The Senior Issue – Class of 2017

For the first time in 11 years, the IMSA Acronym is proud to present The Senior Issue for the Class of 2017. The issue includes all of the most popular items, including Senior Biographies telling the future plans, biggest regrets, best memories, and words of wisdom from each beloved senior. As part of the new additions, learn about the average 2017 senior, their favorite items, and their predictions for the future.

Note: 2017 Senior Wills are not included in the printable Senior Issue. For the sake of length and relevance, they were removed from the printable edition. Senior Wills are only stored online, and can be found below.

And now, presenting the Class of 2017…

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Aakash Lakshmanan
Adam Grobman
Adrian Bebenek
Aira Peregrino
Akash Palani
Alexander Yow
Amarachi Okoli
Amy Yu
Andrew Ye
Andriy Sheptunov
Austin Choi
Ayrah Garcia
Caitlin O’Callaghan
Cecilia Chang
Daniel Marten
Daniel Shin
David Ying
Dhara Patel
Divya Dureja
Elliot Cleven
Emma Mattson
Eshan Mehrotra
Evan Sun
Eve Adami
George Moe
Grace Park
Grant Finnegan
Hector Correa
Heena Srivastava
Herschel Gupta
Hieu Nguyen
Isabella Spinelli
Jacob Horstman
Jair Powell
Jan Mangulabnan
Jasmine Shi
Jason Barraza
Jaszmine Simmons
Justin Xu
Kasey Cervantes
Katrina Kuhn
Kayla Raflores
Krishi Korrapati
Lindy Hong
Madison Dong
Mariah Yelenick
Meghana Kamineni
Michael Dizon
Michelle Zhu
Morgan Phillips
Naomi Nakajima
Nathaniel Smith
Nikitha Garapaty
Nitya Talasila
Priya Sharma
Raghuram Koganti
Ramya Lakshmanan
Richard Osmund
Robert Lou
Rohit Mittapalli
Rongzhen Zhou
Ryan Higgins
Samita Shrestha
Samuel Okoli
Shivali Shukla
Simon Su
Sneha Pathuri
Soomin Park
Sruti Mohan
Tim Pan
Timothy Ramos
Vadini Agrawal
Vaidehi Suriyanarayanan
Vainius Normantas
Wasan Kumar
Xinyu Guan
Yugan Sakthi

Aakash Lakshmanan
To Nick Nelson, I will you a fantastic pro-athlete. Not just any pro-athlete, but a sweaty one to rub his shirts on you in the locker room. Maybe even an underclassmen so you can assert your seniority over him because that card always works (believe me, I speak from experience). Have fun in Spanish 5 next year man, I wish you luck in all your future endeavours.

To Advai Podduturi, a short senior will cannot encapsulate all my final thoughts on my time here with you in IMSA but I can certainly try. I will you someone to order sushi with, someone to ujjj with, someone to share our vernacular (you know which words I’m talking about) with. I will you your own derpy underclassmen to cherish memories with and mean to you as much as you did to me these past few years. But most of all other than all these things, I will you all the success you could ever desire in IMSA and past. Regardless of if we stay in touch or not, I know you will go on to do great things so I will you the ability to never change who you are now because I know this Advai will make it. I’ll never forget all the memories we have made together. Good luck bud :)

To Pranav Narayanan, Hhhiiiiiia Pra. Man, I am going to miss you. From the first few days in the ice cream social to seeing you do the things you did to herschel Junior year to the hilarious talks and moments we have now, I’ve loved seeing you change and grow in my years here. I will you another bro in whatever classes you take next year to meme around with, another junior to arbitrarily run in and out of the room, and another junior to ditch you on Joy Yee’s trips on weekends. Make the best of your time here in IMSA bud, you won’t get it back. I hope we meet again. I’ll make sure to visit you often.

To Noble Wulfraat, never will I forget my days in 07B with you; I could never have wished for anyone better. I will you your own junior or sophomore to stay up late nights with you and whose sleep schedule you can ruin, someone who can order sushi with you every other week and be dank in Compusci with you. Noble, after seeing you grow these past 2 years, I know what you are capable of and within you, I see a lot of potential even though you may not believe it. You are an extraordinary person. I hoped you enjoyed these last few years with me as much as I did with you. I’ll never forget it. I really hope you have a great senior year and everything turns out alright but until then, meme on my man, I’ll miss ya ;)

To Pranav Reddy, oohh baby. Oooohhhh baby. What do I will you? So many options. An amazing HiMCM team with pro-coders like we had? Maybe even a projector to go along with it? How about another insane junior to do the things we did that one night or in linalg together? I am sure you will continue to have these crazy moments without me here at IMSA but I will you all the success you want your senior year. I will you to find your home and a community on campus where you feel happy. You are one of the smartest people I have ever met. I hope to see you next year in England bud because that’s when the real parties will start.

To AJ Federici, :) You know what that smile means. I will you someone to give you that smile every time they see you. I will you the ability to get all those Taiwanese girls and the ability to get all the B’s your heart could desire. I will you another hilarious memey underclassmen to walk into your quad solely to touch you. I cannot express how great it has been to know you. Keep in touch, AJ, especially for you know what ;)

To Abhi Sharma, I will you a huge underclassmen that you can destroy, flip upside down, and make squirm in less than a minute. You are one of the nicest people I’ve met this year and I’ve loved having you in my Up-Quad making memories together each and every day. Never lose your wonderful comforting amazing personality. But getting back to what’s important, I will you to get just a little better at gladiator so you won’t be as pathetic when I come back next year. Get ready …

To Darius Hong (DAR DAR), although I didn’t know you that well in 07 junior year, I’ve had a great time with you senior year, seeing you transform slowly into the memey boy you are now. I’ve loved all the late talks we’ve had this year and look forward to finishing this year with you. I will you another great Up-Quad bro that will be all that you have been for me this year. On a side note though, I also will you better luck in the female scene ;) as I’m sure you will need. Have a great time senior year, dardar.

To Yuri Oh, Yuri, quick! No one is watching! Let’s do it now. Like RIGHT now. Yuri, I will you someone you can do all this hilarious stuff with you next year and I will you someone who is willing to go on those long walks with you. I really enjoyed getting to know you these past few years and I hope you find everything you need in the rest of your time here. Good luck and I will you an amazing senior year.

To Arya Kadakia, I will you a lab partner who carries you through each assignment and an Español amigo to wake you up every two seconds. I will you to find someone else you can rant to or tell all your drama to and someone to take those meaningless detours during the passing periods with you. I will you a great last year here at IMSA filled with wonderful and happy memories with your best friends. Hope you enjoy it …

To Pranesh Ravichandra, I will you an amazing junior who makes you laugh instantly just upon sight. I will you someone who sings dank Tamil songs with you, sings shirtless in your room, gets beat up super easily, and is just overall a hilarious guy. Although I didn’t know you my junior year, you have grown to be one of my favorite juniors this year and I couldn’t be more grateful to have you in my wing this year. Good luck on all your adventures next year, I look forward to coming back and visiting you ;)

To Kaushal Gumpula, I will you another bro to go working out with, to dance with, or whatever it be that you wish to do in your continued years at IMSA. I only knew you in your sophomore days but, in you, I see a bright future and I can’t wait to visit in a few years and see what you accomplish. You have brightened my day everytime I see you and I am constantly astounded by your intelligence. I don’t doubt even for a moment that you will do great things. But finally, I will you another body roll solo in boys dance and another tiny brown boy your senior year to accompany you in all your endeavours. You make me wish I had another year here, Kaushal. Until next time…

To Neil John, I will you to find yourself here in IMSA. I know sometimes it may seem like things are against you but I have seen you grow since the start of the year and I am so glad to have started talking to you towards the end of this one. I know you will grow to be a star by the time you are ready to leave IMSA but until then man, enjoy your time here. These few years fly by and I assure you will cherish every moment of it. I will you to find happiness here in any form it manifests itself in. Until next time, Neil

To Teja Guntupalli, I will you the ability to continue your power in being able to get the girls as I know you are very skilled in that at the moment. I will you a dank sophomore to mess with and scare in the locker room and someone who cracks you up just by looking at them like you do to me. Have fun in these next couple years at IMSA, Teja. I know they’re going to be great.

To Abhiudaya Bhalla, Babe, baaaaabe, baaaaaaaaabe. We have had so many memories together. I don’t think I’ve memed with someone in a class as hard as I did with you in Number Theory. I can never forget the hilarious way you say zik or our tankiness with Dr. Fogel or those weekends where you would be in and out of my room every other hour. I know we stopped talking this semester but I still cherish those old times dearly. I hope everything goes well for you next year, look forward to coming back for ya man. Until then, babe…

To Nikhita Kasana, I will you an awesome Español friend to get you through Dra. De Avila’s class. I will you a junior who pops into your head and makes you smile every time you hear a random spanish song and someone to think you’re super weird for messaging them. I can’t believe with such an embarrassing start, we were able to talk at all these past couple years but I am so glad we did. I won’t ever lose the memories we have shared. I will you a great senior year, Nikhita. See you in Spain…

To Mike Xu, I will you the best HIMCM team that you could imagine. Not just any HIMCM team, but one with an amazing projector (we might have to call Reddy to set up the food though). I will you an amazing coder on that team (maybe even as good as Joe) and a glowing honorable mention. I hope you have a great and meme-filled senior year, man. I’ll never forget your hilarious laughs and insane dab sequence.

To Kyle Campbell, I would will you another Number Theory bro but I am guessing you will not be taking that again (don’t get me wrong, I’d totally understand if you did, ‘twas quite the experience.). So, I just will you a tank underclassmen bro in any class you are in to keep you as unmotivated as you did me. Good luck senior year man.

Adam Grobman
To Chris Chang, I will you a fantastic super-schmen of your own. Your talent and passion for mathematics (as well as memes) is astounding and your passion is infectious. Senior year will be hard, but I know you can do it. Remember to focus on what you want and value, not just what others want for you.

To Gabe Bryk, I will you (legitimate) 1 AM internet shut-off, a lenient RC, and a neighbor who doesn’t mind your base. You’re a creative individual who I know cares a lot about people. Junior year will bring challenges, but I’m sure you will engineer your own solutions to them (just as you did your shower). Just remember, don’t be stupid–or at least don’t get caught.

To Alvin Means, I will you a wing dinner a week. Your kindness and generosity are insurmountable and your mom’s garlic bread is delicious. On behalf of all of D-Wing, thanks for the food and the pajama pants.

To Lucas Urbanski, I honestly can’t will you any skills since you already know them all, so I will you the patience to share them with the world. You’re so talented at so many things. While I know “dead” is your personality, don’t be apathetic because you can do so much with all you know.

To Danielle Lee, I will you the strength and support to make it through the next two years. Despite what you may think, you do have what it takes to succeed here in every definition of success. I might not be here physically, but know that I’m always available.

To Henry Wittich and Parth Dhyani, I will you both mini-pumpkins. Also, I will you the energy to walk the 20 extra feet from your wing into the hall commons. You both have so much to offer everyone, so please share it.

To Neil Patel, I will you the superpower to pause time and chill a bit. Your sense of humor is amazing, but I can tell that you use it to cover up a lot of stress. I hope that you “SSS” properly next year to give yourself the break you deserve.

To Dan Soto, I will you two CD’s who won’t pester you as much as Colette and I did. Also, a sophomore to hug. You’ve grown so much as a member of the community this year, and I can’t wait to hear what you do next year.

To Ethan Saquimux, I will you a bed in 01 to call your own.

To Garrison Ecker, I will you sophomores who never get you confused for another person who may look something like you. You may look the same as someone else on campus, but you’re unique in every other way. Continue being a kind and caring person.

To Christian Barrett, I will you a giant sophomore to make you feel small. Your presence is amazing, and you instantly make any room more fun. Just remember, “don’t yell.”

To Lucas Urbanski and Becky Mathew, I will you the most important thing to me at IMSA: 1501. 1501 is unique, and I’m under no impression that it will always be the same thing that it was to me. But, no matter what happens I trust you will keep 01 special. While June 3rd may be the last day I live there, 01 will always be my home and it’s up to you both now to make it that way for the next generation of IMSA students. It’s a hard task, but I know you can do it.

And lastly to everyone in 1501 past, present, or future, I will you my ear. I’m busy. You’re busy. But we’re never too busy to talk and stay in touch. You should all have my Facebook, number, or email. Don’t hesitate to use them. Just because I’m graduating doesn’t mean I want to lose touch with you all. You all have made these past three years what they’ve been, and I wouldn’t want to have lived anywhere else.

Adrian Bebenek
To Zach Brahmbhatt (Klein Lab Bois), I will you a great senior year and SIR. I didn’t really know you before this year, but it has been awesome getting to know you. You have a lot going for you and are really passionate and everyone can see that. I can’t wait for a great summer in the lab, and see you at Yale next year ;).

To Goutam Gutta (Gogo), I didn’t know who you were and was very confused when you commented about loud EDM on Alex’s post for my birthday. I’m glad we ended up in the same wing and had the opportunity to make everyone hate us because of our loud music. I will you a set of dope speakers for next year and someone with similar music taste.

To Desmond Brown, it has been an honor being one of your favorite seniors. I’m proud of everything that you’ve done and I know you are capable of so much more. Sometimes things at IMSA can get hard, but you just have to keep pushing because you’re doing this for yourself and I know you made the right choice leaving your home school. I will you our senior traditions for next year.

To Sam Anozie, I will you an underclassman who loves music just as much as you do. We had some great times just jamming out and improvising in the hall commons. You’ll do great next year. I know you’re set on medicine and you will definitely get there.

To Hannah Harvard (Yale), I will you an underclassman to carry you in Biochemistry. Also, I’m glad you changed your name, we both know that Harvard is your backup school.

To Noble Wulffraat, remember the walks we had my junior year and the “hypothetical” questions you and Igor would ask me? And the talks we had about IMSA, machine learning, and how to improve the world at the end of last year? I know you have the potential to do a lot and make a difference, so don’t let it go to waste. If you need anything let me know.

To Jaimie Ryou, I will you another new whip and dab partner (since Jayoon keeps messing up).

To Abhay Gupta, I will you a great senior year, a successful SIR, and a good time at Lollapalooza. I also will you a fun year in 05A and a good new RC. I’ll see you this summer at Northwestern.

To Abhiudaya Bhalla (Abs), I will you a junior to randomly come to your room just as you did to me and Alex. I also will you a new COD partner.

To Istvan Kovach, Shyam Sai, and Patrick Pynadath, I will you all a great year in 05A. Please keep the memes and reputation going, we have done so much to create it. You are all super bright and will do a lot, Istvan in medicine, Shyam Sai in computer science, and Patrick in law. Keep in touch guys.

To Jayoon Lee, last but not least, thank you for coming into my life at IMSA and creating many of my best memories. You have come to mean so much to me and I wish we had met earlier. I hope you remember the first night we started talking, all of our jokes and memes, access walks in November, nights spent boarding and laying outside, talks on the slabs about everything and anything, you constantly feeding me and somehow never running out of food, spring break. Thank you for making every day amazing and making IMSA more enjoyable than it has ever been. I’m going to miss seeing you daily next year. I will you happiness, success in your internship this summer, and motivation to work hard as you already do. You have so much in store for you in the future. If you need anything I’ll always be here!

Aira Peregrino
To Thomas Demastri and Justin Elesterio, I will you basketball games without someone constantly shouting or always trying (with moderate success) to shoot threes. May you one day find out which one of you is actually better.

To Hannah Yeung, James Stuedemann, and Andy Liu, I will you the percussionist section in wind ensemble. Don’t run it into the ground.

To Alex Zhong, I will you a baby sophomore who gives you more hugs than I did.

To Larry Donahue, I will you an SIR for you to take care of next year.

To Chris Chang, I will you the Senior U-bench power strip (not really, though).

To Charles Kuch, I will you fun ModPhys struggle-bus memories and my entire Steam games library.

To my D-wing underclassmen, I will you the spirit of 04D-wing. The unnecessary yelling and chants. The hype generated seemingly from nowhere on some nights. The laughter and stupidity. I will all of it to you. Don’t lose it.

To 04D-wing, I will you our last place streak in wing wars. Don’t lose that either.

Akash Palani
To John Lin, I will another member of our club. Also, I will you the ability without a layer of cynicism. You’re crazy smart, and you’re going to do amazing things. Take a minute to appreciate life and yourself, and, please, stop getting suspended.

To Noble Wulffraat, I will you a compass. It is cliché, and completely useless, much like most of
the advice anyone ever gives or receives. You have had more of an impact on me than you could possibly imagine. Since the first time I showed you the “Urn Report”, I saw in you someone with the passion and incredible competence of someone who could embody the mission. You found me at a time when I was suffering much more than I’d care to admit. I found solace in your neophyte passion, ideas, and ability; through you, I found hope in the future of the Academy. I feel partially responsible for the loss of that passion in you; find it again. Use this compass as a reminder that you are completely responsible for being your own guide. Relying too much on it will result in hopeless confusion, because, let’s be honest, nobody knows how to use a darn compass.

To Derek Ronske, I’m so thankful we met that night in B-wing. You’re an amazing (and hilarious) friend, and I’m going to miss you dearly next year. I will you a Res-Life experience as good as the one you deserve. Make choices that make you happy, and enjoy yourself thoroughly next year. No matter how far I am, I’m always down to bool.

To Lauren Etzkorn, I will empathy. It is your greatest asset. Don’t let your passion for your work cloud your ability to empathize with others who do not share the same. You have amazing things in store for you, during senior year and beyond.

To Ashritha Karuturi, I will decisiveness. Your ideas will bring great progress to this community, far beyond the LEAD team. Continue to be strong in your convictions- and act upon them. IMSA will be wondering “How did she do that much for us?” for years to come.

To Yuri Oh, I will more JSA adventures. You really came into your own as a member of our board this year, and I’m confident in your ability to lead the club next year. Keep the momentum going; make IMSA JSA the dominant force it once was. And don’t forget to get McDonald’s.

To Hunter Welch, I will you a real role in 04 Hall Movie. Oops. Thanks for putting up with my remarkable incapability.

To Rebecca Xun, I will a bracelet upon which the world “Advance the Human Condition” are inscribed. Your classmates may make endless mockery of this lofty, pretentious statement, but you must not take it lightly. “Advance the Human Condition” is a monumental mandate placed squarely upon the shoulders of this community, and you embody the potential we have to fulfill it. The choices you have made thus far are the right ones; stick to them. I expect your leadership to take IMSA to places it hasn’t dreamed of next year.

To John Lin, Blair Hu, Justin Kang, and Eric McCarthy, I will 04ADQ. Make it your own, make it your home, and keep it stocked with plenty of food for your underclassmen to steal. And clean your bathrooms.

To Ashritha Karuturi, Lauren Etzkorn, Lucy Liu, Henry Wittich, Sargam Panpaliya, Esther Mathew, Abhiudaya Bhalla, and Patrick Pynadath, I will the impossible: a team that knows how to be critical, appreciative, and passionate all at once. I will you this because never has there been a collection of eight individuals more intensely capable of building such a team, and never has the mandate to do so been great as it is now. Never forget to reach out to me for anything, and don’t forget to invite me to SLX! I may be in Virginia, but I’ll find a way to come.

To Patrick Pynadath, I will you more massive gains, physical and otherwise. You have a huge year ahead, and I expect to hear about the gains you make very soon. Never lose your compassion, your quirkiness, and your incomprehensible passion for streetwear.

To Mike Xu, I will you an ultra-competent junior to inspire you like you did me. Take a minute to look at the world without a lens of irony. You have an incredible capacity to do really amazing things.

To Catherine Luo, I will you a sophomore upon whom to bestow an iconic nickname. I wish we’d spent more time together, and maybe we will before the year is out. Either way, your compassion, friendliness, and amazing sword abilities are incredibly endearing. Thanks for putting up with the nickname <3.

Alexander Yow
To Pranav Narayanan (Pra), I will you the ability to enjoy your senior year as much as I have. I hope you get to truly call one of your underclassmen your best friend just as I did. I hope you are able to find someone who is able to make as many stupid analogy jokes with you as you can handle, get depressed to Redemption with (because I’ve been searching), go crazy to “XO TOUR Llif3” with, and someone to talk soccer with. You deserve a fantastic senior year and I am happy to have spent mine messing around with you even if starting our homework at midnight after a solid FIFE session may have hurt a little in the mornings…and our MCB grades. I really do hope we keep in touch while I move on to college. Let’s make these last few weeks together memorable. Love, Ay.

To Yuri Oh, I will you an underclassmen to bully and message at random points about how you don’t talk anymore.

To Faris Shaikh, I will you the title of “BEAST”. I know you already attempted to adopt Krishi and I’s catch phrase, but you still have a little while to wait. But on a real note, you really helped make my senior year a memorable one and I thank you for that. I hope you get someone as cuddly as me to sleep with on the downstate bus for next year.

To Nick Nelson, I will you a great last year at IMSA. You have been a bro to me and always have something funny to say. I hope you can try to enjoy yourself a little through your stressful upcoming first semester.

To Matt Gombar, Gedi Njoya, Chetan Reddy, and Pranav Narayanan, I will you guys the soccer team. You guys are great players and even better people to mess around with in practice. I just hope Chetan will quit getting injured and Matt will quit hitting the clouds with every shot. I also hope you have more heart to put into the team than I did this year. Make your last game a memorable one, I know mine was.

To Gedi Njoya, I will you someone to blast passes at during soccer season because I don’t think you will be able to survive many more dutch diamonds. I know I can’t.

To Mike Xu, I will you a better MAD lab partner than me and someone who will tell you how much of a beast they are just as much as me.

To Claire Wang, who I have talked to like once in my life, I will you a skype free senior year.

Amarachi Okoli
To Takudza “T” George, I will the sky as the limit. Dream big. In fact, I’m not even sure I have to tell you to dream big. My head almost exploded just listening to you talk extra-fluently about your aspirations. You inspire me, and I will you many other underclassmen and peers to wonder and inspire, too. I also will you an endless amount of picks to bury in your always-on-point hair; never forget your roots (I think that might be a pun). I love you, T, and I will you a splendiferous senior year. Make sure not to change too much so that I can recognize you when I come back to visit.

To Gedi Njoya, I will you the resilience to withstand the endless tackles I have seen you endure at the hands of your cuzzins and the occasional bitter cold during the girls’ soccer games (you gentleman and real MVP). More importantly, though, I will you this resilience as you continue to mature. You have always struck me as a composed amiable young man (and more affectionately as a little brother), and I hope to never see that change (yes, I will visit). I love you and will miss you very much. I will miss your ever-friendly smiles and waves and embraces, which reminds me…I also will you boundless camaraderie with your fellow cuzzins, whom you can always wave to and smile at and embrace, knowing that you will always being doing something good that could potentially impact them more than you could possibly imagine or guess.

To Chayanne Petit, I will you autonomy and self-confidence. In the short time that I have gotten to know you (especially in the trenches of SIR), I can’t help but think that perhaps you may have certain tendencies to want to please people. In any case, I will you the disposition to not bend over backwards to please people. You are nobody’s doormat. I will you the control to wield your education with wisdom and everything else that you will put your hands to in this life. I will miss your kindheartedness (hard to find these days) and your sassiness, which has a particular edge to it that I don’t think I’ll find anywhere else. Stay cool, kid. I love you very much.

To Kiersten Lofton, my sweetheart! I will you an infinite number of friendly waves in the hallway, as well as the confidence on how to cordially interact with certain individuals who make the mistake of dissing you on any given occasion (Sam O). I also will you the patience and passion to excel in orchestra, even in the absence of the great Isabella Spinelli. Now is the time to step up and be an example of excellence (big shoes to fill, I know, but consider it a challenge). I also will you a new underclassman to sit with at lunch one day at 10:30 AM. Who knows what sort of friendship could develop from that? After all, it started ours. ;) Stay sweet, little sis! I love you very much and hope to see you again soon.

To Tyler Fullilove, my dear Tyler, I will you all the determination and sweetness you need to face each day. I will you the freedom to continuing shining. It is not a sign of weakness, which I am sure you already know; don’t let anyone or anything steal your joy. I also will you the ability to be a leader. I have seen many instances of leadership in you, and I recognize that it is genuine. Don’t shy away from seizing the proper opportunity to take command. I love you, Tyler, and keep smiling.

To Tessa Ntow, Dawn Triche, Aleah Brown and “Queen” Cassandra “Cassie” Kuissi, I will you the boldness to be loud, but for the right reasons. Don’t talk trash to anyone, and don’t take trash from anyone. Tessa, I will you the temperament to not let people push you around. Dawn, I will you the right amount of sass, confidence, and friendliness to get you through each day. Aleah, I will you insane time-management skills to juggle everything you do with enthusiasm and gusto. Cassie, I will you the attitude to continue walking like a queen; keep that head up, girl. I love you all, and make sure you are loud enough so that when I come back to visit, I know where to find you.

To Nabeel Rasheed, Hi, Nabeel! I will you a more enthusiastic SIR partner. Honestly, we had some fun, and I will say that you were one of the only motivations for me to stay in SIR. Don’t lose your fun personality. I also will you endless possibilities with your research investigations and humanitarian startups. With your passion and intelligence, you can do whatever it is you set your mind to. I love you, Nabeel, and make sure not to lose your sense of humor so I can recognize you when I visit.

To Priya Kumar, first off, I will you the confidence to say “no” when you want to (within reason and, yes, even to adults, although with respect) and cultivate the passion you already have for your many interests. Somehow, you manage to be driven and upbeat about what you do, no matter how mundane or repetitive it can become. Keep that up. It will make life a whole lot easier. I’ll miss you alot, and I hope you get into the medical programs or colleges of your choice. Have a great senior year!

To Eric Hersey, Abdul Lawal, and Mosopefoluwa “Mosope” Kusoro, my threesome. Never a dull moment when you all are around. Eric, I will you an endless amount of creative pranks. I never thought I would fall for the same pranks every single time, but I did, so now you can say “I told you so.” Abdul, my guy, Sam and I could always count on you to balance out certain individuals’ eccentricity (*cough* Eric). I will you the authority to keep those folks in check and the temperament to not take trash from anybody. Keep that calm and you’ll go far. Mosope, I will you the freedom to switch between being spontaneous (a side of you I never really got to see and was only told about) and being diplomatic (a side I got to see a little more often). Spontaneous within reason, though. Invest yourself in things that matter and try not to do anything for purely sentimental reasons. You three stay dope.

To Daniel “Danny” Mwangi, my mini Ben Carson, I will you the many Samuel Okolis you will never truly have again to torment and beleaguer. You work really hard, yet you still manage to have fun. I will you the balance to manage all of this, as you’ve already been doing. I also will you discernment in managing your time (I say this very mundanely: sleep is important). Don’t change too much in my absence. When I come back to visit, I expect to find the Danny I left behind. I love you, Danny! Stay snarky and fresh.

To Monique Crum, Ellyonna “Ellie” Glenn, Glorielly Gonzalez, and Clayton Strauch, my crew of fun. Monique, I will you an underclassman to mentor. I hope I imparted some words of wisdom and guidance upon you that were substantially helpful. Somehow you’ve always managed to look serene and energetic at the same time. That said, I will you a chill senior year. Try to take things a bit easy; you don’t have to slack in order to stay sane. Ellie, you wonderful person. I will you many more Samuel Okolis that you will never get again to pester, hug, strangle, and dictate. You are a visible reminder that it is not impossible to work hard and still have fun. Keep that balance, and I assure you, it will serve you well. Glorielly, I will you the beautiful voice you already have. In speaking and singing, you have definitely blessed me, and I have no doubt that many others have been and will be blessed by it, too. Clayton, I will you the perpetual chill attitude you already have. I have a feeling that a lot of things that would make me restless would not faze you one bit. That might come in handy one of these days. Try to have fun at IMSA, you guys! I’ll miss you!

To October Gradows, my baby, I will miss you so much. October, I will you more upperclassmen and underclassmen to have meaningful worthwhile conversations with as you climb this ladder. I remember talking to a very mature person the few times we have talked, but your smiles and hugs said a lot more than words. I will you an endless amount of those, from those looking out for your best interests. Remember to stay focused on what drives you, and when the hard days come, take a deep breath and push through. I’m sorry, but that’s all I can say about that. I truly disliked it when I said this to myself but I’ll say it to you: take IMSA one day at a time, or when it gets a bit easier, a week at a time. Trust me, it works. I love you so much and when I come back to visit, you will be one of the first people I’ll look for.

To Samuel Anozie, hey there, Sam. I don’t really know what to will you, because last I checked, you seemed to have a majority of your things under control. How about something practical… I will you an endless amount of opportunities to help solidify your confidence in what you want to do in life. You’re already on the right track; you’re pretty focused, and to top that, you’re a pretty chill dude. I don’t think you’ll have a hard time figuring things out. Oh, okay, here’s another: I will you a boatload of startup ideas. You’ve got one from me (thanks for asking me beforehand, MVP), and I’m sure you can come up with more stuff to play with. I also will you the authority to serve as a buffer for the more crazy rising seniors. Yessir, you may be a sophomore in body, but you’re a senior at heart. Please, keep those crazies in check and make sure they stay in line so that they can actually go on to graduate. I love you, man, and it’s been real. And, hey, maybe send me some homemade beats sometime.

To Claire Wang and Sruti Sundar. Claire, I will you a decent Organic II partner, and the disposition to smile a bit more, not only for yourself but to let others know that you don’t have to lose your sanity in order to get through IMSA. Sruti, I will you an intelligent helping hand. If you ever lose your keys or something vital for survival at IMSA, I hope there will be a keen-eyed young individual ready to help you figure things out. I’ll miss you both!

To Diann George, Claudia Zhu, my young ones! Diann, I will you a sophomore or junior to always say hello to or smile at you in the hallway. That is where it all started for us both, and I will always be grateful to you for that. We need more people like you in the world, and I mean that 100%. Claudia, I will you a boatload of patience to be able to manage anything like our SIR. I know I had a hard time being patient there, but I never saw you break down or really complain. That will serve you well in the future. If anyone can be a leader, it’s you. I love you both!

To Connor Elmore, Jaelyn Evans, and Clinton Oshipitan, my leaders. I will you the confidence to lead just about anything and everything. Don’t be afraid to try to surmount what seems insurmountable. You all have the temperament, and I’m excited to see where you guys will go. Connor, I will you the voice of a diplomat. You’re a very nice boy, but you do not seem like the type of person to allow himself to get walked on by other people. Don’t lose this; it’s invaluable. Jaelyn, I will you confidence with flair. You’ve already got the confidence, and you’ve got the flair, too, especially when it comes to fashion sense. Keep up the good work, sister. Let’s be honest: we didn’t talk much. But one thing’s for sure: you’re definitely someone I respect. Respect yourself and expect nothing less from anyone else. Clinton, I will you a decent high-fiver/fist-bumper; somehow I’m very unorthodox when it comes to returning high-fives/fist-bumps. I owe you something legitimate. Stay cool, you guys, and I hope you to see you again soon.

To Erica Ezife, Sol Hwangbo, Anisha Gubba, Amy Guo, Mehr Khan, Desmond Brown, Fernando Gomez, and Justen Callion. Erica, I will you a shy, smiling, beautiful young lady to always wave to; and while you’re at it, maybe step out of your comfort zone? Sol, I will you a circle of true friends. You have a wonderful personality; always be true to yourself. Anisha, I will you a wing of young women who can recognize kindness and honesty when they see it; I will surely miss your perpetual positivity. Amy, I will you a balance between fun and focus; you are not lacking in either one. Mehr, I will you a semi-chill junior year; just watching you every day reminded me that it is possible to be sane at IMSA. Desmond, I will you the title of lordship over… whatever you like. Fernando, I will you joint-lordship with Desmond; continue to be the real MVP by catching all those balls in the girls’ soccer games. And Justen, I will you the track team; yes, not just the sprinting sector, but the whole package. Remember to keep your student handbook handy and your elbows out to show everyone who’s boss. I’ll miss you all!

To Chandana Tetali, Lauralyn Lin, and Sonya Gupta, I will you the Medical Society Club! Show IMSA how to run a club, because you guys know how. Chandana, I will you another successful HOSA. You worked yourself so hard to get things done straight and deserve a very hard pat on the back. Take your leadership skills and apply to whatever you do. Lauralyn, in all honesty, we both know how much work you put into being Medical Society Outreach Co-Chair. Sometimes, I felt like the sage just looking over your shoulder, making sure everything was properly done; your drive is inspiring. I will you the ability to have a life during school. It is good to work hard and be on top of things, but don’t forget about you! Make some time for yourself; a little leeway here and there won’t make or break you. Thank you for all your work that made Medical Society Outreach a huge success. And Sonya, I will you more passion than you already have for just about everything you do, which is saying a lot because from what I have observed, you have never lost passion about anything. Whether it is for math classes or potentially Medical Society or anything, don’t lose what you have. There will be days where you may just lose sight a little bit of why you are investing yourself in certain things; when those days come, remember where your passions and enthusiasm were birthed from and keep your eyes on the end goal. Have a great senior year, you all!

To Jayda Yancey, my old soul. I will you underclassmen to mentor, upperclassmen to learn from, and more discs and shots to throw. For someone so young, you seem to have an experienced head on your shoulders. I know IMSA is a challenge in many ways, but that does not seem to be weighing you down very much. Never doubt yourself and always keep your head up, “Nubian Princess.”

To Zoe Mitchell, I will you self-confidence and fearlessness. Don’t let anyone define you or steal your joy. You’re not here to please. These next two years may be the hardest you’ve ever faced (and you’ve been through a lot already). IMSA will grow and prepare you for what you will have to face in the future. But don’t be deterred. Get excited for the challenge; don’t look for fights, but when they come, don’t run. Face them with your brain, not your fists. Don’t forget to smile and put on thick skin. I believe you’ll succeed. I’ll miss you, Zoe, and I hope to see you again soon.

Amy Yu
To Vidya, I will you another co who will whip up jank bulletin boards right before they’re due and fix the calendar a few days late. You’ve done so many amazing things, and I can’t wait to see what you can accomplish next year.

To Carson, I will you juniors who will sit on your bed and talk to you even when they have tons of homework. You’re such an incredible person, and I’m so glad we started talking this year.

To Akhila, I will you a phone that won’t go off during Ethics and a stress-free second semester. Don’t be too hard on yourself next year – no matter where you go and what you do, I know you’re going to make so many people proud.

To Shubhi, I will you the spirit to do anything and everything. I love how you’re always smiling and cheerful; don’t let junior year take that away from you.

To Gloria and Grace, I will you a junior year without any boy troubles. I always love hearing your stories and giving you advice, and I hope you can do the same for your sophomores as well.

To Annie and Tanmayee, I will you future FPS success and sophomores who are as friendly and sweet as you are. Don’t let the stress of junior year get to you too much.

To Annie, I will you sophomores to fangirl over kpop with and more DO posters.

To Tanmay, I will you endless conversations about football and Pretty Little Liars.

To Noble, I will you another role that will allow you to truly embrace your culture, boat shoes and all. I hope someday you’ll stand without slouching and understand that you really are photogenic.

To Darius, I will you friends who will always say hi to you in the hallways. Even though I wasn’t your favorite Ethics facilitator, I’m glad you were in my class.

To Abs, I will you people to cop true friendships with and who will tell you they appreciate you, just like I do. Get more sleep, watch less Naruto, and focus on grades and gains (no girls)!

To Andrew, my favorite Ethics student, I will you a lifelong love of Ethics. I hope some of your friends are facilitators next year, so they can ask if you’re excited for Ethics, as I know you always are.

To Justin and Suchet, I will you more jam sessions and the future of SMAC. Your love of music is infectious, and I hope you’re able to implement some of your ideas during the next year.

To Faris, I will you someone who will wave at you every single day, and when you’re a senior, I will you a sophomore to call your favorite.

To Jimmy, I will you someone to flick your chin whenever you see each other and more class club success. And, thanks for coming on a dinner date with me that one time!

Andrew Ye
To Aidan Steinman, I will you a successful, happy two more years of IMSA. I know it’s been rough for you and people look down on you, but know this, you are important to me and the rest of 07C Down-Quad. You may be mean, but you’re cute and you’re like the little brother I never had. Please keep yourself safe, work hard and watch yourself.

To Miron Liu, I will you great friends and good grades (lol). You’re doing great, wonderful, and better than I did. Continue it. I wish I spent more time with you at IMSA to give you some more knowledge and wisdom of my years here, but I believe you’re doing fine. You have some great upperclassmen in 04 and I’m glad they are there for you. Don’t forget to get out and do something cool but keep up the good work and have a successful IMSA career. I’m gonna miss you a lot.

To Jolin Zheng, I will you an underclassman that is accepting of your playfulness. I really do apologize for that time I hit you in the eye with the rubber band, but I’m thankful I was able to meet you. It’s always a lot of fun talking with you and messing with you. I hope you find someone like that who lets you mess with them. Also junior year will be hard so I hope it won’t be too difficult for you.

To Bobby Luo and Clinton Oshipitan, I will you the entirety of 1507 and the love it has gotten over the years. I know that 1507 is not as loved as it used to be, but with you two as leaders, I have no worries. I believe in a successful comeback. If not, don’t worry. Thank you guys for being great wing guides and great juniors. I’m sorry for the stress during Clash and I hope you guys can forgive me. Take care of 1507 for me.

To Clinton Oshipitan, I will you a playful attitude and an underclassman that’ll keep you on their toes. I loved being around you because of your laugh and the great time I spent around you. I won’t forget to give you the YELL07 poster either; just don’t forget to re-tape it with me later ;).

To Bobby Luo, I wish you a fun senior Clash drill team and your old passion for dance. I know junior year was tough for you and that you were forced into dancing and choreographing. I apologize for being a part of that. I want you to grow that passion again because you are a wonderful dancer and I wish to have your talent and seriousness for dance. Thanks for being a great junior and friend to me.

To Takudzwa George, I will you a successful dance career and optimistic underclassman. You’ve inspired me so much through your dancing and your leadership as a wing guide. I hope you find yourself an underclassman such as yourself.

To Akhila Vuppalapati, I will you a bright and trustworthy underclassman. Thank you for being there for me to talk to and letting me help you out when I could. I know we didn’t really talk until later in my senior year but I’m glad we did. Find someone like yourself: someone who you can trust and who really brightens your day, because you were that to me.

To all the 1507 Juniors, I will you a lively 1507 Senior year. I trust that you boys will keep the dream alive and make 1507 a good time. Also enjoy your senior year while it lasts. Go ham first semester, take it easy second semester.

Andriy Sheptunov
To Matt Gombar, I will you to always have all the Quest answer keys. This is very important for your academic success.

To Lazaro Esquivel, I will you a personal photographer to snipe photos of you at the worst times (@Jessica Oros).

To Sohum Gupta, I will you the luck and the skills to win Clash. You got this man.

To Jessica Oros, I will you to always use a full-frame camera. And I heard rumors we’re getting a 5D mk IV. Enjoy.

To Charlotte Giff, I will you all of my photography knowledge. Also. I will you properly exposed profile pictures for Clash. No shade.

To Jake Cooley, I will you a video editor that doesn’t take half a year to make a 5-minute video. And I will you more RAM you don’t need to download. Seriously, I have a broken 8 gB stick that Kevin Chen gave me. You can have it if you want it. Please take it.

To Harry Smith, Patrick Li, and Theo Heilman, I will you fast sophomores. Really fast sophomores. Faster than you. I hope. And I will you to break all of Stan’s records. Also I will you to have a coach. That one’s important.

To Jimmy Ren, I will you to bleach your hair next year. For me. Please. You don’t even have to shave it.

To Katya Bezugla, I will you a better SIR experience.

To Mike Xu, I will you to ascend to the God realm of memes. You’re very close.

To Jesse Yan, I will you the ability to participate in Spanish.

To James Wei, I will you a carry in all of your classes.

To David Revilla, I will you to star in the main role of all 1505-related movie content.

To the Class of 2018, I will you to get into amazing colleges and have a quality SSS. I didn’t know a lot of you, but all the people I got to know are incredibly smart and talented and will do great things.

To the Class of 2019, I will you a junior year that isn’t too rough, and a senior year full of memes. If any IMSA class will advance the human condition, you guys are it. You got this.

Oh and to Patrick Pynadath, I will you even bigger biceps. Seriously, you’re huge.

Austin Choi
To D-Wing sophomores, it’s been a pleasure to get to know you guys this year. It took me an unreasonable amount of time to remember who was who, but I’ve got it down now, I promise. I will you all the best, whatever it may be to you and wherever you may go to find it.

To Tommy, I’ve seen you grow to such a tremendous amount from the start of sophomore year to now, and I couldn’t be prouder to call you a friend of mine. Your persistence to keep toughing through whatever may be ailing you is nothing short of inspiring, and I hope that you will continue to bring this tenacity into those around you next year. I will you the spiciest SoundCloud drops, excellent late nights, and a fulfilling senior year filled with memes and dreams.

To Peev, thanks for keeping our math table somewhat sane and making sure that math actually happens. I will you those same fun mathemagical fun times with Dr. Condie, and a less painful senior schedule than what you have going on now.

To Chris, you’ve spent so many hours playing Hearthstone and Overwatch in class now, you’d think that you’d have improved at least a bit. But when you finally set yourself to something the result is always something that blows everybody else out of the water. I will you better queue times and some semblance of study habits for next year.

To Mike, thanks for adding that much-needed variety to my senior year, be it with your crazy ukulele shenanigans or your endless stream of Facebook content. You’ll kill it next year in 04, I know it. I will you Jake Shimabukuro’s hands and the spice tolerance of a firebreather.

To Pranav, I’ve only just gotten to know you better but I’m glad that you’ve snuck your way into the quad. You’ve got a lot ahead of you, but I know you’ll be able to take whatever comes your way. I will you computer comparison spreadsheets and bottles of hot sauce to your heart’s content.

To Bobby, you’ve added so much to our wing this year and I’m glad you’ve made it come together like you have. From your involvement in Clash to the brightness (and fatigue) you bring to 10-check each day, everything you’ve set on the table is something I have enjoyed. I will you the only the best as CD next year and success in whatever endeavors you take upon yourself.

Ayrah Garcia
To Nani Sanchez and Jayda Yancey, I will you confidence. You are two of the most hardworking people I know that can still end the day with bright smiles. Have the confidence to see how insanely amazing you both are. Everyone else sees it :) I will miss you two coming into Catherine and I’s room to chill out, do work, and ask for advice.

To Lauralyn Lin, I will you roses. You have such crazy high expectations of yourself and sometimes it feels like you work yourself to the bone. Don’t forget to step back and smell the roses every once and awhile. IMSA’s really pretty at sunset.

To Cherie Mendoza, I will you a good bowl of ramen. You’re one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met and never fail to put a smile on my face and your mad cooking skills continue to amaze me. I will you a proper bowl of ramen that makes your belly feel warm and full. One that gets sweeter and better with time. Never change, Cherie Mendoza :)

To Cassie Parent, I will you a wing guide Co that appreciates your artistic vision as much as I do. You are so competent and independent and I have no doubts about your capabilities next year. Hopefully your Co next year won’t have senioritis as hard as I’ve had.

To 06ers, I will you a home away from home. I will you more in-room violations and all-nighters for the next year or so to come. I will you friends down the hall and late night runs across the bridge and love and support from your hall mates (also please keep up not last for Clash next year I love you all).

To those I leave behind, I will you the ability to fall in love. Life can drag you by your heels and some days you can feel like mashed potatoes. Stress can take over and make decisions you wanted to make for you. So I will you the ability to fall in love. Fall in love with people who make you laugh until it hurts. Fall in love with what you are passionate about, even if it feels like it’s just you. Fall in love with a “You” that you’re proud of.

Caitlin O’Callaghan
To Yuri Oh, my favourite sissy, I will you a lifetime supply of mom’s brownie bites, the memory of Steve, titanium ankles for soccer so your ankles are never hurt again, and the title of favourite child in our family (we always knew mom liked you best).

To October, I will you excellent taste in Nike sweatshirts, and really any athletic clothing for that matter.

Cecilia Chang
To Jess Oros, Charlotte Giff, Dwanne Colobong, and Red Meier, I will my love and passion for ISP and helping out other students.

To Denise Gutierrez and Alexa Gonzalez, I will you sketchiness and tons of trips to Michoacana when they actually have mangonadas.

To Dannie Lee, I will an exciting junior year with lots of fruit roll ups and my love for Mandarin.

To Cassy Kuissi, I will some coordination.

To Grace Mitchell, Liana Koleva, Jolin Zheng and Cassy Kuissi, I will a happy quad and lots of harboring of sophomores.

To Cherie Mendoza, I will that you will never have your scooter taken away every time you leave it in 01.

To Rebbeca Xun and Becky Matthew, I will the chance to take a break and play that weird block game with the shapes once in awhile.

To Maelee Chen, I will the adventure of breaking some rules once in awhile and all the irrelevance possible.

To Nyxel Camarena, I will you some calmness and all the cookie butter and citron tea.

To Allie Platon, I will all my love and my sarpinos account to order calzones.

Daniel Marten
To Lucas Urbanski, even if it isn’t mine to give, I will you the role of Dankest B01 in 1501 D-Wing. You’ve been phenomenal to have as a co-wing guide, and I hope you keep your head up high, keep listening to your emo music, find another co that you don’t have to carry as hard on with decs, and do an excellent job, no matter what you’re doing or what your role is as an RSL next year <3

To Istvan Kovach, Kir N., and Andrew Peev, I will you all the title of senior. These last two years have been absolutely fantastic, from getting left for Tennis, to running literally every XC meet together for 75% of the race (@PandrewAeev), or realizing that you know you’re a swimmer when you jump at the sound of an electronic beep, it’s been an absolute blast. To Kir, I will all the upside-down shirts you can find. To Istvan, I will you my collection of *track* workouts, and to Andrew Peev, my dear friend and begrudging workout pacer, I will you my #8 spot on the team (or may you go above and beyond!) Please, keep whaling on next season, and don’t forget about your seniors <3

To Miron Liu, Jake Sutter, Gabe Brrrick, Dan Soto, and Chaniel Den, I will all of you two more fantastic years of IMSA athletics. I will you all my collection of Amish jokes, terrible puns, and fast-food nicknames. Specifically, to DChen, I will you all of my crust – may it serve you as well as it’s served me. To Gabe and Daniel Soto, I will you the courage to bully next year’s sophomores into doing core. It’s a serious shame that I’ve only had two semesters with you, and I hope you all the best.

To the entirety of next year’s 1200m-loop-laden, coach meme-making, 700-mile-summer running, forward surging cross country team, I will you state.

To my wonderful ISP underclassmen, from my booth gremlins to the soph photographers that are already better that I’ll ever be, I will you all of the entirety of the Kevin Broy stories I’ve gathered over the past two years. From his anger to (rare) genuine happiness, may he serve you well these next 1-2 two years as I wish you all the best.

To Chris Chang, though I may have never had it myself, I will you the courage to keep on spamming memes on Facebook. You’ve seriously made my day more times than you could possibly imagine (never with the Facebook spam, though, but still <3). Just keep on being you!

To Mike Xu and Kir, I will you die Deutschstunde. May the definitely-real Deutsch IV serve you well.

To 1501 D-Wing, I will you as great of an experience as I’ve had in this wing, always and forever. Sometimes begrudgingly, sometimes lovingly, you’ve been my home for the past three years, and now, looking back on it, I wouldn’t have it any other way. To anybody who lived here or stayed here at all, from the seniors my sophomore year to my sophs <3 right now, from all the upquads and downquads of the future, present, and past, RCs and all, I just want to let you know how much everybody in this community has meant to me. To 01D, I will you the best.

Daniel Shin
To Pranav Reddy, I will you my extensive knowledge in Electricity and Magnetism.

To Claudia Zhu, I will you an acceptance letter from Harvard so you may be with the man you love.

To Gina Chung, I will you a successful jar experiment.

To Priya Kumar and Julian Roberson, I will you my passion for research.

To Priya Kumar, I will you peace to prevent you from angrily ranting to a Korean man every Wednesday.

To Lawrence Donahue, I will you a girlfriend.

To Akhila Vuppalapati, I will you all the locations on the IMSA campus.

To Sohum Gupta, I will you a pitchfork.

To Neil Roy, I will you my luck in the “Summoner’s Rift”.

To Madison Hahamy and Parth Dhyani, I will you The Acronym Opinions Section and my outstanding Section Editor skills.

To Ashritha Karuthuri, I will you a good roommate.

To Allen Chen and Scott Du, I will you my phenomenal Clarinet skills.

To Harrison Carcione, I will you my anger.

To Jimmy Ren, I will you love for all races.

David Ying
To Andrew Kim, Here we go with my first will. You came into sophomore year, and everyone said you were exactly like me – athletic shorts, sweatshirt, skinny. It’s been a privilege talking to you every so often and watching you grow throughout IMSA. So, in short, just keep working hard, and I will you confidence that you only now are starting to realize.

To Yuri Oh, Hi Yurinal, I can’t believe it’s all coming to an end. From the day you helped Jae with his move-in to IMSA my sophomore year to now, it has been an honor to know you. I hope you one day find someone just like yourself and will you happiness that didn’t always come easy during junior year J.

To Pranav Narayanan, Coppita Boppita, zinka tinka pinka la dinka. I have never met someone with as much cancer as you and hope you maintain the legacy that Alex, Krishi, and I will leave behind. One day, I hope you’ll be able to create original content, just like we were able to. So, I guess I’ll will you new cancer to spread J.

To Desmond Brown, It’s been an honor to be one of your favorite seniors. Des, I will you as much success as possible, as well as the ability to keep going hard at IMSA. I know you made the right choice by leaving East St. Louis, and even though it’s hard here, you will only do better.

To Cash and Sam, I will you more mutual snapchat stories, knife playing, and Jerami bonding.

To Istvan, Shyam, Abhay, and Patrick, I will you an upquad who will not drop modphys or laugh at your funny face or call you little harsh or steal your longboard.

To Srivinay Tummarakota, I will you another senior who is as inclined to talk about politics with you. Your ability to defend your opinions is astonishing, and I hope you keep making your opinion known; after all, we both know how much you hate censorship. Hopefully, you’ll find someone who doesn’t troll as much either.

To Pranesh, Dhvanil, Abhi, and Darius, It was great seeing your quad and it’ll be sad to see it go :’). However, I will you juniors who will come to your quad every so often and to play football with.

To Hannah Yale, I will you the aspirations of going to Harvard, as destined by your last name and Yale to always be your backup.

To Abhiudaya Bhalla, I will you a better COD zombies partner, as well as someone who won’t drop your modphys class. I also will you a better sophomore year nickname than Flabs – Baller.

To Daniel and Chetan, I know Krishi emphasized this more, but I will you a sophomore duo that mirrors yourselves exactly, and maybe even better (Daniel – fast, Chetan – semi good at soccer and chess). Also, Chetan, it was a privilege being your older sib!!

To Faris and friends, I will you athletic asl sophomores who always come to play sports with you guys. Thanks for coming to all our recreational football, basketball, and soccer games! Make sure to inspire them to be as active as we are.

To Kyle Campbell, I will you another junior who wishes you happy anniversaries. I also will you the administration privileges to IMSA PowderBUFF, because your catching skills are truly unheard of.

To Lucy Liu, I will you a better orchestra conductor and an easier math class than MVC.

To Chayanne Petit, And last but certainly not least, Chayanne, thank you for meaning so much to me and for making all the memories that we have together. I know you’ll keep working hard like you always do and hope you don’t get too distracted by your phone games. I hope you remember all the aloe vera, French sandwiches, looking out your window, our one picnic, and our first walk together… Thanks for making every day a great one and I hope you don’t forget the time I never rejected you! I will you more happiness, success in your clubs, and more time to spend with your friends. Oh yeah, I also will you lots of fun in China this summer, and hope you love not being stuck at SIR!

Dhara Patel
To my dearest Lizzie Tang, I will you 02ADQ, Clash Drill, and CD. I also will you someone to go to WOD with. Please take care of DQ for us, and make sure you don’t all use one bathroom like we do. I will you keeping A wing spirit alive and keeping the wing happy. I will you to be the biggest supporters of the wing just like our DQ was. Make A wing memorable.

To T and Bobby, I will you many more goofy dance practices, handshakes and goofy facial expressions. Dance practices and choreo sessions are just so much more fun because of our handshakes and beautiful inside jokes that nobody else will ever understand. You guys make dancing fun, and whenever I think of SDAC practices, I think of you guys. Go kill senior year and make sure to Facetime me.

To Dawn, my sweet sweet Dawn, I will you 1502 CD. I know you will do miles better than I ever could, and bring the hall together far earlier than clash and always keep a smile on everyone’s faces with your sarcasm and lively spirit. You brighten any room you walk into, and I know you can brighten up the entire hall too.

To Sargam, T, Lizzie, Grace, Priyanka: I will you SDAC. Show the rest of the school how beautiful dance is, and how much you love dance. Keep the passion alive that we showed all this year for whatever SDAC does next year. You guys have awesome ideas for next year, and I hope you guys enjoy what you put out next year. I better see dope videos from all of you :)

To Shivani, I will you Diwali Modern. You will bring Modern to a new level that Herschel and I will never see coming with your brilliant smile and dancing. Make sure that the dostana lives forever. You are a beautiful and creative dancer, girl. You are so passionate and caring for others, and keep that going, but also remember to SSS hard, you deserve it.

To Larry, my debut partner, I will you my sick roasting skills. You’ll need them for your underclassmen, and my roasts will make you many friends down the road. I also will you dance. Just dance, man. You got this, you pansy.

To Marisa and Vaishnavi, I will you goofs some sleep. Seriously. You all sleep later than I do sometimes. Remember to always have fun; kill it junior year and have some fun in A wing and keep it livelier than we ever did. (Seriously, y’all are something).

To Cathy Luo, I will you a beautiful nap partner that you can radiate your heat towards and warm them up on a cold night. Your body is very warm, just like your heart, and I hope your sophomores love your radiator qualities as much as I do <3

To Chak, I will you the drive to learn dance. You’re so passionate about dance and talk so much about dance and the things you want to achieve, and I respect that. I better come back and see you on stage, either choreographing or killing the choreo. Also, I hope that the next time you play paranoia, it goes a little better ;)

To Shubhi, I will you lots of chaat. Because I love chaat, you love chaat. Have fun in B wing and fulfill your dreams of living in 02!

Divya Dureja
To Pranav, I will you a new singing partner for Diwali. I’m so glad you *finally* decided to showcase what a truly incredible singer you are. I can’t wait to see what more you do next year and the years beyond that. There are no words for how much I will miss your sass and inability to be humble next year.

To Carson and Jessie, I will you a lifetime of smiles. One of the reasons I have loved 03 this year is because you guys lived there. The love you two have for each other is infectious and it spreads to all the people you befriend. Don’t ever lose that. Thank you for making me laugh and giving me the courage to be bold.

To Yuri, I will you many, many hugs. I can always count on you for being the most bubbly, supportive person in the room. In the times when my mom-self gets stressed out, you bring me back to earth. Thank you for being my favorite daughter.

To Esther, I will a Mod 21 that will accomplish everything you want it to. Dedication is rare but you my friend hit the jackpot. I know that under your guidance and love, Mod can accomplish anything. And remember: if you’re ever stressed, I’m only a phone call away.

To Owen, I will many more happy playlists. I didn’t expect to become friends with you but I’m so glad I did. You have shown me that there are still some intrinsically kind people left in the world. Thank you for that. And I’ll admit, you are my favorite son.

To Sona and Dawn, I will an amazing 02. Actually, I don’t think I have to will it to you guys because I know that you two will lead 02 like the queens you are. Sona, keep being absolutely radiant. Dawn, you never cease to amaze me with your strength and grace. I love and respect you ladies more than I could ever say.

Elliot Cleven
To Ben, I will you my lucky comb for your beautiful hair.

To Aleah, I will you my permission to become the best hitter at this school.

To Sohum, I will you my personal phone number so you can call me all the time.

To Alana, I will you my sunglasses because your future is so bright.

To Justin Izaguirre, I will you my prized volleyball.

To Ishita, I will you my award-winning salmorejo recipe.

To Matthew Gombar, I will you my protein powder because you’re looking pretty small.

To Kir, I will you my money for loon ride; I love that game so much.

To Justin Kang, I will you my lab goggles.

Emma Mattson
To Catherine, I will you a better jogging partner than me and a sophomore half as good a person as you are. Probably 75% is too much to ask because there’s really no one that compares. You have shown me how to be a better person and a better friend.

To Irena, Gunwati, and Neil, this semester I learned to Appreciate Music but also the weird and amazing juniors sitting around me in D101. I will you a senior year where you can continue not paying attention in class, stealing Gary’s chair, and hating Wagner.

To Alex Zhong and Srivinay Tummarakota, I will you the IMSA experience that is junior year. You were the baby sophomores on StudCo this year, and even through our failures and lazinesses and occasional successes, you kept us happy and also gave a healthy dose of insanity.

To Angitha, I will you just a hint of optimism. After living near you for two years, I’ve learned you’re very insightful, and cynicism always has an important place in society. Still, the sun does shine sometimes; don’t miss it.

To Maelee, you were the person who actually understood things in BCIII, and now I will you a junior who also understands things and can give you a break. Thanks for teaching me how vectors do things. I swear I’ll get my own eraser sometime.

To next hall senator (whomever you are), I leave you 02. I haven’t been perfect in this role, but I have loved this hall more than any other place on IMSA. I hope it can be the same kind of home for you that it has been for me.

To May, Glorielly, and Nyxel, I leave you the research & residential life committee. I will you the lessons I learned so you don’t have to make the same mistakes I did. I learned that an hour on Tuesday nights is not enough; you have to care enough to do something outside those short meetings. I learned that you have to ask for constant feedback. I learned that more programming is rarely the answer. I learned to take a step back and think about vision, what you ultimately want to do. I hope in the next year pme can become more effective, efficient, and wise. Still, (and no one knows this better than you) never forget that the work, despite all of the tendencies towards buzzwords or simple answers, ultimately has to do with people. This year was infinitely better for having you wonderful people to work with. <3

To Monique, you were my fourth pseudo-roommate this year. You’re an incredibly wise person. I know you’ll be a better senior than I was, but I will you a junior as good as you were to make snowflakes, listen to Kpop, eat early breakfasts, and procrastinate terribly with. <3

To Claudia, in modern theater, I learned that you literally can never stop smiling, even while monologuing about what it feels like to be shut in a coffin. So I will you a senior year filled with many many happy, sunny days and a junior to make you smile like you have been to me. <3

To Connor Elmore, you are intelligent and funny and shamelessly overcommitted, but more than anyone I know you deserve a happy senior year and at least 5 extra hours in a day. Please sleep at some point. Also we will have to celebrate the anniversary of the death of natural helpers in the coming year. I’ll buy flowers. We need milk.

To Sonya Gupta, it’s funny how friendship works. You are the ex-little sib of my pseudo-quadmate and from the moment I met you, your smile and laugh have always brightened my day. I will you a stress-free joyful senior year and luck in wherever you want to go.

To Rishi, I will you never again a class as hard as MCB was. I will that all your sordaria survive. I will you exactly 0 night tests ever. And I will you something vague about viruses, because honestly I think I lost all that knowledge from our final paper as soon as we turned in it. Our extensive cell cycle poster will live on long in memory, although it was recycled shortly after the test.

To Eden, I will you a sophomore to pass on our extensive knowledge about eye contact and to show pictures of your cats to. I will for you two beautiful years at IMSA, and I hope that, like me, you reach the end of your time at IMSA and realize how lucky you were to have three years in this place and with these people. <3

To Mounisha, I wish you an underclassman to greet you every time you walk in the door. Thanks for always asking me how I was and always listening to what I said. I’m not worried about the sophomores I leave behind because I know you will take care of them. <3

Eshan Mehrotra
To Chuck, Faris, Suchet, Kaushal, Daniel, Chetan, and Aabshar I will you a new batch of rowdy sophs and the sarcophagus dec in my room. I know I don’t always seem it, but I’ve enjoyed being a terrible wing guide to you guys. 1504A has been my home for two years and I hope you’ll be able to take good care of it. Take care of your sophs and teach them how we do things here.

To Blair, Justin, John, and Eric I will you ADQ. I know tradition doesn’t mean much to you guys, but know that you’re now steeped in it. I will you the A-wing painting and the wellbeing of the wing (try to make sure things don’t go down the drain). To Blair, you’re a funny guy and I wish you all the best. I will you those newfound authoritative skills I saw during dec making. To Justin, you seem to be the most normal of the four, so I will you some common sense. Make sure your new quad doesn’t get too memey or too crazy. To Eric, I will you the ability to be less of a slug. You are a really smart kid and you barely seem to be trying! I hope you find a soph to mess around with next year. To John, I will you a sophomore/junior who will bake for you, who will call you out, who’ll make memes with you, and who will make you food. You’re one of the smartest people that I know, and after all this is over I know you’ll do really amazing things.

To John, Darius, Melissa, and Neil I will you a better president. No matter what you end up doing in the coming years, I will you all the ability to stay focused and driven. Part of what I liked about MAO were the people I got to work with. I hope all of you have made some enduring friendships and have found people to rely on when things get rough.

To Charles Kuch and Mike Xu, I will you my computational thinking skills. May Patankar bless your future code!

To Pranav and Abhi, I will you some junior bros to make your senioritis more enjoyable.

To Abdul, Mosope, and Eric, I will you a trip to bdubs with me. I couldn’t have asked for more interesting sophomores as a junior.

To Darius, Neha and I will you the resistance. You’re still quite nubby, but you’re growing fast.

To Radeesha, Carson, Jessy, and Rebecca I will you some juniors to facebook call for the Spanish homework and a thriving ecosystem of copping. Most importantly, I will you the ability to cop the Spanish hw from me sometime before the year ends. I’ll leave you with a quote from the man himself, Jose Palos. “Take care of each other and the rest will take care of itself!”

To Nikhita, Kate, Hannah, and Sophie, I will you all a great senior year. You all have the ability to brighten someone’s day and I hope you’ll all do amazing things!

To Radeesha and Carson, I will you many a Sri Lankan meme. I admire your unique brand of humor and know that you guys will be great seniors.

To Rebecca, I will you a junior to talk literature and philosophy with. You’re an incredibly driven and unique person, but I hope that you’ll be able to take life easier someday. Take comfort in the fact that you can only truly know fun if you have truly known stress.

To Devika and Allen, I will you my copy of the knot book. I hope working with Professor Kauffman is as fulfilling for you guys as it was for me.

To Yuri, I will you a whistle. You have a wonderful personality that can light up a room! Take care next year.

To Noble, AJ, and Kyle, I will you mad dogs. AJ, you’re a weird dude, but you’re smart. Stay focused and I see a job for you at Goldman Sachs in the future. Kyle, you’re a patriotic young man and you’ll make a fine leader. I hope you get more confident because you did a fine job leading dec making this year.

To Kyle and Zach, I will you 04. Keep the special sense of community we have alive. Zach, I’ve watched you grow from an annoying sophomore to a pro junior. You’ve got some natural leadership skills and I know you’ll do a fine job as CD.

To Noble and Jimmy, I will you Bora.

To Jimmy, Faris, and Hunter, I will you the future of 04 clash. You all showed amazing initiative this year and you all have the potential to be great leaders in the hall.

To Noble. My opinion of you vacillates between fury and pride. You have made me both profoundly disappointed and profoundly happy. Know this, my disappointment in you only shows how high my expectations are for you and your current achievements don’t even begin to show the wealth of your potential. So here’s to you Noble. I will you someone to talk existentialism with, someone’s floor to sleep on, someone to plan talent show with, someone to have staircase conversations with, someone to go to Lou Mitchell’s with, someone to get book recommendations from, someone to watch edgy movies with, someone to tell to stop drinking mountain dew, someone to spray with cleaning fluid, someone to read poetry with, someone to tell your fears to, someone to feel nihilistic with, someone to talk about IMSA with, someone to call in the middle of the night, someone to procrastinate with, someone to vent with, someone to meme with, someone to make fun of when they shave their head, someone’s cheeks to pull, someone to slap when they mess up, and someone to teach. I told you once that there is a point when sophomores and juniors become equals. Well, this is that point. I truly believe you have all the ability I have and some more; you just need to learn how to use it. Come to my room before I go and I’ll give you your inheritance. You should already know what it is, but if you need a hint it was the first book I ever gave you.

Evan Sun
To Rebecca Xun, I will you the ability to find peace and clarity in the middle of your oh-so-crazy life. You have such incredible talents, and I know that both you and Connor are going to do just fine next year. In the midst of all the frustration and work that you’ll have to deal with, I will you the time to relax and enjoy your senior year, the ability to get your college essays done ahead of time (unlike me), and the strength to ward off the procrastination bug. And most importantly, I will you the ability to get more sleep (that was also willed to me last year). I’m going to miss the late night conversations we’ve had, the various math struggles we’ve endured, and all those late night walks with you and Connor discussing how we can push StudCo forward. I hope you’ll find a sophomore next year who will fill that role as you and Connor did for me. It’s been an amazing two years. Thank you for everything.

To Connor Elmore, I will you the ability to bring a sense of community and family to those around you (especially StudCo). You never fail to brighten my day with your hugs, and I’m going to miss you so much. Keep StudCo together like a family. Share in each others’ accomplishments; commiserate in each others’ challenges. StudCo has been the closest thing to a family at IMSA, and I know that you’re the exact person to make it feel like that for everyone else. I’m sorry we didn’t get to spend as much time together as I would’ve liked. Let’s take many more Orchard trips before I leave where you can tell me about all your favorite musicals, and we can go to Wendy’s and Panera. I’ll come back and visit to see how you two are faring, we can keep going to Orchard, and you can tell me about all the exciting things that are happening next year. I’m going to miss you.

To Becky Mathew, I will you an undying spirit for inquiry and exploration that will bring new ideas about the Academy that you can share with others. I also will you an underclassmen that you can continue to have these conversations with. You have some incredible insights and ideas, and talking to you is always such a pleasure. Thank you for always being critical yet upbeat about life. Along with that, I will you (and Abhiudaya and Lucy) the spirit of Inquiry, one that will hopefully lead to many more generations of Entelechy Labs. Intersession was an unforgettable time, and I truly believe that the work we’re doing embodies the spirit of the Learning Laboratory. Keep on innovating, and I can’t wait to see what you all come up with next year.

To Darius Hong, I will you the ability to crack a smile and fill StudCo with a bit of energy. You do a lot of good, hard work, and I wish that we could’ve done more together. Don’t be afraid to lighten up and have fun every once in awhile next year. And by that, I mean bring an unnatural amount of enthusiasm and energy to cabinet. Also, I will you the patience and perseverance to diplomatically deal with a certain someone ;). Someone’s got to do it.

To Radeesha Jayewickreme, I will you the spirit of the mother duckling, so you can continue to carry forth StudQuack, even after I’m gone. I hope that you make many more duck memes, and I get to hear about all the dank duck jokes next year. I also will you the fiery beats needed to drop the latest mixtape Quacks of Fire. Yet most of all, never forget about what being the mother duck is all about: taking care of your ducklings. Keep on quacking, my little duckling.

To Tommy Nguyen, I will you the inspiration to find what you’re truly passionate about at IMSA and make a difference. Whether that be large issues like sleep deprivation or small ones like a small League scene, I know that you have the skills to leave your mark on IMSA if you can find the right motivation. I’m going to come back next year, and when I do, I look forward to seeing what you’re working on.

To Alex Zhong, I will you a sophomore to continue to push you up, even when your morale is at its lowest. I’m sorry that I wasn’t always the easiest on you, but you don’t how much I believe in you and the great things that you can accomplish. Don’t stress out about IMSA because in the end, everything will turn out alright. Follow what you’re most passionate about, and don’t let anyone ever tell you that you can’t do it.

To Srivinay Tummarakota, I will you the logistical and creative ability to carry out the Big Sibling Program to its full potential. The past two years have been lacking, and it’s up to you to show IMSA just how powerful this program can be. The program has the potential to bring the campus together, and create lasting impressions on the sophomores when they arrive, yet we’ve never reached that point yet. I have full faith that you can do more with it than has ever been done in the past, and if you ever have questions, I’m just a Facebook/Slack message away.

To Ashritha Karuturi and Charlie Hultquist, I will you the buzzwords necessary to grow eleMENT in a novelly innovative way. I also will you the dank culture in hopes that it will continue on for many more generations. The time spent with this year’s board has truly been some of my best memories, and I hope that you’ll keep that going, despite the absence of Davida and I. Speaking of which, I will you something brand new: the spirit of anti-Davida. May it push you to continue to do work, despite SSS. And finally, I will you the ability to cook ramen for Kanban cause you’re sure going to need it. Keep it up next year. I’m proud of you.

To Kaushal Gumpula, Bert Cao, and Matt Selvaraj, I will you the torch of Ethical Evanism. May this highest value carry you forth as you continue to charge through debate tournaments and (maybe) attain my level of greatness. Seriously though, it’s been a pleasure to work on LD with you. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of sophomores to spend late nights rewriting our cases and coming up with ridiculous frameworks like eudaimonia. Keep up the energy and liveliness of LD, and show all the incoming sophomores why we’re clearly the best in debate. P.S, the order that I put those names is how I view your debate skills. In descending order.

To Kaushal Gumpula, I will you my League skills. Get gud.

To Gunwati Agarwal, I will you the code for my awe-inspiring bridge design. May it serve as a beacon to which potential junior carries will swarm to you second semester senior year and give you a much needed break. Thanks for carrying me through Speculative Fiction. And APCS. And Computational Science. And of course, all the best times in LD. Speaking of which, I also will you hundreds of sheets of paper to use as ammunition to keep those three pesky sophomore LD’ers in line. Please use this power injudiciously, and if you ever run out, I’ll be happy to send you more.

To Jaimie Ryou, I will you the 04D Wing hat that you’re notorious for stealing. Thank you for being there to rant to, and thank you for all the times that we’ve spent cooking together. You have an exciting two years ahead of you, and I hope you’ll find new underclassmen to share your enthusiasm with. Also keep an eye on Diann please.

To Gloria Huang, I will you a collection of Stephanie Pace Marshall’s writings in hopes that you’ll gain the same fascination and understanding of this place that I did when I first read them. These works have given me so many different ideas, and ways of thinking about the role of IMSA. I don’t expect you to get through all of them (I certainly haven’t yet), but I hope that they’ll be a source of inspiration. I also will you the talent necessarily to achieve second place at FPS orals next year. Have fun.

To Josh Eberhardt, I will you an underclassman that will be as dank and talented as you are. I’m sorry that we didn’t get to do a ton together, but you’re the best little sib that I could’ve asked for. From the stuck frisbee to the mini-table tennis net, I appreciate the random shenanigans that you always seem to be pulling. I’m excited to come back and see what you’re like in two years. Surprise me with all the crazy stuff you’ll be doing.

To Diann Moon, I will you my terriermon plushie that I’ve kept in my backpack for many months. There’s a signature phrase of this particular Digimon, “moumantai.” It’s a Cantonese phrase that means “take it easy”. For me personally, that has meant taking time out of my day to stop and appreciate the little things of life. IMSA can be tough, and the stress that it puts on us is tremendous. Yet don’t forget that in the end, things will work out, no matter what happens. Spend the limited time you have at IMSA as you truly want to, and don’t get too caught up worrying about everything. Hopefully this plushie will remind you from time to time to take a step back, relax, and enjoy the time you have here.

To Jimmy Ren, I will you all my leftover ingredients in hopes that you will carry the spirit of cooking beyond my time. You don’t know how happy I was when I realized that I would have someone to cook with this year, as I really thought that the cooking would end when I left. From donuts to fried chicken, it’s been so great having someone other than myself to cook with. I hope that you’ll find many more bright-eyed sophomores that you can slowly grow into proficient chefs. I also will you the gift of patience in hopes that despite the many frustrating situations I’m sure you’re bound to encounter as the leader of class club, you’ll be able to navigate them with efficiency and expertise. I’ve been so proud to see how well you’ve done so far; keep it up. And finally, I will you the luck of a stable internet connection so that you can stop DC’ing in the middle of our league matches.

Eve Adami
To Alana, I will you butternut squash. And if you were an eyebrow you would be my right one.

To Akhila, I will you hugs everyday. I’m going to miss you very much and I hope you have an amazing senior year.

To Vidya, I will you all the As. Thank you for all the math help. I’m going to miss you. Tell your roommate I say hi.

To Kathy and Louise, keep up the amazing setting!

To Aleah, I will you two more great volleyball seasons.

To Megha, I will you fitness and relaxation. Thanks for all the class help because I always forget homework. Thanks sharing my love of a certain person and I’m going to miss you.

To Krys, I will you an amazing senior year. You are always a great person to talk to.

To Aimee, I will you to become fluent in the Russian language.

To all of my beautiful 1503 C wing underclassmen, thank you for being great people and many times making me laugh. I hope you enjoy the rest of your time at IMSA <3.

George Moe
To Pranav, Mike, Larry, Justin, Cameron, Advai, Adav, Thomas, I will you the Spirit of the True 07 Lineage™. With this Linage, you earn the responsibility of keeping alive that unique drive of bold, naive, and competent optimism and fostering it in generations of students to come.

To Pranav, I will you a single can of soda of your choice, provided to you free of charge ;)

To Larry, I will you…the HIGH META and endless good memes (featuring the Holey Wall poster)

To Mike, I will you the engineering spirit of Tech Society, and favorable conditions with future technical endeavors with the Academy.

To Tommy, please have the Camera Tracking Stick, coutesey of Sakura3D!

To Neil and Fred, I will you many good noot noots with the Linux boot boots.

To Harrison, I have these polo Ralph Lauren glasses that will complement your sunglasses.

Grace Park
To Diann George, I will you the ability to write essays (good ones too ;p) on time. From the nightly sprints to your room, your terrible teapot dancing, the BURRITO song, failing Lent, using great assistance during MI-4, and everything in-between, you have become an incredible and important person to me throughout my time at IMSA. If you are ever stressed or feel alone, just know everything always happens for a reason and that you are capable of doing amazing things. Good luck next year, and you know I’ll be here if you ever need help with anything.

To Abhiudaya Bhalla, I will someone who will make you as equally stressed and grateful to have as a friend. From being my obnoxious LEAD student to a LEAD chair and a friend, you never ceased to make my day a little brighter. I hope you find an underclassman to meme with so you’re not deprived of the quality memes about every guy we’ve shared. Trust in your abilities to be a confident leader, but don’t be afraid to express uncertainty at times.

To Gedi Njoya, I will you the ability to properly meg someone and the ability to actually gain some arm muscle after all those push-ups I caused you to do. I’m glad we could share the struggles of being a pseudo-shmen and having the same injuries down to the type and location of it. Thanks for making both soccer seasons you’ve managed not suck, and I wish you success in the next year with your soccer season and academic future!

To Claudia Zhu, I will you a frown because you always get yelled at by Kind for smiling all the time. But I hope that’s the only time you’re encouraged to not smile because it has encouraged me to keep smiling through everything, especially BioPhys. You have a lot of passions and interests, and I hope you’re able to pursue and find success in them. Don’t forget to reach out to your underclassmen and spend time to get to know others.

To Kyle Campbell, I will you the ability to do a decent southern accent so you can reconnect to your true roots. I also will you the confidence to not fail every final you take. I’m glad you were able to have my back every time Abs tried to flame me during math, even if you were trying to eavesdrop about the secret love triangle and brought up the forbidden name many, many times. Good luck with everything next year.

To Sol Hwangbo, I will you another sophomore twin and your brother’s cuteness, especially with his rat tail. I remember when you were so excited to attend IMSA because of you know what ;). I think you’ve found that and a lot more at IMSA. I’ve watched you find your place here, and I’m really glad you were able to what you needed. Even when things get difficult, stick to your morals and don’t let others influence your decision.

To Yuri Oh, I will you trust. I remember when you first started playing soccer, and Josiah told me you would ask him to practice with you individually so you could get better. From then on, I could sense your will power and your constant push for self-improvement. When things get difficult and you lose your sense of self, remember to put yourself first at times and stick to your gut and instinct; it’s the only thing you can trust at times. Enjoy your senior year and cherish the time with your friends.

To Esther Mathew, I will you a co who will carry-on the SocEnt chair partner streak! You have grown so much as a facilitator, and I have looked forward to every module with you! Your passion and consideration towards each of our groups continued to amaze me and inspired me to persevere and put 100% of my effort to whatever I’m doing. I am so proud of your success in INSPIRE, and I wish you continued success in your time with LEAD. Just remember that although LEAD will be a big part of your life next year, to reach out and continue to explore what you’re interested in.

To Esther Mathew and Sargam Panpaliya, I will you the future year of SocEnt. This program is something I hold great pride in as I think it is one of the few things that have truly shaped my life. It has let me to a lot of places and had made me see the possibilities and potential in a lot of things. If you ever doubt yourself, make sure to take time to reflect on the kind of work you’re doing and be proud of it. I know you’ll do amazing things next year, and don’t be afraid to take risks and chances; it’s not always a bad thing.

To Jayoon Lee, Claire Wang, Claudia Zhu, and Diann George (DownQuad), I will you the ability to not fail every housekeeping and to deal with the ants that will crawl all over your stuff. Thanks for letting me use your rooms during intervis. I hope DQ continues to be a place of memories and for underclassmen to not be afraid to hangout, but you’ll have to create that atmosphere first. Don’t be shy to reach out to people and take care of the wing!

To the Diann George, Marisa Patel-O’Connor, and Melissa Mu (tennis captains), I will you a team that you can take to Oberweis after every game and one you can have many “bonding” activities with. I hope you can survive Bernie’s harsh conditioning and intense tennis practices. As captains, I expect you three to create the easy-going and comfortable environment and relationship the tennis team has always had.

To the Abby Hutter and the future soccer captains, I will you a team that you can communicate and connect with on and off the field. Soccer is a game of trust, and I know you’ll be able to lead a team built on that. Don’t be too hard on yourself and make sure you take time to enjoy playing the sport.

Grant Finnegan
To Mike Xu, I will you a love for sad whiny white boys on guitar.

To Gary Yang, I will you my ever growing love and appreciation for Chris Chang.

To Chris Chang, my favorite Indonesian, I will you all the memes in my possession.

To Christoph, Dannielle, and Lucas, I will you swift and smooth dance moves.

To Connor, Lucas, Diego, and Julian, although it is not mine to give, I will you 01DDQ and all of Arun’s stains contained therein.

To Kir, I will you at least 10 hours of Bloon Ride playtime.

Hector Correa
To Thomas Demastri, I will you some patriotism and all the coffee you’ll need for senior year.

To Baby J, I will you a flip flop, a fire extinguisher and a sophomore to look up to you. You have a one of a kind attitude that is always positive, funny and one that never ceases to amaze.

To Adhav, I will you another glorious year with facial hair.

To Advai, I will you some more sleep.

To Manny, I will you someone who can compete with your rare and memorable roasts.

To Ethan Heilman, I will you a sophomore that appreciates your music tastes just like I did.

To 04D Down Quad, I will you a chill senior year and an opportunity to make memories with friends that will stick around for a long time.

To Palak and Claudia, I will you a bunch of curious sophomores that you will inspire through TALENT.

To Abs, I will you more underclassmen to persuade. You’ve got a way with words and you are undaunted. I don’t know how you do it but it’s always a pleasure talking to you.

To Nabeel, though we’ve only talked a little through SCIA, I will you underclassmen that can follow your positive attitude. You’ve got a contagious smile that always seems to bright up someone’s day and I have never seen you without it.

To Maelee ISENBERG Chen, I will you someone who can call out your name in the main building and say Isenberg with a German passion and show you that you really are a lowkey god at math. I also will you my love for annoying Ordonydodo. If you ever want to trigger him, just write out “Your a monster”.

To Mounisha, I will you a martial arts buddy that will gladly kick you back.

To Diann Moon, I will you unending courage. You’re a smart kid and you know how to piece things together with a bit of help but you have to start believing in yourself and your abilities. With that in mind I know you will go far.

To Jaimie Ryou, I will you a tutor that won’t mind talking to you while you’re in 04. Jk jk, you’re kinda cool.

To Thomas Neidlein and Grant Walter, I will you a successful junior year. You each took the steps that I never did during sophomore year by reaching out for help. You have both come so far and I like to think I’ve done an okay job as your tutor. I hope you guys are able to keep the same determined mentality when you start next year as juniors.

To Suchet, I will you a cool little sib, keep playing that guitar man.

To Anisha Gubba, I will you some time to just chill. It’s okay to be worried about your grades and academics, but you also have to give yourself some time to take a step away from it and relax.

To the 04D sophs, I will you all a great two years at IMSA. Whether or not you’re staying in D wing, I want to thank you guys for making this last year a fantastic one. I hope you each continue to look out for one another, and let your own sophomores in after in room next year.

To the 2018 IMSA Baseball team, I will you all the bs we say while you’re at bat and I will you (hopefully) more games against Schaumburg Christian and Paw Paw.

Heena Srivastava
To Patrick Pynadath, I will you Andrew Adams’s clipboard. This is one of my most prized possessions, and I want you to have it. Andrew Adams was a man of unfathomable determination and will. You too blow me away with your determination and insurmountable smarts. While I didn’t use it as much as Andrew, possessing it was representative of the potential Andrew saw in me. It was intimidating, but it was also really exciting. I don’t have words to express what I see in you Patrick. I hope giving you this will make you understand. “You are in an unprecedented position to make a real change on campus – to unify it, to reinvigorate it, to let people care. You’ll never do the things you can – the things that I expect of you – without being uncommonly organized.” These were Andrew’s words to me last year, and every one of them is applicable to you.

To Catherine Luo, I will you my happiness jar. Cathy baby, we are so much more similar than I realized when I first met you. You are loving and welcoming and have the best intentions. But the people on this campus are cynical and negative. Don’t let them get you down or strip you of your contagious positivity. Every day, write down the best thing that happened, with the date, and put it in the jar. It’ll ease your psyche, and make life appear just that much more beautiful. Take care of yourself, darling.

To Dawn Triche and Sona Fokum, I will you a senior year, and rest of life, free from all obstacles. Again, I’m at a loss of describing what your presence has meant to me over the past two years. You have been my biggest sources of happiness, my best memories, and sometimes my only means of attaining confidence. Thank you for always being there. Keep shining on, ladies. When life flips upside down and you feel like you cannot keep going, try and remember how strong, intelligent, and competent you are. If you can get through this past year, you can get through anything!

To Vaishnavi Vanamala and Marisa Patel O’Connor, I will you the most loving sophomores to exist. Coming back to your faces at 10-check was always a breath of fresh air. During junior year, you will need that. Vaishnavi, I will you a stress ball. Use it when people frustrate you and school gets to you. Don’t let drama affect you so much; you’re in control of what enters your life.

To Elizabeth Tang and Esther Mathew, I will you stressed juniors to harbor after midnight. I’m so excited to see you guys SSS. Take care of your underclassmen!

To Bobby Luo, I will you an underclassmen who makes you laugh so hard you can’t breathe, every time you see them, for absolutely no reason. Bobby, your laughing face never fails to brighten my day. I don’t quite understand why our interactions always end with viciously intense laughing, without fail. Alas, these are interactions I will miss with all my being. When I come back to visit, these interactions better be the exact same. I also will you someone that will loudly butcher your name every time they see you.

To Abhiudaya Bhalla, I will you the ability to listen. You’re an extremely altruistic individual, ready to drop anything for the people he loves. But sometimes, your quick words limit your understanding. Listen to the ideas and experiences of your peers, and I’m sure you’ll learn so much.

To Yuri Oh, I will you the antidote for SSS. You love having fun, baby girl. Don’t let it get in the way of work. I also will you all the love in the world, because God knows you deserve the absolute best. JSYAY!

To Zach Brahmbhatt, I will you a junior who will give you a cute nickname that makes your day. Even on the worst days, our interactions were like moments of light in the darkness, and soon became the highlights of my day. I met you too late, dude, and I’m regretful about that. You’re really a gem, and I’ll miss you bunches.

To Kyle Campbell, I will you senioritis. Especially in math class. You give 100% to everything you do. Your hard work will surely pay off.

To Sargam Panpaliya and Shivani Sharma, I will you beautiful and graceful underclassmen girls to woman-crush over, just as I always woman-crushed over you two.

To Derek Ronske, I will you a waist. I would will you a hat or bomber jacket or something, but I’m just not hip enough for your style. I also will you infinitely many 80s music video remakes to post on your finsta in the future.

To Lauren Etzkorn, I will you a Co-facilitator (for CORE at least) as driven to improve as you were. I hope they continuously challenge you to learn more and push you farther when you are at your most apathetic state.

To Lauralyn Lin and Chandana Tetali, I will you all The Acronym archives given to Shivali and I. They are both digital and physical. You are two of the most powerful people I have met in this Academy, and I have no doubt the paper will reach new heights under your leadership. You are now part of a noble and exciting legacy.

To the future JSA board, EnACT team, and Acronym staff, I will you shameless pride. You are part of one of the best organizations this campus has seen. Show it off. Give it your all.

Herschel Gupta
To Pranesh Ravichandran, I will you someone who will provide you with constant comfort and happiness. I hope you find someone who is as comfortable taking off his shirt with you and someone comfortable enough to cuddle with. From the moment I saw your skinny arms step foot on the basketball court, I knew that we would have so much fun together. I love all the times that you come to my room and the dumb looks you always have on your face. Keep being you and never change. You will always be my nutter butter. (P.S. Remember all I have taught you ;)).

To Dhvanil Popat, I will you the ability to relax. I have known you for over two years and you are constantly trying to work for your future. With all the effort that you put in, something is bound to come your way. Don’t worry. But Calm down once in a while and remember to just shoot around the basketball. Take care of C Down next year and I challenge you to beat our room arrangement. I’ll never forget the scared feeling I had when you and Abhi played us in basketball. Also thank you for teaching me how to paint and for making our wing decorations the best in the hall.

To Abhi Sharma, I will you an underclassman to just sit and talk to you about anything and everything. In my eyes, you are the definition of a true gentle giant. You are one of the most compassionate people I have ever met and I never ever want you to change. I hope you find an underclassman who will develop those perfect pecs with you. Dream Big, Big Boy. You will accomplish great things. And you are more that Lebron’s “personal” assistant.

To Darius Hong, I will you success. You are one of the hardest workers that I know and I know that you will get everything that you desire in the future. My IMSA experience would not be the same without you. Although college is important, remember to relax a little and not to get too stressed. And remember, we are not related. Not even that 10%.

To Arya Kadakia, I will you strength to stand up to people in the hallway. I look forward to passing you in the hallway just to awkwardly stare at you or “accidentally” bumping into you. I have seen you progress from being a nubby sophomore in my LEAD class to running the ISA Diwali show with me. You have a great smile and laugh and I want you to always be happy. Also, thank you for being one of the few people on campus who understands the struggle of having unusually long legs.

To Pranav Narayanan, I will you a chill senior year and that you have as much fun as possible. I always applaud how laid back you seem while still being able to get your work done. We got really close at the beginning of last year and we slowly started drifting away. While that may be my fault, I am so glad that we had that first connection. I love every interaction that we have and you never fail to bring a smile to my face. I will remember all the talks we have had about relationships and everything in general. Thank you for making my IMSA experience so memorable.

To Abhiudaya Bhalla, I will you an amazing Diwali show next year. You are such a fun person and I love all of the interactions that we have. You have made my experience on ISA Board so much fun and are the reason that I show up to the meetings (the ones I actually went to). You have a great reputation to maintain for Boys Dance next year but I know that you will somehow pull through like you always do. You have such a fun personality and are able to make everyone around you so happy. Never lose that quality. I hope you have a great senior year and that it is everything you dreamed of.

To Noble Wulffraat, I will you the ability to remember your 07B roots. I was so lucky that your room was right across from ours because you made 07 so interesting. I will treasure all of the late nights in our room and the little cave you made under out bed. You are such an intelligent individual and will do amazing things in whatever you try to do. One thing for certain is that one-day you will be very very rich. Be smart and do not change too much. I love spending time with you in our favorite co-curricular activity.

To Ashritha Karuturi, I will you a co that is so much fun as me. Now that LEAD is over, I can officially say that you are the reason that I love CORE so much this year. I always looked forward to the 7:30-8:00 times where we just sang and danced in the room. Although my music taste may be a little old fashioned, there is no denying that you loved it. Even though you are constantly insulting me, I enjoy it every time you do because it just reminds me of how close we are. Thank you for a great year and remember, I definitely had more points in the roasting competition.

To Robert Luo, I will you an underclassman that will always be there at your side. You have helped me with so many things over these past two years. You were there during my ups and my downs and always offered to do everything you could to help. You are such a kind and considerate person and you only deserve the best. Thank you for the hard carry in Music Appreciation and thank you for being such a good friend. We will always bond over 07 drill and our weird dance moves in 1508. I hope 1507 has a bomb drill next year and I know you will do an amazing job as CD next year. I will never forget you Bobby.

To Nick Nelson, I will you an underclassman to carry you in your science classes. Without you, I would have no idea what is going on in that class. I can see that one day you will be very successful. Keep doing you and no one will be able to stop you.

To Shivani Sharma, I will you Diwali Modern and eternal happiness. You are such an amazing person and I hope the best for you in the future.

To Pranesh Ravichandran and Sohum Gupta, I will you two an amazing year as the CDs of an incredible hall and a dancer to move in and carry drill. I know you two will work very well together and will pour your heart and soul into the hall community. Keep 05 as good as it is now and I can’t wait to come back and see everything that you two have done with the hall.

To Martin Filbert, Matt Gombar, Zack Brahmbatt, Pranesh Ravichandran, Clinton Oshipitan, AJ Federici, Faris Sheikh, Cassis Harper and the rest of the Basketball team, I will you another great season. You boys have made my senior basketball season I will never forget. We went from 1 win last year to tying IMSA’s record for most wins. Keep working hard every practice and you will achieve great things. I wish you the best of luck with Coach Snead’s yelling but I know you will get through it. It was great being a captain for you this year and all I an say is choose your captain’s next year wisely. Thank you for making every practice and every game we play one that I will never forget.

To Chetan Reddy, I will you an underclassman that you will beat up in the hallway. You are such a fun-loving kid, but do me a favor and go to the gym. Thank you for scoring more goals that Krishi this year and I hope you continue to have great soccer seasons. Thanks for brightening up my days whenever I see you.

To Olivia Shi, I will you an underclassman to have weird interactions with. I can’t even begin to explain our friendship but it is one that I am glad to say I have. I am blessed that you tried out for modern because you are a fantastic dancer and you have such a bubbling personality. Continue being you because you are one of a kind. I wish you the best in anything and everything you do. Keep dancing and remember one thing, I am great at decorating and balloons can mess up hair.

To Chakravarthy Varadarajan I will you an underclassman who will carry you in French and will never fail to make you laugh. No matter how hard this underclassman will try to talk back at you and fight with you, they will always be unsuccessful, like you were. I wish you the best of luck in your dancing endeavors and I hope you keep the Indian male dancing legacy at IMSA alive. I also will you ability to talk to girls. I will cherish all of the incredible memories we have had together. Ill always be there if you ever need anything.

And To Faris Sheikh, I will you an Indian underclassman rival. I am so glad that you decided to play basketball this year, although I hate to admit it, you single handedly gave me the best and most successful IMSA basketball season ever. This underclassman will also go on more dinner dates than you ever will. From the day you were intimidated of me from the Ice Cream Social, I knew that you were a pretty cool dude, but there was no way I could have even imagined how close we would end up to be. We have so many similar interests and my Senior Year would be incomplete without you. I wish you the best of luck in your housing endeavors and I hope you have an amazing Junior and Senior year because you deserve it. You have this unique charisma that follows you around and I hope you never lose it. Even though you are not dark, you have filled in as the next generation of the legacy. You have been my perfect sophomore and I will cherish every last moments with you. I’ll miss you so much bud. But remember one thing no matter how hard you try, you will never score more than me and I will always be the better wide receiver.

Hieu Nguyen
To Chris Chang, I will you the tenor section in chamber choir. Singing in any ensemble won’t ever be the same without you.

To Andrew Kim, I will you more hours of sleep. Like seriously, please sleep some more.

To Tommy Nguyen, I will you the Viet dynasty. Make me a proud big brother.

To Renzo Ledesma, I will you the Piano Improv group and the best pianos to go along with it. Honestly you blow me away with what you can do with just 88 keys and nothing in front of you.

To Jeni Petrillo, I will you all the high notes you’ll ever have to hit in Mod.

To Larry Donahue, I will you a welcome return to 04. I can only wish for you to take me with you but I’ll be back to visit.

To Cassie Parent, I will you all the ceramic water filters and E. coli you could ever wish for. SIR with you this year has been a blast and I’ll miss playing with clay and pouring unhealthy amounts of bacterial water back and forth with you every Wednesday. Best of luck if you continue with this project next year!

To Jake Cooley, I will you everything that is tall.

Isabella Spinelli
To Lucy Liu, I will you endless chocolate and hot cheetos, as well as a quieter and tidier roommate.

To Neil Wary, I will you the courage and balance to pursue all of your passions.

To Isaiah Crews and Jay Reiter, I will you the determination to keep Strolling.

To Kiersten Lofton, I will you the swag to keep on balling, but you already have that. So I will you a friend to make your senior year as amazing as you’ve made mine. You know why.

Jacob Horstman
To SCIA board, Madame President Hannah Harvard along with Directors Abhiudaya Bhalla and Kyle Campbell, I will all of you the tenacity and creativity to see SCIA become the monster organization we all know it can be. It is a job sometimes, but at the end of the day, you are contributing to the state of Illinois, the Academy itself, and to every student who gets to meet a cool person and make a connection because of your hard work. Also, I will you all of Dr. Margolis’s dark secrets. He is, in fact, trying to summon the dark lord in IMSA’s Chamber of Secrets.

To the 1504 CDs, Kyle Campbell and Zach Brahmbhatt, I will you crazy ideas and the hype needed to see them through. If you ever feel like you are playing it safe as CDs, throw those ideas out the window. 04 has the gift of being the heart of all of residential stuff at IMSA, so it is your job to bring life to the academy. Also, I will you all an infinite supply of chaperones for events and Clash practices. As well as my loud voice and Addison Herr’s discipline.

To Baby J, I will you my Filipino flag. Legit come pick this up. This is yours now. Mahal Kita, bunso.

To Tyler Fullilov, I will you a bunch of love and enough hugs to last you through IMSA. You are the sweetest sophomore I met this year, and I am always amazed when you get up and speak. Keep reading and standing up for what is right. But also take some time to have fun and enjoy your time and friends at IMSA. You’ll change the world someday.

To Thomas DeMastri, I will you the confidence of my entire quad.

To Shivani Sharma, Waleed Ali willed me fun times in quizbowl my sophomore year, and I never forgave myself for not using it to its fullest. I have decided to pass it on to you. Make us proud, and bring back a new IMSA legacy. No pressure ;).

To Larry Donahue, dude, what do I will the kid who has it all? Larry, just take my beloved D-wing. Take good care of her <3.

To Sohum Gupta, I give you permission to try and kick my hall’s butt at Clash. If Zach and Kyle ever get complacent, make them realize they should be afraid. Zach and Kyle, be prepared for this boy.

To Chakravarthy Varadarajan, I will you my charm with adults on this campus. Even though you’re just a sophomore, I can already see some great things in you. You just need to learn how to use the IMSA network to its fullest. You don’t need to kiss up or anything, but reach out and find out what God-tier things you will do.

To Isaiah Crews, I will you a thousand smiles. Sorry it is only a finite amount, use them only when necessary! I hope you sit down with underclassmen next year and give them tea and ask them about life.

To every 04 D-Wing member until the end of time, “D-Wing bros for life”, I will you all a legacy to look out for your wing bros and to do the dumbest things that make all the other wings think you’re crazy. Also remember that in-room is a suggestion.

To Alexander Zhong, I will you free time from all the crazy IMSA things and bulletproof confidence.

Jair Powell
To Istvan Kovach I will my spot on the cross team. You’ve improved so much this past year and have been an integral part of distance. Next year you’ll get to embody the quote “the strength of the wolf is the pack”, especially with Dan and Jake right behind you. I‘m expecting you to push those two by beating my PR so make sure to keep doing core (and maybe teach Dan which one is actually hard day). I’ll always be a little salty that you didn’t do track, but you more than made up for it by how much you put towards XC so I’m sure you’ll do great next year.

To Andrew Peev an appreciation of comic movies/TV. Honestly, talking about cw shows with you has been one of the highlights of this year, and you somehow made Legends semi-bearable. Keep up with those shows (and a certain questionably run flash meme page) and have fun killing it in the 800m next year.

To Kir Nagaitsev I will a passion for running. I know that junior year was a bit harder to give your all to track and XC, but you still had a couple great seasons. Next year as a senior I’m positive you will have some big time drops. If you ever need some extra motivation just take a look at some coach emails or Mathematica graphs. Also try not to pull any Rocco’s next year.

To Sohum Gupta I will leadership. Working with you for the past year has been great, and given how much work you put in to wing guide as a junior, you’ll make an amazing CD. Hopefully next year you can become the new most qualified man on campus (and also not underestimate how long things will take).

To Steve Pickwell I will a love of the profoundly weird and stupid. From the days of DHMIS to occasionally laughing at Z Nation (the cheese wheel is still coming back), I could always rely on you to show me or appreciate something unexpected. Do us both a favor and introduce some more people to this stuff, we both know after that green will never be creative again.

To Miron Liu I will the future of IMSA’s 400m. After watching you run just one 400 I trust you to continue the legacy of my favorite event. You’re one of the fastest people on track so make sure to represent and give the sprinters a run for their money.

To Kir Nagaitsev & Andrew Peev I will distance captain status. You two have really stepped up this past year and there’s honestly no other pair I’d be comfortable heading the team next season. You’ve both grown to be great role models for the team since sophomore year and I can’t wait to see you guys push the team to run some great times.

To Andrew Peev, Jake Sutter, Dan Soto, & Daniel Chen I will the 4×800. It’s been fun running with you all this past year and I know you will crush our current PR next year. Hopefully you can find some quality sophs to help.

To Andrew Peev, Kir Nagaitsev, Dan Soto, Daniel Chen, Jake Sutter, Miron Liu, Liana Koleva, & Charlotte Giff I will the future of distance track. I’ll always have a special appreciation for those who do both XC and track, and this is easily one of the strongest and most complete returning distance team there has been during my time at IMSA. Assuming you all stick with it I expect you to carry on the tradition and make next season better than this past one.

To Distance I will Meme Magic and some quality new sophomores to appreciate it. This past year (both XC and Track) has been amazing. As great as Junior year #DistanceSquad was, I have never seen such a talented group of people come together the way this you guys have. I know you guys aren’t about to cop out of state on me so just do me a favor and beat Harvest Christian by the time I come back to visit. Keep the memes going, take it easy on the sophs (at least until winter break), and make sure to have each other’s backs.

To the XC team I will successful seasons to come. This has been my favorite season I’ve run at IMSA and that is in no small part due to the improvement I saw at all levels. Regardless of where you started, watching those times drop made me glad to be captain. Stay dedicated and I have no doubt that you’ll accomplish all the goals you set for yourselves. Also, make sure to have fun next season.

Jan Mangulabnan
To Arya Kadakia, I will you someone who will make up for all the times I said I was going to visit. Don’t worry I promise I will actually for real no joke come back to visit you next year. I also will you someone who will bring you starbucks whenever you are having a bad day. You are someone I know I can always count on and I’m going to miss you so much.

To Carson Goffinet, I will you success in everything you do. Whether that be public success or personal ones, let your passion drive you wherever you need to go and you will get there. I also will you 1503, and the confidence to build a strong community regardless of what titles you hold. You will do great things I know it.

To Jessy Chtilianova, I will you a relationship that lasts more than a week hahahaha. Aside from that, I am so glad you were in our wing this year and I will you all the time everyone spent chillin in the wing commons after check. I wish you the best during your senior year and I hope you continue to make 03B(est) wing a fun place to be!

To Bobby Luo, I will you a fun and stress-free senior year. I know it may be unlikely, but be sure to cut yourself some slack sometime; you deserve it. I am so confident that your leadership in both ASIA and CD will result in many great things and even though these positions come with responsibilities, don’t forget to enjoy it! I also will you someone who dabs more than you do so you can see what you look like to other people.

To Lewis Oh, I will you pepero that won’t melt in your room. You are always making me laugh and I hope you continue to brighten ASIA meetings in the future. Also, I will you board dance. I better see you front and center again at next year’s Lunar!

To Amahlia Su, I will you the Lunar New Year show. As much stress as it caused me, it will always be one of my best memories here and I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did. You have so many good ideas; don’t be afraid to speak up and let your voice be heard! I have so much faith that you will do a great job and I can’t wait to see what you will do with the show next year.

To Abhiudaya Balla, I will you the best junior carry in the world and the answer to every physics test for the rest of your life. I also will you our counseling group chat even though you cheated on us. It’s okay though, just don’t forget where you can get the best advice from. Lastly, I will you the best frickin second semester senior year.

To Devika Prasad, I will you the patience to avoid a World War III! Even though you always seem to be talking about boys, I do truly love spending time with you. You definitely made living in B wing a lot more exciting. And as flustered as you can get sometimes, you are a force to be reckoned with and I cannot wait to see what success your future holds for you.

To Mikki Rajvanshi, I will you the 03B study room. I made that place my home during my time here and I’m sure you have done the same. Take care of it, a lot of good things have come out of my hours in there.

To Aleah Brown, I will you a titan teammate as excited to have you as a titan teammate as you were to me. I will you someone who will hold your hand and show you off and yell “that’s my titan teammate!” whenever they see you. Your energy is infectious and you always make me smile even when you were tackling me in the hallway.

To John Lin, I will you enough sleep and someone who will continue to call you Jon Jon forever.

To Kyle Campbell, I will you more fruit-inspired code words.

To Igor Zhuravlyov, I will you senior privs for that bench behind the main building lol

To Noble Wulffraat, I will you that country Christmas cd for real. I’m sure you’ll have a lot of use for it!

Jasmine Shi
To Cherilyn Mendoza, Daniel Mwangi, and Patrick Li, I will you the power of the badminton club spirits and the expectation of having 100 regular members next year (I know, I know. It’s not that high of an expectation so you guys must fulfill it!)

To Faith George, I will you the guidance of the math gods that had somehow allowed me to survive BC Fast (I know you’ll do great and will have a bright future awaiting you!)

To Joanna Lee, I will you the hope for the all powerful kdrama creators to make more great kdramas in the near future (You’re super sweet and nice w/ some rad dance moves and you should reach for the stars in your goals in life!)

To Hannah Yeung, I will you a greater love for Minions than what you have already (I’m so happy you were placed as a sophomore into my wing and that I was able to meet you and learn about your funny personality and cool badminton skills! Thanks for all your help in EnviroChem this semester and I know you will have a bright future!)

To Amanda Wang, I will you the all powerful eye for spotting good memes (not that you don’t have one already. You’re super cute and sweet and although we haven’t been able to talk much, you still help me in various situations, such as helping me do my hair for Lunar. I know you’ll be able to do great things and just don’t stress too much about stuff and enjoy life!)

To Kiersten Lofton, I will you the ability to stay calm even in stressful situations, which seem to happen a lot (We only met and started talking this past semester but I feel like we have been friends for much longer. You’re a super sweet person and we dealt with many struggles through EnviroChem together and I know that you’ll be able to succeed in life as long as you decrease that stress.

Jason Barraza
To Yamil Barraza, I will you strength. You are a very smart kid and have so much to offer as you’ve shown already, push through the hard work to achieve the greatness I know you have within you. I will you an open mind because there are so many things out there for you, you should try them out and see if something clicks! Finally I will you support, I will always be here for you, brother; just a call away. I love you so much!

To Nyxel Camarena, I will you patience and trust. I know there’s a lot going on all at once and you like to get things done ASAP, but let people help you too.

To Spencer Donahue, I will you Chinese. You got this man, one word at a time you’ve improved so much and I have no doubt you will continue getting even better.

To Justin Elesterio (Baby J), I will you your nickname. We gave you that name from the beginning and I hope you continue embracing it. Keep being the fun, caring guy you’ve been these past 2 years, but please don’t set off any more fire alarms!

To Nyxel, Arturo, Diego, Lucas, and Kathy, I will you all Alma Latina. Work together, look out for each other, and support each other to continue spreading our culture and continue Alma Latina’s success. I am confident you will all make me proud next year with this amazing club.

To Ethan, Nani, Julian, Palak, Dan, Nyxel, Connor, and Jaelyn, I will you all amazing choreographies for Casa next year. The ones this year are amazing and I love them! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year!

To Sona, I will you “the office” in student life. I know you’ll keep being your funny self and brighten everyone’s day. Take care of Minerva for me!

To Kir, I will you the IN2 Website. We made great progress this year, the rest is all you man. Be patient and persistent, don’t be afraid to be creative. It’s all yours now man!

To Palak, I will you an AMAZING senior year. You’re going to make an excellent CEO for TALENT and I’m excited to see what you’ll do. Remember to have fun and enjoy yourself because it’s your final year here; make it count. You’re an amazing person and you know I’m always here for you whenever you need me or just want to talk. As always… Bet <3

Jaszmine Simmons
To my basketball team, I will you guys a good times and a fantastic season. I love each and every one of you and hope that you continue to work hard and play each game like it’s your last. To the seniors on the team, time will fly and you’ll look up and you’re wearing your high school jersey for the last time and that will be scary. Be the leaders the underclassmen need. To the underclassmen, hold each other accountable and continue to work hard.

To Sports Promo board, I will you all a successful year full with hype videos and attendance at games. #FreeNoble Please be better than Richard and I were and don’t SSS too hard like we did. Thanks for making me laugh and for letting me call you all out for the shenanigans. Also thanks for getting things done last minute.

To Jessy and Carson, I love you two so much. I will you both a fantastic senior year and so much success because you both deserve it. Carson, you work so hard, so don’t think your hard work goes unnoticed. You are hilarious and you deserve the best. I will you peace of mind and confidence in yourself because you will get into the colleges of your dreams and everything will work out, so trust yourself. Jessica Chtli-whatever, I will you Swedish fish and amazing #vegan recipes. May your winged eyeliner always be even and your hair not “bendy”. But seriously, I will you an awesome bball season and all the boys you could ever want in your DM’s. Continue to work hard and I will you a chill college app season. I am here for both of you always so don’t lose my number and reach out whenever you need someone to rant to.

To Snarky Sharky and Spoon/Spork, I will you both 03A13 and underclassmen that will invade your room and carry you through classes when you start to SSS. Good luck with college apps and don’t stress out because you both are some of the smartest people I’ve ever met and you will be successful. Enjoy every moment because before you know it you’ll be preparing for graduation and wondering where time went. Have no regrets and don’t be afraid to have some age-appropriate fun every once in awhile.

To aprilMAYjunejuly, I will you awesome LE III essays. I hope you find someone’s floor to sit on after check and that you have a great junior year. Junior year will be stressful and hard, but you are fully capable of everything you set your mind to. I believe in you, and your compassion for others is incredible. I will miss teasing you so much, so call me every once in a while so I can get some quality jokes in.

To Diann George (DGEORGEEEEEE), I will you someone who will laugh at your jokes and appreciate your dance moves like I do. I know you’ll do great things and you love to help others, but don’t be afraid to put yourself first sometimes.

To Sona, My Child, I am already so proud of you. You work so hard and deserve the best. I will you all the college choices you could ever want. I hope you find a sophomore that makes you laugh. I will check in on you from time to time so you can spill all the tea (; Keep your head held high and never doubt all the potential you have within.

To Tessa, I hope all your dreams come true. I will you memories of times you’ll never forget. Never be afraid to use your voice and speak up for what you care about. You are going to do amazing things and I’m just a phone call, text, snap, away if you need anything at all. Just don’t break your phone again.

To Jaelyn, I will you an incredible hall next year and someone who wakes you up so you don’t sleep through tests ever again. Never settle, and know that in spite of haters, you will be successful no matter what. I will you endurance so that you can get through senior year and don’t let anyone bring you down. Continue to be extra but for crying aloud, stop eating things you’re allergic to.

To my main mans Dawn, I will you wisdom in all of your leadership positions. There will be a lot of pressure on you to make sure things get done and a lot of weight on your shoulders, but don’t be afraid to take a step back and look to those around you. You can learn a lot from others if you give them the chance and don’t feel like you have to have all the answers. I will you the opportunity to break the team out of practices and during games and an underclassman who challenges your authority. Stay lit my mans.

To Jessica, I will you someone who never breaks your snap streaks and appreciates your OOTD’s. Thank you for getting me through the toughest 10 days of my life and for being there for me when I reached my breaking point. I know you’ll have an awesome senior year full of bunnies and Justin Bieber. Remember that one door closed means that a better door is open and waiting for you just around the corner. I love you and I’m here for you during the whole college app season. HMU whenever.

To Jayda, Nani and Aleah, I will you a bond that will never be broken between you all. Continue to take care of each other. Jayda, continue to proclaim your identity as a strong woman. I admire the innate leadership skills you possess and love you for keeping an eye on your friends. You are wise beyond your years and I can learn a thing or two from you. Nani, I love your spirit and thank you for making me smile every practice and for mothering me and making me use my crutches instead of hopping across the gym in a boot. Aleah, thank you for being my SEAMS baby and for being such a free spirit. Continue to ball out and stay true to who you are. I will check in on you often to make sure you are not concussed. Keep Dawn in line because we all know who really runs Trifecta/Duo.

To Julian, I will you someone who never breaks your heart and selfies that get lots of likes and comments. I will you someone who never arrows you and who appreciates your hugs like I do. If you ever need someone to rant to, I’m here for you 25/8. Remember life’s not a garden…. But do whatever you want with whoever you want. Ignore the haters, they really don’t matter.

To Nyxel, I will you a relaxing senior year. Don’t be afraid to tell people how you really feel and don’t be afraid to just say no to things you really don’t want to do. Continue to be abuelita and keep all your kids in line, especially when they’re acting up in Student Life.

To Connor and Diego, I will you both awesome senior years and direction in your leadership positions. You are both so deserving and I admire how hard you work. Connor, you can and will achieve anything you set your mind to and I will you the respect you rightfully deserve. Nobody puts Connor in a corner. Diego, you are one of the most dynamic and friendly people I’ve ever met. Thank you for your random acts of aggression that you claim is your way of showing affection. I will you an opportunity to play a contact sport because Lord knows you need it. Continue to give great hugs and brighten people’s day.

To Claire, I will you an awesome senior year in the best wing on campus. I am leaving behind a large task for you- make sure you keep check interesting and take over my role of giving Barbara a hard time. I will you never ending sass and epic one-liners sure to make everyone laugh. I also will you facial expressions that rival mine, just don’t scare the sophomores too much. Also, the right to sit on the table is now yours, you’ve officially earned it.

Justin Xu
To Lewis Oh, I will you a big box of ramen, to compensate for all that I’ve taken from you, and a promise to get Korean barbecue together.

To Elizabeth Tang and Irena Gao, I will you another downstate buddy to take to Chinatown after long train rides.

To Patrick Li, I will you a bottle of quality shampoo. May great scents and clean hair grace you.

To James Lichtenstein, I will you huge gains.

To Tommy Nguyen, I will you a quality LoL Club board, so that you are able to continue spreading purity and perfection throughout the community.

To Sol Hwangbo, I will you another church oppa to feed you noodles and go to Woodman’s with you. Remember, there is no pastime as relaxing as strolling through aisle 15 for ground almonds.

To Pranesh Ravichandran, I will you the Indian Student Association.

To Sohum Gupta, I will you a Bape shark hoodie and style everlasting. I have high hopes and great expectations for you in the future. It’s a shame that I won’t be here to witness what you have in store.

To Kanika Leang, I will you someone who is able to share the same amount of excitement and genuine compassion you possess.

To Eric McCarthy, I will you your tablet. I’ve probably had it for longer than you’ve owned it.

To Pranav Reddy, I will you a classmate as worthless as Daniel and I. Anticipate more forklifts and 15/30s.

To Fernando Elesterio, I will you my name. Be free, Justin.

To IMSA, I will you my gratitude. Thank you for an unforgettable experience. ♥

Kasey Cervantes
To Justin, I will you the IMSA Sprint Track and Field Team.

To Jen, I will you your soul back.

To Bobby, I will you happiness in Dance, 07, and in general.

To T, I will you SDAC and all the Yugioh cards.

To Amanda, I will you all the chinese memes and pokes.

To Diann, I will you the ability to not lose your things every day.

To Nikhita Kasana, I will you the meaning of DUBS, DUBS stands for DeUBiquitylating enzymeS that are used to regulate ubiquitin.J.K. DUBS (Do U even BboyS).

To Pranav Reddy, I will you my caffeine pills.

To Diego, I will you Alma Latina and success as CAB director.

To Jessy, I will you another Organic Carry.

To my boy Renzo, I will you a Jigglypuff rest.

Katrina Kuhn
To Radeesha Jayewickreme, nubbug, I will you all of the laughter and joy and comfort you have given me. I will you more skype calls (preferably with me) until 6 AM. I will you endless laughs on your worst days. I will you lots of hugs (it only took you a year and a half to figure out how to do these properly) and smiles and haphazard waves in the hallway. I will you more clumps of my hair from my rug and more hushed conversations at 2 AM. I will you more in-room breaking and sleepovers and cuddling. I will you cookies, but apparently not the chocolate chip oatmeal ones. I will you lots and lots of phone calls next year, because wow, I will miss you.

To Ishita Bhattacharya, I will you another trip to Spain. I will you the euphoria and the incredible memories of that trip. I will you the chance to get as lucky as I did, meeting you there. I will you more deep, whispered talks at 1 AM, and more strange group chats with my mom. I will you dulce de leche crepes, queso de cabra, and most importantly, churros con chocolate. I will you more trips to Sephora and too much gelato. I will you the ability to find joy in complete chaos and also in the little things.

To SCIA Board (Hannah Harvard, Kyle Campbell, & Abhiudaya Bhalla), I will confidence to step out of your comfort zone. I will you meetings full of disagreement, but the courage to make your ideas heard and listened to. I will you the moments that you realize just who you are talking to and how important they are, and the excitement that comes with that. I will you all of the challenges and frustration that come from this club, and all the lessons I learned from it.

To Allies Board, I will you our “good foundation” and the long list of things I want to tell you. I will you the responsibility of the most incredible organization on campus. Take advantage of it. Learn everything that this position has to teach you. Take care of it. Do better than I could this year. And find people to take care of it after you. Talk to the advisers; they are some of the best people on this campus. Talk to the underclassmen; my love for the program was ignited by my upperclassmen. Most importantly, enjoy it. Embrace the chaos – it will be gone before you know it.

To Charlie Hultquist, as promised, I will the location of the candy in PFS. Come find me sometime and I’ll tell you. Along with this, I will you the joy that I find in teaching. I will you students and lessons that challenge you. And I will you the desire to pass this on. Also I will you Expo markers that work.

To Neil Wary, I will you the chance to watch an underclassman succeed like I was able to watch you. I will you a timid listener that becomes an avid and important participant. I will you the chance to witness an underclassmen get as excited as you do about your Biology program ideas, I really, really love listening to them. I also will you the opportunity and drive to make your ideas into a reality. I hope you learned things this year and I am beyond confident that you can do anything you set your mind to. I have loved working with you and watching you grow. Help more people to do the same next year.

To all of the Allies, I will you my favorite part of IMSA: this program. I will you incredible weeks of summer with your best friends. I will you trips to Banana Splits and good talks at the sketchy playground. I will you chaos and laughter and curiosity. I will you students that you won’t forget and advisers and upperclassmen that will do anything to help you. I will you lessons that don’t work and teach you how to improvise. I will you lessons that do work and remind you of why you love this. I will you the program in which I found my place and my passion.

To Jessy Chtilianova, I will you a scared sophomore that asks you to Writing Center tutor her and then proceeds to ask you to read every. single. paper. I will you a sophomore that you get to watch grow and get better, even if it’s just in one small way. I really enjoyed it, so thank you. And I will you many more great grades on papers.

To Connor Elmore, I will you an underclassman that is as kind and gregarious as you are. I will you somebody that will talk to you about musicals (even if they don’t know as much as you). I will you somebody that cares as much about their friends as you do. And I will you all the smiles that you brought me this year.

To all the Underclassmen, I will you positivity and courage. IMSA is an amazing place. Not despite the 2 AM fire alarms and 10 page papers and the competition, but because of it. Because 2 AM fire alarms are cold and annoying, but also something other people don’t have. Because 10 page papers the night before (or the day of) are tough, but who will understand your struggle better than another IMSA student? And although the competition is excruciating, you are truly lucky to be surrounded by so many brilliant thinkers and doers. So, to the best of your ability, I will you the ability to see these things before I did and to take advantage of them before it is too late.

Kayla Raflores
To Larry, I will you all my gamer girl skills. There isn’t much to give anyway, but you know.

To Amy Guo, I will you my Biggest Memer (Female) title. Use it wisely.

To Astha, I will you half of all my love. You’re one of my favorite dinks.

To Cathy, I will you the other half of all my love. Share it, and spread it like a wildfire.

To Derek, I will you success in fire drills and safety in real fires. (it’s hot hot) so delicious.

To Claudia, I will you a timely, creative Prom ask. I hope you keep making others’ days like you made mine.

To Julian Robinson, I will you chocolate. I hope you like it. B a good man.

To Parth, I will you all the trees in the world. They are yours.

To Sriram, I will you the drone. And super success in SIR.

To Lucy, I will you Parth. I luv u.

To Lizzie, I will you noodles and leftover food. We can eat it together sometime.

Krishi Korappati
To Boys’ Soccer (Chetan, Pranav N., Gedi, Sohill, Domowicz, Fernando, and Gombar, Tommy, Luke, Andrew Kim), I will you all a conference championship next year. Also get first team all conference and learn to freestyle better. Don’t get red cards or be ineligible and work in the off-season. Ask yourselves: what would Krishi do? Just kidding, but actually I think you guys can more than compensate for our absence next year as long as you have confidence. Play with your hearts and listen to Coach Dan/Josiah.

To Ishita Bhatt and Zach Bhatt, I will you both to become better at Spanish and carry on the Cafe Iberico tradition for the years to come. Although Ishita, though we vomit on each other a lot, you’re a pretty wonderful girl and I’ll miss out interactions. And Brahmbatt, maybe with a little practice you can out-spanish me; maybe I’ll see you at Columbia next year.

To Faris. Akash, Harsha, Sam Anozie, Fritz, Neil Roy, Jennings George Li, I will you all the ping pong team no matter who’s president. You better make state next year and beat Loyola and Naperville North. I also will you all to practice every day because champions don’t rest.

To A-wing bros (Cash, Sam, Ryan, Grant, Logan, Micah, Desmond (carry on the tradition and love yourselves), Yamil, Istvan, Shyam, Patrick, Abhay, Cameron, Adric, Goutam, Pranav) and Fernando and Neil John cause you guys were always here, I will you a continued love for 05. If you decide to leave, I hope you keep the memories and the identity. All of you made my senior year worth it and gave our residence an unparalleled identity.

To Sean Golinski, I will you a wonderful LEAD co next year and someone else who can relate to the struggles conservatives face at IMSA. Thanks for educating me politically and being a great co. Don’t let any failure faze you; you’re too smart and capable to be shut down.

To Guys Track Distance (Miron, Kir, “Istvan”, Daniel Chen, Daniel Soto, Jake Sutter, Andrew, Vincent), I will you to never let IMSA kill your stride, your stamina, or your tenacity. Thanks for a great season and for accepting me into the community. Always go hard in the off-season rain, shine, snow, blood, or sweat and compare yourselves with the best, not IMSA’s standards. Also break some more records; they’re not that fast. ;-)

To Nicklas, I will you to win state for once. Tal vez serás más hábil que mi en español si practiques. You’re a good and a smart kid; don’t let anyone, including Spanish teachers, tell you otherwise.

To Noble, Igor, AJ, Kyle, I will you to master philosophy, IMPACT, and give love a chance; to find a better SIR where you can put your smarts to use; to give me the sweatshirt I deserve, just kidding you better be top 8 next year; and ride your relationship through graduation while you keep the fact that you beat me in the spelling bee on the DL – respectively. All of you are beyond smart; use those brains and that youthfulness wisely.

To Darius and Pranav N. Boppita Zoppita, I will you both to continue cancering for next year and to never let girls faze you. I respect your ability to tolerate stress and your authenticity. Sometimes love is beautiful, but when it is hard, you’ll always have a bro to turn to. Remember, girls, gains, grades. Darius, be the de-facto president of MAO and carry COTSP while keeping on the tradition of Trevor the tree. Pra don’t let Che outscore you at all costs; I’m glad you found what I never did. Call me if you need help.

To Sohum and Pranesh. I will you a Clash victory next year and revenge at Dowling. You two are a dream team for 05; thanks for motivating me to participate in clash this year and tolerating my insubordination. Both of you are good, smart people-keep it that way. I also think you two should give love a chance. Any girl would be lucky to have that flowing hair (Sohum) or that defined, lanky bod (Pranesh).

To Clinton, Gedi, and Takudzwa, two of you quit soccer which was a shame but I will you to always treasure friendships and remain the genuine people you are. Also respectively, don’t ever forget the Obama impression, stop ticking me, and become a dance God (even though you’re already basically there).

To Chetan, I will you to pave your own path and not try to be me because that’s impossible. But actually, break the school goal scoring record, understand love, and work to play D1 because I think you can make it. Also bulk up and don’t let IMSA kill your energy and youth. To be honest I think you’ve already surpassed me in many ways. Don’t be forced into growing up.

To Faris. First Lohitha, then Varun, and now me. You’re next. I challenge you to continue the linear growth of Iles, Frankline, SHS, IMSA student accomplishments. At the very least do the best you can because I think you are more than capable of doing big things. But don’t ever feel obligated, nervous, or overwhelmed to follow someone else’s fate. Pave your own. Also get better at ping pong because you’re a scrub. (I say that cause I know it makes you stronger).

To LEAD (Ashrita, Abs, Esther, Gary, Igor, Lauren, Lucy, Noble, Patrick, Sargam, Sean, Henry, Rebecca), I will you all to kill it in LEAD again next year. Though our relationships were not maximized because I didn’t show up as much as I should have, I still think all of you are so very capable and I treasured what memories I was able to make with you. I will you to continue the love of FamiLEAD and have an even stronger team next year.

To Aabshar, Teja, Jimmy, Sohill, Hunter Welch, James, Leon, Srivinay, Isaiah and Chakravarthy, don’t ever forget who you are inside. Don’t let IMSA or another person change you; if they try to, tell them to you’re too much of a beast to do so. I will you to maintain your level of vivacity, kindness, and positivity you had when you first came to IMSA. Challenge yourselves and grow both physically and intellectually because your amazing potentials NEED to be realized.

To Yuri and Abs, I will you to stay happy your last year at IMSA despite the hardships that may arise. Yuri, get the Wordgame on the iphone and beat me for once. Abs, catch up to me in Naruto so you can be a beast for once. I am so happy to see that you two have found yourself at IMSA after a winding sophomore year (mine was too). Keep that current level of pride, confidence, and optimism, because you deserve it. Also, both of you, keep ziking.

To Abdul, Eric, Mosope. Geez you guys are small, always backing away from me when I approach you in the hallways. I’m just kidding. I will you guys some new heada**** to become friends with. I’m gonna miss beating you guys up (or getting beaten up) everyday. All you guys are such good people, a rare thing to find in life, much less IMSA. I will you to keep your hearts pure; I’m sure it won’t be hard to do. Get bigger for real though.

To Abhay and Istvan. 2 years in A-wing and you guys are kind of beasts. I will you to win state for once in either tennis or cross. Also you guys are a pretty dope roommate pair and I’m glad you two will be pursuing a literature independent study. Get published. Just stay true to yourselves and don’t be too worried about the course of events in life; follow your hearts and work your hardest and everything will work out. It always does to good people like you.

To Sona. I will you another downstate seat buddy even though we only sat together like once. Thanks for being a great CWW partner for one quarter. I admire your conviction, outspokenness, and mirth. Keep it that way until the very end.

Lindy Hong
To Claire Wang, I will you the IMSA swim team. I trust that you’ll lead the team to even more victories even without the seniors and KSAT’s incredible coaching skills. Thank you for swimming with me all these years at PAWW and IMSA. You’ve been a great competitor and teammate. Try not to spend so long focusing on the outcome and enjoy your last season with the foxy titans.

To Catherine Luo, I will you an amazingly talented and incredibly smart sophomore that always brings you food. Catherine, you’re one of the sweetest people I’ve met at IMSA, and I’m sad I only get one year with you. You’re so responsible (much more so than anyone in my quad) and driven, and I can’t wait to see all the amazing things you do during your next two years here.

To Elizabeth Tang, I will you a beautiful sophomore who will freak out over BTS dance videos with you. I’m so proud to see how much you’ve grown since sophomore year. I hope you have more free time senior year and an incredible final clash. I trust that 02 will be in good hands.

To Diann George, I will you a kind, loving junior. Thank you for talking to my quad and eating with us at Friday Fest. Our quad will only be a message away if you ever feel stressed or want advice. I also will you all my SCC spreadsheets. I know you’ll do a terrific job, just like you have these last two years.

To Abs, I will you another relationship support group. I’m glad I got to meet you this semester (You Think?). Thank you for the relationship advice and for teaching me your moves. I hope you continue to cop the love and find your one true babe someday.

To Monique, I will you 02D. Thank you for staying in 02D these past two years. You’re such a kind, relaxed person, Monique (and also really good at dancing to kpop songs). I know you’ll keep the spirit of 02D alive no matter where you live next year. I hope you have a great senior year.

To the IMSA/Yorkville Co-op, I will you the strength to swim 18X100 on 1:20. Thank you for being a place where I can forget about all my stresses. I don’t think I would have stayed at IMSA if I couldn’t swim. I hope you all continue to love the sport and support each other <3

To Jimmy Ren, I will you the state cut.

To Lily, Akshaya, Prachi, and Shev, I will you responsible seniors who don’t stay up late. I’m sorry my quad can be obnoxiously loud at 2 am. I hope the rest of your IMSA experience is rewarding and you can find time to relax and have fun.

To Mounisha, I will you a junior who will give you a hug every time they see you. Make sure you keep the 02 seniors’ legacy alive and try to relax and have fun during your senior year.

To Eva and Alice Liu, I will you sophomores who will talk to you about kdramas and teach you about the Chinese culture. Whenever I was stressed, it always made me happy to talk to you two about Lee Jong Suk and hear about your Canadian adventures. Thank you for being so positive and kind. I hope I get to watch that Taiwanese drama with you two someday (remember during junior year that schoolwork is always more important than kdramas!!).

To 02D sophomores, I will you fun and productive junior years. It’s made me so happy to see all of you finding your place at IMSA. Continue to love your friends and love your work. No matter how hard it may get next year, always remember what motivated you to come (and also remember you can always message your seniors for advice!).

Madison Dong
To Patrick Pynadath, I will you my old pair of Beats by Dre and the ability to buy more sneakers. I don’t know what weird sort of fate brought us together on that Northwestern tour, but to whatever it was, I am thankful. You’ve made me a better person. I hope you have a junior as loyal and fun to you as you were to me since the very first day of this year. Keep finding music, keep finding yourself.

To Takudzwa George, I will you gorgeous foggy nights and a notebook to keep your thoughts in. I just feel like you’re the kind of guy who needs one. Sometimes we think of stuff but forget it because we don’t write it down, or sometimes we just need to get our thoughts and feelings out. But overall, I hope you keep being as insightful and genuine as you have been to me. Also, I already know that ‘thing’ you always wanted to tell me but never did. Bobby told me.

To Bobby Luo, I will you the temp NYC Metro card that I keep in my wallet. I think there’s approximately one cent left on it. You’ve shown me that even the temporary things are worth it, and I hope to see you in NYC someday for Artichoke Pizza. I also will you the ability to see beauty in everything.

To Rebecca Xun and Connor Elmore–ah, yes. I will you two StudCo. I will you the organization that has made this year an emotional rollercoaster for me, but a rollercoaster that I’ve enjoyed nonetheless. This year will be hard. You’re in a position that is hard to understand. But trust each other. Look out for each other. And if you ever need me, I’ll be on Slack.

To Darius Hong, Radeesha Jayewickreme, Tommy Nguyen, Justin Elesterio, Becky Mathew, Alex Zhong, and Srivinay Tummarakota, I will you some kind of recognition and satisfaction. Regardless of whether you are on StudCo next year, I want to thank all of you for everything. Each of you is so unique, with some kind of spark, and I want you to keep that wherever you go.

To Tommy Nguyen, I will you inner peace and happiness. I always love talking and joking around with you, whether it’s in the writing center or over a game of League. I hope you find your way in life with all the people and places that you will meet and depart from, and I hope that we can meet up long in the future and you can tell me all about it.

To Mike Xu, I will you successful bottle flips and more excuses to play “Ultimate.”

To Derek Ronske and Amy Guo, I will you more memes and the ability to find who you are. Amy, I remember what you said during the Jefferson Dinner in the staff lounge, and I hope you eventually find yourself. Or if you don’t, I’m always open to talking with you about it.

To Nikhita Kasana, I will you love of all sorts and kinds, for all people and things.

To Shubhi Verma, I will you a junior year full of self-discovery and growth, and one of my old election posters. I have an immense amount of respect for anyone who steps on that stage more than once, and I hope you keep finding within you the strength to try things again.

To Catherine Luo, I will you the heart to keep up with Kung-Fu and the ability to be yourself around everyone, because your true self is lovable and fun. I hope you find that the IMSA community is full of great people everywhere you look.

To Elizabeth Tang, I will you fish balls and fluent Mandarin.

To Advai Podduturi, I will you a fun and kind junior to carry you if/when you fall ill to senioritis. Thanks for asking me how I’m doing, because it really means alot to me that you ask.

To Noble Wulffraat, I will you my copy of “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” by the one and only Friedrich Nietzsche. Life is full of weird thoughts and realizations. I really hope that you just have fun and are happy.

To Larry Donahue, I will you the ability to break 1000 in Nom Cat.

To Jake Cooley, I will you alllll the four-step methods your feet desire.

To Esther Mathew, I will you lots of laughter and smiles, just like you have given to me in the late nights spent in ADQ. You are one of the kindest people I’ve ever met and I hope you continue to spread happiness to those around you.

To Shivani Sharma, I will you the ability to find people as kind as you, who can carry you during times that you need it.

To Cassie Parent and Hanson Hao, I will you car rides with people as fun and insightful as yourselves.

To Harrison Carcione, I will you dead horses and friends that you can open up to. This includes myself (not the dead horse part). You may be frustrated this year when you try to work on mental health at IMSA, and for that, I will you the capacity and motivation to push through and keep going, because it really does matter to everyone that you care.

Mariah Yelenick
To Audrey and Urvi – I will you sophomores as wonderful as you guys are. I will you our wing, take good care of it!

To Kate and Nikhita – I will you Relay at IMSA. Take good care of it, and we’ll someday see a cure, I promise!

Meghana Kamineni
To Monique, I will you both an awesome roommate and amazing opportunities to try new things so you can find activities you truly enjoy. I’ve always found it so inspiring to see you always trying something new: whether it’s learning Korean, teaching yourself ridiculously hard dances, or trying to get certified to be a yoga instructor. I hope that you’ll continue to make time for yourself, and I’m going to miss living with such an incredible person who is always up to talk and destress and helped me really understand what diversity means. Also, I have no idea what I’m going to do without your Kpop recommendations.

To Claudia, I will you tons of long brutally honest conversations and the most stress-free senior year possible. Every conversation I’ve had with you has been so memorable, and it’s crazy how accurately you can always guess what I’m feeling. Number theory, math team, and IMSA in general would not have been the same without you, and I really hope that you’ll be able to escape college stress next year long enough to enjoy what you have left of IMSA before you go off to do bigger and better things.

To Spoorthi, I will you to always be as genuine as you are today because it’s inspired me so much this year. Whether you’re talking about physics or extracurriculars, you’ve amazed me with how much you care, and I hope nothing will ever change that. But the things I’ll miss the most about you are how sweet you always are and your amazing hugs, so please don’t change that either.

To Claire, I will you the future of yearbook captions wherever that may go. Even though we were both 200% lost the entire time, I’m so happy I had you to get me through. Whether it was coming up with the worst puns for captions or complaining about SIR, I’m happy that I got a chance to get to know you better this year.

To Marisa, I will you a sophomore to practice drill with you behind the whiteboard during flute sectionals and to completely ruin Lion King for you like you did for me. Thanks for always being so sweet, and you’ll be the one thing I’ll truly miss about band.

To Lizzie, I will you a greater appreciation of all the puns I made with your name this year. That way, whenever college gets you down, you’ll remember to be super silly which I know you are very capable of. I’m going to miss your fangirl sessions over Kdramas and that one Chinese movie a lot next year, but I’m glad I still have time to experience a few more.

To Shruthi, I will you the ability to effectively use your built in leash. I’m very jealous that I don’t have one.

To Annie, I will you more time spent obsessing over Kpop so you can influence more innocent minds like mine. I also will you to get past junior year alive because for some reason, you’re positive that there’s no way you’ll survive. Honestly, you’re one of the happiest people I know (or maybe you just smile a lot), and I can’t imagine anything putting you down. I’m still not sure when we started talking or why, but I’m really happy we did.

To Alice and Eva, I will you to continue to spread your knowledge about Kdramas and weird super long Chinese novels. Even though I may never have acted on your recommendations, thanks for making me feel like a real expert about Chinese novels even if it was for approximately 5 minutes.

To Chandana, I will you more exciting weekends volunteering at various hospitals. Thanks for helping me get through all those early mornings.

To Diann, I will you an accident-free driving career, more subtlety so you can become an expert at sleeping in class, a cleaner room next year, and someone to brighten your day like you did for me. Thank you for always being so cheerful, and I’m going to miss seeing you so every Tuesday and Thursday. Also, please sleep next year (maybe as much as Claire??).

To Sonya, I will you an amazing little sibling who will brighten your day as you did for me.

To Catherine, I will you a baby sophomore who will sometimes amaze you with her talents, but will mostly just make fun of you. I’m so happy that housing placed you in D wing this year, and you’ll always be my wingmate no matter what happens. Even though you refuse to accept my seniority, I’m going to miss interacting with such a genuinely nice person, even if it’s at the weirdest moments.

To Andy, I will you a great orals assistant next year and a better understanding of how Dr. Keyton’s stories about Lewis Carroll connect to boolean algebra.

To Eric, I will you a better taste in music and someone else to bother during math team (or someone else to bother you– whichever you prefer).

To Shev, Prachi, and Ashley, I will you the courage to express your inner weirdness. Junior year may get tough, but letting yourself lose control really makes it better. Even though we only had a short time together, I loved talking to you on the rare occasion, and I’m going to miss lying on your floor or constantly annoying you so much next year.

To Lily and Katie, I will you to always be there for each other because it’s so cute to see you guys together every single second in the wing commons. Your interactions always brighten my day. I was actually planning on willing you higher Snapchat scores, but you guys are doing pretty well already, so just have a great junior year instead, and don’t stress too much!

Michael Dizon
To Parth Dhyani, I will you the leadership, motivation, and graphic design techniques you need to keep Club Terra blossoming. I know I wasn’t able to be around the whole time, but I know you can save the world from climate change. I also will you a better sense of aim, so that the pumpkins you throw always go where you want them.

To Neil Patel, I will you copious amounts of nuclear bombs, and free time to watch ATLA to your heart’s content.

To Severance Graham, I will you the reinstitution of Pluto as a planet.

To Henry Wittich, I will you LEAD-ership skills and good luck in any bio classes you take. Our MCB table was a blast :)

To Charlie Hultquist, I will you the planning, organization, and Wing-Guide-y ability that I never had. Keep working hard to Make 01B Great Again.

To Thomas Harris, I will you good-luck in all your classes! You’ve always worked incredibly hard in all your classes, and I know you’ll do wonderfully in the years to come.

To Danielle Lee, I will you happiness and laughter for your next two years. Your sense of humor always brightens my day, and I hope we’ll still dab at each other when I come back to visit.

To Christoph Gaffud, I will you a Nintendo Switch and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I also leave you with mad violin skills to carry 01 talent show with, and many more opportunities to body roll during Clash.

To the sophomores of 01B wing, I will you a great wing next year. I know some of you are leaving, or you might get shafted to other wings or halls next year, but you’ve all honestly made B wing super great and I hope you can make your future wings just as hilariously fun. Just don’t get the Wii U taken away next year ;)

To Lucas Urbanski, Becky Mathew, and the future 01 RSLs of 2018, I will you 1501. I’ve gone from being pessimistic about living in the “couchie-hall” sophomore year to falling in love with this hall senior year. Whether it’s for wing wars or clash or any other event, this hall never fails to come together with a wonderful sense of unity and family that I love. Keep that 01 spirit up, and good luck at Clash next year!

To Tommy Nguyen, I will you my chillhop and Japanese synth-pop music playlists, and a new SoutaiseiRiron album. I hope League of Legends club goes well next year!

To those underclassmen who keep posting in the ISMA meme page (Matthew Feinberg, Mike Xu, Cameron Bircher, to name a few), I don’t really know you. Nonetheless your content always makes me laugh, so I will you a healthy sense of humor to tackle your next few years at IMSA with.

To all IMSA students, past, present, and future, I will you time. The funny thing about IMSA is that it makes three years feel extremely long and extremely short at the same time – that AmStud period feels like an eternity, while that paper you’re writing is suddenly due in an hour; you have so much time to form new friendships and relationships, but it seems to end all too soon. Knowing this, I will you time: not only time to clutch that final paper, but time to look up from work and enjoy the moments around you. Take an extra second to catch your breath, share those handfuls of minutes with others, and find those hours to stay up talking ’til the sunrise. Find those pockets of happiness, the little moments nestled between the long hours of schoolwork and sleep-deprivation, ones that will make all of the stress and tears worth it. Do what you love with the people you love, and remember that you don’t just write papers here – you can also write stories and make memories that can last a lifetime.

Michelle Zhu
To Justin Kang, I will you more motivation during senior year – so don’t SSS too hard – and to come to your dream school UIUC. I also will you more friends that will bring you food during class and a working connectify, so we can keep those streaks and so you can keep updating me on your weekly specials.

To Catherine Luo, I will you more cookies, even though you don’t eat them with us, and also a community like 02D. Also your sword skills are crazy; I will you the chance to present them in every show.

To Lily Pan, I will you the confidence to sing louder at Coffeehouse because you have a beautiful voice.

To Elizabeth Tang, I will you more sleepovers to watch K-Dramas and lust over Lee Jong Suk. And I guess someone to enjoy Venus Angelic.

To Abhiudaya Bhalla (Abs), I will you more “quality” memes and GIFs to be proud of and for spicier ramen, if there is. Also, for reaction videos that will make you say “good stuff brah”.

To Lewis Oh, I will you the best fashion sense and nice clear skin from all your weekly face masks. I also hope you can learn to dance as much as you want, but it already seems like you’re doing great because Korean traditional choreographer!

Morgan Phillips
To Angitha, I will my hermitism :’) and the friendship of my younger brother. He’ll be here next year so say hi for me!

Naomi Nakajima
To Sargam, I will you 100 sheets of seaweed and inarizushi, so you don’t need to fly to me to steal some. I hope you find a friend that is as honest and comforting as you are and is as obsessed with BTS as you are. You’ve been a great friend and classmate, and you deserve the best. I will miss you so much.

To Sophie Ashbrook, I will you Photoshop and Lightroom so you can continue making profile pictures and hall movies without me. Clash is just the start of when we started talking, but it wasn’t the end. You’re an amazing friend and I’m so glad we have gotten closer this year.

To Yuri Oh, I will you my super awesome soccer skills . We both struggled last year in soccer but I at least got a new friend out of it (and a lot of bench time). Although we don’t talk as much this year, I’m so grateful for all the amazing times we had talking and dancing to our song after every practice.

To Kanika, I will you an amazing sophomore buddy that will leave inspiring, cute little notes all over your room. You’re the sweetest girl I know and you deserve the best. If you ever need help with school or any advice, just let me know. You always have a smile on your face and leave everyone feeling 10 times better about their day, and you deserve the same back.

To Shivani, I will you an amazing senior year. You’re always stressing out, but truth is, you have so much potential, and are an extremely talented person, and you deserve happiness. You’ve been a great friend to me and have helped me a lot in German or just through your kind hugs. Relax, and don’t worry so much about what other people think and just have fun sometimes!

To Diego, Carson, and Kate, I will you a successful and amazing year on CAB next year. I hope you come up with some crazy new ideas. These events take a lot of work, so stay organized, but make sure to have as much fun with them as we did this year. I will you more candy and ice cream sandwiches and Steak and Shake from Amy too!

Nathaniel Smith
To Shivani, Becky, Hanson, Grant- Learning increases agency. Maximize your agency.

Nikitha Garapaty
To Devika Prasad, I will you a sophomore who is just as lost as I am at every, single moment. A sophomore who will drop everything to get food from Orchard with you. A sophomore who is just as bubbly and happy all the time. A sophomore who whines all the time ;). A sophomore who reminds you of yourself in every way possible. A sophomore who is more a friend than an underclassmen. I’m so so happy that you asked me how to use a mop and how to wipe down a table that first time you had housekeeping because I will never run out of things to make fun of you for. Thank you for being a little sister to me and giving me just as much crap as I give you. Thank you for being one of my favorite people during my last year at IMSA. Make the most out of the next two years, I know you’re going to kill it.

To Carson Goffinett the MemeMaster, I will you a successful meme business and many more beautiful tag-urself memes. Love you forever for draining my candy bowl of all the candy I didn’t like every time I filled it up. I am going to miss seeing you in our room ranting like Hannah Montana and setting birthday fires. Make the most of your senior year and kick some butt with hall movie, drill, and propics next year. I hope you continue to make your hall as much fun as you did this year for me. Gonna miss you so much.

To Jessy Chtilianova, I will you vegan chicken nuggets and ice cream. Thank you for letting me chill in your room before meetings and check. I am going to miss seeing you in our room and hearing you make fun of me. Love you tons, thank you for making 03 so much fun this year.

To Arya Kadakia, I will you a Spanish carry as wonderful as you. I still remember meeting you when you were shadowing Deepshika. I will always be just as excited to see you as I was that day, you were literally the perfect sophomore to have. I’m so happy you were on the volleyball team because I could not have asked for a nicer or a more wonderful sophomore to brighten up that season. Thank you for all the spanish carry, the conversations, the advice, and the love. Have a wonderful senior year.

To Kathy Lopez, I will you the volleyball team. Thank you for probably being the best volleyball player this school has ever seen. I’m so glad you were one of the sophomores on the varsity team this year, because I couldn’t have been happier to meet such a fun-loving, spirited teammate during my last season. I hope you get a team full of people just like you because I know you’re going to kill it next year.

To Louise Lima, I will you a Titan Teammate who makes volleyball just as enjoyable as you did for me. Volleyball wouldn’t have been the same without your always smiling face. Good luck next year, I hope you have a wonderful two more seasons.

To Anisha Gubba, I will you awkward interactions with a sophomore. I hope you have a wonderful two more years at IMSA.

To Kate Rabideau, I will you an underclassmen who you end up running into so many times that you just have no choice but to be friends with her :P. Thank you for being in my orientation group, my Saturday Session, my CORE class, my SocEnt class, and best of all my hall. I’m going to miss seeing you everywhere and talking to you all the time. Thank you for the endless conversations, the endless amount of outfits you have let me borrow, and the endless love. I hope you have an amazing senior year.

To Hannah Harvard, I will you a sleepover buddy who doesn’t fall asleep early every time. I love you for sleeping over Saturday nights because I always passed out Fridays and we never got to do anything we planned. I will never ever forget you, my junior twin. The amount of things that made our lives synonymous made every single ranting session ten times more fun. Thank you for the many sleepovers, all the target trips, the movies, the face masks, and all the food you made me when I failed at cooking. Thank you for entertaining yourself when I was sleeping. Thank you for listening to my confusing stories. Thank you for being more a friend than my underclassmen. I’ll miss you tons, but I hope you have the best senior year.

To Sophie Ashbrook, I will you Sofia and Amy’s room in 06. I love that You have no idea how much each and every one of those conversations meant to me. Thank you for spending 8th mod talking to me and thank you for all the advice and the constant love. Thank you for being in almost oct or I wouldn’t have ever met you.

To Maria Garcia, Hannah Harvard, Kate Rabideau, and Sophie Ashbrook, I will you a full oct picture and the pet turtle we were supposed to pass onto you all, except we never actually bought it. Love you all for becoming some of the best friends I could have ever asked for. Even though we never ended up actually being an oct, thank you for all the love and fun times. We will buy you a turtle to take care of next year. Make the most of your senior year.

To Abhiudaya Bhalla, I will you Portillo’s. But for real thank you for the endless math carry, I would be literally failing math without you. Thank you for being my secretary and knowing my schedule better than me. Love you for the bad advice, and I will still give you my life story on the last day of school I promise. You will forever be my sophomore no matter how old you get because you are a child. Thank you for always planning my life out for me, I appreciate you existence so much. Have a wonderful senior year and make the most of it Director.

To Gary Yang, I will you another great year of SocEnt ;), or you know whatever elective you end up doing. Thank you for all the fun times and have a great senior year.

To Igor Zhuravlyov, I will you Gucci Mane St. Bricks Christmas playlist. I hope you have many more great times in LEAD Thank you for one of the best CORE experiences ever.

To Noble Wulffratt, I will you a passionate senior year in LEAD full of passionate leaders who lead through leadership in social justice.

To Kyle Campbell, I will you someone who will throw stuff at you in Calculus and another dumb winter hat. For real though, you made math about as entertaining as it could get. Thanks for the good times, I hope you get Ms. Dover again.

To Amy Guo, I will you a sophomore who makes your life as interesting as you did in SocEnt. Thank you for being such a fun-loving student, I wish you the best of luck in the next two years at IMSA.

To Nathan Lee, I will you a pizza box. Thank you for being my least favorite SocEnt student, but not actually. Good luck next year, I’ll miss you being the constant entertainment of SocEnt.

Nina Denne
To Parth, I will you my love for plants and all the passion that I have for them (even though you already have so much). I also will to you Club Terra. Thank you for always being excited about every meeting, and keeping that passion and energy throughout the year. I know that you are going to make sure that Club Terra is even better next year, and I am excited to see what you come up with and everything that you do in the future. I know you are going to do great things, and I hope those great things include the environment, because I know that with your passion, you can make a difference. I had lots of fun running Club Terra with you, from walking around No Pond looking at plants, to stressing about which type of succulents to order and plant to tell Don.

To Neil, Trisha, Suhitha, and Meghan, I will to you Club Terra Board. I hope that you guys can make it bigger and better than I ever could, I wish you all the best of luck implementing the Green Ambassador program. I know you guys are going to make me proud next year, you all have great ideas and are passionate about the environment. Meghan, continue making great puns for all the Facebook posts, and Neil, thank you for keeping this board together by always being dedicating and ready to run around to find people at the weirdest times, and not giving up on Kiely when he ghosted us. :)

To Larry, I will you the courage to act on all of your friend crushes, and I hope your oct next year is just as amazing as you want it to be. Thank you for being down to talk whenever about anything from memes to colleges, and I hope your college applications aren’t too stressful next year. I will you good memes and great underclassmen, even though I know they can’t be as good as the class of 2017. I will you a great prom date and prom table next year, and the confidence to figure out flowers and tuxes and prom asks next year just as well as you did this year. I couldn’t have asked for a better prom date or tinikling partner (even if we don’t really know what we’re doing sometimes). I will you my in-room skills, and I hope that your senior housing investment pays off. Thank you for being a great friend this year, and thank you for convincing me to buy that bougie ice cream that one time, I consider both very worthwhile investments.

To Kir, Charlie Kuch (my boi chuckles), Mike, and Shivani, I will you my Deutsch skills to crush Deutsch Vier (even though you don’t really need mine, you guys are already so much better than me) and I will you all the love that Frau has for me so that you guys are never auf die schwarze Liste!!

To Astha, I will you the strength to continue to maintain all of your snapchat streaks, and a wonderful year next year, filled with great times and more emails from your dad.

To Cathy, I will you your own sophomores that will grow to call you Cathy too. You are so cool and I will you the best underclassmen next year. :)

To Akhila, I will you plenty of friends to buy you succulents, and juniors to carry you in your classes. I will you underclassmen that you can talk about boys with, and I will you a non-stressful senior year.

To Elly, I will you three more years with me, and a wonderful senior year, filled with even more Sims. :)

To Tessa, I will you the courage and confidence to kill the rest of your problem sets! And good friends to help you finish them. :)

To Clinton, I will you great sophomores, so that you can experience being a big sibling too. I know that you’re going to do great as an 07 CD, and I hope you find underclassmen that will let you spin them around at Holi next year.

To Devika, I will you a great BC3 class that’s just as fun as our BC2 class, that’s willing to squish the tables together and help each other.

Nitya Talasila
Sophie: My wonderful Soap, I will you an underclassman that makes you feel as comfortable as you made me feel. I was worried of what my shaft would turn my senior year into, but you erased that worry within the first week at IMSA. You’re attitude, passion, and work ethic are so inspirational, and I know your potential will take you somewhere great. Thank you for the endless memories and love, and making me feel like I was at home. I’m incredibly happy I got shafted into B-wing with you, you’ve made my senior year amazing and God am I going to miss you.

Shivani: Oh shiv, I will you an underclassman that will call you mummy and eventually make you forget you didn’t actually give birth to them. I still remember meeting you at the beginning of Junior year, a quiet little girl you were. Seeing you grow and prosper at IMSA makes me the proudest mother of all. Thank you for being my little child, for two years of endless hugs, love, countless memories, rapid choreo sessions for girls dance, and of course spontaneous mall trips. Someday I might learn Hindi and not say mushroom for every word, I’ll let you know :) IMSA would have been different without you, and even a wing apart, or no matter the distance you better always be my shiv.

Abs: yo ugly! Abhiudaya Bhalla, I will you an underclassman that never stops asking for work. Someone that you’re never going to forget. In all honesty, I’m so glad I’m friends with you and got to work with you this year, because not everyone has experience with such a driven individual like you. Your passion and dedication is impressive and reassuring, so thank you for being there to lift me up when I needed it. I can’t wait to see where you take the future, I’m expecting great things. Make me proud.

October: BOBBB I will you an underclassmen that will scream yeet dab and bob at you in the hallway no matter who is around. The amount of giggles and fun we’ve had is priceless, and I’m so so happy you’re energetic self got put into B-wing. I hope you have fun 10-checks without accidentally saying bob and confusing everyone, and I hope you make the most out of IMSA.

ISA board: Abs, Arya, Pranesh, Devika, Faris, and Chuck, I will you a fun and memory filled experience on ISA board. It’s something that’ll stick with you forever, and I’m going to miss chasing after everyone with food during Diwali practices. Please take care of my baby, and make me proud. You’ll hear me cheering during board dance from the audience next year!

Kanika: I will you a sweet loving sophomore that will always have a smile to brighten your day up. I’m going to miss talking about the most random things and stealing clothes from you, but make sure to visit me in college and paint my nails. Have fun at IMSA kiddo.

Sargam: I will you an underclassmen that will scream at you every time you pronounce her name wrong, I’ll get it someday I promise :) Thanks for carrying me through intersession week, falling asleep during the meditation sessions with me, and being such a sweetheart. I hope your senior year is stress-free and you enjoy it to your fullest.

Akhila: I will you an underclassmen that’ll force you to walk in the rain with her. Thank you for the memories and giggles, and I hope you realize giving up your phone is lame in the long run. Even if you always find a way to fall asleep, I know you won’t let your dreams down. Be sure to visit me at some random telugu convention, and please enjoy the rest of IMSA.

Kate: Katherine! I will you the best across the hallway MAD partner ever. You’ve made B-wing super fun and every ten check I’m sure to find you doing something weird in the upstairs hallway. Thank you for making me look forward to MAD, and calming me down before every quiz. I know your passion in biology will take you far, never let anything tell you otherwise.

Priya and Ashrita: I will you two an underclassmen pair that’ll make you laugh till tears. You guys have given me so much laughter in the past two years, and have made me feel so young, if you know what I mean :) Thank you for always being yourselves, and make me proud next year.

Mounisha: I will you an underclassmen that actually understands your Prabhas obsession. Mounisha, thank you for brightening up my days and treating me like the best akka ever. I hope one day we can meet Prabhas together and you can take pictures while security tries to rip us apart. I hope you enjoy your last year at IMSA, and continue to be the sweetheart you are.

Melissa: Lissaaa I will you a stress-free chemistry journey. I hope you find a chemistry partner just as motivated as you, hopefully you don’t have to deal with an SSS again :P In all honestly your intelligence amazes me every day, and I know you’re going to do amazing things in the world. Make Dr. White proud, that’s when you know you did it right.

Nikhita: I will you an underclassmen that somehow gets you to start saying ‘this is me’ in response to absolutely everything. I’m so happy you came to 06 this year, and I know your talent and dedication is going to take you far in life. I hope your last year of IMSA is filled with memories and fun, and don’t worry I’ll always be there with my weirdness for you to make fun of :)

Rishi: I will you the loudest and most energetic garba partner this world can offer. Thank you for introducing the art of sweaty Indian dancing and being such a positive person no matter the circumstance. I’ll never forget your crazy loud self, hope your senior year is the best dude.

06 RSL’s: I will you an experience in 06 that is filled with memories and love. There’s no feeling that can match to the pressure of taking care of an entire residential hall, but I believe in every one of you to enjoy everything 06 has to offer. I hope you all create an environment that everyone will remember for a lifetime, and of course never forget the year of Nit and Isa <3

Priya Sharma
To Diann George, I will you an underclassman who will inspire and spread their positivity, charisma, and happiness to you, as you did to me. You are such a ray of sunshine to be around and I hope nothing ever changes that about you, even on the most stressful of days. I’m always so proud of you and will always be a phone call away. :)

To Melissa Mu, I will you a great schedule with lots of breaks. You’re so smart and funny, and I hope you will find time in your busy days to make all the memories you can. Try to get to know some more names at IMSA and make some more love/hate relationships like ours.

To Jake Cooley, I will you senioritis. You work so hard and care about all the things you are involved in. Even if you claim to like doing work, I hope you will be able to spend more time sleeping and enjoying yourself senior year because you have worked very hard for it.

To Shruthi Sundar & Spoorthi Jakka, I will you an adventurous senior year. You two are so hardworking and I am so happy you were our juniors. I hope you guys will find time to relax, forget about college and grades, and enjoy the time you have at IMSA, because you certainly helped me to. Good luck with everything and never hesitate to reach out to your seniors. :)

To Nabeel Rasheed, I will you an enthusiastic junior who is just as lovable and happy as you. Thank you for always saying hi to me and making orientation last summer so memorable. Continue being your positive, hard-working self and have a wonderful senior year.

To Catherine Luo, I will you a love for sweets. Thanks to a wing dinner, we bonded over food; so I hope by you eating sweets, you will find an underclassman who you will bond with and share many giggling moments with, and also, build up a higher chocolate tolerance. Keep smiling, stay positive, and keep in touch with your seniors because we will miss you and IMSA really does fly by. :’)

To Marisa Patel-O’Connor, I will you lots of oreos. We all know how much you loved them and that made us love you more. I hope in your next two years, your excitement and passion for everything continues to grow and you succeed in all that you try to do. Keep in touch with your tennis seniors because we will miss you and kill it next season, we believe in you!

To May Kaur, I will a sophomore who will sass you as much as you sassed us. I can’t remember the first time you came to our room, but I’m glad you did. Take advantage of the time you have left with upperclassmen, because soon that will be you. I hope you make many more great memories at IMSA and stay in touch with us seniors, because we love you April!

To my future tennis captains Diann, Marisa, & Melissa, I will you a wonderful season with memorable matches, practices, and tournaments. It may seem pointless at times, but don’t let it get to you. Stay passionate about what you’re doing and try to find joy in the craziness of it all. Take lots of pictures, play random games on the bus, and keep #teambonding, because there is nothing quite like our team.

To Claudia, Claire, Diann, Jayoon, Shruthi, & Spoorthi, I will you all two things: amazing underclassmen and a stress-free senior year. I am very happy I got to know you all because you were great juniors to live with. Make the most of your IMSA experience and get to know your underclassmen. You all will be the oldest and most experienced in the school, so enjoy all the fun that comes with it. Thank you for all the memories, I hope you all will have an easy college process and cherish your last year here. :)

Raghuram Koganti
To Pranav Narayanan, I will a season where Real Madrid goes undefeated. I will you a buddy that always jokes around and adds a little bit of spice in your life. I will you someone who always visits your room with a carton of chocolate milk, shares his soccer stream (and goatd) with you, and never plays fair in Indoor Outdoor. I will you someone to do compression work with. I will you someone to play Spades with. I hope your senior year is filled with FIFA and relaxing times. I’m really going to miss you next year buddy. 6-1.

To Abhi Sharma, I will a buddy that is as sweet and thoughtful as you. I will you someone who is playful, mischievous, down-to-earth, cares about his friends, and is a real gem of a person. I will you someone to make your wing events and future wellness classes a lot more entertaining. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you this year bud, and I can’t imagine school without you next year. Take care.

To Pranesh Ravichandran, I will someone that will dance to Indian music without his shirt on. I will someone that will show you Pokemon Showdown on a weekend and proceed to battle with you until 2:00 in the morning. I will someone whose quirks light up your day, someone who you can talk to for a long time, someone that really cares about the people around him. I hope you’ll find someone that’ll make a difference in your senior year like you’ve made in mine dude. Keep going strong with the bathrobe.

To Darius Hong, I will you someone that you genuinely admire. I will you someone whose hard work and dedication to any topic makes you feel a little bad about yourself. I hope that same person can also watch movies with you and always visits your quad. You’re going places buddy. Let me know how it goes.

To Dhvanil Popat, I will you a senior year where you get to take time and stop worrying about the future. I hope you get to relax and really find what makes you happy. Good luck buddy.
To 1505-Wing Up Quad + Hex, I will you an Up Quad and Hex that makes your wing a hype video. Just kidding. Not again. But an up quad and hex that you’ll miss a lot nonetheless.

To Advai Podduturi, I will you a plate of sushi. A lot of it, preferably California Rolls. Because I’ll probably take it. Also, I will you someone who will make you a delicious breakfast on a weekend. Joking aside, I can’t really find words for this dude. You’ve been such a big part of my life over these past two years. I’m going to feel a little empty without you always joking around next year. I hope you find a sophomore that makes you at a loss for words too. Stay strong.

To Takudzwa George, I will you someone that immediately brightens up your day whenever you see them. I will you someone that you can just have a nice conversation with. I will you someone whose attitude towards life is infectious and makes you feel happy somehow. Take care.

To Gedi Njoya, I will you a son. Please adopt him and take care of him. I hope you can make our little, slightly dysfunctional family, a little bigger. He’ll be someone that you can mess around with in Sound and Light or in the hallway or on Yare. I’m sorry I wasn’t around that much as a father. Do a better job next time.

To Adbul Lawal, I will you someone that is a pleasure to talk to. Someone that can tell a hilarious joke or juke someone while playing football. Someone that you wish was on your team. I hope you kill your senior year dude. You’re a real man.

To Eric Hersey, I will you a Little Sib that you’ll slowly get to know over two years. A Little Sib that’s always cheerful when you see him and someone that you’ll miss a lot when you graduate. Take care.

To Patrick Pynadath, I will you a senior year full of gym time and big gains. When I visit, you better be in the two plates club.

To Noble Wulfraat, I will you a senior year that you’ll enjoy as much as this semester. Apparently, it’s going great (better than mine haha), and I hope that continues. Keep staying strong buddy. I know you have it in you.

To Mike Xu, Shivani Sharma, Kir Nagaitsev, Charles Kuch, and other members of the elften Klasse, schenke ich euch eine gute Jahr in die Deutschstunde. Ich weisse, dass manchmal es ein bisschen langsam sein wird, aber es kann auch spass sein, ob ihr das machen wollt. Ich werde euch vermissen. Kümmert Frau für uns, bitte.

To Faris Shaikh, I will you a sophomore that was a lot of fun to get to know this year. I will you someone that will help you try to make Herschel purr and someone that will help you when that goes wrong. I will you someone that’s as great as you dude. You definitely made the year a lot funnier. Keep on being a beast.

Ramya Lakshmanan
To Akhila Vuppalapati, I will you more succulents and all the love in the world. You’re an amazing gal and I don’t know what I would do without all your insistent whipping. I also wish you the best in your endeavors to be a doctor (this is more for your future patients).

To Vidya Babu, I will you a tamil buddy as awesome as me. This might a little hard but I know your Indianness can handle being without me. I don’t think I will ever be as Indian as I am with you and I will you to find someone like that for yourself.

To Mikki Rajvanshi, I will you a lifetime supply of Froot Loops. You are one of the best sophomores in the world and I hope you get more in depth lessons from Quad at 2 in the morning.

To Devika Prasad, I will you someone who gives as good hugs as you give me. I hope you have the best time in the world at IMSA and I know you’re going to be awesome at anything you do.

To Teja Guntupalli, I will you more compression pants and someone who maes as much fun of you as Shivali and I do. You’re gonna make a great junior next year and make sure you imporve your story telling techniques!!

To Sonya Gupta, I will you all the Maggi in the world. You’re going to make an amazing CD next year and I know that I’m leaving 03 in capable hands. Just remember that you don’t need college, college needs you.

To Jessy Chtilianova, I will you more homewrecking moments. You’re gonna do great and don’t worry, no one can replace our quad.

Richard Osmund
To Thomas, I will you the leadership of D-Wing. I know you are capable of doing amazing things in 04, even if it’s not from an official position (now you’ll never get to be dominant wing guide). I have had a fantastic time being Co-wing guides with you, I could not have asked for a better person to not plan programs with. You are an incredibly talented person, and have grown up so much since I first met you sophomore year and had the most memorable answer in “Hot Seat”ever, but you’ve still managed to stay just as awesome and fun as ever. Thank you for expanding the music I listen too and for your willingness to take my abuse. Even though you’re better at basketball, I will always be dominant wing guide.

To Justin (Baby-J), I will you a little bit of maturity. Baby-J, you have come so far since I first met you as a sophomore, but you’ve still got a little ways to go. I know I don’t have a ton of it to spare, but you can have what little extra I’ve got. Even though you weren’t really our hex, having you in my wing for two years was fantastic. You are one of the most fun and energetic people I know, and I really hope that never changes. Also, don’t you dare try to make this wing ever call you Justin.

To Teja, I will you 1 AM internet. Even though you are always bugging me for a hotspot, you are still a super cool sophomore and I have loved having you in my wing this year. Keep being such a beast, Teja.

To Suraj (Dinky), I will you the ability to always be able to scoop whoever you want. You have been a fantastic sophomore, Dink, and I hope you stay as awesome as you have always been.

To Akhila, I will you the ability to be a great memer. Even though I usually hate them, your memes are pretty entertaining and I hope you keep making them. Thanks for being such a good friend, and helping to struggle our way through problem solving.

To Jimmy, I will you the ability to continue being as amazing as you have been all year. The first day I met you on sophomore move in-day I thought “this is a really cool kid”, and you have proved me right all year. You were a fantastic SoCC president and I hope that continues next year. Somehow, you slept less than most of the seniors and still survived. I don’t know how you did it, but I’m impressed.

To Sohil, I will you a great soccer season. I was going to will you being the best player in D-Wing, but you decided to abandon us for the A-Wing crust. Having you on the soccer team was fantastic, as well as managing for Girls’ with you as well. Even though I nearly broke my foot on your heel, I loved being on the team with you. The night we won Clash and were chilling in the wing commons, you said you finally believed how awesome Pep Rally was, and we hadn’t over-sold it. That was one of the best memories I have had. It validated what I had been working for all year as a wing guide, and I thank you for that.

To Gedi, I will you an amazing Senior soccer season. I have loved playing soccer with you for two years, and you are one of the best players I’ve ever been on the field with. I know you can do some great things next season, maybe even break our record. I also will you position of top girls soccer manager, if you wish to assume it.

To Gedi Njoya, Chetan Reddy, Pranav Narayan, and Matt Gombar, I will you leadership of the soccer team. We had a fantastic year, and I could not have asked for a better senior year on the field. Thank you guys for helping make that possible. Even though we smashed the old Win record, I know you guys are capable of doing even better next year.

To Larry, I will you an actual room in D-Wing. That way you won’t need a weekend roomie to sleep with in 04. I know D-Wing will be a better place with you in it. Having you as an honorary member of our wing has been great and I can’t wait until you actually get to live here.

To Adhav, I will you a good wing movie for Wing Wars. I hope you can finally make us a movie good enough for not-last. Thank you for being such a big carry through all of the various math classes we have had together.

To Advai, I will you a junior to carry you. Thanks for the help on those Sound and Light quests. You deserve a senior year as chill and tank as mine was, and hopefully you find a junior to help with that the way you helped me.

To the Juniors of 04D (Thomas, Justin, Adhav, Advai, Ethan, Manny, and Larry), I will you guys my home. D-Wing is yours from now on, guys, and I hope you will make it as incredible next year as it was for me. You all are an amazing set of people, and living with you has made my senior year all the better.

To the Sophomores of 04D (Spencer, Nathan, Jimmy, Sohil, Teja, Suraj, Alex, and Collin), I will you a wonderful junior year. I hope you guys aren’t too nervous about next year and don’t believe the stories of how bad it is. The rising seniors are gonna need some help keeping this wing together, but I know they will have the best possible juniors to do it with. I have loved living with you guys; you’ve all been the best underclassmen I could have ever asked for.

Robert Lou
To Gedi Njoya, I will you a neighbor that you can always go to for a hug and a smile. From the moment you moved in sophomore year you have been one of the most kind and humorous people I’ve known. Whether you’re offering me a weird joke, a warm hug, or just a plain old roll of towels, you always make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Living next to you was such a blessing, and I’m sure that next year you’ll find your own little sophomore to hug and steal paper towels from. Have a great senior year, bud.

To Lawrence Bernard Donahue the 4th, I will a home. You are the reason our garbage can is filled with empty packs of fruit snacks and a pair of stinky shoes is always sitting outside our door, but you are also my dear Quad doggie. It’s been a such a pleasure to live with you this year. Being on your lap at nearly every 10-check first semester and staying up with you grinding League of Legends over breaks has really made me grow a liking for you, even if you do eat our food and smell. After two years of being a squatter in other quads, you finally have a Down-Quad of your own, filled with the people you care about and in the hall that you love. I know you’re going to make a great senior, and you’ll provide a wonderful home for your future sophs. Love you lots Lawrence <3.

To Pranav Reddy, I will a puzzle to spend multiple sleepless nights doing. I know our relationship was kind of on and off, but I’m still really happy to be able to call you a friend. Seeing you asleep every day in MVC for a semester was an interesting way to get to know you, but having you in the Wing and the Quad was a truly good time. Have a great senior year bud.

To Jaimie Ryou, I will a wonderful daughter, never embarrassed to run up and say “daddy!” (or mommy in your case). It’s been really fun getting to raise you with Evan Sun, and I hope you have a wonderful IMSA career.

To Noble Wulffraat, I will an endless supply of Asian girls and the confidence to talk to them.

To Kyle Campbell, I will someone with the perfect chromosomes.

To Rebecca Xun, I will just the right amount of work for senior year. You’re so brilliant and dedicated to everything you do, and it pains me to see you struggling with a workload too heavy for anybody to handle. I’m really proud of you for choosing to do the things you care about the most instead of doing everything halfheartedly. I’m sure you’ll keep up the Fremd legacy.

To Esther Matthew, I will a Mod Board with even more love than ours. In both LEAD and Mod I’ve seen your dedication and work ethic, and it really amazes me. Without your motherly personality and godly organization, I don’t think Ethan would’ve survived being on board with just me. Never stop being so optimistic and pushing yourself, because I know you’re going to do great things, and I can’t wait to see what you accomplish.

To Mike Xu, I will infinite Hausaufgabe in Deutsch Vier. You’re one of the most likeable people I have met, and I only wish I had more time to spend with you. You think I’m kidding, but I’m being serious when I say you’re my Lieblingsmikey. I hope you have a great senior year, and I’m sure you’ll succeed where you go.

To Claudia Zhu, I will a better coder to help you with chatbots and Spring Fling asks.

To Grace Mitchell, I will the most creative and thoughtful LEAD student I could’ve ever asked for.

To Olivia Shi, I will a phenomenal dance team. Despite being one of the two sophomores on the team, I can say you were easily one of the best dancers. You were always so fun and energetic and Lunar was amazing. I’m sure you’ll continue to make dancing at IMSA a wonderful experience.

To Renzo Ledesma, I will a Wing to destroy at Smash. Seeing you with all the B-Wing sophomores nearly every night is so cute, and I’m so sad I only got to experience it for one year. You’re such a kind person, and your piano skills really amaze me. Even if we only started talking after Clash, I’m super grateful for our time together.

To Jimmy Ren, I will a random Asian mother asking you for your email. I’m really glad she stopped me that day because it helped me make a pretty cool friend, even though I was terrible at responding to your emails over summer.

To Aiden Steinman, I will a wonderfully honest friend.

To Mounisha Kovour, I will a less stressful senior year. You work so hard. SO hard. From the Math Study Area last year to the MCB room this year you are always giving things 110%, and I really admire you for that. I have no doubt that you’ll have an extremely rewarding senior year (and college experience in the future)! Good luck, and make sure to have fun.

To Thomas Jacobs, I will a sophomore to sing with and give you goodnight kisses on the cheek. My dear TJ, I love you so, so much and I hope you have a great IMSA career.

Rohit Mittapalli
To Advai, I will you a little sibling that becomes your little sibling. We’ve spent countless hours together, from the time you were a nubby sophomore emailing me about IMSA admission essays to just last week where I had you doing the monkey work for our Computational Science project. And with them I have got to know so many sides of you, most of which have come to annoy me or result in aggressive cheek pinching. But nevertheless, you’re a special type of annoying, one that for an inexplicable reason I deep down cherish and without a doubt will miss. While I give you the hardest of times, I wish for you to achieve everything you’ve set your mind to, gather your motivations, and achieve every ambition you’ve ever messaged me about. You have the mind, potential, and the dreams for great things. As your older sibling, I wait for the day you reach them all.

To Dhvanil, I will you a junior always ready to cop your food and programming help. In all seriousness, this past year, we’ve shared our moments and while most of them were filled with me offering casual advice, you’ve made me rethink. I will you the confidence in your ability and a stress free senior year. More than anything though Dhvanil, I wish for you to find the exact thing you’re looking for: that thing where you don’t have to push to be motivated. Take it easy senior year, don’t always look towards what you can be doing for the future. Cliché as it might be, trust me, you need to hear it. Good luck with everything, I know great things are coming.

To the Robotics Juniors, I will you a fresh set of sophomores as passionate as you guys were, for you all to mentor and learn from. Robotics would never have been what it is now if it wasn’t for each and every one of you. I thank you, Angelica, Carolyn, Fred, Katya, Lewis, and Manny. Get ready for “Let’s Not Suck 2k18”. I ask of you all of one more thing, never stop bothering Erik.

To the future captains Katya Bezugla and Tommy Neidlein, my only sense of legacy at IMSA is Robotics. It has shaped and pushed me and I’d like to say that I did the same to it. Both Yugan and I are beyond proud of what this team has become and what we’ve accomplished. I will you the passion to leave your mark on the team. I guarantee you, you have been chosen out of great respect and trust. I hope for you to have a successful season not just at CIR and Midwest but a season full of pool parties, commitment memes, and ladder climbs. For six weeks in a year, your life is going to become one thing and one thing only. In the hell that is build season, never forget that Yugan and I are but one Facebook video chat away. And last, thank you for taking upon this challenge to make Titans 2022 the powerhouse it can be.

To Up-Hex (Dhvanil, Rishi, Pranesh, Darius, Abhi, Nabeel), I will you an equally Indian Up-Hex. This past year you all have provided me great SSS entertainment. Good luck with your senior years and make sure to continue to mess up Abhay.

To Austin, I will you a sophomore that, without fail, makes your day, everyday. Austin, I thank you for your endless energy and your great big hugs. Keep on bothering Erik and make sure that one day your lizard finally makes his home at IMSA. Have fun on your Yacht!

To Fred Poddig, I will you the Allen key. I swear if you lost it, you’re done for. But seriously Fred, thank you for constantly being you. You’re a kid with a lot of potential and a mind that I know can shape the robotics team. Keep the Allen key, use it for all the hex collars in the world and keep passing it down, it’ll be the start of something. Thanks for a great season (oh and for actually coming to 6:30 meetings too).

To Carolyn, I will Cheez-Its. :) Carolyn, thank you for being an amazing electrical head. Even though as of now, we don’t know if you’re coming back, I know you’ll take care of the team, even if we never give you electrical space. I wish you all the best in everything and hope that when I visit next year, I’ll see you jumping around during leadership’s 6:30 meetings.

To Anisha (GUBBA), I will you a beyond energetic sophomore that always wants to talk business. I will never forget your constant enthusiasm and your love for the team. You are one of the rookies that makes me proud to be a captain. I wish you and the business team all you need to make it rain.

To Patrick, I will you a sophomore always low-key flexing, always wanting play COD and trying to cop a movie. Thank you for a lot of great nights, Patrick. I admire your passion for Mock Trial. Don’t let it die, put your all into it, I know you can do great things with it.

To Tommy, Ayush, and Barry, I will you a sophomore trio that you can always enjoy meming with.

To Christian, I will another sophomore with a Frisbee forehand as godly as yours.

To Sohum Gupta, I will you another OP hall decoration. Sohum, you’re amazingly talented and I cannot wait to see what 05 becomes under you and Pranesh. Good luck with everything and try to use Photoshop with multiple layers next time ;).

To Neil John, I will you a sophomore as entertaining as you. Even though you dance using the same three moves every time and you’re really bad at Gun Game, you made C-wing a ton better. Good luck with junior year bud.

To Istvan and Abhay, I will you more sophomores from Moline that you can take pride in. Keep Moline great, even if Bettendorf is just that much better.

To Bobby, I will you a strong as heck Music Appreciation carry.

To Shivani, I will you the best shield ever.

To Chakravarthy, I will you a sophomore that will come looking for you.

To 07B Up-Quad Squad (Noble, AJ, Advai, Tommy, Rishi, Ken, Charlie, Chris), I will you sophomores taking over your Up-Quad after Internet shut-off. Thank you for making a wing that I was salty of getting shafted into an amazing experience.

Rongzhen Zhou
To Diann George, I will you all the kdramas you could ever watch and all the cute boys in them. I have immensely enjoyed all the time I have spent with you, and I am so grateful to call you my friend. Enjoy your senior year and spend your time making memories with the people you cherish. I promise I’ll visit and you can keep me updated on your adventures.

To Claudia Zhu, I will you more views on your unicorn frappuccino react video and success in your future Youtube endeavors. All jokes aside, I will you an amazing senior year spent with amazing people. Thank you for always making me laugh and for letting me make fun of you. I hope you find an underclassman who will do the same for you.

To Diann George, Claudia Zhu, Jayoon Lee, and Claire Wang, I will you 03A Down-Quad. Aside from the ants and the gross carpeting, I will you all the precious memories that come with it. It’s been a pleasure having you as my Up-Quad, and I hope you enjoy your time in Down-Quad as much as I did. I will you the 03ADQ banner and all the underclassmen to come — I know you’ll take good care of them.

To all my 03A underclassmen (Sol Hwangbo, Suhitha Irukulla, May Kaur, Erika Ezife, Anisha Gubba, Trisha Sudhakar, Amy Guo, Meghan Hendrix, Claudia Zhu, Diann George, Jayoon Lee, Claire Wang, Spoorthi Jaka, Shruthi Sundar, and Peyton Shafer), I will you an amazing next year. Even if you will not be living in 03 next year, I will you an even better residential hall experience full of fantastic people and fun times (though how could you ever beat quesadillas and movie nights?).

To Sol Hwangbo, I will you your very own sophomore that will always make you smile, just like you did for me. I know you’ll take very good care of them. I hope you have an amazing junior year filled with yummy food, awesome people, and unforgettable memories. I promise I’ll visit, and you can keep me updated on your adventures.

To Amy Guo, I will you success in all that you do at IMSA and beyond. Thank you for always making me laugh and providing me with quality memes. I hope you have an amazing junior year filled with yummy food, awesome people, and unforgettable memories. I promise I’ll visit and you can keep me updated on your adventures.

To Mehr Kaur, I will you the courage to persevere through stressful times. I will you lots of chamomile tea and hugs and know that you can always come to me with anything. I hope you have an amazing junior year filled with yummy food, awesome people, and unforgettable memories. I promise I’ll visit and you can keep me updated on your adventures.

To Astha Patel, I will you a sophomore that will dab with all four limbs instead of saying hello.

To the underclassman on PME (Sona Fokum, Nyxel Camarena, Diego Alanis, Lucas Urbanski, May Kaur, Carson Goffinet, Marisa Patel-O’Connor, Gary Yang, Pranesh Ravichandran, and Glorielly Gonzalez), I will you PME. Continue to uphold our mission on campus by creating engaging, entertaining, and educational programs. I wish you all the best in your IMSA careers, and I hope you all have an amazing next year.

To Ashritha Karuturi and Lauren Etzkorn, I will you everything that I have learned from being Co-Coordinator of the LEAD program. I will you the tenacity to see your goals through to the end, the patience to see your changes implemented, and a tireless passion for LEAD to keep you going. I will you the little black book of the wise words of coordinators past and every single document that I have on the history of the LEAD program. I already know you will do a much better job.

To Ashritha Karuturi, Lauren Etzkorn, Abhiudaya Bhalla, Patrick Pynadath, Sargam Panpaliya, Esther Mathew, Henry Wittich, and Lucy Liu, I will you the program that I have slaved over during my last two years at IMSA. While change does not come easy, I believe in your visions, your willpower, your work ethic, and your dedication to the LEAD program. I can’t wait to see what you will do with the program and I am confident that you will do it with dignity, power, and courage.

To the rest of the juniors on the 2016-2017 LEAD team (Sean Golinski, Rebecca Xun, Gary Yang, Igor Zhuravlyov, and Noble Wulffraat), I will you success in all of your future endeavors, and I am proud to have worked with people as incredible and skilled as yourselves. Believe in your abilities, pursue your passions, and never sell yourselves short. I hope you enjoyed your time on the LEAD team this year, and I hope that you will continue to give back to the IMSA community through LEAD and your other leadership roles.

To my 2016-2017 CORE LEAD class (Colin Schlegal, Justen Callion, Madi Mazzorana, Mehr Kaur, Amy Guo, Annie Xu, Daniel Chen, Chetan Reddy, Eva Liu, Austin Von Perbandt, Mia Ye, Nicholas Opiola, and Nallely Ramirez), I will you passion. I hope you find something that you love to do–whether that be a club, program, sport, or hobby– and continue to pursue it throughout your IMSA career.

To Henry Wittich, I will you a co-facilitator next year who will make bad jokes and take random Buzzfeed quizzes with you. I will you an amazing, mostly-stress-free senior year, and I hope you don’t break any more windows.

To Abhiudaya Bhalla, I will you tablemates who actually keep you on track in math and people to play games with at weekend brunch. I will you success in everything that you do, and I have no doubt that you will exceed your own expectations. Have an amazing senior year and take care of yourself.

Ryan Higgins
To those who attend here now and in the future, I will that you never lose sight of who you are.

Samita Shrestha
To Megha Ramanan, I will you all the Senioritis one can have in a lifetime. Seriously. Keep working hard and all, but never forget to have fun. Maybe “accidentally get distracted on YouTube” once in a while and keep 06B home to all who come. I also will you a sophomore who you’ll be close enough to make creepy faces in the hall and who will help you through tough times like you did me. Stay Desi.

To Alex Schray, I will you the confidence to kick butt. You have great ideas that need to be heard, and teacher impressions that need to be performed. I also will you all the callage. Callage.

To Megha and Alex, (yeah it’s redundant, but whatever) I will you a lifetime of friendship. Y’all are goals. What you guys have is the kind of relationship I aspire to have with my close friends. I also will you two all the underclassmen to hang out in both of your rooms. Stay lit.

To Hannah Yeung, I will you all the minions and beautiful smiles. I will you all of the business and internship success that will come your way. And, of course, I will you the strength to wake up to the exciting hour of mourning rehearsal. Beeedooo.

To Red Maier, I will you late night talks with more awesome sophs. (Yeah, I’m a poet. Fight me.) I’m really glad I got to meet you this year. Tanqu.

To October Gradows, I will you the strength to get through tough times. I also will you the knowledge to become everything you ever wanted (college, life, love, and all). Love ya fam.

To Laura Lin, I will you all the mad driving skills, as we’ve learned over the summer. I will you the confidence to guide the underclassmen next year. Slay me.

Samuel Okoli
To October Gradows, Cassi Kuissi, Jayda Yancey, Theoren Heilman, Nichalos Ramos, Fernando Gomez, Josh Blume, Garrison Ecker, Neil John, David Revilla, Erma Porter, Alexandra Gonzalez, Desmond Brown, Isaiah Crews, Greg Johnson, Tyler Fullilov, Aleah Brown, Eboni Gardner, Astha Patel, Mackenzie , Miranda Brown, Briella Henderson, Taylor, Zoe Mitchell, Nathan Lee, Sammy Cho, Eric Errampalli, Nallely Ramirez, Denise Gutierrez, Michelle Sia, Maryam Mufti, Dwanne Colobong, Rebecca Xun, and all others sophomores I have not named yet had the honor of mentoring in some fashion, I will to you just that: mentorship. Within you all is the power to fashion yourselves, each other, and the incoming generation into what I and many of my peers will need to see: an empathetic generation intent on healing the hurts of the world.

To Glorielly Gonzalez, Elly Glenn, Isa Zurek, Alexis Miller, Monique Crum, Chayanne Petit, Jaelynn Evans, Sona Fokrum, Dawn Triche, Jessica Forbes, Diann George, Kiersten Lofton, Alana Dawson, Diego Alannis, Julian Martinez, Connor Elmore, Harrison Carcione, Mike Zu, and all others I failed to name yet was honored to teach, I will you my confidence in your success. I know I will see you again someday, making names for yourselves.

To Takudzwa George, my fellow visionary, I will you my vision (or rather, our vision): to see our stories come to success. Don’t stop dreaming. We will do much together in the future. I will work hard to see my vision brought into reality, and thus you can trust yours too will see the light of day. It’s a joint dream after all. Keep on dreaming, my dude.

To Bobby Luo, I will to you the freedom to live. You work so hard to help others. Don’t forget that you too are one who deserves love, encouragement, and rest. At the end of the day, you and you alone are the one who lives your life. Only you can decide “all as it should be” for you. I trust you. So should you.

To Clinton Oshipitan, I will to you leadership. Granted, there is no sense in willing you something you already possess, but it is the implementation of this skill that matters the most, I suppose. Feel free to use it whenever you wish, in your classroom or in your clubs. Just remember, a leader is always leading, not just on a podium or in the TV pit. It is the life of a leader, from a humble voice a listening ear to high vision and a will of steel, that inspires people to follow.

To Daniel Mwangi, I will you my thanks. Few people made me laugh like you did. My hearts even now as I think of a life without your antics. You were like the little brother I never had. You’re one of the people I’ll miss you.

To Eric Hersey, Sam Anozi, Abdul Lawal, Mosope Kusoro, Cash Harper, I will to you my memories. It was nice seeing you all around, having people I can laugh with, help out, or just hang tight with. I won’t forget any of you. You have my word.

And to all others, I will my faith. If any of you so chose, all could be as it should be, for all of us. I am putting my faith in you all to do whatever little thing you will to make that dream come true. I don’t need to tell you that your amazing gifts speak for themselves. But I can say that each and every one of you give me hope. Until next time, I will to you only the best.

Shivali Shukla
To Akhila Vuppulapati, I will you someone who will succ you as much as I do, as well as all the long dance parties your heart desires. You are amazing, ok? Never forget that. I am so grateful to you for always being there for me whenever I needed you, I can never thank you enough for that. You are so strong and beautiful, and you deserve the utmost happiness in this world. I hope your final year at IMSA is the best.

To Vidya Babu, I will you someone who will walk you to wherever you need to go, whenever you need it. You’re so sweet and adorably kind, I hope your senior year is as stress-free as it can be and that you are happy wherever you go. I see you doing amazing things!

To Teja Guntapalli, I will you the ability to dance and skip freely through your wing commons, the understanding that yeet means yes, and also the same amount of happiness you brought to both me and Ramya. We obviously made fun of you a lot, but I really do appreciate your friendship and hanging out with you was always fun. You’re so sweet and thoughtful, and I hope the rest of your time at IMSA is as great as you deserve it to be. Keep our streak alive!

To Eric McCarthy, I will you an A in Spanish IV and all the Kpop and anime you want to listen to/watch. Dude, you’re a meme, but I’m actually really thankful for you. Your dumb jokes and awkward comments brighten my day, and I’m really glad I got to know you a little! Thanks for at least trying to keep our snapstreak alive for a little bit. I hope your senior year is happy, applying to colleges isn’t too stressful, and that someone else can be your happy little memeing junior like you were mine. Really cherish your time here because it goes by fast. Also learn to speak better Spanish, and to not do your Spanish homework the day it’s due!

To Chandana and Lauralyn, I will you the abundance of happiness and excitement being EIC of the Acronym brought me this year. You both are so capable and I know you will make the Acronym so much stronger. Be creative, challenge ideas, and use the power of journalism to your advantage—you can do so much with it. Good luck, and enjoy your senior year!

To Mounisha Kovour, I will you Naniji. Thanks for visiting me and Sneha and accepting our late-night, sleep-deprived antics. You’re so sweet and talking to you was always a good break from doing homework. I know you’ll do amazing things, keep being you!

To Mishelle Mironov, I will you a quieter roommate pair in the room Sneha and I are leaving. We’re sorry for being so loud all the time, but I wish you the best for your senior year and beyond. I’ve seen you work so hard, even through our noise, and you deserve the best.

To Mounisha, Lizzie, Mishelle, Irena, Mounisha, Esther, Abinaya, Vaishnavi, Marisa, Eva, Alice, Mackenzie, Erin, Eden, Lia, and Sarahjean, I will you underclassmen as hardworking, open-minded, sweet, and fun as you all are. I wish I had spent a little more time getting to know you guys, but having you in our wing was great and you all are amazing. I hope your time at IMSA is successful and happy, and I believe in all of you.

To Vaishnavi Vanamala, I will you a little sibling as trustworthy and understanding as you have been for me this year. You’ve been there for me through a lot and have given me some of the best advice I’ve received, and I’m really grateful to you for that. Spending time with you and making fun of everyone else was always a good time, and I hope the rest of your time here is stress-free and happy as heck.

To Marisa Patel-O’Connor, I will you a wingwoman as persistent as you who can hook you up with a Spring Fling date as well as you tried to do for me ;). I also will you someone who can laugh at all your jokes even when they’re not funny. Really, though, your presence in our wing made me really happy. I love your hugs and your laugh and your constant optimism. I don’t know how you do it, but I honestly look up to you for being so hardworking and bright all the time. You deserve all the happiness in the world, and I hope the next two years here are all that you can imagine and more.

To Diann George, I will you a new Mom and Dad. Thanks for loving me, for the hugs and the ongoing Snapchat streak. I hope you have the best senior year and make the most out of your time left here. Your bright smile and cheery personality always made my day better, and I am so glad I got to know you. You deserve the best!

To Kanika Leang, I will you someone to give you hugs as good as the ones you give me. You are so beautiful inside and out (that sounds cheesy but it’s true) and I hope you have the best, happiest time at IMSA, love.

To Kiersten Lofton, I will you a plane better than the one we made in Engineering. Thanks for making me laugh and for always saying hi to me, getting to know you made me really happy. Good luck in your senior year, and don’t stress out too much!

To Jimmy Ren, I will you Kaushal.

To Clinton Oshipitan, I will you a friend to skip rocks with.

Simon Su
To Jimmy Ren, I will you a little sophomore, a litte brother, a child to father. I see a lot of myself when I look at you, but I want you to be better. I made a lot of mistakes over the last three years and I know you won’t make the same mistakes that I did. You’re a good kid, emphasis on kid, and you’ll do well junior year. Junior year will be hard, I won’t even try to sugarcoat it, but I will you the strength that I’m sure you already have to persevere, multitask and most importantly enjoy yourself. And of course, I will you chemo. Cancer has a limit.

To Noble Wulffraat, I will you acceptance in the college and the “college” you want. (Of course, I hope by the time you read this, you already figured this out) Living across from you this year has been fun. I hope you find another person that is willing to listen to your incessant idiocy. You’re smarter than you make yourself to be. Yes, you’ve made mistakes and 100% definitely will keep making them. But I know you have learned and will keep learning from them. Don’t ever just give up.

To Noble Wulffraat and AJ Federici, I will you the title of best people on campus. Maybe you’ll live up to it eventually.

To Kyle Campbell, I will you someone to use your room as refuge and take showers when their room is occupied. I will you someone that will leave you under beds and get you caught for in-room. All jokes aside, I know you’ll be a great CD and I know you’ll go places.

To Abhiudaya Bhalla, I will you the cheese grater. You will face challenges related to the prestigious title, but wear it with pride. You know what being a grater really means, I’m sure you’ll make me and all predecessors proud.

To Yuri Oh, I will you the future of IMSA JSA. I’ve gotten to know you pretty well over the last two years, and it’s a shame that there still hasn’t been a perfect JSA conference yet. Thanks for all the late night nugs and all the talks and all the deep dabs and all the vegetables. I have complete faith in your capabilities to lead this club. Enjoy yourself next year.

To John Lin, I will you someone just as “disgusting”. It’s a shame that I didn’t get to know you until this year, but thanks for making A-down a fun time. Stop using me as an example, you’re much less dumb. Turn in your freaking CAC docs. You’re a smart kid, don’t stress too much senior year, worm around tons and take some other people to flavor town with you.

To Derek Ronske, I will you someone just as rad and hip! Thanks for teaching me how to dance. Take care and have fun these next two years.

To Lucas Urbanski, Eunice Yoon and Sam Anozie, I will you the Crystal Lake Legacy. The legacy is strong but I know you guys will uphold it. Make sure you let the sophs know Crystal Lake is where it’s at.

To Bobby Luo, I will you someone to roast with and the future of ASIA. Thanks for raging and cooking beef with me. ASIA and Lunar will definitely drive you insane at some point and I’m sorry for that, but I know you will be able to take that burden. You’re a bright kid, and a great dancer. Have fun senior year!

To Hannah Harvard, I will you your perfect prom ask. Thanks for utilizing my opinion in your prom dress selection! I’m glad I got to know you through JSA. Thanks for all the wild adventures on the Metra and I hope you will continue to do JSA. You’re one of the nicest and funniest people I’ve met. Thanks for demonstrating your prowess in just dance and I hope you have an amazing senior year.

To Jessy Chtilianova, Radeesha Jayewickreme, Carson Goffinet, and Becky Matthew, I will you guys a perfectly balanced ecosystem and someone else to take uncomfortable pictures with.

To Becky Matthew, I will you someone else on the math struggle bus. Thanks for carrying all the worksheets. You’re super smart and I know you’ll go on to do great things.

To Diann George, Claudia Zhu, and Claire Wang, I will you something else to do. Please stop disturbing other peaceful peasants.

To Darius (Sheehwa) Hong, I will you a different SIR bus buddy. Thanks for all the fun times, and all the dates. I hope you find some other people to let in when they need it.

To Bobby Luo, Jimmy Ren, Blair Hu and whoever else, I will you guys Bfriend. Yeah, others will question your masculinity and you will probably question your own masculinity, but no regrets. It’s a fun time.

To Nikhita Kasana and Kate Rabideau, I will you some dabs and some facemasks. Make sure you guys have a lit senior year.

To Sol Hwangbo, I will you some rando child. Judging you has been an amazing experience and I hope you find someone to judge as well. Thanks for actually appreciating my mastery of korean. I hope you have a relaxing junior year, you’ll do great! 화이팅!

To Jaimie Ryou, I will you a tall buck. Thanks for not calling me 오빠. Please don’t do that again. Good luck junior year!

To Chetan Reddy and Daniel Chen, my favorite sophomore roommates, I will you some young children to terrorize and retrieve valuable nutrients from. It’s been fun yo, carry on the 04 tradition well.

Sneha Pathuri
To Kanika Leang, I will many more reasons to smile at IMSA and an amazing lil’ sib.

To Peyton Shafer, I will a wild senior year with a manageable workload.

To Kyle Campbell, I will the ability to figure out math problems quickly and somebody to make fun of his name.

To Tyler Fullilove, I will many underclassmen to love and support.

To Vidya Babu and Akhila Vuppalapati, I will a pair of underclassmen roommates that make their lives wild.

To Eden Gorevoy, I will a bubbly neighbor that puts a smile on her face everyday.

To 02A Up-Hex, I will a senior year filled with underclassmen that make leaving IMSA one of the hardest and saddest things they will ever face.

To Megha Ramanan, I will a super clingy yoga buddy.

To Nabeel Rasheed, I will an underclassman with a matching backpack.

Soomin Park
To Diann George, I will you a junior who can watch and analyze your sleeping habits and give you some seaweed snacks. Thanks for hanging out in our ant jungle 03ADQ (the better side ) and thanks for all those cute notes you wrote for all IMSA events. Hopefully, see you next year ;).

To Mike Xu, I will you someone or something to “zoomin” on and a great SIR group. I also will you dark humor, and some “same bread (in French)” that will let you go through senior year. Seriously, getting to know you during the 2016 summer SIR was great. You were one of the only people at IMSA I could talk to about dank things. You are smart and you will do great things!

To Chritian Barret, I will you a small person to give hugs to every time you see them. And vex bots!

To Jaimie Ryou, I will you all the boys who are thirsty for small asian girls. I will you a sophomore who can be a “little Jaimie”.

To Anisha Gubba, I will you a physics tutor and a business director.

To Diann Moon, I will you a Korean and lost and found memes.

To Charles Kuch, I will you GWC! And a great SIR group.

To Harrison Carcione, I will you Korean, K-Pop, anime, and Senior-at-Large.

To Advai Podduturi, I will you sleep and abs.

To Fred Podig, I will you a “real” mechanical head.

To Katya Bezulga, I will you a pair of large goggly eyes and chubby cheeks!

To Alex Domowicz, I will you a first dinner date, Olive Garden’s breadsticks, and the titan mascots. And tilly.

Sruti Mohan
To my sweet, dank, and caring Cathy, I will you another cuddle buddy to always listen, believe in you, and constantly remind you what an amazing person and friend you are. Honestly it’s such a shame we didn’t really meet until second semester, but I’m so thankful that we did. Whether you know it or not, you always find a way to brighten my day, whether that’s a late night cuddling watching “Tasty” videos or a quick hello in the hallway. You’re so intelligent and talented, you don’t even know how much I admire you for it. So whether it’s the toll of junior year, clubs, your competitions, never stop believing it yourself because you’re truly incredible.

To Vaishnavi and Marisa I will you a stress free junior year. I know that with tough classes and hectic schedules, it can be so easy to just give yourself over to the stress, but never forget that you always, always have each other, andddd of course Down Quad ;). Marisa, I wish you the best of luck for all your LEAD adventures next year. Take advantage of the people you’re around; they will be some of the coolest and smartest people you’ll meet on this campus. Vaishnavi, I wish you many days surrounds by the best of friends. You’re insanely smart and so very artistic and I know you’re gonna crush junior year and senior year. I can’t wait to see the amazing things both of you will accomplish in the future!

To Lizzy, Irina, Mounisha, and Mishelle, I will you Downquad. This room is filled with so many glorious memories of us and quads past, and I know you’ll fill it will so many fun-filled late nights next year. You will always have each other, so don’t stress out too much, have faith in yourselves, and lastly, don’t forget to laugh! PS: There may or may not be some surprises waiting for you in DQ ;).

To John, I will you lots and lots of those glass vials (I found a place that sells them cheap!) . Fill them with potassium iodide or Tollen’s reagent, whatever you like. I’ll miss our days with our favorites, JT and Dr. White and all the orgo shenanigans. I hope you find another person as obsessed with The Office, origami, and odd Youtube videos as you are, and that you have a perfect senior year, along with a perfect case of senioritis. You’ll really have deserved it by then. Also, John, you’re so so so bright- don’t ever forget that; life’s gonna take you to some pretty awesome places.

To Gary, I will you an amazing senior year and an equally amazing co next year. I know I wasn’t always the best co this year, but you’re such a joy to be around and I will miss every weird conversation and intellectual discussion we’ve had. Have a good time senior year, and don’t forget to SSS :)

To Sargam, I will you so many smiles! Your smile makes me so darn happy, just seeing you in the hallway makes my whole day better. I know we haven’t talked that much this year, but I just want to say what an excellent facilitator you are and that I truly wish you the best next year. Your dedication is going to make you such an excellent SocEnt Chair, SDAC president, Diwali choreographer, etc. Whatever you set your mind to, I know you’ll be able to accomplish :)

To Esther, my love, I will you success. You’ve never failed to amaze me, whether it’s LEAD, your IN2 project, Mod, or homework your sheer dedication to everything blows me away. You make such strong connections with everyone you meet and your smile spreads happiness to every room you walk in. Sure, next year will be tough, but with your hex by your side and your undying spirit I know you’re going to make it out with flying colors.

To Patrick, I will you a mix. I haven’t made this yet, but it shall consist of some favorites, maybe some new, and certainly some of the cool stuff you’ve shown me this year. I love talking about music with you or just talking about nothing at all. You were always one of my favorite students, and now you’re going to be an EnACT chair! I wish you so much success next year, I know you’re going to do incredible things for the program. You have a good heart and you’re always trying to make everyone around you happy too. It makes so happy to see how much you’ve grown, so keep your chin up and you’ll soar.

To Bobby, I will you a really beautiful case of SSS. I say beautiful because I hope you spend you second semester crossing something off your IMSA bucket list every day and that those days are filled with laughter, your bestest friends, dance, and maybe a little singing ;) . And lastly, I hope you cherish every last moment of this place because Bobby you’ve grown so much since your sophomore year and I know you’re going to do the most amazing things in life.

To Lucy, I will you a son of your own. Since we met over the summer, I’ve come to love you so much. I miss the random beach trips and numerous lunches with your very witty and loving self. You’re such an intelligent being and I know senior year is going to have it’s ups and downs, but you’re going to be so proud of all you’ll accomplish over the year.

To Derek, I will you many soft hugs! Your hugs make me so happy and I hope you find a sophomore as sweet, funny, and cool as you to reciprocate them. You’re an amazing person, and I can’t wait for you to kick butt junior year. Also, denim looks so hecking good on you, so don’t forget to send pics of those all denim outfits. ;)

To Justin and Suchet, I will you a jammin SMAC board for next year. You two rock so much, you don’t even know. So many of my days have just been brightened just by watching you play guitar together. I hope you guys record lots of songs and find cool people to jam out with. Justin, I know you’re going to be a great president and hype people up all the time. Your happy spirit and optimism is going to get you so far in life, I’m so excited to to see the things you’ll do with SMAC. The both of you better keep me updated!

To Eden, so first I got a little story for you here. My sophomore year I wasn’t really close with many seniors or anything, so honestly wasn’t expecting anything from the Senior Wills, but alas I found myself in this one senior’s will. She willed me a sophomore in two years that would always smile and wave hello, just like I had. And finally, I found my sophomore, who always greets with the cutest smile! So, now I can will YOU a sophomore that in two years will always say hi whenever you see her! Also, I wish you the most amazing LEAD experience. I’m so glad to have had you as a student, because every module with you inspired me to be a better facilitator. Now that you’re part of the team, take advantage of each person you meet, they’re going to be some of the coolest and most intelligent people you’ll meet on campus. It might be really hectic at first, but I’m so glad you’re a facilitator because you’re gonna blow your students minds! :)

Tim Pan
To Blair Hu, I will you wonderful Kohai for the next year, one that will stay in your room and play league. I’m sure you’ll be as great of a senior as you were my underclassman <3.

To Abhiudaya Bhalla, the thing I will you should be obvious. We’ve talked about this quite a bit. I hope you have a great senior year and don’t forget to enjoy it dude. It’s the last year at IMSA, make it a good one.

To Aidan Steineman, I will you everything and anything my dude. You have been such a great underclassman to me this year and I’m really going to miss the nights we stayed up and talked. I will you a bright future and luck on our bet.

To Bobby Luo, I will you wonderful underclassmen to carry you in your classes. You have done so much for so many people, you definitely deserve a break. As you go into this college process, don’t forget to stay true to yourself. You’re going to be a great CD.

To Diann George, the brachiosaurus, I will you all the success in the world. You’re such a genuine and nice person. You’re going to do great things in the future!

To Kanika Leang, I will you happiness. Take a moment and just enjoy everything around you. In the end, you live life for no one but yourself. You’re going to have a great time at IMSA.

To Lily Pan, I will you the confidence and independence to do whatever you set your mind to. You know I’m going to do whatever I can to help you, but I know you can do it by yourself. You got potential, sis.

Timothy Ramos
To AJ and Noble, I will you both all the asian girls. Noble, I will you all of the techniques and strategies that I have taught you. Be more confident with yourself. Life’s too short to be apprehensive and be caught up in self-doubt.

To Kyle, I will you C-wing and all of 1504. You and Zach are going to be the new 04 CD’s and please take good care of 1504. Although we will be leaving, the entirety of 04 will always have a place in our lives. Clash next year will be difficult, but I have high expectations.

To Derek, I will you more denim and Cupcakke in your life.

To Akash and Hunter, I will you two the rest of your IMSA experience. IMSA is your home. You may have realized it already or haven’t, and if you haven’t you eventually will. The next two years will be difficult, but make it memorable. Although grades are important, the people around you will make the most of your experience.

To Jimmy Ren, I will you a favorite sophomore that will always give you food. Have fun at IMSA, but stay focused and responsible. Be confident and persistent. Lots of people will try to bring you down, but stay ambitious. Most importantly, take care of Sol. Sometimes it will feel like you are alone and have no support, but she will be there. Remember that. Also, keep doing a great job of being class club president. You’re an amazing person.

To Diego, I will you a memorable senior year. Keep having fun and being an energetic person. CAB is a huge responsibility, but I believe you have the potential to keep it going strong. Also, remember the propellers.

To Carson, I will you resiliency and confidence. You are ridiculously talented. Do not let others, results, or decisions dictate your own self-worth. Hone your passions and keep doing amazing things I wish you the best of luck. Also, happy birthday.

To Takudzwa (T) and Bobby. I will both of you to keep dance culture alive at IMSA. Although it has changed, I expect both of you to continue the IMSA dance tradition and to reform it as you please. Before IMSA I never danced in my life, but coming here dancing has changed my life at IMSA and it will continue to be apart of me forever. Give that same change to someone else next year.

Vadini Agrawal
To Mounisha Kovour, I will you a stress-free senior year. I’m so glad I got to know you, and you never fail to brighten my day when I see you in the hallway. I wish I visited you more these past two years, but I hope that regardless we stay in touch. If you ever need anything, let me know :)

To Shivani Sharma, I will you a happy and memorable senior year. You are so incredibly beautiful inside and out, and I’m so glad you were in my wing last year. I love visiting you and the rest of the 06A sophomores (juniors?), and I wish you all the best next year. Please keep in touch, and if you ever need any help, advice, or just want to talk, I’m always available.

To Ashritha Karuturi, I will you success with LEAD and all of your other endeavors next year. You are so hardworking, kind, and all-in-all amazing. I know I didn’t get to see you as much this year as I would have liked to, but I really hope your junior year went well and good luck for next year. Please stay in touch, and if you ever need anything, I’m here.

To Priya Kumar, I will you a smooth-sailing senior year. I am so glad you were in our wing last year, and I love seeing you around and catching up. I apologize for not having visited as much as I would have liked to this year, but I hope your junior year went well. I wish you the best of luck for next year and the college admissions process, because I know you will do great. If you ever have any questions or just want to talk, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

To Sonya Gupta, I will you good luck with college and everything else next year. You are so smart, beautiful, and hard-working, and I hope that next year goes incredibly well. Congrats on CD, and if you ever have any questions or need any advice for anything, I’ll always be there.

To 03D Up-Quad (Sonya, Ananya, Katya, and Gunwati), I will you D-wing and the best underclassmen anyone could ask for.

To Chandana Tetali and Amahlia Su, I will you the best sophomores next year. I will never forget our year together in 06A, and I hope you guys have the best senior year.

To Jaimie Ryou and Diann Moon, I will you someone to help you reenter the wing after your late-night escapades. I am so glad you guys were in our wing this year, and I hope you guys have the best next two years at IMSA. Please stay in touch with our quad!

To Spoorthi Jakka and Shruthi Sundar, I will you a fun-filled senior year. We went from winning the spelling bee at Hill when you both were in 6th grade to now living in the same hall. Although we did not get to talk as much this year (except for OOP), I hope you guys get all that you want in the future, and if you ever have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out! Also, Shruthi, congrats for CD!

To Abhiudaya Bhalla (Abs), I will you the junior cop. You helped us a lot in Calc-Based, so I hope you find someone next year to return the favor.

And finally, to Pranav Narayanan, I will you someone to dance with at Homecoming.

Vaidehi Suriyanarayanan
To Hannah Yeung, I will you all of the good food and fun times. I hope you will have a great time finally being a senior and I hope you will continue to brighten everyone’s day as you do mine.

To Gina Chung, I will you great time watching B1A4 videos. It was great having you as one of my Sophomores last year in C-wing and doing Allies over the summer was really fun.

To Cheri Mendoza, I will you another amazing Clash for you to remember. I am always so happy to talk to you and I am glad for all of the times that we have shared together.

To Amanda Wang, I will you the ability to go all over campus with your pink scooter. Even though we don’t get to talk much, making weird faces at each other in the hall always makes me laugh.

To John Lin, I will great tables like ours during Organic Chemistry. Hopefully you won’t break anymore beakers than we already have.

To Faith George, I will you a great junior year without a lot of stress. I hope you will have great sophomores you can take care of.

Vainius Normantas
To 04C Up-Quad, I will you my face, as in the Faces of IMSA picture. I also will you Alan Ren’s face (Faces of IMSA as well). With those, I will you 04C Down-Quad, the best place to foster friendship and love. I hope you continue the tradition of hanging past members on the wall as symbols of past bromances developed within those walls. To Noble, I will you growing a pair of tomatoes. To Igor, I will you the desire to find your passion. To AJ, I will you the important emotion of love and finding compassion. To Kyle, I will you the realization of the importance of remaining pure and without sin.

To Abhiudaya Bhalla/Abs, I will you the tranquility to be chill. I will you the ability to keep secrets and relax. Just chill, Abs. Chill.

To Hannah Harvard/huhhuh, I will you confidence in every respect in life including awkward situations and uncomfortable conversations. I will you the impressive wit and random weird humor that I’ve loved about you.

To Rebecca Xun/XUN, I will you the courage to commit. I hope you will find the time and devotion needed to commit yourself fully to something you care about. You’ll eventually find that thing as you explore and I’m excited to see you fulfilling your passion with excellence. Although you may already have found it, I think you’ll find what really drives you as a person soon.

To Ashritha Karuturi, I will you Google Calendar or something of the sort. I know you’ll be busy but you can do it! I also will you eleMENT, take good care of her and hopefully she will treat you well too. I will you profound compassion for others and I hope you translate it to everyone that matters to you.

To Charlie Hultquist, I will you eleMENT because I know both you and Ashritha will take it to new heights next year. I will you passion for the facilitating/teaching and curriculum development that I found in eleMENT and LEAD. I know you will do great things once you really put your mind to it because I’ve already seen you do it. You are beyond capable of achieving anything you want so I will you the feeling of fulfilling your passion.

To Hunter Welch and Akash Gandhi/Hunt & Ak, I will you the tenacity to form the Party Planning Committee. Also, I will you the tenacity to finish out your time at IMSA successfully.

To Eric Hersey, I will you a friendly approachable demeanor.

To Abdul Lawal/abdel, I will you the desire to change your name.

To Palak Agarwal, I will you the professional baller attitude that has been so impressive to me. Keep that up because that confidence will take you to total success.

To Nikhil Madugula, I will you the peace of mind needed to stop being dumb.

To Sivam Bhatt, I will you continued realness.

Wasan Kumar
To Sohum Gupta, I will you the B-wing sofa, which was passed on to me by Kush, the previous CD, and I hope you will pass it down to a future CD. I want to thank you for being there whenever I needed you and getting through all of Chinese and life. I will especially remember when we watched The Dark Knight together right after Talent Show. I also will you a new wardrobe, so that you can have more than one outfit to choose from. I’m gonna miss you next year. 中国好!

To Pranesh Ravichandran, I will you the slip and slide that you have been waiting for. I hope that you will find a way to get the hoses into the hall, since that seems to be the only problem with your plan. Please use it wisely to slip and slide into the DMs of a certain someone. I hope you will carry on my legacy of dank ideas and being Tamil, and make sure someone dresses up as Gandhi next year at Clash.

To Patrick Pynadath, I will you sleep because we know you need it more than anyone else at this school. I also will you a good friend to sleep with and watch movies with next year. You’re a super chill dude and I hope that by the end of next year you become the buffest guy at IMSA.

To Lewis Oh, I will you some Fire Ramen, and a good group of friends to get you through Senior year. You’re probably the nicest person I know, so don’t let anyone or anything change that!

To Jake Cooley, I will you an amazing Prom date who you will like and can play the guitar for. Good luck in Senior year with everything from grades to girls, you are a beast, and I hope the colleges you want will want you too.

To Abhi Sharma, I will you my gains. It’s always super fun to be around you, and I’m definitely going to miss you next year.

To Shyam Sai, I will you a great cop, and a new David Ying to always make you laugh. I’m glad you came to IMSA and so proud of the man you have become <3.

To Darius Hong, I will you a huge smile because whenever I see you, you always make me smile :). Good luck next year, and take care of Pranesh.

To Dhvanil Popat, I will you some luck because I know you have been working extremely hard this year and I hope that something good falls in your lap.

To John Lin, I will you an underclassmen who is as cute as you are. Someone who will always make your day better even if you only talk to them for a short time.

To Nick Nelson, I will you the best gym buddy. Someone who lifts more than you, and will motivate you to do better, just like you did for me.

To Shivani Sharma, I will you a junior who brings as much joy to their upperclassmen as you do. Seriously though, your smiling face always picks me up :).

To Jessica Forbes, I will you a friend who will keep up snapchat streaks, and will respond with higher quality snaps than mine. Good luck next year! And keep me updated on your boy troubles :).

To Lauren Etzkorn, I will you a friend who will talk to you more, is always free to hang out, and always responds to texts quickly. Good luck with coordinator next year!

To Shaun Bhurgri, I will you a sophomore as nice as you. Before Senior year, I didn’t look forward to living in B-wing. However, now I realize B-wing is such an amazing place, and you have been a huge part of what changed my viewpoint. You have such a likeable personality, and I am excited to see what you accomplish next year.

To James Wang, I will you a person as wild as you are, who will get wild with you for the rest of IMSA. I also will you some luck with the ladies, but we both know you won’t need it.

Xinyu Guan
To Cameron Birtcher, I will you all the piano lessons at any time you want. We can Skype if you want. Or maybe telephone would work, or I maybe could teach by telegraphed Morse code.

To Jesse Yan, I will you an AdChem carry :)

To Sandra Dragan, I will you straight As and a full ride to a program in Anesthesiology. I hope you reach your dream!

To James Wei, I will you the absence of any unreasonable Spanish quizzes in the future.

To Neil Roy, I will you all the gainz. (The next time I see you, I’m expecting that beach bod!)

To Andrew Peev, I will you many future distance chat memes.

To Sean Golinski, I will you good luck in all of your baseball games and a good shield for blocking all those gosh darn radiating photons.

To Renzo Ledesma, I will you more opportunities to show off your amazing skill at piano improv!

To Miron Liu, I will you fast legs for cross country, and all the puns you will ever need.

Yugan Sakthi
To Eric, Zach, Martin, Mosope, Abdul, and Greg, I will you our quad (and hex). You guys are the future of B-wing now. It was my home for two years, and it’ll be yours for two. Or for Zach, Martin, and Erik, three. If there’s one thing you do, remember: don’t let the spirit die. And flex. Always flex.

To Anisha Gubba, you have an uncanny ability to make everyone around you feel a little better. I will you a sophomore who’s got just as much energy and passion as you do, though I’m not really sure one exists. I know we didn’t become close until recently, but you’re definitely one of the people I’ll miss the most. Remember, I’m just a message away.

To Louise Lima, I will you all the chain your heart desires, and another sophomore who you can pass it down to, just like I did to you, and Nicole (you don’t know her) did to me two years ago. I know it seems insignificant, but that little thing is something I won’t ever forget. Keep on learning, because you’re really good at that.

To Luke Knutson and Walter Marsh, I would say you two are like two peas in a pod, but I feel like the peas are way too far apart to be a good analogy. I will you a friendship that puts all others to shame. Honestly I don’t know if I need to, though, because it seems like you’ve already got it. You two make B-wing a better place to live.

To Isaiah Crews, I will you someone new to have a bomb handshake with. It better not be the same as ours though. Also, please never stop the dope beanie-shirt-socks color combos. They always make my day.

To Rebecca Xun, I will you a groupchat that is as fun as BijBaj is. Although I didn’t know you at all at Fremd, and not as well as I’d have liked to here, you’ve left quite the impression on me. You have an almost childlike curiosity and a crazy amount of motivation. Keep up that dedication you have with everything you do, because it’ll take you places.

To Eunice Yoon and Emily Springer, there are not many things I’m jealous of, but your friendship is one of those things. I will you two more years without anything changing that. Sometimes all you need is one person to get you through the worst of things, and it’s not always that you find that one person. You two are really fun, never let that go.

To Andrew Kim, you were the first underclassman I met at this school last year, and watching you grow over the past two years has been an awesome experience. You’re so ambitious, and you’ve got more heart than most people I know. If I could will you a couple extra hours on the clock, I would. But since I can’t, I’m willing you something else: bowls of pork rice, Maggi noodles, late-night Spanish pop, visits to our favorite teacher’s office, and all the other little things that make life a little more fun. Don’t forget to take a step back sometimes, and don’t lose sight of what’s important to you (I’m looking at you, Albert). And don’t forget to call sometimes, yeah?

To Fred Poddig, I will you my special blue calipers. They’ve served me well since sophomore year, and I hope they do for you too. Your knack for doing things right (even if it’s jank) in the shop is awesome, but even more awesome is your genuine, no-nonsense style of doing, well, everything. Just make sure you will these calipers on to someone else, too.

To my second roommate Nick Ramos, Timur and I will you a poster from our room (TBD later). May it be a keepsake of the #best room on campus.

To Angelica, Lewis, Katya, Manny, Carolyn, and Fred, it has been an absolute pleasure and honor working with you these past two years. No matter what, make sure you guys don’t drift away from each other, because you’re one of the best groups of people I have ever worked with. And honestly? All I will to you is an amazing senior year with each other. You deserve it.

To Abinaya Ramakrishnan, I will you the congress team, along with the joys (and troubles) it brings. You’re more dedicated to the team than anyone I know, and I know you’ll do great things with it, more than I ever did. Maybe you could even, God forbid, get everyone to turn their research in on time one day. That would be a sight to see. Just remember to take a break once in awhile, because with the effort you put yourself through, you definitely deserve it.

To Derek Ronske, I dedicate to you our cover of Some Nights. It represents all that you are: goofy, hilarious, and everything in between. Never lose that thing that makes you you, because it makes you that much more fun to be around.

To Katya Bezugla and Tommy Neidlein, if there’s one thing that can define my IMSA experience more than anything else, it’s our team. It was the first thing I ever signed up for here, and it’ll be the one thing I’m still involved in after graduating. It’s not often you find an experience so transformative that you can’t imagine life without it, and I hope that you two will say the same thing at the end of your years here at IMSA. I will you the Titan team, its spirit, its past, and its legacy in the hopes that you take care of it as well as you possibly can. Rohit and I are unbelievably proud of everything you and the rest of the team have done. My only wish for the team is that I could get just a little more time with it, to say that one last thing that is never actually the last thing. Just remember, you’re never done learning. If anything, as captains, you’ve got more of that to do than anyone else.

The Acronym would like to thank the Editors-in-Chief Shivali Shukla and Heena Srivastava, The Acronym faculty advisor Ms. Tracy Townsend, graphic designer Michael Dizon, and the IMSA News and Columns sections, including Alexis Giff, Aliah Shaira de Guzman, Aurora Harkleroad, Chandana Tetali, Eva Liu, Isabel Lee, Madison Dong, Nikitha Garapaty, Rebecca Lisk, Sneha Pathuri, and Sweta Kotha. This year’s Senior Edition was only possible with their incredible hard work and dedication.

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