ZHU's latest album makes a splash in the sand. (src: Soundcloud)

ZHU’s music is the kind that always leaves its audience yearning for more. With mysterious productions  fitting to the musician himself, ZHU’s style fills a particular niche in the electronic and house genres. From his 2016 debut album GENERATIONWHY, an album with a variety of moods and tempos, we descend into the darkness of the desert in RINGOS DESERT PT.1.

Some of my personal favorites are “Still Want U” and“Desert Woman.” Featuring Karnaval Blues, “Still Want U” is a wispy and ardent track that chronicles a bad breakup. Songs like these are where I think ZHU really nails the desert aesthetic. The deep bass and ethereal vocals really do give the feeling of wandering through the desert alone, just as the album art depicts. The whispering chants of “Desert Woman” combined with the almost Middle Eastern-esque synth really delivers on the desert vibe as well. It builds until the middle where it falls quiet and ghostly before revitalizing the synths accompanied with a guitar. The album ends with “Save Me” ending with what could only be a cliffhanger as spoken vocals call out for rescue from the storm.

ZHU recently announced his upcoming fall “DUNE” tour. He will not only be delivering his sultry, sizzling EP across the continent, but also 2.5 tons of sand as well (according to a voicemail from his less-than-happy manager). We can only wait until part 2 for the conclusion to RINGOS DESERT.


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