Articles by Elizabeth Alcala

2022 Senior Edition

As another year has flown by, The Acronym is proud to present the 2022 Senior Edition. From Senior Speaks to predictions about the future to all kinds of fun pieces, we hope…

2022 Senior Wills Pt. 2

Welcome to the 2022 Senior Wills! 1,001 days after the Class of 2022 moved into IMSA, it is time for another installment to this time-honored tradition. The Acronym is proud…

Mental Health Edition 2021

The Acronym is proud to present our first installment of the Mental Health Edition! As always, remember to take care of yourself in these challenging times.

Letter from the Editors: Mental Health Edition

There is no singular IMSA experience.  Fun, unique, community, too much homework, and numerous other descriptors encompass the school, according to the Office of Institutional Research’s (OIR) Challenge Success surveys….

Identity Groups Mental Health Interviews

In addition to the mental health toll normal high school students face, many IMSA students are subject to further struggles related to their identities. IMSA represents a multitude of different…