world. When I’m down, you always manage to make me laugh. Thanks for the biryani that one time you parents came to campus and for just being an all around awesome person. 


Rohit Katakam

To Pranit Guntupalli, I will you some people who make this place worth it. I hope you’ve already found some of those people, and I hope in the next year you’ll discover even more of them. IMSA is a tough place and not gonna lie, it’ll only be tougher for you when we’re gone and when you have more stuff piling on top of you. So find those people who really care about you and cherish them because they’ll be some of the few bright spots at this booty school. I’m proud of you for getting this far, and I know you’ll be strong enough to not let this place ruin you in the future. A year from now, you might think you can’t wait to get out of here, but as much as IMSA sucks, it’s also amazing in its own way. Take every opportunity to love living here, because there will be at least one part that you miss when you leave. When you’re in my place, I hope that you’ll be sad leaving here, because that will have meant you enjoyed your time as a student at IMSA. Also, take the grrr poster; no way I’m taking that to college. I’d better see that poster being thrown up at Pep Rally again next year. Live your life to the fullest, and I’ll try to come to Chicago on Wednesday next year.

To Aadi Desai, I will you more growth. You’ve grown a ton this year, and I’m excited to see what kind of a person you are when you’re a senior. I sincerely hope that you enjoy the rest of your IMSA experience, and I also hope you continue to let it change you. There are gonna be times where this place seems like a paradise, and there will also be times where all you want to do is go back home. No matter what it feels like, I want you to learn from the experience. One of the few great things about living at IMSA is that it changes everyone. You will be a very different person two years from now, and I want you to be proud of that person; I know I’m already proud of the person I’ve seen you become, and I know I’ll be proud of the person you become when you graduate here.

To Sarah Wheeler and Vikram Karra, I will you both the LEAD program. You two give me so much hope: seeing you and the rest of your board accomplish so much convinces me that under you eight, LEAD will be better than it’s ever been. The most important advice I could leave you both with is to never lose the passion you have now. Things will get difficult, I guarantee it. At some point, you’ll start to feel discouraged because something goes wrong. When that happens, remember the drive you have right now. Remember the willingness you have to spend hours and hours developing a curriculum and a team that will make a difference in the class of 2025. When things get harder, you owe it to your past self to see this through and keep this program going strong. You’re both amazing people, and with the help of your board and Carley, I have every reason to believe you’ll flourish, no matter what obstacles get in your way.


Rujuta Durwas

To Saketh Dontaraju and Bhavya Vegesna, my favorite kids, I will both of you as many “get-out-of-jail-free” cards for whenever you need. I know you both fought over who would be first on my senior wills for this year, so here was my compromise. You are both on the first one because as “twins,” you are both number one.. You both have brought so much light into my life since junior year and I will be eternally grateful that Houseparty introduced me to both of you. Now read further for your specific wills :).

To Bhavya Vegesna, I will you the ability to find a sophomore who will continue the mother-daughter chain, a sticker (text me when you see this), and all of my love. From the day we met each other on Houseparty, I felt an instant connection. I had no clue how close we would get. Having you as my daughter has been such a privilege. Your kindness and compassion for others is incomparable. I hope you remember that confrontation is not something to be scared of, it’s something that is natural and has to happen in order for relationships to grow. You are surrounded by some of the most wonderful people you will ever meet, take the most advantage of that. I’m giving you a sticker because it’ll hopefully remind you of me (you’ll see why), and also as a promise that our relationship will stick. I know distance is a scary thing but it is something we all have to face as life goes on. But the best thing about distance is that getting to see each other again is that much better and more special. Trust your gut and carry my love with you at all times <3. Love you to pieces, Bhav.

To Saketh Dontaraju, I will you unlimited hours of sleep, powerthesaurus.com, and a pebble. Ah, my headphone- and slide-wearing son. Saku, you helped build me up when I was at one of my lowest states. And from there, my journey of motherhood began with you making me proud with your constant achievements (whether it was with Quizbowl or a new board position), making me worried because of your horrible decision-making skills, or making me relieved that this school has someone like you in it. How you are so giving is beyond me. You constantly put others before you, and although that is so incredible in itself, the biggest piece of advice I can give you is that you need to put yourself first at times too. Your health is just as, if not more, important than anyone else’s. And due to that big heart of yours, you ignore that, but please try and keep it in mind because it’ll help prevent you from spreading yourself too thin. Now, it’s obvious why I have willed you unlimited hours of sleep because I beg you to please get a better sleep schedule, and you are in dire need of that online thesaurus because your vocab is “abhorrent,” but you may be wondering why a pebble, Ruju. Well, a pebble is like the tiniest thing, and when thrown into the Atlantic Ocean it still has the ability to cause ripples all throughout it. That’s you, muff. You’re the pebble, and I’m confident that you will always have the power to make any change you want to. Love you Saku, come get your pebble before june 4th :’).

To Nandana Varma, I will you a piece of Dubble Bubble gum and all my support. Nandi, you are quite literally one of the sweetest people I have ever met in my life. For someone to lay everything down for others is not an easy thing to do, yet you do it for so many, every day of your life. Your sweet and bubbly self (;)), will be so dearly missed by me. Another thing that I admire about you is the amount of passion you have for so many things. I remember you pulling up the list of clubs you wanted to get involved in for junior year and none of them were there just because they would be good on paper. I was so in awe of how much love you pour into everything you do and I hope you never ever lose that. Thank you for being my table partner this semester in math, my FaceTime buddy during junior year, and an amazing friend. Sending you many hugs and kisses <3.

To Pranit Guntupalli, I will you a beaded ring (text me after you read this and I’ll give it to you). Basically, in kindergarten we had to make bracelets that represented our families. Each color bead represented a different family member. Since I am an only child, my bracelet was supposed to have three beads (a yellow one representing me, pink for my mom, and a blue one for my dad). But something I had been taught from a young age was that there is little to no difference between immediate family, extended family, and close family friends. So my bracelet ended up having many more than three beads and I explained why to my teacher when she asked why I used so many beads. Anyways, I wrote out that long story to explain that ever since you said that I was like a big sister to you, I have considered you to be like family. You are so passionate about whatever you put your mind to, and care so much for those around you, it’s admirable. Take time to enjoy the moments you experience throughout next year; I have a feeling that you’ll miss it when it’s all over. Love you, Prani, take care :).

To Vikram Karra, I will you all of my “ur mom” jokes. Vikky, you have been nothing short of genuine and stupid with your daily Costco fits and kind intentions towards everyone who surrounds you. I will miss saying hi to you in the halls so much because you have never failed to match my energy. I am willing you my “ur mom” jokes so that your humor will infinitely increase! Have a wonderful senior year, and if you ever need anything, just send a text :).

To Aaliyah Ali, Umi Arora, and Becca Pae, I will you unbelievably long calls with underclassmen who start as strangers, and also my “sss – stable sexy semester” playlist on Spotify. Quarantine calls with you guys kept me alive and I miss those so much. We haven’t stayed in as tight of contact as we did last year, and I’m sorry for that, but I’m still glad that we’re friends. Truly, you three are such smart people, I have absolutely no doubts that you are going to make it big in the future. Aaliyah, never lose the amount of passion you have for the things you love. And I expect a text anytime Taylor Swift drops new content. Umi, my dear Smellika Umika, I hope you get the high school experience you have wanted. I know IMSA isn’t much like public school but all the “lasts” will hit just as hard. And Becca, Boncapoop, I know this school hasn’t been your cup of tea but I am so proud of you for sticking it out. Do culture shows next year please, everyone needs to see your amazing dance skills. Always a text away, cuties <3.

To Akshat Gupta, I will you pictures of my Modern Economics notes and files for Cancer Bio and Orgo. Even though you are the winner at extreme leeching, you are a little no-sense-of-style child who I cannot see my senior year without. Akshu, you have such high standards for yourself, and I’m sure you will exceed those. Just trust your brain a bit more, you’re a smart individual. Keep making new friends (and don’t forget the old schlimesicles) :).

To the future ISA senior board, Pranit Guntupalli, Saketh Dontaraju, Nikita Rudrapati, and Shreya Chakraborty, I will you the ability of the best teamwork possible. All four of you, regardless of when you joined, have so much passion for Indian culture and this club. It makes me so happy knowing that Niyati, Pranav, and I are leaving the board in such good hands. I hope you are able to collaborate on every idea and bring whatever changes you may want to implement in the best way possible. Don’t overwork yourselves (especially during Diwali) and count on the underclassmen next year too. Have the most fun ever :).

To the future PSYCH club co-presidents, Eddie Ning and Yina Wang, I will you the most fun presidency you can have. PSYCH has been such an amusing club to lead this past year, and Serena and I could not have done it without you two. Eds, your creativity is unlike any other and I’m so excited to see you continue bringing your phenomenal ideas to life. And Yina, you have all the willingness and confidence to pull off the best events. I am so super excited to see what PSYCH club brings in the coming years, you should update me ;).

To my favorite swim seniors, Lily Song, Becca Pae, and Taylor Baugh, I will you the team that’ll make your last meet unbearably bittersweet. The IMSA/Yorkville girls swim team has managed to be one of the most close-knit sports teams I’ve ever been on and leaving it was a lot harder than I ever imagined. Captains (Becca and Taylor), just remember to always look out for each other and be there for your teammates because you are all going through the same hell at times. Cori may be harder next year, but make sure the underclassmen know that this team will be worth it in the end. And specifically to Lily Song, I will you the aux. I ran the speakers the entire season with my playlists, and I trust that you will bring fire music to them as well. And if you are ever lost, just look my name up on Spotify and my playlists will always be there :). Lastly, all three of you: make sure everyone is cheering at every event, no vocal cords should remain!

To Irene Liu, Faisal Patel, and Pranit Guntupalli (richter’s h***), I will you many published papers in your years to come. Being in the same room as you three every Wednesday was always very entertaining. Whether I was being made fun of for my bagel eating tendencies, or if the room was filled with bickering of one kind or another, our conference room didn’t have a dull moment. I wish you the best of luck for next year’s SIR :).

To Addie Kobayashi, Alex Orantia, Sreekeerthi Panchagnula (Keerthi), Shreeya Avadhanula, Saamiyah Khan, Shaan Doshi, Clay Miner, Jackie Zhang, Rebecca Liu, and Olivia Ramos, I will you a group of underclassmen who (regardless of how big or small the interaction) manage to make your day, regardless of how you are feeling. You group of juniors did that for me throughout this year and I’m so grateful for that. Addie, thank you for being my hair part-er and being the perfect height. Alex, your hugs and brightness mean so much to me, and will be very much missed. Keerthi, your smile literally lights up a room, also please, please never stop dancing and singing; your talent is insane. Shreeya, whether it was random HouseParty calls last year, or little memories like getting ready for Halloween or you feeding me noodles, I have loved our interactions so much. Saamiyah, please, please spread your humor around campus; we need gorgeous and hilarious women like you at all times. Shaan, DOSHI! Dude, have the best senior year and get better at football, God. Clay, you give off the kindest vibes and you deserve all good things that come your way. Jackie, your vibes are my literal favorite. You are not a mini Philip, you are a wonderful sunshine, Jackie :). Rebecca, I will you a wing without a food thief! We haven’t had too many interactions but painting your nails for Clash and our hallway hellos are some wonderful moments that I won’t forget. And Liv, if you stay RSL next year, hold a hot seat the first week of school and pull through with that nail paint night (I think we both know that we met each other too late in the semester). To all of you, good luck with college and reach out if you ever need anything.

To Ella Voyles, I will you underclassmen to tea-spill with next year. Our 10-check mini tea spills were so much fun and I hope you collect many stories in the following year to share with your underclassmen. Have the best year, love!

To Marcelle Mbende, Nikola Freund, Emily Karbowniczek (Emi), Danica Sun, Yoanna Georgieva (Ani) and Manya Davis, I will you “stunt heads” for drill. I don’t think I can actually will you that, but I trust all of you will bring the most fire stunts to 06 drill next year. I met all of you through drill, and I genuinely thank you for putting so much effort into drill and making the entire experience so enjoyable for me as well. All of your willingness to try things was so amazing to see, so thank you for making my last Clash drill so memorable.

To Einsey Socrates, I will you the next best two years of highschool. There isn’t anything that I can hypothetically give you because as far as I know, you have all the qualities and skills to succeed at anything you put your mind to. You’ve basically been my little sister since we were super young and I hope that bond lasts for life. Watching you grow, be the social butterfly you are, and take charge of clubs has been such a privilege and I am so grateful that you came to IMSA this year. Stay motivated, and I won’t lie, junior year is notoriously known as the worst year in person, but I believe in your ability so much. Just balance academic life and social life, and you’ll be set. And hey, even if you don’t find the boy of your dreams here, you have college ;). FaceTime me when I’m in college, please, I will miss you so much.

To Einsey Socrates, Melinda Yuan, Ethan Remedios, Jerrick Li, and Danica Sun, I will you many more picnics and Einsey’s basement hangouts. Even if distance separates you guys, or you drift apart, I hope you hold the memories you have together from this year. Melinda and Ethan, I know you will do great wherever you both end up, so goodest of luck. Jerrick (dear) and Dani, stay involved with the clubs you are in and make the most of the time you will have here. Good luck with everything :).

To Nour Husseini (my material(istic) girl), I will you THE ABILITY TO CLEAN but also a bag of Doritos. Nour, your determination makes me so proud I’m not kidding. The aspirations you have for the future are so huge but I know you’ll be able to achieve them because of how hard you work. Just remember to make sure whatever and whoever you are pouring your heart and energy into is enjoyable and deserves it. And in the following years when you make friends with the sophomores in your wing, please keep your room clean for them to come hang out in. So… mac and cheese night tonight?

To Aadi Desai, I will you the ability to get a girlfriend. I would’ve left your will like this just to make fun of you, but genuinely you mean more than that to me. You were just “Rishik’s 04A sophomore” in the beginning of the year, but after you started talking to me you became a bit more than that. I am always in awe during ISA meetings with how much you want to take initiative, and although many of our interactions include you being annoying to me, I love them all the same. I hope that in the next two years, you will expand your music taste (Juice WRLD is not the only music artist) and keep finding people to bully you (with love obviously) when all of us seniors leave. Keep in touch, Mr. Desai :).

To Giada Avina, Ashley Hernandez, Chiamaka Okoli, Aishat Balogun, Alyssa Abendroth, and Brooke Hilderbrant, I will you friendship that lasts a lifetime. Coming upstairs to Brooke’s and Alyssa’s room to hang out with all of you since near the end of March, has been so much fun. You guys are the sweetest people with phenomenal senses of humor; my senior year wouldn’t have felt the same without you guys entering my life. The biggest piece of advice I can give to you is to do things you love. Don’t do something because it’ll look good on your resume. You can make something you love and are passionate about into something creditable and big, as long as you push for it and find opportunities (which I know all of you are capable of). Enjoy your experience here while you can; having hope and each other gets you through this place. Giada, when times get rough, Adele will always have your back. Ashley, you absolute sweet soul, don’t forget to feed your children in the basement. Chia, my laugh partner, laugh at everything; it makes stuff easier. Aishat, I give you rights to all my DN jokes, so your humor will never go out of style. Alyssa, I send the most mac and cheese and love to you (P.S. when I get a dog in the future, you will be its doctor). Brooke, the baby to my mommy, your giving personality is so appreciated; be nice to yourself just as much as you are to others. Also, Blessita and Emma, although I didn’t interact with you two as much, I hope you both will thrive in the next two years because you have intelligence like no other. I will miss all of you so much next year, and I’ll bring something upstairs to you guys the night these wills come out ;).


Saanvi Chelikani

To Nikita Rudrapati, I will you a wonderful and happy senior year, a fun underclassman to guide through IMSA, and acceptance of wherever you end up for college. You are one of the most genuine and hardworking people I know, and I’m so glad I met you. I will miss our deep conversations about life where we realized all the random thoughts we shared, and all the times you gave me food to eat (the apple cider donuts :)). For whatever you do this coming year, never forget that you are absolutely capable and you can do it. I’m so excited for all the success coming your way ’cause you totally deserve it. I will miss you so much next year, but just remember I’m a phone call away <3.

To Umi Arora, I will you a wonderful Co for your future LEAD classes and a stress-free senior year. I’m so glad I got you as my Co for SocEnt this semester, and working with you has been so much fun. I remember when we first met (over Zoom for LEAD, I think LOL?) and we bonded over how we both watched Manifest. I’m glad we got much closer in person through SocEnt because you’ve made teaching each class worth it. Thanks for always making me laugh, and even making cutting cardboard boxes somehow fun. 

To Rashmi Alawani, I will you a senior year with no physics classes. Although physics was rough, I’m so glad you were assigned to sit at my table. I don’t think I would have gotten through that first semester of physics without you. You just being you and us laughing at how we were always lost during labs is something I’ll never forget. So, if for some godforsaken reason you take physics again next year, I hope you find a junior to get you through it too. 

To Alex Orantia, I will you tons of fun memories with your friends. I miss having class with you and struggling through all the WeBWorK assignments. You work incredibly hard, so just remember to have fun. I’m so glad I decided to sit next to you that first day in Web Tech, and also, kinda random, but I really love your hugs :)). 

To the 06A Up-Quad (Shria Halkoda, Bhavyaa Chauhan, Addie Kobayashi, and Ela Gadi), I will you amazing underclassmen who will bring the energy to the wing. I’m glad I got to talk to all of you at one point this year because you are all such funny and sweet people. I love seeing you guys hang out in the wing commons and laugh with each other, so make sure to continue to have fun next year even when it gets stressful. 

To Sara Kashyap and Nooriyah Doriwala, I will you two juniors who will help you get through chem. Thank y’all for inviting me to your room to study for chem or do chem worksheets; I would probably not understand anything otherwise. Thanks for being such genuine and kind people, I’m really glad I got to meet you both. 

To the future 06A Down-Quad, I will you the best senior year experience filled with crazy memories that will make it all worth it. Living in the Down-Quad with my best friends has helped me make it through senior year, and I couldn’t imagine not going next door every day to talk about everything and anything. To whoever lives there next, I hope you find the joy in your last year and get to spend it with some of your favorite people too <3.

To Rujuta Durwas, my favorite sophomore, I will you the best junior and senior year. You are the sweetest and most energetic person I know, and I hope you enjoy the rest of your time here at IMSA. ILY much, dummy, and I’ll come visit you FS :)).


Sabrina Zhang

To Elle Brittin, I will you a brand new state-of-the-art shower. Now, you may be asking yourself, “Brina, why the heck am I getting a shower?” Well, Elle Brittin, it’s simple. For starters, your shower was always there when I needed a hot shower (you know, since 01’s hot shower is kind of doo-doo). However, I also mean that you will be showered with success and happiness once you stop stressing about your senior year. I remember when I first met you and we went to Starbucks, and now we literally go everywhere together. I will miss you so dearly when I go to college but you already know that I’ll come back home and we can go on another car ride with Elia and Wilson, screw around in Chinatown, and maybe buy another Kimchi 2.0. You are my best friend and 4lifer and I will make sure that no stuffed monkeys replace Monkey. Take it easy, Elle. You will do amazing. 

To Dheeran Wiggins and Dhaatri Maviti, I will you both awesome little sibs. Specifically, I will you, Dheeran, a reusable coffee cup as well. Save the environment with that thing. Dheeran and Dhaatri, you both are iconic and the coolest little sibs I could’ve asked for. Make sure that you treat your underclassmen with the utmost love and remember that like every sibling, give them a hard time once in a while. Have a great rest of your IMSA years, and keep in touch :).

To Yina Wang, I will you the spirit of Henry. You are the best junior aunt to my little hedgehog friend, and I trust you with him. It has been a blast seeing you grow up ever since I was your proctor in Soph-At-Large simulations, and now here we are saying our goodbyes from this… lovely place. I know your work ethic and charisma will carry you far in life, so I won’t give you any advice; you are already as wise as can be, and I trust that you will be successful in anything you do. Take care of this place, and take care of yourself (as well as your big phat brain). If you need anything, you know where to find me <3.

To Pranit Guntupalli, I will you a dog collar for your fur babies. I hope that French doesn’t continue to torture you throughout senior year, and make sure that you treat the next group of underclassmen who travel to Feinberg well. Have a great senior year, and remember to bark extra loud at the underclassmen for me. 

To Dash Leigh, I will you amazing Bop-It skills. You are such a cool sophomore, Dash. Although I beat you in Bop-It that one time we hung out, I will never forget the fact that I was immediately humbled during Egyptian Ratscrew. I hope that the spirit of 01 will live through you, and that you carry on the traditions that all of the upperclassmen taught you this year. Make sure you give Coffee a big hug for me (sorry, bear) next year, and that you beat at least one sophomore in Bop-It Party Edition. Be nice to your underclassmen, and I hope you have the time of your life next year.

To Lily Powell, I will you an amazing senior year. From the first time I had you as a LEAD student, I was so envious of your whole vibe because you are just a cool person. I’m so glad that we got paired as co-facilitators because I couldn’t have asked for a better person to work with. I hope that your senior year is full of laughs, happiness, and Harry Styles’ music. I also hope that you find another co-facilitator who shares the same spontaneous energy that we kept throughout the entire year (i.e., our planning during the module LOL), and I also hope that you carry the good energy into next year. Keep in touch if you need anything, and have an amazing last year.

To my 01 babies (Sasha, Avery, Elle, Becca, Liz, Nomar, 01 A-wing, Breena, Sofia, and Shanan), I will you all the best time of the rest of your IMSA tenure. I know this year wasn’t easy with COVID and the transition was hard, but I’m positive that you all will keep the spirit of 01 alive. Make sure that we have another Clash win soon, and take care of this place. If you all ever need anything, I am always here!

To Saketh Dontaraju, I will you a dope playlist on Spotify. Every time I see you with your giant headphones around your head, I always wonder what you’re listening to. Saketh, you are one of the funniest underclassmen ever and I get super hyped every time you’re around. I hope senior year doesn’t stress you out, and I know you’ll do amazing in all of your clubs and schoolwork. Make sure you’re taking care of yourself, and graduate with no regrets in the world. Have a great senior year; you deserve it, man. 

To Alex Orantia, I will you all of the hugs in the world. You are such a genuine underclassman and even if I was having a bad day, your constant greetings and hugs always made them better. You are a ray of sunshine and I hope that your senior year is the best that it can possibly be. 

To Maggie and Zuyu, I will you both the spirit of StudCo. It was super fun getting to know the sweet-souled Maggie and big-baller Zuyu in the same year, and I enjoyed our time together very much. I know that we are in good hands because you two are so passionate about what you do, and I hope that continues because this is a time in which we desperately need good souls like you both. Have a great rest of your IMSA time, and keep in touch!

To Jai, I will you 01 Mural head. I’ve seen you grow up over the past year, and it has been one of the most heartwarming things ever. You are going to be an amazing upperclassman and leader next year, and I can’t wait to see all of the amazing things you do. Be confident in everything you do! You are so talented and I want to see you take on a huge role in something that you love to do. Have faith in yourself and live with no regrets.

To Aaliyah Ali, Franklin Rangel, Maya Holland, Michelle Li, and Nandana Varma, I will you the best EnAct experience and senior year ever. You all are such driven and passionate individuals and I’m so glad that I got to experience a year in person with you all before I leave. Make sure that you make the sophomores fall in love with EnAct and continue to be fearless leaders in the world. I won’t give advice, as I know that you all are going to do great things regardless of what happens. As a famous JSA-er said, “Democracy is NOT a spectator sport,” and I’m sure that you all won’t treat it as such. Best of luck for the coming years <3.

To Nachiket Rajinikanth, I will you the liveliness of the 01 RC office. I know that you’re going to have fun regardless, so I’m just gonna tell you to study hard and stay out of trouble! Nachi, treat the underclassmen of this place well and make sure that you don’t scare them away. You’ll be a great upperclassman, and make sure the sophs come into the RC office so that they can experience all of the late night chaos. 

To Michelle Sun, I will you a French IV-less and fantastic senior year. French was a bit rough for us (especially me LOL) but your energy and amazing aura kept me going every day. Even when I was walking through the hallway or sitting in French with my horrendous eye bags, you always smiled at me and gave me so much energy. I hope that you find someone who reciprocates the same amount of joy that you always gave me. You are an amazing soul, and I can’t wait to see what you do next year.

To Shreeya Avadhanula, I will you a stress-free upcoming year. You’ve been through a lot, and I know that you’re doing your best. Enjoy your last couple of semesters here, and make sure that you’re taking care of yourself. You’ve grown since I had you as a student in my sophomore year, and I know that you can make it through IMSA. Be nice to the underclassmen and take good care of this place. 

To Saamiyah Khan, I will you the relief of not having to be in Organic Chemistry. You are so freaking funny and I am so sad that I’m going to have to go through college chem without you. I hope that you find people who share the same spunk as you and that you will continue to live your best life without anyone or anything stopping you. You are so intelligent and are capable of so many things. Don’t let college apps or anything stress you out too much; you ARE the life of the party, so make sure that you bring that everywhere you go. I hope that the rest of your senior year is amazing, and reach out anytime.

To Nataliya Stewart, I will you the basketball team spirit. I will never forget your speedy wheels during basketball sprints, or being half an hour early every time we had a LEAD class. Go out and live a carefree life, young one. You are an amazing underclassman and I know the spirit of IMSA will live through you. Enjoy your time here, and you know where to find me :).


Sage Owen

To 1506 B-wing, the best wing on campus, I will you a wonderful 2022-23 school year. Even though us seniors will be gone, I hope you still feel a sense of comradery with those you lived with this year. I could not have asked for a better wing or a better year. I hope you all carry the memories of late nights, movies, and pizza with you and continue to create memories with the students you will meet in the future. 

To Marcelle Mbende, I will you B-wing. While I can not say for certain if you will get the RSL position, I do know one thing; you are one of the most caring individuals I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I am at ease knowing that you will love and care for this place the way that I did and my RSL before me.

To Kennedy Bray, I will you the ratty B-wing couch. My favorite nights this year were spent with you and about thirty other kids piling onto those things. You never fail to make us laugh. I hope you continue to create such a fun and loving atmosphere in the wing next year.

To Blessita, Ashley, Addie, and all of the other hooligans B-wing adopted this year, I will you a spot at our table. At IMSA, the rule has always been n+1, where n is the number of people already sitting. I hope you extend this attitude to those you meet next year, and not just incoming sophomores. Take a chance on people you have seen but haven’t met and judged but haven’t talked to. We took a chance on you and we didn’t regret it. 

To the 2021-22 cross country team, I will you fast PRs and an endless amount of pasta. Live fast, die young, and leave a pretty corpse. Especially you, Albert. 

To Grace Daum, Michelle Sun, and Maggie DiMarco, I will you guys the cross country team. You three showed incredible persistence through boiling hot days, harsh winds, and freezing rain. IMSA is not always easy to inhabit. I hope you continue to find relief and family on our team. 

To Taylor Baugh, I will you lots of time to read during your SSS. I thoroughly enjoyed dancing with you in Lunar and will dearly miss our conversations in Graphic Novels. IMSA students tend to lose their passion for reading by the time they are in high school, but you have persisted, offering dozens of good reads to me and our fellow classmates. I hope you continue to share the books you love. Stay rad. 

To Malcolm WilsonAhlstrom, my little sib, I will you the auditorium stage. Be your goofy self. Volunteer for things outside your comfort zone. I can’t wait to see all the amazing things you will do. 

To Sufiya Hussaini, I will you happiness. You are such a friendly, intelligent, passionate person. I know you will be incredible in whatever field you choose to go into. Please know that you are the master of your own destiny. You have the tools to be successful in any career; make sure you pick something that you like. Don’t let anyone’s opinion influence your decision. You can definitely have your cake and eat it too. 

To Giada Avina, I will you a cup. Stop drinking milk straight out the jug; it’s time to use a cup like a normal person. Jokes aside, I know you haven’t had the easiest time here at IMSA but I am very happy that you’ve decided to stay. I am not going to lie to you, it is going to get worse before it gets better. On the bright side, the education you receive is second to none. You are constantly learning inside and outside of the classroom. The friends you make here will last a lifetime, one of them being me.


Samantha Gong

To Bhavyaa Chauhan, I will you (and Rebecca) the hair dying tradition in 06 and I will you the will to live. Just kidding (kind of) but please take care of yourself next year. I hope you never lose the way you see the good in everyone and positivity in every situation. You’ve truly become a good friend to me and I’ll always appreciate the hugs and kind words <3. Your presence in my life has brought me so much happiness and I know that your hard work will pay off in the end. Remember, if you ever need someone to talk to at any time of day, do not hesitate because I understand how overwhelming and unbearable IMSA can be – I’ll stay up late for you :)))).

To Rebecca Liu, I will you (and Bhavyaa) the hair dying tradition in 06 and an underclassman who will let you into the wing at all hours of the day. Your sleeping habits are truly horrendous and I hope your college application season is as stress-free and smooth as it possibly can be. 

To Addie Kobayashi, I will you an underclassman who will wake you up in the mornings and force you to go to breakfast. I see myself in you a lot and I want you to know that everything gets better. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy senior year with people that make you happy. I know the people around you can be tiring, so remember to take time for yourself and if you need, sleep an outrageous number of hours to rejuvenate yourself. Thank you for holding me accountable during this semester and studying for MedChem with me :). The nights we spent doing literally nothing will be something I look back on with great fondness. I hope you don’t rely on energy drinks and unhealthy habits during college season but I know it’s inevitable. 

To Ela Gadi, I will you numerous coupons, shopping sprees, and sales. Thank you for bringing endless joy to my life (even though you don’t usually mean it). Please keep your room clean (clean by normal standards, not yours) and have fun next year! Go out more often and talk to people! I promise you won’t regret it!! Your life is one crazy rollercoaster but you can always talk to the people around you. 

To Dammy Tabiti, I will you a chemistry class that doesn’t make you create a Dammy Synthesis Pt. 2. I hope you never lose the energy you bring to every room you enter because one of the things I love most about you is that you can make me laugh without even trying. I don’t have much advice to will you except that I hope your energy never dies and you continue to be a friendly face to everyone on campus. I know you’re going to do great things!!

To Kevin Johnson, I will you endless photoshoots with Jes and a group of people who you can call your friends and support you through the next year. I don’t know how you can have such a deep understanding of the people around you, but please try to be more tolerant of the people around you (I know it’s hard but you’ll thank me later). You are incredibly kind and I love waving to you in the hallways and seeing your face light up in greeting. Don’t forget to update me on everything going on in your life and good luck next year :).

To future GEA board members, Shanan Riley, and Sajal Shukla, I will you a year of fun, creative events, and endless amounts of patience this next year. This next year may be hard but I know you are all fully capable and passionate to continue what we originally set out to do. There will be moments where things may seem impossible, but be patient and persistent and everything will work out in the end. Tales are such an important event to IMSA and although it may seem redundant, please put your back into Tales and make it a memory students can look back on every year. Remember that although things may not work out the way you planned, it’s important to remember that a good leader is also flexible. If you do need any help or advice, do not hesitate to reach out to any of us, even if it is to update us on Tales!

To Chinara Caldwell, I will you endless success in all of your endeavors and a successful junior year. You have shown such an immense amount of leadership and I know that you will thrive junior year. However, it can get overwhelming very quickly so please remember to take time for yourself, relax, hang out with friends, and destress junior year. If you ever need someone to talk to for advice, club applications, or anything in general, don’t hesitate to reach out :)).

To Giada Avina, Ashley Hernandez, Chiamaka Okoli, Aishat Balogun, Blessita Charly, Kennedy Bray, and Marcelle Mbende, I will you fun nights in B-wing, endless laughs through the agony of junior year, and success in your future endeavors. All of you have brought me so much joy in the few months we have known each other, from the short conversations in the hallways to the long heart-to-hearts in B-wing commons. Thank you for being such amazing sophomores; I hope your laughs continue to fill the hall at 2 AM and your footsteps continue to pound through the D-wing staircase. Don’t let the stress of IMSA kill your spirits, and remember: I’m only one message away!

To Emi and Ani, I will you nights on the mega bed, early bedtimes, and fun yet fulfilling Clash your next two years. I will forever be thankful for Clash because it gave me the opportunity to meet you two. Two hilarious, dedicated, and overall amazing sophomores. If I were to give any advice, I would say to branch out, meet new people and have fun these next few years. Talk to your underclassmen sooner and reach out to them earlier in the year. You both will be amazing upperclassmen and I hope you make endless memories next year.


Sameer Komoravolu

To Aidan, I will you the tables in Student Union and the Presidency for one minute (take over Faizaan’s job for 60 seconds at any time). I had a nice time talking and hitting with you this year. 0-4 L.

To Bikrant, I will you a good time in AdPro. I had fun in the wifi lab and watching you pop off in the integration bee. You’re cracked at so many things but never show it off; stay like that. 

To Albert, I will you some height and modfis. I will you your personality (don’t change). You are always easy to talk to and never have bad intentions. You’re bad at ping-pong but I had so much fun playing with you almost every week. When I visit in two years I want to see 6’4″ Gilbert.

To Ashwin and Zander, I will you many more ping-pong matches and the skills to beat my R.O.B. main side B. I will you a (force you to) rematch with D-wing in Smash and Mario Kart.

To Ellen, I will you Reese (yours for $5). I will you the future of the club, which now unfortunately rests in the hands of a few sophomores. But more importantly, I will you a stress-free junior year. It’s been great talking with you this year (which we will do more of), violining, and hitting with you.

To Faizaan, I will you some ping-pong skills. But seriously, you taught me a lot and I had fun playing with you this year and grinding SI-Phys. Thank you. (Also, do the club proud).

To Kevin H, I will you a great time at IMSA. It was great seeing you again this year; here’s to many more in the future. 

To Kevin Z, I will you a perfect on USAPhO, which I know you worked for. I will you a senior year of physics and coding great websites.

To Pietro, I will you all of the college acceptances you can hope for. This year you were almost a third roommate, and I’ll always remember the (very) late nights we spent working, keeping each other on track, and just talking. Remember to reach out to me about college stuff, and when I visit, please be shorter than me.

To Rohan, I will you the latest hazing strats for incoming sophs; make them take ModPhys. Thanks for the CompuSci carry.

To Ryan and Michael, I will you many more ping-pong games. Keep the club up and running!

To Sahil, I will you all of the good Lexington food (if there is such a thing). I’m so glad I got to know you this year, given all the games we played, all the Lexington meals we ate, and all the CSI assignments you almost choked on. Good luck next year, man.

To Shaan, I will you all of the coolest math proofs. Hanging out in your room and doing work or just talking is always enjoyable. 

To Sree and Ishan, my out of pocket quad mates, I will you even louder voices to keep next year’s seniors up. Honestly, I’m so glad that you are my quad mates this year, and you definitely made my year more fun. Have fun as juniors (minus Sree, he’ll still be a soph)!

To Sridevi, I will you some pull game and membership to the Powerpuff Girls, as per your request. I also will you a senior year full of dancing and seven friends. I really enjoyed talking with you over Lexington food and through Messenger.

To Vidyoot, I will you coding skills and Dong-tier teachers in your future. Though it didn’t feel like it at the time, I enjoyed grinding out those AdPro assignments since I could talk with you and eat Lexington donuts third mod every day. Make sure not to be absent to third mod, and I want to see how your Bloons Tower Defense (ripoff) does in the future. Keep me updated!

To Vikram Rao, I will you a better hairdo and luck during your time as an upperclassman. You were the first soph I got to know, and it definitely paid off.

To 05-D, I will you some amazing sophs for next year. All of you made the wing what it is, and I’m glad to be part of it.

To anyone I missed, I will you a will and a great next year.


Samuel Lee

To Michael Yudovich, I will you my Bounce Ball account and incomplete metamorphosis. I showed my parents your Korean writings. They liked it. 

To Kevin Zhang, I will you better food. I hope IMSA gets funded more in the future. 

To Nachiket Raj, I will you hydrochloric acid. Do not drink it. 

To Rohan Jain, I will you more Dr. Fogel assignments. 

To Dean Barrow, I will you Dr. Dong intersessions. “How to Disagree” is a gem. I hope it’s offered next year. 

To Gautham Anne, I will you math rabbit holes. I liked your Hadron articles. I hope you enjoy these. https://mathshistory.st-andrews.ac.uk/ https://youtu.be/60z_hpEAtD8 https://youtu.be/ZYj4NkeGPdM http://www.informatik.uni-trier.de/~fernau/DSL0607/Masterthesis-Viergewinnt.pdf.


Sanaa Davis

To Marcelle, Addie, David, and Chinara, I will you STEP choreographer. Addie and Marcelle, the two of you kept me on my toes with your creative dance moves and ideas. Every practice was something new and I doubt we would have had all the stunts we did if you all weren’t there. So thank you for helping make STEP a success. David, you helped create one of the best dances of the show this year, so how could I not want you to do it again? Chinara, we gotta continue to be strict. Make sure there is no stray beat or arm. I have faith that you all can contribute and make Harambee even better.

To Destiny G, I will you the position of SCRJ Defund Committee Head and an immense amount of butter. I hope you continue to take both bogus and amazing pictures as you perfect your technique. I love your nonchalant attitude towards everything and your willingness to help me out. Thank you for always letting me into the main building and my hall whenever I didn’t have my keys, listening to me rant about random things, and reminding me where I left off in the conversation when I would forget my train of thought. I hope BC 1 and 2 are relatively easy for you. Make sure you work hard to maintain your grades and stop sleeping the day away. When you begin to apply to colleges, you must start early; even though you are extremely lazy, I know you can do it. If not, you will be a great electrician. I believe that your stiffness will not get in the way, so you should also continue to participate in cultural shows in every way possible and do STEP too. I am glad that I have gotten to know you more this semester and I hope that will not change in the future; if it does, that would be extremely ghetto.

To Kennedy, I will you strength and perseverance. You are one of the most responsible, sweet, and beautiful juniors I know. Your drive to succeed continues to inspire me and your ability to find the motivation to complete your tasks and responsibilities is admirable, even though you sometimes didn’t show up to the BHSC meetings. Thank you for always checking up on me, asking how I am doing whenever we spoke. I loved playing volleyball with you this year and I hope you will be the libero for the team next year. You’re a hard worker and an amazing player, so this goal is well within your reach. 

To Chinara, I will you patience and strong ankles. Thank you for making basketball fun and scoring points; I am not sure how the team would have been without you. Thanks for the Capri Suns and water bottles I definitely stole from your room. You’re one of the most hardworking and driven sophomores I know and I know you will do great things. However, your inability to sing never fails to make me laugh and you will always be the one and only supreme roach.

To Noah, Deondre, and Jaden, I will you help with basketball and school. You guys made EXCEL funny and I am glad I got a chance to tutor and get to know you all better. With that being said, I expect you all to do well in school; keep your grades up. 

To Chiamaka, Aishat, Kosi, Jes, and Amaya, I will you good essays, motivation to do those essays, and free time. The five of you contributed to some of the funniest moments that the sophomores have done. Aishat, I hope you apply for many board positions. Your creativity and sense of humor never fails to impress me. Jes, I hope you continue to expand your horizons, meet new people and try new things. Your personality welcomes those around you and your laugh is so contagious. Chia, I hope you continue to play volleyball and become an amazing middle blocker. You made being a part of the team feel more welcoming; not only that, but I’m glad you found my jersey. Kosi, croutons are not that good. I love the way you willingly share the funniest moments of your life and joke with everyone around you. You should be more confident because you’re a force to be reckoned with and you should acknowledge that. And finally, Amaya, thank you for making the basketball bench so interesting. There was never a dull moment with you. I expect you to do well in everything you do, so be a dear and don’t let me down.

To Nashra, I will you endless creativity; you are one of the most creative sophomores I know and I love your calm nature. Thank you for making track fun for the short time I participated. I will never forget your unique laugh that makes it seem like you can’t breathe. Thank you for all the late-night conversations, and I still expect you to paint me a Maine Coon at some point in the near future. 

To Ale, I will you easy and amazing junior and senior years. Thank you for explaining the meaning of the merengue song even though it was a little odd, and I thoroughly enjoyed doing makeup and body paint to Clash with you and the others. You are always welcome to our room for late night conversations. 

To Yanel, I will help you finish problem sets and WeBWorKs. What I’ll miss most about you is your boundless energy and unwavering passion. In all the time I’ve known you, you have never backed down from a challenge. I hope you begin to get some sleep; whenever I see you, you look extremely tired and like you are about to pass out. However, the fact still remains that you are one of the most beautiful people I know and I can’t wait to see the person you become.

To Angel, I will you amazing hair days. You are one of the most dramatic sophomores in existence. A person could tap you and you would go flying. You have so much energy and I’m sure that will translate into your career. Not only that, but you are incredibly honest and have helped me realize important things. I hope you continue to get beat up by Ola and others; it builds character.

To Aaliyah and Sar’aiyah, I will you an everlasting bond with your twin. I am also a twin so I know the importance of sticking together. Never let anyone break that bond; there is no one in this world that will have your back more than each other. Remember that through all the fights, slight irritations, and arguments. The two of you have a lot of potential, so I expect great things from the both of you. Remember to ask for help from your friends and peers, and continue to work hard.

To Muna, I will you an amazing TikTok career. You are the best dancer I know, so keep it up! You are an incredibly fun person to be around and it is always a party when you are there. Beyond that, your drive and consistency are traits to be admired; this is definitely true since Kennedy likes you. 

To Kevin, I will you a drama-free life. Do your best to forgive others; while it’s important to hold others accountable, you need to make sure you aren’t letting people go over nothing at all. Thank you for being my partner in BioChem and listening to me. I know you will do well in all your future labs. Thank you for participating in this step; you are very good at it, and it comes naturally to you. Do your best to not let your attitude get in the way of all the amazing things you can do. I am grateful to have gotten to know you more this year!

To Hagen, I will you clear thoughts and a lot of words to say! Lowkey you don’t talk, but your presence is very well known. I will never hug you though, so get used to it. 

To Keyan, I will you a calm and peaceful life. I am glad I have gotten to know you more after EXCEL. Continue to work hard and finish your work on time. You are a good dancer and you should continue to improve and work at it so you are forever in the front. You should also learn to take a joke; we all love you like a sibling, so we naturally want to make fun of you. Remember that the next time you are about to lose your mind. You have grown a lot since EXCEL; continue to improve and great things are ahead of you.

To Dammy, I will you a glowing beautiful life with many Dammy Reactions and Synthesis. You are the life of the party. Thank you for making Merengue funny and working hard in STEP. Even though you play around a lot, you know when you need to take things seriously. Not only that, but the opposite is true because you know how to tell a joke to lighten the mood. I believe you are built for Org Chem and every IMSA class. 

To the STEP Group Chat, I will you all the rhythm and strong movements you will ever need in life. No matter how stiff, offbeat, or scary you may look, I expect you all to participate in Harambee next year. Even Aarya, the most challenged of us all, has become an expert stepper. I’m not sorry we made you run laps, come to intense makeups, repeat steps over and over, and learn Walk it Talk and Run It. You will learn to love those songs again. I expect you to listen to the future choreographers. Thank you for listening to me even when I was rude and losing my mind, thank you for always coming up with new ideas even when we often said no to them, and thank you for putting your all into the show. Your performance amazed me even though Daunovan shuffled when I told him not to, Kosi did an extra clap, and Kevin’s arms were bent. I’m sorry, but I will nitpick until the end. I love y’all so much; never lose the beat, please and thanks.

To Chiamaka, Kevin, Kennedy, Chinara, Ale, Yanel, Nashra, Hägen, Angel, Jay Gonzalez, Abi Botello, Noah Walker, Jayden Willis, Deondre, Aishat, Raven, Jakhai, Jes, Buddy, Laura, Andre, Ashley Hernandez, Giada, Keyan, Destiny G, Destiny H, Donovan Morrow, Blessita, Danica Sun, Einsey, Miracle, and Kosi, I will you quiet, productive work time. You all made IN2 very lively with all the stories, games, and shenanigans you all did. I loved getting to know you all and I hope you continue to take over IN2. 

To 02 B-Wing, I will you a beautiful, clean wing. Thank you for listening to me yell about various things going on and listening, for putting your all into Wing Wars and Clash, and having positive attitudes. I wouldn’t ask for a better wing!

To TTW and BMAW, Ola and I will you all a stronger connection and bond. We expect you all to work together and support each other. We hope y’all can have better bonding activities and hopefully do something outside of IMSA together. We enjoyed both our meaningful conversations and the conversations in the group chat. We all should always support and respect each other. Keep BMAW and TTW going!!!


Shehzad Bajowala

To Alexian Heynez, I will you take care of my brother for me.

To Luke Mauk, I will you make sure Alexian takes care of my brother.

To Dashiell Leigh, I will you a move into my soon-to-be old home. Make sure the children start cleaning up.

To Malcolm Wilson Ahlstrom, I will you become swol for me.

To Sasha Lemons, I will you my promise to buy you a [redacted].


Shikhar Gupta

To Hagen, Sree, Ishan, Angel, Raphael, Shaan, Steve, Luis, Vikram, and Pietro, I will you the future of the great 1505 D-Wing. I’ve lived in this amazing place since my first day at IMSA and it’s been the location of some of my very best IMSA memories, messing around with friends and pulling late-night grind sessions with everyone. I will you guys a future full of these moments. It is up to you all to dictate what kind of a place this wing will be for the next few years and I’m sure that with all of your great personalities you will create the best possible atmosphere for the future members of this wing. Hoo Ha boys.

To Faisal, Kenith, Shivani, Ayati, Becca, and Diya, I will you the future of Red Cross Club. I founded RCC with the aim of enabling the IMSA community to directly impact the lives of all those affected by the pandemic. Even though we have had many stumbles this past year, I know that you all will truly make a difference not only at IMSA but in the world as well. Please try to get a blood drive going and give Dr. Anjur a big hug for all of the work she does for us!

To Aadi, Aidan, Charles, Aditya, Rithik, Michael, Ramzi, Atharva, Akshat, Rohan, Faisal, Dheeran, Shaan, and Jared, I will you the future of the IMSA Tennis Team. I will you guys a season full of Ws, bus rides full of clowning each other, and unlimited late-night Taco Bell runs. Make sure that you listen to Jimbo and clap each other on during every match, regardless of the score. The team is in good hands.

To Maggie, Zuyu, Irene, and Yina, I will you the future of Student Council. I will you a year filled with impactful projects, your fair share of unforeseen hurdles, and most importantly, chances to grow as people. You all are such amazing capable people that have a real passion for improving the lives of those around you. Please never lose that fire, no matter how difficult a situation may become. Remind yourselves of your responsibility whenever you feel like StudCo is stalling. Feel free to reach out to me and update me on all of the amazing things that you guys accomplish!

To Yina, I was genuinely baffled when I began to write this. There is so much I can will to you since you deserve so much in this world. Getting to know you has been one of the best parts of my senior year. Thank you. Just as you have been there for me, I will you someone who will be your shoulder to lean on, both literally and figuratively. You are one of the brightest, most hardworking, and most down-to-earth people that I have met. I will you the realization that the beauty of this existence is that it all works out. Please never change and continue to inspire those around you, just as you have inspired me. To end, I want to steal something from Eric Pan, just as he stole it from Ray: I hope that you find fulfillment in what you do. Sometimes we immerse ourselves in “the grind.” Take the time to be with other people. Hold on to the giggles of a close friend, the presence of a family member, the stories of a complete stranger. It’s usually those little things that we treasure most. Yina, please don’t forget to stay in touch. I can’t wait to hear about your amazing journey.

To Dara, Aditya, Daun, Evan, Madilyn, Jojo, and Sreekeerthi, I will you the future of IMSA choir. It can be really easy to be negative when it comes to choir (trust me, I’ve been doing every year of IMSA) but I will you all an appreciation for this art. This past year I have learned that you all have amazing voices and, beyond that, personalities. I hope that you all create some genuinely great memories in choir and learn more about yourselves. Remember that what others think or say doesn’t matter, just enjoy the music and those around you.

To Shreya, I will you the future of Emerson Study Group. You have an unbelievably kind soul and I know that you will pour all of that love into helping our communities through ESG. It has been so amazing getting to know you during my time at IMSA and I’m truly honored to be passing on the ESG torch to you. I know that you will take this organization to the next level and make impacts that I will never have even dreamed about. 

To Shaan, Luis, Vikram, Dhruv, Atharva, Pietro, I will you all amazing underclassmen of your own and many marvelous memories with them.  There is a lot that I can say to you boys but I’ll keep it brief. You have been some of the best underclassmen a senior could ask for. I will you underclassmen who you will watch grow immensely over the course of your senior year. I will you underclassmen that will help you grow yourselves. Being an upperclassman is one of the most important roles that you will have next year and I know that you will take care of them all and impart your best advice to them. Don’t forget to keep in touch, I want to know how transformative your senior year at IMSA will be. 

To Atharva, I will you a life-changing trip in Germany and infinite levels of drip. You are one of my favorite people at IMSA and it has been an honor getting to know you and seeing the person that you are becoming. I know that your grind will pay off and that you will do great things in this world. I hope that we can hit tennis balls off the wall one day soon. Good luck with everything you do and don’t forget to stay in touch!

To Maggie, I will you an unregrettable highschool experience. IMSA is a very unique place and I know that your junior and senior years will treat you well. You are one of the kindest people I have ever met and you truly deserve so much in this world. Never stop being the people’s advocate. Never stop holding that high note in choir. Never stop giving everything you have to those around you. Please update me on how life goes during and after IMSA. You are going to do amazing things, don’t doubt yourself.

To Akshat and Faisal, I will you both peace of mind in your senior year. You both are such hard workers and are great at thinking about the future but don’t forget to live in the moment. I know that you will end up in great places no matter what happens and I want you both to realize that too. Enjoy this next year and take the time to soak it all in. You only get one highschool experience.

To Adelyn, Saketh, and Rohan, I will you your own sets of baby underclassmen to play Fornite with. You all were my very first underclassmen at IMSA and it’s been amazing to see your growth and the people you are today. I know that IMSA takes us all in different directions but please remember to stay in contact with your IMSA community and to take care of your own underclassmen. 

To the future members of 1505, I will you all a truly transformative year. This hall has been my home for the past 3 years and I have fallen in love with all of it. I hope that you all do too. Please take care of 05, because 05 is going to take care of you. Hoo Ha 05.


Shiraz Baxamusa

To Joseph Paras, Ryan Mojzis, Jerrick Li, Tate Schneider, I will you all the fire extinguishers, eggs, and jailbreaks the world has to offer.

To Vikram Rao, I will you an unlimited box of tissues.

To Ryan Mojzis, I will you all the flavors of Faygo except for Black Cherry. I hate Black Cherry. Your lack of smell will never seem to amaze me. You are seriously one of the most down to earth people I’ve ever met.

To Simon Hoffman, Matthew Svatora, Conor Craddock, Miles Massey, and Jared Dong, I will you successful Taco Bell trips with unlimited Baja Blast and family packs. I’ve never met a group of people that embody the spirit of “throw caution to the wind” as much as you all. I hope you find more people to participate in your shenanigans.

To Jack Morby, I will you 47 successful seconds of Slalom skiing and the jazziest of tenor sax outings.

To the swim team (especially Conor), I will you a sectionals where we don’t come in last and a long overdue squirt gun fight.

To Iain Gore, I will you the title of Smack Champion for the two years to come. I hope that you’re at Harrison’s level of awesomeness by your senior year.

To Damilola Tabiti, I will you someone who’ll give good relationship advice. You have some voodoo ability to get people together, so I hope you only use it for good. I’ll cherish your best dad pen 5ever.

To Elle Brittin’s Monkey, I will you some soap and a bath. As for your owner, tell her that she should do the same.

To Eris Doodin, I will you the aux for all practices to come. I also hope that you will come to love classical music in the same way Aiden and I do.

To Dashiell Leigh, I will you a game of rummy whenever you want to play.

To Anirudh Chari and Divya Brahmbhatt, I will you some better taste in music.

To Bhavyaa Chauhan, I will you someone to send you hilarious extremely funny hidden gems of TikToks.

To Maggie DiMarco and Miles Massey, I will you the title of Talent Show head.

To Kosi Okeke, I will you unlimited jollof rice and friends to share it with.

To future MSA, I will you a successful MIST where I am not the only participant 😭😭😭.

To Saamiyah Khan and Sufiya Hussaini, I will you to stay swag, you’ll understand this in about a year.

To Isiah Bonnet, I will you the ability to accept my friend request on Facebook please please please please please please please please please please.

To Joseph Paras’ Mom, I will you many successful Friday Fests to come along with a loving son for life.

To all the underclassmen I’ve had the opportunity of talking to, I will you a time at IMSA to remember and reminisce upon, because I know that when I think back you all are eternalized in my memory.


Shreya Mahesh

To Nikita Rudrapati, I will you someone to give you a new fist bump every day. Thank you for teaching me all the cool ones (especially rocket ship and moonwalk).  I will you someone who will eat almonds with you. I will you cheerful and caring math buddy. Thank you for making Stats so enjoyable, for teaching me the equations days before the quiz, for walking with me to Grab-n-Go, and for helping me have such a happy start to my day. I’ve never met anyone as empathetic and encouraging as you. You have such wonderful ideas and I’m confident you will make them heard. 

To Pranit Guntupalli, I will you the most fashionable pair of green jeans. Thank you for being a wonderful Green Ambassadors secretary, succulent vendor, and “khakis and dark green shirt” twin (even if you wore the wrong shade). I will you the future of Green Ambassadors. You will be un unbe-leaf-ably amazing Director.

To Saamiyah Khan, I will you a lab partner to laugh with. Orgo was so fun with you, and you made doing labs so fun! I will you juniors to talk to in the wing commons after 10 check. I hope you tell them about the books you read, your elementary school adventures, and the mountains of work you have to do.

To Atharva Gawde, I will you watermelons, a partner to play hangman with, and endless Mario Kart wins (even on Rainbow Road). Take all the crazy hard math and physics classes you want, be super smart in them, and enjoy your senior year. 

To Amogh Shetty and Kennedy Bray, I will you the future of Medical Society. Thank you for all your work and amazing ideas that have shaped this club into what it is today. I know that the club is in the hands of incredibly dedicated Co-Presidents, and I’m so excited to see what you do with it!

To Kenith Taukolo, I will you many memories with your SciOly teammates. I know you haven’t experienced them yet, but the bus rides back from competitions are some of the most memorable parts of being on the team. I will you a fruitful future on Med Society. I can’t wait to see what new events you have planned!

To future SciOly captains, I will you the ability to create info docs at least a week before the competition and frequent trips to Makerspace.

To future Experimental Design teams, I will you the ability to write the CER section in two minutes and the Abstract section in one. Manage your time well, memorize the rubric, and have fun being the coolest experimenters on campus!

To Diya Kamath and Grace Murray, I will you the future of Ping Pong Parachute. It’s been so much fun making and launching a million soda bottles with you both this year. Even though the event isn’t continuing next year, I will you the launcher. I hope you launch some super cool rockets just for fun!

To Sachleen Tuteja, I will you a SciOly season with perfect attendance. I will you a junior who you talk to in all your chem and bio electives. I’ll miss our conversations about Orgo and Pathophys!

To 06C Up Quad, I will you sophomores that play the best music during room inspecs and laugh (slightly) concerningly loud at late hours of the night. I’m glad you made wonderful memories with each other, and I will you many more.

To Ashley Hernandez, I will you many conversations with your friends and wingmates on the wing bridge.


Srinitya Voora

To Michelle Sun, my favorite little track star, I will you many, many more memories- enough to fill an infinite number of scrapbooks and for that I also will you many more bus stop pizzas, all the creepy GIFs and stickers facebook has to offer, enough boba trips to last a lifetime, and the drive to keep trying new things (including Mexican food.) Michelleeeeee oh how so very glad I am that I did drill this year and that both our Starships partners were gone at the same time. As much as you make fun of me, you are also my biggest hype woman and I will always be your #1 biggest fan. I promise you that I will never, ever fly away. 

To Shreya Chakraborty, I will you someone who will annoy you to no end, distract you to no end, and make you laugh so much you think you’re asphyxiating. Shreya, my monochrome queen, you are truly an amazing person. I will never not be in awe at how, even in the worst situations, you put everyone else first. But, at the same time, I hope you take care of yourself; scream if you want to, rant if you want to, cry if you want to, and never feel like a burden for asking for help. I love you so very, very much and I hope you know how much you’ve made this year special for me. From, your bestie bae, designated human pillow, and the uncontested winner of the first annual gatorade water bottle war.

To Rashmi Alawani, my twin and die-hard Sone, I will you a CS goddess, cheer queen, and Spanish and MVC carry as super smart and cool and quirky as you. Truly, you don’t give yourself enough credit for how smart you are. I just know you’ll do big things in the future, but, for now, don’t forget to relax. I hope your senior year will be easy breezy covergirl and that you have a fruitful SSS full of online shopping and KPoop. Since you’ll be crying, screaming, throwing up at my graduation, I’ll pay it forward and do the exact same thing at yours. 

To Pranit Guntupalli, I will you vegan mozzarella, AOT binges, a sad playlist that’s actually sad, and indestructible alligator clips. Sorry for breaking the OGs, I am a generally destructive person. Pranaenae, you are a bully and a goof but also so incredibly emotionally intelligent. Thanks for letting me share my life story, cry about stupid things, and laugh hard enough to spit out half a cup of juice and never question it for a moment. Don’t ever question how much you mean to people and don’t ever lose your strange affinity for time lapses. And keep practicing Telugu because yours is somehow worse than mine, so sadge.

To Saketh Dontaraju, the boy genius, I will you some sleep. Seriously. To the best little brother I could have ever asked for, I hope you know how much I appreciate you because your hugs really made every bad day just a little bit better. Stop trying to scare me just because I scare easily and have a good senior year. Till then, learn to drive so you can come visit.

To Nandana Varma, I will you all the hugs in the world. You are such a radiant person and your warmth is reflected in everything you do and everything you say. My ball of sunshine, while you’re in the midst of taking on the world, I hope you give yourself time to breathe and take a moment to just be. Here’s to many more ballroom dances and forehead kisses.

To Bhavya Vegesna, my (second?) favorite junior, I will you the time to sleep in.  You are so adorable and sweet and persistent and I love you.

To Alex Orantia, I will you head scratches and naps. Alex, you are the sweetest person. And also a very comfortable chair. My lovely little crab, I will you an underclassman like you who will listen to incessant rambling with a smile. I appreciate you so much and I hope you know it. 

To Dhruv Patel, I will you a normal spine. Or something. Idk. But for real, you are such a hard worker and such a carry. Would not have passed MVC without us knowing exactly the opposite halves of the information and trying to teach each other before the tests. What I really will you is a senior year where you are able to relax. Because you seriously deserve it. 

To Rebecca Liu, I will you endless patience. Though you already seem to possess it, the will still feels necessary (I really don’t know how you manage to not strangle Rashmi while serving as her alarm clock). You are hilarious and adorable even though you cheat at cards. 

To Jared Dong, I will you an extra fob because you seem to always to end up stealing mine. As tall of a tree as you claim to be, I will always be taller. Jared, though you make fun of me and though you’re a horrible, terrible, no-good hustler, you’re also a really good friend and I hope you don’t discount yourself. 

To Akshat Gupta, shlime, I will you all the time in the world to watch as many anime and movies as your heart desires. I don’t have any recs but thanks for humoring me about Odd Taxi. Don’t worry, I’ll watch Steins;Gate. Eventually. Also, never forget that baby Akshat was superior. 

To Saamiyah Khan, I will you many more late night conversations. You truly made C-wing so memorable this year. You are hilarious and kind and though junior year was tough, you always faced it with a smile. I hope you have a good senior year.

To Sachleen Tuteja, I will you many more Spanish stories. Don Quijote ftw. Please, how are you so good at Spanish? Halp.

To Nethra Shanbhag, I will you a soph that can brighten your day with just a smile. You are truly so sweet and I’m very glad we were in the same wing this year. 


Temi Akinmolayan

To Dammy, I will you the willingness to keep going. Every moment I’ve spent with you has been filled with so much laughter and confusion. All the ft calls, Orgo moments, and our lovely Woodmans trip will forever be in my heart. I hope you can meet the love of your life soon and just live a stress free life. Dammy bro, please take care of yourself…do your work on timeeee so you can get a lot of sleep too. Don’t procrastinate on those essays and study study study! But anyways dammy dammy dammy, I truly love you and I know you will graduate and go to an amazing college! Live your best life my favorite and forever marlian.

To Kevin, I will you super long locs in the future. Kevin you’re such an interesting person and I truly hope in the future people don’t test you anymore. Getting to know you has truly been an experience, but I’m happy I’ve gotten to see different sides of you. Thanks for the beignets, they were really good, please more powdered sugar next time. Also I can’t wait to try all the soul food you promised (mac and cheese, sweet potatoes, greens, and much much more). And remember don’t be super “”kenai-ving.””

To Kosi and Chiamaka, I will you guys a fun and stress free IMSA experience. Lol lowkey both of you guys act like the world is crashing down on you sometimes, and it’s kinda funny because you still have two years to go. Lol I’m just kidding, but I hope you guys get everything you applied for with those amazing applications. Continue to work as hard as you do and trust me you’ll reap all of the benefits ;).

To Destiny G., I will you hope that people will just let you live your life in peace. Honestly Destiny, I feel for you whenever people are messing with you and just won’t let you have peace. Even though it’s hilarious sometimes, because you have no expression on your face every time. But all in all, I truly admire your calmness when around others and can’t wait to see you make Yearbook the best club at IMSA as the Editor-in-Chief. 

To Marcelle, Kennedy, and Addie, I will you guys a great and winning volleyball tournament team. Even though we didn’t win a game in the tournament, it was the experience that mattered, right? Lol it was super fun practicing and playing and I’m happy we did it. But yeah, I love being IN2 with you guys and I hope you guys have a GREAT senior year with a bunch of fun memories and times with everyone. 

To Jes, Raven, and Desi, I will you all lit slab parties with your future sophomores. The slab parties at the beginning of the year were truly unforgettable and I hope you all can have that same experience with your future sophomores and 10 times better! Your guys’ energy is unmatched and I will truly miss you guys because of it. I can’t wait to see all the parties you guys host on Snapchat soon!!

To Aaliyah and Sar’aiyah, I will both of you as much of the BEST ramen that you want in the world. At the beginning of the year all I can remember is you guys coming into our room and asking for ramen and trust me I was happy to give you guys as much as you wanted. I truly loved see you guys all throughout the year and I hope you guys stay at IMSA and just thrive. Even though times can get tough here, in the end it will all be worth it, I promise. But in all honesty I want the best for you guys so I hope you guys continue to take care of yourselves and live your best lives!

To Andre, Hagen, Angel, Muna, and Keyan, I will you guys a super lit junior and senior year and sophomores as funny as you guys too. All the times in IN2 and beyond were truly hilarious and I hope you guys can experience the same times but better with your sophomores. Remember to try and do your work on time so you can have even more time to do other things like listen to random music in IN2, not be in front for dances Keyan, be a loyal manager for track Andre, working out Hagen, be annoying in merengue and reggaeton Angel, and I just wanna make sure you’re okay Muna. 

To Aishat, Nashra, Brooke, Chinara, and Minna, I will you all the ability to do the two lap warm up without getting tired. This track season has been so much fun and definitely wasn’t easy at times with our favorite “200 Tuesdays” and ladders. But having you guys at practice and meets always makes it better. I can’t wait to finish out the season with you guys and I hope you have amazing future track seasons. always remember, everything is just…light work ;).

To Giada, I will you happiness in LEAD. Even though LEAD probably almost over or already over by the time you’re reading this, I have loved having you in my LEAD class. Whenever you asked every week “Can I skip LEAD?”, you already knew my answer every time, but you still asked. Lol but I love you Giada, please never change. Alsoooo thank you thank you thank you for those empanadas <3.

To Einsey and Melinda, I will you guys all the dances and TikToks in the world. Lol that isn’t possible and I don’t think that even makes sense, but I LOVED you guys in C-wing!! All of the times after 10 check will definitely be unforgettable, but I hope you guys can enjoy the rest of your time at IMSA and have as much fun as possible. Einsey, don’t make too many “I wanna ride” TikToks lol. 

To Mesoma and Tia, I will you guys amazing little sibs just like you guys next year. I hope you guys have a great rest of your sophomore year and the best junior and senior years possible. Don’t stress yourselves too much and remember to have fun! IMSA is an interesting place, but I know you both will succeed no matter what and go off and do great things in the future! Like I said, always have fun and remember that in the end everything will be alright ;).

To all of my future LEADers, I will you all successful junior and senior years. I have loved having all of you in CORE and EnAct classes because you guys are all so funny, creative, and truly smart people. I’m not sure if this comes out before or after SLX, but I know you will all do well and present your amazing presentations. Good luck in the future and continue to do big and awesome things…and never forget Justin Bieber is the best artist in the world ;).

To anyone I may have missed, have fun at IMSA and like I said to everyone else live your best stress free lives … and for everyone sorry for any typos…


Temi Ijisesan

To Venus Obazuaye, I will you sleep. As you enter your senior year, you will become more overwhelmed with the weight of the world you put on yourself. You’re spectacular in every way, and care so much about making a change in the world that sometimes you forget to take care of yourself. Get some sleep, Venus. Please. And relish the time you have with the people you love most in the world because time is precious. Never forget that you deserve everything you’ve accomplished and that you will do amazing things in the future. And please, for the love of God, stop setting up 50 meetings during midday. 

To Nashra Younus, I will you the art room. I know, I know, you already go the art room so much already. But I want you to know that the lonely room at the end of that long hallway can become your home. Take advantage of the resources given to you, experiment, try something new. Mix all the colors of the rainbow and make an ugly brown simply because you can. There is room and time for you to find yourself, and find what makes you tick. You are such a beautiful person inside and out and I can’t wait to see the brilliant woman you will become. Also, stop coming late to Heliotrope meetings, dummy. 

To Heliotrope Board, I will you a blank canvas. Each one of you has the power and potential to truly make a difference at IMSA. You have been given the opportunity to ignite the fiery artistic passions of students who have so much undiscovered talent, stifled by an institution so focused on STEM enrichment. Do not take this lightly. Run with the ideas and visions you have for you are equipped with all the tools to make something truly amazing. 

To Artifact Board, I will you as many cultural art show tablecloths as you could wish for. On a more serious note, I am amazed at all of the passion and grit you pour into this club. You all are truly awe-inspiring, and I am confident you will continue to spread the spirit of Artifact around campus, even in our absence. I wish you all the best of luck!

To Christian Delgado, I will you some cool, multi-colored stickers. I really think it’s about time for you to spice up your laptop. Planetary science would have been such a boring class without your dry humor and consistent sarcasm. Although I hate to admit it, you are an extremely talented actor, and I can’t wait to see all the super cool stuff you’re going to do in the future. School will get worse before it gets better, but just know that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. That light may or may not be some light-colored clothing (stop being so emo). 

To Xander Tamez, I will you a functional alarm clock. Seriously though, you’ve consistently shown up five minutes late to every single Planetary Science class, it’s weirdly impressive. Please show up on time to class, also stop studying for math quizzes a mod beforehand. You may not know it yet, but life has a way of working out for people. I know life will work out for you and you will find a space where you fit in wherever you go. You have a lot of energy and life in you. Don’t lose that, it’s special. 

To Aaliyah and Sar’aiyah, I will you a writing center tutor who doesn’t have short term memory loss. Especially for you, Aaliyah. I apologize for constantly forgetting to read your papers after ten check, but regardless, I am confident that they all turned out spectacular. I wish I had the chance to know you both better this year, but it seems the time to do so has been spent. You’re both so lively and happy, I’m envious of your joy. Keep it, and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do anything you put your minds to. 

To Amanda Barajas, I will you one more free canvas. I remember the first time we met when I handed you one after Artifact’s first GA. You were quiet, didn’t say much, but I could immediately tell that you were special. I am so privileged to have gotten to know you better as a person and artist over the course of the school year. You inspire me, more than you could ever imagine, and challenge me to be a better artist and leader every day. You are going to do mind-blowing things in life and I can’t wait to see how you grow and develop. Heliotrope is in your hands. Treat it well. I know the task may seem daunting, but remember: you were chosen for a reason. I’ll miss you and our times on the bridge, painting that 02 mural at ungodly hours, but I know that you’ll do just fine without me. The world is your canvas, so don’t be afraid to roll up your sleeves and get a little dirty. 


Thavaisya Ananth

To Saamiyah Khan, I will you a kiss from me (yes, ME!) for being the most fabulous human I know. You are so funny, I literally don’t think I’ve ever met someone who can make me laugh as much AND as effortlessly as you do. You are such a capable, natural leader – I am so excited that I will be able to say that I was friends with THE SAAMIYAH KHAN before the fame :). I will miss you so very much dearest – reach out anytime (*my sweets*) !!!

To Aaliyah Ali, I will you a senior year filled with the most incredible memories. From our Houseparty days/intense Facetime sessions to bonding over the stupidest things in B-wing, I am so so so glad I have a friend like you. Thank you for (ONE) helping me revise all my college essays mere hours before the 11:59 pm deadline LOL – I hope you find an underclassman willing to do that for you too (fingers crossed that it won’t come down to that…but just in case!) and (TWO) listening to all my emotional rants at the beginning of the year and giving the most sincere advice. From the very bottom of my heart – thank you for everything beautiful. I love you so so so much <3.

To Sachleen Tuteja, I will you official junior status during your senior year. I also really hope that at the very least you will remember that you’re a senior. “I’m not a freshman, I’m a sopho- wait.” ALSO, I will you a roommate even more remarkable than I am! (I know, it’s a lot :0)  – I hope they get to revel in and enjoy your absurdity as much as I did. Thanks, I guess, for all the times you woke me up when my alarm didn’t do it’s job. But actually, little child you are so so so hardworking – I hope senior year treats you well because it’s the least you deserve for all the effort you put into everything you commit yourself to. 

To Shreya Chakraborty, I will you bragging rights. And my VanGogh-level flower painting in the 03RC office. You don’t get to move it, or physically take it ANYWHERE for that matter (unless Mia and/or Isaiah say that you can) BUT you now have complete ownership of it. Utilize your bragging rights. But in all seriousness, I have so much faith in you Ms. Chakraborty  – don’t let insignificant things or even people ruin your elite aura. Remember, it’s possibly going to get a lil worse before it gets a whole lot better. But when it does, you are going to simply FLOURISH. And you can bet I will be right there, cheering you on in spirit, saying “I told you so.” Love you to infinity and beyond my gorgeous girl <33.

To Bhavya Vegesna, I will you an underclassman who is as willing to put up with the most out-of-pocket stuff as you are. Let me elaborate. I hope they are an empathetic person who is always there for you, ready to give you attention even when you’re being annoying, but most of all, someone who isn’t scared of obnoxious animal noises exiting a human mouth. (So practically, a Bhavya Vegesna clone, COMFY and all.) You were intimidated by me??? Pfft. Just thinking about that dynamic makes me laugh. HIHI HI HEY I hope you know that I will always be here for you. You better SSS to the max bae – you earned it 500% !!!

To Halimat (my twin who is significantly better at dancing), Venus (too drippy), Yareli (the cutest), and Solange (super swaggy), I will you more tea. So you can spill it later during your late-night rant sessions of course :). I hope an underclassman comes along and has the honor of joining you guys. BUT if that doesn’t work out, I’m only a FaceTime call away – I would love an honorary seat at the table as well (pretty please I’ll pay for this if necessary). You guys deserve the most amazing senior year – I hope it is everything you want it to be and more :).

To Nandana Varma, I will you a family-size bag of M&Ms. As well as a better sleep schedule. Well, the last part is more of a manifestation than anything. Please sleep more. ALSO PLS PLS PLS remember to put yourself first, as hard as it may be. That GENUINE care you show to everyone else, that compassion of yours that NEVER fails to comfort others – recognize that you deserve that same kindness. P.S. I want your infectious laugh recorded as my alarm ringtone so I can wake up to good vibes every morning.

To Umika Arora, I will you more PB & J sandwiches – you deserve it for donating some of your midday alone time to spend time with me :). Honored to have been able to steal a spot in your designated “me-time”. Can we maybe call it Umi’s me-time…ft. Thavaisya? 

To Saamiyah Khan and Kennedy Bray, I will you both Key Club, and a year on board where absolutely everything goes according to plan – I’m going to miss our board meetings and missing check because of them (nah jk it’s all me). Stay key-ute my fav Co-Pres pair!

To Alexandra Orantia, I will you infinite hugs. Next year, I hope a junior will bombard you with top tier hugs whenever and wherever you want.

To Shreeya Avadhanula, I will you someone who will steal your mother’s bowl :). Or maybe I should just will you infinite bowls? Anyways, thank you for always being there for me – keep in touch or I’ll steal your bowl -permanently- this time.

To Jackie Zhang, I will you more days and nights of obsessing over BTS! 

To Saketh Dontaraju, I will you a chia pet. It’s a special one though – it has the power of fixing your sleep schedule. It reports back to me, so…Make. Good. Life. Decisions. And keep in touch :)).

To Raven McKelvin, I will you a cool sophomore who will compliment you on a daily basis and make you feel on top of the world. Queen Rae, I will miss your singing when I go off to college – I am so so so lucky I got to hear that live performance of yours during Harambe. Chills. Thank you for opening up to me during our mini stairwell convos – remember I am here for you and that this doesn’t end just because I can’t see you in-person everyday. Keep working hard Queen Rae <3.

To Ava Gonzalez, I will you a sophomore as passionate and hardworking as you. Remember to take care of yourself, especially during busy times. You got this :)). 

To Joey Paras and Tate Schneider, I will you three free roasting sessions. 

To Jerrick Li, I will you pants. It can get pretty cold out. 

To all the underclassmen who have made my senior year so memorable, I will you children a FABULOUS rest of your IMSA career. Love you guys! [P.S. 03 talent show stars, y’all are at the VERY VERY TIP TOP of the list <3333].


Tyler Smith

To the entirety of 05C Wing, I will you a brain. You all made life a bit more interesting, and thank you for the sense of community you brought to the wing this year. Look out for your underclassmen, and please keep the wing intact for me.

To Dash Leigh, I will you a great group of underclassmen to take under your wing, and amazing success in all of your future endeavors in math or otherwise. I’ve hugely appreciated all of the genuine conversations we’ve had this year, I know you’re gonna go far!

To David Dickson, I will you a wingmate who can actually beat you in Smash Bros.

To Malcolm WilsonAhlstrom, I will you many more relaxing free mods spent under the UBench.

To the boys varsity volleyball underclassmen (Rohan Patkar, Dean Ekimov, Miles Massey, Raphael Talusan, Bryce Sharp), I will you an amazing team dynamic and serves that go in. The three years I spent waiting for this season were absolutely worth it, this is some of the most fun I’ve ever had playing the sport! I can’t wait to see how far you all go in the future, but I know you’ll all miss my sets ;).

To the boys volleyball JV team, I will you an undefeated season and verts that touch the ceiling. 

To the volleyball managers/players (Peyton Gutting, Ayati Lala, Ella Voyles, Victoria Nalepka) I will a killer rest of your volleyball careers, you’re all insanely talented players and awesome people. And please, show some mercy in your coaching for the future boys volleyball teams.


Vivian Cho

To Maggie and Maddy, the sophomores of our hex, I will you a great time at IMSA filled with lots of cheer and laughter. You are both extremely hardworking people with a very bright future ahead of you. Sometimes, life does take a turn for the better or worse. I hope that your bright personalities and prevailing determination will keep you going. You got this! Whatever’s on your mind right now – I know you will overcome it!

To  Kenith, I will you an exciting school year filled with surprise and adventure. Thank you so much for being a great co-captain and a friend that I could always trust. I will cherish all the moments we had in the hall commons, planning out stuff for Congress and trying to contact random people from debate. Although for next year, I think it would be a smart idea to be less impulsive. I don’t think we’ll ever be able to talk to central/north normally again after that lmaoo. But anyways, I hope you won’t get too stressed with senior year and I also hope that you will be content with the future choices you decide to make.  

To Jackie, I will you legs capable of performing positive work so that you won’t fall behind during trips XD. I feel like I’ve only gotten to know you better during these past couple of weeks, and I am really happy for that. I hope you will find success in the future.

To the Congress team (Avi, Brandon, Charles, Fredy, Kenith, Maddy, Michael, Sabriya, and Zuyu), I will you a successful season next year. I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be your captain and meet all of you guys. I hope that next year you will inspire others to join debate and win awards. 

To Himani and Kevin, I will you a successful IMSAlympians club next year. I had a great time working with you guys and I hope that in the future, you will continue to keep the club going strong. 

To Catherine, I will you the best of luck at running Nautilus. Thank you so much for your continuous dedication and passion to the club. Although I regret not getting to know you better, I respect your diligence that you always have. I hope you will have smooth sailing with the club next year. 

To the Martial Arts club (Jack, Jerrick, Pietro, Zander), I will you an easier time planning and organizing logistics for our events next year. I know we had a lot of trouble coordinating meeting times and reserving spaces for our events. Hopefully next year will be better! 

To my 03D underclassmen, I will you a school year filled with cheer and laughter. I really enjoyed the moments when we would spill tea in the wing commons or rant about teachers and people. I hope that next year you will be able to do the same with future underclassmen too. 

To the 03D upquad (Alex, Elaina, Sri, Himani), I will you a calm, less stressful senior year. Alex, you are so pretty and talented at everything. And thank you for always putting your hair out of the way before hugs! Elaina, you are one of the coolest people I’ve ever met. I know you will achieve all of your goals! Sri, I love your bright personality, it always cheers up my day. If you have a rant or anything, feel free to reach out! Himani, you are so smart and hardworking. Thank you for dealing with me when I get a little bit weird. I loved getting to know each of you. I wish you all the best of luck senior year!


Will McClain

To Dhruv Patel and Ayo Dhruv, I will you an epic senior year.  I can already tell you’re gonna have great underclassmen next year and you’re gonna do cool stuff. You got that immaculate sense of humor and you’re genuinely fun to be around. 

To Ashwin Nair, I will you one bitcoin. I remember meeting at titan crew back when I still had that broken arm and you were the realest dude there my guy.

To Maggie DiMarco, I will you my bluetooth beanie (not really I’m keeping it). My first memories of you are from when me and Laura rescued you at that one xc meet where you messed up your hip or something.  You’re prolly one of my favorite sophs (maybe because you let me haze you) and I really wish there was more time in the year to be friends.

To Sasha Lemons, I will you a lemon because I can’t think of anything and that’s your last name. Not even gonna lie, you’re up there for my favorite junior. Your vibes are immaculate and the fits are outstanding.  Idk what it is but you got a magnetic personality. 

To Rashmi Alawani, I will you a meet and greet with Taeyeon. You’re quite the vibe and MVC with you, Alice, and Krys was probably one of my favorite classes. Oh yeah I almost forgot about Hoco.  I’ll get those pics eventually and I’ll will them to you too.  Have a good summer, you minor.

To Jesse Park, I will you good sophs that you’ll have whacky shenanigans with. You got just the most bonkers demeanor and you’re a cool neighbor.

To Laura Cervantes, I’m gonna will you a red dress, I’m writing this like two weeks before we did cumbia and you don’t have anything red yet, it’ll be lit and nothing will go wrong. Being xc managers together was cool and my first memory of you is from the same place as my first memory of Mags. Your Facebook posts are weird but that’s ok because you’re cool.  You said you’d miss me after I graduate, the feeling goes both ways.

To Ben Simmons, I will you those AAA batteries I borrowed from you a couple months ago.  You’re a pretty cool dude that will help anyone at the drop of a hat and I think that’s pretty cool B).

To Steve Dziamentsyeu, I will you a giant inflatable unicorn, you know what that’s from.  You’re hella funny in group chats and are quite the vibe, this year and last year.

To, Michelle Sun, I will you Grant’s short shorts. Idk if he’ll let me but, they’re unofficially all yours.  XC and track w you was fun and hangman every Wednesday is in my top three favorite extracurricular activities.

To Dara Ajayi, I will you $400 cause you asked me to. Man, you’re always happy about something and I think that’s really cool. You A-wing sophs are the reason I’m proud to be in A-wing.

To Josh Lee, I will you one medium Domino’s pizza.  I have never watched a man give up so much for a medium Domino’s pizza.  But fr dude, you’re an utter vibe and are one of my favorite sophs.

To Nethra Shanbhag, we talked like once and that was at that C-wing dinner date – however – it was a really cool one and I had a good time. I will you a stick that has one bit of it burnt so you can draw with it like a pencil.  Oh and whenever you say hi to me in the halls I mean to say hi back, I’m just slow.

To Faizaan Shaikh, I will you that one sparkly Michael Jackson glove. Homie was cracked at drill and taught me how to be Michael Jackson. Keep dancing man.

To Vanessa Rodriguez, I will you the exact opposite of whatever Cesar willed you so they cancel out. But fr you do be quite the underclassmen and a vibe in AdChem.

To Fiona Kriner, I will you a good DnD group. DnD with Hawker and you was cool, even if I had my cam off and mic muted.

To 05 A-wing underclassmen, I will you guys an actual ping-pong table.  Keep the spirit of A-wing alive fellas and win wing wars for me next year.

To Spanish V juniors, Les doy un buen próximo año.  Ustedes van a ser terminados con español luego. Que lástima. ¿Qué van a hacer? No sé, de verdad.


Willow Dennison

To the future drama club tech director, I will you the fate of the club. I’m sure, no matter who ends up filling the spot, that you’ll have noticed from working with me just how much the drama club matters to me. It really is my baby, and whoever ends up filling my shoes, I know you’ll do your best, and that’s all I ask. Try to be a little more prepared than me for the fire alarm to go off during construction. so, have fun! Get all the people you can and make something beautiful with the shows next year. If you need anything, I’m always one message away. (Don’t forget about bunbury).

To my children (you know who you are), I will you good fortune (I guess?). I’m going to quote what one of my seniors left me my sophomore year. “I also will you to become wonderful upperclassmen to the new baby sophs. I love all of my children and I will miss you all.” I couldn’t put it better if i tried. I love all of you, and don’t lose touch. I know you’ll do great. If you need anything at all, I’m just one message away.


Zoe Barajaz

To Aarya Khapre, I will you the confidence to get through your senior year here at IMSA. There will be lots of long nights spent studying for APs, filling out college apps, writing up college app essays, and then correcting them. And correcting the corrections. Then on top of all that, you’re going to have all the normal stress that IMSA throws at us on a daily basis. But, I know you can do this because you’ll have the support of all those who came before you last year. Most importantly, HAVE FUN! I know that senior year will seem super crazy and challenging at first, but I don’t want you to lose sight of the fact that it’s your last year here and that you should have all the fun you can have. Keep me in the loop about all the crazy happenings back here at IMSA and reach out to me for anything at all. I’m gonna miss you! :).

To all the underclassmen in MOD21 and Chamber Choir, I will you the gift of music. You all are amazing singers and I am so blessed to get to sing with you all on an almost daily basis. Senior year is a crazy time, but getting to spend time with you guys making music brings me a sense of calm. I find creating music to be a great de-stressor for myself and I hope that it can be the same for you guys. Thanks for making my senior year that much better. I love you all!

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