2024 Senior Wills Pt. 2

Senior Wills! | Source: The Acronym

Welcome to The Acronym’s Senior Wills of 2024! After much hard work this year, our senior class has (finally) decided to relax and write some heartfelt messages to their underclassmen. That said, we hope you appreciate these messages left behind by the Class of 2024 as they journey on into college. All of the wills from Ishan Buyyanapragada to Zuyu Liu are in this page, and all of the wills from Aashima Sisodia to Iris Amit can be found here.

Ishan Buyyanapragada
Jaden Willis
JJ Park
Joey Paras
Joshua Lee
Kate DeGreve
Kohl Vonder Haar
Komal Chivukula
Laasya Nagumalli
Laura Cervantes
Luke Mauk
Maitreyi Pandey
Manasa Balasubramanian
Manya Davis
Marcus Kubon
Mars Wylie
Melinda Yuan
Michael Zyskowski
Muna Onwuameze
Myra Mensah
Nate Landig
Nathaniel Huang
Nishna Aerabati
Nitya Jakka
Noah Walker
Nour Husseini
Raghav Sinha
Rohan Patkar
Ryan Li
Sabriya Attia
Sahil Veeravalli
Shawn Crimmins
Shivani Chirumamilla
Sindhu Chalasani
Srihari Gurugubelli
Sukanya Ghosh
Stephen Walsh
Tate Schneider
Victoria Nalepka
Vidyoot Senthilvenkatesh
Vignesh Tiruvannamalai
Will Hellrung
Winston Mattson
Zuyu Liu


Ishan Buyyanapragada
To Kumara Venkata Sadkrith Malladi, I will you an illustrious Carnatic music career. Listening to your frequent recordings on Messenger fills me with unimaginable joy, and I’m happy to see another person share a passion with me. Never hesitate to reach out if you want some good concert recordings—I’ve been waiting to share these with others.

To Vincent You, I will You a successful Vice President campaign and temporary push-up-reset coupon. Last I checked, your push-up debt is well into the thousands, so I think a reset might be necessary. Hopefully you have learned from your mistakes. I also will you another soft stuffed animal since I feel you can add another one to the three you already have on your bed. As thanks for these gifts, I expect you to give me Ferrero Rochers and popcorn packets for the rest of my time at IMSA.

To Shashikiran Salavath, I will you unlimited extensions on AdPro assignments. Those pesky—and sometimes downright impossible—quizzes are the bane of my existence. I also will you a few popcorn packets and other snacks, because being from Bloomington and coming to IMSA can be challenging at times. You’re very smart—I hope you have an amazing senior year and I’m excited to see what you’ll be up to in the future.

To Andrew Wong, I will you some of my unparalleled skills on the basketball court. Beating you relentlessly for the past two years was really fun and I hope you continue to hoop in your senior year and beyond. A few tips: When you’re shooting, keep your elbows a little more tucked in, keep your hand up after the shot, and land with feet square with your shoulders. If you have any other doubts, reach out to me anytime.

To the incredibly talented CCE underclassmen, I will you a new year of amazing events and club collaborations. To the new co-liaisons, Shanya and Sydney, I will y’all a week of rest. Looking at your colorful Google calendars gives me a heart attack sometimes, so I hope you take the time to rest in your senior year. To the rest of the exec board—Dael, Evette, Lucy, Sammie, Marina, Alvena, José, Harper, and Andrew—I will you all the opportunity to use all the skills you’ve learnt at CCE so far to bring much-needed change to the IMSA campus. I had so much fun and made so many memories during my three years in CCE, and I hope you all will do the same.

To Ibrahim Bah, I will you the Movie Head title for CLASH next year. The totally-not-against-the-rules Chicago trip with you was incredibly fun and I hope that you’ll uphold the 1505 movie legacy in your senior year. Thanks for letting us use your camera, and I hope you’ll be able to hone in your ISP skills and win first next year (unless 1505 gets robbed again like they did this year).

To the TAS Underclassmen—Netra, Anjali, Navya, Dhivija, Mahima, and Vivienne—I will you another stellar year (see what I did there). I know senioritis might’ve gotten the better of me late into the year, but it’s been a pleasure to see the interest in space at IMSA. I hope you’ll continue to foster this passion in the upcoming years and beyond. For an actual gift, however, you all should ask Brandon for his space-themed spotify playlist because it is incredible.

Jaden Willis
To Tristen, I will you peace. I call you twin because when we met you were just like me. Now we aren’t those same people anymore. You’ve genuinely come so far as a person and I could not be more proud of you. Watching you blossom into the person you are now has been so amazing. You are genuinely an inspiration to me. Thank you for all the nights staying up late talking about nothing and everything. Thank you for showing me that it does get better and that I can do anything if I put my mind to it. I could only do that because I saw you do it. You deserve the absolute world and more. Thank you for everything Twin. You know I love you.

To the SCRJ board, I will you more engagement. Bruvva. This year was hard, genuinely. I know personally, there was more I could have done and I think I’ll always have that in the back of my mind. With people barely engaging, it was hard for me to want to do it myself. Y’all gotta do better after me. I’m sorry I didn’t do more. But, I leave it all in your hands. Thank you for everything we did together. I genuinely appreciate every single one of you so much. Good luck!

To BSU board, I will y’all an enjoyable and active sophomore class. Aye y’all, try your hardest to get people involved next year. Genuinely. BSU is something that I had been interested in my whole time here, but I didn’t act on that until the end of Junior year. Help some sophomores explore those interests that they may have and get the engagement up. I wish I had started sooner because then I would’ve had a better idea as to what I was doing. I hope the future culture shows go well. I hope the meetings end up going way more smoothly than they did this year because there was so much dysfunction in that room oh my gosh. But y’all got it next year tho for sure. Good luck!

To 1504 C Wing, I will all of you, the best of luck. Make your next years here as enjoyable as you possibly can. Enjoy these next few years and have an amazing time. Keep up the community that Deondre has worked so hard to build. You have hopefully enjoyed it so far so keep doing it. You will have to put in a lot of effort to keep that up though. Just saying.

To Xander K., I will you some common sense. Bruv your slow moments are worse than Michael’s. He just IS the moment. But man I’m telling you, it’s bad. Imma be honest though, you were my favorite sophomore. That’s the truth. Thank you for sitting next to me on the bus rides for basketball. I really appreciate it. And the random conversations we had about nothing all the time. I really do appreciate everything. All love.

To Ikaika, I will you a new name. It was really funny when you started texting me the summer before you started here. You were the first junior I had talked to. It was really interesting to get to know you throughout these last couple of years. It’s been great man. All love.

To Laksh, I will you more oversized tees. Aye bro you were one of my favorite juniors. We def talked a lot more last year and I wish we did more this year. It was a lil more difficult to just run into you but the times where we did talk, I genuinely did enjoy it. Looking at you in the basketball uniform was always hilarious because you were so short and didn’t fill it out. I know you’ve been in the gym tho, I be seeing you. That’s why I said oversized tees earlier. You’re def real close to filling out regular ones, but you just don’t ever wear them. It’s hilarious. Nothing but love bro, you know that. .

To Angel Castillo, I will you true happiness. I always loved the late nights staying up late talking to you. You’re genuinely an amazing person and deserve so so so much love. I’m happy for you with everything you’ve told me and I hope and pray that everything else works out. I have absolutely nothing but love for you, even though you annoy me like no tomorrow. Bro you get on my last nerve sometimes ngl. Still tho, I love you.

To Devarsh, I will you some peace of mind. It was really nice to meet you at the end of the year. I don’t know much about you and I wish I met you sooner. I’m still really sorry for everything that happened this year and I hope everything goes well for you in love. You seem like a genuinely good person and I hope I get to know more about you in the last couple months of the year.

To Jake, I will you a good volleyball season. Aye bro I have absolutely nothing but love for you and you know that. Biochem is genuinely one of the funniest classes I’ve ever had because of you. I’ve loved going to volleyball practices to take pictures for the yearbook. You’re lowkey kinda cracked. You got it fr. You’re an amazing person and I love you bro. Never forget that.

To Ethan, I will you some rationality. Bro you’re so weird lol. I have nothing but love for you but bro you’re weird and I love it. Your sense of humor is hilarious even though I would never usually admit that. The replies you have to my stories make me laugh but feel so disappointed. It’s like you’re three years behind and it’s amazing. Thank you for inviting me to the ICA meetings even though I could never go. Nothing but love bro.

JJ Park
To Jeffrey Yao, I will you NAV BAR NAV BAR NAV BAR and acorns. Join me, Revanth, and Nihar in the central Illinois mud!

To Andrew Wong, I will you more acorns to share with Jeffrey. See you in Blono!

To Kannan Ilamparithi, I will you antibiotics. This way, maybe you won’t forget the antibiotics during the ANTIBIOTICS LAB. Take charge of your future – not gpt 4’s, and you will not believe how far you can reach (the limit is Springfield OSF!!). Also, I also will you acorns to give Jeffrey.

To Will Guo, Kennedy Su, and Kaylee Hwang, I will you Dr. Kotlarczyk. He’ll be lonely when nobody’s sitting shotgun with him. Now that I won’t be here to sub for you every time you “hAvE 7th mOd,” I recommend you guys to play every game possible – you’ll truly miss these times when the season’s over. Also, being golf captain is secretly the #1 hack for success (for 4 generations), so don’t worry about your college apps and play golf!

To Michael Granger, I will you consistency. Congrats! You’ve already made it. From our 2 years together, I can say with 100% confidence that you are on the right track. Now, you just need to stay consistent and maintain it. Just be yourself, and do the right thing with the same conviction that makes you immune to my viral MVC laziness. I hope you academically and socially have a great year, and maybe you can even say “hi” to Dr. Richmond for me!!!

Joey Paras
To Tommy Blough, I will you many more volleyballs and Comfys. Oof, where to even start. I’ve made a sort of realization recently that when I really get to know somebody, I seem to forget anything about meeting them or the beginnings of our relationship. As weird as it sounds, Tommy, I remember absolutely nothing about when we first met. Literally nothing. As far as my memory serves me, you appeared one day, happened, and just kept happening, perpetually. I have to say, I’d have it no other way. Your presence in my life has become such a source of joy for me that it’s hard to believe that I’d be the same me if not for you. For that, I thank you. I hope I’ve been able to teach you as much as you’ve taught me. Keep in touch :)

To Kaella Moraga, I will you many more concert tickets to artists that I’m jealous of . Kaella. To say that you’re an inspiration to me would be a disservice to the word understatement. Besides the fact that you’re an absolute academic weapon (your adchem grind has single handedly kept me doing pchem work more than once), you are one of the most exceptional people I’ve been fortunate enough to not only meet, but be able to call one of my closest friends. The light you bring into every situation is infectious, and I’m so excited to watch you as you continue towards whatever you set your mind to. I’ve never been more sure than I am that, whatever you choose to do, you will absolutely devour. Thank you for the memories, and keep in touch :)

To Dani Pasillas, I will you many more pieces of Elvis memorabilia and nights of listening through TS’s discography. Oooh boy Dani. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone more able to match my energy. Sometimes I get a little concerned about how similar we are, I’ll be so real. I’m so glad I got to meet and get to know you, though we only had a year at IMSA together. Thank you, and keep in touch :)

To all the current and future underclassmen residents of 1503, I will you a new decrustification movement. 1503 has been the best home I could ask for since my sophomore year. Even from that very beginning, the community has become, as cheesy as it is, my family, and I’ve found some of the relationships that I cherish the most in 03’s walls. We’ve had highs (our drills DEVOURED) and our lows (cookies and conversations were… interesting) and it’s been a crazy ride, but I wouldn’t change a thing. Embrace the insanity and keep the hall spirit alive. After all, T-H-R-E-E, WE ARE 03!!!! Love y’all <3

To the hall-commons dwellers that have joined me in founding 1503’s flopnation, I will you several more too-late nights in the RC office. Whether it was listening to a new album (stream TS and Hozier), being a little too loud at 1 am, or earning laps and fees to the jar, y’all made 03 my home. Keep the culture alive <3 I’ll miss y’all.
To C-wing, I will you a brand new C-wing circuit. C-WING BEST WING FR. 03 C 4 LYFE.

To Molly Federici, Reagan Kelley, and Brooke Hobbs, I will you the power to go absolutely insane for the next two years. You are some of the absolute funniest and most iconic sophomore trinity I have ever had the fortune of meeting. I’m gonna miss your energy, and I can’t wait to see you guys in the future, no matter what your paths end up being. Good luck! :)

To the LEAD team, I will you a change in meeting time so we can all get a little more sleep. LEAD has taught me how to step out of my comfort zone, so embrace the lessons, trials, and tribulations that it may challenge you with, and then use them to grow. It’s been an honor to get to know all of you over the past two years, and I hope you continue the famiLEAD tradition in the coming years.

To the IMPACT team, I will you the sense of community that I had as part of the team. Bro – I love you all so much. I could not have asked for a better team to not only pilot a brand new curriculum with, but to grow, laugh, and bond with over the past year. From hiding in the backrooms of IN2 to (semi) proudly yelling cringe chants (SIMPACT and BOOM will live forever in the depths of my mind), IMPACT has been one of my favorite groups of people at IMSA. Thank you for making it so special <3

To Jongwoo Kim and Nikhil Kodali specifically, I will you the patience to deal with all the problems that LEAD and IMPACT might pose, as well as the ability to celebrate all the successes they result in as well. Rewriting IMPACT has been one of the most challenging and infuriating experiences I have ever gone through, but it has also been one of the most rewarding. I have no doubt that you two are more than capable of fitting IMPACT to your vision, and I am SO excited to hear about how IMPACT changes going forward. Keep your head up, no matter what certain people might say or do, and don’t be afraid to lean on your team.

To the underclassman ISP team, I will you many more editing grind sessions and smoothly run culture shows. Those of you who I’ve interacted with and those I have not been lucky enough to meet, I’m so glad that ISP is in such capable hands, as you are all truly the backbone of IMSA. Keep on going and don’t give up! Especially the photography people – keep being creative and lmk if you have any cool projects you’re working on :)

To Sydney Hunter and Tommy Blough, I will you the patience to deal with all that will inevitably come your way. You both are two of the absolutely most capable people I know, and I am 100% confident that you are going to eat this up. Good luck, and don’t be a stranger!

To THE Joaquin (Jake) Belonio, I will you a growth spurt (jk I, of all people, know that the Filipino genes are merciless). Whether in LEAD, dance, or volleyball, you devour in everything you do, and I know you won’t stop. Keep working hard and serving even harder! (ps I can’t wait to see your B-Friend at Lunar next year ;) )

To Ketzaly Nunez Luna and Yicole Ng, I will you an end to the reactions. I actually don’t know what I would’ve done without you two in Orgo . You are both two of the funniest and smartest people I’ve met, and I am so thankful we were at the same table. I can’t wait to see what you both do in the future, and keep in touch!!

To Shatakshi Chatterjee, I will you a working table organization instead of the mess we had in our classroom. Teaching you throughout both CORE and IMPACT in LEAD last year and then getting to be your co facilitator this year has been one of my favorite things at IMSA. I’ve loved seeing you grow, playing our Taylor x Weeknd playlists, and teaching together. You are absolutely amazing, and I have no doubt you are destined for things as impressive as you.

To Jongwoo Kim, I will you more bleach for your hair. JONGWOOOOO. Bro. I’m so glad we got to know each other. You are legit one of the coolest and most chill people I’ve ever met. Between LEAD and living in the same wing for two years, it’s been one of my greatest pleasures to be your upperclassmen. Keep in touch :)

To Nikhil (pronunciation tbd depending on how the announcements are feeling) Kodali, I will you the ability to become the Blue Lock anime man of your dreams. Kodali. Nikhil. Nikhole. Three names that will always live in infamy in my mind. You are one of the funniest people I’ve ever met, and you just do it so effortlessly. Nobody can make me laugh like you, and for that I am so thankful for you.

To Max Schwartz, I will you a working carbon fiber saxophone. Bro. You are literally so cool. Every time I talk to you, I feel like I figure out something new about you. From your interest in tea to your honestly incredibly impressive composition skills, you’ve constantly blown me away any time I’ve been lucky enough to interact with you. Keep going, and stay in touch :)

To Haoran Shi, I will you someone to rizz. The rizzler himself. Between B-Friend, the iconic red hat, and drone flying, you are an ICON. With your ability to make me laugh no matter what and talent for videography, you are one of the most exceptional people I’ve ever met. I cannot wait to see what you choose to do in the future, because I know you will eat. it. up.

To Josie Kim, I will you a new middle name. Never did I ever think that I would ever go by “Poseidon” for any amount of time from anyone but here we are, all thanks to you. Since meeting you in 03, you’ve remained one of the most hilarious, intelligent, and kind people that I’ve met. Anytime I saw you at school, my mood boosted immediately, whether we bonded over chem depression or GLU. Keep going and keep your head up. You are exceptional, and I can’t wait to see you be famous one day and say “I knew her when she was Josie Juxtaposition Kim.” :)

To Jordan Henry, I will you a functioning ClearTouch to replace the one we barely got by with during CORE. JORDANN!!!!! I could not have asked for a better CORE co. Ever since we did that little exercise together during SLD week, I knew we were gonna EAT IT UP together. And we did, no crumbs. CORE was so fun with you, and with how simply fantastic you are, I just know that you are going to go on to do even more amazing things. Never forget just how spectacular you truly are, and, of course, JJ forever :)

To Sydney Hunter, I will you plentiful photo shoots. When we first met through ISP and LEAD, I knew you were going to one of the most iconic people I’d have the pleasure of meeting. Getting to know you throughout the past two years through ISP/LEAD as well as things like Clash and living in 03, however, has proven that I was underestimating just how amazing you would be. Between the playlists, propics, and generally being a boss (OK ISP PRES AND CCE I SEE YOU), you are possibly the funniest person at IMSA, as well as one of the most talented people I’ve ever met. Please never forget who you are, because who you are is pretty incredible.

To THE Skumar, more commonly known as Sarah Kumar, I will you plenty more kpop stores to visit and kpop to love. My funny Filipina queen, you are so absolutely amazing. Getting to know you over the past year has been so fun, and I cannot wait to see you go on and continue devouring (ps can’t wait to see g-friend next year )

To Joshua Mu, I will you an unsolvable chem problem so you can experience the life of a non-genius. Josh, with full honesty, you are legit one of the most impressive yet humble people I’ve ever met. You are so smart and everytime I talk to you I’m honestly starstruck. You are destined for amazing things, I’m sure of it. Keep in touch :)

To Kaylee Hwang, I will you many more “free” drinks. Kaylee, I could not have asked for a better Panera partner. Our lunches quickly became highlights of my weeks, and not just because you used your free drinks for me. I loved getting to know you even more than I did before and talking to you about literally anything. You are so hilarious and I can’t wait to see what you do in the future.

To Rushina Patel, I will you a permanent bang curler because I swear I’ve never seen you without yours in. jkjkkkk but being so for real, DANGGGGGGGGG YOU ARE SO AMAZING. Rushina, I can not overstate just how much you inspire and impress me. Between your academic weapon-ess and your work in equity, I am just stunned by how amazing you are and have become over the past two years. Keep in touch :)

To Elaine Rao, I will you many more satisfying naps in English :). Getting to know you over the past two years has been so amazing, even though you left 03. You’re legitimately so cool – you and your dances devour – and please make sure you never forget that. You turned Graphic Novels from just another class to one of my favs this year, and I know you are going to accomplish so much (so don’t forget me when you’re famous).

To the 2024 F-Trad team, I will the same joy that I had while choreoing and working with all of you, despite the panic that we always seemed to go through :). Choreoing and dancing F-Trad this year was one of my all-time favorite things I did at IMSA, and I’m so glad that I got to do it with all of you. Thank you for letting me be your temporary kuya, and good luck next year!!

To Kaella (and Tommy, my fav Pinoy Boy, if you want), I will F-Trad – I couldn’t have done F-Trad without you both, and I know you’ll do amazing <3.

Joshua Lee
To Shashi, I will you an unlimited Bing Ling pass, the best oppa, and a moment where you can relax. As much as I love to goof around with you, I don’t think I can overestimate how much every moment we spent together impacted me. Whether it be Diff Eq grind sessions or rants about IMSA admins, there’s nothing I would trade to lose every moment I had with you. You’re definitely one of the most talented juniors and people in general I’ve ever met. But I think it’s important to just take a moment in your life to appreciate what you have and appreciate what you’ve become. There’s still a lot of life ahead of you, so don’t get caught up on what the future holds for you and enjoy what the present has to offer. Life naturally comes with ups and downs, what matters is how you deal with the downs. Keep on pressing through, and I know the future can only hold good things for you. Also, keep being friends with Sadi. I think it’s a valuable relationship that’ll help out both of you. Speaking of relationships…

To Andrew, I will you the position of spiritual CAB director. Good try man. Next time, don’t jump too hard so your pee doesn’t leak through the floor and into our room through our room light.

To Aadi Shah, I will you a chill pill. Stop worrying so much about where you’ll end up and just focus on enjoying the moment. Easy to say and hard to do, but I’m sure you’ll find that the most rewarding moments of your life aren’t the grand experiences you spend years planning but the seemingly insignificant moments that come naturally.

To Deen Ka, I will you to GET OUT OF MY SIGHT. In all seriousness, I loved seeing how much you got into CLASH towards the end. Put more energy into your dance moves though.

To 1505, I will a Vigilante to Hei5t another clash victory. Diego, I know you’ll do great as next year’s riddle head. Hopefully we can go for the first place sweep this time. Asad, dancing in clash was a lot of fun, even if I skipped half the practices (mb). I really hope you continue to be a drill head next year. Ibrahim, get steadier hands :/. In reality, it was a lot of fun being in Chicago with you. Run it back next year and let’s place first in movie this time.

To Josefh, I will you another clash victory. I also will you page 49 of the 2023-2024 IMSA student Handbook.

To B Wing, I will you a better RC and more pizza nights. Ethan and Nathan (or Nathan and Ethan?), I loved hanging out with you guys after 10 check. Thanks for the noodles and sausages, and try getting off the phone and socializing with others around you, you’ll be surprised. Raj, I thought you were pretty headstrong all things considered. Keep trying and you might end up getting that StudCo position. Laksh, I regret not being able to talk to you more, you seem like a genuinely great person to be around. We’ll run spikeball again one day. Kavin, I loved popping into the wing commons and also seeing a new movie on. Get more people in on it, I think it’ll be pretty fun. Will, you’re my senior at large goat.

To Shrikar, I will you an unlimited supply of Fogel notes. Being my 3-math-classes-in-a-semseter buddy, without you my number theory grade would be in shambles. I’m sure good things are in store for you, keep working hard and you’ll get there eventually.

To Grace and Helen, I will you a peaceful sleep on the downstate bus. Sorry I could never talk to you guys, but I’m sure you’ll continue the Champaign IMSA legacy. Don’t be afraid to talk to the incoming Champaign sophs and say hi to my brother while you’re at it.

Vincent You, I will you the ability to spend less time rummaging through number theory notes. Oh boy, where do I even start… my favorite class this semester was number theory, no less thanks to you. I’ll still remember the nights before number theory homework is due, with you huddled over on Ashwin’s bed crying about how you should’ve started earlier. Late nights spent singing Bruno Mars, debating with Rithik, or just general tomfoolery to avoid doing homework won’t be forgotten.I also will you a one time redeemable coupon to avoid expulsion from StudCo. Congrats, you made it onto StudCo! The hard part is now. You’ll need to learn the ropes while juggling robotics and college apps at the same time. If anyone can do it, it’s you. A valuable opportunity to make a lasting change has fallen upon you. Don’t be afraid to make friends with your new board members, and make sure you set all the clubs right.I also (x2) will you a mildly functioning FRC robot. I’ve seen all the hard work that you put into robotics. I still remember leaving my dorm in the morning just to see you in the wing commons, pulling an all nighter because you thought it was worth it. Regardless of whether you become captain or not, there’s a sort of passion that most people lack that I see in you. Very few people are as dedicated, hardworking, and headstrong for a passion they truly find enjoyment as you. I hope you continue to explore robotics even after high school, I think there’s a spark that doesn’t deserve to fizzle out.I also (x3) will you to be 1505’s 09 representative. My second favorite CLASH moment may have to be our last minute improvisation of us falling from your glorious sax solo during a talent show (My favorite being winning clash obviously. I still remember hugging you after we won). I know you’re going to 04 next year, but I know you’ll bring the spirit of clash with you. Winning might be fun, but I also encourage you to collaborate with others, not only in your hall but the entirety of campus. I too once remember wanting to win clash as a hyper aggressive junior like you, but now I relish in moments where I found myself with other halls, working together to achieve a sense of victory even greater than what a normal win could ever offer. I also (x4) will you increased saxophone prowess. I know it’s like your biggest personality trait, and now that the incompetent senior who’s taking all ur opportunities (Zuyu) is leaving, you will finally become the sole leader of IMSA’s saxophone section. Now with all that sax skills you should actually rizz instead of just playing careless whispers all day. I also (last one I swear) will you a new leaf. Even with a reputation that precedes you, I think you’ll be surprised to find that people will tend to like you if you simply just started being who you are. Deep down, I know you’re capable of being a great person, you just need to find it for yourself. Keep trying, even when it seems hard. It’s easy to relish in the status quo, but there’s nothing more rewarding than being able to look back at your past fondly, knowing how much you’ve grown.

Kate DeGreve
To Shatakshi Chatterjee, I will you a senior year where YOU are getting noise complaints in 1502 D-wing. In all seriousness, I hope that your senior year is balanced with your crazy commitments, college apps that I’m sure will get you to your dream, and lots of post-ten-check fun (and studying). You deserve so much and you honestly impress me every day. Make sure to take care of yourself, give yourself breaks, and reach out to me and your big sib with whatever you need. Thank you for being the sweetest underclassman, RSL, a great wingmate last year, and now the person who always lets me in after check. I am so glad I met you and PLEASE remember how amazing you are!!!

Kohl Vonder Haar
To Haoran “Jack” Shi, I will you an infinite supply of Baja and some “well-deserved” new Hopkins merch. Jack, I understood how caring and hardworking you truly are from the moment I first began to get to know you better this year. A particular instance (involving a cardboard cutout) solidified just how good of friends I knew we were bound to become. Your witty wordplay and admittedly similarly deranged sense of humor never fails to make me laugh, and your late-night visits to my pseudo-quad, whether to “lock in” or simply to get up to some shenanigans, have never failed to brighten my day (even if it means that you end up stealing some of my Baja Blasts). Stay true to yourself, my JOAT. I had better see you with me in Baltimore next year, or I’ll be stealing that hat.

To Mr. Nikhil Kodali, I will you a half-full bottle of baby oil. Nikhil, despite the many times I have caught you “grinding” in Chad’s, David’s, or even your room, you are one of the hardest-working people I know (BEYOND Fortnite, to be clear). I always find you entangled in the same shenanigans I’m involved in, but you always approach them with wit and a sense of rationality (one our friends typically lack). If there’s anyone I know who can maintain peace and control over his emotionally unstable quad (I mean, look at what happens to Jack whenever he drinks a Baja), it’s you. Always remain the bedrock of your friend group, Nikhil, and I know you’re bound to do amazing things in the future. Stay in touch.

To Chad Park, I will you a supply of ramen as abundant as your ability to procrastinate. Chad, your personability, even in the most dire of situations, always amazes me. Whether discussing Steph Curry’s game-winning three-point shots or bearing witness to many nights of Super Mega Baseball and Fortnite, you never fail to make me smile. Despite all that you go through, you always manage to keep your head high, and I admire that about you, alongside your ability to always remain calm, no matter the circumstances. I better see you writing for Hadron as of next year, and if you keep your nose to the grindstone, I know you will end up in outstanding places. Make sure to reach out, Chad.

To Aditya Kumar, I will you the ability to make your own cosmetic choices, despite your parents’ contradictory wishes. Adi, although I had no idea (or interest) in who you were whenever I was assigned to live in 07B, getting to know you has been one of the most enriching experiences I’ve had while living here. Your consistently positive demeanor and happy resolve inspire everyone around you, and your laughter is contagious. Despite all of the times that I’ve mocked you in the presence of sophomores, you never seem to allow me to get to your head, and I find that truly admirable. Adi, you are one of the most genuine and down-to-earth people I know on this campus; don’t allow anyone to tell you otherwise. Make sure to keep in touch!

To David Weng, I will you the mental fortitude needed to wean off of your Fortnite addiction (and to go all of the way). David, despite the jokes I’ve made at your expense, you are genuinely one of the funniest people I know, with a sense of humility I can only aspire to. Whether ranging from MVC to French to waking you up to come to play ultimate frisbee with me, you always seem to know exactly how to adapt to the situation at hand with humor while still having fun along the way. I can’t wait to run some Spikeball with you in these coming weeks but keep in touch with me in these coming years.

To Andrew Katson, I will you the ability to stay vigilant in the gym during the college application season and the time management skills to keep Hadron afloat. Andrew, your willingness to learn and adapt to the sometimes volatile conditions that Hadron found itself in this previous year was admirable. Though I could have aided you by being a more insightful (and involved) Senior Editor-in-Chief, I know you will improve Hadron even more this upcoming year. I will truly miss your constant jokes about the frivolities of chemistry and witnessing your progress in the gym, but I can’t wait to see where you take Hadron. Best of luck, Andrew.

To all of my 01D Wing sophomores from last year, thank you for always keeping things light-hearted during some of the most difficult times of my IMSA career. Even though I persistently found myself doing work into the late hours of the night during my Junior year, you all managed to find a way to insert some humor into even my darkest moments, and for that, I couldn’t be more appreciative. I wish you all the best in your senior year, and I know you all are bound for greatness if you just follow in my steps, obviously.

To Joshua Mu, I will you an endless supply of Professor Jianping Huang’s USNCO practice problems. Juice, from the first time I met you during study sessions for the National Chemistry Olympiad, I knew you were destined for greatness. Your boundless chemical knowledge always amazes me, and your persistent dedication to expanding your knowledge is truly admirable. The fact that you can do this while still balancing a social (I’ll never forget the endless hours of Stumble Guys and outrageous jokes) and family life (his family is lovely, for the record) is admirable. Maintain your work ethic through application season and onward, Juice, and I know you’ll do great things. Stay in touch!

To anyone else I might have forgotten, my sincerest apologies (this is what I get for filling these out at the very last moment), but I’m certain that you all will do amazing things, and never hesitate to reach out!

Komal Chivukula
To Aahana Das, I will you a slayful senior year! Aahana, you are such a good friend of mine, and I truly think that my experience at IMSA would have been so different if I never became friends with you. From our late night study sessions to our meaningful conversations, our friendship grew throughout these past years. You are so smart and resilient (I remember the OOP and French 3 grinds) and I know you will get through any challenge that you’ll get! And don’t stress, I know you’re gonna be great next year! You’re genuinely going to eat it up next year, and I can’t wait to see and hear about you slaying your senior year! I’ll always be cheering you on, bestie!

To Aarushi Das, I will you all the CS knowledge in the world! Aarushi, you were one of the first underclassmen I met here, and you are truly one of my closest friends now. You always cheered me up when I was in a flop-full mood, and I truly appreciate your support and friendship here. You are also so, so cool! I know we joke around a lot, but you’re genuinely such a smart person, and I am in literal awe at the stuff you do! Don’t worry trust, the trauma of French 3 is going to pass, and you’re going to eat up all of your classes next year! I know you’re gonna do so amazing next year and in the years to come! You got this bestie, and you’re gonna slay so much!

To Maya Kannan, I will you some additional brain cells to get through another lovely year of French 4. Maya, you’re genuinely one of the most interesting and goofiest people I know and I’m so so glad I took the time to get to know you. Not only are you goofy, but you’re smart, awesome, and an amazing friend. Even though you act and seem to be in a crisis, you’re always so resilient and always get through all the obstacles and flops that come your way! You’re almost at the finish line, and trust I know you’ll carry Dr. Dong’s SIR next year (my awesome particle physics bestie!!!)!

To Shriya Koduri, I will you a whole amazing arsenal of memes. Unfortunately I’m kind of broke and I can’t give you all my money, but I will give you access to a priceless collection of memes (mainly to annoy Maya next year)! But being for real, Shriya, you’re genuinely so talented! You’re an actual French legend, and I don’t think that I would be getting through that class without you at my table this semester! Also, you still have so much time to do great things here, and I can’t wait to hear about all the cool things you will do at IMSA! Don’t let the pressures or stress of IMSA get to you, and I know you’ll do great here!

To Samira Koduri, I will you all A’s in all the remaining French classes you take. Samira, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for helping me with French 3 first semester. I would not have survived that class without your knowledge. You are also so nice, and I really hope that French and IMSA treats you well moving forward!

To Shatakshi Chatterjee, I will you all A’s in all the hardest classes at IMSA. Shatakshi, you’re genuinely so cool, sweet, and smart, and our interactions always brighten my day. I know you’ll do awesome next year, so don’t stress about it!

To Rachel Qi and Katherine Ge, I will you the coolest room or quad ever! Rachel, you’re so silly, goofy and fun to be around! It was so much fun getting to know you this year! I hope you continue to have fun at IMSA (as well as finish the Skibidi Toilet Saga)! Katherine, you always brighten my mood with our interactions and you’re so silly! In the end, you two were the best unexpected quadmates that I could have ever asked for, and I hope that your room or quad next year is amazing!

To Aashini Sanapala, I will you another amazing cohort of GIS mentees. Aashini, you were such a goated and fun mentor, and I know that my GIS experiences would not be as awesome as it was. We were able to get our mentees to create such amazing projects, and I truly hope you get to have amazing and cool mentees next year if you choose to do GIS again. Nevertheless, you are such a fun and sweet person, and I am so glad I got to know you this year!

To the 02 B-Wing underclassmen, I will you another year of being a part of an amazing wing. My time in B wing was so amazing, and it was entirely because of you guys. I truly hope that your IMSA experience stays as positive as it can get, but I know that you guys can get through any obstacle that comes your way. If you guys continue to stay in B wing next year, I hope it’s still as silly and funny as it was this year!


Laasya Nagumalli
To Psych Club, I will you all a What Would You Do episode of your own. I hope for John Quiñones himself to bless the production that Psych Club would create, and I have no doubt your drive and passion for psychology will foster an amazing year of events on campus.

To Poets’ Society, I will you a complete collection of all the works of Rupi Kaur. Take that as you will!

To GEA, I will you red fruit punch and red velvet cupcakes and red skittles and cherries and tomatoes and red bell peppers and blood oranges and apples and flaming hot cheetos and kool aid and ketchup and

To Spectrum, I will you many more pride moths! You guys should put pride moths in Pride Rock. <3

To Jasper, I will you more green stuffed bunnies! And probably a new spinal cord. I don’t know why, you just give the vibes of someone looking for a new spinal cord. Not like someone else’s spinal cord, but maybe an artificial one? It’d be fun.

To Hamsika, I will you pi. Because, contrary to your initial impression, I know what pi is! In any case, it was a gnarly time working with you on our many mutual club boards, and I feel confident that I’m leaving them in amazing hands. I’m gonna miss you constantly misnaming Nickel as “Nickels.”

To Indy, I will you the ability to merge into a collective consciousness with all your friends! While we never got a chance to spend a lot of time together this year, I enjoyed our sporadic encounters– bullying Gar together, you getting me Oberweis, me accidentally giving you twenty dollars in said Oberweis encounter because I don’t know how to do math. It was always a highlight of my day to see you on the other end of Axis (Access? lol) Road on a late-night walk and wave excitedly to you. But I don’t miss the memory of the time you scared the daylights out of me from the flower beds. I swear, it felt like my esophagus was climbing halfway up my throat. In any case, I’m gonna miss you next year! While we’re never going to merge into a collective consciousness, I want to stay in touch with you in all the years to come :)

To Josie, I will you more sleep on nights before math tests. Girl, when I tell you I would’ve failed MVC if not for you, I am being so serious. At the very least, you saved me from severe suffering. From our late nights in A-wing to the lovely 8am battles we would fight together, I’m grateful for having had the challenge of MVC and for the shared struggle having brought us closer together.

To Shrikar, I will you the money to buy a house. More specifically, the money to buy *me* a house. …Kidding! I am still waiting on answers on those Would You Rather questions, though. From the moment I first, as you put so eloquently to Ellen, “interrogated” you, I’ve enjoyed the way that your mind works! Despite the questionable stances you hold on alternative universal animal ethics, I hope to keep picking your mind after I graduate through the occasional messenger rabbit hole of math talk and sporadic life updates. Stay gnarly~~

To Karthik, I will you better taunts to use on shmen. While the “so pwecious” and “so adowable” have their token Karthik touch, I must insist that you develop new insults. Though I relish how severely I torment you when you threaten to cook bunnies during Number Theory (I’ll always be proud of how you fail to stop me from stealing your glasses while cackling maniacally time and time again), I cherish how our friendship began. You were sitting in old caf and I was struggling with my Number Theory proofs, and you sat with me for like an hour and a half to walk me through how proof by induction works. Though I’ll never stop calling you “so pwecious” and “so adowable” to taunt you the way you taunt schmen, it was sweet of you to help me with all things math and insist so thoroughly that I know what I’m doing, I just need to be more confident in myself. Don’t be a stranger next year, Karthik! Tell me all about how DeRham (DeRabbit) Theory and your QFT research with Dr. Trimm goes. I’ll enjoy listening to everything you say go way over my head.

To Alvena, I will you a decoy Laasya for your next math class. Ah, MI4! There’s no way that it wasn’t like, three centuries ago! I think it’s adorable, the way that our friendship had grown and blossomed into a pure and sweet constant. Since you came to IMSA, you’ve never had a math class where we didn’t sit at the same table. You’re a saint for tolerating my many, many, many (many many), many rants about how adorable bunnies are while in class. I’m still sorry for making you prove the Error Bound for Simpson’s Rule with me. That was my bad. But in my defense, it was still fun! Is a math class really worth it if it doesn’t introduce such rigor that it makes you cry? …Perhaps. But regardless, I’m gonna miss the first math class I take in college that doesn’t have you passed out cold next to me (but still resulting in you outperforming me in tests all the time cause you’re just that smart). I’m grateful for the conversations we’ve had and the memories we’ve shared. From nights pouring over our AEPs to our first Number Theory test that we blew out of the water to the infamous comment that I made in BC fast that only you, me, Wyatt, and Neev will ever get to know, I’m astounded for how we grew and changed alongside each other over the past two years. While I won’t be sitting at the same math table as you next year, I’ll be looking forward to constant life updates from you :)

To Neev, I will for you to go a year without your glasses being stolen from you. I think my graduation, and therefore, alleviation from your agony, will be gift enough for you (/j). In all seriousness, though, I’m glad we got to know each other over the past two years. Sad as it is, I think my infamous BC Fast quote I made was the initial step in our friendship, but I’m happy to look back upon how it has flourished. You’re a fun person to be around, and despite your constant insistence on pretending you’re tormented by me, I know you perceive me similarly. I know you have great things ahead of you, and I hope you see that too. Let’s stay BFFs forever! I know how much you love that phrase <3

To Charlotte, I will you an endless supply of microwave popcorn. Pimantles and bunnies and popcorn and Apples to Apples and late night friendly gossip sessions– who could ask for anything more? I’m glad to have met you, Charlotte. When I began junior year, I wasn’t able to move in until months after school had started, and it made it so hard for me to connect with underclassmen. When I moved in senior year, I was determined to make up for it. I tried my absolute best to connect with as many underclassmen as possible, compensating for my lack of doing so in the previous year, and seeking to be the upperclassman that I had wished I had had when I had been a sophomore. I still recall, clear as day, the night you told me and Jojo that our efforts weren’t going unnoticed and that you had felt so supported by us, and that we were doing a good job of reaching out to the A-wing sophomores. While I don’t think I let on the sheer magnitude of the importance to me in the moment, that comment meant more to me than you know. You’re so bright and kind, your intelligence catalyzing your immaculate imagination and interpersonal skills. I admire the tenacity with which you approach your goals, and I’m so excited to see where it takes you. Thank you for a year of an amazing friendship, and I’m looking forward to many more to come :)

To Ellen, I will you The Morning Club. I can never stop thinking about the butterfly effect when I think about you. It’s so baffling to me– a chance encounter on a stairwell in the middle of the school week led to one of the closest friendships I’ve ever had in my life. I’m not one to believe in fate, but it does seem to have worked out perfectly: the random housing placement, the passing on the stairs, the Ellen^3 fiasco, the chance of sitting next to each other that day during S&E, Mr. Brummet mishearing your words, all to fall perfectly in place to give way for the foundations of our friendship. You have a way of making people feel secure in who they are. The way you latched onto my personality in its purest and most natural form, appreciating me for the core of my personhood, touched me in a way that’s difficult to describe. It’s easy to brush past the constant joys in life– sunlight and cold water and ad-skip tickets in Cats and Soup. But being friends with you was like the ethereal feeling of being overly aware of how amazing they all feel to have. You, in all your Ellen-ness, your bad humor and your corny laugh and your linear algebra puns and your insanely amazing art skills and your kind-hearted nature, are impossible to distinguish from the feeling of sunlight on your back as warmth first breaks through the months of a Chicago winter, or cold water after a field day from a fifth grade graduation party, or knowing you can get more than five free fishing bait in Cats and Soup because you have more ad-skip tickets (I’m so addicted to Cats and Soup, please send help). All this is to say that I’m a better person for having known you. You’re an easy person to admire, with your lovable nature and overwhelming curiosity about the world. It’s adorable how you joined The Morning Club in part because you liked absorbing the LinAlg even though you weren’t in the class. You inspired an amount of growth in my mindset and outlook on the world that’s difficult for me to quantify, but I’m so happy that Ava and I get to leave The Morning Club to you. Hey, maybe you’ll finally have time to ask more than 1.258623 questions! Remember me next time there’s no competition for you to take the good seat in Mr. Brummet’s office in the morning, will you? And thank you, Ellen, for encouraging me to always admire the little things– like the carpeted landings of the 02 A-wing stairwells.


Laura Cervantes
To the robotics juniors, Keegan, Georgi, Neel, Indy, Vincent, Kyler, Michael, and Jaxon, I will you a season that runs smoothly and brings you NO stress. You all are such valuable members of the team and I know you’ll want to jump right into the season after the game reveal but PLEASE take it easy. I’ve seen you all give up your time and devote yourselves to robotics, and apparently, being called a nerd for it is not enough to stop you. Whenever you feel stressed, take a step back and calm down. A lot of team members have explosive personalities (including some of you) and you will have to step up and be the bigger person. Mentor the sophs with all you’ve learned, encourage the juniors to work hard, and be nice to each other!! I know you will be an amazing team together so LOCK IN and go to worlds!!!

To the girls in robotics and those who have sadly left the team (pls come back), as Jai, a senior from last year willed me, I will you the courage to speak up and advocate for yourself and others as well. Trying to give it your all and more to the team is a challenge in itself. I want you to never be discouraged from asking questions and speaking your mind. The lab can be a harsh place sometimes and it is easy to feel discouraged but I hope you don’t end your journey in robotics so soon. Stay and push yourselves, it sucks that we have to prepare ourselves to one day encounter worse people later in our careers but it’s the truth. However, you can make a change, I know you can, I observed you while working in the lab (not in a creepy way I swear) and every single one of you is capable of making a change in the team and your peers. If there’s one thing I wish I did is to not get used to it but rather teach others to change. Be the leaders I know you can be. Have the best time, and recruit more girls!! MUAH you guys got this!!! P.S. PLS buy some sparkly tape for your safety glasses, everyone is gonna be so jealousSSSSSSS.

To Vincent, I will you enough time and muscles to finish your hundreds of pushups, more sleep, an easy auto game, a future relations head happy to take your picture (:))), and a big house to fill with kids. Vincent, I mean it when I say I am so proud of the growth you’ve made in the last two years and I cannot wait to see all that you accomplish your senior year. I’ve seen you dedicate an incredible amount of time to the team and that robot both in the lab and outside. Thank you for being a friend and posing for the camera! Please have some fun! Let yourself go out of your comfort zone to try new things, it’s okay to mess up but do not beat yourself up. I hope you spend more time doing things that aren’t robotics like maybe sleeping, trying a cool push-up trick, making a jazz album (send that over If you do), finding a new pose for Instagram, or becoming a movie enthusiast like your favorite upperclassmen (me!). Okay, have fun!!! Let your hair grow out.

To Kyler Ponx, I will you a fun time outside of robotics. Have some fun and spend time away from robotics exploring some hobbies that will help you grow as a person. I think you’d really enjoy soccer and 21 savage! I’ve enjoyed making you laugh (you’re welcome!!) and having you as someone I can bother in the lab :) Enjoy your senior year, have some fun, expand your hobbies, time outside, and average sleeping hours! Pose for the camera next year!

Luke Mauk
To Brooke Hobbs, I will you the energy to keep this place going. I know that this place has its rough spots but I’m trusting you to make sure this place survives. You are the most outgoing, passionate, bubbly, and crazy person (but like in a good way) I have ever met. Don’t do anything stupid and ayo make the most of your time here because it goes fast. Good luck! You’re going to do great things! RAWRRRRRR

To Sydney Hunter, I will you the ACLU club. I know things didn’t exactly go as planned this year. Next year is going to be so great with you as president and hopefully a little smoother. Good luck next year and keep me updated!

To Blake Hennings and Lucy Philip, I will you guys the best couple and the longest lasting couple. Blake bro you’re so chill like I wish I could have gotten to know you better this year :( Lucy idk u frl but if you’re with Blake then you must be pretty cool. You guys are so cute together! Out of all the couples on campus you guys are my fav. You guys better keep the legacy going I am counting on you!

Maryam Zaidi, I will you the power to keep your passion for becoming a doctor. I also will you all my advice and if you need anything hit me up! I have never met anyone who is as passionate as you about becoming a doctor. Good luck! I hope to see you in a couple of years at WASHU :)

Noel Skariah, I will you the ramen that I took from you that one time. Frl Noel you are super cool like one of the most down to earth people I know. I enjoy gossiping with you :) and the late night shenanigans hehe. You’re the best Bwing liaison I could’ve asked for. Good luck next year and remember to have fun. Seriously have a little fun, or else….

Ketzaly Nuñez Luna I will you all my silly goofy energy. Welp now you gotta be the crazy one. It’s all up to you. I always enjoy hanging out with you because you make me laugh. I will never forget the Mexico trip and the 01 hall commons shenanigans hehe. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself for senior year. Live it uppppp cause it goes fast. RAWRRRRRR hehe :)

Maitreyi Pandey
To Aarushi Das, I will you a senior year full of positivity and happiness. You are the very definition of an ebullient person and all of our interactions give me so much joy. I’m grateful for the sibling algorithm for pairing us, and if you ever need anything, I will be there to help you. I hope you have a splendid, stress-free, fun-filled, well-rested time next year!

To Lennon Kimbrel, I will you a junior CORE co-facilitator as cool and smart as you. I thoroughly enjoyed teaching our class with you on Wednesday nights! Your aesthetic presentations, fun kahoots, and adorable drawings on the whiteboard made me excited to teach every class. You’re an excellent leader and I’m sure you’ll enact positive change on your CORE class next year!

To EmmaLi Isham, I will you a productive year surrounded by competent people. I’m sure next year is going to be a little different than what you expected, but I know you’ll be a wonderful president! You are such a hard-working, passionate, organized, and cheerful person and I have no doubts that you will overcome all of the obstacles in your way and accomplish your goals. Don’t be afraid to argue, make demands, and stand up against the detrimental changes that IMSA tries to make. Also, remember that you do not need to say yes to everything. Other people are more than capable of taking on responsibility and delegating tasks to underclassmen is your prerogative as a senior (to an extent)! Anyway, I hope you enjoy senior year and I cannot wait to see the great things you achieve.

To José Lazcano, I will you an endless amount of patience, ambition, passion, and energy. Or I would will that to you if you didn’t already have it. At a school filled to the brim with impressive people, you are the most impressive and it’s not even a close competition. From literally the very beginning of your sophomore year, you have been trying to make our campus more inclusive and equitable. I cannot tell you enough how much I admire and appreciate you and your work. Pride Rock, the Hub, equity programming events, the read-ins, Casa, Spectrum events, the list of things you have done in your short time here feels endless. You never shy away from difficult tasks and you are exactly what this school needs. I am so, so, so proud of you and I am honored to be your friend. You have made an indelible impact on my life and my outlook of the world. Because of all of the extraordinary extracurricular activities you do, I want to will you a break. An actual one, where you can let other people take charge of things for a while and you can relax and bask in the knowledge that you have improved the lives of current and future IMSA students. I already know that you are going to go ridiculously far in life, so I hope you know that I will always be here and I will always be rooting for you!

To Olivia Aguilar, I will you a tight-knit 07 community. As elusive of an idea as this may sound, I believe in you and your HCL abilities and I’m sure you’ll find a way to turn this figment of my imagination into reality. Ever since meeting you during sophomore move-in, I have appreciated your perpetual kindness and sticker donations (our fridge is covered in them thanks to your contributions). You have come so far since sophomore year and watching you grow into a confident and capable leader has been a rewarding experience. I enjoyed teaching our specialization class together this semester and I hope you continue to lead and create positive change around campus (specifically in 07 (please make it better)). Prioritize your sleep schedule and do not stress too much next year! Also please reach out whenever you feel like it because I will happily answer any questions you have about anything and everything <3

To Lucy Philip, I will you a sophomore that makes delicious grilled cheeses. Working with you on CCE and having you in the wing has been an unexpectedly unforgettable experience. You are by far my favorite sophomore and you are so bubbly, funny, and dedicated to the work that you do and it is refreshing to meet someone who does what they are truly passionate about instead of what they think other people expect of them. I am so proud of you and everything you have accomplished this year! From you being a fabulous SOCC president to a delightful addition to 07 A-wing, I have loved getting to know you this year. IMSA may not be what you expected based on your brother’s experiences, but I’m sure you can restore it to its former glory (at least partially)! Also I am holding you to your promise of showing me cool places in Chicago on your SIR days.

To Alvena Bhutiani, I will you ample amounts of sleep. You are a pleasure to be around and teaching some of our IMPACT classes and having you on CCE has been amazingly cool. You have genius ideas (befitting for the genius that you are), and I hope you continue to work hard on CCE events and projects. Please learn how to make better decisions and stop procrastinating because it is so inconvenient to be sleep deprived, especially during college app season. I am wishing you success and happy decision days because you have definitely earned it! I would ask you to stay in touch, but I learned this year that our moms are acquaintances/friends(?) so I’m sure they will do that for us, as Indian moms tend to do. Also, if you stay in 07, participate in CLASH! No excuses!!

To Andrew Wong, I will you better posture. Watching you bend your spine at an unnatural angle while sitting on the floor during our CCE meetings genuinely made my neck hurt. Please sit up straight. Bad posture aside, you are cool and I appreciate the work that you do on CCE. I hope you are a positive role model for your underclassmen and have a successful and activity-filled senior year!

To Sydney Hunter and Shanya Yang, I will you a year of CCE that lives up to everything you can possibly imagine for it. I have full faith that you two will be able to navigate all of the ups and downs that come with running a club like CCE at a school like IMSA. Sydney, you are a ridiculously busy person but also unbelievably efficient. It is actually mind-blowing how much you get done. Stay organized and keep being the nerdy and passionate leader that you are. Shanya, your honesty is going to be so useful to you. Sometimes people just need to hear things that they don’t want to and I know you’ll be adept at handling those difficult situations. We chose you two because we knew you would work well together and help the IMSA community, and I hope you’re able to achieve every goal you set for yourself next year! I am always here to help if you need it, and I am excited to hear about where you lead CCE, so keep me updated!

To CCE Board, I will you a year of impactful change-making. IMSA has a long way to go before it truly lives up to its DEI goals, and my hope for you all is that you continue to advocate for people and educate our community so everyone can feel safe here. Don’t get too discouraged when things don’t go our way and don’t give up!! This year was an eventful one and I know it must have been confusing, especially for our sophomores. You have all grown into amazing leaders and I am honored to have sat in Golabia every Tuesday with all of you! I hope you all get to work on all the projects, initiatives, and ideas that you can envision, and I know you’ll do lovely things next year!

To IYNA Board, I will you a year full of brainy opportunities! You are all so smart and ridiculously experienced and passionate about neuroscience. You have worked so hard this year and managed to organize multiple events in very short amounts of time, which is beyond impressive. EmmaLi and Ayesha, I trust that you will keep this club running and fuel the IMSA community’s passion for neuroscience. Yoona, I’ve appreciated your ability to get things done at a rapid pace! I know senior year is busy but I hope you find time to build and support IYNA’s general membership system. Manu and Blake, you are both so talented and full of ideas, and I hope you get to bring them to life next year. As you move forward into the third year of IYNA’s existence at IMSA (hopefully), I hope you keep in mind the concept of neuroplasticity. You are doubtlessly going to face challenges next year, but club culture is changing and we must change with it! Be like neurons! Modify your responses and make new connections based on these new inputs and stimuli!

Manasa Balasubramanian
To girly pop Aahana Das, I will you the best WIDI partner in existence (besides me of course). I remember meeting you for the first time in French 2 with Madame and being in shock of your compétences en français. I would spend much time attempting to differentiate between you and Aarushi, but in the end, I realized I don’t really need to think about that, as your incredible personality makes you, well, you! Between all the time spent in SciOly studying and having in-depth conversations about k-dramas, I really wish I had more time to get to know you better. You’ll be amazing as next year’s SciOly Captain. As you traverse the final year of high school at IMSA, please remember that if you need anything, anything at all, I’m only a phone call away.

To the amazing Aarushi Das, I will you the best biology textbook in existence, full of every answer you ever need. Our first interaction was meeting you through your sister, and then furthermore through crashing SciOly study sessions, and then girls dance for Diwali x Harambee last year. Every interaction I’ve had with you has been really meaningful and shows how much fun you are to talk to. I wish you all the best for SciOly and HOSA next year, you will definitely make it to state! I sincerely apologize for only participating in Ao Naa during the Diwali Group Dance this year, but you and Aahana were some of the best and most understanding choreos I have ever worked with! All in all, I wish you the best of luck for your senior year next year, and I will always be here for you in case you need anything.

To Maya Kannan, the best Tamil kid in the class of 2025, I will you many more sophomores for you to speak Tamil with. Ever since I first met you in French 2, I’ve been blown away by your amazing personality. Thank you for keeping me on my toes about speaking the Tamil language. You’ve been such an amazing friend, and I additionally will you the best math textbook to answer all your questions. I still have the Dhanush “Po Po Po” Meme saved on my phone as a memory of you. I really wish we could have spent more time together this year. I wish you all the best during your senior year at IMSA, and please stay in contact with me.
P.S. Please tell me I’m much better at speaking Tamil than Vignesh.

To Jasper Hlavac, one of my favorite sophomores, I will you every soft plushie in existence. I first met you while I was at Summer@IMSA, and you at EXCEL. Through our funny conversations and many hugs to both you and your plushies, I was able to get to know you better not just as a sophomore, but as a true friend. Every interaction I’ve had with you has been incredibly meaningful, and I wish I had more time to spend with you. Please stay in contact, but most of all, please take Blahaj Jr. to SciOly competitions next year, keeping the tradition alive.

To Megan Onorato, one of my other favorite sophomores, I will you the car of your dreams (within budget of course). I might not remember where we first met, but your charm and personality have made my day multiple times. Your dance skills leave me in awe, and I will you the best audience to see you shine. It makes me sad that I only had one year with you, I wish I could have had more time to get to know you better. You deserve nothing less than happiness and the best life has to offer. I wish you all the best in your junior and senior years, if I come visit, I’ll definitely come to see you.

To Nathan Handjojo (Jo Nat Han Hand Jo Jo), I will you height. Or at least not having people calling you short every day (though Annabelle is going to graduate so maybe it will lower?). Every interaction I have had with you causes me to at some point burst into laughter, for which I am supremely thankful. You have an incredible understanding of build technology and jargon that I could not hope to rival, and I wish you the best of luck as next year’s build captain. The memory of you that sticks the most closely to me is you and Wyatt sawing off the top of Air Trajectory so as to not get tiered, and the unbelievability that all that work didn’t matter possibly because they thought you were a Division B student. Even though others may make fun of you for being young or short (even though 5’3” is not that short), your intellect and funny nature make you a fun person to be around. I wish you all the best in your next 2 years at IMSA, and I’m looking forward to reading about you winning more medals and recruiting more sophomores.

To Jade Go, the child, youngin, *insert any other way to write the word younger than me by a lot*, I will you shortcuts to every possible Wikipedia page on anyone remotely related to fine arts. I first met you as Samuel Go’s younger sister, but you’ve become so much more of a friend than you’ll ever know. Even though I might call you a child, I see you as a promising Quiz Bowl, Science Bowl, and possible future Science Olympiad member (who knows?), who can even exceed the great Nathaniel Huang and Stephen Walsh. I really wish we could have spent more time together, chatting about flute pieces, eating Oreos and Panera Bread, and definitely reading Wikipedia together. You are such a fun and bright individual to be around. I wish you all the best in your future and IMSA and beyond. I will miss meeting you in the hallway with you rolling your little backpack.

To Katherine Jiang, my little cursed friend, I will you a future position as Science Olympiad Captain (not sure if I can do that but I will anyway). You are amongst both the funnest and funniest people I have ever met, thank you for making my senior year a whole lot brighter. The experiences I’ve had with you are amazing, from talking about music recommendations to talking about boba and other food. Even though you still might be a little bit cursed, you still give energy to the people around you through thoughtful and sometimes random conversations. Thank you for being you! I wish you the best of luck on your journey through IMSA, please don’t lose yourself along the way.

To Eric Lee, future master cello player, I will you the best time in French 4 & 5 during the next 2 years with Madame! When I first met you I thought you were a mini Annabelle Zhang: playing the cello, tested into French 3 with Monsieur, and being passionate about Science Olympiad. But I realized after I got to know you that wasn’t the case, as you have the potential to be so much more than her. I really wish that we could have been WIDI partners more during practice, and even at competitions. It was really fun to compete in Microbe Mission with you at the Harlem Invitational, even though you had absolutely no experience, and just used the note sheet. Please be Aahana’s WIDI partner next year, I know you’ll go far with your determination and practice! I wish you all the best in your future endeavors, and please stay in touch and keep me updated on the interesting things that Katherine ends up doing!

To Science Olympiad, (one of) the best co-curriculars on campus, I will you victory at State next year, and an appearance at Nats as well. Even though I’ve only been officially on the team for this year, I’ve seen the stresses this co-curricular can put on the brightest minds (cough–cough– Annabelle–cough). Even so, this year was full of such wonderful memories because of everyone on the team this year. From last-minute studying before test events to watching Wyatt and Nathan use a multitool to literally see the top of Air Trajectory off, I’m eternally grateful for the wonderful experiences you all have given me. Next year will be even better than this year, and I additionally will you some wonderful cracked sophomores to keep the legacy going.

To Quiz Bowl, (one of) the other best co-curricular on campus, I will you the best advisor and practice sets for next year. It has been the greatest pleasure of my day to walk directly across the hall from 8th mod BC 2 and have all my worries melt away from all your funny comments. From every toss-up gotten right, every neg resulting in screaming, every stolen buzz from your teammates, and everything in between, you all are why I’ve dedicated myself to attempting to spend more time on Wikipedia than YouTube. Even though I might not be the most cracked person on the team, I value every time someone congratulates me on getting a question right. Thank you for all the fun memories. To quote Jason Qin: “I hope you all continue on your path to knowledge, world domination, and annihilation of Auburn.”

To Science Bowl, the best club on campus (join if you haven’t already!), I will you all eventual co-curricular status. Even though the path has been rocky (even that might be a bit of an understatement), I trust you will expand the knowledge of Science Bowl to new horizons. Spending the hour and a half before lead running through some sometimes dubious science bowl questions from the NSBE website often makes my Wednesday. I additionally will you the best IMSA student for the role of Energy Captain next year. Hopefully, they know a lot of information about what National Labs are currently working on (bonus points if their parents work at a National Lab or they are doing a SIR or Internship at one). All in all, I wish you all the best of luck for next year. Please demolish all the Naperville North teams at Regionals and make it to Nationals in Washington D.C. for us seniors.

To all the Culture Show Ninjas I have worked with as Ninja Head, I will you all less difficulties working backstage during future culture shows. It was so much fun to get to work with all of you, from running on stage to collect feathers, closing an outlet box, or passing microphones from script actor to script actor or MC to MC. Being a Ninja is such a fun way to get involved in culture shows, without all the stress of performing. The Service Hours are a bonus though! I wish you all the best during the future culture shows, and I will watch them, whether it be in-person or remotely through the live stream!

To all who live in 1506, I will you all the best room placement to fit your needs and friend groups. As someone who has lived in 06 for three years (it truly doesn’t feel that long though), I’ve gotten to know so many amazing people, from the alumni 2 years my senior to the current sophomores just about to finish their first year at the academy. 06 has such a great community of people, and I know that all of you will move on to do great things in the future. I’m not sure what else to write, but a few key all-hall reminders I’ve come up with (not addressing anyone in particular): 1. Don’t leave your laundry in the washer or dryer for an extended period of time. It’s annoying. 2. Please don’t scream your lungs out after 10 pm. It makes me very concerned and scared for your wellbeing. 3. Don’t clog the sink or burn food in the microwave. I don’t think I need to explain this. 4. Don’t set up camp on a bench outside of a B-wing or C-wing window and make out with another individual, it is very awkward for the people who have their window blinds up. And finally, the most important reminder, 5. Make sure to treat all 06 individuals with respect, and treat people the way you want to be treated. I sincerely wish you all the best of luck in your future lives and IMSA and beyond, and please make 06 into an even better hall than it currently is!

And to everyone at IMSA, I will you all the best in your future endeavors, and an amazing experience at IMSA. You do make lifelong friends here, students who care and help you in the best and funniest ways, teachers who encourage you to follow your passions, and staff members who provide the best opportunities for you to grow. Remember that your journey here at IMSA is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and experience, meaning you need to make the most of it. This could be by participating in clubs and co-curricular activities, dancing or acting in culture and drama shows, and so many more that I can’t possibly list them all.
In short, your time here at IMSA is special, something that not everyone gets to experience. But it’s only 3 years maximum, and it goes by fast. So enjoy your time here at IMSA, and have a lot of fun along the way. P.S. Please remember “to ignite and nurture creative, ethical, scientific minds that advance the human condition” (sorry I had to sneak it in somewhere).

Manya Davis
To Anjali Samal, I will you Jalsa modern choreo. You’ve done it once and you can do it again. You were the best co-choreo one could ever ask for. I don’t think I need to go into specifics about why because if you take a look at what we created together, you just know. Not only did we manage to pull off a spectacular dance, but we brought together a community of dancers who loved and supported each other, and I have full trust that you can do that again. Seeing you grow not only as a dancer but as a choreographer too has been one of the greatest gifts I’ve received during my time here. Never in my life did I think I’d get the chance to meet someone like you who is in almost every way exactly like me but not like me at all. We’ve said it a million times, but I still can’t fathom how we are living the same lives but as two separate people. When I’m off at college next year you’d better keep me updated on the day-to-day craziness that’s happening in your life as will I. And as for the culture shows, I will be expecting a full schedule of show dates and a list of the dances you’re in so that I can scream your name from the audience when I come visit. There’s too much on my mind for me to put into this will because I love you too much, so I’ll say this—good luck next year, get some actual sleep, and I’ll miss you so much.

To Tommy Blough, I will you stronger knees and ankles…and wrists for the countless times you will be running back and forth between volleyball and dances next year. I’m not going to lie, but I really couldn’t figure out what else to will you. I wish I could will everyone else the chance to meet you because I think that everyone needs someone like you in their life. I can’t count the times when you’ve just absolutely had my back, and I also can’t thank you nearly enough for that. Tommy, you are one of the most genuine and sweet people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I’ve said it before, but I wish I had gotten the chance to meet you earlier than my senior year here because you are one of the reasons why my last year here was the best. I still think it’s kind of funny how the first time I got to know you was at your audition and not through anyone from 03, but I guess that’s just how things go. Dancing with you in Jalsa modern and then again in Asante modern were some of the best times I’ve had at IMSA. Even though it wasn’t always easy, you managed to make it a lot less stressful. You’ve got an absolutely radiant energy that can brighten a room once you walk in and I hope you never lose that. I’m so excited to visit next year to see you in all of the culture shows, so please don’t die in the process.

To Tianqing Lei, I will you many more chances to see you absolutely kill it on stage the next two years. You are genuinely one of the best dancers I have ever seen, and I’m just absolutely in awe of how you managed to pull off being in this many dances in your first year at IMSA. Anyone can see the passion and dedication you have towards dancing, and it’s such a pleasure to dance with you. Come to think of it, I can’t think of a time when I got to watch you dance purely because I’m pretty sure I was in some way up on stage with you (I could be remembering this wrong). Regardless, I can’t wait to visit next year and see you up on stage (potentially even as the choreo yourself?). You are such a sweet person, and I’m so glad I got to know you this year. Every time I see you you always bring a smile to my face, except for when you jumpscare me. That’s not always appreciated, but only because you gave me a heart attack each time. I love you so much, and I hope you reach out next year if you ever need anything or even just to say hi because I will miss you so so much.

To Laksh Mehta, I will you a stress-free senior year so you can keep being the annoyance that you are to all of your future choreos. When I tell you that you somehow managed to get on my nerves every single day in practice… In all seriousness, though, you’re probably one of my favorite people to have in practice. Aside from the fact that it seemingly takes you forever to implement a correction so simple as turning the right way, you’re also the joy and life of every practice. You’ve got a contagious smile and make dancing fun. For that I can’t thank you enough. Also, though I may not have seen it at first, you’re incredibly hardworking, and I appreciate all of the effort you put into both Jalsa and Asante modern. It was a pleasure to have you in two of the dances I choreographed at IMSA. I’ll miss being your choreographer next year, and I can’t wait to visit and see you up on stage at the culture shows next year.

To Mahima Krishnan, I will you many more chances to showcase your beautiful smile on stage. When I first got to share the stage with you during Jalsa modern, I was in awe with how you captivated the audience. However, what always made me happy is the way you never let your smile drop on stage or during practice and even after dancing for hours. You have a radiant energy, and I hope more people get the chance to see that.

To Elaine Rao, I will you a much less stressful senior year. You push yourself so hard and I admire you so much for the determination you have. I honestly don’t know how you managed to be in so many dances this year all while battling the fight that was junior year. I can’t put into words how much of a pleasure it was to dance with you this year. Being in Orgo with you was also so much fun, and thank you for always being the one who knew what was going on because I certainly did not. You’re such a sweet person to be around and I wish you nothing but happiness next year.

To Jake Belonio, I will you a less stressful senior year. You are much stronger than me because I can’t fathom how you not only managed but thrived during your junior year here. Even though it was probably hell on Earth being in a million dances AND volleyball AND in extracurriculars, I hope you continue to do all of the things that you love to do. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you have an amazing energy that makes everyone happy once you walk in a room and it’s because of all the passion and hard work you put into the things that you love. I know you’re going to do great things your senior year and beyond, and I can’t wait to see that.

To Kayleen Yoo, I will you a stress-free junior year (I know that is impossible, but I can hope for the best) so that you can be in more dances. The stage needs your presence Kayleen. You were such a pleasure to have in practices for Jalsa modern, and I hope to see you on stage when I visit for the culture shows next year.

To Nidhi Sagaram, I will you something generic and cute because I couldn’t figure out what to will you, but I needed to tell you that I think you are an amazing person. You are probably the funniest sophomore I know. Your laugh is contagious and your sense of humor is a 10/10. I’m sad I didn’t get the chance to talk to you more, but being in clash together was so much fun. I hope you and the rest of 1506 has a successful clash season next year. With your talent nobody else stands a chance.

To Aashi Dharia, I will you many more baddie center parts for 06 drill next year. Though I didn’t get to know you very well, every time I got to talk to you, you were such a sweetheart and always had a smile on your face. I loved saying hi to you in the halls or when I passed by the U-bench. You’re also a great dancer, and it was so fun having you in drill this year. I wish you an exciting and stress-free senior year!

To EmmaLi Isham, I will you the several $1 milkshakes I will be taking you out for when you visit UChicago on Wednesdays. Though I only really started talking to you in my last semester here, you’re a really cool person who I wish I had gotten to meet sooner. I hope you have an amazing senior year. You’re going to do great things.

To Kaella Moraga, I will you an easier time being an F-Trad choreo than when I was in it. Dancing with you is so much fun, and I wish I got to hang out with you more because it’s always fun to talk to you. I hope you have a great senior year!

To Navya Dixit, I will you a “calc-based-less” senior year and the best SSS one could ask for. Navya, you are incredible. You are so hardworking and driven, yet you manage to do it all with a smile on your face. I’m always happy to see you because regardless of whatever is going on, your silly jokes and sweet personality manage to brighten my mood. I still think it’s crazy how we both went to STEM and ended up here. I won’t forget that day in the lunch line when we put those pieces together. Keep killing it next year, and reach out if you ever need anything (or just because).

To Hailey Messina, I will you the future of 06 drill stunts. I can’t thank you enough for all of the effort you put into drill this year. Having you at practices was so fun, and I’m sorry that it couldn’t all work out in the end. Even then, I’m grateful to have gotten to know you a little better, and I’m hoping that you bring that same passion to clash next year that you did this year.

To Amada Garcia I will you a successful clash season and a talent show act that doesn’t almost get pulled three times (you are actually incredible for pulling that off in the end).

To Carter and Kelsie, I will you more choreographers who will do their own lights. You both make amazing booth heads and are going to kill it next year. I can’t wait to visit for the culture shows. You guys are going to do great!

To all future modern choreographers, I will you lights. Do them yourself. If there’s one thing I learned about culture show lighting is that it’s always easier to do them when you’re the one choreographing. Not to mention, you can make them really cool (granted it might make you want to pull your hair out). And of course you can always reach out to me if you need help!

Marcus Kubon
To Anthony Marquez, I will you infinite rizz. You were the first underclassman I ever talked to, and for that I am very grateful, because if it was anyone else I probably would have never talked to another underclassman again. Your dry humor and insightful conversation was a blessing through the rough time that was my junior year (plus living in A wing in general). I hope you make it through senior year successfully. If you need anything don’t hesitate to reach out. I believe in you so much!

To Jose Lazcano, I will you a much deserved break. You are genuinely the most hardworking person I’ve ever met, and I am always so shocked and inspired by how much you are able to get done on campus for so many people despite the many roadblocks. Your story at IMSA has always really resonated with me. Despite how busy you are, you stay super funny and classy, which I love! You helped make directing Casa one of the best experiences I’ve ever had, so thank you! I know Alma and FOCUS are in great hands.

To Dael Garzon Torres, I will you a blossoming friendship with our beloved DEI office. I appreciated your hardworking presence on Alma and FOCUS, and I am always impressed by how capable you are at every initiative that you involve yourself in. Every time I talked to you was a breath of fresh air, because you always know exactly what’s going on, and tell the chisme in a funny way. I can’t wait to see what you do for this campus and our communities next year!

To Nelly Pinon, I will you more sleep. You are genuinely the sweetest person I’ve ever met, and your positive energy is infectious. I love our conversations because you are always so chaotic and humorous while staying put together and on top of it. Good luck with everything next year, cuz I know you will overload yourself (and stay killing it)!

To Tommy Blough, I will you the ability to not be a flop. Ok but genuinely, I do like you. Despite how annoyed I always act with you, I have enjoyed our conversations over the last two years, and you are pretty insightful sometimes. You’re officially the king of flop nation. Congrats!

To Dani Pasillas, I will you the legacy of Hauser Jr High and Ames Elementary. From our first conversations, I could tell you are such a capable, kind, funny, and energetic person, and genuinely so insightful. One of my favorite memories this year was talking about all the memories from growing up in Riverside (let’s please do this again). I still think it’s crazy you know my brother.

To Amada Garcia, I will you to become an alpha at IMSA. I believe you are genuinely the future of this institution, and have the drive, energy, and attitude to make it better. You are also so witty and intelligent and I love how you always play along with my stupidity.

To Cindy Gonzalez, I will you infinite robux. I love the dry sense of humor and chisme you brought to Alma. You were always on top of everything that you took on for the club, and I know you will take it in a good direction!

To Izabella Kutyla, I will you many more dance parties! You are the best dancer I’ve ever met (please teach me some more moves please), and your positive energy and humor is so contagious! I loved getting to know you on Alma, and I know you will make Casa great next year!

To next year’s Alma board, I will you so much success and energy! Alma Latina was genuinely the only club I really cared about this year. Alma became like a family to me through my time at IMSA, and I am so grateful for all the laughs and chisme sessions. Maybe I’ll come back to see Casa next year, idk…

To Lexington Mystery Meat, I will you musical talent. (jk I love you guys.) But genuinely you are the future of band culture on this campus. I know Ten Check is leaving a big legacy, so you guys better not flop at filling it! You guys always had the vibe of like a teenage dirtbag indie movie rock band, which I admittedly love.

To Jazz Ensemble board, I will you more success than we had this year. Good luck yall, it was genuinely way harder to run this club than I thought.

To 03 Flop Nation, I will you CLASH next year! Despite how much I make fun of yall, I genuinely have loved being a part of the 1503 community the past two years, and flop nation helped make it feel like my home. The flop commons is the spirit of 03, and I hope the energy stays strong next year.

To FOCUS (if it even continues next year) I will you a fighting spirit. It takes a lot of determination, resilience, and patience to do this work, but I believe in this organization’s power to make this campus better, because it was founded on the right principles. Good luck, y’all, you’ll probably need it.

Mars Wylie
To Lex, I will you what you’re probably expecting, the makeup department, at least for the next year or so. I’ve seen you for the last (nearly) two years, and you’ve demonstrated yourself to be not only a highly competent person but an incredible friend as well. Your leadership skills are there whether you recognize it or not, and I have every faith you’ll do as amazing as you already are this week. Not to mention how you’re the absolute best at hair (I can’t really leave that to you as it’s already yours). Know I’m one text away, and I’m so excited to see what you do next.

To Megan: I leave the responsibility of color matching for the next few years /hj. You’ve done so well, and I have loved seeing you thrive over this past year. Yesterday I watched you figure out a way to make a blood bag out of a balloon filled with cake mix and laundry detergent actually get filled and secured, then did it two more times. You’re impressive, and I hope you know it.

To whoever comes after in IMSA drama, tech, and especially the makeup department: You’re gonna be fine, no matter how the next show goes, even if you drop a flat, color match someone wrong, or forget a line. My name’s on some random flats and lumber in the back!! :))

To Nathan, I will you a legacy of IMSA chaos that I know you’ll take on effectively and with great glee. I have faith in your abilities, and that you will do me proud (alongside your large band of adventurers).

To Jasper, I will you the statement: you will be okay. I have no doubt in my mind that your life will be a happy one, and that you will succeed. You have the skills necessary to do well, no matter what that looks like in your life.

To anyone else I met during my time at IMSA: thank you for the time we’ve shared, I care about so many more people than I have the motivation and time to write a will for.

Melinda Yuan
To Luci Stocco, I will you unlimited wingstop boneless meal deals and Louisiana voodoo fries. I hope these savory indulgences bring you comfort amidst balancing CAB Director, NHS ;-), Irish dancing, school, and the rest of your extracurriculars. I’m always impressed by how well you balance everything you are involved in and how committed you are to each thing. Regardless, don’t forget to take time for yourself, and maintain the things that make you unmistakably you. Keep on going on your weekend adventures, nurturing your caffeine addiction and telling funny-ish dad jokes. Spending time with you is always a good time. It has been a privilege and a joy to get to know you these past two years, and I know you will continue to bring happiness to everyone in your proximity.

To Gabi Boscarino, I will you a scientist themed dance paired with an enthusiastic Sid the Science Kid song and black jazz shoes. Becoming close with you has made my senior year so much better and I always look forward to seeing you & being greeted with a hug. Your funniest trait has to be your inability to control your facial expressions. Those reactions always made practice more entertaining. However, my favorite thing about you is your compassion and authenticity. These qualities are going to bring you so far and I know you are going to do so well next year. I’ll miss you so much Gabikins, come visit me next year <3

To IMSA Dance Team (Michayla, Elaine, Gabi, Alyssa), I will you San Frandisco by Dom Dolla. This season has been my favorite out of all three years I’ve been on IMSA dance team. From “dressing up” as yoga moms from the 80s for jazz to stealing all of coach’s snacks, thank you for the best senior season. I miss listening to Aleks updates and maybe even Michayla’s story about her brother crashing their cars (though I’ve already heard this one like 100x). Never bring up cars and driving in front of Michayla!! Nevertheless, I hope you guys have the best season next year and don’t annoy coach too much. (or do)


Michael Zyskowski
To 05D Downquad and the rest of the Ultimate Frisbee underclassmen, I will you a full year filled with crazy catches and huge pulls. I wanted to thank each and every one of you for letting me play with y’all this year. Can’t wait to play many more fun games in the future!!

To Vincent You and Arjun Brahmandam, I will you the IMSA Jazz Ensemble. I hope you can grow the club beyond what I managed to do. Keep auditioning for culture shows and bring that groovy jazz we all know and love to IMSA’s campus. Thanks for sticking by me and being two people I could always count on.

To Josefh Hernandez, I will you a basic land of your choosing. I’m going to be honest, when I first applied to be your little sib I didn’t know what I was getting into. I met the timid sophomore year Josefh who still hadn’t broken out of his shell. I can say with confidence that this is no longer the case. I’m glad I got to see you blossom into the awesome and fun personality that you have. Good luck next year with HCL!

To Maneth Perera, I will you a case of Frescas. Thank you for all the Frescas you gave me through the school year. You always keep them at the perfect temperature in your minifridge.

To Diego Nava, I will you next year’s COTH decs head. Thanks for helping out with decs this year. I couldn’t have done without you and every other person who pitched in to help. Carry 05’s decs legacy next year!! I have faith in you Diego!

To Ketzaly Nunez, I will you one large bag of Big Mix. I honestly didn’t know you at all before the Mexico trip and I’m glad I can now call you a friend. Thanks for helping me out when I tried to order food and whatnot and giving me those food recs.

Muna Onwuameze
To Freddy, I will you to be the best hooper next year even though you might not play on the team and to become a grown man next year.

To Benny, I will you to still have the Ivory Coast pride next year and to find your main fifa team. And to also still be the best dancer out of the family.

To Oumar, I will you to go crazy next basketball season and to take over the team. Make sure you get to 1000 points.

To Michael, I will you to take care of the younger siblings and go crazy next year. Make sure you do yo thang next year.

To Mofe,I will you to go crazy next basketball season. Take over the team and try to become the captain eventually.

To Inioluwa, I will you stay as the best FIFAplayer on campus and to make sure to cook for everyone who plays you. Don’t let me get better than you.

Myra Mensah
To all my C-wing underclassmen, Rishima, Aparna, Greenley Indy, Fedora Maryam, Trina, Nelly, Yaalini, Amy, Aini, Jade, Jediel, Alvena, Amelia, Ruby, Lucy, Anika, Anwita, and Taliyah, I will you fun in the rest of your IMSA year(s). I have loved being one of your few seniors. It has been so fun talking to you all about the hottest tea, getting to know and be closer to you all, and even scolding you for staying up super late studying when you have to wake up at 6:30 the next morning. Please keep being fun people, be quirky, be studious, be relaxed. Spend time with each other and make memories you’ll always remember. IMSA doesn’t last forever, so make the best of it. I wish you all luck in the coming years and I will miss you<3

To my Woodmans crew, Chris, Noel, and Ezra, i will you millions more memorable trips. I had so so so much fun that day messing around and parading through the store with you guys. It’s hard to remember that IMSA can be fun with all of the other things that us students worry about, but don’t forget to enjoy the little fun moments being here gives you:) Good luck with senior year!

To all my Outdoor Indoor underclassmen, Bih-Sana, Anna, Gabs, Aria, Katelyn, Chris, and everyone else, I will you MC energy. You guys were so fun to have class with, you really made me feel like a main character every single day. I have never had that much fun with a whole class before. Yes, maybe my game did suck, but you guys all made that game so much more fun. Good luck with senior year, you’ll all do amazing:))

To my summer@imsa besties, Jongwoo, Aashi, and Tommy, I will you more summer memories. I absolutely loved group leading with you guys. Every day was honestly such an adventure, and I have had so much fun getting to know you all. Keep being level-headed in the less ideal situations, and enjoy the small things. Have fun in senior year:))

To the most iconic trio, Aubri, Fedora, and Adeola, I will you powerpuff girl powers. You guys are so adorable. You all compliment each other so well. You’re supportive and silly and stronger together, lean on each other through these IMSA years. Fedora, you’re such a buttercup. You’re tough and fun and you don’t let anyone tell you what to do, which never stop being that way. Adeola, you are such a bubbles, you’re adorable and energetic, i love it so much. And Aubri, you’re blossom, you’re a leader and you have so much potential, don’t be afraid of anything. And I promise I don’t think this because of the colors you guys so conveniently wore one day;) keep being iconic<3

To my OG kids Care, Angel, Fope, and Djamila, I will you train tickets to the city. Next time I promise I will for sure go with you guys;) Y’all are the most iconic quad I know, be there for each other and support each other. Fope, you’re the silly simulation of the group, always bring your unreal energy. Djamila, you’re the level-headed brains, always help them with academics when they need it. Angel, you’re the cool bougie one, keep making delicious meals and slaying with fashion, hair, and nails. And Care, you’re the musical one, your taste is absolutely flawless. Don’t let petty things get in the way, your bond is too strong. Communicate, be adventurous, have fun and belt songs at three in the morning, make fun of each other and call each other not real, and live with no regrets. I’ll miss you all so much, thank you for letting me be your best friend<333

To Nolan, I will you much much much more sleep. I have been so lucky to meet you and know you as my little sib for my last two years here. You are so silly and being your French horn buddy is always so much fun. You work so hard and you’re so committed but don’t forget to seriously take care of your mental health, your future self will thank you later:))

To Anjali Ali, I will you everything you want in life. You are so sweet and dedicated, I admire your drive and personality. You are going to do so many great and amazing things here and after IMSA, I am so proud of you and happy to have been your big sib<3

To Ben, I will you fun French horn music. Playing in band with you this past year has been so cool and a fun way to get to know you better. Good luck next year, you’ll do great!

To Anjali Samal, I will you silly sophomores. Living with you was always an adventure, whether I was begging you to let me back into B wing at 2 am or making silly TikTok dances together, you’re truly the definition of my unofficial lil sib. I love you so much and I hope you find silly sophomores next year who will match your energy and look up to you as much as I do;)

To Aashi, I will you well-behaved kids. Summer@IMSA was so much fun with you, I am so glad that I got the opportunity to get to know you better (embarrassing I hadn’t known you existed before smh). I love how you’re always smiling, saying hi to you in the hallways always makes my entire day. Keep dancing, the opening of 06 drill is always in my mind. You were so amazing. I just know you’ll be the type of senior everyone looks up to;)))

To Jongwoo, I will you a new volleyball. You are so so talented at not just volleyball, but everything you do. You’re a natural leader, never forget how cool you are. I’ll miss you:))

To Anzilina, I will you French superpowers. French has been so much fun with you, whether we are trying to figure out what Madame is saying or we are doing little finger puppets for our projects. You are so cute and calm I have loved getting to know you and I will miss you! Good luck with your senior year:))))

To Shatakshi, I will you sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows. You are the embodiment of sweet and kind and all things good and I will miss your sweet energy so so much. You are amazing, smart, and inspiring, never forget that. You are going to leave a lasting impact on every new sophomore you meet and on this school as well, good luck with your last year of high school<33

To Gabi, I will you a fun new ICA group. You’re going to do so well as the lead of ICA next year, you’ve worked so hard and I’m so proud of you. I will always remember the fun worship nights looking off of your phone for lyrics, and quietly laughing when they ended up not matching the song. You’re such a cool person and I’m excited to see what you’ll do in the future:)

To Marina, I will you all candy in the world. You are just a ray of sunshine. You are so sweet and you have the sweetest voice ever. Meeting you during EXCEL made me so happy, and I was always so looking forward to seeing you once the school year started. Thank you for being you, and making my day whenever I see you in the hallways with your wave and smile:))

To Maryam, I will you a smiley sophomore. I love seeing you because you always smile and say hi whenever you see me and it makes me so happy:) I’m going to miss seeing you and laughing with you about anything and everything. Good luck in your junior and senior year, don’t stress too much!!

To Rishima, I will you one of the pretty stars in the sky. You remind me so much of them, you’re special and so bright. I will miss seeing you in the wing commons and dancing with you in drill. Good luck with everything next year:)

To Sonya, I will you silly string. You are such a silly goose; I love your energy. Being in 07 drill with you has been such an adventure, from trusting us to throwing you to teaching you the silly dances I have loved every second. Keep being you and spreading your fantastic energy everywhere;))

To Bih-Sana, I will you a fun and lovely cheer team. Cheering with you has been so much fun, but cheering you on as you encounter so many new things in your life is so rewarding. You are the most diligent, motivated, dedicated, and focused person I know. You are gonna get so so far in life with your attitude towards obstacles. You never let anyone or anything get you down, you’ve always been unapologetically you and I admire you for that. Keep slaying the day away child;)

To Anna, I will you better ears. Remember I said to SEPARATE the GYM wall and nothing else;) Oh Anna I love you so very much and I will miss you even more. You are so funny and adorable, and I love yapping to you about everything and anything. Seeing you in the hallways always makes me want to wave like an NPC Roblox character and embarrass you in front of whoever you’re with. Outdoor Indoor was so much better with you, even if you were my biggest opp -_- ily ily ily<3

To Gabs, I will you non-opp behavior. I said to SEPARATE THE GYM WALL AND NOTHING OTHER THAN THAT. Gabi, you are so silly and I have loved getting to know you this past year. I love seeing you in the hallways or the hub and hearing about some bogus ABS assignment or something unreal that happened. You’re so chill and level-headed please don’t let the rest of junior year or senior year disrupt that. You are incredibly smart and talented, keep being you;) and NOT my opp…

To Nelly, I will you a vacation. Girl, you are the most over-committed and talented person I have known at this school. You sing so beautifully, you dance with so much expertise, you cheer, you have like 3 million board positions, and so much more. But you never neglect to hang out and talk to your friends and be there for them when they need you. Please don’t overwork yourself though, give yourself breaks and time to just relax because you genuinely work so hard. I wish you so much luck senior year, I’ll miss you:D

To Aini, I will you million-dollar art supplies. You are the most creative, intuitive, and sweet person I know. You have a heart of gold and diligence for days weeks and years. You deserve the absolute world and I hope everything turns out a million times better than you wish. I will miss seeing you all the time and you calling me Casper because I am literally never on campus so much. Who else is gonna give me iconic nicknames? ;) Your artistic talent is absolutely unmatched, please keep being creative even when this school stresses you out to the max. Take breaks and take care of yourself<3

To Olivia, I will you a beautiful fountain pen. You are so creative, and you seriously have a talent for writing. I have enjoyed creative writing with you and seeing you all the time in 07, even if I only use you to let me into A-wing;) Hanging out with you after check is always the highlight of my day, and your enthusiasm with my dancing for drill or Asante or anything else I appreciate so much. Thanks for your kind words<3 You are so silly and I’m going to miss you so much, best of luck with everything next year;)

To Immaculate, I will you Coach sunglasses. You are an actual queen. Royalty with a pretty gold tiara. You are absolutely stunning every single day and you slay in everything you do. I will always remember the first time we interacted when you complimented me at convocation and we ended up talking more. I am so glad I have had the chance to know you and become closer to you. I am going to miss you so much, please keep being bougie no matter what the haters say, and text me if you ever need me<3

To Adeola, I will you a microphone. You are so funny, I love hearing your stories any day of the week. Literally, everyone needs to hear you. You have such a voice, and your leadership is going to leave such an impact on this school. Remember to keep being you unhinged and confident, you light up everyone’s world with your presence.

To Fedora, I will you heels so you can be taller. My short child Fedora. You are beautiful and confident and sassy and I love you so much. You are so full of life and girlllll you can so dance please tell me you’re thinking about choreoing sometime and doing culture shows. And wow you’re so multi-talented too your outfits are always poppin and you sing so well. I will always help you with math no matter how far I am!!

To Aubri, I will you infinite hugs. You give me so much joy and happiness literally I love you so much. I will always remember the first time we talked in the 07 hall commons. You were so silly and your laugh is so adorable and you left such a lasting impact. I have loved getting to be your friend this year. Walking with you whenever I see you and hanging out after check absolutely makes my entire week. I love joking about being your mom and adopting you, even if I did abandon you a few times and neglect you as well (heyyyy I’m getting better at least;)). I love love love your hugs and being silly and screaming AUBRI literally when I see you across the whole campus it literally is the one thing that brings me joy in life. Whether it’s asking you to make a TikTok or trying to do your edges at 11 at night, I have absolutely enjoyed every moment with you. Thank you for trusting me as your mom (I’m saying you do:P) and your close friend. Good luck with junior and senior year, I’m always only a call away;)) And PLEASE never again convince me your name is Audri and not Aubriiiiiii :3

To José, I will you unlimited Pillsbury chocolate chip cookie dough. José you are literally my other half, I don’t know what I’d do without you. You’ve always been there for me, you brighten up every day that’s less than ideal. You’re so hilarious and I will miss laughing all the time when I’m with you. Gosh, your commentary during horror movies will always go unmatched, I will never crack up that much XD Living in 07 with you has been such a highlight of being at this school, seeing you all the time and studying together after check or even just talking about the randomest things are memories I’ll hold close forever. Not to mention the concerts we have, I will always be the Camilla to your Shawn;))) you are going to do so well as a leader of this school next year, the sophomores will most definitely look up to you. I wish you good luck with everything, and I’ll miss you but don’t worry, I’ll always come visit:))

To Djamila, I will you easier math classes. Girl, never let these math classes get you down, you are incredibly smart no matter what. Gosh, I know this is going to be long and sappy but bear with me;) I love you so so so so much and I will miss you so badly. You are one of my absolute bestest friends. I loved hanging out with you in your pretty glow room, and I will cherish our long talks forever. I will always miss screaming your name at the top of my lungs and running up to you when I see you in the hallways. It is truly the highlight of my day seeing you, I really do see you as my younger sister if not my child;) You are the hardest worker I have ever known, and you deserve the entire world. I am genuinely so proud of you and seeing you grow has made me so so happy. I’m sorry I never responded when you asked me to look at your IMSA essays, but I will always respond whenever you need me, no matter how far away I am when I’m at college. Keep being you and finish out senior year strong, okay?<333

To Angel, I will you all the glow hello kitty mirrors. Girl where do I even start:)) I remember when I was scared of you. You have such a regal aura, confident and beautiful, and anyone who does not see that is actually blind. Living with you was one of the highlights of my whole IMSA experience. From refusing to leave your room in a fire drill to holding hands and singing Ring Around the Rosie in said fire drill once you were forced to leave reminds me of how unreal you are. From the Rihanna halftime concerts and Drake song dances to the silly digs you throw at people, you are the single most hilarious person I know. You can walk into a room and just make it light up. Your smile is so contagious and your laugh even more so. I will miss you so much and I will always think about you. I love you with all of my heart my child;) PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS GOOD CHECK YOUR PHONE AND TEXT ME BACK. Oh, and never forget how I would sing your name whenever I see you and run to wherever you are, because I will miss doing that more than I could even write.

To Fope, I will you a new bleep partner in crime. Fope, Fope, Fope, the unrealest simulation I have ever known. You actually do not exist. There is no way you are actually a person. Fope, I am really going to miss you. Even writing this I’m trying not to cry. You are so sweet and silly and real and hilarious and you have done so much that I am incredibly proud of. You are so dependable and I always love hanging out with you. Especially when we end up together during S&E and we decide to make the silliest Roblox dance TikToks. Just seeing you and picking up on any conversation is a bond I have with you that I won’t have with anyone else. We have so many memories I’ll always think about and hold close to my heart. You are always going to be my favorite partner in crime, always. Expect to hear from me 24/7, I will be calling you always and coming back to visit you and see how you are doing;) you’ve so got senior year in the bag girlll.

To Care, I will you thousands of Robux. I literally love you with my whole heart, and I’ll miss you with all of it too. You are such an amazing person and I’m so surprised honestly that someone as cool as you ended up being besties with me;) Your fashion sense is unmatched and your silly energy makes me smile every single day. I can’t believe you convinced me to watch the Hunger Games after I was so bent on never understanding the hype, but that’s what you do. You make me see the world differently and in such a better way than before. Thank you for always being the listener to my yapper, and always drawing out my most energetic self. You are so studious and smart, please take those breaks and watch every other episode of Grey’s Anatomy or dominate in dress to impress or even make terrible ripoff slime. Don’t forget me when you actually own a private island and you’re married to Brent Faiyaz, I want his autograph;) I will miss being the biggest simulation out there whenever I see you, you better not drop out so when I come visit next year I can give you a million hugs. And don’t forget to update your Pinterest boards I’ll be stalking them as per usual;) and I am always just a text away no matter what you need (fingers crossed I’ll get a new phone so I can beat you in 8ball hehe) ilysm quality of dance. Bring back the censored sign and do some heinous things. You’re the only one I trust with this.

Nate Landig
To Max Schwartz, Jongwoo Kim, Josh Mu, Brian Leong, and Carter Poskozim, I will you all the insanity of last year’s wing activities. Between 03C movie, Clash, and *The Incident*, you guys broke up the stress of my junior year with much-needed hilarity. Even though we spread out this year, I’ve enjoyed catching up with each of you and seeing what you’ve become involved in. Thanks for being so chill, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anything (I have notes on all the histech readings :) )

To Samuel Biruduganti, Arjun Brahmandam, Damaris Benzar, and Claudia Kowal, I will you a future full of crazy performances! Seriously, you all rock, and playing beside you guys was an absolute joy! IMSA is lucky to have such awesome musicians, and I can’t wait to see what you pull off next year!

To Indy Xu, I will you some kind of potion or gadget that accelerates time to far beyond where your mom has any control of your life! For real though, you’re an amazing friend who has saved me from my own stupidity or ignorance on countless occasions, and made me laugh on countless more! I’m so fortunate to have gotten to know you at the infamous BC1 table, and regardless of where life goes I know I’ll always have someone who will send me a frog emoji at 1 am.

To all of 1503, I will you all an equally admirable hall culture. 03 is such a supportive community, and since I got here last year I’ve felt like I belonged here. Y’all are so smart, talented, and creative, and seeing everything come together for these last two Clashes has been incredible! Carry on the 03 spirit, and (if you can manage) win talent show for a third year in a row!

Finally, to Georgi Panchev, Neel Poluri, Kyler Ponx, Keegan Balow, Mike Anderson, Vincent You, Ria Bakshi, and the rest of Titan Robotics, I will you nothing, because this team has enough smart, skilled, and dedicated people to sustain itself far into the future! Seriously though, robotics has defined my three years at IMSA, and the people I’ve gotten to know have been the best part. Georgi, you’re so creative and I’m pretty sure it’s impossible for a brain as big as yours to fit inside your head! Neel, you’re so passionate about robotics, and I’ll forever be jealous that your Ender 3 is better than mine. Kyler, bro. You’re going places, and even your bowl cut (and suspicious lack of eating + sleeping??) can’t distract me from your dedication to FRC and academics. Keegan, thanks for helping me sneak the robot into 03 the night before comp, and for all the time you’ve put in over the years. Mike, your printer is bad. Vincent, I admire your passion for teaching, and am continuously impressed by your contributions to the team! Ria, you’re such a kind person, and the team (and IMSA) is lucky to have you for two more years! This form is due soon, so I don’t have time to write a line about everyone, but I can’t express how much I’m going to miss this team. As you guys embark on more 5 am CAD grinds, (hopefully less) poorly planned lab cleanings, and stressful competitions, know that you have the support of myself and every alum of this team behind you! I know you will achieve amazing things.

Nathaniel Huang
To David Weng, I will you a better French grade. Who knew that IMSA would be the place where we would reconnect after being childhood church friends and opponents in the ever-so-riveting Unity Point vs Carterville Scholar Bowl matches in middle school? I’m glad it all worked out well when the ASIA General Member meetings strengthened our connections once again getting your fan skills up to par right before Lunar (can’t be lacking in these bro). Junior year is a nasty year, but I have full faith that you’ll come out stronger and have an amazing senior year. I’m grateful to have known you since elementary years, seeing you again after years of lost contact. Keep the Southern Illinois legacy going and don’t let yourself get lost in bad influences. Keep me updated on how senior year treats you and feel free to reach out to me if you need anything!

To Caden Tam, I will you a pseudonym. My Cantonese friend/zesty grandson, I am grateful to see our friendship and brother-like bond become stronger through our workout sessions and random conversations during ASIA General Member meetings or around the main building. Whether it is calling me out in public with “GRANDPA”, talking about our gains (leg days!), or giving you last-minute interview pointers 30 minutes before actual interviews, I’m glad to have gotten to know you from your association with Katherine and the ninjas during Lunar season and me being tricked by your online pseudonym. It took me an embarrassing amount of time to realize that “Cadeen Tom” was not the actual spelling of your name… That would have been such a unique Cantonese surname you have to admit. You have such amazing wholesome energy, and every time we point each other out on campus, I always get a smile on my face no matter my current mood. I hope that our Talk has gone underway by the time these wills get published, so if that happens, I also hope that you can pick up a lesson or two to make your next two years even better. Whatever happens in the future, know that everything will work out for the better, so take care of yourself, keep squatting and benching, and feel free to reach out if you need anything! :):)

To Katherine Jiang, I will you a pair of binoculars. Because how do you have the extrasensory skill of knowing my location no matter where or when I’m in said location??? I have no clue how you are always able to pinpoint and jump-scare me with an “OH MY GOD” whether I turn any corner in the main building, you shout it out of your dorm window, or when I walk by you messing with Nathan… But on a real note, I am honored to have been a mentor figure to you (outside of being your grandpa) as your CORE LEAD facilitator and friend. I’ve enjoyed our deep conversations about our old schools and backgrounds as well as that birthday poster that you, Stephen, and Annabelle publicly embarrassed me with during Intersession. That poster is still in my room, and I’m taking it with me to my future college dorm, so my future college roommate is going to get a good storytime. Your wild energy gave me life through my worst moments of senior year, and I’m glad I’ve gotten to see your personality shine, so keep it going to put smiles and laughs on peoples’ faces in the future. Feel free to reach out if you need anything! It’ll be a momentous day when you find me at college and yelling your signature “OH MY GOD”.

To Aahana and Aarushi Das, I will you both a poofy plushy for your head pats. You both are some of the first CO25 peeps that I’ve gotten to know, coming from fatefully taking on the infamous USABO as well as trying SciOly for the first time. I may have quit both activities, but those Cell Biology and Anatomy & Physiology practices were highlights of my junior year, please don’t judge me for sleeping during practices and the UChicago competitions though… my junior year sleep schedule was admittedly not the best… Your smiles and bubbly personalities ranging from the waves to the head pats (you’re welcome for the bouncy hair) to the auntie-core scolding/judgmental looks in the hallways/classes have given me so much joy even on my worst of days. I know both of you are going to do amazing in senior year, make sure to take some breaks and don’t die under the duress of eight classes (looking at you Aahana…) or stress yourself out over college applications (looking at both of you…). Everything will work out for the better. Feel free to reach out if you need anything or want to give any updates about IMSA life :):) (But please take some breaks next year, you both have gone through some of the worst times of your IMSA career as stronger individuals)

To Jeev Hora, I will you Boo Radley’s house. Who knew that the faint “Jeev Hora” that I remembered seeing on Metea Valley’s team at Masonic Sectionals 2023 would be the same Jeev Hora that I would come to know on the IMSA team this year? You are one of the most energetic, and out-of-pocket (within reasonable bounds) sophomores I’ve ever met. Your dedication and passion for anything and everything Quiz Bowl gives me faith that the future of IMSA QB is in good hands. You are basically Saketh Dontaraju reborn. I’ll miss the conversations I’ve had with you and the energy you put into everything you say, whether it is calling every abandoned house “Boo Radley’s house” while returning from Masonic State or doing pushups for every curse word or questionable word/phrase you say. Keep me updated about IMSA QB’s future and life in general, I look forward to seeing your 5-2 and maybe even 6-1 or 7-0 record at Scobol Solo. Set aside some time to care for yourself, keep a level mind during matches, and don’t let strong emotions control your match outcomes, and you’ll achieve great success, in and out of QB. I’ll still be active in the QB group chat if you want to drop any questions or updates for future IMSA QB!

To Advayth Pashupati, I will you a functioning BlueJ program. I appreciate you for saving my OOP grade many times, as I have no clue where I would be without those sessions. I assume that now at least 50% of our Messenger conversations now begin with “I would like to send a formal request for OOP help.” Outside of computer science and raging over BlueJ’s umpteenth “System error”, I’ve enjoyed our other conversations, whether it be about deep life topics, anime, or Japanese music, glad to have met a friend that I can share similar media interests in. I’ve got some good music recs that I must pass down before I leave. I WILL find the time to watch Avatar, or other anime in the future, it won’t end with just a part of Blood C! In the meantime, you’re not getting away from me reminding you about you accidentally saying “Babette’s Feet” during QB practice or the loving nickname “Mr. Let’s Roll.” That’s staying with you forever. Besides the foul moments that I keep using against you, I have faith that your wholesome energy and your willingness to help anyone out will continue to be a ray of light to everyone. Feel free to reach out if you need anything Mr. Let’s Roll! :):)

To Katherine Ge, I will you a slideshow of custom memes and stock images. You were an amazing co-facilitator, and I could not imagine working with anyone else in this year’s CORE semester. I am proud to see you become a strong facilitator ever since our pairing as we attempted to teach the LEAD team how to make PB&J sandwiches during SLD Week, thank you for making those moments ever so memorable. Your slideshow-creating skills and smiles gave so much light to every module and helped me break out in laughing fits and/or grand smiles at 8:30 pm. I am grateful to have been able to work with you as a co-pair and to now be in the same OOP class this semester, dealing with BlueJ together. While we may not talk as often anymore, our facilitator chemistry gave me so much joy this senior year. I wish you the best for your senior year and whatever future endeavors you take on in the future. Feel free to reach out whenever!

To Jade Go, I will you a Caravaggio painting. Sam told me a thing or two about you the summer before this school year, and I’m glad you became open to Quiz Bowl (better than Science Bowl, I’m going to agree with Sam on this one), which allowed us to develop a strong connection. I shall pick up Sam’s mannerisms with his hand waves every time we see each other. I’ll make sure I give you everything you need to take on FA before I graduate, starting with some Caravaggio paintings perhaps; The Calling of Saint Matthew or the Supper at Emmaus interest you? Anyways, take care of yourself, and always find good people to interact with, both upper- and underclassmen alike. Feel free to reach out to great great(?) grandpa if you need anything, or want to update about anything!

To Maneth Perera, I will you a Discord emoji. You were one of the very first sophomores I’ve met, being both in the same wing and my LEAD class. I’m proud to see you grow from being a very quiet individual to now acting like a little brother (or maybe just a gremlin, all in good banter regardless) that gives me joy after 10 check from the aggressive finger-wagging to the number of photos we have of each other. While our conversations may seem shallow because it’s always about a foul photo one of us caught or some other immature endeavor, I do appreciate how much joy you brought with your antics. Maybe we’ll have some more deep conversations in the future… but for now, go do your homework instead of engaging in foul Gen Alpha behavior. I’ll still be active on Messenger or Discord if you decide to randomly message me anytime while I’m at college, so knock yourself out if you decide to do that little orbiting bro. On a real note, feel free to reach out if you have any questions or random things that come to your mind in the future buster! :D:D

To Jonathan Handjojo, I will you a calculator for your Fermi questions. You have to admit that Ellen’s “Jo-nay-than” is rather creative no? I wish you the best of luck in testing out of BC, it’ll be difficult, but I have faith that it’ll go well for you (please don’t bring back memories about Lagrange Error Bound or Taylor/Maclaurin Series altogether….). I appreciate all of our interactions, whether it is you attacking me for calling you “Jo-nat-an Handjoyo” or a child based on your height, they are all highlights of my senior year. I wish you the best of luck with your future endeavors summer camper.

To Indy Xu, I will you a new set of pens. From surviving Meng BC1 to Schmidt Mechanics, we’ve gone through the harshest of times and breeziest of times. I’m glad to have gotten to know you through those times (and your stationeries, I need that eraser that you showed in mechanics). (Respect for not following the heavy physics path, no-E&M gang for real) While the stress of doing a Quest at around 2 AM and messaging you to see that you are still awake was quite an “impactful” time, it is still a highlight of my senior year. I’ll miss our conversations about your latest experiences on the phone in mechanics as we awaited those tests that were the death of us. I’m honored to have helped Caden to get out of his room more often by being his workout partner. Please have mercy with the rapid-fire Mandarin, it is quite the snapback to home. But on a real note, I wish you the best of luck with your future endeavors!

To Eric Lee, I will you some good-quality boba. When I found out you were Taiwanese, I was so excited to have the chance to meet more Taiwanese students in the IMSA student body. I’m glad I got to connect with you through my conversations with Caden during the ASIA General Member meetings as well as your waves around the main building. I hope next year will bring some more Taiwanese representation and opportunities to increase the knowledge of Taiwan and everything that is Taiwanese. Your energy is so wholesome and our waves to each other around campus always bring a smile to my face. In the meantime, play some Jay Chou and Eric Chou and have some Hello Jasmine (highly recommend if you haven’t had it yet) as you continue to succeed in your next two years at IMSA!

To Drew Wang, I will you a functioning shaker bottle. From our first interactions when I had to somehow siphon a scoop of protein powder into a plastic water bottle to have the occasional conversation around the wing, I’m glad I’ve gotten to know you from being wingmates. Through our deep conversations, I hope you learned a thing or two and gained some insight to have a better next two years, especially after the rocky times of sophomore year. Get those gains, be smart with your interactions, and you’ll have an amazing experience at IMSA. I wish you the best in your next two years!

To Sumaer Gupta, I will you a beanbag toss set. You were the first sophomore I met and I’m so glad I got to know you as your “unofficial big sib” through the sib event way back in August. Thinking back, I’m glad that I came out of my room even though I wasn’t a big sib to anyone this year. You are smart and have a great two years ahead of you, whether it is with your singing/musical endeavors or other activities you pursue. While we drifted apart as the school year progressed, our interactions at the beginning of the year remain a highlight of my senior year, especially with our beanbag toss shenanigans or our deep conversations at the beginning of the year or the goofy shenanigans that you’re up to in the wing with the other guys or Maneth. Best of luck with your next two years! Feel free to reach out if you need anything :):)

To Ellen Hsuan and Ryan Cho, I will you both an A in BC3. You both are amazing calculus table mates, and I’m grateful to have been able to take (suffer under) BC3 alongside you both through the worst and best of the class. Whether it is Ryan going “Ellen can I see your answers” for the 10th time in a day or us acting like a college admissions team, these experiences have made the suffering of BC3 at least a bit more manageable and the class more enjoyable altogether. I wish you both the best in whatever math-related endeavors you both take on into senior year and college. Junioritis may hit hard, but senioritis will hit harder when the time comes. Feel free to reach out if you want to drop any updates or need any advice for senior year! :):)

To the SocEnt team (Co-Chairs: Aarna and Netra, and Facilitators: Luci, Rhea, Manu, Carissa, and future facilitators), I will you a boat. It’s been an honor being one of your co-chairs and seeing the curriculum that Dash and I developed come to life. Aarna: it is inspirational getting to know more about your business and how you have used the design thinking process to build it to its current success. Netra: your dedication to the facilitator position and your passion and experience in business from real-world applications to competitions is amazing, I’m so proud to see you flourish in this position. Luci and Rhea: your input and energy in hyping up every Monday night meeting has made them ever so more enjoyable even on Mondays when I just want to lock myself in my room and sleep/be lazy. Manu and Carissa: I can’t wait to see what great things and progress you will make for SocEnt, it was inspirational getting to learn more about your product SUSTAIN and seeing your business experience continue to grow within the team. I trust you returning facilitators to make the new SocEnt team even stronger and continue our reputation as the “best LEAD elective” as we welcome our next generation of SocEnt facilitators and students. BOOOOATSSS :D:D

To the Quiz Bowl team and captains Advayth Pashupati and Jeev Hora, I will you an AFA score clue. Bonus points for the clue being within power! It’s been an honor serving as one of your co-captains and seeing your interests and playstyles grow throughout this year. I do apologize for not being able to see the IMSAnity kick-off after the hype of bringing it back this year, but I have faith that you all will see to it next school year. No matter whether you started in varsity or JV, you all are an important part of Quiz Bowl, and I hope you all continue your involvement. Find new challenges, learn a new answer line, even if it isn’t entirely for QB, and you’ll have some fun with Quiz Bowl! Have fun with this activity, and don’t be intimidated by the competitiveness of the likes of Fremd, Barrington, Stevenson, and Auburn! I task you all with finding a player or two who can fill in the FA hole when I graduate. You can never run from the AFA tossups… Now guess this motif: C – D – F – E (played by the violins) (QUIZ BOWL PEOPLE ONLY: DM me if you want to check your guess or just know the answer altogether, have fun! I’ll make some more in the foreseeable future, so feel free to DM me for that if you want :D:D)

To the 1505 C-Wing Underclassmen (Maneth, Zach, Sebastian, Tony, Drew, Paul, Sumaer, Shrishant, Arjun, River, Michael, Asad, and Saad), I will you all a successful first attempt run-through of speed check. I genuinely enjoyed having lively conversations with many of you, and even if I haven’t connected with you much this year, I’m glad you were here and I know you all were meant to be here. I wish you all the best for your future 1 or 2 years at IMSA wherever you end up: whether that is still in C-Wing, a different 05 wing, or a different hall altogether.

To the rest of the underclassmen (those I haven’t talked to or may have forgotten, I’m really sorry if I forgot you), I will you all a hug. Even if you may feel alone, there are people out there who care for you and want the best for you. I know what it’s like to be in a social life that can sometimes be stifling, but always seek out the light in the darkness. Giving you all support wherever you are! Remember, everything will make sense in its own time. Keep the words of the protagonist of one of my favorite video games in mind: “I make my own fate.” Now go out and make your own fate. That’s my challenge to you. Now go forth, your future awaits at the door, knocking. Will you open the door or not?

Nishna Aerabati
To my Shahs,

To Rhea Shah, I will you a Lambo, lots of sunset walks, and friends in your own grade (I’m super funny). Since I’m the greatest rapper in the world, I don’t really have much time, but when I do, I enjoy talking to you. I don’t actually remember how we became friends, but all that matters to me is that we are. You and Shanya are literally the coolest people around and we always have the most elite talks. Rhea, you’re so genuine and I don’t know how I got so lucky to have stumbled on to being your friend. Usually, I would much rather sleep in my room, but for you, I would get out of bed (please drive me around). I know we’ll stay in touch, and if you ever need anything, I’m always here for you!

To Aaditya Shah, I will you to not be a bot and have the most chill, college-stress-free senior year to ever exist. From our ACSLbreakdowns and your usual MVC clown behavior, I know just how smart and hardworking you are. I’ve loved every single one of our talks and you usually end up giving me weirdly wise life advice. I’m totally going to miss you so you better keep in touch! You also better not stress yourself out or overwork yourself, because as you would say, “we’ll end up where we belong”

To Jaxon Womack and Michael Thiery, I will you an amazing robot next year and lots more “trips” off campus. I know you two always have lots of fun together and I can’t wait to hear about your ‘activities. Both of you have made my senior year so much better. Michael, you really are a teddy bear and Jaxon, you’re such a chill guy to talk to. I’m wishing you lots of luck next season, and I can’t wait to hear all about it!

To Georgi Panchev, I will you tons and tons of programming sophomores (who don’t quit). Georgi, you handle being a captain, our horrible deadlines, and being a leader with so much grace. You’re insanely cracked and feel free to keep in touch!

To Ria Bakshi, I will you a bunch more fun robotics competitions! I’m excited to see what you will do

Nitya Jakka
To Manu Mamillapalli, I will you an unlimited amount of everything on the list of your favorite foods. Between writing atrocious haikus, spending S&E playing cards, and being the biggest Chipotle sour cream fan I’m so thankful for all the times we’ve spent laughing uncontrollably. Your visits always make my day and I can’t wait to do so many fun things before the year ends. Even though we won’t be in the same state soon, I’ll always look forward to watching your newest vlog, editing your essays, or taste-testing a strange snack on Facetime. Counting down the days to making Gone Bananas!

To Anjali Ali, I will you a Trader Joe’s find that beats all of our favorites. From surviving D wing together to talking about every dessert possible, I can’t even name what I’ll miss most. I’ll never forget any of your Taylor Swift quotes (can you tell I’m lying) or show recs (not lying this time). One day we’ll eat the viral chocolate strawberries in London and go to a Djerf Avenue popup in NYC. Until then, I guess we’ll have to settle for a Trader Joe’s trip.

To Rhea Shah, I will you a little sib that’ll drive you to downtown Naperville. I’ll always be thankful that we got paired and bonded over PEHS mutuals. I still can’t believe you got your license before me but I’ll be the one driving you to Everdine’s soon enough. I can’t wait to see all the great things you do!

Noah Walker
To Michael Granger, Michael Theiry, and Jaxon Womack, my quad mates, I will you guys the quad that will never actually exist. You guys are the brothers that I never had and I’ve loved spending the past two years with you guys. I will you many more quad reading nights and more game nights with the wing table. I also will you a trip to worlds. The robotics team will go far next year, I am confident. Just don’t give up on them. We have gone through everything in the past two years and I couldn’t have asked for better people to spend it with. Also, Vincent, have fun being my replacement.

To Aarva Lala and Laksh Patel, I will you the ultimate bulk. I hope you guys lock in for your junior year and enjoy it as much as possible. Never stop having fun and messing around with people. I will you the ability to come up with better pranks though. Make 04 a better hall for the incoming sophs and don’t give them too hard of a time. Being your guys’ upperclassman has been so fun, I couldn’t have asked for better sophs.

To the FRC Mechanical Subteam, specifically Neel, Ria, Keegan, and Michael, I will you an eternally clean lab and a beautiful robot. You all worked hard this year and we couldn’t have done it without you. Don’t give up on the team. I know it’s hard to deal with people’s egos sometimes but try your hardest to be the better person and ignore them.

To the Upcoming FRC Robotics Board, I will you patience. Be patient with each other and be patient with the team members. You guys can be a powerhouse if you just lock in

To Neel, I will you the Titan Robotics Mechanical Subteam’s traditional Allen key. This key was passed on to me from Ilan, the Mechanical Head my junior year, who received it from Julie, a senior in mechanical who received it from the senior captain my sophomore year, Asaiah, who received it from the previous year’s Mechanical Specialist, Jojo. I am passing this on to you because I believe you are deserving of it, and it will be your job to pass it on to someone you think is just as deserving. Just make sure not to lose it. (It’s really easy to lose). You locked in and proved yourself after intersession and you put up some insane hours in the lab. Make sure to take some time for yourself but enjoy your last year. You deserve it.

To Keegan, Vincent, Sam, and Kyler, I will you some free time outside of Robotics. Robotics is not life bro. Take a break, go to sleep, break some rules, touch some grass. Please, you guys are so dedicated which is amazing but take some time for yourselves. It will better prepare you for the future. But have an amazing season. Make it fun for yourselves and the rest of the team.

Nour Husseini
To Anjali Ali, i will you some chai and my farming skills. You are hands down one of the funniest people on campus and you always know how to make me giggle. Thank u for always matching my energy and dealing with me (and my horrible response times). I hope your senior year is amazing and I cant wait to hear all about it. You are crazy smart and hardworking and I cant wait to see all that you accomplish!!

to Sarah Kumar, I will u infinite bf hugs. Im so glad you were in my wing last year, you truly made my junior year so much more enjoyable. I miss bothering you every night and eating all your funyuns. Although we haven’t gotten to spend as much time together this year, I appreciate our memories (maybe not the ones in movement and relaxation) and I will definitely miss u.

Raghav Sinha
To Aqeel Bajowala, I will you a sophomore who you see yourself in. You see, one day, you will realize that what I’m saying has actual meaning when I say that you solidify my worldview. You’re a great soph simply through the way you act as a person. As you journey through your 3 years, you’ll realize the things you wished you had as a sophomore and now have grown to have as a senior. When that change happens, you’ll wonder why you were deprived of it in the first place. But the thing is, you’ll meet people who’ve always had and take for granted what you just gained after 3 years of yearning and you will realize that nothing is truly unattainable, you just have to believe.

To Aditya Tiwari, I will you the sophomore sibling of a senior you knew incredibly well. Sid used to give me existential crises and now I give his brother senior wills. I see the potential in you, Adi. Everything I say I’m completely honest about and I notice the same in you. I want you to continue to do things you’re interested in but also attempt new things that you might not be interested in. When I was a sophomore, I thought for sure that I would be a CS major. But I later switched to law. I thought I wanted to go to NYU for sure, but I switched to USC. So, I ask you to try new things and not commit to one thing fully until you are older and have a better idea of the fields you are going into. Also, IMSA friendships and enemies change on a dime, so don’t avoid people because you don’t like them. I have had to work with people I don’t particularly like but I can separate work and social life.

To Ari Bajaj, I will you the mental challenges that IMSA brings along. Ari, as much as I lecture you, I know you have potential. I just want to see it unfold. I think you should explore the fields you are interested in more and challenge yourself to a greater extent. Don’t do things just to do them, do things because you are passionate about them. I’m not asking you to be me, rather I’m asking you to be more you. Also, this goes for all sophs, but please try to cut out video games and unnecessary trips home when you become a junior if you can, your older self will thank you.

To Evan Lee, I will you better seniors. Evan, you also have major potential and I’m already seeing it unfold. In the future, you might meet people who underestimate you but as long as you know yourself and your goals, you will be alright. Just don’t worry about what others say about and strive to be a better you. Also, people might hate you for no reason, but it’s all temporary, so don’t feel like you need to return their hate back.

To Jacob Nendza, I will you less Michigan merch. Underclassmen need to stop wearing merch of schools they aren’t attending yet. It’s for their own good because what if you don’t get in? Or, if you don’t apply there, why show spirit for a school your college might be competing against? Anyway, I hope you continue doing JSA and other civics clubs. In the future, try being a moderator. You will learn a lot about how to build better skills for being a moderator and doing debate. I also hope you pick up Mock Trial if you intend to do law (if we get chartered), it will show you a lot more about the field. I appreciate the fact that you are interested in politics, as you are part of a small group of us at IMSA.

To Owen Larkin, I will you a fun IMSA experience. I have enjoyed seeing you in Mock Trial and I am grateful to have done cross country with you, as well. Throughout our time on these teams, I have seen you grow as a person and work hard towards your goals. Though you might stumble and fall at times, it’s important to brush it off and get back up. I’m glad that you can do that. Also, no matter what happens, embrace the parts of you that give you individuality. Don’t be afraid to be different. Very few people at IMSA choose to be different from the rest. Most pick the same major, apply to the same college, pick the same classes, and live the same experiences. Strive to be different and though people might judge you for it, know you’ve made the right decision.

To the IMSA Mock Trial Team, I will you all many more years on Mock Trial. WOW, you all are AMAZING! Before my Junior year ended (2023), I was given news that Mock Trial was denied chartering for the 2023-2024 school year, but rather than give up I met with the administrative staff, changed policies, and submitted an appeal. Our appeal was accepted and now look at us. No Lawyer-Coach and still we got two medals at our very first scrimmage. I never gave up on Mock Trial and neither did any of you. I am thankful every single day to see the commitment from every single one of you. Thank you for trusting in my coaching and attending scrimmages. I’m sure we can only get better and I’m glad to see the success we have had so far. Keep up the good work!

Rohan Patkar
To Serge. I will you perfect hands, a healthy quad tendon, and someone who likes your jokes. I didn’t think anything could fill the void that my boys had when they left. But I learned I didn’t need you to fill a role. You are yourself, as dumb and as funny as you are. It meant the world to have a partner to grind with every day 5th mod and all day during preseason. No one has the same passion as you, Serge. Keep your grades up, maybe get your height up, and definitely get your hops up. Tread Rosenthal who? You are going for his spot for real. I know it’ll be tough for you next year to find a grind partner/someone who puts up with your strange jokes, but maybe there’s a sophomore coming in to take under your wing. I’m gonna miss you, bro. Can’t wait to see you play next year. Stay Serge.

To Ibrahim. My boy! My brother in ego. I will you the ability to pass a free ball. Hold your head high king. Dean and I have laid the template for what a high level outside really means. I know they’re MASSIVE shoes to fill :) but I have no doubt you’ll grow into them in time. I need you to organize the west gyms and do most of what I did in preseason. I can’t wait to come visit you for your games! MAYBE you’ll bounce one or two like Nishida, Takahashi, and me, but who knows? I enjoyed having you to battle with this season and keep me humble. Stay strong, ace!

To Jake, I will you larger glutes than ice spice. I can’t wait to see you step up and be the Alpha Wolf on the team next year. Keep being, our lib, (our new middle?), and keep being one of the goofiest and most chill people I know. Maybe I’ll come say hi at a club tournament or two as a ref. Who knows? Stay cringe.

To Jongwoo, I will you the ability to bounce every ball. You are a busy boy, with your SIR and lead. But nothing has dampened the energy you bring to the court. You come ready to learn and ready to play every time, and you are a big reason the team is as upbeat as it is. You never have a down day, and you are just happy to play volleyball. That is commendable. And touchable. Stay mewing.

To Nikhil, our very own Tsukki, I will you the ability to roof even the highest-level hitters every time. I knew you were special in West Gym because of the rate you improved. I have loved seeing your progress and how your quicks have gotten quicker and higher. I also want to know why you look like that. You never tell me. Stay handsome.

To Kavin, I will you the ability to stay injury free. You’d have a 60-inch vert if you weren’t hobbling around all the time! Train your hands and your speed and hops, and you’ll surely bring next year’s team to a new level. Also, you have the scariest serve in the school. If you improve it even more, you’ll be unstoppable. I can’t wait to see you pull out a Miya hybrid at games next year. For real though, I wish you the best senior year. Stay healthy.

To Tommy, I will you my serve. You already have every other serve in your bag, but I feel like this would be the cherry on top. Teams will think they don’t have to deal with me anymore but you’ll be there to shut them up. I want you to swing as well! You’re a really underrated hitter. But just imagine teams seeing you and thinking “Oh this guy is a DS for sure” and then you’re pounding them in warmups. That would be nuts. Also, buy another net for the West Gym, that way you guys can practice off-season, especially practicing that butt bump. I don’t know how you do that. Stay scrappy.

To Kate, I will you the ability to dunk. I know it’s coming soon, be the star the basketball team needs next year. Female Wilt Chamberlain. And be the best middle IMSA’s ever seen. TRUST! Stay chill.

To Izen, I will you the ability to be mean. The fact that I have to will you this just shows how nice of a person you are. You always ask questions, listen with pure intent, and are one of the most hardworking individuals I know. And you have loads of untapped potential that you’ll definitely come into next year. If you learn proper technique and lift, I think you’ll jump higher than me! But until that comes… Stay curious.

To Stella, I will you a healthy shoulder and some of my hops. Once you’re a hundred percent, no one will be able to stop you. Jump a little higher and you’d be one of the most fearsome right sides I know. You’ve already roofed a few outside, now just imagine breaking their spirits every game! I know it sounds harsh, but you have what it takes to steamroll people in volleyball. You just have to work for it and get healthy. Also, NASA wants you. Let me know how that goes in the future. Stay tall.

To Maya, I will you all the Raising Canes you could ever eat. (mid tbh, sauce carries too hard) For real, keep being kind, caring, and slightly funny sometimes. I will miss you. I wish you the best senior year! Make sure you manage the boys again and keep them in check, I can tell they are going to be very rowdy next year. Also, swing! You only used 1% of your true power in the girls’ season. Don’t take it easy on the opponents, and hit some clips for me okay? Stay relatable.

To Evan, I will you the ability to carry a group project. Come on bro! Making seniors do the work in engineering?? I hope you win the “having more wills than your friends” contest and get your food. Enjoy the rest of IMSA buddy. Stay lazy.


Ryan Li
To Sarah Kumar, I will you my Genshin Impact account. We both know my Xiao is better than yours. I cannot understate how glad I am that we met through the sibling program. I know we joke around a lot, but you have truly been on elf the most positive influences in my life—in your superb boy group dance skills (someone stop her she’s too psycho!) and our biweekly 2-4 B/C IRC brain rot sessions where we watch and critique our favorite K-pop groups, I could not be prouder of how far you’ve grown since I’ve had the privilege of meeting you my junior (your sophomore) year. So, to commemorate your immense growth, I will you the username and password of my Genshin Impact account, the thing which first connected us, and, arguably, the object which has seen the most growth during my time at IMSA. Finally, your (my) Xiao can deal 60k plunges.

To Aditya Kumar, I will you a mirror. Aditya, I know we haven’t really talked much despite being a sibling duo. But, I have also felt immense pride in seeing you find your people and your community at this school. Thank you for continuing to wave to me in the hallways and say hi to me in the IRC, because it honors our history of 2022 Welcome Week and the few insinuating events which followed. If you read the will right before this, you would know that I am immensely proud of both of my little sibs and how far you guys have grown. Thus, I will you a mirror, just so you realize the leap you’ve taken from sophomore to junior to, after I leave, your senior year. Sh*t’s crazy bro. Thanks for continuing to be my little sib, even if contractually bound.

To Kaylee Hwang, I will you a star, because you’re a star. I remember in eighth grade, our school bought some kind of telemarketing multi-layer marketing star-naming thing that allowed people to name stars after them. But you get an actual star—like the glowing sphere of gas and fuel! Because, as you have said so frequently, you are a star, and you shouldn’t hide that fact from everyone else. Be proud of your successes, because they completely outnumber any pitfalls you may face. You got this Kaylee, and always reach out if you need help!

To Jongwoo Kim, I will you an unlimited manga fund. You are the biggest weeb I know, and consequently, you deserve a fund for your obsession as large as your passion for it. Thank you for being an amazing underclassman and consistently ranking top 5 in my official ranking of my favorite underclassman (this list is, of course, purely hypothetical and thus only exists in theory). As you’ve said many times, I know you’re going to miss me. But, to make up in the pastime before you commit to my future alma mater, you should totally invest in your evident zeal for manga. As such, I’ve willed you an infinite sum of money to spend borderline obsessively.

To Elaine Rao, I will you a ski mask. You should wear it every day. I think I speak on behalf of me, Aru, Halimat, and many others when I say that the cuteness aggression you give me when I see you is uncontrollable. Maybe a ski mask will nerf the way you cute-mog (don’t coin that as a term). Thank you for introducing me to baby girl Taeyong’s “Tap” and for having such an elite music taste, which we can appraise wh. I truly hope to see you flourish in the future, and please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need any advice for the future.

To Carolyn Zhang, I will you a neat little robot companion, kind of like EVE to Wall-E, or like C3-PO to R2D2, but minus the weird home robotic romance. Seeing you step out of your comfort zone in the past few years has been amazing—your continual growth as a human, as a student, and as a BC Calculus carry never fails to surprise me. The number of things you’ve accomplished in the past two years I’ve known you is simply insane, and I hope you host a fierce pride for all your achievements so far. The reason I will you an EVE is because, frankly, you need a break. You’re always wearing too many hats at once, and perhaps a robot companion could wear a few hats for you. There’s no way you do all the things you do alone, and I think if you can spread your commitments to other people safely and productively, you will be able to avoid the inevitable senioritis burnout. You got this, finish strong, *incessant cowbell sounds at the end of a race*.

To Rushina Patel, I will you some kind of immense luck as you co-lead SCRJ with Jordan next year. Rushina, you are genuinely one of the most hardworking people I know and I genuinely don’t understand why we didn’t talk that much outside of Juvenile Justice. Please reach out to me more, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You’re so super awesome and I love you so much, and thank you for letting me borrow your clothes for Halloweekend and Unofficial, because all the fits were so super cute and rushing-core!

To Anna Yang, I will you the greatest SSS in existence. Anna, I know you’ve struggled so much in these past few years, but as a fellow struggler, I assure you that it is all worth it. Just stay strong, push through, and you’ll start to see your path unfold. After said path reveals itself, I hope an amazing SSS awaits, and that you’ll actually be able to relax during your time at IMSA.

To Kaella Moraga, I will you a full Minecraft world complete with Taylor Swift, many dogs, and trees. I remember when we used to play a lot of Minecraft in the Hall Commons together, and I hope we can play more at the end of the school year. You are so hard-working, and I think this Minecraft world is the perfect way to pamper you with blocks and pixels. However, as with most of the objects I’m willing my underclassmen, these items are purely hypothetical. Thus, I merely will you the idea of a full Minecraft world, but the sentiment is still there, nonetheless, and I think that’s pretty special, you know? So, I hope this manifests a beautiful, translatable Minecraft world which you can view in the real world, to indicate how your impact is visible in every nook and cranny of iMSA.

To Himani Musku and Aria Barve, I will you guys a signed and framed picture of Mr. J****i, AKA my one and only celebrity crush and favorite natural language process researcher. Sincerely, I thank you both for carrying me along in my math journey, and for giving me more perspective on the people at our lab (whom I would’ve never imagined had Instagram, because, frankly, my celebrity crush is undoubtedly a prehistoric and social-media-defying boomer. You guys are so super hilarious, and I love seeing you guys around campus. Hopefully, I can see you guys around campus next-next year if you commit to my school, and then we can goof off every day.

To Jordan Henry, I will you a signed copy of “Awaken, My Love!”. I don’t know why. But Jordan, you’ve truly been an amazing friend and board member in the time we’ve worked together. It’s rare to find someone as passionate for social justice as you, and it’s genuinely humbling to see your work in justice. You are so, so awesome, and you deserve a signed copy of an album of a song which you did justice, AKA Redbone at Asante. It really reminded me of how amazing you are and how you can succeed in any field, so please be proud of your accomplishments and successes thus far. Enjoy your senior year!

To Carissa Chen and Manu Mamillapalli, I will you a piece consisting of material of incredible ranking on the Triboelectric scale. For a dynamic duo so FIRE, it only makes sense that I’d get you guys something equally electric. If you guys aren’t careful, you might get struck by lightning. But maybe you can vlog that! In all honesty, you two are some of the smartest and hardworking people I know on campus, and I’m humbled in my privilege of knowing you guys. Thanks for always sticking with me in Calc-Based (along with Cameron, who equally mogs me in E+M) and for hanging out with me around campus. Enjoy your senior year, and don’t cheap out on the SSS— you guys deserve it.

To Jake Belonio, I will you B-Friend choreo (again). There is truly no one else I’d rather work with as a choreo to put together men in skirts/onesies dancing—our teamwork is, undoubtedly, legendary. I hope you continue the legacy of B-Friend in a safe and productive way, and always remember that fan service > quality of dance. Bring back the censored sign and do some heinous things. You’re the only one I trust with this.

To Shrikar Dulam, I will you a perpetually cold pillow and perhaps a few bath bombs. Shrikar, you toned down my Intro to Proofs experience from Hell to slightly-colder Hell. Without your guidance, I’m sure I wouldn’t have succeeded (with heavy air quotes as I type this) in the class, and hey, perhaps that would have ended in a slightly… different college admissions cycle for me. That’s not really the point, though. You are such a smart guy and I’m so glad you’ve helped me in any way you could over the course of Intro to Proofs. While you narrowly escaped the window of becoming my little sib, I still very much consider you a close friend, and I hope you reach out in the future. Although, I might reach out to you first if I have to take another proof-based class.

To Ellen Hsuan, I will you a language teacher as funny as Madame. Ellen, I know you’re finishing the French sequence this year. Consequently, I hope you can find a new language teacher who puts even half the amount of effort Madame puts into our class. You deserve a fun language class, and I hope French won’t be that much worse when I’m gone.

To Tommy Blough, I will you many hugs and kisses. Thank you for your constant supply of household appliances which have saved me from a pickle numerous times. Also, thank you for being an amazing 1503 Drill Co-Choreo and navigating my emotions during one of the most stressful times of our life. We should be remarkably proud of the progress we’ve made with our hall community through 1503 Drill, and you specifically should be incredibly proud of your role in the IMSA community as an RSL. You’re awesome, and have a great senior year!

To EmmaLi Isham, I will you a rabbit’s foot. According to Minecraft, rabbit feet are an item of luck (and leaping potions). You deserve a lot of luck, especially in this upcoming year where you’re going to have to deal with some difficult people and some difficult situations. I hope this abstract rabbit’s foot will grant you luck better than the poor rabbit who lost its foot, and probably its life along with it. Indeed, this hypothetical rabbit’s foot shall follow (hah, get it, foot and follow) you around your undoubtedly glorious senior year at IMSA. Time to grind and leap to further international destinations!

To Rachel Coutinho and Yoona Kim, I will you a matching set of nunchucks. You two have been the biggest jumpscares at the Naperville Public Library, but also some of the coolest people in 03’s Venom Games. Your guys’ act specifically always caught my eye, and it reminds me of how you guys are incredibly smart and always working hard. I always find you guys in the IRC, so maybe it’s time to calm down and engage in the hard martial arts, including practicing the nunchucks. Thank you guys for making 03 Talent Show and the 03 community an extremely fun place to be. I’m incredibly proud of both of your guys’ progress as IMSA students. Feel free to keep in touch!

To Haley Shah (and tbh, the entire table next to me in BC3), I will you a perfect temperature in each room you grant your presence of. You truly have helped me understand math so much more than I would have had you guys not entertained my endless questions about our worksheets. Please enjoy a good BC3 grade, and a good grade beyond math, because, frankly, IMSA math can be “not it” many of the time. You guys got senior year in the bag—push through and finish strong!

To my LEAD sophomores, I will you incredible success at IMSA. While some of you didn’t possess an immense desire to learn leadership, I’m glad all of you put at least a nonzero effort in understanding our course material. While I’m not on LEAD board, I do very much consider the program my family. One thing I want all of my sophomores to take away is that you can do anything as long as you put your mind to it; this includes, but is not limited to, leadership. So please, I implore you to go forth and prosper as you enter some of the most stressful years of your life—that, of curse, would be less stressful had it been asu


Sabriya Attia
To Aydin Syed, I will you colored contacts. Thanks for entertaining all of my questions about when your sister is coming home and for enduring all of our teasing. Have fun being driven around by my brother this summer!

To Haley Shah, I will you a math buddy who will actually follow through on all of the plans to study. Thanks for all of the times that you’ve had my back in BC, and I hope you find some degree of enjoyment and/or satisfaction in whichever math classes you’ve decided to subject yourself to next year!

To Nandini Buthiti, I will you a microphone, a stage, and an audience. You’re an incredible singer and an extremely kind person, and I’m glad we got to perform together (albeit very briefly) last year!

To Riyan Jain, I will you a friendly Libya in committee. I’ve truly seen so much growth in you over the past year in both Congress and MUN! I’m glad we could experience MUNUC as a double-del, and hopefully, you learned a thing or two.

To Muskaan Kapur, I will you boundless patience– with the field you want to go into, you’re going to need it. I’m really glad to have met another girl interested in pursuing economics and politics, and I’m certain that you’ll be successful in whichever direction you choose to go :)

To Hamsika Thumu, I will you tons of gavels! You’re an amazing PO and an even better debater. Thanks for always keeping the energy at practice fun and lighthearted :))

To Anusha Saraf, Shresta Ghanta, and Tanvi Boddupalli, I will you endless heartfelt compliments. The three of you are some of the sweetest people that I’ve ever met, and your compliments genuinely always make my day. Please keep being the kind people that you are, because the world really does need more people like you three <3.

To Aarna Patel, I will you an epiphytic jungle cactus. Now, this might sound a little odd at first, but bear with me– I promise it’ll make sense soon enough! I’m so grateful that creative writing allowed us to get closer this semester, from all of our silly stories (I still absolutely adore your Shirley Temple poem) to our gossip walks (we really should have class in the strange little alcove by the French room) to running various games during class (I’m always mesmerized by your attempts at Run 3 and Connections). But, the one experience with you in CWW that stuck out to me the most was when we shared our mood metaphors. Now here’s where the explanation comes in– the epiphytic jungle cactus is a spineless variety of cactus. You’re such an empathetic, caring, and down-to-earth person, and while you may feel like a balloon, don’t forget that maybe you’ve yet to find the right cacti and that’s alright! I’m entirely confident that you have bright things in your future, and that your “Congratulations” moment is waiting for you just around the corner.

To all of the Congress underclassmen, I will you non-ChatGPTed contentions. The future of IMSA debate is in your hands! From last-minute prep sessions to messing around in practice, I’m truly grateful for our team’s sense of community. I hope that Congress has taught you at least one thing, whether it be what a VAT tax is, or where Azerbaijan is on a map, or simply what it means to be truly dedicated to an extracurricular activity. Representatives, I urge you to vote on the affirmation of having a great year next year!

To Sydney, Neev, and Audrey, I will you underclassmen as passionate and dedicated to Model UN as yourselves. MUN would not have been in any way possible without your hard work, and I’m leaving IMSA confident that its future is in good hands. Thank you so much for your work this year, and for being an amazing and fun board :) The world needs more future physicists, engineers, and leaders who are as well-spoken, hard-working, and knowledgeable about our world as you three.

To the rest of the MUN team and future board, I will you each a perfectly timed, well-articulated extemporaneous speech. I’ve seen such growth in each and every one of you that it’s unbelievable– from forced participation in September to the way that you each take on the hurdles that we throw at you so readily, I’m so proud of you all. Continue to raise your placard at every opportunity and challenge yourself to improve, and I’m certain that soon enough you’ll each have so many gavels that you won’t even know what to do with them.

Sahil Veeravalli
To Michael T and Jaxon W, I will you both a Whole Lotta Red Album. Seriously, man, you guys gotta listen to the entire album. Good luck with robotics next year, I’ll pull up to comp.

To Sadkrith M, I will you ISA Pres. It is always nice speaking to you in Telugu in the wing. Now lock in for the rest of your time at IMSA.

To Vincent You, I will you a bathroom. You actually got to stop spawning in my room and using my bathroom.

To Shashi S, I will you someone to go on temple visits with next year. We gotta go more often.

To Shashi S, Will G, Andrew W, Sadkrith M, Laksh P, Ethan C, Nathan H, Aydin S, Aadi M, and Raj P, I will you guys an unclogged sink. You guys made the wing so much more hype than in previous years. Keep up the shenanigans next year.

To Haoran S, I will you Minecraft. You never hopped on during med chem…

To Aaditya S, I will you the MVC homework that you turn in on time.

Shawn Crimmins
To Carter Poskozim, I will you me writing this will; you’ve got a year, I guess.

Shivani Chirumamilla
To Navya Dixit, I will you some SLEEP. To this end, I leave you my well-wishes, positive thoughts, and the heartfelt advice to establish a consistent sleep schedule, create a relaxing bedtime routine, and make your sleep environment as comfortable and conducive to rest as possible. Furthermore, as you begin your senior year, I hope that you take full advantage of the freedoms and opportunities this special time offers. Cherish the moments spent with your classmates, for this will be the last time you will be surrounded by so many of them on a daily basis. Embrace the chance to connect with people in your class, forge new friendships, and create lasting memories. You may not realize it now, but the bonds you form and the experiences you share during this final year of high school can be incredibly meaningful and impactful.

To Nandini Budithi, I will you all the chemistry knowledge necessary to conquer any challenging class that comes your way. As you navigate through your academic journey, may you find strength and confidence in the depth of your understanding, always remembering that you have the power to overcome any obstacle. Moreover, I leave you the legacy of our late-night talks—the laughter, the tears, and the profound conversations that have shaped our friendship. May you carry on this tradition, finding solace and joy in the company of friends who inspire and support you. And as you step into your role as an upperclassman, I also bestow upon you the responsibility and privilege of being the best mentor and friend to the new sophomores. Your kindness, empathy, and leadership will undoubtedly make a significant impact on their high school experience.

To Aashi Dharia, I will you a brand new Ring Doorbell, so that we may finally capture the elusive footage of your sleepwalking adventures. Furthermore, as you begin your senior year, I hope that you make the most of every moment. Embrace the opportunities, cherish the friendships, and create memories that will last a lifetime. This is a time of great excitement and possibility, and I want you to experience it all to the fullest. As you navigate the college application process, please know that I have the utmost faith in your abilities. You are a brilliant, capable, and driven individual, and I am confident that you will find success in whatever path you choose.

To Alea Ritchie, I will you a better taste in men. While I have no doubt that your heart is in the right place, I cannot help but question some of your past choices. But I am confident that with your newfound ability to bag a man, bestowed upon you through this will, you will finally be able to “moo” your way to a prom date worthy of your brilliance. Even though I have only had the privilege of knowing you for a year, it has become abundantly clear to me that you are, without a doubt, the funniest person I have ever encountered. Your wit, charm, and infectious laughter never fail to brighten my day, and I find myself constantly looking forward to those moments when our paths cross in the hallways! Have an amazing senior year, and please for the love of god stop looking at ugly men.

To Aarna Patel, I will you a wildly successful business venture and the leadership of all the clubs your heart desires. And even though we may not talk as often as I would like, I want you to know that meeting you has been an absolute pleasure. Your presence in my life, however brief, has been a true gift, and I am grateful for the laughter and the inspiration you have brought into my world. Don’t stress out during senior year, you will do amazing.

To Haley Shah, I will you an amazing girls dance next year. I had so much fun during Jalsa this year and it was all thanks to your choreo and gossip sessions in the hallway. Can’t wait to see where you end up.

To Arnav Patel, I will you a successful Tedx event. You are actually such a funny person, and your commitment to our event made the planning that much smoother. Thank you for helping me decorate and keeping Arjun in check. Good luck next year!

To Anna Yang, I will you some better options. You are such a fun and kind hearted person, and even though I have only known you for a semester you have made it so interesting. You are a constant source of good tea and I loved sneaking up on you in the irc. Have a fabulous senior year and find yourself a nice distraction.

To Hamsika Thumu, I will you a light schedule. You always look so exhausted when I see you in the hallways. Please sleep more.

To Vijnna Apasani, I will you a normal junior year. You always look so busy so hopefully junior year will be nice and relaxing.

To Red Cross Board, I will you a successful year! You guys were such a fun group so I hope all of your red cross events next year are just as exciting.

To Kannan Ilamparithi, I will you the ability to network. Why are you so scared to walk across the room and ask people questions for the lab reports??? Do better

Sindhu Chalasani
To Ellen Hsuan, I will you an end to French busywork. I love convincing Madame to let us out of class early together and our daily walks back to 02, and I hope we can take a lot more walking trips to Orchard before I leave. Despite us always talking about getting out of IMSA, I hope you really enjoy your senior year!

To Aarna Patel, I will you another year of delicious SIR lunches and shopping breaks. I loved being your big sib and SIR partner, and I can’t wait to hear about the amazing things you’ll do next year. You’re such a hard worker and deserve everything good in the world. Have fun during senior year!

To the 2024-25 STEMbassadors Board, I will you a stable team and a normal year of programs. I know this year was hard with the staff changes and restructuring, but you all did amazing persevering to rebuild our programs. I loved seeing you all take charge of leading Fun with Fractals and hosting weekly meetings, and I can’t wait to see what you all will do as STEMbassadors next year.

Srihari Gurugubelli
To Manu, I will you the half-broken string lights that have been sitting in my room since Jalsa to add to your personal collection of ISA materials. Enjoy. Jk in earnest I will you the most rewarding senior year you can possibly have. You’ve been the one constant through all my good and bad times at IMSA and I appreciate you for that. I know you’ve already gone through it more in your two years than I ever did in all three but you’ve only grown from it and I hope senior year will bring the best memories yet. Be loose, laugh often, and don’t think people are scary. Ball out with ISA too, I promise you’ll miss it after it’s over no matter how it feels sometimes. Take care.

To Aadi Shah, I will you a new pair of glasses so you can put them on and see how badly you need to lock tf in. Bloody rascal. Jp bro have a good year and use your monkey brain often. Have fun, and learn how to catch a bloody football while you’re at it.

To Haoran, I will you more City games on pirated overseas sites. Keep your energy high and stay lively bro it helps the people around you more than you know. Good luck with ASIA and don’t forget to hit the Sadi Gali move at Holi next year.

To Sadkrith, I will you peace of mind. You’ve grown a lot since we first met and I hope you keep going. Stay the path, be humble, and always remember anni manna manchike.

To Asad Sheikh, I will you a nice second semester senior year schedule. Live in the present and enjoy your last year, it’ll be over before you know it.

To Saad Sheikh, I will you some lens wipes. Clean your glasses every now and then bruh.

Sukanya Ghosh
To Aarna Patel, I will you … peace! Your genuinity and kindness always shines through whenever we hang out and you should never change it for the world. I already know that you are going places and I’m so excited to see how your tremendous hard work pays off. Times get tough, but a few “oms” and you’ll be fine. Keep keeping it real boo and please text :3

To Haley Patel, I will you many more exciting (!) SIR Panera eats and less sleepless nights of memorizing polyatomic ions. I’m so glad we met at the first picnic and that I gave your crazy antics a shot. I’m very proud of how far you’ve come and wish the most luck for senior year. And if you ever miss your crazy lab partner, I’m just a text away!

To Carolyn Zhang, I will you many more speedy Sunday night car rides! I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you better the past two years. Houston doesn’t even know what’s coming (!!), but I know that you’re going to do amazing things. Have a great senior year :p

To Himani Musku, I will you a new “everything” folder that doesn’t need tape to hold together. Out of all the smart people I know, you definitely take the cake on the most chaotic-good energy. I wish you the best senior year :)

To Anjali Samal, I will you more ramen-fed nights out late in the commons. You are such a character, in the best way, and you’ve shown me the value in a good late night wing conversation. Keep up the craziness and bhalo theko! :]

To Cameron Eddington and Care Thompson, I will you both years of light-hearted pranks and new upperclassmen tomfools to mess with. We got up to some good times, the four of us, and thank you both for making junior year B wing such a fun place to haze sophomores (jokes). All eyes on you.

To Shrestha Ghanta, Tanvi Boddupalli, and Hamsika Thumu, I will you all the best junior years, full of endless, intense debate practices and also time to live it up. Shrestha and Tanvi, I wish you good luck in your match-making endeavors–keep your eyes out and your noses sharp. Hamsika, please keep up your fire fits for years to come!

To Riyan Jain, I will you a relaxing yet crazy + fun junior year! I’m not sure how you do it, but you are one of the most driven people I’ve met. Have fun with your loaded plate, but make sure to bake in some time for stupid JetPunk quizzes :)

To the Debate Team underclassmen, I will you all the pride of being the true IMSA debate underdogs. I’ve enjoyed seeing you all grow throughout this season and loved getting to know all your unique debate personalities. As a senior who’s had a wild ride with debate throughout my time at IMSA, I know that this club takes a lot to give. Your relationship with debate may ebb and flow, but always debate with your heart, and the rest will follow suit. I wouldn’t imagine passing on the torches to any other insanely talented group of underclassmen and I know that you’ll all continue your own amazing accomplishments. In affirmation or negation, pass or fail, always (destroy in questioning) have fun representatives!

Tate Schneider
To Brooke Hobbs, I will you all the advice I’ve given you throughout this year and a successful IMSA career. Brooke, it’s hard to have fun at IMSA, but if there’s one thing I’ve tried to tell you this whole year, it’s to always prioritize fun over getting your work done. Of course still get your work done but if there is any minute you can spare for having fun DO IT. You are such a baddie and one of the realest people I’ve met on this campus. Do NOT let IMSA drain that from you; you have such a potential to thrive at IMSA. Besides all that though, thank you for making my senior year a little bit better. I always think it’s so fun to hang with a couple of sophomores as a senior because you all are still so eager. I hope you’ve enjoyed all the stories I’ve told you and the fun we’ve had on campus. Never change, keep being you, and I hope that when you’re a senior you’ll understand everything I’ve told you about IMSA. Finally, keep in touch once I leave, I’ll have even more gossip for you then <33

To Chiara Njoya, I will you another great volleyball season and an onika burgers step team. Since EXCEL, you have remained at the top of my funny list Chiara. No matter what anyone on this campus says, I think you are one of the funniest and realest people around. EXCEL was such an interesting time and to be honest I really don’t remember a lot from that summer, but I do remember thinking you were cool then. Even though we haven’t stayed super close, you are still someone I can always rely on. At IMSA you’ve thrived and it’s been fun watching you evolve from the Wenomechainsama era of Chiara to the onika burgers era of Chiara. Whether it’s a laugh, talking about volleyball, or getting me into step you’ve been a constant person during my time at IMSA. I just want you to know how much I’ve appreciated you these past two years and that I’m wishing you all the best with your future endeavors. <33

To Haoran Shi, I will you an amazing senior now that you’re in 1503. Can’t believe after 3 years you will finally be a member of 03 and probably C-wing. Your presence as an honorary member of C-wing your sophomore year created some memories and the start of our friendship. Then I was struck by the scheduling gods and put into 8th mod spanish AGAIN. I seriously cannot pay attention in language classes that late. Amidst all that you CARRIED me through Spanish IV. Loved getting to know you better through that and watching you grow. I hope that 03 is all that you need it to be. Wishing you a great year <33

To Himani Musku, I will you an easy math class your senior year. Himani, I only really got to know you this year but I’ve enjoyed sharing so many classes with you. I think you’ve kept the MVC table quite in check and thank you for helping me do the Spanish homework before 2nd mod started. I’m wishing you best in these future math classes because they will be just as little fun as MVC. Wishing you the best with your college stuff and senior year. And take a risk next year by not asking the teacher to check your work!

To Jongwoo Kim, I will you a great senior year at IMSA. Jongwoo, I’m so glad that you and Joshua were placed in C-wing and were infiltrated by the 03 and C-wing communities. Throughout these last two years, I’ve gotten to know you a lot just through our interactions in the wing. However, this year you popped up in a lot of the same things I do. Working together with you on RSL, Volleyball, and LEAD made us a lot closer this year and I’m glad that things all turned out the way they did. Since I’ve gotten to know you so well I’m so glad that I get to hand down the down-quad to you because if we’re being honest, you probably have the best chance of getting it. Promise to carry on all the traditions, history, and stories of C14 and C15. I’m writing your will last out of all of these because I knew I wanted to save the best thank you for last. If there’s one underclassmen who had the biggest impact on my time at IMSA, it’s you Jongwoo. I’ve loved all the memories we’ve made together through all our different facets of IMSA. Promise me you’ll hand down the quad to someone who you find this feeling with so we can keep the traditions going. Most of all, know that when I’m saying this I truly mean it, thank you for everything this year, and I’m wishing you all the best in your future life.

To Joshua Mu, I will you the very best in your future endeavors and potentially down quad. I remember adding you to the wing group chat before moving to Joshua; then you appeared the next day in four of my classes. As I got to know you, I saw how much you worked and got your stuff done. Pre IMSA drainage Josh was DEVOTED to the grind. Even though you have a Fortnite addiction, I still see the sophomore you in there. I’ve always found you one of the coolest people on campus and seriously someone I’ve loved learning from in all the classes we took together this year. I feel like we’ve definitely become a lot closer this year and I can’t believe that you might be the one to see through the fourth year of C-Wing downquad activities. As you start senior year I’m seriously rooting for you more than anyone else that will be left on this campus. I hope whatever you are shooting for in your post-IMSA life is exactly as you want it. You’re one of the realest people on this campus and I seriously admire and hope to rise to your level of grind one day. I hope I was able to make your time in C-wing and at IMSA a little bit funner. Please keep in touch with me and let me know how your senior year goes <33

To Luci Stocco, I will you the bestest of years at IMSA as CAB Director. Luci, you are seriously one of the best underclassmen I’ve met this year. I seriously can’t believe in the story of our friendship we went from having no clue we existed, to filming a tik tok, to being put as co-pairs. From there, you seriously became my favorite person on this campus. I hope your senior goes exactly as you plan. Now that you’re CAB Director, you might get tied into some of the Student Council meetings if they still do that. Enjoy If there’s anyone on this campus I want to keep in touch with after IMSA its you. Wishing you all the best and thank you for being one of my closest friends this semester!

To Maya Jimenez & Stella Ristic, I will you a successful year of volleyball. I almost didn’t try out for volleyball this year because I wasn’t sure what I was going to do without a go-to manager, but y’all filled in that role and I’m so glad I tried out for volleyball. I seriously was worried about volleyball, but I figured I might as well fill all the extra time I had from StudCo and LEAD. Out of three years playing volleyball, this year has been my favorite BY FAR, and I attribute a significant portion of that to you two. Even though I don’t play as much as other people on the team, I just go to every practice and game trying to have fun. I really feel like y’all have always matched that energy. Seriously, thank you so much for making this year fun both on and off the bench. I’m wishing you both all the best with volleyball next year and IMSA as a whole!

To Molly Federici, I will you the title of official 03 icon. Molly Federici, if there is anyone that would assure me that 03’s community will stay strong, it’s you. You are one of the funniest people I’ve met on this campus, and I genuinely find you such a joy on this campus. I’m so glad that you being placed in 03 allowed you to find immediate love in our interesting little community. I know you choosing to stay in 03 even though literally all the RCs are leaving is a sign of your 03 love. You’re bringing your own little group to 03 and I know that the hall will be good for the next two years. Make sure to keep 03 interesting and hold the community until you graduate. I’m wishing you all the best as you race to fix IMSA on CAB. Start your engines patriots. Keep in touch after I graduate and promise me to never leave your baddie duo. You and Brooke have such special friendship. <33

To Reagan Kelly, I will you a life far far away from IMSA. I find it so crazy to see the 8th grade slime queen Reagan as a literal sophomore at IMSA. I really only did PROMISE for the service hours but when I met you during that first LS2S I KNEW I would see you back on campus. It’s so crazy now to see you as an IMSA sophomore and how much you’ve done on campus. It’s been so nice getting to know you and even crazier that you got placed in 03. It was seriously meant to be. Now though I know your best life is out of IMSA. I love that you came here though, you saw, you did, and now you’re going up. I’m wishing you all the best back home. Promise to stay in touch! <33

To Sarah Kumar, I will you an IMSA senior year full of plentiful dance and fun. Sarah, you are another one of the people from EXCEL that I’ve loved keeping up with and watching grow at IMSA. I’m so glad that you’ve found a passion at IMSA with modern and dancing in general. I’ll always be able to say I taught you THAT THAT during EXCEL though, even if you get famous in dancing. You’re also another one of the people that are TOP TIER funny. You stay up-to-date on your references, and it’s one of the things I’ve always loved about you. I’m wishing you a great year at IMSA! <33

To Serge Tyan, I will you the best IMSA volleyball can offer. Serge! I only really got to know you at the end of this year with volleyball, but holy crap I wish I would’ve gone to the open gyms and met you earlier. You know I always come to volleyball trying to have a good time and I seriously think you are the funniest person on the team. Your commentary, your absolute random noises, your dad being our number one supporter, that game we played where you yelled that word, and your attitude towards volleyball coupled with your insane plays have made you one of my favorites on the team. I hope even though a lot of us are leaving, the volleyball team stays strong with Coach and you are able to have great more seasons. Please keep playing volleyball even after IMSA and keep being YOU on the team.

To Tommy Blough, I will you 03 HCL, a future #1 drill performance, and a strong 1503 community. Mr. Thomas Blough, you’ve grown so much from the smash bro fanatic you were at the beginning of sophomore year. After your close to three month phase of smash in the C-wing hall commons, you grew so much as a person and widened your horizons outside of A/C-Wing. Now you’ve become an integral part of the 03 community and I truly do not think it would be the same without you. Starting with HCL, I’ll give you a letter before the year ends that goes over everything I learned from the position and what I was and wasn’t able to do. I know you’ll be great at the job, and I’m glad you were the one to get it. Drill, was genuinely the most stressful thing I’ve ever done and I’m hoping both drill and CLASH as a whole go so much smoother for you next year. Throughout this year you’ve really improved in your dancing, and you can really see it in Asante Modern. Bring all you’ve got to 03 drill but if 03 doesn’t win that’s okay just make sure that everyone has fun in those drill practices. Feel free to reach out when it’s CLASH season or if you need someone to pay for an arranged subscription. I’m praying 03 pulls through this year. Finally, the 1503 community. As a senior, you’ll get busy fast, but don’t ever stop going down to the RC office and interacting with 03. Trust me when I say that you’ll enjoy all those memories so much, and it’s ALWAYS worth prioritizing social interactions over the homework senior year (after college apps tho). I know you’ll keep the 03 community strong, I’m wishing you all the best this year. Thank you for all the memories between volleyball, RSL, CLASH, and 03 in general <3

The EXCEL OGs, Aditya Kumar, Diego Nava, and Kavin Venkat, I will you the best in your senior year at IMSA. Being a tutor for the summer during y’all class in EXCEL was one of the most interesting moments of my IMSA career. I genuinely don’t even know why I did that, like I could never see myself doing it again. All I remember from that time is how cool the three of you were. I know that we lowkey fell off after EXCEL but y’all were and still are my faves. I hope everything goes exactly as you plan your senior year and thank you for making the summer a little better <33

To the underclassmen volleyball managers, Emma Robbins, Alexa Bernadac, Kendall Adkins, and Kate Honchar, I will you a complaint-free boy’s season next year. I know y’all had some issues at practice this year when doing drills at practice, but I just want to say thank you for being managers. Because no matter what anyone says one thing about y’all is that you SHOWED UP. You guys were always there putting in the work and I just want you to know that it was appreciated! Wishing you the best in both your volleyball and managing season.

To the CNA Team, Neil Sitapara, Grania Kozlowski, Amy Lendi, Maryam Zaidi, Kaella Moraga, Aashi Dharia and Trinh Yong, I will y’all a prosperous year interning with this job. CNA class was definitely a lot crazier than I thought it was going to be when I originally signed up. Between all the times we got defecated on when giving residents showers, especially you Neil, I somehow still had fun with y’all at clinicals and in the classroom. I’m willing you all STRENGTH to continue with this program next year and for some of you the year after that. See the CNA program to the end, and please fight for its place at IMSA. I’m so grateful to have been a part of the pilot class with you all and I hope that after I leave IMSA you all are able to secure it’s spot at IMSA. Finally, I will you the the luck to find a job this summer because I know we all had money on the back of our minds when we signed up for this program. Good luck y’all!

The Future C-Wing Down Quad: Kavin Venkat, David Weng, Jongwoo Kim, Joshua Mu, Nikhil Kodali, Will Reynolds, Brian Leong, Haoran Shi. I hold hope that both groups of you will get the quads in C-wing. However, someone is going to get the down quad and no matter which group does get it, I know that our room will be passed down into good hands. These last three years C-wing has had such a strong presence and community. Personally, I think the down quad along with some other key members have contributed every single year. With the down quad you too keep C-wing’s community strong. As for the down-quad traditions, I’ve already told you about those in-person. Make sure to complete year four and then pass them down to the future residents in your wills. I hope you guys have a great time in the quad and feel the energy of the room throughout the whole year. Wishing you all the best <33

LEAD Board: Kaella Moraga, Anjali Ali, Jongwoo Kim, Nikhil Kodali, Rushina Patel, Jordan Henry, Nethra R, Aarna Patel. Though I wasn’t there to say it in person, I just wanted to congratulate you all on becoming the next generation of LEAD board. I’m hoping that you all are able to accomplish the goals you want with your respective section of the program. Wishing you all a good year of LEAD!

To Future StudCo Board, EmmaLi Isham, Vincent You, Blake Hennings, Will Guo, and Sumaer Gupta, I will you all a productive year on Student Council. Congratulations to all you on winning the elections for your positions on student council. I think it will be refreshing to the council to bring a lot of new faces to the executive board with fresh ideas. From what I’ve seen, every year there are major obstacles that student council faces doing their duties. Although it can be hard to get things done with these obstacles every year, the group on student council usually manages through as many things as they can. I hope that in this upcoming year the group of you are able to form a coherent system for student council. I’m sure that a lot of the newness in Student Council will give you better ideas to run Student Council. I’m hoping that all of your plans go through and that you all are able to tackle the infamy of Student Council. Wishing you all the best in these positions!

To the Future 1503 RSL Team: Tommy Blough, Kaella Moraga, Jongwoo Kim, Kavin Venkat, Molly Fedirici, Dani Pasillas, Ethan Hunt, Brent Rodrigo, Damaris Benzar, and Eleanor Hasty I will you another great year of 1503. 1503 was my first true community on IMSA and where I found so many great memories. Over my last three years at IMSA I’ve watched different classes move in and out of the hall each year, but I’ve never failed to see the strength our hall has as a community. Even though we are the smallest hall on campus, I think so at least, we’ve never failed to establish an active community. I implore you all to think about how my story with 1503 resonates with y’all. I’m so excited for this RSL team because I know you all have been present in the community this year and can probably share similar experiences to my story. Promise me to take care of 1503 and when your time comes to pass down positions, pass them to people who care about our hall just as much as we do. I wish you all the best of luck next year and know that you’ll do amazing for 1503! <33

To the future Co-Chairs, Rushina Patel and Jordan Henry, I will EnAct. Even though I wasn’t there to see it because of the reason I left LEAD, I’m wishing y’all the best with the LEAD program right now and the luck and timing to do everything you want to do with EnAct next year. I have no doubt that you all will take care of EnAct and craft a wonderful curriculum. Maddy and I worked hard on our mission statement and curriculum with EnAct, and I hope y’all resonated with what we were able to accomplish. Just know that EnAct is your curriculum to do what you want with, keep the ideas Maddy and I left only if they fit with your vision. I’ll send you guys a review of what I was and wasn’t able to do as Co-Chair and everything I learned along the way before the year ends. Make the most of the position! Wishing you guys the best <33

To the future Studco Treasurer, Blake Hennings, I will you my once-occupied now-vacant position on Student Council. Congratulations on winning the treasurer this year on the Student Council! I haven’t really gotten to meet you yet but based on what I’ve heard so far, it sounds like you’ll be a great treasurer. I know it might be weird adjusting to the position since I’m not there, but trust me we will sit down at some point so I can tell you what I learned about the position. Thank you for carrying in the seat as the future treasurer and I hope you find joy and purpose in the position this future academic year! Wishing you the best <33

To All of 03 I will you another strong year. Whether you’re reading this as a previous, soon-to-be, recurring, or even graduated 03 resident during 2021-2024, thank you for being a part of the 03 community. I’ve found such a strong community in 03 all three of my years at IMSA and I feel like I connected with most people in the hall each year. To each of you, thank you for playing your part in the 1503 community. This hall has been the highlight of my time at IMSA. I hope all of you have your memories of the on-campus community we built from the ground up after COVID. I’m confident in the future of our hall and I know that the community will continue to prosper with the people choosing to live in 03 next year. No matter in what way you lived in 1503, thank you for playing a part in one of the best communities on campus. Take care of our hall, its culture, and the community we’ve established. <33


Victoria Nalepka
To Kaylee Hwang and Kaella Moraga, I will you the iconic JR/SR quad and underclassmen just as amazing and thoughtful as the two of you. Thank you for another year of great memories in the quad filled with so many questionable conversations, boba orders, and (unfortunately) grind sessions. You two are genuinely some of the most hardworking people I have ever, ever, ever met. From getting LITERALLY A PERFECT ADCHEM FINAL EXAM SCORE to HAVING A 104.5 IN PHYSICS LIKE ARE YOU SERIOUS RN, I know you will continue exploring your academic interests and be led down the right path for each of you.

To Kaella Moraga, I will you a spacious, empty, and luxurious SIR bus seat!!! I apologize for abandoning you mid-way-ish through the year, but I really appreciate you rushing past all of the shoving 04 and 05 men and sacrificing yourself for our seat LOL. I am super duper thankful for getting closer to you this school year, as you are genuinely such a huge light. I look up to your confidence with your faith, and I look to you as an example for how I want my relationship with God to flourish. I am eternally grateful for you and I look forward to seeing where your absolutely enormous brain will take you in life. I hope math will not be as painful to you as it was to me (RIP) but I know us math-hating queens will persevere through the stupidity of calculus. I look forward to hearing all about your senior year and the amazing concerts you will go to (hoping for a hozier concert in your future)! YAY YOU’RE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To Kaylee Hwang, I will you an infinite amount of Costco croissants, kimchi, and other Korean delicacies. I am always lowkey so jealous of the good food you bring on campus becauseOMG IT LOOKS SO GOOD. Besides that, I will you an amazing senior year filled with just as much joy from your underclassmen as you brought me this school year. Thank you for allowing me to yap uncontrollably to you, for telling me all the secrets (you know which ones), and for blessing me with your ginormous math brain. I am so eternally grateful for having you in my mandarin class and being able to write our stupid little messages to one another. Thank you for being my twin and thinking what I am thinking even when I myself don’t know. While you say you don’t see it, you are genuinely so incredibly intelligent, talented, and hardworking, and you are capable of more than you know. I am proud of you, your current accomplishments, and the things you will accomplish in the future. Thank you for being you. YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

To Emerson Blair and Stella Ristic, I will you the best senior year ever!!! I hope you guys can SSS after all of the hard work you have put into your academics and enjoy your senior year!! Please keep in touch!!

To Molly Federici, Brooke Hobbs, and Rhegan Kelley, I will you D-wing hierarchy and the best junior years ever, whether at IMSA or not. I am eternally grateful that you were in my wing this year and I apologize for not spending more time in the wing LOL I swear I will come out of my room before the end of the year. You guys brought me so many epic laughs and I thank you for allowing me to confide in you and for spilling the IMSA tea. You are all genuinely so epic and the actual best.

To Jose Florenzano and Bobby (Rob) Mandell, I will you 05 hill. I hope the two of you meet super duper epic sophomores next year as I did my junior year (hint hint wink wink) and that you can have 05 hill sushi pirate and karpatka meals until you graduate. Genuinely, you two are the best people I have ever met and I am eternally grateful to Shaan freaking Doshi for introducing me and Ella and Peyton to the new baby sophs in his wing last year. Road tripping to UIUC was one of the highlights of my senior year (I don’t think we stopped talking in the car for more than 5 seconds) and grinding out work in 05 hall commons (and eyeing questionable people) is my favorite semi-productive down-time activity. You already know but you two are so hardworking, intelligent, and need to give yourselves room to breathe every now and then (did you know that not doing homework all the time is normal??). I am forever grateful to hell-hole IMSA for you two, and I cannot imagine my senior or junior year without the two of you in it. Ur the best.

To Bobby (Rob) Mandell, I will you a stress free senior year with lots of free time (for non academic things), college visits to Boston (for obvious reasons), and admission to your dream school (will not name so I don’t jinx but I know what it is trust). You are sososososo incredibly hardworking and I appreciate you for always being there for me. I look forward to so many more 05 grind sessions and for future hangouts outside of IMSA. I am so proud of you and all that you have accomplished so far and will accomplish in the future (how does one do so many AP Bio, SAT, and ACT grind sessions?). Know I am always rooting for you. Thank you for being you.

To Jose Florenzano, I will you London (can I do this???). BTW this includes Oxford and the donuts we regrettably did not get a chance to try. Thank you for being the actual best and dealing with all of my “did you knows” and for being my sudoku buddy. While our library “homework” sessions might not always be extremely productive (this is definitely not my fault), they are some of my favorite first semester memories. Thank you for always rooting for me and for being the person I can call whenever I need anything. YAY to more random sudoku nights and all of our homework (not really) facetimes. I am seriously so proud of you and all that you have accomplished. Keep mathing your way through life fr. I am always rooting for you, and thank you for being you.

To Stella Ristic, Amani Harrington, Amirah Harrington, Kate Honchar, Chiara Njoya, Bih-Sana Abeh, Maya Jimenez, and Alexa Bernadac, I will you another amazing season with lots of wins, fun, and pizza parties YAY! Thank you for making my senior season truly memorable and for making my senior night extremely special. I hope you guys get blessed with as great underclassmen as I had the past couple of years!! Please keep in touch!!

To Ryan Cho, I will you infinite essay review sessions and all of the college admissions your heart desires. While you find it hard to believe, you are seriously super bright, funny, and fun to be around and I really enjoyed our last minute study sessions either in the hall or on the music stand in McCarthy’s class. Keep the calculus grind up and thank you for all of your POW help LOL. KEEP IN TOUCH!!!!!!!

Stephen Walsh

To all the quizbowl, scioly, and Acronym underclassmen, I will you a much more productive time in these clubs than I’ve had, but just as many great friendships. Don’t take your time for granted–for both studying and socializing.

To Advayth Pashupati, I will you the IMSA quizbowl team and the Blahajs. Both of them. Adi, you’ve been a constant positive force at IMSA for anyone who’s had the honor of your friendship. From finding out that you were a very tall shmen to sharing random lobotomy Kaisen edits (my only exposure to anime) and Mahabharata knowledge, (re-enact the whole thing for a culture show, trust) there’s never a dull moment when you’re around. Keep up the FA and lit studying, (and CS of course.) Also, I will you small blåhaj and valhaj. Take good care of them for me and Annabelle.

To Joshua Mu, I will you quizbowl science (not that I had much of a claim over it to begin with.) Josh, you’re one of the smartest and chillest juniors I know, (an optimal combination) and your seemingly-endless chemistry knowledge never fails to impress. Keep up the good work for chemistry and QB and I have a feeling the rest will fall into place. As long as you don’t succumb to brainrot.

To Jeev Hora, I will you quizbowl history and RMPSS, and my title of grand shitposter of IMSA. Who knew that the guy we randomly played against from Metea Valley my Junior year would be taking the helm of my history knowledge as I depart for college this year. You’re an incredibly hard worker with a wicked sense of humor, and, with enough self-control, I know you’ll go far.

To Dylan Xianto, I will you faith in yourself and your efforts. I may never forgive you for moving from history to chem studying, but you’re still the goat anyways. We always manage to come up with the weirdest knowledge when we talk, and your knowledge of 20th-century dictators and cheese riots is truly second to none. To my fellow wikipedia enjoyer, keep up the tradition of finding the most out-of-pocket pages possible.

To Shrikar Dulam, I will you the best senior year ever, because you truly deserve it. Sacre bleu, man, you’ve made the last two years in French an absolute blast, whether it was playing Tetris or Quizlet Live, creating posters on how to be a Sigma Male, or pool noodle sword fights for our présentation on Napoléon. You’re also just a mega brain in general, and SciOly was super fun with you. Keep up the good work and have fun!

To Maya Kannan, I will you more (manageable) shenanigans to chuckle at, which may seem like a tall order since Vignesh and I are leaving this year, but never underestimate Illinois’ best and brightest. I’m privileged to have been a member of the Chaotic Squad and gotten involved in some unforgettable tomfoolery (a bit concerned about your Duolingo obsession, though.)

To Nathan Handjojo, (JO-NAT-HAN-HAND-JO-JO) I will you Fermi questions, in all their scuffed and braindead glory. You’ve kept things incredibly real in SciOly, whether for Fermi or Air Traj or any of the other builds. I also will you a hastily-compiled LaTeX doc chock-full of scientific formulas and Fermi knowledge, even if Fermi is gone , and I know you’ll make great use of it. Your endless curiosity and perseverance are what I’d like to have when I grow up. Finally, I’m honored to have been your favorite senior.

To Tony Han, I will you etiquette. Jokes aside, you’re a super dedicated person when you’re working towards your goals, and I respect that. Hopefully, though, those goals will be beneficial for the human condition. I believe in you.

To Sreehaas Chinnala, I will you more constructive uses for your seemingly-endless supply of energy, at least more constructive than tree climbing. I’ll miss the Sri Chi chicanery when I’m in the far off land of Evanston.

To Richard Chen, Katherine Jiang, and Nathan Laud, I will you a healthier friendship and more fun times. Hopefully you guys will put those peer tutor hours towards tutoring some day. Also, Katherine, I will you a semi-coherent family tree I’ll finish at some point in the near future.

To Tristan Castillo, I will you a much-deserved Oscar win. You’re the next Kubrick and a very goofy guy (in a good way.)

To Jade Go, I will you the duck-snake hybrid (or, as I call it, the Mambard,) and more fun with VFA studying.

To Ian Chung, I will you underclassmen who don’t skip in the Lexington line. And a good ecology test at NU next year. To Maneth Perera, I will you an underclassman who shakes his finger at you as aggressively as you do to me and Nathaniel. And a much-improved vocabulary. Don’t run afoul of the Linguistic Sanity Amendment.

To Michael, Omar, Sohum, Ayan, Victor, Poojak, Izen, Eric, Ethan, and Devarsh, I will you a great time and community in C-wing (or whatever wing/hall you’re in next year) and some more (hopefully positive) iconic IMSA experiences. And absolutely ZERO 12:50 AM fire alarms.

Vidyoot Senthilvenkatesh
To Shashi, I will you a sleep tracker, a happy senior year, and a close group of friends. You are extremely smart and have accomplished much more than you realize, but make sure to take time for yourself and with those around you. Your ambition and drive honestly far exceed my own. Spend some time with friends, go out and have fun, and mess around with your quad – you really don’t have that much time left at IMSA so make sure to relish all the time you do have. Enjoy your senior year, take it easy, and don’t forget to hit me up every now and then.

To Sadkrith, I will you a never ending drive. You are incredibly talented – apply yourself – don’t let it go to waste. I have seen your growth, from sophomore to junior year. Continue bettering yourself and prioritizing the things that you care about. Take every interaction as a learning opportunity to better yourself. Waste your time – on things that help you discover yourself and bring you true happiness – rather than doom-scrolling reels. My time at IMSA is coming to an end and I will not be able to see the full Sadkrith transformation: keep in touch! If you ever need advice or even someone to talk to, definitely reach out to me.

To Vincent, I will you more Brawl Stars wins. All the times we were messing around in the wing commons after check or in the quad just talking or lying on Sahil’s bed playing Brawl Stars are some of my most memorable moments at IMSA. Following my conversations with you, I always walked away with something new. I enjoyed every conversation I’ve had with you, whether it was ranting about IMSA or our deep conversations at 2 am. I’m glad to see the maturity and growth you have achieved. You are incredibly talented and smart – don’t let your personality or your maturity be a limiting factor. Also, your involvement in CLASH and all other wing events was indicative of your growth. Never give this up. Continue being involved in these events – building a community for you and with those around you. Continue being yourself, but be open to change. You deserve all the amazing things coming your way. I’d love to hear about all the cool things you do in the future: keep in touch!

To Michael, I will you more sleep, less FTC, and the JHMC virtual competition portal. From seeing your name pop up in my inbox for the first time with the email header “FTC Software Supplemental Application – Michael Meng,” later rebuilding the FTC robot a week before FTC state, to working together to fix the JHMC competition portal at 3 AM, I thoroughly enjoyed all the conversations I’ve had with you. JHMC was stressful, but you helped me significantly. Without you, this competition would’ve simply not been possible. You are one of the most talented programmers and hardworking people I have ever met. Continue learning and growing. Make sure to learn from the mistakes I made. Good luck with FTC and JHMC, and feel free to check in with me for anything from advice to celebration of success!

To Max, I will you less homework and more free time. I regularly see you in the IRC, headphones in, and grinding away. Make sure to make some time for yourself and your interests/hobbies. As JHMC chair next year, make sure to learn from the mistakes that I’ve made and find your vision of JHMC. Keep innovating and continue to grow. Find new sponsors, revise outreach strategies, and improve our current human resource management. I wish I could be here to see your growth as a person and leader. Make sure to keep in touch and reach out if you ever need any help.

To the rest of JHMC board, I will you an imperfect JHMC season with a lot more sleep and less trouble with the scoring code. This year JHMC wasn’t perfect, to say the least. I hope that in the years to come, you continue fixing the issues from past years, but most importantly keep innovating and working towards your own vision for JHMC. Rather than focusing on perfecting JHMC, be willing to innovate and think of new ideas. Make sure to take risks, be open to new ideas and events, and prepare for change and the challenges that will follow. Make JHMC truly yours. Definitely reach out to me if you ever need anything.

To Rusha Parikh, I will you less screen time and an underclassmen just like you were to me. From the random text messages and snaps to lengthier deep conversations, it was awesome getting to know you and seeing your growth through the year – though I honestly feel bad that we haven’t hung out as much throughout your first year at IMSA. Every conversation we had was memorable and had an interesting turn. I will you a sophomore that you can talk to and one that asks you for help on their problem sets. Finally, you have big dreams and goals, make sure to act on them. Also, if you ever need any potentially bad advice, feel free to reach out!

To 05 B-Wing, I will you all an amazing time at IMSA and a strong wing culture. This was my home for the past three years – I could not have asked for a better place to call home or for better people to share it with. Enjoy your time at IMSA. Your time at IMSA is limited and the friendships and memories you make during your time here will last you a lifetime. Thanks for making my senior year memorable.

To the 05B wing sophomores, I will you a lot more Wii tennis. Every conversation with y’all made my day a lot brighter. Enjoy the time you have left at IMSA. Keep building your community and making friends. Mess around in the wing and have fun with friends as these will be the memories you will remember even once you graduate.

To Andrew Wong, I will you a plunger to help with your daily bathroom doings!

Vignesh Tiruvannamalai
To Skyelar Reuter, I will you a walking route that isn’t access road! It was awesome to find another student from the Crystal Lake area and our daily access walks and occasional walking trips have been awesome. From being outside for hours on end to bandaging your finger and watching you on a kid’s playground spinner seat, thank you for the experiences we’ve had together! You’re gonna do great the next two years (even if you take physics) and I look forward to doing more things with you back home!

To Sreehaas Chinnala, I will you a personal forest that you can climb to your heart’s content without getting yelled at. I’m so glad that I got to know you this year, and I have truly enjoyed our SIR adventures together as well as the Lexington potions, out of pocket text conversations, and everything in between. Your energy is unmatched (except maybe by Maya) and I’m thankful for your ability to make jokes and cheer me up when I’ve felt down. Enjoy your senior year, and remember that no matter how far I physically may be, I’m just a text or call away.

To Maya Kannan, I will you another underclassman to bully…uhh, I mean…cheer you up like you did to me! Although you should’ve continued with cross country (smh), it’s wonderful that we met each other there and have continued our friendship after. I hope you have a wonderful college app season (with enough sleep every night) and please keep in touch!

To Krish Konda, I will you a new phone case and an obstacle course to jump to keep your kangaroo spirit satisfied. I am amazed by your ability to jump (and retrieve objects from…uhh…not the most accessible of places). Thanks for the fun Lexington meals and walks this year, and good luck next year and beyond!

To Anwita Kasturi, I will you a more consistent sleep schedule and some more chemistry classes your senior year. Our chaos in Thurmond Orgo 1 was unmatched and it was a truly enjoyable experience. And, thanks for preventing me from having a heart attack over the lab practical…you know what I mean. Enjoy your senior year and keep in touch!

To Jediael Chintha, I will you a lot more sleep. A lot more sleep outside of class, in your dorm, not in Dig Lit. That’s all I have to say.

To Katherine Jiang, I will you a sidewalk to 06 with less water to make your 9:59pm trips back faster.

To Aahana Das and Aarushi Das, I will you more temple trips! Thanks for all the enjoyable Lexington meals, walks, and the occasional trip this year. I hope both of you have fruitful senior years and that you have great underclassmen to spend time with like I did with both of you.

To Aashi Dharia, Katherine Ge, Andrew Zhu, Zhuoer Cai, and any other underclassmen who I’ve run with over the last couple years, I will you lots of wonderful running weather. Cross country and track have been wonderful experiences–despite the long workouts, heat, wind, snow, and mud we’ve faced–and I appreciate having gotten to know you all. Good luck next year!

To Vibhasri Yama, Devarsh Shah, Aarna Patel, Ria Cherukuri, and Arnav Patel (23-24 HOSA junior board), and our new 24-25 HOSA board members, I will you a stronger HOSA chapter with more ILC qualifiers next year! Although a variety of circumstances weren’t ideal this year and there were a bunch of things that were outside of anybody’s control, it was a wonderful experience and a pleasure to work with you all. If you have any questions next year, just shoot me a text :))

To the 1504 C wing underclassmen (Michael K, Omar N, Angel C, Griffin S, Victor F, Poojak P, Eric Z, Izen W, Devarsh S, Samuel B, and Ethan H), I will you a wing with a strong community like we have had this year. It has been an honor to be your RSL this year and I’m thankful that our wing didn’t end up with literal holes in the wall (may or may not be speaking from past experience). You all are awesome, and you’re gonna do great things!

Will Hellrung
To my wingmates: Jose, Philip, Kennet, Maxwell, Harish, Vishnu, Manu, Alijah, Torin, Nolan, Daunye, Wing, Locklin, Haydn, Sam, Marlowe, Caden, Dibs “Michael”, Nikhil, Jack, Will, and David. I will you the best in your housing endeavors for next year, a MEGAQUAD for the ages should you wish, and so much more. It’s been a blast living in D15 almost as much as in my own room, and I hear broshowers aren’t in style when you get to college. I simply can’t replace the strange antics of killing thousands of ants with a boiling kettle, nor cooking eggs in that same kettle, nor waking up in the middle of the night to Maxwell’s fanatical yelping, nor making cardboard forts, nor celebrating the second Thursday of every month with you guys. I have so much I’m obligated to tell you next month, and I look forward to seeing what you guys do in the future. I hope none of you felt like you didn’t have anybody who you could turn to for advice or just a nice talk.

To the 1507 RSL team: Adi, Nelly, Greenley, Trinh, Srihaas, Olivia, Nolan, Daunye, Indy, Krish. I will you someone better. I think it goes without saying I wasn’t in the right state of mind even stretching before October, and when I left in December, I gave no warning. I’ve learned a lot through these experiences and even though I would say “course instructor presented the information in a way that facilitated my understanding: strongly disagree”, I would also say “the course covered material I found useful for my future endeavors: strongly agree”. There are some things that you’re going to need to address differently or in a way that leaves context to those who need it. I would like to thank everyone for tolerating me as long as you did. Some of you are the nicest people I’ve ever met, and a number of you significantly hurt my friends. Remember that nobody works alone; if you don’t cooperate, you will learn that you are only making things more difficult for yourself.

To those who I always wave to in the hallway and have been there for some defining moment of that expression: most notably Greenley, Indy, Liz, Liam, Krish, Molly, Audrey, Anwita (AAAAAAANWIIIITA!), Leanna, and Grania. I will you high-fives until my hands become dry and start bleeding. Simply humoring me and squealing “Hiiiiii” or whatever our little code is back to me is heartwarming. You all and more are the lifeblood of IMSA and I am reassured in my positive impact on the community when wacky faces are exchanged.

Dramafolk: especially Nolan, Izen, Rylan, Kathryn, Skylar, Leanna, Marlowe, Laura, Lennon, Isla, Brent, Daunye, Nyah, Nathan, Carter, Zoe, and Izzy (+never in a show together with you but Grania, Tristen, Shiloh and rest of tech, particularly Megan, Kyra, Arya, Amaris, and Lex), I will you immeasurable stage fright and ten pounds of contour makeup. Trust me, they really help bring out the “you”. Thanks for sticking with my farce, for handling antics and moving onstage and willingness to be inducted into the Dowling group and all of the scheduling conflicts I was responsible for. From Ernie Mac to General Mac, murder and fun to more of the same, it’s been a blast with all of you, and certainly not a teaching moment. Our time together ’twas precisely (as they say), as I liked it.

To [Ludicrous Mockers and Antics Organization]: especially Kyra, Isla, Sam, Lucas, Nandani, Shiloh, Daunye, Carter, Skylar, Alain, Izzy, and Hailey. I will you five doots from my clown nose to be distributed as you see fit. I know drama has generated a lot of me not being at meetings, but Tuesday afternoons and Thursday evenings were the highlight of my week in those bleak winter months. Each in your own way, you lit up the room in the kind of quirky way that shouldn’t be shoved back down the way you sometimes feel you have to. Hosting a show for you and doing…board things(?) was spectacular, you made every second worth it. I can’t wait to see what you guys make of the club (maybe improvise, who knows?).

“”The Dominators””, including Peter, Jordan, Soap, Brent, Audrey; and especially Maddy “Gooz””, Daunye “Ripped Man”, Torin “Tall Man”, Kathryn “Goofy Kath Bath…Party””, Nathan “Nice Neighbor”, Nolan “…Sally”, Philip “First Choice…”, Tristen (Trimsen!) “Tree-sten”, Marlowe (Marls) “Monotone Sequence (pos. inc)”, Shiloh (Sylv) “Hugler”, Skylar (Sweets) “Baller”, I have so much more to say than my procrastinating butt can type out in the time I have left. I will you all the group, the “tall” tables by the history office, infinite cuddle puddles, enough smutty fanfiction to last a lifetime, and far more to come, including your own letters (with EVEN MORE EXCITING SYMBOLISM : D) if aforementioned lazy butt “wet willy” gets up and does what he promised he’d do. It has been an indescribable experience with you all, and though we’ve been through so much together. I knew I couldn’t promise we’d all get along, but having a strong network of supportive people who help each other get through things, even if those things are others in the cohort, has been helpful at some of our lowest points, extending if I may beyond my typical “I’ll only speak for myself”. I’m going to miss you guys more than you know, and I hope I can see you on the other side when we’re on the brink of age turning us to dust (~early 30s). I feel comforted in knowing this will outlive me. I can’t believe it all started with this only in November and grew from there: “Hello all. I hope all had a restful break, yadda yadda. Mine was cool, but all I did was meet a bunch of old people who pinched my cheeks and claimed to have changed my diapers. It helped me realize that I actually want to experience stuff in high school. I’m making this because you guys are my people now and I want to spend more time with you. Yes, even you, whom I’m sure I missed the most. So much so that at some point I’d like to spend an hour–or more, if you desire–in as small a group as you’re comfortable with so I can actually know you. Among my many efforts to assuage the pains of life is to once again encourage you all to join me for Monday S&E and I-Day 12:15-12:50 yoga. Happy body is a happy mind. Pretty much anything physical: walks, gym, sportsball, etc. I’d be happy doing with you. The second is to arrange a gift-exchange-like event before Shiloh even gets the chance to think about it :0 Despite it being fleshed out to this extent, I will only cry a little if we decide to do something else. ‘25 dollars’ is based upon an assumption I have made about our ability to spend money. I would be more than happy to contribute to the purchase of an item for you, and homemade items are just as heartwarming. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rFJp4dyw0xMfjPgINKjI8TAbHRvZo33uhjmzuA7ScIU/edit
Regardless of the status of the previous event, I would finally like everyone to prepare some small trinket they feel represents them so I can put it on a little glass Christmas tree I have. It shall make an appearance at one of our gatherings at some point. That is all for now. I tried to make it one message to minimize my bothersomeness.”

To those I left behind: Alan, Wing, Fernanda. I will you each your own path, one that doesn’t have to follow 2 years of CACs telling you that everything you do will affect your college. I far undershot on prestige and am getting a pretty miserable deal on financial aid for how I performed, but I made decisions and they’ll take me somewhere I’ll grow to love (never as strongly in any right, of course, positive or negative, as IMSA). It’s a strange thing to group you all like this. I knew none of you to the extent I would’ve liked, and I’m sorry your time at IMSA has been cut short. Just know that nothing is ever the end. Misunderstood people having to find it within themselves to continue hurts so much, but they come out so strong for it. I could’ve helped all of you had I known about what you were facing, and the fact I didn’t is something I will live with and regret. I care for you all.


To Krish Konda, I “will” you (do you get the joke, haha?), I will you infinite charge on a calculator permanently set to radians mode. You dragged my sorry behind through all of calculus, and you’re an overall great dude. Good luck doing whatever math is way beyond my imagination, and keep finding amazing music to study to, Among Us in the style of Persona.

To Nelly Pinon, I “will” you (do you get the joke, haha?) a tapestry of rubber band loom and crochet. I very much enjoyed the night I went to crochet club’s event in the math study area and you patiently taught me how to make the light blue necklace I still wear. You’re such a sweet person, your singing voice is amazing, and seeing you around is comforting in general.

To Audrey Miller, I “will” you (do you get the joke, haha?) a sundae with pickles. Hearing about your insane cravings was disorienting in the best, freakiest way. You were always one I wanted to understand more but was a bit scared to. I admire that you know how to guide people through difficult relationship circumstances and aren’t afraid to be as blunt as you need. I hope you have many more downstate bus adventures and maybe you can teach me how to survive when society does the crumbly things?

To Madison Guzman, I “will” you (do you get the joke, haha?) the purple torso for your creature in bald her gate: the musical. You’re so cool and the moments we share during mod 5 A/C are highlights of my week. You sing well and are very down to earth; I loved working vectors with you because you know how to ask questions. I can’t wait until I meet you again when I’m 43 and you have as many cats crawling on you wherever you go.

To Daunye Slatton, I “will” you (do you get the joke, haha?) the creative license to generate the world’s top brainrot content, a cancerous rodent (I’m certain you know who this goes to), and PLEASE NEW GLASSES FRAMES. We’ve certainly had our rough patches, but part of our bond is being able to get through that. I owe you so much, and I should’ve seen and done things before they became a problem. Thanks for sticking with me even when I was largely unhelpful and non-responsive. We’re like Beyblades that just keep asking to be let into Suburbia for fear we’re gonna get FNAFed.

To Torin Schroeder, I “will” you (do you get the joke, haha?), I will you poetry nights to your heart’s content. I know I haven’t been the most attentive roommate, but I clean and want to help you through things and keep the noise fairly low when you’re asleep? I knew you’d be the guy when I helped move you in last year, with your little lamp table. You’re the quintessential chemistry nerd at IMSA, and I’m surprised you’re still one of a kind. I know things haven’t always worked out, but we can work out and live it up in our last moments here.

To Kathryn Schart, I “will” you (do you get the joke, haha?), I will you to maintain every spot on the top ten charts because you’re like THE singer of all time. It’s so interesting that you’re the first junior I met and I somehow never expected to see you again, though I’m so glad you did. You’re kind and you love the way I do. Leaving this place is definitely going to be the modern bee sting, as you might have realized when powering through the housing process with me.

To Nathan McMeen, I “will” you (do you get the joke, haha?) at least two disco balls in every level of homescapes you play. You’re pretty alright for a soph because you’re as goofy as the rest of us. You always bring the energy and even when I’m not feeling the decibels comforting, you know how to keep it real. Thanks for remembering my flower and animal. All I ask is that you drink more water.

To Nolan Hansen, I “will” you (do you get the joke, haha?) two-and-a-half trips to the following location: 1720 N Orchard Rd #140, Aurora, IL 60506. If I had to pick a best friend, it would definitely be you. From me throwing up repeatedly in our shared bed in London to falling asleep during wind ensemble to sharing nearly every childhood memory like some psycho black mirror thing, you’re the memory man and THE GUY. I owe so many of the accompanying friendships I have to you. I like messing around. I love you, bro.

To Philip Obazuaye, I “will” you (do you get the joke, haha?) a bowl of alphabet soup. You’re great and all, but you confuse me like nothing else sometimes. Thank you for choosing us as people and not as a group, and when I take away things from our conversations, they’re always indescribably profound. Thank you for reminding me who I’m supposed to be, your presence is recognized and appreciated.

To Tristen Castillo, I “will” you (do you get the joke, haha?) half a protein bar, but you have to Lady-and-the-Tramp it from me. It hasn’t been long, but it’s been amazing. You always seem to know what to say, and you really get it. The strong gentleman who found himself and always has the hottest outfits for …Monday. What a guy. Untold gains inbound.

To Grania Kozlowski, I “will” you (do you get the joke, haha?) a five-pound bag of powdered milk. It just keeps staring at me and I get scared and I know you can handle it because you’re much braver than I. I love liquid milk too much to let it go, you know. Walking or frolicking on the hill with you at night is calming to the highest degree, and you’re my unofficial DJ in a way. Thank you for inviting me to the first aid event so I could meet your exceptional parents because now I know that I have to grow up to be like SPROUT LORD, KING OF BROGLE.

To Marlowe Glasgow, I “”will”” you (do you get the joke, haha?), I will you Mojo Jojo, if you can lug that big old guy home. The Halloween party was sick (parents’ best friend Jen perhaps took that literally) and it shifted a lot of my perspective about family. I want to help you through things, and maybe I don’t understand what the time around Noises Off was like, but trust me when I say I empathize with more than you think.

To Shiloh Wheeler, I “will” you (do you get the joke, haha?) so many hugs, and a big clunk on whatever window you happen to be near by a happi dolphin boi. I remember when I met you at one of the sunset nights, you were your awesome CAB self. Knowing you better has been so cool, and I hope you do end up doing those bio assignments (I think I meant to write things about your plans for a band next year).

To Skylar Vickers, I “will” you (do you get the joke, teehee?) a box of extra toasty Cheez-its, an envelope full of letters with margins completely inked with praise for you, as many of my sweatshirts as your wardrobe can contain, a model watermill from an obscure bookstore in North Aurora (the owner of which has mannerisms I’d like to embody), our first emerald Claddagh ring, a hand-picked variety bouquet in a can of sparkling water, a blood photoshoot, and so much more. More than anything, I want to give you all of myself that I can. I will always keep an eye out for when I see a buggy in your hair (here I go). You understood me in a way nobody else could see, and the way you care for people is so heartfelt. You are resilient, captivatingly self-assured, and of course, beautiful. It’s been a pleasure to even know you, and I don’t know if I’ll ever outgrow that reverent fascination with your mere presence. Although I will continue to try, words could never describe what you mean to me. I know the end of this year is not losing you forever; I promise we’ll find each other again.

To all who read this: I will you hope. Hope in facing an indescribably cold future without me up in your face every day making jokes about balls and doing front rolls and whatever else it is you think I accomplished here. I am proud of how far you’ve come, and you have reason to be as well. Remember that no Alumni of IMSA has or will get to where they are without some degree of help from others. My biggest advice, from over a year of unnecessary pain: know when to ask, give to others in return, and know people for who they are. If I’ve made your time here just a little bit more bearable, I’d say it’s been worth it.

Winston Mattson
To all the juniors taking over my leadership positions, I will you this message. It’s about so much more then sustaining a club and running it well – it’s about seeing where things can change for the betters, testing new programs, methods, and systems, and pushing a club forward. Make sure you take care of yourselves, I love each of these organizations in a different way and have learned and changed because of them.

To Tommy and Max, I will you amazing neighbors and map bros next year. Tommy, the glow up is crazy – personality and also physically. Max, you’re such a solid guy to know and its been so cool to see the person you’ve become. I will you back the map Aldo and I stole from you (eventually) and we’ll chat about some of the others. I also will you A-wing, keep it wierd and quiet. It’s been an honor to have our lives threatened together, so I suppose I will you “safety” next year. Take care of the wing for us.

To Carter, Skylar, and Nandini, I will you LMAO. Byrd and I have been cooking this one for about a year and a half now, and it’s been so amazing to see it all come together into fruition. I know you guys are gonna do cool stuff with it and push and stretch it to new places and funnies. Just make the people laugh, that’s all it needs. I will you rats in the kitchen, a plethora of pushups, and what’s sure to be an interesting rechartering process. I will you fake pregnancies, proposals, deaths, and almost certainly pirates. DON’T LET JOTD DIE. Value those giggles.

To Neev and Sydney, I will you Model UN. Well Evil Neev and Sydney, I have no worries about yall taking over MUN. You both are so talented both at running an organization with so much potential and within MUN. It’s been really amazing to teach you last year and eventually hand over the keys to the castle. I know you all will far surpass what we’ve done and I can’t wait to see where you go with it. We got 1 mega gavel, go get 5 more. Sydney, make sure Neev doesn’t kill too many more mice or get to supreme-leadery. Neev, make sure Sydney doesn’t get their hands on any more nukes in France.

To Sydney and Tommy, I will you ISP. All yours. Well, I’ve poured hundreds (probably thousands) of hours into ISP, both with MTC and then on Cab. It has changed me in so many ways and I hope the reciprocal as well. I know ISP will look a little different next year and there’s gonna be some upheaval in this transition period, so for that I will you some calm. I will you hours of wrapping up XLR chords, uploading during off mods, jamming, editing, comradery. I will you that feeling after an event when you’re done and nothing went too wrong. I will you that feeling right before an event when everything is going wrong. I will you that feeling during an event when the mics don’t work, when there’s feedback, when you wake up to a call from the auditorium, and that feeling when “for the love of all things where the frick is board”. I know you all will do great. I’ll visit (maybe).

To Kyra (or whoever gets the keys to backstage next year), I will you a successful year in Drama. Welp, being tech director will be nothing like you expect and everything that you expect. It was one of the most stressful and rewarding things I’ve ever done. Sophomore year, there were 2 open builds, backstage had a boat in it, and we never set foot in the auditorium. What can I say, it was a special time. Things have changed a little bit since then, and I wish you as much luck and positive change as I had. Most importantly, ensure the techies are supportive, create the culture. I will you 5 hammers, white boy woops, techie milkshakes (where tf was that for the last show?), sh*tty doors, and warped wood. May all your walls fit together, may your chairs not break, and may your hinges be screech free. Good luck next year, you got this.

Zuyu Liu
To Haoran, I will you a successful senior year! I’m writing this on my plane to Turkey, a long distance flight that you’re prolly accustomed to. Coming from similar backgrounds, immigrants who are lucky enough to experience both worlds. You’re gonna be writing plenty about your story when college hits. Just remember: It’s your story. To you I will gratitude, sincerity, and power. I’ve always thought my personal background was a blessing, and stayed grateful for it. Only then could I be sincere in what I wrote. But the story is different, even between us. Sincerity is a show of uniqueness in itself – it’s a blunt yet authentic understanding that we all share similar themes in life, yet our paths are always different. And that gives it power. There are other things I will you too. For one, leadership. Your style is far too much a mix between casualness and heroics. You’re not confident calling people out. You tend to feel comfortable in an environment where everyone is intrinsically driven and capable. And when things go wrong, you want to take everything up yourself. I was like this when I was younger, but it left me drained and unproductive. I think you really need time and opportunities to explore holding people accountable, how to create a community rather than relying on one. For this, talk to your big sib Maggie about it. She’s far more experienced and capable than I am. And as ASIA VP, you have the perfect opportunity to foster a community of general members – don’t pass it up. Guide that community. Build it. You’ve got the energy and vibes of a great, laid-back leader, and I’m certain you can bring out the best of everyone around you. I will you growth and a year of breaking your limits. You have the gifts. You’ve got a friendly smile, natural charisma, and a 7ft bamboo frame. You really can be more than anything I ever was at IMSA. So find that flame within your heart and kindle it. Let it burn bright and leave your legacy at IMSA – to you I will leadership, growth, and success.

To Nikhil, I will you a year of discovery. Once I leave, you officially become the best debater at IMSA. Isn’t that exciting? In all seriousness, it really is amazing to watch you flourish and progress. And I trust that when I leave, you’ll take your skills a step higher. But that’s not what I will you. I will you courage to step out of your comfort zone and a curiosity to try new things. It feels like a lot of times you’re always doing what is comfortable to you. Relying heavily on your fancy intros and delivery to make up for your struggles with research, content, and authority. Trying to stand out by being different instead of being excellent. And I’m saying this because that’s what I was last year. It took me far, gave me some medals, but made me complacent and blind to see what I could improve. Don’t be like me. Step outside of your comfort zone and take that leap from good to great. Another way to do this is through a curiosity to explore. You really should take more humanities, arts, and non-STEM courses at IMSA. I mean, your 55 word story was fabulous. A literal stroke of pure brilliance. But that story was 55 words, a mere brief spark. Your college essays are going to be 650 words. And ngl, your longer works in CWW have been very underwhelming (sorry). So you have this AMAZING SPARK in you, this brilliance that is unmatched by anyone in this school – and I fully stand behind this statement – all you gotta do is step outside of your comfort zone, challenge yourself, and explore a multifaceted, colorful life that will bring out that spark. To you, Nikhil, I will a year of relentless discovery. Tap into the genius within and turn your talent into leadership and success. And for god’s sake, if you’re always going to wear quarter zips and sweaters, go thrifting. Find yourself some good, comfortable cashmere zips for $15 or less – hang out with me over the summer, I’ll show you.

To Adi Kumar and Chad Park, the W roommate duo, I will y’all straight vibes. Never wipe that stupid smile off your face!

To Kaylee Hwang, I will PISTACHIOS! Do you know what a pistachio means in Chinese? It’s pronounced Kai Xin Guo (开心果). Fruit of joy. And that’s what you are to the people around you. I really got no advice for you because you’re prolly more mature than me anyways. But good luck next year in golf, college apps, and dance. Most importantly, live the senior life to its fullest. I know you’re a source of energy for the school, but don’t forget to take care of yourself and stay joyful! I trust that you’ll find your way forward. Senior year will be tough, but you have a great community around you and I’m not worried. I don’t doubt a single bit that you’ll be amazing, and I will you a year full of memories!

To Kaella, I will MORE PISTACHIOS! You’re prolly gonna read Kaylee’s, right above, so I’ll keep this short and sweet. Thank you for being a pistachio for me and thanks for being the best lil sib I could ask for. It really is great to see my lil sib flourish as the next generation of amazing IMSA leaders, and don’t torture the sophs – or yourself – too much, as LEAD head. College apps will be a fever dream, but you got Kaylee and your group of cool friends so I’m not worried. If you need anything, lmk! To you I will a year of great success and some fabulous, loving lil sibs of your own.

To Josie Kim, I will Med Society and Lunar Food! Ngl it’s pretty hard for me to think of anything to write to you. I mean you’ve basically excelled at literally everything I’ve seen you do. Appreciate all the help on Med Society this year and last year, saving me from extra scrambling and rebuilding a club from scratch. And I’ve no doubts that you will continue to push Med Society to greatness. You really are the most talented, mature leader and person that I know, and I think your leadership is a perfect blend of composure, organization, and teamwork. There’s not that much that I can tell you cuz you’re already a top-notch leader and even cooler person, so here’s some words that are based on my personal thoughts, take them as you will. I think you’re kinda lacking the strength to push for something, almost stubbornly. Everything I’ve seen you do in our clubs are more or less established events/initiatives, where it makes sense to delegate and organize everyone like you do. But on Med Society especially, there’s so many ideas that we chatted about, yet never managed to materialize. Like the Med Fair. Or volunteering at hospitals, or frequent gen mem meetings. Your style of leadership is nice and controlled, but what happens when you’re working on something brand new, and you don’t know what the next steps are? At that point, aside from composure, I think you need more “stubbornness,” for lack of better words. A resilience to push through, and create something unprecedented from scratch. If clubs like Med Society and ASIA keep doing what we do, we would be great clubs. But you have the unrivaled talent, brilliance, and ability to make these clubs fantastic! Go for it. I know you have what it takes to turn dreams into reality – so now, go dream big. BIG! With that said, don’t stress yourself too much with college, clubs, and SIR. You’ve got a great group of ppl around you and I’m not worried about u, but if you need anything, lmk! To you I will Med Society, more G Fren TaeKwonDo, and the boldness to dream big.

To Carolyn Zhang, I will Med Society, debate Ws, and so much more. I honestly don’t think there’s a better person to lead Med Society than you! You’re passionate, experienced, and a really friendly and cool person; I’m sure you’ll take your clubs to new heights in ur final year. Thank you for all your help this year, putting together everything I’ve wanted to do – you’re one of the best, talented people I know with the warmest of smiles. I don’t have many tips on how to run Med Society, I think you’ll do a great job, so here are some words of personal thought, take them as you will. I think the best part about being around you is that you’ve got a lot of drive and competitiveness, and you should bring those out as a leader, debater, or in general. Regarding drive, you’re like a motor that runs on oxygen. Everytime Med Society needed something, you’d step up and push through. You’re an extremely capable, talented leader and I think you should bring out your drive more. It’s like an infectious passion that you can really inject into Med Society – because remember, you’re the leader and example now. Don’t be afraid to speak out and be assertive at meetings. Everyone around you could benefit from being “infected” by your work ethic and determination. Regarding competitiveness, I really think you’re one of those rare people that shine brighter when the competition’s tougher and stakes are higher. I’ve debated with you in PF, ICDA, and HOSA, and it’s pretty clear that you always rise to the occasion. Like how in HOSA Finals, your intensity literally jumped levels to shut down the opponents and help us notch the gold. I’ve only seen you in debate comps, so I’ll just speak on that. Pls, pls, pleaseeee don’t quit debate. Prolly the most important part of this will!!! I think there’s a thrill and challenge of being able to adapt on your feet. And it brings out the most intense, assertive, and powerful side of you that I’ve seen. You might not realize it but your teammates, opponents, and coaches all do. You don’t need the validation of medals and awards – honestly, I didn’t get many either. That competitive fire is such an amazing part of you and you should continue to nurture it! I’m not talking toxic comparisons and competition; I’m talking about the highest-level challenges, like Glenbrooks and HOSA Intls. Being around the best of the best channels the best from within. Don’t quit debate, pls. Last thing, since ur an xc runner, maybe I can make a running analogy. If IMSA is a marathon then ur already finished 25/26 miles. You’re like 2 years younger than everyone and already a premiere talent in the school, and a state champ. So take ur time (whopping 2 extra years of it!), don’t rush the final mile, and maybe take a few turns down the paths you haven’t tried. Look for more, different opportunities to expand ur experience, meet new people, and build your leadership. At the end of the day, this marathon isn’t about “winning.” Every turn along the way makes your track one-of-a-kind and special, and I encourage you to run a race unique to your own. Have a good year and we should hang out in Shanghai if ur going! To you I will Med Society, badminton skills, debate triumph, and all the success you deserve.

To Ayan, I will you surviving senior year and all your commitments! Man, love ur energy on Med Society and your always-changing hairstyle. Keep up the warm smile, hit the gym so you make varsity volleyball, and keep doing what you do. The truth is, your commitments next year are gonna stretch you, but if your thought process is simply doing this for college, then your missing the point. I feel like you have such a rich year of growth ahead of you from all these challenges you face. Cherish these challenges, and build a story that’s distinctly your own. To you I will you a year of fun and memories.

To Anwita, I will you a better sleep schedule. And more books. Maybe a better hair color (definitely better hair health). But whatever you do, never, NEVER wipe that goofy, fun smile off your face. I think it’s the best part about you! I will you more books that aren’t weird romances.

To EmmaLi Isham, I will you good luck on college apps and studco and whatever other yada yada you told me to will. Honestly, I think it was pure magic and amazingness that I’d gotten to know you more – you’re like a mini fireball of energy and you always got the drive to make things happen. Thank you for your ramen and all of the work on StudCo. I owe you an apology for not being a good enough mentor at the start of the year, but to be frank, you didn’t really need it anyways. Next year, on StudCo, don’t stretch yourself too thin and die on the job. Use your drive and passion to fuel other people around you – I’ve already seen you doing that this year. Keep up the good work, and keep bossing your way through challenges. I think you’re unstoppable, and don’t let anything, from academic stress to difficult meetings, slow you down. You got it champ!

To Vincent You, I will you unlimited sax strength. Carry band next year cuz lord knows you’ll need to.

To Asad, I will you more fun and clash Ws. Keep dancing bro and keep up the good fits, you really are the next 05 goat fr. I will you unlimited choreo opportunities. Go become the next blue gangsta!

To Jongwoo, I will you some Haikyuu main character arc t. This is probably the last long will that I’ll write to someone who I think has come a long way. From seeing you stutter your way through ICDA 1 to now a respected junior, soon to be senior, leader at IMSA, it really is surreal to think about how far you’ve come. And I guess I sympathize with you cuz we’re pretty similar in many ways, and I’ll try my best to leave my advice, take it as you will. Idk if you want to continue doing 2 sports, but I certainly encourage you to. I think college and senior year mentally is a lot more stressful than you might think, and having a relief valve in swimming is very important. Mine was running and guitar. I know you’re a dedicated student leader, but don’t give up sports if you have the chance to keep them going. The best thing about you is definitely your laid-back personality. Bring it out. Next year, as a senior and as the example role model of IMSA, it would be priceless for underclassmen to find someone who’s relatable and vibes with them, like you do with everyone around you. Sure, being nice isn’t always good, and maybe you learned that the hard way – but the way the world responds shouldn’t be indicative of how you treat the world. Do the right thing, keep being who you are, and naturally, more good will come. Yet all this laid-back personality kinda has a flip side that I’ve noticed with our time on debate. When tough adversity comes, you still tend to stutter, back away, and your eyes find it hard to lock with your opponents. And maybe this extends to all types of competition, idk. As a fellow laid-back personality, I confirm that often I find it hard to handle intensity. But you’re gonna face competition at IMSA, and inevitably competition during senior year. So I invite you to think about competition in a different light. If it’s hard to “fight” against other ppl, how about always competing to be the best version of yourself? Look in the mirror and say I’m gonna be better than who I was yesterday. Take a breath before your speeches and say that this speech is gonna be better than the last one. For me, simplifying the concept of “competition” and “comparison” made me forget the stakes of “winning” and “losing,” to purely enjoy the process of “improving.” So when it comes to finding your intensity, you don’t need to look for it in other people and feel scared about competing with them. Find your flame from within. Remember, other people’s accomplishments can show you who you COULD become, but only you! decide who you WILL become. To you, I will basketball skills, debate triumph, a great year, and a sweet girlfriend.

To Matthew Nowak, I will you a fun next 2 years! Quit ur PDA tho. Hopefully you get on Med Society (for god’s sake learn to write a better app) and hope you have fun at IMSA! To you, I will a successful modern audition. You got it!

To Laksh Patel, I will you straight vibes, some muscle, more track and field fun, and honestly just a unique IMSA life. Keep doing what you do and stay the chill, vibing, active person you are. I know you came to a school where academics are prioritized and people are competing for who can climb higher on the college ladder, but you really aren’t like that. You like to chill, vibe, and get along with everyone around u. And the truth is, in the marathon of life it isn’t always who gets further – it’s really just enjoying the jog and the people around you. So live an IMSA experience that’s unique and special. To u, I will more fun and memories!

To Kate Honchar, I will you more basketball triumph! I’ll never forget the fact that you beat me once in basketball. But don’t worry, there won’t be a second time. Keep being friendly and do ur sports and honestly just carry on what you’re doing now! I see the fun side of you and also the passionate, caring side – so continue to use your voice on campus to advocate for action, for issues from this community to the entire globe. You got a great two years ahead of u, and I will you a student-staff game victory.

To Sumaer, I will you unlimited opportunities. I encourage you to mess around more! Don’t be afraid to dream big and be bold, cuz you really got nothing to lose at IMSA. To you, I will a Dune-like, heroic legacy.

To Deen Ka, I will you a fabulous next 2 years! You’re one of the coolest, nicest sophs I know (actually prolly the coolest and nicest). I think you gotta keep doing what you do. Sometimes, I think ur too laid back, so just be careful of that. As IMSA upperclassmen, we’re often dealing with more serious stuff like SIR. Regardless, I’ve no doubts in your abilities. To you, I will great success, more fun, and some muscle.

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