2023 Senior Wills Pt. 1

A final word from the Class of 2023 | Source: Saketh Dontaraju x IMSA Student Productions

Welcome to the 2023 Senior Wills! 978 days after the Class of 2023 streamed into our first-ever convocation and 613 days after we moved in person, it is time for another installment to this time-honored tradition. The Acronym is proud the present the wills of 103 individuals to all of the underclassmen of IMSA! This amounted to a total of 102,000+ words, just under the length of Divergent in case if you were wondering. That said, we hope you appreciate these messages left behind by the Class of 2023 as they journey on into the great beyond (of college). So grab your tissue box, your friend within arm’s reach, and your reading glasses as we look into what is in store. All of the wills from Aaliyah Ali to Kevin Zhang are in this page, and all of the wills from Liam Indigo to Zander Tamez can be found here.

Aaliyah Ali
Aarya Khapre
Aidan Fraas
Alexander Gengler
Alexandra Orantia
Amrut Pennaka
Anthony Kholoshenko
Ara Macaulay
Atharva Gawde
Aubrey Hall
Avery Hedican
Ayati Lala
Bhavya Vegesna
Bhavyaa Chauhan
Braeden Cullen
Bryce Sharp
Christian Cantu
Christian Cline
Clay Miner
Damilola Tabiti
Daniel Ma
Daniel Park
Dean Cianciolo
Dean Ekimov
Destiny Grant
Dheeran Wiggins
Dhruv Patel
Diego Montes
Divya Choudhary
Edward Ning
Ela Gadi
Elaina Xiao
Ella Lind
Ella Slinn
Ella Voyles
Elle Brittin
Franklin Rangel
Gautham Anne
George Bayliss
Halimat Sanusi
Himani Kamineni
Ilan Lunken
Irene Liu
Jack Morby
Jackie Zhang
James Anterola
Jared Dong
Jason Qin
Jayant Kumar
Jazmyne Germo
Jeff Duan
Jesse Park
Julius Wardlow
Kaitlyn Drew
Karina Byers
Kelly Cruz
Kenith Taukolo
Kennedy Bray
Kevin Huang
Kevin Johnson
Kevin Zhang 


Aaliyah Ali

To Anjali Ali, I will you… absolutely nothing. Truly. You are such an unbelievably brilliant, hard working, and talented individual. There is truly nothing I have to offer you – except maybe a few more hours of sleep each night. Seriously. Please fix your sleep schedule. I love you so much, and I am so glad we got to be here together this year. You’re going to do such amazing things. I couldn’t ask for a better sister, and I’m so proud to be yours.

To Sree Atyam, my most treasured rat, I will you a whack in the head. Every once in a while, when you start talking all wacky about the future, just whack yourself in the head for me. Snap yourself out of it. You are such a dedicated and brilliant individual. I hope that one day you can see yourself in the light that I see you. Your presence and friendship have truly been one of the greatest parts of my time here. I will never be able to thank you enough for that.

To Adi Prashanth, I will you a z-table. I never thought that I would ever enjoy stats until I met you. You are such a soft-hearted, genuine person, and I am so grateful to have gotten to know you. Every single one of our conversations, ranging from your failed love prospects to deep philosophical ideas, are truly treasured in my heart. Thank you for being the best stats buddy.

To Maggie DiMarco, I will you the snazziest pair of Hokas. My fellow runner and T-Swift lover. Maggie, I truly love you. You have been such a bright and uplifting spirit for every moment that I have had the pleasure of knowing you. Your strength and confidence are utterly inspiring. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. By the way, if you ever forget, you’ll always be jaw droppingly distracting to me.

To my 02B wing sophomores, I will you an endless supply of sriracha bagels. You are some of the most beautiful, strong-willed, and confident souls that I have had the pleasure of encountering in my time at IMSA. I love each and every one of you. Don’t ever change. Katherine, your recorder skills will go down in musical history. Also, thank you so much for always being so vibrant and unwaveringly kind. Rachel, your personality and energy are so vivacious, and I’m so grateful to listen to your passion for Minecraft — no matter how strange it may be. Fope, you have such a gentle heart and bubbly personality. Please don’t ever forget just how special you are in this world to so many people. And to my other dearest Anjali, you truly are incredible. You are so unapologetically yourself, and it’s impossible not to fall in love with your authenticity. Never lose that.

To our future EnAct Chairs and EnAct team, I will you a really organized Google Drive. Trust me on this —it really does make everything so much better. On another note, while it may seem daunting now, I am confident in your abilities to develop EnAct in a manner that allows for passion to blossom and change to transpire. There will be times when you doubt yourselves — lean on each other, lean on your time, and trust your gut. You will be brilliant no matter what.

To Raphael Talusan (Riff Raff), I will you my copy of the Communist Manifesto. Raph, you’re just a really amazing person and I love being around you. Never change.

To Joey Paras, I will you a bucket of Skittles. Thanks for always keeping me fed with sugar during every module. You are such a brilliant and kind person, and I am so grateful to have been your co.

To Karla Sanchez, I will you a playlist full of SZA. I had such an amazing time getting to know you and your vivacious personality. You never fail to make me laugh, and you were such an amazing co. No matter what, you are going to be so successful, so please do not doubt yourself.

To Dara, I will you some churros. I am so glad that I had the chance to get to know you this year. You are truly such a generous, kind, and bubbly person who never fails to light up the room. You’re such a brilliant person, and again please do not second guess yourself. You’re gonna do amazing things.

To Ryan Li, I will you some melatonin. Please get some sleep, Ryan. Honestly, I have nothing to say except you are truly one of the most exceptional people I know. There is no doubt in my mind you will achieve everything you set your mind to. You bring so much comfort and joy to people’s lives, and I hope you realize that.

Aarya Khapre

To Laasya Nagumalli, I will you all the happiness, pride, relaxation, and bunnies in the world. I am so happy to have gotten to meet you and become your akka :)) I’ll always treasure our memories of hanging out in the RC office and devouring too-salty (this is the ONLY time I will admit it) pesto pasta. I can’t wait to see you grow into an even more amazing person than the already astonishing one I know. I love you so much, give Penny a hug for me <33.

To Sriya Mudumba, I will give you patience, joy, rest, amazing k-dramas (NOT AFTER 3 AM — GO TO BED), a truckload of boba, and the ability to see what an incredible human being you are. You work so hard and always bring those around you joy, and will be forever grateful for being your didi :)) I love you, and I hope that you know that I’m only a phone call away. I also hope that your senior year will be as amazing as the books you love to read!

To Ellen Nguyen, I will you the ability to realize what a gem you are and how much all of us love you <33. You are a queen, and I am so proud of how much you’ve grown this year and how bright you will shine in the years to come. Keep going and wave down when you get to the top :))

To Sophia Ait Boucherbil, I will you a shipload of smart comebacks and sarcastic comments, all of the Tuxedo Sam merchandise in the world (Petition to make Tuxedo Sam + Penny 02’s mascot??), happiness, and rest. I am so happy to have gotten to know you and I will miss talking to you and you saying “no” to every person walking into the RC office dearly :)) Please know that I am only a phone call away and that I will always be there for you, I LOVE YOU.

To Jojo Germo, I will you the time to rest, relax, and enjoy every moment of your senior year. I won’t will you confidence or patience for the college process because you already have that and every other tool you need to be successful and happy. Trust yourself as much as the people around you do, and recognize the incredible work you’ve put in. Be proud of yourself because all of us already are many times over, love you <33

To Iris Amit, I will you a magic wand that you can point at Etsy and manifest the things you like right beside you (CAUTION: EXCESSIVE AMOUNTS OF RETAIL THERAPY INVOLVED, EXTRA SPACE AND SAFETY GOGGLES RECOMMENDED). You are doing so well and I am so proud of you — thank you for being an amazing friend, and I hope that your senior year goes just as you want it to — love you <33

To Diya Kamath, I will you all the Jungkook posters in the entire world and the pride that all of us already feel in every single one of your accomplishments :)) You are one of the most hardworking people I know, and I will always look up to you as an example. Your passion shines through everything you do and I know that you will absolutely smoke any challenge thrown at you (Senior year who?) I love you, and I will always be here for you <33

To Sindhu Chalasani, I will you the ability to absorb knowledge and happiness in a way that makes you feel like you’re on top of this world because you already are. Your smiles are absolutely contagious and I hope that they will help you plough through senior year and enjoy every moment of it. I love you, and I wish you all of the best things in the world :))

To Anisha Kolambe, I will you endless enthusiasm and a stack of REALLY good books. Sitting with you in Mod Fic made it so much better, and I know that you are going to do absolutely amazing next year. I am so happy that I got to meet and get to know you, and I can’t wait to see where you go next, I love you :))

To Amanda Barajas, I will you the knowledge of knowing how much talking to you brightens everyone’s day. Your art and smile brings people together, and I hope that you continue blowing everyone’s mind with the beautiful, intricate, and creative pieces you make. I love you, and thank you for being my friend <33

To Fernanda Cano, I will you a fun-filled and memorable junior year. I loved getting to know you this year, and I will forever be thankful to you for confiscating my phone and lecturing me until I got my college essays done — I couldn’t have done it without you! I love you, and have an amazing time at IMSA <33

To Justina Kostiv, I will you a restful senior year. You do so much amazing work like making Clash of the Halls an absolutely mind-blowing event, and you deserve every bit of appreciation and rest for it. You are an amazing HCC and I have no doubt that you will be as amazing as a senior with everything you do. Have fun making memories next year, I love you <33

To Skylar Vickers, I will you a high-soaring basket toss for Clash next year. You are an amazing drill head/choreo and an even more amazing person — I am so happy to have met you this year. I hope that your junior and senior years go well and I wish you all the best, I love you <33

To Iain Gore, I will you a smooth college process and a fun senior year. Thank you for having my back during OOP! I know that you’re going to be an amazing senior and I hope that you enjoy the rest of IMSA :))

To Aadi Desai, I will you an exciting and restful senior year. I loved getting to know you as your big sib and I hope that you make amazing memories during the rest of your time at IMSA!

To all of my hallmates that I couldn’t name, I will you my beloved 02. Thank you for being an amazing hall full of incredible people and making my senior year as memorable as it was. I will miss all of you dearly and hope that you continue to make 02 the amazing place that it is. I love you all very much <33

Aidan Fraas

To the Boys Soccer Team, I will you a fun and successful season. Thank you for all the great memories made these last two years. I hope you can continue the success that we started, but don’t forget to keep having fun playing the game.

To Brian Leong, I will you your *lost* items. Enjoy them, but don’t get caught this time. ;)

To Will Reynolds, I will you good sophomores. Thank you for not reporting down-quad. I hope we brought some laughs to your time in C-wing.

To Einsteinia Socrates, I will you fun times with Maya. The car will be more empty but epic nonetheless!

To Danica Sun (aka pookie), I will you a good time as vice president of SCC. Make lots of money.

Alexander Gengler

To the Juniors of 07 B-wing, I will you luck in college apps next year. It was a fun time.

To the Sophomores of 07 B-wing, I will you luck in getting great grades for the colleges to see.

Alexandra Orantia

To Raphael Talusan, Joey Paras, Jojo Germo, Sarah Kumar, Kaella Moraga, and Jake Belonio (and to the other Filipinos that I know are just hiding from me), I will you bucket loads of Jollibee. Filipino culture at IMSA isn’t always recognized, but regardless, there’s so much to be proud of and I know that y’all will continue to spread the Pinoy love and culture. Mahal na mahal ko kayong lahat <33

To Joey Paras, I will you underclassmen who will hug you with the same comfort that you give me. I would not be the same person I am today if it weren’t for your friendship. I have come to you in every possible mood and I always walk away feeling so much better. You always make me feel seen (even when you’re an absolute bully) and I can’t thank you enough for that. I’m so excited for what you do in the future and all that you’re going to accomplish. Please keep me updated with things, even after I graduate, and please come to me whenever you want to. I love you so so so much <33

To Ryan Li, I will you underclassmen who make you smile and laugh as much as you do for me. Ryan Li. You. Are. Such. A. Light. In. My. Life. I can always count on you to bffr with me and I’m always so proud of you for everything you choose to pursue. You have big dreams for the future and I know that you’ll achieve them. You’re such a motivated, driven, and inspiring friend and I’m sure that your underclassmen will see that. Good luck with senior year, I know you’ll crush it!! (Also, please keep reaching out to me whenever you need to talk, rant, ramble, go through essays, etc.) LOVE YAA

To Maggie DiMarco, I will you an always-functioning waffle and pancake iron with an endless supply of mix. You are an absolute STAR! You’ve worked so hard to get to where you are now and I’m so so so proud of you. From the late-night grind sessions to watching you take charge as StudCo Vice Pres, I cannot see anyone more deserving of everything you’ve accomplished. I’m so excited to see what your future holds, so please please reach out whenever you need me. I love you so much mags <33

To Kaella Moraga and Kaylee Hwang, I will you more instant boba and more goofy ahh TikTok dances. You two are such a highlight of my D-wing experience. To Kaella, you are an absolute sweetheart. I see the way you light up with your friends and the excitement you have when doing what you love. Our relationship reminds me of my relationship with a senior from last year (she was my Ate), so knowing that you call me Ate always warms my heart. To Kaylee, our shenanigans during gfriend practices and the funny faces we make together never fail to make me laugh. You brighten all my days and I’m sure everyone thinks that too. Please never stop being you. You two are such an amazing pair of sophs and I can’t wait to hear about all that you do for the rest of your IMSA careers. PLEASE KEEP ME UPDATED ON EVERYTHING !!! I LOVE YALL <33

To Rushina Patel and Rachel Coutinho, I will you Squishmallows to help ease your academic stressors. Y’all are two of the most hard-working sophs I’ve ever met. Rushina, seeing you stay up with me and Jackie (WHICH IS NOT HEALTHY) is somewhat concerning lol, but I admire the dedication you have to getting things done. However, please do try to sleep earlier. Rachel, my OOP queen. You’re such a brilliant and kind person. Seeing how you are always willing to help others and the commitment you have to your priorities is amazing. I love you two so much. Please update me as you continue moving forward at IMSA and do not hesitate to reach out if I can help with anything <33

To Josie Kim and Aashima Sisodia, I will you better sleep schedules and good dreams. Y’ALL PLEASE SLEEP EARLIER. I admire the grind but y’all need some sweet dreams to make it out of here lol. But on a realer note, Josie, you are a ray of sunshine. Never have I ever met someone who is as equally social as me and can attract every and all types of friends. You are the most down-to-earth soph I’ve ever met and I know that you’re going to make it far at IMSA. Aashima. RAHH! You’re going to be a senior!! That in itself can be stressful, but you’re someone who I know will put in the work and get through it. You’re also so smart and talented (seeing your Nicki Minaj impression was highkey mindblowing loll). Keep doing what you’re doing and I know you’ll do amazing. Lastly, to the both of you, please keep me updated on all things going on and please reach out if there’s anything I can help with. Love love love <33

To Tommy Blough, George Lu, Nikhil Kodali, Jongwoo Kim, Josie Kim, and Joey Paras, I will you more laughs and shenanigans after 10 check. AKSJHAJKDHSG. Tommy, it’s always such a good time with you whenever we randomly hang out. You’re such a fun soph to be around and a great friend to have. You still have a long way to go at IMSA, so please don’t let the college talk get to you yet. Also, please don’t hurt your head or your body as you randomly jump into the ceiling and off the walls. George, my butt-jumping king, everyone who gets the chance to know you is such a lucky person. You brought so much energy and dedication to Clash and I can’t emphasize enough how happy that made me. You truly are a pillar of 1503. Nikhil, my DiffeKing. You are such a brilliant and kind-hearted person. It’s always a joy to randomly yell Blue Lock with you everywhere and I encourage you to build the same goofy relationships with your underclassmen next year too. Jongwoo, you are such a down-to-earth person. Engaging in silly conversations, seeing you run into the commons in Brian’s shirt, and overall just knowing you has given me such great memories. Josie, when I say you are a people-person, you ARE a people-person. Seeing how well you interact with anyone and everyone you meet is such a GREEN FLAG and I know that will take you far in your IMSA career. (Also, should you remain friends with everyone within this will, please keep them all sane loll). Joey, keep being you. You are an ambitious junior and I know that everything in your future will work out. Also, please keep looking out for the sophs and juniors next year- they’re going to need an amazing role model to look up to. AHHH THIS WAS A LOT YALL! Anyways, as always, please keep sending me funny videos of y’all, keep me in the loop of whatever shenanigans y’all are up to, and BE PROUD OF HAVING LIVED IN 1503!!

To Rhea Shah, I will you muscle gains and strong legs. YOU ARE AN ACADEMIC WEAPON AND LEADERSHIP QUEEN. Your people skills are unmatched and your drive to always exceed expectations is unparalleled. Rhea Shah. You have such a bright future ahead of you. Looking back at the uncountable times I’ve rolled over from laughing at the dumb things we’ve said and done with each other has brought me so much joy this past year. I feel so lucky to have gotten to know you and see you conquer your sophomore year. You’re an ambitious spirit and I know that you’ll overcome anything and everything that tries to get in your way. Also did I mention how insane your pull game is?? LOL, jokes jokes. Anyways, keep being you. I do not doubt that you’ll continue to SLAYYY at IMSA. Please hmu whenever you feel like it or whenever you want to hear something dumb from me lol. I love you lots, Rhea Shah. <33 MWAH

To the current 1503 RSL team (Aldo Magaña, Tate Schneider, Katherine Mayer, Marguerite DiMarco, and Pedro Castrejon), I will you (hopefully) better RSL funding and easier Google Calendar loads. It was such a pleasure to work with you all throughout the school year and especially during the height of Clash. 1503 hall culture has been a staple throughout my senior year and I owe a lot of it to you all. I’m so incredibly proud of the work y’all have put in and I can’t wait to see what you’ll do in the future. Special shoutouts to Aldo and Tate… To Aldo, thank you for keeping me accountable as HCC, and thank you for being such a right-hand man with everything RSL. Your work ethic and drive are truly inspirational and I can’t wait to hear about all the positivity you’ll spread on campus next year. To Tate, you’re going to be an amazing HCL! You’re such a natural leader and I’m so proud of everything you’ve already accomplished. Have an amazing senior year! You definitely deserve it!

To Nathaniel Huang, I will you interview stamina, happy sophomores, and clean modules for LEAD. Since getting to know you as my LEAD student, my Co-Facilitator, and now Co-Chair, I’ve seen an incredible amount of growth in you. You were always a great student to me and an amazing friend too; you taught me to be a better teacher and Co-Facilitator, and you were always a source of encouragement for me throughout my senior year. You’re so dedicated and committed to achieving everything you set your mind to and I know that can get you so far. Nathaniel, you are my inspiration. I will take everything that you have motivated me to do onwards to college, and I hope that you’ll be just as inspired by your next underclassmen too. (Keep me updated on your IMSA things!! I will personally come back and chase you around if you don’t send me your college essays!!)

To the IMPACT Team (Jaz Johnson, Maitreyi Pandey, Vikram Rao, Joey Paras, and Raphael Talusan), I will you clean and updated modules. Nikita and I are so incredibly proud of everything y’all have done this past year. Working with such a great team has been a memorable part of my senior year and I can’t thank y’all enough. And to Joey and Vikram, who are replacing me and Nikita, please remake IMPACT in the way that you want it to be and with the sophomores’ best interests. And to all of you, make IMPACT shine next year! (If IMPACT gets a bad rep, Nikita and I will personally come back and hunt you all.)

To Aru Ulanbek, Donovan Morrow, Sarah Kumar, Elaine Rao, and Jake Belonio, I will you unlimited dancing stamina and not squeaky Stunion floors. AHHHH Y’ALL ARE SUCH TALENTED DANCERS!! It has been such a joy dancing with you all and I hope you continue to dance throughout your IMSA careers. The dance culture at IMSA brought me a lot closer to so many people so I hope you all build those connections with the other passionate dancers on campus.

To Jerrick Li, I will you more gym gains and a fatter booty. You’re such an accomplished junior and I know that you have such a bright future ahead of you. Seeing your growth as a leader since soph yr is so inspiring, so please please recognize how much potential you have. Also thank you for being such a reliable friend to me and Bhavya, giving you random head scratches before 10 check was always fun :))

To Manu Mamillapalli, I will you more unmatched pull game. MANU YOU ARE SUCH A QUEEN!! You’ve always been such a sweetheart and a kind friend. Since Iles, martial arts, Franklin, and now IMSA, you have so much potential. Regardless of what the future brings, I know that you’ll attract more good fortune and good friends. (Also, please keep me in the loop! I love randomly catching up with you and being able to help in any way I can! <33)

To Faizaan Shaikh, I will you more friendship bracelets and Chipotle. You have been a day one best friend for me since middle school and since coming to IMSA. I remember sitting in geometry class with you in Knoepfle’s class and it’s insane to see how much you’ve grown. I’m so incredibly proud of the person you’re becoming and all the accomplishments that are coming your way. You’re such an inspiration, Faz. I can’t think of anyone else more disciplined, responsible, and capable of juggling everything that you’re doing — I know that it will all pay off in the future. Your dedication and drive were also big factors in how I went about my IMSA career. Without you, I would’ve been in more slumps, would’ve lost motivation more often, and overall, would not be where I am today. So, thank you. For being my #1 supporter. For being an amazing best friend. For being my Day 1. For being so reliable. For tolerating the crazy things I say. And for being you. I’m going to miss you so much, Faz. I won’t be able to randomly bother you for walking trips as often, but know that I’ll kidnap you whenever I get the chance. So much love, Faz. ALSO IF U DON’T CALL ME ONCE I GRADUATE, I WILL PERSONALLY COME BACK TO DRAG YOU OUT ON A WALKING TRIP!

To Srihari Gurugubelli, I will you another basic formatted certificate. (If you don’t get that reference, you’re FAKE!) You’re so grown now. I’m still comprehending that, lol. With the newly acquired height and muscle gain, I’m glad to see none of those physical changes made an impact on the kind and caring person I know you are and continue to be. Homie, I’m so proud of you. You’ve come such a long way since our geometry class and now we’re IMSA Titans. It’s been a long time dream for us to get where we are, and there’s still a long road ahead. Regardless of what happens, I’m always going to be here for you. Reach out whenever, randomly text me, sporadically call me, just keep in touch. Your friendship has meant so much to me and taught me how to be a better person. I’m going to miss you a lot, but I know you’ll be okay. Lots of love, Sri! BAIIII (also, if you don’t hit me up with random updates, I will haunt your nightmares :)))

To Raphael Talusan, I will you more overloaded plates of pancit and an unlimited supply of head scratches. Since meeting you in your sophomore year, I’ve gotten nothing but aggressive head squeezes and rude comments about being a shmen. Ugh. But, in between all of those moments, I’ve seen you grow into a more ambitious, caring, and responsible person. You take charge in your leadership positions, offer constructive feedback when necessary, and are always willing to give advice. You’re also such a talented dancer! Besides that tho, your senior year is going to be one of the most memorable years of your life. Live it up! Have no regrets! And if you’re ever in a shlump, feel free to call me. I’ll pick up, for sure. Anyways, THAT’S ALL BOZO! KEEP ME IN THE LOOP WITH EVERYTHING GOING ON WITH YOU! I’M SUPER PROUD OF YOU! OKAY BAI!

To the 03 Underclassmen and COTH drill participants, I will you a not-as-crusty hall. YOU ALL MADE CLASH SUCH AN AMAZING AND MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE! I cannot emphasize the joy that you all brought me as we took 1st place in drill and 2nd place overall. 03 is in good hands next year and I hope y’all bring more hype energy with the next class. And of course, always remember, DOWNTOWN 03 + WET N3W YORK ON TOP!!

To Emmali Isham, I will you more access walks and comfortable walking weather. EMMALIIIIIII!! You are such an amazing sophomore and I have loved every single moment with you. Our tea talks, fast-paced access walks, and random interactions in the hallways are always so fun. I’m so glad I hit you up on Messenger after your IMSA acceptance and got to know you as I do now. You’re a sweetheart and I hope you continue that positive attitude throughout the rest of your IMSA career. I love you soooo much, please keep me updated on everything — tea included lol!!

To Brandon Rogers, I will you more aesthetically beautiful starry nights. From randomly stopping you outside of your wing to ask about your telescope, to giving you big hugs every time we see each other, I can’t think of a more eloquently spoken and driven individual. You are such a good speaker and motivator that I know your next batch of sophomores will look up to you with beaming eyes. Thank you for all the after-10-check talks, food you’ve given me, and comfort for the last two years; I’m going to miss you a lot. So much love, Brando! Please keep me updated on everything!

To Haoran (Jack) Shi, I will that your red hat never breaks. You are going to do amazing things at IMSA and beyond. You have such an attractive personality and a warm presence that I know you’ll succeed in everything you do. It’s been really fun getting to know you, seeing how much you’ve grown as a soph, and your friendship with Kaella, Kaylee, and Josie. Please continue to be a good person to your friends, to the next group of sophs, and to your upperclassmen. Everyone needs to have a supporter like you. (Oh! And please keep me updated on everything!)

Anthony Kholoshenko

To Faizaan Shaikh & Danica Sun, I will you TALENT. Fazzy, I will you classy dance moves, elite attendance taking skills, and pristine work ethic. Danica, I will you a creative and curious board, a surge of TALENT growth, and impeccable event planning. You guys are brilliant, capable, and so innovative — I am absolutely certain that TALENT will see one of its best years under your eyes.

To Pranav Pabbisetty, I will you an events team full of unique minds dedicated to developing events that are both fun and educational. You are a bright person and will be a fabulous events team leader. I expect a Kanban that is bigger and better than ever before!

To Tatyana Pronitcheva, I will you a driven competitions team whose goals are set on exposing the IMSA community to all the various business competitions in the world. You are a kind and compassionate person and I am sure that will translate into the way you head your team.

To Srihari Gurugubelli, I will you the full breadth of the curriculum team. You will encounter the various challenges of heading such a crucial part of TALENT, but you will encourage perfect collaboration and ambition within your team. Your skills as a confident speaker and joyful friend will propel the TALENT curriculum into exploring even greater potential opportunities.

To the new TALENT board (Faizaan Shaikh, Danica Sun, Pranav Pabbisetty, Tatyana Pronitcheva, Srihari Gurugubelli, and all new members) I will you the responsibility of maintaining TALENT’s legacy as the best IMSA club merch. You all will continue to build upon the coolest organization on campus, and I see wonderful things for the future of TALENT.

To TALENT INC & THINK, I will all of you continued interest in the business realm. There truly is so much to explore and I hope TALENT gave you the necessary foundations to do so. I loved getting to know each and every one of you and expect to see you all winning tons of cash from all the huge business competitions!

To Rithik Thekiniath, I will you some more muscle mass. You are already so lean and the only way to go is up. Keep grinding and I hope to see you on that Mr. Olympia stage!

To Anirudh Chari, I will you an incredible senior year. You are so talented, organized, and driven and I already know that you are going to excel in the future. Keep up the hard work and get that bag!

To Sreevardhan Atyam, I will you all the food you could ever ask for, a much more enjoyable English class, and massive gains. You’re a great guy and you will go on to do amazing things! Make sure to clean up the sink, though.

To Ibrahim Bah, I will you a more available writing center tutor and many more late night cooking adventures in D-wing. You brought a very joyful character to our wing and I loved seeing you chef it up close to in-room.

To Raymond Schumacher, I will you a science class without the likes of our wonderful lab partner. I’m glad I met you and made several good memories this year!

To JaeJun Park, I will you many more random bathroom encounters and a prosperous senior year. You will go far, JJ!

To Jul Hwangbo, I will you a cleaner room and some scrumptious danishes. Thank you for returning my hat!

Ara Macaulay

To Diya Kamath, I will you the letter W and the best senior year schedules ever. I think I got really, really lucky to have had all three semesters of BC with you, because you are one of the smartest and most hardworking underclassmen I know (thank you SO much for carrying me through every problem of the week and worksheet). Through all the side conversations both inside and outside of class, I’m so glad to have been able to see you grow academically, mentally, and as a person in general. Despite all the troubles that Adchem, ABS, and the BC sequence may have given you, I do hope that you can have a relatively peaceful senior year (outside of the college admissions mess) and enough time to spend with the activities and the people you love most.

To Ryan Li, I will you (as per request) “deez [].” But really, I will you Claude François, his hair, and his many, many dance moves and funny-to-watch backup dancer women. I would also like to will you an underclassman who is equally annoying in how they choose to bother you during French class. I hope they unsuspectedly slam the back of their chair into yours *twice* as much as you did to me!! All jokes aside, you are undoubtedly one of my favorite Naper-villains (I will admit that you’re tied for first place with Yina, though). Honestly, we should hang out downtown and at 95th as a villain trio sometime this summer, because I am really, truly going to miss seeing you on the daily once I escape IMSA for good. You are actually such a fun person to be around, and I think your sass and happiness are very contagious. I hope that you can carry this kind of energy well into your senior year and beyond, because it’s certainly something special. Finally, https://youtu.be/HkVhN64dyd8. (0:28-1:00). Everyone needs to see this gem, but you desperately need to sharpen up on the routine. With enough effort though, I’m sure you’ll be 1978 François reincarnated in no time!!

To Faizaan Shaikh, I will you a “decrease” in rizz. Just because I can. This is in combination with a slight decrease in your height as well. That aside, I’ve realized that, like a few other underclassmen I know, you are someone I was able to meet primarily through mutual friends. Maybe it kind of adds to the sibling aesthetic you always give off, I honestly don’t know. What I do know is that you really are one of the kindest, most mature, and most dedicated/hardworking underclassmen I know, and anyone who happens to look up to you should consider themselves quite fortunate to have you around. You always appear super chill (please will me your ability to consistently seem calm) and put together (we are NOT talking outfit-wise, however), regardless of what situations life gives you. I really am glad that I’ve been able to get to know you better over the past two years, from personal rants to culture show dances and even prom. I will you a truckload of happy moments (and more dance moves) during your last year at IMSA. I am seriously fighting the urge to say something about you SHAIKH-ing things up in a great way during senior year (comedian at heart), but maybe that’s too crazy a statement. Either way, I wish you nothing but the best as you embark on your journey into your final year of high school and beyond :))

To Sabriya Attia, I will you: a box of *absolutely* nothing. That’s it. I saved you for last, but I feel like there isn’t enough out there for me to will that compares to what you’ve given me this past year. Occasionally I wonder why Sophia even bothered introducing you to me. You are actually a little, tiny bit insane, and crazy, and psychotic-ish at times, but I am going to hope and assume that your odd behavior regularly stems from a place of love and admiration. You are actually quite smart, and you are (somewhat) hardworking as well, even despite your temporary obsession(s) with [redacted]. You make me laugh, you make me feel genuinely scared (sometimes scarred), and you make me cry (tears of joy of course!!), all things that have resulted from the fact that I feel emotionally safe around you. I really, truly am so thankful for you choosing to be in my life, even despite the crazy hypotheticals, comments, FaceTime calls, and conversations that we’ve had with each other. You, by far, have been my favorite French buddy (Ryan will never know about us), and even though we’ll be apart once I graduate, I do hope that it doesn’t mean complete separation. I hope we can still stay in touch, visit each other, hang out, continue doxxing, and the like. From talking about interactions with [redacted], to room visits made for the purpose of screaming and ranting, I’m so glad that I’ve been able to share this past year with you, and I’m very excited for what is to come. <33

Atharva Gawde

To Sree Atyam, I will you Pietro’s record player. Hopefully the spinning records will resonate with you and you will finally find a clear sense of direction (actually commit to a club). I hope it will help you find great success academically (and romantically) in your senior year. I also will you a wing that will put up with the atrocities you commit to the wing sink. Genuinely, though, you should stop worrying about everything so much and stop doubting yourself. You’re going to do great. Despite the chaos between you and my roommate, I am glad to have had you in the wing this year, and I wish you a great senior year.

To Hagen Arriaga, I will you (and the rest of up-quad) a room downstairs so nobody has to suffer upstairs neighbors dropping medicine balls at 2am in the future. You can also have Jayant’s bed because you seem to enjoy it more than he does. I’m so glad to have gotten to know you this year, and you are welcome to work (silently) in our room whenever you want.

To Angel Lopez, I will you the keys to wherever I live in the future so you don’t have to violently shake our door handle in the depths of the night anymore. Continue bringing your positive energy everywhere you go, and I hope to see you performing more insane stunts in future culture shows.

To Raph Talusan, I will you healthy knees for your senior year of clash and culture shows. I’m very excited for unofficial B-friend with you (my eyes were red because of my allergies at that one practice). I also will you a wing that takes much better care of your air fryer. I hope you enjoy your senior year with a free 8th mod as there’s no more German for you to learn (even though you skip class for volleyball this year anyway).

To Adi Prashanth, I will you more peers desperately in need of your E&M help. You have been very helpful in that class (although that test still went terribly). You are incredibly hardworking, and I wish you a successful senior year and amazing senior tennis season.

To Rithik Thekiniath, I will you underclassmen tennis teammates as cracked as you are, so you can finally realize my frustration of getting gapped by underclassmen. Clash drill season was incredibly fun with you this year, and I hope you carry the tradition on into your senior year. I also will you a large collection of shirts because it would truly be a shame if you ran out (especially in E&M). Enjoy your senior year!

To Danica Sun, I will you safe bus rides and more exciting SIR adventures in your senior year. I still have no idea what you and Michael do, but our lunch trips (that always take too long) have been so fun, even in the freezing Evanston weather. Also, thank you for helping our quad solve our prom table dilemma. I hope you have a great senior year!

To Ibrahim Bah, I will you Jayant’s blender and a wing that doesn’t take away all your appliances for your constant cooking needs. I also will you neighbors that have sufficient cleaning supplies and don’t constantly ask you for Clorox wipes (thank you for being so generous, though). You are one of the most genuine people I’ve met, and you will be a great upperclassmen to future IMSA students over the next two years.

To Haoran Shi, I will you a better football club to support than the soulless, historyless Manchester City. Other than that, I will you a nice warm jacket so you don’t freeze while filming future Clash movies. Feel free to call me if you ever need someone to bail you out when you get caught for illegal drone filming. You are one of the funniest people I’ve met at IMSA and am so glad I got to share a wing with you this year. Enjoy your next two years full of hugler hugs.

Aubrey Hall

To Blessita Charly and Carissa Chen, I will you the ability to continue the vision of GWC. The task you have next year will be a difficult one. There is a lot to manage within the club, but I imagine anything that you do will be successful. Both of you are so driven and insightful, and I am confident that the club is in good hands.

To Shivani Chirumamilla, I will you all the Diff Eq knowledge I have. It makes me pretty sad that I only got to know you for a semester, but I have cherished the time we spent together. You manage to make me laugh every single day and have such a big heart. I promise I will eventually go to the gym and get those gainz. Please make sure to keep annoying Vikram whenever you can while I am gone.

To Vikram Rao, I will you a new eraser. Please for the love of god get a new one. I’ve had fun getting to know you during diff eq (even though it took me a million days to talk). You’ve genuinely carried me through that entire class. You’re incredibly smart and talented, and I can’t wait to see where you go. Keep Shivani in check for me while I’m gone.

To Maddy Clarke, I will you the motivation to get through another year at IMSA. I know that you’ve already checked out, but you’ve got this. This entire semester, I’ve looked forward to going to dance class with you. You have such contagious, bubbly energy that always puts a smile on my face. I am going to miss stepping on your feet during the waltz and doing useless stretches every Thursday.

Avery Hedican

To Luci, I will you lots of sleep and a good roommate. You are my favorite soph and my senior year would be so boring if I hadn’t met you. I’m so grateful for all the times you let me do homework and sleep on your floor or rant to you about my relationship problems. Thank you for making my last year at IMSA bearable and being the better half of my sophomore-senior duo. And also for all of the snacks and meals that you’ve given me along the way. I hope you make the most out of your time at IMSA and I know you will do such amazing things. Keep getting involved and trying new things, it makes the time go by so much faster. I love you mucho. (Call me if you ever need me to come get you out of class.)

To A-wing upquad (Gwen, Annika, Eli, and Natalia), I will you new people to barge into your room at random times. (Gwen, please give me your mattress topper :) Thank you guys for giving Elle and me another room and for always providing entertainment. Gwen, I will you a baby gate so people stop climbing in your bed. (Please give me your mattress topper :) Thanks for making Modern Theater so much fun. Annika, I will you more “winding down” time and easier classes. Thank you for putting up with all the times we’re being too loud. Eli, I will you a box of tangy fruit snacks. Thank you for all of our random adventures and conversations, and for holding my hand when we cross the street. Natalia, I will you more hallway conversations and good grades, you work so hard! Take a break! Thank you for sharing hair routines with me and always listening to my rants.

To Melinda, I will you a rotisserie chicken and some more paint. I hope you find someone else who lets you paint their arm. Take care of yourself and Luci, I know you’re going to be so successful and have an amazing senior year.

To A-wing (Bih-Sana, Chiara, Blaise, Tia, Melinda, Laura, Matty, Yoona, Anna, Vedanti, Ketzaly, Indy, Carolyn, Zed, Luci, Natalia, Eli, Annika, and Gwen), I will you guys good grades and good sophomores. Thank you for being my home away from home and for giving me some of the best memories from my time here. I hope that you guys keep the energy up in A-wing for as long as you’re here. Sophs, I am so glad I met you all, and although you guys are feral most of the time, I know y’all are making memories. Juniors, keep pushing through. Senior year goes by so fast, so don’t forget to make memories along the way and cherish the time you have here. Please keep the kitchen clean and continue to make a mega couch and watch movies together.

To Sar’aiyah and Aaliyah, I will you guys many more hugs! You guys have no idea how much you brighten up my days. Thank you for always listening to my stories, and I wish you the best senior year.

To Luke, I will you an IMSA hockey team. Thank you for being the only person that stays interested when I rant about hockey. You are genuinely feral sometimes but it makes orgo so much more entertaining. I hope your senior year runs more smoothly and is filled with good memories.

Ayati Lala

To Stella Ristic, I will you a successful junior year. You are such a hard worker and so incredible. You should be so proud of what you achieved and never let anyone make you think you’re less. Always remember how talented and successful you are and continue shining bright. You deserve so so so much and do not take the bare minimum from anyone. I’m so glad I met you and had the chance to advise you (advise since you never actually listen to me) to not make any dumb decisions.

To Maya Jimenez, I will you the ability to be decisive. You are such a refreshing person and I love hearing all your unfiltered opinions. Although you go back and forth a lot of time, it’s so relatable and understandable. I know you and Stella are going to be such bomb roommates and I am so excited for you both. Keep killing it and reach out to me if you ever need advice or want to talk!

To Jerrick, I will you someone else who will always answer your phone calls. From junior year playing volleyball and watching movies together, I am so thankful I met someone as caring and loving as you. You truly have such a great heart and I appreciate how you will always be there for me if I need anything. I hope you have a wonderful senior year and continue being passionate about everything you love. I am so glad I got to mold you into the perfect setter (all me I take credit for this) and am excited for the rest of your season!

To Srihari, I honestly don’t know what to will you. All I can say is that I am so grateful for our friendship and what I have learned from you. From our random and spontaneous access walks to hanging out in 07, I cherish every memory. I am so glad I met you and can rely on you so much!

Bhavya Vegesna

To Rhea Shah, I will you the ability to find a sophomore who will allow you to experience our friendship from my side, a perfect sleep schedule, and all of my love. I honestly don’t even know where to start. From the day we randomly got brunch together to all the nights we stayed up (till 11pm) talking, I’m eternally grateful to have you as one of my best friends. I had no clue how close we would get and it is such a privilege to have you in my life. Your humor and kindness is incomparable to others and I hope you never lose it. But what amazes me the most is how you’ll always be there for me even with everything you’re going through. You have one of the most giving hearts, but I hope you prioritize yourself through the following years. As tough as IMSA is, I hope you find people (hopefully in your grade this time) that make this place worth it for you and you graduate with more happy memories from here. Regardless of what is to come, I’m so proud of you for everything that you have accomplished so far! You’re honestly one of the most hardworking people I have ever met and your work ethic is impeccable, like how do you even do that much work over the weekend? Now, you probably know why I willed you a perfect sleep schedule. It still amazes me how you get 7 hours of sleep almost every night, and I hope that junior year doesn’t ruin this and that you only stay up to talk with Shanya and your new neighbors. I guess it’s time to move on to my love for you. I will eternally be in debt to whoever placed us next to each other because they allowed me to meet such an amazing person! As we both continue our journey next year and I won’t be able to scream to you through the quad door, I hope you remember that I am only one call away, and I promise to visit. Please do random life updates with me and be my dd in college! I love you so so so much Rhea <3

To Jerrick Li, my favorite grandpa, I will you a better sleep schedule, all the sauces in the world, and the ability to appreciate yourself. Ah, my little pincher, please stop pinching me. My arms can’t take it anymore. Okay, but for real though. From meeting you at the start of junior year to spending every Wednesday with you senior year, I have enjoyed every minute of it. I’m so proud of you for everything that you have accomplished and you’ve only grown from when I first met you, and I know you will only continue doing so. You have always been there for me during my lowest moments and although you approve of all my stupid decisions, I’m grateful that you were always there, when you weren’t taking your naps like a grandpa, to help me overcome them. Now, as much as I love taking photos of you napping, I hope you fix your sleep schedule so that you don’t keep falling asleep in class. But I do hope that you stay up to make your amazing food with all your sauces. I still don’t know how you can possibly use all the sauces you have, but I will you all the sauces in the world so that you can continue to make yummy food at night and embrace the chef inside you. As you enter your senior year at IMSA, the main advice I have for you is to appreciate yourself and to prioritize yourself. Please don’t ever forget how hardworking, selfless and caring you are. I’m always surprised by how much you are willing to sacrifice for others, but I hope you are a bit selfish and prioritize yourself more. Don’t always be so hard on yourself and never forget how far you have come. As you continue to find your way through life, don’t ever forget that I’m always here for you and no distance will ever change our friendship. Remember to randomly FaceTime me, even if it’s at 3 am, and know that I love you so much!

To Manu Mamillapalli, my favorite cousin, I will you a better sleep schedule, all the coffee that you can get, and a sophomore that you can spend your off mods with. Oh Manu, where do I even start with you. From first meeting you when I was 6 to only meeting you again when I was 17, I can say that for 11 years I missed out on hanging out with one of the best cousins out there. I can’t believe how somewhere down the line, we’re actually cousins and I think that we were destined to meet the way we did. Seeing you every off mod and hanging out with you has been one of the highlights of my senior year, and as you continue to grow at IMSA, I hope you find an underclassman who makes your off mods as entertaining as you did to mine. You have no idea how much your “hi” means to me and makes me laugh. I hope that you find a sophomore that greets you the same way you greet me. I know that junior and senior year will be challenging, but I hope you take time to prioritize yourself, sleep enough, and not stay up all night writing your essays or studying for your tests. And if you truly have to, I hope you have all the coffee in the world to help you stay up. Please keep giving me life updates, and if you need anything, ever, just remember that I am here for you and only a call away. Love you, Manu!

To Faizaan Shaikh, I will you a dancing buddy and better dance moves. From our awkward meetings where we couldn’t hang out without Alex to going on random walks and having random conversations, you have made my senior year so much better! Dancing with you throughout the year and all the times we bonded over dancing is something I am always grateful for. As you begin your final year, I hope you find an underclassman who enjoys dancing as much as you and will give in to your signature dance move. But for real, I will you some better dance moves other than shaking your hips all the time. Don’t forget me when you show up on World of Dance and enjoy your senior year, you deserve it!

Bhavyaa Chauhan

To Blessita Charly, I will you an amazing senior year and a summer internship with lots of free food ;)). I’m so happy you were able to join the internship because it’s been the most fun with you there. Whether it’s on I-days or CS Seminar: Machine Learning, you always manage to bring a smile to my face. You’re my favorite Aussie and accent impersonator. I’m gonna miss seeing your smile and listening to you loudly chew gum. You have amazing music taste, so I’m also going to miss the random outbursts of singing and dancing. There was never a dull moment with you and you’re truly one of my favorite people to hang out with. Of course, I know you’re the expert on everything ever, so if, in the future, I have any questions, I will be sure to ask you.

To Danica Sun, I will you an amazing and an even better prom table for your senior year. I honestly don’t know how you do it. You’re so smart, fashionable, effortlessly gorgeous, and passionate about everything you do. You already know that I have been vouching for #DanicaSunTALENTPRES from the very first Events Team meeting, and I’m beyond happy to know that it finally manifested (maybe I should start a #Danica4Pres campaign?). I know you have literally one of the worst sleep schedules I have ever laid my eyes on, but I hope you can rest easy during senior year (at least SSS, DO NOT make your schedule too hard). I’m also really happy that prom table planning brought us closer together! If it wasn’t for us, we would’ve never gotten that goldmine of a group chat. You deserve all the rest and assurance in the world, and I wish you all the best for the next year. Wherever you go, you’re going to make big waves and know that I will always be a call away. :))

To Aru Ulanbek, I will you COTH hair dying and an amazing senior year. You are my Bella Hadid, sunshine, Miu Miu model, crazy girl and I’m going to miss you so much. You always have such a bright aura around you and I can’t say that for a lot of people at this school. You always manage to make people feel comfortable, safe, and happy around you and that is an irreplaceable quality. Wherever you decide to be an intern next, I hope you never forget the fervor and excitement of the OG BBAAARBS team.

To the future 06 hall senator, I will you the best COTH season ever and lots of success on your Studco projects. You’re going to have lots of fun and know that 06 loves you. Support 06 with all you can, because this hall is truly my saving grace from IMSA. If I didn’t live in 06 all three years, I know I wouldn’t have made it this far. I hope you continue to support the fun and loving atmosphere and create an even better community. Good luck!

To my 06 CompuSci girlies, I will you a future where you all have got this. WE FINISHED COMPUSCI (passed hopefully) AND IT’S ALL GOING TO BE OKAY. I’m gonna miss the 2 am downquad CompuSci sessions, but I’m glad we all made it through together. I hope you all are proud of yourselves for finishing the course and know that you can rest easy without the impending doom of using another indulgence. I love you all and hope you continue to bond over the writhing pain of school.

To Emi K, I will you a restful senior year and a real-life FNAF experience. You’re so smart and pretty and I’m glad we were able to bond more through COTH and CompuSci. I’m going to miss our late night conversations and random tea-spilling sessions. You’re going to do great things and I’m going to miss you a ton!

To Karla Sanchez, I will you an amazing year of LEAD (if you decide to stay on it). LEAD and SpecFic were so much fun with you and I’m glad we got the chance to get to know each other better. Good luck senior year and feel free to reach out!

To A-wing sophomores, I will you a clean and bonded wing community. I’m so grateful for you all! The bonding you guys had at the beginning of the year was so special and it warmed my heart everytime I saw you guys get dinner together. I hope you continue to be kind and spread that positivity throughout the next two years.

To Einsey, I will you my turbulent finsta. You’re my number one finsta fan and my best advice for you is to never stop being yourself. Dance was so much fun with you as well; I honestly can’t think of anyone else with better Reggaeton moves (sorry, Max). Love you goofy and I’m gonna miss you :))

To the future APS data interns (second generation), I will you more free food. Don’t bother Kelsey. I hope we didn’t set the bar too high for you all (the bar is on the floor) and you can continue to have fun in the same ways we did. It really is what you make of it, so have fun and make the best of it :))

Braeden Cullen

To Aadi, I will you the ability to [redacted] within a reasonable time frame and the supps. Don’t lose yourself in college apps and enjoy your senior year. Please don’t just grind — it will go by faster than you think. I have a feeling you are going to do great things.

To Michael, I will you some creatine. Get buff and hit 225 before you graduate. You are one of the most interesting people I have met and I really respect how true to yourself you are.

To Madhav Hota, I will you a stress-free senior year. Thanks for making pathophys enjoyable.

To Nikhil, I will you a new green quarter zip jacket. I appreciated the diff eq tutoring. It was goated.

To Blessita, I will you Devin’s heart. Make Titan Software proud and win him over. Also, thanks for making APS interesting this past year, and I will be buying an espresso machine.

To Buddy, I will you a gym bro. I hope the senior soccer season goes well for you and that you keep hitting the gym next year. You are a very charismatic person, more so than I think you realize.

To Rithik, I will you better calf insertions. Your anime recommendations are so peak — Mob Psycho changed my life. Thanks for being such a great person.

To Anirudh, I will you a [redacted] ring. The BC III table was so fire. Don’t get lost in the grind and enjoy sss.

To Anmol, I will you more APS interns to leak information to. I don’t understand how you know everything about everyone but it is very entertaining.

To Charles, I will you some nice grass-fed steak to enjoy while watching documentaries.

To Aiden, I will you one of my infamous homemade meals.

To Fredy, I will you a Netflix subscription. We were watching Netflix, I swear.

To Alexian, I will you someone to match your liveliness. I love your energy bro.

To Andrew, I will you many open bench presses. You push yourself harder than anyone I know and I really respect that.

To Kohl and Jackson, I will you guys a relaxing senior year. We went through many highs and lows during junior year, but it was an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything.

To all the underclassmen I’ve had the opportunity to meet, I will you a time at IMSA to remember and reminisce upon because I know that when I think back, you all are externalized in my memory.

Bryce Sharp

To Lonzo, I will you a clear mind. Talking to you was always interesting, as well as sleeping on you before basketball games. Just try to stop overthinking everything and live in the moment. Your heart is in the right place, and that’s more than most people have. Keep it that way.

To Jaden, I will you fortitude. I know your years at IMSA haven’t been the best. The truth is, you still have most of it ahead of you. Keep your head up and be stoic. Great things lay ahead if you see it through.

To Ray, I will you the ability to get through one more year of high school. You’re one of the chillest dudes I know. You’re charismatic enough to be friends with anyone, so choose wisely. And remember, moderation is a virtue.

To Deondre, I will you the ability to pass your classes. It’s getting ridiculous. I can’t have my son failing, after all.

To Arjun, I will you a higher vertical. How you can squat so much and not jump over a phone book remains a mystery. In seriousness, you’re an incredibly cool person. I’m glad to have been able to spend as much time with you as I did during volleyball.

To Muna, Lucas, Charles, and the rest of the basketball team, I will you a great basketball season. It’ll be hard playing without your best player (Dapo), but I’m sure you guys will manage. Be sure to give Snead as hard of a time as possible. Also, Muna, make sure you hit 1k points for me.

To Michael, I will you Geoguessr Premium. Just pirate it or something, man. Creative Writing was made much more interesting with you. Your strange humor is equally appreciated.

To Taegon, I will you the ability to talk to women. You probably have it in you. Maybe. It was cool seeing someone else from Ottawa make it here, so make sure you finish your senior year strong.

To Fredy, I will you the largest bear hug possible. I’m sure you love them, regardless of what you say.

To Jul, I will you some sense of temperance. How such a small person can do things in such large measures baffles the mind. Slow down and smell the roses.

To Ava, I will you good decision making. You’ve got a lot of choices ahead of you, and make sure you stick to them. Don’t be fickle with things that are important.

To Raph, I will you better opinions. You have some wild takes, my boy. While you may have been cleared by a certain tall Canadian setter, it was a lot of fun playing volleyball with you.

To Xander, I will you the ability to become the best basketball player at IMSA soon. You have incredible potential. Stay diligent, and make sure that it’s seen to its fullest extent.

To Keyan, I will you aux privileges. Keep your friends off it at all costs.

Christian Cantu

To Justina, I will you my mechanical pencil because its weight symbolizes the weight of the words you write. I am glad to have spent that time with you in Indoor and Outdoor Games! That was a really fun class, and I’m super thankful you were at my math table cause you make math bearable.

To Shridhar, I will you the strength and ferocity to dominate! Bro, you’re destined for greatness, you got it. I enjoyed having you in the wing, especially for Wing Wars — you have to promise to wreck some kids in dodgeball next year, you got it!

To Prabhav, I will you the abilities of an RSL. Good luck as an RSL next year, y’all gotta keep up the legacy of the 01 hall council. I believe in you to be a good RSL — you are charismatic and pretty damn funny so you got it. And keep up the gym grind, and come senior year you will be cracked.

To Zhuoer, I will you the abilities of an RSL. Good luck as an RSL next year, y’all have to keep up the legacy of the 01 hall council. You totally got it, you are pretty outgoing and are a good fit for the role of RSL. Try to be better than the RSLs this year, and actually do the bulletin board.

To Alexian, I will you my dancing abilities. BROOO I’m so glad we became friends! Your friendship means so much to me. I know you are good at dancing, so you gotta put that to use next year for drill — you gotta make the 3 peat come true. Bro I know y’all can do it, you just have to hard carry.

To Malcolm, I will you the determination to win Clash. I’m glad I got to talk more with you cause you are actually super cool. I look forward to what your quad will do next year. Y’all gotta live up to the 01 legacy and go for the 3 peat!

To Dash, I will you the talent to make 01’s Talent Show win. I am so glad that I had the pleasure of being able to be on Hall Council with you. We have such a good hall council partially thanks to you, I know that you will do great as HDC next year. And next year I can’t wait to see what 01 is going to do for the talent show. Because you did so well this year, I don’t know how you are gonna top it next year, but I can’t wait to see what you do. I’ll be sure to save the date and watch the talent show livestream next year. Go 01!

To Maddy, I will you the strength to do the stunts you want to. I really enjoyed the time we shared during drill and stunts. You are an amazing person who I am glad to have gotten closer with. I will scout out the gym for strong people so that 01 stunts can be even BETTER next year! I can’t wait to see what you guys will come up with.

To Andrew, I will you the strength to beat Will. You are so cracked, you are going to outshine anyone in the gym come senior year. I’m glad I got to work out with you!

To Kohl, I will you the strength to push through adversity. What is there to be said? The grind never stops —keep grinding. You are honestly one of the hardest working people I have ever met, and will be one of the hardest working people I will ever have met. Your drive to do well and succeed is admirable. You can do it, I believe in you. If you keep grinding, I’m sure your efforts will be rewarded. I am glad I got to play baseball with you. I enjoyed your company in the infield. Next year, if there is a team, I want to see you hit a home run — you got it.

To Dylan, I will you the Crown of D-wing. Keep being yourself, your personality is amazing. I enjoyed being in the same wing as you. Next year for Clash try to get involved because it is totally worth it. Oh and one more thing, D-WING BEST WING!!!

To Anmol, I will you the gym gains! You were dope to have in the wing, especially for your birthday party. That was so cool. Keep being fresh!

To Ben, I will you the ability to cook some insane chicken pizza tacos. I enjoyed having you in the wing. Wherever you room next year, the RC can look forward to Iron Chef.

To Max, I will you the ability to withstand having Prabhav and Zhuoer as RSLs. Please do not let the taco delivery guy wander around campus.

To Charlie, I will you the ability to form a team next year. I am honored to have had the pleasure to be able to play baseball with you. Hopefully your knees recover from that season. Even though it got canceled this year, we still got to do track together. Make sure you send me the baseball schedule for next year, cause I’m gonna go see some of the games. Y’all better win!

To Jay, I will you the best of luck, both in life and in the gym! You were a pleasure to have met, and I am glad to have known you.

To Carolyn, I will you a great talent show. Thank you for letting me press you for a talent show. Make sure next year, talent is just as crazy!

To Clay, I will you to become strong and shredded. Try not to take too much pre-workout. I believe you can surpass me by the time you get to senior year. 225 for reps EZ. That’s why I’ll let you keep the shaker cup and the pull up bar, I know you will use them.

To Danny, I will you the ability to make ramen. It was fun talking to you at like 12:30 at night, you’re a pretty dope person. Make sure to enjoy your SSS next year! I will you the ability to make some insane mac and cheese.

To Elliel, I will you a great time at IMSA. You were pretty cool to have in the wing, and a very interesting person to talk to. Keep up the good work!

To Ivan, I will you the ability to speak your mind. Do not worry about what others say, cause you’re cracked. I wish you luck in all your future endeavors.

To Jackson, I will you the ability to stay out of trouble, PLEASE. You went out so tragic, but that’s not how I will remember you. I’ll remember you for all the other times before that. Go on to do great things, cause I know you got it in you.

To Ian, I will you the script to win Clash movie next year. Thank you for editing such amazing movies for both Wing Wars and Clash. I look forward to seeing 01 movie next year!

To Alea, I will you the ability to run for a long time! You are an amazing person and I’m so glad I met you cause of track. I’ll come back to visit for some track meets next year!

To Alan, I will you the ability to throw shot and disc! Bro, you gotta keep up the good work with throwing. IMSA throwing has to be cracked by the time you are a senior, you can do it! Just hit the gym really hard and you can make State!

Christian Cline

To Ebba Kaulas and Blaise Jones, I will you both the future of 1501’s CLASH Propics. Ebba, time and time again you’ve shown all of 01 how talented your art skills are and how devoted you can be towards the projects you set to complete. Your weekly whiteboard drawings were always sooo detailed (like for real, how do you do that with Expo!?), and I trust you will be able to CARRY 01 next year not just in propics, but in all the arts! Blaise, I don’t think I ever really showed it in person, but it made me so happy to see you join the Propic team. I was a little nervous looking at the responses to people who were interested in helping because it was pretty low LOL. But I’m really comforted to know that there will still be 01 people who will kill it in the arts. You both had some awesome ideas and some fantastic skills to back it all up, so I’m sure you guys will both do great! :)

To 01B-wing (Malcolm Wilson-Ahlstrom, Dashiell Leigh, Alexian Heynez, Luke Mauk, Nathan Kozak, Sori Bannon, Clay Dean, Sohum Kashyap, and the best RC ever, Luis Villafuerte), I will you no more false fire alarms, removal of the LED lights and a clean sink. But seriously, I don’t think I could imagine myself living in any other hall, or have enjoyed my time at IMSA anywhere as much if I didn’t live here. I hope you all will continue to give the newcomers of the future the same fantastic living space. I know some of you are worried about the dynamic changing with the departure of us seniors (probably, because we make up like 50% of the wing LOL), but something I’ve learned while here is that the experiences you experience, or the places you live in this instance are what you make of it. Some of you might stay, and some might leave, but I hope that regardless of where you end up living, your time at IMSA will be the best it can be. Don’t ever forget: B-wing!

To all the underclassmen of 01, I will you another successful year in COTH and a much-needed break. This year has been pretty hectic (more so than I ever could’ve imagined in so many ways), both good and bad, but the 01 community is something I’ve grown to cherish while at IMSA, and I hope that it will continue to stay as close in the future. I hope you all will continue to get hyped for Wing Wars (definitely no favoritism to B-wing!), and when the time comes, stick together and claim that COTH trophy for a third year in a row! Thank you for making not just mine, but all of the 01 seniors’ last year a fantastic year, and keep on being the best hall at IMSA <3

To the Space Club underclassmen (Evelyn Cunneen, Brandon Rogers, Ishan Shankar, Navya Dixit, Anjali Samal, and Netra Rameshbabu), I will you a successful, spacy future. Eve, I know you’ll do great things with the club. You’ve proven yourself to be more than capable, and I have total faith that you will continue to lead this club to success. Brandon, ever since you’ve been on this board, you’ve consistently brought great ideas for future club events and a can-do attitude to try and bring those ideas to life. Ishan, your down-to-earth view (get it? I’m so funny haha) on everything the club does will surely help lead the club to success. Navya, Anjali, and Netra, the three of you will also bring so many more fun ideas to the club, and I’m sure that all of you will come up with some awesome ideas in the future. You all show promise, and I wish you all the best of luck this next year. Keep staying spacy!

To Nataliya Stewart and all the other underclassmen on the Yearbook Team, I will you a better management schedule. This year was hectic (and still is at the time of writing this), but that’s just how it goes in Yearbook. Now, I say that knowing full well that this club takes WORK (most of which could have been avoided lol but oh well), and it isn’t always pretty. There have been a lot of high highs and very low lows, but I hope that through all the hours of sifting through literal hundreds of photos, long night struggles with Photoshop and Balfour, and the stress of deadlines, you were able to enjoy yourself. I know I did. I really did enjoy working on the yearbook this year, and I hope that the next year will be just as successful and enjoyable for all of you. Thank you for all the effort you’ve all put into this, and I wish you all the best of luck in the future!

To Lennon Kimbrel and Amethyst Lendi, I will my little sibs a joyful junior and senior year at IMSA. I’m sorry for not being more active throughout this year, but I hope that I could help at least a little at the beginning, and I know that you’ll both be okay. Lennon, I don’t know if you would remember, but you were the only person whose name I remembered from the online PROMISE Program, so when I saw that you were an incoming sophomore, I actually requested you to be my little sib. Getting to see how social you’ve been this year, and all the extracurriculars you’ve participated in, from Hoco to COTH, I know you’ll be okay. Amy, I won’t lie I kinda freaked out when we first met at that first StudCo-ran sibling event. You seemed so nervous, and I wasn’t really sure what to do to help, but after seeing you throughout the year it’s been so cool to see how you’ve grown. Like seriously, that 07 Talent Show performance was awesome, and I hope you both will continue to find little moments of joy in your future years! :)

Clay Miner

To Ellen Hsuan, I will you an amazing junior year! Thank you for being an amazing friend this year!! You are extremely fun to hang out with and it has been amazing to talk, hang out, and hit the gym together! A lot has happened this year, but I hope you have an amazing junior year overall! Don’t stress yourself out too hard and make sure to get some rest this summer! You have worked so hard this year and you’ve done an amazing job, don’t forget that. (I can’t wait until the next Weeknd album comes out — we need to stream that) :))

To 1504 A-wing, I will you luck in your future endeavors. I had so much fun with you all this year from staying up late to watching movies in the commons. I can’t wait to see what you guys all do over the next few years and thanks for spending the last few years with me. Live it up next year and carry the 04 hype. Don’t stress out over college apps and start early — don’t forget to relax and enjoy your last year. You all were amazing to get to know :))

To Aadi Desai, I will you an amazing senior year! I’ve had so much fun with you in my wing for the last two years. The memories I have go crazy, and the crate photos went hard. I hope you have an amazing senior year! Let me know where you apply to (UIUC better be one of them). I hope they don’t take down cult classic s/r off Spotify, or I’m afraid you might kill someone. Hopefully, you buy some steel bed risers and maybe a better lamp. Good luck with colleges, and don’t worry where you end up, I know you will do amazing wherever that may be. Aadi, live it up next year. :))

To the Titan Astronomical Society Board, I will you luck for the years to come! Thank you for such an amazing club over the last three years. I wish you all the best of luck with your new positions, and we know that the club will do great things in your hands. Having events with you all has been amazing and I have enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks for the memories and laughs/stressful event plans we went through. Seniors, thanks for an amazing three years! I still remember online TAS, what a time that was (the Curiosity landing was the best). Juniors, thanks for the star parties and presentations. I had such a blast and amazing job this year. Sophomores, you all have done amazing this year. Your ideas were amazing, and I enjoyed meeting you all! My passion for astronomy wouldn’t be where it is today if it wasn’t for you all and this club. Best of luck next year and the years to come :))

To Jake Belonio and Colin Chen, I will you a great junior year! You were my favorite roommate pair of A-wing this year. You guys have been amazing to get to know and you’re going to do amazing over the next two years here. Keep up that amazing work and thanks for the 2023 drill memories. :))

To Michael Capriotti (caprizzotti), I will you an amazing senior year! Thanks for all the memories over the last two years. I’m so happy to have had you in my wing, and I hope you have an amazing senior year! I hope you’re going to be a choreo for drill again next year — I’ll try to make it and watch if I can. Watching movies with you was a highlight this year (especially in The Matrix when bro vertically took off at the end). Thanks for everything, and good luck next year :))

To Nour Husseini, I will you a great senior year! Thank you for being one of my best friends at IMSA for the past year and a half. We struggled together through MI-3/4. I loved going on walks, studying, sharing music recs, and getting Starbucks hours before calculus finals. You’re such a kind and social person. Thank you so much for everything we have done together. Your friendship means so much to me and I think you are going to do amazing next year. Go live it up and have a great senior year. No matter where you go, you are going to do great things :))

To Kavin Venkat, I will you an amazing junior year! Now that you’ve watched probably every movie in existence on the wing TV, I want to say thank you for everything we’ve done together this year. COTH was so amazing, and I hope you can complete your cardboard box collection (there better be a part two next year) :))

Damilola Tabiti

To Chinara Caldwell, I will you more patience in dealing with BSU. Having you as a president for BSU has been such a great experience. You were amazing and strong-willed to get us everything that was necessary to succeed as a club. There have been many setbacks in terms of how the IMSA community treated the club, but you have stood strong and led the club like the true leader you are. I hope you have a fantastic senior year with great joys and great college experiences, my queen. You have the ability to get through IMSA one last year, so pull through, my queen!

To Kosi Okeke, I will you the strength to deal with your class for one last year. Kosi, you have been literally amazing, I love talking to you and FaceTiming you, and you’re honestly my second hand in anything I do. You have been through so much in your jr year with your peers and I know you just want to close yourself off, but don’t. Enjoy your last year at IMSA with all you have. Don’t let anyone bring your spirits down or put you out of character because you’re that girl. I loved doing Soul of the Motherland with you, and having you dance and do the culture show. I’m also so glad you decided on nursing teehee,. Have the best senior year, and just be your own person, queen!

To Yanel and Alejandra, I will you success. To the best roommate pair around, I had such a great time getting close to you both this year! You two have the dreams of a lifetime, you guys are both very ambitious ladies, and you both will get to your goals without a doubt. I’ve had a great time learning meringue with you both and doing BHSHC with my girl! Just one last ride and you’re done! You guys can do it without a doubt. Make sure to stay close and be the best friends and roommates y’all can be to each other!

To Giada and Ashley, another great roommate pair, I will you continuous happiness. Every time I see you both, I am showered with love and hugs and smiles. I hope you two keep that same happiness forever throughout IMSA. The environment can be draining, but you two should continuously pick each other up! I also will you guys happiness in both of your relationships — they will continuously be strong and great! I feel like I’ve seen you grow as people in my two years here! I love you both, and have a great senior year!

To Aishat and Raven, I will you success in all your club endeavors. You both are extremely involved in the club scene at IMSA, both being on BSU, Raven on L&D, and Aishat on JCC. You both have great ambition, and I will love to see that prosper with you both. You guys have been absolutely amazing to me these two years, and I appreciate that. When it came to putting together the show, Aishat, you were a big help. You were amazing and worked great with me. I appreciate you! Raven, my Vice President and L&D Matter member, you are amazing. Raven, you always have great ideas, and whenever you have an idea you will always make it come to life. You let nothing drag you down — not even having no phone for like a week lol. You are also very passionate about activism, and I love that. I hope you ladies have a great senior year!

To Jesrein and Donovan Morrow, I will you both more patience lol. Majorette was a time, you guys both did an amazing job with choreography, and it was a dance to remember! I will you both more patience because I know teaching a dance can be very time consuming and hard. You guys with such a short time frame did amazing and had such creative ideas. I hope you both decide to choreo another dance for senior year! Other than dancing you both are amazing dressers. I’m literally in love with both of your styles. I also compliment your fits cause they are amazing, so continue to be drippy! One last thing I’d like to say is to be the best you you can be your senior year because it gets tough, but y’all got it. Good luck!

To 07C wing Juniors, Abigail, Karla, and Dominika, I will you three great friendships. You three have the bond of a lifetime. I hope you guys stay together during your whole IMSA experience because you will need that support system! I literally want to say thank you for always getting me and Janelle things from the store (you know what). You never question us! I know C-wing this year maybe wasn’t the best but you three made the best out of it, and also being the only three jrs in the wing. Have a great senior year!

To Angel Lopez, I will you the best senior year ever. Angel, you are so smart and don’t let this community tell you otherwise. You are very hardworking — anything you’ve received, you’ve worked extremely hard for and I admire that about you. You have always showered me with hugs and nice words when you see me. I absolutely loved getting closer with you over these last two years and working on cool events together like the retreat! I hope you get everything you desire because you deserve it! Have a successful senior year and work hard, my guy!

To Hagen and Andre, I will you more fun. I enjoyed getting to know you both, and you guys were both super sweet and nice to me. Andre, the Chicago trip with you was super fun, and you picked out great clothes and jewelry. Hagen, I love your hugs and spirit. I loved having photography with you both. It was great getting to know y’all better, even though y’all barely came to class, but oh well. Enjoy your senior year, you both!

To Danica Sun, I will you another strong year in French. Although we didn’t talk much French, it was so funny with you because of the side eyes and laughter we shared in class. I hope you can get through another year of it, my queen! Have a great year!

To Keyan Dunmore, I will you another great year with Five Guys lol. Keyan, I’ve had such a great year talking to you. We didn’t talk much last year, but this year we’ve gotten closer. I enjoyed getting to help you with your relationship, and you being able to confide in me with whatever problem you had. You are an amazing friend, and I hope you like boba now lol. I hope you get the car you desire, and Five Guys continue to treat you amazing. Thank you for making my senior year memorable, and enjoy yours!

To Aaliyah and Sar’aiyah Murphy, I will you peace. You both are amazing people. I love talking to you guys and seeing you pop up at school everywhere lol. Aaliyah, I will return your stress ball eventually lol. I hope you continue to design clothes, and take it seriously because you’re good! I willed you peace because you both are always in some type of situation regarding school or even a concussion lol. I hope you both have a stress free senior year away from the drama and injuries. Sar’aiyah, I hope soccer treats you great, and you have a great season.

To my baddies (Nashra, Chiamaka, Einsey, Brooke, and Laura), I will you a restful senior year. I absolutely love all of you, from Nashras’s hugs to going on an orchard trip with Brooke. You all have your own uniqueness to yourself. Einsey, you dress absolutely great, and I love your dunks and essentials. Chiamaka, I love your humor and your vibes when you’re around me. Nashra, I love how sweet and caring you are, and you show love to everyone no matter what. Laura, you’re so glam. I love your vibes. I haven’t talked to you much this year compared to last year, but I hope to change that, queen. Have a great senior year, my girls. One last push and you’re done!

To Abo and Tristen, I will you the best years at IMSA. I don’t talk to many sophomore boys at IMSA, but you two are the coolest and chillest I’ve met thus far! I absolutely love hanging with both of you all because the vibes are immaculate. IMSA is a place to grow and explore, so I hope you both make the best out of it, and you both stay friends because you will need it to survive! Enjoy this opportunity and have fun, guys!

To Aadi Desai, I will you another successful culture show. Aadi, this year, I didn’t know you, but I am so glad I was able to meet you and work closely with you on the show! It was amazing seeing how hard you worked to succeed and make the show happen. It couldn’t have happened without you and your ambition! I absolutely loved having class with you. All we did was walk around and laugh, but still, it was class. I hope your last year at IMSA is amazing, and I hope you host an even better culture show next year!

To Djamila and Amaya, I will you both another year on BSU. Well, I know Amaya won’t have another year. I will you an amazing journey to your new endeavors in Germany, and I hope you find your place there. Djamila, I loved living with you, and you always gave me snacks. You are absolutely amazing and sweet. I hope you decide to pursue many more clubs other than BSU. I want you to be a big part of the IMSA community. I hope you both have an amazing high school career.

To my sophomore girls (Bih-Sana, Angel, Kare, Fope, Amirah, and Amani), I will you the strength to deal with IMSA. To you all, I hope you enjoyed your first year at IMSA. I know being a minority at IMSA can be hard at times, and there’s a lot of drama that surrounds us, but if you guys stick together, you will create your own sisterhood. Meeting all of you has been a great pleasure, and I enjoyed talking to you guys at BSU and BHSHC events. Continue to stay together, and be strong here because there will be points where IMSA will try you, but stand strong. I hope you guys enjoy the last two years you have here, because they fly by!

To Buddy, Jay, and Raymond, I will you another person like me lol. I literally love being around you guys these last two years. Raymond and Jay, your hugs are amazeballs, not going to lie. Jay, I hope you stay on the right path, and don’t lose what’s in sight — graduation and leaving this place! Raymond, I hope you excel in soccer and enjoy your college experience, wherever you end up. Buddy, I also hope soccer treats you well in the long run. I love running into you in the halls and having small chats with you, like a little gossip session. We do need to go see Elevation Worship! I will miss you three dearly. Behave and stay out of trouble!

To Muna, I will you another amazing season on the court. Muna, what will I do in college when I go to a basketball game and I’m not cheering you on? I’ll have to find a new favorite player [sad face]. I loved meeting you, Muna. It was great getting to know you over these two years. I will miss running into you in the halls and seeing you rush to class every day! I hope basketball treats you well, and you enjoy your last year at IMSA.

Daniel Ma

To JJ Park, I will you equanimity. It has been an honor getting to know you (and troll you a healthy amount, of course), from that fabled day when we found that you were directly opposite from our quad junior year, to that very first conversation we had on our move-in, to scream singing to BIGBANG and Tyler the Creator at 2am. You’ve watched our seniors leave and work on their various passions, then us — now, it’s finally your turn. Do not fret too much, whether it’s about how far you are away from a 95% in Orgo or how you need to craft a personal narrative. It all works out in the end. Our quad trusted the process and you must too. Take things into your own hands — conquer your future with the same conviction that brought you to this school. We all believe in you.

To Pranav Pabbisetty, I will you a better Investing Club. Good job with BPA — you avoided the DECA pitfall (that was definitely not Edward’s and my fault!11!! haha!) and are on track to keep it embedded as one of IMSA’s long-running clubs. Next year will have its ups and downs for sure — we hope you can find new sophomores like Jeffrey to… maybe not. Stay vigilant throughout the year, keep working towards that USACO Platinum and, above all, stop getting pink eye.

To Pranet Swain, I will you hope. Hope that things will turn around and not seem as bleak as they often do. Hope that the process will work out and bring you fortune. Hope that I will never catch you furiously shouting at the soccer game on your laptop screen. Open up a little — I’m proud of the initiatives you take to further the Investing Club, along with your other ventures. You gotta be a part of 04 drill next year — that b-boy was genuinely devious. Kudos.

To Jul Hwangbo, I will you a pumpkin. Not just any pumpkin, but a PUNKINNN. Out of everyone here, it’s quite crazy that I’ve known you the longest. Summer@IMSA brings back such nostalgic memories, and I couldn’t be more grateful that you ended up here with us. Please stop listening to music that actively creates a 10 mile anti-rizz barrier around you. I’ll make an exception for Mid-Air Thief, though.

To Anirudh Chari, I will you a burnt house. Although I cannot set fire to Shiqi’s house anymore in CompuSci, I trust that your endeavors will be just as fiery. You quite literally have the future of IMSA on your shoulders, and I’m not saying this with a grain of salt. You never fail to impress me with what you do — keep at it and one day I’ll see you in the office (DRW? HRT? IMC?). As always, thanks for the (definitely occasional) CompuSci help, and will many more Leetcode hards be the bearers of your conquerings next year.

To Aadi Desai, I will you a [REDACTED]. Oh wait — you already have one (remember our Clash chant?). No, I won’t slide the qUaNt InTerNsHIp — I have faith in whatever path you choose. Thanks for the dubiously exciting occurrences in A Wing. Every day, I’m one step closer to speaking with the Akshat accent. But seriously, do well next year, chase the bag, and stop making us wait 12,360,000 hours for one dosa. Just kidding,…

To Raymond Schumacher, I will you mint. From our Music Theory antics first semester to our midday antics second semester, you’ve been one of the coolest juniors I’ve ever talked to. Enjoy (or more likely detest) your final year at IMSA, and keep things minty fresh!

To Michael Capriotti, I will you a better COHT next year. Though there’s truly nothing I regret about this year, there were things that were definitely out of our control, and I’m sure you know what to do heading into next year’s COTH season to rectify them. Be a great drill head, make a choreo that somehow one-ups this and last year’s combined (I don’t think this will ever be possible, but alas).

To Dominik Kozbiel, I will you my record collection. There’s no one else at this school besides you that equally shares my music taste and affinity for vinyl, from Death Grips to JPEGMAFIA and Danny Brown. Keep listening to dope music — hopefully one day we’ll make it in time for the Blonde restock.

To Fredy An, I will you a non-last-place standing for mural. Just kidding, you did very well. You are truly the embodiment of a “nifty and aloof” junior — avenge 04 next year!

To Tristen Castillo, I will you a proper glazing. You were one of the people that made my final Clash absolutely special, and there’s no one I’d trust to carry on the 04 spirit other than you. Bench 225 soon, avoid Dana’s office, and make drill crazy next year.

To Jeffrey Yao, I will you Nav bar Nav bar Nav bar.

To those in IMSA’s future and beyond, I will you to live in the moment and, above all, trust the process. IMSA has been the craziest ride I’ve embarked on in my (rather short) lifetime, and I’m sure it will be the same for you all. Don’t take things for granted, as time really does fly — in an instant you’ll wonder where all the time went. IMSA is, without a doubt, what you make of it. Take everything in. Process it. Move forward. Move forward with the same spirit that brought you here. Finally, if in need of motivation, I highly suggest listening to “BUSY/SIRENS” by Saba — it’s truly a great song.

Daniel Park

To JJ Park, I will you great academic success, which will hopefully manifest in you getting into GPPA. However, I want you to know that academic success doesn’t determine your trajectory in life. I will you great happiness in whatever you end up doing, whether that is medicine or something else. I will you the freedom to do whatever you want with your life, unrestricted by the thoughts or opinions of others. Also, for the first time (I think) in the history of Senior Wills, I will myself all of your personal belongings. This includes (but is not limited to): your golf clubs, your Vaseline, your nasal spray, your contacts, your allergy medication, your facial cleanser, your monitor, your mouse, and your mattress topper. I will you a fruitful, productive, minty fresh, and joyful senior year.

To Pranav Pabbisetty, I will you the hours between 4:20 PM and 12:00 AM. I hope that, during these hours, you will use your time productively and not play 2k next year. Who knows, you might even hit USACO platinum! I hope that you have a fulfilling senior year filled with joy and that it all culminates in some good news. I also will you a better bench. Please hit 225 by the end of next year, even if someone else has to gaslight you into doing it.

To Pranet Swain, I will you sanity during college application season. Please know that college is largely trivial and that hard work will pay off — trust the process as I did this year. Don’t worry too much about these things, and find inner peace. Also, I will you some more breakdancing during COTH. That was a crazy sight, and you need to do things like that more often. I also will you better 2k abilities.

To Jul Hwangbo, I will you >= 1 college acceptance. Make the most of the rest of your time at IMSA, both socially and academically. In order for this to happen, I will also will you a brain. May the rest of your days in high school be rewarding.

To Ethan, I will you a career in fintech. I also will you a better time in German next year.

To Jeffrey, I will you NAV BAR NAV BAR NAV BAR.

Dean Cianciolo

To Raghav Sinha, I will you votes from the students reading this in your attempt to become Senior at Large. I also will you physics homework help, and will probably still have my Messenger available when I leave for college. Even though we have not interacted as much as we did back in 2021-2022, there are so many random things you have done (including creating Free A-wing) that really made my IMSA experience different.

To Stephen Walsh, I will you captain of the Quiz Bowl team. I probably am not the person able to will this, but I will do it anyway. Your skills are unparalleled, for now, by any other junior or sophomore, and there is no telling what future IMSA Quiz Bowl will do. As they say, you will be him (Also, I will you the quiz bowl mash-up packet if Jason and I ever end up writing it)

To 1503 A-wing juniors (Charles Conner, Aldo Mangana, Winston Mattson, David Dickson, Marcus Kubon, George Lu, Pedro Castrejon, and Avyay Duggirala), I will you the future of A-wing, if you choose to stay in it. I’ve interacted with almost all of you many times, in many different places, and I know you are all great people and will do great things in your senior year. Without the A-wing juniors (especially those who were there sophomore year and helped shape the current culture), my IMSA experience would have honestly been far worse. No, these names aren’t in order of importance.

To Josh Solone, I will you best of luck for your senior year. I hope that you support Raghav to become the campus supreme leader — I mean Senior at Large — and that you are able to achieve whatever goals you may set for yourself.

To Logan Nelson, I will you your mother’s internet privacy. George Bayliss will no longer be here to find your mother’s Facebook profile during lunch. I hope the increasing mental security helps you a lot in your senior year.

To the juniors in the IMSA-CMS SIR, I will you the analysis framework. You probably will find more bugs in my code, but I won’t be there to fix them. Good luck!

To Sreehaas Chinnala, I will you some of my mostly nonexistent height. I will miss the high-fives in the hallway, and because of this, maybe I can help you grow taller. Most likely not.

To A-wing sophs, which there are too many to list and will individually, I will you a bright future at IMSA, because I don’t know what else you may end up doing. You are all smart and good people. I have interacted with some of you far more than others, and if you are one of those people, you know who you are. For those A wing sophs that are members of a certain discord server, I will still check it occasionally, especially if one of you @s me. If you remember to, keep me updated.

Dean Ekimov

To Stella Ristic, I will you an ample helping of rizz (you need it). Jokes aside, you are undeniably the most illustrious sophomore I have had the pleasure of knowing. Your accomplishments thus far are truly awe-inspiring, and I have no doubt that you will soon be on the cover of Vogue or be recognized as the brightest mind in science. Your genuine friendship has been an invaluable gift, and I am grateful for every moment we’ve shared. As you continue to blaze a trail towards greatness, know that you have my unwavering support and admiration. I have no doubt that you will accomplish incredible feats and make an indelible impact on the world. Thanks for being a REAL friend; I wish you all the success you deserve, Stella.

To Rohan Patkar, I will you an amazing senior year. Having you as a friend has been one of the most interesting experiences I’ve ever experienced. Every time I see you, you are so ornate and unique in your humor, yet still prestigious through it all. Nothing will stop you in your siege to UIUC. I’m positive that, if you keep your mind to your goals, they will come for you. Getting everything you’ve wanted is a dream for most, but for you I believe it is possible. Gaining knowledge is a lifelong pursuit, and you have only just begun your journey. I’m looking forward to see where you go in life. Enjoy your senior year.

To Nethra Shanbhag, I will you luck in the future. As the year began, I never anticipated having the privilege of knowing someone as astounding as you. Your vivacious persona and captivating aura have left an indelible imprint on me. Your potential to achieve greatness is immeasurable, and I am confident that you will surmount any challenge you encounter with your unwavering determination (take Computational Science).

To the Boys Volleyball Team, I will you victory. As I prepare to depart IMSA and leave behind the court where we’ve shared so many memorable moments, I want to impress upon you the immense value of the bonds we’ve built together. We’ve worked tirelessly to create a team that embodies the very essence of passion, perseverance, and unity. As I venture forth towards new horizons, I am filled with an overwhelming sense of pride for what we’ve achieved together and unwavering confidence in your abilities to continue the journey without me. Therefore, I implore you, underclassmen, to seize this opportunity to make your mark and cement your legacy. Embrace the invaluable lessons we’ve learned, build on our monumental successes, and never acquiesce to mediocrity. Challenge yourselves to reach new heights of excellence, push each other beyond your limits, and always maintain the highest standards of integrity and sportsmanship. The potential for greatness is already within you, and I have no doubt that you will rise to the occasion and surpass even your wildest expectations. Remember always that you are part of a special brotherhood that transcends the individual and that your efforts will inspire generations of future athletes. It has been an honor to share this journey with you all, and I look forward to watching with great pride as you continue to elevate this team to unprecedented heights. The future is yours for the taking.

Destiny Grant

To Kosi, I will you a dance partner just as stiff as me. It’s like a tradition at this point for us to do Casa dances but unfortunately the streak has ended. Now you did miss practice countless times, but aye, we ended up doing our thing you know. Anyways, Kosi, you’re my twin for real, regardless of what Raven says. We really just be doing the dumbest stuff and not helping each other with anything school related. Pathophysiology with you and Muna was definitely a funny experience and that heart model was a hot mess. Still, if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t talk to anybody in D-wing, and that’s what really made this year something. From trying to cook wings in a microwave oven and watching Degrassi instead of doing homework to getting preached to and an exorcism attempt, you never fail to make me laugh with your buffoonery. Kosi, you the homie for real, and I know birthdays won’t be the same without both of us being awkward while being sung happy birthday.

To Giada, I will you the ability to choose peace. I mean I say it pretty often, but that doesn’t really help the case. But in all honesty, you have truly made this school year something memorable. As someone who has had a tendency to distance themselves from people and not really open up, I never had that issue (at least to the highest extent) when it came to you. I truly do appreciate the amount of time we’ve spent together, whether that be pretending to be studious and giving up halfway through or just talking about anything and everything. You’ve introduced me to so many things and helped me to broaden my horizons when it came to food (which I do actually like), music (Bad Bunny being my top artist will never fail to amaze me) or just ways of living. Looking back, I never would have thought I’d be where I’m at now or that we’d be where we are right now, but all in all I’m extremely grateful. Through all my tomfoolery you’ve supported me and had my back even though I can be a little annoying sometimes. Nevertheless, I really wouldn’t change a thing about this year and where it has gotten us. I definitely have much more to say but who knows I might just pull a Belly. But yeah, thanks for making this year what it was. Peace and harmony.

To Jesrein, I will you an unlimited supply of frostbite mountain dew. I feel like this year alone you’ve drunk at least a quarter of them, but in retrospect I get food from you too. You were one of my first friends here and also helped make last year and this year what it was. I was able to confide in you when I was beyond confused and you helped me get to where I’m at now. There are just so many key moments from last year that really made it memorable. From us messing with Isiah in the RC office to randomly going in 06 one time when we were bored. Living next door to you was a Godsend because A wing would be like horrific for me otherwise. I guess I will miss our tomfoolery when there was nobody else on campus but then again it all seems to have been worth it yknow?

To Angel, Care, and Bih-Sana, I will you a good academic life and a budding business. Meeting y’all in EXCEL, I never would have thought that I’d still talk to y’all throughout the school year. But y’all are actually pretty cool people to get to know. Angel, you always keep it real and always come in clutch when it comes to doing nails. I hope you and Care stay friends since y’alls bond is something that definitely looks unbreakable. Carrington, my fellow stud (even though I am not a stud), even though we go back and forth about our distinct locs, you still kinda funny sometimes and ig that’s all that really matters. Bih-Sana, you are a character, your bluntness never fails to make me laugh and I wish you the best with CHEER and your hair business. I hope y’all have a good junior year and rely on each other throughout the rest of the MI’s and ABS. (y’all will definitely need to…)

To Ashley, I will you a bag of nerds clusters. When it comes to you Ashley, I never would’ve thought that I’d know so much unnecessary information about you and your life. Then again, I’m like always around you so it’s not that surprising. I’d just like to say that you’re quite an interesting person who I’m glad I never went to the gym with again. I guess I could say that you were a good Bachata choreo but I still don’t understand why y’all decided to put us in the front knowing we didn’t know the dance… Aye but the past is in the past. I’d just like to say thanks for your help when it came to planning stuff, whether that be a birthday or what’s to come next. It was kinda nice basically being y’alls third roommate.

To Chiamaka, I will you a new Jerome. Honestly, I think the funniest moments are when we do that weird salute thing in the hallway. But I hope you find someone else to talk about your kids and other family members with. I still don’t appreciate you making me help you carry that water, but the past is in the past, except for the fact that I’m still waiting on my money. Nevertheless, I guess I’ll see you when I see you buddy. Make sure to send me an invite to your kiddo’s wedding and I’ll see you at the barbeque next weekend. Stay safe out there bud.

To Raven, I will you a flat iron. Now I’m trying my best not to be shady so I’ll agree that you’re Tia for this day only. You were definitely one of those people to help me really come out of my shell and I do appreciate you for that. Hanging out in the hall commons after check was definitely an experience but you helped to make my junior year a little more tolerable. Now I know we tend to have beef from time to time but in a way you’re like family. An extremely distant relative that I only know through cookouts but still.

To Aishat and Brooke, I will y’all ear plugs. There’s this one class that really needed them but you know we all preserved. Hopefully none of us ever have to deal with that again, buy yeah maybe buy some ear plugs just in case. If I’m being honest that class definitely would’ve been the end of me if it wasn’t for y’all even though seats were empty a couple times… But yeah, hopefully the rest of y’alls classes are peaceful.

To Amaya, I will you positive energy. You seem to be one of those people who are always going through it and yk what, you need a change for the betterment of your help. If it weren’t for you, EXCEL would’ve been horrid and I’m so glad that Dr. White chose to add you to the roster. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll ever forget you singing me a “lullaby” knowing good and well that we had to wake up early to make sure all the students were in main for breakfast. Those naps on 05 slabs were actually so nice and your ability to stand up for yourself and others is something that will never fail to amaze me.

To the Juniors (Kosi, Jesrein, Chiamaka, Ashley, Giada, Chinara, Ale, Yanel, Angel, Hagen, Andre, Brooke, Aishat, Raven, Amaya, Donovan, and Nashra), I will y’all a great and laid back senior year. This entire year I’ve just been there witnessing so much of the tomfoolery that takes place at this school, but y’all are kinda funny ngl. I hope y’all have a great last year here and are able to look back and say it was a good end to high school yknow.

Dheeran Wiggins

To Sree Atyam, I will you the title “Director of Physics Column,” though I think we both know you won’t even be a Staff Writer for much longer. At least publish one pretty, LaTeX-filled article, just for my sake. I also will you a “Cloud Island Silicone Bib with Decal” (available at Target), as you’re an extremely sloppy eater. Please learn how to speak to people like a real human.

To Hagen Arriaga, I will you all of Jayant’s closet, as I have never met a better thrifting individual or my favorite junior. Your antics upstairs will forever remain in down-quad’s hearts (genuinely the worst upstairs neighbors ever; we love you guys, though).

To Angel Lopez, I will you an extra juicy, sweet pear, because the pear you were eating the last time we spoke was apparently subpar.

To Raph Talusan, I will you a new, extra working, strong leg, because the leg you were walking on the last time we spoke was apparently subpar.

To Haoran Shi, I will you a shirt that unsnaps, so you can have that experience after I have departed. We love “Hugler Hugs.”

To Ibrahim Bah, I will you a non-wooden cutting board because you are not supposed to cut meat on wood, and the fuzzy cloak you wear is wonderful.

To Rithik Thekiniath, I will you to get off the cut (absurdly shredded).

To Adi Prashanth, I will you more confidence in your physics abilities, because you are genuinely quite talented, and a nail trimmer, because it seems like your old one must have broken.

To Pranav Pabbisetty, I will you a prosperous future and better luck with colleges than I had. I am thankful, however, that my door has auto-lock this year, as I was not the biggest fan of your nightly visits and gifting of objects stuck to my monitor.

To Jul Hwangbo, I will you strawberry sundaes, pastries, mint gum, and mangoes. You are certainly an interesting person, and I have valued our, though rather infrequent, conversations. Maybe make another (wonderfully formatted) spam post when you get the chance.

To Raymond Schumacher, I will you all the west-coast schools you could dream of, plus everything I willed Jul and some uncrustables (jam?). The best (former) undefeated doubles partner I could ask for + our water breaks during tryouts and post-practice meetings were quite enjoyable.

To Danica Sun, I will you a healthy serving of pistachio shells and some horse shampoo (I do not think he will appreciate this one). As my actual favorite junior (sorry Hagen), I hope you achieve the content life of a sea lion that we have discussed so avidly. Do your best to actually sleep, and I promise we will have >3 irl interactions before I graduate, trust.

Dhruv Patel

To Divya Brahmbhatt, I will one more AY POLICE and continued profound discussions in साकेत का RIZZ. Divya, I genuinely don’t know where to start: it’s been a true rollercoaster over the past few years. From seeing you flunk in Mr. Salatino’s classes to having a great time at the Schaumburg Public Library to supporting Devin in his crusade against Ms. Lorenc, I’ve been blessed to see your rambunctiousness. But in all seriousness, you’re an incredibly talented supporter of the Bochasanwasi Shri Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan Sanstha (BAPS for short). Your work with ISP is actually so impressive, and it blows my mind how you turn the most ugly, raw clips into vivid videos. Keep on grinding for ISP and perhaps even return back to Provident Hospital to pay homage to my mans Daniel Hale Williams. Let’s run up a documentary again, fly the drone once more, and cause ruckus in साकेत का RIZZ one final time. I’m going to miss you, Divya, reach out if you need me to edit another video (Casa de la Luna?).

To Faizaan Shaikh, I will you one more $4 Taco Bell order and a true interaction with Jonas (and NOT a position on Contrush). You already know this, but I’m writing your will last, Faizaan, because I don’t know what to write or where to start. Every time you’ve stepped foot into my room has led to incredibly happy memories — whether that’s working in silence, laughing like crazy, having to watch you dance and body roll (against me), or whatever else you do. Don’t start meatriding yourself when you read this (your ego is already far too inflated), but you’re one of the most talented people I know on this campus. The impact you’re creating on this campus, whether that’s with TALENT, CAB, MSA, an RSL, or of course, the Indian Student Association, is genuinely extremely impressive, and I’m excited to see where you take things next year. You do have one major downfall, though — you have not made any progress with your arthritis product. Stop wasting your time trying to buy free stuff on Temu and write that patent. I’m really going to miss you, Faizaan; keep in touch!

To Ashwin Nair, I will you a great SSS (a rite of passage, by the way). Ashwin, Bablu, ******, whatever name I call you, you’re one of the most talented people I know. Your ability to feed me answers when Madame questions me, write stunning articles for The Acronym (once every two months, by the way), steal and eat heaps of food, and have great experiences in AMC simply stun me. At the time I’m writing this, I don’t know what role you’ll be involved with in The Acronym next year — but whatever it is, I know you’re going to excel in it; propose new ideas, challenge the status quo, and take on super cool articles (even if that involves follows-ups after follow-ups). Keep on writing, keep on grinding (in all possible interpretations), and keep on having fun. I’m going to miss you so much, Ashwin — let’s run up another late-night sesh. sometime soon!

To Aditya Prashanth, I will you a window lock so you finally stop talking to the women that frequent your window. Like, seriously, it’s becoming a bit much, Aditya. Anyways, Adi, you’re one of the smartest people I know, and don’t let yourself think you’re not — you too often think lowly of yourself, but please learn to trust yourself and your intellect. To this day, I’m in utter shock as to how the transformation occurred between 2021-2022 Aditya and the 2022-2023 Aditya — the fact that a man can grow in zestiness that much over the course of a year genuinely baffles me. Adi, keep on grinding, keep on being dope, and keep on having fun. I’m going to miss you a whole lot, keep in touch!

To Rithik Thekiniath, I will you more late-night shenanigans (that may or may not involve breaking mugs). I really wish I got to know you better, Rithik, but you’re seriously one of the most talented people I know — whether it’s with Calc. Based/E&M, dancing, weird thumb/ear tricks, or all the other random stuff you know. Every time you come to my room, you leave having made a whole heap of memories — whether that’s crying of laughter on the floor (wait, has it dropped?), thrusting balls, or even drenching each other in Febreeze. Also, don’t you dare drop LD — you did one tournament this year (which, uh, yea), but if you grind, I see a lot of potential in you. I’m going to miss you, Rithik, stay in touch!

To Haoran Shi, I will you the future of the ISP videography department (and by extension, ISP at large). I also will give you the position of 1505 Movie Co-Head; you’re one of the main reasons why our movie was so successful this year (even if that involved illegal drone filming that may have resulted in several arrests). Haoran, you’re one of the most talented people I know — with life, with academics, with extracurriculars, and with rizz. Keep on grinding and gapping Saketh in your ASIA graphics — that transition was downright nasty.

To Arjun Cherukuri, I will you one final Dhinka Chika dance in the middle of Lexington. Arjun, I don’t even know where to start. I’m so happy I got to meet you this year — you have this really natural ability to click with the people you meet. You’re genuinely one of the funniest people I’ve ever met and your grind, whether it’s for your SIR, HOSA, or any of your other clubs is so impressive. I’m going to miss you so much, Arjun, keep in touch and keep on Dhinka Chiking.

To Sahil Veeravili, I will you the ability to scam Temu even more — like, genuinely, how. Faizaan and I have tried for hours, but we’re still two coins away (like, accept my link, bro?). Anyways, you’re one of the most talented people I’ve met, Sahil. I wish I got to know you better, but your light-skin stare and your mental math abilities genuinely impress me. Keep on rizzing on Omegle and stay in touch; imma miss you, Sahil.

To Ishan Shankar (Buyyapragada, in spirit), I will you the ability to learn to take pictures of labs and send them — you leave me, Kevin, and Jesus in the trenches each week, Mr. Buyyanpragada (sorry, I forgot you go by Mr. Shankar). But, in all seriousness, you’re one of the hardest working people I’ve met, Ishan. Keep on grinding next year and congrats on getting into the Stanford Summer Program (oui!).

To Stephen Walsh, I will you the future of The Acronym’s Satire Column. Stephen, I respect your timely articles for The Acronym so much; it’s so refreshing to see someone with an actual sense of humor at this school (also thanks for taking up the IMSAloquium article :) I truly hope your senior year lets you continue to make such memories, and don’t forget to practice Gauss’s Law once in a while. Keep in touch, Mr. Walsh!

To Bobby, Arnav, and Jose, I will you two more years of heartfelt friendship and tomfoolery. I wish I got to spend more time with you three, but the time we did share was quite memorable — even if that involved the humping incident, the mattress robbery, or the paper shards incident. You all are some of the hardest working people I’ve met, and continue to grind next year, but remember to have fun as well — troll during Res. Life and stay away from meetings with Ms. Ginett. Stay in touch, boys, and best of luck!

To Joshua Lee, I will you the position of 1505 Riddle Head. Josh, with all due respect, I just have one question: should we take a hint? Like, we’ve tried, and it’s only 8:30AM, but I think we should take a hint. We can take another one in thirty minutes and another one every ten minutes after that. All jokes aside, we did decent at riddles this year, but I know when you’re the only one spearheading next year, you’ll do even better. Make sure to take it easy with CLASH, but beyond as well. Let me know if you need a hint — for riddle, IMSA, or life in general.

To Vikram Rao, I will you the ability to keep your curls pristine and your hair fine. Vikram, you’re one of the most genuine people I’ve met — whether it’s debate, at 1505, or even in Lexington, every conversation has been uplifting. I wish I got to get to know you better. Make sure to take care of yourself next year and keep in touch!

To Vidyoot Senthilvenkatesh, I will you the ability to continue lifting — your transformation just over the past few months is actually insane, and I hope you and Sahil continue to accompany each other to the gym. You’re one of the most talented people I’ve met, and I hope no one is more qualified to maintain The Acronym’s app. than you. Best of luck, and keep in touch!

To Advayth Pashupati, I will you one more “LET’S ROLL” and the coveted position of 1505 Movie Script Head. Advayth, you’re one of the main reasons why 05 did so well with movie this year. Write an even better script next year, make sure to take a trip to Chicago, and of course, start a “LETS ROLL” chant at COTH!

To Fredy An, I will you more off-mod TikTok dances with Kevin and Jesus. Jokes aside, you’re a dope guy; a smart guy as well, except with French — you actually suck, Fredy. Learn how to conjugate, keep on dancing, and stay as dope as you are.

To Aadi Desai, I will you the ability to ask one question: “why you sooooo fineeeeeeeeeeee?”. આવતું વર્ષ સારું રહે!

To Andre Mendez, I will you the ability to come to Indoor / Outdoor. It’s been a pleasure getting to meet you and I hope you continue to develop your badminton skills (while listening to Feces Fridays)!

To Kohl Vonder Haar, I will you continued sighs and eye rolls during French. You’re one of the hardest working people I’ve met, and I hope you find a table in French that doesn’t distract you next year. Keep in touch and best of luck, Kohl!

To David Dickson and Maddie McTaggart, I will you two the future of The Acronym. Making the decision to select you two was exceptionally tough, but Kelly and I saw something in you all: a genuine passion for journalism. To you two, I will the ability to take risks, make big changes, and challenge the norms. Kelly and I broke a lot of the tradition’s from past years — some worthwhile, others not so much — and I implore you to do the same. Trust your instincts, trust your writers, and most importantly, trust each other. You two have a team of 30+ writers and Ms. Townsend to support your moves, so learn to rely on them. And of course, Kelly and I are only one call or message away; good luck with editing those Underclassmen Wills!

To Josie Kim and Sukanya Ghosh, I will you the ability to gap Clark Easley (I took one ballot from him last year, and one of you all better take both from him). Good luck with debate next year — with Dr. Dong being gone, things might get a lot more tough for you all. Recruit well early in the year, teach some Kant, and take some Ws. Good luck!

Diego Montes

To the underclassmen on the soccer team, I will you guys another good season and lots of ladder runs because you guys don’t like them. Please actually win the IMSA tournament next year please I beg you. Hopefully you guys get some good sophomores, too.

To Jeffrey Yao, I will you some FIFA skills, because I will smoke you next time if you don’t get three penalties, and probably the captain’s armband at some point. I hope you take corners next year and you can take them as good as I did. Good luck running that midfield next year. Stop being a tap-in merchant as well, score some bangers like Dean. Also Arsenal are getting knocked out in the UCL group stage and getting 6th next year.

To Sree Atyam, I will you lots of Mridul moments.

To Rithik Thekiniath, I will you a new Mandarin name and the ability to continue to be good at math for some reason. Also, lots of top ten funny moments.

To Srihari Gurugubelli, I will you a good soccer season and a really funny senior year. You are a really hard working person and it will pay off next year.

To Raymond Schumacher, I will you a great senior year and soccer season. You will definitely be scoring a lot of goals and assisting them next year; you can definitely play in college, and I hope you do. Good luck topping Dean’s speeches before soccer games – if anyone can do it, it’s you.

To Ethan Terry, I will you many more years of being a GOAT and scoring more bangers next season.

To Will Reynolds, I will you some Bhutanese shadow garden grown dark evil pack.

To Brian Leong, I will you some new anime body pillows and another incident (March 32nd 2024).

To Malcolm Wilson-Ahlstrom, I will you some new people to sit with in Lexington with Justina. Hopefully they won’t argue the whole time like us (sorry about that by the way). Although you did agree with me about Justina ditching us in Chicago.

To Aru Ulanbek, I will you many more zomboss moments with the kids from SEAMS last summer – it’s crazy you get to go to school with them next year, I am jealous, but tell them I say hi.

To Jacob Nendza, I will you a good soccer season next year, a not so bad last two years at IMSA, as well as an appointment to the Air Force Academy (Navy bette, though). Seriously man, you’re one of the coolest people I know (not just because Justina says you are just like me), and you deserve a lot of great things. I hope you do the soccer team well as goalie, and you will also be captain at some point, so good luck with that and win regionals for us please. Keep making those rockets that you like making because they are epic. Also lots of good luck on your application to the Air Force Academy, I know you’ll get in easy. Also to the Naval Academy if you apply (which you should) because you and I both know it’s better, especially because I’ll be there. Regardless of where you go, I’ll see you there one way or another.

To Justina Kostiv, I will you a happier senior year at IMSA, good luck on college applications (apply to Navy), some new friends next year, and more funny times. You made these last three semesters a lot better and I’m glad you were there for me. Hopefully you figure out where you’re going to apply to college sometime, but no matter where you apply, I’m sure you’ll get in and all of your hard work and stress will pay off. You’ll do great things no matter what and I’m happy to call you my friend. I don’t doubt that you’ll be able to make new friends next year, and your senior year will be the best that you have at IMSA. Thank you for putting up with my melonry and you should come visit me next year so you can see me continue my melonry (which will be paid for with taxpayer money). You know I could write a lot more but I won’t for a couple of reasons, so the last thing I have to say is never stop being sus(tina), get it because haha.

Divya Choudhary

To Haley, I will you the fun and craziness of choreoing Girls dance for Diwali. I’m so glad we were able to become such great friends because of this, and it is something I will never forget. I know that you are such an amazing dancer and have the kindest heart, and you will do great things with it. Have fun choosing songs (arguably the hardest part :(( ).

To Riya, Gabi, Himani, and Haley, I will you an AMAZING quad experience. It’s been amazing getting to know all of you and y’all are actually the sweetest people ever. You guys always look like you have so much fun together, and I hope that you guys continue to make awesome memories that you will always remember!

To Manya, I will you a semester of happiness. I will you a math table that is as interesting and funny as ours, but of course has someone as smart as Gavin to help you. I will you a semester of no physics or cs torture and one where you aren’t completely stressed so you do amazing things with your time :))

To Sindhu, I will you an amazing WIDI partner. I am still shocked at that one medal we got despite it being our first time actually practicing and competing together. I guess that thirty second rundown as I was walking in the room really paid off in the end :)). I also will you an awesome French table where you can continue to laugh and make funny jokes (and maybe even get out of projects you’ve already done and get free candy instead). Have a great senior year, you deserve it!

To Aarushi, Aahana, Vibhasri, and Pranavi, I will you guys an amazing season of HOSA Health Education. Y’all absolutely rocked it this year with your BEAUTIFUL presentation and amazing speech. I am so sure that you guys are going to do equally as amazing (and maybe even better) next year. I hope that you guys continue to entertain everyone that you encounter, and may your event leader have all of the fun and laughter that I had with you.

To the Solitaire Club, I will you amazing performances forever! You guys were absolutely amazing at our talent show and at the culture shows, and I know that you guys will continue to be amazing and rock everyone’s socks off. Enjoy senior year, and continue to delight everyone’s ears in B-wing!

To Emily, I will you a great English table and an actually great stunt person. I love sitting with you in Dig. Lit and it’s been so great getting to know you. Also I very much hope that you come up with great stunts next year just like this year and have a great partner to definitely not fight with!

To Rhea, I will you someone who gets equally annoyed and excited to see you. I absolutely “enjoyed” seeing you around, but it was really great getting to know you and I will always enjoy scrolling through my camera roll seeing you glare at my phone :)).

To Robyn, I will you an amazing B-wing. You were one of the best RCs that I’ve ever had, and I am so glad that I feel comfortable coming to you any time to talk about literally anything. You are such a kind RC and love having fun with us, which I really appreciate. You have made my senior year so memorable, and I hope that all of the future students in your wing realize how special they are to be with you! I hope you have an amazing time for many years to come with all of your amazing students!

To anyone else that I missed, I will you an amazing experience at IMSA. You really do make lifelong friends here and bonding with your teachers can make your classroom experience absolutely amazing. Participating in a variety of events and activities is actually fabulous, so make sure to seize every opportunity. And finally, the community that you build here is so strong and comforting. Personally, everyone here has made such an impact on my life, and I will never forget it. Enjoy your years here, it passes by fast!

Edward Ning

To Jerrick, I will you some of your own clothes so you can stop stealing mine!! You have proven to me time and time again that you are a resilient and strong leader who can act quick in times of stress, and that is a skill that I hope you continue to develop. My time on ASIA with you has been interesting to say the least but I would be lying if I said that you didn’t make my senior year more fun. I have seen you lead hordes of dancers, organize with teams of faculty, and even help Lily and I organize our thoughts. You even did it all with little to no complaints, so for that, thank you. I’ll never forget those god ugly pictures that you sent to the ASIA group chat or your little 12am rants. You have the potential to run a really successful Lunar show next year (if there is one lol) and beyond that, achieve a good school so don’t lose sight of the future and remember to communicate when things get tough. I am done being sappy with you now because I know you have that weird grin on your face right now so enjoy me complimenting you while you can. Have a memorable senior year and please, buy yourself a pair of pants so that I can start wearing my clothes.

Io Raph, I will you a sense of humor, because you have none !!!! From the chases down D-wing to you throwing your co-president on the ground, nothing has made me laugh LESS than you <33. I am glad that I met you this year even if it was through ASIA because you have really pushed me to be better and to do better with the influence and positions I have had so I thank you for that. You are constantly providing new perspectives with all the people that you work with and it has always reflected well on you (except for your weird rant on how the world is inherently evil and that you hate us all). Make sure that you involve yourself in ASIA board more and get along with our new additions because most of the underclassmen look up to you (maybe drop the sarcasm)! You will do amazing on ASIA board and I have no doubts that you will create a successful year of events and memories with the ppl around you. Don’t forget to smile every once in a while so people know you are joking and stop making fun of me !!!!

To Haoran, I will you a good sense of fashion. Ever since that first C-trad practice when I saw you twirl your fan, I knew that you were gonna be a good friend of mine (I lowkey didn’t even know you were in my wing). I will admit that at first you seemed dry but as time continued and I hung out with you more in dance practices and late night ramen runs, I realized that you are like a little brother to me. Make sure that you improve your fashion sense because as a senior, it’s really hard having to see you in the same jacket and red hat every single day. I feel like our futures are heading the same way so with all the experience I have had here at IMSA, I want to also will you rats. Tbh, I don’t know how many people will get this but at least for me, working with rats has changed my entire view on science and has pushed me to where I am today so I hope that you find your “rats.” You always downplay your intelligence but I have never seen someone who works harder to match the competition here at IMSA so with that, I envy you. Make sure to apply yourself more and reach out to other upperclassmen because opportunities are just waiting for you. Make sure that you treat Kaella and Kaylee well because you have truly found a really good group of people to be friends with, and make sure that you don’t let your academics consume you. Don’t obsess over grades because despite what every Asian parent will tell their child, grades will not determine where you end up. Finally, please live life a little and get some clothes that will make you look like those chinese street models that are so cute! Take care of yourself and hit me up if you ever want to hit Chinatown or even fly to China together so we can go shopping for clothes some time.

To Sindhu, I will you more Amtrak train rides. From the moment I met you in Lin. Alg, I could see that you were a hardworking and intelligent student. I was unfortunately wrong, but still, it impressed me how much effort you put into that math class. Even though Rashmi, Shreeya, and I were all struggling in that class, it was nice that I could count on you to help me with concepts I didn’t know and lessons I didn’t care to listen to. With all honesty, I know that you will do great things with the ideas in your mind and the talented skills you have achieved. No junior I have met has done the work you have and it inspires me to continue all of my projects as well to catch you in some cases lol. Between the long train rides down to Carbondale and Springfield to making that nasty IJAS poster in the trunk of your car an hour before the competition and making it to state, we have had some amazing memories but I hope to continue to make more so please visit me at whatever college I decide to go to and get lunch so that I can still be in your life. Have an amazing senior year and make sure that you send me a postcard or grad party invite when you live it up as a lion in NYC <33.

To Giada, I will you the front walkover video I have of you. When I first met all of Alma’s board for Casa de la Luna, I was a bit skeptical of how the year would look with tensions already high. Luckily, you bullied me on my first day with you and from there, our friendship grew. From that walkover to the candies that Alma handed out to the tech week exhaustion we both shared, I am glad to have met you this year if anything from that life draining show. I will never forget how embarrassing it was hearing you scream my name during B-friend or the Earth-shattering bellow I let out when you were in the front for Folklorico. Even with how horrible IMSA has been to you, I hope that your senior year is a lot better than it was for me and that you find what you are looking for in life as things start to change. You are a person that I see a lot of potential in and a lot of passion so please search for opportunities and advance your career. Make sure to invite me back to see Casa de Alma in the future and keep in touch so I can see you perform one last time !

To C-trad babies (Kaella, Kaylee, Haoran, Katherine, and Ryan), I will you those broken fans. Sure, we may have been the worst C-trad performance out of the four, and, yes, some of us did forget the choreo on stage and stood there like a deer in headlights (Ryan). But honestly, this group of dancers has been my favorite, and I mean the most favorite group I have ever worked with. The unorganized Stunion practices and run-throughs in the corners of the gym have made me laugh in ways I didn’t know, so thank you. I do not want to ever see a “I’m going to be a star” performance (that’s how we lost a fan) but please, make sure I come back to see the evolution of C-trad fans when next year’s performance comes around. Those fans, although broken, carry the memories that we all had, and even though they might be broken, it would be nice if you all thought of me when dancing with them. Keep on dancing you all and I hope that we all meet again for another dance practice (preferably not with fans, I will admit it was the dance I choreo’d that I hated the most).

To Kaylee and Kaella, I will you a junior year filled with your guys’ contagious smiles. Kaella, when I first met you in my Titan Crew, I never would’ve expected you to be so excited and sporadic and yet, I feel like I wouldn’t recognize you without your smile and infectious energy. You were the first sophomore I ever talked to here on campus, and I am glad that we met because you bring a smile to my face every time I see you. Make sure to have fun junior year and keep Haoran in line so he doesn’t go too crazy. Kaylee, you are the person who made c-trad the way it was. When I met you, I was afraid that we wouldn’t click and that it would be awkward, but thank god you were funny and so sweet because it made me want to get to know you more. I am glad that you confide in me when things get tough and that you have the ability to ask me questions because if the roles were reversed, I don’t know if I would have the same courage. Make sure to surround yourself with people who bring your crazy fun smile and text me if you need any advice or if things get a little tough. stay strong and take lots of pictures for me!

To the 2023-2024 ASIA board, I will you a year filled with crazy memories. My time on ASIA has been nothing short of a wild journey filled with people who have never made me laugh more in my life. I will say that in the beginning, I was a little reserved, but as time progressed and I got to know all of you more, I have never once thought the board was boring or dry. You all deserve a Lunar season that is packed with funny mistakes and embarrassing run-throughs, events that inspire our community and educate, and ideas that represent us as Asians. Keep in contact with me and don’t forget to invite me back to see your show !

To Hagen, I will you a new person to hug (maybe Raph so he can smile a bit more)! You are definitely someone who is different from the other underclassmen I have met at IMSA and honestly it has been a breath of fresh air. The big grin and direct stares I get whenever I see you in the hallways may sometimes make me cringe in public, but they will always make me smile at the end of the day. Hopefully you find someone else to hug and steal their clothes (again Raph is an option, he may need it!).

Ela Gadi

To Aru, I will you a good sleep schedule. I joined swim because I wanted to do a sport, but the people I met, specifically you, made it so much more worth the while. You are sweet, hilarious, and hardworking, if slightly strange at times. Despite the fact that you are an Android user, you are one of my favorite people on campus. I don’t think I’ll miss much about this school, but I’ll miss you. From late night gossip (me overthinking and rambling while you contributed cohesive thoughts) to crashing your and Jeff’s walks, every moment with you was time well spent. I hope your senior year is fantastic and that you make lots of wonderful memories. Go achieve your CS/art dreams, and please go to sleep before 5am!! — I definitely don’t love and appreciate you, Ela

To Tatyana, I will you president of Artifact (if Emma Wilson will let me). You are a fantastic board member and I am so appreciative of how dependable you are. I look forward to what you will do with Artifact in the future.

To Danica, I will you glue because you were the glue of our prom table. I wish we got to know each other sooner, but I’m so happy that table led us to talk more. You are inspiring in how you follow your passions for climate action and environmentalism, and I know you’re going to do amazing things one day, all while wearing colorful cute fits.

To Zuyu, I will you patience because you will need it to get through another year of a certain class (you know which class I’m talking about). Thanks for letting me borrow your jackets in statistics even if you wouldn’t add me to the worksheets. I always enjoy our ‘hallway/waiting for class to start’ small talk as well as silently (and sometimes not-so-silently) judging your outfits which range from ‘farmer’ to ‘wow that actually looks nice’. I wish you the best for senior year; you are so accomplished and I am sure you will be successful in whatever you choose to pursue.

Elaina Xiao

To David Dickson, I will you the most amazing junior friend that will get you through senior year. I never expected to get so close to anyone new this year, but you’ve quickly become one of my best friends. I can always count on you through tough times (trust there were many of those). You always, always, always make me laugh and I don’t think I could ever get mad at you. From our body rolls to our leg days, I don’t think I would have SURVIVED this year without you. Thank you for making my life a lot more fun, I love you so much, Daves!!

To Ryan Li, I will you a senior fling. But in all reality, YOU GET IT. I feel like I’ve never talked to you without seeing eye to eye (except maybe some crushes…). You always make me laugh, spill the hottest tea, and give mostly sane advice. I will always cherish the pimple patches, CS Seminar prom discussions, fruit bowls, and KDrama watch parties. I LOVE YOU!

To Dash Leigh, I will you an ACTUAL SSS. Dash, I am so thankful I got to pick you as my SocEnt Co. I’ve watched you grow into such a lovely person and gain confidence in your various roles. But also, you helped me on those nights when I was exhausted and could not teach. I hope you had as much fun as I’ve had to work with you. You are going to do great things and I can’t wait to hear all about what you’ve accomplished next year (with hopefully an easier schedule than eight classes!).

To Nathaniel Huang and Dash Leigh, I will you both SocEnt Co-Chairs. Megan and I trust that you will do amazing in this position. We’ve seen so much passion from both of you, and I am so excited to see what changes you make (just don’t diss us too much when we’re gone).

To all of the SocEnt juniors (Ryan, Ellen, Jerrick, Dash, Nathaniel, Muna, Srihari, and Tatyana), I will you to keep eating like SocEnt, start Networking Fair early, and BOOOOATS!! You have all been so incredible to work with this year and I know SocEnt will continue to be the best elective well after I’m gone.

To Zuyu Liu, I will you better stats nicknames. I’m always entertained every time I hang out with you. Stats and Lin. Alg were so funny with you and I hope you find other people to bother next year.

To 03 D Wing (Maggie, Josie, Aashima, Kaylee, Victoria, Rachel, Rushina, Kaella, and Katherine), I will you all earlier nights of sleep and great memories. Thank you for making this wing such a fun place for my senior year. You are all so lively and sweet. Junior and senior year will be tough, but I hope you all keep your joy and humor through it all.

To Josie Kim, I will you endless years of LD debate and hope you find a good coach. Please beat the white guy in Nat. Quals again next year!! You are always so fun to talk to and I can’t wait to see what you accomplish next.

To Aashima Sisodia, Tate Schneider, and Joey Paras, I will you all the best talent show ever seen on IMSA’s campus. I expect to hear about that first place win filled with rap battles, spoken-word poetry, and juggling (don’t drop the balls this time Tate). But I literally love you all so much and I can’t wait to see what 1503 does next year (hopefully with way less opponents).

To Maggie DiMarco, I will you good sleep and relaxation. You are one of the most hardworking people I’ve ever met and I admire you all of the time. I hope you remember how special and kind you are. I’ve loved being in the same wing as you since last year, and I hope you keep Wet New York alive. But please remember to prioritize yourself! You are so amazing, you are going to kill senior year.

To Rags Sinha, I will you a new person to say hi to in the hallways. Even if you call me the wrong name, I’ll miss hearing “Hi Elaine” every day.

To Mod21 (Maggie, Brandon, Sarah, Jojo, Nolan, Sriya, Sindhu, Adi, Dara, David, Malcom, Naomi, Nelly, and Riya), I will you a trip to Milwaukee next year. Being in Mod 21 this year is undeniably the best decision I made club-wise. I had so much fun despite the long hours and stressful performances. Although we were robbed at ICHSA this year, I will you semifinals and eventually finals in New York.

Ella Lind

To 06 A wing, I will you the best junior/senior year ever. A-wing is indeed the best wing <3. You have all been so friendly and welcoming. I know my senior year wouldn’t be the same without you. You make “programming” so much fun, and I know you will make wherever you stay for the remainder of your time at IMSA a supportive community! Emi, from Compusci parties in downquad to COTH, I’m so glad I got to know the kind and smart human being that you are, and I hope senior year treats you as nicely as you treat everyone else! Aashi, I’m so sad we haven’t yet gone on a run together! Maybe it’s because I know you could absolutely leave me in the dust, but all jokes aside, you are seriously so impressive, and I wish you the motivation to keep on running, especially here at IMSA.

To Percussion (CB and WE), I will you some new wheels for the vibraphone, cymbal felts for all the cymbals, a new leg for the set bass drum, at least one drum key, and stands that don’t constantly loosen. But despite all that, you all are some awesome percussionists, and I hope you’ll stay in band. You all do the best with what we’ve got through (literal) rain or shine, and you really bring our music to life! As a completely unbiased member of the best section, I will give you cool ensemble pieces to play, and hopefully the time to play them.

To Club Terra, I will you the tradition of gracing every post with unbe-leaf-ably plant-astic puns, especially since they are recycled (and therefore more sustainable, of course). Danica, thank you for being such a dedicated co-pres and composting partner! Your hard work and passion for sustainability are truly inspiring, and I wish you a composting Tumblr since IMSA Admin. will not grant us one. Sabriya, without your help, we wouldn’t have been able to host the first in-person Green Ambassadors event since 2019! I hope that you’re able to continue our partnership with the library and the awesome work you’ve done for Green Ambassadors. Ryan and Aishat, from the thrifting trips to Sustainability Week, you always bring the energy to your events and make them so much fun! You do so much for Club Terra, and I hope you’ll continue to make IMSA a more sustainable place. Anjali, Pranavi, and Nitya, I know Tree-Plenish is going to be awesome this year because of all the work you guys have put in, from making graphics to emailing parks! Thanks to you, we have so many people interested in Club Terra and our mission, and I wish you all a tree-rrific year!

To the Solitaire Club, I will you a thunderous applause. It was so awesome to get to play with you during COTH, and I really hope you all continue to play as a band since you are so good! It would be so cool to have a Ten Check x Solitaire Club concert or collab, or maybe even battle of the bands?? If that happens next year, I’m definitely coming back to witness it :D!

To Ten Check, I will you with a new drummer. I saved the best for last, as it was tough to type that last sentence. I couldn’t find the words to express how much you all mean to me, but I’ll try my best. Band practice is my favorite time of day, and it’s worth scrambling back to our halls at 9:55pm, or even cutting it short due to schoolwork. My favorite memories from senior year are playing together, whether in a show or working on originals in the orchestra room. I’m so glad you all love Ten Check as much as I do. Mira, your voice is absolutely phenomenal, and I love your song ideas! You bring so much to the band, from your lyrics and melodies to the TenCheck.official Instagram. I’m glad you wanted to stick around after Casa! Nate, you are an amazing guitar player, and your solos are always impressive! Your guitar and associated gadgets are equally as cool, and you are an integral part of our sound! Josh, without you, we wouldn’t be complete. Your playing is amazing, and you are genuinely awesome! Marcus, you are a literal musical genius and our number one hypeman! You always bring good energy to our practices and shows. You never fail to impress me when you can listen to a melody and play it back, figure out songs in different keys, and write such sweet piano parts for our songs. Annika, when you and Cesar first asked me to play with you in the choir concert, I had no idea what I was in for. Meeting you was genuinely one of the best things to happen to me at IMSA, and I am constantly inspired by your ability to play every instrument so well. You’re an awesome leader, musician, and person, and there’s no one I’d rather share the honor of moving the drum set a million times with. Thank you, Ten Check, for making my senior year truly unforgettable <3.

Ella Slinn

To 02A, I will you a fantastic RC. I know we keep losing them, but you all deserve the best, and I will always be here for you! I’m just a message away <3 (I also will you more sleep because you need it my loves).

To Tech. Crew, I will an actually easy tech. week. I know Winston says it every time, but one of them has got to be easy at some point. We have spent a lot of time with each other and I could not have asked for a better crew. Keep making amazing shows so I can come back and see them!!

To Drama Club actors, I will you fantastic shows and even stronger bonds. Getting to know all of you has been so much fun. Please keep randomly breaking out into British accents and don’t forget how much fun theater can be!!

To the members of Choir, I will a continued love of music whether you continue with IMSA choir or not. You all have beautiful voices and I cannot wait to see what you do with them. You all should totally stay in choir so I can come to your concerts.

To Laasya, I will you all the bunnies in the world. It has been so fun being in the same wing as you. Thank you for always reminding me about the Dig. Lit homework and working on those projects with me. Every time I see insane Five Minutes Crafts videos that definitely won’t take five minutes, I’ll think of you!

To Sriya, I will you a super chill second semester senior year and the ability to braid your own hair. Sorry for sticking you will three SSS in BoB, but thanks for dealing with us and yelling at me to do my lab reports (personally, I think it was a win to finish it the day after.) Unfortunately I cannot come back to campus every time you want your hair braided, but I hope you can learn to do it yourself like the independent woman that you are.

To Winston, I will you a break! You work so hard and it is so awesome to see all of the things you do come to fruition. You deserve all the success that is bound to come your way. Please enjoy your senior year because it can be an amazing time if you let it. Also, walk slower, we cannot all keep up.

To Justina, I will you a million more movie nights and after check debriefs. You are one of my closest friends and the first one I go to with any of my life news which is crazy because we only became friends this year. Even if I can’t be in front of you to remind you how amazing you are and how you deserve the world, I hope you will never forget it. When in doubt, know that I will always be on your side <333. (P.S. you can’t have Melissa)

Ella Voyles

To Victoria Nalepka, I will you the most amazing senior year imaginable. I am truly saddened by the fact that I will not be here to experience it with you but I know you will do great things. You have such an incredible passion for the things you care about and are the most genuine person ever. I also will you 05 hill and all of the picnics and laughter that come with it. Take so many naps and enjoy your last moments on the hill. I remember the first time we decided to lay on that hill, not knowing how epic it would be. I am so out of this world grateful that we became so close last year and discovered that we are the same. I appreciate how often we think the exact same thoughts at the exact same time. I will forever cherish nights in the room and weekends at your house. Continue screaming to Mean in the quad, even if it does not apply as much as it did this year. You have the most radiant energy of anyone I have ever met, and I seriously don’t know how I would have survived this year without you. You deserve nothing less than happiness and the best life has to offer. I can’t wait for you to come party with me in college!!

To Robert Mandell, Jose Florenzano, Emerson Blair, David Simmons, and Carter Poskozim, I will you amazing underclassmen who will inspire you to be better every day and who will make you laugh like no other. I did not anticipate becoming such good friends with all of you, but I hope you get to experience the joy of underclassmen the same way you all allowed me to this year.

To Robert Mandell, I will you straight A’s during a strenuous junior year. I know how seriously you take your grades, but I also know how hard you work for those grades and you will do amazing things. Please allow yourself to occasionally party it up in your quad. Continue to share your epic music with me and listen to sad music on 05 hill – DO NOT let Victoria sit there alone. I also will you a barber that is as epic as the one from Kansas City because your Illinois barber has done you dirty.

To Jose Florenzano, I will you the ability to not be a pathological liar and better calves?? I don’t think I can do that but whatever. The occasional fib is ok but don’t get too carried away. I remember the first time I met you and Bobby and you referred to us as the 05 hill girls – I immediately knew we would be great friends. You are one of the kindest people I have ever met. I also will you endless bike rides this summer.

To Emerson Blair, I will you a sophomore that will make you pee your pants from laughter. My absolute favorite thing about you is how witty and entertaining you are. There is never a dull moment when you are around, even when you’re grinding out your math worksheets.

To David Simmons, I will you the ability to eat a little quicker. Your new sophomore friends next year may not be as kind as me and stay in lexington while you finish. I also just wanted to thank you for being the most sincere and honest person. You always keep it real.

To Carter Poskozim, I will you better hometown friends and a better style. I recommend never going through the beanie faze ever again. Please never lose your passion for cinematography. Maybe even become rich and famous for writing and directing movies.

To the Girls’ and Boys’ Volleyball teams, I will you all an amazing season. Kick some butt and remember to have fun while you’re at it. You are all such amazing players and people!!

Elle Brittin

To Faizaan Shakih, I will you the perfect pair of sweatpants and this document.

To Keyan Dunmore, I will you the ability to stop trying to take my phone to get Tiktok famous. Even though our first interactions started out with you just straight up attacking me, I am thankful that we have become closer and I can call you one of my good friends. Your jokes and weird faces you make at everyone entertains me and makes me excited to stalk the Attendance Office to see if you are lurking. I hope that you defeat the SAT scam and find your way out of the matrix. All of my TikTok drafts by the way contain like 80% of you which I don’t know if I enjoy. I don’t think I have met someone like you, but I am glad that I got to listen to some of your crazy thoughts on people and society. Congrats on being a Five Guys manager at such a young age which is something that you brag about sometimes. IMSA is almost over so just hang in there and then you can escape. I enjoyed our physical attacks almost everyday and your British accent trying to get me to make a TikTok with you almost every seventh mod. Beat the bots of IMSA for me – don’t let this get to your head, but I’m gonna miss you.

To Donovan Morrow, I will you all of the hottest clothes in the world. Even though our friendship was last minute, I’m so thankful to have met you. You are drop dead gorgeous and truly just eat up everyone everyday with your style and beauty. Thanks for the constant encouragement on my dancing abilities even though you lead me to being rejected from every Modern :D. But anyways, I love the way that you keep it real with me and just stay honest about anything I ask from you. Let’s take a moment to acknowledge some phrases that I love from you : “Like woah.” “oop (hand over the face)” . Thank you for validating some of my crazy opinions and ideas and making me laugh. Truly the most drop dead gorgeous person on this campus. Thank you for being a great friend and hyping me up, despite the fact that you always look 100 times hotter. Kiss for you, and I will miss you so much.

To Annika Johnson, I will you unlimited ginger ale and multiple light-up swords. My magic mike dancing buddy and my ginger ale supplier – thank you for being a great person to be around in A wing. Even though you go to bed at like 11pm every night and tell everyone that you are “winding down,” I love hanging out with you and hearing your crazy things that just pop into your head. I love that we can thrust dance in the air to Pony and just go crazy and make everyone else question whether or not we are mentally stable or not. I enjoy your sleep-talking and crazy guitar skills. It is very interesting to see you in love and tell me about it every single day and ask me for advice lol. You are definitely a crazy one (attacking me multiple times with your light up sword from Medieval Times) but I love you a lot. Your rambling is so funny to me and some of the out of pocket things that you say does make me laugh throughout the day. My little band gal – I will miss you a lot and take care of your quad.

To Jay Gonzalez, I will you the most merptastic pair of swim trunks. Thank you for being the most chaotic person I know and just being absolutely goofy without holding back. Your dance moves and crazy ideas make me laugh, and I am so happy that we are friends. Your energy and vibe is contagious and I hope that you stay merptastic senior year. I will miss you when I leave, but keep being carefree.

To Raghav Sinha, I will you a photo album to store all of the pictures you take of me without me knowing. Thanks for being the ultimate hype man and just coming up to me randomly and getting in my face to tell me that I’m looking good. Also, thanks for the random pictures you take of me and just will never show me or send to me on Facebook Messenger. Anyways, I’ll miss your unforgettable presence and voice when I leave so stay Raghavy.

To Luke Mauk, I will you a new pair of crocs. Luke, you are crazy but I will miss you and your laugh. That is all.

To JaeJun Park, I will you big smiles. Thanks for being somewhat of a friend during K-trad since I knew nobody and you would sometimes talk to me. Even though you are very quiet and blunt, I am happy that we were able to talk and interact. Start smiling more!

To Jul Hwangbo, I will you the archiest arch. Thanks for being a good friend to me during K-trad and making me laugh. I would miss when you didn’t show up to practice because that meant I had to try and interact with JJ when I knew that he was very shy and didn’t want to talk to me. You are very funny and entertained me which doesn’t happen often. You are very cool and I hope you can continue to arch your senior year.

To Hagen Arraiga, I will you a bag to carry all the stuff you take from people. Why do you have such sticky fingers lol. Anyways, thanks for entertaining me during engineering and making me wonder who took my keys.

To Andre Mendez, I will you a new toilet. For real, I hope you get that figured out lol. Thanks for being super funny during engineering and constantly rubbing your hands together. Hopefully you can get some Febreeze for your future nightly detoxes.

To Aru Ulanbek, I will you unlimited vests! Thank you for being such a kind and funny friend during dance practices! You are so stylish and pretty and I hope that we become closer towards the end of the year! My hyperhidrosis twin, I wish you nothing but love and happiness during your senior year.

To Jesrein Ayeyi, I will you all of the makeup brand deals in the world. You drop-dead gorgeous goddess. Your makeup skills and style are top tier and you are so stunning. I’m glad I got to meet you in majorette and was able to see you keep eating the house down every day after that. MWAH!

To Raven McKelvin, I will you the loudest speaker imaginable. Your energy is just contagious and you are an incredible hype woman along with a great singer (like genuinely wow). Wherever the party is at, I know that you will always be there. You are so beautiful, and I hope that you keep senior year as hype as you made this year
To Dashiell Leigh, I will you eternal happiness. Truly you are the sweetest person I have ever met and you are so caring. I am thankful for every time you ask about my day and how I am feeling. You are such a beautiful person inside and out and I hope the world will give you nothing but love and happiness. Continue to stay positive throughout your senior year and I know you will do great things. I love and will miss you so much, Dash!

To Chiara Njoya and Bih-Sana Abeh, I will you all the Korean ramen in the world. Thanks for being such cool sophomores this year. I know you put up with some crazy stuff that happens in the wing and I’m thankful that you match my energy and hype me up when needed. Keep feasting and being the gorgeous people that you are. I wish you luck in your next two years at IMSA and will miss you guys.

To Tatyana Pronitcheva, I will you the biggest bouquet of flowers. You are so sweet, and I hope that you have such an incredible senior year. You are so beautiful and genuinely so nice which is so rare to find nowadays. Keep being the kind soul that you are ! <3

To Justina Kostiv, I will you the biggest hug! Ever since I met you in tennis I knew immediately that you were incredibly funny and nice. Thanks for letting me ride you during the tennis season and being just straight up goofy to entertain Jim. You are so sweet and I will miss you so much when I leave. I hope that you continue to be the funny and kind person you are as you get older. Biggest kiss for you MWAH! <3

To Raymond Schumacher, I will you a potato farm. Keep being a good soccer player and not get hit in the stomach during the most important game of the season. Thanks for letting me point at you in the hallways and telling you about Good Mythical Morning. Monk is still a delinquent, by the way, so let’s try and be better for him.

To Natalia Morales, I will you a giant stuffed animal of anything you dream of. I am in awe of how hardworking and dedicated you are and I love you so much. You are so sweet and a great person to just rant to or be around. It’s so cute to see how excited you talk about things you’re passionate about. Thanks for sharing candies with me and giving me toilet paper that one time where your entire quad started stealing from me and Avery. I hope you have such an amazing senior year and I will miss you sm. Take care of your quad for me. <3 <3

To Luci Stocco, I will you a Trader Joes. I’m so thankful that you were put in A-wing and I got the opportunity to get close to you. Thanks for the incredible snacks that you share and the interesting stories of your life both here at IMSA and in your hometown. You are so sweet and so funny, and I’m so glad we were able to become friends. Keep Irish dancing away!

To Einsey Socrates, I will you lots of food and trendy clothing. Goofy. Thanks for being a good friend during tennis and being just straight up goofy. You are so gorgeous and continue to make me question my style everyday (I know u copy me bruh). Never stop making those goofy little faces at me with your cheeks puffed out and you look confused. Thanks for being a good friend and I will miss u v much. Love u v much mwah <3

To Eliana Nungaray, I will you the ability to eat anything you want with no consequences. Thank you for being such a great friend to me and listening to all of my problems when I come into your room, while you are trying to eat or sleep. You are incredibly beautiful and truly one of my favorite people. You are so sweet and drop dead gorgeous like wow (keep wearing all that low rise stuff). I value all the conversations we have and the time I spend just hanging around you and Gwen. I will buy you all the lemon pepper fries you want and give you all the hugs in the world. You are such a kind person and I hope that the world gives you nothing but happiness. I hope that you become able to walk to main building by yourself lol but I will continue to walk with you whenever you need. I will miss you so much, and I love you a lot. There is so much more I could write but I’ll stop here so we can stay mysterious.

To Gwendolyn Olney, I will you the ability to keep your bangs in place during a windstorm. When you see this message me, so I can send you your actual will.

Franklin Rangel

To JSA Board (Raghav, Gwen, Ben, and Clay), I will you the craziness of JSA. Together as a board, we’ve had to navigate our fundraiser being stolen, events not being booked, and verryyyyy low attendance :))) All I can say is that it’s been a roller coaster. Through it all, however, I knew that I could count on you all to care about positive political discussions on campus. You’ve all shown so much growth over the semester and I can’t wait to hand over the reins to such a capable group! (hopefully you all can go to an actual convention too).

To Sydney Hunter, I will the ACLU media team. You’ve done so well in the ACLU team and I know we’re leaving the ACLU in good hands!

To Alexian Heynez, I will you the confidence to keep on being you. Throughout all the cereal nights, relationship convos, basketball games, and 10 checks, you always stay true to who you are. You’ve grown so much as a person, and I can see the work you put in each and every day. You’re the best little gremlin around, and I’m so proud of how far you’ve come.

To Matty Clarke, I will you everything you need to be successful. Actually, thinking about it, that’s nothing!! You’ve been a part of my life at IMSA the whole way through. We were together in Excel, you were my student for both semesters of my junior year, and we’ve become co’s this year. You are the most driven person I know, and you take your passions seriously. You’re like a lil sib to me (even though you’re older :))) ), and I feel so much better leaving knowing that you’re here to make IMSA your own. I’m so proud of you, and I wish you nothing but the best!!

To Jaz Johnson, I will you someone just as amazing as you are so that you can experience how great it is to be around you. You were such an amazing co, and I know that you’ll be an even better co-coord! You’re so cheerful and capable, and your poise is going to take you far. I hope you have many more wacky, weird, and wonderful Wednesdays in your future :)

To Matty and Nathan Kozak, I will you another year with the best elective. Being a Co-chair is definitely a fulfilling experience. In the beginning, you’re going to feel the pressure of making the curriculum. Don’t be afraid to shake it up! The beauty of activism is that its definition is shaped by those around it, it isn’t set in stone. And when you get on campus again, you’re going to feel the pressure of always having to know what to do. I definitely felt that way a lottttt this year, and it’s never true. You have an amazing team by your side, and their input is going to be so invaluable. Remember that you two were chosen for a reason, and I am so happy to know that EnAct is going in an amazing direction :))

To the EnAct team (Karla, Nathan, Brandon, Matty, and Tate), I will you all an amazing EnAct semester next year! All of you have a unique and special commitment to activism, and you all are going to take EnAct to great heights! Keep being amazing people :)

To everyone who has ever been in one of my LEAD classes (Eli, Colin, Albert, Ashwin, Garrett, Aaliyah, Sarah R, Amanda, Ellen, Anni, Nishna, Michael, Chinara, Matty/Maddy, Sukanya, Cara, Minna, Emma, George, Aldo, Chiamaka, Muna, Matthew, Eliel, Nyah, Audrey, Angel, Zed, Maya G, Taliyah, Yicole, Vedanti, Alijah, Jack, Jaden, Neev, Andrew, Jayram, Devarsh, Lennon, Abo, Jetti, Naomi, Dael, Antonio, Trinh, Lily, Kyler, Tommy, Maya J, Kavya, Grania), I will you success wherever you end up! I know I just named like 50 people, but all of you have made my time at IMSA so much better. Being able to facilitate you all every Wednesday night not only developed my skills as a teacher but allowed me to meet so many amazing people!

Lastly, to all of my B-wing peeps (Dash, Malcolm, Alexian, Luke, Sori, Nathan, Clay, Sohum), I will you the amazing community that is B-wing. I’ve grown so much alongside you all, and I really do think that this is the best wing on campus. Something that I really think encapsulates the spirit of the wing is us clapping for check. Literally in those few seconds, I feel the gravity of our appreciation for one another. You all are headed for great things! B wing Best Wing!!!!!

To anyone I missed, I will you much happiness, please know you are appreciated by me and everyone in this community.

Gautham Anne

To Ebba Kaulas, Neev Patel, Michael Meng, Ankit Wallishetti, and last and definitely least (just kidding, just continuing the hazing legacy) Shawn Crimmins, I wish you the best of luck with FTC next year! I better see y’all win Worlds! Ebba and Shawn (Shane?), be careful of Jayant nuking Sweden. Ebba, I’m looking forward to that yacht ride, and continue sleeping under the benches at comps. Neev, I will you more dabs from seniors next year. To Tomorrow’s Innovators and Thinkers (hopefully) Acquiring New Skillz, cheers! <3

To Rhea Shah, Sreehaas Chinnala, Madhav Hota, Ishan Shankar, and Aria Barve, I will y’all the best of luck with taking Epoch to the stars and beyond! Y’all are gonna do great, and I couldn’t have asked for a better shadow board! <3

To Logan Nelson, I will you many many many more hit points (you need them), another person to bully at the gym, more [REDACTED] to simp over, and more people to steal your mom. I will you another friend to corrupt. I’m never gonna forget our conversations together, so thank you for making IMSA that much more memorable and loving <3

To Sam Go and Dean Cianciolo, the schmeniest of them all, I will you more years of life. You are some of my krackadoodliest friends, so I better see y’all do big things. Sam, I will you more creepy books (Owl Mommy is my favorite character), and Dean, I will you another name (how about Francis Dean Benjamin Cianciolo Yolo). <3

To Avi, I will you a junior who you will fail to help on their Compu. Sci homework. <3

To my 03 A-wingers, FREE A-wING! I love y’all, and I am glad to have known each and everyone of you! You guys are absolutely amazing, but please get better at cleaning. I’m struggling right now. I got homework and housekeeping is a nightmare. <3

To Joey Urbin, THE GOOFIEST SMASHER OF THEM ALL, I will you more people to bully as Little Mac (my hoodie skin). You are a big menace, but I am glad to have the pleasure of calling you my friend (although you have undeniably corrupted me). I will you money from the swear jar. <3

To Aashima Sisodia, I will you a banger clash season and more fogel math homework! <3

To Brandon Rogers, I will you an underclassman who will steal your things in your moments of crisis, a banger astrophysics career, a W robotics season, more banana bread, and more fire alarms to set off. <3

To Pedro Castrejon and Charles Connor, I will you more time to bully Joey, more rainy runs, long noisy tubes, and nose flutes (W musicians)! <3

To Tommy Blough, I wish you a W clash season (03 ON TOP) and more Tommy Throws! You are a W soph with crazy good vibes, and I’m glad to have the pleasure of knowing you! <3

To Nikhil Kodali, I will you better Smash skills with Greninja. No but for real, you are such a great underclassman, and I’m glad to have the pleasure of meeting you.

To Raghav Sinha, I will you machine learning work (W edu team!), more ham, and more rizz (just kidding, you got it all, you’ve rizzed me up). <3

To Keegan Balow, I will you a sophomore that gives you food all the time. I also will you the strength to put up with Joey and Sam. <3

To Kyle Elzy and Georgi Panchev, I will you a son that always wins <3. YOU ALL ARE THE NICEST SOPHS IN A WING, PLEASE DON’T GET CORRUPTED, STAY AWAY FROM THE OTHER SOPHS! To Kyle,
To George Lu, I will you a senior year filled with butt jumps and OEIS rabbit holes. <3

To Anthony Marquez, I will you an underclassmen that will have amazing conversations with you, and I will you the strength to put up with Joey. Stay safe, and always be cautious. <3

To Aldo Magana, I will you underclassmen have fun conversations in A-wing. You are extremely bright, funny, and talented, and I’ll surely miss our fruitful exchanges. <3

To Andrew Katson, I will you more muscles (not that you need any more, you are buff my dude), plenty of Hadron articles to write, and a ton of math rabbit holes for you to get lost in. <3

To Alea Ritchie, I will you more chickens (they aren’t scary), hawker classes, pigeons (they are scary), chipotle, christmas songs, Sage slobbery kisses, and more converts to the religion of bullyism. Actually though, thanks for being a great friend <3

To every underclassmen I’ve ever talked to, I will you a wonderful future! ABSOLUTELY FRICKALICIOUSLY LOVE Y’ALL! I wouldn’t have gotten through the roller coaster that these past three years have been without you. I know IMSA can be tough, but know that you are surrounded by loving friends and family. Don’t overlook spending time with one another! Support each other, struggle together, live together, laugh together, and cry together! You are part of a community of bright, like-minded, different-minded, supportive, compassionate, hardworking, ambitious, dependable, screw it I’m running out of adjectives, people. If any of you need anything at any time, definitely contact me. You are more likely to slip than slide into my dms though. <3

George Bayliss

To Steven Espinoza I will you 1st place in COTH next year.

To Albert Han I will you an Independent Study with Trimm.

To Rohan Patkar I will you a new TheFatRat album.

To Victoria Nalepka and Jerrick Li I will you the fate of French Club.

To Vignesh Tiruvannamalai I will you the strength of ten thousand tigers.

Halimat Sanusi

To Aru Ulanbek, I will you the ability to be carefree and just enjoy life in the moment. I know that you’re looking for a sense of direction right now, but do not let that overwhelm you! From what I’ve seen you’re an extremely passionate person who can laser focus on anything you put your mind to. All the answers will present themselves to you with time. And of course as my lil sib, you have my genes of being totally super awesome and amazing so, I know you will be perfectly fine <3.

To Ryan Li, I will you a stress free senior year. At the time I’m writing this I know what you’re going through, both in a literal sense and a mental sense. I just want you to know to not let it stop you or hinder your growth. You have one of the most brilliant and creative minds of anyone I know, one individual person doesn’t have the right to bring you down. I’ve seen the passion that you have for every interest you have, just channel that to get through these hell-ish classes bestie 😭. I want you to persevere and stick it out because the end result is so much better than you could ever imagine. Also, please go to sleep on time at least over summer break, bestie – at this point your sleep schedule is worse than mine 😭

To Donovan Morrow, I will you the position of choreo for Harambee Modern. While I’m like 99% sure you were already going to become it, I just wanted to make sure bestie! Choreoing with you was actually one of the highlights of second semester. I got to see how like-minded we are, but more importantly how creative YOU are. It never felt like there was a dull moment when you were choreoing, it was like you had sparks flying out of your head with every jolt being a new idea. (ok poet we see you 🤭) And I genuinely feel as if we put on the best modern that I ever got to see while I was at this school, and a large part of that was you! (I know Alice would be proud of you right now 🙏🏿) All I ask bestie is that you yell at people more because you are TOOOOOO nice 😭

To Sarah Kumar, I will you the ability to continue being an alpha 🐺 no, but on a serious note, I’m so glad I got to know you this year. 🙏🏿 Even though it’s sad we only have this singular year with each other, just know you made a lasting (albeit, kinda strange) impression on me! I hope you continue to be as funny and as talented as you are for years to come and I hope you can stick it out at IMSA. Thank you for being on my side time and time again whenever I was done DIRTY because it definitely helped me feel less upset about everything! Go forth and continue to be the best hype boy (girl) 🫶🏿

To Giada Avina and Jerrick Li, I will you all the ability to keep dancing 🗣️. I know I already kind of said some stuff before and after the unofficial Harambee show, but now I can make it more personalized? (I guess, I don’t know?) Y’all are genuinely some of the most entertaining people I’ve been around during my time at IMSA, and having you in Modern was no different. The genuine vibes and good energy y’all brought to the entire group made practice less tedious of a task and more fun than anything else. While I may have come off as mean sometime before… it was only out of my best interest for you all!! (I promise!!!) Keep this hype up for the next year’s to come so that everyone will enjoy culture shows !

To Faizaan Shaikh, I will you the ability to keep dancing. I’m genuinely so sorry that we never got to be in a single Modern together 😭 Like, I actually feel so bad, but more often than not there were extenuating circumstances or just flat out disagreements between the choreos 💀 all this aside though, I don’t want you to let modern discourage you whatsoever, you are a seriously good dancer 🫵🏿 (I low-key feel as if I could see your growth all the way from harambee modern from my junior year!) Honestly, keep up the good work because you can only improve from here!

To Jesrein Ayeyi, I will you a man who will not do you dirty 😭 no but for real, you must be my mini me because we both getting treated the same way 💀 I still remember when I met you last year in B-wing and seeing you fly down the stairs at the mention of P1Harmony 😭 I’m so glad that I’ve gotten to know you over the past couple years, and while B-Wing isn’t the same without you anymore, I’m happy to see that you’re prospering and doing well in your own places! No person should be able to evaluate your self-worth besides you, don’t forget that! And from what I can see, you’re as priceless as 06’s diamond (you know, I ate with that actually like 🤭🤭🤭). I’m wishing you the best of luck in the future, and I will be rooting for you from the sidelines 🗣️

To Raph Talusan, I will you the ability to not be a bully! I swear I have never been so humbled as I was whenever I spoke to you! Like damn what I do king‼️ Anyways I’m glad I got to talk to you more this year and when I’m not praying on your downfall I’m genuinely wishing the best for you for your future! I can see how dedicated you are to the things you put your mind to and it’s very inspiring! I’m happy you stuck through with modern and even though you couldn’t perform the first time, I think you for real shined the second time! I wish you nothing but good luck for the future, and I will be cheering you on along the way!

Himani Kamineni

To Pranavi Korapati, I will you an amazing junior year. I’m so happy I got to be your big sib this year, and I’m sorry that I’m not super great about keeping in touch. I know you’re going to do amazing things in the future, and I want you to know that I’m always here if you want some (hopefully good) advice.

To Anisha Kolambe, I will you a little sib as amazing as you were as a little sib. It’s hilarious to me that I got to know you more this year even though I was your big sib last year (it’s prob cuz I’m bad at keeping in touch). Regardless, I’m so grateful to have gotten to sit next to you in calc-based first sem, do biochem labs with you this sem, ride the SIR bus with you, and watch you be a mandarin queen and an amazing flute player. You’re a super smart and down-to-earth person, and I hope you have the most amazing senior year!

To Annabelle Zhang, I will you all of Campbell, Raven’s, Vanders, Alberts, and every bio textbook in existence. You are an incredibly driven and smart person, and I’m so happy I’ve gotten to know you over the past two years. I hope that you’ll make camp or even win a gold medal at IBO because I know that you’re smart enough to do so. I hope you can create a great community of bio lovers in IMSAlympians and help everyone actually register for Biology Battle and other cool bio competitions. Make sure to bother Ms. O’Leary for me when I’m gone and take care of the bio underclassmen. I also will you sanity throughout college apps. I know it’s gonna be tough, but I also have complete belief in you. From hearing about you making study sessions at 3 AM to seeing you grinding the lin alg packets from the week before, I know that you can get through anything. Keep me informed about all your future successes!

To Nathaniel Huang, I will you an amazing senior year. I’m so happy I got to know you after we both missed the dinner date we were supposed to be partners at. I hope that swim team is going well for you, and thank you for coming to some of my bio study sessions. I wish you the best of luck next year with college apps and all of your endeavors.

To my bio sophs (Wing Chen, Aahana Das, Aarushi Das), I will you guys many more amazing bio study sessions and making USABO Semis. I know you guys are smart enough to accomplish literally anything, and I hope you learn many amazing things along the way. Thank you so much for attending my study sessions and being so excited to learn! I genuinely appreciate your guys’ constant presence, support, and appreciation for bio!

To Aashima Singh Sisodia, I will you half of the responsibility of making IMSAlympians the greatest club on campus. I hope that you can recreate the same positive energy we had at board meetings this year and push to have new events and projects. I’m incredibly proud of the work that you have put into making IJAS Science Fair a success and hope that it turns out even better next year. I also hope that you can create a strong community on swim team as one of next year’s captains. You are an incredibly driven and talented person, and I know you’re going to accomplish many things in the future. Good luck with college apps (I know you’ll be just fine), and make sure to keep in touch :)

To Anala Thakkar, I will you the other half of the responsibility of making IMSAlympians amazing. I know that this year’s been rough for you, but I also have full belief that you can get back on your feet and work to make our club awesome. Maybe I might actually play that relativity game you mentioned at one of our board meetings, but I’m probably not going to get very far lol. I hope you have an amazing senior year, and I want to hear about all the great things you’re going to accomplish.

To George Lu, I will you amazing math study sessions and peer tutor hours. I hope that you’ll be able to host the most popular study sessions on campus and have a blast while doing so. I’m so happy I got to know you through Clash and am completely awed by your many talents (those butt jumps were crazy though). I hope you have the best senior year!

To the All-State Orchestra underclassmen (Joshua Mu, Ryan Cho, and Rachel Qin), I will you guys many more great adventures in Peoria. From walking through the cold for way too long just to sit in the lobby of a museum and look at Caterpillar machines to eating at a Hibachi place, we definitely had quite the experience. I hope you guys have many more amazing All-State experiences, and wish you the best of luck for junior year!

To next year’s Wind Ensemble, I will you guys getting rained on at concerts (jk). I hope you guys get to play some cool pieces next year. By the way, Nolan, you need to get more sleep.

To the current swim team underclassmen, I will you first place in synchro. I truly believe that we were the true winner because we had the most fun. I also will you guys an amazing swim community next year and hope that you guys accomplish all your goals. Thank you guys for making my last swim season such a memorable experience!

To the current 03 D Wing underclassmen, I will you a wing as amazing as our wing was this year! I had so much fun getting to know all of you through Clash and 10-check convos. I hope you have an amazing year next year!

To David Dickson, I will you being able to do a backflip. You were truly one of the coolest people to cartwheel with in talent show, and I know you’re gonna be able to learn an entire flip sequence by next year’s clash if you set your mind to it. I’ve had so much fun getting to know you this year, and I can’t wait to hear about your future world-renowned poetry, chart-topping songs, and all the other amazing things you will accomplish.

To Ryan Li, I will you a break from doing ABS labs. Thanks for consistently showing up to my peer tutor hours this sem because I would’ve been so bored without you and your lovely enthusiasm to learn bio. You were definitely my favorite student to help with ABS, and, even though I know ABS isn’t your favorite class, I hope that I made it a little bit less painful to complete the assignments and study for the tests. I promise you that, if you can get through ABS, you can definitely get through college apps and whatever other stressful situations you may have to overcome. I hope you have a great senior year!

To Maggie Dimarco, I will you a break from your crazy busy schedule. You are genuinely one of the hardest working people I know, and I am sure you will be successful in whatever you set your mind to. You continue to inspire me with your perseverance and kindness, and I hope you remember to take time for yourself throughout senior year.

To all 03 underclassmen, I will you a Clash experience as amazing as our Clash experience this year! Thank you guys for making this year’s Clash so memorable! I genuinely have really enjoyed our tight-knit community in 03, and I hope you guys win Clash next year!

Ilan Lunken

To Adi, Jaxon, Vikram, Laura, Nishna, Nate, Blessita, and Anirudh, I will you the ability to make next year’s robotics amazing. Each of you made this robotics season absolutely incredible, and I cannot thank you enough for all the hard work you put in. It was so much fun working alongside each of you, and you made me want to keep coming to robotics. Next year, you guys will be running the team. That means you will be the determining factor in how we do. While winning is not necessary, be sure to put in lots of work and teach the sophomores. I have full confidence in all of you, and regardless of your position on the team, you will all be invaluable. Please contact me or any of this year’s seniors with any questions you have. We are more than happy to help. After all, we went through the same thing. Lastly, I will you all the ability to continue the legacy of TITAN ROBOTICS #2022. P.S. Vikram, I am sorry about your pink arm. Also, Anirudh, whatever your position is on the team, you will be very important.

To Noah, I will you the Titan Robotics Mechanical Subteam’s traditional allen key. This key was passed on to me from Julie, a senior on mechanical who received it from the senior captain my sophomore year, Asaiah, who received it from the previous year’s Mechanical Specialist, Jojo. I am passing this on to you because I believe you are deserving of it, and it will be your job to pass it on to someone you think is just as deserving. Just make sure not to lose it. Keep doing great things and being helpful to the team. I can truly say that you were extremely helpful to the team, and this season would not have been the same without you. Even though this season was short, I still could not have asked for a better last season, and you were one of the many people that made it what it was. I am going to miss you.

To Bikrant, I will you the patience to help everyone with the most challenging questions. I cannot emphasize enough my thankfulness toward you for the sheer amount of help you have given me throughout these past two years. I can legitimately say that you have helped me pass countless tests and understand countless topics. I am continuously impressed by all the random knowledge that you have. I have no idea how you know how to solve literally any problem I have shown to you when no one else does, but I can say that it is amazing. You are a great teacher, and I hope you help out the sophomores along with the juniors and seniors next year. Thank you.

To Steven, Bikrant, and Albert, I will you the best of luck next year for hall decs. Even though we did not win this year, I can confidently say that I am beyond amazed with our final project. Our hard work was definitely worth it. When I look at everything we made, I am so impressed by you guys, and I know that 1504 can win next year.

To Triston and Jake, I will you the ability to make next year’s drill incredible. I can certainly say that you guys made Drill so much fun. Triston, I love your personality and your ability to always lighten the mood. Jake, you are actually so funny, and you have the biggest leg muscles I have ever seen. You guys are so much fun to be around, and I hope you spread your energy throughout all of 04 next year.

To Michael, Kavin, Madhov, Charles, Taegon, and all of the other A-wing underclassmen, I will you the ability to continue the legacy of 1504 A-wing. I understand that not all of you will be in a wing next year or were in one this year, but you all once resided in this wing, and you understand what it means to be a part of one of the best wings on campus. I had an amazing time spending time with all of you in the hall commons watching movies, cooking, or just goofing around. It has been wonderful to know all of you. Please make the new sophomores feel like this is their new home and be kind to them. I will really miss all of you.

Irene Liu

To Vikram Rao, I will you all my math knowledge. I couldn’t have made it through senior year without you. Honestly, you were there at my lowest and we bonded through all the crazy tea (just you making fun of me and vice versa but whatever). Hopefully, you continue your W recruiting and fix your L rizz.

To Kaylee and Kaella, I will you guys endless golf supplies. I still remember stalking Kaylee due to the GBN –> IMSA pipeline and Kaella for her infamous golfing. And I will say I was absolutely shocked when I found out you guys would BOTH be across the hall. I am so happy to have met you both. Your endless positivity, constant presence in the wing commons, and relentless bond is very admirable and inspiring <3

To Ryan Li, I will you a hot boyfriend!! Although we bonded over men and ramen noodles, my love for you extends past these temporary desires. You’re one of the funniest and realest people I know, and I forever treasure your honesty and your dance moves. Also, keep being a CS baddie <33

To Tate Schneider, I will you pink venom (get it get it get it!). From StudCo meetings to dance parties, you have brought light to the darkness and color to the bleakness. You are the best advocate for us 03ers, and I am confident you will continue improving IMSA throughout your senior year. You ate!

To Nethra Shanbhag + Kate DeGreve, I will you beautiful scientific illustrations (to be honest, you should probably will them to me, since we all know my illustrations aren’t very beautiful) and better taste in men. From bonding over tea to laughing about certain things (lol), you guys made my first-semester senior year a bit less stressful.

To Aru Ulanbek, I will you more amazing Spotify songs to rotate through! You’re the first person I met to have a similar music listening pattern as me, and while we’re at it, you’re also one of the kindest, funniest, and most supportive people I’ve met. Seriously. You’re so easy to talk to ilysm<3.

To David Dickson, I will you the Lexington Team. Seriously. You better carry it on. There better be gourmet meals when I come to visit. Thank you for bringing an unfiltered, funny spark into my senior year. I know you’ll be an amazing Senior at Large!

To Zuyu Liu, I will you lots of Congress awards. Continue the W debating, break at state again, and make it to nationals. I believe in you! Also, keep up the good work in StudCo (you were such a carry in big sib) and ride through senior year!!

To 1503 D wing (Maggie, Aashima, Josie, Kaella, Katherine, Kaylee, Rachel, Rushina, Victoria), I will you guys an empty sink! You guys made IMSA feel like home with the endless kindness, support, and hype. I love y’all so much.

To my Public Forum (PF) debaters (Rushina, Rachel, Yoona, Lily, Aashima, Vikram, Sebastian, Anmol, Vincent, Vidyoot (with drawings), Sahil, Ashwin, Carolyn, Ryan(s), Nathaniel, Max, Evan, William, Prabhav, Shanya, Josie (honorary LD member), and everyone else), I will you all long grind nights and block docs! I hope you guys all continue debating next year and break at state / make nationals!! I can’t wait to see the numerous awards you all will bring for IMSA. Hopefully you guys can carry the IMSA PF spirit despite the absence of our favorite coach (rest in peace, Dr. Dong).

Jack Morby

To the future Jazz Ensemble Board (Arjun Brahmandam, Marcus Kubon, Zuyu Liu, Josh Solone, Vincent You, and Michael Zyskowski), I will you a club that would not have existed without all of your dedication. The Jazz Ensemble is upheld by the incredible work of all of you who put in the work regularly to be the talented musicians I am happy to be with every Wednesday. Also, a special shoutout to Garret Snedden, Annika Johnson, Max Chen, and any other Jazz Ensemble members. Without your dedication, Jazz Ensemble would never exist. It was a joy to play the most diverse and fun selection of music this year, and I wish you all the best for your remaining musical years at IMSA.

To my little sib Vincent You, I will you two years of joyful, balanced, and exciting times at IMSA. There will always be highs and lows, but I don’t know anyone more suited than you to face them. Please do not ever put the saxophone down. If you could lock the neck strap around yourself, I would recommend that (I’m not sure how sleeping or showering would work, but you get the idea). I also will give you my skills on the tenor sax if you ever decide to make the switch (: Just make sure to find an equally naive and unsuspecting Sophomore to indoctrinate once you become a Senior.

To Ibrahim Bah, William Cahill, Evan Kemph, Sebastian Mark, Brent Phillip Rodrigo, Haoran Shi, and Jeanmyung Yu, I will you a sink that does not get taken away by your RC. You still have more time at IMSA, and if Sree is not in your wing next year, hopefully, you will get to use the sink occasionally. Good luck, Ibrahim, with all of your Iron-Chef-level cooking ventures. Also, sorry if I did not talk to you guys much (especially if you live upstairs). A special shoutout to Evan and Mrs. Kemph for all of the support and special yummies every time I came back to the wing on Sundays. All of you truly made the wing a place where I was happy and proud to be.

To Stephen Walsh, Albert Han, and the other underclassmen at our Calculus-Based Physics table, I will give you more great conversations and Quests filled with nothing but multiple-choice questions. I think your early work was a little too new for my taste, but hopefully, when you come out of ’23, I think you’ll really come into your own, commercially and artistically. The whole year had a clear, crisp sound, and a new sheen of consummate professionalism that really gives the work we did a big boost. We’ve been compared to Elvis Costello, but I think we have a far more bitter, cynical sense of humor (:

To Vignesh Tiruvannamalai, I will you the speed you need to reach your XC goals. While I might not have much speed to give myself, I’m sure you will be able to do anything you put your mind/legs to.

To Joshua Mu, I will you a computer science class more challenging and exciting than Advanced Programming. It will get better, I promise.

To 1505 D-wing up-quad (Hagen Arriaga, Sree Atyam, Angel Lopez, and Raphael Talusan), I will you both halves of the Deathstick.

To all underclassmen, I will you prayers for good health, well-being, and all of your future success. Please do not follow in my footsteps of getting sick every other week.

Jackie Zhang

To Aru Ulanbek, I will you Lunar G-Friend. I am so glad to have gotten to know you better this year through G-Friend and hanging around with you whenever I see you on campus. You are the best and most amazing junior I’ve met so far, and I am going to miss you next year. You are an incredible dancer, and you have good taste in K-pop, so I trust that G-Friend will be in good hands!

To Maggie DiMarco, I will you the role of an admin of ISMA Lost and Found, the 03D wing late-night legacy, and some much-needed rest. You are the sweetest, smartest, and most well-articulated person I’ve met. Thank you for all those late nights in the 03D wing stairwell and going through BC 1, 2, and 3 with me together these past 2 years. You are such a hard-working person, and I know your hands are going to be full with everything from StudCo, college apps, Speech, and all of the crazy IMSA workload that you will have next year. Please make sure to take care of yourself and have fun as well! I will miss you so much, and I know you will do great things as a senior next year!

To Jerrick Li, I will you the role of an admin of ISMA Lost and Found & Kaylee Zhou’s Faces of IMSA poster. I am very proud of you, seeing your growth as a baby sophomore to the now confident and silly junior you are (although you are still a baby soph to me). I still remember when you wrote your underclassmen wills thinking I was a senior last year when I was a junior. Good luck next year when you become a senior with your hands full with ASIA & college apps!

To Ryan Li, I will you unlimited hours of sleep and wish you a successful journey with B-Friend next year. You are committed to so many things and are so hard-working, but you need to get more sleep!! I swear every time I see you, you only slept 1 or 2 hours the night before. I loved getting to know you in 03 and having you in the B-Friend & G-Friend collab this year. You are so good at girl group dances the way you eat them up, and make sure you continue doing so :)) I will definitely miss you next year, and good luck with college apps as a senior!

To Zuyu Liu, I will you a successful senior year and all the dances you’d like to do. Although it is abominable to have a junior bullying me for my height as a senior (respect your elders!!), I still am happy to have gotten closer to you this year. You are extremely involved, and I know you will continue to do so during your senior year even with college apps and the IMSA workload on your back. Good luck, Zuyu!

To Josie Kim, Kaylee Hwang, Kaella Moraga, Rushina Patel, and Rachel Coutinho, I will you all more late nights in the 03D wing commons, late-night meals, and many hot K-pop men. My D-wing sophomores, I am so glad to have gotten you guys in my wing this year. I couldn’t have asked for any better; you all are the best out of co’25 for real. Even if you all decide not to stay in 03 next year, I know you guys will keep the culture going and keep up the legacy as juniors. So so glad to have met people that love K-pop as well, and I wish you guys the best


To Dash, I will you a senior year with the least amount of college stress possible. I know you are stressed about where you will get into and paying for college, but you are so smart and talented that no college in their right mind would reject you! We have had quite a wild ride with many, many nights in the hall commons and many, many Spanish classes, and I hope you remember all those times with a smile just like I do. I’m impressed by all the ways you have grown this year, and I hope you continue to grow as a fun but kind person. I also will you a healthy relationship with your schoolwork and clubwork, because even though I can’t wait to see all you do with Spectrum and as an HDC (or whatever it’s called now), I want you to still be able to live your life and enjoy senior year. Last but not least, I will you some peace for your kneecaps and peace from being called my name.

To Malcolm, I will you a senior year filled with roller skating, longboarding, singing, good relationships, painted nails, and whatever else your heart desires. I have sincerely enjoyed all my conversations with you (and I guess even the times we worked on ModPhys). You are one of the few people I feel like I can have a conversation with judgment-free, and I’ve really appreciated that. Thank you for trusting me to cut your hair and listening to whatever I talk about. I also will you lots of sleep because we both know you need it to catch up on all the sleep you lost this year. Don’t forget to send me a copy of any game you develop :))

To Luke & Alexian, I will you more unhingedness. I also will you both common sense and, especially for Luke, punctuality-ish, so we don’t have to keep letting you in after 10 check. You both are smart and put in an impressive amount of effort in your classes, and I’m glad you both have continued to stick around IMSA. I can’t wait to see where you both end up in your future, but I hope your senior year provides you both with lots of fun and the freedom to go a bit (reasonably) wild.

To Rachel, I will you a more lighthearted IMSA future. You’re a fun, smart person, and I’m glad that you’ve been my little sib this year. I hope you continue to stay involved in robotics, and hopefully during your time at IMSA, the team will make it to Worlds at least once. I’m willing you a lighthearted future because I want you to have fun during your time here without judgment and with as positive of an attitude as possible. You are very smart and a hard-worker, and I’m sure that will take you far in life. Even if I will not be at IMSA to guide you, I hope you still won’t be afraid to reach out if you ever need anything.

To José, I will you success with your projects and passions, but just as importantly, rest and good mental health so you don’t burn yourself out. I am so thoroughly impressed by the sheer amount of effort you have put into getting involved and starting different initiatives as a soph, and I can’t wait to see where that energy takes you. At the same time, I have seen you have to go through a lot of struggles and challenges, and I sincerely hope junior year will be a bit less of that. I hope you can continue on with your humor and get as much out of your time at IMSA as possible. I also will you a very good wing environment next year because you very much deserve it after this year! And of course, I will you the role of protector of (at least some) worms :))

To Katie Jenks (KATIIEEEEEEE), I will you more of whatever you want to get out of your time at IMSA. You are one of the very first people I shared an IMSA night stargazing with, and by talking to you that night, I found a sense of being okay at this school I barely knew at that point. You are one of my favorite people at IMSA, and you made ModPhys a lot more bearable. More than that though, you are an incredibly smart individual and you work incredibly hard, so I hope you get the relaxing senior year you deserve.

To Aldo, I will you some of my chaotic energy so that we may continue to exist as a chaotic duo over new distances. When we first started talking this year, I don’t think either of us foresaw us becoming as close as we are now, but I’m glad that we became what we are now, even if we scare the rest of CCE! I think we were able to do some pretty good work this year, and I have the utmost confidence that regardless of what positions you have next year, you will continue to be able to do some pretty amazing work. I also will you a good senior year (please try to keep your college stress minimal!!), because you have worked incredibly hard through a tough junior year and deserve it immensely. Finally, I will you more Oreo McFlurries, fewer questionable takes, and someone else to message you at obscene hours.

To Maitreyi, I will you balanced commitments! I think you know why I am willing you this, and as much as you say you are not overcommitted, I think secretly we both know you are at least doing a bit too much. Get more sleep and please, please take care of yourself so that you are able to continue to implement all your cool ideas and projects! But, in all honesty, the work you do is very impressive and I wish you lots of luck that you are able to accomplish what you want to next year! Also, enjoy Evanston for me :))

To Zed, I will you whatever you think I’m willing you and a mehndi cone (yes, this is an actual physical thing, pick it up in the RC office). I promise I’m not your antagonist in life. I do actually just want you to be happy with yourself and make decent enough decisions. I hope you can continue to stick with IMSA, I think you have a lot to give to it and a lot to learn from it. I’m willing you a mehndi cone (yes, a mehndi cone, not a henna cone) that may or may not be dry and almost empty that you can do whatever you want with, although I hope you do something I would approve of at least a little bit. I’m glad I got to know you a bit this year, and I hope you don’t give up on the world entirely. Also, you should let me do your mehndi one last time :))

To Anisha, I will you an incredible robotics experience for your senior year and hopefully a successful new year of Operations. I am so glad I got to know you more this year because you are such a fun, kind, and hard-working person. The way you have carried Operations and somehow managed to keep track of all of our finances is honestly extremely impressive, and I hope you have a lot of good people next year to help you out. I will you shirts, pins, and stickers ordered on time, comps not over breaks, trip consent forms signed correctly, easy transportation logistics, a new (but fun) Operations room, going to Worlds (hopefully), and less Jimmy John’s. And, with a heavy heart, as I will miss your headpats, I will you someone else with good hair to head pat. I will do my best to help you out next year if you need it, don’t forget that I’m only a message away.

To Laura, I will you your continued determination and your ability to see what is actually important at the end of the day. I have really appreciated the effort you have put into robotics this past season not only with being in the lab so much, but also your mindset of focusing on what our team stands for instead of just a good robot. I know how hard it is to speak up sometimes, but I will you the courage to continue to do so and not only advocate for yourself, but for others as well. Lastly, I will you the future of the robotics workshop because I think we both realize the importance of it and I hope that you can ensure it continues next year.

To Ebba, I will you 01 Mural Head, a good robotics season, and overall taking care of 01. You are an amazing artist and very cool person, and I’m sure you will take FTC and 01 to new heights next year. I’m sure you’ll get that mural win next year :))

To Anjali, Ria, and Cameron, I will you the future of L&D Matter’s Buddy Program. I don’t know if I can put into words how much this program and this club mean to me, but for these 3 years, I have funneled my passion for making life more fair for people with disabilities into this. All of the students we’ve had and currently have are wonderful, and I hope that you will be able to have that same experience I’ve had when you smile seeing your student(s) again week after week. I regret not being able to guide you through the process, but I have the utmost confidence that you all can handle it. If you ever need anything, don’t be afraid to reach out.

To Iris & Max, I will you the continuation of Hatikvah. To Iris, especially, I’ve seen you do a lot of great work these past two years for bringing Jewish culture to campus, and I hope that passion continues. To Max, I hope you stay involved and can continue the legacy. It definitely hasn’t been easy, but I’m really glad I’ve had a part in helping you all out, and I wish you all the best of luck.

To my C-wing soph late night study buddies (Gabs, Amaya, and honorarily Andi), I will you less stressful cram nights and more fun times. Walking into the wing commons after 12 and seeing you all at the kitchen table has to be one of the most consistent things about C-wing, and I’m glad for all those nights I got to spend with you all. I will you all a future with a little bit less of that and more time doing other things instead, like watching Total Drama Island, crocheting, and taking pictures with the crates. Even though you will all be in different places next year, I hope they all treat you equally well :))

To future C-wing, I will you all just as much life as I’ve lived in this wing. I will you all a clean sink (please, please, please dump your noodles in the trash) and wing couches. Please take care of the wing, yourselves, and each other. Specifically to the future residents of C22, take care of the room, look out at the view at night, and become friends with the friendly ghost of the room, Hermione. And of course, I will you all another Wing Wars win. Keep the streak going.

To CCE New Board (José, Alvena, Andrew, Will, Shrishant, Sydney), I will you a future at IMSA where you are able to continue to make impactful changes. I’m very proud of all the work you have put into CCE these past months and with whatever you choose to give during your remaining time at IMSA, I hope you can give your all to it. I will you all people at IMSA to get you through the tough times and help you with your work, because I think that is really what has gotten me through it all. I hope that you all can continue the work of CCE in whatever way you see fit.

To next year’s FRC Board and team, I will you all an environment where you trust and help each other. I know that it feels good to win and have an amazing robot, but that shouldn’t come at the cost of not giving everyone the opportunity to learn and contribute to the team. I have put a lot of energy into this team to make it a comfortable place for everyone, and I hope that each and every one of you continue that. I also hope that you all look out for each other and hold what the team stands for close to you. If you do that, I’m sure you all will go far. Good luck!

To all the underclassmen I didn’t get a chance to write a specific will to because I’m finishing this at 11:59pm, I will you to get the most out of IMSA that you possibly can and to live your own life for yourself. Nothing at IMSA is worth making yourself unhappy for, not the homework, not the grades, not the people, not the clubs, not anything. Take care of yourselves and do the best you can!

James Anterola

To Ellen Nguyen, I will you my 1000 plushies that I will never use, please don’t abuse them.

To Dominik Kozbiel, I will you my Hatsune Miku calendar.

To Diya Kamath, I will you Hatsune Miku poster #1.

To Justina Kostiv, I will you Hatsune Miku poster #2.

To Johanna Germo, I will you Hatsune Miku poster #3.

To Tristan Castillo, I will you Hatsune Miku poster #4.

To Laasya Nagumalli, I will you Hatsune Miku poster #5.

To Skylar Vickers, I will you Hatsune Miku poster #6.

To Joseph Paras, I will you Hatsune Miku poster #7.

To Bikrant Bhattacharyaa, I will you Hatsune Miku poster #8.

To Fredy An, I will you Hatsune Miku poster #9.

To Aru Ulanbek, I will you Hatsune Miku poster #10.

Jared Dong

To next year’s chess team (Brian, Himani, Sadkrith, Nikhil, and Will), I will you all a state title. Whether it be Zoom lessons with Vlad or team dinners, the chess team has brought me some of my favorite memories from IMSA. Thank you all for making my senior year on the team my best. I hope Brian’s waifu brings many victories to come.

To 1505 B wing down hex (Sahil, Vidyoot, Vikram, Ashwin, Joshua, Nathaniel), I will you guys a great senior year. I don’t really know most of you guys that well, but you guys have made B-wing more tolerable for me my senior year, and I appreciate that.

To Andre Mendez, I will you a senior year filled with even more shenanigans. I still can’t believe I never talked to you at all last year. From your goofy TikToks to rizzing on Omegle, you never fail to entertain me. Your diamond stealing antic will go down in 05 history and always makes me laugh when I think of it. I wish you luck with cooking club or whatever it becomes next year. If I ever come visit IMSA (never), I’ll be sure to bring you a Panera brownie.

To Anirudh and Divya, I will you both an infinite supply of Fairlife. I remember you guys being some of the first people I spoke to on campus. Thanks for letting me barge into your room at random times. It was you guys and working out in the 03 C wing peer tutor that started my gym journey. Even though you guys constantly insult Springfield, I wish you both the best senior year possible.

To David Weng, I will you a great junior year. We don’t talk that much, but I’m glad you decided to come to IMSA after I talked with you at CWC. Thanks for being my second favorite CWC roommate named David.

To Dominik Kozbiel, I will you the entire Death Grips discography. Even though I can’t actually do that, I hope your senior year is filled with lots of MC Ride vocals. Our love of music brought us together, but I really do enjoy just talking with you about everything. With all things said, you are a lousy father, but I forgive you for that. Do me a favor and use your guitar skills to pull instead of playing your favorite manipulator songs. Stay noided, Dom.

To Ethan Remedios, I will you pants other than pajama pants. You are so laidback when it comes to everything including what you wear when I see you in school. I usually hate double mods, but you make engineering so fun every time. You are a great listener, and you’re always there for me. You’ve already outdone me and found someone who you can build legos with. I hope you have the most laid back and relaxing SSS.

To Faizaan Shaikh, I will you a carefree SSS. You are one of the hardest working people I know and you’ve grown a lot since our middle school days. Who knew the quiet kid from my algebra 1 class would end up being CAB director. Thank you for always being there to talk to me whenever I randomly barge in your room. I hope all of your hard work pays off during senior year and you have the most wonderful SSS. Even though you are a hotshot in ping pong, I still want a rematch.

To Fredy An, I will you Marco’s monkey onesie. I still remember the first time I met you while playing ultimate frisbee and you were by far the wildest sophomore in all aspects. Although downstate bus rides are extremely boring, you manage to make them entertaining. For Liam’s and my, fill out that gymshark cutoff shirt. Once you become shredded, you can bully all of the underclassmen next year. I might pull a Liam and call you at 2 am yelling at you, but if not, I hope you update me on your use of the onesie.

To JaeJun Park, I will you a 225 bench. Stop focusing so much on school and just hit it already.

To Jeffrey Yao, I will you a more present father figure than me. We initially met off random chance one day, and I still can’t believe we get comparisons even though we look nothing alike and are just Asian. You’re a great listener and walking partner even though you are extremely impatient. You’re an insane soccer player but an extremely mid chess player. If you’re ever bored, just know we can go grab “contact solution” together in Chicago. Even though your Chinese sucks, 我为你骄傲,儿子. I’ll have to visit next time I’m in Chambana. Hopefully you’ll be taller by then.

To Jerrick Li, I will you three more lion cubs. Thank you for putting up with all the nonsense during lions. You were one of the first underclassmen I talked to, and you made my junior year in C wing really enjoyable. I can’t think of how many times I nearly threw up eating Lexington but you were there after 10 check with a thing of ramen for me. Grow a few inches and maybe you can beat me at volleyball.

To Jul Hwangbo, I will you a stress-free senior year. From our train ride to St. Louis to the H Mart excursions, you’ve always kept me entertained. Although I don’t see you that much anymore, I know you’re putting that time into your classes. IMSA is a stressful and difficult environment but you’ve grown as a person. I’m echoing Liam’s sentiment by saying this but I do urge you to go outside and touch grass more often.P.S. Thank you for putting me on Mid-Air Thief.

To Keyan Dunmore, I will you more Chipotle/Panera trips. I didn’t know you until this year, but Ramzi always talked about you, and it wasn’t until I met you that I knew what he was talking about. Every single interaction we’ve had in the hallway always makes my day better. A picture speaks a thousand words so…✊.

To Raphael Talusan, I will you every Cinnamon Toast Crunch flavor ever. Although I knew you last year, I’m glad we got closer this year. Thank you for putting me on fps chess even though I suck at it. Whether it be Lexington or Wingstop, every meal we have is so enjoyable. I know we only started the Inbetweeners, but I hope you finish it. Your Lexington air fried sandwiches got me through my senior year, and I hope they do the same for you. I hope you have the best senior year possible and keep me updated throughout all your antics next year.

To Rithik Thekiniath, I will you a “Peppa Pig” free senior year. BC 1 was a difficult time for me at IMSA, and you were there supporting me and teaching me. Although terrible for my BC grade, I enjoyed our Brawl Stars games every now and then. Like Guts, you show so much resolve in all that you do. I hope your hard work pays off. Enjoy your SSS, and if you ever need anything, you know where to reach me.

To Sadkrith Malladi, I will you the IMSA chess team. Please take care of it. I still remember the first time Ramzi and I were scouting for people on the chess team and we encountered you. Little did I know, this would be the same person who would be destroying me in blitz and eventually replacing me as first board. Thank you for procrastinating Spanish homework and playing blitz with me late into the night. Although I won’t be here next year, I hope you have an underclassmen in your wing that will play blitz games with you like you did for me. I’ll be supporting you on your journey to getting a title. Just remember, if I ever play you in a tournament, I won’t be going easy on you.

To Sahil Veeravalli and Jack Shi, I will you another Clash Movie win. Filming for the 05 movie was one of my fondest memories this year, even if it involved Dhruv yelling at us while we stood in freezing temperatures. Even though I thought the movie was corny at first, I really did find paradise when we went to Chicago. Even if we don’t win clash next year, please get another movie win for 05.

To Sreevardhan Atyam, I will you a pogo stick since you like doing tricks on it. Even though you have stolen my spot in the quad, I forgive you since you do keep everyone’s shenanigans in check. I remember the first time we spoke in Spanish III and you were the only person to laugh at my dumb jokes. IMSA was the place where I tried to find out who I was, and it took a while for me. Just remember to be yourself. Other than that, don’t go too hard on yourself senior year and remember to relax and live. I hope you find someone that will cut your hair for you, and if not, you should keep me updated on your endeavors in that department.

To Srihari Gurugubelli, I will you a pair of lion legs. You don’t understand how much I appreciated having you as my lions partner over Saketh. Jayant, on the other hand, cannot say the same thing. I still remember our days in middle school on the scholastic bowl team, and you’ve grown a lot since then. I know college season will be stressful, but if there’s anyone who can get through it and learn and grow from it, it’s you. I wish you a wonderful SSS.

To Tristen Castillo, I wish you all the happiness in the world. You have made such an impact on me. From getting me to go to the gym, to helping me become a better person, you’ve changed me. You are gifted with the camera and I hope you go somewhere with that. Thank you for all the impromptu photoshoots you did for me. Grandson, you are one of the strongest people I know both on the outside and inside. If you ever need someone to photograph or just someone to talk to, give me a call and I’ll be there. I love you grandson.

And, last but certainly not least, to Angel Lopez and Hagen Arriaga, I will you guys each other. Angel, I know you’ll need a twin and Hagen, a sleeping buddy. I honestly don’t even know where to begin. When writing these wills, I thought long and hard about the friendship we’ve had, and I regret not talking to you guys until this year. Every struggle and every success, you guys have been there for me. Whether it be hitting a PR in the gym or beating the blazin’ challenge, you guys were there. I can’t think of how many times throughout the year I kept you guys up on a school night with my stupid stories. Senior year will be hard, but if there’s anyone who can get through it and have a good time, it’s you guys. I won’t be here, but please take care of each other. Even when I leave for college, I’ll always remember my trillizos. I love you guys.

To everyone I could not write to, I will you my best wishes. Please know I didn’t forget you, I just procrastinated these wills for way too long.

Jason Qin

To Samuel Go, I will you a great two more years at IMSA. I remember first meeting you in my Sophomore year and being very impressed with your quiz bowl geography skills. From every “Samgo daily insight” to the random after midnight talks, I couldn’t have asked for a better and more chaotic roommate throughout my time at IMSA. I still remember being extremely flabbergasted when you said you were a pseudo-super shmen, as you are one of the most mature and amazing people I know. As you traverse these last two years of your teenage life and your last two years at IMSA, know that I will always be here for you if you ever need an “upperclassmen” for advice.

To Nathaniel Huang, I will you a great senior year filled with more sleep and time (so, you can spend it on Quiz Bowl studying!). From all of the walks around campus, buff workout moments, and random quiz bowl memories, every interaction shows how much of a bright and fun soul you are to talk to. Even though I am getting more into J-pop (Yoasobi is quite nice!) and anime, I will continue making fun of you every time a Japanese question comes up on quiz bowl. I will never know my first interaction with you before IMSA (or if we even interacted before IMSA), but I am very glad to have gotten to know you throughout the years. Although the past may be a hazy memory, continue pushing forward, and making the most of the sparks of the present for the flame of the future.

To Albert Han, I will you a good brawl stars quiz bowl packet. Guess what? Even though the packet we read was not the best, every moment playing Brawl Stars with you has been a blast (ok, maybe except when we lose in the first 30 seconds). You are such a positive light, and I hope you will continue to be yourself as you traverse the last year at IMSA. Even though I make fun of you for always wearing shorts, saying “Guess what?” and tapping me on the wrong shoulder, your NPC behavior always brings a smile to my face. Thank you also for all of the Exploding Kittens and Unstable Unicorn moments, I will never forgive you for the infinite Nays and Yays. I wish you the best of luck in your senior year (and more big brain math classes with Dr. Fogel), but don’t forget to pause and look at the world around you.

To Vignesh Tiruvannamalai, I will you one free “set off the stop alarm” pass. From all of the random things that have happened in your interactions (30+ stop alarms, burning two cookies, milk shenanigans, Sam and RC Ethan boot situation, and somehow always causing all of the chaos). I am trademarking your name as “strange situation magnet.” Still with all of this chaos, I am quite glad to have been able to have met you and gotten to know you throughout my time at IMSA. Although you come up with some of the craziest requests and are somehow still one of the most innocent students on campus, you always find a way to add exciting-ness to my day. I wish you luck with all of your big brain chem and biology grind (…no comment), and please come down to Carbondale some day after all of your IJAS stuff.

To Stephen Walsh, I will you many more fruitful years of meme making and voice impressions. I am always so scared and glad of your big brain quiz bowl skills, and I am glad to know that the future of IMSA quiz bowl and computational math is in good hands. As a wise man once said, “It’s all in the cards!” While an avid enjoyer of probability will dislike this statement, I assert that the cards are all in your hands. If Blahaj can fly, I am sure that that assertion holds by some theorem. I hope you make the most of your senior year at IMSA and enjoy the colorful landscape dotted by geese.

To Andrew Katson, I will you more reps for both fitness and math/physics. You are one of the smartest and most dedicated people I have ever met, and I’m genuinely shocked why someone would self-study category theory for fun. Thank you for being a cool “little sib” and putting up with my antics and attempts at trying to find out who “Andrew K” was at the beginning of the year. Continue grinding throughout your time at IMSA, and make the most of your experience.

To Shrikar Dulam and Jayram Palamadai, I will you to both new and improved Jayrams and Shrikars for your junior year. Of course, these new and improved versions will come with new upgrades such as: 1. Being the sole owner of the gray coat (and hopefully no new underclassmen will revoke that right). 2. Complete domination of SciOly, Math, and CS competitions. 3. More cool 3D-printed parts for the dorm (MORE TRIANGLE LIGHTS PLEASE). Just like any upgraded model of technology, the Shrikar and Jayram 2.0 will also maintain their unique personalities and already pre existing memories, such as: 1. Unorthodox Ping Pong paddle grips while still destroying everyone, 2. Big brain CS stuff (how do you take CS Seminars as Sophomores what), 3. Being super chill and humorous underclassmen who are always welcoming and humorous. In conclusion, you should invest in the Shrikar 2.0 and Jayram 2.0 because they will revolutionize the world, if not already evident by their current state.

To Nathan Kozak, I will you a bajillion more Squishmallows. I couldn’t have asked for a better CORE Co-facilitator, and I applaud you for the work you put into the module. With the deck of cards activities, wide collection of plush brought to watch over the class, the Canvas page and CS pairing project, and the digital aesthetics thank you notes at the end of the semester, you really made the class one of my most memorable experiences. Even more than LEAD, I appreciate all of the outside of LEAD interactions, from how you always say hi to me in the hallways to how you somehow always know where I am to surprise me. I hope you continue spreading the joy of LEAD to future students!

To Advayth Pashupati, I will you a billion LET’S ROLLs. Thank you for introducing me to Rebes and sending me random photos whenever I’m not paying attention. I’ve loved seeing your knowledge in Quiz Bowl, CS, and math, and I hope you continue working hard in your IMSA experience while enjoying the small moments everywhere. Please teach me how to Pandas, I will never understand how to traverse a CSV file.

To Hunter Mathews, I will you a subscription to the Bonk.io battle pass. I know this isn’t a thing, but I will make it a thing just for you. Keep bonking throughout your IMSA experience.

To Will Yuu, I will you a funny senior will pun. That’s it. You are very cool.

To Rachel Qi and Jack Shi, I will you verbs with the subjunctive tense. Ojala que tengan una buena experiencia con AMCI? While I am not confident in my Spanish abilities, I am glad to have experienced all of the chaos and confusion with you two and Profe. Ojala que you continue to share your big brain knowledge of Spanish with your underclassmen, even when you run out of Spanish classes to take. (Looking back this whole, entire will could have been written in subjunctive tense… hmm…)

To Nikhil Kodali and Josie Kim, I will you the status of Great Friend. You two are some of the most energetic and positive underclassmen I have met, and I know you both will do great things. As you grow through your time at IMSA, hopefully you will be able to pass the status of Great Friend to some of your own underclassmen.

To Fredy An and Dominik Kozbiel, I will you both 100 Neighs with Slowdown and Pandemonium and Nanny Cam. I was suddenly inspired to write this after our recent Unstable Unicorns brawl. Every card game I play with you two leads to the most infuriating but hilarious interactions. Keep being cool and bringing chaos to every D wing interaction.

To Richard Chen, Justin Sullivan, and Nikhil Kodali, I will you better shiny luck and a pidgey (since Richard doesn’t have one at the time of writing). Thank you for all of the Pokemon Go memories and joining the experimental Discord server that William and I made. I hope that you will continue the server and continue keeping Pokemon Go active at IMSA (even with the lack of Pokemon spawns).

To the Chamber Strings cello section (Annabelle Zhang, Avyay Duggirala, Soap Pehlke, Emma Lau), I will you more underclassmen cellists. It deeply saddens me to have left you all for this semester, but I am still proud of all that you have accomplished. You all are extremely talented musicians who are super fun to play with, and the Robin Hood ensemble was one of my most fond memories. “If Modern has no meaning, be the source. Pick up the cello/ strike the bow. Enjoy the sound/ rejuvenate the soul. To create, to form, compose, but kill the noise.” (Avi, are you proud of my poetry?)

To the Quiz Bowl team (Stephen, Joshua, Nathaniel, Annabelle, Manasa, Albert, Dylan, Bikrant, Fredy, Vincent, Advayth, Bryan, Shrishant, Andrew, Sydney, Mia, Sreehaas), I will you all of my fine arts knowledge and the rights to the trademark “It’s in the cards!” It has been an absolute joy to get to know all of you and see all of you grow in knowledge of your passions and specialty interests. Every buzz, every power, every neg, but also every practice, and every tournament bus ride. You are all the reason I have stayed dedicated throughout the years, so thank you for all of the memories. I hope you all continue on your path to knowledge, world domination, and annihilation of Auburn.

To ALLIES Board (Lisa Zhong, Sindhu Chalasani, Jongwoo Kim), I will you all more spherical cows and wonderful experiences with ALLIES. Lisa, I am very inspired by your dedication with the website, infographic, and reminder emails (trendsetter for ALLIES Board ☀). Sindhu, I am so glad to have had the opportunity to teach and lead the fractals program again, and I couldn’t have done it without you. Jongwoo, I’m calling you out for asking me to write a senior will when I was already writing one for you >:( I guess you’re a cool Sophomore Representative and co-developer of Focus Group. Anyway, thank you all for being such a wonderful ALLIES board to work with. Hopefully you all will continue to flourish through ALLIES and continue improving the program (past what I envisioned!).

To 1504 D-Wing, I will you all a great IMSA experience filled with many more chaotic memories. You all have made every experience so worthwhile, and I’m so glad to have met and lived with all of you. I hope you all will continue to make D wing an extremely vibrant community for future underclassmen, although I am sure you all will be amazing in any hall/wing you go to.

To everyone else, I will you all a great IMSA experience filled with memories, joys, sleep, food, and excitement. You all define IMSA. Thank you all for making these past years so amazing, from all of the waves and smiles in the hallway to the memories I deeply cherish. Continue on your journey, and explore life to its fullest. Don’t forget to maintain your wellbeing (both physically and mentally) and continue making connections with your peers. The world may continue on its narrative, but you are the writers of the future. Come find me later, when we are full of stories to be told.

Jayant Kumar

To Hagen Arriaga, I will you bountiful amounts of clothes so you don’t have to go thrifting as much.

To Angel Lopez, I will you many more funny moments to laugh at. Your laugh is the most incredible thing I’ve ever heard, and I’m sure it will keep D-Wing alive next year.

To Raphael Talusan, I will you another wheelchair. It was very fun to roll around in, and I’m sure you miss it as much as I do.

To Sree Atyam, I will you a helmet. I know how much you love riding fast on your bike, and I really want you to keep your brain safe next year so you can survive yet another unnecessarily difficult course load.

To Aditya Prashant, I will you an underclassman to do all your work in FRC. You work way too hard in robotics, and you definitely deserve a break.

To Danica Sun, I will you copious amounts of pistachios with no shells and another class like modphys to sleep in.

To Ebba Kaulas, I will you a fun robotics season. Despite everything that happened, this season turned out to be great, and I know you’ll be an awesome captain.

To Neev Patel, I will you countless people who share you love of dapping people up.

To Michael Meng, I will you more stick to gnaw on (I still don’t know if that was real food). You’ll do great next year, and I hope Ebba doesn’t force you to program the robot hours before competitions like me (I’m very sorry)!

To Ankit Walishetti, I will you a functional mouse to CAD with. I hope you get your own Ankit Walishetti in robotics next year, so you can experience the joy I experienced while teaching you mech.

Jazmyne Germo

To those that were in FTrad this year, I will you the ability to not get your ankles caught in the Tinikling sticks. Thank you for spending so much time working with us choreos (shout-out to James, Kenith, and Megan) to learn some pretty neat dance moves. And thank you for keeping the Filipino spirit alive and thriving at this school, I’m so happy to call you all part of my Kapamilya <3 Please don’t play coconut mall again though, I get flashbacks every time I hear it now T-T

To Jojo Germo, Anisha Kolambe, Amanda Barajas, and Ellen Nguyen, I will you wonderful quad bonding memories for your last school year. To my former quadmates, thank you for the late night movie watching, food sharing, and creating weird plush memories. Amanda, please keep doing art. You have a wonderful talent, and I look forward to seeing more spectacular pieces you make in the future. Anisha, thank you for all the headpats and hugs. Every pat has made my day so much better. Jojo, my wonderful sister and roommate, please, please, please remember to enjoy your senior year while it lasts. I’ll miss your random singing moments throughout the day. I may not be there with you physically, but I will always be with you in spirit (and through the spirit of George the 500-eyed cat, which, yes, you’re keeping). Please remember to get good sleep too. Last but not least, Ellen, the newest member, welcome to the quad!! Thanks for the late night vibes in our room and even for sleeping with us in ours after getting locked out from yours. I hope that never happens again asldknasdknl. Take care of each other, love y’all <3

To Laasya Nagumalli, I will you all the bunnies in the world. Please don’t ever stop sharing your appreciation for them. Everyone in the entire world needs to know about bunnies. Tell Penny I love her and I always will <3

To Carolyn Zhang, I will you an exciting next two years at IMSA. I’m incredibly proud of you for getting through your first year here, and I wish for more wonderful opportunities to come your way in the future. I’m honored to be your big sib, the memories we’ve made this year will be cherished forever. I look forward to seeing what you accomplish these next few years, I know you’ll do amazing !!

To the flutes in the wind ensemble, I will you extremely funky flute tunes. Even though I’ve only been an ensemble piece, y’all get to play is just as strange as the Phoenix piece (I still have no idea how to flutter tongue T-T) and that when you perform onstage it doesn’t start randomly raining on your instruments lol.

To all of 1502, I will you more wonderful memories that all of you will cherish even after IMSA. As a resident of present for a semester, it’s been quite an enjoyable experience getting to finally be a part of the group. I hope the next this hall for all three years, I’ve seen this community thrive in so many different ways, how our community has grown even through difficult times, and how we’ve come together to celebrate our hall. I’ll miss the Wing Wars, the Clash prep, the late night studying, programming, and so many more memories I’ve made with y’all. I hope you keep our amazing 02 spirit alive. Continue to shine bright, because you’re all 02’s greatest stars <33

Jeff Duan

To Bikrant Bhattacharyya, I will you the best of luck in your next year, but I doubt you’ll need it. You are so incredibly hard working and dedicated to your interests, and I hope you continue being an inspiration to everyone around you (you definitely were for our Lin. Alg table especially when you told us all the answers but maybe not as much when you whiff Greninja dragdown followups against my little Mac until 4 AM 😑) I am so grateful that the guy I thought was a senior named Vikram in my first day of Junior year ended up being an important part of the lives of me and my friends :D

To Fredy An, I will you -OOOAHH? *vine boom noise* *crash* widepeeopsadge *chews on your cheek for 2 long minutes*- the most banger bits and deranged facial expressions. I am super glad to be able to return to my wing and laugh at your jokes, but more than that, I do also appreciate the insights that you give me (I will make sure to do fine just for you fr). I could not have chosen a better person to kabedown for me 🤩

To Dominik Kozbiel, I will you better ability to Jair so you take a competitive set off Mr. Bravo himself. I also will you dope af sophomores (I’m sure you will teach them all of your wise lessons, such as how to break every rule at IMSA) who will do insanely stupid things with you like adamantly refuse to drink water after eating hot chip and filming a video of them throwing up (who would do that? That’s crazy). You’re the OG day 1 junior. Don’t stop driving me to Fox Valley!!

To Madhav Hota, I will you a brand new Hatsune Miku blanket. I hope you know it was your fault I had to experience severe indigestion in 04 talent shows!! Jk (jk means just kidding, if you didn’t know)

To Justina Kostiv, I will you a Christmas present (I might give it to you a couple years late) and cracked oncology things (uhh idk what an oncology is ngl but make sure you get your SIR!!). (I grouped you with D-wing bc you’re one of the bros) I will miss our sporadic monthly walks where we spill random tea about our lives, but dw I’m sure I can fly back every month or something!! You are one headstrong little guy (very little, you are like 15). You’ll for sure kill it senior year.

To Steven Espinoza, I will you another set of 500 pushups (you will be jacked by the next time you talk to-). Thanks for being the person who saved me from Madhav’s food poisoning in the talent show (tysm for the milk), but also just for being a hype individual in general.

To Michael Capriotti, I will you the most banger #1 drill in 04 history fr the water drops will go hard.

To Tristen Castillo, I will you 5100 pounds of lean muscle (idek what this is ngl) and the song with the saddest bars ever composed in the whole world so that you can set it as your Instagram status :D (maybe look into blues or smth idk). Thanks for the extra cheesy mac and cheese and the suspiciously sugary protein shakes (bulk era fr).

To Malcolm Wilson-Ahlstrom, I will you a pen and paper so you can write an autobiography about yourself because you are somehow the most interesting person ever. The lore is crazy. Keep being cool!!

To Danica Sun, I will you hot, sexy college app essays (how to get into Caltech in 5 easy steps) (not clickbait).

To Diya Kamath, I will you the positivity (that you always give to people) to survive senior year!

To Ellen Nguyen, I will you a personal Felix soundboard that will go miiii me ma mo muu for you to sleep, study, and relax to!! This is your reward for having good opinions (Stray Kids > fr) make sure you do not ingest any garden plants next year!!

To Jerrick and Raph, I will you a smooth journey being the new emperor dictators of ASIA. Jerrick, I hope you don’t give Ryan too much trouble with BFriend makeups!! (But, also, thank you for the work you put in.) Raph, Nochebuena will go hard (also try not to dislocate your knee this time!!).

To Zuyu Liu, Anna Yang, and Lily Zhang, I will you several hype years on the ASIA board. Feel free to throw a coup d’etat and overthrow Jerrick and Raph if their dictatorship is too malicious (Zuyu, your body rolls are pretty good) (Anna, your events will pop off) (Lily, don’t die from being in every club in the world).

To Ryan Li, I will you my position as BFriend choreo. Your presence in practice always cheered up not only myself, but the rest of the dancers as well. You are one of the most infectiously energetic people I’ve met and there’s nobody more deserving of the position than you :D

To Aruuke Ulanbek, I will you (hold on, I am writing this right next to you on April 1st as I speak!!) (I am on a bit of a time crunch) (please do not turn your head slightly to the left) 500 million dollars and a yacht so you can sail over (on land I guess) and visit me!! That way we can dance more, laugh to stupid jokes more, lose our sanity on late night calls over homework more, go on hours’ worth of walks more, maybe even rot and watch deranged YouTube content more! (We do this disturbingly frequently.) Before this year, I never thought that this emo 5’10” raunchy glob would make its way into the life of THE BFriend choreo 🙄 but the moment we first talked and you sent me that stupid birthday video, I knew we would get along great. Beyond that, to my best friend and favorite person, I hope that your next year can be as good as you made mine :)

Jesse Park

To Faizaan Shaikh, I will you the best male dancer on campus. From Modern to B-Friend to Boys Dance, you have always been my dancing buddy. I hope you continue to choreo and lead 05 Drill to 1st in Clash. Maybe even Modern choreo???

To Zuyu Liu, I will you real, unequivocal rizz. However, don’t forget to take time out for yourself and keep hitting those body rolls.

To Adi Prashanth, I will you the best singer at Allstate next year. I still remember that crazy conversation at night with you and Nathan. It was definitely one of the most memorable moments at Allstate.

To Rithik Thekiniath, I will you great sushi that is worthy of a ____ boy. I would talk about our Allstate experiences, but some events are best not publicized. Plus, you already know.

To Anirudh Chari, I will you the biggest gains and plenty of sleep. If you ever get tired of CS, you can always model.

To Divya Brahmbhatt, I will you the most qualified Boys Dance dancer. You always knew how to do all of the dances exactly from the movies or choreo vids, and I enjoyed the positive vibes.

To Arjun Cherukuri, I will you an unending bulk. I swear I saw you hit the gym twice and then you were just suddenly buff. It was fun struggling together in Adchem, and best of luck for the future.

To Claire O’brien-Dull, I will you all of the trumpet solos in Wind Ensemble. When in doubt, keep spitting them sounds.

To Annika Johnson, I will you more instruments for you to be insanely talented with. Keep being goated with musical ability.

To Ashwin Nair, I will you some classic Hollywood movies to watch so you won’t be so lost in trumpet sectionals.

To Vincent You, I will you many more opportunities to show off your sax skills, although no more gym. For real, you’re getting too jacked.

To Jay Gonzalez, I will you the planche by the end of senior year. Although you’ll probably get it sooner.

To Raymond Schumacher, I will you much more success in soccer, tennis, and whatever other sport you’re somehow naturally gifted at.

To Garrett Snedden, I will you lots of musical success. Whether it’s playing trombone or zombie dancing, you always put 100% into Wind Ensemble, which is something I appreciate. I also wish you luck with ISoMP, as you always put a lot of effort into the club.

To Kohl Vonder Haar, I will you the God of Chemistry. I appreciate all of your help in Adchem and hope that your senior year goes as planned.

To Josh Solone, I will you all the calisthenics gains and scholarships possible. I enjoyed our interactions in Adchem, but Movement and Relaxation was by far my favorite. I’m never going to forget all of the sus moves we did, especially the dead bug.

To David Biruduganti, I will you the nicest person on campus. In all the time that I’ve known you, you always put hard work into everything you do, whether that be Engineering or your SIR. I have also never seen you say anything mean, and you show compassion to everyone. Honestly, you’re a role model that many could stand to look up to. The world would be a better place if everyone had your work ethic and strong moral compass.

To Angel, Sree, Hagen, Raph (05D upquad), I will you guys the most fun quad. Individually, you are all fun to hang out with, but when all of you are together, that energy is tripled and makes for some of the most entertaining moments in D-wing.

To Wing Chen, I will you infinite energy. I aspire to have your levels of enthusiasm. I’m sorry we couldn’t get you into 05 Drill this year, but I know you’ll kill it next year. Keep having fun with everything.

Julius Wardlow

To Candy1and, I will you the dopamine that comes with getting the Clash twopete. Long Live Juliyoyo.

To D-Wing, I will you and all future members prosperity and the responsibility of upholding the standards of “D-Wing Best Wing”.

To the IMSA soccer team, I will you two record breaking seasons with two conference championships and one conference tournament cup. May you and all future team members do their best to continue on the legacy.

To Justina, I will you the famed pink Rick and Morty sweater. It has loyally served me for two years, and I see no person better to leave it with to make sure it has a long prosperous life. I will you the extra sanity that you’re going to need when the seniors are gone and to get through college app season. I believe in you, it’ll all be worth it.

To Kohl, I will you the strength to overcome your caffeine addiction and the extra luck you’ll need to keep a roommate next year. Even though you’re leaving D-wing, never forget where we came from. I want to see you merc college app season. Never let your stubbornness die, the grind never stops.

To Raymond, I will you the success that will come next year. Whether you stay at IMSA or not, I know you will do great things. Keep merking kids on the field. Thank you for assisting the BEST goal I have ever scored. <3

To Jay, I will you a prosperous senior year to come. Never stop the grind, I know you’re meant for big things.

To Clay, I will you my full faith in you going to Harvard like Mr. Dean Senior. Please find the willpower to stay at IMSA, as bad as it can get. I have an insane amount of respect for you, so stay out of trouble after we leave.

To Prabhav, Zhouer and Shridhar, I will you the responsibility to uphold the standards of D-Wing. You guys have been cracked sophomores this year. I know you all are going to do big things at IMSA in your next two years, and it sucks that I won’t see it. Keep up the grind. D-Wing Best Wing!

To Jeffery, I will you all the knowledge and wisdom that you’re going to need to accomplish all of the big things I know you have your mind set on. You now have the responsibility of making sure the soccer team remains respected, so get out of your head. You’re going to do big things, I know it, and I fully believe in you.

To Eliel, I will you a prosperous senior year. D-Wing wouldn’t have been the same without you. People need to hear your voice.

To Keyan, I will you the responsibility of being THAT lightskin senior next year. Uphold the respected reputation that comes with the title. Keep doing big things.

To the spirit of Jackson Rudd, I will you the strength to keep doing big things outside of IMSA. We missed you this year, but we’ll make up for it the next time we see each other.

Kaitlyn Drew

To my juniors, I will you an amazing Senior year. I am so glad to have gotten to know you guys, you guys have been such an amazing part of my IMSA career. We’ve added some new ones to the family, so I hope you take care of them as I have cared for you all. Remember to get enough sleep, to eat and to hydrate. And don’t stress yourselves out too much, you’re almost at the end! Just keep going, you’ve got each other. Senior year goes by in the blink of an eye. Cherish homecoming, the culture shows, CLASH. All of it. Don’t stress or you will miss the good things about senior year. Celebrate your wins, pay no mind to any setbacks. You’ll all do amazing. I’m always available to just chat to if you ever need it. <3

To Laasya Nagumalli, I will you so many bunnies. Like, seriously, so many bunnies you’re swimming in them! And lots of pink! You have been such a light in the dark for so many, including myself these past two years. I hope you continue to be a light, but also to take care of yourself, my child. You have taught me so many new things over these past two years that have helped me grow as a person. Try not to fret too much about things that are months away, because living in the moment and enjoying and remembering the good times is what’s most important. Make time to have fun.

To Diya Kamatha, I will you gains. Keep building those muscles, be intimidating with your gym ability. I also will you Junkook. I’ve seen so many of my children grow since last year, including you, and it makes me so happy to see you come into your own person. Doing what you love, eating ice with Powerade, not studying on breaks, and going on mall trips with friends. I am so happy, and I hope you continue this going into senior year, because it can be so stressful at first. But, you got this!

To Sriya Mudumba, I will you five Hershey’s chocolate bars for $1 each. I got you. I miss seeing you all the time now that we’re in separate wings, but every time we do get to hang out, it’s amazing. From me being a supportive mom at the mall when you were jumping on the trampoline, to us about to fight each other playing Super Mario on the wii. Keep the same energy going into Senior year.

To Sindhu Chalasani, I will you an Eras tour three-hour video. SEAMS really helped me get to know you, being your SEAMS roommate was such an amazing experience. Playing Minecraft with Steve and Ben, being minions, watching Heartstopper, and then continuing the friendship during the school year was so incredible. Fangirling over Taylor Swift, going to the mall, playing Mario with you and Sriya and pushing us off the map are all such amazing memories that I will hold on to. You are genuinely one of the nicest yet chaotic people I know. I am so glad you joined the family.

To Sophia Ait Boucherbil, I will you all the Tuxedo Sams in the world. I also will you coyote. You are so passionate about what you do and I admire it so much. Whether it be hall decs for CLASH or your clubs. You are so chaotic, you and Sindhu are such a perfect mix for each other. Your energy is so contagious and I am just happy to be around you. I hope you have an amazing Senior year.

To Johanna Germo, I will you coffee. But, not at 10 pm! Girl, you are such a hard worker ,and I honestly admire how determined you are to do everything. Clubs, extracurriculars, school work. I am so glad I got to know you because you are just so amazing to be around. I hope you have an amazing Senior year, and remember to make time to just have fun. To enjoy the moment. Because memories are what you will reflect upon when it comes to IMSA, and they should be filled with friends and fun.

To Ellen Nguyen , I will you everything Percy Jackson. You memorized page numbers based on what happens, you’re insane—in a good way! You are such an amazing person, and I am so incredibly glad we connected last year. Despite my love for you, defund CAB. But seriously, keep being amazing and doing what makes you happy. Make memories, make friends. Don’t stress too much, senior year goes by fast, make the most of it.

To Komal Chivukala, I will you sleep. Please sleep. But, in all seriousness, I hope you have a good senior year. I know we haven’t talked a lot but you are one of my juniors, and I care about you. Keep making memories and having fun.

To Anisha Kol, I will you three arms to give more head pats. I never understood the appeal of head pats until you patted my head. THEY ARE SO WONDERFUL! We haven’t talked much but you are so amazing and such a good influence on people. You make people around you so happy, so I hope you surround yourself with those who do the same for you.

To Winston Mattson, I will you less stress. You are an amazing Tech director and I hope you continue to help the drama club thrive. Educate a new generation of techies on the fun and wonders of being a grip.

To Ava Gonzalez, I will you an amazing golf season. You’re gonna be the senior now! Have fun and enjoy it. The golf team was an escape for me, and I hope it is for you too.

To Nelly Pinon, I will you a chopstick that wasn’t under the wing fridge. Girl, seriously, get yourself a new set after that. I am so happy to have been in your wing this year because you are just so funny to be around. I am also so glad that one of my juniors has adopted you, because having an upperclassman connection is so important and can be such an amazing thing to have. I hope you have an amazing IMSA career, and I’m always here to give advice.

Karina Byers

To da hot squad of friendship, I will you good health and a continued strong friendship, and definitely message me if you need anything. Jojo, thanks for always laughing with me, you are one of the most hardworking and talented people I know, I hope you make many memories at IMSA. Take care of yourself and focus on what brings you happiness and joy. To Ellen N., you are such an amazing person, you are fun to be around and so caring, and I hope you continue to be a leader in any community you are in (also, I will you many future vtrads to come). To Sriya, you have such a kind and genuine personality, I hope you continue to choreo, and I know you are destined for success in anything you do. Amanda, you are so sweet and talented, I hope you continue to work on art and grow your already amazing skill set. I can’t wait to see what you can do in the future, and you should be proud of what you have already accomplished. To Laasya, first, bunnies, also you are such a knowledgeable person and I hope you recognize what a positive impact you have had. I hope you continue to lead in diversity, equity, and inclusion, and I know you are ready for whatever the world throws at you, you are a bunny. Anisha, you are so kind and caring, there is so much positive to say about you and not enough words, your head pats are impeccable and I will miss you dearly. To Diya, you are so hardworking and engaged, I know great things are coming your way in the future, and you will make them happen for you. Ellen G., it was such a joy to have met you, you are so great to be around and your energy is contagious. Iris, our conversation always mean so much to me, you are so easy to talk to. You have such good intentions and are such a genuine person. I hope you continue to make a difference and continue to have fun at IMSA and be involved in what you love. Sindhu, you are amazing. Thanks for letting me throw you in a basket toss, thanks for being a good patho partner, and you are so considerate and caring. Sophia, you have such a passion and intention in all that you do. You are such a great thinker and have such good ideas. From being an RSL to Spectrum, you have such great potential, and I hope you continue to work hard, and be the change you wish to see in the world. To all of you, make the most of your time at IMSA, and although it may be hard, keep a positive attitude and remember the good times :)

To Nelly Piñon, I will you sleep and food (ramen, specifically). You are so sweet and funny. I know you are capable of many things, and I can’t wait to see what your future holds. I hope you take care of yourself, because the rest of IMSA will be difficult if you don’t prioritize your health. You are so fun to be around, and you can always ask me for anything and I will do my best to help. I will miss you, keep up your awesomeness <3

To INTON/Windex, I will you all of Weehawken. Ah, tech director Winston (you get the w and s for this lol), you are such an awesome person, and have had such an impact on so many people, especially in theater. The walks around access are always epic. Keep working hard and leading in theater and ISP. I hope you keep your positive attitude, and make sure to take care of yourself.

To Anjali Samal, I will you so much more dance. I am so happy to have met you. You are such a great dance partner with a unique perspective and do many good ideas.

To Catherine Fields Halva, I will you so many more L-room arrangements. You are such a positive and funny person. I hope you continue doing what you love. I will miss you so much. Please message me if you need anything. Keep being amazing.

To Justina Kostiv, I will you all the rizz in the world (not that you need it, lol). Justina, you are so funny, goofy, and such a fun person to be around. You care so much about others and have such a kind soul. You are a great leader, person, and friend. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to be perfect at everything. There will be highs and lows, but you can handle it. I will miss you.

To drama club, I will you to break a leg. Drama club has helped me really find my place at IMSA, and I am so grateful to have found and been a part of this club from the beginning. From tech to cameos to parts in the play, I love being a part of the drama community. Thank you all <3

To 02A wing, I will you to take care of yourself and continue to work hard, and to find the balance between those. Thanks for being an awesome wing.

To SDAC, I will you many more successful world of SDACs and workshops. Omg, I loved being a part of SDAC. Every dance is epic, and you all are so cool. Please keep dancing and leading through dance.

To the 02 RSL team, I will you continued leadership. I hope you all continue to be a safe space for the residents of 02 or the other halls you end up in. You truly have made in impact, and many people will remember you and be grateful for the work you put into making the residential halls a better place <3

To all IMSA juniors, I will you energy, time management, and self care. You are more than halfway through IMSA. I know there have been challenges, and I hope you ask for help and find ways to overcome them. Through the challenges, continue to make memories with people who you care about and who care about you.

To all IMSA sophomores, I will you to find what habits/studying methods/extracurriculars work for you and you enjoy. You’ve gotten your first look at IMSA. Ask for help when you need it, and I hope you all find your place.

Kelly Cruz

To Abigail Botello, I will you the strength to continue being the absolute powerhouse that you are. I told you this once before, but anything worth saying once is worth saying twice—you genuinely are one of the most hard working and dedicated people I know. When I need to pull an all-nighter, I remember how I would glance over to your room and see you still at your desk, head ducked, working away at your assignments. Being your neighbor in junior year was a godsend. I am beyond happy to have been in French with you, danced in Bachata with you, and did the summer pharmacy program with you. Beyond your academic prowess, you fr fr glowed up this year. I swear, each time I see you, you’re glowing. You’ll be an absolute beast in senior year 💪

To David Dickson, I will you a good night’s sleep. You are an absolute powerhouse, a unit, a god. I wish you the very best. You are one of the most ambitious people I have ever met. Haven’t the slightest clue how you manage so many commitments, but somehow you always look to be on top of it all. I wish you all the best in senior year, and please, remember that it’s okay to ask for help. It’s alright if you don’t take on every task in the world. (Make sure to reach out for M4M or Acronym help if need be, I don’t bite.)

To Sar’aiyah, I will you matching super, duper ultra blinged out bracelets that say “BESTIES FOREVER” so everyone else can be jealous of our epic friendship. You have great tenacity, and I wish you the best in your pursuit of becoming a sports doctor!
To Sree, I will you rizz. Although, this is revoked if you do shave your head bald. You are one of the most hardworking people I know, but try not to be so hard on yourself. You’re legit your number one op.

To Dhaatri Maviti, I will you patience (from our discussions at BC3, the other juniors seem like a handful). You are incredibly smart, when you manage to glance up from your phone, so please try to pay attention more in class instead of buying shoes or studying for other classes 😭 Anyways, you’ll do great in senior year, and I wish you the best of luck with your club!

To Chiamaka and Kosi, I will you each a yellow minion. You both have impressed me immensely with your leadership skills. Undoubtedly, you will go on to lead M4M to a successful future. Beyond M4M, I know you will go on to achieve a multitude of accomplishments. Keep up the great work!

To Ketzaly and Jaden, I will you to keep your vitality. I swear each time I see you two, you’re fighting—it’s like reality tv. Please continue to keep your energy. Senior year can be tough, but I’m confident you both will prevail!

To Maddie, I will you to keep your strength! Throughout my time in The Acronym, you have always been dependable. Thank you for being responsible and never giving me a headache. You have the makings of a great leader. I’m excited to see what you and David accomplish with The Acronym. (Don’t be afraid to reach out in the future if you need help!)

To Jose, I will you to stay motivated. I wish I could’ve gotten to know you sooner and have gotten to talk to you more. But, I was so genuinely surprised when I found out you were a sophomore and had so many aspirations! I wish you the best with pride rock!

To the Puffs cast, I will you the best ever shows in the future. It was a stupendous time with you all. For my first play ever, I can’t possibly imagine it having gone better. Thank you all for this experience!

To anyone reading this, I will you perseverance. IMSA sucks sometimes but it’s got its good parts—try to focus on that. You got this!

Kenith Taukolo

To Zuyu Liu, I will you a prom date (although I’m not entirely sure if this is possible haha). Your positivity is quite amusing and uplifting, and I am certain that someone will also see this trait in you. The numerous antics you’ve pulled, (i.e. Tanisha Paul dancing, debating in jeans) make you very interesting to talk to and interact with, and if you don’t find a date for this year’s prom, I’m sure you will have someone senior year. And, speaking of congress…

To IMSA Congress, I will you more carbon tax research. Being your captain the last two years has been the best experience of my life, and I truly will cherish my time at IMSA Congress for years to come. But, since research is clearly not our strong suit, I hope, for the future of Congress’s sake, that we find more contentions for carbon tax bills.

To Charles Conner, I will you more time in the band practice rooms. You are actually one of the most talented people I’ve met. Between you solving Rubix cubes within one minute to solving complex math problems, I can see that whatever you put your mind to, you are successful. I really believe that you can be an amazing drummer if you try, so perhaps consider utilizing your time to be in the practice rooms.

To Avi Duggirala, I will you a new SIR bus buddy. One of the highlights of my Wednesdays is that I can talk to you about all the latest tea in Congress and A-wing. I’m sure you’ll have many other options to talk to, but that thirty minute conversation before I inevitably fell asleep was one of my favorite times of the week.

To Aldo Magana, I will you someone new to play chicken with (I’ll win one day, trust). But, in all seriousness, you were one of the people in A-wing I really enjoyed interacting with last year, and I am so glad you decided to stay this year as well. Please keep A-wing’s spirit up next year when I’m gone! Just make sure if you do decide to play chicken with someone, it’s not a sophomore, lol.

To Jack Shi, Nikhil Kodali, and Jongwoo Kim, I will you all 6s on your Congress speeches! You three were some of the shining sophomores on Congress this year, and I really hope you continue your involvement in debate next year as well. For Jack and Nikhil, please do not scare off the sophomores, we need them on the team. And, for Jongwoo, speak up more! I really appreciate your input when you give it. I know you three will do amazing things in life, you got this!

To the rest of 03 A-wing, especially Pedro Castrejon, Tommy Blough, Joey Urbin, Brandon Rogers, George Lu, Marcus Kubon, Anthony Marquez, and more, I will you the A-Wing constitution. The sacred nature of the A-wing way of life must not end with the seniors, but I have full confidence that everyone here will do just that. I loved A-wing’s nonchalant culture and everyone’s ability to befriend everyone else, and I hope that our wing culture stays untouched going forward.

To Joey Paras, I will you the Ftrad choreography. I really believe that you have it in you to choreograph Ftrad next year, and your awesome dips and willingness to try new things will make you an amazing choreographer. Megan and I have full confidence in you for next year, and you (along with the rest of the Filipinos on campus) must uphold Ftrad’s legacy.

To Tate Schneider and Ryan Li, I will you the hot gossip. Not saying you need the hot gossip, considering that you probably know all the tea on campus anyway, but I really enjoyed our tea conversations this year, and I hope you’ll find someone just as willing to enjoy some gossip as the 03 people this year.

To Raghav Sinha and Josh Solone, I will you fun underclassmen to bully. I swear even though I’m technically your upperclassman, I’ve been more bullied by you guys than I’ve bullied y’all. For next year, I hope that you find some underclassmen to bully as seniors; I think you’d really enjoy that.

To Josie Kim, Kaella Moraga, and Kaylee Hwang, I will you guys a strong bond. I never told you this, but I think the three of you will someday rule this campus, so please continue staying friends because I don’t think IMSA is ready for y’all. I think this trio is here to stay (stay powerful guys!).

To the future IMSAMUN presidents Sabriya Attia and Winston Mattson, and the rest of IMSAMUN (y’all know who you are), I will you more funding from Mr. Moment. From staying up late together finishing research to singing hype songs on the bus, I think Model UN has been one of my most enjoyable extracurricular experiences. I just hope that Mr. Moment does not cancel us before that happens.

To Vikram Rao, I will you a new tie. I’m sorry, but the skinny black tie does not really work for you. I think that an actual colored tie might work better. But, barring the tie, I wish you the best in both debate and school. Even though you compete in the worst debate format, I’m confident that you and Aashima can come back from it. Plus, pink mask guy will be gone next year, so I think your chances will definitely increase. Stay humble, bro.

To the IMSA FBLA presidents, Avi Duggirala and Nitya Jakka, as well as the rest of IMSA FBLA, I will you a more organized CNA. I have full confidence in y’all’s ability to better organize our chapter and the other localized schools to have a successful conference. We might be pushed down, but IMSA FBLA will fight and live to see another day.

To Aashima Singh Sisodia, I will you no more Fogel classes. I swear you’re one of the most hardworking students I’ve met at this school, considering you’ve taken and somewhat enjoyed Dr. Fogel’s math classes. For your senior year, I am begging you to chill out on these classes and have fun! I think you might need a break from these hard math classes, and you totally deserve it.

To the future 1503 Talent Show Heads, I will you my, Elaina Xiao, and 03’s 1st place trophy! Organizing the talent show for clash this year is one of the top moments of my entire IMSA experience, and I have high hopes for next year! But, in all honesty, just make sure the talent show is funny and entertaining, and you’ll be just fine.

To Carissa Chen and Manu Mamillapalli, I will you a better camera to film your vlogs. Your Congress vlogs are one of the highlights of tournaments, but perhaps if you didn’t use Manu’s crusty phone it would work better (haha jk). Please continue vlogging and Messenger me the videos. I find them very entertaining, and I want to hear all about your tournaments and results!

To Anjali Ali, I will you a new debate crush. Perhaps it was not in the cards for either of us to get with Representative Prasad, but I have faith that you’ll find another next year. Your debate rizz is too strong, and I’m sure another tall guy will come running your way. Honestly, check out Representative Boddupalli, he’s quite good at debate (haha, totally not a joke, haha).

To the future IMSA Red Cross Board (Shivani Chirumamilla, Diya Kamath, Andrew Wong, Kaella Moraga, Aashi Dharia, and Aarna Patel), I will you more blood drive donors. I know it’s been frustrating sometimes to see the absence of sign-ups after 5pm, but I have complete faith in this amazing board that you will be successful in whatever new blood drives or food drives you plan to do.

And finally, to David Dickson, I will you a working crystal. Not saying you don’t already have one or that you need one, but sometimes I do quite worry for you and your well-being, especially when you’re stressed. Wherever I end up, however, I know that you’ll be okay because of the fact I’ve willed out a working crystal. From eating lunch together at SIR to spilling tea during Tea Time Tuesday and so much more, you have been one of my best friends this past year. I just know that you will rule the world someday, and I’ll be so happy to stand back and watch in awe. Have a great senior year, David!

To all else that I may have missed, I will you an amazing IMSA experience. We only have one life, truthfully. Make the most of it.

Kennedy Bray

To Sree, I will you better rizz, because although you have accidental rizz, it definitely needs an improvement. Sree, you are genuinely one of my favorite underclassman, and I love our talks. Having math with you last year was so fun, and I love all the times I did you dirty on camera! Spanish was also fun with you because even in another language, you were funny. Our friendship was one of the most unexpected ones, but I’m happy that it happened. You are really good at math, and I will never forget how you carried me through some units, so I’m eternally grateful. Our talks, whether it be in person or on the phone, are some of the best conversations ever. I hope that you continue to be so successful and a math genius in the future because you definitely deserve it. I know that your rizz will improve too but that might take longer. Have a great senior year!!

To Zuyu, I will you the future of Medical Society. You have really stepped up this year. As the new leader, you will have the opportunity to shape the direction and vision of the club, and you have already done an amazing job at that! I know that you’ll continue to inspire your peers to explore the world of medicine. With your passion and dedication, you’ll create a supportive community for aspiring medical professionals, organizing events, workshops, and guest lectures that enrich your members’ understanding of the field. I also will you the power of better rizz. Your rizz at HOSA could’ve been better, so I hope that next year when you qualify, you’ll rizz all the girls up!

To Ava, I will you the future of Key Club. Ava, you are such a hard worker, and you are always making sure that Key Club is in the best shape it can be. I am so proud of you for getting LTG! You deserve it so much, and I’m happy that IMSA key club has had you realize your passions. I know that next year’s Key Club will be even better than this year’s and you’ll come up with so many cool events. You will always be my LTG <3

To Anjali, I will you the ability to be a better dancer! I am so happy that I met you during Clash because (not to boost your ego or anything) you are one of the funniest people I know. I love the way we bicker back and forth and just end up laughing at the end. I know that you are not the “smoothest criminal,” but you’re really cool, and I love your personality. I also will you the power to find your Airpods. I know that it probably is somewhere around IMSA and you can find it. I hope that your junior year is amazing and you continue to be great!

To Ellen, I will you to keep being amazing and finding people who you click with. I’m so happy that we met and started talking because you are so nice and kind! I love when we joke about my pinky (third times the charm, I swear) and how it will never recover. I promise I will not drop my phone on it again! But seriously, I love your jokes, and you never fail to make me laugh. I am also happy that we were able to do the talent show together! Your acro tricks were incredible and were enhanced by Manasa’s fall. I also am so happy to see your enthusiasm about Step! You are such a quick learner and I hope that you continue to enjoy step and participate in the culture show. Finally, I hope that your junior and senior years are going to be amazing! You deserve a great year filled with amazing people, and I know that you will have that <3

To Nethra, I will you to be an amazing big sib just like the amazing little sib you were! I am so happy that we have gotten to bond over volleyball and LPDC! There’s no one else that I would rather cut pizza into tiny fractions with! Your energy is so infectious and I love your laugh! Whenever there is a funny situation, I know that I can look at you and always see a smile on your face. I also will you LPDC. I know that you will do amazing things with the club and continue to help people speak Spanish and practice for NSE. I also hope you have a non-stressful senior year and enjoy your last year at IMSA!

To Aru, I will you to keep being the amazing dancer and person you are! I love all of our late night talks in A-wing down quad and just vibing. I especially love our Beyonce Tiktoks that will never make it out of my drafts because of how embarrassingly funny they are! You are such a kind person, and I hope that you always continue to spread that kindness. I hope that you continue to dance because your dancing is infectious, lol. I know you will crush senior year with your work ethic and early sleep schedule and wish you all the best <3

Kevin Huang

To Aadi Desai, I will you an angelic voice to sing all the Juice World you want. I also will you two phone chargers so you no longer have to use the super long charger. I truly enjoyed your presence in the wing and in Machine Learning. With your jokes, it is impossible to not laugh.

To Michael Capriotti, I will you the ability to bench 225 next year. Seeing how much you and Matthew have been working, I know you’ll both be insanely jacked next year. That said, I hope you hit 300-yard drives next year from all those gains.

To Freddy I will you a better griddy. Aside from enjoying your griddy-natu combo, I hope you will find someone else to call goofy and punch. Also, I hope one day someone will want to buy that ten-thousand-dollar chocolate horse.

To Bikrant I will you more hackathons to result in more 2 am moments. Although I could not keep up with some of your quantum computing lectures, I really felt the passion in your words, and I hope you will continue to blow minds out of this world.

To Ishan Buyyanpragada, I will you a relaxing senior year. Thank you for carrying your fellow seniors in E&M, it was truly a blessing to have a junior like you at our table. Next year I hope you can take our place in enjoying and appreciating the presence of juniors in a class.

To Collin Chen, I will you a larger dream journal. I hope you continue recording your dreams from every night, as they are best-selling novel worthy. One day, I hope to see you direct one of those dreams into a Hollywood film.

To Anirudh, I will you a great year of Code Society next year. I hope you can continue to break stereotypes that CS people can’t have built physiques. I really wish I could’ve got to know you better outside of Code Society, and I felt like if we hung out a little more and we could have clicked.

To Kavin, I will you access to watch all the movies and shows you want. Your taste in movies is amazing. Thank you for bringing the curious sophomore energy into our wing. Sometimes the questions you asked made me reflect on my sophomore year and the amazing growth we all experience in our three years at imsa.

Kevin Johnson

To Kosi Okeke, I will you peace. Kosi, you are such an interesting person. Your character is out of this world. I’ll never forget your constant rants on Snapchat and in-person on how people try you everyday. Whether it’s teachers or students, I hope that you are able to get away from that next year, and that your rants become less ranting but more of how you had a good day at school. There’s no junior I know that’s more ready to graduate than you, and I want you to know it is coming. Savor your senior year, and do all the things you said you wouldn’t. Don’t be in such a rush to graduate, because before you know, you’ll be writing your goodbye wills to your underclassmen. You are such a kind and funny person, I pray that you lead the new incoming sophomores in the direction necessary to pass on the torches. You will be missed, but if you ever need anything I’m just a phone call away.

To Jesrein Ayeyi, I will you forgiveness and a burning fire of creativity. You are my artist, both on paper and in real life. Your lifestyle kinda gives that. From your designs to how you do your hair, you embody an artist. You’re creative with the way you lay out your jokes and where you choose to part. Even your laugh is creative. You’re an absolutely amazing and very real person who doesn’t take anything from anyone. Now, as amazing as this is, I hope you don’t go out to break hearts and souls left to right. You are just as nice as you can be mean, which is one of my favorite things about you. Forgiveness is essential. I know this is crazy coming from me, but I hope that if and when someone wrongs you, you will be able to forgive them.

To Raven McKelvin, I will you perseverance and continued laughs. Raven, you are without a doubt one of the best people I have ever met. You are funny, intelligent, strong, and ambitious. You have a tendency to affect and influence others around you to want to do better. I know that you are and will be a beacon for change. We can all already see your influence. You’ve had your struggles, and unfortunately, there will always be more to come, but I’m willing you perseverance so you never give up. I might’ve mentioned that you’re funny too, and you are. Whether it’s your daily shenanigans or your extremely readable facial expressions, you always know how to light up a room. Take this with you throughout your life, it will serve you right. And, if you ever need someone to talk to or advice, I’m always a phone call away.

To Donovan Morrow, I will you an alarm! Donovan, your constant lateness is UNACCEPTABLE. Think, would Ice Spice be late? Probably not to that dye appointment. So,you shouldn’t either! The party won’t be lit if you don’t go! I also will you a freestyling mind and Modern. Hands down, you’ll be the best dancer on campus, and as you trailblaze next year choreographing Modern after Modern, I hope it becomes easier to release your creativity. You’ll only be the best if you try. Meaning, don’t drop the dances you signed up for. You’re really funny, and I hope you’ll allow other people to see that in the near future.

To Srihari Gurugubelli, I will you a day without work. Srihari, you’re probably the most hardworking person I know, and I’m sure all your hard work will pay off. Every time I come into your room, you’re working, and I asked you about it, and you said you didn’t mind it. But, I wonder what you would do if you truly had a day off because you truly deserve it. One day I’ll see you in the news for some crazy algorithm you made, but until then, keep eating, little man.

To Jerrick Li, I will you common sense and compassion. Jerrick, having met you was something I’ll always regret, but I guess I didn’t have a choice, as you basically barged into my room at the beginning of the year. Over the course of the year, I’ve seent you have a lot of ups and downs. You can go from being the most liked to the most hated very quickly, and I don’t need to wonder why… As you rise to new leadership positions in the coming year, I hope you become more intune with compassion. Compassion is one of the many skills that make a leader. How could you LEAD without it, Mr. Li? Common sense is also a necessity, for you and your roommate. I hope you think about the things you will say before they come out of your mouth. Please don’t let it get you in trouble. And yes, you are also weird. Things may get hard, and if you need me, you know my phone number. Well… until the Asian Zing is gone, I might miss you 李嘉鹏。

To Angel Lopez, I will you an immovable bang and all the laughs to keep. Angel, you’re quite an interesting character! Your humor is unique, and I’ve never met someone quite like you. I think it’s your uneven bang that makes you fun to be around or your ear-piercing laugh. Either way, your unique character makes you a gem, I hope everyone you encounter can see this too.
To Hagen Arriaga, I will you many random moments in your future. Life is too short to be so serious all the time, and you embody this by bringing a sometimes refreshing sense of randomness with your humor. One of the things I love most about you is that no one can guess what you’ll do next, as you’re quite unpredictable. You are far from normal, but that’s okay! If everyone were normal the world would be boring, and it’s people like you that make life much more interesting. I hope you take your randomness with you in the future and keep it for as long as possible. Your differentness makes your character amazing. Normal is boring. #benormalchallenge

To 05 C Wing, I will you a better reputation. I will never forget when my ice cream was eaten not once, but twice. The backflip practices in the wing commons after check were always something to see as I watched Fazi fall everytime. But, you know what, once you fall, you’ll get back up. In no time will he be able to do a backflip. To the downstairs quad, thanks for doing my WebWork. Overall, thank you for being a wing I didn’t hate. All of you owe me ice cream, it could be my graduation gift!

To Haoran Shi, I will you a closet of different hats to choose from. You are one of the sweetest people I’ve met this year, and you’re always willing to give someone a hug. I’m glad I got to know you and talk to you. From what I know about you, you’re never too far away from your hat. As you keep your hat close, I hope you keep your friends close too. In the coming year, I imagine you having even more friends. I’ll miss you, Haoran!

To Raphael Talusan, I will you tolerance. Raphyyy. I don’t even remember how we became friends, but I’m glad we did. I thank you for your help with my calculus when I didn’t pay attention in class. I didn’t end up getting the best grade on that assignment, but that’s okay. As stubborn as you are, you’re an okay person. I’ll miss coming into your room and bothering you, and you trying to kick me every chance you get. In the coming year, I hope that you lead with passion and kindness. I hope you continue dancing too, your class might need you.

To Sreevarden Atyam , I will you an unbreakable rice cooker. Sree, you are completely untamed and not in a good way. You are by far one of the weirdest individuals I’ve met on campus and not in a good way. I mean, you say insane things and complain all the time. Maybe your complaining will get you somewhere. Though I say these things, you’re actually not that bad. Good enough for me to bother you nearly every night. I thank you for your service to my stomach. Usually when I ask people for food they don’t have any, but you’ve always come in clutch. I won’t ever ask you for help in math, but I will ask you for more food. I’ll miss you, Sree, and the phenomenon that you are. I hope one of these days she actually does want you. Well, until I’m hungry again. Bye.

To Andre, I will you a better toilet for senior year. Andre, I’m glad I got to know you this year. I remember last year, I thought you were weird, and I was right! But always being normal is boring! You’re weird for eating my ice cream, and you’re weird for lying about it. But you’re also kinda cool for letting me use your refrigerator as my second fridge and letting me stay in your room for far too long. As far as I know, this year has been a lot of ups and downs for you, whether it’s your toilet flooding or your math test. I hope that changes in the coming year, and that the next school year brings you prosperity all around. Despite what others say, you’re a nice person, and you don’t deserve hate. The impact you will bring to others will be joyous, and I hope you keep the same cheeky smile on your face in the future.

To Ethan, I will you a social life at IMSA and all the vegan chicken nuggets at your disposal. Ethan, you’re actually really funny, and you have a really intriguing and sometimes foul sense of humor. I hope that you will allow people to see more of that next year. You’re also crazy smart, I have no doubt that you’ll get into any college of your choosing, so long as you check those boxes ;) You’ve eaten enough of the veggie chicken nuggets to go vegan! I hope I’ll see you at the next vegan protest! #govegan

To Chiamaka, I will you a drama-free senior year. Chia, you are absolutely hilarious and one of the bravest people I know. You’re the only one that I know that will do your hair in the middle of the hall commons. With so much to do and so much pressure, you find a way to smile and laugh through it all. Unfortunately, your actions and personality aren’t without judgment from others, and it leads you into unnecessary drama. I hope that in the coming year, you never feel uncomfortable being yourself. One of your talents is making people laugh, and I don’t believe you’ll ever lose it.

To Aishat, I will you a work ethic that isn’t just for your homework. Shat, you are quite an interesting person. You have a way of doing work and no work at all, I wonder where you get that from. Realistically, you are a nice person and sometimes too energetic, and I’m glad I got to know you. In the coming year, I hope you put in more effort than you did in Ujamaa. But I know when you actually work on something, it’s good quality. In the coming year, I hope you are still the person that makes jokes about Raven and haunts our dreams.

To Chinara Caldwell, I will you patience. Chinara, BLM BADDIE, Chin Chin. You are a woman of many names and many talents. You are extremely smart and hardworking, and I have no doubt that you will get into the college of your dreams. As you go on to being BSU president (again) I only hope that you have patience with your board, peers, and administration. It always seems like it’s a battle between students and admin, but I don’t want you to feel that way. I hope this newfound patience makes it easier for you and BSU as a whole as you take it to new heights.

To Ashley, I will you all the hugs and kisses in the world. Ashley, you are such a genuine soul, and I can’t imagine you deserving any hate. Once you get past your backhanded and foul jokes, you’re a sweet person, with a sweet personality. You’re always willing to give someone a hug, and you’re always willing to bite them! This habit needs to go, I think… But everything else should stay. I hope that you continue to be the loving person you are and don’t allow anything to compromise that.

To Buddy, I will you a camera with unlimited storage. Buddy, you’re a big-hearted person with a huge talent for photography. My protegé, you are one of the best photographers I’ve ever seen. When the pictures are good, they’re amazing. I hope that you will get your spot on ISP because it is 100% deserved. Buddisha, you’re an amazing person and all-around good to be around, I hope other people can see that too, and that you allow them to. I’m proud of all that you have accomplished, and I can’t wait to see what you do in the future. And please don’t ever put the camera down.

To Bih-Sana and Angel Sheppard, I will you guys a filter. Y’all are two of my favorite sophomores because y’all are hilarious. Bih-Sana you never fail to make me laugh with your out of pocket jokes. Angel, I don’t even think you mean to be funny, but it’s your expressions and reactions that cause laughter. I have no doubt that you all will grow to be heavily liked among your class. But, I do will you a filter because sometimes those jokes may not be everyone’s cup of tea, and you may or may not need it another time. Overall, I’m glad I met both of you. Bih-Sana, I hope to see more of your dancing, and Angel, I hope to taste your cooking soon.

To Miracle Clemmons and Myra Mensah, I will you same name syndrome. Mira and Myra, pronounced similarly to me, I’m so glad I met you both. Miracle, you have a beautiful and soulful voice that you better continue to use, especially at every BSU event. Don’t skip out on the anthems. I hope you use your voice to make IMSA singers and choir overall better, because you have the voice and the talent to do so. Myra, the gymnast of the year. Talented as you are, you are also super nice. Kenai will miss you. I’m glad I got to know you. If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have known that you can dance and do many things the average person cannot! I better see you on the cheer team next year. Both of you are natural talents, and I hope that you keep and continue to use this talent.

To Sar’aiyah and Aaliyah Murphy, I will you awareness. As creatively aware you both are with your styles, I hope you both become aware of every situation you find yourself in to make the best of it. I also hope that everyone around you to can finally tell who is who. Y’all are super friendly, and I hope you too continue to break out of your comfort zone and talk to more people. In the coming year, I hope your senior year is a breeze and that you go through no drama, mess, or anything that could interfere with the amazing year you have ahead.

To everyone else I know I’m forgetting, I will you the courage to tell me I forgot you. No hard feelings, and it definitely wasn’t intentional. Let me know, I’ll tell you in person or write you one later.

Kevin Zhang

To the 2023–24 IMSAlympians Board, I will all my physics competition knowledge which I’ve accumulated over the years and will probably have no need for in college.

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