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Different identity groups face different mental health challenges | Source: Scribd

In addition to the mental health toll normal high school students face, many IMSA students are subject to further struggles related to their identities. IMSA represents a multitude of different races, genders, and sexualities, each student different from the next. Based on their own experiences and background, every student’s identity can have a major impact on their mental health struggles. Many have even reported hearing derogatory remarks at school. According to IMSA’s 2021 Diversity Climate Survey, 47.9% of responding students have heard sexist remarks sometimes, often, or frequently, 18% have heard racist remarks sometimes, often, or frequently, and 11.9% have heard homophobic remarks sometimes, often, or frequently. 

In order to examine each identity’s experience with mental health, The Acronym interviewed various students who represent a specific group. The interviewees are: 

  • Niyati Kapadia: Indian Student Association (ISA) President
  • Jasmine Liu: Asian Students in America (ASIA) President
  • Zoie Sloneker: Native American Student Society (NASS) Representative
  • Raven McKelvin and Jadesola Suleiman: Black Student Union (BSU) Representatives
  • Lethzy Gutierrez and Karen Olvera: Alma Latina President and Representative
  • Elizabeth Soyemi and Natalie Hulseberg: Gender Equity Association (GEA) Co-Presidents
  • Brogan Long: Spectrum President

You can find the following conversations here:

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