2023 Senior Wills Pt. 2

A final word from the Class of 2023 | Source: Saketh Dontaraju x IMSA Student Productions

Welcome to the 2023 Senior Wills! 978 days after the Class of 2023 streamed into our first-ever convocation and 613 days after we moved in person, it is time for another installment to this time-honored tradition. The Acronym is proud the present the wills of 103 individuals to all of the underclassmen of IMSA! This amounted to a total of 102,000+ words, just under the length of Divergent in case if you were wondering. That said, we hope you appreciate these messages left behind by the Class of 2023 as they journey on into the great beyond (of college). So grab your tissue box, your friend within arm’s reach, and your reading glasses as we look into what is in store. All of the wills from Liam Indigo to Zander Tamez are in this page, and all of the wills from Aaliyah Ali to Kevin Zhang can be found here.

Liam Indigo
Lily Song
Luis Hernandez Aguirre
Maame Afua Poku
Marcelle Mbende
Matthew Svatora
Megan Sia
Michelle Li
Michelle Sun
Miles Massey
Nachiket Rajinikanth
Nandana Varma
Nat Gao
Nikita Rudrapati
Nomar Martin
Olivia Ramos
Peyton Gutting
Piere Joyner
Pietro Stabile
Pranit Guntupalli
Rashmi Alawani
Rebecca Liu
Renaldo Venegas
Revanth Poondru
Riman Doodin
Rohan Jain
Ryleigh Jolliff
Sachleen Tuteja
Saketh Dontaraju
Samuel Go
Sanjana Nekkanti
Sara Kashyap
Sarah Wheeler
Shaan Doshi
Shiqi Cheng
Shreya Chakraborty
Sofia Zasiebida
Sophia Syed
Sridevi Krothapalli
Steve Dziamentsyeu
Taylor Baugh
Venus Obazuaye
Vidhi Shah
Vikram Karra
Yareli Marinez
Yina Wang
Zander Tamez


Liam Indigo

To Nathan Kozak, I will you many more late nights of shenanigans, spontaneous hair dying, and various shows and movies (especially Bones). I still remember the very first night when we truly got to know each other and did quite literally the oddest things we could possibly think of. I’m so glad that I got to know you while running around B-wing and trying to keep you from ever getting your keys again. I also will you only the greatest of health to your plants and the lack of your keys, they are mine now, you simply have no choice in the matter. Ehehhe!

To Kyra Rinkle, I will you the fabulous BOOTH along with knowledge of all of its ancient and forbidden switches and the greatest of luck in your future sound (and possibly light) scaping for the Drama Club shows which are yet to come. I also will you the ability to play sound effects and music, even from your heavily tab-laden laptop (if it ever comes to that again).

To Future Drama Club, I will you all many many more games of sardines, that was quite literally some of the most fun I have ever had at IMSA. You all are some of the funniest and most creative people I know, and I have no doubt that, with all of your dedication and dreary-eyed tech weeks, Drama Club is going to be the greatest club on campus and once someone even hears word of our shows they will all come flocking <3.


Lily Song

To Raph Talusan (crazy), I will you a year of less terrorizing ASIA board members. I’m writing this as you just said “acshually I go to Harvard – 🤓” in the ASIA groupchat, “heartfelt kinda sounds like harvard if you break down the syllables” and “this is very narcissistic of you Lily Song.” (I said absolutely nothing narcissistic). I think you should be very, very grateful I’m writing you a will right now, given all the out of pocket things you have said!! But in all seriousness, thank you for being a great ASIA junior rep this year. I’m so glad that we took you in on ASIA (I even remember your code name was horse), because it honestly wouldn’t have been the same without you. You are hardworking, smart, and logical, which has gotten you far. I know you have a lot of passion for making change to the club, and I really hope that you follow through with all the things you mentioned in your app (I know you can if you put your mind to it!!). Also, I hope you enjoy having no German next year, because that class was almost unbearable. I’m glad that we had it together, though! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you need anything at all, and stay in touch, or else I will be very, very sad. Also, I was always planning on writing you a will :)

To Jerrick Li (less crazy but still very crazy), I will you a year of less stress, a productive year on ASIA where you do all the events you’ve wanted to do (even that FOB thing), an AMAZING Lunar, pure happiness (yes, you deserve pure happiness), and the feeling that all the work you put in was worth it. You are so, so, so hardworking and passionate, so I know that you will do amazing wherever you end up. I have thoroughly enjoyed having you on ASIA board (your constant Eddie harassment, your foul toe pictures, your questionable comments, your cute cat pics) and spending time with you as Lunar director and now co pres :). Our ********* (cannot reveal groupchat name) trio was truly unmatched, and I’m really, really going to miss that. Like, that was actually so fun, and our groupchat never failed to make me laugh. And, you never fail to make me smile because you always have a positive attitude, which I admire. I feel like even if you are going through something outside of ASIA you still bring your best self to our meetings, and you do the same in other scenarios too. You’re truly a selfless, kind, and caring person, and you should never lose that. You’re also extremely out of pocket sometimes, which can be worrisome, but at least it’s funny! Obviously, if you need anything at all, like advice, you can always reach out to me, and please do because I am going to miss you so, so much :( and I want to know about all the cool things you are doing :)) I hope you have the best senior year ever with your friends. Please live it up and don’t work too hard. And, please keep terrorizing your ASIA underclassmen to a minimum (or not) <3 Also, please have an amazing SSS.

To Lily Zhang (Lily #1, baby lily, the better lily on ASIA), I will you a smooth Lunar (hopefully there is a Lunar and not a combined culture show), more amazing event ideas for ASIA, and a stress-free junior year. I know there is no one else more capable of handling the notorious IMSA junior year. You always seem so put-together, have great time management (how do you submit those fund requests so fast??), and are super passionate about whatever you do (math, ASIA, HOSA (??), probably more??). Your work ethic is crazy and you are so, so mature. Like, you are actually my favorite soon-to-be junior. I have absolutely loved getting to know you on ASIA, and I always knew there was something special about you ever since I conducted your interview!! Keep on smiling your contagious, adorable smile and keep up the great work :)) I am so, so excited to see what you end up doing in life because I know you’re going places. Also, please join swim next year because you need to carry the team. If you ever need advice, I am literally just a text away! Please stay in touch!! -Lily #2
(Lily’s on top)

To Anna Yang, I will you a wonderful junior year with lots of great memories and friends. Being on ASIA with you has been so fun, and I’m so glad that you were on ASIA. I know that you encountered some tough obstacles in sophomore year, but you got through all of them and you made it! I just know you will do it again for junior year because you have what it takes. Also, have fun on swim next year! Please stay in touch and reach out if you ever need anything at all!

To Zuyu Liu, I will you an amazing senior year filled with fun, memories, and no stress. You are actually so, so deserving of everything good that comes to you. You are one of the most hardworking and competent juniors I know, and you have really shown that through ASIA meetings and your commitment to IMSA (Studco, HOSA, Med society…). Never stop chasing your dreams and doing what you love, because your passion and dedication really shines through. I think people will recognize you for that (and they already do), and it’s going to lead you to amazing things. I’m so proud of you, and so excited to see where you’ll end up! Please stay in touch and reach out to me if you ever need anything at all.

To Ryan Li, I will you more random staring and pointing at people in the hallways, a great bfriend group👀, and a great senior year overall. You are such a fun junior, and I’m so glad we met through Yina/Michelle/someone. Make sure to make bfriend really, really good!!!!

To David Dickson, I will you an even more massive brain (is that even possible?), another year of helping people with physics, and an amazing year being Senior at Large. You deserve it!!! I have loved getting to know you this year, and I am very glad that I was added into your physics class (even though it was only two times a week, I actually looked forward to physics just because of our hilarious table :)) You are actually so, so funny, genuine, and smart. Also, you’re just so approachable and unbothered, which I love. It’s truly unique, and I hope you never lose your charisma. I know that you are going to go places in life, and I’m excited for you just thinking about it. Thank you again for all the physics quest help, I couldn’t have done it without you🙏 Please reach out if you need anything!! And keep on eating (you ate).

To Raghav Sinha, I will you the ability to never stop making your hilarious puns. All of them got appreciated by me during physics, even if Yina hated them. Your humor is quite good, and you are very hardworking and passionate. I hope that you never lose that part of you, even if things get hard. Have a great senior year and make sure to relax a bit. Also, make sure 07 does well in clash, I’m counting on you!! Also, please make sure the hall is on the same page regarding our chant, LOL.

To Haoron Shi and Josie Kim, I will you guys an unforgettable time on ASIA :)) Personally, it was unforgettable for me. I’m so excited for you guys to join the ASIA family and I hope you two make the most out of it. Make sure Jerrick and Raph don’t go crazy on you guys, and also make sure to speak up in meetings and say what you truly think! It can be scary joining a new club for the first time, but you two are truly the best people to have joined, and I’m so excited to hear your ideas and see them come to life. Don’t lose your passion and just don’t be afraid.

To Aldo Magaña and Joey Paras, I will you guys another great English elective group to make a fire presentation with🔥. I have really enjoyed talking with you guys in spec. fic (our table is the only reason I can tolerate the class), and you guys are so smart, funny, and capable! Have a great senior year!

To Aashima Sisodia, I will you fewer sleepless nights, less stress from your plethora of commitments, and an amazing senior year. Thank you so much for all the OOP help and for being one of my favorite juniors. Also, thank you for being a major source of my writing center hours last year. I really hope that you let yourself relax more during senior year, and make sure you are taking care of yourself. Sometimes you work a little too hard! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you need anything!

To Aru Ulanbek, I will you another great G-friend experience, swim team experience, and senior year! You are such a hot dancer and approachable, friendly person. I’m so glad we met.

To Faizaan Shaikh, I will you a great year as CAB director and more fire dancing 🔥 I didn’t get to know you too well this year, but I think you’re really cool and nice! Make sure CAB collabs with SCC on the Valentine’s Day dance this time!!

To Justina Kostiv, I will you a great year on CAB and an even better SIR, where you are satisfied and happy :)

To Lisa Zhong, I will you a great senior year with no stress! You are such a hard worker, so I know senior year will be a breeze for you. You’re almost done! Thank you so much for all the rides home after extended and on Fridays, you actually saved me from getting stuck on campus more times than I would like.

To Noel Skariah, I will you a stress-free junior year and lots of fun memories. I wasn’t the best big sib but you did amazing without me!! I’m proud of you for surviving sophomore year :))

To Ashwin Nair, I will you more people to help with chemistry and a good science study group. Thank you for the last minute orgo question-answering, those answers probably helped me immensely on tests, LOL. I’m very glad we worked through that alcohol acting as an acid and base problem on the whiteboard seconds before the test. Although we were only orgo classmates, I really appreciated all your help, and I hope that you have a great senior year!

To Maggie Dimarco, I will you an amazing time as StudCo president and an even better senior year. You are such an inspiration to me because you’re always smiling, have great discipline, and are just so mature. Gfriend was so fun with you and I’m glad we got to know each other this year!

To Night Market Food Booth Committee (Jongwoo Kim, Haoran Shi, Josie Kim, Kaella Moraga, Kaylee Hwang), I will you guys more passion for helping ASIA with our events and continued dedication to spreading that passion across campus :)) I’m writing this before Night market even has happened, but I wanted to let you guys know how much I appreciate all your help and support! I find it really special, and I’m really proud of you guys for doing this together. I hope you guys stay involved with ASIA events and have a great junior year!

To JCC (Einsey Socrates, Danica Sun, Srihari Gurugubelli, Aishat Balogun, Donovan Morrow), I will you guys an extremely successful SCC and a great prom. You guys worked so hard for it, keep up the great work! Please do Spring Fling next year or the Valentine’s day dance on a Friday 🙏 If you ever need any documents or past notes, I got your back!

To SoCC (Rhea Shah, Manu Mamillapalli, Max Chen, Lennon Kimbrel, Ellen Hsuan), I will you guys a great JCC, where you get to do all the creative event ideas you want! Although I wish SCC could’ve provided you guys with more guidance this year, you guys did really well nonetheless. JCC is pretty hard but it was really fun and one of my favorite class club years (SCC is the best though, obviously).

To all ASIA underclassmen (Jerrick Li, Raph Talusan, Lily Zhang, Zuyu Liu, Haoran Shi, Josie Kim), I will you guys the best year on ASIA. No pressure at all, but make sure to keep up the legacy 💪 I know you guys will!! I am so confident in this board, and I am so excited to see what you guys do. Definitely someone try to keep the ASIA Instagram account alive because it’s going to make a difference (trust me). And, that way I can also stay caught up with what ya’ll do :)) Have fun!!!


Luis Hernandez Aguirre

To the future inhabitants of 1505, I will you all the ability to read a rule book. Play nice with the RCs so you don’t get furniture taken away again. Also, don’t get 600 points deducted from us during CLASH again. I also will y’all Faizaan. Play nice with him.

To the 1505 23–24 RSLs (Faizaan, Aswhin, Eddie, Josefh, Ashwin, Sahil, Michael Z, Shrishant, Raphael, Ibrahim), I will you all 1505, and I will you a fire group of sophomores. I have no doubt that you all will be one of the greatest hall councils 1505 has ever had.

To Faizaan Shaikh, I will you 1505. Your third year as an RSL makes you by far the most qualified candidate for Hall Head. This plus your CAB experience will serve you well and the hall well. No matter what happens, especially with the Co 26 coming in, make sure it’s known that 1505 is the best hall on campus. I also will you my practically unused ping pong paddle.

To Justina Kostiv, I will you more aggressive and offensive handshakes and a better SIR bus.

To Haoran Shi, I will you the 05 Propic Head position and a fruitful junior year.

To Raphael Talusen, I will you a strong enough knee capable of doing a stanky leg. I also will you a bearable senior year. I still remember when I first met you in D-Wing, I thought you were a junior. You still remain as one of the most chill people I’ve ever seen. Senior year can break people, but I have confidence you will end up alright.

To Rhea Shah, I will you the ability to make friends with the Co 25 and the will to survive the next two years at IMSA. I also will you the blue dress I got from Amazon instead of the waffle thing I had actually ordered.

To Bobby Mandell and Jose Florenzo, I will you two my pull-up bar and the A wing Down Quad (even if it’s not your junior year, take it your senior year).

To Noah Walker and Laura Cervantes, I will you two the FRC Robotics team and a trip to Worlds . We’ve talked endlessly about the shortfalls of the team this year. Pave the way to a brighter future for the team. I have faith that you two, no matter what position you take on next year, have the know-how and passion to fix our very broken robot and team.

To Josef Hernandez, I will you A-Wing, you were one of the best sophomores I could’ve asked for. I have no doubt you will be a great RSL in the upcoming year, and I hope you successfully become 1505 HCL your senior year. I have confidence you’ll do great things for this hall.

To Ashwin Nair and Sahil Veeravalli, I will you two the oh-so-glorious position of 1505 CLASH heads. Best of luck, not just in the competition, but keeping your wit together. (You’ll mostly need the second one.)

To the incoming ISP Board, I will you the ability to avoid senioritis. ISP fell off this year, all of the seniors on board were plagued by it, and it was reflected in our work. Having seen how passionate you all are at your craft, I’m confident that you all will do great things with not just ISP, but your senior year and past that.

To Keegan Bagalow and Nishna Aerabati, I will you two the electrical subteam. I couldn’t do much this year because of other commitments, senioritis, and a diminished passion, but please don’t let any of that get to you. You both handled this season incredibly well without me. Make the electrical team a force to be reckoned with again.

To Vincent You, I will you the ability to stop dropping f-bombs in front of Grant. I also will you the muscular endurance to complete all the push-ups he makes you do because of your swearing.

To Advyath Pashupati, I will you 1505 Movie Script and one last “let’s roll.”

To Sahil Veeravalli, I will you my mini waffle maker to satisfy the late night snacks you crave.

To Kyler Ponx, I will you height and a strong tactical defense.


Maame Afua Poku

To Jesrein and Myra, my odo yewus, I will you guys a new Ghanaian friend. You two are the little sisters that I never had. I am proud of all that you guys have done in these last two years at IMSA. To Jesrien, I love your creative mind and how I can just talk to you about anything and everything (especially about you know who). Myra, my little sib, I love your bubbly personality and weird jokes. Thank you for letting me be your big sib for the last two years. To you both, please continue to shine and be the best that you can be. Have the best senior year ever. PLS PLS PLS, continue to text me whenever you guys need help or someone to talk to. We should all go to Ghana together in the future, lol. Also, hold down the Ghanaian population at this school and continue to remind everyone that we da best! I will always love you guys (Me dɔ wo paa) and miss you. <33333.

To Jose Lazcano, I will you an amazing little sib. I am so proud of you and all you have accomplished this past school year. I loved the time that we spent together, especially during CLASH season. Our first interaction in person still makes me laugh to this day. We were talking and waiting for each other, not knowing we were the ones supposed to be together. Even though the beginning of the school year was a bit rocky for you, you persevered and made it through. I hope junior year goes well for you and is everything you expect. If you ever need anything, please text me and let me know. <33.

To Kosi, Chiamaka, Giada, Chinara, Aishat, Ashley, Yanel, Aaliyah, Sar’aiyah, and Raven, my junior babies, I will you an amazing senior year. To Kosi, I love that you do not let anything bother you and always go about your day. To Chiamaka, I love that you are always so funny and make me laugh. To Giada, I love the small conversations we have in IN2. To Chinara, I love your continued dedication to making sure things get done and helping me in med chem. To Aishat, I love my BLM baddie (she a baddie with her baddie friend). To Ashley and Yanel, I love the time we spent together during Bachata. I loved the choreography. To the Murphy twins, Aaliyah and Sar’aiyah, I love seeing and waving to you guys in the hallways and being able to talk to you guys. To Raven, I love how you are so happy to see me whenever you see me during the school day. I am going to miss ALL of you guys, and I hope your senior year is not as stressful as it was for me. Please text me if you ever need anything!!! <333.

To Angel Lopez, Jaden Willis, Hagen, Donovan, and Abo, I also will you a successful school year. Even though we barely talked this year, y’all are some incredible people, and I enjoyed the small conversations and interactions that we have had. To Angel, Jaden, Hagen, and Donovan, I hope your final year at IMSA is everything and more. Continue to strive for the best! To Abo, I hope you enjoy these next two years at IMSA. To you all, continue to participate in everything there is to do because that is the only way you can truly enjoy IMSA! Reach out if you need anything <3.

To Djamila and Amy, I will you a thrilling junior year. Thanks for being amazing across-the-hall neighbors. I hope you guys continue to be the cool people that I know. Continue to branch out and get to know new people, just like you did this year. I hope you guys enjoy these next two years at IMSA. Much, much love <3.

To Bih-Sana, I will you the African choreographer position for Harambee. You have a cool personality, and you are an amazing dancer. It sucks that I started talking to you more during the second semester, but I am glad that I was able to talk to you when I did. I hope junior and senior years are not stressful. Continue to go out there and have fun. If you ever need anything, please reach out to me! <333.

To Angel Shepard and Carrington, I will you a stress-free junior year. I barely talked to y’all, but y’all are some cool people, and I am glad I was able to still interact with you guys when you guys were with Destiny. I hope y’all have a great school year and enjoy it while you can, lol <3


Marcelle Mbende

To Giada Avina, I will you an A in math next year! Every day, it seems like you’re stressed about something related to math, and you deserve a break. You work so hard to ensure you do well in that class, I admire your passion. I love hanging out with you, whether it’s in IN2, the hub, your room, or literally anywhere. You’re so much fun to be around, and honestly, you’re such a good friend. You’re one of the first sophomores that I became friends with, and I am so glad that I did because I wouldn’t have had the same experience here if I hadn’t met you. I will miss you when I graduate, and I hope everything goes well for you and you have an easy time in math!!!

To Sar’aiyah Murphy, I will you a new soccer buddy! Playing soccer these past two years with you has been so much fun. I couldn’t have asked for a better friend in soccer. Running in the back together, passing/doing all of the drills together, making Tiktoks, and getting dinner after practice have all been amazing. Though IMSA doesn’t have the best soccer team, I don’t care how we do because I just love being there and playing with you. You’re so easy to talk to, and I am so glad that we met because of soccer. You make me laugh all the time. I’ll miss all of our gym sessions and our talks about boys. I hope you have a great season next year!

To Justina Kostiv, I will you a relaxing senior year! Justina, you are genuinely one of the smartest people that I’m friends with; you are such a hard worker, and I hope you continue to have this mindset and get into any college that you want. Despite hating tennis season with my everything, I’m going to miss the bus rides, us making fun of coach, and more. I’m also going to miss our random walks where we talk and catch up for literally like two hours. I love all of the time we spend together, and I’m going to miss it a lot. I hope next year you’re not stressing about colleges too much, and you enjoy your last year at IMSA.

To Chinara and Raven, I will you guys a successful BSU board. Being on board this year has been so much fun, and I am so happy to have gotten close to you guys because of it. I am so proud of everything that the board has accomplished this year. We work so hard, so it’s nice to see it pay off. Regardless of who you guys choose for the board next year, I have no doubt that you guys will lead the board to another successful year. You guys are great leaders with strong personalities, so I know that you guys will make sure that the club achieves everything it needs to. I hope everyone will be as close as we are right now and that you guys will put on an amazing show.

To the juniors in the hub and IN2 (you guys know who y’all are), I will you guys more fun times in IN2 and the hub. You guys as a whole are all so funny and amusing to be around. Every time I’m in the hub or IN2 with you guys, I know I am bound to have a great time because you guys just bring the best vibes. To the 06 girls, I hope you guys continue to stay close. You guys contribute to the amazing hall culture of 06, and you guys are one of the reasons why I love living in 06. I had a great time during my senior year, and I hope you guys have one too. My midday and off mods would be so boring without you guys, and I hope next year, you guys continue to have an amazing time there.

To the tennis team (Einsey, Cara, Ebba, Justina, Rachel, and Josie), I will you guys a better coach. Kidding!… But seriously, I hope that you guys have fun next year. I know how coach can be, and he can take away the fun of it sometimes, but I hope next year is really chill, and you guys block him out and have a lot of fun. Even though I was so close to quitting, I’m glad I didn’t because this last season was so much fun, and I hope you guys enjoy next season.

To Giada, Ashley, Jes, Aishat, Kosi, and Chiamaka (also, to the other people who are occasionally in the room too, I only mentioned the people who I mainly see), I will you guys more sleep! From the late-night conversations to the endless laughter, you guys have brought me so much joy and happiness on my nights in d wing. I can’t help but feel a little sad knowing that these days will be over. I will miss all of the nights I have spent there hanging out with you guys. I hope you guys continue to stay close next year.

To everyone else that I didn’t mention, from my junior friends in 02 to the rest of the girls in 06, I will you guys a great next year and hope that you all have an amazing time. Please know that you guys will always have a special place in my heart, and I will never forget the memories we have shared. Take care of yourselves, and make sure to enjoy the next year.


Matthew Svatora

To Joseph Paras and Ryan Mojzis, I will you to continue carrying in ISP studio and booth. I remember the first times we met being over a game that shall not be named (League of Legends). You two were some of the first people I got to know well in C-wing and at IMSA in general. I’ll never forget the various thrown games on Joey’s Vex mid, or the number of times I was hovering over the report button after being forced to bot sup duo with Ryan. Despite those bad games, I really enjoyed learning how to play league with you two, and I hope you can continue hopping on after I leave. You both made my experience in C-wing more awesome, and I’ll forever remember the late nights talking about the dumbest things in the wing commons until hours that we should not have been awake at (the 3:00 AM security guard incident). I would give a lot to live in C-wing with y’all again. I think my favorite memory with y’all was when we did esports casting from your room, and coach kept telling us to stop saying certain “unsportsmanlike” words about our teammates. You guys are an unstoppable duo, and I know you’ll do great things during your senior year. I’ll miss waving to you in the hallways, but if you ever need someone to queue with, send me or Simon a note :)

To Malcolm Wilson Ahlstrom, I will you infinite wins in ranked and more carrying on ISP booth. I love your positivity and your ability to play losing-side top lane. I will miss the five-stacks with you, but I hope you invite me to your future games. Maybe we can climb to silver over the summer, lol. If you can, keep playing for the esports team, it’s only a matter of time before we start winning.

To Katie Jenks, I will you to make more musescore compositions and balsa wood cranes. You were a great group member in Music Theory and Engineering, and I really enjoyed your sense of humor. “My entire computer is hatsune miku themed. I’ve never listened to hatsune miku” was genuinely one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard. Keep practicing the piano, keep making jokes, and keep surviving in Titan Crew.

To Devarsh Shah Zhuoer Cai, Jongwoo Kim, and Patrick Cahill, I will you better swim times. I had a lot of fun connecting with you all on the swim team, and I believe that you have the power to make the better in your next two years at IMSA. Keep the YIMSA swim team alive!

To Jerrick Li, I will you to continue slaying with your performances at culture shows. Along with the memories made in C-wing, I think my favorite memory with you was the martial arts self-defense training.

To William Hellrung, I will you successful lifting sessions. I appreciate the amount of energy you bring to every interaction, keep it up!

To Lucas Brower, I will you someone to continue saying hello to in a deep voice in the hallway.

To Zuyu Liu, I will someone to pie you in the face harder than I did next year :)


Megan Sia

To the future leadership team of GEA (Laasya Nagumalli, Melinda Yuan, Brooke Hilderbrandt, Chiamaka Okoli, Ashley Hernandez, Maya Ghayal, Aarna Patel), I will you all a manageable school year so you’re able to balance GEA with ease! Junior and senior year can be very tough, but I have faith that you all will get through it. I have been grateful to work with everyone! Good luck with GEA! Also, someone take over the GEA Instagram account please :))

To Laasya Nagumalli, I will you a less stressful Tales From the Homefront and a larger canvas! Laasya, your hard work amazes me. I’m so glad that you were my co-director for Tales. You made my last year with Tales a success, and I’m very grateful for that. Good luck with senior year! I know you will keep up the good work!!

To Meera Mutharasan, I will you a great team of speakers and speaker coaches! Meera, you were so fun to work with during the first semester for TEDx. I admire the motivation you gave to the speakers. Have fun with TEDx next year!

To Maitreyi Pandey, I will you a great first CORE LEAD module!! While we created an IMSA record by finishing our first module in 30 minutes, I’m hopeful that you will carry on your swag wisdom to your next co-instructor! Thank you for being such an amazing co-instructor! I’m confident that you will continue to make a positive impact (get it?!) in your CORE class next year!

To Srihari Gurugubelli, I will you with a real “get drip” app! Srihari, it’s been a pleasure to get to facilitate with you! I was very impressed when you made a better than mid MID presentation for our class lol. I love your chill and upbeat attitude you bring to the class! Best of luck next year! :))

To the 23-24 SocEnt Co-Chairs (Nathaniel Huang and Dash Leigh), I will you the coolest and hottest video edit of SocEnt. While I understand it may be hard to live up to my swag editing skills, I trust that both of you guys will represent SocEnt in the best way possible even if it isn’t a thirst trap video! Make fun memories with the team and invite the fanciest business people you can find to the SocEnt Networking Fair! Best of luck to y’all! I know you’re going to do great!

To the future leadership team of SocEnt (Ryan Li, Ellen Nguyen, Jerrick Li, Srihari Gurubelli), I will you all bonk.io and cardboard boats! You guys were a really amazing team to work with! I’ve enjoyed the memories I’ve made with everyone from playing pass the phone to bonking everyone in real life. Keep doing team huddles before the module and being the coolest elective on LEAD <333.

To Joey Paras, I will you a croissant and more episodes of Miraculous Ladybug. Thanks for being my Miraculous obsessed buddy in Paris! I’m glad I was able to bond with you on the trip :DD.

To Maya Kannan, I will you a fun and energetic sophomore next year like you were to me this year! Maya, I absolutely love your energy and our small talks in D Wing. I will definitely miss our random conversations! Good luck in your junior and senior year! I’m rooting for you :)).

To 02D Wing Underclassmen, I will y’all some good sleep since most of my encounters with y’all were at night lol. While D Wing is definitely the wing that never sleeps, I’m glad for the fun memories and conversations I’ve made with y’all during my two years here. Win wing wars again and charter that Roblox club!


Michelle Li

To Ryan Li, I will you the highest-quality podcast editing materials and the ability to wear clip-on earrings. Ryan Li, even though we unexpectedly met as the USA and New Zealand during our MUN eras, it has been an absolute honor being your friend. You have so much passion, are so smart, so hard-working, and are genuinely so kind-hearted and absolutely hilarious. I don’t think you’ve ever failed to light up a room that you’re in. I hope you continue carrying the SCRJ podcast game on your back, keep on dancing the night away, and never stop being the truly wonderful person you are. I don’t even have to will you success in whatever you do, because I know you already have it.

To Maitreyi Pandey, I will you hours of much-needed sleep. Seriously, I am willing you so much sleep. You are one of the most hardworking people out there and even on little sleep, you’re taking the world by storm. A French mastermind and a hall senator who only keeps slaying, Maitreyi, I can’t wait to see how amazing your future is.

To Tate Schneider, I will you tubs of frosting and infinite class dojo points. Tate! ENACT has been such a fun rollercoaster with you. From trying to contain chaotic mafia games in class to teaching them about the law, there’s no one I’d rather stand at the front of the class with. You’re not only a great co or a great volleyball player but also an incredibly talented and creative person. Thank you for introducing me to the womb-sleeping method. I know all of those infinite class dojo points couldn’t go to a more deserving person.

To Ellen Nguyen, I will you an incredible LEAD class and an even more incredible senior year to go with it. Thank you for making my last CORE so memorable, and no one knows how to come up with telephone charades prompts like you. You’ve got the coolest energy out there and the speech team wouldn’t be the same without you. You’re my haircut inspo, and I’ll make sure to buy tickets to the movies you’re in once you decide to pursue acting with those amazing dramatic talents of yours (I do hope that Michelle gets back into full-time painting again). I know that with how unique, funny, bright, and kind you are, your future will only be filled with wonderful things.

To all the Speech Team underclassmen, I will you infinite walls to practice in front of. Just this year, I’ve seen you all do such incredible things and I hope you all never stop talking in front of walls. Whether you get a one or a six, just know that being on the IMSA Speech Team has made you incredible enough. I’ve loved working with you all and hearing all of your pieces only get better and better. Remember that I’m always only a message away!

To Laasya Nagumalli, I will you all the bunnies in the entire universe (lop-eared and tall-eared bunnies). From having you in LEAD sophomore year to Speech last year, you are one of the most kind-hearted people that I’ve ever met and have such wonderful energy (with also amazing earrings and outfits). I hope you keep advocating for bunnies and being the bright light that you are!

To Jerrick Li, I will you tons of volleyballs and a setting partner who’s always available. Jerrick, you never fail to impress me with your amazing volleyball skills and genuine personality. I know that you’re all “set” (haha) to do such unbelievably amazing things in your future.

To Sabriya Attia, Winston Mattson, and the future MUN team, I will you endless passed resolutions and directives. I know that the future of IMSAMUN is in such amazingly good hands. It’s been so amazing being able to work with each and every one of you and I know that every GA or Crisis Committee that you enter will only be blown away by your brilliance. To Sabriya and Winston, I will you the biggest gavel in human existence. I know that you’ll lead MUN together to global greatness!

To Maddie McTaggart, Raghav Sinha, and Srihari Gurugubelli, I will you the IMSA law department (because we think they exist…but maybe they don’t?). I know that you will all do fantastic things on Mock Trial this upcoming year and even though there’s been ups and downs, it’s been so amazing to work with all of you. Never stop being so hard-working! I know that your futures will only be filled with success. One day we will discover the elusive IMSA law department.

To Nathaniel Huang, I will you an endless amount of gratitude and pure success (because you very much deserve it). You have always been one of the most dedicated and kind people out there and I know that you’re going to make LEAD the fami-LEAD that it is. You’re overall just such a cool person. Thank you for making my years at IMSA just that much sweeter.


Michelle Sun

To Aashi, Carissa, Katherine, Nelly, and all the underclassmen in cross country, I will you all an endless supply of water balloons to chuck at the rest of the cross-country team next year. I still remember the first time I talked to and got to know each one of you—despite the horribly hot weather during summer runs, you guys were an amazing bunch of underclassmen to have on the team, and I hope you guys will have an even better time next year (not to mention meeting the new sophomores). I’m so glad to have met all of you this year!

To the entire cross country and track team, I will you a free “Grant-has-to-buy-me-breakfast” pass on next year’s breakfast run (as to who gets to keep the pass, that’ll be for you guys to decide). Although there were some days that I felt incredibly tired and not willing to run anymore, I couldn’t have asked for a better team. I really hope we all keep in touch in the future and meet up sometime after high school to go on a reunion run!

To the future presidents of Girls Who Code, I will you code that always runs (taken from Miss. Wheeler herself). I hope you find comfort and happiness in the new GWC team, and there’s no doubt you guys are going to do amazing things next year.

To Maggie DiMarco, I will you a big hug and an energy bar for your next run. I’m so grateful I met you last year in cross country—you’re such an amazing human being! If you ever want to talk and catch up, I’ll always be here.

To Zuyu Liu, I will you an infinite supply of spring rolls, boba, dumplings, and noodles. I’m so glad to have gotten to know someone who loves Chinese food just as much as I do, and I hope we keep in touch in the future. Keep me posted on how that basketball match goes!

To Maitreyi Pandey, I will you an extra five hours of sleep and a cupcake—you deserve it. You’re one of the most hardworking people I know, and your jokes in DigLit never fail to make me laugh.

To 1503 B-wing, I will you all a new toaster and ice cream machine (in theory). Although we come from all different backgrounds, interests, and ages, it was an awesome experience getting to know you guys.


Miles Massey

To Will Reynolds, I will you one real boxing match, no holds barred. I would win by the way because I’m just like that, but I’m sure you would put up a decent fight. (Headshots allowed, by the way).

To Brian Leong, I will you some REGULAR body pillowcases, nothing weird of course, and a million THE INCIDENT’s. Much love for you, and your toes. But, please, start putting socks on for the love of god.

To Jongwoo Kim (Eminem but porpor but not porpor anymore), I will you boxes and boxes of purple hair dye. Good luck with being a hall council member next year, and please learn some Eminem songs.

To Tate Schneider, I will you every position you run for. Don’t follow in my footsteps, please go win some elections :))))) Keep up your varsity libero skills, you’re actually cracked. I guess I also will you another pepper partner, but good luck finding one better than me smh.

To Carter and David, I will you good luck with the play and all your theater endeavors in the future. Thanks for all the help bbs ;) Keep your rooms clean and stay in 03!!!!!!

To Raven McKelvin, I will you some actually fun slab parties (I know that’s a lot to ask from IMSA, though). Keep bringing the speaker, and keep bringing your high-energy and fun personality.

To Jerrick and Raf, I will you soft hands and beautiful sets. It’s been an honor hitting your (volley)balls all season ;))

To Rohan and Pranav, I will you STRONG hits for the rest of your volleyball careers. Keep practicing and keep working on your bounces. Rohan, I know you’re going to be able to dunk a basketball for real one day, probably in like a month to be honest.

To Justina Kostiv, I will you a boyfriend (not Diego)((I’m serious, please not Diego))(((literally he’s mine, stay away))). I will you the headspace to make better decisions, and I will you the coordination and athleticism to catch many frisbees in the future. Good luck in college, you are about to get into all the Ivies on some Dean Barrow stuff for real.


Nachiket Rajinikanth

To Baby CAB, I will you the ability to golf, rig COTH, defund CAB, and say messed up things in front of the entire school. I will all of you humor and alligator jokes. I will YONDIS to one of you just as Gerry did for me. I will the next CAB director the CAB banner on my ceiling.

To 1501 Hall Council and RSLs, I will you the money in the 01 parent donation account and the ability to win another Clash. Please keep my two-year streak alive. I need more DQ 03 chanting lol, please don’t report me.

To 1501D Wing Sophs, I will you destruction of property and the [redacted] in Christian’s closet. Win wing wars.

To the ’24 Sectionals Swim Team, I will you the ability to beat McHenry. Try to beat the Naperville schools please.

To Michael Capprioti, I will you the ability to have a good gym schedule. First kiss.

To Raymond Schumacher, I will you the ability to not drop out of IMSA. Love you Ray – please be safe – and lots of hugs.

To Jefferey Yao, I will you good haircuts. I wish I dropped you during the stunt. Don’t vape. I will you Aidan and Zander’s heads on my wall.

To Sree Atyam, I will you the ability to grow to 6’2. Skip more Spanish and tests. You’re an amazing brother.

To Faizaan Shaikh, I will you donations. I will you the ability to make Curious George.

To Fredy An, I will you to not fight anyone. Please get into Colgate and I, once again, apologize that Gerry, Liam, and I weren’t able to have you on CAB.

To Dash Leigh, I will you 1st place in Talent Show next year. You will be an amazing HDC, and I look forward to the changes you will make in 01. I will you the Big Gums.

To Steven Espinoza, I will you 3 AM Italian bread and the name Diego Montes.

To Prabhav, I will you the Ford hub cap.

To Aadi Desai, I will you the ability to come to class on time. Don’t worry too much about college, you will go insane wherever you go.

To Keyan Dunmore, I will you a manual car and an honorary CAB position.

To Ellen Nguyen, I will you a good digital footprint and the ability to keep Justina and Faizaan from doing something stupid. I will you good riddle abilities.

To Justina Kostiv, I will you Diego Montes’s humor. Please say it on stage.

To Kohl Vanderhall, I will you everything hidden in the 01D wing. You will do crazy things, Kohl.

To Einsey Socrates, I will you supermercado and the cemetery. You will be a great SCC president and I have high hopes that you will earn more money than past SCCs.

To Melinda Yuan, I will you Toby the fat dog. You will do great on 1501’s Hall Council and I am putting my hopes of an 01 three-peat in your dancing ability and ability to yell at people.

To Vidyoot Senthilvenkatesh, I will you something. I remember talking to you about IMSA three years ago, and I hope whatever I said somehow was good for you. You’re crazy, Vidyoot, and I put the legacy of Dunlap IMSA students in your hands.

To Sahil Veeravali, I will you the ability to nepotism your way into GPPA. I will you the humor of Diego Montes, and I wish you all the luck of being from Dunlap.

To Jay Gonzalez, I will you the ability to sneak people on the soccer bus. I will miss watching you play next year.

To everyone I forgot, I will you something from my room because I apologize for not writing you a will.


Nandana Varma

To Marguerite DiMarco, I will you an underclassman who makes you feel understood, because that is exactly what you have done for me these past years at IMSA. It’s incredible to see how hardworking and passionate you are about the things you care about, and I am so happy to have gotten to know you during my time at IMSA. I know that you are going to do incredible things wherever you go, both at IMSA and beyond, and I can’t wait to keep up with all of it. Remember to get some rest and to take a break from the grind—be sure to have the most wonderful SSS. I’ve seen how strong you are and I hope you know you deserve some room to breathe—I hope you find that next year. Whether it is falling asleep with you on the SIR bus or doing work together outside, or simply just finding each other in the hallways, every moment with you is a happy one. I cherish our friendship and be sure to text and call and keep in touch :) I’ll miss you so so much Maggie, I love you, and I am wishing you all the best <3.

To Sreevardhan Atyam, I will you some rizz, happiness, and Pizza Hut breadsticks for your senior year. Throughout my time here at IMSA, I have always thoroughly appreciated your company and your empathy for any of the random things I complain about. Whether it’s walking me back to my dorm during a free mod or sharing food together, I have cherished all the wonderful memories we’ve had here. I look back at our pictures, and I love how it’s always both of us laughing hysterically—I hope you have an underclassman that makes you laugh like that and someone who will keep doing you dirty with bad pictures. I have enjoyed listening to your ramblings and thoughts about the world and of IMSA, and please know that you never ‘fell off’. You better stay in touch with me, and I know you are going to do so many great amazing things! <3.

To Dhaatri Maviti, I will you some peace for your senior year. You have been through so much and have come out of it so resilient and strong. I will never forget our memories from the beginning of junior year, and I regret that we grew distant after. Time flew by, we got busy, and so much changed, but I hope you know that I am still always there for you. I admire your strength and I hope that senior year brings you some peace and joy as you navigate the rest of your time here at IMSA. Remember your worth and what you deserve, and I hope that everything will work out! I cherish the memories we’ve made together, and keep in touch to let me know how senior year goes :) <3.

To Ryan Li, I will you a year of rest and relaxation for your senior year and underclassmen that match your amazing energy. Ryan, you work so hard and are one of the kindest people I have met at IMSA. Whether it’s reading over and helping me with college essays about our mutual friend math, or just giving me a hug when I see you for the first time in a day, you bring the most vibrant infectious cheerfulness wherever you go. I cherish all the amazing memories we share, from spamming the groupchat with you, me, and Oliver to having meaningful conversations about IMSA and life. I love our shared appreciation forca life in research and I can’t wait to hear all your lovely senior year stories. I hope you recognize and appreciate your hard work over your time at IMSA and to stay the kind, positive, shining person that you are. I am so excited to see you grow both at IMSA and beyond and please know that I am always a single text or phone call away. <3.

To Raphael Talusan, I will you a senior year full of dancing, smiles, and happy days. You are one of the kindest people I’ve met at IMSA and genuinely such a nice and fun person to spend time with. Whether we are joking about 05 lingo, or just walking around somewhere or sitting in the printing room, I have lots of memories with you that I care about and will hold on to dearly. Remember to let yourself have some fun senior year and take some time to relax and really enjoy your time at IMSA. Thank you for all the memories and conversations, I truly appreciate every single one. Please keep in touch and know that I am always here for you! <3

To Anjali Ali, I will you more Febreeze for your feet (I still do not understand this process) and an amazing junior year. Getting to know you at IMSA has been so amazing and I love the energy and life you bring to every conversation and interaction—it’s infectious. Remember to surround yourself with people who appreciate you and the love and care that you provide and that you never lose your energy and enthusiasm! I know you’re going to do great things during your time here and also remember to take care and prioritize yourself during your time here. Be sure to keep in touch and know I’m only a text or call away! <3

To Tatyana Pronitcheva, I will you an amazing time on LEAD next year! I was going to will you a co-facilitator as amazing as you, but now you won’t be facilitating anymore as a co-coord! I loved having you in my class as a student and then having you become my co-facilitator and it was great to see how much you cared for our students and for LEAD. I know you are going to do amazing things next year and never hesitate to reach out and let me know how things are going! <3

To Ashwin Nair, I will you an underclassman who speaks to you in Malayalam and reminds you of your parents. I truly appreciate our conversations in SpecFic on the off chance that Atharva steals my seat, and I am forced to sit at your table. I love how I can scare you with Malayalam and that you listen to all my random ramblings and complaints about life. I hope you find an underclassman who’s just as good of a listener as you and that your senior year is full of good vibes (be sure to SSS well)! <3

To my B Wing Sophs (Netra Ramesbabu, Anjali Samal, Fope Ojomalade, Katherine Ge, Rachel Qi), I will you an amazing B-wing (or whatever hall/wing you end up in) community! Whether it’s complaining about the burnt microwave, running around the wing, watching you all dance, or making sriracha bagels and sharing them all together, you have all made my experience in 02B wing so so amazing. Netra, I didn’t think I would become close with any of the sophomores my senior year and then I met you and knew I had already found someone I wanted to become friends with! You have been one of my favorite sophomores this year and I loved how immediately I found a sophomore with such similar thoughts and feelings that I feel at IMSA! Talking with you always makes me feel so happy and I can not wait to see how you grow at IMSA. Anjali, you are one of the most chaotic, crazy people I’ve ever met and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Your energy is infectious and I hope you never change! I hope you continue dancing wherever you are and that your wing next year is blessed with your presence. Fope, your smile is so sweet and your energy is just so adorable. Whether we are sharing food or simply talking about our days, a conversation with you can always put a smile on my face. Katherine, I hope you do Talent Show again for Clash and that you continue to play the recorder with your nose. I love our conversations in the wing commons and the crazy things I see you and Rachel do (please never wear toe socks again)! Rachel, you are so very smart and I see how hard you work as you sit in the wing commons until 1 working on CSI or essays. You are also an amazing singer and I love hearing your voice. I hope you get some rest, at least during your senior year, and I am very happy to have lived with you this year! Much love for all of you <33

To Sukanya Ghosh and Josie Kim, I will you an incredible time on LD next year and (hopefully) a wonderful revival of the team! I love how the three of us spent that one practice simply talking about life, people, and IMSA in general. Sukanya, I loved State with you and just all the random conversations that we have had and you are just such a fun person to be around and talk to. I hope you have a debate underclassman to hang out with during competitions that makes you feel the same way! Josie, I will you a win against Clark Easley next year, and I love all our interactions. Whether it’s texting Clark stupid Dhruv pictures or being my lover, our conversations always bring me so much happiness and I hope you have an underclassman who does the same for you next year! Much love to both of you and let me know how the team does next year! <3

To Shivani Chirumamilla and Arjun Cherukuri, I will you the most incredible TEDx event next year. The two of you are some of the most hardworking people I’ve ever met, and I am so grateful to have had you both on our team this year. You both are amazing leaders and are going to be incredible co-organizers next year, and I can not wait to see what you do with TED next year. <3

To Junior CAB (Justina Kostiv, Faizaan Shaikh, Ellen Nguyen), I will you a very successful year of CAB events! Justina, whether we’re making eye contact during meetings and knowing exactly what we’re thinking, or just talking about events and what’s happening on CAB, I loved having someone to share thoughts and ideas with about CAB this year. I see how hard you work and I know you are going to do great things next year, and I’m so excited to see all of it <3. Faizaan, you are going to make an amazing CAB director, and I know that you are going to take all our events to the next level! But while you’re busy planning these events, make sure to allow yourself to really enjoy them. Also, be sure to keep in touch and let me know how things are going, I will always appreciate the jokes, hugs, and good times we’ve shared on CAB! Ellen, I love the hugs and conversations we share and all the fun times we have both in and outside of meetings. You are such a thoughtful person and I love the energy you bring to CAB, and I hope you have a CAB underclassman that brings you the same joy and love you brought me this year! <3

To Haoran Shi, I will you the most ‘money up’ junior year! It’s crazy that I only actually got to know you second semester (even though we were in OOP first semester, but back then I thought you were an NPC)! Whether it’s hearing you talk about something being “confirmed!” or telling me that was “sum slight”, our conversations always make me laugh and bring some much-needed joy to my day! I’m glad that I could always talk to you whenever I just wanted some company and that someone could share the same excitement/energy I had towards anything that was going on. I hope you have the most wonderful junior year and remember to always rumble where they fumble! <3

To Maya Kannan and Shatakshi Chatterjee, I will you both the sweetest underclassmen who can put a smile on your face just by saying hi to you. Maya, I always appreciate how thoughtful you are, the texts you send for every holiday, the updates from your cruise, and the random game-pigeon games! Your cheerfulness is a bright light that I hope you hold onto throughout your time at IMSA! Shatakshi, talking to you is always such a good time, and I love our conversations in the hall commons with Saketh. You are a ray of sunshine and such an amazing listener and always make me feel so heard, and I love talking about our experiences at IMSA. I hope both of you have the most amazing junior year and don’t let anything take away your smiles <3.

To Joey Paras, I will you a lovely SIR experience and I have thoroughly enjoyed indulging in our love of biology and the fun times we’ve shared during LEAD, SpecFic, and Diff Eq! You are such a fun person to be around and have made all these clubs and classes that much more enjoyable. Thank you for teaching me about practically everything math related (all the way since MI4), and for all the laughs and fun memories we’ve shared! I hope bifurcations haunt you in your dreams. <33

To Ayesha Bobat, I will you someone who will watch romance animes with you and share all the cute TikToks and edits of our favorite characters! I hope I see you again as I roam the streets of Champaign and I am very happy to have gotten to know you, even if it was so late in the year. Thank you for all the fun conversations and all the laughs and I hope that your junior and senior years bring you much joy!


Nat Gao

To Dash Leigh, I will you lots of obscure music or a Northwestern admission or a rich, happy marriage or whatever it is that will end up giving you happiness. Why? Because you were such a large source of happiness for me! You are genuinely such a thoughtful, beautiful individual, and thanks for always being so kind and caring.

To Malcolm Wilson Ahlstrom, I will you my tenor range as long as you let me borrow some of your low notes. I also will you courage with your romantic endeavors! And also the gift of subtlety (in your romantic endeavors) because don’t think you haven’t been noticed 😳.

To B Wing underclassmen, I will you my awesomeness because now that I’m gone your wing is gonna be not as cool and you need my awesomeness real bad to carry the wing (and the hall).

To Dael Garzon Torres, I will you a better Secret Santa because girl I put the minimum effort in, but I hope you liked the earrings!!

To Jose Lazcano, I will you success with Pride Rock (and with your love life, lowkey)! You’re such a hard-working (and funny and charismatic) person, and I hope all goes well for you in the coming years! Your presence alone can help make IMSA a much better place.

To Shanya Yang, I will you friends who aren’t anti-Chinese (this is a joke)! Have fun your junior year, and don’t ever lose your dry humor.

To Noel Shakira, I will you hips that don’t lie.

To Fope Ojomolade, I will you a REAL homecoming proposal that you actually want!

To Nelly Pinon, I will you more Mod21 solos! Girl, you better audition for more because I’m still shook from your Heartbreak Anniversary run…

To the rest of the (redacted) slays group chat, I will you a fun junior year at IMSA! You all are my favorite sophs, to be honest.

To Kale Suarez, I will you someone who gives you all the massages I refused to repay you with. Thank you for always being there to relieve my stress! Once I’m rich and famous, of course, I’ll hire you as my personal masseuse 💖.

To Anjali Samal, I will you all of my choreo and dance knowledges. Next year, I should see you being Nat 2.0 – likeeeeeee my mini-me or whatever 😍😍.

To David Dickson, I will you Nat-level vocals and a massive water bottle that you will never lose or have to replace. Thank you for all the tea you spill and all the homework help, you’re lowkey my favorite junior, I’m not even gonna lie! Don’t brag too much about that, though.

To Ryan Li, I will you better crushes.

To Aru Ulanbek, I will you nothing because I literally sat here for like five minutes trying to think of something, and you’re the last one I wrote, and yeah I don’t know what to will you! You are such a funny person and I think you should be a professional comedian, so like I guess I will you a comedy career omg you just 4+4’d.

To Jojo Germo, I will you all the ICHSA awards next year! You better sweep cause girl you got the talent on LOCK.

To Spectrum, I will you endless rainbow heart stickers (except for George). Use them to your heart’s content! (get it, cause it’s a rainbow HEART sticker).

To SDAC, I will you lots of participation and fun dance times! Next year will be SDAC’s peak, I’m manifesting 🤞.

To Mod21, I will you arrangements and runs as iconic as mine. Good luck at ICHSA, but don’t outdo our performance this year because that would be so embarrassing for me.

To Zuyu Liu, I will you people your age you can talk to.

To Ellen Nguyen, I will you James. Good luck 😭.

To Laasya Nagumalli, I will you my ownership of the color pink! Stop gatekeeping it though #gaslight #gatekeep #girlboss.

To anyone else I forgot, I’m so sorry! To all of you, I will a more memorable personality…just kidding (kind of)!


Nikita Rudrapati

To Shivani Chirumamfdilla, I will you a senior schedule without Meng. You are one of the most hardworking people ever and seeing all the effort you put into the clubs is so admirable. I know how hard junior year was for you, and I hope your senior year is a lot better. Even though I was the worst workout partner, I loved doing the sit-ups challenge with you. I will miss you so much next year but remember I’m a phone call away.

To Aarna Patel, I will you an underclassman to have weekly dinners on 02 slabs with. Thank you for giving me the courage to drink my first milkshake. I am so grateful I met you during Girls dance and although we kept on falling on our dresses, it was really fun. I’ve never met anyone as empathetic and thoughtful as you. You are so passionate about your clubs, and I know you will make a huge impact on campus. Junior year will have its ups and downs, but I know you will overcome it all, and if you ever need a hug or someone to lean on, I’ll be there as fast as a melting blizzard.

To Vikram Rao, I will you IMPACT. You were the best co-facilitator I could ask for. You worked so hard for the data analysis curriculum this year, and I know IMPACT is in great hands with you and Joey. Your passion for robotics is unparalleled, and I can’t wait to see the FRC team next year. I hope you have the best senior year and make a lot of memories.

To Yoanna Georgieva, I will you a Lexington meal with vegetables (cucumbers and lettuce do not count). You literally have the best fashion sense on campus, and no one can pull off a dad flannel like you. I loved getting to know you Ani, and I will miss you so much next year.

To Arjun Cherukuri, I will you a home-cooked Madrasi meal, including idli, dosa, sambar, and vada. Santhosh, you have this insane ability to make anyone around you feel comfortable and happy. I am so glad I met because otherwise, I would have not known how to dap someone up. Although the palm reading said otherwise, you are destined for greatness, and I can’t wait to hear about all the amazing things you accomplish during your senior year. I’m only a text away, and I hope all your dreams come true.

To Emily Karbowniczek, I will you a Chole Ting workout buddy. Thank you for being my partner in volleyball. You are so strong and kind-hearted, and I hope you make a lot of memories senior year.

To Pranet Swain, I will you Wall Street. As an honorary member of your investing club, I am inspired by your passion for investing, and I know you will make it big someday. Thanks for helping me with MI-4 and giving book recommendations.

To Haley Shah, I will you an underclassman to wave to in the hallways. You are the kindest person I have ever met, and seeing you makes my day. Thank you for all the hugs and smiles. You were a great leader during Girls dance, and thank you for teaching me patiently. I hope you get to do all the dances for next year’s show, and I’ll be in the audience cheering you on.

To Ishan Shankar, I will you Tamil movies. Although I still can’t believe you met Mahesh Babu’s son, thank you for helping me with BC II. You are so hardworking, and I wish you the best for college app season.

To Nandini Budithi, I will you a pear. Thank you for getting me a pear during tech week when I was hungry. You are the sweetest person ever. I had so much fun dancing with you in South Indian Fusion. You have the cutest flare leggings and jeans, and I know your outfits will inspire generations to come. Good luck with theater next year.

To Meera Mutharasan, I will you a senior year without Titan Crew. Although I dreaded Titan Crew, I loved our conversations and getting to know you better. I’m so glad I met you during homecoming.


Nomar Martin

To Jose, I will you a less busy schedule (even though I know for a fact it’s gonna be worse next year). You are the sophomore that I have gotten the closest with and I’m so happy that we got to know each other, because I felt so bad when you’d want to talk towards the beginning of the year, but I would be super busy. You’re genuinely so fun to talk to and you always lighten the mood when you’re around. I love that you update me on your day and all the ridiculous things your teachers do (Meyer…). You’re such a smart, capable, and hard-working person, and I know that you’re gonna do some amazing things with your time at IMSA, and even after you graduate you’ll continue to eat.

To Shatakshi, Rachel, Kansas (Nethra), and Trashcannot (Josie), I will you a functioning robot. I wish I could’ve spoken to you guys more often, you’re all really cool people and I appreciate the conversations we’ve had in and out of the lab. If you plan to continue robotics (which I hope you do!) I’m sure you guys will do great, learn a lot of things, and hopefully finally have more than just a defense bot. Shatakshi, congrats on RSL, and good luck on LEAD! Rachel, have more team spirit next year (no shade you still are really cool)! Trashcannot, keep eating! Kansas, sorry you went to Midwest just to sit there… good luck with your next two years at IMSA, it’s going to be rough but I know you can do it!!

To my HDC-Alt, talent show superior, and just amazing friend Dash, I will you the change on campus that I know you will create. Ever since the beginning of my junior year when I first started talking to you, I’ve wanted to get to know you better – you just seemed like such a cool, interesting person. But, I felt like I didn’t interact with you much because you lived in D-wing. Now that you’re a part of B-wing, I’ve gotten to know you so much, and junior year me was right: you are really cool and interesting. I’ve enjoyed all the conversations we’ve had, serious or not, the events we’ve planned, and the shenanigans your quad gets up to. I couldn’t have been a good HDC without your help, both in the sense of holding me accountable and also in the dedication you have for the role. You’re so dedicated in everything that you do and always put in 100%, which is really admirable. I’m genuinely so glad that I’ve gotten to know you and I hope that I can continue to for my last two months here. I’m sure you have amazing plans for next year and new heights you’re going to reach, and I hope I can hear all about it. Good luck, Dash!

To Alexian, I will you more Eysturlid quotes. I remember the first day I met you, during Karrick’s smash tournament and you were just messing around with Aiden. I also remember how you showed us your mom sending you emojis during check. At that moment, I didn’t know how much my life would be ruined. Okay, but genuinely though, you’re actually so funny, and I want you to keep being yourself, no matter how extra you can be. You’re also really smart too, like maybe you’re not amazing at math or something, but some of the smartest things I’ve heard have come out of your mouth. It’s so cool how interested you are in biology and genetics, yet somehow this is the same person who’s screeching in the wing commons like a gremlin. I hope that you can find a SIR next year that fits what you want to study, but I also hope that your senior year is easy because you’ve been going through it. I don’t think we would’ve been friends had we not lived in the same wing, but I’m glad that we are.

To B-wing up quad (Malcolm, Luke, Dash, and Alexian), I will you down quad. I’m not very original but you guys deserve it – we didn’t even care which floor we got and we still got down quad, so now it’s your turn. As next year’s seniors, I pray that you guys will be a good influence, specifically Luke and Alexian; I trust Dash and Malcolm. Please don’t scare next year’s sophs away, but don’t not talk to them either. It’s up to you guys to keep B-wing culture alive as the best wing. Also, we literally have the best RC on campus, he deserves a good wing. You guys have been such a fun group of people and I hope that it translates to next year.

To B-wing, I will a wing wars victory next year (please we can’t lose to C-wing again). Nathan, Alexian, Dash, Luke, Malcolm, Jeremy, and now Sori, Sohum, and Clay, thank you guys for being an amazing wing and for creating memories that have caused my love for this place. You guys make IMSA so much more bearable. I have so many memories of this wing: watching Squid Game, playing 1-2-switch, bowling, our Chicago trip, and celebrating Cole’s birthday just to name a few. Our wing is so close which is kinda a rare occurrence and I ask that you guys keep the energy alive.

To all my 01 underclassmen, namely Gabs, Amaya, Semi, Ella, Gabi, AJ, Mars, Alexian, Luke, Dash, Malcolm, Nathan, Carolyn, Ebba, Jeremy, Maddy, and Prabhav, I will another successful COTH. While I did name specific people, I will this out to all of 01; I’m so happy to have spent my two years in-person in this amazing hall. The community wouldn’t be what it is without the great people living in this hall. I hope that next year you all can continue to keep this community and make sure that people socialize with other hall members through RSL events and COTH. Speaking of COTH, keep that winning streak going! Even if you don’t think we’ll win, please still try, because the worst thing is seeing those you look up to unmotivated. I, alongside other seniors, did not think we would win COTH this year, but we still did. It’s up to you guys to keep the competitive spirit alive. And even if we don’t win, meet new people please. A lot of the names I listed I didn’t really talk to until COTH; it’s such a great way to socialize with others without it being awkward or forced. 01 is such a welcoming hall, and I trust that you guys will keep it that way.

To next year’s 01 hall council, I will you successful events and lots of parent donations. Being an RSL is such a fun role, but it requires you to actually hold events and keep the hall fun. I trust that y’all will continue to hold events often enough and make programming bearable. It’s up to you guys to make sure our hall community stays tight and to act as a mediator between students and RCs if necessary.

To Ella, I will you lots of frijoles. I don’t even remember when I first talked to you, it just kinda happened, but I’m glad it did. You’re such a cool and genuine person, you’re really fun to joke around with, but you’re also so supportive and open-minded. Patrick is so lucky to have you and I hope that you two can last after graduation. Even if IMSA seems like it’s gonna be really hard (which is it if I’m being honest) I hope that you can push through to graduation, you are such a capable individual and I know you can do it!

To Sarah, I will for you to get out of bed. I don’t understand how we never talked to each other until this semester, and it sucks that it’s so late into my time at IMSA, but I’m so glad that I met you. You’ve been an amazing person; supportive and patient; you listen to me but also always have interesting things to say. You’re really smart and hard-working, and funny sometimes I guess… But genuinely you’re so fun to talk to and be around and I’m so happy to be spending my last semester here with you!

To Aru, I will you no more 中文课 (that class is such a joke). You’re just a really cool junior I wanted to include here. I feel like I’m not nearly as close to you as other upperclassmen are, but I’ve enjoyed the goofy little moments we had, like that time you and Sarah kept bothering me during intersession in Stunion, our conversations before Mandarin starts, and you and Halimat absolutely eating Cumbia up!! Good luck next year, keep being the amazing dancer that you are.

To Jaz, Anahi, Alex, Maitreyi, and Claire, I will you to make more fun of Sarah (please do it’s so funny). Realistically I wouldn’t know you guys if it wasn’t for Sarah, but I did know who you guys were and you all seemed so cool. I’m happy to get to know you all for my last few weeks at IMSA, you’re all so funny and fun to talk to (hence the times we spend an hour in Lexington). The conversations we have are just so entertaining, y’all are such a fun group of such different people. Good luck next year, keep doing what you’re doing!


Olivia Ramos

To Nour Husseini, I will you all the fun you can possibly have senior year, and I hope you make the best memories. I am forever grateful we met that day you moved in for your sophomore year, and I’m so glad to call you my best friend. I’ve never clicked so quickly with anyone, and no one else in the world laughs at my stupid jokes like you do. You are truly the most funny, hardworking, gorgeous, and genuine person I know. Thank you for always being there for me; I truly would not have gotten through junior and senior year without you and I’ll always be here for you. I am going to miss you so much, and I hope you know I will always be just a call or text away. I have had most of my favorite IMSA memories with you, and I hope you continue to make amazing memories and that you have the best senior year. I love you so so much <3


Peyton Gutting

To Stella, I will you the TR and all of the good times that come with it. I hope that you have a great year as an RSL and keep 06 as fun as it was this year. I also will you a good middle for volleyball next year. I hope you have a great season and get many big blocks. No but for real though, I’ll miss playing with you. I am so glad to have gotten so close with you and I need you to keep me updated about your future tall men.

To Nataliya, I will you all of the room in the world to witeawy hit the gwiddy. I also will you all the patients in the world for softball next year. Go rizz up every one your heart desires. I also will you my spray bottle as I’m not going to have a need for it next year. I hope you use it wisely. It has been a pleasure getting to know you and getting close over our many late nights. Don’t get in too much trouble next year.

To Carter (Carti P), I will you lots and lots of movie nights in the commons next year. I hope you find someone that puts up with your interesting taste in movies and music. I’m glad that we have gotten so close this past school year and I can’t wait to hear about your future screenplays.

To David, I will you a better shoulder for future games of catch and arm days in the gym. I also will you all the patients I can to deal with your quad next year. I loved seeing you develop as a person and find your place at IMSA. Keep me updated about future omegle girls and an abundance of rizz.

To Victoria, I will you wonderful memories and a man that actually deserves you. I hope to make many great memories in the future. It has been an amazing year and I’m so glad to have you as a friend and quadmate. I am looking forward to hearing about your senior year and all of the great memories you make.

To Maggie, I will you more free time and a better sleep schedule. I am so grateful to have gotten the honor to be your quadmate and friend. I can’t wait to hear about your SSS schedule and all of your future accomplishments.

To Bobby and Jose, I will you the 05 Hill. I expect you to have many more picnics and study sessions out there. To Bobby, I will you a good haircut and many more good hair days.

To Jose, I will you better-functioning legs and all of the fruit snacks you can eat/give out. I have had such a good time getting to know you and Bobby, and I expect to hear about the rest of your adventures at IMSA.

To Emerson, I will you many more sleepovers and abundant TikTok fame. Keep being yourself and putting the rest of the sophs in their place. I loved having you around 03 and getting to know your amazing self. I hope your junior year isn’t too hard. Since I know they won’t, make sure the other sophs stay in line.


Piere Joyner

To Kohl Vonder Haar, I will you the best junior of the year award and a great senior year. I thank whoever that we both met through Charles Conner and share the same hatred towards him. I do wish we had met sooner as you are one of my favorite juniors because of your perfect memory of rap lyrics and your valid music taste. Some of my fondest memories of you are shotgunning Sprites and going bar for bar when Pink & White played for color reveal. You are one of the most ambitious and hardworking students I know, and I can’t wait to read about your impacts on the chemistry field.

To Jack Shi, I will you a Zimbabwe dollar (yes I have it) and some lotion for your ashy elbows. You are one of my favorite, funniest sophomores and have been a ray of sunshine on some of my worst days. I believe you were the sole reason that made debate fun because of your antics. I will always reminisce about the debate party and you overdosing on Mountain Dew. I still find it surprising you have W rizz and how when I was making fun of you, two girls started applying lotion on your crusty elbows. I really hope your junior year doesn’t completely demolish the smile and good mood you always have. Best of luck, man.

To Josh Solone, I will give you the schlub toilet and a less stressful senior year. You definitely deserve a less stressful senior year after hearing how many hours of sleep you were getting. Thank the lord we were put into A-wing together to cause so much anarchy. Dude, the memories I’ve made with you in that wing will always be part of my favorite IMSA experiences. Running around A-wing late at night, or going on the bdubs walking trips and grabbing slushies talking about the stupidest things made IMSA feel like my old school. Without you, I probably would’ve left IMSA long ago. You truly are one of the funniest and coolest guys I know and I hope we stay in contact after I leave. You definitely deserve a less stressful senior year after hearing how many hours of sleep you were getting. Also, while writing this a tear almost came to my eye reminiscing about watching Breaking Bad after in the room. Free A-wing.

To Charles, I will you my negative rizz, my yellow rod, and my player character. I don’t know how IMSA programmed a perfect NPC. Anytime I think of you, you somehow spawn or load into the environment. When you’re not acting like an NPC, you’re crazy. You are one of the wildest people I know especially when the clock hits 11. I hope you keep that energy and use it to pursue something productive instead of playing Smashy Road 2 or Marvel Snap. In all seriousness though, you played a huge role in my IMSA experience, as I can remember laughing at you missing your fireball or running around. I wish you the best of luck, and I hope you finally stop being an NPC.

To Avyay Duggirala, I will you some good music taste, my Political Theory notes, shaving cream, and the ability to never drop a frisbee again. We had a small interaction junior year, but I’m glad you moved to A-wing man. The memories we made in your room like the shaving cream incident and the texting incident will be memories that I hated before, but love now. Your ambition and ability to always go to sleep before 12 always amazes me and even though you’re a finance bro, I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. I know they’ll be great.

To Raghav Sinha, I will you talking Ben and always beat the case. You are definitely a character. The first interaction I had with you was already insane. The stuff you do surprises me, and I respect you for doing them. You’re one of the funniest people on campus and all your catchphrases are wild. You brought A-Wing together through your crazy antics and throwing the schlub party for you was a favorite memory at IMSA. Keep on taking average Raghav Sigma W’s.

To Josh Mu, I will you the ability to make people stop taking your papers and a wonderful two years. You were one of the main reasons I came to BC II. You’re such a go-getter and all the things you do are already amazing. You’re also the GOAT at chemistry and one of the best chemists I know. You’re definitely going to be successful not only at IMSA but in your future career, and even though I won’t physically be there, I will always be cheering you on in spirit.

To Pedro Castrejon, I will you Mio. Being your roommate has had its experiences. From the days of us just chilling in the room to non-stop laughing and screaming makes you my top two roommates of all time. Trolling with you on Omegle and running through the halls with you in A-wing is what made A-wing feel like family. I appreciate you being in A-wing and wish you the best of luck.

To Jaden Willis, I will you my uno skills and my broken jumpshot. The late-night talks and crazy things we said and did together last year will always be kept close to my heart. Playing basketball with you late at night and watching all my balls airball will definitely haunt me. To be honest, you are one of the kindest, chillest people I know and hope that your senior year is just as good if not better than A-wing last year.

To Nikhil Kodali and Joey Urbin, I will you my smash skills. You both were my favorite sophomores in A-wing and definitely have A-Wing vibes from last year. Smashing with you both and absolutely destroying both of you was fun and I’m sad we can’t anymore. I wish you guys the best of luck.


Pietro Stabile

To the D-wing upquad (Sree Atyam, Raphael Talusan, Hagen Arriaga, and Angel Lopez), I will you the D-wing downquad — not for the food you gave a starving man in exchange for compusci help, nor because of the time said starving man spent in your rooms for a change of pace from downquad. I’m not willing to you because you’ve brought much-needed chaotic stability to our wing for two years. I’m only willing you the downquad so no more poor souls endure your 2 AM basketball medicineball from above (seriously, please stop or you’ll break the ceiling). I’m honored to have witnessed your disturbing vocalizations and ridiculous races around the wing since 2021. It amazes me how despite the crazy interactions between us, they can also be profound (even if this is somewhat uncommon). If you ever need anything, remember I’m only a call or text away. I look forward to regular updates on your senior year shenanigans!

To Sree Atyam, I will you a pogo stick to bounce and do tricks on — as an incredibly funny guy, I know you’ve always seen your calling in the circus. I also will you a lifetime supply of rice to feed yourself and your future wingmates on the eternal bulk. No matter how much you’ve frustrated me this semester whilst fiending for compusci help, I’m glad you’ve matured as a person since our first day in D-wing. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I think you’ve become better at coding as well (at least a little bit!). Finally, I will you the brainpower to understand those complex CS and physics topics you’re so invested in. I can’t wait to read (and edit, if you want) your UChicago essays about them! Stay humble and I know you’ll go far.

To Raphael Talusan, I will you a more consistent gym buddy. I truly appreciate you getting me to finally work out, despite my hesitation and extreme beginner’s incompetence. I’ll always cherish our very long hugs (which were never anything more than just hugs!) and your choreography during Clash (thanks for catching me up on Heartless). I also will you a free eighth mod next year — after enduring this year’s, I think you’ve earned it — and someone else whose name you can say in that voice. So long, and thanks for all the Cinnamon Toast Crunch!

To Hagen Arriaga, I will you an enthusiastic wrestling partner. From when we first met in the 05D16 wrestling tournament to the Jayant Kumar incident of March 2023 (though I feel that was a bit one-sided), I’ve always known that physical touch is your love language. This, in addition to your soft-spokenness, kindness, and pleasant aromas, have cemented your spot as my favorite junior (tied with Danica). I also will you a junior in an earlier English class for you to leech from on reading quizzes, as well as all the gains your heart (and hopefully someone else’s!) desires. I’ll always love you, Hagen — in more ways than one!

To Angel Lopez, I will you endless goofy moments to laugh at — your instantly recognizable guffaws have brought our wing so much joy. I also will you compusci wisdom you can dole out to your struggling juniors, as well as another UCLA girl to meet online because you were dead asleep that one time. As the silliest D-winger, I hope you continue to bring that energy to the wing even when us seniors are gone.

To Danica Sun, I will you a date for Prom 2024 who doesn’t use horse shampoo or eat pistachio shells with popcorn. Thank you for masterminding our prom table — the 05-06 collab plus James goes crazy! Even though I’ve only known you this semester, your humor, genuine kindness, and (of course) impeccable prom planning have earned you the title of Pietro’s Favorite Junior (along with Hagen). I also will you a better moral compass to control your seemingly unstoppable greed (no, I will not purchase $15 McFlurries to support your corrupt organizations!) and potlucks you actually have fun at — I promise my next meal prep will be vegan so you can enjoy it too. I’m sure that even after graduation, we will remain like this 🤞!

To Justina Kostiv, I will you an untearable Florentine blue leather coat and $30 billion to construct the Baby Dr. Dong Before Smash accelerator. I’m so glad you were part of my favorite class at IMSA — I’ll never forget the laughter (from both joking and coping) that modphys brought us. Our study sessions/conversations/rants were always the highlight of my day, and I enjoyed your often immature humor more than I’d care to admit. I also will you another crazy international trip, whether or not we recreate Italy (highly unlikely, but who knows?). I’m sad we drifted apart this semester, but we’ll definitely fix that and catch up before I leave (trust!). If you continue that UChicago SIR, you’re always welcome for lunch in Hyde Park — just don’t forget a bulletproof vest!

To Haoran (Jack) Shi, I will you more rizz — wait, never mind, you already have the most of anyone on campus! Whether it’s a guy or girl (but mostly guys), you never fail to make them fall for you. When I first laid eyes on you, I knew I did… In that vein, I will you a sophomore of your own to, ah, interact with. On a more serious note, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed having your sophomoric energy in D-wing, so I also will you more fun times wherever you end up next year. Finally, I will you Eddie Ning, our semi-shared lover — though we both know he’ll always be mine!

To Ibrahim Bah, I will you a cabinet full of every ingredient your gourmet recipes require. I’m so happy your home cooking aromas filled the wing this year, and that you were there when I needed to be saved from Lexington. You are truly the best chef I know (apart from Pasquale Riccardo Stabile, of course), and you understand that homemade meals are the best way to enjoy life. I not only loved your food, but also the spontaneous yet profound conversations that came with it. I hope you continue to enhance your wing’s culinary capabilities next year and spread the love of cooking far beyond IMSA.

To Vikram Rao, I will you half a pair of binoculars to better view unbalanced gender ratios from afar. I’ll never know why you consider everything I do to be “rizz” (maybe because you have none of your own?), but I’ve long since accepted it. Your sheer mathematical prowess is unparalleled, so I will you answers to all the questions you keep asking me during class. I also will you an even better math table next year where your juniors will continue our legacy by sticking pencils in your hair. Please make sure Shivani only takes consensual pictures of others!

To Shivani Chirumamilla, I will you the other half of Vikram’s binoculars. As an integral differential part of our diffeq table (see, I am funny on occasion!), you’ve brought me a unique joy through irritation that I never thought was possible. I also will you an underclassman who incessantly bullies you yet somehow makes your math class that much better. Even though it was funny, I’m not sure I’ll miss seeing random pictures of me with certain people (namely, B.B. and “my [redacted]”), but I definitely will miss being thrown under the bus sometimes. Thanks for making me grow a thicker skin, and I hope you have as much fun in future math classes as we did in diffeq. Please keep Vikram under control next year!

To Maggie DiMarco, I will you the Cars on Campus project (along with Zuyu). Your dedication to IMSA’s most ridiculed student organization is unmatched, and your patience with the tyrannical Thing 1 and Thing 2 seems limitless. I can’t wait to see where you take the parking project (but I also trust you to delegate it to other responsible StudCo members if Presidenting becomes too much). I also will you a more competent BFriend partner who won’t get you placed in the back of formations, as well as a UChicago acceptance despite the ED fiasco of 2023. I’m sure that whatever you do in senior year and beyond will make our ancestors proud!

To Zuyu Liu, I will you the Cars on Campus project (along with Maggie). Even though you’re one of the goofiest individuals I know — while I was writing these wills, you unexpectedly sprayed me with water! — you also have a strong commitment to everything you pursue. I’m sure that this, along with the famed Zuyu-Maggie synergy, will lead StudCo (and the parking project, should you choose to direct it) to success. Outside of IMSA’s favorite governing body, I will you a harrowing [redacted] story from abroad so next year’s juniors can laugh at you, as well as a junior who will sneak up behind you in the hallways.

To Ryan Li, I will you the ultimate machine learning model — not that you’d need it, of course. I didn’t know anyone at our machine learning table too well in January, but you made that class tolerable. Thanks for helping me after I didn’t pay attention in class (big CS guy over here). Watching college reaction videos and having Akshat interactions with you, Irene, and Elaina was often the highlight of my day. I also will you a spot on BFriend next year, since you were one of our best dancers. You were always there for me to copy the moves, even despite certain circumstances — hopefully your nostrils work correctly next year!

To the following underclassmen, and anyone I may have missed, I will you longer wills next year. I’m sorry I didn’t write more to you all — if I had all the time in the world, I would.

To Arjun Cherukuri, I will you more height.

To Bikrant Bhattacharyya, I will you the you-know-what I’ve built — use it wisely.

To Fredy An, I will you your very own ticket to Prom 2024. You won’t have to leech off anyone else next time!

To Ashwin Nair, I will you more [redacted]. Have fun, but remember to use [redacted]!

To Aadi Desai, I will you an acceptance to a top school — but only so juniors repeatedly congratulate you for months after you’ve committed.

To Raymond Schumacher, I will you more mint, berry, or whichever is your favorite flavor of gum — I’m no connoisseur myself, but I respect the art of gum tasting and hope you enjoy many more chewing experiences.

To Sahil Veeravalli, I will you more lemonade!

To Divya Brahmbhatt, I will you an Oscar award for Best Film Editing in 05’s Clash movie.

To Haoran (Jack) Shi and Sahil Veeravalli, I will you an Oscar award for Best Actor.

To my modphys table (Justina Kostiv, Malcolm Wilson Ahlstrom, Brandon Rogers, and Marcus Kubon), I will you another class like modphys for you to laugh and bond with others over the pain it causes you.

To my little sibs (Krish Konda and Ankit Walishetti), I will you a better relationship with your little sibs next year. I’m sorry for being a lousy big sib, but I hope you’re both doing well. I’ll always be your big sib after I graduate, so please reach out if you need any advice.

To the Italy juniors (Justina Kostiv, Steven Espinoza, Ebba Kaulas, Abi Botello, and Mars Wylie), I will you an international trip with fewer restrictions.

To the next 1505 Hall Senator, I will you the wherewithal to bring your ideas to life. If you or your hall believe in something, don’t stop at the first setback.

To all future members of StudCo, I will you shorter meetings.


Pranit Guntupalli

To Shivani Chirumamilla, I will you some pizza that will actually arrive on time! Arjun had the right idea with the birthday surprise, but he fumbled as usual. I don’t know if I’ll ever get sleep on the SIR bus back to IMSA because of you, but sometimes it’s worth it. I hope you metamorph into the lead organizer I never was and take good care of TEDx!

To Yoanna Georgieva, I will you something to do in Morris for once. Whenever I drive by the town, I’m always reminded of how Yoanna has nothing to do in this boring town. But then, I see Jewel Osco and realize that’s all she needs anyways. It took me so long to actually step foot in the store, but once I did, I knew exactly what you were talking about, so thanks for showing me Jewel Osco. Sometimes I ask myself, if Yoanna becomes a fashion merchandiser, can she get me free drip?? Please go through with that so I can upgrade my fashion.

To JaeJun Park, I will you some sleep. Please stop coming to EBE thirty minutes late. Dr. Amacher doesn’t like it. When you become a senior, I want you to remember one thing: THERE ARE MORE THINGS TO TALK ABOUT THAN HER BRO. You won’t remember this during your senior year, but if you ever feel down horrendous, come back here and look at this.

To Haoran Shi, I will you the will to try more new fast food places. Remember when you tried Taco Bell for the first time in your room that one night? I was mind blown that you never had Taco bell and wanted to make sure that you tried every fast food place like it. It’s good, isn’t it? Thank you for always taking my AirPods out when I need them most and keeping them away from me, you are 🐐 for that!

To Sabriya Attia, I will you the ability to be good with kids. At first, I was a bit scared of you, I’m not going to lie … but, planning some of the Club Terra events and our Green Ambassadors thing did help! I will never live down your beef with kiki. Although I thought the library event was never going to happen, it did, and it’s a memory that I will cherish (I kinda liked Zachary more). Also, you would make the worst babysitter. My bad, I’ll have to watch my back I guess! Oh and read this book please: “The 40-Year-Old Virgin.” You’ll need it!

To Arjun Cherukuri, I will you the Webster-Merriam dictionary. There are so many other words to use than “jit” that I can’t even begin to count. Although your slang has rubbed off on the entire school, it hasn’t rubbed off on me so speak like a human from time to time, please. Thank you for always listening to me with whatever I had to say. At first, not going to lie, my impression of you was that you were the beacon of rizz as we like to put it, always surrounded by your bodyguards. But I guess people can change, which is what you’ve helped me discover more than anybody else this year. Hope you hit three plates on the bench one day, and please keep Shivani in check!

To Kannan Ilamparithi, I will you the ability to pay attention. You have the single most inattentive attention span at this school, and I see it every day. I admire you for not caring as much as me though, it’s a very redeemable quality. The memories that we’ve made together along with Aadi on ISA have made second semester much more enjoyable, and I hope you can keep Mr. Desai in check!

To Aadi Desai, I will you a lifetime supply of almonds (check your drawer I stole practically all of them). Hello Aadi Desai, or should I say [REDACTED] as you like to say on Snapchat. Going into this year, I thought it was going to be similar to last year with not a care in the world and all of our seniors with us to help guide us along. Boy was I wrong. I remember vividly talking with you after the start of the year and reminiscing about how much we both missed our old selves, our old wing, and especially our old friends. Although we can’t have any of that back, I’d like to think a part of it still exists in both me and you, so use it. Don’t just complain about how you miss the old ways, think about them in a positive light.

To Sahil Veeravalli, I will you the ability to pass any chemistry class (even though you don’t need it). Every test, every question, every compound, I’ve always come to you for answers. I don’t think I’ll ever need Google again after seeing you dish out the names of compounds I didn’t even know existed. Speaking of Google, you will always be the better calculator. Even though I never showed it, I will always be grateful that you volunteered for Talent Show no matter what you thought other people were going to say when you started adding numbers. Just remember, I’m the only one that doesn’t call you Chandramukhi so I’m the real good guy (you’re a terrible person). If you ever need me for anything, go to our special spot in the IRC, pull up a stool, and I’m already there. Also, make sure you cut off on amma’s food this summer for the glow up. Sorry, my bad.

To Vikram Rao, I will you a news station. I remember my very first interaction with you left a sour taste in my mouth. No, bro, I don’t look like Vidyoot – stop being racist, we get it. From then on, even if we didn’t talk much, I’d observe from afar and watch. Over the last few months, getting to know you better has made me realize that life’s too short to observe from afar. Even if the rest of our table never laughs, I know I can always count on you for a giggle, the truth, or even the answer to the differential equations worksheet! Also can we go on a trip with the quad to get you some better clothes – wearing the same sweater that’s pink, red, and green does not count as drip bro; you won’t win her over with that one. Also, if you call me Vidyoot, one more time, I’m canceling you. Regardless of your drip, always remember what you taught me, life’s too short to observe from afar, so shoot your shot already bro!

To Joshua Lee, I will you some sleep. This is the most common will that you will ever get, and this is the most common thing that anybody will ever say to you: “Josh get some sleep bro you look like you just woke up,” and yeah it’s true, but that’s not why I want you to get some sleep. Get some sleep to get over the past, get some sleep to make sure you stay on top of Adchem, and get some sleep so you can finally look handsome. I don’t remember much from our childhood, but I do remember how hard we would push it in soccer, how fun it would be to bully our friends in middle school, and especially how amusing it was to tell you about bridget. So yes, I will you some sleep, but I also will you the ability to look back at your past and realize that it wasn’t all that bad. (Re)meeting you this year has helped me come to terms with the fact that I also need to revisit my past, for the better or for the worse. So thank you Josh. oh btw that taco bell chicken whatever hit while I’m writing this like I would totally be in bed forgetting about wills right now if it weren’t for you bless up.

To Ashwin Nair, I will you the ability to finally win a smash game. Bro, you aren’t good; stop blaming it on the controller. No matter which champion I play, (it’s champion, by the way) I will always gap you in every single game. I literally only lose (sometimes) because you do that cheese stuff where you just sit at the edge or bully me off the stage (no fair). When will you realize I am not the number 1 teleprompter at our school, by the way, I literally only say it back to your face. Anyways, after I started playing Smash with you (and not just stealing your orgo answers), it started to remind me a lot of how I used to play Smash with my own big brother. And although I would always win against him, I see myself in you and every battle you win, every cheese combo you do, and every Pac-Man fruit you eat (in real life, too because you are [REDACTED] – sorry, my toxicity came out). I’m lucky to be able to play a game with someone who is as good as me (not joking), and I want you to keep playing regardless of what others think.

To Vidyoot Senthilvenkatesh, I will you a new pair of nunchucks. Do you know how cool it actually was to see that live on the stage with the lighting and everything? I’m sure you thought it was lame, and that people would judge you or that someone else was better with the talent, but I wasn’t there to see the talent (maybe a little bit), I was there to see you. Having your whole quad on the stage performing at Talent Show made me realize just how talented each and every one of you guys is. Regardless of where you might end up in the next few decades, keep that talent with you, because it’s something much more special than winning a silly game like Talent Show.

To Nitya Jakka, I will you a permit that will last you a lifetime (because we all know you aren’t getting your license any time soon). Whether it was the nitrogen-infused tree sapling that we killed on day two or the Eevee onesie, I will always cherish our fleeting moments in enviro chem. Just remember, I’ll always be the one who got my license first! Oh, and please tell Taco Bell to get better items, they lowkey have been lacking recently!

To Aadi Desai, I will you a lifetime supply of almonds (check your drawer I stole practically all of them). Hello Aadi Desai, or should I say [REDACTED] as you like to say on Snapchat. Going into this year, I thought it was going to be similar to last year with not a care in the world and all of our seniors with us to help guide us along. Boy was I wrong. I remember vividly talking with you after the start of the year and reminiscing about how much we both missed our old selves, our old wing, and especially our old friends. Although we can’t have any of that back, I’d like to think a part of it still exists in both me and you, so use it. Don’t just complain about how you miss the old ways, think about them in a positive light.

To Rhea Shah, I will you a new wardrobe. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you wear… wait let me guess the wardrobe for this week… we have the blue Hawaii sweatshirt, the green Harvard sweatshirt, the CMU quarter zip, the dark blue quarter zip, oh and if you’re feeling a little bit spicy you’ll wear the windbreaker am I right? Personally, the blue Hawaii sweatshirt is my favorite because it has some nice memories behind it. For one, I’d like to thank [redacted] for igniting the spark in IN2 between the two of us even, though I did not say a single word to you back then. And for two, my tea-making skills will always be elite (I didn’t forget). Thank you for not bullying me because I like the regular season, and thank you for not bullying me because I’m a Celtics fanboy bandwagon. I will always remember each and every game we talked about.


Rashmi Alawani

To Sindhu Chalasani, I will you all the good things in the world. We met by chance in linear algebra, and I frankly think you were scared of us, but I’m eternally thankful that we have come so far since then. May you be blessed with a peaceful, stress-free (as stress-free as it gets), and memorable senior year, because meeting you was one of the most memorable experiences of my senior year as well. I hope you find a lookalike underclassman to get you through all your hard classes and put up with your crazy side. I will you luck with all the Minecraft Discord boys that are madly in love with you, but I know you don’t need it. I will you future IJAS and HOSA victories, a cool off-campus SIR, a black choir dress, and an authentic New York accent so you don’t sound like a tourist, because I know you’ll be needing it at Columbia next year. I hope all your hopes and dreams come to fruition and that you are happier and more proud of yourself one year from now. For now, take a deep breath and enjoy your summer. I know you won’t go crazy senior year because you are a lot more smart and more responsible than I ever was. Remember that I’m always only one call away and make the most of your time left at IMSA <3

To the Cababies (Justina Kostiv, Faizaan Shaikh, Ellen Nguyen)!! I will you another Top Golf trip and another successful CAB year. You are all amazing and incredibly capable people and I have full faith that you will keep the spirit of Hoco and Clash alive. I hope we find a cool new Clash trophy and a new junior that can make merch as cool as Justina’s. Keep bothering Chloe and roasting StudCo (maybe not so much, though). #defundcab.

To Girls IN2 STEM board (Aashima Sisodia, Kavya Uppal, Manya Davis, Netra Rameshbabu, Riya Gumidyala), I will you a fulfilling year ahead! I know things got off to a slow start, especially since this was all so new to us, but now that the foundation has been laid, I know you all will take the program to new heights. Val and I are thankful for the work all of you put in, and I hope whoever is on the new board shares that same passion. Thank you all and good luck!

To the D-Wing underclassmen, I will you another energetic and lively wing community, whether you are staying in 06D or not. I know I talked to some of you more than others, but you are all genuinely such nice and fun people to be around. I hope next year is even more fun than this one.


Rebecca Liu

To Lisa, I will you a bright future, never coloring on your lineart layer, and a Splatoons championship. Thank you for keeping me company all these years. I still remember how we met: I approached you in the loft and started talking to you as if I knew you, and guess what, we actually know each other now. I really appreciate all your help with Clash and others. You’re so hardworking and responsible and I know you’ll achieve great things in the future. Your art is astounding.

To my dear ninjas, I will you all smooth transitions and the ability to carry the entire drum set in a single run. Thank you all for your hard work and dedication this year to make culture shows an amazing experience.

To Sindhu, I will you a great senior year! You’re so sweet, and I’m really glad I met you this year. Keep on being awesome.

To Aru, I will you luck in the internship and Clash next year. It may seem like there’s so much pressure on you right now, but make sure to have fun and I believe in you! I’m really glad you joined us and you’re always so optimistic and funny.

To all of 06 in the future, I will you the hair-dying tradition. It was started 2 years ago by Samantha Gong in 06 and I’m hoping you all continue this in some way. Please work hard and have fun in Clash next year.


Renaldo Venegas

To Bikrant Bhattacharyya, I will you a beanbag. I think ever since mine has been in the room your sleep schedule has improved tremendously, even though it’s still pretty bad. I think I’ve told you this, but I was initially intimidated by you, all until I sat next to you on the first day of MVC last year. I’m so glad I did because I ended up meeting one of the most passionate, intelligent, down-to-earth people I know. The amount of care you have for everything – whether it be a niche method to do a Computational Science assignment or insanely ambitious hall decs – is insane. You are genuinely inspiring. Thanks for all the late-night talks and advice :)

To Dominik Kozbiel, I will you a better navigator. You have to admit I wasn’t terrible last time! But for real, these two years have gone by so quickly. I can’t believe the guy who introduced himself with THAT Falco has become one of my closest friends. (shield grab again I dare you) I always appreciate the goofy energy you bring to the room, and that has always helped me get through the toughest moments at IMSA. Sitting down after a long day after ten checks and playing Smash to whatever crazy music you have to introduce to me (I still do not understand deathgrips) are moments that I will definitely miss in college.

To Fredy An, I will you a (non-broken) monitor. As Dom puts it, you will do anything for the laugh. I really respect you for this attitude of yours – somehow you turned our failing Secret Santa into a success. Although I despise some of your bits (I AM NOT A WORKAHOLIC) (HIS NAME IS NABLA), you’ve taught me that life really isn’t that serious, and a break is important. Good luck with your senior year – your planned quad sounds atrocious, but I love it.

To Justina Kostiv, I will you an unwarped frisbee. Not like you’ll catch it anyways! (jk) I’m glad I met you through ultimate frisbee last year – you are so funny to be around (to clarify, we are laughing AT you, not WITH you) But in all seriousness, thank you for being there when I needed and remaining a great friend through my two years on campus. Keep drinking radioactive Wendy’s soda!

To Ishan Buyyanapragada, I will you good luck with your senior year. You’re a smart guy, and I know you’re stressed about college applications, but I promise it will all work out in the end. Having you with Jesus at our physics table was one of my favorite things of my first semester – we could get serious when we wanted, but half of the time Perry would tell us to be quiet for laughing too much. Thank you for getting me through the class when it got boring.

To Will Reynolds and Brian Leong, I will you two a better McDonald’s order. Please don’t inconvenience the coach as much next year at IHSEA – the number of nuggets we ordered was clearly too much. You both are insane at Smash – although I’m unsure if I’ll continue playing, I wish the best of luck to both of you in IHSEA next year; y’all will kill it.


Revanth Poondru

To JaeJun Park, I will you your belongings. From rearranging your room to removing any light source in your room, to “borrowing” your mattress, golf clubs, nasal spray, glasses, keys, shoes, golf balls, backpack, clothes, chair, monitor, laptop, keyboard, passport, AirPods, and your very source to live, you’ve somehow managed to get through the relentless pranks and devious ideas you’ve been subject to. Like your SIR, we’ve used you as a test subject for human will. But, now that the seniors are gone, you won’t have anybody to hang out with, so maybe you should find some friends your age. We knew you would fit right in from the moment you rapped ALL of J Cole’s My Life. You were the first underclassman I talked to, and you’ve definitely been the closest one over the years. Although the pranks will only get more and more devious as our time on campus winds down, I’m confident that you’ll get through it. I’ll see you around Bloomington 🫡.

To Pranav Pabbisetty, I will you another Indian to put up with the relentless Korean nationalism present in your quad. Also, tone down the zest and stop [REDACTED] in the Naperville Public Library. I also will you fruitful studying for the SAT and the TALENT events team. Please work hard to maintain TALENT’s legacy; I know you have it in you. While your room will still be occupied for the remainder of the year, and you’ll protest this daily, hopefully, you will come to understand that it’s an integral part of the IMSA experience.

To Pranet Swain, I will you sanity as well as some headphones. You’ll do great things in life. Your unexpected humor has led to some of the greatest moments in C-wing. However, please stop watching things on full blast in your room 😭.

To Jul Hwangbo, I will you someone to enjoy your rather sporadic tastes. Also, please find a grammar book.

To 1504C up-quad, I will you someone to annoy you every day. Although you’ll never be as great as the residents of the quad prior to you, all of you are incredible individuals. You’ve all made my senior year and 04 an amazing experience. I’m confident you’ll do amazing things in the future; the first step is to stop trolling your SATs.

To Faizaan Shaikh & Danica Sun, I will you TALENT. As the greatest club on campus, you’ve been given responsibilities that extend far beyond those of other club leadership positions. However, you’ve also been given the positions because of your unique leadership capabilities. I’m more than confident that, under your leadership, TALENT will continue to grow while cementing its position as the best club on campus.

To Faizaan, I will you an underclassman that’ll continue calling you outrageous. From bonding over Boys dance to doing TALENT interviews, we’ve gotten to know each other a lot over the past two years. I trust that you’ll do great things, not just with TALENT, but with your life. Continue destroying people at table tennis and killing every dance you’ve been a part of.

To Srihari, I will you the curriculum team. From all the modules we prepped 10 minutes prior to teaching them to all the memories I’ve made on TALENT, the organization has given me back some incredible times. I hope it does the same for you.

To Tatyana, I will you the competitions team. As a sophomore, I was placed on the team and had no idea what my future would look like. As a senior, I’ve been able to see you grow into a board member and now to leading your own team. The competitions team is special, more than any other sub-team; it provides TALENT with a way to move into the future. I had great plans for the team; hopefully, under your guidance, it will return to glory.

To Anirudh Chari, I will you GPT-4 and, by extension, USACO Platinum.

To Jeffrey Yao, Nav bar Nav bar Nav bar.

To Tristan Castillo, I will you a hall that will listen to your commands during drill practice. In all seriousness, clash was an amazing experience because of you, and I hope you continue to elevate the 04 Clash Spirit.

To Kannan, I will you rhinoplasty.

To Raymond Schumacher, I will you an incredible time in the best hall on campus. Hopefully, we can make some more memories by the time the seniors leave campus.

To Aadi Desai, I will you the biggest booty on campus. You must also stop acting like Akshat; it’s unhealthy for your sanity.

To Avyay, I will you patience as you work with next year’s state officer team. FBLA has given me some of my greatest memories, and I hope it’ll do the same to you. Reach out if you ever need advice/help with the organization, it can be tough to get through, but I’m confident you’re capable.

To the future of FBLA, I will you one of the best clubs on campus. FBLA has taught me so many lessons and has brought me on a journey I’ll never forget. I hope you have an advisor just as passionate as Ms. Symoniak and Kevin, and continue to dominate IL FBLA at SLC.

To the future TALENT board, I will you an incredible year. You have some amazing leadership in Faizaan, Danica, Srihari, Tatyana, and Pranav, and I trust that TALENT will remain the greatest organization at IMSA for years to come. Please keep holding incredible events and bringing the spirit of entrepreneurship to IMSA.

To 1504, I will you the title of the greatest hall on campus. We may not have won COTH this year, but I’m confident the sophomores will clutch up for next year 💪 .

To the future 1504 residents, I will you a welcome to the greatest hall. You’ve had the tremendous fortune of being placed amongst the greatest IMSA students to step foot on this campus. May your future be bright and filled with prosperity.

To anybody I may have forgotten, I will you a never-ending love for those around you. IMSA is a tough place to be at, and I couldn’t have gotten through it without those around me. From sophomores to juniors to seniors, everybody on this campus has given me more and more reasons to get through my time here. I will you all an incredible experience as seniors. May the fortune and fame roll in as you grow into the aspiring innovators you’re meant to be.

To the future IMSA students, I will you confidence. This school will take everything out of you at times, and at other moments, will give you everything you could desire. Stick with it; it truly is an unforgettable experience. I found my greatest friends here and sincerely doubt I’ll find people as motivated and driven anywhere else. No matter how you got here or where you’ll end up, cherish your time at IMSA.


Riman Doodin

To Iain Gore, I will you all the hot water buckets and sammies in the world. I will miss our diving adventures and the talks we had about the other team members. I will also miss us both going over on front dives and smacking on the water until our skins turned blue. I will be sure to visit you, unlike the other two smh. (enjoy your bragging right kiddo cause I get to push you into the pool again for this <33)

To Aleks Duda, I will you the ability to stay awake in any chemistry class. I definitely won’t miss Ad. Chem exams, but I will miss us running around like geese trying to correct a lab error before Dr. Golab notices. I wish you all the luck in the world as you continue your journey. I also will you a boombox to take to labs and start grooving out while waiting for water to boil or LoggerPro to calibrate.

To Johanna Germo, I will you more hours in the day to sleep. I also will you some relief from stress. I did miss you in the second semester of Ad Chem and will miss you now that I will be leaving IMSA. While we weren’t that close, I wish you the best of luck on all your endeavors and pray you sleep at least 7 hours a day!

To Amanda Barajas, I will you a bank account with no limit to buy all the art supplies in the world and a map of where the paints are in the 02 RC office. I really enjoyed being Clash Mural heads again this year and wish you a great mural next year (I know you’ll go above and beyond again). Hope your senior year will be filled with creativity and fewer math assignments!

To Lisa Zhong, I will you diving boards galore and the ability to be a diving announcer. I am so happy I got to dive with you this year and hopefully will drop by to see you diving again next year. I will miss you and your Magikarp game, but I will remember you every time I see the Pokemon. Good luck next year!

To Gwen Olney, I will you the ability to dive without looking like you’re falling off. I swear there are times I think you will smack but surprise me with a 7-score dive. I’m glad you decided to join diving this year and hope that if you do it next year, annoy coach as much as you can.

To Dhaatri Maviti, I will you a tuner, metronome, and a sleep schedule. Child, please sleep and pay attention to your surroundings in orchestra. I fear what’ll happen when I don’t call you to rehearsals or concerts, but anyways, good luck next year. You are sooo close to being done so please sleep more and work less.

To Malcolm, I will you sleep and good vibes. I don’t know what to will you because your sleep schedule is messed up and you need a lot more than a will, no offense. Anyway, I am really glad I got closer to you this year because you are a funny guy, and seeing how caffeine has no effect on you is funny. Good luck in orchestra and with ISP, I’ll send good vibes to help you get through your year.

To all the other kids I talk with, I will every single one of you a better work-life balance. IMSA can really suck but don’t compromise your health, I genuinely worry for some of y’all. Good luck!


Rohan Jain

To Jaejun Park, I will you your glasses. Stop losing/breaking them. Stop breaking a lot of things, actually– from tables, boxes, and laundry hampers, to breaking my heart when you don’t let me talk to *****. But don’t worry, I know you are more than just a clumsy person. You are a genius in your own right and have always amazed me with your unique perspectives. From introducing us to a menagerie of adjectives to describe detestable… things… to making the most absurd logical jumps when trying to solve the riddles Daniel and I give you, you constantly shine above the rest like a diamond (sometimes a piece of coal) in the rough. A very high bar has been set for you by the rest of us, so do what you can to live up to it. 올 As 받기위해 재준이가 잠 못자고 피땀눈물 흘린걸 생각하니 안 쓰럽고 마음이 아프더라….우리 재준 이가 얼마나 힘들었을까? 사랑하 고 축복해요, 하나님이 주신 내 귀하 고 소중한 아들.

To Pranav Pabbisetty, I will you eyedrops for your pink eye. Thank you for having a room that we can always crash in. From playing 2k to using your air fryer when you and Jul aren’t even there, your room is a place where we can all have fun and relax. Thank you for being someone I can talk to about anything like whatever is mentally troubling me or choosing between different types of cologne. High school may have started a bit rough but I’m happy to see how you are picking yourself up and how passionate you are about things that you care about. It’s a trait that will take you far in life.

To Jul Hwangbo, I will you https://a.co/d/25CYsFQ. Please learn the fundamentals of the English language.

To Pranet Swain, I will you the ability to find solace during college apps. Remember to take breaks and focus on hobbies you enjoy. I still can’t believe you just know how to windmill, but didn’t show anyone on this planet until a pep rally moshpit.

To Melinda Yuan, I will you a happy and prosperous senior year. Our friendship has taken an interesting path since the era of you applying to IMSA as a freshman to the end of my senior year now. It’s been interesting seeing you grow so much within a pretty short two years. You’ve overcome many obstacles in your life and it’s really cool to see how you’ve matured in the way that you dealt with them. I like to think that I’m pretty in touch with my emotions and systematic with how I deal with my issues, but you are still able to pinpoint ways that I can deal with things in a healthier and overall better way. Thank you for that. I wish you luck with the rest of your high school career and hope that it is successful, but more importantly, I hope that you are able to be happy throughout its entirety.

To Bikrant Bhattacharyya, I will you my copy of Körner’s Fourier Analysis. It’s not very often that I come across someone with a passion for learning as strong as yours. From stupid AMC/AIME problems to Christoffel symbols to modeling e-bike sales, your drive and intellect always makes itself apparent. Good luck with learning cool math/physics, 04 decs, and whatever other endeavors you choose to take. Let me know if you ever find a solution to the Compressible Navier-Stokes equation (don’t show anyone else before me, especially not the Clay Mathematics Institute).

To Madhav Hota, I will you Naatu Naatu and Good Day biscuits. Thank you for being someone to talk to when I really needed it. I wish you all the best next year.

To Baby JHMC (Arjun Cherukuri and Vidyoot Senthil Venkatesh), I will you the unfinished dream of JHMC. Thank you guys for playing an active role this year. The fact that I didn’t have to pull an all-nighter for this year’s contests really says a lot about our group’s work ethic. Be better than me, and don’t be scared to try new things.

To Anirudh Chari, I will you GPT4. HEEHEEHEEHA.

To Jeffrey Yao, I will you Nav bar Nav bar Nav bar.


Ryleigh Jolliff

To Stella, I will you 06 C-wing, the best wing on campus (wing wars was rigged idc). I know you are going to be a great influence and resource for the sophomores next year. You already do so much for this wing and spread your positivity everywhere. The calendars you do are simply unmatched. I cannot wait to see you blossom into an amazing RSL. Out of all the people, I possibly could have left my beloved C-wing RSL position to, I am so happy it is you. With this position, I will you the most sacred C-wing tradition of “jumping on the couches ;)”. I also will you an amazing time during your last couple of years at IMSA. I know the days feel long, but the years go by so fast. Do not forget to have fun and make the most of your time here. Junior year is hard, but spending your free time with the right people makes it better. Last but not least, I will you an unlimited amount of Trader Joes juice and Ski. I know you greatly enjoy your sugary beverages and could not live without them (but please remember to drink some water). On a more serious note, I know you will do incredible things and I am so lucky to have been able to be such close friends with you this year. You have already accomplished so much and have incredible talent that will allow you to do anything you put your mind to. My time here with you is something I will forever cherish. There is so much more I could say to you, but I will wrap it up. Love you big time my brat (you are not actually a brat, you’re the sweetest).

To Nataliya, I will you infinite amounts of mad rizz. Not going to lie to you, you lowkey rizzed me into our current friendship, and for that, I am forever grateful. I will never forget the true rizz you showed to the young fellow who was competing in the math competition here at IMSA. He was super lost, and it was sadly obvious, so you yelled “Green sweatshirt! Yeah you. Are you lost?” and asked for his number and then continued on to point him in the right direction. I also will you unlimited amounts of lettuce. All the lettuce your heart could ever desire. Lastly I will you my favorite song by Afroman. You are to continue playing this song when you see fit because it is an amazing song and everyone should know it. You are one of the most genuinely kind people I have ever met and that has left such an impact on me. You have a one-of-a-kind personality and I am so blessed to have been able to be such good friends with you during my senior year. Love you so much ice spice jr.

To 06 C-wing, I will you all the funniest times and the most immaculate vibes. I lived in 06 C-wing for both of my years on campus and I have concluded that there is no place quite like C-wing. Continue to be a welcoming place and build close relationships. Keep sharing food you cook at check, throw wing celebrations, watch movies, and do other fun things together. I know you guys are going to make an epic comeback in wing wars next year!! This wing has helped shape me into the person I am today and for that, I am forever grateful. I love you all so much and I know you will all do wonderful things!!


Sachleen Tuteja

To 1503, I will you countless unforgettable memories that you’ll reminisce on 10 years from now. Y’all are the most extraordinary, infectiously energetic, and funny group of individuals. I will you hall pride to showcase on the way to pep rally, and Take Me Home and Water Under the Bridge concerts after. I will you the vitality to continue opening the vestibule doors (and your hearts) to whoever may walk through. From the very bottom of my heart, thank you for making Downtown 03 hom3 and for the memories of a lifetime — the post-10 check convos, drill, and, of course, our COTH after party. It’s been an honor <333.

To Joey, ¿que pasa masa? I will you an underclassman who unconditionally supports you, as you did for me. Joey, honestly, words cannot express how incredibly grateful I am to be in awe of your awesomeness these past two years. You are so incredibly hardworking, creative, and passionate. I will you an underclassman who gives you the best hugs, calls toothpaste “salsa de dientes,” and Instagram stalks with you. Thank you for always being there for me and for allowing me to be a small part of your IMSA journey, you’ll always be my og sophee <33. I hope your senior year is everything you imagined and more. Please—pretty please—keep in touch, masito.

To Nethra, I will you LPDC. Yeah, you probably saw this coming, but it’s okay. Working with you has been a privilege, you are so talented! Thank you for bearing with me this year, for all the learning moments, and for always being my cheerleader. I will you the patience and grit to make LPDC anything and everything you want it to be. Go crazy. I have no doubt that you’ll take it to new levels. But, most importantly, enjoy your last year here to the fullest. Take some time out for yourself. And if you ever want to talk, need help slicing pizza, or a main walk buddy, I’m always here. I love you so much <33.

To Ryan Li, to think we didn’t know each other before November. I will you nothing short of the most memorable, incredible, and spectacular senior year, and an underclassman partner in crime. You have crazy potential and are the most kind hearted, warmest person ever. Thank you for dealing with my insanity during drill practices and always being so supercalifragilisticexpialidociously supportive. I’ve absolutely loved chilling in the hall commons with you, thank you for the concerts (omg I can tell people I knew THE RYAN LI). Please text or call whenever, I’ll miss you <33.

To Kaella and Kaylee, my favorite roomie pair! I will you all the markers in the world to draw “this is bob” on your hands and years full of laughter and wonderful times. Thank you for being the shining rays of sunshine that you are. Y’all are phenomenal young women, I admire you so so so much. Keep slaying, you have beautiful futures ahead of you. I’ll always be cheering you on :)).

To Jongwoo, I will you a remarkable and fulfilling future as an RSL.In all honesty, I don’t know of anyone better suited for the job. I have full confidence that you will continue to make 03 not only a family, but the pride and joy of all the city dwellers. You are a marvelous and brilliant individual. Never stop believing in yourself. Oh, and I also will you new glasses. Yeah, that was unfortunate. But hopefully, you never have to wear contacts again. And if you ever need literally anything, please please don’t hesitate to reach out.

To ALLIES Board (Lisa, Sindhu, Jongwoo), I will you a year as fantabulous and awesome as y’all, and hopefully (fingers crossed) our emails don’t go to spam. Your dedication to ALLIES is commendable, and I’m so grateful to have gotten to know y’all. For real, thank you for being an inspiration. You have the best energy and the brightest, most genuine ideas. Run with them. Don’t be afraid to push yourselves. I know you’ll continue to do amazing things <33.

To Josie, I will you endless sleep…and more glu head massages. Thank you for always bringing a smile to my face and being the sweetest sophee ever. It has been a privilege being your neighbor, thank you for letting me chill in your room in the wee hours of the morning. You are bound to break boundaries, and please, never lose your enthusiasm. Please please please with a cherry on top stay in touch.

To Aashima, I will you a 2 am wing commons homie. Your bubbliness is infectious, thank you for sharing your joy with me. You may not know this, but you’ve uplifted me during some of the hardest times (senior year, am I right?). I appreciate you so so much, Aashmi. I will you a carefree senior year filled with more beautiful memories and less “aight.” If you ever need anything, you know what to do.

To Tommy, I will you more epic Tommy Throw moments during pep rally. Thank you for always radiating positive energy, Bobby. Wait no, sorry, I meant Johnny. You have such an easygoing personality and it’s always a pleasure talking with you. Thank you for being the mature one in the commons, my fellow 2006er. Best of luck for the next two years, make it memorable! Reach out whenever, I would love to talk :)).

To Rushina, I will you fresh Hawaiian dragon fruit. How crazy is it that we ran into each other in Hawaii :00 I hope you get to see another volcano erupt (at a safe distance ofc) and try some yummy new delicacies. Thank you for all the cha in the wing commons, I’m going to miss it. I’ve cherished hanging out and talking with you, you have so much love to give, queen. Thank you for all the memories.

To Rachel, I will you an upperclassman who runs away as often as I do and to remind them how they’re never there during check. “Omg, you’re here today?” Yup, unbelievable right?! In all seriousness though, Rachel, thank you for all the post-10 check convos. I hope you continue to spread your immaculate vibes around campus, bestie. Feel free to reach out for anything, even if it’s to tell me I’m not there :)).

To Dara, dorritooo, I will you the knowledge of all the Spanish grammar gods. Thank you for carrying me through Spanish (literally how are you so good!). I’m so glad we’ve gotten to know each other. I will you Joey’s stolen backpack again next year (send proof pls). But in all seriousness, Dara, thank you for everything. You are a gem of a person and I wish you nothing but the best.

To Natalia and Nathaniel, the og biochem buddies, I will you the most chillax (does anyone even say that anymore?) senior year. Thank you for sticking it through with me in Biochem and Spec Fic. Natalia – I will you more coffee shop aesthetics, they’re a vibe fr. Nathaniel, I will you sleep. Please, sleep, I beg you. Y’all have impeccable work ethics, it’s been a joy seeing you grow.

To all underclassmen, I will you the ability to live in the moment. In all honesty, IMSA is not easy and your time here flies by, but I truly hope you’ll take a moment to look up from your problem sets, and admire how far you’ve come since you first stepped foot on campus. Hold on to each other a little tighter, be your authentic selves, and cherish each and every moment, you never know where life will take you next. I will you unparalleled memories that you will carry with you and that will always bring a smile to your face. Much love <333


Saketh Dontaraju

To Srihari Gurugubelli, I will you Rice and Daal for the rest of your IMSA experience. Thank you for feeding me during my everlasting bulk, and for being a great underclassman to talk to. Talking to you often feels like I’m talking to another version of myself, and I’m glad I was able to watch you grow into a dependable and ready person. Starting from the middle school scholastic bowl days to finally being co-facilitators, a part of ISA together, and a forever part of your room—our journey has been super memorable. Next year, find another underclassman to leech off of your endless supply of food and have spontaneous and hilarious conversations all the time. I already know you’re on top of it, so I can’t even give you any advice about managing your time wisely or being responsible. Continue to be unapologetically yourself, wherever the future takes you. You know I’m coming back so we will be partaking in more temple trips and I will finally scoop you (and __ ). I’ll miss you in New York, so until then, stay solid and keep in touch often. (P.S. thanks for the quarter-zip, I will not be returning it.)

To Jerrick Li, I will you the CSSC and a planner. You are a very interesting human being Jerrick, but I’m super glad to have you. From the late night C-wing chats to those in your room this year, I know that you have such amazing potential, and I already start to see you realize it. You are a strong and capable leader, one that can rally everyone around you. Keep your head high and show everyone what you’re made of, because you are one of the toughest people I know. Finally, bring the CSSC back to its full potential and give them everything you have. Beyond that, thank you for being an amazing friend—whether it was you ranting about your perilous love life or one of us needing advice about what to do next, you’ve had my back and helped me through so much. I’m going to miss all of those chats—but not for long because you’ll be joining me in New York. I hope a planner can replace me yelling at you about the PCR lab or the Kotty essay, just until you slide to NYU. Don’t stress too much, and give me a call when things feel a little overwhelming. Keep in touch often besides that too, I’m going to miss you bro.

To the future ISA Board (Aadi, Faizaan, Pranav, Srihari, Anjali, Kannan, Manu, Riya), I will you a full-fledged Diwali. Thank you guys for making my final year of ISA one to remember. I had so many genuine laughs, real conversations, and pieces of advice that I could never forget. Improve ISA in ways that we could never dream of, it’s your time now.

To ISA Junior Board (Aadi, Faizaan, Pranav, Srihari), I will you someone to make the publicity for your events. As seniors next year, the leadership of ISA falls on all of you. Make sure to lead the club strongly, giving everyone room to voice their opinions. Trust yourselves with external issues and don’t let anyone step over you. We’re trusting you all to make ISA a better club than when we left, y’all got it. Also bring back Dosa Night 2: The Conclusion level graphics!

To ISA Sophomore Board (Anjali, Kannan, Manu, Riya), I will you more Chai. You guys are a strong-willed group that gave me so much to teach and learn. I’m sorry I couldn’t get to all of your ideas, but take them and bring them to life next year. Grow as board members and help the board reach its maximum potential. I believe in you guys!

To Riya Gumidyala and Manu Mamillapalli, I will you a successful Starbucks walking trip. Although we recently started talking, you guys have been great friends and people. Make sure to take care of yourselves and stop SoSSing! One day, we will actually go on a walking trip early in the morning, but I’m convinced it will not be anytime soon!

To Stephen Walsh, I will you state and national dubs. What a W Quiz Bowl player, am I right? Stephen, you have motivated me to grind so much for Quiz Bowl, and been such an important piece of our Quiz Bowl team for the past two years. We definitely don’t play our best without you, and even if our team negs 56 times in a tournament, it doesn’t matter because we have so much fun doing it. Same with the History Bowl roster for sure—even if we never activated our full potential, it was still a tremendous amount of fun. Keep the traditions ongoing next year while becoming a steadfast scorer. Don’t overthink stuff and don’t neg when you don’t have to. Get more powers, branch out into different subjects (like literature), and have the team help you. Finally, for this year and next, let’s go win a national championship.

To the Quiz Bowl team, I will you a year full of carding. Quiz Bowl at IMSA was more than an activity to me, it was a place where I truly could let go and be myself. Let go, don’t forget your cards, and just have fun. Make so many memories and new friends. I entrust it all to you.

To Divya Brahmbhatt, I will you new drone pieces and Indian background tracks. You are by far the worst (and best) Cinema Head I’ve had the pleasure of leading. While we had one major timeliness incident, you are actually a very trustworthy and responsible editor, and the movies (especially 04 and Casa de La Luna) end up turning out fire. Maybe if you had helped on 1503 Movie last year, we wouldn’t have gotten 07th place. Anyways, find another video head to do shenanigans with, pull more all nighters for Clash Videos, and create a fire Prom Video. With the drone fixed up and some more Indian music, I think those projects will be pretty gas. Also, if you could refrain from texting in the साकेत का Rizz group chat (unless it is to flame Dhruv), it would be appreciated.

To ISP Cabinet (Eve, Winston, Amanda, Malcolm, Alea) , I will you guys the ability to do things after 4:30 in ITMC. The future of ISP has been bequeathed to you, usher in a great new era of ISP, especially one with better deadlines than we had. I trust you to bring ISP to new heights and spur amazing ideas. Best of luck guys!

To the future ISP Board, I will you new trainees and personal projects. Make sure to train people and have fun while doing it, especially since ISP is a club that exists nowhere else. Do lots of fun personal projects as well! I’m looking forward to seeing what you create!

To Haoran Shi, I will you the best Propic for Clash next year. You are a beast, a force to be reckoned with. Even with the slow renders and projects, you still managed to carry Propic. Keep the insane work up junior year, with your work ethic, you cannot be stopped. I’m also going to miss how genuine and kind you are, so make sure to keep in touch. Basically, it’s confirmed.

To IMPACT, I will you SLX presentations that aren’t slideshows. Keep your classes engaged next year and teach them how not to use Google Slides!

To Shatakshi Chatterjee, I will you a great new LEAD student. You were an amazing student in my class, and your passion for everything you do is inspiring. I’m glad I got to know and talk to you this year, and I hope that you find a new underclassmen that gives you the same experience!

To Melinda Yuan, Aishat Balogun, Anjali Ali, and Luci Stocco, I will you Bagel Party. Take care of it and find a creative title to continue it! I’ll be back to eat some bagels next year!!

To Ashwin Nair (bablu), I will you a junior that carries you in a science class. Your knowledge of organic chemistry will forever be the thing that saved me, and beyond that, I can see how much effort you put into learning. Please keep that up, even during your SSS, but find a junior that will help you out!

To Bobby Mandell, Jose Florenzano, Arnav Patel, and Adi Pashupati, I will you some crazy new sophomores to deal with. You guys were super crazy, but also really funny and dope. Find people like that next year, and you will enjoy it.

To Einsey Socrates, I will you Anirudh Ravichander’s jacket. Keep being outgoing and social, working on Class Club, and partying it up. Hopefully, Mr. Ravichander has a concert in New York so I can get his jacket for you.

To Raphael Talusan, I will you a chill next year. Enjoy how nice senior year is, and slide to the Fitness Center. Thanks for getting me in there, by the way, the gains will come soon. Also, take care of Visualizations and get another two good juniors on the team!

To Aditya Prashanth and Arjun Cherukuri, I will you a room that doesn’t smell. Adi, thank you for being such a great stats partner and good friend. Arjun, sorry I was such a terrible Big Sib! Keep up the good work and have a good senior year!

To Rithik Thekniath, Faizaan Shaikh, Anirudh Chari, I will… I don’t even know. Rithik, you were a great help for math and a very cool person to talk to. Faizaan, your casual professionalism was pretty inspiring, make sure to use it next year. Anirudh, you were bogus but work super hard so respect, keep up the grind.

To Sahil Veeravali (chandramukhi), Vidyoot Senthilvenkatesh (venky mama), Vikram Rao (nickname tbd), I will you guys a quad. Chandramukhi, you are the goat bro, keep up the organic chemistry grind. Venky Mama, you are equally as goated, you are a nice human. Nickname TBD, you are the goat as well, I respect the IMPACT grind.


Samuel Go

À Stephen Walsh, je te lègue une note de français parfait, la capacité de parler polonais et irlandais, un prof SIR qui acceptera vos propositions pour dissoudre le Canadien National et la désignation de “Frodo Baggins du monde Quiz Bowl” pour sauver tout le monde du Mordor, dirigé par les équipes de Barrington et Buffalo Grove. Je suis si content de t’avoir rencontré l’année dernière ici. De BC et MVC à Français et Quiz Bowl, tu m’as toujours aidé quand j’en avais besoin. Je me souviendrai toujours les diatribes de la mauvaise urbanisme sur le chemin aux concours Quiz Bowl. On gagne à faire l’une des personnes les plus ésotériques dans l’AMSI et j’espère que tu garderas cet esprit pour le reste de ton temps ici. Pour ta dernière année à l’AMSI, voyager plus! Explorez les profondeurs de ton curiosité, mais explorez la communauté ici aussi. J’ai confiance que tu trouveras des amis aussi uniquement curieux que toi après mon départ. Peut-être tu trouveras un autre admirateur des Simpsons. ;) Et souviens-toi, si tu as besoin de mon aide, tu peux m’appeler toujours. (P.S.: tu devrais chanter à nouveau pour pouvoir devenir le prochain chanteur de “Kansas.”)

To Nathaniel Huang, I will you the ability to speak the Taiwanese Hokkien that you’ve always known how to listen to but never uttered a word of and the “la dolce vita” spirit of the French so you can be assured that taking life easy as a German student is good sometimes. ;) You’re the first underclassman I met here that wasn’t myself (I’m still gonna make fun of you for being 8 months older than I am) and I’m so glad to see you break out of your shell from an awkward and slightly sheltered southern IL kid to a more open and sociable Chicago kid that was able to find his own niche at IMSA. Moving up north definitely had something to do with that… Conquer SocENT, find freedom in Chicago, and go into senior year with the confidence that everything will be alright if you make it alright. Viel Glück!

To Albert Han, I will you a comb from Makerspace so you won’t look like Rodrick Heffley after running XC in the rain. I’m glad to see you grow from an ambitious sophomore to an ambitious junior that knows how to chill. You’re the perfect mix of whimsical and nerdy, from the zillion times you’ve tried to dupe me with your shoulder taps to hard-carrying me in BC and ModPhys. Keep ‘er movin’, find someone else to race against the cross country team on a bike, and please come up with a backup plan if someone doesn’t fall for your “Guess what?” charade.

To Garrett Snedden, I will you full production rights to your future album of indie piano compositions. Your musicianship is unmatched, period. Even after five years of knowing you, I’ve never met another student as dedicated to the world of music as you are. You’re not just a performer; you go the extra mile to arrange and compose your own songs. Keep that spirit with you in everything you do. Can’t wait to hear you at your next recitals!

To Vignesh Tiruvannamalai, I will you the ability to bake. Snarky gags aside, I’m happy to see you grow into a more proactive person this year. Keep going down that path, quell your anxiety, continue to take charge as an RSL, keep winning those Innovation Awards, and don’t warm up your cookies with the express-cook setting!

To Michael Zyskowski, I will you the remaining 100-page stack of printed memes that I still have after six months and a band that can keep their intonation as well as you keep yours (watch out for sharpness!). It’s kind of funny how our friendship literally started with those memes in the IRC, by the way, but I’ll take it. You’ve carried yourself as a confident and approachable person ever since I knew you, and it’s visible from the Graphic Novels room to the band sectionals in the music wing. Don’t change that; your personality and your patience will serve you well as the unofficial leader of the winds. Have fun with 05 B-wing (and please get McCarthy to conduct symphony orchestra more).

To Dominik Kozbiel, I will you Joe Satriani and Eric Johnson’s complete discographies so you can enjoy some change of scenery from listening to prog rock all day. You’ve always come off as a wholesome person—the right mix of kindness, confidence, and humility within a soul. I hope you can find someone else to geek out over ‘70s bands with. Keep rocking, keep grinding, and one day you’ll get the hang of “Cliffs of Dover.”

To Vidyoot Senthilvenkatesh and Sahil Veeravalli, I will you both Ventra cards, Metra Electric Reduced 10-Ride tickets, and library access to Regenstein for another year of journeys into the city of Chicago. Walk along 57th Street and explore Hyde Park more with whatever little time you guys have between finding the cure to cancer and inventing the elixir of immortality. Keep your ambition high; it’s what gives you both your intellectual enthusiasm and work ethic. Aim for the stars since you guys have clearly reached the moon already! (P.S.: if you guys are looking for a place to safely store anything of interest, put it between the narrow corners of Regenstein’s sub-basement book stacks, specifically from Aisle HA 1151.C3, v.123 to Aisle HA 1173.A32, no. 423-425.)

To Adi Pashupati, Annabelle Zhang, Mia Park, and Dylan Xianto, I will you the collective knowledge of the Quiz Bowl seniors. You’ve all shown your potential to face off against the Quiz Bowl Goliaths on your own. I trust that you can fry the bigger fish in the north suburban teams and beyond. Show Ganeshan who’s boss, embrace the power of Blåhaj, and enjoy the new team shirts that we will hopefully have finished designing by now.


Sanjana Nekkanti

To Aashima Sisodia, I will you an amazing time as Co-Swim Team Captain, you’ve got this! I hope you have an amazing, fun, and memorable senior year filled with laughter, love, and good times. Please don’t over stress yourself too much! Continue being a leader in math and Debate, and get those college acceptances because you deserve them. You are fantastic, caring, brave, goofy, and ambitious. I hope you achieve everything you want to. We never did get that boba… keep in touch and I’ll always be there for you. :)

To Lisa Zhong, I also wish you an amazing time as Co-Swim Team Captain, you’ve got this! Remember your promise to actually go to the gym, and participate in Clash and culture shows your senior year! I hope you have an awesome and happy senior year filled with fun, happy memories, and accomplishments. You are amazing, compassionate, funny, and hardworking. I hope you are able to achieve everything you want to, and I’m always happy to read over anything you write. Please keep in touch. :)


Sara Kashyap

To Manya Davis, I will you the best memories senior year has to offer. This year has been such a blast getting to know you. From seeing your amazing outfits everyday in math, to having late night study sessions that turn into rant and laughing sessions, you are such a down to earth, and bright spirited person. You work so hard every day and put everything into what you do. You are going to accomplish so much in your life. I hope you take some time to look back on everything amazing that you are doing and never underestimate yourself and your accomplishments. I have so many things to thank you for and no words to express them. Every moment has been so full of life and laughter. I wish you so much good fortune in your future and I am so excited to see all the amazing things you are going to do.

To Aashima Sisodia, I will you a stress free SSS. I have thoroughly enjoyed swimming and laughing in lane five for the past two years, and I am so proud to watch you grow into Swim Team Captain. You are amazing in everything you do, whether it is MAO, Swim Team, Debate, or school, you are always accomplishing so much. I hope you never forget how much you have done and how much you continue to do every day. Remember to take some breaths and be proud of everything. You deserve the most stress free last couple months of school where you get to finally relax a little. I wish you the best for everything in life!

To Lisa Zhong, I will you a stress free SSS. I am so thankful for all the memories that I have made with you these past two years. From sitting outside during the end of the year to swimming with you and watching you find your groove on the Dive Team, to seeing how amazing you are with a paint brush, I have seen all the amazing things you do. You work so hard and I will you time to enjoy and participate in the culture shows that you wanted too. I also hope you make time to go to the gym and prioritize you next year like you have wanted too. Good luck with everything in your future!!

To Danica Sun, I will you a physics buddy. I have really enjoyed getting to know you in E&M this semester. Laughing through class because we don’t understand what is happening and wasting mods talking about life have become a fun part of physics. Thank you so much for explaining all the concepts to me every time I am confused. I know you are going to do amazing things no matter what you choose in the future, whether it is Econ and CS or something else. You are such a positive light and I am so thankful that I got to know you a little bit this semester. I wish you the best for senior year and beyond.

To Eve Cunneen, I will you underclassmen who will keep up with door frame conversations. I remember staying up late and talking across the hallway getting to know both you and Manya better. I loved getting to know you even more through Engineering. You have the most remarkable ideas for how to make our projects work. I hope you never stop sharing them with the world!

To Himani Musku, I will you someone who will make Titan Crew bearable. Getting to know you this year has been so much fun. Ranting about Titan Crew and talking to you after was one of the highlights of my Fridays. I hope for your sake that Titan Crew never comes back, however, I will you someone who will make the most annoying classes or activities fun and much less terrible. Good luck with everything and I know you will make so many good memories in the future.

To Sohum Kashyap, I will you success with all your passions. Whether it is CS projects, starting a company with your friends, or exploring something new, I know you will always find your way if you follow what you enjoy. I hope you keep prioritizing the things you enjoy regardless of how other people view them, even Mum and Dad. You are amazing and you do so many amazing things every day. I am going to miss running into you in the hallways even when you “don’t see me” to wave back at me, and I am excited to see you reach your gym goals, even though your muscles will never be as big as mine. Watch out because my arm wrestling superiority is coming for you. I am so proud of you, and I know you are going to accomplish so many cool things during your time at IMSA. Give me a call when you want to get rid of some of your wardrobe, I need new shirts. Love you bro.


Sarah Wheeler

To Ryan Li, I will you one copy of The Fault in Our Stars and a better taste in potential situationships. Knowing you has easily been one of the highlights of my IMSA experience. From gossiping through CORE mod rev to taking Access walks, your presence has filled me with so much laughter and joy. You, Ryan, are going to do amazing things. Your work ethic will get you places, and your passion will take you farther. Still, remember to take a break every once in a while—life’s better when you’re well-rested. Keep in touch, and borahae.

To Diya Kamath, I will you a senior year full of wonderfully written essays. Diya, my faithful Writing Center devotee, it has been an honor to watch you grow both as a person and a writer over the past two years. Feel free to send me any future papers you’re stuck on. :)

To Joey Paras, I will you a continued love for IMPACT and many more ISP photography sessions. Thank you for sticking with me (being stuck with me?) for all of sophomore year LEAD, and eventually going from a student to a friend. I know you and Vikram are going to take IMPACT to another level next year and that the next batch of sophs are going to have the time of their lives. Continue chasing your goals, and don’t be too surprised if you end up somewhere better than you expected (*cough* IMPACT *cough*).

To Sophia Ait Boucherbil, I will you our PAWZ SmartPlanter and a senior year full of fun computer science classes. My only regret is not getting to know you sooner, because you are an absolutely amazing human being. From convincing me to root for Morocco during the World Cup to your never ending passion for Tuxedo Sam, you have made my last year here so much better. Thank you for teaching me how to tie my shoes “the cool way,” I’ll always think of you when I need a show-stopping party trick.

To Nathaniel Huang, I will you a C-Trad ribbon that never gets tangled. Nathaniel!!! I am so, so glad I got to know you better over this past year. You are so incredibly hard working, smart, and fun to be around. Even though you switched from IMPACT to SocEnt (I forgive you), working with you on LEAD has been an amazing experience. If I had to choose anyone’s ribbon to get tangled in and almost thrown off stage with, I’m glad it was yours. Have a WONDERFUL senior year, you deserve it.

To Tatyana Pronitcheva & Jazmyn Johnson, I will you the LEAD program. You two are some of the most talented, hardworking, and wholesome individuals on this campus, and your enthusiasm for the coordinator position makes me so, so happy. Tatyana, your work ethic and vision will take the team to new heights. Jaz, you make people feel included and connected like no one else. LEAD is in good hands, and I hope that the program will bring you the same joy and friendships that it has for me. Reach out if you ever need anything—I’ll always cheer you on.

To the LEAD juniors (rising seniors!), I will you a group of junior facilitators just as amazing as you all have been. Thank you for coming into the program with passion and an open mind, and for truly making each module your own. Every hour you have spent revising the curriculum and training has made LEAD better, both for the students and the facilitators. You are all so smart, kind, and funny, each in your own way, and I have loved getting to know you over this past year and a half. I hope your senior years are stress-free and filled with laughter, and that you’ll build a fami-LEAD (sorry Vikram LOL) just as strong as this year’s team.

To Luke Mauk, Brooke Hilderbrant, and Sydney Hunter, I will you our ACLU chapter and another year of changemaking and advocacy. Running an activism-based club in a STEM school is no easy feat, but you all continue to come up with ideas that are both true to our mission and relevant to the IMSA community. Brooke and Luke, I know you two will be the best (and only) Co-Directors the chapter has ever had. Sydney, thank you for your hard-work and diligence over the past year, it does not go unappreciated. I have no doubt that all three of you will leave your mark on the community. Keep up the good work, and always remember that dissent is patriotic. :)

To Victoria Nalepka, David Dickson, Marcus Kubon, Laksh Mehta, Aditya Hansoty, and Mila Wolkowitz, I will you many successful UNICEF fundraisers. Working with y’all over the past couple of years has been a delight, and I thank you for your patience when I *always* have audio issues. I wish you all the best, both in and out of UNICEF related adventures!!
To Eve Cunneen, Brandon Rogers, Ishan Shankar, Navya Dixit, Anjali Samal, and Netra Rameshbabu, I will you an overnight camping trip to a dark zone of your choosing. Your creativity and dedication to TAS is out of this world (haha, get it? ;)) Stay Spacey.


Shaan Doshi

To Bobby Mandell and Jose Florenzano, I will you my Airtag + case and white Aero t-shirt so you guys can match. You guys are my favorite couple on campus (yes, romantically) and the best roommate pair by far. Your guys’ closeness is so rare and amazing, and I hope you never lose that connection. I’m going to miss A23 so much, from playing Cards Against Humanity, to almost peeing my pants playing Gang Beasts. Bobby, I’ll definitely come to Y practices unofficially next year, and Jose, let’s go on a super long bike ride so you can teach me about my unnecessarily fancy bike.

To Faizaan Shaikh, I will you some better humor and athletic ability since you’re in desperate need of both. I’ve always enjoyed the time you’ve spent in the quad , and admire your work ethic and involvement on this campus. You’re one of the main reasons Indoor Outdoor is so much fun, and I’m always down to run up badminton with you (we still have to beat Vikram + Ramzi and Rhea + Bhavya!).

To Haoran Shi, I will you some more educational videos about topology and love. I still have not figured out the secret to your insane amount of rizz, but I’m going to buy a red Ferrari hat and see if that works in college. I’m really glad I got to know you during the Chicago Movie trip and Drill, and your constant smile always makes my day better.

To Arnav Patel, I will you that two-handed tennis racket you showed me so that you can finally not be horrible at tennis (nah jk, it’ll handicap you so I can finally win). There was always something insane happening in A-wing because of you, and it made life a lot more fun. Try not to terrorize Bobby and Jose too much next year, but I give you permission to prank them at least once on my behalf.

To Rithik Thekiniath, I will you my copy of the Euler’s identity derivation I have hanging in my room. You’re one of the smartest people I know and you honestly inspire me to keep learning the things I find interesting. I hope you never lose the motivation to explore the impractical, even if it doesn’t yield results. Never stop drawing, learning magic, cup stacking, and folding origami, and please teach me how to make a magic ball by the end of the year.

To Josefh Hernandez, I will you a healthy junior year and an awesome SIR (I am invested in your search at this point lol). I’ve always enjoyed our conversations in the quad and Arnav’s room, and hope we hang out more before the year ends. Your commitment to running is amazing, and if you ever need someone to push you in a wheelchair, I got you.

To Victoria Nalepka, I will you more consistent texts from me. I’m sorry we stopped talking this year, I still want to know what’s happening in your life. You’ve always been someone I can rely on and talk to, and I’m going to miss playing beach volleyball and trash talking you. Please take care of Bobby and Jose next year, and btw, when you get recruited, I am 100% going to brag about knowing you. Also, please say hi to Mrs. Scarupa for me!

To Ashwin Nair, I will you my Famous Amos cookies so you can finally stop stealing them. Your large personality is always a welcome sight in the quad, and I’m going to miss your insanely out of pocket jokes and the wrestling that comes after them. Please change your account name on Switch, and we should go watch a movie together sometime, just the two of us. ;)

To Advayth Pashupathi, I will you a LET’S ROLL. I love the balance you have in life, from playing cards and Smash in the wing to grinding USACO and coding Angry Birds. I sincerely apologize that you had to room with Arnav for a year, and I promise not to wake you up anymore when he forgets his fob.

To Anirudh and Blessita, I will you a Devin 2.0 for you guys to stalk at Robotics next year. You both made comps so much fun for me, and are some of the most hardworking people I know. Thanks for keeping me company while eating my mac ‘n’ cheese Blessita, and for making BC III so much fun Anirudh. Keep in touch next year, and let me know if you ever need another Spikeball partner or USACO teacher!

To Aadi Desai, I will you a venge.io rematch so I can finally beat you! This past year of SIR has been a blast with you, and I’ll never forget you running to the bus 15 minutes late wearing slides in the pouring rain and writing on the wall thinking it was dry-erase. I admire the determination and effort you put into everything but our SIR, and hope a new Juice WRLD song is released, just for you. Don’t forget about your dreams of hiking in the future, and try to keep things in perspective as you head into the tunnel that is first-semester senior year.

To the 05D-Wing Up-Quad: Sree, Raph, Hagen, and Angel, I will you an awesome wing community next year. It sucks that we drifted apart this year, but some of my favorite memories of all time have been in D-Wing with you guys. As long as you guys are together, I know you’ll be set, and possibly the most jacked quad on campus next year??

To Adi Prashanth, I will you a window screen to protect you from your hordes of admirers. You’re honestly one of the most genuine people here, and don’t give yourself enough credit for your smartness. Mechanics with you was a lot of fun, and please get a better photo ID for next year.

To Nour Husseini, I will you one free Saketh punch. Your gift of being able to make fun of absolutely anyone for anything is truly amazing, and I’m glad I met you through the housewives. Please keep doing work for ISP and maybe work on your poker face too, then you might finally be good at Chameleon!


Shiqi Cheng

To Danica Sun, I will you more Hawaii sweatshirts, water bottles with a whole lid, and Extra gum to keep you awake during class. Thank you for being such an awesome companion in my physics classes this year (physics is fat) and a friend in general. You are doing great things and I wish you the best of luck in the future.

To Aashima Sisodia, I will you Mu Alpha Theta and more sleep. Please stop sleeping at 4AM. Seriously. I wish you the best of luck with all of your club activities and future endeavors. College app season will eventually be fine and you will get through. Carry on CoTSP, Board Game Nights, Integration Bee, JHMC, and every other event (aka don’t let MAO die). I’ll make you die (jkjk). For legal reasons, that was not a threat.

To the rest of Mu Alpha Theta and JHMC, I will you all of my well wishes. You will do great and carry on one of my favorite parts of IMSA. :DD

To Kaylee Huang, I will you even more joy than you already have. You’re such an awesome, outgoing human and I hope you stay that way as you make your way through your next two years at IMSA. Continue the viola-superiority at IMSA (don’t be afraid to snap a few E-strings if necessary). Good luck in the future!

To all the other people I forgot to will (decently sure there’s at least a few of you), I will you sorries and the excuse of “I filled out this Google Form really late at night.” So many of you underclassmen have been awesome people, and I will you all a brilliant rest of your IMSA career & life.


Shreya Chakraborty

To Sree Atyam, I will you all the best for your long awaited journey through those college apps. You’re an extremely hardworking, kind, and deserving friend and I can’t wait to see where you go in the future! I’ll miss all the post-check grind calls, spontaneous deep convos, and vibing in the Writing Center. Fr though, stop imposter-syndroming yourself; you are so much smarter and more capable than you think. :)) You’ve got this in the bag, trust.

To David Biruduganti, I will you all of the miniscule amount of energy I have left after CompuSci, as I couldn’t have gotten through that class without you. You are one of the smartest, kindest, and coolest juniors I know and I am so lucky to have gotten to know you through this last semester of painful programming. I know you’ll be going places, and I can’t wait to see all your hard work pay off next year. :)) Thank you for being a wonderful friend and unmatchable CompuSci partner.

To Srihari, I will you a wonderful senior year surrounded by friends with hearts as big as yours. You are genuinely one of the most amicable juniors I know and not only have you carried me through CompuSci, but you’ve sacrificed so much for Class Club, ISA, and your friends in general. I’m so glad I’ve been able to get to know you and am so, so excited to see what the future holds for you!

To Manu, Anjali, and Riya, I will you all my ISA executive powers, most importantly the ability to disagree, to stand against conformity, and speak up for yourself. You all have incredible ideas and have made significant contributions to ISA’s board and will continue to do so in the future. Keep your head up and give ISA the touch of female representation we need. <3

To Ellen, I will you my cleats and shin guards, cuz I wasn’t able to find any for you to borrow for this year, but I got you set for next year’s soccer season fs. I look forward to practices spent passing the ball with you, stuck in our contagious conversations. I’ll miss my best soccer bud and I better see you score every goal next year!!

To Fope, Anjali, Katherine, and Netra, I will you all my gajar halwa and granola, as there is no one else I would rather share my food with. You guys are the sweetest wing sophs I could ask for and I love all the random late night conversations we have about SI Physics, sriracha bagels, and the best places to visit in Chicago. I will miss each one of you dearly and if I visit IMSA as an alum (which y’all know I won’t) it will be for you guys. :))

To Einsey Socrates and Riya Shah, I will you guys ALL the leftover money from our SCC account, because there’s no one I trust more to plan an elite prom in the next couple years!! I can’t think of better presidents for IMSA’s Class Clubs, and I genuinely admire your guys’ optimism, flexibility, and willingness to work so insanely hard for every single food cart, fundraiser, and collab. I’m so lucky to have worked with you in every collab during each overlapped event! I can’t wait to see what happens with next year’s Class Clubs, best of luck to you both!


Sofia Zasiebida

To the future of JSA, Gwen, Raghav, Ben, and Clay, I will you all a successful year filled with engaging events and hopefully more conventions than this year!

To future C-wing inhabitants, I will you a clean sink and another Wing Wars win!! Show everyone we’re still the best wing on campus. :)

To Crochet Club, Natalia, Eli, and Grania, I will you more crochet hooks! Yes, I have quite a few to donate. Thank you for your commitment and friendship this year. <3


Sophia Syed

To Sabriya Attia, I will you countless hours of Fortnite. I hope you finally find someone worthy of your skills! I am glad to have you as my only true Bartlett bestie. Remember to believe, honor, and succeed. Dream big. Ca-caw!

To Sukanya Ghosh, I will you sanity. I hope you have a great senior year. Thank you for being a Home Depot dad. <3.

To Nethra and Kate, I will you more fun times in Symoniak’s class. Nethra, please visit Kate at work sometimes.


Sridevi Krothapalli

To Rachel Qi and Katherine Ge, I will you many more wholesome nights after 10-check. You guys made my senior year so incredibly memorable beyond words. Keep in touch! Love you like my own sisters. <3.

To Josie Kim, I will you someone that plays with Frau’s stuffed animals even after I leave. You’re a fantastic friend with everlasting kindness. I cannot wait for your upcoming success!

To Ishan B, I will you another akka who is basically the same age as you. Thank you for letting me be yours. :) All of your hard work and determination is bound to pay off very well—I am excited for your future! Also, whenever I catch a break, we’re going to have to hang out!

To Cara Jacob, I will you the best senior year ever. You have been the friend that I go to for, let’s be honest, literally everything. Thank you for always being there to hype me up and take a walk with me whenever I am feeling down. I used to feel like my thoughts were invalid, wishing for something beyond the ordinary. You’ve helped me believe in myself and my future. One that because of you, I will yearningly work hard towards. Love you so much, Carebear!

To Rhea Shah, I will you Plainfield. As simple as that. (And the world, because that’s what you deserve. <3) Thank you for helping me with everything and being there for me through thick and thin. I am proud of you. I hope no matter what happens at this school, you’ll remember that. It is forever factual.

To Manu M and Carissa C, I will you guys so many more insightful conversations at lunch that keep you from wanting to attend fifth mod. By talking to you guys that was often how I always felt. If you guys ever want someone to talk to, I’m available! Sending hugs. <3.

To David Dickson, I will you a possible adventure in Philadelphia! (You know why…) But to be honest, I think you’re gonna absolutely thrive wherever you go, you always have! I appreciate your presence more than you’ll ever know. I am going to miss you beyond my own mind’s comprehension. My IMSA journey would not have been complete without you and our unprecedented naps and TikToks in the 1505 Commons during my junior year (LOL). I wanted to go into IMSA meeting someone matching my energy, and as someone reflecting on her years here… I can say I have done that because of you.

To Maggie DiMarco and Maddy Clarke, I will you the BEST makeup brands for you guys to experiment with!! I loved the glitter you guys lent me my junior year. Seriously so swag. Thank you both for always hyping me up and I will always be there for you guys. Keep that beautiful smile on your faces, y’all are gonna do wondrous. <3

To Heliotrope Board, I will you guys a platform. Heliotrope was one of the only things that never gave up on me even when I gave up on myself. I will you guys the chance to amplify your voice and bring new, fruitful ideas to the table. I can’t wait to see what you guys do.

To Vikram Rao, Josh Solone, and Raghav Sinha, I will you guys some more boba explorations! I will never forget meeting you for the first time regarding Diwali Script and I appreciate your constant humor and support. Also, Vikram, I will you the 03 Christmas Tree, and I’ll look forward to seeing you on television and driving to New Jersey. Also, I will you a box of tissues– the really nice ones.

To Aditya Prashanth, Arjun Cherukuri, Hagen Arriaga, Haoran Shi, George Lu, Raphael Talusan, and Sreevardhan Atyam, I will you guys luck, laughter, and wonderful friendships that carry unforgettable memories! You guys were such kind underclassmen to me and always made my day. :)) It’s been an honor meeting you guys. Keep in touch, and feel free to reach out if you ever need anything!

To Nitya Jakka and Danica Sun, I will you so much happiness and success. You are both so sweet and the coolest little sisters I could have asked for. <3

To Faizaan, I will you rainbow sherbert. (It is the best ice cream flavor.) But, Faizaan, thank you for always making me laugh and checking up on me. You were the first soph. I met at IMSA, and I have no doubt you will continue to make IMSA a great place for your underclassmen.

To Lily Zhang and Carolyn Zhang, I will you guys many more nights of laughing and smiles! I am so happy I had the opportunity to get to know you guys! Your compliments always make my day and I can’t wait to see what you take on next. Your kind words always make me feel so warm inside. Feel free to reach out if you need anything!

To the members of Heliotrope, (particularly Amanda Barajas), I will you blazing courage alongside the power to stand up for what you believe in. I know there have been times when stuff was rough but we’ve made it through!! Wishing each and every one of you a bright, adventurous future! Your hard work will always pay off.


Steve Dziamentsyeu

To Michael Zyskowski and Vidyoot Senthil, I will you the legacy of 05 Clash Decs. Michael, you were the biggest help of all of the underclassmen working on Decs, and your effort has not gone unnoticed. Continue honing your craft, and you will become a Decs master much greater than me. Vidyoot, not going to lie, you did not do much as my Decs Co-Head this year. However, I have full faith that you will pick up the slack as a second semester senior. As long as the two of you put in the work and put in the hours, you’ll take what’s ours.

To Wyatt Matthews, I will you a goated roommate and a tea kettle. Wyatt, I will never forget our many shared meals of ramen and hot beverages, courtesy of my barely-functional electric kettle. Nor will I forget our Wednesday workouts or the time I smoked you in a Fortnite 1v2. I will cherish these memories for a long time, and hope you get a roommate who will help you make more of the same memories. I also hope you learn how to do a backflip and incorporate that into your pogo act. Have a great senior year, mate.

To Evan Kemph, I will you a cracked Writing Center Tutor. Evan, I’m glad you found my writing advice helpful enough to ask me to review all of your papers, and I hope you find a similarly helpful individual to aid you next year. I hope that as you continue to receive more feedback, your confidence in your writing will grow in tandem with your experience. You truly have the ability to become a phenomenal writer. Btw, I love your mom.

To Ibrahim Bah, I will you the D-wing sink. Ibrahim, I know how much you love that sink, and I hope Alyssa never robs you of this precious treasure again. Defend the sink from the trash gremlins of D-wing with all your might. Good luck, soldier.

To Dara Ajayi, I will you a gold medal on the level 6 NSE. Dara, your Spanish grammar and vocabulary are incredible, and I learned so much from speaking to you in class. Continue on that grind, because some day, you will be indistinguishable from a native speaker. Also, sorry for getting you out in both of the 1505 Key Games.

To Bobby Mandel, I will you one last “oh yeah.” **Accompanied by imaginary hip thrusts.** “Ahem, ahem… OH YEAAAAAH!!!”


Taylor Baugh

To Dash, I will you blurry pictures, late night Hall Councils, and a RESTFUL senior year. Please remember to take some time for yourself next year. It’s not all about math tutoring and meetings!!! No matter what you do, you will succeed. You have so much passion for everything you are doing, I have no doubts that you will do great things. I hope you follow me to California one day, good luck on those college apps!

To 01C-Wing, I will you a cleaner wing. May you have lots of late night movie showings, Wing Dinners, and birthday parties!

To the swim team, I will you first place in synchro and new diving blocks. You all work so, so hard during the season, and whether we’re pushing through a distance set or just dancing in a circle, I’m so proud of all of you. I have loved swimming with you these years, and I hope you all continue pushing yourselves in this sport. I am continually amazed by each second dropped, each new dive, and each special experience that I get to be a part of. Even if synchro is the only thing we can win, I am so so proud of our team!

To Aashima, Lisa, and Aru, I will you a fantastic senior swim season. You have all been so dedicated to the swim team and such incredible friends to everyone. The three of you together will be some of the best seniors our team has ever hosted. Keep working hard! I will you lots of dropped time, lots of new dives and personal bests, and the best synchro choreo Elkgrove has ever seen.

To Junior CAB, I will you unproblematic riddles, golf bonding, a decent Clash schedule, and more CAB Drill practices. The three of you will do an amazing job on CAB together, I am so proud of all the work we did. You are all so talented and hardworking and I am so glad I got to get to know you. Even in the most stressful club on campus, you made every CAB meeting fun. Good luck next year, you’re gonna do amazing!!!

To 01, I will you a fantastic Clash week. Have lots of fun and dance your hearts out!! No matter what color you get or songs you pick, it will always be an awesome and memorable experience. Make lots of friends along the way, and make all of them join Drill. Good luck!


Venus Obazuaye

To José, I will you a letter that I’ll give you eventually. I don’t think I’m able to properly convey how proud I am of the work you have done just in your sophomore year, and how you approach the world around you, so you get a letter instead lol. You are absolutely incredible in so many ways, so expect that letter eventually.

To Dash and Laasya, I will you one less groupchat with the same three people in them. Although we only started working on stuff together very late in the year, I am so very inspired by the way you all commit everything to trying to make IMSA better. Thank you for both including me in your project ideas, and trusting me to help support you and Spectrum throughout the school year. As both people, and student leaders, you are absolutely incredible and talented individuals. It was a pleasure both working with and talking to you both in general, and I hope you get to do infinitely more in your senior year (although I will tremendously miss being there with you).

To Maitreyi, I will you more hours spent flying a plane. Although I still think it’s crazy that you have your pilot’s license before your driver’s license, I think it’s very true to how variously talented you are. I am in awe of your commitment to your work and passions, through messaging at very much past midnight to brainstorm new initiatives and balancing the entire world on your shoulders. Know that the work you are doing is important, but without taking care of yourself, you can’t be around to do the work. I say this a lot, but get a lot of sleep and drink a lot of water—and be patient with yourself in the process. Your voice is needed and important in the grand scheme of student leadership at IMSA, and I hope you know that (P.S. you’re going to be an incredible doctor one day :D).

To the future Co-Lead Organizers of SCRJ (pronounced scurj specifically), I will you more cute boardwear and moments of success. Leading a club like SCRJ is not easy, and has its unique challenges, but I hope you are able to have the happy moments and successful projects that keep SCRJ going. The world is changing quickly, and although our work might feel small and centralized to just IMSA, I promise you that we have the capability to do something great (I’ve seen it first hand over the past two years :,) ). May you keep challenging the system, in whatever way that might be next year (while also having a lot of fun and unhinged moments at the same time :D). Please know that all of us graduating seniors are here if you need us, and I’d be down to hear what you’re up to all of next year.

To the 03 B-wing underclassmen, I will you a good couple years of being underclassmen. You all are all lovely people, and it has been equally nice getting to know you throughout the school year.

To everyone who has utilized the Hub, I will you more laughter and sleep time in the space. Thank you for turning an empty room into a safe space, and I hope you get to enjoy it for years to come. To all the people I’ve gotten to talk to a bit more because of the Hub (Chinara Caldwell, Kosi Okeke, Chia Okoli, Angel Lopez, and so many more) thank you for letting me bother you endlessly about various projects and initiatives I’ve been working on. Really, I truly appreciate it. I’ve talked to a couple of you recently about how student leadership is exceptionally difficult at IMSA, especially when folks like us tend to get knocked down and overlooked. It’s tiring, and I still really don’t have all the answers on how to make it any better. I hope, however, things get better for you all, and you are able to have a less tiring and more enjoyable senior year. :) To the future CCE Co-Liaisons, I will you the best organizational system that the universe could possibly provide (you’re going to need it). Although you might go a bit bonkers next year, know that the work that you will do is meaningful and impactful. Setbacks may appear left and right, as we are entering a year of changes upon changes, but know that you are more than capable of finding the answers. At the same time, please know that you alone cannot fix the entirety of IMSA, and make sure to rely on the others around you. Stay hydrated, get a lot of sleep, and try your hardest. You’ve got this :)

To CCE Board, although a bit stereotypical, I will you more sleep. For our sophomores specifically, I am deeply concerned with the amount of sleep y’all were getting as first semester sophomores, and hope at some point you are able to get quality rest. I know it is hard being thrown into a new organization and learning the ropes, but getting to know you all and watching you grow as leaders has made me more than proud. For Ishan, I hope you are able to continue to share your perspective on board. I truly have a lot of respect for the way you approach issues, and I hope you get to reimagine CCE in the way you’ve described to me. For all of board, I will you the projects, initiatives, and ideas we’ve gotten started that have yet to come to fruition. I hope you are able to continue to do good work, and make an impact on campus next year (P.S. please take care of the Gender Inclusivity Project for me).

To the future M4M Co-Presidents, I will you a successful year that does not include spamming the board group chat at 12 AM like Kelly and I did. Regardless of whoever fills the role next year, know that you are talented, incredible, and capable. Keep working hard, and I hope you are able to both continue existing programs and initiatives we’ve led, and expand on baby programs like the Mentorship Program. To the rest of Board, thank you for sticking with Kelly and I through back to back events, haphazard meetings, and a year full of changes. Looking back, I’m so proud of the amount of events, posts, and resources we’ve been able to give back to our community throughout this school year—and hope for more of the same in the following year.

To Luke, I will you a shirt that matches the specific shade of your khaki pants. Thank you for keeping me company on SIR days, through being prodded with a seat cushion to the best birria tacos I’ve ever had in all of Chicago. I will miss traveling to Lurie’s, and listening to the random conversations about dogs, but I wish you all the best in all of your future SIR-ing (I hope you have other super cool SIR buddies to go to Whole Foods with every Wednesday and enjoy mochi with!). One day you are going to be an amazing doctor, and do amazing work for both your patients and the people around you. I wish you luck on your journey. :)

To Aru, I will you someone else to match cat sweaters with (hopefully we actually get to before I graduate lol). It’s been nice getting to know you by proxy of you being one of Halimat’s kids, and I wish you all the best senior year. You are talented, incredible, super cool, and so much more. Keep being all of those things, along with Roblox waving and having good outfits. :)

To Ryan Li, I will you a pair of Doc Martens that don’t hurt your feet (I still remember your comment about my babies). I know we don’t get to talk all too often, but when we do, I always leave feeling a little smarter. The way you think and reason is really admirable, and every conversation I have with you, I leave thinking about how your thoughts and ideas are incredible. However, please don’t ever be afraid to take up space and step into opportunities–they are there for you, and you have worked so hard for them. You are truly your best advocate, although stereotypical, and I hope you are able to take every opportunity life throws at you your senior year. I hope the world aligns into place like the way that you have been planning, and even if it doesn’t, I trust that the world has nothing but the best in store for you.

To Aldo, Sydney, and José, I will you the Black/Latine Support Initiative (even though it isn’t really mine to will). I hope you are able to continue to work towards providing resources and support for our community, and consider how we might be affected by various policies and projects on campus. There are so few of us on campus, it is easy to get discouraged and feel alone in the midst of everything else. I felt the very same way before you all joined CCE Board. May you be able to create a safe space for the Black/Latine underclassmen who will pursue CCE after you, and continue to fight for our voices to be heard within the classroom. Even when projects fall apart and initiatives don’t work the way we want them to, I know you all will be able to keep going. I hope you all get to do the projects we weren’t able to do, like CAC collaborations and SAT tutoring sessions for our community. Even if you don’t, I’m sure your impact will be immeasurable.

To Pedro, I will you endless time to work on 3-D models. It’s been a while, but I hope you know that I am so very proud of you and all the growth you’ve had from EXCEL up until now. I know you might be tired of me bothering you to get rest and drink water, so I guess you get a break once I graduate. Please know I’m only a text away if you need anything at all.

To every student I have tutored at some point, whether during EXCEL or through the PROMISE program, I wish you less early mornings and more time spent laughing. For those of you I got closer to, thank you for trusting me with your secrets and hard times, and I hope you know that getting to work with all of you truly changed my life. :)

To Aldo, I will you a lot less audacity. Seriously, you’re quite a bit foul sometimes (/j). I’m actually not too sure what to say, because I feel like most of our time is spent to some degree making fun of each other, although I think I do it a tad bit more these days with you. But besides all those times, I really do have respect for the work and effort you’ve put into the various projects we’ve tag teamed over the past year. From writing and executing Res Life programming in four halls, to launching the student-faculty committees, it was truly a pleasure to work with you both inside and outside of CCE. I hope you’re able to do some more cool research next year, and make some good memories as well. Please take care of our underclassmen for us. :)

To Byrd, I will you many more cool hair moments for the rest of your time at IMSA (and beyond :D). I will miss aggressively waving you in the hallways and also commenting on your very cool, very snazzy earring collection! It was nice getting to tutor with you, and allegedly teach the youth :D I will miss you (and all the cool stuff with drama you’ve been doing) very, very much next year!

To Brando, I will you not having to go to the same school as me for the fourth time in a row. Although it’s been crazy that we’ve known each other for that long, I presume at some point you might be a bit sick of it happening for the third time in a row. I’m very happy to have still been able to keep in touch for so long and will very much miss catching up with you around campus next year. Please know even though I’ll be in college, I’m still happy to give advice any time you might need it! Good luck next year, you’re going to do amazing and spectacular things :D

To Joey, George, and everyone else I pass on my nightly walks to the 03 peer tutor room, I will you more time spent relaxing instead of grinding in the hall commons. You all scare me (a tiny bit) with the amount of work and pre-planning you’re doing, but I hope you know that regardless of what happens, you’ll end up somewhere you’re meant to be. Please keep doing relatively questionable things in the hall commons, and enjoy your senior year :D

To anyone else I have talked to, I will you a very good next year, full of laughter and surprises, making jokes during classes and pictures full of smiles. I very much procrastinated on all my wills, so if I missed anyone know that I truly appreciate you nonetheless.


Vidhi Shah

To my StudCo underclassmen (Maggie, Zuyu, Sashi, Jeffrey, Jake, Tate, Maitreyi), I will you all the strength and support as you guys go through your years at IMSA, working with all of you has been such a pleasure, and it has been a delight to witness your passion and hard work as you successfully managed life; luv you loads. <33

To the future 1502 Hall Senator, I will you the infinite power to lead our hall and the best companions you could ever get on Student Council. This hall has been my home for the past two years, and I cannot express how safe and happy I’ve felt with these beautiful hallmates. Things are bound to get bumpy along the road, but don’t lose hope, I know you will do your best. I will you the ability to do better than all of your preceding senators, I will you the ability to maintain balance and integrity as you advance; good luck and do not hesitate to reach out should you need anything. <3

To Komal C, I will you the best chemistry future ahead. Organic Chemistry could NOT be the same without you, from naming alcohols and chair formations to binge-watching Organic Chemistry Tutor after checking our wing study was so, so, so fun. You are so, so, so hardworking, I know you will do great things in your life. For now, I will you As in every science class you take (ok maybe math too). You go girl and (as per Carissa) “eat the food upppp.”

To Cara J, I will you cute jewelry and wishes that you get into whichever Ivy you desire… I am so glad we sat next to each other in Observational Drawing, Symoniak always cracked up near us LOL – from talking about the most random gossip to actually doing the math :skull: it has been so great knowing you! You are so genuine and kind, you radiate a lot of positive energy, and you keep doing that. I’ll miss you so much when I’m gone, and if you ever need help shortlisting your fifty colleges you better keep in touch or else! Much love. <33.

To Arjun C, I will you… uhhh… (lemme spiel first) you’re SUCH a funny guy and make SUCH GOOD jokes; but in all honesty, you have never failed to make me laugh every time we hung out together, from chatting about TedX to insane height differences, I’m gonna miss everything, especially your “Vidhi BrO!” Good luck as you apply to colleges and bro your SIR is such a W. Keep being kind and shining positivity always, I will you a better sense of humor LOL and the happiness you want!

To Johanna G, I will you a million gold medals and trophies for all the singing competitions I know you’re going to win. Girl your voice has the power to light up the world, it is so, so, so uplifting and melodious; use it whenever you feel like your loved ones lose hope; there have been so many times when I’ve come across you in the wing and you wave graciously forgetting all your stress, your selflessness will take you forward in life, Jojo! I’m going to miss your hugs and late-night singing sesshhh soo much; so you better send me voice notes. I cannot wait to see you get on the stage in front of millions as you sing your albums!

To Kavya Reddy, I will you a truckload of boba. I remember meeting you for the first time in Orgo with Thurmond, working on Markovnikov additions and naming was so new back then omg but now everything feels so easy… maybe… but your shine and reddyness (hehe) to help others is so attractive! Keep being the sweet human you are, and keep waving to me when we cross paths (at least until I graduate). I have no idea what path in life I’ll choose or where it’ll take me but I know you will do great things and I am forever proud of your efforts. Keep in touch.

To my 1502-A and C juniors, I will you guys the best senior year EVERRR; all of you are so so so hardworking and committed, I hope that life gives you all the gifts you need and the wishes you want to be fulfilled.

To Shatakshi C and Maya K, I will you both the best junior year, filled with tons and tons of joy and easy A grades; both of you have been so sweet and one of the best roomie pairs to sit with at night whether it be chatting about __ or just talking about classwork and load; please never hesitate to reach out. I will always be there for you. <3 Shatakshi, I also will you millions of chicken nuggets (hopefully you won’t eat them in one day) but please focus on the more *important* things smh and Maya, I will you all of the Starbucks Refreshers you can get, hopefully you get to go there weekly and relish their beauty.

To Aahana D and Aarushi D, I will you both all the leadership positions you want AND a million dollars, hopefully you will make good use of the latter lols issok I trust you <3 but you have both been so immensely hard working to achieve things at IMSA and honestly that is pretty impressive for sophomores; I am so proud of the things you both have accomplished, I just know you will do great things. Please keep in touch, and maybe in the future if we get a chance to meet we will continue our Bolly movie saga, MWAH. <3

To my C-wing sophies (Aahana, Aarushi, Kavya, EmmaLi, Fiyin, Grania, Maya, Sophia, Skylar and Fern), I will you all the best wingmates and roomies in your next year at IMSA; your smiles and energy always lit up our wing and I hope you continue to do that in the future years; it has been a pleasure being your RSL and upperclassman; I will forever cherish christmas tree decorations and programming sesh. <3 Stay in touch!


Vikram Karra

To Faizaan, I will you the Vikram 2.0 (don’t push it). This year has been incredible getting close with you. Whether it was grinding or just casually chilling, I could never imagine what my room would be like without you randomly walking in. I’ve loved your vibes, from the stupid jokes to the sassy sarcasm or your inflated ego that you just have to mention every five seconds. I’m going to miss forcing you to make eggs for me in the morning and working on CAB stuff in the room, but I’m confident that you’re gonna go absolutely crazy (in a good way) next year. If there’s anything I’ve noticed in the time we’ve spent together, it’s the incredible amount of work you’re willing to put into everything you’re committed to, and I’m really excited to see how far senior year takes you. From CAB to TALENT to HCL to Table Tennis to MSA to Soccer to dancing and everything far and in between, I hope you’re able to find time for yourself and for the people close to you. I hope you also realize the impact you’ve been making on campus but for now I’ll just sum it up in a couple words: sum’n slight.

To Shatakshi, I will you some SLEEP. You’ve been the best Little Sib and it’s been real getting to know you this year. Thank you for using me as your mentor and I hope your transition to IMSA was a little better with my good (and bad) advice. It was always so exciting to see you freak out about when you did well on math tests or when you became an RSL, and you’ve always been super motivated to try new things, join new clubs, take an extreme 8 class schedule, and so much more. I hope you’re able to take time for yourself next year and continue the incredible amount of time and effort you’ve put into everything you’ve been doing right now. I’ll make sure to surprise you the next time I stop by but until then, get some sleep.

To Ashwin, I will you some math skills. It’s been real getting to know you this year and thank you for carrying me through Orgo (I’m still tanking though :/). You’ve been an epic lab partner and an incredible junior to hang with. Thanks for stopping by the room all the time. Even though your jokes are subpar, I’d say that you’ve been able to sneak a laugh or two out of me every now and then. Don’t overwork yourself senior year and try to get some better drip too.

To Haoran, I will you a Max Verstappen hat. Your vibes in the room and the stupid encounters we’ve had during school have been some of the funniest moments I can remember. I’ve loved how outgoing you’ve been and thanks for always stopping by the room and chilling with the quad. I’ll never forget how much we’ve argued over F1, how much you complained about not starting your CAB app, and how many times I’ve had to hear you say “It’s confirmed,” but your vibes really made second semester memorable. Carry 05 to another Propic win and let’s hope Ferrari comes back.

To the LEAD Team (juniors), I will you a better name than “Fami-LEAD.” It’s crazy how it was only a year ago when we had our first retreat together. From the cupcake elective reveal to the painstakingly long hours on Zoom for SLD week (peel the onion was kinda fun though) to our overly formal co-reveal to the retreats and finally to each and every single week of meetings and modules, you all have made LEAD one of my most memorable experiences on and off campus, and I’ll never forget the amount of hard work you’ve all put in to define this year’s program. I hope you all are able to push LEAD beyond what it was this year and continue the vibes of the program as seniors. You all are gonna be amazing but don’t be afraid to advocate for yourself and for the team. It’s been real getting to know everyone and I hope your senior year is filled with more memorable moments in LEAD.

To Jaz and Tatyana, I will you one of the best organizations on campus. It’s been incredible to see the two of you handle the Co-Coordinator position so well and I’m confident you’ll lead the team with confidence. Watching the two of you develop as facilitators over the summer and throughout the first and second semester has made Sarah and I incredibly proud and confident in the work you two are willing to put into the program. I hope you take LEAD to a new level but also find a way to take time for yourself apart from all the spreadsheet making, meeting prep hours, summer work, and the running around from classroom to classroom throughout the year. You’ve got a great board and great facilitators that have your back so don’t be afraid to lean on them when needed. Good luck with next year and feel free to reach out with any questions.

To CAB(abies), I will you a bunny costume (because someone *cough cough Nachiket* forgot to put it on the supply list). For real though, CAB this year was one of the greatest experiences of senior year. It’s incredible how close we’ve gotten with each other and how far we’ve come since Luau last year. From the exhausting hours spent decorating the gym for Homecoming to all the running around we did during 12 Days to the sleepless nights we had during Clash, the work you all have put in cannot be overstated and I’m confident CAB is in good hands next year. I’ve enjoyed our dysfunctional meetings and somehow finding a way to flame each other whenever there was the chance. Remember that CAB is a chance for you to be yourself and bring out the creativity and the ambitious ideas you have for IMSA, so make sure you’re able to have fun whenever you can and limit the stress as much as possible. I’ll always be a Messenger chat or phone call away so feel free to reach out if you have any questions, but have fun with each other and the successful events you’ll be hosting next year (please don’t do a Field Day again, though).

To the future CAB Director, I will you one of the best organizations on campus. I wrote this before elections so I have no clue who won, but regardless, I am confident that you are going to be an awesome director for CAB and for this campus. Be sure to take new risks, have patience, and listen to your peers around you. The position is one of the most rigorous yet rewarding on this campus, in my opinion, so go at it with an open mind and I’m confident you’ll be amazing. Take time for yourself as well and remember that I’ll always be a phone call or message away, so definitely reach out with any questions. Finally, remember the privilege that CAB has been given compared to other organizations, and use that to help the organizations around you. Good luck to you and the team!

To Sahil Veeravalli, I will you a platter of Lexington food (this was Sameer’s idea, not mine). You’re incredibly smart and cracked at Orgo which is just incredible. Have fun during senior year.


Yareli Marinez

To Jose Lazcano, I will you a laptop that shall never run out of battery. You are doing so much for CCE, with Pride Rock, and I know you will continue to do amazing things in the future. But please for the love of god, always have your laptop charged, you can’t take on Admin if your laptop is dead! All jokes aside, it has been lovely getting to know you. You are truly one of my favorite sophs and I am so glad that I got to meet you. You are so hardworking and your passion inspires me to work harder. But please take care of yourself. You can’t keep skipping dinner to do work, you need energy to keep doing all the amazing things you do. Keep in touch and always message me when you need someone to go over your applications. <3

To Alma Board (Angel, Giada, Marcus, Abby, Anna y Jose), I will you some good aguas frescas to keep you sustained to do all the events next year. We have planned a lot of successful events, but you all are some of the most hardworking people I know and I have no doubt you will continue planning a million events next year. I hope you all get to make the best Casa de Alma show IMSA has ever seen. I hope you get some underclassmen that are as capable, passionate, and as hardworking as you all have been. Angel, you are so incredible and the way you jump at the chance to work with CCE has been a blessing. You have great ideas and I hope you continue to share them with everyone. Giada, you are absolutely hilarious to be around, but know when work has to be done. You were a great addition to Alma and I hope you do Folklorico next year because you were fabulous. Marcus, your impressions of Ms. “Nobody appreciates me” and your willingness to fight people for Alma is appreciated. You work hard and Alma would not have been the same without you on it. Abby, you have been a good VP and I know you will continue working hard for Alma and I hope you get all the appreciation you deserve next year. Anna, you are so cute and have been fun to have as a soph rep. I loved dancing to Hype Boy with you. Jose, you know I adore you and I hope you stay with Alma for a long time because you are going to do great. It’s been amazing working with you all and even though my time on Board was short, it was so worth it. I’m going to miss our post-meeting chisme sessions, but most importantly I’m going to miss you all so, so, so much! <3

To Ryan Li, I will you another soft and cozy plush. You are one of my favorite underclassmen at IMSA and getting to know you has been so fun. You are so hardworking, talented, and just hilarious to be around. I have loved learning dances with you and I hope you get to be B-friend choreo next year (you were robbed fr) because I know you will kill it. You have done incredible things with SCRJ and I know you will continue to do so, but please, please take the time to rest when you need to. Don’t let any setbacks taint your mood and know that you are incredible and deserve the world. You are busy all the time, but I know that in the end, all the hard work will pay off. Give your plush/pillow a squeeze for me when I’m gone. I better get an invite when you get B-friend choreo next year! <3

To Aru Ulanbek, I will you more cool fits. You are so stylish, talented, and kind and I am so lucky to have known you. I know we don’t always talk much but you have been a joy to be around. Everytime I see you in the halls I always get excited. You are such an amazing dancer and I am so happy that I got to see all your wonderful performances. You killed G-friend and Modern and I will always be your #1 fan cheering you on. You know I’m not really a hug person, but I can never turn down a hug from you. I promise to give you the biggest hugs ever once these come out! <3

To Aldo Magaña, I will you a very nice cup of manzanilla tea. You will definitely need it next year as Co-Liaison to stay calm. You are probably one of the most passionate and hardworking people on this entire campus and I’m glad that I get to work with you. I hope Waubonsee stops ghosting us and you can finally run the SAT prep next semester. I hope you don’t stress yourself out next year with the faculty meetings because you know you cannot solve everything wrong with IMSA academics. I’m going to miss your Wikipedia brain and learning about really random topics you share with me. You were like the little brother who was so sweet your sophomore year who turned so foul this year, but it’s okay I forgive you (not). Jkjk, I am no longer anti-Aldo. Sincerely, good luck with Rodrigo, you’ll need it lol. You are so talented and I know that you will continue to do great things at IMSA and after IMSA. <3

To Maitreyi Pandey, I will you some melatonin because an average of 5 hours of sleep a night is NOT OKAY! Especially for all the things you do not just for CCE, but for all your other commitments. Regardless, you are one of the most passionate people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting at IMSA and I’m so glad for it because I don’t know what we would get done without you. You are fabulous and I know you’ll be just as fabulous as CCE Co-Liaison. You are so sweet and kind and I appreciate you so, so much. <3

To GEA Board Juniors (Laasya, Melinda, Ashley, Brooke, and Chiamaka), I will you infinite beads for all the bracelet making your hearts desire. Laasya and Melinda, congratulations on getting GEA Co-Presidents. I know you two will do amazing and will fearlessly lead GEA next year. Ashley, you have been a joy to work with and I love your passion for GEA and you always have great ideas to add. Brooke and Chia, you both have been great and have fulfilled your roles on GEA so effortlessly and I hope you continue to do so next year. I hope you all make more bracelets next year as they are wonderful mementos to keep. It’s been amazing working with you all and I can’t wait to hear what GEA does next year! <3

To my B-wing sophs (Elaine, Evette, and Nya), I will you another trip to Olive Garden. Talking with you all in B-wing has been so much fun and I loved getting to know you. Elaine, you are so sweet and so funny. Drill practices with you were so fun. I’m going to miss your boxy smile. Evette, you are so, so cool and having you in B-wing was a joy. I loved working with you for Hall Decs, they are memories I will never forget. Nya, you always had the best tea to spill and you were a great addition to B-wing. I hope you all enjoy your time here at IMSA and if you ever need some advice or just someone to talk to who has survived IMSA, I am always a text away. <3

To 03 hall commons people (Joey, Tommy, Max, George, Josie, and Tate), I will you all some new furniture because I’m pretty sure they have been here since the ‘90s. You all have been a joy to have in the hall commons and I loved walking out after check and seeing the most random things. Joey, thanks for all the fun talks. Tommy and Max, y’all carried Hall Decs and you all did so amazing and I hope you can do better next Clash. George, Josie, and Tate, you are an interesting combo and I hope to never have to witness the water under the bridge dance ever again. <3

To Jes Ayeyi, I will you some tape because why is there NEVER tape in the Hub?! You are so cool and so gorgeous and I know you are one of the few people I can entrust the Hub to. I miss you in 03 B-wing. You are an incredible person and I know you can protect what we’ve created for the Hub next year. If you ever need anything, I will gladly help, just text whenever. <3

To CCE Board (Aldo, Maitreyi, Ishan, Sydney, Alvena, Andrew, Shrishant, and Will), I will you Cecy. I hope she can provide moral support and comfort for all the battles you all will face next year as CCE members. I know you will all be great and carry on our projects and start new, just as valuable, projects next year. I wish you all the best and please take care of Cecy. <3


Yina Wang

To Ryan Li D’Amelio, I will you a good SAT score. Just kidding! I will you another slightly senile bananacat. Hopefully this one has better eyesight. Regardless of your bananacat’s medical status, thank you for keeping my vision clear (ha) throughout these past two years. Your patience, humor, and seemingly irreproachable yet nonchalant ability to bring people together have inspired me to continue searching for absolute truth—the presence of a final ‘maybe.’ You are more special than I believe you realize. As I fly away into the distant lands of Connecticut, the memories we’ve created together will travel with me: memories of hotdog rolling on 02 Slabs, sky-watching mysterious disappearing objects, lamenting over untangleable math homework sets at the Naperville Public Library until they miraculously unsnarl (or until we take a this-is-definitely-not-procrastination walk to the children’s nonfiction section or Dunkin), winning terrifically in late-night games of Crazy Eights, ranting with Maitreyi re: **** and *****, and uncountably more. Good luck next year—keep touting your bananacat, and everything will turn out okay.

To Maitreyi Pandey D’Amelio, I will you a rat. That’s right: a nice, fluffy, possibly-carrying-a-transmittable-virus, definitely-homicidal rat. For you are the cutest rat around, and every rat deserves a pet! (The point is, there are an infinite number of rats, with each rat possessing another smaller yet equally rambunctious counterpart, such that every other living entity on this planet is constantly surrounded by miniscule rodents). Anyways, no quantity of words (squeaks?) can adequately describe my gratitude for your presence in my life. Thank you for keeping me grounded, listening to my varied (in subject but not in frequency) rants, offering your sturdy rat shoulder for casual leaning, contributing your endless intellect and humor to chaotic StudCo and IYNA brainstorming sessions, and keeping our wing alive. As you progress into your last year at IMSA, beware of the infinite rats. Commitments often covertly accumulate, but I have confidence that you will be able to navigate the overwhelming and deflect the irrelevant—and, most importantly, continue to flourish and fundamentally alter the lives of those around you.

To Maggie DiMarco, I will you my Spotify classical music playlist. Next year, life will inevitably escalate into an inescapable whirlwind—you’ll be juggling classes, research, clubs, and, of course, Student Council. This is a familiar chaos. I encourage you to take a break, to slow down, to breathe. Listen to some Chopin. Remember that the present is not permanent. Take some time to pursue what you love—to dance, to sing, to live sans repercussions. The path of intense productivity is a slippery slope, but you are wearing the spiky shoes of boundless intelligence and grace, and I have confidence that you will find a way to remain grounded. It has been an honor to laugh, learn, and serve alongside you; your light and ambition will remain inspirational long after we both graduate. Please take care of Student Council, and keep in touch.

To Maggie DiMarco, Zuyu Liu, Tate Schneider, Yicole Ng, Faizaan Shaikh, David Dickson, and the rising Hall Senators, I will you all a functional Presence.io page and the hopeful nonexistence of Titan Crew. Serving on Student Council is often more difficult than initially meets the eye—you are given the impossible task of formulating the “ideal IMSA experience” and the heavy responsibility of standing on a critical student-administrative juncture. The harsh reality is that IMSA will never be perfect, and the best that you can do is to strive for progress, to create an IMSA that is better than it was a week before. And there is no more suitable group of students to do so than you all. As you navigate a series of never-ending meetings and tumultuous project cycles (or the epic highs and lows of IMSA Student Council, as I often refer to it), remember to trust your teammates, trust yourself, and enjoy the ride. You have the power to make real change, but it’ll take diligence and perseverance to get there.

To Aashima Sisodia, I will you a functional alarm clock. I am overtly concerned yet slightly impressed by your ability to sleep through Abstract Algebra. In the likely case that this is an issue of sleep deprivation rather than nonfunctional waking devices, I will you a hug instead. You are an incredibly capable human being, but sometimes the hardest choice to make is self-care (sans class-skipping, unfortunately). When you get overwhelmed, please reach out! I’ll be in college, not dead, and I care about you more than words can describe.

To Arjun Cherukuri and Vidyoot Senthil, I will you half of JHMC, split vertically in whatever metaphysical sense strikes your interest. The other half is yours to make. As you both reenter the vicious cycle of sponsorships, problem writing, website stuff, outreach, and logistics, heed tradition but embrace innovation. I encourage you to think deeply about what has worked for JHMC in the past while cautiously experimenting to fix what hasn’t. After all, you are now standing on the shoulders of decades of past JHMC Chairs, and I have full confidence that you will rise and make this odd ghost-stack just that much taller. If you ever need help, just lean down and tap — I’m only a message away.

To Maya Jimenez, Laasya Nagumalli, Maggie DiMarco (again), and Nandini Budithi, I will you a friendly reincarnation of Sigmund Freud. Thank you all for an amazing last year on Psych Club; I’ll cherish our wacky event brainstorming sessions and hastily scheduled board meetings until I meet the ever-intriguing Dr. Freud himself (that is to say, for the rest of my life). The study of the human mind is arguably the center of all other fields of science, and I wish you all the best in your future psychological endeavors.

To Annabelle Zhang, Maitreyi Pandey, David Dickson, JoJo Germo, EmmaLi Isham, and Ryan Cho, I will you a pack of brain beanies, the fabled yet elusive IYNA merch. Your collective effort and energy truly propelled IYNA’s first year of existence to new non-literal heights, and I trust that you will continue to maintain our club’s culture into next year and beyond. Just as an action potential is an all-or-nothing response triggered by an external electrical impulse, your love for neuroscience is what keeps this club firing—never let that passion go.

To JJ Park, I will you my SIR fob. Thank you for your begrudging participation in my life-update requests and guess-the-elevator shenanigans—now, if one of those concerningly eager sophomores ends up joining you in the lab, you can continue our traditions AND unlock doors for them. That’s pretty cool. Good luck with your research, and say ‘hi’ to Dr. Sohn for me!

To Djamila Njikam, I will you a smooth junior year. I apologize for not being as present as I would’ve liked, but it has truly been an honor to witness your growth this past year. Keep smiling and know that you can reach out to me for anything :).


Zander Tamez

To Dominic Kozbiel, I will you my ability to be loud and obnoxious (just like me frfr). Dude I can’t even count how many times I’ve been told to be quiet when we play games since there’s usually someone tryna sleep behind us lmao. You’re awesome and it’s your curse now. ;)

To Bikrant Bhattacharyya, I will you the pro controller that probs isn’t mine but I keep using anyways for games lol. You’re an amazing dude with an even more amazing brain, keep doing math or something lol.

To Tristen Castillo, I will you my YAHSYFHAY and some goofy ahh dance moves to go with it. You’re hella loud and funny asl (j like me fr) NEVER STOP BEING LOUD BRO YSHFJKSDHL:GJDSAKLFJASKFC. You’re lowkey a fire dancer, you better help bring the W to 04 next year in Drill. Peace out, mwah.

To Jake Belonio, I will you the dance moves of a K-pop idol bc BRUH YOU CAN GET DOWN. I was lowkey really surprised when I saw you picking up 04 Drill so fast like bruh you legit did the dance exactly how I envisioned it. ALSO BRO YOU’RE BUILT, IT’S CRAZY. I’m looking at you to help carry 04 next year in Drill, I believe in you homie. Also I will you my rizz lmao.

To the 04 Drill Boys, I will you guys some zombie dance moves and the ability to pull off stunts without it looking like we’re gonna break someone’s neck ;-;. YOU GUYS DID AMAZING THIS YEAR AND I’M SO PROUD TO HAVE BEEN YOUR CHOREO. <333 We showed you how it’s done, now it’s your guys’ turn next year. ;) PLEASE KEEP DANCING ALIVE IN 04 NEXT YEAR, PLEASE AND THANKS.

To Justina, I will you an imaginary frisbee (bc I’m broke and can’t afford a real one) and a less stressful senior year. Being on CAB and worrying about college stuff is probably hella tough and lowkey if I saw you smile that often this year ;-;. KEEP THE FRISBEE GAMES ALIVE AND KEEP SMILING HOMIE *insert that handshake thing we do.*

To Aru Ulanbek, I will you LESS LUCK WHEN WE PLAY THAT ONE DIRECTION GAME WE PLAY, LIKE BRUH PLS I CAN’T WIN EVER. You’re a really cool person and an even cooler dancer, thanks for keeping me awake in Mandarin and turning off your brain with me lmao. OH, ALSO IT WAS AMAZING TO HAVE YOU IN MY MODERN, YOU DID AMAZING. I HOPE YOU KEEP DANCING NEXT YEAR, RAHHHHHHHHHHHH.

To Skylar Vickers, I will you a few more necklaces bc lowkey you could use a few more, tbh three is rookie numbers lol. You are an amazing and outgoing person and you’re so much fun to be around, never stop being you and I hope you keep the positive energy at IMSA when I’m outta here. :) OH WAIT, ALSO YOU’RE AN AMAZING ACTOR, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK AND YOU BETTER CARRY THE PLAYS ‘N’ STUFF NEXT YEAR, I MIGHT LOWKE COME BACK AND WATCH THEM FOR THE FUNNIES, OK BYE.

To Malcolm WilsonAhlstrom, I will you a better hinged jaw lol (I don’t even know how that one inside joke happened; I guess I just started going :O at you and it stuck around). You’re an incredibly nice person and I hope you set a good example for the new batch of sophs that come in next year lol. OH WAIT, THEN ALSO I WILL YOU A NEW SOPH THAT DOES THE :O THING WITH YOU TO FILL IN FOR ME.

To the Bluelock goblins (Nikhil, Will, and David), I will (hehe just like his name) you all a goated direct shot and better control so it doesn’t hit the ceiling lmao. You guys made my last semester really interesting, and I had a lot of fun messing around in 03 and yelling “BLUELOCK?!?!??!?!?”every time I saw you guys lol. Take care of campus next year. <3

To the 03 sophs I stole (Tommy, Jack, Josie, and Nikhil), I will you a better HCC next year. JKJK, I WILL YOU AN AWESOME JUNIOR AND SENIOR YEAR FILLED WITH A BUNCH OF EXCITEMENT AND DAP UPS SO YOU’LL TURN OUT TO BE AMAZING UPPERCLASSMEN. You guys made chilling in 03 so much more fun and I hope you guys feel the same way. :) AAAAAA LOWKE WAIT, IF YOU GUYS CAN FIND SOME NEW SOPHS TO DAP UP AND MAKE THAT CRISP AHH SOUND THEN I WILL YOU SOME NEW SOPHS. OKOK BYE, HAVE FUN <333 *does the wave thing to Tommy.*

To the Casa De La Luna Modern Crew, I will you guys some DANZA KUDURO choreo and a bunch of red bandanas BC SERIOUSLY I J HAVE ALL OF THE BANDANAS IN MY ROOM AND IDK WHAT TO DO WITH THEM LMAO. You guys were all amazing and I’m so, so, so glad that you guys put up with me as one of your choreos lol. I couldn’t have asked for a better crew to teach and I hope you all continue dancing next year (wait there were some seniors in Modern too, uhhhhh wait, I think I can include them in here, I don’t think the editors mind too much hehe). <3333


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