The Senior Edition – Class of 2018 Pt. 2

The 2018 Senior Edition is here!

Here’s the second installment of Class of 2018’s Senior Wills (first names K-Z). Enjoy! <3

Kate Rabideau
Kathryn Downey
Katya Bezugla
Kiersten Emily Lofton
Kirill Nagaitsev
Kris Griffin
Kyle Campbell
Larry Donahue
Lauralyn Lin
Lucy Liu
Maelee Chen
Manny Favela
Mark Lou
Martin Filbert
Megha Ramanan
Melissa Mu
Mike Xu
Mishelle Mironov
Mosopefoluwa Kusoro
Mounisha Kovour
Nabeel Rasheed
Neil Wary
Nicklas Nelson
Nikhita Kasana
Noble Wulffraat
Nyxel Camarena
Parth Dhyani
Patrick Pynadath
Peyton Shafer
Pranav Reddy
Pranesh Ravichandran
Priya Kumar
Radeesha Jayewickreme
Rebecca Xun
Rishi Modi
Robert Luo
Sanghyon Lewis Oh
Sargam Panpaliya
Sean Golinski
Shivani Sharma
Shruthi Sundar
Shyam Sai
Sohum Gupta
Sona Fokum
Sonya Gupta
Sophie Ashbrook
Spoorthi Jakka
Takudzwa George
Tessa Ntow
Thomas DeMastri
Tommy Nguyen
Vidya Babu
Will Fiedler
Yuri Oh
Zach Brahmbhatt

Part 1: First Names A-J

Kate Rabideau
To Liv and Pri, I will Pri a pop addiction cure and Liv dance team (have fun lol). hello first juniors friends I had (thanks dance team). I remember showing up to dance team and just thinking “They are so cool I wanna be friends with them!!!” As cheesy as that sounds its extremely true and I’m glad it happened. Thank you for complaining about dance team, groaning through practices with me, dealing with early competitions, and just being amazing friends despite the struggles of dance team. I’ve loved living with you guys for the past two years, going thrifting, and obsessing over Emma Chamberlain or other hot famous people. Thanks for always sharing music and movie recommendations and trying out colorful makeup looks with me (pri keep up the soda themed eye looks I think you were on to something). I’ve appreciated all of the long talks and I wish junior wasn’t so rough and we could have spent more time together. Pri, I hope someday you curb your addiction for pop and I will you infinite amazing thrift hauls. Liv, have fun with dance team ☺ I seriously could not have done it without you, but you’ll survive and keep on that grind in the fitness center I expect a six pack by next year. Don’t let college stress you guys out too much, I promise you will end up somewhere you love. You are amazing and beautiful people who deserve much better than IMSA, but ya do what you can right? Plus, when Rafael opens his bubble tea stand I expect us to be the first customers. I love you both so much and you better keep in touch!

To Surya, Amy, Sol, Kanika, I will you a strong senior year and most importantly a FUN senior year. sup juniors, first off thanks for making 10-check a fun time instead of a chore. I love that despite the struggles of junior year you guys always seem to be positive and have a good time. Keep that up throughout senior year! Surya, I will always be jealous of your style and white booties and I’m so glad you also speak French because I honestly don’t know how much I trust Hannah. Kanika, you are the sweetest and most hard-working person I know. You are amazing on CAB and always seem to be there exactly when I need you. Amy, buing buing!! First off, I’m so jealous of the hair, but you rock it better than I ever could. I appreciate your skits with stuffed animals of you and Sol and of course your slime making skills. I hope you have fun with CAB and senior year because you deserve it so much! Sol, I would work on the slime skills, and maybe don’t list that on your college resume ☺. I remember meeting you last year with Diann Moon at the ice cream banquet and introducing you to upperclassmen, I wish we would’ve gotten closer, but I’m so happy with the time we had together! All of you better stay in touch and I mean it, I wanna hear about the college struggle, drama (if there is any, honestly your class seems so good as a whole), and of course where you end up! Never hesitate to reach out just to talk. I love you guys and will you all the best.

To Aabha, Grace, Meghana, Shruti, I will you the freedom from stress in your next few years. hahaha you guys still have two years, that sucks!! No, but honestly make the best of it. I regret not doing more throughout high school. Don’t let the little things stress you out and even though it seems like it would be easy to stay in touch with people since you live together, it gets really easy to hermit in your room especially junior year! Have fun!!!!! Be high schoolers!!! You will get into college, I promise so enjoy it while you can. I love you all!

To Aabha and Meghana, I will you a beautiful ruski boy and a cure to your pop addiction. Thank you for being amazing wing mates and friends! I have loved walking into the wing and always seeing you guys in the commons. You are both stunning and brilliant people. Shruti, you should honestly be an honorary d-wing resident. I sometimes forgot you didn’t live here! Thanks for being a part of my senior year and keep up with the vlogs I expect you to be YouTube famous very soon! Grace, first-off I will you a better way to remove temporary tattoos from your forehead. You are so funny and amazing and I’m so happy we became friends. Stay in touch Grass. Love you.

To Dance team, I will you very few injuries and a spot at the state competition ☺. I know it’s rough and practice sucks, but we accomplished so much last season! Have fun, struggle together, and please, please, please show up to practice for Liv’s sake. Remember you are one team and even though it may get frustrating, stick together. I hope the costumes aren’t too bad and enjoy wearing the shoes after season is over.

To Sam Rabideau, I will you shotgun on the rides to and from school. Enjoy high school, exercise for your mental health if anything, and don’t let this place weigh you down. Remember to always being leftovers back from home because you’ll miss it. Most of all spend time with mom and dad and get out of your room for once. Love you bro.

To Derek Ronske, I will you more weird musik. Thank you for always being there when I needed a hug. I remember thinking you were so cool and wanting to be friends with you that someone finally just introduced us at the ice cream social. Keep on working hard in CAB and I’ll miss your monochrome outfits. I won’t miss your interesting taste in music, but I will miss how you light up when you see your friends and your amazing dance moves!

To Aleah Brown (AKA Al), I will you fun 10 checks and the spot of being the SSS in your easy english class. I’m sorry I didn’t come up with a nickname for you earlier but thank you for making graphic novels tolerable and making D-wing a great experience. We couldn’t have won clash without your boom box skills. I’ll miss your amazing mambo moves and hearing you and Alana shout vine references to each other from across the hall. Enjoy senior year and stay in touch!

Kathryn Downey
To Makersquad, I will to you a Makerspace full of working 3-D printers, fun Try-it-Tuesdays, and many more years of INnovative ideas and creations.

To Briella Henderson, I will to you Makersquad. It’s been so great the past year to get to know you better, come up with fun ideas for the makerspace, and even design planet Klubtra together. Keep up the great work and I know you’ll help make the makerspace even better. Ps. I also will to you my continued hatred of IN2 puns :)

To the SciOly team, I will to you good luck on all future competitions and the determination to keep up this year’s first place regional win.

To Saachi Dalvi, I will to you first place wins in all of the SciOly physics events! I wish I got to know you better than I did, but I know after all of us seniors have left, you will carry the physics sections to state. Good luck!!

To Rebecca Osar and the future Space Club board members, I will to all of you a love for space and the determination to keep the club going. It’s not always easy to get successful events but I know that you all will end up doing great.

To the C Wing Juniors, I can’t believe you guys are almost seniors! I will to you guys a relaxing, fun senior year and please take care of the wing next year.

To the C Wing Sophomores, Junior year is going to be rough and you’ll have way more work than ever before, but I know you guys and I know you will all do amazing. So, I will to you all the determination to make it through and the fun times you’ll have in between.

To C Wing, I love all of you guys!!! I don’t know if I’ll ever find a group of people so close-knit and amazing as all of you. I’m going to miss all of you soooo much next year. So, I will to you all a community as fun, supportive, and constantly interesting as you all have been these last two years.

To 1501, coming to IMSA, I never thought I’d find as quirky, accepting, fun community as the one in 01. I will to you guys many more years of fun, interesting times.

Katya Bezugla
To Tommy Neidlein, I will you everything that makes Titan Robotics what it is: it’s members, spirit, alumni, legacy, and ability to go through everything and come out stronger than it ever was. This year was crazy, but even being your FIRST year on leadership, you really let the team RISE UP. I don’t even have to say good luck, because you don’t need it- I don’t doubt you will make the team even better than it was this year. Don’t forget to keep us alumni in the loop, we’d love to hear how the team we put so much effort into is doing. I’m just a Slack message away.

To Anisha Gubba, as I was willed by Soomin Park, I will you the robotics googly eyes. This year business was kind of crazy, with it being its first year and all, but you still pulled through, got us all those sponsors, and won Dean’s and Entrepreneurship while you were at it. Even doing all that, you kept being that bubbly Gubba we all know and love. I can’t wait to see all the other cool stuff you do, so keep in touch. Also, as a favor, sneak those googly eyes on the robot for me.

To robotics leadership and veterans, I will you Worlds. This year, with our first business team and influx of mentors and sponsors, we set the foundation for an amazing team. Next year, you have endless capabilities at your fingertips. Work together, keep each other in the loop, and constantly look for new ways you can help the team, as the fate of Titan Robotics is now up to you. It’s going to be strange not being on this robotics team after three years, but at least I know that it is in capable hands, and that the next time I visit it will be ever better than where I left it.

To Jessica Oros and Charlotte Giff, I will you the ISP Tracker. I know that under your leadership, ISP will be the best (and most organized) it ever was. You have such a great team of people, the best I have ever seen, and so many resources to do basically anything you want. Go wild. Don’t forget that I’m always willing to come back to help run open studios or training, just message me. Don’t let senior year suck you up too much- wear the hotdog costume and relax. Also, use the tracker.

To Liza Kuzmina and Sam Senko, I will you the 1DX. Take amazing photos, because all of ISP, IMSA, and me will be looking at them, but more importantly, teach others to take even better ones. Without the previous alumni teaching me everything they knew, I would have never ended up where I was. ISP has so much opportunity to grow, both in the events they cover and in the events they run, and both of you have the ability to make that happen. Also, use the tracker.

To Eliza Apavaloaiei, I will you a ticket to Italy. If you do not use it yourself to discover the true origins of James Scarf, please pass it on to any unsuspecting sophomore you can find. In all seriousness though, I am so proud (and unsurprised) that you are now head video. I remember when you messaged me out of panic that one IN2 event because everyone was gone and you had no clue how to use the video camera, but look at you now. Also, use the tracker.

To Briella Henderson and the new Maker Squad, I will you Erik Swanson’s name tag. Makerspace has been my home at IMSA for three years. I will never forget sleeping in the closet, organizing the heck out of it, or just generally memeing around. I truly hope it becomes the same for you. You all have the ability to really shape the makerspace, it is all up to what you put into it. No matter what though, never stop bothering Erik.

To Jaimie and Diann Moon, I will you all the sleep I never got at IMSA. Having you two in our quad was amazing, whether it was for painting mural, doing homework, or just chatting. I hope you two have the best senior year possible. But seriously, sleep. You’re both going to need it.

Kiersten Emily Lofton
To Koyena, I will you someone who will always be there to struggle through classes with you while still making time to have fun. I also will you someone who won’t take gum from you 24/7 like Connor but will instead give you gum!
To Bhavya & Abigail – I will you both an amazing senior year that is filled with laughter rather than stress (as I’m sure junior year has been). I was so lucky to have both of you as my sophomores in 02B last year and I’ll truly miss you! So for bringing me so much joy during a rough time in my IMSA career, I will you all some amazing underclassmen for next year.
To Aliah De Guzman (Deguzzy) – I will you an underclassmen who is as fun and loving as you! I also will you lots of sleep and an interesting, yet not extremely time-consuming schedule for next year. Take it easy on yourself and don’t forget that I’m just a message away and always willing to listen to you and help out (:
To Cj – I will you someone who will carpool with you and always laugh at your jokes! Thanks for being a great friend and always making me smile!!
To Sibil – I will you a great friend for this upcoming year! I’m extremely grateful that we got to bond a lot more this past semester because of dance and modern world fiction! Best of luck next year!
To My SEAMS Tutor Family – Thank you for such a great summer! I hope you all get to do another year of SEAMS and have lots of tutor tables next year! I will you all a great time with our SEAMS kids who do end up coming to IMSA next year!
To Isaiah – I will you someone who will let you be the follow and spin you lots! I also will you an amazing violin buddy like you were for me! Please try not to staple people so often next year! And don’t forget to brush up on those driving skills so you can remain a top driver!
To Eden – I will you a friend who is as sweet as you are to basically everyone!! You’re such an amazingly kindhearted and selfless individual and I’m very lucky to have gone to school with you these past two years! I will you lots of success during your senior year & beyond, as well as more time to spend with your cat!
To my student life family – I can’t thank you all enough for being an incredible family during my last year of IMSA, and I regret that I didn’t start spending my time in student life sooner. I will you all lots of naps in student life, good schedules, and an office to replace what was taken from us! I can’t wait to hear about what great things you all do in the future <3
To Nani – Thanks for being an amazing partner in crime and discrete buddy! I’m super grateful that we became close this year because of some mathematical patterns (: I will you someone who will order with you whenever you want, someone who will finesse their way through life with you, and lots of sleep! You WILL do well (see what I did there) senior year!! Can’t wait to visit you sometime!!
To Charlotte, Ainsley, Alisa, and Michelle – My little sibs<333 Thank you all for being so amazing and loveable! I will you all little siblings who are as great as you all have been throughout my time at IMSA and someone who will always have your back at IMSA! Please don’t forget that I’ll always be just one message away, and will make sure to visit you all (:
To Aryan – I will you someone who loves avocados just as much as you do and has a passion for biochemistry like I’m sure you do.
To Marisa – I will you your bio grade because wow it’s surely taking forever! I also will you an amazing co-head for talent show next year and the truly hype clash that you deserve!
To my 1502 underclassmen – I will you all a hall at IMSA that will be as amazing 02 has been for me, for you. There’s definitely some things that can be improved within the hall but I truly think we have been lucky to live in one of the best halls on IMSA’s campus.
To the next 02 hall senator – I will you the ability to feel comfortable within your position and really utilize your aptitudes & passion to make a positive change for the IMSA community. I know that sometimes the job can be very taxing or frustrating, but in the end I guarantee you that it’s worth it. I know you’ll be great and you’re surely lucky to be the senator for such an amazing hall!
To my studco family – I will you all an extremely successful year next year, whether you are on cabinet or not. If you happen to be on cabinet, I will you an abundance of persistence & passion when working towards implementing your projects. If you are not on cabinet next year, I will you the ability to find something else that makes you as happy as studco made me and that allows you to make change within the IMSA community. Thank you all for being an amazing group of individuals <3
To Marisa & Shev – I will you all an amazing clash your senior year and a talent show that is stellar! Thanks for being great co-heads this year and for making my last clash a memorable experience (:

Kirill Nagaitsev
To Daniel Chen, Dan Soto, and Jake, I will leadership of the cross country team. I know you guys have the ability to bring the team back to state.
To the rest of Distance, I will great cross country and track seasons to come. Stay dedicated and you will be rewarded.
To Brian, Nilan, Grant, Isaiah, Johnny, Namit, Torin, and Jason, I will 05, and hopefully B Wing as well! Make sure to keep B Wing and the rest of 05 an awesome place.
To Shivang, I will you a broken desk chair. I also will you a roommate that doesn’t drop out in the first 2 months of school.
To Ishaar, I will more cereal, and less chess. Just kidding, chess is okay.
To Eric Errampalli, I will my knowledge. In the form of MVC books and other tangible objects of course.
To DChen, Greetings Bro. I will you many more opportunities for DI Water Drive-Bys. I also will you first at state in the mile.
To Anisha and Yamil, I will the IN2 intern legacy.
To Dan Soto, I will bad weather, and also Bill Bowerman.
To Jake, I will lots of cryptocurrency profits, and also some more time to mess around with OpenGL.

Kris Griffin
To those who are struggling with mental illness, I will you a helping hand and an open ear when you need it. I will you the confidence to seek help and the knowledge that you are never alone. I will you what I learned from my own actions: it will get better eventually- maybe not today or tomorrow, but in the end it isn’t worth giving up.

To 1503 C wing, I will you a place to call home, a family you will never forget, and a sink that isn’t full of dishes. To those of you staying in c wing, I will you a great RC, a bomb group chat, and someone who will bring you candy after holidays.

To the new ARF board, I will you many happy memories and the knowledge that you can help us fulfill our vision while putting your own spin on the club.

To my little sibs (Mikki Rajvanshi, Allia Lin, and Megan Lee), I will you many happy memories at IMSA and amazing little sibs.

To Caitlin Whisnat, I will you the swings, cherish the peace they bring.

To Winny Liu, I will you sleep.

Kyle Campbell
To Nathan Lee and Faris Shaikh, I will you the baseball team. I will you both underclassmen who will make coming back to IMSA worth it.

To Nathan Lee, I will you full control of MilEd–you got this. I will you the mindset to view your senior year as training camp and the perspective to know that future growth is the key to success, not past failures. I will you two fully functioning kidneys, a full bill of medical health, the chance to meet Senator Duckworth, and the chance to watch football games wearing all white. I will you full control of MilEd. Most importantly, I will try to will you a prom date.

To Faris Shaikh, I will you a little sib who grows up faster than you. Even though you were always taller than me, I’d be ok with looking up to you as a big sib now. That said, there’s really nothing for me to will you because you’ve got it figured out, but I hope you have someone who makes SIR and baseball worth it. Oh I will you admin status for Powderbuff because of the time you made that one handed catch on Daniel Chen – try to play more this year.

To Chetan, Daniel, Kaushal, Faris, I will you late night butterfly orders, athletic success, academic success for Daniel, and the onus of being the soul of 04 next year

To Alej Curtis, I will you the ability to have fun everywhere, especially in baseball practice. I also will you my Psych04 shirt so that the spirit never dies.

To Sibil Shibu, I will you an amazing junior SIR partner next year, who takes videos of you after the nasty Pumpkin Spice Latte fails to keep you awake.

To Akash Gandhi, Shaun, Teja Guntupalli, and James Studemann
I will you my face. Propagate the lore of CDown well. I also will you Alan Ren, if Noble didn’t already. I will you underclassmen who actually hang in your quad.

To Owen Michuda and Aabshar Ghassi, I will you guys turtle power. I hope you bless each other with wonderful turtle wails at night.

To Hunter Welch, I will you the challenge of reading The Fountainhead in the span of 24 hours. It will prove you’re capable of reform.

To Nafay, Hasan, Alej, and Richard, I will you guys as much fun as I had in that quad. Nafay, I will you the responsibility of wing mom. Y’all have the energy to make C wing a super fun place for sophomores – don’t make the mistake we did and push them away.

To Hanson Hao, I will you someone who touches you way too much and makes fun of your college woes. I will you a free proofreader of your college essays, I’ll check them to make sure they’re gonna stand out. I will you the ability to chill and get first place in something. Play more MarioKart.

To Mikki Rajvanshi, I will you an underclassman whom you respect 10x more than yourself and always manages to brighten your day. I also will you some sleep.

To Grant Dexter, I will that you read this.

To Ryan Sorrels, I will lots of butterflies, and someone who can beat you in the icebreaker, “Honey, I love you, won’t you give me a smile?”.

To Johnny Yelenick, I will you a little sib who you don’t abandon and lots of country music stations to drown out Coach’s life stories about how you have to learn to work with people you don’t like.

To Owen Michuda, Alex Zhong, Faris Shaikh, Luke Knutson, and Suraj Sunkara + 04 RSL team
I will you guys an RSL team that starts the year the same as it begins. Seriously though, I will you the care of 04 and that you guide it towards something even more beautiful. Next year 04 has the greatest potential to become the closer than it ever was when I lived here, but you need to make sure that the wings stay connected.

To Cait Costillo, I will you a sophomore who deals with your clout to make a dinner date not cringy for once and who always says hi but you never have the opportunity to get to know. I don’t think this is in my power but if possible, that dinner date will make you feel tall.

To Saisu Talasu, I will the ability to SSS your junior year, or at least during SSS.

To Daniel Lee, I will you a sophomore who you can count on to restore your faith in the goodness of humanity.

To Yuhan, I will happiness.

Larry Donahue
To Liza Kuzmina, I will endless days of sunshine with snow on the ground. I will you all the motivation and power you need to take on junior and senior year, and pass them with flying colors. I will you all of my love and headassery, and you know that it’s all just a call or text away. I didn’t expect to get as close as I did with you to any new people this year, but it just goes to show that expectations aren’t to be followed. I’m really gonna miss you, and even though I’ll be only two states away, the distance will still feel far too long. Additionally, to Ashley Homecgoy and Alyssa Daniels, I will a request to PLEASE keep Liza in check.

To Nathan Kim, I will the power of Nonsense. You manage to brighten up my day every time I see your arm go up against your chest and with your unique personality you bring to D Wing. Use this power well, as you’re gonna be a leader in your wing next year with no upperclassmen left for you to look to. Bring your energy to the sophomores coming in and show them the good that IMSA has to offer.

To Spencer Donohue, I will the 04D spirit. You’re an amazing kid, Spencer, and I really enjoy talking to you and learning about new hobbies and interests you have every day. You have a longboard? You’ve made a sarissa and a five foot instrument for your classes? Dyed your hair pink for fun? I never would have expected any of these things! You’re such a pure kid and I know that no matter where you end up, you’ll carry on our lessons and the spirit of your home—1504 D Wing. I’m also gonna give you the shard of the flag I have from my sophomore year clash (Psych04). Take good care of it, and remember that no matter where you go, you are a 04 kid. That’s a title you should wear with pride.

To Jaimie Ryou, I will a buddy to play cards with. I always enjoy being able to hang with you and spill our tea together while you’re trouncing me at Speed (or I’m destroying you in ERS). Our friendship is definitely an unlikely one, but one that I am always grateful for. If we don’t keep in touch after IMSA, I’ll be rather upset. I also thank you for plucking my eyebrows every so often; the caterpillar on my face really needs to leave.

To Shoe Bee Vurr Mah, I will a chill pill. Seriously. You’re coming up to your senior year, and after you apply to colleges and whatnot, you are free. You are done. You get to enjoy IMSA for what it truly is, a place where you make some of your best friends and enjoy your time with them. During SSS, you get to put your schoolwork on the back burner (if you play it right) and live life stress-free for a couple months. Just don’t tank as hard as I did.

To Thomas “TJ” Jacobs, I will a hand to hold. I don’t mean Jolin’s, either. You embody the rule on our wing constitution that says “hold his hand when he needs it”, you’re a steadfast presence in the wing and an excellent wing guide. You’re a constant in my time in 07, a person I know I can go to for anything, a person that I know will be in my life far past IMSA, a person I know will always be there for me, a person whose hand I can always hold. I love you, buddy, and I know you’re going to be a great leader for the hall and the wing. I also will you the lanterns that are hanging up around my room—I know you loved Sakura7, and I want you to have a memento from that. I also will you one fourth of the Spirit of the True 07 Lineage™. With this Lineage, I want you to show a new set of sophomores what became apparent to me in Clash: why living in 07 is pretty lit.

To Tony Un, I will 07 legacy. You are an icon of 07, a quintessential member of B-Wing, and a great leader to your peers. You’re going to be an amazing senior, and I know that you’ll be able to lead a new generation of sophomores just as well, if not better, than you did this year. I see in you what I looked up to when I was a sophomore, when I walked the same ground as the “gods of old 07”. Alongside this legacy, I will you the Holey Wall poster, a memento passed down since 2012 within 07. Take good care of it. I also will you a fourth of the Spirit of the True 07 Lineage™, which I know you will use to its fullest.

To Kevin Mikos, I will somebody to hug. Despite how small you are, whenever I hear a high-pitched “Hi Larry!”, I know that I’m about to get a great hug. Despite the fact that you will still somehow be younger than nearly everyone in the Class of 2020 (???), I know that you’re going to be a great senior for them. Alongside this, I will you my Sakura7 banner. I wore it proudly last year, I hope that you’ll take good care of it. I also will you a fourth of the Spirit of the True 07 Lineage™, and with your energetic personality, I know that you’ll keep this spirit alive.

To Matt Feinberg, I will help with your video game problem. This, of course, is remedied by playing more video games. You’re a beast when it comes to Fortnite, Mario, Smash, or whatever you put your hands on. Senior year and SSS is the perfect time to do this, just don’t tank as hard as I did. Alongside this, I will you a fourth of the Spirit of the True 07 Lineage™ that George Moe once willed me. Use this as an avenue to get closer to your underclassmen and introduce them to the video games you’re so good at—make your own mentees. I also will you my 24/7 cape. Hang it up proudly.

To Alex Zhong, I will time. Take this time to take a step back from your involvement, look back on your time at IMSA, and be proud of what you’ve made for yourself. You’re a really involved kid, and in between your time on StudCo, your extracurriculars, and being a wing guide, you have so much to be proud of. As your final year at IMSA’s coming up, use this time to put your foot off the gas for a little bit and enjoy it. Enjoy the good IMSA has to offer, and enjoy the community of friends and supporters you’ve built up for yourself. I love you, kiddo. Don’t get too stressed out, and let the senioritis you’ll get sink in a bit.

To Suchet “Such” Kumar, I will all the music you can listen to in a year’s time, and someone to share it with. Whether it’s music you make or music you find, I’ve enjoyed listening to all the stuff you’ve shown me. I really hope that you enjoy your senior year, and even though you’ve been an SSS since sophomore year, tank even harder in second semester. Keep using the hip-hop heads chat, and remember that the shaft boys are just a message away if you miss us.

To Eliot Smith, I will an underclassman to vibe with. You’re one of my favorite sophomores, and I’m always thoroughly impressed by your card tricks and wowed by how similar our senses of humor are. You’ve helped make living in 07B pretty neat, and I hope that you are able to find an underclassman that vibes with you just like you have with me. Additionally, I will you my collection of RC memorabilia. Come to my room and pick them up.

To TJ Ptak, I will my old room. I’m not talking about the room I live in right now; I’m talking about 07B Up Quad, my junior year room. A lot of history lies in that room, and now you’re about to inherit it all. Make the best of it, man, and I’ll make sure I come to visit. Quads are, typically, the centerpiece of a wing, and I have confidence that you four will be able to make it work in the best way possible.

To Rohan Upadhyay, I will THE MOON SHOES. I know that you have a love for jumping, and I know you’ll use these well. More importantly, however, I will you drive. Junior year is kinda tough, as is first semester senior year. You have so much energy, a light in your eyes, and a spring (literally) in your step, and I never want you to lose it. I want you to keep this drive throughout IMSA, and help keep 07B lit with your electric personality.

To Paul Dunlap, I will peace and quiet. I apologize for this year. I am so sorry you got unfortunate enough to live next door to four of the rowdiest people in 07. However, I’m happy that I got put next to you, as I’ve been able to see you grow this year. You’ve begun to break out of your shell! Don’t think I don’t see you smiling when the shaft boys goof off during check, or I don’t see you talking to new people since the beginning of your year. IMSA is a time for you to come into your own, and I am certain that you will be able to. So, I guess that I will you the ability to grow as well. You can do it, man.

To Chris Teng, I will more fun times with your friends. You got super close to your friend group sophomore year, which is awesome. IMSA’s all about the relationships you make with people, and I hope you continue to bond with your best friends. I want to be able to visit and see that your quad is the reason people come to live in your wing.

To Zayn Ramdass, I will a great time in 04D. You’re moving into my home away from home, and with your energy, I know you’ll be able to keep the wing alive. I’m definitely going to miss you coming into Engineering and seeing you around 04, and will most definitely send you a visit your way.

To Ryan Talusan, I will more pop-offs. We started you off with the wing wars video; you continued it with Lunar and 04 Drill. I will be looking forward to watching livestreams of cultural shows and drill teams and finding a certain man with an adorable smile and nice hair in the front and center. I’m proud of you, kiddo.

To Josh Eberhardt, Allen Chen, Renzo Ledesma, and Scott Du, I will success in bringing a bit of 07 to 05. You guys were the backbone of 07 talent my junior year, and even though you’re definitely 05 boys, remember where the dojo first began. I also will you guys part of my wealth of League of Legends posters. Come pick them up in my room before the year ends.

To Jimmy Ren, Suraj “Dinky” Sunkara, Leon Li and James Lichtenwang, I will you what Jacob Horstman willed me: 04 D Wing. Take good care of her. I love you guys so much, take the down quad that the shaft boys and I tried to get and use it to make D Wing one of the hottest spots on campus.

Lauralyn Lin
To Shubhi Verma and Madison Hahamy, I will you my baby. Next year will be hard, but remember that Acronym is yours –- yours to shape and change and leverage. Remember who you are, lean on each other, and everything will make sense. (Also, enjoy teatime with Townsend, and change the passwords. And of course, Chandana & I will always be here if you ever need anything! We will try our best not to micromanage from afar.)

To Grace Yue and Jodie Meng, I will you lots more of Acronym. Go get ‘em, ladies.

To Alex Zhong, I will you happiness and kale. <3

To Chelsey Soli, I will you Heliotrope, more pushpins, and more gift cards.

To Harsha Nalam and Sam Anozie, I will you the future of Medical Society. Remember us, and do better than we did…if you can ;)

To Kaushal Gumpula, Bert Cao, Matt Selvaraj, Emily Sallenback, and Anisha Sharma, I will you an endless supply of paper balls. (Also, enough trophies to make you happy and fill your resumes). But more importantly, make Dr. Dong (and yourselves) proud! Just remember that IMSA does LD better than any other school in the state, and that you will get gifts at the end of the year if you train your underclassmen the right way.

To Anisha Sharma, I will you a lifetime of stats. (Just kidding. Kinda.) Be sure to enjoy your senior year, k?

To Yuhan Lin, I will you the ability get out of your room and make friends. And talk to people, in general. And respond to my messages…!

Lucy Liu
To my IMPACT babies, Henry and I trust you with our baby, IMPACT, and everything that comes with it. You have so much potential, and you’re poised to bring this program a future beyond what I could have ever envisioned. It will take passion, dedication, courage, and hard work, but I’m so excited to see what the product will be. Just as importantly, I will you the 87%, the willow in the wind, and plenty of uncontrollable laughter. I’ll always be only a message away.

To Abigail, I will my copy of Dear Data. All year, I’ve been amazed by your big dreams, work ethic, and incredible commitment. When next semester gets busy, don’t forget to take time for yourself to reflect, relax, and turn to the things that bring you joy and energy.

To Grace, I will my copy of Dataclysm. Please read and love it! Above all, I hope you have fun next year: a position that’s fun to work on, an elective that’s fun to teach, and a team that’s fun to be around.

To Christian, I will more meetings than you could ever want. I also will you someone to make fun of during la classe de français and a knack for perfect grammar. I still remember our days brainstorming Classcraft strategies, and wow, I can’t imagine that class without you.

To Jimmy, I will what we both need and what I never found for myself: the ability to wake up and be on time for things. I’m so happy you’ve come from being a stranger who also lives in Naperville (even though I don’t live there) to being my student to being my co. Remember to believe in yourself. You’re one of the friendliest and most driven people I know, and you’ve got this.

To Eden, I will those paintings of us from earlier this year. I thought I loved being your facilitator, but I love teaching with you even more. Your commitment to finding things exciting, doing things thoroughly, and doing things well will take you far. I hope you have an amazing senior year full of lots of things that make you smile (you have the best smile).

To Sam, Sam, Alex, Amy, Alisa, and Miriam, I will our wing. You’ve been such sweet and funny sophomores to live with, and I only wish I’d gotten to know you all better. Hope your next two years are wonderful and our wing remains a place of laughter and loving roasts.

To 01AUQ, I will an amazing senior year no matter where you end up living. Liana, I will you someone else to swap succulent cuttings with. Jolin, I will you someone you love talking to as much as I love talking to you. Cassy, I will for you to take a photo where you look bad for literally the first time ever. Grace, I will you lots of the Norwegian things you love. Dannie, I will you many more funny stories to tell.

To Abby Hutter, I will a better EYSO stand partner. One who practices enough. I really liked sitting by you, though, and I miss you very much. Hope you drink from the stream and remember the spring and all that.

To Athena Zheng, I will a guardian angel sophomore for when you’re a scatterbrained senior. Thanks so much for catching all my frequent mistakes!

To Rustom, Sabrina, Shvetali, and Ian, I will this reminder that the music is worth it. Orchestra needs you! I hope you’re still here next year or the year afterward.

To Timothy, I will a final speech piece that’s a blast to perform.

To Ethan Saquimux, I will a perfect royal wave. I won’t be here next year, so you’ll have to do all of mine for me.

To Mia and Jessica, I will tree rings and quesadillas. I hope you have a wonderful time at SIR next year and R code as smooth as you could ever hope for.

Maelee Chen
To Denise, I will you more stuffed animals than your arms can hold; more big bois (with lime, salt, and hot sauce ofc!) and party size bags of chips than your stomach can hold; and more love from me and a future underclassman than your heart can hold. Most importantly, I will you the knowledge that we joke about your height, but you have more generosity and spunk packed in you than almost anyone I know—you can do ‘most anything.

To Becca, I will you a Jewish underclassman you can teach Israeli Folk Dance and educate like you did to fake-Jew me; an underclassman you can hang out and do math with during peer tutoring; and an underclassman you can call your Mini-Mini-Me. Most importantly, I will you a community, hall and wing, to which you can continue to be a role model.

To Alexa, I will you an underclassman who will roam around and play in a kid’s area at Adler with you not once but twice in a day and who’s always willing to sing Disney/Broadway songs with you. Most importantly, I will you the self-love that comes with time and will make you see that you are even more beautiful, smart, talented, and important than you can imagine.

To Kristin and Tay, I will you underclassmen who you can not only give advice to, but learn more about yourself from. Most importantly, I will you the knowledge that no matter what others (including your upperclassmen) tell you, you are your own people with your own futures; thus, I also will you the ability to make smart decisions of your own.

To Red, I will you an underclassman that’s just like you (in more than just appearance and heritage 😉), and that humbles you by amazing you every day in every way. Most importantly, I will you what I’m still learning, which is the ability to be a strong leader while not being “bossy”—you are so kind, logical, and dedicated, so don’t let anyone take that away from you.

To Brandon, I will you an underclassman to give you all the lotion for your crusty hands and an underclassman to scare you not just with action but with their talent.

To Allia, I will you all the penguins and a Mini-Me that’s just as adorable and chill as you are.

To Rachel, I will you Drama Club’s future! I have all the confidence that you will be an amazing Tech Director (and future President??) and help ease the transition back to Ms. Dowling.

To Sibil and Katie, I will you the Key Club Presidency. With that, I will you dedicated board members with creative, fresh ideas, the continued passion for service we all share, and the success of the beginning-of-the-year fundraiser GA!

To Liza and Alyssa, I will you two people to pass down the legacy of my favorite sophomore roommate pair.

To Ethan, Jolin, and Cash, I will you the best junior partners in your classes that make even the most boring mods seem more interesting.

To Aaron Rodrigues, Ryan Talusan, and Ray Hyun Shang, I will you friendly underclassmen who say hi to you in the hallways and make you feel that much more included in this wonderful community.

To Red, Liza, Alyssa, and Brandon, I will you the continued ability to do 4930233284 things at once and excel at all of them, but also the ability to relax and enjoy yourselves.

To Alex, Red, Cassy, Riley, Faith, Prachi, Kenzie, and Alexa, I will you the future of SA chamber choir. With that, I will you underclassmen who will carry you with accompaniment and difficult songs (esp. for soprano twos!) and the most fun Madrigals/March concert!

To all my juniors, I was going to will you some college advice, but honestly if you have questions, just talk to me. Instead, I will you a wonderful senior year filled with memories and the knowledge that you are all great, no matter where you go.

Manny Favela
To Liana, Vincent, Aryan, Nikita, Winny, Katie, I will you my Cadding resources and subsection. I am nervous as this is the first time it will pass ownership, but I have confidence in whom I am leaving it with.

To John, Alex, Meghan, I will you Public Forum. Keep the debate soul alive and spread the beauty of mentally wrecking opponents.

To Jimmy Ren, I will you Kaushal.

Mark Lou
To Ketu Patel, I will you the gift of the destroyer. Oh lordie please don’t misuse it. Also, good luck on your academic journey. If you get it, let modphys have mercy on your soul, as you can’t work on it 25 hours a day. You gotta grow and you can’t do that with your current sleep schedule. Enjoy being an upperclassman finally and be sure to love your sophomores with all your heart. I will return.

To Kurt Leano, I will you my love. Also I know I have told you this many times before but I love you a lot but i really want to know your birthday. Keep procrastinating and doing everything else but study and keep wearing those cute tight jeans. Also keep blowing that tin whistle fella.

To Eathan Saquimux, I will you a whole snacc. Tbh u were lookin like an entire packet of 10 fruit snacks during balsa bridge building even as you struggled. As we saw each other more, I realized that you actually looked more than a single snacc but instead a vending machine. By now, you are an entire Costco Wholesale to me. I swear when I see you again you’ll be the freaking Food and Drug Administration.

To Abigail Vanderploeg, I will you a length of paracord tied together. It could function well as a really ugly but elastic keychain to wear on your neck in case you keep losing your stuff. Anyways its nice knowing you because ur cool. Keep being hardworking and you’ll do some great things and if Ketu(see above) drowns in Modphys pls help save him.­

To Rustom Ichaporia, I will you happiness. Darn, this sounds really sad but idk whats wrong with you but I think that one day you will see the light. Anyways ur pretty funny and cool so even if ur sad sometimes thanks for making me happy I guess. Did you know that the smile of an attractive person triggers dopamine in the brain? So thanks a lot for all the dopamine.

To Neil John, I will you a tin whistle. Yo, you’re really good at dancing but you are definitely getting even better and next time i see you dance you will blow me away. Also you can play the sax right now but later i can see that you will be able to play both a sax and a tin whistle at the same time.

To Arjun Kumar, I will you ur own oven to bake things in. I never talked to u but you seemed cool why did you leave me dont drop out now dont leave me hanginng whhhhhy….

To Nolan Polly, I will you a good stay in 01. Darn you are really tall but your heart is big bc ur really nice also u should dress up as a nurse more. You looked really cute when you did that, and you should continue doing those things.

To Diann Moon, I will you a good friendship with everyone. I don’t think I’ve talked to you quite as much as I should have but ur rly nice and cool and I think we should be friends. Also you are good at making other people happy

To Austin Shwatal, I will you some insane baseball skills, which I don’t think I can really give you but oh well. Thanks for being the cool kid you are bud and throw those balls hard. Maybe I might give you a sling as well.

To Andy Lennox, I will you a sharp object. Please use with extreme caution. Just don’t do something stupid, like throw it at the door or anything.

To James Lichtenstein, I will you an insane glow-up, although tbh ur already getting there without much help needed. You were a wonderful addition to the wing when you were a soph, and I’m glad I was able to be a part of the cuteness that happened xd

To Isaiah Crews, I will you the title of Prop God(only if you make props/decs for 05 next year of course). You were a really good helper for everything those few weeks and you are also really nice. And no, my quad does not have milk.

To Leon Li, I will you a not-red hoodie. Yo you finna glow up so hard its gonna be insane bet. You were also really fun to be with when you were a soph and it was sad to see you leave 05Dwing.

Martin Filbert
To Faris Shaikh and Cassius Harper, I will you the leadership of the basketball team and a record-setting season. We tied it this year, and as much as it hurts to say this, I know you can win more games next year without me and the other seniors. Take control, stay calm, keep putting in the work, and you two can lead this team to a place it’s never been.

To Matthew Halliman, Aaron Calhoun, Femi Durodola, Jonny Yelenick, Alej Curtis, Namit Padgaonkar, Tyree Spears, Ryan Talusan, Josh Bluhm, Alex Domowicz, and Suchet Kumar, I will you another great basketball season. Put in the work this summer and come back hungry. You have so much talent and potential as a team. And Matthew, I will you another Agent Snow.

To Josh Bluhm, Alex Romanov, and Grant Dexter, I will you a continued enjoyment of what you enjoy doing, just with more time to do it. You three have a lot of it figured out already, so do what means the most to you next year.

To Walter Marsh, Luke Knutson, Matthew Selvaraj, Amit Somalwar, Nicholas Ramos, Andrew Wiedenmann, Thomas Neidlein, and Harsha Nalam, I will you a relaxing senior year, whether it be in 04B or somewhere else. You all deserve it. And if you stay, keep the B-Wing hysteria alive and well.

To Patrick Li, Neil John, Daniel Lee, Brian Wagner, and Namit Padgaonkar, I will you the wind ensemble sax section. You are all better players than me, and working with you has made my last year in band all the more enjoyable. Good luck next year and make sure to have fun.

Megha Ramanan
To Chelsey Soli, I will you a wonderful, memorable senior year filled with all the late nights with friends making you laugh until you cry. I want you to have a senior year just as great as I had with the best people surrounding you. Thank you for making this year amazing and being a wonderful roommate under the weirdest housing circumstances. I’ve loved our random jamout sessions, late nights watching BMS, laughing until I cry and you start snorting, rant sessions, comfort sessions, and self care nights. (There’s so much I could mention but it would take up a whole page) I love the fact that you basically interior designed our entire room, our seasonal decorations, our clothes drying ideas and weekly trash overflows. You’re such a fashion icon and makeup goddess and I hope you continue your Taki, Sweet Tea, and Dr. Pepper addiction :p I’m so glad I got to room with you this year bc without you, I don’t know how I would have survived everything I went through. Your ability to support me and comfort me is unparalleled. I will come visit you when I can, even if I have to drive for days to get to Illinois. And as promised, we are going to Germany together at some point! I’ve learned so much from you this year and you’ve really changed me and my perspective. Just remember that you’ve become my best friend this year, and if you ever need to rant or cry or just dish out drama, I’m a call/text/message/snap/DM away. Just remember, you’re always going to be my sophomore. Please keep sending me random pictures, memes, pet pictures, and Guy Fieri gifs. I love you so much bonch. I’m gonna miss you a ton Grandpa <3

To Alice & Eva Liu, I will you the best Kdramas and comebacks of 2018 and 2019. Thank you so much for getting me back into Kpop over Spring Break Seattle. I literally loved spending that week with you guys just dishing out drama about so many people. Meeting you guys was one of the best things of junior year. Thank you for helping me through my Mandarin struggles and fangirling with me over various Asian boys. I hope you have a great senior year and the SSS you guys deserve!

To Alex Zhong, I will you a junior who plays HQ trivia with you and throws so much shade. Having two classes with you in my last semester was possibly the best thing ever. All those Rettberg roasts and lack of productivity in Drawing and Illustration really fueled my SSS, so thank you. I’m gonna miss you and your love for fish so you better keep in touch! <3

To Aryan Walia, I will you an underclassman with as big a love for avocados as you. My first ever summer internship would not have been survivable without you constantly roasting James and you Netflix (which I still use). I hope you get your check at some point and join the avocado cartel for real. If you ever need to escape from the feds, just message me!

To Meghan Hendrix, I will an underclassman with all the screaming potential. It’s always fun when you come into our room and just scream and rant. I’m always here for any advice you need, just message me! (PS: I will you my roommate!)

To Jessica Oros, I will an underclassmen who will support you through thick and thin. Thank you so much for being there for me this past year and I really wish you were a senior so you could graduate with us. I’m gonna miss our rants, aggressively walking in the main building and most of all, you. I’m so glad I got to know you so well this year and just remember, I’ll always be your senior <3

To Briella Henderson, I will you my roommate. You better take good care of her and make sure boys treat her right!

To Lauren Pickett, I will you an incredible two more years of IMSA. It’s been awesome being in Mandarin with you and the constant roasts. And always remember, 我将永远是你的朋友.

To Ashley Homecgoy, I will you a sophomore who never fails to keep you positive. Thank you so much for all the jokes in Mandarin and always making me feel so much better! You’re gonna have a great time at IMSA and you better message me every now and then and teach me more Mandarin.

To Brandon Young, I will a sophomore with so much positivity. Thank you so much for always shouting “I am a spear” across the building and making me feel better, not matter what kind of day I’m having.

To everyone who I didn’t specifically mention, I will you the best memories of this place and people. Each of you have given me at least one memory that I will remember for the rest of my life and I want each of you to have that as well.

Melissa Mu
To Allen and Bert, I will you both the hairbrush in the HMMT car and any seats that are not the middle seat.

To Marisa and Hannah and Alyssa, I will you the tennis team and I hope you guys have a much more successful season!

Mike Xu
To Jimmy, I will you an unscoopable chin.

To Tommy V., I will you the future of tech society (lol).

To Shubhi, I do not will you my choker.

To Luke (Big Nut), I will you a moderator position on ISMA memes (if other mods agree).

To Max (Lil Nut), I will you Jeff Mangum’s voice.

To Catherine: I will you my passion for graphic design (and the ability to find a passion).

To James Lichtenstein, I will you my looks.

To Jaimie, I will you my hair styling cream.

To Diann, I will you a better barber.

To Owen and Matt S, I will you the future of 04 SCS.

To Owen, I will you a disciple of tea to replace me.

To Ryan T., I will you a sophomore you can call son.

To Jerry Hong, I will you me.

To Nathan Kim, Suchet, and Tommy V, I will you a HiMCM member who isn’t as tank as me.

To Amy Guo, I will you a box of minion-shaped pasta if we haven’t made them yet.

Mishelle Mironov
To Alice and Eva Liu, I will you both underclassmen as amazing as you guys have been to me <3 I hope you have a fun and stress-free senior year because you guys really deserve it! I will miss you both so much in college and will constantly wish you were there to feed me baozi late at night. Alice, I also will a Hall Mural win for next year.

To Gowri Warikoo, I will you to keep your beautiful smile during junior year. You always managed to brighten by day whenever we would talk in the wing and I will for sure miss our awkward handshakes.

To Riley Brutto, I will you a great junior year filled with many memories. I will always remember your warm hugs and our fun conversations, especially at 10 check.

To Lola Alao and Maahum Hamayat, I will you to keep creating art and have fun with Heliotrope next year!

To Abigail Light, I will you an awesome junior year filled with amazing friends and no geometry problem sets :)

To Eden Gorevoy and Koyena De, I will you both a spicy and stress-free senior year!

To Vaishnavi Vanamala, Marisa Patel-O’Connor, Sibil Shibu, and Hannah Grauer, I will you all an amazing senior year and wish you luck on your future endeavors!

Mosopefoluwa Kusoro
To Sam Anozie, I will you our Nigerian flag. Hopefully one day you can will it onto one of your underclassmen as well.

To Nicholas Ramos, Luke Knutson, Andrew Wiedenmann, and Walter Marsh, I will you a great underclassmen. I know you guys will be great seniors and carry on being 04Beasts

To Joseph Bertrand, Jotavius Vandross! I will the ability to get even better waves (if that’s even possible).

To Matthew Halliman, Moses! I will to the ability to dunk next year. I want to see those highlights while I’m in school!

To Lyric Carter, I will to y an even better Harambee next year. I know you have what it takes to make the show 1000x better.

To Dinner Boyz, I will to short lines at Sodexo and even more lit dinners.
To the rest of 04B, Even if you’re in this wing next year or not, I will to you the 04B legacy. I had an amazing senior with this wing, and made memories that would never forget.

To Cassius Harper, I will you the ability to get better Ninja Storm 4. Just kidding bro, I hope you have a lit senior year and an even more lite basketball season.

To Dez Brown, Fernando Gomez, Yamil Barraza, and Neil John, I will you that your own underclassmen hang out with you all the time and make great memories with you. You were all great underclassmen and I can’t what the future has in store for you all

To Tyler Fullilove, Aleah Brown, Jayda Yancey, Cassy Kuissi, Grace Mitchell, Kathy Lopez, and Amayrani Sanchez, I will you all a great senior year. The personalities you all possess is undescribable, and all of you have made my time here at IMSA a lot more enjoyable.

To Femi Durodola, I will you a rocket in your pocket and more fortnite victories.

To Peter Baffoe, I will you some Nigerian Jollof rice.

To Pascal Adhikary, I will you an ability to pass some of your godliness to others.

To Kya Richardson, Olivia Orobor, Jemea Hilmara, Natalie Sanchez, and Abigail Light, I will you all fantastic junior years. You’re all very great and I’ve had the pleasure to spend time with you all here for my last year at IMSA.

To Faris Shaikh, Nathaniel Kim, and Aabshar Ghassi, I will you a thank you, for all the Mod Geo carries.

To 04, I will you a great year next year, and hopefully another Clash Victory.

Mounisha Kovour
To Alice Liu and Eva Liu, I will you an amazing senior year that is stress free. I know that you guys will do a great job next year but make sure you guys take care of yourselves. I will never forget the many late nights but I hope that you guys find sophomores who take care of you the way you guys have taken care of me.

To Marisa, Sibil, Hannah, and Vivi, I will you an amazing quad life. Enjoy yourselves next year and have a great time!

To Koyena and Eden, I will you a senior year filled with many late nights and lots of coffee. Make sure you guys don’t stress yourselves out too much because you should cherish every moment you spend at IMSA. I know that you guys will do great in the future but you need to make sure not to stress out too much! I can’t wait to hear about all the great things you guys do in the future.

To Riley, Michelle, Valynn, Lola, Abby, Bella, Doreen, Gowri, I will you a great junior year. Enjoy your time at IMSA. I am sure you guys will do great things in the future.

To Gowri, I will you a better handshake than the one we currently have. Make sure that you don’t let your shoes hit you this time.

To Ray, I will you a successful junior year filled with a lot of good times. Make sure that you spend a lot of time on your passions and math team but that you also have a good time and enjoy your time at IMSA. Also never change your hair!

To Kanika, I will you a great senior year and a sophomore who gives you great hugs just like you have given me. I hope you find a soph who is as lively as you and is always there to greet you.

To Emily S., I will you a raw potato.

To Breanna and Doreen, I wish you both an amazing junior year. I hope you guys continue to be as lively and as happy as you have been. I love both of your hugs so continue to spread the love.

To Vivi, I will you a less stressed senior year. Please take care of yourself and you will definitely do well next year like you have this year. I want you to know that I will always be there for you to talk and rant (even if its late at night). Also, thanks for all the great memories!

To Shawn, I will you bread so that we never have to steal any ever again.

To Catherine, I will you the title of Martial Arts Club president. This year has been a learning experience for all of us and I can’t wait to see the martial arts club Lunar act next year!

To Charlotte, I will you more energy drinks and late nights. Giff, I hope that you believe in yourself more than you do because you are such a smart and talented person. I have so many great memories with you and I can’t wait to see all the great accomplishments that you will have in the future.

To Saisu, I hope you have a great junior year and that you are just as happy and lively all the time. Never stop being happy!!

To Andrew Du, I will you more sleep! Please don’t take my sleeping habits as an example at all. I know that you will definitely accomplish so much in the future! Also please continue to take care of Eva and Alice for me because I won’t be there to do so.

To Neil John, I will you a better Martial Arts talent show performance next year!

Nabeel Rasheed
To Liana Koleva, I will you an all-expense paid trip to Coffeehaus in exchange for a playdate with your father, Evgeny Kolev. I think one of the things I’m going to miss most at IMSA are our conversations. Anytime we talk, I feel like I’m my old self again (yee fat Nabeel) who has no filter and says horrific things that you should report me for. But hey, I want to thank you for keeping the secrecy and also for keeping me grounded in our classes last semester– ha sike you thought, I’ll never forget the EBE joke presentations, all-nighter lab grinds, and my favorite, the final Zodiac paper. That aside, I hope you keep up the Kombucha addiction, add more pictures to your VSCO, and never stop wearing those glasses because as long as you do, people won’t stop asking me if mine are yours. ;)

To Charlotte Giff (charloot), I will you my son napeel. I have no idea where he is, but if you find him, I’ll will you some Tazo peach tea too. Hey, I’m really glad we started talking this year. You remind me of my strange personality sometimes XD which is a good thing, and you’re pretty talented at everything – maybe not Mario Kart though ;). I also will you a race when I’m in pristine running condition and a headstand challenge when I’m back. We’ll see who’s the true athlete then. Hey also, next year, I want you to will me a photography and drawing lesson because I want to learn how to be artistic, but I still am at the level of a kindergartener right now. Let me know how Omar’s doing then when I return ;)

To Bharath Sreevinas (Bharuf Khola), I will you a private intervis session with anyone – I know who you’ll choose ;). I know I meme with you man XD, but I also look up to you a lot. You have an incredible work ethic, but I respect that you still make time for your friends here, whether it be KATO, the hall for clash, or just your old 04 gang. I also appreciate that you’re someone I can turn to when I need to talk. I won’t ever forget the late-night conversations we’ve had about drama, your back massages, and also our insane co-op on those clash riddles – climate change wasn’t the answer you goof. I hope we can stay good friends after high school. You have a big heart, and I know you’re going to accomplish so much in your life because of that along with your brains.

To Ayush Agrawal, I will you a 5 on the AP BC Calculus Exam – sike you already got that boy. Our table in BC2 was honestly so great man, and I’m glad we started talking more even after Mrs. Dover’s in-class AP problems. This year, your room was like a sanctuary for me. It was really peaceful to just chill there after ten check and talk to you about life. You’re one of the nicest people I’ve met here, and I know your heart is going to serve you well in the future. Never stop smiling bud. Can’t wait to see how much you grow next year.

To Neil John, I will you my JBL Speaker…box. You should really look into buying one man XD. Hey, I’m glad we started talking more this year. Life can be rough, but you’re a resilient guy and you’ve done so much this past year, especially with dancing, and that makes me so proud. I’m going to miss seeing and talking to you in the wing but never stop smiling and flexing those back muscles. Don’t forget to cop me a back massage before I leave ;)

To Aabshar Ghassi, I will you a more attractive fb profile picture. Sike, I’m kidding, I love you. I still think you look like Zayn Malik, no one would disagree, but you got to dress yourself more. When I get back, you better be putting gel in your hair and wearing Gucci top-down. That aside, I really appreciate our conversations man, and I’m going to miss them. You’re literally a genius when it comes to math, and there’s no doubt in my mind that you’re going to go far in life. IMSA’s a rough place but call me if you ever need to talk. I would do anything for my habibi.

To Harsha Nalam and Shvetali Thatte, I will you a passion to continue your career as Chamber Strings violinists. Both of you have made my senior year in orchestra bearable, and I really don’t know how to thank you. I hope you two take my word and never leave Mrs. M’s side because you are the future of this class. Sike.

To Ishan Nikam, I will you a cooler upperclassman to meme around with next year. I’m going to really miss seeing you around C wing next year man. All that screaming during clash drill practice, late-night parties in your room, and also sniper hunts are never going to leave my memories too. Stay true to your humor man. It’s great. I loved the “cool guy” meme. It started our friendship. And even though I’m going to miss saying that (or you know what) in the hallways next year, it warms my heart to see that IMSA has not lost its culture of fun yet because of you habibi.

To Moksh Shah, I will you a friend who you can tell jokes to and won’t report you to the police. Hands down, you’re the only person I’ve met who can say “Want to hear a joke?” and actually make me suffocate of laughter. But that aside, there’s a really warm side to your personality. You have a big heart Moksh, and you’re incredibly resilient as a person too. Even after being pushed down this year, you still continued being you, and I never stopped laughing this year because of that. I leave you then with this game-plan now: keep adding tracks onto that crust playlist–as long as I live, I will be listening to Dbangz–continue spreading the haram memes throughout the western world, and lastly never let go of that sniper, you’re absolutely lethal at what you do;)

To Zayn Ramadass, I will you my salam. You’ve got a bright personality man. You always have a smile on, and you never fail to say something awful when I’m expecting the opposite XD. But never forget our greetings, as I will test you when I return. Kudafas brother.

To Ishar Ganesan, I will you a more good-looking pose to pull off on Instagram. I remember meeting you on Yare during end-game in the beginning of the year. I loved your chill, nonchalant personality and honestly, I’ve never stopped loving it. You’re hilarious man. I’m going to miss our late-night conversations next year, but I really hope you find your place here in the next two years. Call me anytime bud. We can’t lose touch.

To Rustom Ichhaporia, I will you some conditioner and a razor to clean up your dirty face. Na you know I don’t mean that. You’re a beautiful man Rustom, and I’m going to miss hearing your love serenades on the guitar. Never stop playing the violin kamine. I hope to see you as concertmaster of the Chamber Strings Orchestra when I return.

To Namit Padgaonkar, I will you a new buddy to scream my name to. I’m going to miss seeing you around 05 next year man. Out of all our memories, I really valued our vestibule conversations about Doctora. You seem to have a strong interest in Spanish. Keep that up. Also, never lose your cheery personality man, you’re a great friend, and I hope to see you become a strong Maori warrior when I visit your senior year.

To Crust Nations (KATO), I will you a more entertaining group of crusts to hang with next year and over Spring break ;). You guys never fail to make my day. All the stuff I’ve seen has damaged my mental health and has turned me into a sociopath, but you know what, I appreciate that. I can’t wait to see the kind of competitions you hold next year. Remember to be good to Moksh.

To the goddess Samira Cheruku, I will you my son Tokorima. Good meme.

Neil Wary
To Hannah Grauer, I will you an underclassmen that will work harder than you do, and will make your senior year easier. You are so incredibly smart and talented and I am always so amazed by your brilliance. Please relax next year and smell the roses — you deserve it.

To Nathan Lee, I will you an underclassman that is calm, quiet, and will listen to you.

To Sibil Shibu, I will you someone who will look up houses for sale with you.

To Owen Michuda, I will you less time. Alternatively, I will you the ability to find your passions to fill up that time. You are so intelligent and I am excited to see what you do.

To Devika Prasad, I will you an underclassman will scream your name in Chinese every time they see you. I also will you calmness — take time for yourself and enjoy senior year.

To Tommy Neidlen, I will you a senior year filled with teaching kids and robots and teaching even more kids.

To Daniel Lee, I will you an underclassman that seems smaller than you, but is actually the same size as you and will let you borrow their clothes.

To James the percussion man, I will you a CYSO kid to drive you to mid-week rehearsals.

To Megan Lee, I will you an underclassman in need of a jacket. I also will you patience. You still have 2 years here. Make the most of them.

Nicklas Nelson
To Ishaar Ganesan, I will you all my ability in chess, so you don’t have to keep coming to me for help. I will you a room closer to your friends so you can stay overnight in their room without getting their quad door closed. Even though you are the cockiest person on this planet I still love you and hope the basketball team lets your sorry butt back on next year. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your time at IMSA and that you stop worrying so much about everything and instead get some sleep.

To Devika Prasad, Esq. I will you an underclassman to (disgustingly) stick a finger in your mouth during math class and then deny it ever happened. Thanks for making BC with Hasler harder than it needed to be. It was really fun getting Pranesh and Arya to realize they just needed to date already. Have fun next year and don’t forget to relax!

To James Stuedemann, housing in your first priority hall. Even though last year was rough in 07 you and Scott were some of the only people to make it worth. Thanks for all the ugly pictures you let me take of you and for being someone to hang out with after 10 check even though it annoyed George. Remember my snapchat teachings and don’t ruin your chance like you did last time. Keep being a pretty boy and put more product in your hair.

To the tennis boys (Hanson (Pickles), Scott Du, Bert, Owen), a schedule that actually starts when it’s supposed to. Last year was fun, let’s make this one even better.

To the best soccer team IMSA has ever seen (Che, Nafish, Hasan, Gazelle, Breadstick, Sohil, Lucian, Alej, Ethan), a season that comes close to what we had last year, maybe you guys can win TWO regional matches! It was a pleasure being your captain, don’t push Josiah around too much.

To Neil John, someone to watch kpop vids with at night. Thanks for the food and company during those long hours. Keep dancing you beast and good luck with senior year.

To Declan Creaney, a wing mate who brings half as much food that you did. Your mom is the real MVP, thanks for letting all of us eat so good.

To Ayush Agarwal, a math carry so you can start your SSS one semester early. Thanks for helping me and Pranesh survive.

Nikhita Kasana
To Shruti Shakthivel: I will you a sophomore who can brighten your day at the drop of a hat with impromptu snow video shoots and the best conversations. I’m so glad you found a home in D-wing this year because I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every minute you’ve been here and you never fail to bring a smile to my face no matter what’s happening. Your year has been a roller coaster and yet you’ve handled everything with such grace and optimism. I know you’ve come to me for advice, but I truly feel like I learned more from you about how I want to handle my life from those conversations. See you soon, babe.

To Grace Federici: I will you a sophomore who’s guaranteed to be in the wing commons with the weirdest and best ideas to get the party started. I will never forget your pop addiction and your headphones and existential crises laying down on the couch. You’re one of the funniest people I’ve ever met and I’ve never left a D-wing table conversation with you feeling anything less than grateful for the chance to meet you. I hope your next two years can be as bright as the neon lights of the hall decs. Leaving you behind: a hoax?

To Meghana Karan: I will you a gal who will appreciate Mickey Singh’s “Hold Me” just as much as you and I did. I love that we can always talk about home together and you get exactly what I mean, because it’s so hard to find that understanding here. You’re so thoughtful and the deep talks we have about life and our culture and people are ones that I will never forget. I’m so happy you came to IMSA even though it’s grody at times, but I promise I’ll always just be a message away. And on breaks, just a fifteen minute drive ;)

To Aleah Brown: I will you a co that will make your job fun even when it doesn’t look like it’s going to be. Wing guiding with you this year has been amazing and I couldn’t have asked for a better partner in crime to take on D-wing. You never fail to make me laugh and I’m grateful that our meetings with LaDonna end up taking 4 hours because we get to hang out that much more and I love every minute of it!

To 06 D-Wing 2017-2018: I will you my favorite wing in all my time at IMSA. Thank you for making this year an amazing experience. Always being able to come down to the wing commons to such a fun atmosphere, to knock on any door whether it’s just to hang out or to get help and knowing you can count on all 24 members- this year’s wing was amazing and I love you all and I could not be more honoured to be your wing guide. Don’t let the D-wing party die, I expect you all to keep it poppin’ in the years to come.

To Derek Ronske: I will you someone who can make any situation into a fun one. Whether it’s bumping into you in the IRC or in the halls, you always keep me on my toes with your quick wit and you’re one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. Please don’t ever let IMSA take that away from you, as I think you’re one of the most refreshing people I’ve ever met. I know I’m graduating, but we need to go on a date so I can impart that wisdom on you that you’ve been asking for. ;)

To Shaun Bhurgri: I will you the vlogging role on campus. You’re the only person I trust to fill my shoes. Don’t let the haters bring you down. In all seriousness though, you’re always such a fun guy to talk to and I hope you find a great junior to mentor to take on the vlogging craft and make you smile :-)

To Surya Cannon: I will you someone who is a break in the pattern of IMSA. Whether it’s with your interests, your style, your competence, or just the things you say, you’ve always been an an inspiration to me and a reminder that not everyone is the same. You’re a breath of fresh air and honestly just really relieving to talk to, and I hope someone else can be just as good for you.

To Priyanka Sarangabany: I will you… there are too many options. I will you a constant source of light. I will you someone who makes you fall in love with your culture all over again. I will you someone who reminds you that wisdom comes with experience, not age and someone who pushes you to better yourself. I cannot explain to you how much you have helped me to grow these past two years and reassured me that I can take on life no matter where life takes me. Your attitude towards the world and the way it works has changed the way I think. No matter where we both end up, I’ve always got your back. See you soon.

To Kanika Leang: I will you all the positivity in the world. From the moment you set foot on campus, you radiated so much light that I was suspicious somebody could even be as pure-hearted as you, but you’re the real deal. No matter what’s going on in your life you are always there for your friends and even people you don’t know that well, and you genuinely inspire me to above all else, be kind. Take care of yourself, seriously. You deserve ten times the happiness you give everyone else.

To Olivia Shi: I will you a gal to get you through dance team practices, to knock on your door and whisper, “guys, be COOL!” and to be there after every stupid endeavor that is 100% worth the story. I will never forget the first day you came to my room, looking for an upperclassmen you found worthy to guide you in this place- but I can easily say I’ve sought just as much guidance, if not more, from you. You remind me to be human, and I know I can always count on you no matter what happens. Also, you really pushed me to up my aesthetic game when you got here so lowkey the credit for my Instagram feed goes to you. I have so much love for you. I’ll be back for ya babygorl <3

To Madi Mazzorana: I will you someone that will break your heart because you didn’t get to know them sooner. I love that you understand my background and my life in a way that’s so hard to understand here. Even when we were just starting out as friends we’ve been able to count on each other in the hardest of times and that’s how I know you’re the realest, through thick and thin. I hope someone can be that for you, because you deserve it so much. Don’t worry, no matter what, I will keep you updated on every adventure ;) and I can’t wait to hear all about yours.

To Akash Gandhi: I will you only the finest stallions. Someone who can like, turn it up. Someone to make Takis runs two minutes before the pharmacy closes in a foreign country. Okay, all jokes aside, I will you the brightest of futures, because I know you’re going to do great things. You remind me to never take life too seriously and your honesty, though brutal, is actually really refreshing. I’m so grateful that just one week in Poland brought me to meeting someone whose heated floors my future kids will play on. I can’t wait to see your mansion in like 10 years. And we’re still on for that race, don’t think I’m gonna forget.

To Sol Hwangbo: I will you a thousand cases of water bottles. Seriously, thank you for providing our accidental quad with water the entire year. But more importantly, thank you for being the best thing IMSA administration has ever done. Our quad wasn’t planned by us, but it was by fate. Becoming friends with you has made my life so much better. You’re kind, you’re funny, you’re incredibly hard-working, and the most kawaii-desu in 06D up. Take it easy next year, because you’re going great places no matter what. <3

To Amy Guo: I will you someone to bring a fifth member into the quad against your will and insist that they’re real. Please, please throw poupee away. He’s not real. But you know what is real? How much I love you. From the start of the year, with hinting to each other about opening the door, to now, where daily cuddles are a necessity for me or I will die, I’m so happy this quad brought you into my life. Thank you for being one of my biggest supporters and best friends. I just love how authentic you are and how you don’t sacrifice the fun in your life. You stay true to yourself and do your own thing and I’ve never met anyone as unique or as entertaining as you. I don’t really feel like saying goodbye because you’re stuck in my life for good. I love you Amy Goo, thanks for making me your Nikhi Boo.I promise one day you will win an HQ Trivia game and I will come back to celebrate with you.

To Aabha Vyas: I will you 5’1” Gujju hypebeast from Vaperthrill to carry on our lineage. You’re literally one of my favourite people, I’m struggling to write this with you in the room right now because I don’t think words can explain my feels for you habibi. Thank you for being there for every walmart yodelling boy meme I need to show someone. Thank you for always reassuring me after every adventure that even though I’m an idiot, I’m gonna be okay. Thank you for being so funny, and for always making me laugh even if it’s one of those days that feels like nothing is okay. Thank you for understanding the boys with the beards and telling me iA we will find them. Thank you for understanding my life like inside and out, and being one of the only people that gets what home is for us. Speaking of home, thank you for being only 15 minutes away because God (SWT) knows I would probably die if we had to truly be apart. You’re a cutie, Teeth, and bro, I lowkey love you.

To Mikki Rajvanshi: I will you someone to turn the lights off on you while you’re still in the bathroom. And someone to support you on your adventures with TJ after just one week of knowing you. Someone to approach you in the loft, having never spoken before, and asking you to be the girl your parents can trust so that you can go to a foreign country. And I will you someone who, in that foreign country, becomes your other half. My stomach literally hurts when I think about how much time I spent not knowing you. Even though you’re the busiest girl in the world, which I really admire by the way, you’re still an amazing friend to everyone around you and you have so much love to offer. Seeing you smile or laugh or your name pop up on my phone with a meme in the IG dm’s or an “omw” text is one of the highlights of my day. Promise me you will give yourself a break next year because God knows you deserve it. You’ve become a sister to me. I mean seriously, brothel means family, and family means nobody gets left behind. As much as you think you rely on me, I promise I need you 10x more meri jaan. I love you to the moon and back. Never, ever forget I’m by your side no matter how far we end up.

Noble Wulffraat
To Jimmy Ren, I will you someone to eat those really good sausages your mom brings with, someone to cook breakfast foods with, and someone who you can meme their horrible romantic decisions with.

To Grace Wulffraat, I will you all the mistakes I made here so you can avoid them and have the freedom to make your own new ones. All of those will then go on to Leo, who with this collective knowledge of what not to do will conquer this place or something, who knows.

To Nathan Lee, I will you all the kpop you desire and a relationship that gives you all the fulfillment you deserve. You have matured quite a bit in your outlook and that will make all the difference.

To Christian, I will you a less tank co-facilitator.

To Grant Dexter, I will you the fact that the self is a relation which relates itself to its own self, or it is that in the relation that the relation relates itself to its own self; the self is not the relation but that the relation relates itself to its own self. I also will you a sophomore to talk to about the things that we do, they’ll be all the better for it.

To Shubhi, I will you a wonderful year filled with meeting after meeting for the esteemed leadership education and development program where you will work to shape young minds into the leaders of the future, not that you would ever think of missing those meetings or anything.

To Liana and the Spirit of Chakravarthy, I will you econ club. Do with it whatever you wish.

To Daniel Lee, I will you a sophomore to talk about esoteric philosophy with.
I also will you a book of mine, I’ll drop it off if you remind me to.

To Alej, I will you a sophomore to snapchat as you go on adventures.

To Hunter, I will you a spreadsheet that you don’t leave until you are where you want to be. Everything can get easier, but you have to do it every day.

Nyxel Camarena
To Alexa and Denise, I will you a stress free senior year. Although at times you might feel like the workload is too much to bear, be sure to always take a step back and play some banda music. Remember that I am always a call away, ready to help you in whatever you need (even if that means ordering you food to help you out).

To Alma Latina Board, I will you the love and passion needed for the club. Never forget your roots, and always continue to grow.

To Bopo Taiwo, I will you an little sibling as spontaneous as you. Be sure to always surround yourself by those who care for you the most.

To PME Board, I will you Dr. Coleman. Continue to uphold our mission on campus by creating some fun (-ish) programs. Be sure to always look back and know where to grow from.

To Dannie Lee, I will you a junior as great as you. Never stop laughing from the top of your lungs. Although senior year might seem overwhelming at times (and hopefully not to the point of needing a bowl of coffee) , be sure to take a step back every now and then.

To Sam Lazcano and Diana Gonzalez, I will you amazing sophomores. Junior year might be rough, but I know you guys will fight back every time it tries to bite. Be sure to stay in contact, even if it seems like I am a distant memory.

To the 01 A wing underclassmen, I will you the wing. Be sure to take care of it (maybe by cleaning a dish or two). Use the commons more, because you never know what you will learn from those around you.

To Grace Mitchell, Cassy Kussi, and Jolin Zheng I will you a great time in 06. Although I might be very sad you left the nest that you guys are now fully grown. I know that wherever you go your personality will out shine those around you.

To Tag Maxey, I will you roommate as great as you. Never stop making ramen.

To Dan Soto, I will you some patience. I know you might get frustrated at times, but always be sure take a second and relax.

To Jayda Yancey. I will you no work. Have fun senior year and relax, you deserve it 5 times over.

To Dez and Fern, I will you a night filled of Fortnite (or whatever game you guys are always playing). Be sure to annoy everyone to death next year, because as much as it might seem like they don’t enjoy they secretly do.

To Nallely Ramirez, I will you pan dulce and horchata. Although I might be last person you think of that will give you a will, always remember that to me you are still one of my kids.

Parth Dhyani
To Trisha and Meghan, I will you Club Terra, but also something far more important. I will you my passion for the environment. I can’t believe that I’m about to leave Club Terra, but I know that I’m leaving it in passionate and careful hands. Thank you for all of your hard work in Club Terra, and the lasting memories we’ve made. Trisha, I will you the confidence to allow both Club Terra and the Green Ambassador program to flourish. Meghan, I will you the creativity to design new programs and events (and maybe even a plant dance!). You’re both going to do amazing things in your life, and I can’t wait to see Club Terra’s bright future. I hope our paths cross again, and please know that no matter where I am or what’s going on, I’m only a message away.

To Hope, Krishna, and Briella, I will you Club Terra board. I can never thank you enough for your dedication to Club Terra, and its mission. You are all so passionate about the environment, and so driven to make a change. Next year, I know you’ll help Club Terra grow, but I also know that you’ll continue doing amazing things long into the future. Your initiative impresses me every time we meet, and I hope you’ll keep impressing me next year.

To the Green Ambassadors, I will you ambition. Don’t be afraid to do big things because you’re afraid of failure. I know this year got off to a slow start, but I’m convinced by your dedication and passion that the program will continue to grow year after year.

To Shubhi, I will you Science Olympiad. You’re so bright and bring so much fun to the team. I know that not only will you lead the team to success, but you’ll also bring spirit to the team. I’ll miss your excitement and positive energy, but I’ll know that you’ll do great things. Keep in touch!

To Joanna, I will you great Acronym articles. Never give up, because you’re an amazing person.

To Jessica and Mia, I will you the Ecology SIR at the Morton Arboretum and endless food from the Ginkgo Cafe.

To Lily and Eunice, I will you ChemClub. I know you’ll be able to do more with it than I ever could.

To Alyssa, I will you a sophomore stand partner in band that will help you get through band for the next two years. You’re an amazing trumpet player, so never stop playing your instrument.

Patrick Pynadath
To Kanika Leang I will you Andrew Adams clipboard that Heena willed to me last year. Words can’t describe the potential I see in you when it comes to making people’s days better — you always know what to say at the right times, and beyond that you always care enough to make an effort to make the people around you happy. You’re without a doubt one of the kindest people I’ve ever come across, and you’ve only continued to become even more of an amazing person as time has gone on. This has nothing to do with any position you have: I’m willing you this because of the person you are and what I know you’re going to accomplish in the future. When I lost a position last year on LEAD, I went through a phase of self doubt because I thought I had failed the people around me when the truth was that they couldn’t be prouder of the person I was. “You are in an unprecedented position to make a real change on campus – to unify it, to reinvigorate it, to let people care. You’ll never do the things you can – the things that I expect of you – without being uncommonly organized.” These are the words that have been passed down for the past three years, and I know for a fact that all of these apply to you. Regardless of what happens during Senior year, always remember that the potential you have to do amazing things is in you, not any position, college, GPA, or test score.

To Jimmy Ren, I’m not going to will you anything because after all you’ve done for me, I feel as if I owe you a much more than a will can ever give. So instead, I’m going to write the things I owe you. I owe you deodorant because you smelled bad at the beginning of the year. I owe you a trip to the mall so we can pick better clothes for you. I owe you several games of Roblox for all the times I messed up your KDR. I owe you two pizzas for when you ordered food for me in December after you found me in tears by the senior U-bench. And lastly, I owe you a lifetime of support because that’s what you’ve given me for the past two years at IMSA. You are such a caring and fun friend, it’s hard to imagine a world where I won’t be able to sneak into your food and steal food from the second drawer in your desk. From the worst of times to the best of times, you were always there as someone I could depend on. Maybe times are changing: maybe I won’t always be able to walk up to you and pinch your cheeks, but even though we won’t be on the same campus, always know that I’m just a facetime away whenever you need someone to lean on.

To Shubhi Verma, I will you my “Don’t think about college” Spotify playlist. While at first it started out as a way to distract myself from the stress of college apps first semester, it grew to become my escape from the real world. Whenever I needed to take a step back from situations and approach it from a new perspective, I would just pop in some earbuds and relax for 30 minutes. Shubhi, you’re one of the most driven, motivated, and open people I’ve met, but beyond that you’re dependable — you’ve always been there for me during some of my roughest times, and I can’t thank you enough for that. So instead I’m going to leave you with some advice: senior year will be simultaneously the best and worst year at IMSA, with your time on this campus coming to an end. But just remember that regardless of how tough, lonely, or neverending IMSA may seem, taking a step back, listening to some dope music, and looking at the bigger picture helps more than you think.

To Sohil (Swolehill) Reddy, I will you a chill junior to always be available on a weekend night for a chill conversation. Even though we don’t talk all the time, I haven’t had as many conversations that I’ve enjoyed as much as the ones I’ve had with you. You are one of the most open and pure people I know, and I don’t want you to ever lose that aspect of your personality. Keep on drinking lots of water, warming up nasty chicken patties, playing Roblox on your L-bed, and being the chill dude you are.

To Ayush Agrawal, I will you deluxe senior privs — the ability to go around taking your underclassmen food after 10 check. On behalf of all the food I’ve stolen from you and time I’ve wasted forcing you to help me on my homework, you deserve an amazing SSS with a team of juniors to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

To Derek Ronske, I will you a friend who will actually finish the movies we start watching together and be quieter in the IRC. Whenever I see you, I know you’ll always give me an amazing hug. I wish we could have actually finished the movies we said we would, finish video chatting all the “interesting” people we wanted to, but I appreciate everything you’ve done for me this past year.

To Rustom Ichaporia, I will you a visit to my dorm at Northwestern sometime next year so that we can have another philosophical debate. I know that you always seem doubtful of the progress you make, but believe me when I say that I’ve seen you grow during your sophomore year a lot. The fear of impermanence of everything in your life is something that can be crippling, but please remember that the bonds you’ve made over the past year don’t have to be temporary. As sign of this, I will you one free visit to my room at Northwestern — it’d be easier if I visited you at IMSA.

To Catherine Luo, I will you a crusty junior to always cheer you up when your down. You’ve grown so much since I started talking to you sophomore year, and I’m blown away by your work ethic. Despite how much you beat yourself up, you’re an amazing person who has their life together a lot more than you think, and I look up to your determination. Don’t ever convince yourself that you’re being too needy: your friends are there for a reason, and we all want you to know how amazing of a person you are. As much as you say otherwise, you’ve helped me out as much as I’ve helped you out. No matter how tough IMSA gets, never forget to be confident in yourself.

To Teja Guntupalli, I will you underclassmen that will brag about beating you in wrestling all the time. I will you a junior that will never stop trash talking you even when it is clear they have absolutely no chance. It’s always refreshing to hear your shrill voice screech out of nowhere as you struggle to think of a good roast because it gives me something to feel better about myself. In all seriousness, you’ve been such a fun junior to mess around with, from Mock Trial food trips to unfinished wrestling matches. Junior year was a very stressful time with a lot of different obligations pulling you in different directions, but you somehow managed to keep your sense of fun and adventure alive, which is something I deeply respect. Regardless of how intense senior year gets, you’ll always be surrounded by underclassmen who will light up your day. I won’t forget the times that we’ve had, and you always know who to call when your ready to lose.

To Sol Hwangbo, I will you the ability to beat your highscore on random iPhone games every time you play them. I know it seems cheesy, but that’s pretty similar to how I’ve seen you progress through your IMSA career: you’ve always taken every chance to improve yourself, consistently proving that you’re always at your peak. I remember how shy you were at the beginning of every LEAD class last year, and it blows me away how much you’ve transformed into a leader within the span of two years. As much as sophomore year and junior year changed me, I honestly think that Senior year is the most transformative year. When you go into your senior year, I want you to have the confidence to continue to take risks and push yourself to better because I’ve seen you do it for the past two years and I can’t wait to see what you will accomplish in the future.

To Amy Guo, I will you a spring fling date who is into Drake just as much as I am. You are one of the strangest — and most enjoyable — people I’ve met at IMSA, and I enjoy talking to you so much because you are always down to do something fun, whether it is eating a bunch of chicken nuggets to making minion memes. You’re a kindhearted person who is so easy to approach and start talking to, and honestly I can’t wait to see how amazing of a senior you are next year.

To Hannah Grauer, I will you a carry that will actually carry you SSS. Even though I always say I’m going to start the computational homework but I never do, study for the MVC quiz but end up forgetting about it on the day, you somehow manage to keep me in check and remind SSS Patrick of the homework he has to. All the late nights spent on computational, MVC, MCB, and God knows what other hard class your in right now will pay off. I hope you find someone that is as enthusiastic as about your “I love Hannah” gear as you are and someone who is as on top of their tasks as you are. I can’t wait to see how far you go, lmk if you enjoy SSS as much as I have.

To Neil John. I will you the 5 dollars I still owe you from the first semester of my junior year. Buddy. Pal. Homeslice. From seeing all sorts of things that I bet you didn’t see to watching me do dumb stuff, you’ve been there for a lot of stuff. You’re a very excitable person — I know this because during pep rally you broke my glasses after getting to hyped. Regardless of the personal damage, your ability to be so excited and passionate about what you care about is what makes you so fun to hang around. From all the wild memories of weekend fun, you’ve made 05 an amazing hall to spend my senior year in and I know you’re going to be an amazing senior for all the underclassmen who are going to look up to you.

To Hunter and Jay, my two LEAD Co’s, I will you the ability to do what I never could have done and pursue what I care about, regardless of what that is. Don’t let anyone else’s optimism or cynicism distract you from the fact that you have agency over your IMSA career. I could write more, but after facilitating with me for a year, I’m sure both of you know that I see a lot of potential in both you that extends past the LEAD program. Watching both of you grow this year has been one of the highlights of my tuesday nights, and honestly I wouldn’t want to facilitate my last LEAD modules with anyone else.

To John Woods, I will you perseverance. I know Junior year was a tough time, and that you had a lot of trouble balancing all your commitments while keeping yourself happy, but you have to push through if you want to put yourself in a position to enjoy the benefits of your hard work. I know I may have been harsh on you for the past two years as a debate partner, but that’s only because I’ve seen how talented and intelligent you are, and all I want is for you to realize how much potential you have. You had a lot of responsibilities this past year, you’re going to have even more this year, but I know you have what it takes to push through in all aspects of your life and succeed. All you have to do is not give up.

To 05C Upquad (Allen, Scott, Renzo, Joshua, Andy, Bert), I will you a junior quad to make your SSS memorable. From late nights begging Allen for help on MVC to working on clash with Josh and Renzo to spilling mop water all over Scott to mooching free pizza, I can’t think of a time when I’ve been in your quad and bored. During some of the hardest times in first semester, your quad was a place I could get away from the stress of college and just screw around for a while. IMSA has a reputation for taking away people’s sources of fun: I’ve heard too many people talk about things that they enjoy that IMSA made them give up, but all I need to do is visit your quad to convince myself that no one is forced to give up anything they enjoy at IMSA. Don’t give up your creativity, your passion, and your drive to good around for hours on end. I’m not telling you to completely give up school — I’m just telling you to remember to enjoy your life.

To Mock Trial Peeps, One of my biggest regrets at IMSA is not being as intense about what I cared about because I diluted my energy on stuff I didn’t want to do but forced myself to do anyway. Yes, we aren’t much compared to other Mock Trial teams — but also keep in mind that they all have a lawyer coach, while all you had was a stressed and burnt out Senior trying his best to keep on caring. IMSA Mock Trial is special not because of the results, but how we get the results. There were times I thought I didn’t have the resources at my disposal to actually put together a decent team, yet, time and time again, you all proved me wrong. You showed me the potential IMSA Mock Trial holds for years to come, and I will you the determination to pursue this potential, regardless of how hard it gets.

Peyton Shafer
To Jess, I will all of my stories and a great senior year where you will make a difference on campus and trust me, find happiness.

To my sophomores in my wing, I will a stress-free junior year, and confidence to be your lovely selves.

Pranav Reddy
To Luke Knutson, I will you Clash 2019, make it your best clash Movie Master and Butterfly Feeder. More importantly, I will you the confidence to shoot for your dreams. Don’t let anything hold you back man, look to the future. I’m also willing you the 04 T shirt posters, take care of them and make sure someone deserving of them gets them when you write your wills.

To Jimmy Ren, I wish there was something I could possibly will you that you didn’t already have. Keep going and you’ll go so far Jimmy. Separately I’m giving you the B, I hope you understand what it means to me and what it means for me to be giving it to you.

To James Lichtenstein, I will you the happiness and confidence that you deserve in your life. You’ve always been there for me and I’ll never forget that man.

To Leon Li, I will you the important task of being 04’s resident artist (you’re good at drawing). I also will you the ability to stand up for yourself (if that’s even possible).

To Dinky, I will you a fun senior year. You always took everything like a man and by far surprised me the most out of your quad. And about that confidence, it’s there inside of you, find it.

To Jimmy, James, Leon, and Dinky, I hope I can will you 1504 DDQ. You guys carry the responsibility of a wing and by that extension a bit of the hall. Keep D wing a first-place wing and make 04 proud again.

To Nathan Kim, I will you a non-stressful senior year, I know you’re going to stress yourself out anyway but at least try for my sake to have some fun. You’re honest to god one of the smartest people I know but I don’t think you need me to tell you that.

To Alex Zhong, I will your success and happiness in 01. I’ve never seen someone with so many friends in so many places. I also will you a FUN senior year, I’m begging you to take some time to relax for once.

To Alej Curtis, I will you the ability to focus. You know what you have to do Alej, you just need to focus and do it. I’ve rarely seen a sophomore more caring for the people around him and still have the ability to stand up for himself.

To Nishant (you thought I was going to spell out your last name), I will you something that will make you smile.

To Ryan Talusan, I will you some sophs to bully you (I’m just kidding). Either way you were a great Sophomore, Secret Agent, and Dance God.

To Ian Fowler, I will you someone new to give you advice and forever interesting conversations. I also will you a little sibling you can also completely disregard.

To Diann Moon, I will you all the happy moments you’ve ever given to me. You never fail to make me laugh or at the least smile. I also wish you success on your future business endeavors (That bubble tea better be good).

Pranesh Ravichandran
To Teja, I will you an underclassman that you see yourself in. You’re a great guy and I know IMSA is just the beginning for you. Be smart next year but enjoy yourself. Slow down and find ways to relax.

To Devika, I will you an underclassman to pinch your cheeks. Thanks for being my lawyer because who knows where I would be without you. Next year will pass fast so remember to slow down and relish every moment. Also, I’m always willing to be your lawyer so hmu whenever.

To Diann, I will you an underclassman to teach you random lingo. Keep in touch babes.

To Josh, I will you an underclassman to carry Clash. What you did for 05 will never be forgotten. You’ll get it next year for me, right? I’m so glad you came to 05C because I cannot imagine this year without you. Also, don’t forget to add a little love to next year because people are really missing out on Romantic Josh. Sing and play your way into their hearts bud.

To Ayush, I will you an underclassman to carry you. Without you, IMSA Math would have been completely different. Really different. But, seriously, you’ve allowed me to become lazier so I thank you for that. In addition, I truly hope you enjoy living in 04 next year. Just remember your roots, will ya? Also, get into the love scene – you-know-who has been waiting for ya.

To Neil, I will you an underclassman to show you what passion is. Whatever you do, you put your complete heart into it and that’s amazing. You’ve really inspired me and I hope you understand that you are a huge part of the future of 05. Win us that trophy next year, will ya?

To Barry, I will you an underclassman to show you what persistence is. She’ll come around bud. Also, I know I trouble you for going to 04 but I seriously hope you enjoy your next year!

To Allen, I will you an underclassman to one-up you every day. Seriously, whenever I get a good feeling about something in Math, you always were sure to show me you could do it better. So, I hope you find someone that can show you up but also is a huge help whenever you need them, in whatever subject you need. Also, stop being single. Get yourself a girl.

To Sibil, I will you an underclassman whose smile brightens your day every time you see them. Your positivity and hardworking attitude is out of this world and I’m fortunate to say I was a witness of it. Keep that up and remember to have fun next year.

To Faris, I will you an underclassman that you can dominate in basketball. I know I pounded you on the court every time we played but I’m sure you can get better if you put in a little more work. I just wanted to let you know that basketball with you was so much fun and I regret not playing with you senior year a lot. Get us that state championship next year, will ya?

To Cash, I will you an underclassman that surprises you every time you see him. You never fail to make me laugh or surprise me with what you’re up to. Keep that up and enjoy your last year in this place.

To 05C UpHex (Scott, Renzo, Andy, Bert, Josh, Allen), I will you a hex that is as talented as you guys are. I cannot imagine having any other group of kids above me that constantly shock me. You guys are crazy. Please, never change.

To Matt, I will you a Tamil underclassman. Also, please bring back your grandpa character for Diwali next year. That was easily my favorite character.

To Habitat Underclassmen (Owen, Diann, Madi, Abby, Kathy, Eunice, Emily), I will you a group as fun as you guys. Have fun next year but don’t forget us. We’ll be there with you in spirit. Also, never forget how good we were at Plopping because we were damn good.

To Ishan, I will you an underclassman as cute as you. Everything you say makes me laugh and I promise you we will finally hang out sometime soon. I’m so happy you got placed into C wing and I hope that you find another upperclassman you can talk about love with because I sure enjoyed your outlooks.

To Moksh, I will you a crazy underclassman. Seriously, you are out of this world. The things you say and do always amazes me. However, that is why I enjoy you so much. Make sure you stay this way all three years but do add in a little bit of love to your life.

To Luke, I will you an underclassman as jumpy as you. Your energy is off the charts and it really spreads to the people around you. So, just being in your presence is a blessing for many. Enjoy your last two years bud.

To ISA (Sibil, Teja, Faris, Pratibha, Nafay, Ishan), I will you the experiences ISA gave me. Take care of this club please. It means a lot to a lot of people and I hope you slowly understand that. Listen to your presidents because they are going to lead you to a great year. I’ll be watching you every step of the way and supporting you guys. Also, never ever forget to put a Tamil song at any and every event you hold for me. That is all I ask.

Priya Kumar
To Anisha Sharma, I will you an amazing second semester senior year. Anisha, you’re such a sweet person, with such a big heart. You’re beautiful, good-tempered, and always so much fun to talk to. And it’s important that you know that, and make sure to speak up! I know the past 2 years have been stressful, and right now, especially, it must feel like you’ll never be done. But I promise, you’re in the home stretch, and in a few months, you’ll be right where I am. Please remember that I’ll always keep you in my heart, and I’m just a message (and a train ride) away from anything you need, whether it be to rant about a certain boy’s messages, to proofreading your college essays, or to just talk. And so, Anisha, my wonderful junior, I will you a stress-free, homework-free SSS, but even more than that, I will you the ability to assert yourself and reach your full potential.

To Grace Sleyko, I will you an underclassman who makes you laugh. You were the first sophomore I talked to junior year, and I still remember how much fun you were. You’re such a bold, loud, and confident individual. You always know the right thing to say and without fail, my conversations with you always end in a good note. You never fail to make me laugh. I am going to miss you so much in college. You’re truly going to do so much in life, and I am so excited to see everything you accomplish, senior year and beyond. You are such a gorgeous human being, both inside and out. And so, I will you, an underclassman who never fails to make you laugh.

To Nayonika Roy, I will you the best senior year possible. Oh Nanouk. You are one of the juniors I talk to most, and I am so thankful for that fact <3. Our conversations are something I look forward to all the time. I look at you almost like a younger sister, and remember that I’ll always be here for advice or just a conversation. I’ll always remember your advice with my boy troubles and I’ll hit you up with college boy troubles too. I’m always here, so remember to reach out for help with college, boys and just to remind me of everything I love about IMSA. And so, Nanouk, my beloved junior, I will you a wonderful senior year, without stress, with a great boyfriend who treats you right, and, of course, having to choose between amazing colleges after April 1st.

To Ashley Tin, I will you an amazing senior year. Ashley, my child <3. I love you so much. I didn’t know you junior year, and I wish I did. You are such an amazing, witty and beautiful girl, and getting to know you this year has been one of the best things I’ve done. You, like so many of the other juniors, seem stressed and burdened with homework. But remember, that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. And I can’t wait to see what you achieve next year. You’re going to be amazing Ashley, and if you just trust yourself some more, you’ll do great things. Sometimes, falling down is worth the climb up, and some independence is a good thing. And so, I will you, the a stress free senior year, with room to make plenty mistakes and climb higher than you’ve gone. And always remember, that if you, ever need anything, I’m right here.

To Megan Lee, I will you a passion. You’re so sweet Megan. Our random, after 10 check conversations have always been the highlight of my night, and you are such a fun person to interact with. You have so much potential and beyond doubt are one of the brightest people I know. Right now, sophomore year, it’s okay to not know what you want to do. But, it’s also important to explore yourself and reach out for opportunities in the next couple years. And, always remember, that I’m always here, for a piece of advice, a conversation or just to tell a funny joke to. And so, my amazing sophomore, I will you a passion. A passion for orthodontics, a passion of the arts, anything. I hope that in the next few years you find something you’re great at, because I know that you have the ability to be amazing, and everything will feel effortless once you find it.

To Shikha Adhikari, I will you a senior who will never fail to wave at you. I know that I’ve failed to do so, but remember that your smiling face will be something I miss most in college, and don’t forget to reach out and wave to me in the future, because I most certainly will wave back.

To Lauren Crowe, I will you confidence. We’re so similar. But, remember, that you need to believe in yourself. You are so capable and beautiful and over the next few years.

To Cait and Ashley, I will you an amazing roommate relationship. You two are so cute and never fail to impress me. You both are so small with personalities as big as the ocean and remind me, unfailingly of me and my roommate. Remember, that the next few years are going to be hard, stressful and you may feel like you want to give up. But, your roommate is your source of support. May you always be each others best friends.

To Chakravarthy Vardarajan, I will you the ability to overcome all obstacles and reach higher than anyone else. I miss you so much Chak. Seeing you made my day, and you unfailingly made me feel happy. One of my best memories of senior year, is you making fun of my major, and me laughing uncontrollably. You have such high ambitions, and I have no doubt that you will achieve all the goals you set for yourself. Remember, that no matter where you are, and where you’re going, you are loved by so many people. I will always remember you, and I hope that you keep me in mind whenever you need anything.

Radeesha Jayewickreme
To Faith George, I will you a sophomore whose wardrobe you can climb on. I remember when I met you on move in day. Probably far too excited, I took up space in your room as I told you how to position your beds in an L shape (incorrectly, I might add.) I was very, very overbearing and oversharing those first couple days at IMSA, but thank you for making me feel like I was doing okay as your wing guide. I won’t forget the time I climbed up onto the wardrobe to scare you or all the times I awkwardly asked you how your day was after check. I will you a sophomore next year who will do the same, and many more opportunities to be pranked.

To Sibil Shibu, I will you an OOP carry. Sibilia! You were truy one of the lights of my junior year. Thanks for sitting on MelMu’s and my floor and always leaving promptly at 11:29. I hope you’ve gotten over that by now. You always showed up to wing events and I can not tell you how much I appreciated that. I’m so proud of you for being the hardworking, smart, beautiful, and kind person you are today. I know I made fun of you for pronouncing “Abu” as “Abhi,” and got fake mad every time you just responded “good” when I asked how your day was. But I will you many men to flock over you (I seem to remember a particular man hmmMMMmm…) and someone to carry through whatever OOP-like class you decide to suffer through in the future.

To Joy Taylor, I will you an underclassmen who makes popcorn. My first memory of you, Joy, is you coming late to sophomore move in! But that’s okay. I’ve so enjoyed all the times you’ve made the wing smell like popcorn or walked around in your green onesie that is absolutely adorable. You’re so intelligent and I will you someone to help you with your future version of OOP! I also will you an underclassmen who will share their ice cream and always have a little conversation with you whenever you walk into the wing.

To Joanna Lee, I will you lots of banana milk. Let me start with I miss you. I miss the times you came over to rant, the compliments you so kindly gave Melissa and me, and so much more. Joanna, you are so, so, so hardworking. Thank you for showing me how much I love chemistry the one time you asked me for help last semester. Thank you for coming to wing events and letting me make fun of you for random boys. I will you someone to teach you how kind someone could be if they just have their heart in the right place.

To Miriam Franks, I will you a sophomore who makes you feel appreciated. I think I felt most purposeful when you came to me as your wing guide. I felt like I could actually help someone and I really appreciate how open you were with me last year. You stress out so much, Miriam, and I hope you find someone to help balance that out. Thanks for letting us all break in room in your room that one weekend night during move in and good luck with everything <3

To Aleah Brown, I will you and underclassman you can trust. I miss you a ton. At the end of last year, we were on the cusp of getting a lot closer, but, as time does, it screwed us over and we now live on opposite sides of campus. I wish I could be there for you, a close friend of yours, someone you could trust. I will you an underclassman who, on one of your worst days, can come to an event or come chill in your room, or give you cornrows and make you think that everything will turn out okay. I wish you all the best and more in everything you do, Aleah. Remember how strong, kind, and wonderful you are.

To Tyler Fullilove, I will you a headache free year. Tyler! You taught me how to say “I love you” to people without being so incredibly awkward. You’re so smart, passionate, and beautiful, and were truly one of the lights in our wing last year. I will you friends who let you be 100% who you are. At IMSA, it gets easy to forget where the ground is and I hope you find (you have found them, but more is always good!) people who can support you. Good luck with everything.

To Sam Lazcano, I will you a Spanish class to sit in on. Befa! I’m really glad we’ve started talking a little more this year. You’re so intelligent and have a lot of grit. I promise you– that’ll go a long way. Thank you for having the BEAUTIFUL water bottle you have and making fun of lots of people in the wing and everything in between. I’m so sorry that we did not reach out to you much in the beginning of the year and I will you upperclassmen who invite you to their room every night and get to know you better than you know yourself. You’re amazing and gonna do great things. Thank you for being a part of my life this year AMIGI. Eres SUPER COOL!!!

To Jolin Zheng, I will you a junior in your new wing who makes you feel welcome. You are truly one of the kindest, most genuine people I have ever met. I wish I had spent more time with you this year and gotten to know you better this year, because you are definitely worth knowing. As you enter your senior year, I will you someone who will give you face masks, tell you tea, and make you rethink how you interact with the world. Keep being amazing, Jolin. The universe will pay you back.

To Cassy Kuissi, I will you your own sweatshirt. Hey, whose sweatshirt is that? In all honesty, I will you someone who always asks how you are and all the Jergens in the world to keep your skin glowing. I will you lots of rest senior year and people who make you feel as welcome in whatever hall you live in as you made me feel in 01. AND I will you more mens and their sweatshirts ;)

To Vinay, I will you a wonderful year on StudCo. VINAYNAY! I’ve said this for everyone, but I really really wish I had gotten to know you better throughout my IMSA career. You’re so sweet, funny, and intelligent. I’ve loved all the talks we’ve had and getting to see you grow as a thinker. I hope that everything works out with transition, but even if it doesn’t, make sure to take the time to appreciate what you get to do on StudCo. You are in the unique position where you can actually have an impact on the people around you. Keep digging– learn what people’s pain points are. But along the way, remember why we do project work. Last year, Evan told me to be there for others, and I hope you do the same. I’m so proud of you for getting closer to the other StudCo kids this year and believe in you to continue to make everyone feel welcome and help everyone get involved. I will you a sophomore in your simulation group next year who forgets his laptop and wears slides with no socks. He’ll be a tad annoying the entire time but then he’ll talk about how important it is to keep the students in mind with every project. I will you a box of Dick Blick markers and a game of Clue with unclear rules. I will you sibling study hours and meetings with Tiana. I will you a partner for StudCo drill who you almost kiss and who is just as incapable of dancing as you are. Thank you for showing me what it means to work hard and good luck with everything next year. You’re gonna do great things. Don’t forget to stop and appreciate what you have along the way. If you ever need anything, I’ll be here.

To Gloria Huang, I will you a voice. Gloria, you are so intelligent and while I never got to know you super well outside of StudCo, every time you spoke, I couldn’t help but stop and think about what you were saying. You have such incredible insight and I can only hope to think as complexly as you one day. I will you fun writing center adventures and hope you speak up more next year, because StudCo, IMSA, and so many more deserve to hear what you have to say. Good luck with anything next year, and never hesitate to reach out.

To Kaushal, I will you IMSA parents. PAC Man! I still remember that first mind-mapping activity we did where we focused a lot on parental stress and wow, you’ve grown a lot in the last year. I will you a junior to help with club stuff and who is as passionate about PAC as you are. You worked so incredibly hard on StudCo this year and as a newer member, that takes a lot of grit. I will you the senior banquet dance floor and many meetings with the CALs. I hope you have a wonderful senior year and I’m only a message away.

To Surya, I will you enunciation. I feel like I know you a little better because of your Finsta, but there’s still so much to Surya that I haven’t met. I regret this a lot, especially because this year, I got to gain some insight into how you approach mental health. I will you a wonderful MHI Week, where you get to explore new avenues and activities. I will you an actual MH Forum where you can engage the student body in a conversation about mental health. I will you the ability to enunciate a little more so people can understand all the beautiful things you say. I will you a shaved head that one day you wear proudly, as well as lots of cool looking shoes that I would never be able to pull off. You’re a pretty good writer, so if you ever need to, feel free to shoot me a message. Have an amazing senior year <3

To Alex Zhong, I will you a home in 01. SAL!!! You always give wonderful hugs and I’ve appreciated all the moments you come up to me in the hallway seeking pockets of advice or for a short conversation. Whatever you decide to pursue next year, I know you will do great things. I will you the ability to see how wonderful you are. Despite whatever your parents say or what you think, the rest of the world sees how caring and passionate you are. I will you the ability to think about what would be best for you. It can be easy to fall prey to doing whatever other people tell you to do, but it’s time for you to take that into your own hands. I have so much faith in you and your future and really regret not getting to know you better at IMSA. I wish you all the best in your senior year and beyond.

To Ray & Sophie, I will you a happy junior year. Aww sophomores! You two have grown so so so much in the last year and I could not be more proud. I’m honestly dumbstruck every time you speak with such clarity and clearly think with scrutiny and a critical eye. I will you the ability to speak your minds (respectfully, of course) and not worry about what others will think. If you have things to say, say them. That’s important. I will you the ability to see how wonderful you both are. You are so incredibly intelligent (trust me) and I really want you to see that. It’s easy to not think that, I know, but embrace how wonderful you both are. And remember– take care of each other and your peers. That’s what IMSA is all about.

To Abigail, I will you the Allies journal. It was really fun getting to know you a tad better on Allies this year! Allies means so so much to me and I love teaching and the little feeling I get every time a student finally understands something. Something tells me you love that feeling too. In whatever you do, I will you the ability to look for that passion. Look for that feeling. If you don’t feel it, then maybe it isn’t the right activity. But if you do, run wild with it. Chase it. That feeling isn’t found easily, so be sure to take advantage of it. I wish you all the best in your senior year and beyond and am excited to see what amazing things you do!

To Tommy Neidlein, I will you a functioning action registry. ALLIES WEBSITE!!! The first time I met your parents, Tommy, I loved them. They were so kind (so suburban) and seemed to like me, which is a plus! Then I met you at the regional picnic when your parents forced you to say hi. And finally, we got to know each other a little better in Allies. I’ll never forget your computer constantly freezing mid video chat or the times we joined random groups. I will you the ability to say no and remember what matters most to you. I can tell how passionate you are about the things you do, and hope you grow in your understanding of how to fulfill all of that while still having fun and being able to relax. You deserve to have a great SSS and senior year, so I will you that as well. You’re gonna do great things and I am so excited to see what all of those wonderful things are.
To Megan Lee, I will you recruitment and retention. Wait who are you again? Allies? Huh? I will you the ability to kick Charlie off of board and a new sophomore rep who doesn’t know how to use Facebook and doesn’t bring her laptop to the first meeting. I wish I could’ve gotten to know you better this year! You’re so sweet and smart and I hope you find a sophomore who stays in Allies after the cockroach lesson. I can’t express how much Allies means to me and I am glad that you worked so hard to help keep people in the program this year. I wish you all the best in the rest of your IMSA career. Keep in touch!

To Annie Xu, I will you math carries. Ah, my little number theory carry! I will you a junior to hall hop with you looking for the answers to a problem set who is kind of asleep every day in class but still understands what is going on a lot more than you do. I will you a Gunwati who can keep you in check and make you forget about senioritis for a little bit. Thank you for being so incredibly kind and I wish I could know you a little better. I also will you the ability to look back and remember how wonderful you are. You, Annie, are intelligent, kind, and so beautiful. Remember that. Carry that with you. You definitely brightened my day on more than one occasion, and the world deserves that. Good luck with everything and please do not hesitate to reach out.

Rebecca Xun
To Vinay Tummarakota, I will you some email writing abilities. Just kidding. I will you a Sophomore at-Large who keeps you accountable, who speaks earnestly from a student perspective, who isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty with surveys. I hope someone equally passionate but more big-picture will be there to level you out when you get too detail-oriented. Never lose that side of you that is so sweet and funny. I won’t be there to tell you to “shut UP, Vinay,” so I hope that you’ve learned to be wise with when to speak and how to word your thoughts. It’s been a pleasure seeing you grow as a person and a StudCo member (and a man), and I know that we’re leaving StudCo in good hands. I love you so much, I’m so proud of you, I will miss you very, very, very dearly.

To Surya Cannon, I will you my copy of Adrienne Rich’s The Fact of a Doorframe. We just narrowly missed each other in our personal lives, I think, but I’m glad I got to know you professionally through StudCo. One of my favorite quotes from Rich is that “A thinking woman sleeps with monsters,” and you think deeply and often. I hope that you temper, tame, and manipulate any of the negativity, chaos, and unruliness to your advantage next year — because not only are you incredibly gifted with words, I think you are with people. You are an incredibly nuanced and deep thinker, and I hope you continue to cultivate that next year alongside Vinay in StudCo — you have always brought a different side, a different voice, and I hope you will amplify others’ voices as well as you speak.

To Gloria Huang, I will you strength as you leave Darius…just kidding. I will you a junior who is devoted and driven like you are, someone who can make you question a belief with one question. I will you level-headedness and power to make it through the rest of senior year — I know you have a solid group of friends. I hope that as many big deep talks that you may have over the years, you will have as many small, seemingly meaningless goof-offs and chats over the years. Keep an eye out on this institution, be critical (like you’ve been before), be diplomatic. I wish you luck this next year on StudCo.

To Kaushal Gumpula, I will you my piggy bank. It will be tempting to take shortcuts or blow up sometimes when you’re dealing with outlandish fund requests or novices that can’t quite get that drill right, but I hope that you can see the longterm benefits of being patient. Moving forward, I hope you will lend your insight and charisma both to underclassmen in need — whether that be carting them up to the archives or helping them with blocks.

To Ray Shang, I will you a sophomore at-large as rambunctious, as critical, as kind, as hardworking as you are. You have accomplished so much in StudCo, it makes my head spin how dedicated you are — how willing you are to really grab projects by the balls and do them. I also will you my copy of Pacific Rim — because underneath all that incredible glitz and glam (and hair mousse), there is a deep love and concern for humanity that I hope you cling onto for the rest of your life. This has gotten me through so many hard times and helped me escape from the fuzz of normal life when everything is crashing down around me, and I hope you find something like that too. I love you, I hope next year goes great (don’t worry so much, don’t think SO far ahead, and don’t rush too far ahead either).

To Sophie Pribus, I will you Doc Knock which I know is kind of silly to will another person, but I hope you spend many I-Days happily browsing through the archives. I’m so glad you reached out to me for StudCo and came up to the archives with me that day — keep that passion and initiative in all that you do moving forwards. I will you Doc Knock because he was a person who helped me wholeheartedly, who introduced me to lots of cool projects and history that I would never have had the opportunity to see without his guidance. You are an incredibly focused and driven person, but I hope that you find in the moments where you slow down and mingle, you can also find lots of joy and delight. You are much smarter and dedicated than I could have ever imagined to be when I was in your shoes, and I know you will do incredible things on StudCo next year (and hopefully also the year after).

To Cassi Kuissi, I will you some cupcakes to throw at your underclassman (and then hide under your RC’s rug). I will you the strength to push through the last two semesters here as well as a lot of ignorance and apathy that comes here. I’ve seen you get passionate, and I hope that you can preserve that in the last stretch of your IMSA career. Have fun, be kind, stay safe.

To Liana Koleva, I will you a sophomore who will sit on you at 10-check, who will expose her butt cheeks at every given moment, who will goof off with you at the drill practices that she does show up to, who is willing to take the opposite side of debate even when everyone else is afraid to. I hope you continue to assert your worth in the future (in a kind way to others), sparkle in Econ Club and all that you do. Please get some sleep and take care of yourself — you really won’t regret it.

To Grace Mitchell, I will you a mans. Just kidding! You’re very funny and interesting, and I’m glad you’re willing to take other people’s side. I hope that in the following senior year, life treats you kindly, that you continue to take initiative, that you continue to grow and accomplish what you haven’t finished this year.

To Jolin Zheng, I will you “A” by GOT7. I think very few people on campus are so instinctively and genuinely kind and capital-G Good like you are, and I’m so happy that I got to know you and got to see all of that. I hope that your underclassmen too come to your room after check to do face masks or gossip. No matter what, I hope that you know I love and appreciate your perseverance and optimism.

To Dannie Lee, I will you my It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia poster. You share very little with the inhabitants of that grimy little bar, but what is in common is your incredible sense of humor. While we have had our ups and downs, my regrets in the relationship are greatly trumped by the memories I have of you teaching me, talking to me, laughing with me. I hope you find juniors as willing to listen and change as you have, I hope you find strength and direction over a difficult college season. You are incredibly talented (with robotics, with impressions), and I will you lots and lots of kindness and laughter as you hopefully get to share those talents with the world in the future.

To Alexa Gonzalez, I will you a Little Sibling with as much as heart and kindness and hilarity as you were. I hope that she has great fashion sense and makeup skills like you do (or maybe not, so you can teach them), I hope she loves boy bands and concerts as much as you, I hope she brings a smile to your face, and I hope you embrace her much more often than I hugged you. I love you, you have so much strength, and you have so much insight to offer the world. Stay strong through your last year — I know you will go far even if you can’t see the end of the rainbow just yet.

To my A Wing sophomores (Sam Lazcano, Sam Senko, Bella Huynh-Pham, Amy Churchill, Alex Sobczynski, Miriam Heilman, Alisa Williams), I will you the spirit of adventure and fun that A Wing gave me! I hope that you have sophomores as vibrant and goofy as all of you, with different perspectives and opinions — as well as excellent cooking/baking talents. Sam L, I will you a sophomore as bright and positive as you are — even though we bully you, no one can deny the power of your smile. Sam S, I will you a kinder eating and sleeping schedule — I worry for your health and while I admire your dedication and craft and skill in so many things (drag racing and photography!!), make sure you take care of yourself in one of the roughest years yet. Bella, although you may not live here anymore, you do so in spirit, and I will you many more happy days of individuality and happiness with your pastimes. Amy, I will you a sophomore as sweet and athletic as you are, who can maybe keep up with your enthusiasm and runs at the same time. Alex, I will you…wow, I will you strength in the coming year because you’ll be part of two organizations so near and dear to my soul, and they will give you extremely different lenses to view life on campus. Cherish those new filters. Apply them. You will learn how to think deeply and critically even more this next year, just make sure to not fall victim to nihilism as so many are wont to do. Miriam, I will you my charger — just kidding! I will you a sophomore as unassumingly goofy and kind as you are. Alisa, I will you Assassins skills like no other so you can use take down the rest of the wings next year.

To John Woods, I will you my case binder. It is generic and tattered, but in it has held dozens of victories and defeats both from my four years of competition. Like you, it is unassuming at first, until you really fill up the pages and begin to speak. It’s been a pleasure seeing you grow for the past two years — even if we as a collective varsity group pummeled you. You have such an incredibly quick mind and a sexy voice, and I hope you dig deep senior year to pour life and energy into your research as well as guide the new generation along. I trust you will find a diamond in the rough, like we did.

To Meghan Hendrix, I will you my G2 pens. I’ll be honest, they’re not the same ones I started out with — nor the second set, nor the third. Actually, I don’t even use G2 pens, I use my Muji ones usually. My point is that I’ve seen you reinvent yourself lots of times. I’ve seen you transform from a timid sophomore to a commanding first speaker. I’ve seen your aggression in crossfire, your steadiness in summary. I’ve seen your patience with little kids, I’ve seen your insight in meetings. In all honesty, I haven’t seen enough of you because you’re so busy. Make sure you take care of yourself in the next year. Keep busy but not so busy you don’t spend some time writing everything down so you can remember it for the future.

To Alex Zhong, I will you a little sophomore (a little junior mayhaps if you don’t already have that) who always brings a smile to your face when he comes up and hugs you, who can handle your crossfires in Sodexo with such ease and effort even when he thinks he’s such a “terrible” debater, who can reach out to his peers and ask their opinions and synthesize them, who always, always, always cares so much. I love you too much to let this world bring you down — I want you to forgive yourself readily, I want you to learn and experience readily. You are going to do such incredible things. Take care of next year’s debate team for me. <3 Ask me for your gift, I haven’t figured it out quite yet.

To Peter Baffoe, PBoe, you wonderful stupid fool, you have decided to take on StudCo, LEAD, and Forensics all at the same time — like the idiot that you are and that I once was. I thus will you this trifecta of extracurricular torture that was willed to me by Ben Cooper that was willed to him by Puja Mittal before him. The next year will be incredibly difficult, but you will learn and enjoy so much. Don’t hesitate to lean on your upperclassmen (or me!) if you need support.

To my little baby debate novices/JV kiddos (Peter Baffoe, Krishna Thakkar, Max Knutson, Denise Gutierrez, Ketu Patel, Sid Panda), I will you the strength to complete your cases before the night of the competition. There is a graph that represents how often this occurs vs the years you do debate, and it is a straight line going up, buddies. Debate gave me a powerful way to communicate my arguments to others, and I hope that this little niche also gives you strength (rather than just sapping away your soul slowly).

Rishi Modi
To 05C UQ, (Bert, Andy, Josh, Allen, Renzo, Scott) I will you an upquad stocked with food and will play league with you guys and carry Clash 2019. Honestly though, I really enjoyed getting to know you all this year and I couldn’t have asked for a better upquad this year. You guys are all so smart, and amazingly talented and I know that you all will go on to do amazing things. Enjoy Senior Year!

To Neil John, I will you a sophomore who is almost as a beastly of dancer you are and will help you choreo drill next year. I will senior year with some more sleep and a little less Mio, but a lot more fun. Biochem Beast! Neil, you are one of the funniest guys I know and you are always full of energy and jokes. Have fun and don’t forget me!

To Ayush Agarwal, Ayusshhh! I will you a junior carry for your hard senior classes, so that you never have face the Compusci struggle! I will you a sophomore that will talk to you about how bad the Bulls are playing. I’m not sure why I am doing a will for you, because you are going to 04 #traitor. But anyway, Ayush you are so fun and cute, and you never cease to bring life in my day. You are so smart and I am really gonna miss you bud. Never stop smiling

To Bharath Sreenivas, I will you a fun, and less stressful senior year. Barry!!! Robotics god! I know we didn’t really talk much back at bednarcik, but I’m really happy I’ve gotten the chance to know you. You are so hardworking, and I know that you will go out to great places. Good luck bud and make sure to save Boys Dance next year!

To 02AUQ, I will you all a wacky, fun, spontaneous senior year. To Vaishnavi: I will you no broken beakers senior year and no more Ahrendt classes. To Marisa: I will you a ton of oreos and oreo frappes and good SoCENT kids. To Sibil: I will you an awesome Diwali show and a sophomore who can give you Dandiya sticks and loves Despacito. To Hannah: I will you a Starbucks hot chocolate and someone who will make sure that you don’t spill water on other people’s laptops. I will someone who will help you with the Chevres cartel. You are all so fun and full of energy. Enjoy senior year!

To Teja Guntupalli, I will you a sophomore that puts up with your shenanigans lol. I will you a successful Diwali show too. Guntyyy!!! You have worked so hard these past two years, and I know that you will be successful in anything you do. You are one of the most fun and caring guys I know and you always bring so much energy every day. I am gonna miss all the dumb things you say lmao. But, next year is going to be hectic, so make sure to relax and have fun, because everything will be worth it in the end. Love ya Teja!

To Ishan and Moksh, I will you guys a sophomore that can teach Moksh how to rock at Bhangra and that will pants Ishan every night. I will you both a sophomore that will give you guys your first Fortnight win. I know Junior year will be a rollercoaster ride, but I know you will both succeed. Make sure to work hard and get some sleep!

To the Modfic boys (Kaushal, Teja, Akash, Chetan), I will you guys a junior carry for Micklo projects and reading quizzes lol. To Chetan and Kaushal: I will you guys someone who can give your first win at Spades. I could have lost, but I never lose because I’m a trick-taking cards beast. But, you guys are all fun to talk to and I’ve had some great times in 04. Work hard 1st semester and SSS will be totally worth it!

To Jimmy Ren, I will you a summer SIR bro that won’t ditch you for an earlier train and won’t tell you not to use the bathroom. Shut up Jimmy… jk. But for real, you are an awesome guy who always knows how to have fun and share your energy with others. I hope you have an awesome senior year and let me know if you ever wanna hit up Seoul Taco ;)

To Mr. Prabs, Saisu and Sonia, I will you all a fun and not stressful junior year, and I will you each a sophomore that you can call your favorite. I still haven’t decided who is my favorite, but I am open to bribes (Hint: I like Taco Bell). But, remember to stay away from boys because boys are bad. And even though junior year will be hard at times, just stay positive and know that everything will turn out right!

To Aryan Walia, I will you an awesome, eventful senior year! You are so hardworking, and I know that you will be very successful in your endeavors. I really enjoyed getting to know you in 05C these past two years, and I have seen you grow so much. I know that you are capable of amazing things and I hope that you will make the most out of next year. Good luck buddy!

To Catherine Luo, I will you more classes with our homie, JT and no broken test tubes or beakers in your science classes. Even though we only really started talking this past semester, I am really glad we did. You are so smart and funny and I really hope you have an amazing senior year. Good luck! And stay cool :)

Robert Luo
To Shubhi Verma, I will you someone who will be there whenever you need it. I remember the first time I got to talk to you last year at the 05 slabs and how awkward it was, but I didn’t expect a friendship like this to blossom. You’ve become one of my closest friends here and I’m definitely going to miss all the memories. From all the memes to the late night talks and hugs, it’s been a fun two years and I’ve enjoyed having you by my side and seeing you grow every day (maybe not in height but you’ll get there). Good luck with EIC next year along with all the other responsibilities on your plate, you’ve got a lot of goals and dreams and I want to see you go for them, whether they’re successes or failures, because I know you’ll always give it your all. Remember to destress and breathe, try to relax and take care of yourself. Also, don’t be so impatient, you should let things surprise you. I’ll try my best to visit, but until then, try to keep in touch, I want to see where life takes you.

To Catherine Luo, I will you ASIA President. I know your dedication to this club which I really appreciate, and next year I know you will do the best of your ability. Make sure to manage money well and find chaperones, and I know you will run ASIA with more organization than me. I also want you to find someone who can give you hugs when times are tough, and remind you that you got this. I know it’s stressful at times, but keep your head up and stay strong, make sure to not put everything on yourself. You have an amazing group of people to work with, so make sure to delegate, they’re definitely willing to help you out and support you. Please relax with your senior year and find a workout buddy that doesn’t abandon you randomly for dance practices and choreo. Also, better see some weapons in Lunar, sword girl.

To ASIA Board, I will you guys ASIA. Being on ASIA this year I would describe as a wild ride, from the problems we’ve had with chaperones to the flu shutdown. But with all the adversity, we were still able to put on events and I couldn’t have done it without you guys. I’m proud of everything we’ve done and I can’t wait to see what happens in the future. I love how we support each other and make sure everyone is doing their best, and keep promoting Asian culture next year. Remember what Mr. Ordoñez said after Lunar, it’s all about working as a group and sticking together, so never forget that. ASIA BOARD!

To the 07 CDs, whoever you may be, I will you guys 07. This is the hall that I have lived in for my whole IMSA career and one that I am proud of leading, so make sure to lead the hall with unity and pride. There’s a lot of tradition and history with this hall, so make sure not to lose that. Keep the hall clean, as we are in contention for the cleanest hall on campus, so keep it that way. Have fun with the boys, party, play dodgeball, and hype up the hall. Find ways to have fun while still keeping it classy, and I hope you both work well with the rest of the RSL team. It’s a hard job, but a fun one as well, and you’ll never know how proud you’ll be of the boys until it’s all over.

To 1507, I will you guys hype. Seeing our hall come together in Clash with 24/7 was one of my best memories at IMSA, and I don’t expect the hype to change. Yell just as loud, chant with the bros, and make sure to have pride in the hall. Have fun, enjoy yourselves, do whatever makes you feel comfortable and at home, because that’s how 07 should be. Yeah, some things aren’t the greatest in our hall, like food carts making it to 07 before running out, but we make it work and I expect the same next year. I better see a lit Clash next year, you better be just as hype. Enjoy where you live and stay classy.

To Jimmy Ren, Josh Eberhardt, Allen Chen, Scott Du, Renzo Ledesma, Ryan Talusan, and whoever else who wants to do it, I will you guys BFriend. Make a fool of yourselves on stage, but embrace the power that you have with your movements. More body rolls, more poses, be extravagant. Make sure to have no shame on stage and your facials are on point. Don’t show your navel, but go all out, wear those pastel colors and tight chokers with pride. Like Simon said last year, you might question your masculinity, but no regrets. Tradition must continue, so keep improving on it, I expect a lot from BFriend next year.

To Tommy Neidlein, I will you someone who you can stare down aggressively from the other side of IMSA, and you both know exactly what you’re doing. You were one of my favorite sophomores last year, and I enjoyed all the conversations we had, even though I was for a while non existent as a wing guide (well Alcaeus didn’t do much either, Kevin’s the true wing guide). Make sure you aren’t too stressed, I know you don’t sleep much and you have a lot of commitments like Robotics and Allies, but make sure to relax. Keep working hard, I’m very proud of who you’ve become and how hard you work, and you’re definitely off to bigger and better things. Good luck with senior year because you’ll need it, and tell Harsha I said hi.

To Owen Michuda, I will you a liter of chai tea latte. It was fun having you in 07 last year, living next door to me, and I enjoyed all the convos that we had with each other, whether it was about your life at IMSA or copping a MI4 Problem Set/BC1 Take Home. You’re one of the nicest people I’ve met here, and I can’t wait to see what you do in the future. Have fun in 04 next year, even though I know 07 is your true home and definitely try to visit me and the rest of the boys before we leave. Hopefully I can take you out someday for a convo and a chai tea latte, because that latte that one time was bomb.

To Andrew Wiedenmann, I will you someone who you can hug aggressively and have the same enthusiasm as you do with me. I’m happy to have been your wing guide last year in 07, and even if you’re in 04 now, you still have the same energy as before. I remember the talks we had in your room, especially when you were living alone for a bit of time, and it was fun to get to know you more. I hope to see you still wearing Hawaiian shirts and vibing out to the newest rap music, even though that was the last thing I expected from you when I first met you. Enjoy your senior year and don’t stress out too much, you’ll be fine.

To Olivia Shi, I will you Lunar Modern for next year. I know you weren’t on it this year, but I know you’ll be able to do the job. It’s been a pleasure knowing you, from the first time we met during Diwali Modern with Dhara and Herschel and I just thought in my head, “Why is there a sophomore here?” to the awkward hi’s that we gave to each other. You dance your heart out and I know you’ll be able to put on a show with Modern next year. Try to have fun with Dance Team, you’ll be in my thoughts with dealing with Holly and Phyllis but you’ll get through it. Stay positive and keep smiling, I hope to see you just as positive as you are now.

To Sohil Reddy, I will you a bigger passion in dance. I remember talking with you about tryouts for Lunar Modern on the downstate bus but your tryout actually blindsided me, I didn’t expect you to be as sharp as you were. Keep dancing and enjoying yourself and find someone who can be inspired by how you dance, the same way that I have for you. Keep dressing nice like during Modern because people love it, and keep practicing and getting better because you keep improving. Have fun with on the downstate bus, hope you and Faris can survive that for another year. Show off your abs and flips, I expect to see them used at some point next year.

To Faris Shaikh and Daniel Chen, I will you guys PowderBUFF. Football was one of my best memories at IMSA, playing as a sophomore with upperclassmen, and even though I got my knee sprained one time, that didn’t stop me from playing and it was still fun playing with people across campus. I’m still playing as a senior, and it’s not something that I wish to disappear. Make sure to play football when the weather’s nice and get your underclassmen to play with you guys, it’s a fun bonding experience with everyone together running around on Yare, and it’s a great way to meet new people. Faris, still go for those jump balls and catch everything, and Daniel, still run around everywhere until your defenders gets tired, but both of you have fun.

To Dez Brown, I will you Teriyaki Chicken with a side of rice and vegetables from Sarku. It’s been fun riding with you on the downstate bus and dealing with the 5 hours and the interesting people on our bus, but it’s been fun talking with you with our friends on the bus, whether it was last year or this year. Keep roasting people and eating Yakisoba, maybe I’ll come visit you in East St. Louis someday or you can come to Edwardsville. I know it’s been a bit rough in 07, but you’ll be able to make it work. Anyways, try to enjoy life a bit and I’m just saying, Tigers over Flyers all day.

To JoJo Bertrand, Matt Halliman, Femi Durodola, Aaron Calhoun, Josh Bluhm, Fern Gomez, Dez Brown, Yams Barraza, and Cash Harper, I will you guys underclassmen who spoof just as much as you guys do. It’s been fun having you guys around in A Wing doing a lot of dumb things, and I hope you guys have underclassmen next year that can enjoy the same things that you guys do. Screw around and enjoy yourselves, this place is stressful but you guys know how to have fun. Keep spoofing, just don’t get too crazy because y’all can definitely be pretty dumb at times, so keep yourselves in check when necessary, you’ll need it soon.

To Ray Shang, I will you relaxation. I remember talking to you early in the year and you seemed like this chill dude, being friendly with everyone and dancing everywhere, but I didn’t realize the insane work ethic that you have. You are one of the hardest workers I have ever seen, day and night I see you grinding out math problems or doing some sort of work. Somedays you seem so stressed or exhausted, so I want you to step back and relax for a bit, because life isn’t all about work. You still got to find ways to enjoy life outside of working. Try to visit us seniors before we leave, whether it’s a chill conversation or if we’re bumping some music, find a way to relax.

To Jason Liu, I will you my “Do Work” poster which I was willed sophomore year from my CD, Christoph. I’ve known you since you were 2 and it was surprising to find out that you were going to IMSA. Seeing you grow up and change as a person since I’ve known you has been pretty cool, and now I just wish I was taller than you (literally how did you grow so tall). You’re definitely one of the most chill sophomores that I know, and it’s still fun to talk to you. Keep working hard, I know your parents would want that from you, and hopefully this poster is a reminder of that. I’ll probably see you soon since our families are pretty close, and I hope to talk to my main man Charles at some point.

To Ryan Talusan, I will you an underclassman as open and nice as you are. I’ve had very fond memories of you Ryan, ever since you were the first person to sign up for ASIA at Club Fair and being excited for turon (sorry I never ran the event). It’s been fun getting to know you and a lot of people tell me that you remind them of me, which I find to be pretty cool. I’ve enjoyed memeing it up with you throughout the year and you’re a great dancer, so keep freestyling and keeping dance culture alive. Keep balling out on the court (try to make varsity), and you better cross some boys up, stay healthy and don’t get injured (like for real, stop getting injured, don’t be crippled like me), and maybe use less BTS songs in your choreo. In all honesty, have fun.

To Pratibha Bhalla, I will you an upperclassmen who will double milly rock with you whenever you see them. I’m happy to have gotten to know you after our dinner date, and I have enjoyed talking and memeing with you since. Please make sure your friends are under control, as most of them seem to love memeing, especially your 03 friends. Keep having fun and dancing, I definitely expect to see you on stage for more cultural shows (shoutout to sophomore Diwali, it was actually lit), and enjoying your time here with your friends.

To my ASIA sophs, Janna, I will you someone who will ask “How’s your day?” when things get awkward, and to Ji Yoon, I will you someone who will be a mom the same way that you are. You guys have been so much fun to work with, and I’ve enjoyed all your guy’s enthusiasm. Ji Yoon, try to be less self-deprecating and keep, Janna, keep being awkward, spinning your fidget spinner and doing random dance moves everywhere. Ji Yoon, keep offering food and snacks to people, even when they don’t need it, and Janna, keep yelling out Pad Thai and piling my plate with food. Keep advertising for ASIA, Janna, you better make Board Dance, and Ji Yoon, make sure everyone gets enough food, but both of you enjoy your junior year.

Sanghyon Lewis Oh
To Kurt Leano, I will you Ketu Patel.

To Ketu Patel, I will you some common sense.

To Andy Lennox, Ben Helmold, Nolan Polly, Matt Hokinson, Sammy Cho, Lucien Putnam, I will you 05D wing.

To Jimmy Ren, I will you BFriend.

To Ethan Saquimux, I will you a good dance team season next year.

To Neil John, I will you 05D clash choreo next year.

To Rustom Ichaporia, I will you new upperclassmen you can talk to at 2 in the morning.

To Thailer Lietz, I will you good vegan food and tons of vegetarian wing dinner.

To Nathan Shwatal, I will you hot shower that your new upperclassmen will take advantage of.

To Diann Moon, I will you another person who you can steal catch phrases from.

To Catherine Luo, Joanna Lee, Jiyoon Lee, Janna Jann, I will you an AMAZING Lunar New Year Show next year.

Sargam Panpaliya
To Hannah, mah main, I will you a sophomore bby who will give you as much encouragement and love as you have given me. Hannah Grauer, thank you for listening to the dumbest of my issues, indulging my avocado obsession, and giving me tips to reach my SSS goalz. You are one of the most mind-blowing, intelligent people I know. From the moment I saw you on sophomore-move-in day, I knew that you were my sophomore, my fave 5ever. <3 Although we live far, and I am going even further, I know that our bond won’t deter and I can always rely on you to give me the latest science facts or nutritional guidance. Your personality is so rare, hilarious, and loving. You made me laugh on my rough apathetic days, and I made you cry that one time we watched Me Before You. <3 Thank you for singing for me, dancing with me, and always being my rock. I hope you have an outstanding, stress-free SSS and I love you.

To Devika, I will you a beautiful junior who will never leave your room and tons of vitamin C! Devvvvv, I know I am tough on you sometimes, but it is just because I love you so much. You listen to my dumb, confusing rants, and when everyone else is ignoring my lil’ inserts, you always got me! You are beautiful, Devika Prasad. You are so competent and deserve the world. Your genuine interest in what you do will take you above and beyond, and there is not a single doubt in my head that you will be so successful. Thank you for not leaving me and giving me dhere saara pyaar. <3 Keep me updated on your intense Devika life, and babe, don’t get too sick, please! I will drive from wherever I am to bring you your Advil, so don’t ever hesitate to call me. Your bright, wide smile is enough to brighten my entire day – never let it fall.

To Priyanka, I will you a junior to share schedules with and rely on to remember what your next meeting is. I will probably mention you a lot more in this later, but this is a bit more personalized. Senior year is definitely a toughie, but if anyone can get through it, it is you. I have so much faith in your competency, and I know that you will make your extracurriculars go above and beyond, with a smile on your face and in a super fashionable outfit. You are incredibly kind, and your courage and diligence astound me. You will KILL it next year!

To SDAC (Priyanka, Grace, Ethan, Neil, Aliah, Isiah, Meghana, and Alyssa) I will you an AMAZING SDAC year for 2018-19 and a proper speaker!! I still remember when E Tang burst into my room at 10 pm, forcing me to fill out the SDAC application by 11:59 pm. And here we are. But wow, I have never been more thankful in my life. Junior and Senior year are rough, but I always had practices as a release for my stress. Rely on your team! SDAC is here for you in more ways than you think and make stuff happen next year! I better see some dope videos. :)

To Eden and Marisa, I will you the future year of SocEnt. This program is one of the few things in my life I can say I have given my all into. I poured my heart into this program and in return, I had the best SLX and most wonderful, passionate team I could have asked for. It will be hard at times, but rely on one another, take a step back, and you will see the immense impact of the work you are doing. I love you both. Keep me updated!!

To Alice and Jay, I will you co’s as wonderful and fun as you both have been. Alice, thank you for dealing with my forgetfulness and messy facilitation. Jay, you are MY co! Thank you for the Christmas sweaters and red vans. Facilitating with you two was an unforgettable way to end my LEAD career.

To my Dance Team bbys (Olivia, Gaylen, Rachel, Priyanka, Pratibha, Ethan, Ashley, Liza, Alyssa, Doreen, Savanna), I will you many more meme basketball performances and post-comp Culver’s trips! Yes, we all get tired at practice and waking up early is a struggle, but you are all in it together! The memz and frenz you make are beyond worth the pain, and I have made some of my best friends through dancing with them. Use dance as an outlet and give it your all because it has honestly given me so much laughter and happiness.

To Sibil Shibu, I will you Diwali group dance (turnt up)! Choreo to your heart’s content and find a cute junior choreographer who will support and laugh with you as much as you have. During Diwali, I know you will not be in your room until 10 check every night, so make sure to take care of yourself and enjoy it so much. I don’t think I will ever forget Diwali season and all the amazing memz!

To my wonderful SocEnt Juniors (Eden, Hunter Sam, Shubhi, Aliah, Alice, Connor, Marisa, Priyanka, Sol), I will you an 1871 trip and sooooo much love. I feel so blessed to have had an amazing, competent, and supportive team like you all. You each are so diligent and passionate to excel in whatever you do, and I will always be there for you. The confidence and love you have given me motivated me each step of my first semester senior year, and I can only hope that next year, the team will do the same for you. You all really might not see the impact you have had on your students, but trust me, they will remember you. And I will forever be thankful for the experience and skills you have given me. Thank you for raising me to be a true #IMSALEADer. <3

Sean Golinski
To Daniel Lee, I will you good friends that will cherish that strange, innocent, inquisitive, and charming personality you have. As my child, disciple, stooge, shadow, minion, and most of all, friend, it’s been wonderful getting to know you during my final year at IMSA. From the first heated discussion about Rand to the many more I’m sure we will have, my senior year wouldn’t have been the same without you. You have a very promising IMSA career ahead of you, and I can’t wait to see what you accomplish by the end of it all. Don’t ever let anyone corrupt you; “it’s a great advantage not to drink among hard-drinking people.”

To Miron Liu, I will you a functional EnACT team and a copy of The Fountainhead. Getting to know you has been a definite highlight of my senior year, and it’s been an honor being your co-facilitator and friend. LEAD was hectic this year, and I honestly don’t know what I would have done without you on the team. You’re such amazingly intelligent and wickedly competent person that I see you as a role model sometimes. I have zero doubts that you’re going to do incredible things in the future, and I hope our paths cross again when you do. My friend, don’t let anyone drag you down to their level; you bow to no one.

To Brian Schatteman, I will you underclassmen just as wonderful as you. Since sophomore move-in day, I knew you’d be a high quality sophomore, and I was right. The discussions about Rand, The Iliad, Paradise Lost, physics, Christianity, The Lord of the Rings, Ethics, and world history will always be fond to me. I can’t thank you enough for all that you’ve taught me and all that you’ve allowed me to teach you. You have the most dedication out of any person I know, and I wholeheartedly believe that you’ll put it to good use. Keep doing what you’re doing, and don’t let anyone extinguish that fire within you. Paris is wrong if he thinks he’s shooting you down anytime soon.

To Nathan Lee, I will you every ounce of good luck in the cosmos. I don’t know how you do it, but you do, and I have to admire someone who can get it done all the time like you. I’m going to miss having you as my physics carry, but hopefully, I’ll manage. I’m not sure if I ever told you this, but you remind me of the sun from Teletubbies because you’re always laughing and smiling. If there’s one thing you should keep the same about you, make it that. Seriously though, I wish you the best of luck next year and beyond. P.S. Find good friends in college!

To Sophie Pribus, I will you success in all of your future undertakings. You’re an extremely capable person, and sometimes, I wish I could emulate the things you’re able to do. There are very few people who can match your level of friendliness, intelligence, and charm. It was wonderful getting to know you; I couldn’t be a prouder “papa.”

To Connor Rhodes, I will you a LEAD team that knows what leadership is. As co-coordinator, you are now in a position to alter the legacy of LEAD forever, and if anyone deserves this position, it’s you. I can’t wait to see the things you accomplish next year and beyond. It was a pleasure being your co-facilitator; my trust in someone with the program couldn’t be better placed.

To Marcus Chapman and Jennings Cheng, I will you two harmony. If any two people can make it work out, it’s you guys.

To Roman Putnam, Marcus Ludwig, Alex Bantchev, Megan Lee, Milica Barac, Alec Chen, Ian Son, Ethan Tse, Ayush Bhalavat, Raja Choi, Chris Teng, and Matt Niemiro, I will you all God’s mercy. Thanks for making my senior year a memorable one. You guys never failed to brighten my day, even if you irritated the hell out of me at times :) I wish you all nothing but the best in your next two years at IMSA and beyond.

To Alyssa Daniels, Louise Lima, Noah Krouse, Nolan Burke, Andrew Du, and Aidan Steineman, I will you all strength in the coming year(s) with McCarthy. The road will be a rough one, but if I did it, all of you can too!

Shivani Sharma
To Kanika, I will an underclassman who makes you smile when anyone even says their name. I’ve had the absolute honor of getting to see you grow over these past two years, and you’re absolutely outstanding – the true definition of beautiful on the outside and the inside. I love you a lot, and I’m always going to be a call or message away. People like you make life worth living.

To Olivia, I will somebody to squish your cheeks, and somebody whose smile makes you smile every time. I also will you the most beautiful and fulfilling senior year with your friends. Keep dancing babe, keep being your bubbly, beautiful self, and remember that I’ll be there for you, wherever life takes you.

To Priyanka, I will Diwali Modern. You more than anyone know what it means to people here, and there’s nobody I trust more than you to see it through.

To Sol and Amy, I will two new quadmates who’ll eat endless amounts of chips and guac with you, and two underclassmen you’ll be so thankful you met. Sol, I will you someone to stay awake with far too late doing work, someone to laugh with until your sides hurt, and an easier English class. My sweet bb girl, I will you an SSS of epic proportions, and negative 10pm meeting nights. To Amy, I will the confidence to try new things and the knowledge that you’re competent and intelligent enough to achieve anything you want to. I will you the joy of not knowing and spontaneity, and quadmates who won’t take your food all the time. I hope you two find underclassmen to love as much as I love you. Thank you so much.

To Sohil, I will the Student Union. Choreo in it until you’re out of ideas and keep going; watch yourself in the mirror until you think everything’s perfect and keep cleaning. Find yourself living in it without meaning to, and find your identity as a dancer. It’s all yours now.

To Aabha, Meghana, Grace, and Shruthi, I will a phenomenal year in D Wing together. Junior year is going to be tough, but I hope you four are there for each other through it all. Don’t let the IMSA grind kill your spirits, and try your best to keep your smiles on your faces because they’re all beautiful.

To Hanson and Vinay, I will the official leadership of the IMSA Quiz Bowl team, because we all know it was pretty much yours this year too. Keep each other in check, and lead the team way better than I ever could.

To the 06 RSL team, I will the ability to build a home. It’s your responsibility to turn a building enclosed by a few off-white walls into a lovely one for EVERYONE. Also, I will you the ability to get glitter out of your hair and eyes, because trust me, you’re going to need it. I’m already beyond proud of everything you’re going to accomplish, each and every one of you.

To Matthew, I will someone else to ask you if you need a hug, and the ability to always admit when you need one. Don’t worry too much man, you’re more than capable enough to achieve any goal you set. Relax and enjoy the rest of your time at IMSA.

To Ashley, Doreen, Gaylen, Pratibha, Alyssa, Savannah, Rachel, and Liza, I will you IMSA dance culture. Take care of it for us, nurture it, take it to new heights. Get people excited to dance, come to classes, and try new things. I believe in you so much.

To Cathy, I will an underclassman who’s always way nicer to you than you deserve. I will you endless laughs with friends, hangouts on weekends in downtown Naperville, and people who will read your messages on time. I will you a year without band, and the least stressful SSS to ever exist. Let’s have that deep conversation sometime.

To Shubhi, I will an underclassman who thinks they need your help, but actually doesn’t because they’re way better than you in almost every way. Keep taking risks, and keep setting yourself up for success even if you don’t achieve it because you’re the only one who can determine whether or not you’ve succeeded. No summer program, college admission, or job can ever do that for you. Remember that you are worth more than the sum of your constituent activities and achievements. I will you the brightest possible future and the most tank SSS ever. Take a break shoob, you deserve one. And keep in touch, okay?

To Jimmy (HI JIMMY!), I will you somebody else to say hi to.

To Derek, I will someone to give you a hug every time you see them, and someone else to introduce to the joys of Carly Rae Jepsen. Keep doing you, queen.

To Shaun, I will somebody to wave at in the hallways. It always made my day, and I’m sure it’ll make theirs too.

To Ethan, I will a senior year full of dancing, whether that be through SDAC, pep rallies, or dance team.

To May, I will an amazing sophomore to friend crush on, just like I friend-crushed on you.

To Ryan, I will the love for dance that I found my junior year. Try everything, dance as much as you can, and see how it makes you feel.

Shruthi Sundar
To Pratibha Bhalla and Saisu Talasu, I will you both two bright and happy sophomores who always make your day better next year. Junior year is hard, but I know that you both can get through it. Thank you both so much for making my day ten times better, even if I didn’t see you that much. I promise I’ll visit you both next year, and when I do, I hope you both will be there, smiling just as happily as you were when we first met.

To Aaron Rodrigues, I will you a sophomore who’s just as happy about life as you are. A sophomore who will make super cool crafts just because he can. A sophomore who won’t hesitate to smile at you in the hallways despite how stressful the day is. Thank you for being the bubbly person you are and for never ceasing to make others around you as happy as you are. Your contagious energy will take you places, so no matter what happens junior or senior year, don’t lose it.

To Ishan Nikam, I will you a proper smile. This year, it seemed like a bit of a mess, but I hope that junior and senior year make you smile a lot more so you can fix it. In all seriousness, I wish you the best of luck with the rest of your IMSA career, lots of friends and good times, and memories you can hold on to forever. Good luck, and you’re gonna go far!

To Rustom Ichhaporia, I will you a sophomore who’s always down to play cards with you even when they don’t want to, and who shushes you every time they see you. Thanks for being our 6th person in Fish, playing Set with us, and shushing me in the IRC/Loft when I’m clearly not making any noise. I hope you have fun with the rest of IMSA, get everything you’d ever hope for, and keep playing cards even when class of 2018 is gone!

To Shruti Shaktivel, I will you a happy little sophomore to share your name with. I remember hearing about there being another Shruti/Shruthi, and being slightly salty I didn’t have my own name, for once, in my three years at IMSA. But I met you and I realized that I wouldn’t want anyone else to share my name with. You’re truly one of the happiest and awe-inspiring people at IMSA, and I never fail to smile when I see you. Thanks for being so invested in Girls Who Code and for always having a conversation with me when I see you. I hope that junior year treats you well, and that you don’t lose any of your bubbly self because your zest for life is contagious. Good luck with IMSA, and I can’t wait to see where you will go. If you ever need anything, I’m only a message away :).

To Pratibha Bhalla, Saisu Talasu, Janna Jann, Alison Deng, I will you 03A. I wish you luck with your quad, and it’s been so much fun getting to know all of you this year. You all have so much energy and happiness in you, so don’t let junior year do anything to that. Hopefully you all find sophomores as happy and bubbly as you all to brighten your day. Thank you for each and every day this year, and I hope junior year goes great for you all <3.

To Pratibha Bhalla, Saisu Talasu, Marina Atkin, Savannah Pagan, Vidhi Singh, Grace Yue, Janna Jann, Bopo, Neha, and Linda, I will you a group of crazy, tight, happy sophomores in your wing. In my three years at IMSA, I’ve never met a group of sophomores who were as close and hype about IMSA as you all. I remember move-in; you all were tight within 8 hours of knowing one another, and that scared me so much. But you’ve all grown into such great people since then, and I hope you all get to meet sophomores just like you were, wherever you go next year.

To Graciebelle Nguyen and Gloria Huang, I will you a senior year filled with boys you don’t hate, adventures, and wonderful things happening to you both. You work so hard on everything you’re involved in, and you both deserve the world. Senior year is going to be stressful and hard, but I hope you both have amazing juniors with you who will make it so much better. Enjoy senior year, and I wish the best for you both.

To Diann Moon and Jaimie Ryou, I will you an earlier bedtime and juniors from other wings that come bother you. Thank you for always coming to A wing and taking our food because it was so worth it to get to know you both. I hope you both have juniors who are willing to speak to you even when you’re dead, and I hope that senior year treats you both well. You both deserve a stress-free senior year, so make sure you don’t worry too much about college and find time to chill and relax. :)

To Sibil Shibu, I will you a junior next year who will purposely call you your roommate’s name. I’m sorry I didn’t visit much this year, but I’ve always enjoyed our talks and you calling me Spoorthi. You work so hard and put all of your effort into what you love, and that’s amazing, but don’t forget to take some time for yourself too. Make sure you stay stress free, and happy senior year. If you ever need anything, I’m only a message away!

To Katie Si and Lily Pan, I will you a stress-free senior year. I remember first semester when you came into our room and asked for MCB help – you both were so worried about anthrax! I haven’t met juniors who work as hard and stress as much as you both, so senior year, make sure that you don’t worry too much. You both are so nice and wonderful people, and you both deserve everything you will ever want. Everything will work out, so take a step back, relax, and enjoy the year you have left! Trust me, it’ll be worth it!

To Hanson Hao, I will you a junior who sucks at playing spades. Hopefully he or she goes blind nil after the other three players bet a total of 6 tricks, and he or she gets the 9, 10, J, Q, K of spades. I hope you also have a wonderful senior year because you deserve it. Senior year can be hard, but make sure you aren’t too worried about life, and enjoy the time you have with your class. Play lots of cards! Especially in the IRC!

To Madi Mazzorana and Jess Oros, I will you 03. Thank you for everything you both have done for our hall this past year, from helping out with hall events to the amount of work and effort you both put into Clash this year. You both are such great people, and I can’t think of better people to play such a role in 03. I’ve loved seeing you both grow from RSLs who helped with move-in and were courageous with ideas and activities that I would have never thought of to some of the best people I’ve met at IMSA, as leaders on a team and as friends. I hope you both make 03 even more amazing next year than it was this year with everything you both do for the hall. Thank you for everything, and I’ll miss you both so much. <3 Please feel free to hit me up if either of you ever need anything!

To Madi Mazzorana, Abby Hutter, Aliah Shaira De Guzman, Amanda Wong, Gloria Huang, Katie Si, Lily Pan, and Graciebelle Nguyen, I will you all juniors who will make your wing a beautiful place to live in. Thank you for bringing a sense of maturity into the wing and for motivating the seniors to do our work, especially when we really didn’t want to. Wherever you all go next year, I wish you all an amazing senior year, and everything you want to happen.

To Aliah Shaira De Guzman and Katie Lu, I will you Girls Who Code meetings with more people and more events to go through. Thank you both for your hard work this year; it really meant a lot. I hope Girls Who Code next year goes better, and you can accomplish all the things you hope for! Good luck next year, and if you ever need anything, feel free to message me any time!

To Aliah Shaira De Guzman, I will you a hardworking, passionate, wonderful junior who, with one smile, can brighten up your day tenfold. Even though our conversations only lasted seconds, you have no idea how much better my day was with them. Thank you also for all the work you put into 03 drill and for trying to teach me advanced! You work so hard and do so much around campus – I’m still in awe about how you pull it of – and you give 100% into each of the things you do, which is amazing. Make sure that you don’t worry too much about college and work and all the other factors of senior year that can stress you out. Senior year is the last chance you get to spend time with the people you love before college, so make the most of it!

To Jimmy Ren, I will you a junior who will take effort to say the wrong name in the hallways. Thanks for being super amusing and for being the only other person I talk to who also swam on Fox and can rant about it. You’re always super happy and energetic, so please don’t lose any of that next year! I hope that senior year treats you well, and that you get everything you hope for and more! But also make sure to treat yourself because you deserve it. Also, good luck with SCC!

To May Kaur, Amy Guo, Sol Hwangbo, I will you a junior who you’ll promise you’ll visit, and actually do. I’m sorry I never visited you all this year. It was amazing getting to know you all your sophomore year – you were some of the greatest, happiest, sassiest, craziest sophomores I’ve had. I’m happy I got to know you last year, and I hope you all get the same. Next year is going to be hard and stressful for a bit, but I know you all can make it. Make sure you all cherish each other and don’t be afraid to let go of your worries for a bit. Don’t stress too much about college and life, and just live in the moment. You all are going to go to amazing places, and I can’t wait to see how far you all will go. Good luck, and I’ll miss you, my 03A sophs!

Shyam Sai
To Tommy Vadakumchery, I will Computer Science godliness and a whole bunch more. When I walked into Spanish 3 junior year, I sat next to you and was like “holy cow this man would make a good sophomore Spanish carry.” Well, you turned out to be that and a whole lot more. From AIME to the Harvard-MIT Math Tournament, the amount of math I’ve talked to you about is insane. So, I will you the ARML A team, USAMO next year, and first place at HMMT. Basically, math beastliness. I also will you someone to cry in Spanish with you. Doy Doy.

To Nathan Kim, I will you Doy Doy. Doy Doy Doy? Doyyyyy. Doy Doy doy Doy, doy doy Doy. DOY! But really, bro. From Ordo’s math classes to that Number Theory final paper, I will you someone to suffer through Ordonez’s math classes with you. I also will someone to Doy Doy with you and to match your level of Doy Doyiness. Doy doy for life.

To Suchet Kumar, I will a massive mane of hair. Also, a whole bunch of red meat to get your mother mad. I’ve been in math classes with you for almost a decade now, and it’s been a crazy ride. So I will you someone to cop you number theory final papers, and I will you first place at HMMT next year. Also, I will you the will to survive with and carry the Doy Doy squad through SIR. Good luck. Doy Doy.

To Hanson Hao, I will you someone to play Middle School Geography on protobowl with you. Also, I will you someone to join Quiz Bowl like I never did. I will you someone to torture during Ordonez’s math classes, and I will you a teddy bear to get your clammy sweaty hands all over. And though sometimes we’ve done some dumb stuff, I’m really gonna miss you, man.

To Nathan Lee, I will you more Fremd nerds to join you next year. I’ve known you for like almost a decade now, and it’s been a fun ride. Keep the Fremd legacy going, bb.

To Sam Anozie, I will you Istvan’s golden knife, and all the butter knives in the world. I know we haven’t hung out as much junior year as we did sophomore year, but when you get a butter knife in your hands, you know how to use one. Keep on dancing man – keep on dancing.

To Cassius Harper, I know we haven’t hung out as much junior year as we did sophomore year, but I will you someone to give you all that milk and someone to help you with all that math. I also will you a sophomore that seems really lost when he first comes in, but it turns out he’s really a beast.

To Ishaar Ganesan, I will you someone to play chess with. I will you the Grandmaster rank. I will you someone to help you with all that math, and I will you a god-tier SIR. I will you money to buy movie tickets with, and I will you someone to talk to at 2 AM. I will you a senior quad to give you the goods. And most importantly, I will you the name Cop God. I’ve only known you for a year, but I’m gonna miss you man.

To Neil John, I will you all the Mio in the world and someone to admire your dancing as much as I do. Keep on dancing man – keep on dancing.

To Alej C, Lucien P, Fernando G., Hasan A., and Ethan T., I will you all a left back with a legit left foot to win conference with you all next year. Thanks for covering for all those missed soccer balls last year.

To Daniel Chen, I will someone as fast as me to outpace you.

To Torin, I will you computer science challenges to actually challenge you. I also will you someone to love RP as much as I do.

To Declan Creaney, someone to eat those huge pizzas. Literally best part of living in 05A.

Sohum Gupta
To James Lichtenstein, I will you a freestyle buddy who is up to your skill level, and a sophomore who will make me as happy as you did when you were a sophomore. May your drug rug be well-worn, and may your jeans be forever cuffed. I know that you’ll do great things one day. I hope you stay as wild and immature as you are right now. I also will you my Graduation bear hat – I know how much you love it. Keep it safe for me. And James – makes sure to stay in school.

To Diann Moon and Gloria Huang, I will you the legacy of GDIMP. If there was anyone talented or competent enough to carry on my legacy, it is you guys (and probably Joshua Eberhardt). Gloria, I hope you find a Writing Center shift as lit as Mod 8 on Fridays. Diann, I hope your outfits are always as fire as they are right now, and I hope that one day you can get some real Supreme. HA, YOU WISHES. But for real, I’ll miss you *sniff sniff*. Hope you have a great senior year.

To Thailer Lietz, I will you all the Roblox GFs that will fit in your Minecraft server. <3 I hope you get more snowman hoodies for Christmas. I also will you a full soymilk container in Sodexo, and a box of all the Oreo flavors that exist.
> nuzzles you
> kisses you
> whispers in your ear: “im vegan”
I hope you never take life too seriously, and that you never stop being who you are. Don’t let anyone change you.

To Rustom Ichhaporia, I will you a dope Assassin’s Creed hoodie and a pair of Bullboxers that will last you for years to come. I hope you do more things you like, and that you figure out what you want to do with your life because I know that once you do, you’ll be able to get there.

To Kurt Leano, I will you a little bit of selfishness, so you can put yourself over others for once in your life. I also will you some passion, because I know you have amazing ideas, and I know you have things to say, and I want to hear them. Say them sometimes.

To Ketu Patel, I will you a sophomore that you can boss around as much as we boss you around. I also will you another brain, because you’re going to need it if you want to get through the next two years. I also will you a history textbook, ‘cause please learn some. Oh, and a human anatomy one. Oh, and a grammar dictionary.

To Zayn Ramdass, I will you a sophomore as cute as you are, and a full eight hours of sleep. God knows you need it. I also will you the Senior Most for best hair in two years – do me proud, son. But seriously, I’ve loved all the time I’ve spent with you this year, and I’ll never forget all the nights in 05DDQ with you and Ketu and the rest of my boys :)

To Ishan Nikam, I will you the coolest of sophomores, for the coolest guy on campus.

To Lucien Putnam, I will you a string with the highest of frequencies and a fusion bomb with the greatest of yields. Thanks for all the late nights in the quad working on Dr. Dong’s indentured labor (aka CompuSci) – I try to forget them, but I know I never will.

To my 05DUH (Ben Helmold, Andy Lennox, Nolan Polly, Matt Hokinson, Sammy Cho, Lucien Putnam), I will you guys the legacy of 05D, and 05DDQ (hopefully). With Grant Bell at the helm, I know you guys will be able to Make 05D Great Again. Here’s to countless more nights of Big Red pong. Keep the wing lit, boys. I’ll be back to check on it :)

To Jimmy Ren, I will you the little chunk of SCC that I think I can say I am responsible for. I’m excited to see what you’re going to do with it next year, and I have high expectations. Thanks for everything, and go make some money.

To Neil John, I will you a night of sleep where you don’t have to take any caffeine pills. I also will you hours of WOD YouTube videos. Most importantly, however, I will you 05 Drill. Make me proud next year.

To Joshua Eberhardt, I will you the legacy of GDIMP (along with Diann and Gloria). I look forward to the 05 t-shirts next year – don’t let me down :) Your nightly artistic snaps have kept me going through more days this year than you could image.

To Joshua Eberhard and Neil John, I will you 1505 Clash. I know you will do great things, and together, you are some of the most competent, talented, and hardworking people I know. Also, I will you guys the B-wing sofa, which was willed to me by Wasan Kumar, the previous CD, and which was willed to Wasan by Kush Gupta, the CD before him. I hope you guys will pass this on to a CD next year. Thanks for everything you guys have done for this hall, and I have high expectations for next year – don’t worry, I’ll be back to admire what you guys do next year.

Sona Fokum
To (the third member of classy bihs) Tyler Fullilove (Tilller), I will you strength, happiness, and a strong support system in your senior year at IMSA. Make good acquaintances with your CACs, ask adults and people you trust a lot of questions about the college application process, reach out to me at any time! Next year is the culmination of all your efforts and you will be successful!

To Kathy Lopez (Kathandra), Astha Patel (Ashtabula, Asthma, Astha la Pasta), Shubhi Verma (Shooobay, Shoobert Doobert), and Louise Lima (we gotta give you a nickname), I will you guys 02B downquad. You guys are now the wing and the center for community in the wing. Always remember to invite underclassmen to the quad, gossip with them, and give them as much support as possible!

To Aleah Brown, Cassy Kuisi, Grace Mitchell, Jayda Yancey, and Nani Sanchez, I will you all the ability to power through and power together. Aleah, keep being the big booty, stylish gal you are. Cassy, keep the Cameroonian legacy in good name, by God. Grace, keep on dancing and being woke and well-versed af, you’re the powerful voice we all need to hear. Jayda, this would be the part where I will you “the office” but that brown-headed bat took it away from us so continue to hold that unphased personality and I will you a new PR for shotput. Nani, my soccer star, I will you the strength and focus that a soccer star needs to succeed and continue to be that bubbly girl everyone loves.

To Dez Brown, Fernando Gomez, Yamil Barraza, I will you guys a fun and functional senior year. I hope your quad works out well you guys are able to preserve a lifelong friendship in your last year of high school. Make sure to contact me if you need any help, at all, with the college application process or senior year in general. Please, get sleep, and keep me posted on your fortnite and other video game rankings!

To Josh Bluhm and Alex Romanov, I will you both the ability to have the best friendship/companionship in your quad next year. Josh, continue to do what is best for you (even if that means ignoring people with your headphones on), I hope you can have your car on campus again next year and make sure to reach out to me for any or every question you may have about your college process. Alex, I wish you the best with bass fishing and working with Ralph next year. Go to Key Largo and get me a souvenir, but in the meanwhile, take care of your cute little sister and have the best last year of high school ever.

To my favorite guys, Joseph Bertrand and Matthew Halliman, I love you guys so much and I want the best for you! I will you guys the strength and companionship in your room and quad next year. Don’t forget to keep in touch with me! Facetime me once in a while, tell me how life and school are going. Reach out to me for any and everything. Junior year is hard but I have been through it and I know you guys will succeed with flying colors.

To Kya Richardson, Ivie (Olivia) Orobor, Lyric Carter, I will you guys the power of #BlackGirlMagic in the wonderful hall of 02. Keep the spirit of culture alive in that hall! Though junior year may get hard, keep your vibrant and bubbly personalities, and make sure to turn to each other in any time of need, be there for each other, and contact me in any and every situation.

To Natalie Sanchez and Jemea Hilmara, I will you guys patience and resilience. I know you guys like to mind your business in quiet little C-wing with auto-lock doors and I hope you can continue to do so next year. You guys are some of the funniest and caring people I know, from letting me always eat your food, doing your hair/using your hair products, I always enjoyed my times talking with you guys until all hours of the night.

To Vasu Chalasani, Sophie Pribus, Milicia Barac, Sonya Edassery, I will you guys the up quad of my beautiful 02B wing, the wing I lived my entire IMSA career. I will you guys to be that strong support system for yourselves but also for the new sophomores in the wing next year. Be open, be kind, and most importantly, gossip with the girls in the wing! I know you guys will have so much fun next year and make sure to send me videos of you recreating vines when I’m at college.

To the underclassmen of PME (Marisa Patel O’Connor, May Kaur, Gaylen DImmick, Shruti Shakthivel, Jolin Zheng, Liana Kovela), I will a successful and productive year. You guys are leaders on this campus, implement the change you want to see, enforce cultural competency on this campus, find new ways to gauge everyone’s interest in diversity, social justice, and inclusion! I’m so excited to see what you guys do next year and always feel free to contact me about any and everything. Have fun at Adrienne’s cabin in the middle of nowhere!

To everyone I have mentioned, and those I have not, do not forget that we are so lucky to live in the digital age. Use it! Ask me for my number, add me on snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, twitter, we do not have to lose touch. I love you all so much and I am so excited to see what we all achieve!

Sonya Gupta
To Jessica Oros, I will a stress-free joyful senior year and the best of luck in wherever you want to go. I also will you an amazing hall that will teach you more about yourself than you teach them. Lastly, I will you another pilates buddy! Honestly, your energy and determination amazes me. From late night talks to advice on everything from my clothes to my skin, you are amazing, and from the moment I met you, you have always been there for me. You are the joy of the wing and just an amazing person as a whole. Not only have you always brightened my day (and will continue to ofc ;p) with your can-do attitude, but you are such a hard worker. And remember, you got this! I know you will continue to spread your joy and happiness to others around you.

To Anisha Gubba, I will you an amazing senior year filled with endless karaoke nights (T. Swift and A. Lavigne pls) and a quad that is just as crazy as ours that will designate you as their honorary member and have special sleepovers with you. Anisha, you always make me so happy. Honestly, every time you come to our quad and stay way past in room ;p, you always add so much crazy to my day! Whether it be through karaoke or just crazy stories, I know I can count on you to always be there for me. Though I may have seemed a little crazy on rules sometimes, Anisha, you have such a contagious happy personality that I know you will succeed as business head!

To Suhitha Irukulla (babes), I will you the best of luck in research and college. You have always been my baby sophomore (now junior). Thank you for being there for me no matter what happened to me and always there to listen. Also, thank you for all of your advice and your wonderful sarcasm!!! Honestly, thank you also for believing in me <3 Suhitha, just remember that you don’t need college – college needs you.

To (An)Drea Rubio, I will you all the hot sauce (specifically the Valentina Salsa Picanto hot sauce) in the world. From teaching more about yourself to just being a great person to talk to, you have made my senior year a lot brighter. Also, I very much appreciate all the food!!!! Thank you for all the tasty food you let me try ;)

To Dana Stanecki, I will you a stress-free (or at least stress to a minimum) junior year that is filled with a wing that is just as photogenic as you! Thank you for being one of the kindest sophomores I know! I still remember how you dropped everything you were doing that one night to help me find my pencil case. I am still ever grateful.

To Katya Romanov (aka Katya Junior), I will you another Russian fanatic who loves to speak по-руский with you. Remember, your graphic design skills are amazing; don’t be afraid to flaunt it! Thank you for all the last minute help!!!! Also, I hope you succeed in HOSA next year and I know you will rock those business outfits! Have a wonderful junior year. <3

To Lauren Pickett, I will you as many Pretzel Chips as money can buy. Honestly, thank you for all the food you gave me this year and the countless times you have helped me out! Have an amazing junior year. <3

To Abigail VanderPloeg, I will you the continuation of your amazing work ethic and the best of luck in your future aspirations (can’t wait to see my future physicist/teacher on the front page of the newspaper for leading amazing research)! Girl, literally, you are goals! Not only do you have your life together, but you stay on top of all of your work and ec’s! In addition, you are an AMAZING RSL! You and Jess have really done an amazing job bringing this wing closer together.

To Maddy Chen, I will you all the bomber jackets in the world! I also will you the best times with your future quad (make sure to look for what my quad left behind ;p). Lastly, I will you all the peanut butter and banana sandwiches that Sodexo has to offer!

To Ishani Tarafdar, I will you the best with your future quad and hope you achieve all that you hope to in your future! I also will you the ability to be super confident in your artwork because you are an amazing artist! Don’t be afraid to flaunt it!

To Abigail VanderPloeg, Drea Rubio, Bhavya Jasthi, Dana Stanecki, Diann Moon, Ishani Tarafdar, Katya Romanov, Jaimie Ryou, Jessica Oros, Lauren Pickett, Maddy Chen, and Suhitha Irukulla, I will you all a wing that is as loving and wholesome as D wing was this year. Thank you so much for an amazing wing this year! Honestly, because of you peeps this wing was an amazing, positive, and supportive environment. Thank you all for making D wing the best year it has ever been. <3 All the best for your future endeavors!

To Bala Ramaraju (Beti), I will you a “family” of your own (I need grandkids you know! ;p ). I will you the ability to get rid of all the Nutjobs in your life and only live with the Emojis ;)
I mean, it’s funny how friendship works. From the first day sophomore move-in to now, a lot has changed. From the innocent days of staying up late for fun to helping me with my problems, you have always been there for me. Honestly, though you have been through a lot, you persevere, you fight, and you thrive, and I must say that that is amazing. I cannot thank you enough for taking the time out of your day to listen to my problems and trying to fix them! You have such a big heart and that should never be forgotten!

To Ishaar Ganesan (Beta), I will you a “family” of your own and the ability to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way. I also will you confidence in yourself and the ability to see that you will achieve great things in life no matter what! I mean, it’s funny how life works. You are honestly such a hard worker and such a smart person, never forget that ok? Remember to keep your end goal in mind and find your driving force in life. At the same time, don’t forget to enjoy the now – I made that mistake this year. I know you will do amazing things when you grow up; just don’t let the work bog you down.

To Bala Ramaraju and Ishaar Ganesan, my kids, I will you all of the happiness and success this world can give.

To Vidhi Singh, I will you a love of dance and my crazy personality. Honestly Vidhi, you have made my senior year so much brighter from the hilarious conversations about (winky face) and just about life in general. Please keep up your crazy personality! Also, don’t worry about college, you are too young to worry now. Have a wonderful junior year!

To Aryan Walia, I will you the future of SASE. Hello Neighbor! Honestly, thank you so much for all of the food! I must say that chicken curry was on point. Also, thank you so much for all of the work you did and will do for SASE. I know you can lead a club effectively and now that we are nationally chartered/recognized, I know that IMSA SASE has a lot of potential! Take this club to great heights!

To Thomas Jacobs, I will you an amazing band stand buddy and someone who will aid you in your wind ensemble adventures! I also will you an amazing underclassmen who will cover for you no matter what! Thank you so much for making Wind Ensemble more enjoyable. From planning the Halloween concert to creating the PowerPoint, you truly made my band experience much better!

To Red Maier, I will you an amazing senior year that is filled with loving and supportive people! I also will you an amazing clash! Honestly, Red thank you so much for all of your help this year from Clash to helping me keep tabs with everything to always being a shoulder for me to lean on. I hope you have a super fun and wholesome wing next year and all the best for applying to colleges! No pressure, but come to GPPA ;p

To Eva Liu, I will you an amazing ISSF and an amazing lab partner! Thank you so much for being an amazing Org Chem lab partner and a wonderful ISSF head. You really truly made Org Chem so much better! Also, through ISSF you have really used your talents to make it shine! Keep on working hard and you can truly achieve anything you put your mind to! Also, don’t worry about the future, I know you will get in somewhere great! Hope you have an amazing senior year!!!!

To Kaleigh O’Brien, I will you an amazing lab partner that won’t make as many mistakes as I do! Literally, Kaleigh thank you so much for all the help this year, from explaining what I missed in class to answering my minefield of questions, you are honestly the best. Also, thank you so much for adding a lot of sunshine to my life! I mean through Math Modeling and Organic, we really have seen it all! Have an amazing senior year! I know you will slay!

Sophie Ashbrook
To Olivia and Kanika (Liv and Kan), I will you both happiness and a stress-free SSS. You both have been through so much at IMSA and have worked through it gracefully. Liv, I am so glad I got to spend first semester in ObDraw with you (when you decided to show up, of course) and always got to laugh with you throughout the year in my quad or with baddies of the boarding. Your smile always brightens my day and although you can’t keep a Snapchat streak, I guess I’ll miss you. Kan, thank you for always being you. You never cease to amaze me, and you always know how to make my bad days better. You are one of the most genuine people on this campus, and I am so happy I got to know you over the past two years. You both are such beautiful women, and I have had the best time watching you grow this year. I hope you both value your last year at IMSA and always know I am only a text away. I love you both, and please keep in touch. <33

To Amy and Sol, I will you both so much slime, lots of laughs, early bedtimes and a roommate pair of underclassmen that are half as great as you two. You both have became such an inspiration to me this year, and I couldn’t picture my senior year without MAD, silly talks, the cupcakes from college app season or the bwing bwings. Amy, you bring so much enthusiasm and intelligence into the room you enter that it’s only right to smile the whole time. Your personality is contagious, and you always know how to make my worst days a little bit better. Sol, you are by far the sweetest and most thoughtful person I have ever met. You radiate with positivity and wholesomeness that makes the most anxious person (me) always feel like they fit in and have a friend. I am always astounded by the way you hold yourself and the confidence you have found this past year, and I can not wait to watch from afar next year as you fully flourish. You both are two of the most amazing people IMSA has to offer, and I’ve never met anyone like you guys. Stay true to who you are next year because you both are going so far and always remember your 2017-2018 Corn Dog. <3 Stay in touch, babes; I love you both so much.

To Olivia, Kanika, Amy and Sol, I will your quad the tapestry that has been in our quad for the past two years. There are so many memories that live in that tapestry of the late nights, stupid decisions and when friends turned into family. I hope you feel the warmth of Kate, Hannah, Maria and I when you look at it and know that there’s no one else we would want to live in the rooms we called home for the past year.

To Priyanka and Surya (Pri and Surya), I will you both a fun and relaxing year next year. I am so happy to have gotten to know both of you through D wing this year. I am so proud of you, Pri, for taking on the role of co-coordinator next year, and I couldn’t think of a better fit. I also will you a rock because you rock, babe. Surya, all your hard work for movie, propics and t-shirt design paid off this year, and I am only expecting more from you next year, as well as in the StudCo leadership position. You both have inspired me to work harder and laugh more, which I could never be more grateful for. I hope next year is filled with smiles and good thrifting finds because there are no two people who deserve it more.

To my sophomore babies Aabha Vyas and Grace Federici, I will you guys the LED wire that was used in our 2nd place hall decs for clash. Aabha, your personality and work ethic amaze me every day. From our conversations in the commons to seeing you working all afternoon, I couldn’t be prouder of the progress you’ve made since the beginning of the year. I hope your next two years are filled with lots of bdubs, mock trial trips, early bedtimes, and amazing underclassmen. Grace, Grass where do I begin. I remember your brother texting in our big group chat saying you were in our wing and almost being nervous to meet you, but boy was I in for a surprise. Thank you for being the best underclassmen I could have asked for. I don’t know what I would do without your innovative ideas for hall decs or the Phineas and Ferb marathons. I wouldn’t have a name for my first child if it wasn’t for you, babe. <33 I expect great things from you next year, academically and socially. You are so dedicated to what you decide to put your mind to, and I’m so blessed to have gotten to experience a year with you. I expect both of you to keep in touch, and when I come to visit we can go to Culvers and reminisce on our Clash win this year.

To Mikki, I will you sleep, happiness and a sophomore that was as great as you were to me. Throughout the past two years you’ve been my favorite sophomore/junior to watch grow and succeed. From MI3 to Poland to Lifeline to everyday life problems, you always put your all into everything you do, and I could not respect you more for that. Your smile brightens up my day, and your warm personality always cheers me up. I know you will be so successful within your last year at IMSA and wherever you decide to go to college. Always remember that you are so competent and such a genuine person because no one should ever make you feel any less. I love you so much, and please, please, please stay in touch.

To Sir Akash Gandhi, I will you the finest stallions in the entire land and all the Takis your heart desires. I can not tell you how happy I was to get to spend my first time in Europe with you and all the memories we made along the way. Thank you for all the times you ditched toast gang but stopped in the hallway to ask how I was. You are the most genuine and hilarious person that always makes me smile. I hope you get to sleep a lot next year, and that you will text us back in the group chat because I couldn’t imagine my senior year intersession without you.

To Andy Lennox, Sammy Cho, Briella Henderson, Garrison Ecker, I will you guys some annoying sophomores that never want to talk and just follow you around like ducks. On the real though, thank you for being the best companions for the past two years while struggling to get on and off the train. Although I will no longer get to spend 7-9 hours with you guys once a month, I hope you enjoy your senior year and get to SSS so hard because you all deserve it. Keep working hard and keep in touch. <3

To Chelsey Soli, I will you a nice, fun and relaxing year next year because you deserve it so much. Chelsey where do I begin? I remember helping you move in your sophomore year and just having the BIGGEST friend crush on you. Throughout this year and last year, I got to know such an amazing girl that has so much to offer IMSA, and she doesn’t even realize it. You have grown so much since day one academically and socially, and I couldn’t be prouder as your upperclassmen. You never fail to show me how down-to-earth and hardworking you are. Thank you for pushing me to be a better person these past few years, and just know I am always a message away.

To Meghana and Shruti, I will you guys the chicken wire frame in Kate and I’s room that holds so many of our junior year memories in it. That frame holds the sole reason why I stayed these three years at IMSA, my friends, so I hope you fill it with the good memories this year and never forget us throughout your time. Meghana, from day one outside in the circle, I knew there was something special about you. You are such a hard worker with so much ahead of you. You have a sparkling personality and you light up the room when you walk in. I know next year will be hard, but just remember to stay true to yourself and rely on your friends for this year. Shruti, my baby, I love you so much. Thank you for always coming to my room, confiding in me, making my bad days better and most of all, always believing in me. I will never forget the kind words you told me after pep rally, but I want you to know that it’s because of you I worked so hard. You have such a strong work ethic and a spectacular personality, and I don’t know what I am going to do without you next year. To both of you, never lose track of what you’re passionate about and never let a boy tell you that you can’t. Thank you for a wonderful senior year, and please know I am only a message away if you ever need anything.

To Aleah Brown, I will you a junior who lives across the hallway that is always hyping you up and that will always comfort you when you’ve had the worst day. You are such a strong, independent woman already who I look up to immensely. You never cease to amaze me whether it be academically, athletically or socially. You have a smile and personality that lights up a room, and I have never met anyone as spunky, hilarious and genuine as you are. Thank you for the constant tea seasons, the late night talks, the hype ups in the hallway, ACTUALLY showing up for hall council, and most of all, just being you. I hope that next year treats you well, although I already know it will, and I hope that if you never need anything, you’ll let me know.

To my little, spectacular sophomores, Lizze, Lyric, Gaylen and Samira, I will each of you an underclassman that always says hi to you in the hallway and makes you smile when you’re having the worst day. You each have a work ethic and personality I hope you never lose at IMSA. I am beyond blessed to have lived in the same wing as you this year and serve as your CD. I wish you the best for your next two years, and I can’t wait to see what you each accomplish. <3

To Liza, I will you an underclassman who is as loving and compassionate as you were to me. You give off such a warm presence that always makes me feel like I am able to be myself and talk about anything and everything. I want to thank you for all the kind words and encouragement you have given me over the year because it has truly made a larger impact than you probably know. I am so, so excited to see where you go within the next two years at IMSA, and know that I will always be a message away, super excited to hear all the good news! Stay in touch. <3

To 06, I will each and every one of you the bragging rights that we all earned this year during Clash. As your local Child (Community) Developer, I could not be prouder of the work you all put in and the collaboration I saw throughout, not only that week, but the entire year. You all have pushed me to be a better leader and just an overall better person throughout this year, and I couldn’t thank you enough. I found a second home over my past three years, and I consider each and every one of you the sisters I never had. Thank you for all the memories and love you have shown me, and I will forever have a spot for 06 in my heart. I love you guys.

Spoorthi Jakka
To Gloria and Graciebelle, I will you a senior year filled with just enough boy drama to keep things interesting. To Lily and Katie, I will you juniors who give the best hugs and make sure that you don’t forget MCB. :) To 03AUQ, I’ll be sad to see your quad leave A wing this year, but I have no doubt that wherever you end up, the four of you will brighten your wingmates’ days just like you did so many of mine.

To Aliah and Katie, I will you Girls Who Code. Even if our progress started out slow, I’m happy with everything we accomplished this year, and I’m so glad I had the chance to do it with you. All memes aside, I really do love this club, and I know you two will do amazing things with it.

To Saisu Talasu, I will you an adorable and cheery sophomore who always offers you Indian food and steals pictures of you from the IRC.

To Pratibha Bhalla, I will you a sophomore who never fails to create a fun dynamic and remind you that “you’re a good person” because we all need to hear that, sometimes. Pratibha, I remember your brother asking me to look out for you at the beginning of the year and even though I promised I would, you really haven’t needed it. You’re so thoughtful and put together that it sometimes feels like you’re the upperclassman.

To Alison Deng, I will you a sophomore who you can always count on to give you company, even early on Saturday mornings when you’re quite possibly the only two people awake on campus.

To Janna Jann, I will you an infinite supply of avocados because your guacamole is second only to Barbs’ mom’s. I also will you the best of luck with all your double texts.

To Sonia and Milica, I will you two bubbly sophomores to keep you entertained in French. Please don’t hesitate to message me next year — I can’t say that I’ll be any help for French, but I’d really like to stay in touch with you. :)

To Saisu, Pratibha, Alison, and Janna, I will you another fantastic year in 03a. I’m counting on you to keep the spirit of A wing alive and to carry on our most important traditions: the birthday song, quesadilla nights, and keeping the sink clean. :)

To Aaron Rodrigues, I will you a sophomore whose insanely cool art projects never fail to inspire you.

To Ishan Nikam, I will you a smile that you are confident in, even if a certain snarky someone keeps attacking you for it.

To Surya Cannon, I will you a junior to spend hours trying to draw a circle with. Not literally because no one should ever have to do that again, but in the spirit of the camaraderie it fostered. I also will you all the stationery I can’t bring myself to use because it’s too cute — I know you’ll make better use of it than I will. Every day in ModGeo I see you attack a blank page in your journal and create something beautiful, and I hope that you approach all the next chapters of your life with the same unbridled confidence and creativity.

To Amy, Sol, and May, I will you three underclassmen who defy the laws of time and space by remaining both your sophomores and your wingmates when they should be juniors who live three halls away. I truly value the friendship you’ve given me since I met you on move-in day my junior year, and I’m going to miss you all so, so much. Amy, I will you someone who can make you laugh even if you can’t really understand their jokes. Sol, I will you someone who you can always count on to sit with you at Sodexo, even if you eat painfully slow. May, I will you someone to twin Team 3 shirts and cuddle with on the SIR bus.

To Jiyoon Lee, I will you a sophomore who always smiles at you in the hallway, feeds you Korean snacks, and single handedly makes you 476 origami stars in 48 hours. You’re incredibly hardworking and more talented than you give yourself credit for, so don’t be afraid to take pride in your accomplishments!

To Sophie Pribus, I will you a genius sophomore to appreciate all of Dr. Fogel’s fascinating tangents and struggle through math homework with. I’m constantly amazed by how do you so much so well, but don’t forget to give yourself some time to relax too. And since it didn’t happen this year, I will you the chance to take Modern Geometries sometime before you leave IMSA.

To Joanna Lee, I will you the ability to be a better big sib than I was. I’m sorry I visit you so much less than I promised to, but I’m so thankful that we can always pick up a conversation even if we go weeks (or months) without talking. I wish you all the best for senior year, and please stay in touch!

To Mikki Rajvanshi, I will you an underclassmen who is as competent and inspiring as you are. In every project that I’ve seen you take on — whether it’s as a student, RSL, or club leader — you have this tremendous ability to make things happen, and I know that’s going to get you places.

To Madi Mazzorana, I will you a co just like you. Thank you for lending me your loud voice and supportive smile so many times this year. I loved seeing you grow as a leader in 03 over the course of the year, and I wish you all the best for senior year.

To Linda Kaneps, I will you a sophomore who is as kind-hearted and hilarious as you. I can’t even remember what our conversations are usually about, but I know that they’re always filled with laughter. Also, I’m sorry I still haven’t seen the entirety of Selena, but I will you the ability to keep singing and dancing like her even during the busyness of junior year.

To Sibil Shibu, I will you a junior who knows your name well enough to constantly call you by the wrong one.

To Jimmy Ren, I will you a junior who only knows your name well enough to butcher it everytime he says hi.

Takudzwa George
To Femi Durodola, Matt Halliman, Austin Zickur, and Joseph Bertrand, I will you guys the spirit of 07A downquad and hex. You guys are a refreshing breath of air and hilarious. I know y’all are moving out of 07, but I wish for the best vibes and more good times to come for you guys. I hope you guys can cherish the experiences you’ll get out of having a quad. Also, since you all are transitioning to becoming upperclassmen, make sure to create opportunities for your underclassmen to be included in your shenanigans.

To Aaron Calhoun, I will you persistence. When you make mistakes, you tend to shutdown, and I want you to persevere and see it through. You can stop and analyze the situation so that the mistake is less likely to happen, but I don’t want you to completely shut down. I also will you an underclassmen who is fun to talk to. You’ve been such a chill sophomore, and I’m glad I’ve been able to spend my last year in 07A wing with you, bro.

To Ray Shang, I will you an awesome wing with a warm environment. I wish you could’ve been placed in 07A wing this year bro, but even though you weren’t, you’ve been such a dope soph. I want you to keep dancing because it’s fun, and you are a good dancer; don’t let it go to waste. Also, take it easy junior year; it’s gonna be rough, but make sure you have good group of friends to chill with.

To Lyric Carter, I will you a massage, metaphorically and literally. Every time we’ve talked, you’ve voiced out how stressed you are, and you probably already know this (not to be a downer), but the hill only gets higher from here. I want you to be able to destress from all the work IMSA brings you and hopefully by the end of your senior year, you’ll be able to look back and say to one of your underclassmen: “It was worth the struggle.”

To Sam Anozie and Neil John, I will you two to keep the dance culture of IMSA alive. Continue to be lit at the slab parties, culture shows, IMSA dances, Homecoming, Carnival, Luau, the five minutes between mods, etc… If anything at all, I want you guys to continue to have fun with dancing.

To Fernando Gomez, Yamil Barraza, and Desmond Brown, I will you all great times, wherever you all decide to go. I’ve never met such a hilarious, infectious group of knuckleheads. You guys are awesome; I’m going to miss Fern’s sound effects when telling stories, Yams’ random outbursts, and Dez spoiling things unconsciously and consciously. I’m really going to miss you guys.

To Desmond Brown, I will you the title of “Lord.” It originated with Sam Okoli, and somehow it was passed onto me, and now, I bestow this title to you. May you cherish it, and do well by it. I wish you the best in all that you do, Desmond.

To Joshua Bluhm and Alexander Romanov, I will you two amazing times in 07, as well as the future of 07. Both of you are so down-to-earth, and I’ve always appreciated that when having conversations with you guys. Josh, continue to be the funny jokester I’ve witnessed for two years, and Alex, continue recruiting people for some nice BASS FISHIN’! May you guys have an awesome senior year.

To Tyler Fullilove, I will you an upperclassmen that smiles as much as you or more. When I see you, you are usually smiling, and it is very heartwarming (it goes with your last name). Please continue to keep smiling, Tyler, and I hope you can meet an underclassmen that warms your heart as well.

To Cassius Harper and Neil John, I will you both the co-chair seats of Polo Thursday’s. Continue the tradition, spread the tradition, and be the tradition. You have mine and Eric’s blessing.

To Owen Michuda, I will you a bucket load of traveling in the future, and my exploding kittens (before the end of the school year). After talking to you more during the Habi trip, I really hope you continue to get opportunities to travel because you enjoy it so much.

To the Dinner Boiz, I will you the urge to get breakfast, brunch, lunch, linner, dinner, or whatever food time of the day it may be. Continue the dinner boiz legacy, and get your underclassmen to become a part of the movement.

Tessa Ntow
To all my friends, I will you all happiness and success in everything you do. Thank you for motivating me and never failing to make me laugh. Thanks for all the great memories, and I know my memory’s not that great, but I’m sure that I won’t forget most of you.

To all my EXCEL students, I will you determination when things get hard. You all made my summer so fun and brought about Tessatalks with all your crazy escapades. I know you all want to know who Lysol, luggage, bonnet, and etc. was, but I forgot, so I guess it will be a mystery forever. Just know that you made it a great experience for me, even though y’all tired me out.

To Jayda, I will you strength to deal with heffas for one more year. Keep working hard and never give up. I will you the best year you’ve ever had next year and even better memories to go with them. And, of course, an underclassman that annoys you as much as I did. I will only be a phone call away if I don’t break it again, and I probably won’t stop eating fruit snacks.

To Aleah, I will you happiness. I love your big personality and I hope you never change for anybody. Have an awesome, lit, and happy senior year! And, by the way, it’s Jewel’s and Aldi’s :)

To Louise, I will you a restful and exciting senior year. You’re so smart, and you work so hard all the time, and engineering was so fun with you. I’m glad we redeemed our boat and got first! Enjoy your last year and make it the best!

To Nani, I will you less stress. Don’t doubt yourself – you can do anything you put your mind to. Enjoy senior year!

To Tyler, I will you someone as kind to you as you are to me. By the way, thanks for the donuts (or donits), and no one says Jewel’s Osco. But don’t SSS too soon – you can do it!

To Kya, I will you the courage to try new things. KIAAAAAA my lil sis omg I will miss you so much. Who’s gonna record all my dance videos now?! Who’s gonna keep disowning me?? Keep slaying them edges – don’t let IMSA stress snatch them. Keep speaking up for what you believe in; you’ll do great. Become comfortable with being uncomfortable. If you ever need help with anything, I’ll always be there. P.S. don’t ever try that lemon honey water thing again. You’re smart and beautiful, and I believe in you.

To Olivie, I will you a relaxed, peaceful, and successful two more years. You work so hard and you will do so well. Keep it up, ‘cause you already got your stuff together. Hanging out with you made me so happy, and I know you will miss me so much, but I’ll miss you more. Stay awesome and gorgeous.

To Jeme Jem Jems, I will you the strength and happiness to finish these next two years and meet new people that will invade your room, since I won’t be here to do it anymore. You’re literally the chillest person ever, and thanks for always feeding me and making me try all that new food. I literally used to starve before I met you. I’ll miss seeing you and your smile everyday.

To Nataliaaaaaa, I will you the perseverance to have the best IMSA experience possible. Imma miss you girl, you’re funny and beautiful. Don’t worry about what other people say about you; do you no matter what, and live your best life.

To Lyric aka Song, I will you patience cuz you gon need it fa sho. Today, we went to Chick-fil-a together. Just thought it was important to say. Anyway, I love our clothes and shoes even though you wear them so much more often than I do, but that’s okay. Keep singing, take risks, live life, be great. And get rid of that purple wig.

To JoJo, I will you sleep because you’re constantly taking naps in Student Life, and I also will you an underclassmen to whom you can be the best big sibling. I hope you have a great junior year and an even better senior year. You are so kind and smart ,and you will do great things. I love the artistic flare to my ID; it really gave it some more character. You have an awesome personality, and I hope you succeed in everything you do.

To Abby, I will you a happy future. You’re always smiling, and you make everyone’s day better.

To Maddy Chow, I will you a breezy IMSA career. You are very smart, and I don’t even remember when we started talking, but I’m glad we got to know each other better. I’ll miss you!

Thomas DeMastri
To Connor Rhodes, I will you the esteemed Dumb*ss Of The Day Award and requisite pin. I don’t even know what to will you. It’s been a wild ride man, and I feel in a lot of ways like you should be graduating with us. Most of the time you got a better head on your shoulders than I do, but you still manage to, for lack of an appropriate word in this setting, zik out with the rest of us. For this sustained balancing act, sky’s the limit for you Rhodes, for real.

To Ethan Tse, I now will you your freedom and a sophomore of your own with which to continue the lineage. I was once held in the trust of an upperclassmen, who granted me my freedom when he graduated. Whether you end up in 07 or in 04, you’ll do well man. Just study your French tenses and good luck with Nadia. Bonne chance mon ami.

To Nathan, Dinky, Alex, Teja, Jimmy, Spencer, Colin, Suchet and Sohil, I will you the spirit of the D-Wing I left. Yall were my sophs as a wing guide last year, and I am the first to admit I sucked as a wing guide (it’s not like Richard was an all-star co either). Never the less I lucked out having you guys as my sophs, because y’all didn’t need much guiding. You guys are equal parts crazy, talented, and spirited, and I have no doubt you will tear this school up as seniors. It sucks that I didn’t get to live with y’all this year. Remember walls are thin, stay woke, and 04-D Bros for life.

To Chris Teng, Ayush B., Raja Choi, and Brian Schatteman, Y’all give me too much deja vu to when we were sophomores, and I’ve done too many stupid things to not will you guys a little bit of common sense and the spirit of old 04. It’s not like I have much to spare and too much will ruin your IMSA experience anyways. Everyone thought 07 was a dead hall this year, but during clash we made a spark; we had a similar situation my sophomore year with the theme Psycho4. Run with that. Bring 07 back.

To all the sophomores of 07-B (I’m not writing all of yall’s names chill I still luv ya), I will you the spirit and wisdom of the ancient rule “don’t get caught.” While your seniors suck at breaking in-room, I will you luck. This year, I stepped into a new hall around people I’d never seen before, which isn’t something you will want or expect as a senior. Y’all were in a similar situation this year coming to IMSA for the first time. I did not expect to care about this wing or integrate into it all. At some point, though, I became a proud 07er and a proud B-winger, and you guys are a large reason for that happening.

Tommy Nguyen
To Raja Choi, I will you my chicken mask. Keep on pumping out 07C productions.

To Chris Teng, I will you my pair of boxing gloves so you can fight with Raja more.

To Ayush Bhalavat, I will you a 4.0 and god tier college acception. I believe in you, man.

To Tony Un, Graciebelle Nguyen, and James Lichtenwang, I will you a good League of Legends club next year. I hope e-sports at IMSA grows, and that y’all have fun making it happen.

To Matt Feinberg, I will you a piece of the brick from the original caveman baseball. Try not to mess up B wing (best wing) too much next year.

To Tony Un, I will you my 3D printed ward. You’re the godliest Thresh I know, after all.

To Surya, Gloria, Kaulshul, Vinay, Ray, and Sophie, I’m happy to have you guys on StudCo. I hope you guys find your goals and pursue them passionately. Whether it’s IMSA, or whatever you do after IMSA, I know that you guys will make profoundly positive change. Good luck, and tell me how it goes.

To Alec Chen, I will you an amazing quad for next year. And also, have my 2 ping pong ball eyeballs. Have a good IMSA career.

To Jolin, Vaishnavi, and Liana, I will you an amazing math career for senior year. Never forget BC2. <3

To Graciebelle Nguyen, I will you my care and affection to make it through the rest of IMSA and everything after. You are amazing, and there is no doubt in my mind that you will go on to do what you want to do in my life. If you ever need help or someone to talk to, you know how to reach. Thanks for making my senior year end on a high note.

Vidya Babu
To Suhitha, I wish you a new underclassman who you can always rant to, make fun of, and who will always be there for you when you need them until you join me in a year (good luck finding someone better than your favorite senior, though)! I also wish you a great SSS full of food, friends, and fun.

To Alison, I wish you a new upperclassman to bully (Wauwuuuu) who will appreciate your cheeks and do stupid things with you when you should be studying Spanish. (I also will you a schedule with more than one class.)

To Pratibha and Saisu, I will you both new upperclassman that will always listen to your sagas, eat your food, use your oil, and appreciate your quality.

To Shubhi, I will you a great year being the new Parth in Scioly, a new bus buddy and roommate to watch you fall asleep in 2 seconds, and the journalism program of your dreams.

To Sonia, (really?? but seriously) I will you new people for you to smile at and brighten their day. :)

To Alex Zhong, I will you a new underclassman to attempt cross country with.

To Lazaro, I will you a senior year where you keep going and do great!

To Matthew Lee, I will you a new senior to awkwardly say hello to every morning!

To Sabrina Meng, I will you a new partner to carry on the legacy in anatomy, microbes, disease, and ecology who will complain about stations, try to eat lunch in the middle of events, laugh about prey ambushing predators, and win. <3

To Madison (Madeyesun), I wish you new underclassmen who will be trashy in drill, butcher your name, and actually manage to sit on your shoulders without killing you.

To Jiyoon, I will you an underclassman who writes you cute notes and pictures and effortlessly brings a smile to your face.

Will Fiedler
To Grant Fiedler, I will you 1 cent.

Yuri Oh
To Madison Mazzorana, I don’t even know what to will you. A new best friend? A new sleeping cuddle buddy? A new twin? A new person that I could spend hours with and not get tired of? There are just so many things that you mean to me, I can’t choose. I don’t say this very often or very lightly, but I truly think you are one of the most incredible people I have ever had the chance to meet. Your presence this past year has brought me so much happiness, memories, and the type of laughter that brings tears to your eyes, and for that, I’ll always be grateful. Thank you for always being there. I love you so much, and even though we have to part our ways, always remember, whaaaat is going on heeereeeee, imma fight you *whip out the fight stance*, the EXACT same playlist, sleepytime vanilla tea, all the cuddles, and absolutely all the love.

To Abby, I will you many, many hugs. I can always count on you to bring a smile to my face and to being the kindest, sweetest person in the room. I can tell that you are so loving and have the best intentions for everybody. But sometimes, people can be judgmental or negative and take your kindness for granted. Don’t let them bring you down or allow them to deter you from being the wonderfully bright person that I know you to be. Thank you for making funny faces to me on the field, getting frustrated with me about soccer, feeding me words of encouragement, and giving me the best hugs. I wish you the best senior year filled with nothing but good people and good vibes.

To Peter Baffoe, I will you sunshine. You are an extraordinary person and friend that has brought such bright rays of sunshine into my life this year. Just spending little moments with you in the hallways brings a smile to my face. Junior year is going to be tough, but just remember that you are capable of anything you choose to do. Prioritize yourself and your health above all else, and everything will fall into place, just as it’s supposed to.

To Sol, I will you a new big sister. Don’t even think of not calling me 언니! But for real, I don’t know if you realize this, but you are one of the most capable, strong, driven, and insightful people I’ve had the chance to know. I feel like when people describe you, they tend to not use those type of words, but words like “”pretty.” And don’t get me wrong, you’re one of the most beautiful people I know. Holy cow, you’re gorgeous! But you are so much more than just that. Being a great big sister and all, I just wanted to remind you that you such a powerful force to be reckoned with. Never forget that, and never allow anybody to deter you from reaching your potential. I can’t wait to see all the wonderful places life takes you. Sending love, your 언니.

To Catherine Luo, I will you a new friend. You are so cute. Like, so cute. And I’m so glad that you decided to reach out to me, because I have really enjoyed talking to you every chance I got. I don’t even know you that well, but I can just tell that you just have a beautiful soul. You are filled with kindness, humility, and grace, and you are honestly just kind of refreshing to be around. Thank you for helping me on the organic chemistry struggle bus, feeding me choco-pies, sharing funny glances in creative writing, and for just being my friend.

To Diann Moon, I will you self-love. I don’t think you realize this — no, I know that you don’t realize this. But you are a BEAUTIFUL human being. Inside, outside, and every which way, you are filled to the brim with kindness, strength, and drive. Don’t let anyone get in the way of what’s most important of you, but most importantly, don’t let your own self get in the way of reaching your full potential. I have every bit of confidence in you, and I think it’s about time you give a little bit of that to yourself.

To Jessica Oros, I will you another buddy to stress about hall movie with. You may be tiny, but you got a whole lotta drive and a whole lotta love in you. I can’t believe I’ve only started talking to you halfway through this year, and I’m still mad at myself about it. Hands down, the highlight of my day has to be when you spot me in the hallway and yell “I LOVE YOU” and make a little heart with your hands. It makes me so happy. I hope you know that I love you back, and I’m rooting for you so hard in life. You deserve the world, Jess. Don’t accept any less.

To Hannah Grauer, I will you a new baby sophomore that you can smother to death. You were there from the beginning, and although our paths may not cross very often (or have not this year), know that I’ve enjoyed every rant, carrots with hummus, mac and cheese, and every dumb joke that we’ve shared. I can’t wait to hear about all the amazing things you do. Call often, and keep visiting to my room at all the moments I happen to not be there.

To Eunice Yoon and Emily Springer, I will you two cute little juniors that brighten up your day as much as you guys have to mine. No words can describe how precious you two are! Your sweetness, cuteness, intelligence, and academic drive inspires me. Senior year is going to be tough, but remember, you guys always have each other. Give each other lots of love, lots of food, and sometimes, just a shoulder to lean on.

To Owen Michuda, I will you hope. From the moment I met you, you have given me hope that there still exists people in this world that are truly kind, for the sake of being kind. You have such a full, genuine heart. Thank you for always being a friend I could count on and for always showing kindness, even when it isn’t easy.

To Neil John, I will you a new 6th mod second lunch buddy. Neil, honestly, I just think you are a great person. I love talking with you, joking around with you, and dancing like a fool in student union with you. You brought many smiles onto my face this year, and I wish you all the happiness in senior year.

To Prachi Patil and Nathan Lee, I will you the future of Exodus. I knew from the very beginning that I wanted you two to lead this club. It was so obvious how much you guys genuinely cared about our kids. And that kind of love is just something that you can’t fake. I don’t need to tell you guys to nurture this club and nurture these kids, because I already know you guys will do just that. And I don’t need to tell you guys how special this club is, because I already know that you guys see the magic too. Enjoy another year filled with Chipotle & McDonalds runs, bantering with Ben and Kevin, and all the love.

To Meghan Hendrix, Amy Guo, Madison Hahamy, and Srivinay Tummarakota, I will you the future of JSA. It’s been an interesting year, to say the least, and I think we all went on quite a journey to figure out how to JSA. Despite the struggles, I honestly truly believe that I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to struggle with. You guys are all so incredibly smart, talented, and self-aware. I am fully confident in you guys and your ability to lead this club next year. Good luck, and never hesitate to reach out to me for anything at all.

Zach Brahmbhatt
To my basketball family, I mostly will you my spot on the bench. However, I also will you a fun and talented sophomore class who made my final year in basketball my favorite year. I hope you all can dunk when I come back and visit. Moreover, Josh, Faris, and Cash, I will you my wet jumper, and I hope you light it up at the three point contest.

To my debate family, I will you many years of Dr. Dong stories and pages of extra evidence. You guys have made me so proud and to see the team’s growth over the past two years has been a privilege.

To all my 04 Boys, I will you my home. I cannot wait to come back next year and see us win Clash. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication over the past year. 04 is a special place and you guys are all so lucky to live there, so treat it nice and try to stop putting holes in the wall.
ZPD 4ever

To Luke Knutson, I will you my hall and my wing. I know that you are destined for great things, and your passion and dedication are skills that will serve you well next year. I cannot wait to see the crazy and wonderful things you accomplish in the future.

To Max Knutson, I will you another year full of Robert Gross memes. I hope your junior year is not too stressful, and that you continue to grow as I have seen you do over the past two semesters.

To Michael Mckelvie, Matt Halliman, Austin Zickur, Paul Dunlap and Freddie Taylor,
I will you two more years of Mandarin. I hope you guys continue to enjoy more tingxie’s. You guys made my time in Mandarin, and for that I can give you no more than my gratitude.

To Amit Somalwar and Matt Selvaraj, I will you a junior math carry. I cannot thank you guys enough for all your help over the past two years.

To Micah and Isaiah, I will you guys energetic and involved little siblings who never fail to say hi in the hallway. I also will you guys my salute, and I hope it serves you well in awkward hallway confrontations.

To Allen Chen, I will you Maira and Nalini. I hope you enjoy your next year of Northwestern adventures and lab drama. I also will you all of my college gear, because you’re so super hardworking and intelligent that you will probably get into all of your colleges.

To Alej and Ryan, I will you a pair of sophomores that will always play pickup basketball with you on the 04 courts. I hope you both keep your competitive spirit and positive attitude throughout your time at IMSA.

To Nafay Abdul, I will you a son that will be as anxious as you were to go to Chicago.

To Duncan Osmund, Sid Panda, Ethan Tse and anyone else I forgot, I will you a helper that is eager to aid in anyway possible. I cannot tell you guys how much I appreciated your effort over Clash week. Stay eager and lively.

To Rustom Ichhaporia, I will you a twin that will cause you much confusion.

To Namit Padgaonkar, I will you better Snapchat stories, and I look forward to watching them next year.

To Tyler Fullilove, I will you someone that will always wave hi and smile at you in the hallway. Thank you for always brightening up my day.

To Bert Cao and Kaushal Gumpula, I will you some muscles to use to beat up future debaters. Thanks for making last year’s nationals enjoyable.

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